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Just to clare a few things up lets start with Chelsea

Travez 35m deal agreed with the midia company that own half of the player


RVN off to Byern Munich

Torres 25m deal allowed Madrid to sign young south america for 24m euros

Carrick 14m deal agreed being held back while Spurs sign replacement

They will also look to Lyon for a midfielder Saha Silvestre Evre could be involved in the same deal


Alves Kuyt to both sign alves next week Kuyt after world cup

Villa deal being worked on

Liverpool will play with 3 up front a big man (Kuyt) and one left (Villa) and right (Bellamy)

leaving Crouch Fowler Garcia as an alternative 3

Bellamy and Gonzales will play right and left midfield in a staight 4 man midfield for some games

Alves will be 1st choice right back


Saviola will join

Real Madrid

will sign Joaquim 8m

they will aslo try to sign Alonso for 25m to tempt Rafa

Adriano will replace Ronaldo


will look at the following players JFH Anelka Defoe Bent Viduka and will look to sign 2 from the list

Owen's knee injury - the comment that the tear was too close to the bone is a reduntant one. I work in a world leading elite sports factory here in Oz and we have reconditioned many elite players back from ACL tears. Regardless of how close or far away the rupture is the ligmant is replaced by either a graft from the patella tendon or the hamstring. For shorter recovery (but short term gain) grafts can also come from cadaver achilles tendons but usually only last a short time due to stretching. No-one gets back earlier than 6 months if they are smart. We get them back at the same time as most people but much better functionally. Cheer up he will return as long as the rehab and reconditioning is done well.

My uncle is associated with LFC and I felt the urge to use his name,so that you believe me but this is true.Liverpoolfc are going to sign a certain young striker who is having a superb world cup for a big fee.And all those who will ask from where would liverpool get the money,my advice to you-Just wait till the world cup is over and you will know how.------KM-------

I don't know what's worse. Waiting 4 years to see the American National Team in the World Cup or actually seeing them play in the WC. 5th huh? yeah right, maybe 5th out of their four team group. They had the best view for the Czech game. I mean they could see EVERYTHING from their positions. It's a shame noone told them that they were actually playing in the match. Then against Italy they had a couple good moments, but the referee was HORRIBLE. Yeah, we tied Italy, but only because the bad call negated an Italy goal on an offsides that in the replay was obviously NOT offsides. The funny thing is, this ref had been suspended for "questionable calls" earlier in his career, so how is he qualified to ref in a world cup match? That's like letting Jeffrey Dahmer cook your dinner, totally ill advised. But USA didn't lose because of the refs, they lost because they deserved it. Today against Ghana, WHERE WAS O'BRIEN (the most talented man on the team) or EDDIE JOHNSON???!!! They played 15 or so minutes in the Czech game and got 3 shots. That about doubled the production for the rest of the game of the entire US side. Eddie's the only guy other than Dempsey who played with any sense of urgency and the coach won't put him in. Hey Bruce you're supposed to play your best players in this tournament. That's what it's all about, pitting your best against their best! You made the same mistake by not starting Beasley when he "wasn't ready." You also screwed up in the Italy game when your 9 men were absolutely exhausted and you still had one sub left AND DIDN'T USE HIM in a game you needed! You have to play to win, not play not to lose. I appreciate what you've done for US soccer over the last 12 years or so, but I think the process happened despite the coaching and not because of it. I think of what a manager like Felix Magath or Rafa Benitez could have done to advance the abilities of the players and develop young talent over that time compared to the aparent slide to the bottom

that we've indertaken and it makes me yearn for the day that we never qualified. And is it just me or does Claudio Reyna take an inordinately long time to survey the field. I'm sorry he got injured today, but I am NOT sorry he's retiring from international play. He never should have been holding the ball on the edge of the box with an attacker in his face. I mean the Ghana player was right in front of him and he's looking downfield like he's trying to pick out women in the crowd. If you want to have your gameplan go through a player, that player MUST have the ability to make important decisions quickly (see: Essien, Ballack, Riquelme, Gerrard, Alonso, et al). If you don't have someone of that quality you don't try to force the point by making him the centerpoint of your team because your attack will then become slow and predictable. And Donnovan, where are you? You got bumped once in the Czech game and disappeared. You had no touch on the ball and looked out of position most of the rest of the time. I may be ranting here, but I think it was a disgrace how the entire world cup went for the USA. All around it was a 2 out of 10. And if it weren't for the last 1/2 hour of the Ghana game it would have been a 1. Horrible horrible play, bad coaching decisions (or should I say NO coaching decisions) and bad referees all around. I'm not saying anything new here. Anyone that knows anything about soccer, knows that what I'm saying is right. This is elementary strategy for cryin out loud. The saddest part about it all is that we can expect the same lethargic quality in four more years again because we don't have anyone to challenge the people in charge. You can't put on the shirt and expect to win (I can't remember who said that but I think it was the Argentine coach). These guys thought their ranking would buy them something. They were wrong. Let's hope they learned something. Tell you what guys, don't bother showing up next time around and save us all some time because you

certainly didn't show up on the field.

to the guy that said rangers are going to loan essien and walcott...what are you smoking and where can I get some?? rangers are going to fill the squad with young talent for the future. clement will be in by next week, along with guys like elmander, barry mcgowan, ross mckee and a realistic loan bid for guiseppe rossi. all this talk about maniche is rubbish as well as he will join athletico. as mr murray said, the days of big money spending are over and leGuens job will be to deliver success with a squad built for the future.

Celtic have one more "money" signing to come - expect Kadlec for problem left-back role at £1.8m.But possibly biggest signing will be Ryan Giggs - free from Man Utd - sold on the idea by both Roy Keane & John Hartson. Hartson himself will probably be off to West Brom and the fringe players Varga/Camara/Virgo/Wallace/Marshall will be off, maybe on loan in some instances.

Probable Celtic line-up


Wilson Caldwell McManus Kadlec

Nakamura Jarosik Maloney Giggs(Riordan)

Zurawski Miller

Subs from -



Some more reserves will make their breakthrough this season and don't forget big John Kennedy will be back.

Hail Hail the Hoops

Ha, to the Spuds fan who thought a player like Zokora was 'great' and would ever be bid for by a CL team like Arsenal. He's on his way to you for arounD 8.2 million! Ha!! Another mediocre over-priced midfielder to add to your impressive collection - the only upside being that you're going to lose your best mediocre midfielder to the mighty United for slightly more cash....

EVERTON team vs watford:GK:Tim Howard RB:Phil neville CB:Joseph Yobo CB:Joleon Lescott LB:Nuno valente RM:Steed Malbranque CM:Kevin Nolan CM:Tim Cahill LM:Mikel Arteta CF:James Beattie CF:Andy Johnson Everton outs:richard wright to watford2Million Sandro Pistone to lecce/udinese1million David Weir free westbrom gary naysmith to celtic1.5million or part deal for Stilan Petrov Simon Davies to reading2million or part Kevin nolan deal Kevin Kilbane to anybody please!!!

manu sighnings>>>> torres-25mil requelme-15mil mascherano-15mil carrick-15mil>>>>manu team 2006-2007

van de sar

g neville > r ferdinand > vidic/brown > evra


ronaldo > requlme/carrick > richardson

torres > rooney

outs> rvn-p/e cambiasso&martins(inter)

silvestre-5mil marseile

howard loan-everton done deal

lots of reserves loans

HUGE CELTIC RUMOUR!!! Glasgow Celtic are on the verge of signing Nicholas Anelka. His signing will be followed by the arrivals of Kadlec, Gravesen and Ayala. On the way out are Hartson, Thompson, Varga, Camara and Virgo.

Milton Keynes Dons are joining Swindon Town and Bristol City in the race to sign Forest Green winger Peter Wyatt, who won Rovers' youth player of the season last season.


Torres WILL sign for man united or 18mil the deal was done before the world cup so man united have saved a good 5-10mil because torres has been immense for spain. RVN will rejoin former club PSV for 6mil with very highly rated PSV midfeilder Ismael Aissati joining the reds! Trust me my uncle lives in holland and this kid is being touted as the new Cruyff! Didi Zakora has howver snubbed a move 2 old trafford in favour of gauranteed 1st team football at spurs, this however works in united's favour as it seems as though spurs are opening the door for carrick 2 leave with a bid of around 12mil required to prise him away. Mascherano or Ruiqlleme definitly not joining united this summer but SAF keep close tabs on Mascherano. Arsenal will NOT be signin Gigi Buffon even if Juventus Relegated, he will be staying in italy most likely with A.C Milan or Roma. The most likely comings and goings at the new emirates stadium will be Alliadere, campbell 2mil pompey, and Arturo Lupoli will be joining Manchester City as part of arsenals 6million bid for the controversial midfeilder.




CELTIC are leading the chase for Michal Kadlec of Sparta Prague. The Czech Under 21 cap will sign by the end of next week for £2 million. Strachan is also ready to bid for Jan Simak and Tomas Sivok if Stillian Petrov and Neil Lennon leave. Strachan has also inquired about signing Mateja Kezman from Athletico Madrid, according to the Serbia strikers' agent. David Marshall and Stephen Pearson look likely to sign for a Championship club, with Preston, Crystal Palace and Derby interested in the keeper.

Strachan's prefered Line-Up


Wilson Caldwell McManus Kadlec

Petrov Lennon Jarosik Nakamura

Riordan Maloney

Strachan's Likely Line-Up


Wilson Caldwell McManus Mulgrew

Riordan Lennon Jarosik Nakamura Maloney


RANGERS boss PLG is waiting to see if Johan Elmander or Nico Kranjcar have their hearts set on Ibrox. The new gaffer has £4 million set aside for both these players. Jeremy Clement and Anthony Reveillere will sign from Lyon for £1.3 million and £800k repectively. Scott Brown of Hibs looks like replacing Fernando Ricksen/Nacho Novo - giving a bit of aggression into the midfield or wide front areas. Bob Malcolm, Oliver Bernard and Jose FanFan will all leave, as will Gavin Rae, who is a target for Hibs and Aberdeen.

PLG's prefered line-up


Reveillere Rodriguez Svensson Smith

Ferguson Sionko Clement

Elmander Buffel


PLG's Likely Line-Up


Hutton Rodriguez Svensson Smith

Burke Ferguson Sionko Clement

Boyd Prso

norwich will try and sign rob hulse but as he has not been at leeds long may not want to leave and the price of 2-3 million may turn there heads to look elsewhere, also chric birchall is being carefully looked at and norwich would love to sign him, he would only cost the canaries around 250k!

worthy is still lookin to bring in two centre backs, pascal cygan (SHOCKINGLY BAD !!!!) linvoy primus also a terrible defender he beleives signing these will bring strength and experiance wat a joke lol

thorne may leave norwich for 100k to doncaster and also joe lewis will go out on loan to a league 1 or 2 team for the whole of next season

this will all happen soon look for it!!!!!!!

ARSENAL FACTS:the saviola story is just a smokescreen:if Wenger DOES buy a striker it will be Torres(klose has emerged as another possibility).AW will not sign Davies or Mascherano.Cygan alliadiere and possibly lauren are leaving.we could buy a gk(amelia-livorno)and defender and/or def. senna .

WATFORD are chasing highly rated Crystal Palace winger Jobi McAnuff and could capture the 25 year old for 1.2 million after Jobi held talks with chairman Simon Jordon over his future at Selhurst Park.

miroslav klose will only be aloud to leave werder bremen for at least 15million man ure see him as the perfect replacement for ruud van horseface


This summer Newcastle will sign.






why did a man u fan yesterday say 'All the deals have been done in secret (the beauty of not being a PLC anymore is clear to see - hahaha chelski)'. chelsea arent a PLC, your the only club stupid enough to leave yourself open to be taken over. also im made up about bellamy, as ive said before, with our midfield he'll get 20 goals a season easy. alves' agent has said now that the deal is nearly done and that the negotiations over the fee are minimal, so expect alves to be signed next week. id also like to bet any arsenal fan that torres doesn't join them in this transfer window, especially if it stops all these rumours that got boring weeks ago. also kevin nolan wont sign for everton or man u! nolan is a huge liverpool fan and i no for a fact that he wouldn't go to everton and especially not the mancs, he'd love to come to liverpool but it whether hes prepared to sit on the bench. if didi hamann goes though, he probably would get his game as weve got a lot of competitions to play in and sissoko needs resting at times at he runs about 5 k/m more than the average player in a match (fact!). the only other problem with nolan is that, as rafa has said before, players in the prem are generally overpriced and he has options such as zapater for lower prices. saying that though, rafa may want to keep an english, and scouse, contingent in his team, so he could possibly be brought in as part of the hamman deal. LFC

man utd outs

ruud van nistelrooy 12m bayern munich

mikael silvestre 7m lyon

cristiano ronaldo 22.5m real madrid,valencia

man utd ins

marcos senna 5m villareal or petit 5m benfica

sulley muntari 7m udinese

simao sambrosa 10m benfica

miroslav klose 12m werder bremen

Am involved in coaching and know people in the game.I have read previously from someone else that LFC are to announce a takeover early July, securing funds for the new stadium and player transfers. I have heard that this is indeed the case, also with Moores staying on as managing director, as the Krafts like the way the similar operation is running at Man Utd. As\with there, they will put a couple of family members and high ranking staff on the board of directors. This is why there hasn't been any major noise coming out of Anfield about transfers and the ground move, it's all hush-hush at the moment as the Krafts are a successful business empire and expect things to be done in the right way, rather than it being bleated to the Press. This means that LFC will have funds to spend after the World Cup, even though players values will have increased, with Villa, Trezeguet and Cannavarro if he will ove out of Italy being realistic targets

I know this is a rumour website put some of the rumours on here are just embarressing. Lets look at the facts. Utd have never pushed a transfer for torres before, they have made enquiries before but thats it. Arsenal talked to in jan along with tottenham but bailed on the 20mil price tag. Spurs were the only side to put an offer in in jan for him of 20.5mil. In march NUFC put an offer in for, price unknown. This is what we know. Torres wont sign for another spanish side cos of his loyalty. He has been offered a contract extension to 2009 as he is under contract till 2008 at This is all we know, bar paper rumours that both Utd and Arsenal want him. End of the day hes said nice things about both Utd and Arsenal though hes never said arsenal are the only team he would play for in the epl. So gunners get you're facts right boyos!We will just have to wait and see on torres. To the fella that said that corinthians bought mascherano for 15mil, you are right they did. 15million us dollars that is, which at todays rate is around 8million pounds so 10-12 million is probably a right valuation. but could go up more depending on how he keeps on playing. The whole italian scandal may mean that a lot of italys best players come to the epl on the cheap. But again gunners trying to sound hard done by. Yes juve owe u for veira, but Lazio still owe utd for Jaap Stam and how long ago was that transfer??? The italian league has always been dodgy its just taken them so long to catch them out!

Luke Wilkshire of Bristol City will be moving to a championship club later in the week, with sheffield wednesday leading the race to sign him

Spurs will sign Yaya Toure, Baptista and Duff.

Bolton Wanderers:


Hasselbaink - free- decent signing.

Hamann - although bolton may end up taking legal action against him as he as already signed a pre-contract agreement but is considering pulling out and returning to germany. - good riddons!

Owen Hargreaves- His father is a Bolton fan and would love his son to become a wanderer. Bolton have reportedly made enquires about the player. A good world cup could tempt Bolton to bid for him.

Idal Tal - done deal

Abdoulaye Meite - done deal 750k

Bolton also in line to make a surprise move for Yakubu.


okocha - released - likely to join west ham

N'gotty - released - Likely to join west brom

Nolan? - Liverpool fans keep dreaming Nolan is going nowhere at the moment and just 6 million is a ridiculously low valuation. if Carrick is worth 15 million then Nolan is surely worth 20 , a goalscoring midfielder like him is hard to come by , he could become a better player than Lampard.

Pedersen - 250 k wigan or watford - thank god!

Nicky hunt - also gaining interest from the promoted clubs

Man Utd:

Riquelme: looks like done deal; would fergie be so dumb as to not secure a player before the WC? Fergie went to villareal team hotel "to do business" as forlan put it. He also scouted Riquelme twice. AND Gill sed in January that man Utds ral target was playing in the Cl at that time, this could mean diarra or riquelme. I think it was Riquelme

Carrick: Done during world cup

Torres i think will be done soon(i hope)

And one out of Mascherano, Zokora, Senna

Man Utd to play 433

Although I agree that Carl Robinson hasn't ever really done much at Norwich, my mates at the club tell me he is unhappy and that he does attract interest from premiership clubs.

Rangers News: signings...

Rangers set to make an improved offer for Hamish French of Dunfermline, Chedli (Tunisia) & Lee Trundle (Swansea). Have a great weekend & remember who told you first.

Fat Boab.

------------ ASTON VILLA NEWS -------------

I play for a sunday league team, and the manager is an accountant at Villa park. He had confirmed that Villa actually already have about £4 Million to spend. This figure can be then increased by the sale of players. Olof mellbeg will be sold to Bayern Munich, who have bid around £6 Million. and Gareth Barry will be soold to Spurs, for £3 Million ish, plus Andy Ried. This will then give Villa an overall transfer budject of £13 Million.

OUTS - Mellberg - £6 Million

Barry - £3 Million

INS - Jason Roberts - £1.5 Million

Steed Malbranque - £4.5 Million

James Milner - £3 Million

Andy Ried - Swap

Oguchi Onyewu - £3.5 Million

Villa team for 06/07 season -






Sell: Boumsong 5 mil,Butt 1 mil,Bowyer 1 mil,Chopra 0.5 mil,Carr 2 mil,Faye 2.5 mil

Buy: Kuyt 10 mil,Malbranque 4 mil,SWP on loan,Hasselbaink Free Transfer, Bridge on loan

Team for Next Year:


Ramage Taylor Bramble Bridge

SWP Parker Malbranque N'Zogbia

Owen Kuyt

Players linked with Man City

Trabelsi, Wanchope, Zoltan Gera, Quinton fortune, Nasri, Malbranque, Gareth Barry, Ian Harte and Govou


From the guy who told ye that Peter Lawell tried to resign Henke, would just like to tell you that he will be in madrid on saturday to discuss terms with Graveson. You heard it here first bhoys. BJK.

Ronaldo will return to Italy after the World Cup to link up with Brazil teammate Adriano at Internazionale for around 19 million. That will pave the way for Ruud Van Nistlerooys move to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid are also expected to make a bid for Chelsea's Joe Cole as they seek to find a replacement for Zinedine Zidane.

Lyon will sign Marseille midfielder Frank Ribery, Marseille will use the money to fund a move for Jean Alain Boomsong.

Spurs team 06/07


Chimbonda Dawson King Lee

Lennon Zokora Carrick Wilhelmsson



Also we will sign curtis davies and darren bent

Carlos Tevez £20m, Javier Mascherano £25 (these two cos of Abramovich's interest with Carinthans), Freddy Adu £7.5m and Ashley Cole £15 all to chelsea by the end of the summer!!

St Etienne midfielder Didier Zokora will complete a £6.3m move to Tottenham within the next week. Zokora has been focussing on the World Cup, but now that Ivory Coast are out Zokora can concentrate on sorting out his club situation. The French side are resigned to losing him as he's eager to move to a bigger club in a bigger league, but he will bring in a tidy profit for the club that got him on the cheap when they signed him. St Etienne are likely to identify Bruno Cheyrou as a potential replacement as he is way down the pecking order at Liverpool, while Zokora is set to replace Manchester United bound Michael Carrick at White Hart Lane.

Fernando Torres will be unveiled as an Arsenal player on July 1st.The deal has already been formally agreed and was confirmed after Arsene Wenger met up with the player after the Tunisia game-the source of this amazing news is none other than a Director of AFC who I bought a drink for in a London restaurant last evening-he is likely to be the only other signing this summer after Rosicky, but what a Signing!!expect to see him at the Dennis Bergkamp testimonial game on 22nd July.Happy days for the gooners.

Real Rangers Facts

PLG has secured several big signings, hence the reason Davi Murray was coy as to how much transfer funds PLG had left. Deals have been secured for Zidane(free) one year playing contract with him becoming part of the coaching staff next summer. A deal with Real has been agreed in principal for £5m for Ronaldo but must wait till presidential elections to see if new guy wants to sell. Expect one or 2 season long loan deals. Guilly is likely to be one of them as Barca have signed Gudjohssen, this will be with a 2 year option for £3-4m. Also as PLG has stated he wants to keep the Scottish element at the club. Webster will sign from Hearts for a small fee and Brown from Hibs for £1.5m. The Clement signing will go through before Rangers go to South Africa. There will also be a further cash injection to be announced from Umbro. If you have noticed the new kit is a definite umbro design similar to the England change kit. We will recieve £4m per season for them to manufacture the kit. Celtic be very la revolution

Damien Duff will join Blackburn and be re-united with his old club. Damien stated when he left rovers for Chelsea "The Only Club I Will Ever Go Back To Is Rovers" As he is out of favour by Jose Mourinho, Rovers will make a swoop for Duff for around £6 and aquire a new striker which will be Mido, Benni Mccarthy or Milan Baros

After loosing Micheal Owen for the best part of the coming season and Alan Shearer following his retirement, Newcastle will make a move for Birminghams Emile Heskey and Swanseas unknown quantity Lee Trundle. Newcastle are believed to have submitted an offer of around £6 million for Heskey and are preparing an offer of around £2.8 million for Trundle, an offer that Swansea could surely be tempted by for their star man. Newcastle currently have only Shoala Ameobi as a reconised striker, having released Micheal Chopra and the retirement of Alan Shearer and the unfortunate injury to Micheal Owen.

spurs team 4 nxt yr


Matty Taylor Dawson King Chimbonda

(pompey 7m+Defoe) (Wigan 6m)


(St Enine 6m)

Lennon Taino

Berbatov Keane

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