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24 Jul 2013 23:30:24
With holding midfielder Kelly out till Christmas and money coming through the door for Davis's departure to Blackpool. Deals will be confirmed for Parish, Harewood and Marlon Pack on FRIDAY.



24 Jul 2013 23:26:19
Bristol City accepted a 800k bid from Blackpool for Striker Steven Davis this evening (of all the clubs to chuck the money about, Blackpool? Seriously). Expected to discus personal terms but this maybe a hitching point for the tangerines as he'll need to take a pay cut.

I think Davies has goals in him, but if City are getting thier money back I can let him go with my best wishes.

A proper goal scorer.



24 Jul 2013 22:28:58
marcus carver is set to go on loan to wrexham



24 Jul 2013 21:38:09
Porto defender Nicolas Otamendi is a target for Everton.



24 Jul 2013 20:32:20
Paul Benson is to join Torquay on a free transfer from Swindon in the next few days.

Whilst I think this would be a good move for both the player and clubs I don't think this is going to happen. Earns too much and commutes from his home in the London area, Torquay will probably be a bit too far (and he earns a s*** load)

Would be a fantastic signing, however can not see how we could afford his wages. Be a good player for anyone in league two.

Good, get rid of his massive wages.



24 Jul 2013 19:09:30
Ash taylor is set to join middlesbrough on a four year contract. Middlesbrough have had a bid accepted worth 400k + add ons

Who is ash Taylor? {Ed001's Note - search engines all broken? He is a Tranmere player.}

No, this isn't going to happen.

The Tranmere defender?

Is this one of the wonderful signings I am to expect to light up my season.

Keep the faith! Bryn Morris, Adam Reach, Luke Williams, Richie Smallwood, Ryan Brobel, Curtis Main, Andre Bennet, Cameron Park, Ben Gibson, Jordon Jones and Charlie Wyke! These are all local hungry lads who will be given there chance this season. The likes of Jonathan Woodgate, Dean Whitehead and Grant Leadbitter are great players and great leaders for our club and will help develop the younger lads. Don't forget Rhys Williams, Jason Steele, Lukas Jutkiewicz, Muzzy Carayol, Emanuel Ledesma and Marvin Emnes. These are all good players on there day so keep the faith In these lads and in the manager. There is no quick fix here, this is a plan that is taking shape. i'm a very proud Boro lad and I always will be no matter what league we are in. there's no better feeling than going to the match or watching my team on the tele. And what makes it even better is Middlesbrough FC are unique to any other club that I know of. The chairman is a local lad the manager is a local lad nearly all the staff are local and 85% of the players are local. So give them all a break or go and support someone else. Someone who wants to buy a load of foreign players week in week out and has to teach English lessons to the youth teams. When I watch Middlesbrough I know I truly am watching Middlesbrough because the lads out there on the field love the club just as much as me walking down the street. That's what MFC is and should be about. Its called local loyalty and I wouldn't have it any other way. UTB!

He's a 21 year old tranmere centre back, pretty good too

To the deluded fan above, stop pretending everything is Rosie when it clearly isn't, yes we have future prospects but we need investment if we are to get back to the pl and Gibson is clearly not doing it anymore. When the club starts showing ambition and starts being honest with the fans for a change I'll start showing enthusiasm.

About time the rose tinted glasses brigade faced reality. Its difficult enough facing up to we are nowhere near a premiership club no longer but to become a struggling championship side (which we will be) is a real difficult pill to swallow. We cannot attract players unless they are freebies or loans. Yes its a local club in the main but its being run like a lower league club.

I am not deluded at all! Gibson doesn't invest in the team anymore? He pumps almost 1.8 million a month into the club. Just to keep us afloat because the last time he invested and showed ambition it didn't work with Strachan. Mate your on a transfer rumours website, your not sat in Mowbray or Gibsons office so who is actually not being honest with you? Think you need a reality check. The season hasn't even started and already your slating the team. You must have a short memory! Gibson is the best thing that ever happened to our club. Support your team that's what supporters do!

To the local loyal Boro lad: I as a proud Boro fan admittedly am a whinger eg: no signings, money = to me future! But sad to see our club not succeed in the way we deserve because of loyal, proud fans like you n hats off to you for only seeing the good n things to be proud of because that's what boros about ;-) small town in Europe UTB. Hats off to ya mate!

It's not £1.8 million anymore, it's £0.8 million. Still good though

Good post - some people really do need to understand that this is a rumour site, so you can't have a go when things you hear here don't come off

But then again, I think these doom mongers just like to whinge because they think it makes them sound like they know better - which they obviously don't!

Thankyou to the people that agree with me on my previous posts. I think we can all agree that as Middlesbrough supporters it would be nice to be in the premier league but the fact is we arent. Gibson is trying a new method and he trusts in Mowbays vision for the club. There is a totally new transfer policy in place and a new scouting network based on contacts with very popular agents around europe. We can't afford players on high wages and we can't afford high transfer fees. The team has been stripped down along with the wage bill. This is the beginning of a rebuilding process and I entirely trust Mowbray and Gibson on this. I bet the people moaning about us not bringing in this guy or that guy are the same people that moaned Williams and Reach should of been given more game time last year. We should be proud of our club and manager and chairman! Trust me we have a team worth millions, with very promising youngsters, these players aren't wanted by top clubs for no reason. let's develop our local lads, give them a chance and if they want to move on to progress in their carrers ok just make sure we get a good price for them and reinvest it back into the club, that's why we built one of the best academies in england. Keep the faith! Bph

I need a reality check? It's the likes of you that blindly worship mogga and Gibson, the kind that end every sentence with UTB and constantly tell people to keep the faith and we shall over come, it is about 6 years of gibsons decisions that have us in this mess with no money to spend. And I must have a short memory? Have you forgotten the shambles that have been the past 2 seasons! With no word from Gibson or rallying call apart from a letter attached to the season card renewal forms, something very dark is happening behind closed doors at the club in my opinion, and until it gets sorted we aren't going anywhere.

Maybe it has something to do with David Icke? Or Aliens? Or ufo's? Get a grip mate there is no conspiracy going on here. I don't worship anyone at all either I just have faith in what the club are trying to do, otherwise why would we bother with the club at all? No one makes you follow Middlesbrough or look at what transfers maybe coming in. Its people like you the spread negative vibes about anything to do with the club and they haven't even kicked a ball. Trust me Middlesbrough Fc will survive without YOU! Keep the faith, UTB. bph

And also I think Gibson loves this club a lot more than you do. He pays into the club out of his own pocket! The club owes him millions. We should be happy we have a chairman like Gibson. Look at Man united or Liverpool. They have won trophies yes but who owns the club? Ask any of their supporters if they like the fact they are owned by some American fat cat with no real love or passion for the club! They hate it and envy a club like Middlesbrough for that fact. If you really feel that way then it would probably be best you stayed away from the club because we don't need people like you. We need support not paranoid part time website critics. UTB. Bph

I don't think I am the only one 'spreading negative vibes' hence why you were concerned enough to write a keep the faith message in the first place, I am also not a part time critic if I've yet again bought a season card yet again so I can voice my opinion, yeah Gibson loves the club with me because he's an entitled multi million air and can invest in it? Just because I'm an average joe doesn't mean I don't love the club as much as him or you. I keep pumping my hard earned money into the club as well and yet somehow I feel betrayed by them.

Although i'm reserving judgement untill I see the team in action, Liverpool and Manchester United envy Boro? behave yourself. So man united win the league last season but in the back of their minds they are thinking I wish we had a local lad at the helm, Gibson lacks ambition shown by the fact about 5 players have left the club, and we have brought 2 in, both who play the same position, unless someone gets 20+ goals next season mid table obscurity it is, which i'm sure the big teams envy.

Who really cares who owns a club if they win trophies every year, history shows the statistics not the owners. It wouldn't bother me one bit if my club was owned by a middle east bilionaire if they invested in a winning team fans only care about winning matches and being entertained and don't go to matches to stare at the chairman or manager

Lets just agree on one thing then, we want boro to do well. I will be supporting them all season regardless! i'm very proud of my football club and I truly believe our young lads will suprise a few people. We need a 20 goal a season striker well how do you know that won't be Williams or Main? Or Emnes or Juke? With all the game time our local lads get their value is only going to increase. A good run in the league and a top 6 finish with a team based on homegrown lads, il be happy with that. Maybe that won't happen but oh well, il still be there next season aswell supporting them. Bph

Middlesbrough have let eleven players leave and only two have been brought in. We are desperately short in experienced first team footballers. I'm a season card holder and can honestly say, this is the first time I've not looked forward to the start of a new season. I believe the reason Gibbo isn't investing is because there's an offer in the table for the club and he's giving it serious consideration, why would he spend money if he's going to sell up?

26 Jul 2013 20:39:31
Interesting to read the comment that you shouldn't have an opinion last time I looked it was a free country! And your silly comment of if your not happy stay away well I think the fact that a sold out stadium is now down by 25000 is a huge statement that rot has got into the club, we had an average crowd of 12 to 14000 last season and after the repeat of the second half season collapse of last two seasons can you not blame fans? Every pundit on tv laughed at boro last season after new year we couldn't even pass a ball to our own man I think it speaks volumes. I agree with the guy who says to many blinkered fans you must be conservative because you don't like change like this country we pander to the few and its got us no where. Love my boro but sadly disillusioned!


Well i'm afraid that I totally disagree with you on that one. I do care who owns the club and I personally wouldn't like to see it owned by a middle east tycoon or wateva. This is how football is heading do you not see it? i'm obviously wasting my time with you on this because we are worlds apart. It makes me happy and proud that my chairman, manager and players are middlesbrough based and raised in the area. Clubs like us are a dying bread and for that reason alone i'm a very proud supporter regardless of league position or finances. Its principle I think and that's what I like. But just because we differ in opinion doesn't mean we all don't want middlesbrough to do well.

No just because we differ in opinion made you say 'go support someone else' we are a dying breed of club in having everyone local but at the same time are a dying club! You can be proud all you like when we are in league 1 with attendances at about 6000 and a padlock once again on the ayresome gates outside.

How are we a dying club? Seriously some of you lot need to get a grip. If we are a dying club it would be because people like you drone on and on. Football isn't about bringing in the most expensive foreigners and watching them fail. We were relegated and had players earning upto 40 grand a week, players like this were under contract so we had to pay them a wage. We are still recovering from that relegation. has it taken a long time? yes! Because Gibson threw money at strachan that's what Strachan and the fans wanted to get straight back up and it didn't work so yet again we hit a financial set back. Gibson to blame? don't think so. Mowbray to blame? definitely not? Overpaid unloyal players to blame? yes! give your head a shake man. bph

I'm not saying we need to sign foreigners, I'm saying we just need to sign someone, football is about strengthening your team in very department. How is Gibson not to blame when his decisions took us down? At the peak of our history he recruits a rookie manager in south gate then when he is redeeming his self sacks him then throws all his money Away at strachan; ludicrous decisions! Who gave those 'overpaid' players their generous contracts? Gibson and lamb! Take your rosé tinted glasses off and do us a favour.

Were you at the game today? We played very well. We have a good squad now and got rid of the deadwood. All I can say is keep the faith I think you will be suprised this season. We will be the suprise team in the league. Good luck in your search for happiness x bph

Why do we just need to sign someone? If we promote say Ben Gibson to join the likes of Woodgate and Rhys Williams in central defence or Wyke and Luke Williams to help out Emnes and Jutkiewicz up front or Park and Smallwood to help out in midfield. To give these lads a chance is that not a cost effective way of strengthening the team? Maybe Gibson is thinking hang on a minute we built this acadamy and we can produce good players so let's use them rather than let them rot in reserves or waste money on overpriced signings. I don't think its money thrown at the team we need its supporters supporting the team and its players. Obviously its ok if you want to have a moan about something but to moan about us not signing this player or that player and blaming the chairman and staff for all sorts of rubbish because they didn't sign who you wanted. You don't know why they haven't signed players, maybe they wanted to see who actually wanted to really play for this team rather than chucking money at them and say come to boro we will pay you well. Hungry lads who want to represent this club and trust me we have a great academy full of them. Bph

Even Mowbray has identified that we need to sign people, no I wasn't at the match because I usually work on Saturdays now but had got next Saturday off especially for Leicester, I was a season card holder last year and we do need signings, your putting massive pressure on a talented but inexperienced bunch of young lads who probably aren't ready for a full season in the championship, don't get on your high horse just because we've done well in a bunch of friendlies. And don't e such an ignorant person in thinking I don't have happiness, the boro just make my blood boil.

Its a shame that you don't see the positives in our club. Its a shame you can't be optimistic of our future. Its a shame you don't think that an unbeaten pre season isn't a good platform to build on for the new season. Its a shame you don't really have much faith in our talented youngsters. Its a shame you don't trust Gibson. Its a shame you don't see the Vision that Mowbray sees for the club. Its a shame you can't see the clear job the club is doing in restructuring for the future. Its a shame you weren't at the game yesterday. Its a shame Boro makes your blood boil. And its a shame you will read this and yet still find a way to disagree with it. Its a shame! Keep the faith, we will overcome, UTB. bphh

It is a shame your boring the life out of me, and instead of Having the longest argument of my life I'm afraid to say that we must part ways, I hope we see each other in the stadium so we can begin our love affair, adios. {Ed003's Note - Why is nobody leaving a name to this debate ? weird.}



24 Jul 2013 19:26:18
Spanish forward Cristian Lopez on trial at Huddersfield, on the bench for tonight's game against real betis

Played 15 minutes for barnsley against wolves on Saturday

Played well by the looks of it. Hopefully he will be last striker we sign.

Looked useful but didn't get much service.

I think we will sign him!

Looks like his trial's going to be extended for him to play against Oldham on Saturday. If he performs like he did against Betis and our mids make more use of the runs he does and his positional play & tactical awareness then I can see him scoring. Personally I think we'll sign him

Watched him last night looked very lively and made good runs but unfortunately got no service. We need some sort of Spanish flair in are team so I hope we sign this player and if we do I can see him scoring goals.

That Spanish lad was quite good last night, his movement off the ball was superb. Yes, he didn't have a lot of time on the pitch, but by what I saw, he looks talented. On Saturday at Oldham, I hopes he starts, and if he impresses us again, I think he'll be offered a contract. Lopez is the type of player we need at Town, and if he does sign, I think he'll shine for us next season.

25 Jul 2013 14:46:26
Think if he plays with the likes of Norwood who looked back on form he will do very well

Cant believe he's 24 though, thought he was like 19/20 :/

Agree with the comments above. Didn't get too much of the ball but what he did do was impressive. Think he'd go down well with the style of play we are adopting

Good to hear positive talk from Town fans. I reckon the team we have now is it and, no world beaters but good enough. Even if we make more signings, that side is settled and they would have to fit in with that. The Championship is going to be one helluva competition with QPR, Reading, Blackburn, Leeds, Watford etc. For Huddersfield, I'll happily settle for survival, then prepare and we will do it when we're ready to do it. Lopez would be ok for Town but we got what we wanted. Vaughan!



24 Jul 2013 21:00:34
Brighton looking at possible loan signing of Ryan tunicliffe of man utd.

Good signing if he comes to us.

I've heard that Brighton and Ipswich have both put loan bids in for the player.

Only on loan

Useful signing. not sure where he will fit in amongst the other players Oscar looking to sign.



24 Jul 2013 20:59:43
Middlesbrough fc set for double swoop ross Turnbull no 2 back up keeper and Stephen Ireland attacking mid on loan with view to buy, which still leaves 4 players short def, rw and 2 strikers the squad is really thin also rumours that boro are in bid for rightwinger pizzi! Do any m/boro fans think we need 4 players in these postions if we bring in Turnbull and Ireland?.

Ireland won't be coming yet, if ever. TM's only asked to be updated on any developments, i. e if he's not found a club by mid august he'll try and loan him out

24 Jul 2013 22:00:29
We need attacking players or mowbray will bring us down theo Robinson who is due to leave derby may be a good shout for Mowbray

Pizzi? dream on, he's close to signing for benfica from athletico. we're in the championship mate

We don't need Turnbull and we need at least 5 players in to replace the ones who have left

Attacking players is what we need not Ireland we have got our cms sorted out so we need a clinical striker and a pacey one who will help juke such as theo Robinson who has being released from derby

I agree that if we sign the two you refer to we will still need the 4 more you mention.
However, I don't think we will get Pizzi

Stephen Ireland is set to sign for Doncaster

Pizzi is joining Benfica, Turnbull is only training with us to keep fit as a favour from the club and Stephen Ireland rumours are bulls**t. There are three players arriving however, Vitor Silva, Borja Gonzalez and either Matthew Bates or Matthias Langkamp.



24 Jul 2013 20:41:17
Nicky Shorey will sign a two year deal with Millwall, that will pave the way for Shane Lowry to join Crystal Palace.

Lomas will not let lowry go he is to good. Of he signs shorey he will be cover or competition. N guessan will go and marquis on loan. Wright on loan and woolford maybe

Lowry would be a loss, he can only get better. We do need to loose a few players now though and/or loan a few young ones out

Why do people keep saying we need to loose players? last year Easter and Chaplow were on loan, therefore there not an addition, Taylor, Batt, Tam & Henderson have all left, therefore we have just replaced some s*** with some quality

I think the wages for Bailey et al are slightly different to Batt, Makandawire etc

Nuhiu has signed for sheff wed

25 Jul 2013 18:02:01
With wages plats are asking palace would be better to go into the loan market, Chelsea have a few to spare

We still have a few very average players to offload, especially Malone, Woolford and now Ngueson given the forwards we now have. We always seemed to leak goals last year whenever Osborne played. Glad to hear Marquis is going out on loan, he still has potential I think. With the midfield additions it also raises a question mark about Abdou and Wright, even Trotter, but they are all decent but maybe one will have to go if our new midfield signing are better. Hope Feeney gets back to the way he was when he first signed and we keep Henry. Something needs to give now

Trotter wasn't fit last season I think lomas will bring the best out of him this season

Malone was excellent today against Real Vallecano, he's staying

Malone was rubbish against the spanish! what game was you at? he gave the ball away to often when under no pressure, miss placed passes, he is weak get rid, sign shorey more experience better player nuff said!



24 Jul 2013 20:36:41
Theo Robinson set to sign for Notts County next week from Derby County.

Unless Notts get rid of a striker I doubt whether they will sign Robinson.



24 Jul 2013 19:30:23
Cardiff to hold talks with belgium midfielder junior malanda

Isn't the whole Prem in talks with him?



24 Jul 2013 18:13:50
I've heard Celtic to be looking at Javier Saviola, as he has left Malaga on a free transfer.

{Ed029's Note - He's just signed for Olympiakos on a 2 year deal...



24 Jul 2013 20:26:11
Sunderland will let Connor Wickham go out on loan for the season, with Reading, Huddersfield, Watford and Sheffield Wednesday all interested.

Can see him as one of the domestic loan signings Zola was talking about. Don't think he's very good though.

I've always seen Wickham as the one who never lived up to potential from Ipswich while Rhodes was the complete opposite. Can't see why Hudds would want him, nor reading or Watford. All have better strikers already

He'll be going to Sheffield Wednesday. Played well there and enjoyed it last season by all accounts and they have no strikers.

Deeney and Wickham would be one hell of a strong forward line, what with Santos and Angella - Wed have a skewer of absolute strength! Gives
the likes of Barnsley something else to think about at the very least. I'd welcome this signing! Exactly what's needed for a 'Plan B'.

Besdies, Acuna and Deeney can't be supported ALL season by Ikpeazu et al. They aren't ready.

^ What about Forestieri and Fabbrini?

Fabbrini will likely be played in a CAM role as he has done over pre season.

Don't think the mighty tarn have owt to worry about from you lot this season, fancy a least a 10 ten finish under the helm of Flickers

Yeah - bit unfair to pick on Barnsley. They will do OK this year.

But count on one thing - Watford will murder some teams with the talent they have.

Probably was just using Barnsley as an example. Last season Watford were often unstuck by 'the likes of' Peterborough, Barnsley, Bristol City etc. because we couldn't break them down. Was definitely one of the biggest reasons why we didn't get promoted.



24 Jul 2013 20:22:01
Gary Hooper looks to be on his way to QPR for £5million, any more strikers coming readings way Ed?

{Ed029's Note - I don't think the most optimistic Reading fan expected to get Hooper. Reading's offer was rejected, and they didn't go back in. (Pog plus cash).

Ha ha ha hilarious now hooper having a medical at Norwich he must of done a you turn on the motorway that's twice this summer qpr have been done at last minute by reading and Norwich so hope deal goes through

Norwich will get him, he would prefer a premier league team.
Reading only get free transfers, Nicky Hammond is way too tight to actually buy a player

Danny Williams £2M. Do some research it's not difficult.

Danny Williams £2M. Do some research it's not difficult.

Anymore than 2 million and our directors start to faint.

To get the goal scorers we need we're going to have spend. I'm not suggesting blowing our load all on one player but a sizable amount on a couple still maybe needed. Our lack of cutting edge is a real concern

Sharp, a proven Champ goalscorer, will sell for less then £2M.



24 Jul 2013 19:37:50
Mathieu Manset (23 year old French striker, formerly of Reading and Carlisle United), Craig Reid (27 year old Scottish central defender, formerly of Celtic and Greenock Morton) and Fabio Martins (23 year old Portuguese winger, formerly of CD Pinhalnovense) are on trial at Coventry City and are starting tonight's friendly against Fleetwood Town.

Those three would be a great addition to squad sign em up when we get out of the transfer embargo

Fabio martins is a 20 year old formerly of fc porto B



24 Jul 2013 18:57:57
Simon Church is currently training with Charlton after refusing a contract with former club Reading. A permenant deal could be finalised before the first game of the season against Bournemouth. Sly Spurts Source

Err no he didn't refuse a contract. he wasn't offered one because he's not very good. simples.

Simon church rejected a one year deal at reading he's looking for 2-3 years contract

It was Noel Hunt who rejected a years contract. Church just released

If Hunt wasn't offered a contract Church definitely wasn't. He was told in January that he wouldn't be staying on along with Jay Tabb hence why Reading let Millwall talk to him in Jan.

25 Jul 2013 12:58:29
nobody cares if he was or wasn't offered a contract.
He's training with Charlton because we don't have any cash.
Better off playing our development players in my opinion.

Church rejected a 1 year deal at reading. Fact
If you go back nick Hammond clearly stated this also hunt did the same

Church did NOT reject a 1 year contract at reading. he was just let go because we no longer wanted him, FACT. noel hunt was the player who rejected a 1 year contract because he wanted 2 years, something we were not prepared to offer.

Who cares if he did or didn't zzzzzzz

I saw from two sources saying he rejected a 1 year deal FACT one was south London press and I can't remember the other, it might of been daily fail. ( new person in the argument )

He refused a contract because he wasn't getting enough first team football!

Church did not refuse a contract at reading, he wasn't offered one. fact fact fact

I'd be v surprised if Church was offered a new contract by Reading. Best for all concerned if he just moves on

Church did refuse and contract I know his agent and he said it wasn't good anough and wanted to be on par with others

{Ed029's Note - Church was offered a new deal up until last January by McDermott. He knew his chances were limited and wanted to move on. McDermott gave him an ultimatum, like Pearce at the time - Sign or be sold. No-one took him.. This was well documented at the time btw!



24 Jul 2013 17:42:26
Bristol city striker steven davies is set to have a medical at blackpool tomorrow and chopra is having his today, promising signings for blackpool since karl oyston has gone on holiday



24 Jul 2013 17:32:06
Osvaldo To Fulham?

Would be an amazing move if true, but it's a rumour so far.

Fingers crossed, class striker!

He's likely joining saints

This guy is good but nowhere near as good as fulham forums are making out!

Latest reports suggest Fulham are leading the chase and a deal could be completed in the next few days.

Here's hoping.

As for being talked about highly, he's a class striker with a nearly 1 in 2 strike-rate at Roma.

With a Roma fan in the family, watched him a lot last season - definitely good enough for the PL and for us

25 Jul 2013 09:22:35
He's good, but has a bit of an attitude

He's not likely to joining saints. The director of football flew into London to have discussions with Fulham and push a deal through with Osvaldo. He was also dealing with gervinho going to Roma. Also fulham have approached Napoli for Walter Gargano, he is very highly rated and if Jol can fork out the dosh for both of these players it will be a good season ahead. I see no trouble in it considering the latest takeover.



24 Jul 2013 17:20:55
Hull waiting on Stoke decision re Palacios, but Chalaboha on loan from Chelsea is being lined up as an alternative if Stoke want to keep Palacios.

We are planning to keep him rather than give him to hull for free

Unfortunately that's why you will end up in the championship after this season -toomany top earners who aren't motivated to deliver the goods

#3, the reason why hull will stay up is that we have a whole squad full of experience-most have pl experience- and an experienced manager - something that the other promoted teams don't have

This is why I don't agree with your post regarding an experienced squad.

Players with some Premiership experience:
Liam Rosenior
Robert Koren
Tom Cairney
Paul McShane
Abdoulaye Faye
Ahmed Elmohamady
Stephen Quinn
David Meyler
Curtis Davies
Maynor Figueroa
Danny Graham
Steve Harper
Players with none or very little premiership experience:
Eldin Jakupović
James Chester
Cameron Stewart
Corry Evans
Matty Fryatt
Joe Dudgeon
Sone Aluko
Alex Bruce
Robbie Brady
Conor Townsend
Nick Proschwitz
Joe Cracknell
Dougie Wilson
George Boyd
Allan McGregor

The top list is proof of experience and the bottom list includes Robbie Brady, James Chester who are class and will probably move to bigger clubs after next season but also Sone Aluko, Allan Mcgregor and George Boyd who definitely have talent as well as other promising youngsters. Hull WILL STAY UP. UTT

Stoke are keeping Palacios, there's your problem blowing big money and don't give them a chance were as every player hull buy will get a fighting chance

Palacios has not been playing because he has been unfit physically and mentally.

Look at your list of players with PL experience.
Faye (legend) is 35
Harper is 38
Koren is 32
Figueroa is 31
and Cairney has no real PL experience.
Also Quinn, McShane and Rosenior are not exactly top class players.

Harper is back up for mcgregor, faye and koren give experience and pulled their weight, cairney isn't really in the team you have missed chester who is outstanding, the likes of brady elmo boyd and our own zaha in aluko

Pulis used to bypass the midfield, Hughes will pack the midfield, same old, NO goals, will defo go down this season

The top list is proof of experience and the bottom list includes Robbie Brady, James Chester who are class and will probably move to bigger clubs after next season but also Sone Aluko, Allan Mcgregor and George Boyd who definitely have talent as well as other promising youngsters. Hull WILL STAY UP. UTT

Out of that top list, Rosenior will be a bit part player (I'm not saying I agree with that) like last season and Koren and Faye will not be regulars due to their ages and Mcshane, Cairney (who incidentally played quite well yesterday though it pains me to say it) and Harper will rarely feature except in cup games.



24 Jul 2013 17:18:06
Anthony Malbon being considered by Peterborough as a replacement for Gayle.

25 Jul 2013 00:24:22
This will happen, have heard him and Jake Hyde being looked at.

Spoken to Anthony and this is news to him

Not going to happen, both not cut out for this level and beyond

Have you really #3. both could be decent replacements, though it looks like that we're keeping barnett and sinclair



24 Jul 2013 16:57:24
Ipswich looking at Bradfords Nakhi Wells and Brentfords Clayton Donaldson as suitable replacements for departing striker Michael Chopra, who looks likely to join Championship rivals Blackpool.

Ipswich do not need another striker, they have McGoldrick, Murphy, Nouble, Taylor looking very sharp following injury, and young Jack Marriott who is worthy of first team minutes.

Have you got £2 Mil spare then for Nahki?

Donaldson not going anywhere has already said he's happy at Brentford and our manager has said not for sale, but if you do want him at 29 y/o will cost 1 million good luck NOT.

We aren't looking to replace chopra we wanted to get rid of him so he is off our wage list because he was one of the highest earners. We may sign a player but I doubt it will be a striker.

1 million for Donaldson? Half that more like!

Murphy off Crewe easily the best player in the lower leagues went for £1m and people think a journey man like Donaldson who is older is worth that! besides we not in the market for a striker and even if we we're we can't afford sizeable fees for players.

Would love for us to get Nahki but as people above have said already we really don't need another striker, a backup midfielder is all we need now.

25 Jul 2013 15:31:36
I think a $1 million estimation would be right. Brentford are not desperate for the money and I think anything below that Bees would prefer the goals



24 Jul 2013 16:54:38
Yeovil Town have discussed taking Rudy Gestede on a season long loan however Cardiff want any deal to be permanent as he is not seen as player who will get game time next season.

With 3 years left on his contract Cardiff are not seeking a fee just to trim the squad to allow space for incoming players

Total garbage! ReeeeeeedTit

Rubbish, mackay has stated nobody will leave on a permanent or loan. he rates gestede highly so no chance

Intersting one wouldn't mind him but dnt think we need another striker plus gary johnson has said he is looking at defensive signings now

24 Jul 2013 22:21:09
we already have 5 strikers.

We signed Cornelius to improve the gap left by Heidr Helgusson. MM likes to play a pacey striker off of a Target man, so Gestede still has a role to play this season.



24 Jul 2013 16:30:08
Watford will benefit from the Pozzo scouting network this week, with the signing of Flamengo's teenage midfielder Adryan. It's also believed they are looking to tie up a deal for Internacional youngster Otavio. Although they will initially join the Watford squad, they will have the option to sign for Watford's parent club Udinese at the end of the season, should they impress.

Smells like BS to me, we already have 3 CAMs, if Adryan is signed it would likely be to Udinese straight away.

24 Jul 2013 18:44:03
Not sure they'd get work permits

If watford are successful they will be in the premier league. Why would they then go to Udinese?

Normally incoming South Americans go to Granada, could maybe see them there.

I just can't see Watford getting Adryan, he's quality. I guess he'd get playing time which he needs with the World cup coming up

Your knowledge of Adryan comes from FIFA or Football Manager, I guarantee you have no idea what he plays like in real life. He's not going to make the World Cup squad seeing as he's only got 3 caps for the U20s.

Yeah, just because he grows a lot on FIFA does not mean he's the dog's. if the Pozzos sign him, I'm sure he will be good as they don't go wrong with their signings, but most of us don't have a clue whether he's actually good or not.



24 Jul 2013 16:25:05
Blackpool, Barnsley and Sheffield Wed all interested in signing out-of-favour Ipswich striker Michael Chopra.

McCarthy is keen to offload the 18k-per-week Chopra in a bid to sign more players to add competition to the crux of the team he has already constructed.

Chopra has signed for blackpool I believe

He has tweeted he is no. 8, Blackpool have a spare no. 8. Looking good for town

Chopra was seen today in the oakwell superstore getting a shirt. maybe he's signed.

Signed for blackpool. Lucky escape for Barnsley

25 Jul 2013 13:07:22
chopra was #8 back in the day at Barnsley when he was on loan.

Well I feel sorry for who ever signs him. he's terrible

Chopra has signed for Blackpool. Good!

Who saw him at oakwell today,
Stevie wonder

Chopra has signed for Blackpool been confirmed on OWS website.



24 Jul 2013 16:13:12
Shrewsbury Town will tie up the deals for strikers Liam Boyce from Cliftonville & free agent Simon Church, before the end of the week. A fee in the region of £50,000 + 25% of any future sale has been agreed for Boyce.

Church training with Charlton so doubtful that he will join STFC

Liam boyce is not signing and simon church is on trial at barnsley. not one of these threads ever been true.

Hope its true boyce had another good game last night unlucky not to score

What a load of old cobblers!

Church is training with Charlton & Boyce is looking to play for a decent club in England not for some sleepy backhole in the middle of farming country.

I really don't understand you posters. If you are going to come up with some rumours then at least make them sound creditable.

Wem Shrew



24 Jul 2013 16:07:08
Michael Chopra going to Blackpool, so Barnsley will sign Aaron McLean and trailist Christian Lopez



24 Jul 2013 15:50:48
Arsenal set to sign middlesbrough goalkeeper Jason Steele for 5m, boro lining up former keeper Ross turnbull
Eston pidge

5m wtf try 10m he's young and loads ov pot 5mil

Ross Turnbull will be no2 goalkeeper, Jason leutweiler will go on loan, if steel was sold then it would bring in cash we need to strengthen our squad also would see Scott flinders join Middlesbrough,

According to the BBC, Turnbull will only be coming in if Leutwiler goes out on loan.

Jason Steele is not worth £10 million. he's a Boro player. IF a club offers you good money for a Boro player, you take it! Turnbull is a far better keeper in my opinion. He was Class when he was our number 1, Why would chelsea have bought him if he wasnt good. As for Steele he's a good enough goalkeeper but he is not great, There were goals Conceded last season that were entirely his fault. He tends to stand off his line far too much and is seems too naive.
Remember Birmingham city game last season, one of there players hit a volley that went over Steele when he was on his line. we lost 3-2 in the end I think. The Games where you absolutely need to be winning he isn't very good at. You need a consistently reliable goalkeeper if you want promotion.

Mate, you have named one fault! The amount of times that Steele saved us last season from losing or draw. Like Blackpool at home when he saved the Tom Ince penalty then we went and won the game. Plus many many more through the season. Steele is one of the best keepers in the league! You clearly don't go to the matches because the only fault you have picked out was the match that was on tv!

Steele is by far the best keeper in the league, he's still young and improving, and if you think Ross turnbull is a far better keeper, why aren't arsenal interested in him?

Arsenal are not interested in Steele. They are on the verge of signing Julio Cesar from QPR.

As for £6M, c'mon Boro fans get real. Steele is not worth more than £2. 5 - £3M at the most.

Turnbull isn't signing he's just training with us to keep fit and get experience in friendlies.

Your right I don't go to the matches because I work. When I have been to the matches though or seen the match on the telly, he was poor at times last season aswell as the whole defence. I can't remember every single game from last season, because quite frankly I don't care enough to bother. I had a Season ticket a few year ago when strachan was in charge and that put me off for life! All i'm saying is Steele is not worth £10 million. £10 million for a championship player is a lot. Zaha or ince fair enough, but no ones going to pay boro 10 million for a keeper.



24 Jul 2013 15:49:51
Reading, Watford and Wigan are set to battle it out for Crewe's £4m-rated striker Max Clayton.

Watford certainly don't want him. Already got 3 premiership quality attacking midfielders.

Fantastic young player, but Reading won't pay 4m

4 million?! Your having a laugh. Danny graham didn't even go for that!

24 Jul 2013 19:10:20
Watford won't pay that sort of money at this stage of their development for any player particularly when have the Pozzo's pool of players to dip into.

Oh dear. The arrogance/delusion of the Watford fan (s?) that comment on here is laughable. Lewis McGugan's a premier league standard player? Then tell me why he moved to a Championship club on a free transfer this summer.

Watford will only sign players from Udinese or Granada.

We won't pay £4m when he has 12 months left on his contract. It would be less in compo if we waited the 12 months

Danny Graham didn't go for £4million because he is not worth £4million. Max Clayton is another off the Crewe production line going back 20yrs. Probably not £4million up front but could be with all add on's included. Nick Powell supposedly went for this amount last year

24 Jul 2013 22:02:10
Spurs have been tracking him for a while now can see premier league moves if bids start. Might end up in championship on loan.

To the comment above about McGugan. Not him. Abdi, Fabrinni and Forestieri were the ones I meant. You are forgiven.

25 jul 2013 02:43:40
max clayton has bags of potential a england international in the making. please don't go to united and be another bench warmer like nick powell.

Definitely the kind of signing Watford would look at but not for £4m.

McGugan HAD offers from Premier League clubs. He chose Watford. He went on a free because he was a free agent.

No offense - McGugan got too big for his boots at Forest and, similarly to Vydra, lost all desire to impress. Heard he was the man of the match against PBoro last night and tbh he can't afford to get sloppy with such intense competition from Abdi / Battochio / Iriney / Fabbrini etc. This will do him good, and make straight any kinks he had in fulfilling his potential.

As mentioned, he turned down SEVERAL Premier League clubs to be a part of this team. That's a willing attitude if i've ever seen one!

Whoever put that earlier implying clayton is anywhere near the standard of powell is deluded. as an alex season ticket holder powell was worth at least 10 mill in my eyes as he was world class and clayton is not good. 'nuf said. would be glad to see him go for anything tbh, interested to see how much compensation we get for him next year

Powell had and still has potential but to say he was worth 10 million in your eyes is ludicrous. You can't base that valuation on what you saw in league one or two. He's not even worth that yet despite being at man utd.



24 Jul 2013 15:30:06
Torquay United are set to re sign their former centre back Mark Ellis for a fee thought to be £50,000. Ellis has sought a return to the South West for family reasons.

Torquay cannot afford to sign someone for 50,000

How about Billy Bodin for £70,000 last year?
The Ellis rumour is however very unlikely.

50000 of the Bodin fee was put up by a still anonymous female fan.



24 Jul 2013 15:30:53
Hopper will be at Qpr by the end of the week Celtic have aceppted a bid for the striker, This means Norwich will probably be putting a bid in for Maxi Lopez.

Why would he leave a club in the champions league where he wins the league every year and still be on decent money for an english second division club? Gold digger anyone?

They have already put a bid in for lopez

Wouldn't virtually any person in whatever walk of life move employer if there was more money on offer. Add to this his contract is up next year, I believe, and he could go for free so Celtic will want as much for him as they could get. The reason he is going to a second division club is probably because not enough clubs believe he would be worth a gamble in the premiership where he will be up against far better players than he is in the SPL

We should put Hooper on the back burner for now. rekon Alfred Finnbogasson should be approached. he's got a great record even better than Hooper mans just in a different pub league.

Just because a bid is excepted does not mean he will go. Norwich have had bids excepted but player not arrived. If Hooper wants to go to Norwich and they match QPR bid then he's Norfolk bound - why would he go to the Championship when he can play in the prem?!
QPR are not guaranteed to go straight back up again. If he doesn't go to them prem then he won't go. Celtic are a Championship level club, equal to QPR, but they have european football. if not Norwich then he'll stay at Celtic.

As predicted by me yesterday hooper now at Norwich having a medical. As soon as Norwich knew how much qpr had bid and Celtic accepted, then it was always going to happen that city would galump the move. Good bit of business by Norwich and proves that by not giving into ransom means you will get there in the end!

Looks like its Norwich for Hooper then but anybody who thinks he was going to stay at celtic instead of going to QPR were way of the mark. Seems Hooper had agreed terms on both deals and would have signed for QPR if Norwich hadn't upped their bid.



24 Jul 2013 15:27:57
Kalou is close to be joining west brom as reports in france quote that kalou would jump to the chance pf playing in the premier league and would love to join steve clarke

I would like some of these rumours to come true. come join us kalou

Yes pleeease

Yeah definitely, mulumbu, yacob, long, morrison, kalou, anelka. Forget brunt

Is izzy brown still a west brom player? Reports say he is not

Looks like it's off according to the daily mail. Ed - any idea on this?

The deal is not off it still says talks are ongoing they are just sorting out kalous wages before we make an official offer

The kalou chase is not off, clarke is waiting for the green light from the board to put a 2.6m bid in for him



24 Jul 2013 15:24:49
Pascal chimbonda possible yeovil target

No dnt think so gj likes young hungry players not an old timer with big wage

Apparently he is playing in a friendly for Market Drayton Town tonight. Heard it on Radio Stoke today

Presuming luke ayling hasn't left the club then i'm almost certain yeovil will not be in the market for a first team right back and especially not one on such high wages.

Really are you joking



24 Jul 2013 15:14:44
Bradford City have scheduled talks with Carl Dickinson after his release from Watford

Having a medical at the vale as I speak :)

Jeeez is there anyone Bradford aren't signing, has Messi been seen at VP yet. Nope Dickinson has spent the day having a medical at Vale Park and will be confirmed as a Vale player either later this evening or early tomorrow morning.

Signed for port vale today

Bradford do not need a left back, it probly their strongest possition

Already signed for Port Vale! Left back isn't a position we are looking at anyway.

Signed for Port Vale already. City should sign Ben Gordon up.

Would this be the same Carl Dickinson who's just signed for Port Vale?

Bradford don't need a LB? Yes we do, we don't have a quality back up for Meredith, McHugh is a CB who can fill in at LB.

Mcardle can play lb too

We have mcardle, mchugh for cover for meredith so no we don't need one

No we don't need one, we have at least 3 players who can slot in there

Since when has Mcardle ever played at left back? he started last season at right back and then went to CB through injuries.

In fairness McArdle played LB at Aberdeen, albeit reluctantly. In fact it was so reluctant that he cited it as one of the main reasons for wanting to leave Aberdeen! But more importantly, if Bradford are so well off for LB's now then why with the same squad did they feel it necessary to recruit Ryan Dickson as a LB when Meredith was unavailable due to illness?



24 Jul 2013 14:22:25
Jordan Spence to join either Burnley, Southend or Barnsley after being told he can leave WHU

Well the lad will go to southend or Barnsley. and that's from a claret, ie no ambition at all punching above our weight in the championship, or so the directors say

As far as defenders go I think we are fine as long as we don't sell any. Attackers as well if Charlie stays and I hope he does, I would still like us to sign Ryan Burge who we had for one of the development squad games. His wages would be economical and he has good control and excellent set piece skills. Contolled games last season although league two. Had some major injuries when he was younger and was set for big things prior to those, so at 24/25 he would be worth a shout even just to get a return on him at the end of the season. Peterborough enquired after him in January for a six figure sum.

Dave Jones burnley

Jordan Spence to join either Burnley, Southend or Barnsley



24 Jul 2013 14:19:26
Rumours around that Notts Forest have signed Charlie Austin from Burnley for 3. 5M with most of it paid upfront

Burnley have already lined up Billy Sharp has a replacement after he turned down Celtic and Doncaster

He hasn't turned down doncaster, I believe a fee couldn't be agreed.

1. Billy hasn't turned down Doncaster
2. He wouldn't go to Burnley based on fans reaction to his sons death. That's also why Barnsley isn't an option for him.
3. I'm not sure if Notts Forest are willing to spend £3.5million on a single player!

But maybe I'm wrong.

Rumour has it there is a footballer somewhere in the world Notts Forest havn't put a bid for in this summer.

Jesus man, how many more teams are going to sign Charlie?
Why does Burnley want to get rid of him so much. Keep for a season and he alone will keep us up and then let him go.
By the way he would go to Bournemouth before Forest any day of the week so come on guys get real

Watch for John Ryan's resignation if Irish investment is knocked back by
exsisting shareholders, what a shame that would be

Nothing like sour grapes. what's wrong with having afew quid and wanting to sign good players to try for promotion. As forest fans we have been at both ends of the spectrum and I certainly know which I prefer!

"1. Billy hasn't turned down Doncaster
2. He wouldn't go to Burnley based on fans reaction to his sons death. That's also why Barnsley isn't an option for him.
3. I'm not sure if Notts Forest are willing to spend £3.5million on a single player!

But maybe I'm wrong. "

I can tell you something, your wrong! Burnley fans made no comment at all on the awful situation that surrounded Billy and the death of his child. We are a family club and only had condolences and sorrow for Billy and his family. Maybe, just maybe, one personic person out there said something, which I'm 100% sure will have happened at all clubs, and your saying Billy won't join our club because of that? What a load of tosh!

Burnley fans and billy sharps son nothing to do with burnley got your wires crossed there son

It was Barnsley not burnley

Forget the rumour - "NOTTINGHAM" Forest, not Notts, how many times

A load of tosh? It was realistic problem for Sharp for the remainder of the season. I was almost certain I heard them chanting 'Where has your son gone?' at the game. Granted it was nowhere near as bad as Barnsley who were the least sympathetic to his situation to say the least. I'm not trying to pigeon hole all the burnley fans as the kind of people who would have that opinion but it was a serious issue for Sharp that season and one that must play on his mind. Didn't mean to personally insult anyone. And don't say tosh, it's embarrassing.

Burnley fans made no comment on Billy Sharp at all. That is just totally made up.

Tosh is embarrassing? It's your rumour that's embarrassing. You clearly stated Sharp is not joining Burnley because we insulted him over the loss of his son, which is 100% not the case, any Burnley fan would be removed from the stadium by its own supporters if this was the case. We aren't that type of club! And for you to even suggest this, or even think about making up some pathetic rumour is insulting! Burnley aren't even in the market for Sharp anyway! Priority is keeping Austin who is mulling over a new 3 year deal! Leave it at that!

No such club, presume you don't mean Notts County so must be those in red shirts across the Trent.

Well said ^^ I along with many burnley fans was appalled at the abuse towards billy sharp from the barnsley fans, but what do you expect! they're from yorkshire.

He's turned donny down when today (26th) is the only time we have made a bid? Brilliant logic you have, unless you have the ability to see into the future



24 Jul 2013 14:06:43
Wigan are set to bid for Crewe striker Max Clayton. The deal may involve a player going in the opposite direction on loan.

Crewe fan here. I've heard about this too. Deal could be completed by end of the week.

News from people at Wigan is that this is basically a load of tosh



24 Jul 2013 14:06:00
After leaving Watford Carl Dickinson will now join Port Vale

Great addition to a good port vale side



24 Jul 2013 14:02:18
wayne rooney to arsenal next two weeks

Off to Chelsea or staying at Manchester United

I can only hope not. overated spanner

25 Jul 2013 10:39:05
I don't care where he goes so long as it's not another premier league club. Can't stand the way he's behaved in this rediculous transfer saga.

All he had to do was "yes I did put a transfer request in and I want to leave".

Or he could just put matters to bed by pledging his allegience to United. Too many bridges have been burnt in my view.

Glasgow Celtic might be an option but they couldn't afford his wages.

25 Jul 2013 11:19:16
i truly hope so as Manchester United can not keep dictating to clubs who they want to sign and sell and expect it to happen.



24 Jul 2013 13:57:31
Norwich City will confirm the signing of Gary Hooper when Chris Hughton and David McNally return from America, so the final paperwork can be completed as medical is already done. Hughton also is confident on bringing in Maxi Lopez as back up

He's of to qpr waste of time club

Hasn't QPR had a higher £5 million bid accepted? tv reported that today

Cracking joke no anymore lo x

I don't think so. It looks like Celtic have agreed a fee with QPR

Hoopers going to QPR

Ain't a joke he's of because Norwich are stubbing and to slow, hope we do get a few new players in we need them

Celtic have messed everyone around & overvalued such an average player. If I was hooper I would stay at Celtic. Qpr will never be an established prem team no matter how much they spend. norwich should get someone better than hooper



24 Jul 2013 13:52:36
reports from italy suggest that Roma officals are in london sorting out a deal for osvaldo to come to Craven Cottage also the likes of Gargano are also being linked as Jol is set to bolster his midfeild options

Yes Strong rumours from around the club re Osvaldo, though Gargano is just paper talk at the mo.

Chantome interest gathering pace too - informal inquiries made



24 Jul 2013 13:48:56
Theo Robinson will be at MKDons Friendly Tonight (Wednesday) to complete a deal from Derby County.

Don't look like we are signing the argentine trialist then?

Load of nonsense

25 jul 2013 02:49:31
also rumoured to be signing for shrewsbury, notts county, rotherham. have i missed anybody out??

Aloi's departure was confirmed on the OS

"Aloi's departure was confirmed on the OS"

Was it? Where? I can't find it.

"Aloi's departure was confirmed on the OS"

Was it? Where? I can't find it.

Last line of the Preview:Rayo Vallecano news item

So where was theo?



24 Jul 2013 13:46:58
Wigan are set to bid for Crewe striker Max Clayton. Owen Coyle wants a young striker to support Holt and Fortune.



24 Jul 2013 13:42:39
Carlisle to sign lewis guy this week after the striker impressed in pre season

Other news, Liecster to bid £1.7m for yeovils paddy madden with cumbrians due 50% of any potenial transfer of the ex blues player

Leicester are currently carrying out a major cost reduction exercise to comply with FFP. There's no chance whatsoever they'll be paying any transfer fees of this sort.

Thats not true we have been having a clear out of some flops who are on big wages. And we see Madden as ideal player for the club

24 Jul 2013 19:36:47
And why do you think the club have been getting rid of highly paid but ineffective players? It certainly isn't to push up club debt beyond the FFP limit thus Leicester won't be paying large transfer fees. Nothing against Madden but we won't be shelling out 1.7 million until the books are straightened out.

Madden has said he is staying put

If Leicester sign Madden they will be breaking FFP rules so I doubt it will happen

Yeovil have said he is not for sale at any price he is very important for the side this season



24 Jul 2013 13:31:55
Reports suggest that Simon Church is training with Charlton

I saw that on tv
i think if we sign him we won't sign coulibaly

Coulibaly is not going to happen. Think we will have someone in by the beginning of next week though as keep hearing rumours that one is close.

Powell said no to Coulibaly. because its complicated he has to many agents or something so is highly unlikely despite powell wanting him still! I think we will re-sign fuller for a lower wage maybe a pay as you play, sign Church and then Obika and we should be okay!

25 Jul 2013 12:59:53
Coulibaly has "about 81 agents" which means nothing will happen in that direction.



24 Jul 2013 13:06:40
Reading will take the opportunity at tonight's pre-season game at Ashton Gate to try to snatch Albert Adomah from under the noses of Wigan Athletic.
Rumours are that £1m up front would interest Bristol.

Dont need any more wingers

Wigan have dropped their interest, move on

Hes good! might be worth it!



24 Jul 2013 12:59:12
Rob Hulse to sign for Charlton today on a 2 year deal

24 Jul 2013 15:29:07
Chris Powell said in a press conference today that he needs 2-3 strikers, but none are even close yet.
Your rumour appears wide of the mark

It's not going to happen, no-one at charlton wants him and he is soo sh*t!

Hes not charlton will sign church or coulibaly or obika

My nan is better than Hulse! He couldn't even score an own goal!

No to Hulse, but we could do with the three others. In that league we need four competitive strikers and currently only have one.

Couilabaly has gone back to France a couple days ago, not saying its not going to happen, but now he's gone back I can't see us signing him.

We will re-sign Fuller, sign church and sign obika

He is now training with French team Lens, he will not be going back to Charlton



24 Jul 2013 12:56:31
Former Reading striker Simon Church training with Charlton. Source south london press



24 Jul 2013 12:44:34
Southampton looking to bring in Kyle Naughton from Spurs. Pochettino wants cover for both left and right back, both of which Naughton can play.

Wouldn't be a bad move but i'd like to see Chambers be a cover at RB and Targett will be good enough by next season to cover Shaw

I would love this if it's true but can't see it happening. Seen Kyle play a lot (old mans a season ticket holder) and he's got potential and good with either feet.

Wonder if he's down the pecking order now Danny Rose has come back?

24 Jul 2013 18:33:21
Makes you wonder if saints have paid over the odds for wanyama, celtics so called best player hooper looks like he's moving for about a third of what saints paid for wanyama. Easy come easy go.

Would rather have Naughton than any other signing. Big statement I know but quality full backs are key. He wouldn't just be cover either, he'd challenge Shaw and Clyne.

Saints paid over the odds for Wanyama? No way, just see his performances already in pre-season.

Saints do not waste money, their record of reducing agents fees is also outstanding. Think you are getting Saints and Liverpool confused.

I still think hooper could have been good for us. A shame he's been let slip. Especially playing with Wanyama.

I don't think we paid over the odds we just aren't used to signing players for large amounts of money.
He has incredible potential and we were in a bidding war.

It would be a good signing for the saints but I really can't see it happening unless spurs are looking to buy another right back as cover. He would provide very good competition to Clyne, who I believe performs better with more direct performances at left back.

Are west ham after lambert can't see saints matching the wages of the London club plus it would b financially a great move for Ricky with his percentage of the fee.

Payed over the odds don't make me laugh wanyama will go for over double what wee payed for him

West ham have very little cash available at The moment, what they do have has been sort on Carroll or ploughed into the Olympic stadium, so how southampton who hae money couldn't match te wages offered is rubbish and secondly he wouldn't now lambert has repeatedly said he wants to end his career with saints and has signed a 2 yr extension on his contract, end of.

Saints total wage bill is supposed to be over 50 million for players and all the hangers on, dread to think if we can't keep in the league, Bolton are supposed to be 140 plus million in the red. It's just crazy when I just about afford my season ticket

If they get a good offer for lambert they would only let him go if he's not performing in training he may only have one season left at the top could e a good deal for saints

Let's not kid ourselves every player has his price, just hope cortese knows what he is at, it must be a nightmare job whatever he does will not please everyone he's got to balance the books

Don't forget if west ham were to be relegated it would be a major disaster, committed to the Olympic stadium they could have 60000 crowds. That's why they are willing throw the boat out to stay up.

Every few year a club manages to get a group of players together and they do well for a while. With hope saints could be not far off that but the sad thing is nothing in life is forever as man city dropped down 2 divisions, Swansea and fulham in div 4.



24 Jul 2013 12:23:22
Carl Dickinson signing for Port Vale from Watford, medical underway as we speak. Another great signing for the valiants

Great signing? He's terrible. Might look good at League 2 level but don't expect much.

Port vale are league one now

Wish we'd sign Doumbe - class. Just wonder when someone says Dicko is terrible who they saw him playing for and when.

Saw him playing for Watford m8. Trust me he ain't reliable in any way. He loses focus, finds himself out of position, goes in late very often and has a poor temper. We only signed him to plug a gap in the team we had had for several years. Hope he does better for you lot.

26 Jul 2013 00:52:43
Dickinson will do good in league one. Stong and hard in the tackle and has a good shot on him. He will do a job for the vale. Good luck Dicko

You either underestimate League 1 or overestimate Dickinson. Unless he dramatically improves over the coming weeks, I doubt he's going to be up to much.



24 Jul 2013 12:20:21
Pavel Pogrebynak set to leave Reading in a swap deal for John Arne Riise at Fulham. Both players interested in the deal

Not true. Reading Signed Wayne Bridge. Why have a second LB

Never going to happen after reading just signing a new left back in Wayne Bridge

24 Jul 2013 15:04:06
No chance why would John Arne rise go there

24 Jul 2013 12:20:21
Pavel Pogrebynak set to leave Reading in a swap deal for John Arne Riise at Fulham. Both players interested in the deal

Why would we swap a striker (the area we are weakest at) for yet another defender (the area we are strongest at)

Really?! Just signed Wayne Bridge who was arguably the best championship left back last season at Brighton and now sign another one on similarly high wages? I don't think so.

Why would we want the Russian back when he had a poor season at reading?

We do need another left back (bridge is our only one so we need back up) however we wouldn't pay BPL wages for someone to sit on the bench

Rubbish, slower than then berbatov, scores less goals than berbatov traded for our only decent left back?



24 jul 2013 12:06:28
if a deal dosent materialise to make paul tisdale the new swindon manager then darren ward wil be offrered the player managers job with mark cooper as assistant

Ward's already said he wants to spend the next couple of seasons as a player, doesn't want to even be a coach yet.

That wouldn't surprise me as it would save them money and is the cheapest option

This tells you that our new board have no ambition what so ever and they wonder why the fans are anti them? They could of made everyone sit up and take notice with a descent appointment and they would of got more supporters backing them, it will go the other way. Lee power hasn't even been introduced to the fans what's that say.

We haven't chosen anyone yet, stop being so negative. We've just almost halved our budget, I'd rather have Swindon town with a lower budget than seen us go into admin.



24 Jul 2013 12:02:32
Reading could bring in Rickie Lambert from Southampton

I don't believe this but thought it'd be interesting for you all to hear as our local paper thinks it's on the verge of completion


Not happening

24 Jul 2013 15:02:39
Lambert says he is never leaving unless pushed out in the daily echo if saints let him go I can't see him going to reading he might go to the championship though

Shock horror, local paper makes up rubbish - just another version of the Southampton paper! NOT HAPPENING.

Reading have already denied this.



24 Jul 2013 12:01:02
Hopper to sign for Norwich after QPR admit defeat in trying to sign him

Haha says different on sky sports

Is that why Celtic have just accepted a bid from QPR?

Celtic have just accepted a bud for qor

Is that Dennis Hopper.

24 Jul 2013 15:27:29
Is that QPR who have had a bid accepted, the only team who have so far

Norwich not interested in Hooper due to his high wage demands. Better value strikers abroad who are proven in higher quality leagues

Bull. and a lucky escape IMO.

I don't think you can trust anything stated on Sky, according to last week he was already negotiating with QPR and was having medical just trying to agree terms.
If he really wants to break into England set up how the hell is he going to do that playing for Harry at QPR, I do not expect them to get promoted this season, and I also expect HR will be sacked by Christmas

Redknapp inteview on stv now with Harry saying the deals as good as done and hoping Hooper is top scorer in the championship next season. Sounds pretty confident but untill the contract is signed and I see him holding the R's shirt i'm still not confident myself. I know lennon admitted Hooper had been in london over the weekend discussing terms. So i'm guessing an agreement would be in place in order for the club to submit the new offer.

Typical QPR they say the deal is done while actually he is about to go to norwich

Thats the Redknapp way all mouth and no trousers his useless son is the same. Just hope he goes soon a as i'm bored of looking at his misarable face



24 Jul 2013 11:40:31
Blackpool hoping to sign Chopra today. watch for personal terms to be an issue that gets resolved by end of the week.



24 Jul 2013 11:18:54
Shrewsbury are set to sign midfielder Chris Lines, and Strikers Theo Robinson, and Liam Boyce. Manager Graham Turner is looking for a goalscorer so robinson would be the ideal target because GT has had him at Hereford. Boyce is also close to a move to Shropshire after Hibs failed on him who look to sign James Collins. COYB

24 Jul 2013 12:12:02
Lines has already signed a contact at Port Vale!

Doubt it'll be Chris Lines - he signed for the mighty PVFC 2 weeks ago! Up the Vale

He had anothet good game last night was the lone striker held the ball well when they managed to get it to him unlucky not to score

How can they sign chris lines when he is now at port vale

Would be a great strike force if we added robinson and boyce aswell as having marsden and bradshaw

Chris lines as signed for portvale. theo robinson us staying at derby oh and he scored a hstrick last night. liam boyce is a no go go go.

Cannot see the Lines rumour being correct as Vale would want a fee and the Shrews have enough central midfielders + no money for transfers. Boyce and Robinson; maybe.

Chris lin signed for super vale

We will NOT be signing Boyce, Robinson etc etc. iInstead we will try and make do with what we've got and then the manager will panic and bring in a string of loan players. Remember the revolving door policy last season? Look forward to the same again!

Fed up Shrew

Shrewsbury have 3 CMs and Ryan Woods. Hardly a mass force. One will be incoming.



24 Jul 2013 11:16:03
Leeds United have shown a keen interest in Brighton midfielder Will Buckley.

Buckley isn't leaving

Leeds will have to pay 4 million for him

They can't afford him

Leeds do not have the money.

Why would Buckley want to move to Leeds. Brighton finished above them in the last two seasons.

Make up more convincing rumours.

Couldn't afford him Brian McDermott already said he will have to wheel and deal

Buckley wouldn't go to another championship club

No Leeds would have to pay about 8 mill for him for us to consider letting him go

They might swap him for McCormack

8 million, are you for real? There's no way on this planet Buckley is worth 8 million. I would rate him somewhere around £2-3 mill. (Brighton season ticket holder)

What has being a season ticket holder got to do with anything 23k fans would all give you different answers. He is worth what the club is prepared to sell him at and what the buying club is prepared to pay. Everyone else is just guessing.

Having paid £1m for him I am sure the club would consider£2 -£3m as a good bit of business but not to another possible promotion contenders.

We turned down 5m bid last season from southampton

Every Player has a price. Even the very best in the world. Unfortunately Buckley will not fetch too much, 4 Million if we are lucky.

That said I doubt Buckley is going anywhere let alone Leeds.

Buckley is worth £1. 5 absolute tops. No one would pay BHA more than that. He could available at that price as Brighton need the money and Buckley tends to play one good game, one average and two rubbish games from any four games.



24 Jul 2013 11:12:47
Surplus Brighton midfielder Ryan Harley is a possible target Wycombe, Luton & York.

24 Jul 2013 12:56:15
Would be a good signing for us Minstermen. I watched him a few times last season on TV at Milton Keynes Dons. Good passer of ball and aerial work and set pieces were dangerous.

He was playing for Mk Dons in league 1, doubt a player like him would drop to league 2/ conference

If Ryan goes to York, I will run the streets naked!!

Looks like he's going as he was given no squad number today!

25 Jul 2013 01:15:16
NW wasn't looking for another midfielder and likes youth but may make an exception for a quality player. Would imagine Ryan wouldn't be thrilled at relocating that far though. I reckon if es gunna move to league 2 it'd be for his old club Exeter or perhaps another southern team.

Harley is an awesome player. Be great if he signs. I won't be able to sleep tonight if this is true. there's ONLY ONE YORK CITY!

Wycombe don't need another midfielder unless he can play on the wing. We need a back-up winger



24 Jul 2013 11:00:03
Any Cardiff city news - forest green rovers were coming for you!

Looks like they were expecting us! A friend who went to see the game did say he hardly recognised the team that played em, but still 4-3? Cracking effort from them.



24 Jul 2013 10:33:46
MKDons will announce the signing of a new young striker tonight (Wednesday).

Please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE tell me this means McFlop can be offloaded?

Once more, PLEASE!

Doubt it, because we have a friendly tonight, maybe tomorrow morning at the earliest

Izale is a quality striker score 11 goals for Pompey before co ing to us. No many strikers score that for a relatin threatened team. Comes to us and does not get a game. He needs time and games. He also is the fox in the box no of this tiptop fotball and come deep. He stays up front. Against barnet the look of the team changed as he amused the centre back problems. Robbo gave him no credit when he scored. As soon as Bamford scored thumbs up. Give him a chance. We do need another striker as Bambi won't be available.



24 Jul 2013 10:28:44
Yeovil's Paddy Madden being linked to Leicester

Going to reading

Great news as carlisle get 50% of the transfer

Total rubbish spoke to him last night he is happy at Yeovil Town so dream on get the facts right

Madden has said he is happy and staying because he wants to repay gary johnson's faith in him

25 Jul 2013 08:45:52
He is not going anywhere!
A) To Late in the transfer window for King GJ, and
B) He stated on his twitter account that he will not be leaving and shall be a Yeovil player for the coming season!
However John Fry (the chairman) may be tempted into selling if a High bid comes in, and I mean high somewhere around the 5 to 6 million pound mark should be enough! And nobody can challenge that estimated price because it is the going rate for League 1 top goal scorers, For example Rhodes to Blackburn for 8 million, And Mackail-Smith to Peterborough for around 4 million (Mackail-Smith was older than both Rhodes and Madden so his cost was slightly lower)!

25 Jul 2013 11:41:05
Would be good signing IMO but unfortunately won't happen due to FFP and Yeovil wishing to keep him



24 Jul 2013 10:26:00
Bristol City and Crawley Town are known to be courting the creative midfielder Marlon Pack who has been named in the League Two team of the year for the past two seasons.

Cheltenham are expecting to receive around £100,000 in compensation for Pack, who is unable to leave on a 'Bosman' free transfer as he is under the age of 24.

Please if your a crawley fan stop leaving negative comments on here we are working with the club to find a new ceo and marketing team everything is in good order the club also have a few very good players that should all be signing contracts in the next few days also look out for the team photo as a certain player may have signed a contract yesterday and will be included in the team photo.

The news about Liam Kelly will surly make City a little more determined to do this deal if indeed they are trying to do it.

I also believe that now Kelly is out til Christmas. the pack rumours will come to fruitition. don't think kilkenny isthe creative midfielder required. pack would do a job.

Crawley will be fine just needs bit of tweeking

Crawley now seemingly out of the running to sign Pack as they are unwilling too pay the compensation Cheltenham demand for the player

Kelly is out for 9 months, and with Steve Davies off to Blackpool for £500'000, Pack will be anouced as a Bristol City player this weekend.

Bristol will pay Cheltenham's valuation of £100'000.

26 Jul 2013 12:57:51
pack will train today and play against Bournemouth tomorrow in city's pre season friendly, it will all go from there

We don't really need a new CEO as Dave Pottinger is now Chairman and can fill the roll perfectly. Nor do we need a new marketing manager as Ewan Dunlop can cover that department easily. What we do need is a couple of decent strikers who can ensure we stay in League One. Also we need new owners urgently who can stop us from Administration and someone to stop that person ringing his bell every two minutes.

Tubbs has signed 6 month loan to Rotherham

If Crawley can't get pack or tubbs something is wrong! They have a tiny squad and a fair budget all they need is someone that is able to sign players! They play good football and have great things to offer, all these players linked but nobody decent has really signed

Crawley are doing fine - get off their backs. Good decent owners, improved stadium and a pretty good season last year. They have come a hell of a long way in 3 years. What they really need is the useless Crawley Council to agree to planning permission to take the ground up to 10,000+ capacity. That would properly establish the club at this level, but they're doing OK.

Why on earth would we want to increase the capacity at the Broadfield to 10,000 when we can't even fill a 6,000 stadium? Barker urgently needs funds to make a couple of urgent signings. But until the club is sold he's not got any money at all. The club desperately needs to get all their fans on board but the ctsa are currently wrecking those plans. Only new owners and a large injection of capital can save the club now.



24 Jul 2013 10:23:17
Motherwell to sign Henri Anier before the deadline so he can play in europe. Well also has Toni Silva, Chris Gadi and Jack Smith on trial.

I would take Anier and Gadi and be very happy with all the signings

I here Aneir and the Newcastle guy Smith will sign a 1 year loan agreement on Friday. This will put us in a good position to progess in Europe and chalenge Celtic in the new season ahead. We have a much stronger squad than the others in the league, with the exception of Celtic, but beat them twice last year. Bring it on.

Thats aneir signed according to the Scotsman. Now for the newcastle lad smith and good squad completed.



24 Jul 2013 10:11:30
Shrewsbury will sign Newcastle defender Remie Streete on loan after impressing in last nights victory over birmingham, dc

It was james travenier not the lad you mentioned

It was not Remie Streete, it was James Travenier

I was mis informed it was Tavenier and as stated below will sign a deal until Jan

I was a visiting blues fan yesterday and he arguably was your best player always open on the wing and looked a very solid full back

Yer the lad had a great game!



24 Jul 2013 10:10:23
Any news on marlon pack and gillingham signings still to come

Word is Martin Allen is waiting for Charlie Lee's transfer to go through so we can fund a move for another attacking midfielder. Pack and Gow are options but he is considering a season long loan for an unnamed championship player who will command a fair wage even if we only pay part of his wages so could be an exciting player fingers crossed.

It is Gow and Colchester are also interested in lee

Is it Southend lee is going to?

Lee has rejected a pay off on his gillingham contract

Packs on trial at Bristol city



24 Jul 2013 10:08:46
Reading have NOT made a move for Southampton striker Rickie Lambert, A source close to reading described the suggestion of Lambert arriving as a 'Non Starter'

How many times have we heard those denials in football. ?. what's the clubsource? Tillboy in club shop?

24 Jul 2013 12:42:55
Southampton are interested in Spurs full back Kyle Naughton.

Why would he move down a league after his first season in EPL at 31. He is finally is living the dream after setbacks and 12 years in the lower divisions. If you think Lamberts moving to Reading you are proper deluded.



24 Jul 2013 09:45:46
Vitor silva and Eduardo Vargas will not be joining Middlesbrough fc but two deals that is going is Albert adomah and Lucas barrios, would be great if we signed albert moth muzzy down the other wing total pure pace on both wings deadly, and Lucas he is a goal machine

Typical Boro get all the fans hopes up, then smash them back down to Earth with an almighty bang. Why can we not just get some good experienced players in place, like we have with whitehead then kick on from there!

Would love to see both but highly doubt either going to join but we'll see

I hope to god this is true! I'm getting really tired of players appearing and fading away. Now I'm hearing that turnbull might sign, vitor and Vargas aren't. Adomah and barrios would be class

Typical Boro promises promises never to materialise!

Does mobray actually know what he is doing about 12 players gone and 3 in we have a very small squad atm we need players in at least 5 or 6 a rb, cb, rm/rw and 2 strikers and a back up goalkeeper

This is believable but I heard Albert was off to Wigan.
Also Stephen Ireland will not be joining Middlesbrough.

Boro will not be signing Adomah as he has agreed to join Wigan. The deal will be completed by the weekend.

No chance of Barrios, Some of the tosh on here seriously. are you listening to yourselves? So the club announces a triple swoop, Vargas, Vitor and the like, Billy Sharp's name mentioned, Danny Graham, Ebanks-Blake, Adomah. All dead certs havn't you all heard? c'mon people, the likelihood is all these players will fizzle out and join someone else because MFC mess about too much and are pipped to the post. Some of the stories have been outlandish. I for one was excited, and when McDonald was let go I though ''YES, finally some coin for wages'' we all expected deals to follow. Now were going to start the season with Emnes and the Juke. ones a sicknote and the others a fairy, Main is talented fair enough but the lad can't carry our promotion hopes alone, We NEED STRIKERS, we all know it, Gibson knows it, Mowbray knows it. a few terrible loan deals and another bottom half finish for me because yes we havn't got money to burn but this clubs ambitions arn't what it once was. we need a takeover or we have to accept is Mediocrity FC from now on. I hope for everyones sake i'm wrong guys but somehow I don't think I am. DB29051988 UTB!

Hope so, we need pace and a proven goal scorer :)

Who said we're not getting vitor? vargas is a long shot but is very possible, so how do you know we are not getting these players? and lucas is not a goal machine! he's only useful on fifa!

Actually, big rant guy, we are signing Vitor get your facts right

Well said to the guy above stating the middlesbrough facts. Yav saved me a long message to write and pretty much summed up everything I think and know but tbh I think your pretty optimistic mate lol as by looking at our squad (fairys and sick notes) as you have described. I'm hoping for a bottom half finish but I'm thinking it will be a miracle to play every game with such a small squad never mind RELEGATION! But hey this is MFC now (skint, finished) unless we were ever fortunate enough to to get a buyer/investor into the club but also who would buy? And would he ever sell?

Source: works at middlesbrough club shop

coming in:
ross turnball
albert adomah
frazer richardson
borja gonzalez
maybe daniel ayala

Mowbray told the press that the deals have faded and no longer look like they are going to happen.

Read the Evening papers up here

Don't know about everyone else but our squad is a mid table at best. A few injuries and we are in a relegation fight.

Disgusted with Boro. All the other teams are buying quality players and we are being left behind.

Those of you complaining about broken promises (re vitor & vargas) need to think carefully.
The club never made any promises.
Yes the club made attempts to sign them, and entered discussions but they never made any promises. The fact that these deals were not successful just shows that we were stretching our selves and setting our aims high (too high IMO)

Those referring to the club dithering need to remember that arranging foot ball transfers is very complicated and things never go your own way.

Just because you got carried away with your dreams is no reason to now slag the club off - you need to get behind them if you are a supporter.
And remember the real football is not a silly computer game

Keep the faith! Bryn Morris, Adam Reach, Luke Williams, Richie Smallwood, Ryan Brobel, Curtis Main, Andre Bennet, Cameron Park, Ben Gibson, Jordon Jones and Charlie Wyke! These are all local hungry lads who will be given there chance this season. The likes of Jonathan Woodgate, Dean Whitehead and Grant Leadbitter are great players and great leaders for our club and will help develop the younger lads. Don't forget Rhys Williams, Jason Steele, Lukas Jutkiewicz, Muzzy Carayol, Emanuel Ledesma and Marvin Emnes. These are all good players on there day so keep the faith In these lads and in the manager. There is no quick fix here, this is a plan that is taking shape. i'm a very proud Boro lad and I always will be no matter what league we are in. there's no better feeling than going to the match or watching my team on the tele. And what makes it even better is Middlesbrough FC are unique to any other club that I know of. The chairman is a local lad the manager is a local lad nearly all the staff are local and 85% of the players are local. So give them all a break or go and support someone else. Someone who wants to buy a load of foreign players week in week out and has to teach English lessons to the youth teams. When I watch Middlesbrough I know I truly am watching Middlesbrough because the lads out there on the field love the club just as much as me walking down the street. That's what MFC is and should be about. Its called local loyalty and I wouldn't have it any other way. UTB!

Great post this, there are too many supporters who started following Boro in the 90's. If you buy rubbish or uncommitted players who don't settle you only stop the development of our younger players!

You are right mate, I would rather watch the development of Smallwood, Reach, Steele and Williams rather than average, foreign second rate players who don't know where Boro is and take 3 months to acclimatise to the British game.

Good post mate. I've been watching the boro through the 70's and its not the same as now. players were bought and sold like cattle then as they are today yes. but the players you bought then all played for the shirt, team and manager, their was loyalty from 90% of them, there were a few mercenaries of course they were. but the fans still rolled in to watch mediocre middlesbrough through the eighties and quite shocking at times. but I was still supporting them when we went down and down again. I will always support them through thick and thin. but i'm not stupid, we need experience, we cannot rely on youth, we have tried that every season for ages (relying on squad players) rather than buying. we do need investment, not a takeover. gibbo needs help and just maybe a little push in the right direction and we will become a good team again



24 Jul 2013 09:30:55
Any day now Portsmouth will announce signing of Danny Murphy.

POMPEY have signed Bird from Burnham

Surely his wages are WELL above Portsmouth's wage limit?

Maybe Murphy might take a wage cut

Perhaps he may take a pay cut but will he want to play for free?

The player have a league one experience, will be Nathaniel Mendez-Laing.

Laing is a winger

It's Simon Ferry the player they will sign not Murphy

Simon Ferry not Murphy or Mendez-Laing

Won't be NML. Whits sent him back to Peterboro early when he was on loan here, because his attitude sucked!

The mystery midfielder has not played Premier League or played for Pompey before, But has league 1 experience

Mendez Laing wouldn't join Pompey he is happy playing for Peterborough



24 Jul 2013 09:27:10
Everton forward Conor McAleny set to join Brentford on a month's loan. Farid El Alagui nearing a loan move away from Griffin Park after Gillingham have a season long bid accepted by Bees.
Gary Madine also close to a loan move to Brentford after making it clear he wants first team football, but Sheffield Wednesday are attempting to keep him as a back up striker.
Goalkeeper Simon Moore is in talks with Crystal Palace, but has made it clear that he will only move with the right offer and he is happy at Brentford.

We (Gills) already have enough strikers, we need to offload Birchall as it is! However if there is an element of truth then we would welcome him with open arms!

Conor McAleny loaned to Brentford for the season done deal, Brentford have been watching him for awhile.
Not so sure about Madine but if true would be a good loan signing, as for Simon Moore not going any where.

Madine not going anywhere. Already been said by him and dave jones. We only have 2 strikers at the moment madine and maguire



24 Jul 2013 09:24:35
afc bournemoth set to sign 33 year old southampton defender danny butterfield, he played in pre-season aginst pompey and is likely to also feature against dorcheter he will sign a 1 year contract with the option of a further 12 months.

Not sure if this is true, but I know he seemed settled in Hampshire a couple of years ago with kids in school there etc. Would be a good move, was incremental in our League One promotion season, would do a good job for Bournemouth. Wish him the best if he does seal a move, "A Saints Fan"



24 Jul 2013 09:00:29
Any stevenage fc news?

A number of clubs keeping an eye on what's happening to Robin Shroot. He's not started any of the pre-season games and played 90 mins for the youth team at Bishop Stortford last night. Seems like he's style of football not to Westleys liking.

Westley brought him to Stevenage 3 years ago so how could he not be to Westleys liking

Westley also gave Charles the No 9 shirt which usually denotes he's going to lead the line. If pre-season is anything to go by it ain't going to happen.



24 Jul 2013 08:39:23
Danny butterfield on trial with afcb and could possibly move on a free

While danny butterfield is 33 years old, he is an all-rounder playing defense, midfield and even as striker in the past. Useful signing for subs bench.

Good reliable steady player, gives his all, could do a good job for you.

Its nice to get a polite reply from you lads down the thanx



24 Jul 2013 08:38:35
Newcastle United fullback James Travenier was the mystery trialist right-back for Shrewsbury vs Birmingham last night at the Meadow.

Played well - GT looking to bring the player in on a season long loan if a deal can be reached.

Liam Boyce transfer from Cliftonville to Shrewsbury may not happen as Hibs are the preferred club of choice for the Ulsterman

Boyce is going nowhere - Hibs and Motherwell interest has cooled

James collins going to hibs that's why Boyce will sign for Shrews



24 Jul 2013 08:35:48
West brom renew their interests in sunderland midfielder craig gardner and lille forward/winger salomon kalou, both players to cost AROUND 2mill

24 Jul 2013 10:30:40
Maybe 4mill for Gards WBA trying to get good player on the cheap

Come on west brom getting very bored now checking all our rumour pages and no new signings other than anelka

I heard £2 million for Gardner and £2.6 million for Kalou. Both would be great signings for us and with Ankelka and Kalou I think they could both get into double figures.

Exactly tgats why I put around 2m loke you said 2.6m for kalou is a bargain so i'd love them both to join us and bopefully they will

Gardener wants to come back to the midlands and is out of contract next summer. you wouldn;t get 4 million for him with one year left on his deal

More news on the kalou pursuit, we have stepped up to bid 2.6m as steve clarke said wants kalou to be one of the four new signings, however will not match the 80k wage but kalou said he will comprimise so the transfer is likely

We gave away our youth talent to walsall who are better than this lot above, what are we playing at

They are no where near as good as kalou and gardner that's why they went to walsall



24 Jul 2013 08:27:24
Boro are not signing vitor or vargas talks have broken down source is from tony mowbray they have become side tracked does anybody know who were going too sign now

Ismael Miller (Lucky you)



24 Jul 2013 08:26:26
Baggies are also interested in the sugning of kalou once again as steve clarke said we need to sign another 4 players



24 Jul 2013 08:17:39
Shrewsbury set to battle with Brentford to sign nouha Dicko from wigan on a pernament transfer

He's a part of Wigan's 1st team plans. So that isn't happening.

Unlikely considering he's likely to be playing in Wigan's first team this year.

He's off to Blackpool

He won't be going nowhere this year I'm afraid

Not a chance

Dicko going nowhere



24 Jul 2013 08:04:12
John Joe O'Toole transfer saga finally over

Has signed a 3 year deal with BRistol Rovers and will be announced today

(source Local Bristol Radio)

Woohoooo get in!

No other club wanted him.
Bristol Rovers lost their last home game of the season to Accrington Stanley last season, looks like O'Toole will be playing non league football soon.

So we lost our last home game doesn't mean we are going down we finished 3rd in the form table for the second half of the season



24 Jul 2013 07:53:27
Theo Robinson is finalising a free transfer from Derby to Shrewsbury today - will be announced Friday


We will make do with Bradshaw & Marsden up front until Asante comes back from injury.

No way that Robinson will drop down to league 1, not with us anyway given that we have no money!

Nottingham Shrew

I agree with you Nottingham Shrew. ALL these transfer rumours are pie in the sky, Robinson will not be joining us, he would cost us too much. in fact any decent player is going to cost us too much!

GT is looking to youth this season, no wonder as it is the CHEAP option!



24 Jul 2013 06:55:21
Liam Boyce did not travel back with his team mates - on the way south to a press conference.



24 Jul 2013 03:15:55
Leeds united manager is waiting on talks, between sam byram and a premier league club, before he can buy 2-3 players. This is not (bull), it will happen soon, unless byram does not want lots of money.

Hope your wrong we have got to stop selling our best players

I believe it is Stoke.

What a load of rubbish, he's young and wants to be playing. Unlike some prima donas cash isn't important to the lad right now

Could be Cardiff City. Desperate for full backs and plenty to spend.


Has been linked with Stoke previously. Don't know much about him, if anything, but if he is a right fullback then Stoke need him.

Its BS, as stated by BM today, Byram will play a big part for Leeds this season. Plus Byram has said more than once that he doesn't want to leave, stoke and cardiff?, please, lol.



24 Jul 2013 01:38:52
Ross Turnbull is having a trial at Middlesbrough he played yesterday in a 3-2 win over Rotherham. He played for the full 90 minuets

He did not play 90 minutes

He only played till half time. Steele came on in the second half. Turnbull conceded both goals, too.

So no Vitor and no Vargas; paid off McDonald but signed Turnbull. So Steele must be going
Finished 16th last year - Mowbray will take this club down. He's the problem

24 Jul 2013 08:49:45
Ross is resigning, but Boro miss out on both Vito and Vargas, tony Mowbray has stated in the northern echo.

We are signing him as cover for Steele and sending Leutwiler out on loan. Leutwiler has one year left on contract and Mowbray wants to see him playing first team football to see how he does before deciding whether or not to offer him a new contract. Source Evening Gazette

He only played 45 minutes, that post is increadiblyy inacreate and very pointless, he's just wantes to get his name out there again won't sign for boro as we already have 2 keepers and he would not want to warm the bench neither would steele

Turnbull went off at half time.

get your facts right

24 Jul 2013 10:02:20
Mowbray says talks with Vitor and Varga have broken down.
Northern paper

In previous pre-season matches Leutwiler had a clean sheets and now Turnbull's back and it's suddenly hard fought win 3-2. Come on Mogga, don't sign Ross.

We have nobody who can score we don't need a goalkeeper.

Turnbull is going to be back up keeper to steel, in happy with the signings so far Turnbull, whitehead and Varga, if you think mowbray doesn't care you wrong, he loves the club like we do and frustrated like we are, hope these 2 signings come off Albert adomah and Lucas barrios utb

Tony Mowbray has confirmed Boro's interest in Eduardo Vargas and Vitor - but neither looks likely to join the club. We seriously need some help from somewere, the team we got now is probably a mid table team, what is mowbray doing!

Mowbray might be finished next season if he doesn't reach the playoffs.

It just goes to show how much you know, he is unlikely to join boro and he came off at half time for Steele

Mowbray didn't cancel it out completely he said the deal has drifted a little, so it could still happen

He is joining boro but as no2 goalkeeper, if boro sell steel flinders would join us I recon just my own out come

Waste of space Turnbull was only playing to keep fit as a favour from the club. Steele is remaining our number 1.



24 Jul 2013 01:18:35
Doncaster look to have beaten 3 Premier League clubs to the signing of Norwich's Leon Barnett for £1 million. Barnett has been persuaded that Doncaster "mean business"

That would be an awesome signing. He looked very good at Cardiff end of last season

Celtic accept £5million bid for gary Hooper. Norwich now 5/1 with to sign him. I'm going to put a few shillings on us to sign the Celtic no 88, as now we know how much we have to pay, all we have to do now is match QPR's bid. Simples!

24 Jul 2013 18:28:06
he left norwich after having his contract terminated so no fee is involed

Barnett is probably just another rumour dickov speaks of wanting players to be 100% committed so why have seven players still not signed give them a deadline date by the end of the week and then if they have not signed let them go its been nearly four weeks since there contracts ran out if they were committed they would have put pen to paper by now they just seem to be holding out just like mvoto for other options. we are 10 days away from the start of the season and we are in a worse position with players than we were last season. joke

Can anyone tell me what is really going on at Donny? Will we sign anyone of significance this season?, will the club really be allowed to be invested in so we can buy players? and why have the players out of contract not signed back on yet? Shall we ask dynamo the magician to conjure up a team that will keep us in championship, because at present we are in trouble going into the new season.

It's not seven players out of contract, it's six, Paul Keegan has signed up today (I know, of all the players)



23 Jul 2013 20:14:16
Andre Moritz to sign for Celtic I am hearing?

Great player, can't believe more clubs not all over him

Has already signed for Bolton

24 Jul 2013 08:14:56
He has not signed for Bolton!

The boy is Premier League class - in a side that plays football. Would be comfortable in all the top Premier League squads, no way he is going to sign for Bolton

The boy is a baller, hope he will find a top premier league club for him, i've seen him playing twice, world class!



24 Jul 2013 00:52:22
looks as if Norwich are lining up a formal bid for maxi lopez, and have not givin up hope on signing celtic striker Gary Hooper, bids to be made by end of week, Also Norwich looking at well known european central defender

Who is the well known European central defender?



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