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24 Feb 2013 23:16:51
Ipswich to sign ebanks Blake, nick Powell and Ramsay on loan expect announcements for the latter 2 within 24hs ( inside source)!

This is some kind of a joke

It's true.!!

Bolton couldn't afford that kind of money {Ed034's Note - lt isnt being said that bolton are signing them

No we are not your making us town fans look stupid!

I also caught wind of this today. let's hope it's true

Nick Powell has been linked all season as has Ebanks Blake since the arrival of mick, but I can't see all three of these happening maybe one maybe two.

E Blake Ramsay and Powell not happening where does this rubbish come from

Think there's more chance of getting chris Eubanks Jenny Powell and Gordon Ramsay

Agree mm will make do what he has

24 hours have passed and not even a sniff of these signings.



24 Feb 2013 22:50:43
Yeovil to sign danny higginbotham and enoch showunmi on a months loan to cover for hayter and mcallister

Higginbotham is a regular for a promotion rival so dream up another one.

25 Feb 2013 12:31:32
Danny Higginbotham is on form with the first team. Besides Higginbotham signed for the Blades as he wanted to be based up north where is family are located, that is why he never signed for Ipswich as he doesn't want to be down south away from his family. You can have a fringe defender on loan like Westlake, Hill, Williams, LJF, Kennedy ect. Not someone from the starting XI.



24 Feb 2013 22:48:25
Dean Saunders has agreed to loan Jake Cassidy back to Tranmere Roverson a 2 month deal which could be extended if Tranmere Rovers were to be in the play off's!

Been hearing this since he went back to Wolves its a load of b*******



24 Feb 2013 18:11:32
Bocundji Ca, the 26 year old midfielder at Reims, is to be the latest top flight French player to move to the UK in the summer. Cardiff already lining up a move should they secure promotion, but will face competition from a number of clubs now realising as per Newcastle's Sissoko the huge value for money (and talent) in the French league. {Ed003's Note -

Cardiff have a very good chance of being promoted but it depends if they get a decent transfer budget ange wage budget to sign top french players



24 Feb 2013 17:11:17
swindon will not appoint a permanent manager until the end of the season-as this will depend on the budget available depending on weather promotion is acheived. jed mccrory has been approached by glenn hoddle who he knows personally-as hoddle has offerered to help the club out until the end of the season but will not accept a full time management role. will be announced early next week and hoddle will be at tuesdays game against bury. another of hoddles friends jimmy floyd hasselbank could get the job on a permanent basis.

If we can't get nigel adkins then that would be a close second for me.

25 Feb 2013 09:02:40
There is no chance of Adkins as he is still on garden leave from Saints and can't go anywhere so this won't happen. I would be happy with Hoddle until the end of the season and then take the summer to make a decent appointment.
The names mentioned so far I wouldn't take any of them as they've all failed at their previous clubs.

Very good ' Shout for hoddle to come in for the rest of the season I would have him back would steady the ship

Who's going to pay his wages, can't even pay Shrewsbury the money they are owed for James Collins!

New board said they will pay it so don't fret about the money that is owed the new owners have only had the club for 3 days!

Fret, I always fret when I hear about swindons finances. That's why I say there is only one STFC!

And what club do you support?you know more about our finances than your own. If you could let us know who your support then we could see what your clubs financial position is?As I stated the new owners have said they will sort what they owe for Collins out. they new owners have a clean sheet now No debt because Mr Black was kind enough to write off all the debt the club had

Shrewsbury town football club--- better run football club than Swindon will ever be, as proven, and as for di Canio, graham turners forgotten more about football management than he will ever know!

Sour grapes over Collins is it? Never mind enjoy your club, I think you should concentrate on your own club. Collins went because he saw swindon as a step up for your club.



24 Feb 2013 10:46:16
Hilario from Chelsea to join Watford on loan as cover for Jonathan Bond.

Watford sign someone on loan - surely not.

Why would zola want a ancient goalkeeper who needs 2 leave chelsea kos he never gets played and hilario is old enuf 2 be ma dad

Nothing has been decided yet on Almunia's injury, so jumping the gun a bit

We have Bond and he is good enough

Another loan? YES great isn't it. Strange that as it is a very clear football league rule that other clubs haven't done this!

I have to say that those who have voiced their opinions in recent weeks over Watford's transfer policy have had all season to do so, it's only because Watford are mounting a good challenge for promotion that it is now Holloway has said something, The Football League will look into the loans system during the summer etc.

Not a Watford fan but I think it's great that a little club like them have found a way to be successful in a way no one thought of.

It's made the FL look like jerks and has put bigger clubs to shame with their moaning and bickering about the situation, but they've done nothing wrong at all. only have been very smart.

Good luck to them and I hope the Hornets go up.

Agreed I'm also not a Watford fan but the hypocrisy the football authorities, media and some fans who seem to think that it's ok for some billionaire to come in and buy their way to a league title and put their club into tons of debt which may come back to haunt them in the future is staggering. Yet when a small club like Watford completely within the rules finds a way to be successful without putting their club at risk they start jumping up and down. It's about time that they did something about massive transfer fees and wages as these are the real threat to the game in this country. Good like to Watford I say, other smaller clubs should be joining them.

If the FL look into the situation it won't be until the following season anything (if at all) will happen. Look at Bassini he went through the correct person to run a football club through the FA. Who is to blame for that a person who had to change there surname from Bazzini TO Bassini to run a football club. The only ones to blame are the FA how could they let him run and possibly ruin a British football club. The Pozzo's have come in made the club a better place have made the football more exciting have removed someone who was extracting money out of football in an illegal way. And all what people can slate is we are bending the rules people need to wake up no rules are being broken and the new owners have been in football for thirty years football people not money grabbers. Looks to me people are scared "Little old Watford are going to be a force to be reckoned with" My rant over.



24 Feb 2013 14:14:25
Boro to sign a mystery loan player on Monday says manager Tony Mowbray.

24 Feb 2013 15:54:18
Sammy ameobi



24 Feb 2013 13:55:52
Caddis and Benson are being recalled by Swindon due to injury crisis. They were both on long term loans until end of seaso, However situation is critical at Swindon hence recalls

They can not recall Caddis as the option is not available in the loan deal. He is staying at B'ham till the end of the season.

You will find in FL rules Swindon can due to lack of first team players fit, they are in trouble and players can be recalled sorry but rules are rules

Hope its true. BUT can we just take Caddis out of a season long loan

24 Feb 2013 23:55:30
We need a out and out goalscorer not benson he is not good enough

They can't recall Caddis, he's on a season long loan with no call back option. That was the deal when they took Rooney the other way,

If the loan is set up where all three party's agree then changes can be made swindon can't recall if that is the terms of the loan agreement the home club and player could say yes but the club who have the player could say no and that is that nothing the parent club could do about it



24 Feb 2013 11:26:40
steve coppel football director wally downes head coach swindons nein this weekw management team



24 Feb 2013 09:04:39
Leicster are preparing a bid for benik Afobe



24 Feb 2013 08:41:40
After the loss to Bristol city, David flitcroft wants to dip into the loan market for a commanding center half,

It was very suprising, there wasn't one!



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