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Not so much a rumour rather a observation

Why is it that liverpool supporters think they are buying aguero, villa and tevez??

Yet they are only getting rid of their fullbacks??

As well as their lists of people they are getting is on average 9 players. This is basically a whole new squad. NO manager is going to do that due to the unrest it will cause and the time it would take for them all to gel.

Youll buy 3 players at best because the yanks won't stump up the cash. .and before you say it im not a man utd fan so im not being biasedbitter. .as that seems to be your come back when ever anyone says anything bad against you
  Ok, I am back and it is not a Manu fan, but an Arsenal fan that stated these truths. I will use simple words and phrases for those who don't know how to read or write very well. .

1) Liverpool will need to find a new manager as Rafa will be leaving for a big club.
2) Torres will be leaving for a bigger, more respected club.
3) Liverpool will not be sold. Debt and second rate manager will make it difficult for a some to buy.
4) Mass exit of Spaniards from the squad. "X" that one, the Spaniards at 'Pool are rubbish. All will stay to deliver second rate football.
5) Liverpool did not negotiate any cut rate deals for Villa or Aguero – those don't exist in this new economic climate. So Liverpool fans, stop posting the nonsense. Please.

And please know Arsenal would never buy Villa – we'd never put ourselves in a position to over pay for someone. I mean, would Arsenal ever pay 20M for Keane? More like 7M. .if that. .then again he couldn't make the bench at the Emirates.

Gunner4Life – Los Angeles
  The reason Man United haven't signed Tevez is because Carlos is going back to West Ham if MSI takes control of the club.

Talks are ongoing between the Iclandic owners and MSI (read Kia Jarachoobian) to buy West Ham.
If Kia buys West Ham there will arrive more South American players.
  I have read a lot of what has been written about LFC, its fans rafa e.t.c. on here. Most of it is utter rubbish. NO ONE on this site actually KNOWS whats going on. To say we won't be able to buy our targets and that rafa's off is a bit premature (a bit like a lot of you mancs!).
The FACTS are this. RAFA wants to sign and has been in the press recently saying he expects to sign a new contract shortly. Sources in the states say the clueless yanks have agreed to rafa's demands as it will increase the value of the club, when its evetually sold.
We have a bare minimum of 20 million to spend. that is not including money from player sales, or future funds pledged by new/old owners, so wind your necks in. I posted the Villa/Aguero link as its the only time (apart from OWEN) when i got a tip off a genuine insider. L,pool will bid for 1 player in each of these positions. If these targets are out of reach we will move on
–Glen Johnson 9m

–Micah Richards 7m
–Dmytro Chygrnskiy 5m

–Kuba 8m
–Aaron Lennon 10m

– Carlos Tevez Free
– David Villa part ex 20 mill plus a.n.other
– Sergio Aguero part ex 20 mill plus a.n.other
Wait and see, i tell no lies!!!
  Bad news someone big is leaving Man Utd he is a striker he hates shrek but isn't shrek plays with shrek though thinks c.ronaldo is a cocky bastard i know im his cousin about where he is going his going to join his country captain j.m
U guess who it is but i say bye bye man utd u let my cousin go and now his joining your rivials u lose lfc wins them
  Any Chelsea supporters that think they will get mourinho and quaresma u arent i will probaly get one i don't care who u get but the reason mourinho sent quaresma to Chelsea cause he is lazy like Chelsea

Arsenal in
Richards Man city 15m
Veleso 15m
J Cole 18m
Arsenal out
Gallas 5m psg
Bendtner 10m Man city or Everton
Sendors 5m Ac Milan

Chelsea in
Robinho 25m
Kaka 50m
Chelsea out
Joe Cole Arsenal 18m
Pizzaro 12m

Man utd
Trezugeut 15m
Tevez free haha u suk u lose

Tevez free
Silva Valencia 28m
New owners
Ageuro Ath Mrdiad
Dossena 8m italy
Babel Man city 18m
Vorion Herth Berlin 5m
  "OK, so lets get a reality check for the Liverpool fans out there.
1) Rafa will not be your manager next season. He will move on to a big club where he will have more control. This could be Spain, but most likely Italy.
2) Torres will leave once Rafa leaves the club – the sale will not go to new transfers as the money will be used to off–set the huge debt that the club as incurred.
3) With no Rafa at the helm, the Americans will have a difficult time selling the club.

And lastly, please stop posting Villa and Aguero transfer fees lower than $35M. .they will not go for lower than that anywhere. STOP the ingnorance."
for a guess it's a man u fan who said this. Torres will NOT go no matter what benitez does.
Torred wants to spend the rest of his career at liverpool and knows that Benitez won't be around for all of that. Benitez may well be off but it won't be a shock to anyone, every year there have been calls for his to go so some liverpool fans may see it as "atlast" and we might get a new manager who will get us the players we need to win the league. Villa and aguero may well be worth more than £35 million but Liverpool have a cut price option on aguero. And for your information the only time ive seen villa quoted at less it was an ARSENAL FAN NOT A LIVERPOOL FAN, check your facts.
King kenny 92– the title race aint over!
  Lfc to go russin in the close season deals for akinfeev anyukov and zhirkhov all being finalised also expect kierisson to sign, reina arbeloa and alonso also looking to move once benitez is relieved of his position (Good Riddance) one of rijkaard mourinho or sven goran errikson will get the job with new owners also in
  Summer activity at Newcastle:

Michael Johnson (£6m) Man City
Darren Bent (£8m) Tottenham
Elano (£5m) Man City
Lanzaro (£2m) Reggina
Saviola (£4m) Real Madrid
Shorey (£4m) Aston Villa
Total: £25m

Owen (Free) Aston Villa
Xisco (£3m) Valladolid
Cacapa (£400k) Nantes
Viduka (Free) Queensland Roar
Geremi (£2m) Besiktas
Enrique (£4m) Celtic
Total: £9.4m
  Sunderland Summer Transfers:

Darren Bent – Tottenham
Glen Johnson – Portsmouth
Stewart Downing – Middlesbrough
  Can we just clear some things up:
1. Mourinho will not be coming back to Chelsea. Not now, not never. Abramovich isn't stupid and won't be made stupid. Mourinho might say he wants to return, but it's not him that makes the choise.
2. Villa, Aguero or Tevez will not be coming to Liverpool. Rafa isn't signing a new contract for a reason. This being the Yanks are not giving him nearly enough money for transfers for a top 4 team. Rafa will leave and many will follow.

Europes top clubs all have a gentlemens agreement not to sell any players to Man City no matter the ammount offered. I have this on very good authority!
  First of all, where's all these Celtic fans boasting "Here we go, 4 in a row"? Mhmm, back under the stone they crawled out from.

Bad news bears though, there will be no major spending over the summer. Stranzl will come in as a replacement for the aging, but reliable Weir. But that is it. There will be no major signings, however "no top of the league" players will be sold unless we get serious money (Therefore Bougherra, McGregor and Mendes only possibilities).

Over at the Neverland Ranch, there will be more panic buys. Smith will pretend to want another Loovens or Samaras (ha ha) and Celtic will buy the dud.

BTW, never believe any rumours where the poster puts "FACT" in the text. He's talking cack.

4 in a row? Where did it go????
  I have a contact high in the football world in Manchester, not to do with either club tho and he has told me the following. .
Man utd have secretly signed John Fleck from Rangers for £8 million rising to £14 million but are loaning him back to Rangers until June 2011.
Also Man City HAVE signed C. Ronaldo for £120 million and a wage of £500,000 a week!!
And Mark Hughes has been told he will only be in the job until summer, while Gary Cook thoroughly searches for a top class manager. My contact has heard that they are talking to Capello's and Lippi's agents!!
Loyal Arab 9
  Liverpool r watchin the carlos tevez situation very closely as he was on the bench again at the week end
  Rafa will be at anfield come the summer and there will be massive change once again

deals to happen (in)
kerrison. .12m + lucas season loan
s.aguero. . .10m + alonso
g.johnson. . .6m + pennant
g.barry. . . 13m.
m.johnson. . .6m
m.richards. . 8m
g.bale. . . . swap for benayoun
s.downing. . .12m
a.lennon. . . .8m

out (above + )
c.itandje. . . 1m
p.degan. . . . 1m
a.dossena. . . 7m
d.plessis. . . 2m
a.voronin. . . 2m
  Liverpool have shortlisted the following players:
–Glen Johnson 9m
–Rafinha 9m
–Micah Richards 7m
–Per Metresacker 14m
–Dmytro Chygrnskiy 5m
–Fernando Navarro 8m
–Gareth Bale 8m
–Kuba 8m
–Aaron Lennon 10m
–Adam Johnson 10m
–Chinedu Ogbuke 12m
–Fred free
–Vagner Love 13m
–Ezequiel Lavezzi 12m
  To the genius who posted:

“LFC will not be bought in the summer as the americans have bumped the asking price up due to lfc's strong title challenge this season. This has attracted a number of palyers. Rafa is keen on getting a few english palyers incase the 6+5 rule comes in. I knbow this because my grandad ahs a good relationship with rafa, btw contract almost signed just the fact that rafa still ahs to discuss any transfer with rick "no ed" parry. So his summer targets are Owen on a free Johnson 9m A. Young 18m and yes Villa 28m”

Good heavens, where to begin. First, barring a major new investor coming on board with Hicks & Gillette, new ownership for LFC is a 99% sure thing come summer. The original loan made to finance the sale of the club by RBS/Wachovia (Wachovia is an American bank) comes due in July and is not likely to be refinanced in a way that is financially tenable to the Americans. That will leave Hicks & Gillette the following options:

Find someone daft enough to come on board and bail them out
Sell the club outright to the highest bidder
Repay the loan

Number three is clearly out of the question without outside investment. Number two is equally unlikely as anyone with an interest in buying the club has only to wait until the summer when the loan comes due. Why? If Hicks & Gillette can’t pay up on the loan RBS takes over the team, in essence “repossessing” them, and sells them to a financially suitable party to settle the debt. Please note that this is in no way a receivership issue the likes of Leeds. As for “outside investment“, how on earth do you convince anyone with an ounce of sanity available to them to jump on board given the present state of the club? The only reason Hicks is even looking for a new partner is so they can assume the responsibility of the £500m (principal + interest) owed the banks, never mind trying to make good on the promise of a new £100m/70k seat stadium he & Gillette made when they bought the club. Then there's the total disarray in the boardroom and the fact that the fans hate the current ownership so much that their presence at a home match sparks loud, angry protests from supporters groups outside the ground and whatever hotel they're staying at. All this and Hicks still wants a controlling interest in the club. If he can convince someone to come on board given all that he should be made King.
Secondly, the 6+5 rule is unworkable as it is illegal. The European Union forbids employee discrimination among member states. By denying foreign players from EU member states who are otherwise legally capable of working in England would, in essence, be discriminating against them. So in spite of Sepp Blatter’s wishes, the EU is unlikely to change its laws just to accommodate him.
So given all the questions regarding ownership of the club, any talk of new players at LFC is clearly just that, but since you bought it up: With the absolute wobbly MON threw over LFC wanting Barry, what makes you think he’d let Young go. Owen is made of glass. As for Villa, he’s a similar player to Torres insofar as he likes to be up front on his own in a primary attacking roll. While they do form a potent attacking partnership in international sides, one has to wonders if they would hold up in a much more physical league like the prem. A clear choice in strike partnership would be someone like Tevez who plays a more physical attacking style and can drive the ball deep into the area, either shooting the ball on his own or drawing the defense to him and opening the area for the likes of Torres and/or Gerrard. Plus, unlike Villa, Tevez is available (if Kia Joorabchian is to be believed). That and it would give SAF an absolute stroke to lose him to LFC and not be able to stop it. All things being equal LFC would probably be better served getting an upgrade on the outside of the midfield and a solid defender or two that can quicken the transition through midfield in counter–attack or join the attack outright. Someone in the mold of Vidic or Ferdinand.
I promise all of you, I don’t know ANYONE at the club, however I do know the facts.
Keep the faith, Reds fans. Remember its always darkest before the dawn.
  Plymouth Argyle manager Paul Sturrock will remain at Home Park until the end of the season despite a stunning record of 1 win, 4 draws and 15 defeats in his last 20 games. This is due to the fact that he is best mates with Chairman Paul Stapleton who does not have the stomach or common sense to sack him. Unfortunately, James Scowcroft has turned down a move to Argyle and Rory Fallon is too lazy and slow, – despite being over 6' 2" tall he is unable/unwilling to out jump any opposition players. Sturrock's best hope in the forward department rides on the fitness of former want–away striker Jermaine Easter who can inject a bit of badly needed pace in that area.
  Liverpool will sign Diego from Werder Bremen (18mil) and Kuba from Dortmund (8mil) Also joining will be Glen Johnson (9mil) and Fernando Navarro (10mil)

Leaving will be Andrea Dossena (5mil) Philip Degen (2mil) Jermaine Pennant (free) Sebastian Leto (2.5mil) Charles Itjande (.5mil) and Andriy Voronin (3mil) added to the already departed Keane.
  Unfortunately Rafa has decided NOT to sign a new contract with Liverpool, the americans have not shown complete support for the project and reduced funds mean Rafa believes he has taken the team as far as he can.

Real Madrid, AC Milan, Man City, and Chelsea are just a few of the clubs alerted by the inability of Liverpool to secure the Spaniard. LFC will appoint a 'yes' man content to coach and leave player aquisitions to the owners.

Dark times ahead for Liverpool fans im afraid.
  Theo Walcott and v.Persie will sign new contracts at Arsenal very soon. Walcott sees Arsenal as the perfect club for him, as we are one of Europe's elite clubs which give him a great first team opportunity and can help him develop better than any other club. RVP says he will pen a new deal as long as Arsenal can promise him that trophies are on the way. Negotiations with these players should be concluded by the end of the month. Wenger has announced that our key casualties are soon to return. Walcott is two weeks away from a return, Tomas Rosicky three weeks, and Fabregas four weeks. Once all these players along with Adebayor who is out for another two weeks return, Arsenal's league campaign will be right back on track. We will have a deadly midfield four of Fabregas and Rosicky in the centre and Arshavin and Nasri switching between the two wings. The back four is now looking very strong with Toure and Gallas forming a strong partnership and Clichy and Sagna looking great as ever. Almunia is on a good run of keeping clean sheets. We seem to be having trouble scoring goals at the moment, however I feel that once all our key midfielders return, the strikers will get much more service and of course all four of our best midfielders are highly capable of scoring goals, so we will be seeing less of these 0–0 draws. Do not worry about departures in the summer, as any important players that may be sold will be replaced with an equally good player. However none of our players are interested in leaving, so I would not worry about these rumours of Fabregas, RVP and Ade leaving.

In Arsene We Trust
  LFC will not be bought in the summer as the americans have bumped the asking price up due to lfc's strong title challenge this season. This has attracted a number of palyers. Rafa is keen on getting a few english palyers incase the 6+5 rule comes in. I knbow this because my grandad ahs a good relationship with rafa, btw contract almost signed just the fact that rafa still ahs to discuss any transfer with rick "no ed" parry. So his summer targets are Owen on a free Johnson 9m A. Young 18m and yes Villa 28m
are looking to off load michael johnson as he has developed a george best attitude! constantly clubbing and gambling!
most likely destination is newcastle as arsenal and liverpool are no longer interested!
  "I am ashley young's cousin and he says he is pretty keen for a move he said in the summer liverpool had made contact and he believd that the barry saga was just a smokescreen he said he was offered an 75,000 a week contract with villa taking pennant and finnan + 10m the move fell through once oneil signed milner and that was it but liverpool apparently tolf him they would table a new offer nect summer worth 20m depending on ashes perfomances. Livepool also keeping tabs on fred, heinze and johnsen (glen)"

What a load of tosh. I am Ashley Young's cousin and he says that isn't going anywhere soon. Heloves it at the Villa
  Im a regular viewer of this website and an occasional poster.
recently ive started to notice the liverpool so called 'Will Happen' transfers.
i don't care who you are, you don't know for sure whats happening unless you are the manager or the player in speculation.

Aguero a definate signing?
the only thing that makes you think that is because every liverpool fan wants it to happen.
the way i see it is liverpool have first refusal on Aguero (so i understand) but what makes you think rafa wants to sign him? what makes you think you have the money?, okay i maybe wrong but as i see it your not going to sign him end of.

Now lets get a few rumours out and about:
robin van persie has personally stated he will only sign a new contract if arsenal match his desire for silverware.

Manchester United might Complete the signing of Carlos Tevez Depending on how much the fee is, it is understood to be around 30 mil but manchester united will try to get the fee down to around 20 mil.

Karim Benzema has stated he would rather play in la liga than the premier league, so theres no chance of a united, chelsea or city move, well its not likely.

i doubt there will be much summer movement with man city bein the only big spenders, most likely going in for, kaka(again), messi, villa, ronaldinho, torres, gerrard, terry,lampard, i believe man city will sign a few bigg name players as some are only in it for the money, i can see villa in city shirt, its possible right?
then maybe some great players but not world class joining them players such as michael owen, ballach, joe cole,(Luiz) ronaldo,Vicente, Huntlaar, and maybe a few others, im not sayin these deals will happen im sayin these kind of players could move.

thanks everyone.
  Edinburgh club Hibs are set to appoint John Robertson as manager of the club after a package is agreed with current manager Mixu Paatelainen. This is likely to cause a mixed rresponse as Robertson is a legend of arch rivals Heart of Midlothian and is their record scorer agaisnt Hibs. He also recently, along with others, had an interest in the lease of a pub named after hin near Hearts' ground. The pub is now closed as the lease was not renewed for this reason.
  I have just been informed by an ex–semipro who is a member of that being a good friend from school days of Alan Shearer (Good God!! . . a very very good god)he is reliably informed after a visitation from God hisself that God will soon be taking the helm at St James Park (100% true) as soon as 25th February! Rob Lee to be his no 2!
  Right i just wanna set a few things straight.
1)city will not be buying any 'super stars' in the summer so expect more players of the likes of bellamy, de jong etc, mouriniho aint gonna be your manager, nice thought but he had bad expirences with chelsea and the owner, he is the next man utd manager, strange how fergie says hes going to retire at end of 2010/2011 season and mourinho signs for inter untill end of 2010/2011 season. he might well cut short his reign at inter to manage in spain for a season, but even jose has admited he wants the utd job.
2)Theres lots of talk on here about buy–out clauses in the spainish league, sorry to keep the discussion open but hopfully this will end it. Well its in there rules that every player must have one and they set them stupidly high to stop the big clubs sniffing around there players and snapping them up on the cheap, but very rarly does a player in spain leave for his buy–out clause amount.
3)and the 2 arsenal fans arguing about your team your both right in different ways unfortantly i think mr wenger had hoped his youngsters would of deveolped alot better than some have,yes eboue can do a job but theres not many of your first team that would get into man utd and even chelsea's 1st team, cesc,clichy,rvp and sagna maybe are only ones i can think of, so wot mr wenger is left with is a situation the same as liverpool, 1 or 2 really gd players and a sqaud of just above average top half table players, u do need some players in and arshavin could prove to be a very gd signing but i didnt see many other top clubs coming in for him only yourself and spurs, with might tell you something. in my veiw you need players in shape of yaya toure and upson alright they might not be avialable but if your really going to go forward you need real strength in depth look at all the top clubs in europe, in barca if eto's out bojan plays. in man utd if rooneys out tevez plays etc. all worldclass clubs have it and arsenal used to untill for some unknown reason mr wenger allowed alot of gd players to leave, and it won't be long untill the likes of city, villa and teams around u will start to jump above u, im am honestly worried for the gooners who if any club other than united dnt win the league id like to see win it. therefore i belive that if u dnt finish in top four this season wenger will go (in a very geltlmanly way i hope).
4)all the liverpool fans linking them self with all these players, please be realistic if liverpool brought and sold all the players your on about u wud have to play a 1–4–5 system to fit them all in and u wouldn't have any defenders left! its not really like you have the money is it, dic might take you over but there buisness men and know going out and spending £150m on 3 forwards and £100m on 3 attacking midfeilders along with selling all your sqaud players is not the way forward, and how you get your values for players is crazy i mean do you really think dossena is worth £7m and kuyt £15m? your out of this world, and if that's the case man utd would get £15m for o'shea and arsenal would get £20m for betdner.

And now onto the roumours im hearing;
robiniho to chesea
fleck to man utd
hunterlarr to villa, yes villa
moutiniho to everton
thats all for now folks thanks for reading and feel free write back if u agree or disagree.

  Big G,

During the summer, yes I believe City will be able to attract any footballer they wish. It is not like January, where they are already committed to their current teams cause. For the right money, and the right promises of team mates and the like – especially if City replace Hughes and Cook with recognized winners – City will not have trouble selling players on coming to the club. If you truly believe football players aren't all about money, you're simply naive.

Is it too much like fantasy football? Perhaps, but they can afford it, and there are no salary restrictions in this game – EVERYONE has their price.
  To all the arsenal fans deluded enough to thinking huntelaar is coming to the emirates, get real, he may not be going well in spain but Real won't get rid of him like that, he will be kept for longer.

Liverpool WILL get EITHER Aguero OR Villa as a partner for Torres.
They will also get: a right mid possibly Lennon; a left back possibly navarro; a right back possibly richards; some youngsters and if agger leaves, a new center back and if alonso leaves a center mid– barry.
Liverpool will sell: voronin, ngog, agger (hopefully not) alonso/ part deal for aguero (again hopefully not) and many others.

seen as i post fairly regulary i'll give my self a code name King Kenny 92.
  To the person who said ;
I am ashley young's cousin and he says he is pretty keen for a move he said in the summer liverpool had made contact and he believd that the barry saga was just a smokescreen he said he was offered an 75,000 a week contract with villa taking pennant and finnan + 10m the move fell through once oneil signed milner and that was it but liverpool apparently tolf him they would table a new offer nect summer worth 20m depending on ashes perfomances. Livepool also keeping tabs on fred, heinze and johnsen (glen)

isn't steve finnan at espanyol?
  100% True!!

Liverpool have already completed deals for some of their summer signings. These include:

S.Aguero – £22million – (cheap yes, but like Torres he only wants to go to Liverpool)

G.Johnson – £9million – Would have signed in Jan but wants to try to help keep Pompey up. New contract was a way of getting him to stay until summer but deal is already struck with Liverpool.

Keirrison – £9million – Will start training with Liverpool in May, after copa liberatores is over. Will officially join on first day of transfer window.

These are the only deals 100% completed, but Rafa is also looking to bring in a RW and AM. Lots of rumours about either A.Valencia, Kuba or A.Lennon for RW and either R.Augusto, Y.Gourcuff or Diego for AM but nothing concrete sorted yet, as far as I know!
The final bit of info I have is that Rafa is seriously considering a bid for G.Bale, apparently he was mentioned in the Keane transfer and Harry Redknapp indicated that he would be willing to do business in the summer.

Now onto the players leaving Anfield. Rafa is actively seeking a buyer for the following players:
C.Itandje – Been seeking a buyer since summer, no takers so far.

A.Dossena – Rafa has been disapointed with him, not only performances but also lack of affort in training. Will move back to Italy! (£5m)

Lucas – Rafa would ideally like to loan him out but if a bid of over £7million comes in he will take the money. Lots of Spanish clubs showing interest. (£7m)

R.Babel – Real Madrid interested as are many other clubs. Expect a bidding war! (£12m+)

D.N'gog – Good player but not good enough. may move to a newly promoted side or back to France.(£3m)

These are the only players that will almost certainly have new homes next season. From looking at the numbers, Liverpool will spend about £70million in the summer and probably recoup about £30million. Now I know what your thinking. . 'The yanks will never spend £40million. .They're broke' and all I will say is you are correct, the yanks won't spend £40million. . . Liverpools owners will :)


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