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Can people please stop saying that they are "in the know" if they really were, i doubt that they would be wasting there time during a week day posting there valuable gleaned info. This is a rumour site, not a portal for people with delusions of grandeur to spout there drivvle, now for a rumour; depending on Keane's sucess this year with Ipswich he will replace SAF, who will step down at the end of the year


Not Posted For A While But Real Madrid Have Put A Bid In For Ronaldinho In The Ragion Of £10M And Sol Campbell Is Going To Celtic Unitl The End Of The Season


Yes it is true Rafa was over in Spain a couple of days ago but not to look at players the deal he was arranging was his move back to a leading Spanish club. Part of the 10% wage cut will be his own. Rumour amongst the senior players is that a young British manager will understudy Kenny for a while.


Bad news for Liverpool fans. I know many of the Liverpool faithful don't want to hear it but Masch is leaving, with Barcelona the most likely destination. The only problem is, I remember Guardiola commenting about this transfer in the summer when they wanted him there, and Pep was saying how Barca wouldn't stump up the £40m Liverpool were asking, so Real Madrid isn't out of the question. Either way it'll be a sunny destination as it is his wife who wants the move. She can't stand England with its awful weather and difficult language. The fee will be £40m as I previously mentioned. This will give Rafa a nice £30m to spend in January with £20m of the Masch fund and £10m of the £20m for the year with Standard Chartered. Steven Defour and Javi Martinez will join for £10m and £12m respectively. In January the remaining £20m, the other £10m from the sponsorship and £15–40m (depending on a takeover or not) for the summer. This will give Rafa a minimum of £45m to spend, which could see Sergio Aguero and Joaquin join. Aguero will see £35m + Benayoun which will see the need to sign a new RM. Joaquin is in budget with £10m. If we are taken over, which I have no idea about btw, there's just a lot of rumours of a takeover, then Aaron Lennon, Ashley Young or David Bentley will join as the RM. Also Rafa needs good English players and is looking at Tom Huddlestone, where he's willing to part with Lucas. Redknapp would like the young Brazilian and could sell up for £4m + Lucas. Also, don't be surprised to see Sol Campbell join in January. Rafa thinks his experience and height could solve their corner problems.


Love these rumors from LFC fans who seem to "know" who's leaving and who's coming in. Let me be perfectly clear when I say this for the 5th time on this site (and remember I have friends at Hicks Holdings):
1) Benitez has already signed his compensation package with Hicks Holding. He will become the new manager at Real Madrid in January.
2) Torres and Mach will be off next Summer to Spain after the World Cup.
3) The funds from these players will help with the new stadium. Think long–term scousers, none of this short–term B.S. you keep posting. Bunch of football posers.
4) Babel, Kuyt, etc. will not be sold because there is limited money to bring in new players.
5) In 3–4 years you will see the club ramp up transfers again, but the stadium and yearly interest payment will bring the club's spending down.
6) And listen carefully to your new CEO. He said that all transfers moving forward will be evaluated on the transfer itself as well as the wage that they demand. This is a huge statement that speaks again to the dire financial crisis at LFC (Albeit for the next 3–4 years)

Some other LFC transfers.
1)Ashley Young at 28M? Lennon at 25M? Are you mad? Been born with half a brain? Only LFC would pay that! See Glen Johnshon's ridiculous fee.
2) Better yet putting a 8M tag on Walcott? I think Arsenal paid 12M for the lad. So, given Wenger's transfer dealings, I doubt that figure has any sort of educated thought. You must be a scouser.

Talk later, mates.

In the Know.


Barca will sign mascharano in jan for £30 million to replace yaya toure who will join man city for £35 million. Liverpool will look to sign michael johnson or gareth Barry for £10–15 million


Someone said it's foolishness that LFC will be signing Aguero because they don't need and strikers? Torres, N'Gog & Veronin? That's only 3 strikers... I think LFC do need another striker although I don't think Aguero will be the one to sign.

Michael Carrick will be on the way out come January... SAF wants around £15m for him and if United get this money for him then they will try a bid for either an attacking midfielder or a defensive midfielder... my guess would be an attacking midfielder as Hargreaves will soon be back and he is a defensive midfielder, plus the fact that Scholes is coming up for retirement. Anderson will be playing alot more often in the first team and SAF will be offering him a new contract come January.

Oh, Mascherano will be punished for his actions on Jermaine Beckford in the Leeds game on Tuesday.


A deal has been agreed for Javier Mascherano to move to Barcelona next summer for 43m , And Liverpool have agreed a deal for Aguero for next summer when they recieve the Mascherano transfer money , When Man U and Chelsea asked Atletico about Aguero they were told about the deal with Liverpool which will cost 37m and also Van Der Vaart will sign for Liverpool


Milos Krasic join AC MILAN–15$


Barnsley to sign 2 from stoke on 3 month loan deals both defenders ryan shotton and carl dickinson should be done in time for qpr on saturday


Sol Campbell will return to the Premier League with West Ham United. Zola will bring him in after some woeful defending from the Hammers lately. Campbell is seen as a great partner to Upson and someone to bring on youngsters Tomkins and N'Gala.
He'll be offered a 1 year deal with the option of a player/coach deal the season after


Its foolishness that Liverpool signing Augero..Because LFC does not need any more strikers...LFC will be signing Hamsik from Napoli..becasue Dossena will be moving the other way...Rafa is confident in Insua and Aurellio...
Rafa will be signing another mid fileder in January Van der vart and Mascherano will be moving to Barca with 40 mill and can see Javi martinez being signed..


With the Africa Cup of Nations in January, Barcelona will be looking for a replacement for Keita, so the Blaugrana will put in a 43m bid for Javier Mascherano. He will insist on a move and Liverpool will accept. Liverpool will then replace him with Steven Defour for 17.4m


HUGE Hibs news!!

John Hughes' coat is ALREADY on a shaky nail!!
The rumours of Rod Petrie and Hughes not "seeing eye to eye" were and still ARE true.

Petrie agreed to the appointment of Hughes in the hope of achieving two things. 1)Proving to the Hibs fans that they were wrong to want Hughes and that the board should be left alone to make important decisions regarding the club. and 2) To give John Hughes plenty of rope to hang himself with and ruin his reputation as a good young manager.

Petrie was in a no lose situation! He could discredit Hughes if things went the way he wanted...or...he could stand back and take the plaudits if Hughes turned out to be a success.

Strong rumours that Petrie wants Billy Brown (Kilmarnock assistant) to take the helm once Hughes goes!

This season is going to go downhill VERY FAST folks!



lfc news
agger is leaving due to his fitness concerns 8m if we're lucky.. riere 16m to barcelona + bojan on season loan as kierrison will be back at barca after loan spell leaves his chances slim. mascherano going to one of the big two in spain 47m. kuyt could be another out the door if babel improves if not babel to go 7m either one. lucas also could go depends on how his continues to impress 8m.. ashley young 28m theo walcott 8m arron lennon 25m one of these will arrive they can play on both wings all english. darby to deputise to johnson. noble will come in for 10m hamisk will come in for 10m plus dossena.. adam johnson will arrive in jan for 3m or free in summer. shawcross 8m. rafa wants english players other players on his his list if he fails to get his targets. toure, richards. m.johnson, c.cole, barry, defoe, modric, reo coker, no silva no aguero no big signings really well for mad money. some youth to come in. any cash rafa has spare will go to the stadium and the yanks are goin nowhere. FACTS


Long time reader first time poster, some of the romours on here are utter maddness. Like:

Liverpool will sign Milner or Young, Get real Liverpool got hammered by Villa and you lot are skint your shirt sponsor ship is so you can build your new stadium and to give you a global brand.

Young and Milner infact all of the Villa team won't be going anywhere in January with EXPCETION of REO–COKER, his fall out with MON has hurt MON and we know he keeps a gruge like when Carew stepped out of line, expect to see REO–COKER go to Spurs with either KEANE coming the other way or a straight cash deal.

Chelsea will get their ban over turned
Man Utd Carrick will be on his way Beckham might make a sensational return

Please get real people with some of the roumors but i must say the largest amount seens to come from Liverpool i wonder why that is ????????


Liverpool will buy aguero next year i have been told by my contacts that rafa has been flown over to spain to give him a deal. this may include a sell on percentage clause and an international goals clause

also rafa was seen in the real madrid hotel a few weeks ago. i heard it on hear by someone saying there grandad was playin darts and saw him so i checked up and he was here
please post

aston the big head from weymouth


Sol campbell to sign temporarily for tottenham to solve their center back problem


Manu are going to sign defoe, modric and palacios

liverpool will sign ashley young or adam johnson, carlton cole, milner or lennon and maybe a mascherano replace

chelsea can not sign any one

all this will happen in jan or next summer


Arsenal Ins over the next 2 windows.

Akinfeev. (being scouted for the last 3 seasons)
Subotic ( i love the way utd fans are starting to link him with the scum...always makes me laugh)
Gourcuff (depends on how much bordeaux want for him)
Cabaye (wengers dm)
Hazard (pre contract already signed according to french new papers)
Chamackh (free agent in summer)



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