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2011 23:26:35
Whats this rubbish that the Scot with the bad English at A/field wants to buy Pilkington for 5mill, I would think that it would take at least double that to get him as I understand there is a sell on clause with Huddesfield.(6)(12)5 million for a league 1 player. it will be the worst move he can make goin straight to a premier league clubs reservesTo the reply he is already in the Prem you numpty, not much of a football fan I take it, and I don't support Norwich5 mill for pilkington. you can get alot better players for that pricePilkington? Saw him vs Villa. He is just as good as Heskey! (no compliment!)THE KING HAS CLASS YOU DON'T LITTLE MAN


22 Nov 2011 20:12:18
Charlton will pay Colchester £600,000 plus Paul Benson for Magnus Okuonghae and Anthony Wordsworth...

Charlton Will also buy Kane Ferdinad from Southend for £200,000 plus add ons rising to £500,000

Charlton will finish off there January transfer spree by making a double swoop for Luton Town Pair Amari Morgan-Smith and John Paul Kissock(1)(11)Kane isnt for sale.Of course he isn't for sale, everyone has a price especially if your currently in the bottom tier of English professional footballThis all seems rather eclectic, I think Charlton have a more strategic view on singings than is shown here. OFC there are five mentioned so one might come off but, TBH I doubt it. We do need midfield cover just now but I’ve not seen anyone linked that looks likely yet.Nice wish list might get 1 if lucky


22 Nov 2011 19:53:38
Pavlyuchenko - Everton
Damiao - Tottenham Hotspur(15)(19)I want this to happen so much!
but it wont


22 Nov 2011 18:48:09
EVERTON to sign Ricky Lambert Southampton in January - £3.5m


3.5M?? Your having me on arent you?I was gonna say, he's worth way less! About 50pHaha no chance, lambert is worth at least 5m +50p for the best striker in England outside the premier league...
Hmm try again sonLol he wont go there anyways and hes worth about 1000000 fact^ pompey fan jealous of having a natural goalscorer in our team and also top goalscorer in the championship COYREverton are skint and we would need at least 10M to replace Rickie. At least come up with a realisic wind-up.Some strange toffee fans in cuckoo land at the moment!Never is he worth 10M. He is 30 in 3 months and unproven in Prem. Everton made that mistake once with Beckford and will not make the same mistake again. 3M MAX.LMAO! Reel them in, quick, they can't help themselves - everyone's jealous!Poor effort come up with something believableSouthhampton fans want to wake up and smell the roses, Lambert turning 30 shortly, unproven in Premiership and no chance of selling on fee. For these reasons no premiership club will pay more than approx 3.5MExactly and saints wouldn't sell for that so he ain't going anywhere the team is built around him saints would want over 5m considering Rodriguez was valued over 5m silly money these days plus Ricky has stated he wants to finish at SouthamptonNoooooooo it's the FACT!! patrol, everyone knows anyone who puts fact after there comment is talking bull, FACT !!!Southampton fans need to wake up and smell the roses. They will struggle to get out of Div 1 and Lambert is unproven at the Championship level. Oh, wait.....No prem team will pay over 3M for him
But Saints won't sell him for anything short of 10M.
That's that sorted then. Lambert's going nowhere...End of the day maybe he is not worth 10 million but to Saints fans and i am one of them he is priceless, if his goals get us to the prem this season then it will earn a lot more then 10 million for southampton fc. To buy a 30 goal a season striker at any level will cost your club alot of money. Lambert has proven so far he can score goals at any level he plays and if Maynard, Rodriguez are valued at 5 million + then Lambert has got to be valued in that region as well. Can he play in the Prem? i dont really care to be honest, he is a Saints player and he is scoring goals, Saints will not sell unless we can replace him with a better striker and Fact is there aint much better if any then him in the championship at the moment.Blimey, well done kidda, best post from a Southampton fan i've seen all year! You're absolutely bang on, it's not about jealousy, it's not about being top of the league, it's about what a player is worth to the fans he plays for. Saying Lambert is worth 10m is silly, saying he's worth 10m to the team and the fans is crack on. If he were at my team (Leicester) i'd be saying the same things. He might not be worth that much on the transfer market but to the fans he's priceless.

Unless you suffer a major blip or a terrible run of injuries, i can't see you falling out of the top two now so let's assume Soton go up. You're exactly right - who cares if Lambert can score in the Prem, you're currently in the Championship and he's leading the way with 12 goals, next year is next year, you've gotta concentrate on this year first, get out of the Championship and then worry about who'll play in the premier league.

Great post mate, i wish the rest of your mob here would follow your lead and stop being so childish with the "your jealous" rubbish all the time, it's no wonder people like to wind them up when they guarantee a hissy fit in return. Good luckMy goodness me. What the hell is going on? People actually talking sense, not senseless talk on this site. Congratulations to the saints fan, who so elloquently expressed my views, and the Leicester fan, for reinforcing such common sense. This deal will never happen, even if Ricky wanted to go, because his goals are worth more to us than the few quid Everton are prepared to pay.


22 Nov 2011 18:45:14
Paul Pogba set to sign for Liverpool on a free from Man United {Ed025's Note - what a load of tripe!!(6)(37)He is a quility player he wud never leave 4 freePaul pogba is out off contract in the summer and has turnet down two deals offered by man u as he does not want the money he wants mins on the pitch!! likely to go to arsenal in the summer on a free...@Pogba will get his minutes & if he doesn't it will be Spainish sides from a overrated Arsenal!


22 Nov 2011 18:12:47
Billy Paynter is yet to either convince Brighton Fans or to score for the Seagulls so a permanent deal is not certain although manager Gus Poyet seems to like the player. Watch this space(5)(6)I saw him play on Saturday. He was fat and useless.I hear he's not that interested anymore, and who can blame him. He certainly won't be with either Leeds or Brighton by the end of January the way things are going. Preston still interested, I hear.
wallyFrom what Ive seen of him so far, he's average at best which isnt realy good enough - dont see the point in following up interest in him.


22 Nov 2011 18:07:03
Reading Fc to sell Jimmy Kebe and Adam Federici in January and to re-invest the money into signing Ryan Bertrand, Henri Lansbury, Darren Ambrose, Bradley Wright-Philips or Michael Kightly(7)(18)From the B to the O to the double L to the O to the C K S. never heard as much crap on here as in the last three daysSomeone has spent far too long on champ managerAgree rubbish anyone can see that


22 Nov 2011 16:09:12
QPR defender Bradley Orr been told he can go out on loan. Southampton Reading and Crystal Palace thought to be interested(12)(7)Is that the same QPR who couldn't put out a full bench due to injuries ??


22 Nov 2011 16:06:57
Wigan want to sign Matty Tubbs of Crawley Town in January(5)(22)Yes very true. These are the type of player Wigan are after. Now that the have given up on keeping there prem status they are preparing for two successive relagation after seing how hard the championship is this year and are very worried the end up like Southampton, norwich etc in going down to the third tier of footballIt would be 3 relegations. Tubbs plays in league 2- fourth tier...Wigan do NOT want to sign him. Matt Tubbs has been watched by Southampton. He was linked with Brighton in pre-season.


22 Nov 2011 15:14:34
I can confirm there are as many as 12 teams interested in Jordan Rhodes! Of those 12 over half are Premiere League teams. Early indications are that the bidding is to start around the 4.5 million mark however Huddersfield are holding out for closer to 7 Million for their prized asset. People may also be surprised to know that 2 Bundasliga clubs have noted interest along with the usual two front runners from up north. Will update as soon as I hear more info but a Jan sale looks certain now.(11)(19)Doesnt rhodes have a 2 mil buyout clause?7 mill? your avin a laughThere is no 2 Million pound buy out clause I can assure you. Lee Clark has already warned off interest from Glasgow Celtic who quoted 2 Million by saything that would not even buy Jordan Rhodes socks! So the & Million valuation from Huddersfield seem accurate. CheersWhy would we sell Rhodes in January?, the Chairman has already discussed the transfer window with Jordon and they have agreed he is going nowhere then, we would be barmy to let him go at any price in January. I am realistic enough to realise that the situation may be different in the summer whichever division we are in, but I strongly believe that if bids come in January they will be turned down, the whole focus of the club is towards getting into the Championship, without Rhodes this would be much more difficult to achieve. If Jordon's goals got us into the Championship he could go with my blessing if that was what he wanted.7m rubbish, 4.5 still way over, try 2.5, 3 at a pushAt least it won't be Leeds, KB won't spend over 250k.Please name the Prem clubs that are after him.....i could do with a laugh.He's a good up and coming young striker but 7million is over twice what he is worth. Maybe 2.5m - 3m.He averages a goal every other game and this season scored 16 out of 14. hes only 21 and doing well so far so maybe 7mil maybe a coup in the long run if he could continue whats hes be doing already at a higher levelHav a laugh at this list then u numpty, EPL- NEWCASTLE, MAN U, LIVERPOOL, ASTON VILLA, SPL- CELTIC & RANGERS. PS often over 20+ scouts at TOWN games. wats up you gealous ?You can wipe Rangers and Celtic off your list mate they couldn't muster 5 mill between themMan utd ? ha i can see them getting rid of rooney to fill his boots ? swap deal maybe ?7m - what division are Huddersfield in again? I think your assurances and confirmations are little more than your own imagination working overtime, calm down and try again when the caffine has worn off.Over 20 scouts, that must double the attendanceThanks again Roy Keane with getting shot of him! all the town fans could see his potential why could you not!Utter rubbish 200,000max....and Town are going to sell him for 200k. You are a plonker!Do you people forget that he is now a Full Internationalist at 21? That alone puts another 1 million on the price tag! Scoring every game for the Scotland U21's which included helping the Scots to defeat the Dutch in their own back yard! I think you will find that is why the Bundasliga scouts noted interest and why there are 20 plus scouts every Huddersfield home game! Bet the lad hits the winner at Charlton tonight!


22 Nov 2011 14:21:12
Southend fans watch out for the tell-tale sign tonight of Paul Sturrock stepping ontio the pitch and waving goodbye at the games conclusion.(10)(9)What celebrating getting to the next round of the FA Cup?

He isnt going bore off.Hibbies have made an offer Uncle Ron cannot turn down.He will be at hibs,watch this spaceOf course he cant turn it down.

A offer hasnt been made in the first place?


22 Nov 2011 14:18:33
Southampton Fc First team after january -


Not many changes but a few ins - Cox, Hoovield, Koumas, Gosling, McGugan.(8)(30)Dont be stupid,midfielders are not a priority,and will not sign cox it will be out of sharpe/maynard/jutkiewicz.And signing younger talent.Gosling?? You are most definitely having a laugh. Why would he give up a great place at Newcastle (Premier league) to join Southampton?Aren't southampton favourites to go up to the premMcgugan will be in the premier league


22 Nov 2011 14:05:39
Sunderland to sign in Defoe gor 7 mill(14)(23)Would you Makems like any more Spurs players you cant afford?Can't afford. ha wouldn't be surprised if it is another geordie clown thinking he is funny, back to the circus mateMakes no difference he would much prefer a switch accross London to QPR anyway !!


22 Nov 2011 14:01:36
Sturrock will be the next Chesterfield manager.

FACT.(2)(12)Seriously? I dont think so, that would be a massive step back for cfcWell obviously not, your talking out of your backside, FACT


22 Nov 2011 12:32:31
Norwich manager Paul Lambert is closing in on a deal to bring Bristol City winger Albert Adomah to Carrow Road. The deal is thought to be around £1million pounds with Andrew Surman going the other way(9)(25)I would think that it would take a lot more than 1million plus a player to prise an asset like Albert from Ashton gate as he is under contract.Norwich will sign nicky maynard for 4.5M in Jan you heard it here first.No one wants to go to Carrot Road.Course norwich will...thats all they sign. Paul lambert just signs striker after striker then never sells them.Only a million for Adomah - no chance - board have stated many times they won't best players to championship rivals


22 Nov 2011 12:19:46
Millwall have get baker in on
loan(12)(10)Cake or bread??Yeah danny more like


22 Nov 2011 12:08:24
Garvan to Charlton (on loan from Palace) according to

Benson to Bradford for £100k. Source Bradford Argus but Dagenham also want him.

One of the mystery owners of Charlton has sold on their 9.9% to another party. New owner plans to buy out other parties when Charlton are promoted to Premier league(3)(15)Lol charlton in the premI always wondered why Garvan didn't join Brighton in July after Palace and Brighton had agreed terms.


22 Nov 2011 11:56:58
Derek Riordan now free agent has been offered a contract with Killie. Also Dean Sheils to sign permanantly as Doncaster no longer require a fee.(9)(7)A nice bet sign for villa...@


22 Nov 2011 11:49:04
Everton team after january:
Pavlyuchenko(18)(28)And just where is the cash coming from??
sorry toffee fan get real!There is no way Everton will be prepared to match Levy's valuation of Pav.Good luck with Pav, Evertonians, you have been warned.Everton are skint, got no chanceThink this should read who everton are hoping to keep not sign in JanuaryThey the poster is assuming rodwell goes to man utd from their team selectionCant see donovan leaving MLS again had his chance to stay and did not want to and for pavlyuchenko i can only see a one way ticket out off english football...@


22 Nov 2011 11:42:37
Chesterfield fans

John Sheridan, is in attendence at a board meeting today at Mosborough Hall, SHEFFIELD, TO DISUSS HIS FUTURE. at the club. The chairman and board think its time or a change, and have already got a replacement, lined up in Mark Robins & his team. Its Clear " Honest John " , was too honest about the performance on saturday.(2)(7)Rumour or inside source? Interesting....


22 Nov 2011 11:04:31
Millwall are looking at James
Contstable from Oxford(14)(8)Oxford are bigger than Millwall lol could'nt resist stiring the Millwall fans up.Look all you like , you got no money!Yes but u r in leag 2222222222222


22 Nov 2011 10:53:48
Anymore news on the man city player assulin
joining barnsley on loan or as anyone heard of
any other players being linked with us(15)(9)


22 Nov 2011 10:51:12
St Johnstone and Hearts both in for Bristol City's David Clarkson also Lee Johnson on loan at Chesterfield is wanted by Bristol Rovers(9)(11)


22 Nov 2011 10:44:29
Any more news on assulin from man city or as anyone
heard any more names being linked with us(8)(5)Yep you've been linked with 500000 players across the length and breadth of europe all worth 75m.prepared to pay them all 300000 per week AFTER tax....mind boggling!!......honestly....


22 Nov 2011 10:20:07
Leeds united are to make a bid for jordan rhodes in january has he sees huddersfailed as a stepping stone to the big time. His agent is in talks with leeds. Watch this space.(15)(31)Never heard so much garbage if he has
desire to play at a higher level why join
leeds may as well stay at town we will both
be in the same division next season and dont
tell me you are going up NO CHANCEHuddersfield Town , forever in our shadow.There you go again usual leeds
living in the past
sad sad peopleIm a massive leeds fan and i have to say this post is utter tosh no way we will be goin in 4 jordan rhodes when top flight clubs have been watchin him for a number of months now!
my bet is if he does leave hudds it will be for a middle of the road prem team.As a neutral, I don't think that

a) Ken Bates will part with any real sizeable offer that it would take to get Rhodes on the first place.

b) Huddersfield are looking good for promotion and can't imagine them selling Rhodes in Jan but expect him to go in summer if they don't get promoted

c) thanks Roy Keane for letting him go when all the Town fans wanted to keep him in the first place.As a Town fan I know the Leeds fan is just trying to wind us up, he is deluded and still thinks that Leeds are a big club, those days are gone my friend, Jordon Rhodes may well leave Town in the summer but if he does it will be to a far bigger and better club then Leeds. Lets see if we are in the shadow of Leeds next season when we are both in the same division again! We have got a better Manager, a Chairman that is Huddersfield through and through and will do what it takes to get success, can you say the same about Mr Ken Bates?, I don't think so.MOT = Milking Old TimesLeeds are a selling club, not a buying club.If Jordan Rhodes is moving on then it will be somewhere a lot bigger and better than Leeds. EPL or SPL now that he is a full international for Scotland.HA HA. I take it this post is from one of those leeds idiots that still think there still MAN UTD`s biggest rivals. FREAKS.!Can't see this one happening. But Leeds and Town in same league next season? When it comes down to it Town will bottle it yet again. League One is where you are and where you will stay......We will see you there then chumpRubbish. Leeds are not a selling club. We have sold three players in three seasons; everyone else was released. If players aren't good enough or won't extend their deals, they are released. But Leeds will NOT sign Rhodes. As much as I wish we would, he does have very good service from the Hudders midfield, and besides, if United are scouting him, we have no chance mate.
wallyLeeds and big time. theres a good joke for a christmas crackerErmmmmmmm... swap deal for Bruce? I think so!


22 Nov 2011 10:10:11
Few tranfers rumours involving Portsmouth if anyone interested, Liam Lawrence is going to Notts Forest 1.5 Million and Luke Varney for 1.8 million Fortune and Bednar will arrive from West Brom for an undisclosed fee, also Pompey will enquire about talikng Josh McEachran on loan. These are not just made up i have very reliable sources.(19)(21)My reliable sources are HP, Guiness brown sauce and Heinz ketchup, What are yours?Probably something less solidNo not interestedI like salad cream, but is it a sauce hmmmm it says cream lolProbs rubbish but to be honest not the most unrealistic rumour in the world, would make sense considering conections with both clubs and managers.Just one hole in your theory, Forest have NO money so the figures quoted are a nonsense and we dont need any strikers anyway. Lawrence would fit in but like I said, Forest Have No Money so try player exchanges in your next effort !!What a load of balls this is! Considering Forrest are skint, not likely! Not to mention Pompey will not sell their best players.Pompey will have to sell, but doubt forest can afford it...pompey for administration again by the end of the seasonPompey back into admin? Based on what carefully, well researched facts?Gotta love the straw clutcher scummers! Going bk into admin ha get a life you fraggles! I 4-1 can't wait for the 18th when we shut you up again!So Varney's going for 1.8million, despie the fact he joined in the summer for 750k, and has done absolutely nothing since...Not sure Pompey will get as much as suggested for Lawrence and Varney but I can see all of the moves mentioned happening, along with a few more additions too, as squad is very small in numbers.


22 Nov 2011 08:51:07
stuart beavon to brentford on loan and clinthill(3)(7)Is that Clint Hill who is currently turning out in the Prem for QPR and went on loan to Forest and played, sure he will see Brentford as a good career move despite his age !!!


22 nov 2011 08:17:43
any bristol city transfer news!(3)(12)YES! There isnt any.Maynard is now not good enough for 25 out of the 26 teams he was madly linked to In August!Of course he is still good enough - one striker on his own cannot beat another team. A very bad start to a season by the team doesn't mean a player is suddenly crap.


22 Nov 2011 07:50:02
arsenal will look to sign bastos and gourcuff from lyon(12)(9)Connor Sammon for you lot.


22 Nov 2011 07:49:16
sunderland will look to sign onouha and bridge for man city in january as they want players of there books and will also look to sign pavlyuchenko from spurs(14)(11)Please take him of are handsPav! He wont have the enthusiasm to even travel and have a medical.


22 Nov 2011 07:15:37
According to the Southern Daily Echo: Saints are looking at signing Lukas Jutkiewicz on an emergency loan with a view to a permanent deal in January.(17)(15)He's a decent enough striker, but he's not in the same league as Sharp/Maynard. Would Coventry let him go? I know they have money problems but if they let him go then their going down. He's scored 6 of their 14 goals and look where they are in the table.The story was started in the local Coventry paper.
I quote "Although the Sky Blues rebuffed Middlesbrough’s offer for Jutkiewicz earlier this year, chairman Ken Dulieu ... – could now try to whip up a bidding war".
In other words
"Dear Boro. We'll want at least 3m to let Lukas go. We'd quite like it now. Lots of love, Ken D @ Cov City".How highly do Coventry rate him? 3m seems a lot for a team going down. Saints had a 2.25m bid accepted for Sharp in the summer but it fell through. He's not as good as Sharp in my opinion.Any Coventry fans out there got an opinion? Is it likely?To correct the posts above:

1) think you find he does play in the same league as Sharp and Maynard ;)

2) Southampton never had a 2.3m bid for Sharp accepted pre season. I know this as my team Ipswich had a combined 2.6m bid rejected for Sharp/Coppinger rejected which was made up 2.3m/300k respectively with a figure quoted at the time of 3.25m from Donny for sharp. Despite other interest the Donny chairman confirmed there were no other bidders formal or enquires. Saints fans just like making stuff up.The article in the echo was published first. Them the local coventry paper reported it.Southampton DID have a bid accepted for Sharp actually...the deal fell through on personal terms, that much was confirmed by the respective clubs. Get your facts right


22 nov 2011 00:31:50
west ham 2 get n maynard 4 free(1)(2)Nah he wants to play in the PremMaynard to be sold in jan for a cut price as could walk free in summer to a prem team around 3m ...@


22 Nov 2011 00:08:09
Graham Mitchell to leave Huddersfield tomorrow and will take over Northampton as new manager later this week!(10)(10)


21 Nov 2011 22:59:16
Leeds United News:

Captain Jonny Howson will sign a five-year contract this week, ending speculation of a January move to Bolton Wanderers.

Andy O'Brien will have his contract terminated, with Coventry City, Portsmouth, Watford and Sheffield United all already contemplating moves for the veteran centre-back.

Leeds United will sign Andy Keogh in January for £250,000 from Wolves. Robert Snodgrass will not be moving in the opposite direction.

Billy Paynter is set to join Brighton on a permanent basis in January, after requesting a transfer.

Leeds United are keeping tabs on Norwich striker Aaron Wilbraham and Manchester City's Luca Scapuzzi as potential loan signings in January. Scapuzzi is currently having a successful loan spell at league one club Oldham.(7)(14)Defo mate, heard that about Scapuzzi being linked with leeds, also great news Howson signing up, top player who gives 110%Well, you are certainly going to go places with that bunch....hopefully backwards.Wolves will not sell Keogh for a meagre 250,000.Hang on, I'm sorry, why would Wolves not sell Keogh. He isn't even in their SQUAD, let alone the first team picture, and lets not forget he's a Leeds boy really. Its true, he hasn't stated he definately wants a permanant switch to Elland Road, but I think his performances suggest he would very much like to earn one. That said then, 250k is a reasonable valuation, although it would be a bit of a bargain I'll admit. Agreed about Scapuzzi, he looks useful.
wallyYou can have Aaron willbraham for swap with snodgassThere'll be plenty of clubs willing to cough at least 500k for Keogh, so he won't go for 250k. And Wilbraham is as bad as Paynter.Ken Bates offers 5-year contracts??


21 Nov 2011 21:31:27
liverpool need a striker to get the goals we need we need someone like villa or gomez(14)(24)Ricky Villa is a tad too old.With Carrol, Suarez and Bellamy on the books, i doubt very much that the owners are going to splash more cash on a strikerLol liverpool have just spend 60million on strikers i cant see them spending much more tbhIs Gomez not staying with the Adams family?I dont see that Carrol will cope at a club like liverpool


21 Nov 2011 19:04:56
Owen Garvan on loan from Palace to Charlton as cover for the injured Johnnie Jackson.(2)(10)


21 Nov 2011 18:46:06
any news on swindon town ins and out {Ed025's Note - not at the moment mate...but when we do, we will post it...keep in touch..(2)(5)


21 Nov 2011 18:28:38
Any chance of Alan Smith going on loan anywhere?(13)(8)Nobody seems to want him, not the player he used to be. Hang up ya boots smithy ladNon league perhaps,his days are gone.Do Sky Sports loan their commentators out?Lol someone's got to give him a chance ;)


21 Nov 2011 18:06:19
Plymouth boss Carl Fletcher is set to target a number of new faces as he prepares to turn the fortunes of the struggling League 2 side. Wolves young striker Sam Winnall will be the first to join in January after the former Hereford loanee held talks over the weekend. Winnall will join in January until the end of the season with a view to him signing a three year contract at Home Park when his deal at Molineux runs out. Brentford striker Kirk Hudson could join this week until January. Fletcher is keen on strenghthening his defence and could go in for Shrewsbury centre half Shane Cansdell-Sherriff. The former Leeds player has told Graham Turner he would like to leave Town after an arguement with a number of players and Fletcher could be set to snap up the experienced defender. Another striker interesting Fletcher is young Exeter forward Tom Nichols. The 18 year old has impressed at reserve level and was noticed by a Plymouth scout. Argyle are keen to bring in Nichols before the window on loan but it lokos like he won't join until the window with the deal expected to run until the summer. Young Southend defender Teddy Nesbitt could join on loan in the coming days as Argyle look to bolster options in defence.(4)(18)


21 Nov 2011 17:52:54
New Portsmouth manager Michael Appleton is keen on dipping his toes into water in the transfer window ahead in January. Appleton this week has made bids and even spoke to a number of players over potential moves in the new year. Jon Flanagan could soon join on loan from Liverpool after the England under 21 international held talks this week over a potential loan deal. The right full back could join this week until January then be extended until the end of the season if impresses. Former Celtic midfielder and current Swindon player Simon Ferry could make a move to the Championship side after Appleton this weekend had a undisclosed bid accepted for the 23 year old. Young Plymouth forward Jared Sims, who is only 18, is interesting a number of Championship sides but looks set to join Pompey on trial in the next week with a view to a deal in January. Bournemouth's young striker Alex Parsons has also been offered a trial with the South coast club and could join the club in the next week with a view to a transfer in January. Finally, Jason Roberts is also on Appleton's radar after Blackburn boss Steve Kean told the striker he was surplus to requirements.(7)(18)He wants fortune, and bedner! not any of those fools.No bid has been accepted for Ferry, he is important to Swindon as is Ritchie, they will not be going anywhere until the end of the season....


21 Nov 2011 17:39:29
Steve Cotterill is set to recruit in January as he has been given a decent amount of money in his warchest for his first transfer window as Nottingham Forest boss. The former Portsmouth boss is keen on dipping into rivals Derby County by landing striker Steve Davies. The striker has made 67 appearances since joining in 2008 from Tranmere and could be available for around £300,000. Another striker interesting Cotterill is Norwich forward Grant Holt. Cotterill has stated he needs a '30 goal a season' man and with him not playing regular at Norwich, a loan deal could be possible. Stoke's right sided player Ryan Shotton could join on loan in January until the summer after Cotterill had a loan bid accepted. Shotton has impressed at the Premier League side this season but manager Tony Pulis has expressed his desire in bringing in another right side player, allowing Shotton to move to The City Ground until the summer. Bournemouth defender Stephen Purches is interesting Cotterill. He tried to sign the former West Ham youngster whilst manager of Portsmouth but a deal for the defender seems close after an undisclosed fee was accepted late Saturday night. Finally, Odd Grenland midfielder Simen Brenne has recently flown to Nottingham to hold talks with Cotterill over a potential move in January after the Norwegian side accepted a £500,000 deal.(10)(15).......and finally after Santa Claus drops off these players, he'll ask a flying pig to take over for the rest of the night, as rudolph and the rest of his reindeer crew are striking because they want time and a half for working Christmas EveYou've gotta love kids!

For 'Warchest' read 'Very small bag of coins' and as for Grant Holt being a '30 goals a season' striker - dream on! He's a good, solid player, his best days are behind him, he can't get into the Norwich side, and you think he's got 30 goals a year in him? Same old Forest, always dreamingSimen Brenne? He is utter crap so I really dont want him to ForestAs Frank Clark said under AGM Nov 18th; There`s absolutely no funds available...


21 Nov 2011 17:16:09
Brighton have signed 20 year old Kazenga LuaLua on a 3 year deal. He has not played much this season because he picked up an injury after the first game(14)(5)


21 Nov 2011 17:14:05
Kenny Dalgish is set to continue spending John Henrys money, Liverpool are set to make a 18M bid for Bayer Lererkusen midfielder Lars Bender in jan. This time it might be money well spent.(8)(23)Bender is a very good player, box to box midfielder, but i don't know if he'll go to LiverpoolDalgish will soon be sacked , rubbish manager he is!They got plenty of moneyy he owns a baseball team and they earn messi wage in a month so its all goodBender loves receiving balls to his head and playing in behind the opposition in order to exploit their cracks. No messing around, bam and he is in there like a shot. No stranger to a goal mouth scramble either, usually giving his opponent a hell of a tackle, before slotting his shot in the gaping net. (please tell me someone understands what I just did, took me ages lol)Fairly gd mate made me laugh anyways lolFunny post mate. better than yoda's one claiming king kenny will be sacked.
would have though a move to spurs would appeal better. to shower with the likes of ass-ou okotto, b-ass-ong, gall-ass, pien-arse, bent-ley and not forgetting j-anus and at a push, van der fart.


21 Nov 2011 17:05:39
New Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson is set to sign a number of players on pre contracts for the January transfer window after a very busy Friday and Saturday. Pearson is keen on adding Sheffield United and Wales striker Ched Evans from League 1 side Sheffield United. Evans held talks with Pearson last Friday afternoon after City had a £1.2 million deal accepted. Pearson also held talks with Ales Mertelj. The Maribor midfielder has been invited to train with the Foxes over Christmas after he handed in a transfer request at the Slovenian club, coming days later Leicester had a bid rejected for the 24 year old. 20 year old midfielder Peter Pawlett, from Aberdeen, has also been invited for a trial around Christmas after City told the SPL side they would pay £120,000, if he was allowed to train for a week, with a view to a £350,000 deal in January if he impresses. Finally, another striker in Marko Pantelic from Greek side Olympiakos could also hold talks this week with Pearson after he had a £3 million offer accepted for the former Serbia striker.(10)(6)...and all this just a week after taking over. What happened to the Chairman saying that there are funds available in January if the manager feels he needs to add to the squad after working with the players for 6 weeks? I doubt they'd allow him to go shopping a week after he signed, he's not had time to evaluate the players he has got, let alone waste time looking for new ones. This is no rumour, it's 100% fiction.


21 Nov 2011 16:54:37
New Hull City boss Nicky Barmby has gave five targets to the board he would like to recruit in the January transfer window.
-Derby's 23 year old midfielder come right back James Bailey is interesting Barmby as the former England international looks to recruit the former Crewe player for an undisclosed fee.
-Barmby is keen on bringing in Walsall captain Andy Butler. Butler plays centre half and is keen on a move back into the Championship, where he played for Blackpool and Scunthorpe United.
-Former Chelsea youngster Danny Philliskirk is set to join on a nominal fee from League 1 side Sheffield United after Barmby had a fee accepted late Sunday night for a move in January.
-Former Scotland striker David Clarkson is in talks with Hull from Bristol City after Barmby had a £200,000 bid accepted for the former Motherwell hitman.
-Finally, Barmby is also expected to complete a deal for another striker in Plymouth's 17 year old striker Matt Lecointe. Lecointe is interesting a number of top Championship clubs but Hull are set to bag the youngster on a four year contract.(2)(11)Hope not for at least 3 of those; not exactly going to improve the side


21 Nov 2011 16:51:52
Joe Garner to be loaned out in January with several clubs including Huddersfield are interested(6)(9)


21 Nov 2011 16:11:04
Heard a rumour today that Wolves are interested in signing Leeds Winger Robert Snodgrass, Keogh plus Cash offer expected in January(18)(14)Total Rubbish!!And why is it total rubbishMight have summat to do with wolves having lack of funds and needing to offload before recruiting!


21 Nov 2011 16:03:51
Stoke are planning a move for
championship trio. Barnsley's Jacob
Butterfield and Bristol duo Nicky
Mayanard and Albert Adomah.(13)(7)Is that to prepare for next season in the championshipAdomah is a class act and would cost good money-Bristol City have said that he is not for saleWe turned down 6 million for maynard we dont have to sell i think albert is worth 5 million easy he would be good in prem not stoke though long ball football gashead pulis tactics albert would be wasted


21 Nov 2011 15:53:34
Southampton want to sign Laurent Koscielny from Arsenal in January.(5)(41)3million i have heard if jos Hoovield does not stay-Radio solentDidnt know they were that desperate.And I want to date Tulisa from the x factor. No chance.Personally I'd like Hooiveld on a permanent, if we were to take anyone from Arsenal, I'd like Kyle Bartley. Although if I'm totally honest Steven Caulker from Spurs would be my first choice.Hold on a second before we all rush to rubbish this. I think you've got every chance with tulisa, on the other hand koscielny going to the Saints is utter rubbish.Koncielny to southampton is a joke but it would be funny if it happenedTulisa would be a better option for Saints, join up with all the other girlies who play there.Those girlies are top of the league and keep murdering everyone they playAs a saints fan, hooiveld over koscilieny any day. just watch the carling cup...


21 Nov 2011 14:59:53
Liverpool want the highly rated Dutch Midfielder Arjen Robben from Bayern Munich in January(8)(47)PAH! One win and they are going to be buying anyone and everyone. Delusion is setting in......again.Yeeeaahhh but we beat Chelsea 2-1 away, we are the best :DGet a grip fella, robben wouldn't want to sign for liverpool, and as for the chelsea game they are poor at the min and most clubs would want to play te them at the momentYe I sure u the best and for that one win u get ??? O ye 3 points that all it is it not won you anything , and I not being funny people are free to put as they like on hear, but I do feel that there some people out there that love the game , and more than anything no what they are talking about , so let me ask u this why would robben leave bayern?? And more than that if he did why would he go to Liverpool ?? He would be leaving a champions league side to play for one that will struggle to be playing in europa league , I ask u do u really believe this would happen ??If pool are the best, then why did they get hammered 4-0 by spurs? and to say robben is highly-rated is an understatementHes got a point robben dosnt play for bayern they play 433 with gomez ribery an muller up front he always starts on the bench and as for the 4-0 with spurs livpool always get battered by spurs there are bogey team each big club always has a little club they get battered by like chelsea have everton who always play well against dem liverpool are going forward when rednap just buys anyone who can kick a ball these daysBut Robben is the best player in the world, we need to sign him up :(Biggest load of turd ever!!I really don't no some times , spurs u only have to be able to kick a ball , if bale can on kick a ball what would he do if he could really play joker , Liverpool side on up u sure about that !? And that old saying people in glass house, u payed more money on players then spurs and what they bring in centre mid and striker so do u they got Parker u get Henderson and in your words he can not even kick a ball and then there is carrol let's just leave it at that !


21 Nov 2011 15:11:11
Eddie Howe has made out of favour Bournemouth goalkeeper Shwan Jalal a strong target as part of his re-building project of Burnley. Leeds United are also keen to get the Iraqi's signature.(9)(6)If he carries on like he is, he'll be re-building in league 1


21 Nov 2011 15:08:25
Coventry city are to take micheal brown on loan from Leeds(15)(7)Trade brown for clingan anyday MOT


21 Nov 2011 14:35:06
kean has been sacked at deadwood [ shame on venkys )(5)(15)No he hasn't - you're talking rubbish


21 Nov 2011 14:17:25
George Thorne will join either Burnley or Leeds this week on Loan(9)(8)


21 Nov 2011 13:59:26
Southampton To Sign Billy Sharp(29)(22)


21 Nov 2011 12:41:42
Paul Buckle was calle to a board meeting after saturdays defeat to Barnet.. he was told to improve relations with his squad and the fans .. behind the scenes the board are awaiting the next 2 games to see if qanything improves if not Buckle will be sacked .. despite being on a 3 yr contract there is a clause that means Only till the end of the season in wage would have to be paid out to get rid of Buckle..(4)(3)


21 Nov 2011 12:20:37
Neymar has signed Pre-contract with real madrid with a 48 million pound fee being discussed(17)(30)Only a couple of days back Perez said he was no longer pursuing Neymar after he made some favourable comments about BarcaOh, where to begin? He can't have signed a"pre-contract" unless he is going to be out of contract in the close season. Now I don't know if this is the case, but if it is then a 48 million fee will not be under discussion. If he remains under contract beyond this season then it is highly unlikely any club would commit contractually to a transfer while he could sustain a serious injury playing for his current club {Ed001's Note - actually he can sign a pre-contract at any time, with his club's permission to do so. Just like they can agree a deal to sell him many month's in advance if they like.}Actually its barcelona not realI could believe thatHasnt he just signed a new deal at santos ?A pre contract can be signed at any point as long as the club agree. Yes he has signed a new 4 year deal with santos two weeks ago but does have a getout clause in it so the club get what they want...@


21 Nov 2011 12:15:24
Man United after Rodwell 25m(24)(39)His form has not been his best this season but has got in to the england set up and can see everton trying to wait till after the euro's when man u will want it dont in may...@


21 Nov 2011 12:01:03
Any News About Adam Lallana's Future At Southampton(5)(14)Everton want him i heard 2.5mSurely if we sell i would want more then 2.5m for him at least 7m?Yeah, hes not leaving, he is the new Matt Le Tisser, Southampton Legend.Yeah,he's happy.He is VERY happy at Saints and is looking to take them back to the PL. He signed at 4.5 year contract last season and does NOT want to leave.There's no question to answer on Lallana's future, so to speakBleak, very dark days ahead for him.Any rumours from the blue few NO didnt think soWould not accept any less than twenty million he is classGood player but you will be waiting a long time for 20 mill about a third of that plus add ons is more realistic. Although it looks good at this stage for you to go up if a mid table Prem team came in for him he would be off like a shot.A lot of people seem to assume that playing for your hometown club (especialy when things are going well) means nothing to people. Yes he may go at some time, but not whilethe going is good20mil come on, good player yes but have some perspective thats the price of a David Villa or David Silva he is not in that league!

If a prem club offered 4-5m southampton would have to really consider that offer.Love how everyone knows he's happy? i bet not one of you have ever spoke to him if a club from prem come in his head would be turnedFunny how he himself he loves it there, he said in an interview he wants prem, but wants to get there with Saints. He also turned down Fulham, Spurs and wolves and signed a 4 year contract. So dont pretend like you know much more either you toolHe will never leave we are top of the league and looking likley to go , he is a saints legned and he a fan fav , he is our best player and he loves it so all other clubs can go away unless u wanna pay 20mil plus for himLiverpool 5mill iv heared


21 Nov 2011 11:54:45
Antonio Valencia is on his way out in January with a move to Italian big boys Juventus(14)(25)He is useless he should have gone yesterdayBit harsh to be honest befor broken leg ! It was no fluck Rooney scored so many with his head honestly look in to it !!! But I do admitt this year been poor, but trust me there would be 4 or 5 players out door befor him if I could pick , like Gibson shocking evens misster mistake , rio been amazing but time took it toll , carrick Thanks but no thanks u see what I trying to say lol


21 Nov 2011 10:17:44
Argyle to set up loan deal for
Darren Purse with option to buy!!!!(5)(12)Dont know why people dont believe this, reported in evening herald, and only the league stopped him signing 2 months ago, Purse himselfe keento come to Argyle. COYGIf you have no dosh how can you buy?He has signed on loan. Things may be looking up for Plymouth :)


21 Nov 2011 10:14:41
Contract talks with Roy Hodgson and WBA have stalled , Roy wants to manage England.(10)(31)A good english man for the jobHes not good enogh for englandIt'll be redknapp before hodgson, he showed he couldn't handle the big jobs at liverpoolRedknapp , o'neill , Hodgson is a rubbish manager (was just lucky with Fulham)So does my nan but thats not gonna happenHodgson has had more success then not and has had no dodgy press....would not be surprised


21 Nov 2011 10:07:04
I can confirm that Bristol City
Nicky Maynard will be signing for
Leicester in January.
"It will happen"(12)(46)Just like it was going to happen before August window like all you foxes were banging on about!And Maynard has signed that contract extension at BCFC just like you lot were banging on about. No? I didn't think so. He'll be off somewhere in Jan for next to no money compared with the Summer offers. Won't be coming to LCFC in my opinion. The new management will want a 'Steve Howard Mk2' type striker.That will be the end of his rich vein of form then!Cant believe this has reappeared.Hope NOT!! dont need him.
But he WILL leave Brizzle Sty as he wont play in league 1!!Im a leicester fan but i had when people put old rumours on that have no truth to itHe will choose southampton-agentHe would be a good signing. He wants to go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


21 Nov 2011 09:20:09
Paul Benson will join Bradford on loan till january with a view to a permanent deal of 90,000 in January. Phil Parkinson signed him at charlton. Notts County and Dagenham are also chasing him but Bradford are favourites.

BCFC Tom(8)(7)It is common knowledge that Benson is on his way that much we all know. I cant see how Bradford would be favourite of those three in a race to sign the player given the geographical disparity to his current living arrangements. At 32 this could be his last contract so it will need to be right for the player and I don’t think Charlton would pressure him into a deal. Charlton are not flush with funds but, will want to show they are acting in the right way towards the player, they know a good reputation in this respect will help them in the longer term. So unless Bradford are offering much more in wages I cant see it being them who land him.Swindon town have offered to take him on loan till Jan but dont want to pay more than 50k for a 32 year old, personally I think they should pay the 100k Charlton want he would be a good player in our team and would score loads at league 2 !I could be wrong but, I dont think the contract purchase price is the issue here. A longer term or better contract is more likely to secure his signiture than purchase price, Charlton dont want him so what the player wants is key. Peter Varney and Paolo Dicanio have a good business relationship so that might help.


21 Nov 2011 09:39:24
AC Milan want Carlos Tevez in January. Will he refuse to play for them I wonder?(33)(9)As for Tevez l got a dilemna...the guy is hard working when commited and is a good on target but my problem with him is his decipline..he doesnt like being benched and if he behaves the way he is doin΄ at city he might cause problems in our dressing room or get his butt whooped by the likes of gattusoCarlos Tevez should be here sorting his contract out but i do think the press and man city are making it look like he has done so much wrong but i can see it from his side and golden handshakes are not worth the paper its writen on...@


21 Nov 2011 02:35:48
Former Birmingham city defender Stuart Parnaby is set to sign for league one side Walsall on a deal until the end of the season

Former Falkirk midfielder Burton O'Brien is set to join the Saddlers on trial(12)(12)


20 Nov 2011 21:21:38
Micheal Brown is expected to sign for coventry monday or tuesday on a loan deal with Leeds paying half of the players wage.(18)(18)Leeds paying half his wages i seriously think not, uncle ken would not be happy paying for someone who isnt at the club, he doesnt like paying full stop


20 Nov 2011 20:18:20
newcastle will sign liam ridgewell from birmingham(32)(25)He is just as rubbish as them


20 Nov 2011 20:17:59
sunderland will look to sign pavlyuchenko from tottenham in january(34)(19)Tell me when and i will drive him up there.


20 Nov 2011 19:41:12
Rory Donnelly and Liam Boyce to sign for Kilmarnock. Donnelly in January and Boyce next week.(9)(11)


20 Nov 2011 19:10:57
Paul Sturrock not going to Hibs - fact.

That is what Hull said about Pearson and look what happened there.(9)(9)Was told by his assistant a few days ago as he is my m8 so believe what you want but he aint goingSturrock will be Hibs manager by first week of December FACT


20 Nov 2011 18:59:02
Robert Snodgrass signing for Wolves in January! Keogh plus cash deal.(28)(12)Garbage not a chanceSorry mate but get the hanky out he will
be gone in january if not southampton
then elsewhere
Wants to play in higher grade and they
will be in prem next seasonSouthampton ? Over acheiving havnt hit a dip in form it will happen and they will not finish in the top 2 Sorry mateSouthampton are in a massive bubble which is going to burst very soon.


20 Nov 2011 18:23:11
19 Nov 2011 01:03:41
Doncaster Rovers have been watching Walsall and Northern Ireland under 21 striker Will Grigg, as Dean Saunders looks to add to his squad in January and Grigg being a target
Really? he signed a new deal until summer 2013 on friday soI doubt it.(4)(10)Or signing a new deal to 2013 could be a method of inflating any January fee? Just because he's signed on doesn't mean he'll stay...


20 Nov 2011 15:26:27
burnley boss eddie howe to sign WBA Midfielder George Thorne on Loan next week(12)(10)


20 Nov 2011 15:23:32
Gary Cahill will move to Man Utd in Summer 2012
will start in centre defence with Phil Jones, Vidic and Ferdinand will be sold/released/retired(14)(46)Good luck with that one.He will sign but it be transfer window Bolton want money not lose him for nothing , vidic will stay unless offer is a big one and jones will play in midfield at least for rest of season if not longer , with smaling comin back in to defence . Rio will be sold spurs most likely and evans same but don't no where he will goIf only Utd could get rid of Evans and Fletcher and even Berba they might start playing good football and challenging europe's elite agian. Too many mediocre players held together by a world class manager. Shows how good he really his but some of his players are not.Fletcher token scot never going , but sooner him stay than carrick and gibson they shocking as for berba yes he lazy but play him he will score shown this last yearWhat person would write something like that


20 Nov 2011 14:18:26
I can now confirm that QPR will not be signing any players in january as Neil Warnock is happy with his squad (up to now) there will obviously be players going such as Cerny, Perone, Buzaky, Smith and Agyemang. Lee Cook and Martin Rowlands will be released and Adel Taarabt will be going to Lazio for 18 million pounds (what a bargian)

Yours truly, pedro(3)(34)Fernandes has stated that there is money available in janurary and has even asked on twitter for any thoughts on who qpr should get !Remember that we loose 40% Adel Taarabt fee due to a clause with spursI thought that was a joke did he really go on twitter to ask who fans wanted ? I bet no one said messi lolTommy Smith won't be let go and yes signings are coming in, we have done ok so far but a defender and a forward are on Warnocks radarLee cook is Joining Leyton Orient


20 Nov 2011 14:11:10
Manchester United will make a bid for Spain international and Valencia full back Jordi Alba in January(29)(19)


20 Nov 2011 12:48:16
Palace striker Jermaine Easter is set to sign on loan for Charlton or Bristol City.(1)(21)I cant see that Charlton would take on a striker of his age and ability at this point. Charlton want to be playing in the Championship next year and may need extra fire power to get them over the line this year but, that man will also have to be of use next season too. I don’t see that Jermaine Easter fits into the hungry, angry mould as setup by Curbs and followed by Chris Powell either.

IMO this will not happen.


20 Nov 2011 12:26:36
QPR already planning for January transfer window and will drop the following from squad to make space for signings: Dyer, Perone, Tarrabt, Busaky, Puncheon. By the end of the season they plus Hall, Cerny, Ageymang, Hill, Derry, Ramage, Shittu, Ephraim, Vergan meon, Hulse, Cook, Rowlands,Vine, gabbidon and Helguson will all be out of contract and let go(5)(17)You only just got two of the players you mentioned who are apparently going in january, so this is stupidThree actually but still sounds a bit over the top granted by the looks of it Perone isn't up to the job, Puncheon hasn't really featured, the Taarabt thing is if he is sold would be a shock if Warnock doesn't keep faith in the injured Dyer and Akos can definately do a job. Derry will if he hasn't already be offered a player coach role and it's way to early to write of Gabbidon and five goal HelgusonWho are they gonna bring in then?? hey won't have a team next year


20 Nov 2011 11:10:56
Paul Sturrock will not be returning to Scotland to manage Hibs -FACT(10)(12)Nailed on certainty!Thank fu for that, there's a god in heaven after all, the guy's a failureHis illness will stop him returning as he is happy down southThats what hull said about pearson and look what happened there.


20 Nov 2011 09:20:19
fat cashley to get another wallet filler in january selling tiote to chelski for 20m when he cost the club 3.5m only 16mths ago, good bit of buisness if the money goes to buy other player, also going to get 10m per year from nike in stadium and shirt sponser by xmas, more money coming in from new shirts for presents off santa (he's the right shape)(6)(8)Dont believe everything you read in the papersNo one is buying him in january, because of the African Cup.Ashley wants his 133m back, the sponsorship money off whoever it will be will go straight into his back pocket as well as whatever transfer fees you receive, I've heard Colocini off to liverpool/arsenal 10m, tiote arsenal/chelsea 15-20m and cabaye Man Utd 10m


20 Nov 2011 02:34:02
Tomasz Radzinski has been offered a trial by league one side Walsall, the experienced Canadian striker has been without a club since being released by Belgian side Lierse in the summer(3)(10)Canadian? hes polish


20 Nov 2011 02:26:43
Wolverhampton wanderes youngster Johnny Gorman is set to join local league one Side Walsall on one month loan deals

West Bromwich albions Roman Bednar is also in talks to join the league one side ona months loan as he bids to find both fitness and form to force his way back into Roy Hodgsons plans(4)(10)Bednar has turned down loan moves to a couple of Championship sides, wanting to stay and fight for a place at WBA (Sky Sports online a week ago). So why would he go to Walsall?


19 Nov 2011 23:06:24
any donny news ed?? another poor result today, need some proper class out there... {Ed001's Note - nothing new that I have heard sorry.}(2)(4)


19 Nov 2011 23:03:38
celtic to buy jordan rohdes from huddersfield(11)(29)Keep dreaming hes going nowhere like lee clarke said 2 million wouldnt buy his socks 43 unbeaten ttidNever gonna happen. with what money are they gonna buy him..and WHY would he go there?The bhoy has a 2million pound release clause in his contract. Say bye bye :)No he doesn't! Our chairmen told the press specifically that none of our players have release clauses. And why would he want to play in a crappy league. He'll take us up scoring 30+ and very good premiership sides like Villa/Newcastle will show an interest.None of the players at Huddersfield have buy out clauses in their contracts, Lee Clark confirmed this last week, its not going to happen, he's staying put for now.Ha ha,where are they getting the money from,two bob outfit filled with rejectsJordan Rhodes is on his way to the Premier League, the SPL is now one of the worst leagues in Europe and even the Old Firm aren't a serious option for quality players any more.


19 Nov 2011 21:37:53
Any Coventry rumours knocking around?(3)(7)Your so strapped for cash your owner wants your fans to pay for them to make your substitutions.Yes - you are going down with the Donny^^^ doesnt this site ask for rumours? Everyone knows this is a fact !!


19 Nov 2011 20:38:59
Dimitar Berbatov to sign a new one year contract at Old Trafford in January. {Ed007's Note - Man Utd have an option for another year on the player anyway, there is no need for him to sign anything.}(5)(17)If I was Berbatov, I would demand a move away, Fergie isn't using him even though he has class !


19 Nov 2011 17:36:27
Heard from a friend that Leeds have watched St. Mirren's young midfielder Kenny McLean, so could be some interest there.
Andy O'Brien's move to West Ham is not back on apparently; Grayson will punish his Carlos-Tevez-esque refusal to play by letting him rot in the reserves, and good riddance to him. He will more than likely be moved on in January and so may our wage bill improve. Then Clayton should get a new contract.
wally {Ed007's Note - Burnley and Celtic are interested in McLean supposedly. I have not heard of Leeds interest.}(0)(10)


19 Nov 2011 16:17:22
stockbridge player mark ward a target for chesterfield & rotherham.(7)(2)He would be good player for us im a rotherham fan. hope the manager looks on this site


19 Nov 2011 16:16:44
alfretons antony wilson is interesting chesterfield ,derby & burnley(6)(6)


19 Nov 2011 14:46:23
You shouls have gone christmas shopping. Leeds leeds leeds. Another easy 3 points. Going down. White rose white rose lol(4)(8)Wasnt easy but ill take them


19 Nov 2011 13:33:28
I suspect people are not knocking Southend's promotion chances.

However to think they'll hold onto their assets thus preventing them from bettering themselves still further is dillusional on Blues fans part.(8)(2)


19 Nov 2011 13:03:55
glen hoddle will take over the reigns at lcfc. he plans to bring in many of the young spaniards from his soccer academy this is the way leicester wont to roll after spending a fortune on dog s#;t in the summer.

game on watch this space(4)(18)How can we bring in another manager you plum? And could you ask miss to teach you to spell on mondayNot only is there no vacancy a Leicester anymore, but Hoddles Academy is for British lads who have been released by their clubs. Numpty!Hoddle is the worst manager ever been known to man from a wolves fan the only manager worse than him is thick mick mcarthyHoddle shut the Spanish academy over a year ago, he has an academy in England now and the academy was always full of English players anyway.


19 Nov 2011 10:00:54
man united will have a massive clear out and the likes of ferdinand, owen, berbatov, carrick, macheda,gibson, kuszack and diouf will all be leaving(37)(10)This rumour is un true as ferguson would never get rid on ferdinand or owen, and as for berbitov he's been offered a contractSame lod bla bla bla.. from last summer and nothing happened.. so keep dreaming mate..


19 Nov 2011 09:47:37
Grant McCann has pledged he will finish his career at Peterborough. Rumours circulating of a move away from London Road were rubbished by the Posh skipper in the local paper on friday(7)(10)He can hit a 10 pence piece with a 60 yard pass and is the best free-kick taker in the whole of England in my opinion. No one else could have scored that goal he did against Birmingham, true class. 500k for a player of that calibre your taking the mick ent ya, worth a couple of million any day. Top player.


19 Nov 2011 09:05:45
As usual I'll take each day as it comes and see what each brings.

I love my Shrimpers to bits but the manager situation to me doesn't look to clever.

Hopefully I'm proved wrong(2)(5)I'm CAFC but, have always liked the Shrimpers I hope your wrong too.


19 Nov 2011 08:40:48
I'll now stick my twopennysworth in.

I know Tara Brady has tried in vain to keep hold of Paul.

But once again it is Ron who has soured the grapes on his relationship with the pair of them and sanctioned his Exit.

Well done Ron. it should be you going.(2)(3)


19 Nov 2011 08:30:09
I have to inform Southend public that yes Luggy did say on shrimperzone he was committed to the tasknat Blues.

but what he didn't envisage was the interest in him from Hibs would increase.

it has and its come AFTER his statement on that forum.

I couldn't care less if he stays or goes as I'm neither a blues or Hibs fan but I think it is on the cards he'll be installed at Easter Road soon.(2)(5)Well you do care your talking about it on here.

He isnt going, these jokes are not funny anymore and people should be ashamed for all these fake rumours on Southend.

Suppose being top of the league brings haters. Well Come May Southed will show you lot wrong.


19 Nov 2011 08:16:14
Peterborough have agreed deals to sign West Hams Franck Nouble, Southend's Kane Ferdinand, MK midfielder Stephen Gleeson and Wolves winger Nat Mendez-Laing when the transfer window re opens.(1)(18)You say a deal's been agreed for Kane. where did you hear this?Kane wont be sold.

End of.Fergie said hd won't be busy in January pal.Certainly interested in Ferdinand and Gleeson. A deal was agreed in the summer for Mendez-Laing, however the club pulled out. ML wanted increased terms. Nouble, extremely unlikely as would break the bank and it's does not fit the MO of the club. It would be good, if true though!How they getting the money, Quantitative Easing is only performed by the Bank of England Peterborough have no license for such things.


19 Nov 2011 08:02:56
Hibernian supporter calling.

Our way Michael O'Neil is still the favourite.

But we think Caretaker Billy Brown will be given the chance to prove himself.

Just a reply to the Sturrock theories - His name has been linked in our local press but I don't think it'll be him.

But then the favourites don't always get the jobs and the less spoken about get them.

So what do I know. We'll see soon I'm Sure.(3)(4)Im in agrrement. now in the scottish press about PS. as a hibee id like to see BB given the chance to be number 1. i think hed do the bizz


19 Nov 2011 07:41:42
I'm in two minds as to what I think about the Southend stories. I suspect in the main it is not true. However I can vouch for the fact Luggy doesn't get on with Martin.(1)(3)


19 Nov 2011 07:03:54
A very despondent Southend United Supporter and I'm afraid it is ditto to what was last posted on here about the Club. I'm close friend's with a former SUFC Director of years gone by and who was part of the reported consortium who put in an offer for the Club two years ago. It appears the reason Hibernian have delayed naming their new manager till sometime after this weekend was so they could thrash out minor snags of a compensation compromise with the Blues Board for the services of Paul Sturrock. That agreement has been reached and as said before Sturrock's last game with Southend will be tuesday nights FA Cup replay. It is believed Luggy hasn't got the early assurances he was acquiring over the futures of some key players in January. And have been told Blues still need money coming in desperately and the compensation sum is hefty by all accounts. Its also well documented that he also doesn't see eye to eye with Ron Martin, the current Chairman. On Luggy's recommendation Hibs have also attempted to lure Graham Coughlan but Blues rebuffed this as they'll give him the chance to continue their promotion run on a temporary basis till end of the season . If Blues secure promotion Coughlan will be offered the position full-time. Names bandied about in the summer should Coughlan fail to seize the iniative are Peter Taylor, Dean Austin and Gary Johnson.I assume Johnson has been mentioned as he has managed other clubs fairly local to us. I notice a reply to the last SUFC posting saying someone wanted the director's identity known. Obviously this cannot be put in print but what has been said here and previously is accurate. Feeling dismayed on my part is an understatement.(6)(4)


19 Nov 2011 01:03:41
Doncaster Rovers have been watching Walsall and Northern Ireland under 21 striker Will Grigg, as Dean Saunders looks to add to his squad in January and Grigg being a target(5)(6)


18 Nov 2011 21:46:26
Apparently Barnsley have agreed to take Nile Ranger or as we call him Nil Ranger,on loan. This benefits his health as some unsavoury characters in Newcastle want a little chat with him. Your club is making a massive mistake. No first touch,no skill,no hope. The clown is nothing but bother as you will find out before he is jailed early next year for assault. You have been warned.(9)(7)Must be the loan ranger then prHe is just a name to pad out the options and give competition for places, not bothered if he never features and is only on loan until Jan 14th.


18 Nov 2011 21:18:09
Auditer at Wolves has unofficially told me that Wolves are losing a lot of cash and been advised they will need to either raise revenues or think of selling assets to keep profitable. Doyle is looking like going to newcastle for £4m (poor scoring record has reduced price) and Hunt to Qpr for 2m(7)(12)Baggie boy go back to sleep.Doyle wouldnt get near Newcastles reserve team so this is rubbishDeluded and sad baggie fan.Amazing that the baggies page on this does not have a banter column etc , yet the Wolves one does.


18 Nov 2011 19:10:18
brain howard back to sheffield united(3)(8)He never wanted to leave and is said to be well up for a return to SUFCBet he is a clever player "brain" howard.


18 Nov 2011 17:48:58
Boss Eddie Howe has swooped to strengthen the Clarets' strikeforce with the loan capture of Wolves frontman Sam Vokes.

The 22-year-old has joined Burnley on a deal running until January 15 and could make a debut against former loan club Leeds United at Turf Moor on Saturday.(12)(4)


18 Nov 2011 13:59:58
Portsmouth are set for more financial problems after Snoras bank, owned by the co-owner Usmanov was placed into administration with debt of over £200M(18)(8)Kick them out of the league if this true they have scammed everyone before with the financial irregularities at that excuse of a football club, they stayed in the premier league under false pretence on other peoples money.They managed to cheat and swindle the entire football community the last time they went to the wall....lets hope they get thier just reward this time.....bottom feeding dross...Ahhh obviously two southampton fans making comments. The people that i feel sorry for are the hard working backroom staff that could all be looking for new jobs as christmas approaches. Remember never wish ill on anyone lest it comes and bites your clubs arse!Cos Saints had loads of sympathy from pompey when we were in financial difficulty, didn't we?Saints fan here who hopes this isn't true. Whilst I was angry with the attitudes of some Pompey fans a couple of years ago, I will never forget how terrible the feeling was that my club could go out of business. I don't wish that on anyone. (not even the Skates)Saints fans if they go bust who will you have gragging rights over? I want portsmouth to stay afloat just so leeds can pick up 6 pointsWalob!! There's no knock ons for pompey at all. Clutch at straws scummers clutch at straws! Bring on the 18th to shut you up again....Usmanov? Dinlos can't even get the name right! It's antonov FFS!, 18th December can't wait to be sitting in the worst stadium in the league , signing away while saints are running riot , can't wait skates can't waitSnoras was nationalised by Lithuanian government. There was plenty of scam operation under Antonov and his associates guidance. Can't really see realtion to Portsmouth on this one, though.


18 Nov 2011 13:58:48
Plymouth Argyle have signed former Tranmere player Maxime Blanchard on a short term contract untill January, thereby not tying up a loan spot. He is expected to be in the squad for saturdays game at Torquay. COYG(9)(1)


18 Nov 2011 13:55:18
nick barmby will be given funds to send at hull city and will try to sign eustace from watford and gerrard from cardiff(2)(11)"given funds to send"? HUH?Dont need either of those thanks. Forward has got to be the prioritySend us some please!


18 Nov 2011 13:54:57
Nial ranger on loan till january confirmed by club now(11)(5)


18 Nov 2011 12:07:09
Torquay United's Lee Mansell has a loan move to Bristol Rovers until January blocked by the board(0)(10)


18 nov 2011 10:48:31
are you living in cloud cuckoo land?? cms & noone for 6m if you're lucky!!(4)(7)I think not according to there 3 nill trashing over you


18 Nov 2011 10:46:22
Reading are interested in signing Darren Ambrose in January.(2)(12)Herd theyre getting coppinger or kris commons


18 Nov 2011 10:15:29
Does anyone know anything about a bid being on the
table to buy bfc from patrick cryne . heard a rumour
yesterday which was said to come from a club source(8)(9)Adam pearson from hullYes its up for sale, he wants big money,or in barnsley terms 3 wippets and a jack Russell..


18 nov 2011 09:11:50
dave jones candidate for the northern ireland job.

how will he manage that. doesnt he no you get use loan signings as an international manager(6)(7)Michael O'Neill has thrown his hat in th ring for this one. He's from Norn Iron and his contract with Shamrock Rovers is up in a monthDave Jones is a quality manager. He should be the next Northern Ireland manager.The Rebulic have ben 'loaning' players that wouldn't make the England Squad for yearsIts international all the players are loans from clubs


18 Nov 2011 08:39:07
Queens Park Rangers are planning a £2m bid for Fulham striker Andrew Johnson in the January transfer window.(14)(8)


18 Nov 2011 07:25:58
QPR and Southampton are believed to be keeping a close eye on Bristol City striker Nicky Maynard. Sources: BBC Gossip Page and footie-online(14)(9)Saints will open contract talks with Maynard in jan. There other option is Billy Sharp. Expect more nearer the time


18 Nov 2011 03:08:51
Doncaster are looking to take Derby midfielder Paul Green back to the club(13)(6)


18 Nov 2011 01:42:14
17 Nov 2011
Leicester to sign a few of Hull City players in january including the returns of Matty Fryatt and Jack Hobbs, also Robert Koren and Tom Cairney will sign for the foxes.

Hmmm? Really think that'll happen?
1: Leicester sign up Nigel Pearson despite being told "No" so its fair to assume a contract will be in place preventing NP signing any of our squad till at least 2012 and by then he'll be long gone,
2: Nigel Pearson leaves Hull without even saying "Goodbye" and finally,
3: Why sign for a manager who'll be sacked before Christmas?(5)(7)Hmmm really not bitter or twisted then?If there is a choice of hull on 15k or leicester on 25k whos going to turn it down, start learning pal there is no loyalty and money talksNow now, stop the bickering lads! From a neutrals point of view the first reply does have a point. You have stolen their manager despite them saying you couldnt talk to him, so do you really think that Hull are suddenly going to accept bids for all of their better players from the same club? Loyalty and wages have zero to do with it if the selling club refuses to pay.

So on that basis to have a chance, Leicester would have to pay well over the odds to sign those players in an already inflated transfer market due to the time of year. Think about it with your head and not your heart and it clearly will not happen as you have described. Ps im a Norwich fan, we did this a couple of years ago when acquiring Paul Lambert from little Colchester so im speaking from experience!We don't want Matty Fryatt back! He isn't a Championship player and he certainly isn't a Premiership one! Pearson's revised bank balance will mean that he can revise his transfer targets accordingly.If this plank knew anything about the Hull City squad, he'd know that only one of the four players mentioned would be a big loss and there's two far more important players he hasn't mentioned. Apart from the recalling of Waghorn, I doubt we'll see any movement of players from Hull to Leicester.You can take fryatt hes crap and dont think our captain will leave when he wont get played over mills and bamba + why would he sign cairney when he didnt play him at hull?Hull fans don't need to be too concerned, the manor of Pearson's departure suggests he has zero faith in the HC Squad, he did well with the resources available but, let's face it, they're not exactly frightening anyone are they? We were happy to see the back of Fryatt but we felt the loss of Hobbs for a while. Waggy will be returned at some stage but otherwise, i doubt we'll see much, if any, movement.

Leicester's owners have said they'll back NP in the transfer market once he's had time to work with the squad and assess what he has but NP isn't a chequebook manager, sure he'll have some ideas and he'll now have the funds to see those idea's through, but he's not Sven, he'll work the problem, not spend around it.

Leicester will get better now, i think most people will an ounce of common sense know this. It may not be immediate, but it'll happen. Quietly confident that we'll at least make the playoffs now.


17 Nov 2011 23:02:49
latest response re Mackail Smith and Nne.
Perhaps you should go and see your GP for a referrL as you clearly need help !(5)(6)There both not cut out for the might of soton, as lets be honest if they wanted them they would have them just like that...hope that helps brighton fans


17 Nov 2011 23:00:47
Agreed. We are let down by a small handful of 'longstanding' fans with unrealistic predictions. However, I did see a special someone in West Quay earlier today which creates further discussion....Super, super sub, super, super sub, super, super sub, superberbatov!

COYR(2)(5)And you go and post sh#t like that


17 Nov 2011 21:24:36
I have heard today from a reliable source that a bid is on the table to buy Barnsley fc from Patrick Cryne.(11)(4)Who is this reliable source and how much are they worth or is it a single investor
Are the investor/s british or foriegn
more info please


17 Nov 2011 20:12:48
Norwich City bound midfielder Leon Britton has been spotted house hunting near where his parents live in the Larkman area.(5)(10)Nobody goes to Carrot Road willingly.Not the most architecturally beautiful area of Norwich to put it kindly I am sure he would have earned enough money in his career to help his parent move to a leafier area.


17 Nov 2011 19:18:01
heard today off a good source that richie ryan who plays for sligo rovers in ireland will be signing for dundee utd very soon on a 18 month contract FACT(8)(3)I would not have slept to-nite if i had not herd this


17 Nov 2011 16:58:31
Centre mid Scott davidson of small none league team rishton utd has joined fleetwood town on a 2 week trail which looks set to become a permanent deal worth around 400 pound per week and if promoted to the football league up too £500...
Source: I'm one of the talented players rishton team mates for now(4)(10)I'm a big fleetwood fan and I've heard this too... He better be gifted as we have a very gods squad at the momentWasnt aware that Fleetwood was a hugely religious club, are they Quakers or something?


17 Nov 2011 15:48:07
qpr to bid for anelka,defoe or pavlyuchenko in the summer along with a centre half(6)(19)Will they want to play in he championship then ?Q.P.R might stay up so what you sayingI think he's saying they wont!Dont make accusations already, not halfway through the season and your saying they will be in the Championship. Who knows what might happen in the league? But i think QPR have a good enough squad for the premier league


17 Nov 2011 13:49:30
Very close family friends with the club doctor at Watford football club. The u21 centre forward marvin sordell, who seems to be the only good player on an extremely average Watford side, had been tapped up by Liverpool as a prospect for the future. No idea over the fees or technicalities, but this is true.(8)(17)There are far better players in the Watford Squad than Marvin Sordell, but you wouldn't know that.

Do you homework!!If this doctor is a friend of yours, ask him to do a brain scan.Ur talking pants mate. Whats the club doctors name then?Marvin sordell is not leaving


17 Nov 2011 10:50:35
Hibernian and Southend United have thrashed out a compensation package of £100,000 for manager Paul Sturrock. Luggy's last game in charge will be Tuesday's home FA Cup replay against Preston North End. The Southend Board have refused permission, in the short term, for Graham Coughlan to join Luggy as assistant at Easter Road, as he will be appointed as caretaker manager until the end of the season. Then a view will be taken on long-term management direction. If, Coughlan retains Southend in the promotion places and they end up in League One for 2012/13 the job is his. Play-off's or worse will see a new manager and management structure implemented.(10)(10)What Rubbish yawn yawn. Can the person who posted this reveal their sources?First of all he was going to Plymouth now this. Why would Sturrock move from a team that he is likely to get promoted than go to a second rate scottish team.
Im a Swindon fan and cant see it happenning. Sturrock knows L2 inside out and will get Southend up this season as he has the knowledge and experience of this league.Source: Former Board Member at SUFC and part of the consortium who wish to take over at the clubOk so you name your source: But in all honesty what are the chances of this happening?Pile of tripe.

Name the man of the consortium, im in good touch a with of few myself.

Go on your turn.Hi as a hibs fan i really dont want a second rate manager in the second or third league of england who wont ever be anything better to take over as manager at this time.time to get real guys this wont happen.bigger fish in the oceanI hope what the Hibs fan writes above is correct - However I'm a Southend supporter and my gut feeling is this may well be true. Sturrock doesn't see eye to eye with Chairman Ron Martin.


17 Nov 2011 10:04:27
Barry Fry has told Southampton they will have to pay
8,400,000 for midfielder Grant McCann
Time has come for the slippers by the Fireside Barry
take off the eight and your about right
PS THEN AGAIN IT IS THE DAILY STAR(7)(10)Well,we're all well aware of the stupidty that flows out of Fry's big mouth,we've heard enough of it in the past,he's not the legend he thinks he is,poor old man.It is the daily star. But that is a quote from the old fellow, If that's the case then we'll be laughing all the way back to the south coast with the cheque still in our pocketFry allways did talk stupidWhy would Saints want McCann? He's ex-Scunthorpe hence the link with Adkins. If Adkins really wants him then i wont argue but think this is papers filling spare spaceThis is a deffo smoke screen as Atkins is after peter whittinghamBarry Fry talking up his players yet again ! he tried it with Craig Mikel Smith, Norwich told BF no thank you, overpriced ,and Brighton fell for it, while he's busy he has not exactly lit up the front line for Brighton.
Don't know much about McCann, so he can't exactly be ripping up teams, so the 8.4M is utter tosh....


17 Nov 2011 09:35:05
James beattie. Has today started training with the blades, now lets hope he signs..(18)(5)He's still training with Bournemouth?Look on the sufc web site, or sheffield star..Blimey, there's clutching at straws and there's CLUTCHING AT STRAWS! Beattie is gash, and you hope he signs? whooo you lot must be badBeattie is clutching at straws he is a has been and i always thought was a highly overrated player. When he got his call up for England all the so called professional in the game didnt seem to think he was England material and i agree with them.
Beattie has been desperatly trying to get back with Southampton as he still has a house here but im afraid James you are past your selll by date and L1 or 2 is now your level. Lets face it he was useless in Scotland at Rangers so if you can do it there which is the equivalent of L2 what chance has he got of a championship team.Do Sheffield United need someone to man the burger bar then ?He's looking for a rest home to see out the last couple of years of his career, if Rangers let him go on a free, he must be way past his best,how he ever got capped by England is a mystery, never looked like he wanted to work for the team.


17 Nov 2011 09:29:04
wolves 2 sign shelvey and mccormack in january

express and star(2)(24)Mick out we dont want them


17 Nov 2011 06:29:42
Scouting staff of Heart of Midlothian Football Club, was being spotted in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium when watching the games between Malaysia vs Cambodia and Indonesia vs Thailand. With the aims to evaluate and perhaps, to capture promising talents from South East Asia, they noted that few players seem to be good enough to plays abroad. Malaysian young midfielder is among one who already caught their interest. With the age of 17, he has accurate passing ability as well as to interfere with opponent's passes.(5)(7)Total crap the scumbos are skint its now the 2nd month in a row the players wages have not been paid on time last month 18 days late,mad vlad has already said he is not investing any more cash so where will the money from these signings come? and how can they afford to send scouts to the far east when they are skint? they have spend all there cash from season tickets and the revenue from the spurs game, they only managed to punt wallace in the summer to the forces of darkness who couldn't pay all the dosh up front but instead over 3 years


17 Nov 2011 06:23:51
Leicester to sign a few of Hull City players in january including the returns of Matty Fryatt and Jack Hobbs, also Robert Koren and Tom Cairney will sign for the foxes.(9)(24)As a Leicester fan i'd like to ask, are you on drugs?Sorry to say mate ,that will not happen ,so go spead a bit more crap some-were else ,pearson as no chance end ofYou're sorry Pearson won't sign those mentioned? I'm delighted personally, they're crap! Nick Barmby will need all the help he can get... Barmby - pfft!Bar the exception of Koren, the other 3 players aren't as good as what LCFC currently have in there team. DULL CITY!Another deluded Leicester fan, those players won't be leaving, and Pearson will end up getting sacked when his squad fail to get promotedI should add, Pearson can sign Fryatt, against West Ham he had his usual hatful of chances and failed to score, and the club can sign a goal-scorer with the compensation money from Leicester.Sense spoken by the poster referencing West Ham. Fryatt wouldn't be fit to lace the boots of Beckford or Nugent! And Hobbs is cumbersome, and gets turned easy - again watch the west ham highlights.

Pearson won't be back to hull for any players!Peason sacked after 3 months and my old freind n barmy taking city into them prem full stop



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