Football Rumours Archive May 23 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 23 2012 

22 May 2012 23:46:46
Luke Daniels is very keen on a season long loan to Shrewsbury Town. (close ,reliable source)(15)(1)Would be very interesting if so nice lad and as we know a cracking keeperHeard the sameThat boy Daniels loves a loan spell.


22 May 2012 23:44:09
Shrewsbury Town are interested in football nomad Rohan Ricketts.(9)(3)Got to be the worst player ever to pull on an england shirtThink you have got mixed up with Michael Ricketts.


22 May 2012 23:31:23
Lee Trundle to make a shock move to Gloucester City.(12)(7)GASP!!!!


22 May 2012 23:25:54
Aston Villa to name Steve Bruce as manager next week as he is free agent and will not cost Randy Lerner to buy out of contract, reliable source(15)(16) 

I have heard the same rumour tonight from a member of the back room staff, can't believe Lerner would go for another ex blues manager but it looks like it might happenVilla have learnt there lesson.
Still a ton of better managers wanting the job!
AVFCforLife! (or until Stephen Wonky Nose Bruce gets the job!)Lambert is going to be next villa boss,he has already had talks 2 days ago and randy was impressedNo Lambert hasn't had talks with Villa, Norwich wouldn't let Lambert leave without a fight.

Anyway Lambert said last night, hes NEVER ask to leave & is VERY happy at Norwich.All wrong, No Rafa Benitez is an absalout stick on! Get your money on now!!!No approach from villa for lambert. source: SSN & NCFC. so any talks would be tapping up. stop making up crap.


22 May 2012 23:04:21
Shrewsbury Town have signed Aaron Wildig on a 2 year contract.(13)(4)How Do You Know This? :)Heard he has verbally agreed but not yet signed anything.

Good young player, would be a good addition to your squad from a wolves fan :)

{Ed007's Note - Why are you answering your own posts? I moved them together to save space}We know we had him on loan last season heheWill sign first week of june


22 May 2012 23:01:30
Bristol City will complete the signing of Cillian Sheridan from CSKA Sofia. Sheridan spent last season on loan at City manager Derek McInnes' former club St Johnstone.(15)(6)


22 May 2012 22:50:58
Bas dost (dutch league topscorer 32 goals) will join germans Wolfsburg(7)(11) 



22 May 2012 22:50:02
Chivu (inter milan) will decide later this week whether he will join Dutch champions and his former team Ajax(16)(3)


22 May 2012 22:09:27
Hereford united have won the race to sign exciting ex Yeovil winger alaistair slowe.
He has turned down clubs in higher divisions so that he can get guaranteed game time.
One year deal with the option of one year extension in Herefords favour.
Despite his name this man is rapid!(6)(15)Hi yeovil fan here, are you people genuinely believing that this guy is good?!I'm also a Yeovil fan and as such I am very surprised that Slowe didn't get snapped up by the likes of Man Utd. He will dominate every match at Hereford!Hope you not got a season ticket at hereford as you wont see slowe play football evan if he is on the pitchSo why didnt he get into the yeovil team ? and they release him on a free ? cant be that goodI cant believe he will be a brilliant player in the future if he had a good future gary johnson would of snapped him up we can get alot of players who will be twice as good as slowe anywayThis is all rubbish ive seen him in training he's not that good probably can only just compete at league two standard may struggleDoesent look anything like a footballer!!!League Two standard? Are you sure? From what I've heard, Sunday morning football standard is nearer the mark.You no this is sarcasmThere's no sarcasm involved here at all! ...... ahem ........


22 May 2012 22:40:49
Former Hartlepool midfielder/Defender Gary Liddle is in talks with Middlesbrough.(4)(8)Evening Gazette says that they haven't made an approach for him.Going back to hartlepool if he can't find another teamWhy Middlesbrough if Hartlepool didnt want him?


22 May 2012 22:40:39
Shrewsbury Town are looking to sign Johnny Gorman on a season long loan.(5)(2)


22 May 2012 22:38:48
With the money Derby are expecting to get from the sales of Steve Davies, James Bailey and Chris Maguire the Rams have outlined their main targets.

Jon Daly + Johnny Russell, Dundee Utd, £1.5m
Michael Jacobs, Northampton, £400,000k
Joe Mattock or Gavin Hoyte, free transfer(14)(7)Sounds promising :Johnny Russell Fine, But If We're Paying Over 500k For Daly Then Thats Rediculas... Hes 29 With About 2 years Ahead Of Him, And We Sold Commons For 300kJacobs will set you back 800-900k!We have got to be mad for selling Michael Jacobs at that price! 650k+Daly and Russell too good for championship


22 May 2012 22:35:57
Port Vale keen on ex Shrewsbury pair Lionel Ainsworth & Ben Smith. Chris Shuker & Louis Dodds to sign new deals at Vale this week.(15)(4)A close source has said Ben Smith is a done deal. Unsure about Ainsworth though understood that Cheltenham have shown interest.In your dreams. Ainsworth aint going to ValeChris shuker is a mate of mine, he says he is not sure bout deal at vale cos of backroom probsIf we get ainsworth ill be extremly happyVale wont sign any new players at the minute due to backroom problems


22 May 2012 22:35:04
Poyet having Talks with Lerner on Friday regarding Villa post. Brighton already have already a short list of poss replacement
1. Di Canio
2. Clarke
3. Karl Robinson
Will be sad to see Gus leave but wish all the best(4)(18)Already said he isn't in the running nor has he been approached.Absolute rubbishAbsolute tripe. Complete and utter rubbish !Your a person lol


22 May 2012 22:34:18
Cardiff have agreed a deal with West Ham regarding Peter Whittinngham. A fee of £4m will be enough to see the midfielder leave. Cardiff will look to invest this money in to all areas of the squad.

Adam Le Fondre, Reading, £1.5m
Darren Ambrose, Crystal Palace, £1.5m
Danny Gabbidon, free transfer
Michael Kightly, free transfer
Jason Shackell, Derby, £2m(5)(43)Reading will not sell Le's like talking to a brick wall with some of you Cardiff fans. Thus rumour has appeared and been dismissed about 10 times already.You can have ambrose he's a passenger in most gamesKightly has signed a new 3 year deal.....You're not getting Shackell.Why would we let Kightly who is contracted leave on a free, especially as everyone knows Jarvis is leavingReading value Church, who is far, far, worse than Le Fondre at 2m. So if you think we would sell ALF (which we won't) for anything less than 3-4m (not that we'll be selling him at all) you can think on. And to think you Cardiff fans called us deluded.Why are Cardiff constantly posting about Alfie? Its never going to happen!As a Cardiff fan I'm fed up of seeing Le Fondre linked with us...I don't want him here and he is no where near worth 3 - 4 mill more like 1 - 2 mill.Shackell haha dont make me laugh, we're not selling him end of...How do you know what our values are. Church would be about 500k and ALF would be slightly more. We bought him for 350k a year ago and all he's proved is that he can't get in our team. 3-4mil is a joke.Really where does everyone get these ideas from, us selling our super sub who has got us the most goals over the season... not happening bud even if cardiff are looking we aint selling, plus alfie is growing as player here, start of season yeah but iffy but his form at end of the season, it was like watching an entirely different player, no way, gotta say though would be happy to take whittingham off your handsLooking like Cardiff have turned thier attention to Jay Rodriguez , 5.5m bid according to The Mirror and Wales Online?!?!?Le Fondre is our top goal scorer, he will make alot more appearances next season"All Alf's done is prove he can't get in our team" mad bro? He was our top scorer and scored important braces against Leeds and Southampton. But yeh he's done nothing you're right....moronThat adds up to 5m.How many starts did he make in the last 15 games? 1? Thank you. I really like ALF, should have been partnering Roberts but he didn't-fact. Just saying he's not worth 1mill let alone 3-4mill."Just saying he's not worth 1mill let alone 3-4mill"

In todays current market he's worth a lot more than one million, it doesn't matter how many games he's started recently he is top scorer for the champions of the championship.ALFs a top player! stupid comments about him not breaking into the team. Some players aren't meant to start every game. LOOK AT THE IMPACT HES MADE FROM THE BENCH!Alf can't get in our team? Have you not noticed that he's used as a sub because he is effective as a sub? Hunt an Roberts start because Hunt wins the flicks and Roberts scores the goals or brings it down. ALF doesnt work like Roberts or Hunt who are perfect for each other. ALF is quick, clever and intuitive - just what you need to save a game. Also what you're saying is, if we bought someone from the Championship for say, 200k, and next season he scored 20 goals, you'd only value him higher? Crazy. I know what our values our through my source...Look, I didn't want to upset anyone but the people on here are a bit silly. ALF isn't worth 3-4mill, end of. Church certainly isn't worth 2million. Lets not give our player silly price tags, they shouldn't have price tags. That's why your "source" is make believe.


22 May 2012 22:07:49
Ben Amos is to sign a 4yr deal at Peterborough United, after first team opportunities were limited at Manchester United.(20)(12)Source?


22 May 2012 22:06:36
Wolves forward Leigh Griffiths will join Peterborough United on a 2yr deal after spending this season on loan at Hibs(12)(9)No great lose...seems a bit of a mentalist!


22 May 2012 22:05:40
norwich city bring in matt jarvis and jay rodriguez this summer(15)(27)Not a chanceHa ha ha ha. Jarvis to Norwich


22 May 2012 22:05:00
Norwich Keeper Declan Rudd will sign for Peterborough United(14)(19)Not likely as Norwich would need him as a backup keeper along with steerLoan deal with recall is very likely. Both him and Steer need games so i would like this to happen for development purposes. Ideally we would sign an older backup and get them both out on loan with recall clauses and see them progress.Dont think we need an older keeper, both are decent enough for Ruddy's backup!


22 May 2012 22:04:12
Adriano Basso is set to join Peterborough United(12)(9)


22 May 2012 22:03:48
Saints not signing anyone until July, plus any transfers will be behind closed doors.(11)(7)As opposed to doing transfers outside you mean?Tumbleweed


22 May 2012 22:03:21
Ian Black is to follow ex Dundee United team mate Danny Swanson to Peterborough.(9)(7)


22 May 2012 22:01:55
Stevenage pair Luke Freeman & Michael Bostwick will complete there £1.9m move to Peterborough United this week.(8)(7)Sir alex lending darren some wedge? you can't keep your best players as can't afford wages so doubt you have that sort of cash availableTotally wrong - Boyd and Taylor weren't going to renew their contracts and as they have a year left we have transfer listed them, and on the money side, with sales from mclean mackail-smith, money from staying up and play off final win the year before, along with sales of other players and from our chairman, we have some money.


22 May 2012 22:01:29
Peterboroughs Grant Mcann to return to former club Scunthorpe utd.(9)(6)


22 May 2012 21:56:51
pavone to west brom(10)(4)Yeah its all over the transfer websites. hes ours


22 May 2012 21:47:03
Paul green to sign 2year deal at Ipswich by the weekend,Ipswich also hoping Joel ward will pick them over palace by the weekend.

Daryl murphy looks close to completing a return to portman road on another season long lone deal,making the payer a free agent at the end of next season.

Ipswich also close to agreeing fee with Watford for Scott loach.

Players out- Ellington back to bristol rovers
Peters to yeovil(14)(19)Wishful thinking (coming from an Ipswich fan). Although Murphy looks like he might be signing a permanent deal soon with us.Why would we sell our first choice keeper to a divisional rival without any other established keeper? absolutly ridiculous. you re not getting loach so deal with itYou would only get Loach if we got Kuszczak or another top goalie on the cheap.

Also some of the rumoured prices are a bit too low. Don't expect to get the 2m+ clauses we rejected a season or two ago but still.You've got to be kidding me another stupid ipswich rumour!
to be fair loach is a ipswich fan but with watford releasing there back up goal keeper accordind to ipswich were playing iwelumo in goal next season. Maybe if ipswich offered 1.5m then watford would be interested and would hope get the cheltenham keep in he looks solid!Apparently rooney ia prepared to take a pay cut to move to ipswich. Dream on love scotty aint going anywhereIs'nt Loach contract up in the summer?Ipswich will not persue Loach now Guzan has become avaiable on a free.Loachs contract is up next summer not this summerNope, he still has one year methinksWatford wont ditch Loach until they have signed a replacement as only back up is about 19. Tamas Kuzeck (spelt wrong I know) top Watford target wont decide where he will sign until after the Euros. So dream on tractor boys unless you are gonna pay over the odds.That's alright we will have him for free next yeah then simplePay 6 million and you can have loach hes rubbish any way.


22 May 2012 21:46:04
Doncaster favourites to sign Tom Taiwo as he's rejected a new contract offer at Carlisle, also Doncaster interested in signing Damien Reeves, Paul Huntington, Grant McCann, Izale McLeod and also William Grigg!(5)(6)Paul Huntingdin has signed for PrestonHuntington to pne confirmed so thats one off your list
DevonGreenMccan is going to bristol city, mcleod is going to yeovil and huntington has gone to pne, so unluckyWhy is McCann going to Bristol City? Because you said he is?Like mcleod would pick yeovil over rovers yeovil play like a sunday league teamIf u want tom it will cost due to age regardless if he has no contract


22 May 2012 21:41:12
Southampton speedster Steve De Ridder currently having a medical at Wolves as part of a "Money plus player deal" which will see Matt Jarvis arrive at St Mary's.(10)(25)We wont let steve go. Defo not for jarvisMakes sense. Hope so.I'd rather Puncheon went as part exchange but Jarvis and Lallana out wide would be nice!Doubt this is true but would love to see Jarvis at Southampton.
If De Ridder was part of deal it I think the cash part would be in the region of 3/4 million.Wolves have said "only cash up front and 10m"So de ridder is worth 6/7 million lucky if you get 1 mil for him try 9.5mil and de ridder then may get a look in but haha no chance.De Ridder is the only pace we have in the team at the moment, cant see us getting rid of him when we need pace in hte prem.12 premiership clubs have enquired about Jarvis. With that in mind i think he is more likely to choose an established premiership club. I'm not trying to predict where saints finish either.De Ridder is faster, more dynamic, better crosses & full of confidence.....How is he any less of a player than Jarvis? Not saying either player is worth ten mill because thats just daft...but muppet wolves fans pluming for that kind of money are deluded.Bull. De Ridder is on holiday atm, check his twitter account.De ridders crosses are useless, don't even try saying they are good. good with everything else.Love all the bitter wolves fans with their 'haha no chance' championship bound and championship is where you will stay for years to come. Jarvis will go for 4-5m Im surprised he hasnt already handed in a transfer requestIm a huge southampton fan, but seriously some people are so deluded. How is Steve worth 6/7 million?? He couldnt even get in our team last year and now we are in the premiership he has not got a hope in hell!!
Would love to see Jarvis up the st marys, would be a great signing with Llanna on the other side + chaplow can then play more central. I hope this little rumour becomes a reality :-)"but muppet wolves fans pluming for that kind of money are deluded." - We're not deluded at all mate, the club wants 10 million and has reiterated numerous times now we don't have to sell therefore 10 million is a realistic fee we can expect, especially when jarvis would be content to stay if the right offer doesnt come along! anyone thinking jarvis will leave for 4/5 million is deluded and you sir who wrote that is probably amongst themI don't think Jarvis will end up at Saints...They are going to be a risk next year. He's got options with established teams.Wolves may not have to sell and of course no relegated club wants to lose its best players. But that is largely irrelevant. He won't want to play in the championship and if a player wants away from a relegated club he'll go, they always do. He won't be at milieux come August end of.
Price wise 10mill is ludicrous. I suspect wolves are resigned to losing him and starting the bidding high. He'll go for between 5-7 mill. Personally I hope we don't spend that much. If we are going tomake one big money signing I'd spend on a top notch centre back. We could go abroad for a winger and pay half what Jarvis is worth. Decent player though wouldn't be upset to see him at st.marys.Jarvis 10m, Fletcher 9m, Doyle 4m etc...etc.. how the hell did wolves finish bottom this season with this amount of talent on their books .... heheheheI find it incredible that people refer to the newly promoted teams as 'a risk'. Promoted teams didn't do too badly last season did they? It's complacency that kills you.


22 May 2012 21:40:08
Ipswich have had a bid of 400,000 for Ross Wallace turned down by Burnley FC(12)(6)He's going to Brighton or Leeds.Who is this muppet who keeps putting the same drivel about all ipswich targets going to brighton or leeds??? its annoying nowHe's going to Leeds or BrightonJumping record springs to mind!Is he going to Leeds or BrightonI heard that he is going to Leeds , but on another site I heard he could be going to Brighton ... very confusedBrighton or Leeds i heard.......I'm gonna go ahead and say Leeds or Brighton.


22 May 2012 21:36:30
Newcastle United striker Peter Lovenkrands has been spotted at St Mary's stadium with his agent.(11)(16)


22 May 2012 21:34:38
Southampton winger Adam Lallana who excelled in this years championship is rumoured to be holding talks in the North-east with Newcastle and Sunderland fighting for his signature.(13)(32)Adam bleeds red & white, he isnt going anywhere for anyone. he is getting married next year to a girl from southamton, his best mate plays for totton and his family live in southampton. so i really don't see him going anywhereHe won't leave. ^^Can never say never but i would be surprised if he did leave. He could of left last year when we were in the championship instead he opted to sign a new contract with us and now we are in the Prem i am sure he will stay for at least this season. Then depending on how we do he will make a decision on his future. My opinion only of course.Not likely 3 years left on his contractUnrealistic saints fans who feel that they can now compete with Newcastle and Sunderland, your club although well of financially is just not yet upto a good enough standard to attract these players that you all have written will be buying. I Personally don't get the hype over Lallana he seems to just cut inside continuesly and he will be found out in the Premier league.Not a chance. You clearly gave nothing better to do.Tosh, on twitter he has often referred to the fact he is a "saint4life"Absolute tosh.
Do you know anything about football? Adam Lallana could easily have gone to a prem club 2 years ago when we were in league 1 but he didn´t want to leave as he loves Southampton and it is where he has been since he was 7.
I expect him to follow in the steps of Le Tisser and be at the club untill he retires.
Anyway, why would he leave now that we are in the prem!? Common sense.Absolute garbage. Grow up!!Not happening...Lallana is dedicated to the Saints cause unlike previous academy stars!Lol ...Sunderland. The only place there is the football stadium. Not really an attractive move for Adam.If he has a good start to life in the Prem (which I'm sure he will) i could see the likes of the top 6 come sniffing around for him in January, until then he'll definately be a saints player...and if he did go I doubt he'd go to Sunderland as they are a mediocre team and also Newcastle wont want him as he isnt french speaking!Don't you young Skates have to go to bed earlier than this?
Get a life and stop being so silly.Adam Lallana is going nowhere. He would fail a medical due to an ongoing heart problem at any other premiership club, hence the reason why nobody from the premier league has tapped him up before.
Adam is by far our best player and will be fantastic for the saints and no others this season!Unlikely seeing as adam lallana is still in Las Vegas with Richard Chaplow, Jack Cork and Danny Fox, also he had the chance to join man united last year and turned it downHaa haa haa , i cant wait til next season , we are much better than everyone thinks ;)He's not even that good anyways, McClean and Larsson are twice as goodTo the above comment about him not being that good, i am guessing you are Saints season ticket holder, if you are not then you cant make a comment like that. I am a season ticket holder and i can tell you Lallana is a class act and one of few current Saints players that will shine in the prem. I dont no if he is better then McClean or Larsson because i dont watch them week in week out and it would be wrong to compare them. All i can say is he might just surprise a few next season.If you think McLean and Larsson are twice as good as Lallana then either you know nothing about football or have never seen him play. Or both!Saints fans get off your high horse, lallana maybe a good championship player but he is not proven in the Pl. and the comment about Larsson not being that good, he is the best free kick taker in the premier leagueTo the other fan, your not a SAFC season ticket holder so pipe down, McClean is not as good, well you must be on something,Adam's fiance would never let him leave the south coast anyway, regardless of all the other reasons keeping him at Southampton. As for how good he'll be in the Prem, we'll just have to wait and see!No Sunderland fan get off your high horse. Lallana wasn't a good Championship player. He was the best player in that league last year. He has represented England U21's and has been tracked by top prem teams ever since he broke into our first team. He is a tricky, skilful traditional out and out wide player. McLean and Larsson aren't like this. Totally different sorts of players. Dumb comparison!
Sunderland are a good club with a top manager and I think they'll do well next season but if Adam goes it'll be to a bigger club than Sunderland. Not knocking you, that's just a fact.To the post above, I understand what you are saying, but you must remember SAFC is a bigger club than SouthamptonI have a lot of time for Sunderland as a club. Top fans, the Tyne Wear derby is one of my favourites as a neutral, always electric!
However I don't quite agree that Sunderland are a bigger club than Saints. We have had a difficult few years on and off the pitch to say the very least but remember we were in the top flight for in excess of two decades and for a fair part of that time Sunderland were nowhere. It goes in cycles.
The north east is a hotbed for foot all fans and talent and have a super fanbase, top manager and good stadium. But Saints are really on the up, we have a promising young squad which we'll hopefully significantly add to in the coming weeks. We have a great fanbase as there are only two clubs in hampshire and no big clubs in the south west so we draw support from there. We are looking to increase capacity to 55,000, we have a good, ambitious young manager, one of the best academy's in the country. We have a crop coming through now who are being likened to Bale, Walcott, Chamberlain. We also have very, very wealthy owners. I am not getting carried away by this as some fans are. There has never been a suggestion that we are going to try and do a Chelsea or man city rather a slow build based on a vision of developing great young talent and not just flogging them on as we have done in the past.
I'm not naive I know we are in for a tough season the key is consolidation over the next 2 or 3 seasons. I think we will finish bottom half this season and Sunderland top half but we are coming from very different places. All said there are a lot of similarities between the two , including the kit!!
All in all I think they are probably on a par. I maintain that if Lallana goes and Christ I pray he doesn't, it will be to a top 6 club.


22 May 2012 21:33:19
Just recived a email from a friend of mine who lives in Nottingham and he saw Steve Howard walking into the Notts county reception with Notts county owner Ray Trew Hopefully signing a contract to join the Mighty Magpies.(13)(4)Not true, the owner is abroad


22 May 2012 21:28:34
Stockportport keeper Ian or son has been on trial with Glasgow Celtic and Newcastle united(3)(7)


22 May 2012 21:24:03
Wife works in the back office at Stoke - she has heard that Owen is wanted(8)(14)Everyone heard it when Stoke's chairman came out in the media and said they were interested. M


22 May 2012 21:31:08
Chelsea look set to sign Radamel Falcao from Athletico Madrid for a fee of 35 million. His agent is currently undergoing negotiations with Chelsea officials.(23)(17)So after signing him for 40 million and him then being there top scorer they are going to sell him for less?


22 May 2012 21:21:49
Bumped into old school friend Ross Wilson who confirmed that Watford have agreed to sign James Collins from Shrewsbury on 01st July with a compensation package agreed in the region of £100K plus add ons

Welcome on board James.(13)(7)If hes signed why isn't it official yet?Don't think that's trueReally?Not true! he may end up at Watford but this is a load of old cobblers. Collins is still contemplating a contract offer from Shrewsbury and the compensation package will be more than 100k.Wouldn't suprise me if the fee could rise to 150k as this seem to be the mist common compensation agreed for young players. But the shrewsbury fans who are saying 450k are kidding themselves hes a free agent from league 2!Someones telling a lie there. Why would this guy know and 100k is nowhere nearNot true.Ross wilson is head of watfords transfer operations so he would know, but 100k is a bit cheap. still some way to go in this one i thinkWhere would you bump into him? Ross Wilson is from Scotland.Why would he disclose private information with you? bore off with your lies.He would really tell you.Why would Shrewsbury accept 100k compensation? If Watford have offered that then we would ask for 500k to get more money from the tribunal.


22 May 2012 21:19:41
i am a shareholder at notts county and can confirm dele adebola will sign for ipswich town as they beat off interest from hereford source alan car ncfc shareholders(3)(10)Mmm... Even though he is on loan from hull and is not technically your player, plus the fact he's 36 years old. Me thinks not.Yes numnuts we know he is on loan ,he is not coming back to notts guarantee yaBeat off interest from Hereford? The same Hereford relegated into the Conference? I don't think so


22 May 2012 21:19:29
manchester city have singed eden
hazard because he was at the ethiad
stadium for a medicial dont no the fee
but will be made official on the 1st of
july(8)(31)Medicals dont go at the etihad they are done in hospitals and private clinics mateMan City do their medicals at the training ground and made up ones don't countLol your lot wont pay his wages hes going to be a chelsea player and it will be announced in the interview on the 2nd june after the England belgium game.


22 May 2012 21:18:47
Lets face it every out of contract player in the football league wants to sign for Leeds(19)(18)And IpswichYeah, well, you know the old saying i presume?........"Any port in a storm!!"Presumption is the mother of all f ups,that too is an old saying.


22 May 2012 21:18:30
Chris Iwulumo to sign for Bournmouth on 01st July fro Championship Club Watford for a fee in the region of 150K(5)(7)Is this a done deal then fee agread with watford etc and terms.Do you have a source?You mean iwelumo, good bye big chris i hope this is true. unlucky bournsmouthGood move for both clubs, but more likely to be 50,000


22 May 2012 21:14:59
nani of man united in talks over
move to real madrid for 27 million(11)(25)27 million? or 2.7million...


22 May 2012 21:14:34
memo to james brent plymouth chariman to get promotion out of league 2 sign izale mcleod now and get ashley hemmings and alex mcdonald back ,(6)(2)Mcleod has been seen in Yeovil


22 May 2012 21:11:38
Heard from my cousin today in Liverpool and he saw Steven Pienaar at John Lennon Airport possibly heading towards Goodison Park to sign a permanent Deal with the mighty toffees(26)(8)


22 May 2012 21:03:55
Curtis Davies is now attracting interest from Liverpool as they look to replace Jamie Carragher(7)(21)


22 May 2012 21:03:12
andy johnson looking to return on loan to birmingham city(5)(17)


22 May 2012 21:01:45
Fans of Crawley Town saw two players at the Broadfield stadium today, believed to be close to completing transfers to the newly promoted league 1 club.

The 2 players in question are Rotherham's Lewis Grabban and Crystal Palace's Kieron Cadogan. The two are believed to both be priced around the £150,000 mark.(10)(5)The fee for Grabban is 275k all ready been agreed pal he's having a medical and stuff this week and codogan we had him on nothing to shout about


22 May 2012 20:59:48
Colchester to sign David Noble from Exeter on a Free agent. Also Wordsworth could be off to Blackpool or Reading(4)(0)Woody wont goHe willDon't know much about Noble but sounds like a decent player. I think Wordsworth will stay.Noble's a great player, sad to see him go.


22 May 2012 20:58:45
Kagisho Dikgacoi has handed in his transfer request at Crystal Palace after a falling out with the management. It is believed that he was told that unless he showed a willingness to improve that he would not play a major role next season. Palace have accepted his request and are willing to cut their losses asking for only half the £600k they paid for him last summer.

With very little interest in the player in England it is thought that Kagisho is hoping to go back to his homeland of South Africa to continue his career.(4)(5)


22 May 2012 20:53:45
Crawley Town hope to complete the double loan swoop for Crystal Palace's Alex Marrow and Lewis Price by the end of the week. The Loan of Lewis Price is for 6 months with a view to buy in January for £200,000. Marrow's loan is a season long loan with no view to buy.(4)(9)


22 May 2012 20:51:53
Brighton will soon be taking former Arsenal foward, Rhys Murphy on trial.(2)(6)Dnt think so he is set to sign for pne


22 May 2012 20:37:52
Yeovil town to sign jean Yves M'voto in a swap deal that would see Ali Slowe and Steve Maclean going in the opposite direction!(4)(6)Haha, a swap deal ? thats the funniest thing ive heard, check the facts as slowe was released last week..Mvoto is under contract for another year so your not right yet again.Dont be daft M'voto staying at OAFC!


22 May 2012 20:36:57
On loan wolves striker Jake cassidy is not expected to go back on loan to Tranmere or any other team for that matter as Wolves are likely to sell Steven Fletcher and MAYBE Kevin Doyle. Wolves bosses impressed by cassidy after he fired tranmere up theleague one table shortly after arriving.(10)(2)Im sure cassidy will start a few matchesThe new wolves boss dosnt even know half of the team let alone himHow do you no I'm sure he's had match reports from people who was on loan he nos his squad by now or who they areCracking youngster, bags of potential and knows where the goal isGood luck to Cassidy a good goal scorer who could do well once some of his rough edges are smoothed out.


22 May 2012 20:36:16
Bristol city to sign:
Gai Assulin free
Tom heaton dunno
Paul dixon free
Murray davidson 800,000
Richard keogh 550,000
Rudi skacel or arnason or sandaza(5)(20)I here that to


22 May 2012 20:36:08
Craig Gordon has said, he would love a chance to get back into football and Celtic is his first choice not hearts. Rudi skatel will return to Czech in the summer, heard from a premier league source that teaser of st mirren will sign for hearts in the summer. Beattie will leave hearts to sign for st mirren.(1)(8)


22 May 2012 20:34:20
sheff wed to sign ivan klasnic(2)(21)


22 May 2012 20:33:43
Ross McCormack to move to Wigan Or West Ham for £2.5 million from Leeds.(24)(15)Hopefully!I hear he's a target of everton haha lol jokes he's only good enought to play for a solid team like wiganExcuse me a solid team like wigan? I do believe we finished 7th and you finished 17th with us being 9 points ahead of you...Hence the ONLY good enough.


22 May 2012 20:20:36
As one of the minority shareholders at
Derby County Football Club, i can
confirm that Mr Steven Davies will be
leaving the club and considering 3 offers from championship clubs Blackpool, Ipswich
Town and Sheffield Wednesday. I can
confirm that Ipswich Town are the
front runners for Steven's signature.
Thanks for reading,

Mr Lesley Jerrald
Minority Shareholder
Derby County Football Club
Derbyshire {Ed025's Note - thank you mate...i appreciate that..(8)(12)


22 May 2012 20:17:02
Ronnie Moore is said to be looking at free agent Izale Mcloed after his release by Barnet, he is trying to build his own team of players to try and get Tranmere back into the Play-offs after missing out in 2007(3)(3)


22 May 2012 20:14:00
Shrewsbury, Stevenage & Brentford
are all interested in Filipe Morais, after
the winger turned down a new contract
offer at Oldham. {Ed003's Note - thats better ;) }(2)(7)Morais is staying at oldham seem him yesterdayHe's not going anywhere, shrewsbury is too much of a risk anyway and he's settled in the north


22 May 2012 20:05:05
Southampton to sign Karl Henry from Wolves.(10)(19)Please god no he's terrible!Rumours need some texture, at least put the effort in. Hes one of the dirtiest players, doesn't exactly fit in with the adkins mentality does it?And thats why you know nothing about football...He isn't one of the dirtiest players. He can't be compared to the like of Barton who has no brain...Don't read into the tabloids loving the Money teams and criticising the real football teams. Its easy to protect the hand that feeds you!


22 May 2012 19:57:36
Forget Chelsea - European team of the year is clearly Montpellier, winners of the French league, yet they've never paid more than 2m euros for a player. Will the team stay together for a Champions League campaign? Expect bigger clubs to make moves for their star players, especially their magnificent central defender and captain Yanga-Mbiwa... an Arsenal target if ever there was one.(19)(3)


22 May 2012 19:44:43
rotherham have signed nicky hunt
and excpect to sign someone
towmorrow or thursday(11)(3)Marc Richards


22 May 2012 19:44:33
Millwall have made a bid for Wycombe Wanderers striker Stuart Beavon.

Beavon, who swept the board at the club's recent player of the season awards, scored 25 goals in all competitions for the Chairboys this term.

A number of clubs have been keeping tabs on Beavon and now they are ready to make a move for his services this summer.

Wycombe face a major battle to keep hold of Beavon following their relegation from League One with clubs higher up the football pyramid chasing his signature.

Charlton, Preston and Sheffield United have all expressed an interest in Beavon, but Millwall are hoping to steal a march on their rivals by tabling an offer for the player.

Millwall boss Kenny Jackett is keen to add to his attacking options next season and he is hoping to win the race for Beavon.(8)(4)Be quick kenny!coylLook this goalscoringrecord on wikipedia! Not good so I hope you get himHe looked a good player to me last year, his off the ball movement causing problems for defences.I don't think 171 goals from 374 matches is too bad to be honest, statistcally he has scored in 45% of the matches he has playedI don't think 171 goals from 374 matches is too bad to be honest, statistcally he has scored in 45% of the matches he has played
You mean awful as 107 of those goals were for Didcot town in non league football.I mean in the football league esp for Wycombe he scored like 7 goals in two seasons for them and now scored 20 or something he'll be a flop so I hope wall sign him25 goals in league 1 no mean feat and a partnership with Keogh a proven scorer 15 goals each in the championship ....suits me sirCAFC Fan, I think he is a good player , therefore I hope Millwall dont get him :)


22 May 2012 19:42:14
Valerenga fc have agreed a fee with
Derby County For Striker Havard
Nielsen and Midfielder Fegor Ogude
for £600,000.The club has Allowed
Derby to pay this over 48 months.(9)(10)


22 May 2012 19:39:08
Derby county are set to sign Released
Gavin Hoyte if Paul dixon Chooses
Bristol City over Derby(11)(3)


22 May 2012 19:31:24
Aloys Bertrand Nong to Charlton for around 1 million heard it here first!(3)(10)As you already seem to be signing 50 other players I think you will find there are squad rules which may come into force!Half these rumours about charlton buying players are'nt even from charlton fans.Charlton will NOT be signing this player FACT!


22 May 2012 19:28:16
Keegan will be confirmed as Hull Manager next week.(3)(28)Yeah, Michelle Keegan {Ed003's Note - Now that would keep the fans happy }


22 May 2012 19:20:29
ed any blackpool rumours for players coming in {Ed003's Note - Not yet}(1)(10)Rumour is that Blackpool will be in the Championship again next season.Ed anything about steven davies and wordsworth coming to blackpool {Ed025's Note - just rumours at the moment mate..


22 May 2012 19:10:26
Ipswich will wrap up signing of Alan Judge for 600,000 tomorrow(11)(15)If Ipswich buy everyone they are linked with on here they will have a squad of 49 players. I know East Anglia lis boring but come on lads leave the keyboard alone for a while.How can you say it's boring? We've got our tractors here to keep us busy.He will go to a big club. plough yah field boyoNa, ploughed all my fields last month. Thanks for the suggestion though.


22 May 2012 19:05:17
Northampton winger Michael Jacobs is close to joining Derby after Nigel Clough confirmed on BBC Radio Derby that the clubs will not be going to a tribunial and the clubs will discuss a fee.(11)(7)


22 May 2012 18:50:33
Swindon try end of season move Ludogorets Razgrad midfield Mladen Kaćelan. Montenegro international who is finish contract in January share agent with Swindon menedzer Paolo Di Canio and Bulgarian press say move will go ahead. The money is no decided.(2)(7)


22 May 2012 18:38:28
Luton are set to sign Delroy Facey, this week.(2)(11)Considering Paul Buckle is on Holiday i highly doubt it lol


22 May 2012 18:37:32
A source I know at st Mary's is saying Leon Osman is 100 % certain to be joining saints next week(6)(19)The only sauce you have must be coming out of a pint pot=or a number of them!Meanwhile on another planet.Leon Oman to saints would be like messi to Villarreal {Ed025's Note - leon is struggling to get in the everton side at the moment...but if he were to sign for saints...he would be the best player ever to pull on a red and white striped shirt!Leon Osman has never even heard of Southampton!Torres?Bit farfetched edI heard that as well its 100% done deal what a signing I can't wait to see him in the famous red and white stripes COYRI've also heard this , everton need the money and are willing to sell . Saints won't pay no more than 4m tho . He will be a good squad player !Yeah, Leon Osman is a far better player than Matt Le Tissier. No doubt about it.Shockingly bad rumour!! Osman is easily 31, not worth investing in, plus he has been one of everton's best players this season, and is a blue through and through, he has a low wage which is no trouble for moyes, possibly the last name that should be linked away from goodison! Try again!This is ridiculous


22 May 2012 18:14:58
Charlton lead the race to sign keeper, Rais Mbolhi to bring some competition to Ben Hamer with Sullivan considered unlikley to make the step up to The Championship.(2)(6)Good stopper hope he comes to us.Sweeet!


22 May 2012 18:05:12
Any News on Millwall signing Jonnie Jackson or anyone else, ed?(1)(7)You got no chance. millwall well struggle this season"well struggle" , goodness is that a Hammer trying to write ? West ham and Sam for the drop!Lions will do just fine. Would like to see Frimpong and Townsend though. Taylors gonna be a class act in goal! Vermin looked horrendous in the play off final so cant see them survivin the big league. Come on wall from the real wall old guard. Let's ave it!


22 May 2012 18:23:02
Derby are now on the look for a
striker and have been told by dundee
united that they want chris maguire
and cash for johnny russell.(4)(8)


22 May 2012 18:16:32
Tom Taiwo has rejected a new contract at Carlisle to sign for Doncaster(8)(4)


22 May 2012 18:13:03
Iago Falque has arrived back at parent club Totenham Hotspur after a disappointing loan spell at the club(16)(2)45 minutes first team action since January is hardly disappointing. ;)I thought he looked quite sharp in that 45 minute spell but then he didnt even make the bench again, think maybe he had an attitude problem otherwise why would Saints have loaned him to start with? Nevermind....


22 May 2012 17:59:32
Stephen Husband is rumoured to be joining league 1 side Walsall on trial following his release from the Seasiders (Blackpool)

Blackpool are interested in Middlesbrough target Emmanuel Ledesma who last season was playing in League one for Walsall(6)(5)Just reading sky sports and looks like he's on his way to Middlesbrough he's a class player Walsall should of signed him a lot sooner same old story at the saddles wait till end of season to sign players to late now. Nice one smithNeed someone who just runs :)


22 May 2012 17:54:16
QPR are set to offer Owen Hargreaves a pay as you play contract after he was released by Man City.It is thought that they will offer him £40,000k per game with win bonuses and goal bonuses added on.
Paddy Mac.(7)(15)Why he is a dudBehave dyer and Hargreaves your having a laugh!Pay as you play? at least it won't cost much. 40k thats a joke


22 May 2012 17:51:21
Mourinho only signed his new deal at Madrid as he was promised the club will do all they can to sign RVP from Arsenal.(13)(16)He wants to be the first to win the Champions League with 3 clubs.


22 May 2012 17:52:25
cameron belford has confirmed he
won't be signing for southend, luke
daniels is thought to be the target in
a season long loan(1)(4)


22 May 2012 17:50:47
BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER RUMOURS PLEASE.(1)(13)You have a mouse, use it. If you cant find any then there isn't any.


22 May 2012 17:46:27
James Mcfaden has been offered a trial at Wigan, if he agrees he will join up in two weeks once they've begun pre-season training {Ed015's Note - There starting early}.(7)(6)Why has he got to go on trialAt his age to prove how fit / sharp he is for prem football . Never know could be a good squad freebie .


22 May 2012 17:44:51
Having been turned down in a loan
move towards the end of the season, Oxford are about to sign former Swindon stopper Phil Smith.(5)(4)I dont think so.....We have three keepers already. Clarke, a year left on his contract. Brown, just signed a 2 year deal as keeper / coach and a youth player just given his first pro - contractPhil Smith is joining Cheltenham. Already been announced.


22 May 2012 17:41:05
Portsmouth to offer Owen Hargreaves a football lifeline offering him a pay as you play deal. Hargreaves is likely to take them up on the offer as he is unlikely to have any other offers due to his constant injurie problems.(8)(22)No money so no players.Very funnyPay as you play-that would be novel for Pompey.
No pay, so no play!More likely to be a no pay as you play same as rest of squadEven at Pay as you play rates, the wage would be too high. Also, the manager is looking to build a young side based on the Academy players and fortunately, Pompey have half a dozen very good ones!Good ones, you mean the same ones that finished bottom of the Academy league this season. Pompey if you do manage to field a team next season there is a good chance you will get relagated again, you are deluded you lot.HARGREAVES has got an injury problem not a mental problem ! 'Pompey my aspidistra'


22 May 2012 17:36:20
Modric and Bale to Man U in the summer Carrick and Berbatov will go the other way as part of the deal. reliable source(25)(28)Plus 30 millionCarrick won't leave Man U and Bale won't leave Tottenham. Unlikely Berbatov would return to Tottenham but who knows.Where do people get these ridiculous ideas from.First of all i dont no if there is any truth in this rumour but to say Bale wont leave Spurs i think is wishful thinking mate. I would be very surprised if he didn't after they failed to get in the Champions league. He is a top player mate and a bit like Giggs he wont get many chances proforming at a national level ie.. world cups, euro. So he will want to play in Champions league regularly. Like i said dont no if him to united is true but what a replacement for giggs he will be.Another deluded mancSwaps don't happen.

Nikolay Bollukov


22 May 2012 17:21:43
Barnsley to sign Gai Assulin on a free after his release from Man city. Also Kieth hill is looking at Danny Shittu and fitz Hall from QPR.(18)(10)Fitz Hall is too good for BarnsleyThis Is a very good thread as Keith hill wants them all and theyve been on ssn for being wanted by barnsleyBarnsley? what a joke no way will Hall go there from the Premier to good for thatDont think we will have the money for the released qpr lads wages wise assulin is a possiblity but teams with more cash to burn are after himQpr nearly in same division just escaped relegation don't forget.


22 May 2012 17:15:28
BREAKING NEWS Joel ward has completed his medical at thorp arch this afternoon, looks almost certain to complete the deal, big possibility has already signed now medical is finished, source Harvey sharman(20)(17)


22 May 2012 17:14:14
My sources at Pride Park have confirmed that interest has been shown in all 5 players transfer listed by Nigel Clough.

Steve Davies: Bolton, Cardiff, Ipswich £750,000. Derby want £1m plus Davies wants to head north excluding Ipswich.

Chris Maguire: Motherwell, Dundee United, £500,000

James Bailey: Doncaster, Blackpool, Burnley, £500,000
Doncaster are the only team so far to actually make a bid. Both Blackpool and Burnley are weighing up their choices. Obviously Bailey would like to stay in the championship.

Lee Croft: MK Dons, St Johnstone £0

Miles Addison: Bournemouth, Barnsley, Notts County £150,000(9)(10)We (Dundee United) haven't paid a transfer fee for many years. We certainly wouldn't fork out half a million pounds for Chris Maguire. I'd say any other SPL team bar Celtic would be in the same position.Suggest you gen up on your geography ... Ipswich is further north than Cardiff .. so that leaves only Bolton for Steve Davies then ...Ive heard cash + maguire for johnny russell.So Davies is going to Bolton then as Cardiff ain't exactly north of Derby.Dundee utd have not got that money to spend would be surprised if motherwell have that cash to spend possibly maguire and cash for russelMiles Addison to Ipswich - Jewell has history with this lad and rates him!Have u seen addison play 150k give overI heard that Burnley have had a 450k bid accepted.Bailey is more likely to be closer to a million in all fairness. Derby paid Crewe half a million, and he has since proved himself as a half decent championship midfielder, with outstanding passing ability. Addison and Croft are likely to leave on a free, and Davies does not necessarily want to move north. He wants to leave for 'family reasons' - could be anything really, possibly just a willingness to get away from the area due to marital split, who knows?Got to say ppl who think rovers will be paying 500,000 for players what are you smoking back to the free transfers i think! And thats from a rovers fan


22 May 2012 17:07:54
Aloys Bertrand Nong and Junior Olle Olle both on their way to the valley. Total cost around 1 million. Nong only joined RAEC Mons in January but had a fall out with the boss after being frustrated by lack of playing time. Looks very promising!

Source: Cameroonian National Newspaper.(6)(3)


22 May 2012 17:03:58
Tom Heaton of Cardiff to sign for Town i i(10)(6)I wish people would put the name of the team TOWN which one - Ipswich-swindon -shrewsbury do you want me to go on. why are people so stupid and think we all know which Town you mean


22 May 2012 17:01:51
Rumours that after his release from Man city, poyet looking into bringing gai assulin to the amex on a free transfer(13)(6)


22 May 2012 16:56:56
Just been told West Brom are keeping the manager appointment quiet until the season ticket deadline has passed. It is going to be Appleton and they have a feeling the fans won't be happy.(6)(14)It,s chris hughton,appleton is n,t in the frame,Its will be hughton, appleton not experienced enough


22 May 2012 16:56:55
Villa - Faulkner is due to talk with McCarthy again re. MM being Director of Football(9)(7)Villa have already said they won't be having a director of football


22 May 2012 16:56:11
Paul Lambert to make two loan signings from Chelsea in Romelu Lukaku and either Josh McEachran or Ryan Bertrand(13)(21)Doesn't this depends on lambert staying at norwich? not yet confirmed eaither way has itLambert will not even be there,he deffinately wants the villa jobI didn't think u could have 2 premier league players on loan from the same club?


22 May 2012 16:51:56
Rumour going around Old Trafford, striker Dimitar Berbatov could be heading to St Mary's, as he's not getting 1st team football.............(13)(36)Behave ^^No Thanx wages 2 much and he would upset team morale. Doesn't fit into NCs and NAs type of player either. Is someone just linking anyone with their own boots 2 saints- prob a skate as they have nothing better 2 do!!Oh that's a good one,I like a good laugh on a Tuesday night.Haha I love how the replier above writes in such a way as they actually think Southampton could attract a player like Berbatov! 'No thanks!' Ha oh the ignorence - bless. Quite cute really.


22 May 2012 16:35:31
Heard from a mate in Liverpool and Steven Pienaar in talks with Toffees on a permanent move from Spurs(28)(8)


22 May 2012 16:35:30
ED any Reading rumours? {Ed025's Note - no legitimate ones mate, it will be a week or two..(5)(7)Carlos Sanchez approached and Matthew Connolly agreed. Interest in Palace full back Parr. All legitimate, takeover almost completed
MrRfcNo way reading will buy a league 2 is it? Player for 4mDo not think so 4 million not worth itWho in that list is in league 2? and were did i say 4 million

MrRfcSorry just saw other post about league 2 player, not heard anything about that and it just sounds unbelievable and made up


22 May 2012 16:31:09
Southampton are keen to sign , GK Jack Butland , RB Nathan Clyne , CM Josh McEachran , CB Adrian Mariappa(19)(9)Mariappa is going to ReadingThats 100 now lol^^
Why u counting? If saints arnt your team why u looking at there rumors!Mceachrans move depends heavily on who the new manager isButland staying at blues


22 May 2012 16:23:34
jay rodriguez to join Everton for 7M on friday(19)(8)Cant see us payin that much for him like


22 May 2012 16:21:23
Norwich possibles:
Holden - Bolton - Heard Lambert very keen
Rhodes - Huddersfield
Lansbury - Arsenal
Pacheco - Liverpool
Zaha - Palace
Davies - Birmingham
Ki - Celtic
Andy King - Leicester
Ince - Blackpool
Snodgrass - Leeds
Naughton - Spurs
Redmond - Birmingham
K Bennett - Doncaster
Bridcutt - Brighton
G Hooper - Celtic

and others rumoured we deffo won't get them all but a few are very close and should sign.(16)(31)Tee hee Naaaaaarwich really do have an unusually high opinion of themselvesInce has already said hes staying at blackpoolWhat are they going to buy them with? Lambert has already said he has no money to spend..unless holt is on his way to Sunderland as rumoured.Had a good season - now planning to scrap the lot and sign a complete new squad. Seems a tad unlikely.I could almost suggest its just someone putting a list together of everyone else's best playersWhen did ANYONE within the club say there will be no money to spend??Lambert said it in April. The club were 40 million in debt and on the verge of administration last year and promotion to the premiership saved them. If Norwich buy one of those players I'll be surprised,unless holt is sold.So which of these in your opinion are very close to signing then?Kyle Bennett wont get a game and he said hes stayingActually when we went up to premier were approx. 20 mill in Debt and have since reduced it further so where 40 mil has come from I don't know, I'd guess lambert has about as much as lady year to spend on new players.You do know that norwich story on being on the brink of administration was made up be news of the world.Hooper just started contract talksYou have got some of the elements of the story correct. The full story goes like this.

After relegation to league 1 Norwich were close to Admin. We brought in McNally, Bowkett and subsequently Lambert. Lambert sorted out the team, walked the league and got promoted. McNally and Bowkett set about improving our fortunes off the pitch, restructed the debt (around 24mil) and set out a repayment plan to pay it off in approx 5-7 years depending on success on the pitch.

We then spent the most in the Championship after QPR, won auto promotion to the premier league and with it a 90 million minimum cash bonus (1 season in the prem and parachute payments should we be relegated after a single season.)

We then spent circa 16-18 mil (Summer and Jan combined) if you dont believe have a look at the players signed and for how much, add it up. A couple are estimates due to undisclosed fees (Howson, Pilkington, Bennett) but it works out to the previous figure. Off the pitch we have now reduced our external debt (banks and other creditors not directly working within the club) to 10 million. We secured another season in the premier league, and with it another 40+ million in TV revenue, higher ticket prices and sponsorship.

We now arrive at present day, Lambert and McNally have both said they have a similar pot to play with as last season 16-18 mil (maybe 20 as they said similar not exactly the same.) While not as much as the big boys 20 million spent wisely on young, developing players could take us again to the next level under Lamberts astute leadership. We are also scheduled to pay off the final 10 million of external debt by the end of the season.

Next summer - plans are afoot, should we secure our premier league status again, to expand the stadium via redevelopment of the Geoffrey Watling City Stand to approx 35k. But as i said, only if we survive relegation again. With no debt we will be able to borrow again to do the redevelopment, with a proven track record over the previous seasons of being able to pay off debt quickly. If we get relegated then the development will be put on hold, but with no external debt and high parachute payments we will be in place to swiftly return to the premier league.

We really are in a happy place right now, regardless of the outcome of Holt and Lamberts situations. If you dont believe any of this post then please do some research, it is all out there, free of charge in plain sight.Norwich successfully sued News of the world for the article over administration. Norwich have money to spend. how did we bring in Vaughan, Morison, R Bennett, E Bennet, Howson and Johnson? some people really are quite thick.Add to that Pilkington and De LaetWe spent 15m last summerThe financial post above is spot on. We really are on the up at the moment.

Its the best post i've seen on this site for a long time!Some people talk rubbish: Norwich have no money to spend? Norwich are a small club?
Norwich may not be a huge club but is recognised in football, Norwich do have money to spend and Lambert never said he has no money to spend. He reffered to the fact that we do not have as much as the big clubs, but I think 18m for a first premier league season isnt a bad amount to spend nor for the second season; a few decent players for that amount of a budget. Just look at the players Norwich have brought in: Howson; only played a few games and bosses the midfield; Pilkington and Bennett, quality players for only a couple of million. As Norwich have proven; its not how much you have, its how you use it.Hope we keep Bennett
Alex oatesYour not getting Holden he said he was staying even before the stoke game, and would anyone seriously buy CYL or Holden after they have been injured for a combined total of 30 months?


22 May 2012 16:10:33
ian sharps has re-signed rotherham(16)(2)Why are people clicking unbelievable? It's on the Sky Sports website and the BBC Website.


22 May 2012 16:09:32
Yeovil Town will announce the signing of a new centre half in the next few days as a replacement for the departed skipper Paul Huntington.(8)(2)Aaron martin from southampton is a possible option i hear...This is not a rumour. It has already been said by Gary Johnson himself.When?Nah we need someone like rob jones a massive centre backMartin is the same age as Hunts, with championship experience and he is 6''3''... not exactly little... too big = too slow...


22 May 2012 16:05:49
Burnley are close to taking Dicko on Loan after beating of competition from Blackpool and Wolves(10)(5)Would love to see this guy in claret and blue next season, he is absolutely rapid!As if...Are you kidding me, at least make it 1/2 realistic. Why would he go to Blackpool's rivals when he tweeted on Twitter that'd he's always love the club!Dicko has already stated that other than Wigan, his future is at blackpool, he has seen his own talent and future grow at blackpool


22 May 2012 16:01:39
Luke Young plymouth to Reading 4Million
hemmings wolves to plymouth free
will keane Man U to plymouth Loan
Denis Suarez Man City to Plymouth Loan(7)(18)4 million for a plymouth player, why make this utter rubbish up.Why would reading spend 4 million on a player from plymouth?!Why would Reading sign anyone from Plymouth fullstop? Garbage side lucky not to be relegated out of the football leagueGarbage club? Lucky not to be relegated? We've been in play-off form since February, get your facts right before posting that crapYes probably crap, but luke young is one of the best young players in league 2. He has just signed a new deal as wellLuke young too good for poxy reading. If he leaves it will be to a decent club, dont know about 4mill though.Maybe 40k if your luckyWhy would Luke Young sign for a 2 bit club like Reading. Who will go down next season when he is good enough to play for a better team.Royals fan, dads a pilgrim, both good clubs no point saying well go down next season or plymouth are carp, both decent sides :) secondly, luke young promising prospect but more time needed, could prob just about make jump to championship this season but not prem ready, though definitely will be a prem player in one form or another in 3 years or so!3 leagues above you?You are in the premiership Reading because of a sugar daddy. Reading were in the lower leagues not too long ago.


22 May 2012 15:57:08
Where do all the stories come from, it's all made up, talk talk talk. Let's just wait and see what occurs(5)(7)Erm this a site for football rumours...Its a rumours page muppet,you dont have to read.It is called a rumours site mate, whether they are made up or not why the f are you on here looking on the site then?So why go on a rumours website?


22 May 2012 15:55:56
Izale McLeod is to set to sign for Yeovil Town.(10)(10)He was seen in the Town today!!No he was not, he is going to Pompey done deal.Where abouts in town?I can third that,i saw him tooFor Pompey to sign players you will require moneyYeah I saw him in the town centre yesterday. OK, he may well have simply been there for no signing related reason at all but who'd want to just 'visit' Yeovil!?


22 May 2012 15:36:12
Crawley are close to singing released Brentford duo Marcus Bean and Karleigh Osborne. Both players have played with a number of Crawley players at Brentford.(7)(7)What a strange song!


22 May 2012 15:34:42
Brendan Moloney set to go on a season long loan to Notts County. This due to him falling behind Kieron Freeman after his impressive loan at the same club. The move will also be with a view to permanant signing.(6)(5)I can also confirm this to be the case. Although it may not be a loan and just a signing for Notts County. Forest's financial worries forcing their hand.Saw him play at County a couple of years ago. He`s a class act but we have already got Julian Kelly.


22 May 2012 15:34:22
Jarvis has turned down stoke because harry R wants him to replace bale at spurs.(6)(31)Nice on mateLololol good jokeSpurs are accually after him its reported in the express and starPeople complain about this site being full of lies and stupid comments yet when an actual fact and legit rumour is posted they laugh and click disagree. People need to stop being pathetic on here. Spurs are in fact looking at Jarvis IF bale leaves.I agree with the last posting, why would Jarvis move to a club before he knows he has a regular first team spot, he's not going to move to Harry and be G.Bales reserve/understudy. He'd be better being the main man, he's too good to be anyones bitch!Harry always pulls this trick, tells every player under the sun that he wants them at Spurs just to keep his options open, after all it'd take a brave (or foolish) player to sign for the likes of Stoke while the carrot of Spurs is dangling. It's exactley how Stoke got Begovic though, supposedly wanted by Spurs and annoyed when he found someone else going for a medical. It'd be good to get Jarvis at Stoke for a full pre-season but if he have to wait until deadline day for a cheaper fee so be it.Bale is a thoroughbred Jarvis is a donkey,
no comparison.Can't be a donkey if so many teams are after him.Jarvis hasn't turned down Stoke at all. He's actually having talks early next week so nice try


22 May 2012 15:27:24
Southampton look set to sign Josh McEachran from Chelsea for a fee of 3 million. He is said to be a close fried of Ex Chelsea midfielder Jack Cork(12)(19)Utter rubbish. mceachran is birghtest talent at the moment and for his age and potential 3 million should be laughed at.How many players are you going to sign.Lol, yea, because only look at those you will sign, no back up or alternative.Southampton fans are deluded, relegation fodder next season as not a top draw for quality players.Some people need to chill, it's called a RUMOUR site for a reason. Jeeze.I agree with the above post. Not every rumour comes true,thats why they're called rumours, not the truth.


22 May 2012 15:23:48
MK Dons and Brentford are fighting it out for the signature of Alistair Slowe.(8)(5)Apparently he is in contention for worst player of all time with his time at Northampton Town and Yeovil Town


22 May 2012 15:22:55
charlton are set to complete the deal for Jason Puncheon in the next couple of weels(11)(12)Wheels or weeks? I'll swap him for my bike!He would be charltons best playerAhah ^^^^ ;), he probably means weeks


22 May 2012 15:07:21
Barnsley in talks with released blackpool striker brett ormerod and kelvin etuhu,bradford also want etuhu(17)(6)Sorry, just a bit quick off the mark on Brett....He's taking up a coaching role at the club (check out the BBC site) Should join Ollies backroom not joining any other club


22 May 2012 15:06:48
drogba leaving chelsa offical sky sports news 15 06 time(25)(7)How can idiotic ppl disagree wen it has been confirmed?clearly know nothing about football!!


22 May 2012 15:01:15
Lua Lua of Blackpool to join Colchester on a free
on a free(10)(12)He's discussing a new contract with the poolJoel Ward is going to Blackpool for 450'000, Stephen Dobbie is going to Blackpool for 750'000 and Loick Pires is going to Blackpool from Welling United. Both Ince and Matt Phillips are staying at BlackpoolGone to turkish club.


22 May 2012 15:01:06
Swansea ins:
Sigurdsson 7.5
Guidetti loan
Vela 4.0
Emnes 3.5
Toornstra 0.5
Kum free
Mariappa 2.0
Cornell back from loan

Lita 750k
Moore 500k
Dobbie 750k
Routledge 750k
Bodde not renewed
Gower free
Bessone free
Monk 250k
Tate 250k
Moreira free(7)(20)Not disputing that you will sign gylfi but the price is totally wrong. we sold him for about 7.5m 2 years ago and your saying he hasn't increased in value after half a season tearing up the prem?About right but id keep routledge as a number 2 just in caseSwansea paid more than that for routledge so y would they let him go for 750k?I would take routledge for 750k at everton any day of the week I think he's class even though everyone knows dyer is betterRoutledge won't go, he's set up most of our goals this season...Never sell Monk or Tate, 2 of our class heros, keep them for another season!I dont think we need 3 more strikers mate, just emnes and guidetti but the outs seem about right, we could get 1 million for dobbie and routledge bu this is close enoughRoutledge is too good a player to sit on the bench would love yo keep him as back up... but unless we lose sinclair or dyer not going to get much game timeYou won't get Mariappa for 2m. Better than that and has a lot of interest.You need 2 quality players for each of the 3 striking positions: Graham/Guidetti, Vela/Dyer, Emnes/Sinclair... maybe sell Dyer instead of Routledge if you can get more money for him - Dyer works hard and can look good one-on-one but too often his finishing and decision making in the final third are poor... Monk & Tate are not premier league footballers, no room for sentiment... and I believe Mariappa is in the last year of his contract, so 2m sounds perfectly reasonable.Routledge may not score the goals but we need some depth to the squad. Plus he sets up so many chances we can't let him go.

Emnes - Why the fuss? Is he really THAT good that we chase again this season?

Tate and Monk - Nowhere near prem quality so get what we can.


22 May 2012 14:52:48
Norwich are looking to sign Matt Jarvis from wolves and yakubu from blackburn(17)(17)Matt Jarvis yes, Yakubu no10mill thanksAgreed with comment above3 above i mean


22 May 2012 14:47:25
Leicester have had a bid of 4m accepted for Robert snodgrass!(15)(30)If snody leaves its for a prem club.And the price for best drivel of the day goes to.........this post.
Snodgrass would never sign for small time LeicesterIts true bid bin accepted hes being offered 25k a weekWakey wakey Leicester would hold NO appeal to Snodgrass - he is looking to the Premiership for is next move.Some Leicester fans embarrass our club with posting drivel.he would not join us in same league as leeds,heard warnock on radio and apart from the 8mill price tag he said they will deffinately keep him till January.


22 May 2012 14:44:19
Norwich to sign Dani Pacheco after Durys testimonial and also approach Lennon after the game about the possible signing of Gary Hooper and possible Emilio Izzaguire(14)(16)If you want those 2 look to pay about 18mill, izzy is a legend in the making and prob would go for 20-30 mill in epl in a few years but he loves Celtic. would think you have a better chance of getting hooper then izzy.18 million?
Dream on. Sure, Hooper and Izaguirre would be expensive, but not THAT expensive.Where do these
people come up with their numbers, both players are valued at 4M each on transfer market website so where the hell does someone come up with 18M and before anyone spouts on about Celtic turning down 6M for Hooper from Southampton, its what you read in the papers and they always inflate the numbers so its looks bigger and better, suspect both players would be sold for sums somewhere close to their current market values.Current market value? whats that the epl one where they spend 35mill on a sticker who cant score? where as Hooper goes for 2 mill and scores 50 goals in 2 season, and only 1 player rvp scores more then hooper this year...29 goals =4mill no way. what is your problem is that you think spl is a shiat league so it has shiat players. Well like it or not Celtic wont be taken small money no more, Hooper is worth 7mill no doubt and izzy(as man u has been sniffing,maybe paper talks) should be 10 mill.

do you agree andy carrol is worth 35mill? or even 15mill as he is listed in trasnfermarket? for scorng 4 gaols, or do you pay because of his hight? the guy is good in the air but whats more important that or goals.

get off your high horse that we are the best league in the world so no player outside of it is good for it. wait till the euros come around when you have carroll in not scoring and you have Hoopers 29 goals out of the team. hope some one gets injuried so he could have a chance to show you all up. {Ed025's Note - fair point mate...we got jelavic for buttons, there are a lot of good players in the SPL..Im sorry but I think I could score 50 goals in the Scottish League....


22 May 2012 14:34:48
Eddie mitchell stated that scott malone isnt leaving for millwall in a swap deal for josh mcqouid and 750k rumoured amount from the sun............ this deal imo could easilly happen(3)(6)It;s happening


22 May 2012 14:08:24
Joel ward is signing for Leeds Tom, I have just spoken with Warnocks best friend up north,the deal stalled last week over the fee or rather kennys refusal to spend 450k,paddy kenny a Definate as Paul Robinson moving back to London after Blackburn relegation,clayton has agreed to join burnley subject to terms,from the horses mouth!(11)(14)Hope you are right about clayton coming to burnley !I really hope your right about clayton! UTCJoel Ward is signing for Ipswich Town! FACTClayton to Burnley is a backward step, cannot see it happening.I think agreeing the 3mill transfer fee for clayton would have to be agreed and burnley can not afford he will be sold to Leicester.Wish we would get 3M NW already stated he will accept 400-450k for him as that is what he has to got spend to replace him in NW owns words I can get a better player than Clayton for 450k which is what I expect to receive when he is sold

But I will take the 3M!Neil Warnock ha already said Clayton will e leaving for a fee of around half a million


22 May 2012 14:06:03
In terms of stuff to do with Reading, this is what I know/Have been told:
- Interest and fee agreed for Mariappa. Only way this won't happen is if the contract negotiations go sour or he fails a medical.
- Enquiry and talks with Carlos Sanchez. No medical as of yet, player is interested in joining.
- Mullins and Conolly will not be joining.
- There was never any interest in Bjorn Sigurdarsson. No bid was submitted.
- Ian Harte has nearly finalised a new contract.
- Enquired to Liverpool about Joe Cole, paying 50% of his wages. No decision will be made until a new manager is appointed.

- Defoe. This will depend on other signings and so how much money is left, his performances in the Euros, and interest from other clubs.
- Rhodes. Unsure on this but we've been scouting him.
- Hoilett. Unlikely but again depends on interest from other clubs. As we have signed McCleary this seems less likely.
- N'Doye. Still interested in him, on the shortlist of strikers.

- Sigurdsson, Doyle, Fletcher, Jarvis, Whittingham, Maxi Rodriguez, Butterfield.

No updates for you guys on the TSI deal yet, sorry.(14)(15)Matthew connolly will sign
MrRfcShame about Connelly if that's true. We can forget about Defoe and Cole. Wages would be off the scale for Reading(even 50% in the case of Cole)Must of got the doyle 1 from ssnAgree with all!I don't think there will be any chance of reading receiving Defoe
Since there has been intrest from liverpool in 3 players Bent, Defoe and Hoillet
Defoe is a possibility bent maybe and hoilet almost defenitly will not be going to liverpool since so many others want him such as Man U Spurs and others


22 May 2012 14:04:20
Gus Poyet to become new West Brom
manager with Jim Magilton replacing
him as the new Brighton and Hove
Albion manager, Jim shares the same
footballing philosophy as Gus.(8)(16)No way Gus will go to West Brom and even if he did why would Brighton want Jim Magilton?What, have someone sent off each game or try and kick the opponents into submission?I don't think soNah not a chanceIf magilton gets the job be prepared for a relegation battle.Gus Poyet has stated many times he would like to manage in the Prem with a can't be discribed itopp club or Brighton (that rules WBA because they can't be discribed as a top club even by a Baggie)From a brighton supporter, if gus got offered the west brom job he would seriously consider taking it. it isnt a step sideways and puts him in the prem where he wants to bePoyet having talks with Aston Villa's Randy Lerner on Friday.To whoever made this childish 'so called' rumour - go and continue your giggles with your childish friends and READ THE NEWS (if you can) before trying to be clever. Gus has already said he is not interested.He isn't having talks with lerner, why post such bullsht??!If anyone has been tempted to place a bet on Poyet being anywhere other than Brighton next season, you've lost your money.


22 May 2012 14:04:04
most of west hams signings will come
from the 3 relegated sides & man city.
loans from chels,ars & utd likely.
joe cole is a no go but gold & sullivan
are desperate to land a big signing -
tevez?? mcartney deal agreed.upto
3 new investors to buy in to hammers
.salgado & rio to come in as player
coaches.finally mourinho & sam have
held talks about a player who is
surplus (mourinho signing a new deal)


22 May 2012 14:00:19
Every player at burnley are up for sale provideing the money is right . That is from the out going chairman . By the way he will still be on the board of directors and is s major player in the boardroom(8)(5)Pretty much every player at every club will be sold if the money is rightStating the obvious...


22 May 2012 13:56:07
Paul huntington has left Yeovil Town(8)(1)NoooooooDissapointed, no loyalty anymoreAgain, this is not a rumour. It has already been confirmed.He's only left because the family bereavement brought it home to him how much he missed home, nothing to do about loyalty


22 May 2012 13:55:40
Stockport County looking to sign a player with experience, with Darius Vassell on the radar of James Gannon and Alan Lord(2)(8)


22 May 2012 13:50:33
Stockport County finalising a deal to bring Matty Hamshaw back to the club after his release by Macclesfield Town.(5)(3)


22 May 2012 13:29:58
Millwall have held talks with Bournemouth left back Scott Malone. A deal which could see Josh McQuoid going the other way.

Millwall have also made an enquiry for MK Dons skipper and left back Dean Lewington.(5)(3)Take him, would prefer to have mcqouid backDean Lewington would be a very good signing for WALL! IMO COYLYou can have malone but please keep mcquoidMalone in January signed a 3 and a half year deal and has shown no intentions of leaving AFCB and is just a pointless rumour, plus Mcquoid wouldnt go down a league anyway as he is a championship playerThis deals looking more likely with Mcquoid going back to bournemouth.


22 May 2012 13:53:54
Man City ready to offer A. Johnson and Adebayor swap for Gareth Bale.

Carlos Tevez will be joinig AC Milan in exchange for Brazilian Centre back Thiago Silva, forget about Ibrahimovic.

Eden Hazard will join for 32m from Lille and Edinson Cavani will join after the Olympics from Napoli for around 30m.

T. Silva
Aguero(16)(21)You keep telling yourself this mate ......
Edinson Cavani would cost closer to 50million and thiago silva would cost alot more than tevez's valueHahah, and how do you know all this exactly? ;)Your dreaming, Bale isnt a left back and Milan have already come out and said Silva is a no go to leaving!I'm sure AC Milan need Tevez as well as Ibrahimovic, Pato and RobinhoAbsolutely not happening. Bale is 100 percent not leaving Spurs during this window, but probably will next year. As for that City "lineup" for next season. Its so unbalanced. Just one CDM in Toure, and even he attacks more than he defends. Quit playing Football Manager and carry on flipping burges or whatever you do to pass the time in your hovel.^Bale can easily play left back.

But yeh, I can tell why the author of this post isn't the manager of a club, or has anything to do with football. It would get torn apart defensively.

If City sign Hazard and/or Cavani I am sorry but they will have to sell some of their attacking players, they are too top heavy.In relation to the swap deal, surely you meant to type "Man City ready to offer A.Johnson, Adebayor AND 15 MILLION CASH" Because Bale is at least worth 30 - 40 million, and with Johnson being valued at around 8m and Adebayor somewhere between 10 - 12m that only comes to around 20m...Financial fair play my apse if this is correct


22 May 2012 13:56:47
Spurs news

Adebayor it seems will have his wages subsidised by Man City as they realise that no clubs will take some of their players on the current salaries. Has turned into a nonsense but of Man City's own doing. Same happened with Robinho and no-one will touch Bridge. They're also having trouble with Adam Johnson as interested clubs just can't afford his wages.

Jan Vetonghen and Robert Huth could be a new pairing next season as both players are keen to come.

Jermaine Defoe will join Stoke City and may be joined by Jermaine Jenas

Demba Ba looks a very likely arrival after Harry missed out on Remy in January(15)(15)Why would Demba Ba move to a smaller club?Would love defoe and jenas at Stoke, but can't see this happening. Also I'd hate to see Huth leave, I'd rather keep Huth and miss out on Defoe and Jenas. (Just personal opinion)


22 May 2012 13:56:26
Gus Poyet to become new West Brom
manager with Jim Magilton replacing
him as the new Brighton and Hove
Albion manager, Jim shares the same
footballing philosophy as Gus.(5)(14)Pure rubbish ! AVB has had 2 interviews FACT but Hughton is the preferred choice


22 May 2012 13:29:25
WHU to sign Keiran Richardson, George McCartney and Craig Gordon from SAFC with the possibility of Ahmed Elmohammody joining as well. Possibly for a 4 million joint fee.(12)(14)But we dont need a keeper we signed henderson and green is stayingWhy would they sign 2 left backsGordon is a free agent4m for them 4 is that what you mean? coz if thats the case no chance, gordon is a free, richardson is worth between 5-7m, McCartney is worth 1-1.5m and elmo is at least 2m, so you talking more 10m for 3 of themUntil green puts pen to paper it means nothing


22 May 2012 13:25:17
Reading are due to sign Milan Baros on loan back room info people(3)(16)


22 May 2012 13:50:10
Nottm Forest interested in out of favour Stoke midfielder Tom Soares as he has stated his wish to leave the club in search of regular football(16)(3)Barnsley boundIf Tom Soares is the standard you are after then i fear another relegation dog fight for you lot. SorryJeez, he was on loan to shef weds season before last and they sent him back for not being up to L1 standard. Relegation beckons


22 May 2012 13:48:40
Leyton Orient are looking at
Nicky Adams and Barnets Mcleod.(6)(2)Source?Hope so , since january window I've been saying his the perfect forward for us .. Starting to look like the player that was smashing them in for MK few years back


22 May 2012 13:46:32
this is crazy!
genuine rumour - ramsey to swansea, looking to replace potential sigurdsson loss
and we're not even going to talk about it?! come on Ed! {Ed001's Note - come on ed? What the hell are you on about? What the hell has it to do with us?}(6)(13)Absolutely NO chance!!Ramsey played for Cardiff. NO chance of him going to Swansea.Lmao someone needs to stop taking them magic pills, the ramsey that was born in cardiff, played for cardiff, all his family lives in cardiff????? what a joke!!!!!!Ramseys st haha, besides we have almost signed siggy soTbh I think that Ramsey would be a great signing for any club, but can't see him leaving a team which has champions league football next season although I think if the price was right he would come, because it is a lot less distance from home and he could play with other Welsh players, although then again we are going to have sigurdsson next season anyway so it don't matter


22 May 2012 13:42:42
David Noble has lefted Exeter City and Matt Oakley will join the Grecians on a 1 year player coach deal.

Stuart Fleetwood is set for a Dramatic return to Exeter City during the summer from Luton due to a unknown dispute with Paul Buckle and wanting to return to the football league.

Finally Rowan Vine is being lined up by the Grecians on a free transfer.(4)(6)Well any one who plays for paul buckle ends up falling out with him. Exeter might end up signing the whole of the luton squad


22 May 2012 13:40:56
Joel Ward has/is having medical today before signing for leeds tomorrow...
Another piece to the Warnock puzzle...MOT!(20)(7)Blimey he is having a lot of medicals today


22 May 2012 13:40:03
portsmouth to sign klovis kamdjo, liam o'brien and danny webber, after exits: jason pearce,ricardo rocha,jamie ashdown,benjani and stephen henderson(8)(8)Who will sign whilst they do not know if their wages will be paid??

They can't claim benefits, you know?

Until the club is secure it is unlikely anyone will sign-and the Chanrai offer could be unacceptable to the FA, so don't pin too much on that.Love it how every one jumps on the pompey postsThese signings are quite possible but nothing is likely to happen for another month or so, with the excepion of a few more sales of course!If Chanrai's bid is rejected by the league then The Trust bid would win through so more than happy if Chanrai is deemed unfit.............for once the league guys will have got it right! Who am I kidding, they will screw up again and let another one asset strip Pompey!


22 May 2012 13:39:18
Yeovil captain Paul Huntington has turned down a new 2 year deal in favour of a move to Oldham Athletic. The Yeovil skipper is keen to move back up north.(6)(8)He's just signed for Preston North EndUnlucky he as signed for pne he as said on his twitter pageSigned for PrestonApparently he's signed for preston unfortunately.Who would want to play for Oldham??How is this a rumour? It was CONFIRMED before this was posted!Why play for Preston as they aren't that good, pretty awful last season. Preston can have him we have MvotoIt's a backwards step joining Preston. They are going down.Who would want to play for pne? or westley as a matter of fact?


22 May 2012 13:17:32
Oldham athletic to step up search for new right winger after filipe morais turns down new deal. Paul dickov is thought to be interested in lee croft who had a loan spell at boundary park in 2005. Dickov also keen to speak to izale mcleod , oumare tounkare and surprisingly huddersfield towns gary roberts about possible moves to boundary park(4)(1)


22 May 2012 13:06:49
A freind of mine , with close ties to Southampton FC told me that saints are looking to sign Freddy Adu and Hamdi Salihi .(8)(15)Sounds reliable, good one.Saints fan here. This is absolute rubbish!Close ties, hmmm I know 2 people that work for SFC. There's was a time when they gave me the heads up. But info is tighter than a ducks backside, so you are bulls mateFreddie Adu, lol ...if we were in L2 perhaps.I think you came up with this from football manager :/We we're linked with Freddy Adu this time two seasons ago, he's trouble, I wouldn't want him at Saints anyway


22 May 2012 13:05:38
paul huntington has left yeovil ... preston apparently interested and would fit in to his plans of moving back up north(8)(2)Is this a Football rumour or just where Huntington is looking for a house!!.......Works with Adkins and Cortese do they?

Otherwise they will not have a clue.Paul Huntington has posted he has signed for PNEWhats adkins and cortese got to do with huntington.. im a massive saints fan and live in yeovil. just baffled as hes no where near good enough for southamptonTrue has been confirmedHe signed a 2 year contract with pne yesterday from the 1 july when is yeovil contract is up


22 May 2012 11:27:45
Trevor Carson to Bury is now a completed deal

Rumours of Lowe coming back on loan not confirmed though.(6)(3)


22 May 2012 13:07:31
gary johnson has said tht the club are in talks with a cb but wont reveal the name until all has been agreed .... amyone have any ideas of who this could be ??(1)(5)Gary "clueless" Johnson does not know what a defender looks like. Expect the worst..Its glenn loovens


22 May 2012 12:48:49
This has just been announced on Radio

Looks like Joel Ward has made his mind up. Hillsborough his surprise destination, and he is at Middlewood Road today undergoing a medical.

Leeds had apparently done the deal to sign Ward, but were unable to come up with the £380k transfer fee, asking instead payment to be deferred until the start of next season - sounds like they have cash flow issues.

Pompey administrators insisted on an up front payment, and Ward will now join the Owls.(8)(14)Wednesday fan here i can tell you ward not coming as we are not willing to pay what pompey want so we have pulled the plug on the dealAnnounced on what radio station, radio ga ga !!.Wednesday have pulled out anyway


22 May 2012 12:43:36
Walsall forward, Manny Ledesma, is set to sign a 2 year deal. This is on Mackens wages and Jarvis' wages together, meaning he is on roughly £2,000 a week, without add ons (goal scoring bonus etc)

He has however, got a relegation release clause in his contract, meaning if Walsall are to go down he will automatically be released.(3)(1)


22 May 2012 12:35:57
Crawley Town to sign Leyton Orients
out of contract Captain Matt Spring
on a two year contract.


Rubbish spring has signned a 2 year deal at the orient
When did he sign? Last I saw on the website there hadn't been a decision made.(2)(8)


22 May 2012 12:29:19
paul huntington has left yeovil after deciding against a new deal.... preston ar apparently interested and could happen as he wants to move back up north(3)(1)


22 May 2012 12:28:41
paul huntington has left yeovil after deciding against a new deal.... preston ar apparently interested and could happen as he wants to move back up north(3)(1)


22 May 2012 12:16:44
Modric to leave spurs in a 20 million deal which also includes lassana diarra spurs will use the money to sign loic remy and matty phillips(6)(20)


22 May 2012 12:06:19
Ian Sharps has just completed his Rotherham United medical, and possibly one other to sign today (Nicky Hunt?)(10)(3)Yep nicky hunt has signed


22 May 2012 11:37:30
Man United are interested in Montpellier playmaker Youns Belhanda who helped them to the league title this season and was voted young player of the year. He would cost around 12m Euro.(10)(10)More than 12 mill mate hes a class actYeh i think for him ud be talking 18m gbp


22 May 2012 11:34:38
Ive heard from a source, very close to Mark Hughes that Qpr are after and very close to signing Micah Richards, Adam Johnson, Shay Given, Dembele, Defoe and Hoilett .All will be announced by tuesday.(1)(38)Of course they will. I doubt any of that list would go there.I don't believe that for one secondMicah richards?! the guy who just won a title at city? dream on wannabe. QPHAAnd why not ? half of them not regular startersIts tuesday - no announcementDefoe is an outside possibility as he is desperate for a move - but even though he hasn't had many games, I think he could do better than QPR.

As to the rest - only if hell freezes over and hughes gets to be trustworthy.That's what smoking crack does to youThis is clearly a list of players u want to see sign. Can't be anything to do with reality as none if them would sign for relegation fodder in a million years!As a QPR fan I can tell you what this person is saying is a pile of horse sh..Cant see us getting any of these....Micah Richards, Adam Johnson, Shay Given, Dembele, Defoe and Hoilett, but you never know, Joey Barton was at Newcastle when he signed for us, and thats a bigger club than, Blackburn Fulham and Johnson wants a move as does Defoe, so as much as i doubt any of these guys signing for us, stranger things have happened.Hoilett could move, and so could Shay Given. Adam Johnson could go out on loan and so could defoe.Richards isn't even a possibility. Johnson could happen but only on a loan deal. Shay Given could happen as he and Mark Hughes have a good past and Villa look unstable. Dembele never. Defoe perhaps, probably the only realistic target and Hoilett will be attracting bigger and better clubs. Johnson on loan, Given and Defoe maybe.Adam Johnson will only move on loan, and most likely to a lower league team. Mancini will not sell him to any rivals, because he knows he is talent


22 May 2012 11:30:16
Josh McEachran is on his way out of Chelsea after the victory over Bayern Munich he realises that his future at the club looks to be non existant.(18)(7)Barnsley boundLol chelsea wont sell him hes just a kid same has de bryne, lukaku , bertrand ,pizaron , chabolah , todd kane they will be loaned but chelsea wont sell any of them


22 May 2012 11:42:54
Chelsea to make bids for three wide players to bolster their attacking options. These are Ezequiel Lavezzi, Hulk and Eden Hazard. They may use Fernando Torres in exchange to tempt their current clubs into the deal.(12)(14)


22 May 2012 11:38:56
Highly rated Danny Swanson is set for talks with Peterborough United this week after being released from Dundee United. Although it is thought that other clubs are looking around him.

Source: Peterborough Evening Telegraph(10)(3)


22 May 2012 11:24:42
Swansea are very close to signing Burnley skipper Chris Mccann for 1.5M(13)(7)No chancePlease take him, I would gladly pay for his taxi, he is a shocking player not what he once wasThis won't happen. Unless we sign clayton to fill in for McCannI really hope they are, poor player and defiantly not captain material


22 May 2012 11:23:27
Neil Warnock seems to have had an initial approach for Jon Stead rebuffed. Stead is said to be interested in joining Warnocks new regime at Leeds and favours a switch back to his home county of Yorkshire. Reports indicate Leeds will have to meet a seven figure valuation set by Bristol City.(14)(13)Stead has said he is more than happy down bristol,and if we r going to offer a 7 figure sum then they will accept it without doubt and be laughing all the way to the bankHes worth nowhere near 7 figures. 500k more reasonable but hes crap anyway.Stead says no way is he leaving as he feels settled in bristol and leeds would be a backward stepIm a city fan and stead loves bristol so he wouldn't wanna leave but leeds wouldn't be a backwards stepLeeds would be a backward step from Bristol City? remember that probably the worst Leeds team in recent history claimed a 3-0 win at Ashton Gate this season....He didn't say it would be a backward step, he said it WOULDNT be. And congratulations u beat a struggling team who had 9 men


22 May 2012 11:19:41
Words spoken by Robert Snodgrass yesterday on LUTV seem to indicate his patience is running out which will alert the likes of Cardiff and Norwich. He says he will leave it while June to see if Warnock will deliver on his promise of new players.(22)(3)He won't go to a Championship teamWe shall see!! More to this than meets the eye!!Cardiff got no chance!


22 May 2012 11:19:06
bit awkward when all the wednesday fans say its def info that they're signing Joel Ward, considering they've just backed out!(11)(7)


22 May 2012 11:16:32
Leicesters Andy King is a surprise target for Fulham and Aston Villa. Leicester want around 1.5m for their previous prized asset as he is currently out of the form which drew interest at 3m.(6)(7)Rubbish, even if he had a poor season, he has been one of our top players in the previous 3 why would we let him go at such a low priceHe is the most overrated player in the championship. If we can get rid and get some money for him as well, it would be great business.


22 May 2012 11:00:25
Doyle wants to stay at wolves(13)(9)


22 May 2012 10:50:23
Boro close to signing Emmanuel Ledesma from Walsall.(8)(4)Rubbish!It's true sly spurts news


22 May 2012 10:49:15
looks like it's a two horse race between palace and ipswich to sign joel ward, after ward rejected leeds and admitted that blackpool and sheffield wednesday were too far away.(8)(18)Leeds deal still favourite according to press this morningH. What planet are you on?! He's agreed to join Leeds in principle, where he's always WANTED to move, and that will be confirmed tomorrow. The only competition was Wednesday, a proper club on the same scale, and I hear they just pulled out of a deal. Should be tied up by Warnock tomorrow, along with Halford.
wallyWard has signed for Blackpool after meeting his new team mates at Wembley on Saturday.How can he go to leeds when warnock is on holiday and leeds cant even afford him?! i will laugh at you when he dont sign for leeds it might not be ipswich but it definetly aint leedsOh very sorry...we aren't a proper club evidently, even though we've won numerous trophies during the years. Your arrogance is astounding. It's clubs and supporters like you and yours that get right on my wick. I quite like Sheffield weds but can't bear you lot.He's going to Leeds or BrightonLeeds can definitely afford to pay for himwhat planet you on?NW on holiday AFTER 25th so he is still here

NW has stated so many times when is going on hols!

Unless you av booked him in somewhere!Joel Ward will be playing at Blackpool next seasonHey ipswich fans! Im a leeds fan and ican tell you guys now theres serious problems at elland rd with our chairman not giving nw money. Leeds were supposed to have wrapped wards deal up last week but nw didnt get the money he was promised. So just thought ide let you know your the favourites to snap him up now. Also you can offer more wages. JakeHey leeds fans just to let u know ipswich have no money at all bosmans for us


22 May 2012 10:49:01
Joe Lewis to sign for Cardiff on thursday or friday as back up to David Marshall(13)(7)99% done deal.


22 May 2012 10:45:47
Ipswich are targetting Nott's County's Alan Judge to build on there younger players programe, and Judge at 23 fits the bill(7)(7)


22 May 2012 10:35:46
24-year-old Kamara is currently with Dulwich Hamlet, having only arrived in English football with Margate in 2010.

After an excellent campaign with Dulwich, a host of league clubs are now ready to offer him a route into professional football.

Sky Sports understands that Stevenage, Crawley, Northampton and Bournemouth are all keen on landing him.

And Kamara's team-mate Omarr Lawson also looks on course for the Football League.

He spent time on trial at Portsmouth and, more recently, Watford - who remain keen on him.

However, Charlton, Nottingham Forest, Brentford and also Stevenage are also keen on the teenage forward.(5)(2)You forgot to copy and paste the first line of the story.This sounds like an agent sending out the feelers. Nice try. The Crawley one is nonsense btw.Hope notOld news where have u beenBrentford should go for richard barrilohet from fulhamOr daruis vassel who was realesed by lesiter city


22 May 2012 10:26:16
MIDDLESBROUGH FC have held talks with Ledsma as he is a free transfer and also talks have been held with grant Ledbetter both too be given contracts and signed in a couple of weeks Nicky Bailey may be sold too fund more transfers(4)(7)Love to have rid of nicky baily his passing is awfulYou know nothing about football nicky bailey is our best passer of the ball with out a doubtOkay mate thats why he was 2nd in the player of the season vote?Bailey's one of our best players at the moment, his passing's fine and his tackling is quality. Would love to keep him but if it means getting a bit of money; let him go.Just shut up everyone thinks baileys good ....face it hes utter pishRather sell others than him the likes of mcdonald and thomson get lita backSell Thomson over Bailey anyday.Thomson been awful this season. sell him 1millBaily is horrific..Thompson has been injured loads and plus we have still got Smallwood I say sell baileyI'd sell him for nowt as long as he gets off the wage bill. hope he gets leadbitter but don't know much about ledesma. anyone know what he's like.


22 May 2012 10:23:35
Just seen Franck Moussa back at B2NET with his agent. He wants to come back.(5)(2)


22 May 2012 10:08:50
west ham ..big sam told he has to sell b4 he can buy with the fact most of his players have contract clauses on premership wages if premoted..forget about big bids of 6 or 7m for players it wont be happening(16)(11)


22 May 2012 10:07:13
STOKE city teenage midfielder florent cuvelier signing new contract and promised first team football this season and wont be going on loan(11)(2)Pulis has said he can be loaned out for one more season. A few Championship clubs including Watford are interested. He's a hot prospect. All the fuss made re Marshall leaving- this guy is 10 x the player.Really hope Flo gets his chance in the prem this season, seen him on the training ground and he looks awesome, BUT Pulis hates youth so won't be holding my breath.


22 May 2012 10:02:36
Derby County are set for a Busy
Summer with replacing players

Michael Jacobs-Northampton
Fegor Ogude-Vfc
Krystian Pearce-Notts county
Paul Dixon-Dundee united
Johnny Russell-Dundee united
Havard Nielsen-Vfc
Karleigh Osbourne-Free Transfer

James Baily
Steve Davies
Chris Maguire
Paul green
Miles Addison
Lee croft
James Severn
Chris Jones
Aaron cole
Alex Witham

The top three first team players have
been confirmed to be leaving
on the club site


22 May 2012 09:58:33
Derby are trying to swap Forward Steven Davies with Leeds Midfielder Adam Clayton

Clayton expected at Moor Farm For Talks today(8)(12)I wish we could do that . I think the rams should sign 2 of the 3: rob hulse he's been released by qpr. Craig Beattie contract expired and even though his wage might be to high darius vasell


22 May 2012 09:56:14
Swansea to offer Dobbie and a little bit of money (around £250k) for Blackpool's Ince!SwanseaJack999(2)(18)Ince is a loan player Jackass! {Ed007's Note - Is that the same Tom Ince that signed a two year contract with Blackpool last August?}Ince has already said he is stayingInce is going nowhere, read the papers and listen to his TV interveiw, he's staying at Blackpool get over it and look elsewhereDreaming thereBlackpool don't have any interest in signing Anthony Wordaworth.Umm naa were going for matty phillips for 2m plus dobbie(1million)Lol ince is a loan player get your facts right he was let go by liverpool free agent signed for blackpool lol would be a welcomed edition to the swans.... dobbie plus two million bargin buy


22 May 2012 09:56:07
Stoke City;

Jarvis, Deal done with club just
waiting for the player
Owen, free transfer pay as you play
Defoe, Tottenham are playing hardball
and are asking for huth but stoke
are determined to keep him and he
wants to stay expect him to sign a new contract.
Pulis is also looking at a number of
CM and has been scouting abroad
but if he can fiind a prem CM that
would be preferred.

Ricardo Fuller, will look at offers
Mama Sidibe, Released
Diao, Released
Kenwyne Jones, thats if someone will
take him
Tonge, championship
Soares, Championship
Davis, whoever wants

Some youth players will go on loan;
Culliver, championship
lund and moult league 1 or
championship(11)(12)Huth looks likely to leave- a Dutch centre half is on Stoke's wanted list.

Defoe was hours away from joining on loan in Jan.

Jarvis will join in June

Owen depends on how talks go next week.

Plenty of interest in Jones but Stoke want the right price. There is a clause in his contract which he hasn't reached which will trigger another payment to Sunderland so Stoke will cash in.

Stoke want Gardner from SunderlandStoke wont be listening to offers for him as they are releasing him, mama will not go yet, TP is standing by him following his injurys and has pledged commitment to do so.

Doubt huth will go, dispite being hot property, him and Shawcross have formed a formidable parnership.Explain why Huth in nearly 12 months hasn't signed a new contract despite having one on the table since August? Pulis has promised that Sidibe will get a good pay looked afterSidibe is crocked and will never play again, TP and Coates have vowed to stand by him so will probably offer him a coaching role, ambassador position or such like.Sidibe been give another one year contract
Source = The Sential ( Local Stoke paper )


22 May 2012 09:39:52
Grant Holt has been persuaded to stay at Norwich and has siged a 3 year deal making him the highest paid player at the club - The deciding factor was that Paul Lambert has given his assurances that he will be staying for at least the next season and that he has a decent transfer kitty to add to the squad.(13)(19)And you got this information from where exactly...C'mon! Why do people keep making things up? Stupid stupid stupid...... I'd love Lambo and Holty to stay, but where the .... does this come from??


22 May 2012 09:36:02
reading are after
or even both if the tsi deal go through(8)(18)Defoe's wages puts him out of reach. I fancy Yakabu but QPR are also after him and will just throw money at him and blow Reading out of it


22 May 2012 09:22:41
Dagenham & Redbridge have released Arber, Nurse, Walsh, Gain & McCrory.(5)(0)Ogogo has agreed a new deal as well which shows how much some people on here know.


22 May 2012 09:06:20
Just heard on Radio Derby that Steve Davis has been put on the transfer list.Reason being he has turned down an extension on his contract due to family reasons.(11)(3)


22 May 2012 09:04:30
Chelsea are going to bring in a lot of players this summer to make way for some of the golden oldies such as Drogba and Lampard.
players in

S Taylor(8)(23)Why would they want Baines when they have Cole and Bertrand?
Taylor for what, cleaning the first teams boots...Why would we want any of them playersBecause cavani is 1 of the best strikers on the planet and yous have no1 now that the drog has leftChelsea are intrested in cavani but would prefer falcao chelsea are also trying to sighn hazard and lucas moura and are looking at several options for Rb a few of which are VDW, danny simpson ,ceaser,kylewalker


22 May 2012 08:59:08
Nurse released :( by daggers(6)(2)


22 May 2012 08:56:02
Charlton are to tie up a permanent deal for Darel Russell in the coming weeks.(3)(3)Plz lett this be a joke
he is rubbish
kaylem1300Nope they're notCharlton would like to thank Darrel Russell for his efforts last year, he will not be joining them however and any Charlton fan would know why.


22 May 2012 08:54:28
Chelsea ins this summer

James Milner
Anew(4)(19)Do you mean ayewWhy hulk, every time I see this guy play I keep wondering if he's the same player the press rave about. Vastly overrated and massively over priced.

He is also probably one of the biggest cheats i have seen for a long time.If hes a cheat then hes the perfect replacement for drog.heard hes off to finish his career in hollywood


22 May 2012 08:49:50
eric huseklepp ius closes to sealing the deal with championship club watford. After Birmingham rejecting to sign him permantly, his departure from portsmouth was immenent. Portsmouth and watford have agreed a fee of 300,000 after fighting of competition from ipswich and leeds.(10)(6)Decent player, very fair price, I suppose with our good league finish we can definitely compete with teams like Ipswich and Leeds. He would probably start in most games so sounds good.Where did you here this?So wish this was true cant see it happening, source?Im not sure we will sell him for 300,000 we bought him for 1.5mil. I know we cant be picky but it will have to be higherI thinCk he is a striker. Could possibly replace iwelumo as watford are trying to get rid of him after a poor season.Huseklepp? What planet are you on?! He's quality and if that's the fee that he's worth then Leeds or Ipswich will definately snap him up. Watford are a mess, you shouldn't have to release four youth players before their contracts are up. That's some serious issue there^ The players we released were not any good, and almost every team has financial constraints. How you can say we're a mess compared to Leeds is beyond me, and Ipswich aren't particularly any more attractive.

What I will say is that 300k seems too cheap.When exactly did we release 4 youth team players before their contracts were up? Check your facts before you post.Before you say Watford are a mess you need to have a long hard look at your own team. That's where the real mess is and also get your facts right next timeI've seen this name in relation to watford around a few rumours websties , it was in paper gossip section, i will try and find source to back this up. Being a watford fan i hope this is true as iv'e watched huseklepp seem quite pacey which is what watford look lie they could do withLeeds aren't in a financial mess at all. Yes Bates is tight but we are operating at a profit at the moment and our small debts are now managable. The only problem Leeds will have when trying to finish off deals is the wages that Bates is willing to pay as he still believes we can sign players and pay them league 1 wages of around 5000 pw when infact we should be paying over 10000We didn't even release 4 youth players! we released our backup goalkeeper who wasn't tht great nd we hav a better backup in our acadamy, one defender who we signed from non league last seaon but wasn't good enough, a youth player who at 20 had failed to make an appearance, and a winger who started well but now even bradford wouldn't play him. we havn't even released them. we just told them they wouldn't be renewed. just because sky sports had a ridiculous story about us not being able to afford them doesn't mean its true. all teams release youth players. are you saying arsenal are a mess because released 6 youht players yesterday?!Will certainly take more than 300k to buy him, even with Pompey's difficulties, would think 500k min..........and a great deal at that price too!^ I dunno about Leeds but 5k p/w is not league 1 wages. Except for the most experienced who are closer to 10k p/w that's our budget. But yes for youngish up and coming players like Clayton you need to offer a bit or there's no loyalty.300000 your having a laughHe was bought for over 1.5m hes not going for 300000We bought Ellington for 4m but we didn't get any money back for him, in the state Portsmouth are in, you would be best off selling him for anything you can.


22 May 2012 08:49:18
James Milner to sign for Chelsea this summer for 20 million(11)(25)


22 May 2012 08:48:29
Bradford are interested in signing Izale Mcleod after he was released from Barnet. Other Clubs intrested are Swindon, Peterborough, Gillingham, Huddersfield and Doncaster(8)(11)He won't go to Bradford, Huddersfield or Doncaster as he is settled in his home and is is not willing to travel long distances.
Gillingham and Swindon are possible destinations as is Northampton
SOURCE - I spoke to his wife in their coffee shop in MKEven though Peterborough choose not to sign him a year ago, because he couldn't cut it in the ChampionshipWell I've heard that PP is very interested because he was at charlton when Mcleod was thereThink he might sign for swindon di canio did speak about him a few times.. be the physical presence he wants as well


22 May 2012 08:34:26
Southend to sign Kuffour after being released from Gillingham(6)(6)Southend are skint. They cannot afford Kuffour, dream another one up.I wishKuffour's not good enough for Southend there are plenty of better players out there that are cheaper.Southend aren't skint anymore get your facts right!How are we skint? that was 2 years agoUr still skint look at ur ground its awfullToo many southend hatersHe is good enough for usBrady, Sturrock and Martin put all their eggs in one basket this season on promotion. They failed. You are skint. Liquidated by Xmas, Simples! Kuffour would never join you, far too good.Okay then if we are not liquidated by Xmas you can come on this site and on the supporters website and say how stupid and deluded you are. Deal?We are not skint you obviously know nothingOur ground is awful? who do you support? no doubt a team with a characterless stadium like colchesterWait until you find out how many players and staff have not been paid for April and May and then tell me you're not skint. Failing to get promotion = administration.


22 May 2012 08:20:32
Any City news Ed? {Ed001's Note - which City?}(3)(4)Bradford.York! .


22 May 2012 08:19:26
Fulham are in advance talks with Jordan Rhode's people over a move which will be for £6mil dependant on appearances. Also they want Matt Jarvis but Wolves want around £8 mil which fulham are willing to pay but only if deals for Hernandez n Assaidi don't happen. Also Danny Simpson is a major target at RB. Narsingh has annoyed fulham with his divering so is likely to join Ajax but Nacir Chadli is very much still in the pic along with Defoe.(6)(16)Jarvis is valued at ten million by Wolves , up the ante kidda.I doubt anyone is in talks with Rhodes at the moment, seen as he has still got a match to play.Fulham's bid for Jordan Rhodes has infact already been accepted and he will be a Fulham player by the end of the week. 3.5m rising to 6m.


22 May 2012 08:17:47
David Ball is to join Huddersfield Town from Peterborough for £300k(9)(2)Can't see this happening to be honest, especially if Uddersfield get promoted.


22 May 2012 08:15:35
Peterborough are one of a number of Championship clubs interested in signing Dundee Utd's injury prone Scottish international midfielder Danny Swanson. The player will be holding talks with Posh boss Darren Ferguson this week over a possible move. Source- P'boro Evening Telegraph.(6)(5)Will never happen. Other clubs much bigger want him!Won't be happening, sounds as if he is here there and everywhere this week. Won't have the fundage to make this happen


22 May 2012 08:14:38
Danny Swanson from Dundee United is set to sign for Peterborough United.(8)(5)


22 May 2012 08:13:33
Torres drops transfer hints a plenty. Move to man u on the cards?(19)(24)


22 May 2012 08:12:27
Confirmed - Steve Davies has rejected the 3 year deal derby have offered and so is up for transfer. Derby County will now step up their search of a 20 goals a season striker.(8)(2)


22 May 2012 08:12:27
Ba to Manchester united for £7M. Not Chelsea as reported.(7)(26)From where did this news came!Fifa 12 id say


22 May 2012 07:35:07
Any TOON news Ed?
Bradley Burton, here!!!! {Ed025's Note - no brad..(3)(11)


22 May 2012 07:29:36
Peterborough to sign Stevenages Michael Bostwick for 250k + George Boyd.
Boydies in his last year of his contract and wants to move, but any transfer we have to give 35% to Stevenage so makes sense really!(2)(29)So Boydy is going to lower himself rather than better himself! lmaoI thought Boyds' sell on fee to Stevenage was bought out by MacanthonyY would Boyd go down a league when he to ood for PeterboroughNever gonna happen. Im a Posh fan and Boyd is better than League 1 and worth a lot more than Bostwick..A nothing post, will never happenI would love George boyd backBostwick is awful, no thanks {Ed025's Note - its good for glueing aifix models..


22 May 2012 07:17:49
Leeds, Ipswich and Bristol City are targeting transfer listed striker Steve Davies after the 24 year old striker rejected a new 3 year deal. It is thought that Leeds have bidded 1 million(17)(13)MATE ARE YOU MAD!? Warnock will go for some random guys that we have never heard off as usual.
KONY 2014Who does he play for never heard of himLeeds don't have one million to spend, we havn't even got 400k for joel ward.Derby county, he was offered a new two year deal but turned it down for family deals. Not a bad player good in the air and shooting from long distance, but very injury prone. In the past three seasons he's had a fractured skull, fractured eye socket and hamstring injuries just to name a few!!


22 May 2012 07:16:26
Chelsaa considering massive investment from quatri royal family to help fund move from bridge potential 5bn cost to re locate including developing site and underground station development residential and commercial element US embassy issue at battersea should be over come(4)(20)Chelsea should move to the US or Quatar.5bn for a new stadium?!? real madrid are supposedly building an entire island in the middle east for less than half of thatIsnt this particular royal family already involved with paris st germain? i think they are, so there goes your rumour up in smoke.5bn where they building it on the moon


22 May 2012 06:39:42
Simon corny Oldham chairman has confirmed Kieran lee has left Oldham and signed for Sheffield Wednesday !(19)(1)


22 May 2012 05:20:17
Left winger/left back Jernade Meade to sign for Watford after his contract expires at Arsenal this summer.(8)(5)Looks like a decent prospect. Where did you hear about this?In a dream I had last night.No thank youThis guy wasn't on the release list yesterday so is there a source you could back this up with?


22 May 2012 04:11:45
QPR to make use of uncertainty at Villa & Wigan by making bids for Given & Moses. It's is also believed that Danny Simpson, Del Piero, Rob Green, Junior Hoilett & Matt Jarvis are all on Rangers radar.(7)(30)Absolutely no chance. You are just naming all West Ham targetsWell del piero is retiredDel you really are struggling. I heard Patrick kluivert is free too? Signed him while ya at it aswell...What clubs are not looking at them players lol stiff compation from bigger and better clubs..and personal who wants to play infront of 18k fans at a home game?No jarvis to southampton, simpson to stay at the geordies all others possibilities !West ham? They'll be lucky to get joe cole this summer. Del Piero would be brilliant, sells alot of jerseys.All the westham targets. dont make laugh. all teams in this position are after the same targets. from a mutual perspective i belive qpr have a better chance of getting their signatures over westham because of the team their building and the plans theyve made.What does playin infront of bigger crowds at home count for? all they care about is the money they will be being paid. plus why would bigger and better clubs go after players that are just average?QPR will just outbid WestHam for any targets they may have in common, simple as that. we have money, you dont.De piero goin arsenal or qprDe piero ain't retired. he'll be a free agentWhy would Moses go to QPR? sideways step


22 May 2012 03:48:54
Despite being on the verge of announcing a deal to control the Keepmoat Stadium (which is currently being run by Doncaster Council's Stadium Management Company), Doncaster Rovers financial situation is weaker than most think and without tight financial management the club could be facing the threat of administration in the new season.(12)(7)What a ridiculous rumour, the club's in a fine financial situation.A very ill informed and irresponsible comment. The club is certainly run on a tight budget, but this has always been a policy since the return to the Football League and it will continue to be run in this manner whilst John Ryan has any involvement in the club.


22 May 2012 03:48:52
Rudi Skacel didn't want to move to league 2 maybe he'll move to League 1 with Crawley. He's out of contract had talks in Jan and he has said his mind was made up in Jan. Was something put in place?(9)(9)He's too good for league one. When he played for Saints he was unreal.Looks like he'll be moving to the League in USA if he doesn't get another contract from Hearts.He's moving to America


22 May 2012 02:53:21
West Ham to bid £6.5m for Chung -Yong Lee to further add to the former Bolton players already at the hammers.

Big Sam sees him as a key signing and believes the lure of a bigger Club like West Ham can see a deal completed soon.(20)(18)Bigger club. LOLOn their way back to the brink of administrationLMAO. Who do west hame think they areWestham is by far a bigger club than bolton, bolton no history."West ham is by far a bigger club than bolton, bolton no history."

Every club has history, its irrelevant what west ham have done in the past, try living in the present.Well in the present west ham are in the PL league and bolton in the championship so looks like west ham are bigger
arsenal fan here btwWest ham is bigger club period. You sound delusional. It is not just about history.. The club itself has a lot bigger value than bolton and a lot more supporters as well.That's why west ham lost half there fan base when they went down and still dont like big Sam even though it's him that has promoted them single handedlyBolton sre bigger club fact. we may be in the championship now but west have have been the twice in as many years fact. plus we always take 6 points off you fact. COYWMSo last year we where the bigger club going off Arsenals logic? We beat westspam pretty much every time we play them.If chung was to leave bolton which he wont i cant see him leaving for a yoyo club like west ham


22 May 2012 02:25:54
After having a bid of around £500,000 accepted over the weekend the signing of Dean Moxey from Crystal Palace to Sheffield Wednesday is likely to go through in the next 48 hours. It is believed that Moxey has almost doubled his wage in the move up north.

Palace are also extremely close to confirming the signing of Tunchev and Dumbuya, both on frees. Palace were hoping to win the race for Portsmouths Joel Ward but the increased interest has reportedly put the asking price from £300k to almost £500k and Palace see Dumbuya as a better alternative.(10)(11)The fee for Ward has not changed as it has been pre agreed with the Administrators. There are other cost issues related to the deal including payments due to Ward. Similar to the deal that saw Pearce move to Leeds, where Leeds paid deferred wages and agents fees on top of the feeMakes sense, shame about Ward who is probably the better playerThe Moxey to sheffield wednesday bit is rubbish, the rest is true apart from freedman saying dumbuya is no longer a target.Fact, MOXEY is STAYING
Ward will sign on Wednesday
Dumbuya is no longer a target as Dougir confirmed at the fans forum
Tuchev will sign on WednesdayMoxey leaving Palace - I really can not see it.
We should still try and get Dumbuya as he did well when on loan


22 May 2012 01:48:24
RVP to leave the gunners to Barca with David Villa going the other way.(12)(37)I would deffo take that if i were Wenger!


22 May 2012 01:47:58
Nicky Hunt (ex-Bolton) to sign for Rotherham United after PNE release.(18)(5)Definitely on RUFC's wishlist.Completed the signing


22 May 2012 01:24:58
Tranmere Rovers have signed Shrewsbury Town captain Ian Sharps on a 2 year deal.(11)(8)Cracking lad. Good luck to him and thanks for all his effortsHe's having a medical at Rotherham. He's not going to Tranmere.Signed for RotherhamHes signed for rotherhamJoined rotherham


22 May 2012 01:21:14
Gary Hooper has no indicated that he is thinking about his future over the next week.
The feeling is with rangers in dire trouble, there is a lack of competition in the SPL. southampton are on high alert(15)(16)If he has any ambition he has to head to EPL. Saints would be good for him. Ambitious, on the up, he'd start a lot. If he wants to just win endless cups against league 1 standard opposition and play in the prelims of the CL then we don't want a player with such a lack of drive.This talk of Saints "being on high alert" is a little silly. Saints professionalism is second to none and they will have been in regular contact with Hoopers agent and Celtic since January.
I believe it will only be down to valuation now and whether Hooper feels Saints are right for him-can't see Saints trying for someone if their attitude is not 100%.Be strange considering he has insisted for so long that he is happy in the SPL and the prospect of CL football?

I'm a Saints fan, so not trying to stir anything, in my opinion we have stated our price, they have said no and stated their asking price. We can't agree. Hooper is happy in Celtic and not complaining. We should all just move on without arguments and club size (sorry not particularly pertinent to the initial post, but always worth emphasising I'm not supportive of continual stirring BS, so unless there is a source then let it die). {Ed007's Note -Prospect of CL Football!?

What...............both qualifying legs!? ;)So what Celtic have to play 2 qualifiers big deal, they have a good chance since they will not come up against any top clubs really. and when Celtic came up against the top club and winners atletico m and juventis they held thier own and really should have advanced in the hardest group in europa. think all your eyes will open when they are in the CL and making some noise. Yous dish out shiat to Celtic even though your club is small, you will be no where near what Celtic is even with the millions you get from the english leagues.^^
Celtic isnt a big team, man utd,chelsea, madrid, arsenal, barca,milan and soo on r big clubs. Celtic will never make noise in cl not with the teams above listed in there. Group stage if lucky!Look Celtic lot. Saints are not a small club. They are a medium size club who always punch above our weight, decent fanbase, good stadium, brilliant academy, billionaire owners. Small clubs are what you play every other week with one man and his dog in a shack.
Celtic are a big club in SPL nowhere else, insignificant on the euro stage, living off successes of about 30 or 40 years ago, only play in the CL because Scotland only has 2 clubs and one of them is bankrupt.
The tit for tat is pointless. It comes down to this. If Hooper has serious ambitions to represent England he has to move south. He won't improve as a player playing against dross like Kilmarnock and Aberdeen each week. Even at a lower end or mid table EPL club he is up against top players nearly each and every week. So it's down to his own ambitions. That simple really!Any player that goes to a team outside the top 6 in the epl must me the least ambitious players out these players will never win anything and their biggest achievement is to pick up three points now and then inbetween the occasional thrashing sky tv cash runs all the clubs not the supporters the esp is nothing more than a glorified playstation game {Ed025's Note - make that top 7..Sound a bit jealous of us being in the big league Celtic? You'd love a bit of it wouldn't you? You need it a whole lot more than it needs you though, plus join the EPL and say goodbye to CL football and any trophies. Oh the dilemma!! I suspect you'll settle for your tinpot cups and telling everyone what a massive club you are for another 50 yearszzzzzzzzYa we would like to join the epl just to get some respect and show you lot that we would be neat the top in the position of the europa or CL the money we would get would only make Celtic even stronger.
and what about your club? are they winning trophies or even coming not good player in spl? well it seems to me that everton is enjoying there strivker lightin it up and where did he come from? and why is it all epl try and get spl players? because they are not good?
and this whole ambition thing, would you go to an epl team just to sit on the bench and maybe get 2-5 games a season, or play reg on the team and play against better players in CL then in epl?hhhmmm, the ones that are not turned by money and say no to epl has more ambition then most, for how do you playing no matter who is your against, talent is talent.
and Celtic is a big club because it is well known and loved around the world and is amongst the top 30 clubs in the world.^^
1. The EPL fans are not disrespecting Celtic. They are just bored of hearing you talk about being a big club when this is based on nothing other than you winning the European cup 40 odd years ago.
2. You would not finish near the top of the EPL. Yes you would get more money to Invest but you are light years behind the Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea. There is barely a single player on your books who would make their squads. If you spent wisely and had a great season you would be in the mix with Toon, Liverpool, Everton, Sunderland. So fighting for 6th to 10th.
3. Nobody has talked about saints winning trophies or being a big club or bigger than Celtic. There is genuine talk of one of your players joining us. That is a fact. Don't be so touchy, makes you sound like your threatened by lil old saints
4. EPL are not always taking the SPL players because they are great. Good SPL players move south because it is a great, competitive league packed with talent. Great players from all over the globe come to the EPL. As for Jelavic. Yeah he's a good striker who moved to the EPL to advance his career? What's your point?
5. You talk of Hooper being sat on the bench?! So your suggesting one of your best players wouldn't be good enough to start at sides in the EPL?! Wow way to make a case for the strength of Celtic's squad!
6. Celtic in the top 30 clubs in the world? Maybe. Seeing as there are 7 or 8 EPL clubs in that group, it kinds of blows a hole in your argument that you'd compete in the EPL. Do you think when the CL draw is made the Milan's and Barca's and Man U's are worried about being grouped with Celtic? Your just an awkward side for them to negotiate before the tournament really gets started. Big club in Scotland, in Europe? Just also rans, sorry. The fanbase thing is a myth too. All Irish people support Celtic? Never met a single one. They all support Utd and Liverpool.Celtic are not a big club? thats lies, they are one of the biggest clubs in the world and if you put celtic fans and barca fans in the same stadium your guarenteed celic fans will make more noise. the spl is really poor, but why would any player want to play with southampton? yous will never win a trophy and wont get european football. celtic have a young promising team and if not this year then next year the will reach the group stages in the champions league. and any decent footballer would rather play against the best teams in the world than finish in the bottom half of the premier league^^
Oh dear. Celtic are a big club in comparison to Dundee and St Johnstone. Compared to Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Milan, Juve, Barca, Madrid, Bayern etc etc. it's relative. What are the criteria for a big club? Finance, European history both past and recent, fanbase, commercial success. Roll these all together and your miles behind the teams named above and many others. In Asia, Africa, far east and other places worldwide nobody gives a st about Celtic?! They watch the EPL and Spanish league and support those teams. The global audience follows the CL too and as Celtic don't ever progress past the first set of groups then why would they be appealing to a global audience.
Celtic fans sound as if they are stuck in the 70's. The football world has moved on at speed but whilst you've been stuck in your little SPL fishbowl it's whizzed past you. You whine about EPL being the money league? Well this is jealousy, nothing else. The EPL is an exciting, competitive league packed with homegrown and world talent that is watched by millions and millions all over the globe. The SPL is a crappy little league that nobody watches and the sides in it get weaker and weaker each year. Funny how you never complain about the money generated by Spanish and italian clubs though!
Also please stop talking about Celtic and Europe. You play in the early stages of it and then get ko'd, similar to a plucky non league side in the FA cup! CL football isn't a draw for Celtic players as you don't really play in it properly. Europa league is Mickey mouse, spurs played their reserves in it. Enough said.
Why would anyone play for saints? Well a place in the most sought after league in the world and to play against world class players every week. Trophies? Don't make me laugh. Finishing bottom half is more worthy than any Mickey mouse cups to be won in Scotland. Probably worth more financially too. If Celtic are such a massive club and Southampton were so poor and if all these riches and trophies and wonderful fans and CL football(??) at Celtic is so much better than a place in the EPL would Hooper not just come out and say thanks for the interest but it's great here and I'm staying? He hasn't done that though has he? I'm not saying he'll sign, for the record I have a feeling he won't for whatever reason but the fact that it is still being discussed and it's still a possibility speaks volumes about any apparent gulf between these two clubs.Celtic have always been a big club, good stadium with big fan base but i think the gulf between the spl and epl has widened in recent years probaly due to the money u get in the epl which has made it the strongest in the world and the decline of the other teams in spl with financial prob etc.. i dont think it makes u a big club cause u outsing the other team thou lol we outsung the arsenal in the fa cup final handsdown even though we lost 1-0 but were not bigger, what southampton are at the mo is ambitious, thats why players wil want to join us. people dont realise were not the same club that spent 27 years in the topflight punching above our weight anymore with no money, we have wealthy owners now, were actualy the 5th or 6th richest club in the world now, but we havant even needed to spend that much yet compared to other teams in the chapionship for example, because the club is so well run under the leadership of cortese and adkins, instead weve been spendind money behind the scenes for the futre, upgrading our training facilitys spending 15 mil and getting ready to increase capacity to 55k, actualy we did win a trophy a few seasons back, ok it was the st johnsons cup a kinda league cup for div 1 but we took 50k supporters to that game and applied for another 20k tickets which wembley wouldnt let us have, even though cortese ofered to pay for extra stewards etc.. theres not many teams that could take 70k to that final, our support is big now we took 12k or more to sum away games last year, we also have a top academy along with arsenals its the best in england, producing the likes of bale, walcot and chamberlain in recent years and going back alan shearer and matt le tissier..oh and scott mcdonald remember him? he scored twice against u for motherwell and cost u the title to rangers, u then bought him and he scored 51 goals in 88 games, he couldnt get near our first team when were in the prem back then, i did see him play in a testimonal for us once and i thought he looked good but rupurt lowe our chairman then was playing along side him up front.. lol but with regards to the hooper deal i'd say it was 50-50 , one thing in our favour thou is that he knows adkins from Scunthorpe but see what happens i heard celtic have offered him a new contract, so there obviously trying to keep him..


22 May 2012 01:12:08
Ed is there any truth in vassel going to barnsley? {Ed025's Note - not sure pal..(11)(4)Probably no truth at all b nice to get some big names to club but big names cost money we avnt got


22 May 2012 00:56:45
Huddersfield winger Gary Roberts to join rivals Oldham Athletic on a free transfer.(5)(13)Is hi 4 sureNo chance, wage would be too much for us since huddersfield overpay all their players


22 May 2012 00:00:12
Can confirm from sources Ole Gunnar will be our new manager. DO NOT listen to stories about lambert, Martinez etc. Ole is our man!

Custom Made x(6)(31)You're right. He'll do West Brom the power of good.He,s gone from the Norwegian 3rd division to aston viler, a real backward step for ole.


21 May 2012 23:51:49
oxford to make first summer signing tomorrow, sean rigg from port vale(17)(6)Done and dusted, a good solid signing for League 2, i can see Oxford challenging top 3.Oxford also to announce signing of Izale McLeod after holding talks with many clubs including Portsmouth & Millwall.Oxford to sign McLeod after release from Barnet. Also in talks with Lee Holmes who is currently unhappy with his time at Swindon.


21 May 2012 23:30:57
Leeds to sign joel ward from pompey on wednesday on a four year contract for a fee in the region of 500k(21)(17)Just get on with it this has been dragged out for far to longSo he is signing for little Ipswich, dirty Leeds and massive owls?Truth is nobody knows until he signs for somebody on Wednesday (that is the date reported for a decision to be made). According to the press Leeds are still the most likely destination although Wednesday have 1 day to hijack that.He has already rejected Leeds, and Sheff Wed have pulled out. Realistically it is between Palace and Ipswich"little Ipswich, dirty Leeds and massive owls?"

Some people are so immatureSheff Wed have pulled out, and Palace look to have lost interest, Leeds wont or cant pay out 500'000, so we think its Ipswich now in the driving seat, expect Joel Ward's decision by WednesdayWard will sign for Palace trust meSo immature they are worth ignoring!Ward has all but signed for leeds...had a medical today... another cog in the warnock machine which is destined for the premireship...MOT!!He hasn't rejected anyone. If anyone is favourite at the moment it is Leeds due to Pearce and Ward being "two peas in a pod". But nobody knows where he will be going yet.



21 May 2012 21:34:27
after a first season in the football league danny kedwell has been linked with a move to crewe and former team afc wimbledon(12)(9)Haha great signing a club on the up... :p notHe'll have another year or two left on a decent wage for Lge 2 - Be very surprised if he came back to us. I wouldn't have thought he'd sign for a northern team - he didn't like travelling to London from Kent when he played for AFCW!


21 May 2012 21:31:47
Dani Pacheco will snub Norwich ciy and moe to serie A newboys Torino. The italians could also move for unsettled arsenal star Sebastien Squillacci(7)(37)It depends upon who the next Liverpool manager is!'star'? 32 year old defender who is slow and can't defend for cheese


21 May 2012 21:30:48
Mansfield Town to sign defender John Dempster on a free transfer,Michael Coulson from Grimsby,Stuart Fleetwood from Luton for a big fee,Gary Seddon from Fleetwood and re-sign Colin Larkin who has been released from Hartlepool.Also players to leave are :Kendrick,Bolland,Bell,Hutchinson,Mitchley,Craven and possibly Smith while Briscoe will be up for sale with Forest Green interested.(10)(7)Having failed again to get promotion there is no doubt that the squad will need to be changed, especially with the chairman promising promotion in 2012/13 !!!


21 May 2012 21:25:30
Nico Yennaris(season loan), Lloyd Sam an Lateef Elford-alliyu to sign for Scunthorpe this week(8)(11)I look forward to this lot all signing by the end of out, there's a flying pig over there!


21 May 2012 21:15:39
Argyle are looking at bringing in the following players
Ashley Hemmings
Steve Howard
Rory Drake
Damien McCrory
Jonathan Read
Ryan Rowe
Juhvel Tsoumou
Alex MacDonald
Tom Wood
Dan Crane

A few of these have been playing in the lower leagues this year but Fletcher looks ready to test his luck(16)(5)


21 May 2012 21:23:02
Released baggie Somen Tchoyi attracting inteest from Blackburn, West ham and Cercle brugge(23)(1)


21 May 2012 21:02:33
Burnley are close to signing Geal Bigirimana from Coventry City, Burnley made a loan bid that was rejected before the season ended. Now with only 1 year left on Geal contract Coventry are looking to get a good fee for the player.(10)(7)What rubbish, he signed a new four year deal at the start of the season.Not true just signed new 4 year dealHopefully burnley are more intersred in david bellRUBBISH he signed 4 year deal at the begining of the season !!!!!!!


21 May 2012 21:01:37
Blackburn will start their transfers this wekk with up to 12 players leaving and James McFadden and Ramon Nunez coming in.(16)(12)Nunez? You were relegated to the championship not league 1 why would you want a mediocre league 1 player?Actually, why would anyone want to sign for a dreadful outfit like Blackburn? Even mediocre players would do better going elsewhere.


21 May 2012 20:59:38
Izale McLeod to Yeovil after his release from Barnet(2)(22)Hope so hes classVery likely he already said that he wanted to play in league 1How do you knowSaw someone who looks exactly like him in asda in yeovil. I swear it was him!Also heard this, let hope theres some truth in it... but it seems that rotherham and swindon want him also... but they are also fighting over andy williams... id swap andy williams for izale mcleod any day!


21 May 2012 20:56:43
any MILLERS rumours ed(0)(16)Millers unsettle any player possible!


21 May 2012 20:31:13
Matthew Connolly has agreed a deal with Reading
MrRfc(22)(3)That's good newsAccording to who? I am not sure I would feel comfortable with him in the premier leagueI cant say how i know but a few sources have confirmed this. I would hope hes only cover but he did look good before injury. lets hope Birmingham game was down to his injury
MrRfcI thought he looked OK in the games he played. Hardly any of the existing squad have PL experience eitherGetreading (local newspaper) said we are in talks and he is not in first team plans- so very likely he'll come to us for 1 -1.5 mil


21 May 2012 20:20:51
Plymouth Argyle are relying on free agents to fuel their new signings for next season.
some of the main targets include former players Simon King, Damien McCrory, and Ashley Hemmings.
Other targets include
Byron Anthony
Rory Drake
Izale Mcleod
Mark Ellis (Who can be signed cheaply)
Keith Lowe (expected to be leaving Cheltenham)(14)(11)Seems legitI have heard that we are getting Logan from Exeter City after they released him . Dont know if he is any good though .Apart from Hemings and McLeod I don't see any other of theses players making much of a impact


21 May 2012 20:17:20
barnsley to sign darius vassell after his release from leicester(17)(21)


21 May 2012 20:14:41
Burnley are close to signing 20 year old wigan stirker/winger Nouha Dicko.(21)(9)Absolute tripe, we won't sell him. He will either go out on loan until Jan or be part of 1st team squad.Heard that its a definite if as expected rodriguez leaves Burnley....He will sign for us if Jay leaves, or just come on loan to us if Jay decides to stay.No way santos will got to Ipswich, ward is going to burnley, Andrews is staying at west brom and Barrett isn't coming to burnley


21 May 2012 20:07:32
Reading are in talks with Carlos Sanchez and have approached Crystal Palace for Jonathan Parr. The TSI takeover will be completed when Reading officially become a Premier League team.
Reading look to have missed out on Bjrn Bergmann Sigurdarson after a first bid being rejected. Everton and Aston Villa have been watching him.

MrRfc(11)(8)Just like to add TSI deal is almost 100% so expect announcement soon

MrRfcPlease dont buy j.parrRather we go for Chris Gunter than Parr, solid right back that's also a threat going forward on counter attack. Also seems like him and jem get on great, chat fair bit on Twitter nd allAny other Reading fans starting to panic slightly about this TSI takeover? It's supposed to have been completed months ago and it continues to drag on.No way will reading get parr. But its nice to see so many of our players attracting premiership teamsParr is a fantastic but happy at palace and is going nowhereNot really. It's dragging on because the premier league are taking their sweet time. Plus Reading aren't an official premier league team until the AGM on June 1st so we might not hear anything till then.

I have no worries SJM knows what's best for Reading.Not really, TSI deal is done and dusted as far as it goes between Sir John and them its just the background check goign on and most likely as they have seen what has been done to pompey in recent years they are wanting to be extra careful about it all. dont think it'll take more than a couple more weeks :)No need to worry. The reason for the delay is because we were promoted. The Premier League now have to ratify the takeover as opposed to the FA.I was but i'm not now, my main concern was part of the consortium were turned down for a bid for Everton around 2004 but as they have a lot more financial clout, not to mention the clubs finances were alraedy up to scratch no concerns here.As stated above the only delay with takeover is premier league, but will go through soon. delay doesn't look to have prevented early transfer activity
MrRfcThe Everton deal falling through was nothing to do with Anton or Chris Samuelson. That was Kenwrights fault.Parr wouldnt be welcomed by us fans after his theatrics getting Roberts sent offYou MIGHT have to change your opinions of him soon, ive been told that there's interest and by another source we have approached Palace


21 May 2012 20:04:39
Grant Holt to join QPR for 4.5 million(11)(58)Dream on, this would never happen.Why ?Qpr won't get Holt but he will leaveHolt ? QPR should be aiming higher than that. Del Piero would be ideal as back up to Cisse in the goal scoring side of things.It's almost a done dealWhy won't he go to QPR?Because holt hates qprEven thou he put a transfer request deep down he DOESN'T want to leave, he's having talks with the club to see idf they can sort out 1or 2 little problem Holt has, i believe everything will be ok & Holt will stay at Norwich.Whats almost a done deal and forget holt we dont want holt KEEP HIM !Why would a mid-table team's top scorer hand in a transfer request to go to a smaller club, that should have been relegated ?We don't want him at rangers he 'd empty the canteen on his first dayDon't want him at QPRHolt is a fat lump. half his goals were flukes... I can't see anyone coming in for him, he should stay at Norwich. QPR are looking at better players & will finish above Norwich next season.


21 May 2012 18:59:04
chelsea will land luka modric this summer after miissing out last summer.theplayerwill push for a move and hand in a transfer request to force o move if his request for champions league football is not granted(21)(31)I cant see levy selling to chelseaHe did same last year look what happenedOnly if chelski give us torres +10ml.Torres form at the minute puts him in the 20ml bracket so seems fair.50million or he just won't sell. Not saying he's worth it, but Levy won't sell to Chelski for lessFor all you crazy spurs fans,you are not a big club,you are over achieving and have got lucky with finding some good players.understand that wen a BIG CLUB comes in for your players,they will want to leave,jus look at modric last season and probly again this season along with bale


21 May 2012 18:55:58
arsenal and fiorientina are in talks over a swap deal for 1 each of there unwanted players.arsene wenger is keen to bring in playmaker adam lljacic whilst fiorientina are very interested in signing striker chamackh(18)(11)


21 May 2012 18:55:35
hearing news that man city will use macclesfeild as a feeder club for young player. two names i have are reece wabara and young lad called harris both played for the under 18s last season and played well glad were going to give our young talent a chance else where cant see any british talent progressing through city any more.(14)(10)Can't see city letting Reece wabara go hes an up and coming talent , seen bobby play for the under 18s fast as hell but can't last 90 minutes already been given a trial too stockport fc ,both too young for league 2 maybe one day thoughReece wabara Is a quality defender will probably progress to the prem so can't see him coming to league 2. Seen the other kid come through the Bolton academy quick legs but very greedy


21 May 2012 18:54:42
Doncaster have agreed a deal with peterborough over captain grant mccan
Also hull have accepted a offer from doncaster for arron McLean
Leeds utd have shown intertrest in both george friend and tommy spurr(11)(21)Aaron will be going this summer but to peterborough not doncaster


21 May 2012 19:50:20
Kyle McFadzean could be on his way to Rotherham as part of the deal taking Lewis Grabban to Crawley.

Rotherham will announce a signing tomorrow, and hopefully two more by the end of the week.(18)(15)The otherh two signings are a left back and a striker meant to be marc richards after he chose he dosent want to go to chesterfiled


21 May 2012 19:39:38
Bristol City are rumoured to be interested in signing Cheltenham Right back Sido Jombati after the portuguese player has had a marvellous first season in Gloucestershire, picking up the player of the year award. He is a attacking minded, quick and composed right back and would provide great competition to Rickie Foster.

Would cost around 200K(7)(9)City need a left back more than a right backIt's Pack we are after not the fella mentioned.
Del boy is up to something at BCFC so watch this guy, he's very, very good.Pack is a very good player. His free kick last week showed that.
However sido picked up player of the season and can also play left back. He is a very useful player and I for one wpuld welcome him with open arms to Ashton GateCTFC fan- if you get sido he will make your first team not at the start but as the season progresses you will see his skill. One of the best players i have seen playing for us and is still learning. Also a really nice guy! Packs not bad either


21 May 2012 19:29:00
Tom Heaton is set for talks with Peterborough after his contract at Cardiff expired.(19)(16)He is heading for Sheffield Wednesday so doubt it.He's had a very average season, premiership, no way!He's going to Sheffield Wednesday mate to be with Dave Jones again.Heaton is signing for Sheffield Wednesday


21 May 2012 19:08:30
Jack rod well going to man united for 12million plus berbatov good business for both parties Ferguson needs new midfielder and moyes needs strike partner for jelavicalso Liverpool interested in berbatov but Ferguson won't let him go there and apparently berbatov wants to join everton anyway according to his agent(9)(48)Good - thank god for thatBerbatov is out of contractWho exactly at liverpool is interested in berba? The manager? The dof? Oh wait there are none, so stop talking nonsense.
JayoHe's not out of contract at all, but can't see this move happening either. More likely Spurs or overseas - Anzhi for example.This is not true


21 May 2012 19:05:05
danny gabbidon has been released by qpr. Danny gabbidon said he wanted to join cardiff city before he retired. This is his chance(26)(5)Very trueHe will join the bluebirds on a two year dealStep up for the guy - prem next year on a sustainable basis


21 May 2012 19:04:00
Shrewsbury Town captain Ian Sharps has rejected a contract and is set to sign for Tranmere Rovers.

He has also indicated no desire to re-sign for Rotherham.(10)(10)Ian sharps and ronnie moore dont get on so its Rotherham who will be signing him.That would be great always confident with himYou can think what you want, i know for a FACT he is signing for Tranmere Rovers due to personal reasons.I know for a fact he is signing for Rotherham United.Currently having a medical at Rotherham


21 May 2012 18:48:45
wba are in talks with released bolton fullback steinnsson and released cardiff keeper tom heaton to replace players released from the club(22)(4)Heaton is going to Bristol city end ofWhy would he choose lowly Bristol over West BromWhy on earth would heaton go to bristol city. if he dose he might as well as stayed at a good club with cardiff city


21 May 2012 18:39:19
Ipswich ins:

Ricardo Fuller - Stoke
Giovanni Dos Santos (loan) - Tottenham
Magnus okuonghae - Colchester
Ben Williams - Colchester
Tomasz kuszczak - Man United
Joel Ward - Portsmouth
Danny Collins - Stoke
Keith Andrews - WBA

Ipswich outs:

Ronan Murray - Colchester
Josh Carson (Loan) - Charlton
Joe Whight (Loan) - Huddersfield
Arran Lee-Barrett - Burnley(1)(36)Why would Keith Andrews leave WBA where he's wanted and playing regular Premier League Football, for Ipswich Town?As an ipswich season ticket holder, i can tell everyone on here this whole squad of players are the worst i have seen yet. the club needs a clean out of all dead wood and as it looks like most of the business conducted this pre-season will be done in the free transfer and loan market, they could do a lot worse than looking at the SPL for the out of contract players.

Motherwell- Tim Clancy & Steve Jennings

Dundee United- Dusan Pernis, Paul Dixon, Scott Robertson, Danny Swanson, Garry Kenneth

Rangers- Sone Aluko

St Mirren- Nigel Hasselbaink & Jeroen TesselaarThe only players at Ipswich that would get into the Charlton team are Lee Martin, Jason Scotland (on a good day), Jimmy Bullard (maybe) and Ricky Wright. Unless its one of those players leave us out of the list of interested parties.Andrews was released by WBA so that shows he is wanted by them doesnt it......Let's correct shall we.

Poster one WBS have released Andrews so really wanted isn't he?

Poster 3 Ricky Wright who I assume is Richard Wright is a shadow of his former self and will to be honest not good enough for any pro team anymore so you kind of ruined your argument about how good Charlton are and being up with current events. As for the rumour it's rubbish"Poster 3 Ricky Wright who I assume is Richard Wright is a shadow of his former self and will to be honest not good enough for any pro team anymore so you kind of ruined your argument about how good Charlton are and being up with current events"

The point illustrates how poor Ipswich have become not how good Charlton are.I would cry if Charlton signed Richard Wright - awful keeper.Keith andrews is out of contract this summer so he is GOING TO IPSWICH TOWN


21 May 2012 18:32:00
hearing manuel fernandes could be on his way back to Everton on a free.

aswell it looks like steven pienaar is trying to get a move back to everton after spurs fans called him a disgrace for congratulating chelsea

also hearing Howard is trying to persuade dempsey to join also.(4)(4)Be sooo happy if we get fernandes on a freebieHope this is true, but, could we also have donoven, PLEASE !Yep you can have him 5 million please ha ha


21 May 2012 18:30:51
Ipswich Town are the frontrunners for the signature of out-of-contract Dundee United midfielder Scott Robertson, according to reports in Scotland. The 27-year-old is expected to leave Tannadice this summer with League One MK Dons and Brentford previously mentioned in connection with the twice-capped Scot.(1)(5)Yes, saw this on TWTD this morning as well, but you missed a further report that said no contact had been made.Know for a fact contact has been made. A little birdie told me!He is going to leeds or brightonBrentford have already held talks and things look promising, He knows Alan Kernaghan (Assistant Manager - Brentford) from their time together at Dundee before he joined Dundee United.Has now joined Ipswich on a 2 year dealAs an Ipswich fan I admit that things have gone downhill recently, however I can't see a player choosing to play for Brentford over Ipswich.He hasn't joined Ipswich on a 2 year deal you egg!

And I could see players signing for Brentford over Ipswich, Clayton Donaldson (Who is shocking) rejected Watford and Barnsley last year to sign for Brentford.
If the price is right and he gets a feeling about a club, then he will join, despite recieving offers from other clubs because Ipswich yes they are a bigger and better club no doubt.Ipswich are hardly a better team than brentford!Clayton donaldson isnt shocking!! what you on about?! haha!Ipswich are a club who spend money but get no where! therefore that doesnt make them a big club.


21 May 2012 18:27:40
Southampton are said to be interested
in the following players:

Ben Foster - £5m
Paul Pogba - Season loan
Carlos Munoz - £1m(15)(2)Pogba is out of contract and leaving permanently to juventusPogba's joining juventusNo, Pogba isn't joining Juventus. Wait and see.The Pogba situation seems to be back and forth, one min hes staying the next hes leaving. And Foster WONT leave the midlands, hes already stated that he wont uproot his family!So pogba is going to choose southampton over juventus?Before every one starts screaming ang shouting did any one think that Pogba could join on loan from Juventus,Havent seen him play but alot of fuss has been made over him yet Man u still brought Scholes out of retirement before giving him a go!


21 May 2012 18:22:08
Real Madrid's Royston Drenthe will have a second loan spell in the Premier League this time with Fulham after a poor loan spell at Everton last season.(13)(21)Loan spell from where? He's a free agent after leaving Real Madrid!To clarify, it wasn't his loan spell that was poor, just his attitude. Virtually all Evertonians would tell you that, on his day, he could be the most exciting player on the field. It was just his habit of repeatedly turning up late (and purportedly worse for wear) to training and pre-match prep that let him down. Very talented but I for one wouldn't have him back at Goodison.Interesting player at his best, but Fulham have other serious targets as wingers/attacking midfielders as well as already having good mature players and young prospects in these positions. I don't think Drenthe is good enough to change that situation - particularly if he has attitude/discipline issues - not our style {Ed025's Note - as the everton ed...stay well clear, he is a loose cannon..


21 May 2012 18:19:16
Bristol Rovers monitoring the situation of Steve Howard closely, who it is thought would be willing to take the step down with the guarantee of first team football.(6)(12)Steve Howard has all but signed for Notts County after his release from Leicester.Why would he drop two divisions? I'm sure there's a number of League 1 clubs who'd happily snap him up.Hope we don't sign himHes in talks with notts county so doubt bristol rovers will win the race


21 May 2012 18:18:42
Nicky Maynard will re-sign for Bristol City for 1.2 Million plus add on's, will rise to 1.6 million,(9)(6)Would be very supprised if this happens!Hmm, so he leaves the no hopers and goes in search of Prem football, he then achieves Prem football and promptly returns to the no hopers, who, btw, couldn't afford him at that price - silly billyThis simply cant happen, dont want him back tbh not after the way he treated the fans and his performances on the pitch last season were dire to say the very least. he may get his premiership 'dream' but he wont be a first teamer at west ham thats for sure. whats this no-hopers anyway? we've been in the championship for 5 seasons with 3 top 10 finishes including a playoff final, annoys me when people who clearly dont have a clue about bristol city post rubbish!This will not happen. Especially not using them figures anyway!IF we wanted him back... We couldn't afford to buy him? We bought him for 2m+.... So why could we now not afford 1.2-1.6m?


21 May 2012 18:16:46
Swindon to sign izael mccloud after his release from barnet(17)(12)Definitely notPaolo will only sign players who work hard, he clearly doesn't fit the bill and we already have enough players sitting on their lazy arses collecting 10k a month for F all


21 May 2012 18:13:16
matt oakley is set to sign for charlton in the next few days(8)(10)Matt Oakley is 34, he is too old for CharltonYoung and hungry? No!Charlton are going to have a squad of 900 players at this rate! get real,Any Charlton fan would know that this is not true.


21 May 2012 18:12:38
Barnsley to sign Paul Quinn following release from cardiff(22)(5)


21 May 2012 18:09:37
Wycombe in talks with Izale Mcleod following his release from Barnet. They are also interested in resigning Charlton CB Gary Doherty & free agent Scott McGliesh.(13)(5)Doherty was released by us so you can have him for free.Unfortunately Wycombe are currently under a transfer embargo as a result of not filing their accounts for last year. Also the ownership / control of the club is very much up in the air at present, so I'd think there's little chance of any transfers just yet.Does that mean Beavon will go?Millwall have but a bid in for him apparently, it's on sky sports news


21 May 2012 18:05:29
official news crawley sign lewis grabban(14)(6)O.K how much they paid for him??????Rumors around 175k but probably be bout 275k


21 May 2012 18:05:17
Newcastle are rumoured to be in talks with the agents of Ricardo Vaz Te Mathieu Debuchy to boost therenoptions as they head to the Europa League also Luuk De Jong will be Demba Bas replacement if he leaves for London(12)(21)


21 May 2012 18:03:39
Liverpool forward Dani Pacheco is to be announced as a Norwich City player on Wednesday after the Adam Drury testimonial match. He is also playing in the match so Lambert can see how he would fit in with the current squad. This news means that Grant Holt has been persuaded to accept a new contract with the Norfolk club and put pen to paper on a new 3 year deal making him the highest paid player at the club.(19)(8)Deffo saw him at ColneyAt Colney to train for Tuesday, so that ^ is a lie. He may join but not definitely.So signing a forward has made grant holt (a forward) to stay at norwich!
does this not add up to any1 else.Sounds like a muppet storey to me ........Not really a forward... more of an attacking midHolt and Pacheco linked up fantasticly together the first time they played with each other and we won 6.0... holty scored a hat trick. after the game he expressed how much he enjoyed playing with him so i would not be surprised if he can't wait to play with him again.


21 May 2012 17:59:56
Jacob Walcott, the 19 year old cousin of Theo, attracting interest from SPL sides following his release from Reading.(13)(5)


21 May 2012 17:58:14
Colchester outs:

Magnus Okuonghae - Ipswich
Ben Williams - Ipswich
Steven Gillespie - Charlton
Anthony Wordsworth - Blackpool
Karl Duguid - Southend

Colchester ins:

Amari Morgan-Smith - Luton
Ronan Murray - Ipswich
Lua Lua - Blackpool
Mark Tierney - Norwich(7)(16)Haha, no chance mate. Tierney was one of our best players till he got injured. LuaLua applies to that as wellDoubt Duguid would ever come to us and I don't think anyone at Southend really wants him.Doogie signed a contract a month agoIts wordworth thats going to charlton anyway he has signed a pre contract and will officially sign on the 1st of julyHope charlton got 7 figures for wordsworth cause col u already turned down 600 k from bournemouth in janAccording to my sources its 800-950k"Anthony Wordsworth - Blackpool" Why would Charlton need seven figures for a player Blackpool are buying (according to the rumour)?Why would duguid come to us and why would we want duguid2012/ 13 squad
GK Doyle
RB Ward
CB Smith
CB Collins
LB Cresswell
LW Judge
CM Robertson
CAM Martin
ST Chopra
ST Sigurdarson

Subs 7 this season!
GK Kuzscack
CB Delaney
RB Edwards
CM Drury
LW Murphy
ST Scotland
ST Dos SantosBlackpool aren't buying him! Charlton ate getting him for 800k+ as we are in the championship and in London, whilst Blackpool isn't a nice area {Ed025's Note - how very dare you...blackpool is lovely!I can't ever see us signing both Doyle and kuszcak (however you spell it). Nor can I see Collins coming back or dos santos on loan. Although I would love to see dos santos back here, he's a real talent. Plus, if he did come back, how would he not make the first team?Dos Santos on the bench are you avin a laugh. Not as though any of these signings are going to happen but I would put Ward at CB. Place Edwards a RB and I would send smith back to New Zealand.Dobbie and Naismith are true as Karl Oyston could be forking out a bit of money to get Blackpool automatically promoted.It really isn't lovely {Ed025's Note - yes it is!..Lets get some money from Wordsworth while we can. I'd rather have 800k for him and spend it on a striker. He is well over rated in my opinion, he can hit a dead ball but thats about it.


21 May 2012 17:49:46
Tottenham reject Giovanni Dos Santos is set for his second loan move to Ipswich following a few years with limited chances with Spurs(8)(19)He's going to Brighton or Leeds


21 May 2012 17:48:33
Joel Ward has agreed to sign for Ipswich with the deal being confirmed Wednesday(13)(27)Don't know where you have heard that mate. Load or crap if you ask me. He wants to go to a club going places and will be a Sheffield Wednesday player in next few days.Why on earth would he want to move to Ipswich. He wants to move to bigger club than that.Another relegation fight for him this year thenHe had agreed a deal with Ipswich until Portmouth's administrators decided to keep him. Only place he'll go with Wednesday is the Xmas Outing!Back to league 1 then if he goes to wedsSadly for me as Ipswich fan it seems he is on way to leeds,Trevor birch(administrator)at Pompey says wards 1st choice is leeds and deal is imminent.wednesday are at the back of the queue for ward,why would he go to a newly promoted L1 club when he can take his pick from bigger clubs who are established at championship level.Bigger clubs . Don't make me laugh when have Ipswich been a big club?
You may be established championship side and that's it, he wants ambition and to go higher with a team not stay in championship. We may have been away a while but now were debt free and have money available we will see won't we. 38,000 for a league one game is big in my eyes. What was your highest in a higher league?Leeds or Blackpool.Hes goin to leeds or brightonSheffield Wed club going places?? Ha ha they've spent many years in League One last decade and now they think they are destined to big things. I'm not saying we (Ipswich) are world beaters but at least we have never graced League One.38,000 for Sheffield Wed a league one game is big in my eyes?? 20 000 of their fans came out of woodwork for the most important game of the season and they will be telling everyone in years time : we had 38 000 for a League One game....... Sheffield Wed are a comedy ! Will those 20 000 come back for the first game of the season?He is 100% signing for leeds. I know most peoplke say they have inside information but i actually do as I know the person whi signed the cheque for the transfer fee and it wasnt ken bates.Right, Update, Sheff Wed have pulled out, Leeds are looking shakey as Bates has stated sell before buy, Ipswich are strong favourites for his signatureSame with every team isn't it we all have woodworkers but some have more than others. Simply stating that were moving in the right direction I.e debt free, money to spend , ambitious chairman and manager. Did you say same about Norwich and Southampton when they flew through the championship?Spent many years haha 4 seasons in I don't know hoe many decades. Get your facts right. Everyone has woodworkers just some more than others. I was simply stating that we are debt free, ambitious manager and chairman with cash to spend, hence moving forward. Bet you said same about Norwich and Southampton when they sailed straight by you all from league 1 to prem.Sheffield Wed 4 seasons in League One in the last decade and now they think they're gonna do Southampton or Norwich.... They've always been one of the most deluded group of fans in England... Ha ha, last year Megson was a God after winning a few games in a row.... now they think Mandaric will buy them a Premiership hahaSheffield Wed will not finish higher than 15th next season. Moreover they might be involved in the relegation battle as they have no players who can shine in the Championship..... Madine? don't make me laugh...... We (Ipswich) will easily finish higher than them, any money on it


21 May 2012 17:35:50
Released Gillingham Striker Jo Kuffour is being linked with a move to league one side Walsall, Kuffour was a shock release by the Gills as he scored 10 in 31 games last season for the league 2 side(11)(5)Wouldn't be a bad signing but he's getting onWould be a terrible signing for anyone, done it while on loan at us but as soon as he signed permenant scored 1 goal since january


21 May 2012 17:35:42
Barnsley FC:
James Mcfadden- free (free agent)
Ricardo Gardner- free (free agent)
Robbie Blake- free (free agent)
Oliver Norwood- season loan (Manchester United)
Paul Pogba- 3 month loan (Manchester United)
Nile Ranger- season loan (Newcastle United)
Paul Digby- 5 year contract
Kallum Higginbotham- Season loan (if Huddersfield Town fail to get promoted)
Jacob Butterfield- Newcastle United free(10)(21)Why would any of these want to go to the dongles lolYeh right and north end are signing messi,drogba and kaka tooSend me what your on mate it must be top gear
ps butterfield will not go on a free fee will
be decided at tribunalButterfield signing for middlesbrough not newcastle,promise of first team football convinced him to come to teessideYou wont get mcfaddenPogba? reallyAnd who,s going to pay all the wages GET REALButterfield, free? Are you crazy? Players like him don't just go for 'free'Nile Ranger says he will not go back to Barnsley, wants to go to a big club and would love another spell at HillsboroughWell if he wants a big club, he wont be stopping in s6, sorry to tell you boys Norwich are biggerHe wants to go to a big club like hillsborough... Who are you kidding? You were in league last season your not a big club!


21 May 2012 17:31:54
Kuqi will 100 % sign for Oldham athletic as he has given his word to Dickov.(6)(10)Please be wrong!Please be rightAll yo kuqi haters make me laugh, take away his 16 goals and we were down, not only him that didnt play well towards the end


21 May 2012 17:27:24
Speaking to Filipe Morais neighbour in Oldham yesterday he said morais has three clubs that want him. Preston, Stevenage, and Barnsley. But he has not ruled out staying at Oldham as he loves where he lives in delph and his teammates and is very settled.

I hope Oldham get there finger out and he stays, along with all the other players out of contract that Oldham should be working hard to keep. Eg Simpson, wesoloski, and kuqi.(6)(8)


21 May 2012 17:19:39
Having been released by Exeter City, David Noble is keen to stay local and has already spoken to ex-boss Gary Johnson at Yeovil where he had a previous short loan spell. Could be a quick transaction this week(10)(5)Very Likely! Him and Upson in the midfield could be a great combination!This could be a good move, williams and blizzard not likely to play every game. get in there quick GJGood cm and a great partner for upsonHe would be a great signing. Je's quite creative as wellHes average at best if we're pushing for play-offs next year we need to be aiming a little higher than relegated players... hes nothing special but reasonable cover for upson and whoever else takes that midfield slot


21 May 2012 17:12:49
Charlton are set to make a shock move for unsettled leicster striker Jermaine Beckford(3)(30)He's not unsettledYes he isNot a cat in hells chance that he will come to little old Charlton - get realVery unlikley!Bigger than leicester, they have just plonked in the middle of the champ for ages when we were finishing 10+ in the prem and your still doing it now despite the money you have spent, cheers for the 6 points in advance, although it feels mean to take points off of little old leicesterHe's not good enough for Charlton, so don't get ideas above your station.Charlton are trying to sign a player from Leicester but, it is NOT Beckford!I hope we keep him next season but not a chance he would be interested in joining a newly promoted L1 club.only club in championship he would be happy to go to is leeds going by his antics at elland rd few weeks back.Charlton bigger than Leicester get real, whats your avg gate?Charlton can have him, he's lazy and selfish on the ball, not a team player, very negative, enough saidHe is joining Leeds.Your av gate doesn't matter man city get less than man u but they're betterHe didn't say better, he said bigger...


21 May 2012 17:12:42
It's all very well saying PDC is going, Caddis, Ritchie..... Are going, if this is you're hunch then its your hunch say so.

I'd put good money on PDC not leaving swindon Town FC for quite some time, yes after fat Sam PDC will be manager of West Ham thats a given, lets keep to facts.

Fact PDC has said he wants to stay for another yr to see STFC into the Championship.

Fact he said a few months ago he was ready to quit everyone was miffed as to what this was, but then it turned out that around the same time Trehoe, it appears accused PDC of racism, which seems to be unfounded.

Fact none of the regular first teamers want to leave, they have all said so.

Fact Mcevely and Holmes have both said that they want to work out a deal at STFC

Andy Williams from Yeovil
Mcloed Barnet(9)(8)Paul Caddis signed one year contract extension to 2014 SSNI'm sure that PDC will honor his contract, he will be aware that he is only one year into a new career and needs to get more experience first. That should be to the benifit of STFC aswell as PDC.Spot on with your comments PDC will do another season with us but his managerial test will be this season as there is a big difference from L2 to L1 but he is very astute and intelligent and i believe we will have another successful season under Paolo then the vultures will be swooping to sign him up.
As you said the current squad of players enjoy playing for him and can see where he is going with the club and they will all stay.
Paolo is an honourable guy and if he gives his word he will honour his contract with us.


21 May 2012 17:05:28
charlton will sign westhams nicky
maynard as westham feel he is not
good enough for selection in the
premire league.(5)(28)Your thinking of boldock, maynard is good enough and wouldnt want to join us anyway probably!Because of all the silly post from charlton fans hope westham dont loan u any playersAnd you know this is from a Charlton fan how?Thank you ( comment above) why does everyone think just because it's a cafc rumour, a cafc fan HAS to post it! If I find someing about sound I could post it but I'm a cafc fan!


21 May 2012 17:03:54
spurs possible move for scott loach(7)(19)


21 May 2012 17:02:41
preston north end are in talks with ex
portsmouth player benjani on a 2 year
deal(3)(21)Yh right pne wont sign him ,why would they want himBenjani wouldnt last the weekend with Graham Westley.....Benjani would want to play free flowing football and Westley wouldnt know what to do with himWhere did you find this out?If u care to watch pne u wud see they football not long ball u person you a lasher or a dingleI wouldn watch a 15th placed League 1 side who havent managed 3 wins in the last 4 months.....You must be the intellegent PNE fan....


21 May 2012 17:00:05
charlton are after henry lansbury from
arsenal.(6)(26)Can't see that he could of played in prem with norwichWill Charlton fans stop pulling names out of a hat, they get promotion and think that they are a major draw for players, well your not so deal with it.^^^^your stupid thinking that just because a charlton rumour has popped up a charlton fan must of wrote it, well no! i could write a york rumour if i heard one so stop crying and go to bed its school tomorrowCharlton will go back down next season,they will not be able to attract good enough players and current players are not good enough for championship^you obviously don't know much about football. Charlton are VERY unlikely to go down next year.


21 May 2012 16:58:38
Walsall fc's william grigg is apparently being looked at by several league 1 and championship sides due to his recent call up to northern ireland. PNE, Doncaster and MK Dons are the front runners(4)(8)Never .You must be joking, no one will ever sign Grigg


21 May 2012 16:57:07

bid accepted(26)(27)


21 May 2012 16:55:49
Doncasters Jonathan Maxted wanted by top flight premiership clubs said to be the most talented English keeper watch this space.(4)(12)Alex McCarthy is 10 times better...George willis jordan pickford have to be up there can name a few more that are hell of alot better hence being in the england setupWhat utter rubbish hes very average,played against him twice this season and got to say nothing special.Hes quality, one for the future, but definatley not the most talented young english keeper, thats probably jack butland


21 May 2012 16:54:53
everton close to Signing jay rodriuguiz(burnley player) for 6 million(9)(27)Good move for jayNever smelt 6 million. 8mill or no chance. Would be great move for Jay!Jay has already agreed a deal, he is good friends with David moyes and I've heard this from a very reliable source


21 May 2012 16:51:25
Aproach made by stoke for peterboroughs Lee tomlin(10)(13)Great news ..... how much do they want to take him?Dont you have to be over 6 foot to play for stoke?No.....


21 May 2012 16:51:18
Burnley have accepted a 6.5M bid from Everton for Jay Rod

Source-Radio Merseyside(25)(23)If we sign him 4 6mil then he better be better than jelly then agen he's only 22 he can improve {Ed025's Note - if he,s half as good as the jelly man... then its a bargain..I am a burnley fan and can definately tell you that Jay Rod is a class player with potential to be a very good standard premier league striker... he would be perfect for everton and i really hope you get him( at the right price 5-7 mill)...We can't afford Madine, they want 3million and gabbidon is going to leeds


21 May 2012 16:49:14
Villareals Rossi to join Sevilla for 17million euro's(8)(21)


21 May 2012 16:44:50
Kara Mbodj, 22 year old Senegalese defensive midfielder currently playing for Norwegian side Tromso IL to Arsenal.

Wenger has apparently been watching him for a while, and is now ready to put in a bid.(8)(5)


21 May 2012 16:43:30
Colchester are in the hunt for Luton Town forward Amari Morgan-Smith(6)(5)


21 May 2012 16:40:33
Chesterfield have signed ex Sheff.Wed goalkeeprer Richard O'Donnell on a free transfer.
Also Port Vale striker Marc Richards is having a medical at Chesterfield and is close to sealing the deal.
And rumours going round on twitter and Leon Clarke stated "I'd love to go back to Chesterfield, it was great there".(13)(7)Bring back Leon he is class and will get us 20-30 goals easyClarke won't be in a town shirt next season unless Bowery is sold.I'd have Leon back without a doubt!!


21 May 2012 16:39:46
West Ham will sell Maynard to Middelsboro for 2M and Replace him with Charlie Austin or David Nugent(12)(34)David nugent won't leave Leicester !I could'nt agree more Nugent will not be leaving Leicester !Maynard would be a useful addition to the Boro squad,with lead bitter, butterfield and loovens also set to sign, Boro look set to be a real force next seasonI am a boro fan and no way will gibson spend 2 million on one player. that will be the total mogga has for new signings if he is lucky .chairman has no ambition for the club.rk days ahead for boro.CAFC Fan, I'd love to get Charlie AustinAustin's staying at Burnley.


21 May 2012 16:37:46
Burnley News

Madine-Sheff Wed-1.5M

Jay-Southampton-6M(18)(15)Madine isnt going nowhere
And giles coke is under wednesday not bury
EPIC FAILU wont get pugh on a free this season his contract not up till next summerCeltic are not interested in re-signing ross wallaceMaxine for 1.5m!! You're having a laugh. We've turned 3m down. He's on a five yr contract and scored 18 in each of last 2 seasons (league goals).Coke does not play for Bury,Sheff Wed playerCoke is a Wednesday player not bury. Madine to burnley in your dreams.Above it says he off to everton.come on guys make ur minds up!!Jay never was and never will go to Saints,there are big clubs in for the lad so please behave yourselvesLol for the last time celtic are not signing ross wallaceIn the past couple of week Jay has signed with 5 different clubs at least! I think its fair to say he will move, but where? well time will tell. Saints have always been linked with him, but they are more interested in Hooper from Celtic.Gabbidon I dont think so to old, howe likes young playersGiles Coke is at Sheffield Wednesday...What other big clubs are there interested in jay then?Wont get in swans teamPugh is out of Contract in a years time! Not now! Also you will not sign Madine!Marc Pugh's contract does not run out this Summer, so I don't think you'll be getting him for free."Jay was and never will go to Saints..bigger clubs interested"

Come on let's be realistic. I support Saints so I am biased but it wouldn't be a bad club for him to go to with our emphasis on bringing through talent, decent fans, great facilities (etc. you get the point, I won't labour it - this isn't a self indulgent rant, just hopefully correcting some above idiocy).

Jay R might come to Saints, who knows. And it won't be a question of size or wealth, it will be if the two clubs can agree on a valuation of the player. Don't always make light rumours into a mud throwing match about size of club etc. We're talking about Jay Rodriguez here, not messi.As a burnley fan i do not agree with the above said lists . dont paint us all as the same . however wherever jay does go to i am sure every burnley fan would wish him all the best he is a cracking player and will do a job in the prem . i have no doubt he will go on to represent england at some stage . i think he will go to everton or fulham if they come in with another bidTheyll have to pay alot more than 1.5m for madine


21 May 2012 16:34:25
Happy for James Husband, to say he's only recently progressed through the youth system with a friend of mine Harry Middleton (1st year DRFC youth, One-To-Watch), being scouted by premier league clubs is massive. Would like to see the young talent play in the first team this year. Also wouldn't mind Jon Parkin back on loan this year if not on a permanent basis. If he does well at Scunthorpe, then surely he wouldn't mind coming back to a bigger club.(4)(4)How is Doncaster any bigger ?


21 May 2012 16:32:27
Notts Count to sign Fitz Hall on a 2 year deal(10)(12)I doubt 'one size' will sign for Notts


21 May 2012 16:31:06
Derby will sign ex-leicster striker Darius Vassell following his release, and derby lose the chase to sign dixon and bristol city beat them to it. Also, as matt oakley has departed lcfc, he will consider a player-coach role to kick-start his new career. Derby, Barnsley, Charlton are intrested(6)(13)Yeah, because Charlton are interested in everyone!Charlton are NOT interested in this player! Nor most of the others post on here. We signed 23 players last year because we needed a clear out, it will not happen again (unless the albran works).Nor for Bristol City!


21 May 2012 16:28:38
ed any rumours on wolves in and outs(4)(8)


21 May 2012 16:28:10
Shrewsbury Town Captain Ian Sharps rejects offer of a new contract ,looks like heading to either Tranmere or Rotherham(8)(6)I hate to say it but it seems true.It's TranmereClose source to Sharps has indicated to me , it's Tranmere. Also stated he has moved for his family.Makes sense for him to go to either club as he was regarded the best player from his time at the millers but seen as though tranmere are in L1 he is set to link back up with ronnie mooreYes its tranmereFamily? His family is settled in Shrewsbury. Its a football decision


21 May 2012 16:26:25
tubbs will not go to rotherham becaue they offerd t they wanted him for 200k and
bournemouth paid 800k for him an their a league2 team(7)(7)Bournemouth paid 150.000 upfront so why wont he go to Rotherham?Agreed - they can have arter for nowt!


21 May 2012 16:23:15
The Hammers are determined to keep
Vas Te but Cardiff , Swansea and Everton
want him so it is not looking good for the
hammers(10)(27)Cardiff??Under contract until June 2014, so West Ham don't have to sellWest ham are richer than cardiff swansea and everton and hes a guaranted starter he won't leave {Ed025's Note - he is a guaranteed starter for the hammers....but would not get anywhere near evertons reserves, never mind first team!..Not likely but it could be a great buy for cardiffWhy on earth would Vaz Te join any of those clubs?As CCFC fan this rumour is ridiculous. Vas Te showed great promise first time in the prem, now he is older and more experienced so I can see him being a success in the prem and going to a better team in jan or next summer.Where r these ridiculas rumours comin from Cmon be serious will yaYer 'avin a giraffe !

even if you counted Vaz Te and Carlton Cole combined as one player they wouldn't make Everton's team {Ed025's Note - i agree


21 May 2012 16:17:06
Dear ed, Stephen Henderson has joined West Ham on a 3 year deal making him West Ham's first Premier League signing. It's for an undisclosed fee so you can add this to the confirmed transfers page(11)(8)Why do 4 people think is Who ?


21 May 2012 16:11:50
Watford are interested in free agent Tomasz Cywka. Also rumoured to interested ex-team mate Chris Maguire. After a successful loan spell at portsmouth Nigel Clough still classed Maguire as a fringe player.

Watford also chasing QPR's winger/striker Tommy Smith to sign him for a third time.

-James Collins from shrewsbury (although he is discussing his future with Shrewsbury)(10)(3)Tommy smith would be a great signing james colins is ten times better then iwelumo so this looks goodSmith and Collins are still possibilities. Collins will depend on whether he is ready for Championship football


21 May 2012 16:11:18
Ryan McGivern to sign for Bristol City on season loan from Manchester City.(7)(7)Man city would want to sell him rather than loan him again. he is not good enough for man city.He's not good enough for bristol city either


21 May 2012 16:09:40
James Beattie and Alan Lee - Plymouth Argyle, free.(6)(11)Good luck


21 May 2012 16:09:20
Crawley planning to announce Grabban tomorrow and Rotherham planning to announce a signing tomorrow.... Is there s swap deal going on?! HOPE NOT!(10)(2)Yes the Millers are getting your centre back.Done deal, 175,000 and Crawley only offered 100 k in January not 250 k , Grabban to be announced in morning , in sussex now having medical275k actully rising up to 350k from add ons


21 May 2012 16:07:18
Richard Keogh in talks with Bristol City over a £200,000 move.(15)(11)Keogh is too good for Bristol, think again.If he's too good for Championship Bristol City, what's he doing at League 1 Coventry then?
I gather he is getting married to a Bristol girl so it fits!Not really too good for bristol city when he plays for a league one club like coventry and spent 3 years at ashton gate previously... its 500k as well.Richards so good that hes in league one with coventry and we're the only ones to be linked with him! yeah so good! we should never have let him go in the first place, good player but not too good for us!


21 May 2012 16:05:16
Mustapha Carayol to join Bristol City for £350k(5)(22)


21 May 2012 16:01:24
Reading are trying to sign 26 year old Carlos Sanchez from VALENCIENNES nicknamed the Rock. Currently in talks.(13)(6)Going to saintsWould be a great buy... The Colombian is a rock indeed, he shut messi down in the copa America last year.

RonillzGood replacement for gunnarson, in the khalifa cisse mould, and good back up to legeirtwood i hope


21 May 2012 16:00:17
ricardo rocha, jamie ashdown and benjani released by pompey, balram chainrai portsmouth will buy again(9)(2)Ashdown must be because of wages he is quility at pompeyBoth are excellent players. It's down to wages, age, and the manager's desire to simply start from a fresh base. Personally, think Pompey have made a mistake as they were not particularly high earners.


21 May 2012 15:59:49
Where do all these mickey Mouse rumours come from.
Dicannio has 1 year left on his contract,and if he did go expect Swindon to get some mega
Still he does need backing from the Board and that has gone very quiet,JW as hospitalized so expect news soon.However Dicannio is going nowhere just yet.(6)(6)


21 May 2012 15:49:17
Manchester City will allow goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen to go on loan to League One side Shrewsbury Town.(14)(2)


21 May 2012 15:44:26
Chelsea are ready to make a £30m move for Edison Cavani despite having no manager . Fernando Torres wants out of London where he has failed to settle after his whopping £50m move from Liverpool. Chelsea will have to take a massive hit on the Spaniard though as he will only likely fetch £25-30m.(21)(8)He will go back to athletico :DThey will be lucky to get 25-30m, more like 10-15m


21 May 2012 15:30:43
Dani Pacheco arriving in Norwich today but it seems he has brought Rayo Vallecano team mate Michu with him also to discuss a potential move to the Canaries(13)(10)Michu In talks with southamptonNo he's in Norwich just saw them both at ColneyMichu isnt in talks with saintsHe is in talks with vallecano so he can speak to saints again


21 May 2012 15:26:41
Charlton going in for out of contract Jo Kuffour.(6)(12)Luff our. That's your level. HahaYeah cos that makes sense?!Anyone out of contract someone points at Charlton!Charlton have been intrsted in Kuffour since his arrival at gills.


21 May 2012 15:25:09
Dani Pacheco will be announced as a Norwich city player on Tuesday before Norwich play celtic in a testimonial match. Pacheco has already been announced as playing for Norwich in the game itself.(19)(2)


21 May 2012 15:23:15
Liverpool have now been rejected by Jurgen Klopp,Pep Guardiola,Brendan Rodgers and Frank de Boer while Wigan manager Roberto Martinez is close to joining Aston Villa. Andres Villas-Boas is the current favourite but he also has an offer from AS Roma. Liverpool are considering an approach for Alan Pardew while Paul Lambert,Michael Laudrup,Frank Riijkard and former manager Rafael Benitez are also in the running.(10)(13)Martinez will not go to Villa, he turned them down when they finished above us so definitely won't go when they finished below us.Roma have already appointed a new manager mate and Rafa not in contention according to some journalists.I love seeing how far liverpool have fallen:)getting rejected by every manager they go for.theyre a joke now and only gonna keep gettin worseThe only managers rejecting are the ones who know they are not capable of getting the club into the champions league.Things will change this seasonYeah, the anfield moggy will take over, and be named "Queen Kitty"


21 May 2012 15:17:50
Norwegian Hannover 96 striker Mohammed Abdellaoue is Flying into England to hold talks with Norwich City(16)(4)


21 May 2012 15:10:54
Crawley to complete the double striking swoop of James Hayter and Lewis Grabban tomorrow. Hayter will arrive on a free transfer after his release from Doncaster - Grabban is another leaving Yorkshire; joining from Rotherham for a fee of £175,000.(15)(9)Rotherham refused 250,000 in january so why take that nowEvans has said no ex-Rotherham players are set to re-sign so unlikely this will happen.Not a cat in hells chance at 175.000
dream on.Its 350k actually


21 May 2012 15:09:17
Despite missing out on promotion, Luton still remain hopeful of signing top target Delroy Facey.

Craig Stanley is also a target.(8)(6)


21 May 2012 15:07:41
Paddy Kenny and Fitz Hall to join Neil Warnock at Leeds(19)(12)Can QPR find decent replacements?Why would he leave the prem to play for a bog standard Championship side get realWhy does everyone think thtPaddy kenny follows warnock around like a lost dog


21 May 2012 14:57:38
Wolves ins & Outs-

Alex Smithies (Goalkeeper)
Emmanuel Frimpong (Midfielder,Loan)
Kenwyne Jones (Striker)
Patrick Van Aanholt (Defender)

Hennessey (Goalkeeper)
Berra (Defender)
Foley (Defender)
Elokobi (Defender)
O'Hara (Midfielder)
Jarvis (Midfielder)
Hunt (Midfielder)
Fletcher (Striker)
Doyle (Striker)(12)(2)So that is most of the first team out then is it ?If we sell fletcher and doyle but only sign jones it would leave us with 3 strikers and 1 of those vokes appears to want out aswell.Kenwyne Jones to Wolves?Lol smithies jones n van anaholt
we got McCarey ikeme de vries henno
ward rekord cranston
doyle vokes SEB cassidy winnall fletcher

so we dont need a new keeper we do need a new left back

n henno wants to stay o'hara told people he was staying at the awards jarvis will only go for very silly money

hunt berra elokobi foley stearman ward henry can all leave for meObvs not a wolves fan posting this rubbish...would have more the list of outs...jarvis at a push and thats for 10 mill if people actually will pay that...fletcher i will be sorry to see go but we shall see what happens with him wouldn't say hes 100% for the ins you say...frimpong would be welcome back jones not a chance can we afford those wages in the championship if we fail at our first attempt and smithies don't need him ikeme all day long"Obvs not a wolves fan posting this rubbish...would have more brains"

He would've been unique.


21 May 2012 14:55:27
Redmond, Ince and Phillips will all go to Premier league clubs this summer. Ince and Phillips to Norwich for 6mil + add-ons.(2)(27)Not to sure about thatI'll have a bet that Norwich won't pay transfers fees that high and that is why Lambert wants outDespite West Ham fans enjoying to boo anyone with the name Ince on their shirt, there are whispers that The Hammers are considering making a bid for young Tom.That's 6 players I@ve just read are going to Norwich. Has Dehlia just got another cook book out?Not a chance!Everyone's going to Norwich, must be loaded, or the players must be desperate - you decide6mil + add ons for 2 players is well within our budget. We spent similar to this on Bennet and Pilkington last year. However im not sure we will go for both if we are interested. We have money to spend which we know, as the board have said we have similar to spend as last season.

We spent approx:
E Bennett - 2 Mil
Pilkington - 2 Mil
Morisson - 2.5mil
Ayala - 800k-1 mil
R Bennet - 3.5 mil
Howson - Believed to be approx 2 mil
Vaughan - 2.5mil
Kyle Naughton Loan fee rumoured 5-800k
Johnson - Free but large sign on fee

So id say we will have again 15 mil + any fees recieved. So 6 mil for 2 players doesnt seem all that expensive for us considering we dont need a major overhaul.There is no way Phillips and Ince will go to Norwich.Hoolahan did lolHoolahan went for 250k, cant see Norwich stump up 3m - 4m when their best player is handing in a transfer requests because he's earning 16k a week. Ince & Phillips are both on 8k + bonus at Pool so they wont be going to the back of beyond unless there getting the same as Holt'They wont be going to the back of beyond'..........this is Norfolk were talking about not the outback in Australia.


21 May 2012 14:52:40
My sources so far on Leicester's out of contract players.

Steve Howard: Notts County have already began talks with the striker. But according to my source Sheffield Utd could be preparing to hijack County's bid regardless of whether they gain promotion or not.

Matt Oakley: Portsmouth could go for the former saint. He would give them good balance and experience in the centre of midfield. Other teams in the hunt for Oakley are; Exeter, Chesterfield and Preston.

Darius Vassell: MK Dons are pondering on whether to make a move. Their biggest worry is whether Vassell can last a 46 game season. Coventry and Doncaster are the 2 other teams at the moment being linked with the striker. Though according to my source Vassell is keen on a move away from England.

Chris Weale: Hartlepool, Yeovil, Preston, and Crawley have all made a move for the keeper.(6)(9)Great keeper even at scoring headers for Yeovil from a Yeovil town fan!xComplete garbage about darius vassellLooks likly that vassell will call time on his playing career unless one last payday comes calling


21 May 2012 14:48:18
Swansea closer to agreeing a fee(1MILLION) with Burnley for Chris Mccann(14)(2)Try 33, as in 300,000 he is without a doubt one of the worst players I have ever seen play for Burnley. Before his injury he was fairly decent, now looks scared to tackle, head, shoot and dribble. They can have him.You obviously arent a burnley fan and dont have a clue about football....Chris McCann is a quality player , his injury set him back abit but hopefully next season he will start to show his class abit morePlease take him off us


21 May 2012 14:47:23
Brighton linked with David Connolly after his realease from Southampton.(10)(13)Would be a top signing for us if we could pull it offCome on seagulls sign him up !!Well past his best and not exactly a tall bustling striker that Poyet is after. Hopefully we will stay well clear of Connolly. Yakubu would be nice, could do for us what Roberts did for Reading.Yeah cuz yakubu would play for brighton :/ think about itDavid Connolly was great for saints and probably kick started our promotion this year. He was playing decent until he got an injury and by then we had already signed Sharp and Lee. He's a natural goalscorer and could maybe give any champ club a kickstart out of that league!


21 May 2012 14:46:52
Malaga cf linked with a summer move for Gaston Ramirez a bigger lure than Liverpool due to champions league(11)(4)


21 May 2012 14:46:50
Hazard to Arsenal!(3)(44)I wish...Yeah, Micky Hazard to pick up rvp to take him to the Etihad stadium. Dream on plonkers.Got to love arsenal fansYeah, maybe Thorgan Hazard!


21 May 2012 14:42:39
Norwich City to offer Brighton cash plus Andrew Crofts for the services of midfielder Liam Bridcutt.(3)(9)A number of clubs may be interested in Bridcutt but a swop with Crofts would need 2m+ added to it. Problem is that Crofts can't play Bridcutt's role and would be no more than a squad/bench player. Brighton have moved on since he leftCrofts isn't exactly to Brighton's standards any more and would be a bench warmer if he came back.


21 May 2012 14:42:16
Leicester City are monitoring midfileder Alan Navarro after Brighton confirmed he is not be to offered new contract.(9)(8)Ha ha! Are you Alan Navarro? Seriously. It's not going to happen is it. Good honest pro but for Leicester if they don't throw a million or two at it they ain't going to be good enoughYou may want to check sky sports you so called football fan. Just because it's Leicester you automatically assume they GOT to buy and not sign freebies.


21 May 2012 14:41:30
Barnsley to sign Jamie Cureton after released by Leyton Orient(8)(23)Complete ,utter tripe!Weve had him 3 years ago he wont b backHes going to colchester count on itExeter More likeWhat person wrote that! Wont be able to get into barnsley vet team!


21 May 2012 14:40:11
The Argus newspaper are today reporting that Brighton are on the verge of signing Dundee United's attacking midfielder Danny Swanson. Swanson is a much sought after midfielder and libe long Hibs fan - but wishes to play south of the border(8)(5)Erm no it doesn't? Poyet's exact words: 'Why would I sign him when I can have the best attacking midfielder in the Championship?'No they are not! Todays Argus quote:

"Albion were linked with Dundee United’s out-of-contract playmaker Danny Swanson last week.

Poyet responded: “Why would I sign him when I can have the best attacking midfielder in the Championship?"

Get your facts right before you post rubbish on here please!Poyet has pretty much said he is not interested in him.

Poyet- "why would I need to sign him if it looks like Vicente is staying"No it's not!What is the point of posting a blatant lie?Calm down people, calm down. If you click the link to the story in the argus then that story says 'on the verge of signing'.Errrrm !! Yes it does say that. Look at the link that the story takes you to.3 days previous it said that! In YESTERDAYS Argus (21/05/12 when this was posted!) it said that Gus wasn't interested as Vicente is almost certain to re-sign, check the date!!


21 May 2012 14:36:14
Yeovil Town defender Bondz N'Gala is attracting interest from a number of clubs after his no nonsense defending caught the eye of several clubs both north and south of the border. Rumoured strong interest from Port Vale and Aberdeen.(4)(9)Bondz N'gala is awful from a Yeovil town fan!xPlease !!


21 May 2012 14:34:34
Brighton's Liam Bridcutt is linked has been linked to Nowrich, Swansea, Fulham and Reading.(15)(3)


21 May 2012 14:29:48
Manchester City are to loan a goalkeeper to Shrewsbury Town.(7)(6)Would be nice to see Joe Hart back at the meadow, he doesn't seem to have settled at City!


21 May 2012 14:26:45
Hartlepool United to sign:

James Hayter Free (released by Doncaster Rovers)
Ryan Noble Season Loan (Sunderland)

Monkey Man(10)(8)James Hayter will return to somewhere near his New Forest base.


21 May 2012 14:22:48
Nottingham Forest are close to agreeing deals for both Hibernian captain Ian Murray and Sone Aluko who is available on a free transfer from Rangers. Other players that interests Cotterill are: Giles Barnes, Kyle McFadzean, Gary Madine.(4)(16)The. Only way you'd get madine is if we wanted rid. You're just not massive enough for himMadine will struggle next season and we have better with blackstock. We need a nippy striker to play off blackstock.Murray can't even get a game for Hibs so why would Forest want a very average SPL player?How are hibs a big club i know we forest fans go on about old times but when was the last time you won anythingGiles Barnes was rejected by forest last year and he's not done much in the meantime has he..And how are they gonna get barnes madine and mcfadzean they have no money hense why all there players are leaving ....Where is the money coming from Notts Forest dont have any!Forest do have money and its Nottingham


21 May 2012 14:22:06
Charlton to offer Rudi Skacel a contract at The Valley.(6)(7)Charismatic player who was worshipped at Hearts but prone to "going missing" in some games.Saints fan here. Skacel can be a very good player on his day.
Problem with his time at Southampton was he kept getting played at left back instead of midfieldI love him whenever I hear Scottish footie I think him and Gary hooper, sign him up!


21 May 2012 14:22:04
stoke city are showing an interest in former west brom midfielder somen tchoyi after his relwase from the midlands club(2)(9)He's well over six foot so he'd fit in well at Stoke. All together now ..... HOOF!!Quality player misused at the Albion, can't believe we've released him one of our biggest threats bad move Albion, TEO TEO TEO's TEO time just someone else's time now1.5 for Graham what aload of crap he is at atleast 6Hoof? another glory hunter who watches from his armchair? shame, i feel sorry for you, you'll never know what it's like to be passionate about your local clubOne thing this site does is shows some idiots up for their lack of knowledge about football. :-) Stoke do deploy wide men probably more than any other Prem side so could see this happeningTchoyi was very overrated at WBA. Threatened every so often but very little footballing intelligence and never looked in control of the ball. Incredibly frustrating player, glad he's been released (from a WBA fan)Class player very under rated at the Albion TEO TEO TEO from an Albion fan big mistake letting him go


21 May 2012 14:20:18
Seems that this window will be quiet for most clubs as according to this MB- West Ham and Southampton are signing up every player going.

9 players set to leave Stoke but no big names apart from maybe Huth who is attracting a lot of interest from Germany and the Prem and Kenwyne Jones who has been out of favour. Fuller will not be offered a new deal and Sorensen may leave after the Euros again to Germany.

Pulis has had a short break and has already contacted several players on his shopping list. 4 names expected to replace the outgoing fringe players along with a young keeper linked also rumoured to be Jake Kean and the already publicised Owen deal. Matt Jarvis will almost certainly be a Stoke player after contact in January's window. A player Pulis tried to sign previously. Fletcher has interested the Potters also but NOT their No 1 striking target.

There may me more business with Stoke and Spurs which was close in the last window.

One Championship players interesting the Potters from MBoro

Two out of contract players are interesting the Potters , one a midfielder and one a full back.

I did break the Crouch/Palacios and Woodgate stories last season just for the record(10)(3)Would be a shame if Huth goes as he has become part of the spine of Stoke City, but if Stoke cash in on him now and get another decent centre-back it would be much better than getting nothing for him next summer.Seems Huth wants to move on with both Spurs and two German club waiting on him


21 May 2012 14:16:17
Blackpool are ready to splash the cash this summer on 4-5 players that Ian Holloway believes can fire the Tangerines to the prem via automatic promotion.

Sam Baldock, West Ham, LOAN or £1.5m
Graham Dorrans, West Brom, £1.5m
Steven Naismith, Rangers, £750,000
Stephen Dobbie, Swansea, £750,000

(Blackpool will face tough competetion from numerous clubs for all 4 players signature).(3)(24)Naismith is not 750k no matter what rangers are financiallyFunny. Dorrans for 1.5m, you have to be joking. He's getting back to his best and he is far to good for Blackpool and the ChampionshipDorrans 1.5m? Keep dreaming! Looking more around 4m - 5m for himDorrans isn't going anywhere after just getting back into the West Brom team and getting his form back.Naismith is currently worth 2m only due to the current financial state Rangers are in. Normal process and Naismith is worth 5-6m. Keep dreaming.As a blackpool fan i would hope and dream but oyston would probs only sign dobbie thereSplashing cash doesn't describe oystonDorrans 1.5 million no way. He won't leave anyway he's to good for the championshipSwansea won't accept less than 1m for DobbieIs this a joke.....graham dorrans 1.5m :S


21 May 2012 14:14:08
WHAT NO WEST BROM RUMOURS/STORYS.ALLIS QUIET.WHOS THE NEW MANAGER(3)(6)In englishHoughton by the weekend. {Ed003's Note - Ray ?? }


21 May 2012 14:13:33
Is there any news on the next Gillingham Manager?(1)(5)I'm not sure but i think jurgen klopp might be interested in the job possibly andre villas-boas


21 May 2012 14:11:24
Barnsley set to sign Oliver Norwood for 500k!(15)(5)Didnt he sign a new contract? loan is possible thoughYes he did sign new contract at man u but they will sell him for half a million.Danny drinkwater signed a new contract with man utd, six months latter he was sold!!!


21 May 2012 14:05:34
Luke Young to sign for Spurs this summer from Plymouth Argyle for 5 Million plus add ons including a bonus should he play for England, but to be loaned back for the season to gain more first team experience(2)(20)Too good, local lad, we had to sell mason to cardiff but we'll keep young thank you goodbyeYou are having a laugh he is good but not that good . I have heard that Robert Earnshaw may be joining us though .Just signed a new contract, so doubt that! He is better off down here anyways. To get first team football, will develop better then in a youth set upDon't see Young ever being good enough for PL, Believe it when I see it!


21 May 2012 13:56:55
middlesbrough open talks with somen tchyoi, glen loovens and Ivan Klasnic

deal for grant leadbitter 95% done(13)(7)How can a deal be 95% done for goodness sake?Nice realistis rumours there, hope its all true to be honest id take all three of those players at boro.Klasnic ? He's 32.. !Bolton or boro klasnic wont come to usDream on boro boys!


21 May 2012 13:55:48
Why no news from the Swindon Board or Dicannio???
Reason is there looking to find an instant replacement as believe me all these Fairy stories about Dicannio and his loyalty.
No he is off this week for Money/prestige and a far better club in a higher division.
Nothing new for Swindon,they Lost Hoddle/Wise.
So look for the announcement as he has gone for sure(4)(5)Yeah yeah yeah another jealous Oxford fan - wont happen and he wont be going to west ham. Concentrate on your own club. If Di Canio was going the key players woudlnt be signing extended contracts as they all want to play for him.

So go away and think up another story.Dream on, DiCannio will be here for another season at least!Do you think its a coincidence that this was posted after school time?What a load of Tosh, Maybe he is on holiday as the season has finished, maybe because most players are on hols there is nothing to report, maybe he doesnt like Oxford and maybe neither do we !!Seems that you poxford fans care more about us than you do about your own. Care about your own team and who you playing against other than us all the time, because we are not interested in you. Then you might not be sat in league 2 with a bowling alley and 3 stands :)Another deluded poxford fanOnly a matter of time
before he walks


21 May 2012 13:50:53
Burnley are in talks with Giles Barnes after ending his time with Doncaster.(10)(4)Really liked barnes when he was at Derby! Well worth a chance


21 May 2012 13:38:28
West Ham to sign Junior Hoilett on a free transfer. They are in prime position to sign him as he is great mates with Big Sam which could swing the transfer in West Hams favour.
WATCH THIS SPACE!(3)(29)Hoillett would not be a free transfer FACT. As he is under 24 years old Blackburn Rovers at the very least would be entitled to compensation.Bet he doesn't go to West Ham, you've only clinched promotion saturday and you've already started deluding yourselves. I know you won the world cup and all that but face it you ain't big enough to sign the likes of Hoilet. Oh and he ain't free you would have to pay compensation because he is under 24No - he's shown a lot of potential, several established Prem teams are interestedWhat with clubs like tottenham everton and liverpool interested your in dream land mateNo way will this happen.


21 May 2012 13:33:29
Scouts from 2 English teams, thought to be Tottenham Hotspur and Ipswich Town watched Siyabonga Sangweni and Andile Jali in the final game of the South African PSL.

Rumour from a Sunday Tribune (south African newspaper) journalist at the game in Durban South Africa.(11)(1)


21 May 2012 13:21:38
Rumours now picking up that Neil Warnock could be on the verge of a shock resignation as Leeds manager.

What is known for sure is that Leeds were somehow unable to provide funds to finance Joel Ward's move from Pompey.

Wouldn't surprise me personally, as I don't think Bates will be prepared to match NW's investment expectations.(14)(14)Small time club nowAbsolute tosh. That makes no sense whatsoever. Warnock knew what he was taking on when he agreed to stay at Leeds this summer. It is true that the signing of Ward has been delayed (which is actually to be the double-signing of Ward and Halford, as I have posted), and this is because Bates does not want to be paying the wages of two extra players in the days leading up to June 1st. Interest from other clubs has meant though that he's set to finance the moves now anyway, so that Neil can get his targets. Pearce was the priority signing, which was why he was snapped up early, but Ward is too important for Neil to let slip away.

It is worth reminding people that Leeds have NO financial restraints outside Ken Bates and his affairs. And seeing as we paid more than 400k for Pearce, Ward's fee is not an issue. The combined fee for the two players is what is causing Ken to fold his arms, but the deal has NOT stalled. At least, it hasnt yet.
wallyThe signing of Ward has not been delayed, he hasn't made his mind up where he is going yet- direct quote from Trevor Birch, nothing to do with Leeds signing Halford. However there are rumours circulating that Leeds are having issues with the fee, posted by Leeds fans.Wally,
You should know by now that Bates does not want to invest huge sums in transfer fees or wages, although all Leeds fans keep on about being a big club because you get great support, the simple fact is that while Bates rules the roost you have little or no chance of promotion to Premier league unless he actually starts to release some funds. The Season Norwich went straight up to premier you had a team capable of promotion had Bates invested approx the same as Norwich did around 4M on new players.
You have since lost Johnson & Howson to Norwich both of whom have proved their talent in premier (especially Howson), and I fear you may well lose Snodgrass and a couple more of your better players simply because they must be getting very frustrated by club policy on new additions.Neil Warnock has no intentions of resigning.
They do have the money for Joel Ward.
Its just down to him where he chooses to go.Get a will never come close to being as big a club as leeds............EVER!.. FACT. Nar stop talking drivel...........muppets. M.O.T. White.E.Yorkshire Evening Post at the weekend said that Phil Hay (chief football writer) has had it from THREE separate sources that Ward has agreed in principle, and what is holding up the deal is Bates being unable to produce the cash, because he's spent it all on corporate boxes we can't fill.

Whatever you say about Ken Bates - he sure is a GOOD businessman.Wouldnt surprise me in the slightest. As a Leeds fan ive seen it all before, think everyone realises that Warnocks not a man to work on a limited budget and thats exactly what it is at leeds.


21 May 2012 13:47:19
Darius Vassell has agreed a 1 year contract with League 1 club Shrewsbury Town.(4)(15)Carnt believe pearson let him go, he was our best player the only player that could take someone on and beat them!Hmmm, that would be our wage budget smashed for the year!Is this serious!Give over im sure there is championship sides that will take him


21 May 2012 13:17:36
there are rumours spreading that real madrid foward gonzalo higuain is on his way out to fenerbache for 25mil(8)(9)


21 May 2012 13:11:44
Burton looking a Harry Pell from Hereford and also looking at Dean Howell(8)(2)


21 May 2012 13:06:55
Leeds United contract rebel Ross McCormack is being monitored by Yorkshire neighbours Huddersfield Town. Town manager Simon Grayson brought McCormack to Elland Road and would be interested in bringing him to the Galpharm should they gain promotion. Leeds have admitted they may listen to offers for the Scot this summer rather than let his deal expire. Rumours in Leeds suggest any sale of McCormack may be used to part fund a bid for transfer listed former Leeds man Jermaine Beckford.(15)(21)Rubbish. he aint going to drop a division. stop making up such nonsence.Bates is too tight, 1st and 2nd division players 4 u now coyrThey dont get on 1 of the reasons he was sack was because he lost the dressing room and fell out with bruce and mccormackNot a small time club just a small time "Chelsea loving' Chairman with no affection for the clubHe will not go to work for that muppet when lower Premiership teams will be in for him.RUBBISH! why would he join a newly promoted team when there a good chance he can play in premObvious McCormack is on his way out as he now has big ideas about himself and has refused a contract. He should remember that he was a sub before he went to Leeds. Leeds can only sign when they sell. Bates is keeping them in the Championship through his refusal to spend and that ain't possible. Beckford has wages that Bates won't pay - christ, he can't even keep the players he already has by paying good wages, it's hardly likely that 'anyone' of any notability will want to sign for Leeds given that Bates does not reward improvement and has a history of failed and empty promises. The club are just a status symbol to boost his own ego, he cares nothing for Leeds United or the club's loyal fans.


21 May 2012 13:04:13
Spurs will raid Wigan for goalkeeper Ali Al-Habsi and Victor Moses - £15million will net the pair(12)(9)15 million !! dont be silly.No offence, but I think Spurs are looking at players of better quality despite what happened on Saturday.Doubt itNot a chance, 15Mill will only get u Moses and Ali loves Wigan and the fans who have taken him to their hearts. Total CodswallopAl Habsi wont go he loves wigan and spurs aint stupid enought to buy moses for more that 10 millionAl Habsi will not be leaving Wigan . His family are settled in the area , he's happy at Wigan and the fans love him . Sorry no chance .Al habsi will never leave we love him!


21 May 2012 13:01:30
Leeds are heavily linked with Free agents Aaron Wilbraham and David Connolly. Connolly, 34, and Wilbraham, 32, were both released by Southampton and Norwich respectively. Warnock is also still continuously linked with Bristol City front man Jon Stead.(8)(16)Apparently Connolly going to brighton.Think you are way off the mark on all three there, better players are being targeted for a promotion push - Leeds have let better players than these go on free's.David Connolly would majorly improve leeds team-saints fan.You got no chance of sign stead he loves it at citySteady loves living in the best major city in England. If Huddersfield came calling then maybe as it's his hometown club but Steady seems to love living in Bristol so I can't see it.


21 May 2012 13:00:42
west ham are looking at junior hoillet and joe cole a very good source tells me,however theres a lot of interest in hoillet but 'big sam' had him at blackburn which could be a big factor in the move. Other few names on shortlist are a return for villas james collins, a loan move for keiran gibbs and an audacious move for citys adam johnson although the latter 2 are dependant on there own clubs signing players in there positions, you heard it here first.(16)(17)Also jamie o'hara is another strong possibility


21 May 2012 12:56:48
released crawley town fullback dean howell to port vale as they recently sold their best left back lee collins to barnsley(10)(2)


21 May 2012 12:53:40
the talk at the mighty spurs is that bale and modric had a meeting yesterday and today and both handed in transfer requests in the search for champion league football(21)(9)Mighty spurs? ha ha ha your finishrd!That would have been tough Luka is already on holidayModric is currently with the Croatian national team


21 May 2012 12:52:05
Manchester city to confirm deal for eden hazard in the next 24 hours and are looking to offload strikers roque santa cruz or emmanuel adebayor possibly as a part exchange(16)(21)He said he wont be deciding until after the euros so this aint trueWhy would he wait til after the Euros. Belgium didnt qualifyPlayer said he wants to go to Old TraffordHes going to stamford bridge;)


21 May 2012 12:44:50
18 year old highly-rated Doncaster full-back James Husband is attracting interest from the Premier League(11)(7)Hayter only scored 5 this season for us, i doubt charlton will want to sign himWouldnt surprise me he looks a good player 1 for the future,good lad aswell.Grounded


21 May 2012 12:09:43
Charlton are about to sign James Hayter who has been released by Doncaster Rovers. Hayter, who is regarded as one of the best headers of a ball outside the premiership is very keen on a move down south as he originally hails from the Isle of Wight

He really isn't? and this is from a Rovers fan(11)(11)No! We are not signing him either!


21 May 2012 12:30:54
Riccardo Fuller is a reported target for
Ipswich Town(7)(11)Heard Fuller favours a move to Leeds under Warnocks new regime.Or even a Chinese side from ShanghiI heard it was a pay as you play deal


21 May 2012 12:27:09
West Ham are interested in several ex-players including Joe Cole, Nigel Reo-Coker, Kieran Richardson, Yossi Benayoun and Rio Ferdinand who will take a player/coach roll to help develop James Tomkins and Winston Reid.

I am not saying that these will happen but these are rumours I have heard from inside the club.(13)(18)


21 May 2012 12:23:02
Emile Heskey will return to Leicester
following his release from Villa.(15)(6)No thanks, we're trying to build a team for the future not go backwards, youth is the way forward not players in their mid 30's


21 May 2012 12:09:14
Eden Hazard to Arsenal 100%. Arsenal to break wage structure to keep RVP and land Hazard. Hazard wants regular football and will link up with his Belguim team mate Vermalem.(17)(34)So snub ManU and City for Arsenal? I don't think so.Wenger to tight to get hazard
thats why he aint won anything
for years
and nothing going to changeIf Wenger was serious about signing Hazard he would've done it in 2001 when we were first linked with him. Not now that he's wanted by every club in the world.


21 May 2012 12:20:02
Finally some good news for Spurs fans. Jan Vertonghen has told Ajax he will only sign for Tottenham and that there is now point in holding out for another club to make a bigger offer. Apparently Daniel Levy and the club's lawyers are to fly out today to thrash out a deal.

Source:De Telegraaf(19)(13)


21 May 2012 12:17:48
preston north end to morecambe goalkeeper barry roache as stuckman is set to leave to go to leeds united will sign for around 50k and stuckman will go for around 250k(6)(5)Hope you're wrong with that one, he's the one player we don't wanna lose!No he wont stuckmann wont go for that littleDONT BE SILLY MATE WE WONT SELL STUCKMANNo chanceHe is the best keeper outside the premStuckman is the only reason PNE are still in League 1. Hasnt signed a contract yet and he's on very, very low wages, so any good offer of a long term contract and a decent League 1 wage and he will be off like a shot.I know Roache is good but that's a bit extreme...No chanceIf there was any substance to this rumour then the originator would have spelled Barry Roche's name correctly.Stuckmann IS under contract with PNE so you're talking rubbish!Sell stuckmann he on loan you dingbats on an 18 month contract we got half way through the season when the transfer window was closed


21 May 2012 11:59:45
huddersfield town will keep jordan rhodes if they beat sheff united in the play off final? Simon grayson is talking to jermaine beckford about beconming rhodes strike partner for next season only if there promoted(10)(18)Get real Rhodes is on his way and no way on earth would Huddersfield be able to meet any wage demands set by Beckford.Huddersfield will not go up and Beckford will not go down a division so no chance there.
As for Rhodes he will be out of there like a flash either way.Rhodes will stay if they go up but no way Beckford. Silly wage demands and unliked by the fans.They will keep rhodes if they dont gain promotion there chairman said they have no reason to sell


21 May 2012 11:58:51
can reading actually sign anyone with the impending take over still ongoing? i thought that any club changing owner was put under a transfer embargo or is tht just a myth?(6)(6)Complete myth !It is a myth. We've just signed McCleary, albeit on a Bosnan.Seeing as we signed McCleary last week I'll go with no transfer embargo.Signing Mccleary was strange though, there usually pics of him and Brian signing paperwork but there was nothingI think it's mainly just that outgoing managers don't want to spend their money on new players if they won't be able to reap the rewards - Madjeski is keeping some shares, supports Reading and has far too much money so he's still willingThere is a little reward for going into the prem, so i doubt Madjeski is dipping into his pockets too much and fair play to him he's a business man and always admited he's not the kind of owner to take Reading to the next level.I doubt he will touch any of his personal fortune to delve into the transfer market, that's why he has sold the majority share. Madjeski alwyays admitted his fortunes weren't enough to make Reading a main stay prem team, especially as his main passion is art.Outgoing managers? Brian's going nowhere. If Anton sacked him he'd really annoy the fans.Might be cause its not fully processed yet but clubs and player have agreed it, remember seeing one of our players tweeting him on Twitter saying be good to have you round the mad stad in a couple of weeks, or something to that effect.


21 May 2012 11:42:02
Reading now face stiff competition from West Ham for targets Whittingham and Rhodes. However there has been a gentleman's agreement between Reading and Huddersfield since January (part of the reason Sean Morrison went on loan there in the first place!) that Rhodes will join Reading after the play off campaign.(9)(15)Malky Makay has today announced Whittingham is staying at Cardiff. (WalesOnline)The transfer window is a long time...a lot can change.They will need a fair bit of cash to sign him as he's only recently signed a new contract.Not sure Rhodes is the man for us. We need cover for Roberts and Rhodes isn't it, neither is Matt Philips. Rumours that Yakubu is coming seem to have dried up. ShameGentleman's agreement - absolute rubbish. Stop making stuff up. Sean Morrison's loan was nothing to do with Rhodes.


21 May 2012 11:35:38
Versatile Tunisian Bilel Mohsni of Southend is interesting Watford after impressing last season(11)(3)Mariappa is likely to be leaving so this looks like it could happen.Bit risky he has a bad temperWould be a quality signing and he's desperate to get away from Southend.What makes you think hes desperate to leave southend?Because he hates Paul Sturrock! Sturrock has banned him on numerous occasions for his behaviour (he calls it passion!). Bilel will depart for Watford I believe.He's happy there!He doesn't hate paul sturrock you tool, he loves the fans and said after our play off 2nd leg he wont leave till he gets the club promoted, so jog on thinking you know anything


21 May 2012 12:21:22
cardiff city could sign steve morison for 1million(7)(12)DreamerWould be good signing. I don't think so thoughLol 1 million for someone who scored 9 in the prem that would be a nice dealHe is out of favor with norwich and could want more first team footballYou'd have to pay at least 2 million to be even considered hes scored 10 goals in the prem to be precise and cost 2.5 in the first placeSteve Morison NOT out of favour at Norwich, i know its a rumour site, but this is rubbish at best. Im a Norwich fan & i know for a FACT he is VERY happy at Norwich.


21 May 2012 11:38:41
mk dons to sign scott laird and clinton morrison, alistair slowe, lee croft, and stuart beavon.(4)(8)The Northampton legend that is Alastair Slowe would never lower himself as far as MK.


21 May 2012 11:35:32
Crawley aggree Lewis Grabban deal(9)(4)Is it really a player Crawley want, just another signing that isn't a prolific goal scorer


21 May 2012 11:45:59
Former Crawley Captain Pablo Mills to return to former club Rotherham United. Medical today and will be signed Tuesday am if passes medical.(12)(6)


21 May 2012 11:44:40
Super rich saudi club al nassr are willling to offer millions for midfielder come striker Tim Cahill because he is an 'asian' player and would bring in spectators and massive shirt sales SOURCE: OFFICIAL EVERTON WEBSITE(7)(14)Dont know wether he would relish the thought of being a fringe player at goodison, think he'll go, along with Neville been the catalyst of all that is good at EvertonJust to be clear - Tim Cahill is in no way "Asian". He is from Australia, which is part of the continent of Oceania.

Not Asia. Thank youHes samoan actually


21 May 2012 11:29:22
MK Dons are going to bid for recently transfer listed Grant McCann(11)(10)How old is grant mccann ?McCann is 32


21 May 2012 11:28:24
Crawley Town have agreed a deal with Rotherham for striker Lewis Grabban(20)(5)


21 May 2012 11:28:23
Burnley to sell Chris mccan to Swansea(11)(11)


21 May 2012 11:25:15
Mccan of burnley to Swansea. No bull about 1,5 mill(8)(13)Swansea have had a 1M bid turned down already(bid made last week)

expect a second bid of 1.2-1.5MGood deal if it happens we could get a couple of similar type players for that amount


21 May 2012 11:22:02
Swindon town close to bidding for Grant McCann, Alan Lee and are set to sign Lee Holmes, Jay McEveley, Andy Williams and Enoch Showunmi on free transfers(8)(6)Beavon and kee Ive heard


21 May 2012 11:20:20
Blackpool's Matt Phillips, 21, could still be playing Premier League football next season despite missing out on promotion, after catching the eye of Reading boss Brian McDermott.(17)(8)Along with every other club like everton /stoke/southampton/west ham ectI'd be surprised. After just signing McCleary we don't exactly need any more wingersNewcastle are also interested because he was at wembley watching himI dont know if you noticed, but Alan Pardew said after the play off final that he has looked at Matt Phillips, but he thinks that he needs to develop in the Championship for another year first. So Newcastle are not exactly interested yet.


21 May 2012 11:16:14
Town looking for a big centre forward and Jewell believe's free agent Didier Drogba fits the bill quite nicely. Ipswich are likely to offer a 2 year deal with an option of a 3rd on a £2,500 a week. {Ed025's Note - a japanese club have offered him £250,000 per week tax free...i wonder which he will choose(5)(21)Chinese club- shanghai shenuha


21 May 2012 11:31:46
Luka Modric has handed in another transfer request at Tottenham

Ph49(24)(10)Another one? he never handed in a first one


21 May 2012 11:08:49
leicester are after jordan roades if he does not sign for norwich jamaine beckford will be offerd in part exchange pluss cash. they want roades to play up front with nugent and vardy next season. info from club insider,(5)(21)Rhodes not Roades, Jermaine not Jamaine.If you are going to post spurious rumours at least have the common courtesy to spell the players names correctly!!!!Roades...where we're going, we don't need Rhodes (Obvious but funny....right?)Rhodes will not end up at Leicester, wake up and smell the coffee.


21 May 2012 11:08:06
Interest in Matt Phillips has been reignited by Reading, and will be making a 2.5m bid for him(15)(10)


21 May 2012 10:50:52
Swindon Town captain Paul Caddis has signed a one-year contract extension with the Robins so is now contracted until the summer of 2014(11)(4)True enough!


21 May 2012 10:48:41
As said in the papers over previous weeks now West Ham are promoted they have new targets to improve the squad. they include:

Joe Cole-West Ham haven't had much creativity on the right wing this season and as a fans legend at West Ham and he is available cheap after his loan spell with Lille has ended is moving away from Liverpool but looking to stay in England. Seems like he is the number 1 target. Could be difficult if Liverpool appoint a new manager who wants him to stay.

Nigel Reo-Coker-avaliable on a free transfer. A player liked by Big Sam and would be seen as a good addition on a bosman.

Kieran Richardson-West Ham need a good right back as Joey O'Brien is not always fit and Guy Demel looks a bit out of sorts. Surplus to requirements at Sunderland.

George McCartney-There is a gentlemans agreement with Sunderland that if West Ham were promoted he would sign for the Hammers. Has looked good all season anyway.

Paul Robinson, Manuel Almunia, Craig Gordon and Fraser Forster-New goalkeeper targets if Green leaves. Almunia and Gordon could still join if Green stays as they are free transfers and can provide competition for the number 1 jersey.

Victor Moses-Has rejected a new contract at Wigan. Very highly thought of by David Gold and David Sullivan. Would be willing to pay highly as one of the owners wanted players.

Roger Johnson-Availible cheaply from relegated Wolves as a replacement for Abdoulaye Faye who will be 35 during this campaign.

Nathaniel Clyne-Most unlikely of the targets as he is wanted by Manchester United and Chelsea but bearing in mind that West Ham have a 30 Million transfer kitty a deal does not seem impossible.

Ahmed Elmohammody-Surplus to requirements at Sunderland. A back-up option if the Joe Cole deal falls through.

A Striker-Every transfer window West Ham buy a striker. Possible ones are from the relegated clubs with Ivan Klasnic, Yakubu and Steven Fletcher the best options. Jordan Rhodes linked as always.

Peter Whittingham-Always linked with West Ham in every transfer window but nothing ever materialises.

Only about half of these deals will happen but as mentioned West Ham have a 30 million transfer kitty so all of the deals could happen.
I could see Joe Cole and Nigel Reo-Coker re-signing as well as a 5 million joint fee for McCartney, Richardson and Elmohammody.
West Ham to finish 15th in the league ideally.

COYI(15)(27)Good post, not a Hammers fan myself but most of that makes sense, i'd like to see Joe Cole back at West Ham, perhaps he'd return to the player he once was.Start by getting a new managerSince when was Richardson a right back?Richardson the left sided player is our target at right back? yakubu who the chairmen didnt sign because they said he wasnt good enough to play for the club the year we went down?reo coker who gets booed by us? i agree with joe cole,richardson down the left side and would love moses but the rest is nonsenseKieran Richardson as RB.... I'll have what ever your having .. Richardson is a LB!West Ham 30 mil to spend , dont make me laugh . They have lost a fortune this season by still having a premier league wage bill . Im sure the owners will want to re-coup some of this seasons loss so no 30 mil . Maybe some good free transfers and maybe 10 mil at the very most .I'll happily drive Elmohammady down to London for you...please, please take him.Richardson is left footed so why buy him as a right back?Keiran Richardson is a left-back. He has been converted from a leftwinger where he played when making his debut for Man Utd and England.They dont have 30m to spend said they would of had to spend that to cover the costs if they didnt make it to the prem so get ur facts right..and all the above players will have other premship clubs ahead of the hammers..the hammers will have do what made then bankupt in the first more wages then everyone elseStop dreaming mate most of these players play on the floor, they wont fit into your team. HOOFFletxher supposibly turned down sunderland s why would he go to west ham who have a good chance of getting relegated first seasonCraig gordon's going arsenal as fabianski and almunia are leaving.Moses has not turned down a new deal as he hasn't been offered one, it's just his agent stirring the pot. He will sign a new deal once Martinez confirms he's staying. Also Kieran Richardson is a left back not a right back


21 May 2012 10:47:37
leroy lita back to city(3)(16)


21 May 2012 10:34:07
West Ham to sign Burnley striker Charlie Austin for 2.5M(12)(22)No. He's too good for wet spamAustin Powers maybe!Why would west ham want yet another striker ? stop posting rubbish . he aint good enough for premiershipNo he is now, because the premiership does not existAustin is going no where, has great potential and the hammers don't need another striker of his quality


21 May 2012 10:24:05
Apparently Steve Evans of Rotheram is now chasing Bournemouth's Wes Thomas after failing in his bid to get Matt Tubbs. Both players used to be at Crawley with Evans. A bid of around £200,000 is apparently being tabled.(8)(4)Have heard this one too.Rotheram? who? oh that lg 2 side! wes thomas is far better then that!Good, Thomas is dog poo, they can have Arter as well.Let them have Thomas and Tubbs and sign someone decent..They can have Thomas for nowt....good riddanceTubbs has been a shocking signing and shows why Lee Bradbury got the bullet! He's no spring chicken anymore and if we got 200k-300k for him I'd be happy. League one is too much for him


21 May 2012 10:21:14
Charlton are about to sign James Hayter who has been released by Doncaster Rovers. Hayter, who is regarded as one of the best headers of a ball outside the premiership is very keen on a move down south as he originally hails from the Isle of Wight.(6)(13)Interesting option... Wouldn't mind him.We have Kermorgant, THE BEST HEADER OF ANY FOOTBALL.Why would Charlton need another striker who's good in the air, when we have Danny Haynes and Yann Kermogant?Charlton is a long way from the Isle of Wight!Agree with all the comments above apart from the first one, London is hardly close to IOW and Kermorgant is 100% the best header in the football league, and he had a awful scoring record at Donny, someing like 30 in 120? So no thanks considering we want to be in the prem in 3/4 seasons


21 May 2012 10:19:22
ed, what are the chances of michael owen going to leicester do you think? And do you know if Shlupp is going out on loan? {Ed001's Note - highly unlikely Owen will go to Leicester, why would they want him? His main priority is his horses, not football. No decision has been made on Schlupp, I believe he will be assessed in pre-season, though a good loan offer might make up the club's mind.}(4)(9)Owen wouldn't drop down, not while there are Premier League suckers out there wanting to sign him plus, as said, Leicester don't need him. I think the decision regarding Shluup has more to do with Beckford than anything else. Pearson knows Shluup and knows what he can do but with Vardy, Waghorn and Nugent in the mix, one from Shluup or Beckford will probably move on.

There were rumours of a fall-out between Pearson and Beckford during the season but the player still finished 2nd behind Nugent with 15 goals and will no doubt do better next season with a revamped squad around him.

A serious offer for Beckford (3m from West Ham has been rumoured) would make the decision easy, but Leicester obviously don't need to sell so if the player is happy, it'll be Shluup who heads out on loan, if not, and Beckford leaves, Shluup will stay put.Wouldnt shock me if Schlupp went to Charlton with the Chris Powell link.Owen has stated dropping down to the championship is not an option. Also, leicester have Nugent Beckford Vardy Waghorn Schlupp, so would not want another striker of this form. Pearson looks to be assembling a youthful squad and has also said that he will keep fair play regulations in mind, something that Owen's high wages will make difficult.Oh my sides are aching from laughing at the Michael Owen idea. If you were him would you really go to Leicester.


21 May 2012 10:01:42
nick barmby to sign 1 year deal to play at hull, the club hes supported all his life.

Apparently.(2)(31)May well be true! Manuel Jose resigned from his position on Friday eveningKeegan will be named manager within the next week.


21 May 2012 09:58:26
I have seen on TV2 here in Norway that Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson is interesting Everton, Ipswich and Anderlect. He plays for Sogndal.(13)(3)He plays for LillestromNo...he plays for Lillestrom SK.No he doesn't ... He plays for Lillestrøm. He scord against Sogndal yesterday.Add wolves and reading to the list.Sorry, my mistake. LSK were playing Sogndal last night. He did score the only goal of the game. He now has 11 goals in his last 5 games.He plays for lille so how can this be?Also interesting wolves and reading, but said in an interview that he wanted to stay in Lillestrom until a prem club came in for him {Ed025's Note - reading are a prem club..Solbakken tried to sign him for Cologne and will try again now he is at Wolves, only Wolves have the money, Cologne wouldn't pay the fee.Does anyone know how much LSK are asking for him?Looking at this guy on youtube he looks pretty good. Would be a big gamble for a team to place in a punt of 4m though.


21 May 2012 09:57:54
fernando torres to stay at chelsea and cry some more!!(17)(12)He's probably gutted that he missed out on the Carling CupHe's not enjoyed his time with Chelsea by the sounds of it?? Talks planned for this week.


21 May 2012 10:15:54
hey ed, is heskey going to Leicester? {Ed001's Note - no idea, sorry.}(11)(10)I dont think heskey will be joining leicester pearson is assembleing a young squadIf Sven were there, yes, but Sven isn't there and Leicester already have 4 Strikers on the books and have only just released Vassell, why they'd replace one has-been with another is anyone's guess.


21 May 2012 10:14:45
ipswich to sign southends neil harris and chris barker on a bosman(6)(8)Absolute rubbishDoubt that barker will stay and harris will finish career with usAgree, Harris will not move on now - unless forced to and Barker had a less effective season so will probably move on.


21 May 2012 10:13:05
Manuel Jose Has Emerged As A
Favrouite to take Over From Nick
Barmby At Hull
Manuel Jose Is The Former Ahly's Portuguese coach Manuel Jose Da Silva Ahly's Boss
And Very sucseful In Egypt
Also Steve Bruce Is 2/1 but in my Opinion wint last beacuse of the funds will be thight
Gregg Abbott Could Also Be In The Running as he steps up his chances of managing at a higher leverl

Mick M Has Ruled His Self Out(3)(6)Right on!!


21 May 2012 09:39:50
Emile Heskey is to sign a 1 year contract with Hull City.(6)(22)You don't get voted the fastest growing city you either grow faster than all other micro cities or you don't. it seems that for all readings good points education is not one of them


21 May 2012 09:37:27
Spurs are looking to revive their interest in Brazilian Leandro Damiao. This story was back doing to the rounds yesterday.(12)(8)


21 May 2012 09:30:24
ANY BRISTOL CITY TRANSFER NEWS PLEASE.(3)(12)Jon Stead is wanted by Leeds.Rumour is Ian Black could end up there. Terrific footballer in centre mid but disciplinary record is not brill !Ian Black and Rudi Skacel looking likely to sign, expect all signings to be Hearts/Hibs/Motherwell/St Johnstone/Dundee Utd due to managers links


21 May 2012 09:10:53
Stoke look certain to sign matt philllips for £3.2 MILLION


21 May 2012 09:01:24
West Ham interested in Man City winger Adam Johnson on a permanent or loan deal to add creativity to the right wing as the currently have none. Collison is a good player but his crosses are not great and Vaz Te is a striker(18)(20)Join the cueWest ham will be intrested in every 2nd rate player..but fail to attract any1 with any real classWhy would Johnson go to a club just promoted? He is a top player which is why he is at city, he isn't going to go to a team like west ham who are likely to just drop back down.Johnson is an excellent winger - he will want to play for a Europe-challenging team, top half at least. And there will be plenty of offers from those sort of teamsWest ham can't afford johnson, its as simple as that.


21 May 2012 09:00:15
Ipswichs Damien Delaney off to Leeds on loan for the season.(5)(19)Leeds won't be signing players on loan this seasonHave him, he's a donkey.Given we only have 2 centre backs inthe whole squad I doubt this somewhat


21 May 2012 08:58:13
West Ham to re-sign ex-players Joe Cole and Nigel Reo-Coker as well as free agent ivan Klasnic, Jordan Mutch and Danny Simpson. these transfers are realistic targets but West Ham are also looking at Matt Phillips, Tom Ince, Victor Moses, Ahmed Elmomammody, Nathaniel Clyne, Danny Guthrie, Wilfred Zaha, Maynor Figeroua, Hugo Rodellga and Adrian Marriappa. After the first 5 targets West Ham might get 1 of the other 10 if they are very lucky,

COYI(10)(18)I really hope we do not go and get x players as they are now too old and past there BEST.Rio could join as well if utd sign a defender from montpellier,he will take on a player/coach role at the end of the season if it goes through.sam is trying to hijack readings bid for marriappa with baldock as bait.expect west ham to bid again for tevez,zaha & whittingham although all unlikely to sign.I live in Australia l am a mad hammer supporter l would defenetly want J.Cole back Pederson, A.Johnson ,K Richarson .H.Rodellega ,V.Moses and A Experience tall DefederPie in the skyDeluded hammers thinking they are a massive club that can attract top players, only just got promoted and will probably go straight down again. Dream OnWe are a Big club, bigger then all of the prem apart the 2 manchester clubs and Chelsea, Arsenal. FACT


21 May 2012 08:58:04
Fegor ogude has been Given a
Conditional British work Permit.(7)(4)Ed Will this mean he is about to sign for Derby if the rumours are true? {Ed001's Note - he must be lined up for a club or he would not have been able to get the permit, so it seems likely, if true.}


21 May 2012 08:47:39
Now Villareal have been relegated, could the striking duo of Nilmar and Giuseppe Rossi make a move to the premier league?(13)(5)I would love to see Rossi back at OT. An ideal player although he has spent nearly a year injured.He's out till march 2013


21 May 2012 08:36:41
tottenham are targeting more modest signings-those being rob green junior hoillet,philipe mexes and possible loan deal for dzeko.Moderic will leave for around £36 mil,bale will stay as he will honour club.Ade back to city,defoe up for grabs at £8 mil,gomez bassong bently corluka kranjker and nelson all to leave.Caulker returning dawson fit and huddleston all back to fold,harry will also look at grant holt as alternate sriker.Not what spurs fans were looking for but its the real world and feel they should go for eufa cup shows that they should respect where they are right now..COYS(10)(12)


21 May 2012 08:01:11
It's understood that Cardiff City have bid £1.4 million + Dekel Keinan for the highly rated Rosenbourg midfielder Marcus Henriksen(5)(13)Ha ha PsG have had a 8 million bid turned down and they are oil rich.Looks good on youtube - he's not an 8mill player maybe 2.5mill max + nothing about an 8mill offer from PSG looks like a celtic target !


21 may 2012 07:55:33
any rotherham united rumors?(4)(9)


21 May 2012 02:12:30
Reading FC - Adrian Marriappa will sign a contract early this week after the two clubs agreed a fee of 1.8m with add ons should reading stay up in the first season.(13)(14)Not a chance that Watford would bet a penny on Reading staying up - having seen you twice last year - Wolves look a good side!Yes we were obviously terrible last year. So terrible we won the league.....Reading are better than Watford. If we are the only premier league side to make an offer then he'll be off to us.Such a terrible team that we overcame a play off final defeat by winning the league the following year. Get realistic, you are just another one of those fans that talk rubbish without knowing the facts.Mariappa may be joining you, but he's away on International duty at the momentWe were so bad we conceded the least amount of goals in the league...TEAM CHEMISTRY
100 :pOuch - hit a nerve there i think - honestly if you lot think that you have even half a chance - start taking some anti psychotics now - the championship was a terrible league last year - yes you won - but look who was second - you don't have a prayer between you - you will need to spend v v v big just to stay up - name a single player in your squad who is Premier League quality - the nearest i can get is Kebe - the rest are too old or too slow or too bad!Don't worry Reading, their just jealous fans. I would give you a massive chance of staying up. Just look at the 2006/07 season, it was your first time in the premier league and everyone was writing you off straight away. But you surprised everyone by coming 8th, closer to champions league than relegation! Yes you were a bit lucky winning the league instead of us (southampton) this year, but I'm backing you next year :)Wow...kebe karacan pearce connolly gorkss leighertwood le fondre roberts mcanuff...need i go on?This Watford fan slagging Reading off. Is he for real? Take a look at the final league tableSecond Southampton a team with a bunch of history and a massive club, third West Ham, wasn't a bad year this year , was tough cause at least all top half of the teams were decent squads.Id like to point out that Kebe is nowhere near our best player, in fact we looked a better team when McAnuff took the right side and Hal Robson-Kanu took the left. You clearly no nothing about football. A teams success is not based on player ability alone. I dare you to try and find a team with better chemistry or work rate then Reading. We Reading fans will be the first to admit that we do not have the best players, but thats not what Reading is all about. Thankyou to the people that are not jealous of our success and I wish your teams the best of luck in the future as long as it does not mean relegation for us next season.Reading DO NOT want Parr, especially after he got Roberts sent off at the end of the season.I don't like kebe


21 May 2012 01:09:54
It is thought that Crystal Palace have had a number of bids for their players over the last week, most of which have been rejected although two are believed to be accepted. Information below:

John Parr - Reading - Rejected
Mile Jedinak - Cardiff - Rejected
Dean Moxey - Sheffield Wednesday - Accepted
Wilfried Zaha - Newcastle - Rejected
Glenn Murray - MK Dons - Accepted(11)(14)Moxey wont go to sheff wed and murray wonts to stay a selhurstWho would Reading want John Parr?Murray is staying !Why would Cardiff want Mile Jedinak?Murray to MK is complete rubbish!


21 May 2012 00:57:37
Manchester United a set to complete the £3m transfer of Nick Powell from Crewe. Ferguson is looking to loan him out to a championship club as soon as he buys him. Front runners at this stage to loan him are Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forest.

Manchester United are also now close to the capture of Nathaniel Clyne. To stop it from going to a tribunal, the two clubs have agreed an initial £2m fee, rising up to £3.5m depending on appearances.(22)(19)We wont sell clyne for 3mill he is worth at least 5 at the very lowest anyway clyne is out of contract so why spend money when you can get him for freeHe's under 24, so United have to pay compensation. ^We would buy him for 2m to avoid a tribunal as he stated. It is an easy way of settling a dispute, outside of court.Is Clyne good enough for United?

I guess the 3m to Crewe will save them from going under.


21 May 2012 00:35:22
Blackpool will try sign kevin davies for 750k and thomas ince {Ed003's Note - No }(2)(32)How will blackpool sign ince when he already plays for themDavies signed a one year extension at Bolton.This must be from a PNE fan.....!!This is supposed to be a rumours site. Not fantasy island. State your sources...Oh dear, we signed Ince on a free how can he then only be on loan? Get your facts before posting :L


20 May 2012 23:41:44
Chris Powell looks set to bolster the Charlton Athletic back-line with the signing of Norwegian U21 starlet Vegard Forren. A cultured left footer, Forren has shot to fame this season under Ole Gunnar Solksjaer at Molde FK.

It is believed the centre back, who was closely monitored by Everton back in 2010, would command a fee in the region of £750k.(10)(3)Hes worth at least 4m! hes world class!This would be a great signing if it's true!I'm not saying it will happen but this looks to be the most likely of all the rumours on here."hes world class!" OMG some one does not watch a lot of football!


20 May 2012 23:35:04
Charlton are set to beat Ipswich and Watford in the race for Sam Baldock's signature. The Addicks are believed to be willing to part with up to a million pounds (incl. clauses) to strike a deal with the Hammers, whereas Ipswich and Watford were believed to be interested in a season-long lone deal.(6)(23)Thats because west ham are interested in a season long loan deal.Good we need to sell him ang get more money but do a millionThat's correct, Big Sam only wants a loan deal for Baldock, so Ipswich have offered to have him on a season long loan, to get him games, just like we done with Mark Noble, we allowed him games and he aint looked backIts on the bbc webisite if you wanna lookAdrian Marriappa is in Jamaca playing for the National Team so he wont be signing for anyone untill he returns in a couple of weeks so no deals are doneWhat has "Adrian Marriappa" got to do with it?Nothing on the bbc website so you lie!Yes thats is true Baldock will sign for Charlton in the next few days or So cause im one of his mates.


20 May 2012 23:21:20
Watford rumours---
Adrain marriappa to leave for around £3.5/4 million. Watford also looking to offload chris iwelumo after a dissapointing season.

In response they are looking to sign either sam baldock or nathan delfonso on loan for the season. Also are hoping to tempt james coppinger from doncaster after there relegation to league 1.(3)(17)Coppinger is on contract with Doncaster until 2014, and Watford are only looking for out of contract players and loans after the signing of James CollinsWe don't even need delfouneso! Buaben, Hogg, McGinn returning, Eustace already compete for centre midfield. ND is not a striker either so I dont see where he would fit it.


20 May 2012 23:03:22
Colchester to sign out of contract Blackpool star Lua Lua(4)(19)He's already gone too a Turkish Club.


20 May 2012 23:02:17
Jay Rod from Burnley to saints defo (undisclosed fee) will be revealed this week as now they can sign players as play offs has finished.

Pugh from afc Bournemouth to Burnley replacing Jay rod. Around the 1 mil Mark(23)(18)Nonsense. Rodriguez might go to Saints or he might end up about at any one of about half a dozen other Prem clubs. Nothing is yet decided. Quite happy for people to make their own minds as to who's info is correct and there's quite a simple way to check - if we get to the end of the week and there's been no announcement, this is just another posting from an ill informed, over excited, Southampton fan. Getting a bit bored now.Who is Jay Rod? I know Burnley have a player called Jay Rodriguez. Is he the forward that plays with ChaAusHow will pugh, a winger, replace jay rodriguez, a striker?Haha a million for pugh your having a laugh bournemouth would have to sell him for much less than that try about 300,000 !


20 May 2012 22:31:43
Middlesbrough could sign Glenn Loovens depending on wage demands and budget(14)(5)I heard that he was also linked with Sheffield Wednesday.Aye he's in demand, solid defender bound to have a few in for himHeard from a Cardiff City fan (Loovens used to play for them) that he is a solid defender, good in the air and good with the tackles. Never afraid to go in for the challenge; just what we need.


20 May 2012 21:50:44
Watford Rumours:

-Watford have asked Aston Villa for a possible loan deal for Nathan Delfouneso. Watford are hoping for a season long loan.

-Watford are hoping to sign young Shrewsbury Town striker James Collins, Watford hope to sign the forward for 450k plus add ons.

-Watford will accept a £4.5million bid from Reading for defender Adrian Mariappa. Mariappa will sign a 4 year contract at Reading.(13)(9)4.5 millon? having a laugh?2 million max for mariappaWe already rejected around 2.5-3.5 mil in january so fat chance of 2 milI heard 2.2 possibly rising to 4.5, over time it would probably equate to 3.5m in realised revenue for the clubNo squabbling - neither of you know! - it will be more than 2.5 - but it won't be 4.5m eitherMariappa is not 4.5m!2.5-3.5 seems like a big difference...Dont you know the exact amount? Reading wont pay 4.5 mill for anyone before the takeover is completed let alone an unproven prem player.2.5m-3.5m is a big difference..... but transfer fees are usually undisclosed... especially ones that don't even go through.Mariappa is a good player, but 3m-3.5m is the most Reading would spend on him. If he was worth 4.5m then I couldnt see them playing thatI wish we could of got delfounsoThe transfer will go through for less than 2 million around the 1.75 -1.8 mark. He is a good player and 2 million will represent value for money.Prices are inflated in January anyway. 2m tops, and I'd expect no more than 1.2m up front. Good championship defenders don't go for much, just look at Gorkks, only cost 900kAmes collins 450k ? sorry why ?
hes on a free and will be compensation.
get your facts right!^ They're saying that the compensation is 450k obviously. Though I do think that that sounds steep.

Matt Mills went for 5m and Mariappa is arguably a better player. They overpaid but Mariappa is worth more than 2m and we've rejected higher bids so don't get your hopes up Reading...all that promotion money will loosen your purse. Competition from the likes of Wigan, Southampton and others will drive the price up too.If a confrence striker is 1million then that isnt steep


20 May 2012 21:38:02
man United to offer Van Persie £200k per week and Arsenal £27million(24)(62)Nope.Van Persie will become another overpaid City mercenary i.e. bench warmer.Behave.


20 May 2012 21:37:46
Ruiri Brennen of dunboyen is on his way to play for acrington stanly only costing 21k(8)(2)


20 May 2012 21:33:53
Ricardo Fuller to sign for preston on a ee?(8)(31)Nope.You mean free mate absolutely no chance.He's off to Wigan or VillaFirst have heard re Villa- especially now they have no manager so how do you work that out?

Sunderland have made a passing enquiry as have Blackburn.He needs to be realistic, he wouldnt get played at a prem club, and meets westley description of what he wants - free, tall experienced. used to be a north end man. you never knowAbsolutely dead in the water!Fuller is one of the best players we've had in recent years, but there's no chance of Westley signing him.Agreed to go to Wigan as long as Martinez doesnt leave.


20 May 2012 21:30:15
southampton manager was at the play off final yesterday looking at ince and phillips, any deal would probaly see puncheon going in the opposite direction(26)(13)Not a chanceHe was at the final, Ince or Phillips would be ideal signings..Would be a coup if we managed to buy one of them.Could be or he just wanted to watch the match :PSouthampton are already signing 57 new players for next season......just think of a name and some Saints fan will tell you how big a club they are and that the player cant wait to join......just not going to happenSouthampton wil sign 5 or 6 new players before the new season but theres probaly 12 or more players there looking at right now, someones got green eyes there lolAlso many skates come on here pretending 2 b saints fans cos as all true saints fans no NC does his business behind closed doors eg hooiveld and tad lee -no one saw them coming^^ behaveHow could he be at the play off final when he was scouting the talent on display at the CL final. Private jet with the boss maybe...drogba, van buyten and that left back bayern played I heard ;). Real saints fan.Adkins was at the play-off final, im sure ur a real saints fan ;) mayb radio 5 live were talking about a different nigel adkins being at the game lol


20 May 2012 21:25:13
fitz hall anthony gardner and zat knight all coming in this summer apparantly warnock wants 4 big center backs and its rumoured he wants them 3 along with jason pearce battling for 2 centre back spots.he sees young lees as a right back and wants him concentrating on that position next season hopefully with joel ward.all coming from a very very reliable source.(12)(11)LOL a "reliable source" also said Leeds have to sell before they buy. Stlll Norwich will soon a come a callingHall likely,Knight perhaps but Gardner, I doubt he will come to Leeds.


20 May 2012 20:52:07
Any Burton Albion rumours Ed(1)(7)Ed anything on Burton {Ed001's Note - no mate, sorry.}


20 May 2012 21:01:09
Manchester city will make a 25mil bid for arsenal superstar robin van persie but there is also rumoured that Barcelona and real Madrid are interested!(36)(16)Anzi offerd 45 million he can go to them if city or who ever top that then they can have him. if he does not sign for arsenal again.I don't think he would be tempted by a Russian club and city are reporting to give him 300k a week!


20 May 2012 20:27:49
Southampton are holding talks with Crystal Palace with the possible sale of Nathaniel Clyne. Southampton will offer £4m, plus Lee Barnard and Danny Butterfield to help the deal go through.(23)(19)Y would they offer that When he a free agent in the summerThey have to offer something because he's under 25They would get him on a free, but I reckon Palace would take the money and players in addition!Could happen, would be very happy to see him in a saints shirt but can see him at a top team.When someone produces a Saints rumour and detail a fee you know it is rubbish. They do not give any indication of what is offered or paid for a player-always an undisclosed fee.They would not offer two players + 3 million for 1 player no matter how good he isI am a saints fan and although he would be a decent signing he is going to a higher club. Manchester United had an offer rejected in January but i can see him going there on a free now.


20 May 2012 20:24:49
Hibs are to sign James Berrett as a creative midfielder on a Bosman(6)(4)This boy will do well


20 May 2012 20:23:08
peter coates has said stoke have interest in owen and wolves have said that 2omill bid would be accepted for fletcher and jarvis

my source sentinel newspaper (local)(16)(9)Better off sticking with Jarvis & Fletcher , twenty million is a good deal for both players.Owen is too injury prone.Stoke seem to have a pretty big squad so would they have to sell before buying ?20 mil for jarvis and fletcher is not a good deal mayb 10 - 15 mil otherwise id bid for victor moses and jermain defoe


20 May 2012 20:19:41
Bates has given Warnock funds for Leeds to sign Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney, Peter Davy, Dan'l Whiddon, Harry Hawke, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all(8)(13)And Ali SloweIs this a northern joke? i havn't got a clue.


20 May 2012 20:18:27
The recently released Paul Robinson has agreed to go on trial with MK Dons once they return to pre-season training(7)(19)


20 May 2012 20:17:19
Norwich city defender Marc Tienery looks set to leave Norwich next season on loan, most likely back to Colchester as part of a sort of peace offering over previous events. Tienery has failed to impress in the premier league this season for me ~ Frank87NCFC(7)(15)Cant have been that bad played every single game he was availableThe original poster is clearly not a Norwich fan. He was one of our stand out players in the first half of the season, right up until his injury. Will 100% not be leaving.I suspect there have been some issues with this player. He may leave in the summer.Tierney a very good left back one of the best attacking defenders norwich have had for many yearsIf he leaves it will be for non football reasons. Know one coyld fault the way he has played.Ask steve morrison what the problem with him is, i bet he will tell yaI think he has really stepped up for Norwich this season and agree any move will be for non-football reasons. I won't repeat the rumours i have heard as its not in anyones interests for it to come out. I have also heard his injury has been overplayed and it is off pitch reasons which have kept him sidelined.Tierney is off, due to off field issues his injury was nothing
It is due to the whole situation with morrison and tierney holt wants to go he feels club havent backed him in the situation and the same reason.until the last couple matches holt and morrison were never on the pitch togetherIf Tierney is off it is to a prem club not silly little ColchesterYou say 'silly little Colchester' but you do realise Norwichs team is built on Colchester foundations. Norwich all in truth should be ashamed that their success was built on alledged illegal doings. I hope somone like villa come along and poach lambert without your permission and aload of your players, you can then know how 'silly little Colchester' feelWell said


20 May 2012 20:17:08
charlton will offer millwall paul hayes
for the swap of danny n'guessan.(7)(5)I'd like to see it happen, but i think Millwall are more sensible then thats.He will be aloud to leave, but im quite certain there will be a fee or a swap and fee with jonnie jacksonJohnnie Jackson? In your dreams.Jackson would be a bad deal he's captain and twice the playerHis a league 2 player he might be good but not championship.Ha jackson will not go millwall? why would he? hes finally in the championship he dont want to go back down next yearPaul Hayes and johnny Jackson for n'guesson.. I'd take that"He will be aloud to leave" oh the intellect of the Millwall supporter.Shame it will never happen then ^^^"he will be aloud to leave" was about N'guessan.

Jackson will be similar to bailey. can be at a higher club""he will be aloud to leave" was about N'guessan." You cant make this stuff up can you, brilliant!For gods sake,it's allowed.Yes I am millwall,we are not all mindless thugs.Why do charlton fans take the moral high ground on intgellect. you employed iain dowie.......... er hello thats not vey smart


20 May 2012 20:15:47
Grant Holt's agent has released a message saying they are demanding higher wages or wanting a club who will offer more wages.
But, remember what happened to Rooney? He asked to leave. A few weeks later he signed brand new deal with more wages. Yes, I know there's a big difference between Holt and Rooney, but still.(25)(7)I've not seen any of those Norwich fans who said that Holt loves them and would never leave posting much lately, they're probably all feeling a bit silly now to be honest.There is also a big diffence between Man United & Norwich, Holt may be able to do better than Norwich, Rooney's choices were limitedIs grant holt leavingHe has a lot of front for a 31 year old in his debut season. I think he is looking for a final big pay day as he will be unheard of by next season. Another Emile Heskey/Kevin Phillips, One good season and thinks he is bill big balls.Is the "billy big balls" post from a Norwich fan, getting a little bitter about Holt now are we.The agent's statement did not say that at allThe agents statement on the radio show was that holt wants to stay at norwich and is having meetings with David McNally to iron out the issues which have prompted the transfer request. He may leave, he may not


20 May 2012 20:14:47
charlton will announce the signing of
striker Francois Zoko with in the next
few days.(11)(8)88 appearances and 18 goals, I think not.He is going to reading actually


20 May 2012 20:12:42
Burnleys Jay Rodriguez has emerged as a surprise target for Sir Alex ,as he looks to good young English talent and he sees Rodriguez as the modern day Sherringham ,Sir Alex would look at loaning Burnley boss Eddie Howe two of his young reserves who the Clarets boss as already enquired about ,a fee in the region of 7m would secure the deal as boss Howe wants to get his business done early and his targets in place(7)(31)Hes signing for charlton
cafc!Is he hell signing for charlton, get back to your league one where you belong.Hope he doesn't, he would flourish more at a mid-table side where he would get first team action! Going places this lad! {Ed003's Note -I agree}No way would Utd sign him

sir alex has said hes signing provan players this summerJay Rodriguez wont be going to Man unted , he's on his way to saints


20 May 2012 19:42:52
Birmingham are said to be struggling to keep Jack Butland with big-money moves to Man City, Spurs and Arsenal looking at him. All 3 clubs want to loan him out next season for first team football(8)(15)So another young English player has his career ended by signing for a Premiership top 6 side to spend his career on the bench,


20 May 2012 19:24:52
ed any news of any players coming in to blackpool {Ed003's Note - Can't see anything imminent }(1)(8)


20 May 2012 20:03:45
charlton have offered 250k for striker
Ben Solly from Luton who is the
brother of charlton player Chris solly.(9)(3)Ive heard this too hope he signs along with seb lewis and Dave Lockwood.


20 May 2012 19:44:20
Southampton are interested in signing
rangers striker Sone Aluko for a fee of
3 million pounds. Even though Aluko has
only been at rangers for 7 months, he
is interested in playing in the premier
league with newly promoted southampton
and is desperate to get away from the
financially stricken club. {Ed007's Note - For the last time, Aluko is out of contract, if he leaves Rangers there will be no fee involved.}(5)(20)The fact he is out of contract may change this a tadGood player and he's youngAluko paid to play for Rangers out of his own pocket last season......desperate to leave...hmmm......he will be rewarded handsome if he stays as Rangers can still re-sign out of contract players who were allready at the club !Rangers have an option for a two year contrct


20 May 2012 19:40:51
Following the on-going financial problems at Rangers, i've been told, by my reliable source, that Sone Aluko is set to join Ipswich Town.

Although he recently came out and stated he would like to carry on with Rangers this season, he also knew that it might not well happen, and Ipswich have jumped the queue.

Im told he is set to sign a 2 year deal, with an option 12 month deal on top of that, by wednesday this week. Should be down to complete his medical tomorrow/tuesday.(15)(15)You're 'reLOLiable' source is not very reliable.

He will go to a PL club, not a FLC.Hes going to leeds or brightonYou sure Charlton aint in for him as well, they seem to be after every player going at the moment lol


20 May 2012 19:37:43
Carlisle United contract rebel Francois Zoko is to join French Ligue 2 champions SC Bastia when his deal expires on July 1st. The French side have been impressed by the Ivorian striker's contribution this season and agent Louis Denolle has spoken extensively with representatives from the club. [Source - L'quipe](8)(4)What club is francois zoko not joining next on the list will be real madrid, Barcelona and manchester united


20 May 2012 19:37:17
Close sources say that Eden hazard has changed his mind about joining man utd and join champions of Europe Chelsea!(22)(27)


20 May 2012 19:13:04
Santa Cruz to leave Man City. QPR
looking out for a cheap deal(16)(19)Yes, old favourite of Hughes'Would be a good signingThis could happen and sooner rather than later would be brilliantHe's a bit past it. He'll stay at Betis, the Premier League is too quick for him, he will stay in Spain.The premier league is not too fast for him! he's only 30/31/32 not 400


20 May 2012 19:04:19
The transfer of Adrian Mariappa to Reading FC is all but completed.(21)(7)


20 May 2012 18:53:00

Watford agree deal with Reading to sell Adrian Mariappa(23)(15)This isnt going to happen. mariappa says hes happy at the club^ He said he's happy but that "things change" i.e. if a good offer comes in he'd take it. Let's be realistic here....He will be off and it will benefit both Reading and Watford


20 May 2012 18:52:42
Charlton are going to sign raheem sterling on loan from Liverpool charlton are first choice because of the partnership agreed on loanees from the jonjo shelvey deal(8)(9)There is no such agreement,sterling has been told he is very much part of the 1st team next season,we would not loan him to a newly promoted L1 club to spend fighting to stay in championship all season."newly promoted L1 club to spend fighting to stay in championship all season" No you'll keep ahold of him and fight your way into the top half of the prem.Sterling is not going on loan but is fixing to Chelsea due to his mother wanting to move to londonCharlton are in london!!Dont go sterlingCharlton are in London correct but something tells me Chelsea are a bit more attractive as a move


20 May 2012 18:51:58
Sources claim Sanchez, Mariappa, Parr are very close to being a done deal at Reading.

John Guiedtti may join on a season long loan, if a deal for Rhodes cannot be agreed

Mark Davies is set to join after takeover is claimed

Jay Rodriguez rumored if this fails Stephen Dobbie may be signed(12)(21)Most of that is rubbish!- Mariappa is bang on.

-Sachez is 'rumoured' on. Medical apparently this week. (apparently)

- Parr almost joined last summer, but talk of going back in for him is just speculation.

- The rest is nonsense.Rhodes is way out of Readings depth and anyway they wont be able to afford the 15 million pound price tag we want for himI doubt Jonathan Parr would want to join Reading we were all booing at him at the palace game when he got the ball after jason roberts got sent off for elbowing him in the face.To anyone who thinks Rhodes is worth 15million is complete trash. He is only proven at League One level. I'd rather pay 15mil for someone actually proven at Premier League level like Darren Bent. Although I guess huddersfield fans value him at 50million and Torres and 250million.Personally I'd love to see Guiedtti and seeing as though city are just loaning him out and not giving him first chance and lets face it most likely wont get into it could be one to go for :) 20 goals in 23 this year is a great stat!15 million for Rhodes hes good but hes not that good! come on that has to be a joke? 5 mill tops and even then who ever gets him is over paying for a proven LEAGUE 1 player.True I went to that gameWe can't sign parr...everyone at the madejski hates him since he got roberts sent off!15 million price tag? Give me strength. You're totally deluded.Jordan Rhodes for 15m ha. You're having a laugh. He's worth 3m maybe 4m max. Thats saying he is more than twice as good as Gylfi Sigurdsson who banged 8 goals in half a season for SwanseaLOL At the bloke who thinks Rhodes is Better than Gylfi!!15 million get real.


20 May 2012 18:46:48
Watford intrested in Aston Villas Nathan Delfonso(15)(4)Dream on watford fansHe's overated and unproven in the championship, wouldnt be worth the money even if it was trueOn loanIt would be on loan, but he sucks so please notNo thank you.We wont get him villa have no other good strikersRubbish


20 May 2012 18:43:18
Reading to sign:-

LB-Jonathan Parr (currently negotiating)

CB-Adrian Mariappa (almost done deal)

CM-After Butterfield rejecting 2 year deal, attention switched to Mark Davies of Bolton, but he is also wanted by newcastle, meaning attention may again be switched to Henri Lansbury.

CM-Carlos Sanchez (contract negotiating)

ST-A large chunk of the TSI budget is believed to be spend on a big out ant out goalscorer with Jordan Rhodes/ Steven Fletcher the main two targets, with Yakubu also rumoured.

ST-Michael Owen was to be expected considered by McDermott but the transfer is highly unlikely. Stephen Dobbie on the other hand looks set to join and is currently negotiating a deal with swans allowing him to leave(13)(15)Believe it when I see it!No transfer for Owen - he's a free agent
Rhodes is about your level - NOT Fletcher - he's off to one of the top six clubsSince when has Rhodes been a big out and out goal scorer?

Certainly a very different sort of [player to the other two strikers you mention.Your not getting jonny parr!Butterfield has not rejected any offers yet
as no offers have been put to him or his agentNo way are Palace selling Parr. He's resting after playing 70 games last season and says he loves being at Palace


20 May 2012 18:29:06
Various source saying toon have nearly tied up a deal for luuk de jong ed can u confirm this(7)(14)


20 May 2012 18:30:53
hey eds any leicester city news? {Ed003's Note - same reply as to the Barnsley fan}(2)(7)


20 May 2012 18:07:44
I can,t see barnsley getting luke moore. Ed have you any solid info for us real barnsley fans? {Ed003's Note - I've not been around all weekend,I'll try and find out and post if we do}(6)(6)


20 May 2012 18:09:09
Northampton winger Michael Jacobs is Graham Westley's top target this summer and the only player that Preston will sign whom requires a transfer fee which is beleved to be in the region of 400k.(0)(15)We dont have 400 never mind 400,000.....already said players will be bosmans (i.e. Their own clubs dont want them) or any fee and Ridsdale cant pay it.It's from a reliable source mate, just watch this space..To be honest i am a Preston fan and we do have a lucrative budget to spend on new players as the chairman backs westley but i wish Phil brown was given funds to spend on players alsoYou're a melon, he wouldn't go to a bottom end league 1 club with that person in charge! He is getting offers from decent championship clubs, your 'reliable' source is utter tripeJust watch. Keiran Agard is close to joining PNE too..


20 May 2012 18:11:36
Modric to real Madrid as tottenham didn't get champions league. 25m(21)(5)Tottenham rejected a 40mil bid from Chelsea in the summer so why would they sell him at that price, he also has about 4 years left on his contract..Go modric go... but for high money k to help tottenham buy players better then u. am fedup of u modric


20 May 2012 18:10:49
Barnsley have around £2.5m to spend:

Vaz Te - £500,000 (plus £500k for going up)

Butterfield - £1.5m Tribunal (to Toon)

In :

Norwood - £500k
Hayes - free (inverness)
Doran - £300k (inverness)
Westcarr - £235k (chesterfield)
button - £200k (spurs)

Digby to sign 5 year deal !!!!!(12)(14)Vaz te willNOT sign for barnsley when he has prem football beckoningThink this post was that Barnsley are going to get another 500000 for Vaz te cos Hammers going up not they are going to sign him!He was just saying what we have got for vaz te now hammers got promoted you numpty.What makes u thing will get 1.5 m for Butterfield if goes to tribunal more like 300-400k.Can't see Barnsley adding such a clause in Vaz Te transfer deal with the owners they have.Has a west ham fan makes perfect sense ,considering they have been in the top3 most of the season to get some add ons didnt pay over the odds for himHaha westcarr isn't worth that much!No chance on barnsley having that much money to spend. most money i have known then to spend was when they got hume and that did not realy work out for us. stop dreaming and open your eyes, barnsley are not going to spend that much money even if they had it. they might spend around 200k on 1 player, a few player that are out of contract might join us aswell but that about it!Why spend money when you dont need too, we picked vaz te up for nothing< I repeat nothing and sold him for 500,000, in six months, you dont need to spend to aquire good players, youve just got to have the right man in the managers seat!!Digby signed an new deal in jan think it was a 4 year contract so y would be sign an other?If Barnsley offer anything for Westcarr I would be very suprised after a very poor season at CFC


20 May 2012 18:07:30
Sone Aluko could well be on his way to championship side Ipswich Town for a fee believed to be in the region of £1.2million. This coming after Ipswich registered their interest in the Nigerian last Thursday, with Neil Alexander and David Healy giving an insight on the club as well as former Wigan man Lee McCulloch expressing his respect for former manager Paul Jewell. Kyle Bartley could also make a loan move to the Suffolk club after interest in the Arsenal CB last season being renewed.

{Ed007's Note - Aluko will be available for free. His short term contract with Rangers expires this window and Rangers are struggling to meet the terms of the pre-determined contract offered to Aluko when he signed in November.}(3)(9)I did hear about Aluko heading there. Would be a very good transfer especially if on a free. Will be sad to see him leave though especially after his performance against St Johnstone last saturday!Rumours that leeds are also making an offerWouldnt suprise me, Warnock and Jewell same to have the same transfer targetsGoing to leeds or brightonIf i were aluko i'd move to a top championship club/bottom half prem team cos he's been doin gr8 recently


20 May 2012 17:58:34
Some fairly reliable transfer gossip:
Lambert will stay as well as Holt. Lambert has identified 5 permanent signings to bolster his squads depth and quality. He wants Robert Snodgrass but will have to pay over 6m for him which is a significant proportion of his budget. Naughton will either sign on a permanent, not on loan. Curtis Davies is the man they want at centre half and will bid about 3m for the Birmingham player. Gunter is high on Lambert's wanted list again but faces competition from Southampton and Swansea for his signature. Luke Chambers is almost a definite to sign on a free. A striker may be signed with Doyle and Beckford being touted but if Lambert cannot find the right man he may look at the loan market.

Mullins and Connolly will be signed permanently. Along with the already signed McCleary, incoming will be Mariappa for 4-5m and Butterfield from Barnsley. Jay Rodriguez is being looked at as well as Doyle from Wolves but Rodriguez is favoured at the moment. Stephen Hunt is being linked but its doubtful he will sign. McDermott still wants a RB and Wide Midfielder but names have not been heard yet.

They are willing to bid as much as 8m for Sigurdsson but Newcastle, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Fulham, QPR, Man U and Liverpool are all holding interest in the Icelandic midfielder but his first option is to return to Swansea. Rodgers will try again for Bates but will not overpay for him, 3m at the max. If not he will go for Collins of Villa but again will not pay over 3m. Caulker wants to return to Swansea but Spurs are not likely to allow him to leave on any basis. Marvin Emnes will likely sign for around the 3m mark. Gunter and Clyne are both wanted by Swansea as well but the stumbling block may be that Rodgers cannot agree a first team space which both are currently looking for. Swansea will attempt to sign another striker, likely one from abroad as Rodgers is running under a tight budget and cannot overpay for Championship or veteran Prem Strikers. John Guidetti is wanted on loan from Man City and a contract offer may be made to Andy Johnson.

The Insider(12)(14)Personally Mullins never really impressed me and as hes not exactly young hes not worth giving a chance, Conolly worth a punt if we can get him for a decent price but personally I'd rather the likes of Ben Mee (Burnley), Mariappa rumour looks like it has some substance, though at the moment i've heard its just a call to Watford as to the availability, no talks with agents or anything yet, Jay Rodriguez is worth a shot, Doyle may be too but again as long as it's at a decent price, Hunt's a no go, still comes aroudn to watch Noel play but very much doubt hes coming back, as for your wide midfielder comment, we just signed him, McCleary is naturally a winger but can play attacking mid too.The swansea bit is very good but we wont get bates he out for months with a knee injury so we'll go for collins and a defender from abroad..No offence to Swansea but Sigurdsson is way too good for you now. I think he'll end up at Arsenal or Spurs. I even think he could be a great long term replacement for Paul ScholesNo offence but sigursson knows what he is doing he wants to play week in week out and play some stylish football why would you go to man utd when they are playing vetrens like giggs and scholes plus hes made some importend aquatences since his time in swansea and want to stay wiv his new mrs ....inside sourceAnd get his salary at Hoffenheim/Swansea tripled by going to a top club and then getting first team football once big guns retire. He'll be playing in the champions league one day, something Swansea will never be inNo offence to the united fan but Sigurdsson is a completely different player to scholes, sigurdsson is an attacking mid where sholes is an ourstanding passer of the ball. So Sigurdsson not an ideal "replacement". I hope he goes to Swans but he is good enough as a squad player in a top 6 team. Swans fan.


20 May 2012 17:58:00
hate to say it but it can be confirmed scouts are watching gillingham shote stopper paulo gazzaniga. clubs such as liverpool and fulham are the bigger of the clubs(5)(3)Tell him to wait till a big club comes in !Every Premier League side has had a scout at Priestfield last season looking at Paulo


20 May 2012 17:56:42
Grant Holt being linked with a proposed move to Everton - hence the transfer request(19)(11)Holt is done deal to sunderlandNo everton would be most likelyYou are most wecome, one hit wonder, won/t make 10 goals next yearPeople live in deeam world on here, everton are skintHolt is not a done deal to Sunderland. Holt, his agent and our CEO are due to sit down for clear the air talks in an hours time. There has been no offer for Grant as stated by David McNally just yesterday. His agent has said Grant doesnt want to leave the club but there are 1 or 2 issues which need to be resolved, which if not resolved mean he will push for a move. If they are, which i have faith they will be, he will stay. Unless of course a stupid offer comes in 6mil+ then id let him go with my blessing.

But as i say, the club have been very open with the situation this weekend and nothing is even close to being done in terms of a move away from the club.


20 May 2012 17:49:02
Robert green discussing new contract at west ham. If he does not sigh paul robinson to be heading to upton park(20)(8)Robinson had nightmare last season would defo not want him in goal .he was to slow ,unsighted to often and conceded weak goals. el absi of wigan would be a better choice if martinez leaves wages would not be a prob and could get him for a gd price


20 May 2012 17:47:17
BURNLEY are lining up a double swoop for Leeds midfielder Adam Clayton and Portsmouth right-back Joel Ward.

Pompey are keen to cash in on Ward in order to ease their money problems, with Burnley likely to pay £500,000 for his signature.

But Leeds, Ipswich and Crystal Palace are also interested in Ward.(9)(13)I am a burnley fan and clayton would not leave leeds utd for us,if they have a bigger wage budget than we had in prem so if they won't pay him what he wants then we deffinately won't.Pompey need more than 500k to ease there money troublesI'm amazed that some supporters(saints mainly) are still moaning about Pompey buying the FA cup, didn't we beat Man U on the way surely they have bought most things and no mention of City , Chelsea or even Blackburn sorry petty green eyed excuses. we won it and it was great we are now in the mire wich is not but i wouldn't swap it great times if your going to be there at least compete.Wrong on Clayton and wrong on Ward, both players will have better offers than BurnleyIf pompey bought fa cup man city bought premier league saints supporters dont rave about them buying the premTrue dat.


20 May 2012 17:08:17
MK Dons interested in signing Matty Blair from York(1)(11)


20 May 2012 17:19:43
West Ham Transfers


Reo Coker
James Collins
Matt Jarvis


Pape Diop(14)(18)Cole possible on loan, Yakubu unfortunately looks to join reading, Reo-Coker looks very likely, Jarvis is joining west bromWe will be a 15 th place team give or so 1 or 2 places if they all signThe last team in the premier league that Jarvis would sign for, would be wba.Didn't Reo-Coker leave West Ham under a bit of a cloud?? said wasnt wanted there etc etc. Think O'Neil will stay and why should Cole sign for Hammers?West Ham need 2 quality full backs. Demel good enough maybe but not fit enough. McCartney no more than a squad player at that level. Try harder next time.There are at least 8 players that need to be moved on we need to solid cb like huth /james collins we need another striker because baldock needs more game time chp loan and we need fast wingers who can provide gd service and support to the front guys we have to be much more solid at the backI think 15th is a bit optimistic - may just scrape it - but I'll be surprised


20 May 2012 17:11:07
Crawley Town to sign Leyton Orients
out of contract Captain Matt Spring
on a two year contract.(5)(12)Rubbish spring has signned a 2 year deal at the orient


20 May 2012 16:59:51
mark davies to newcastle for about3m(22)(10)Davies is negotiating a deal with reading fc, doesn't want to be stuck behind cabaye and tiote in the line-up.


20 May 2012 16:57:44
THFC Spurs squad in danger
of breaking up over the
summer. Bale, Modric and
Walker likey to be subject to
big bids. Adebyeor off leaving
a scant squad who won't fancy
the Europa league fiasco(27)(6)I will love for that to happen :pObvious that Modric and Bale will look to move to a big club. Think Spurs may hang onto Walker.Walker only signed a new deal less than 2 weeks ago. Bale wont go, He has already said he is happy. Only club he would consider is Barca and even then he said he is ont thinking of the move but it is nice to be noticed. Modric possibly but again all Spurs key players are on long deals and Levy is a tough nut to crack.


20 May 2012 16:32:55
Aberdeen signings this summer!

Ins: Jonny Hayes - Inverness - free
Nigel Hasselbaink - St Mirren - free
Farid El Alagui - Falkirk - free

All good signings El Alagui is a personal favourite scoring 20 goals in 30 games for falkirk this season. COYR(19)(11)


20 May 2012 16:29:47
I told you a few weeks ago about McCleary was joining Reading from Forest.

I also told you that Reading had made a bid for Watford's Adrian Mariappa, and that it was said to be a done deal.

Well now it's breaking on Twitter that a fee has been agreed and he is close to finalising a move to the Royals, beating off interest from Newcastle, Wigan and Southampton.(9)(17)Mariappa of Watford interested Newcastle in January as COVER until the summer as they were short in the defensive areas. He DOES NOT interest Newcastle now so i cant see how Reading have `` beaten off interest from them ``


20 May 2012 16:24:25
Stoke city transfers

In - matt Jarvis - 5M
Matt Phillips-3/4 M
Owen-free pay as you play contract
Fletcher - 7 M
Martin Olsen - 4M
Tony pulis will also look at Roger Johnson or Scott Dann
Steven Nzonzi-5M

Outs - Collins

Players to be released

Large exodus of players at stoke , with TP having to reduce his squad size due to the lack of European football and to reduce the current wage bill.(6)(31)Wolves want ten million for Fletcher so dream on with that one.Utter fiction, jarvis 5M and Fletcher 7M who told you the tea lady?God stop with the silly price tags wolves wont sell fletch for what they paid for him n wolves want 20 for both of em but im sure wolves could sell at 7 or 8 no lower 3 year contracts can play hardballReckon 4 of those players coming in will actually happen. Jarvis, Phillips, Owen & OlssenTheres no way fletcher is worth 10mil if stoke got crouch for 10, fletcher is worth around 6-8 and jarvis 5-6Crouch 10mil , fletcher i think has only got 2 be worth 6, very lucky 2 get 7, fullers not worth 6-7 and hes got strengthJarvis and Owen are both looking very likely at Stoke but can't put a finger on a fee for Jarvis and no point bickering about it as no-one knows. Has been talk of Fuller and Higginbotham going to Wolves.Crouch>FletcherFletcher is a better player than crouch. At this point in crouch's career fletcher will score more goals, he can hold the ball up and has a good resale value in relation to age. Crouch will get a few goals, physically to weak so cant hold the ball up and is wrong side of 30 so reducing resale value.What a load of garbage. When Fletcher gets 20 plus international goals then come back.


20 May 2012 16:23:49
motherwell looking to steal jonny hayes from under aberdeens noses. Stuart Mccoll considers him a threat to teams and could need him in the cl(8)(2)


20 May 2012 16:17:07
Watford are interested in signing Anthony Straker, Nicky Featherstone, Ryan Hall and Eunan O'Kane.(2)(13)Where did you se this?


20 May 2012 16:13:25
according to this website reading are going to sign around 850 players...(28)(7)Just like Southampton, maybe they need about 850 players to make sure they stay up, sad really innit lolReading & Southampton are both massive clubs don't you know LOLHow many times? If ur not posting a rumour, don't bother posting at all. Key word here is RUMOUR!!Other Reading fans can't help what utter trash some of the fellow fans are posting around here.Half of them will all been on a free transferFree transfer for most of 850 players



20 May 2012 14:22:18
ed any blackpool rumours {Ed025's Note - only that a lot of teams are interested in ince and phillips..(9)(4)Everton after both of themHollaway will be w.b.a managerYou wish.......! Ince already said he's staying and Phillips should cost any club 2m+. Funny but you "big" clubs could have got these 2 for peanuts just 12months ago but it's Ollie thats turned them into quality players. If they end up at WBA or may as well stick them in your reserves and loan them out in 18months time as you couldnt bring on new players. Everton has'nt got ANY money so that's not going to happen either.....!


20 May 2012 15:53:37
Cardiff Ins:

Lewis - free

Shorey - free

Lawrence - £800,000

Swanson - free

Le Fondre - £1 million(14)(13)Le Fondre is Reading's best finisher. He wont be going anywhere.

Shorey's ego wont let him drop to the Champ yet.Le Fondre wont be going any where, but if he did it would be at least three times that!Le Fondre will not be going back to the championship when he is in the Priemer League. And even if he did, hes worth like 3/4 millionLe Fondre will only be leaving, on loan if he messes up big time in the Prem

Swanson will not be joining Cardiff either, Blackburn, Leicester, Middlesboro' or Bristol City are all more likelyReading wont need le fondre when they are in the premier leagueI hope u hurry up and get Lawrence, pompey need the moneyBrighton are reportedly winning the race to sign Danny Swanson.Brighton can dream on about Swanson why would he want to go to a mid table clubWouldn't mind swanson. lawrence not bad lewis decent back up le fondre yes purely cos he scores goalsWhat about the three Norwegians we have been linked with.


20 May 2012 15:53:32
Newcastle are looking to spend big this summer to challenge in europe next season with van der wiel, adam johnson, lukaku (on loan) and rodwell(16)(27)


20 May 2012 15:50:47
Everton will offer blackpool 1million plus 500k in future fees and coleman on loan for thomas ince.(4)(22)Ince's value has gone up after the play off final - out of Evertons price range now sadlyColeman's time with Pool turned him into a real star of the future....Everton killed that and he's gone down hill ever since...what a shame to do that to Tom Ince as well.


20 May 2012 15:44:49
Reading's Mikkel Andersen does not want another season in the shadows so the brilliant Danish keeper wants a season long loan to a Championship club to gain some first team experience.(10)(5)Just signed a new long term contract and is available for loan next season, but to a Championship club only (lowest level) and Brondby are keen as well.I could see us loaning him to say Ipswich or Derby


20 May 2012 15:44:12
Jonathan Franks to Hartlepool from Middlesbrough

Grounds to follow and Curtis Main on loan(9)(8)He signed for them last week.Lol curtis main out on loan, dont think soCurtis Main on loan what a joke he is a first team playerCurtis main is top quality he'll play a big part next season


20 May 2012 15:30:22
mk dons are seven players .clinton morrison [free] .lee croft scott laird .stuart beavon and many more(8)(3)Franchise are 7 players? What about the other 4 they need? Is it rush goalie next season?

WinkLOLemanGrant mccann matt blair alistair slowe and paul robinson and finnaly alan smith and a goalkeeperWe are mk super mk we are mk dons fc


20 May 2012 15:21:55
mk dons are after scott laird(8)(3)No chance will be a preston player tmz


20 May 2012 15:21:49
Adam clayton has just been seen
leaving the amex this morning(8)(21)Ha ha ha good one, you should be on the stage with material like that !!


20 May 2012 15:10:34
Andre Gray is attracting interest from Peterborough and Doncaster(14)(5)Just seen him play in the playoff final for Luton, He Was poor At best lol.Judging by the time this was posted, you have made this up 5 minutes after he scored in the playoff final.


20 May 2012 15:42:34
Liverpool's new manager will be AVB and he will sign James Rodriguez, Seydou Doumbia and Lassana Diarra.(6)(10)Hope the manager is true n james rodriguez signing and also a few othersRafa to be new manager he's got money now an can get the best out of the players plus no problems with the owners!


20 May 2012 15:42:29
Bjorn Sigurdsson and Dame N'Doye are highly linked with Berkshire club Reading FC as they search for a prolific striker to lead their charge to a mid table Premier League finish in 2012/13.(11)(11)It's Sigurdason -- not to be confused with Gyfli Sigurdsson.It's actually Sigurdarson but yeah according to Icelandic newspapers it seems we have made a bid for around 1mill but they want 3.5 mill min for him, looks like a good prospect but I feel we won't be making another move until the TSI takeover gets verified by the premier league.


20 May 2012 15:41:05

Both Utd and Barca have expressed interest in the promising young left back and Valencia coach Unai Emery has recently hinted that the player had already been sold. He did not disclose which club Alba had been in talks with but it was assumed that that the Nou Camp would be his destination. Yesterday however, Valencia's technical director announced that Alba had not been been approached by Barcelona but does not seem to want to extend his stay with Valencia. Sir Alex Ferguson is noteably on the lookout for someone to fill Patrice Evra's boots and at a reasonable £15m, Jordi Alba appears to be on his way to Old Trafford to do exactly that.(13)(17)


20 May 2012 15:40:57
Reading look to add a right back and Nathaniel Clyne looks likely to be their man, with Chris Gunter as a secondary option. Clyne has attracted a lot of interest from Premiership clubs so it looks highly unlikely he'll be an Eagles player in 12/13.(10)(14)Clyne is being courted by United and Liverpool. We wont get him!

Gunter we have bid 2m and it's been rejected.Would like to see clyne in premier league, he looks quality!Clyne will be going to a bigger club, think Newcastle are after him aswell and UnitedClyne is more likely to be a Fulham player next year, but yeah as shown on this site reading probably will need a whole new team next year


20 May 2012 15:39:00
Brian McDermott wants to add an attacking midfielder to his Premier League squad and Joe Cole on a season long loan looks likely to happen as Hoffenheim look to keep Gylfi Sigurdsson after his successful loan spell at Swansea City.(5)(14)Reading have spoken to Liverpool, BUT he will go to a bigger club.Matt phillips to swansea 4mGyflis swansea bound mate


20 May 2012 14:58:32
Leeds boss Neil Warnock looks set to bring in 2 striker in the next month. Surprisingly Jon Stead is top of Warnocks list with Leeds looking to offer £1m for his services. Also on Warnock's radar is QPR striker DJ Campbell. Leeds preparing to make a loan move for the out of favour striker.(10)(22)I heard that if qpr sack barton warnock said he will take him at leeds with paddy kenny,also joel ward,and dj if that happens...if....leeds will be in with a gret chance of getting promotion..Are u serious joey barton to leeds. even though wanrock and barton left on bad terms with barton saying that warnock was a useless manager. i dont think so.


20 May 2012 14:58:18
many rumours in norway today. Brentford are looking at Patrik Ingelsten. dont know whether there is any truth behind it though.(5)(2)


20 May 2012 14:57:06
Burnley to sign Chris Taylor or Marc Pugh to replace Ross Wallace who is going to either Ipswich or Celtic(9)(3)Taylor will join Leeds or Burnley

I am a friend of his family and they said that both clubs had made contact with himRoss wallace is not coming to celtic! why do people keep saying that, he has been before and he couldnt get in our first team so why would we re-sign himRoss wallace to leeds or brighton


20 May 2012 14:54:25
We have heard rumours that Mariappa might be going to Newcastle but if he didn't go he said that he would of been happy at Watford. But this is Very Unlikely if Clubs in the Premier League want his signature.(8)(3)Newcastle haven't bid for him.

Reading have had a bid accepted.

See Twitter. Also see @Fridays_Legacy on Twitter, as he broke this weeks ago and has been spot on with the leaks about TSI as well. Also see @maffff. He also talked about Mariappa to Reading weeks ago!Whether it's on Twitter or not, there's been nothing official and until this is announced it's just a rumour


20 May 2012 15:10:28
Dicannio will sign 3 year deal for West Ham this week,so much for loyalty.
Still he did warn the Swindon board 2 weeks ago funding was needed.Number of names in the hat for the job are Marin Ling/Chris Wilder/Steve Evans plus a host of no hopers.
So sad for Swindon Fans yet it was on the cards(9)(27)There is no way Evans would be welcome at Swindon,the players and fans hate himI think you only got this rumour half right. After his shambolic first season with us resulting in getting promotion at the first time of asking, but only through the playoffs instead of automatic, Allardyce will indeed be sacked. Di Canio will be given a 25 year contract and a transfer kitty of 500 million. And Barack Obama will be the new director of football at West Ham since he has been a fan for 40 years and spent his childhood in the Chicken Run at Upton Park cheering on the mighty Hammers.
What a painstakingly stupid rumour.
If anything, Allardyce will be given a contract extension, but Di Canio won't be taking his job anytime soon...Ridiculous rumour,WHUFC will not get rid of Big Sam after getting the Hammers promotedRubbish why would Steve Evans leave Rotherham when he's building a strong team thereHe may go as a strikers coach heard that rumour some time agoI ain't a Swindon fan but I think you are saying this to unsettle Swindon because you are jealous of what a wonderful job he has done! Anyway, why would they sack big as, after he just got promotion, don't stir!

Afc Wimbledon fanWe dont need him


20 May 2012 15:07:44
Derby County have contacted Craig Beattie's agent. Its believed that the Rams have failed with bids to sign Jon Daly and Simon Cox and now they look to the Hearts forward. Should be able to get him on a free transfer. Derby are also looking at Joe Mattock after Bristol City have won the race for Paul Dixon.(8)(4)He is out of contractHow you know thisGreat, Another Unprolific Striker To Add To The Collection, We Have Davies And Robinson Who Can Score So No Striker Is Really Needed.City linked with hilberhain defender sean o`hanlonBristol city are looking to sign aston villa vetran andy marshall keeper who is free agentOh yes good striker swap going on Davies for Beatie


20 May 2012 14:47:17
Reading have made a bold offer to Mathieu Flamini who is a free agent this summer.(7)(15)I wish that was true, but wages would be an issue


20 May 2012 14:44:40
Big-spending Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala are prepared to offer Arsenal's 28-year-old striker Robin van Persie £300,000 a week to play for them.
Chelsea could be ready to make a move to tempt Harry Redknapp to take over at Stamford Bridge.(12)(17)Van Persie will stay in Western Europe and Redknapp will not be appointed.As a spurs fan lets hope the story abt hr is true


20 May 2012 14:43:23
Burnley will sign Dicko on Loan from Wigan next week on a season long loan after Blackpool opted not to sign him up for another season(7)(2)Reply 2 Burnley will sign Dicko on Loan from Wigan nextHow do you know we decided not to sign him his is class


20 May 2012 14:42:13
Notts County are set to sign Andy Gray on a 2 year deal after missing out on Danny Bogdanovic(14)(2)


20 May 2012 14:42:01
George Porter set to move from Leyton Orient to Charlton. To be announced in the next few days. Tribunal supposed to be up to £150,000(4)(7)As an Orient fan, I hope this is true. Porter isn't as good as has been reported.I went school with him and guess what...he aint moving... he had a trial with charlton before signing for leyton orient and didnt get inI'm a Charlton fan and he has just signed a new contract at Orient so I can see it being higher than that price tag!He hasn't signed a new orient deal yetKeep Me Posted On The Porter Situation. I Would Hate To See Him Leave. Speak To Him After The Home Games, One Of My Favourites At The Orient.Top man probably only an impact sub at the moment, but is young...pace to burn. Hope O's keep him!


20 May 2012 14:38:38
Romelu Lukaku is either joining West Ham, QPR or Fulham next season on loan. Chelsea want him to move to a club still down south.(20)(15)So Tottenham, Reading, Saints aren't down South any more??

Also, not wanting to call you a blatant liar or anything... BUT Chelsea wouldn't care whether it was North, South, East or West... why would they??

Bore off!Lakaku is going to werder bremen fc on loan as part of marko marin deal.....We don't want to improve chelsea's youngsters when we have our own coming through if we take him its permanent or nothing FTIDQpr look to give up on him....LOL he's more likely to give up on QPRBecause Chelsea are going to so business with their rivals for an 18million player? Qpr never.


20 May 2012 14:38:38
Michael Owen has been booked for a heart check in Reading adding to the fact that reading has one of the best places to keep horses in the country and he wants to stay in the premier league it's all adding up that he could be signing for us. You heard it here first!(14)(13)Pretty certain that he's off to stoke!Berkshire - not Reading.

And no, he isn't coming here. We had a chance to get him in Jan and we said no and went for Roberts.

Stoke's chairman has just gone public saying they want him, and that's a lot closer to him don't ya think? (clearly not)He's too concerned about his horses and houses to care enough about playing for Reading. Great player but plays for himself and not the team - not what Reading needs.Heart check? The way he left Liverpool and Newcastle for Manchester U proves Thai he got no heart!So he's going to move his horses and stables from Cheshire down South to join Reading or opt to join Stoke............mmmmmmmmm tricky one. His Dad used to attend Stoke games and Owen filmed a TV show there. He lives 30 odd miles away.


20 May 2012 14:38:31
Stevenage trio Bostwick, Freeman and Wilson to Peterborough for £1.9m(13)(13)Chairman would want more than that for 3 players.Cant see us spending another 1.9 million on players, hope its true thoughHope this is true....probably will get a rid of a few of our listed players in part of the dealIts 1.9mil for just Bostwick & Freeman not Wilson. Bostwick is extreamly keen on a move to the posh as it means he and his family could remain in livining in the stevenage area.Bostwick was awful in play offs, no thank u


20 May 2012 14:37:16
Luke Moore (Swansea striker) to join Barnsley for an undisclosed fee(18)(8)Can't see Moore coming to Barnsley but what a good signing for Hill to make if it were possible.


20 May 2012 14:34:34
Baldock is 100% leaving West Ham on a loan deal to a Championship club after West Ham's recent promotion. The most likely destination for him seems to be either Charlton, Watford or Ipswich. Barnsley are also looking at him but that deal seems highly unlikely.(16)(3)I know this too it is charlton 100% but it's whether it's a loan or perminantI know this as well its 150% Ipswich on loanToo bad - it is 1000% WatfordAnd I know it's Watford 200%TWTD says that Allardyce has agreed with his 'close friend' Jewell that if they got promoted (which they clearly did), Ipswich would be the first in line to get Baldock on loan. Who knows whether this is true or not but I suppose time will tell.If he's going out on loan it will be up to the player where he goes.


20 May 2012 14:28:16
Plymouth Argyle are taking advantage of the Romain Laurrieu - David Frio connection and are showing an interest in French Ligue 2 side Chateauroux pair:

21 year old Striker Maxime Bourgeou and 24 year old midfielder Claudio Beauvue.(10)(2)Bourgeou is a talent and would be a great signing for any league 1 or championship side. He was a youth player at st.ettiene for 6 years. Fast, strong and good in the air. Mpenza type player.


20 May 2012 14:26:28
Ipswich will sign Watford winger Sean Murray for £2m this week.(2)(17)Murray is as good, maybe even better than Young was at his age. We keep hold of him this season and then if people want to pay eight figures we'll listen.This is funny!! you cant be serious! you must be dreamingNeed more than 2 milMurray will be going to prem and has already turned down Liverpool and Man city as a scholar. He would also probably cost a closer to 3 million at leastThis is the worst one ever - no change out of 20m my little tractor friend - he is worth more than your ground and squad added together - 2m -pmslUnlikely to move sideways when he could play in the premIf he said no to man city I doubt it he will go to IpswichOn what planet are you living!Ipswich wish they could have him, unfortunate for them they dont have a youth academy good enough to produce their own murrayNever in your life...he wants a career !RubbishDream onHe signed a new contract not long ago and dyche said he was worth 25mill so your a bit offGet off your high horse. He might be good but at his age you can't start going around demanding '8 figures' for him, and stop slagging off other people's clubs. This is a rumours site not a naming calling game at the playground.^ Alright. We'll take Cresswell for 100k and JET for a donut.

Murray is worth 8 figures and he's our player under contract, of course we can demand what we want.You say get off your high horse but wasn't it only last season when you sold wickham for 8 million and he had only scored about 10 goals. murray managed 7 goals since february and plays RM! he was absolute class, one of the best midfielders in the league, and still only 18 so 2 million is nonsense at this point in time although i would also agree 10 million is a gamble, but thats football these days and im in no doubt that whether it be with watford or not, he will be playing premier league football in the next few seasons.Ipswich fans are deluded. Making up BS rumours continously.I dont doubt the players ability, especially at his age he sounds like one for the future. However, we (Ipswich) did not demand '8 figures' for him as a previous poster (crystal palace fan) said they would want for Murray. We simply could not refuse the 8 million offered to us. It would be barmy if we did. And to be honest, I think that if you received a similar offer for Murray, you would do the same thing.No way murray will go to ipswichhim being Wickham


20 May 2012 14:22:05
Holt to stay at Norwich(17)(18)Computer says noFound that out time agoComputer also said Ronaldo won't leave Manchester UnitedQPR and Everton want Holt and he wants away.
Think Norwich might struggle next seasonHolt does not want away, he just wants to up his wages despite having two years left on his current deal, personally I think Holt will struggle to have same impact on premier league next season, so if the right offer came in for him I would seriously consider selling himPosh spice to become Prime Minister seems as likely as Holt staying at Naaaaaarwich.Like he'd go to qpr they're a nothing club they'll go down next year ! hes loved at norwich


20 May 2012 14:20:19
doncaster have made a £250,000 bid for liverpool reserve player Nathan Eccleston.(2)(20)He's highly rated. I can't see this at all.


20 May 2012 14:14:52
Marc Pugh of bournmouth going to Watford along with shrewsburys James Collins(8)(11)Pugh is a decent player, but not what Watford need. They may consider loaning Iwelumo to Bournemouth according to rumours


20 May 2012 14:02:58
Man City Players IN:

Edinson Cavani - £40 million
Hazard - £25 million
Ezequiel Lavezzi - £30 million
Neven Subotic - £20 Million

Man City Players Out:

Adam Johnson - £7 million - Sunderland
Slavic - £2.5 million - Back to Serbia
Tevez - £20 million - Milan
Kolo Tourse - £5 million - Milan(13)(36)All those millions just trip off the keyboard as if they were nothingThat means breaking the fair play rules by 40.5 M, do you really think Man city want to be disqualified from the champions league after doing so much to get in?If you cant even spell their names correctly how can we belive youFair play rules dont come into effect till 2013-2014 season.they can spend wat they want.youll see a lot of clubs spending big this summer before the rules come inFirst person, Man City spend around 110 million per season so no the millions didn't just trip off.
Second person, fair player is not for next year.
Third person the names are spelt right.
Read about football chaps it might help you out in the future.No its not spelt right, SAVIC,kolo TOURE and EDISON cavani


20 May 2012 14:02:42
Holt staying at NCFC. PL will make him clubs highest earner and make good signings to take the club forward. ie Pacheco, Lansbury, Rhodes and Curtis Davies.(6)(22)He would be wasting his time if he stays, Norwich lack ambitionYour going down next year fools so how you think your going forward dream on your skint with no ambition this is why most of your team wants outWhen lambert was asked would he be staying at Norwich he said "Ummmm don't know" that was on Sky sportsYeah I saw that, club look as though they might self-destruct after superb first season, egos will kick inSome of the reply's border on stupidity, Norwich skint - of course they are after all income from premier league prize/TV money alone was over 45M.
No ambition - that's why we have Lambert as Manager, and we have had three very successful seasons, Holt does not want to leave , he just wants to try and up his wages.Paul Lambert doesn't talk to the media like Harry Redknapp does! he hasn't given anything away or been the most charasmatic interviewee all season. So I wouldn't look too much into that. Also weren't we meant to be going down this year?? and also struggling in the championship last year?? continue under estimating norwich as always, not saying we are going to go higher, but still not relegation next season {Ed025's Note - i agree


20 May 2012 14:01:30
Black and Skacel to Bristol City, why break up a successful partnership?

Davidson to replace Skacel

McPake joining Hibs but Griffiths may choose to return to the Midlands and hope for some games at Wolves, learning from Fletcher

Gordon to Celtic(7)(10)


20 May 2012 13:46:22
Paul Lambert to jump ship from Norwich City. This is why Grant Holt handed in a transfer request as he wants to link up with Paul Lambert at Aston Villa. Talks will take place with Mr Lambert when Randy Lerner returns from the U.S.(11)(24)RL returns on Monday afternoon.


20 May 2012 13:46:04
Joel ward going to Sheffield Wednesday he up in Sheffield early this coming week with his agent to discuss personal terms! A Portsmouth fan(10)(17)Joel Ward to Watford more LikelyHe was at Hillsborough yesterdayNah He'll choose Ipswich wants to stay down south east area


20 May 2012 13:45:47
Colchester United are looking to strengthen their squad with the possibility of signing
Adam Boyes Borrow
Matty Blair York City
Waide Fairhurst Macclesfield
All on two year deals(9)(2)


20 May 2012 13:40:43
After last night Drogba 100% will leave Chelsea. He will leave on a high and is likely to join a team in the Middle East.(17)(5)He off to hollywood to be an actor hes had plenty of practice playing for chelsea over the years


20 May 2012 13:40:01
A clayton will sign for norwich next week, j ward will replace him after turning down ipswich, he has belived to have said if i have to play in stadium that does not belong to football club it has to be good one bulit for premier L not on an old rubbish tip witch is portman road. More to point ward wants to play with a team on the up witch leeds is . A true sleeping giant, not an also. Ran like ipswich town(8)(17)Bloody cheeky budgie, Portman Road entrance turnstiles have jut been painted, better than carrott road, pewky green & yellow pahThats why he is signing for wednesdayMany seem to be upset about the success of Norwich over the last two seasons. 1) Norwich did not win the lottery, but we did gain over 40M for finishing where we did + Tv bonus. McNally has hinted towards a 20-25m summer transfer budget.


20 May 2012 13:31:18
Reading and swansea have 2 million pound bid rejected for nottingham forest full back Chris Gunter.(13)(6)


20 May 2012 13:27:21
James Milner to leave man city this summer with Chelsea his likely suiters(15)(13)Milner is one of the most over-rated players in the Premiership.

Chelsea?? Get out of it.

Some muppet at Liverpool will want him, but he really should go back to a Villa or an Everton which is about his level.He will probably leave but not to ChelseaDonkey,far to overatedWest London, but not Chelsea


20 May 2012 13:17:48
Wolverhampton Wanderer's have made an enquiry for Shrewsbury Town's Connor Goldson.(1)(19)I've also heard this , 3 figure fee would be needed though.Whooooo...and now we get linked with all kinds of rubbish3 figure? thats saying it will only be up to 999 , surely you mean 6 figure6 figure fee indeed!


20 May 2012 13:15:51
Southend's Ryan Hall is set to sign for Shrewsbury Town for a fee of 55k.(9)(9)Too good for league two now, been our best player last two yearsMore like 550,000 KHall is worth at least at a minimum 750k with the amount of money being spent on League Two and Conference players these days!750k? next joke...Well if Tubbs is worth 800k, Barnett 1.7 million and Vardy 1.7 million then Hall is worth at a minimum 750k!Well Barnett was 1.1million and Jamie Vardy was 1 million so your already talking nonsense. Ryan Hall is in the last year of his contract at Southend and there is no chance that anyone would bid more than 200K - fact.With the add-ons on the deals for Barnett and Vardy the deals can reach 1.7 million so get your facts right and if you believe Hall would go for only 200k then you are living in a dreamland!I think you are deluded. They are all Strikers. they go for double a winger. And lets face it they where ridiculous fees. Grant Holt left Shrewsbury for half a million. Hall isnt half the worth of HoltThat is the amount of money League Two players are going for now not 5 years ago and Hall has scored 14 goals and got the highest amount of assists in professional football in England so I would say he is worth at least the amount of Tubbs.Joe hart had the most clean sheets in england and he was 600k so i very much doubt that hall will be half as much as thatWait and see, Hall will leave on a free next year!Holt isn't even that good he just has great service from pilkington and bennett!Hart was a youngster when he left Shrewsbury he had POTENTIAL. Hall is consistently performing to a high standard NOW so is worth more than the ridiculously small amounts all you Shrewsbury fans keep coming up with!Hall had a good run during the season but failed miserably to continue the run and get Southend promoted, quite simply he was poor. 200k no more.Hall has been good all season no less then 750k will take him away. Club's top goalscorer and has the countries most assists.200k? you are completely clueless and deluded, he has 20 assists and 14 goals, he is our top scorer from midfield, he is worth at least 750kHart was epic and young. Holt scored near 30 goals in a crap Shrewsbury side. Hes a winger.... 200k is steepClueless and deluded? Did he get you promotion? No he did not. He had a good run mid way through the season then tailed off at the end. He is a good player, but nowhere near the money you think. 200k no more.You really don't have a clue what your talking about do you?Are you serious? I have watched in excess of 50% of Southend's games this season. Hall is a half decent winger, he is not worth anything more than 200k max.No club would pay more than 200k for Hall. Only Southend fans think he is worth more. Good League 2 wingers do not go for 1 million etc can't believe how dull Southend fans are.And i've watched all home games and 18 away games, how many southend games have you attended to judge our players, holt and hart were unproven talents and the fees you mention don't include appearence add onsWait how is it halls fault we didn't go up, it was the managers fault for playing hoofball to benyon and eastwood who are half the size of centre backsHolt scored 30 goals and we payed 170k for him. Hall has had one good year.
Hart had one add on which was an England apperance one. I think that tells his quality. Hall is a WINGER. he wont go near what you wantAre you even a football fan? Do you even know what it is? The things that you are saying is making me doubt this!Hall has played left back, right mid, left mid, and striker, while he has been at the club we have never played with a wingerLeft mid is a winger.
David Beckham was a right winger.

Theyre the guys who cross it to Dickinson


20 May 2012 13:13:12
Morgan Leonard Gould, central defender national player of South Africa, is in negotiations with Partizan Belgrade. Vladimir Vermezovic a new coach of Partizan, was a coach in South Africa and he remembered this player and had a good opinion about his qualities. Morgan is free player for about one month.(14)(1)


20 May 2012 13:08:47
Come on Maximus send us a Post?(2)(5)Ha ha up the hammers ,all your players will leave a long with hollowhead


20 May 2012 13:03:07
Bristol City Ins:

Paul Dixon - Dundee united - free

Micheal Jacobs - Northampton -£850k

Francisco Sandaza - St Johnstone -Free

Andre Amougou - Burnley - had a succesful loan spell

Murray Davidson - St johnstone - Not sure if this will happen

Suso Santana- Hearts

Mustapha Carayol - rovers want 1mil but i dont think city will pay it

marlon pack - cheltenham - waiting for playoffs to finish they may agree a fee

Mcincess being linked with all of these..,

Ins(if Promoted):
Hill-Blackpool( after a successful loan spell)
Higgingbottom- Huddersfield
John Carew-west ham

BeatieWhere is all this money coming fromNO-ONE has a source that delivers a shopping list of players!

YawnAnd HOW can Jacobs cost 850k when he's out of contract and the compo expected to be around 250k?

No wonder BCFC are in financial trouble.Northampton are reportedly attempting to sign West Ham striker Sam Baldock for a fee worth to be around 1.25 million, also Emile Heskey and Micheal Owen will sign 3 year contracts after the new massive investment by the chairmen.Bristol City fans are becoming as deluded as Leicester/Charlton/Southampton. Jacobs and Dixon are both going to Derby, a big club, in a big stadium, on the up. Why would they go to Bristol City, who will continuously struggle on low gates and low income?Suso Santana has already declared he wants to go back to Spain where his family is based !Sandaza is ste, not even league one standard when he was at Brighton.Jacobs due to sign for Derby. Im a Northampton fan and thats what ive been toldPlease explain what finacial dificulties Bristol City are in?Bristol city have just sold nicky maynard for 1.7 million , steve lansdown is putting alot more money into the club over the summer and we have a new chairman , i think they are going to back there manager all they canIf u look on bbc u person it says northampton want a compensation of 800-900k !Muzzy wont go to cant afford himWhere do you get this Bristol City in financial trouble , yes we have debt , not many clubs dont ..the biggest difference is we have one of the richest ENGLISH owners in the business, take a look Steve Lansdown personal wealth in excess of 750Million and growingSandaza has several championship clubs to choose from. Bristol City cant afford the wages he looking for.I clearly love everyone saying financial trouble we are buy a new stadium lansdown just brought bristol rugby and dont think he would ever see the football club go under because he wants TWO sports club in the top leagues in his power.


20 May 2012 13:02:31
Huddersfield set to sell Rhodes to Reading for around £5m.
Expected swap deal with Sean Morrison and Michail Antonio coming the over way to the Galpharm if the terriers are promoted(9)(18)He's Norwich boundAntonio going to the owlsAntonio was at Hillsbro yesterday along with Joel ward. Both in advanced talks. Antonio loves the fans and club in sheff so hudds no chanceWhy would he go to townThe hammers offerd 7 mil but it was a no


20 May 2012 13:02:08
Man Utd need to sell before they buy this summer with bebe, macheda and howard webb looking to be sold {Ed025's Note - webb got them more points than the other two..(23)(10)LOL, though I thought Howard Webbs link up play with Young was very good


20 May 2012 12:47:22
Leon Clarke will be sold on free transfer to Crawley(17)(6)How can you sell a player on a freeHe is under contract, but they don't want him so they sell him for free/0Did nothing in his loan spell at Crawley. The rest of the time he was injured. Cannot see this happening.


20 May 2012 12:46:27
What has Reading got to do with Hull City?(3)(4)There're in the same countryNo idea.

One club is in a scenic part of the country, with vibrant and growing employment, and has recently been voted the fasted growing micro City in Europe, and the other is Hull...This won't happen, McCleary has stopped all interest we had in Phillips. An attacking midfielder, a right back and a couple of forwards are all we need.I have no idea, except that very little reading goes on in hullHull is in the East Riding of Yorkshire, an area known for it's beauty - recently been showcased in an exhibition by David Hockney at the TATE.

Reading - it's a town! micro-city my A


20 May 2012 12:44:26
Got word from a very reliable source about the situation at Leeds.

Apparantley Joel Ward will be signing, but Leeds are doing all they can to delay him joining in order to save on wages over the summer. The are apparantley confident he will sign but Ken Bated genuinely resents paying the players over the summer months.

Greg Halford will also sign, and these deals are set to be finalised this week.(12)(12)Ward signing for Owls done dealHalford is not the kind of player leeds need very poor


20 May 2012 12:43:00
Pogba to stay at united. Story from the England camp.

CTID(17)(16)Yeah? Already signed a pre-agreement with Juventus.The clues in the wording. Pre contract agreements only tie the player to that club should there be a move. It does not mean he can't stay put.


20 May 2012 12:39:22
Torres is said to be the subject of discussion between Chelsea and Manchester United. Chelsea need to finance, SAF looking to land a big name. Chat from the England camp.

More soon
CTID(7)(31)Torres stopped being a big name the season before he left Liverpool.Yeah i guest it must be a mute discussion.....


20 May 2012 12:37:53
walsall are interested in signing former loanee jordan cook after his relese from sunderland on saturday with carlisle united also interested(12)(2)Jordan cook will be looking to stay closer to Sunderland meaning Carlisle are favourites to sign the player after a successful loan spellGood luck to the lad, whatever side he chooses, #FTM


20 May 2012 12:37:38
After Chelsea Memorable win in
Germany Last night

3 keys things will happen

1.Di Matteo will be offered the job
after big name/players linked to the
club have requested him to be the

2.Drogba will sign a 1 year contract
and second year to do his badges and
be a coach for the youth

3.Di matteo is going to bring in 4 big
names to challenge for the league

Hulk-Fc Porto
Van de Wiel-Ajax

This will happen.

Ps im not a chelsea fan(24)(27)Memorable?

Like CheLOLsea's history pre-Abramovich's BILLION 's...Hulk worth 80mill with his current contract? not seeing Abramovich buying him.


20 May 2012 12:30:43
There are rumours circulating that john carew has been given a tour of the valley and that charlton have offered west ham a 2.5 million pound deal for him with him being paid £20,000 a week(7)(28)No chance! owners would never pay out 20k a week for an over the hill strikerCharlton will not pay 20K a weekIsn't he out of contract?Carew aint worth 20 let alone 20k, well over the hill nowHe's out of contract. Fact.Oh do me a favour, Charlton dont want cant afford old has beens like Carew.Carew was great 4/5 years ago - been downhill ever since. Not worth 2.5 k now never mind 2.5 m


20 May 2012 12:28:58
Roberto Martinez will turn down the Liverpool job.(26)(18)Yeah right!Not a chance he will turn it downOh yes he will. A rival offer is on the table from a foreign clubHasn't got the expierence to manage LiverpoolMartinez won't join a sinking ship like Liverpool, he will continue his project to establish Wigan as a top 10 premier league side.It's a poison chalice for him - Liverpool fans will hound him out.


20 May 2012 12:26:01
Bristol rovers are in for former Bristol city goalie David James(2)(16)No chance. His wages would be far too much and we've already signed a new keeper.No thanks, rather keep BevNeh, we'll have Mikkel back please XD


20 May 2012 12:21:55
David James to sign for Exeter City. I know the lad. He wants to remain in the area and lives in Chudleigh.

CTID(15)(10)Was doing some work nr his house and he said he didn't want to join Exeter but lets wait and see


20 May 2012 12:14:48
With Blackpool not going up, Reading look certain to fight off other Premier League clubs such as Stoke and Sunderland to Matt Phillips' signature.(19)(10)Liverpool are also interested!We have plenty of wingers, doubt another will be on brians listHe wont go to Reading, he will end up at a bigger club.Because Reading is such a BIG club now they got promoted. Nothings changed. Stoke and Sunderland are much better propositions than Reading isWe're not in for him! HTH's.It's not all about whose the biggest club it's about whether he'd get a chance at a bigger club. Players may join a smaller club just because they know they'll get game time where as at a big club they will just bench warm.Blackpool wont sell him at all stop putting up rumors saying otherwise and if we/ they did along with ince i can see holloway walking out and i wouldn't blame him with the reported clubs after himHe would easily get into stoke's teamKebe, McAnuff, Robson-Kanu, McCleary, Antonio (if he doesn't end up at wednesday) think we're fine for wingers atm doubt we'll be looking for another, may be wrong of course as our game relies heavily on them but we wont be attracting him to us if he's going to have to compete with Kebe and McAnuff for first place slots, Prob going to Stoke or Sunderland as he is easily better than any winger they have atm.Better than James McClean? You wanna put that glue bag down sunshine, Adam Johnson is on SAFC radar, We also have seb Larrson, Best dead ball man in the prem, Swap him for Elmo tho.Do you genuinely think that list of championship players is better than the likes of mclean and larsson?!None of those wingers are better than McLean pennant etherington or Larson


20 May 2012 12:14:43
Alexandre Mendy looks likely to join Watford in the summer after his release from Chesterfield. Leeds United are also interested.(5)(11)Alex Mendy was on loan at Leeds United last year and he stated that he liked the club.He had a trial at Leeds last year but they didn't want him. They said they had to many widemen.Good signing if it s true.


20 May 2012 12:07:15
Holt will stay at Norwich as Paul Lambert has told him he will get increased wages and be playing with:
Holt will be playing in Adam Drury's Testimonial and will get a huge reception and reminded why he is CAPTAIN... LOVED... LEGEND GH9(2)(20)Sing up for Holty!! OTBCHa ha dream on little club, losing your star muppet that thinks he is pele for getting a couple of headersHave little Norwich suddenly won the lottery then?Zaha, over rated
Holden and Davies, no thanks. The others would definitely be welcome next year!He is too good for Norwich!15 prem goals not 2 headers, get your facts right. We are that little we are 12th best surported club in england. Thats how little we are. We might couple above list. As they will all cost abitNonsenseLeeds are the fith most supported club in England so 12th is quite rubbish in comparison

JordLUFCPilkington is the only good player at Norwich! The others just get luckyComment for JordLUFC

we might only be 12th supported club, but at least our chairman gives his Manager complete financial backing, and our Manager says very little instead preferring to do his talking with the teams performances.
Leeds on the other hand, Chairman who is tight and a Manager who never has anything good to say about any other team or players especially when he does not win, get use to hearing him winge, because Leeds will really struggle next season with Warnock in charge.............Were are leeds again? oh bottom half of champioship and were the little club haha, leeds need to face that there not as big as they use to be and are only going to get worse with Warnock and Bates in charge


20 May 2012 11:57:31
Paul huntington confirmed to stay for another 2 years at Yeovil, paperwork to be completed on Monday(11)(1)Really, really hope so!We want you to stay, We want you to stay Paul Huntington We want you to stay!Paul huntington is defo stayingThis would be the best news ive heard in the last 2 years if its trueConfirmed? By whom? The only time it's 'confirmed' is when it's said so by the club and they haven't confirmed anything on Hunts yet.I have also heard he will be staying from a reliable source, sadly he has had a recent bereavement so clearly he wont want to rush into thingsHe's rejected Yeovil confirmed on site


20 May 2012 11:54:48
Barnsley put a bid in for Kelvin Etuhu(12)(5)Depends wether can pass a medical this time as failed one last time Hill tried to sign him.


20 May 2012 11:52:46
any MIDDLESBROUGH NEWS!!!(1)(17)Glenn loovens and somen tchoyiDude who wrote about tchoyi and loovens loovens is true however where did you hear about Simon tchoyiLuke varney :)Varney Leddbitter Tchoyi :)


20 May 2012 11:45:58
Charlton are after Sone Aluko, whos contract is about to expire.(9)(2)Gers are unlikely to let him go with a transfer embargo in place are they?Yes please!!Im a charlton fan and this is ridiculous.They're hardly in a position to turn down offers for any of their players though - or hadn't you heard that they're in administration? {Ed007's Note - Aluko is out of contract, there is an option for a renewal but due to Rangers current financial problems it will be difficult for them to meet the terms of it.}The administrators have a duty to pay back monies owed by the club. Achieving that goal may mean selling assets but, I doubt it will mean letting assets go for nothing. There are parties interested in buying the club and the job of selling it will be a lot easier if they have a reasonable chance of competing in next season's league title race.

With a transfer embargo in place they are unlikely to let an asset like this go for nothing, when they cannot replace him.


20 May 2012 11:29:46
Lee Holmes to Cardiff City on free transfer.
Tom Heaton is joining Dave Jones at Sheffield Wednesday on a free.
David Marshall is to sign 4 year extention deal whilst Joe Lewis is to sign in the next 2 weeks.
Bothroyd may be returning next season for a season long loan.(6)(9)Your correct about Beaton but bothroyd also in talks with shef wedsBothroyd still has house in Cardiff and has been in contact with MM about a return to city.


20 May 2012 11:29:22
Watford Transfers
James Collins 500k Shrewsbury
Craig Gordon Free after being released by Sunderland
Todd Kane 350k Chelsea

Lee Hodson Ipswich 250K
Adrian Mariappa Newcastle 5million
Chris Iwelumo Bournmouth 300k
John Eustace Takes up coaching role at club
Scott Loach 1million Ipswich(6)(19)If marriapa leaves we will spend more than thatEustace take up a coaching role! in 3 years maybe. youre clearly no watford fan as you would know we wouldnt get gordan and that eustace is playing the best football he's played at the momentYou have no chance of getting gordonAs much as I would love to see Loach at Ipswich, I can't see us signing him anytime soon. And I know that Mariappa is supposed to be good but seriously, 5 million? I highly doubt Newcastle would pay that when they bought cabaye for around 4 million.HA! Just shows how easy it is to make up figures. Iwelumo 300k :LMariappa, if he goes, will go for no more than 4 million but more likely around 3300k for 33 year old player in the last year of their contract? ok thenHodson to Ipswich for 250K-no way. Mariappa will go for closer to 3 million but not to Newcastle. Iwelumo move is a possible. Eustace was our most consistent player and probably most effective outside Deeney towards the end of the season. Loach is a possible I guess though.


20 May 2012 11:22:29
Preston manager Graham Westley also in the running to sign Conor Casey from Colarado Rapids(10)(3)Is he a striker?


20 May 2012 11:11:11
stevenage would like to re sign defender
jamal lascelles on a season long loan
from notts forest(9)(1)Stevenage would like to but I doubt that they will


20 May 2012 11:06:55
Reading are set to sign highly rated Wycombe Wanderers striker Stuart Beavon this week for a fee believed to be £950,000 rising to £1,250,000 with a 15% sell-on included.

Beavon is the son of former Royal and name sake, Stuart Beavon.(5)(18)Why would a Premiership side buy a 28-year old for 1.25m who's spent most of his career in non-league?We need a striker with Premiership experience and quality. Can't see this happening personally.Beavon is joining huddersfield when rhodes leaves - 600kSo we're signing a player who's barely scored 1 in 4 games for wycombe and couldn't even keep them in league 1Got the wrong end of a complicated rumour.

Rhodes > Reading
Beavon > Huddersfield


20 May 2012 10:58:27
Ballack to QPR for free.(14)(10)Ballacks


20 May 2012 10:57:35
somen tchoyi will move to wigan athletic after he was released by west bromich albion!!!(12)(6)Why would Wigan want a WBA cast off, we're better than thatTBH im a Wigan fan and I cant see this but it wouldnt suprise me :/I think Wigan would do well to get Tchoyi, especially since a few of Wigan's forwards will be leaving in the summer. He did play really well for us at times and deserves a regular place in the Premier League.TEO TEO TEO class player will be class at a team that gives him a chance and don't mind attacking players, can't believe released him, it TEO timeI always liked tchoyi at the Albion just to unpredictable. Don't think even he knew where he was going at times but he did produce some quality momentsGood player but not consistent exactly like arsenal's theo walcott


20 May 2012 10:56:49
West Brom to sign DC United goalkeeper Bill Hamid due to Marton Fulop leaving.(9)(3)


20 May 2012 10:55:48
West Ham's Ins/Outs

Ins: Gordon (Free), Owen (free), Joe Cole (£3m), Rodallega (free) Butterfield (£1.5m), Scott Brown (£2m)

Outs: Maynard, O'neil, Faubert, Baldock, Sears

Reliable source has admitted that Big Sam has got a set list of player he was initially looking to offload if they went up.

Jimmy Hampson has said to be scouting the above players(17)(25)Rodallega won't go to a probable relegation struggler, will go to Everton or SpainComplete waffleScot brown signed for celtic for 4.4 million and west ham will need to offer more than 4.4 to sign himLol what a dreamer at least make something up people will believeOwen will go stoke , cole wont cum bak english football for a few more years and rodallega will go spurs


20 May 2012 10:48:20
Michael Owen has hinted he may join Southampton this summer after being told he's been released by Man United
Source-(15)(9)No chanceWould be a good move for him
a fit Owen would be fantastic up top with Lambert but I cannot see Owen moving to far away from his race horsesSaints might go for owen if they cant get hooper, on twitter le tiss tweeted moving down south? owen replied hes open to offersHe wont join because Nigel Adkins has a habit of buying younger players also by the looks of it hooper might join southamptonTheres every chance he could join Saints as he said hes open to it, but wether they go in for him is another matter.No hes not at all hes said on twitter he wants stay local to cheshire lol dont believe anything this mugg writes on hereHow has he hinted anything when he hasn't been interviewed about his release in recent weeks?

Saints need to get their feet back on the old terracotta.For the 2 posts above, you have no clue im afraid....Le Tissier said to him about moving down south to Saints and Owen replied he was open to it...100% on his twitter account you can see for yourself..This has also been picked up by other sources of media too. It wont happen, but it was said. Check your facts before making yourselves look like fools.He will join stoke with kenwyn jones being sold for around 6milWhy would anyone want to sign him!? I am a Southampton fan and I wouldn´t want him anywhere near our club.
He is 32, only made 4 apps for man u last season, will more than likely get injured and be out for the most of next season and on top of that he will want and expect big wages.
...We can do much better.


20 May 2012 10:42:24
Burnley offered a deal to Chris Taylor of Oldham

Leeds and Sheff Wed are also Interested(13)(8)As a replacement for Chris Taylor Oldham in contract talks with Huddersfield duo Gary Roberts (bosman) and Kallum Higginbotham, as Simon Grayson decides to opt for his preferred signings in the summer.Higginbotham oldham cant afford himWe cant afford anybody if you believe corneys ramblings almost daily, relegation for us i fear next season


20 May 2012 10:40:42
Leeds to beat middlesborough to the signing of former ipswich midfielder grant leadbitter on a free transfer(14)(12)That's a surprise...


20 May 2012 10:38:46
Leeds to sign pompey duo joel ward and greg halford sometime next week?(22)(10)Halford yes Ward no, he's off to IpswichWard to sign for wednesday


20 May 2012 10:34:23
Grant hall to join tottenham from Brighton when his contract run out in the summer(8)(7)He's still under contract!Y unsettle players dont make up bullHall's contract is up and he's a free agent in July although BHA would still be due compo due to his age.


20 May 2012 10:33:05
Afc Wimbledon fans want released Southampton player Connolly
Source: Wimbledon fans forum(17)(5)Too good for Wimbledon.Would be a great signing as i am a saints fan and he would score goals for fun


20 May 2012 10:31:36
Nathanial Clyne will go to Newcastle to replace Danny Simpson who will be going to Everton...other people high on Evertons list:
- Steven Pienaar (priority) 4mill+
- Steven Naismith 2 mill
- Michael Owen Free
- Manuel Fernandes Free
- The Annual 'surprise' loan

Looking to offload
- James McFadden (Released)
- Marcus Hannemhan (Released)
- Stracqualursi & Drenthe will both go back to their respective clubs
- Anichebe may make way for 3mill
- Yobo - Fenerbache - 3-5 mill
- Disitin - end of contract
- Rodwell or Jagielka to fetch the much needed money(11)(20)Why was McFadden released ?He was on a short term deal to help add experience to the struggling the time he was signed everton were in dire need of uplift3-5million for Yobo? Someones being ripped offCoz he was bad?Why would we sell peanut to you for 4 when Sunderland offer 5^ Did you see the pls sign or is 5 your favourite number you know? 5 for pienaar and on channel 5 next seasonIf Pienaar want's to play for Everton next season then he will no matter how much money anyone else offers. He won't go anywhere else and will only kick up a fuss a spurs to get what he wantsHaha yobo worth 3m, even 5 maybe! Won't sell anichebe and I don't think manuel Fernandez will go thereWhy would simpson go from Newcastle (5th) to everton (7th)? You cannot afford him. This is what you want to happen, not what is going to happen! Yobo 3-5m? Haha thats got to be a wind up?


20 May 2012 10:29:42
Former Hibernian and Nottingham Forrest striker Junior Agogo has been offered a trial at league one side Walsall

Source Birmingham mail Journalist(9)(2)


20 May 2012 10:26:27
Hearts Midfielder Suso Santana linked with £500,000 move to Ipswich town.(5)(2)Going to leeds or brighton


20 May 2012 10:05:00
Reading waiting to offer Matt Phillips his Premier league chance afer Blackpool failed to win promotion.(16)(9)He wont be going to Reading, will be at a bigger clubWas a lot of Paper talk about this deal a few weeks ago - just wonder if we'll still be interested now we've signed McCleary - we have already have 4 wingers now.Bigger club, like blackpool?That's why I was hoping that West Ham won yesterday, credit where credits due they deserve it.When he said he will be going to a bigger club he meant a bigger club in the Premier League.West ham didn't deserve it at all I hate clubs who just throw good money after bad at this type of situation anyway blackpool had more shots on target and both of west hams goals were debateable at bestI mean over the course of the season. The final was a very tightly run affair. With West Ham dominating the first half of the game and Blackpool coming on strong in the latter part of the game.


20 May 2012 09:46:52
Huntingdon to leave Yeovil - Club informed on Friday, low key announcement to be made on Monday in an attempt to bury the news.(2)(7)Obviously not a ytfc fan if you don't know how to spell his name and that noone else knows this.Nobody called Huntingdon at Yeovil anyway ;)Source?


20 May 2012 09:44:56
Danny Shittu is a hot target for Watford as Mariappa is going to a Premiership club next season. QPR, West Ham are interested in the Watford captain.(8)(2)Mariappa may go to QPR. Hardly likely Shittu will return to Watford as they have enough quality in that position.Mariappa to QPR is possible, I believe him and his family are QPR fans.Mariappa in a swap for Smith, Helguson and Shittu?


20 May 2012 09:43:38
holt pienaar and adam johnson all on oniells radar(14)(14)


20 May 2012 09:41:30
Now that Blackpool are not going to the Premiership... Kevin Phillips will return to Warford in loan for next season but will an option to recalled when needed.(3)(21)How's that then?

Blackpool have activated the final year in his contract and Phillips has agreed to stay.

Source: SSN last week in the build up to the Play-off Final.


20 May 2012 09:37:21
Leeds close to Paddy Kenny signature as QPR have replacement targets(21)(8)Poor old Leeds Warnock busy dismantling a team that came close to the play offs and signing Sheffield United rejects.Eyy m8 we never came close to play offs nd rumours have it owen might come to QPR if he does we going bk to championshipChampionship pfa team of the year is hardley a sheffield utd reject, look at the facts and then come back


20 May 2012 09:36:45
Derby County will confirm the signing of Michael Jacobs next week after beating Bristol City and Watford,(10)(18)You been saying this for the last two weeksMe? This is the first time ive posted on this website


20 May 2012 09:07:20
Yeovil could sign released Southampton duo David Connolly and Lee Holmes who was on loan at Oxford and Swindon last season.(6)(9)Holmes to Swindon is the rumourHolmes will go Swindon.


20 May 2012 08:51:50
Preston North End are stalling on the free transfers of Nicky Wroe and Shane Cansdell-Sherrif in a bid to offer Scott Laird better terms and conditions since Bristol City put a contract offer on the table(1)(16)Surly you would pick bcfc above preston any day champion ship of league oneWhy...what is he going win at bristol? more chance of getting a promotion medal with preston and then pushing up the championship next seasonThe 2 of them have already signedNicky Wroe and Shane Cansdell-Sherrif have signed for pne last weekIf only BCFC had put an offer in for Cansdell-Sherrif & Wroe and they would have signed...but they were out of contract and had to sign for Preston...they must be gutted knowing that BCFC wanted them.Why ?


20 May 2012 08:41:59
West Ham are to make a move for £2m rated Millwall defender Jack Smith.(4)(22)2m for Millwall FB Jack Smith. My missus will drive him to Trumpton Park to sign.2mill for jack smith.. Mmmmm....Good one!! As a Millwall fanatic I loathe West Ham with a passion, but not even I am so evil that I would like the worst defender in the World to play for them! If ANYONE want Smith, they should have him, for FREE!2 mill
jack smith aint worth 2 quidJack smith terribleThink West Ham will need to cough up more than 2m.Jack Smith is not terrible, he's a very capable Championship defender who is good on the ball, has good distribution and is very calm and collected. He is also not worth 2M by a million miles. Few hundred k at most.How can you say he is terrible....clearly never seen him playI went to watch jack smith in a trial match against Dartford a few years back before he signed. one of the worst players i had ever seen didnt know why we signed him. since then in the coming seasons he has come on as a really good player and had 2 brilliant games against west ham so it wouldnt suprise me if they were interested in him at all.

2 million would be a fair price but to a differant team (not a rival) i see it lowerHmmm, upon reflection, Jack Smith is NOT terrible, he is exquisite, and he has got great hair too!As i said jack smith terribleHe wouldnt go to west ham


20 May 2012 08:33:39
Sheffield United plan move for Heskey if promoted to fill Evans place for the new season(8)(26)


20 May 2012 08:24:56
Kyle McFadzean, Michael Bostwick, Michael Jacobs, Marc Pugh & Ben Amos have agreed deals to join Peterborough(7)(25)As mentioned before stevenage wont sell unless its big money, so unless peterborough pay big money then bostwick wont goSomeones bitter about the play offs... McCann outclassed you in both games, so cut the crap about him not being good enough for your "quality midfield" of contract rebels...


20 May 2012 08:22:50
Luke Chadwick & Stephen Gleeson will leave MK Dons for local rivals Peterborough with Grant McCann & Nicky Ajose coming to MK Dons(14)(10)Grant mccann will not go to mk dons and luke chadwick will not leave mk dons for peterbourgh . stephen glesson is offered a new contractGrant McCann is being sighted by cardiffChadwick is injured and has gone under a knee op. Cant see him moving whilst in contract either.Chadwick has just had a knee operation, he is about 30 years old and he has 2 years left on his contract. So no he's defo not. But sadly its becoming more of a reality for Gleeson. I despise Peterborough"You despise Peterborough", in other words you are jealous. Come and join the love machine with Fergie at the wheel, there's plenty to go aroundPosh will never take gleeson he is rubbishExcept Posh bid for him last summer...
Gleeson hasn't yet made up his mind about whether to sign a new contract or not, but I can guarantee he won't be going to PeterBogHorror in his career.
As for Chadwick - he's not going anywhere and that is common knowledge.
Grant McCann is tosh compared to the quality of midfield currently at MK Dons. I fully expect him to rock up at a struggling League One side or promoted side from League Two (might fit in at Shrewsbury).
Ajose I don't know about so I'm not going to pretend I do know^ this guy knows his football.... Like all other mk dons fans, listen to them and learn!Chadwick wont go< took a 40% wage cut just to stay at dons last year, from robinson himself.


20 May 2012 08:21:21
David Button Spurs-Peterborough(13)(4)This certainly wont be happening, Peterborough where openents to Button twice this season once when he played for Doncaster and also at Barnsley on loan. He was awfull both times and Fergie Jnr was not imprssed by his performances.


20 May 2012 08:19:04
Dundees's Johnny Russell will sign for Peterborough next week(5)(16)Johnny Russell plays for Dundee United not Dundee and would cost you around 2 - 3MDundee"United"Right club, but wrong player - it's Danny Swanson.


20 May 2012 08:17:47
West Brom pair Chris Wood and scott allen to join posh(6)(18)Only on loan not full transfer


20 May 2012 08:16:18
Peterborough United striker Paul Taylor will join Everton for £1.8m. Fulham, Blackburn & Reading also interested(8)(12)Don't get me wrong, Mariappa would be a class signing but who does he step in for? Gorkss and Pearce are a solid force! Pearce will be the next JT, so I would guess he'd replace Gorkss, although it would be a shame to push such a leader the bench.Why are you on about mariappa? ..


20 May 2012 08:13:35
Benik Afobe to Peterborough(4)(15)Yep, I'm sure the highly rate Arsenal youngster that RVP raves about is about to drop to the FLC and sign for no mark P'Boro.

He will be involved in the first team in some capacity next season - cups mostly I imagine.In my opinion, he's absolute crap, was average in L1 for Huddersfield and got screwed over by Zakuani and Bennett in the playoff final


20 May 2012 08:03:45
Dean Lewington to Peterborough(5)(10)PMSL! I would love for this to happen
Lewington is pony and so are Posh, it would be a perfect match. He could help you on your way down the leagues :D


20 May 2012 08:03:13
overheard a former ipswich player saying they are close to administration(13)(7)You're some sort of person aren't you !Got to laugh at budgie fans who comment on and make up stories about us...quite tragic but flattering that you think about us all day! Seriously have you nothing better to do? LolThat would mean Marcus Evans himself putting his own club in to administration as he owns all the debt. Check your facts before making stuff up.


20 May 2012 08:01:22
jamie cureton is desperate to sign for colchester(13)(6)Yes so am I, but not going to happen.


20 May 2012 08:01:07
Ben Amos HAS signed for Peterborough United, it will be announced this week.(8)(15)


20 May 2012 07:59:27
Up and coming stars George Porter of Leyton Orient and Michael Jacobs at Northampton are set to join Peterborough United.(6)(9)Peterborough? Dont be silly... why would jacobs go to a small champ team when there are massively bigger clubs in for him...Maybe to play a game


20 May 2012 07:57:40
Peterborough United are to re-unite the Mac Attack with bids made for both Craig Mackail -Smith & Aaron Mclean who are now at Hull and Brighton respectively.(3)(12)Wrong way round numptyProves that this was made up, haha


20 May 2012 07:51:55
Bristol City are coming close to a few signings

City are looking increasingly likely to pip Derby County to the signing of midfielder Michael Jacobs from Northampton

City has also agreed a fee with Cheltenham Town for Marlon Pack, the league 2 outfit are currently competing in the play-offs so Bristol City are being made to wait

Scott Laird has already come down for talks and is very close to signing

Paul Dixon is a near enough a done deal, Just dotting the i's and crossing the t's

There has been talks betwwn the two Bristol clubs for Mustapha Carayol, It is believed that Rovers wouldn't drop below £1mil

Jack Butland has been subject to a few major money offers from Bristol City with the most recent one in the region of £2mil Birmingham are not interested in selling

Adnan Januzaj looks set to be first summer signing :-)(6)(12)You are deluded.. Prem teams want Carayol for more then 1 mil as well. To even mention Butland is a joke. Jacobs is very close to joining derby.Just don't understand why he would go to a team on the down rather than a team who are known to bring through young players and the club has got loads of Premiership potential.LOL at Bristol City offered 2m. YOU WISH!

You are still very close to administration. Get your feet back on the ground!Where you get getting your facts from? Bristol City are no where near administration.Bristol City are not very close to administration, get your fact correct before posting,Close to administration? what planet are you on?Sadly the gasheads on here are so funny and they are the ones who are near administration not the reds, Carayol has never been mentioned by prem teams fans so he isnt heading that way.Administration? I wonder if Steve Landsown knows about it as he is paying 92M for the new stadium and all debt is owed to him.
As said before, he has stated 'he is in for the long term' and his son is Vice Chairman. Admin? Don't think so but good effort gas head!Comment to the comment previous... How are Bristol City nearing administration when they sold Nicky Maynard for nearly 2 Million and they are having a brand new stadium i heard to be worth 90 Million? They may have 11 Million debt but David James was on 15k a week and Maynard was on a high wage too. Players have also not been given contracts because Bristol City have got some money to spend, including the owner digging into his pocket who is worth i believe to be near 200 million? - From a Birmingham City fan.Lansdown is worth between 750-900 million according to rich list magazines... jealous gasheads perhaps who cant take the fact that we have a rich owner who is alos a bristol city fan! keep dreaming that you'll rise above us again 12 years and countingSpot on but the 200M is actually 900M. Financial fair play rules mean that massive wages in the Championship (apart from the or bust clubs) have gone. BCFC are fine financially and will move on once the new stadium gets past the daft rule holding it up. A club to watch IMO.Why do people think everyone is going to bristol? they are relegation fodder!


20 May 2012 05:29:11
Neil Warnock has blasted some of Leeds United's transfer listed players in a meeting on Thursday. Apparantley he has been told by Ken Bates that there are to be no more signings until players players leave.

I understand that in response to this, Warnock met with Paul Connolly, Ramon Nunez and Adam Clayton, where he told them to up the ante in terms if finding a new club.(8)(8)This is rubbish, since warnock has arrived Parker, o'dea, webber, Delph, smith, Townsend, Vayrynen, Forrsell, Bruce, Taylor, Sam (10 players) have been left the club which frees up alot of space for Clayton Obrien Nunez rachubka connolLy and paynter to find new club, (6 players listed) if that was true then it's 6 out 6 in which hmm still leaves us well short as a squad, your talking rhubarb my friend


20 May 2012 04:43:05
Pienaar, Manuel Fernandes, Rodallega to all sign for Everton.(19)(11)Everton dont have the money^we don't have 5 mil? Am sure we do


20 May 2012 01:16:04
chelsea to sign edison
cavani from napoli for £28m after euro
2012(16)(10)Why after euro's ? He is Uruguayan?!?!?!?


20 May 2012 00:55:45

Smith will raid the United Soccer Leagues (USA) for Danny Barrera. He will also try to acquire Steve Zakuani from Seattle Sounders, and free agent Andy Iro.(4)(6)Done deal.


20 May 2012 00:16:59
Ed. How much is barnsley keeper luke steele worth?(2)(11)How much you got?3million of anybody,s moneyAs much as someone is willing to pay !!Having seen him a few times last year - more than half a mill - less than a mill in my viewPeople probs wont believe me coz people see barnsley as a small champ side but hes it one of he best keepers in the league and i would says hes worth 3-5 millMinimum 3 million surely best goalkeeper in league last season kept us from relegationIf he was anywhere else ypur talkin 4-5mill but because is barnsley maybe 2mill max!


19 May 2012 23:46:14
Any news on Cardiff Ed {Ed015's Note - Apart from Joe Lewis,no.}(1)(6)


20 May 2012 00:34:52
Reports from Daily Mail saying that Man United have bought Crewe's Nick Powell for £4million. What a ridiculous amount of money if true for a league two player! This means cobblers Michael Jacobs is worth at least £2-3million then!(7)(19)You clearly do not know anything about this young man! He is going to be a top top player, and the fee rises to 4m, but is 2m initially.Considering his potential 4million is not alot


19 May 2012 23:49:27
Sheffield Wednesday to place bid for Rotherham striker Lewis Grabban some time next week(5)(16)We are not in league 1 no more. We can go for better playersLike LeFondre!Course you can because youre massive.Like league 2 n fleetwood next year!You did not get him either cos you are MASSIVEI think it proves we didn't need him after finishing 2nd..... Where did u finish? 10th/11th?? Oh yeah have fun in league 2 next year..... I suppose you'll be massive promOtion favorites cos uve got loads of money to spend we'll c u at hillsborough in a friendly though cos ul never catch us because we're MASSIVE!! UTOYou'll need him next year when you are struggling at the bottom of the league and wondering where youre next goal is coming MASSIVE is that?UTO why r u botherd about little old Rotherham I Wish we could play u at the sty every week

UTMMight be ok for minnows like Rotherham but not good enough for Owls


19 May 2012 23:48:41
drogba to barcelona free(7)(42)After he wins them the European cup? Doubt it, he has one more year


19 May 2012 23:46:59
Rudi Skacel, Iain Black and Craig Beattie are all set to leave Hearts on free transfers with the trios contracts running out in the summer. All are keen to stay on at Hearts but Hearts owner 'Mad Vlad' is looking to cut wages. Skacel is set to join Middlesbrough, Black is set to join Cardiff and Beattie is set to join Millwall.(5)(8)As a Hearts fan I understand the need for financial prudence but to let three very influential players go when we have the Europa Cup ahead does not seem wise !Thought Skacel wouldnt move again. Didnt exactly go swimmingly last time.Malky doesn't buy players with attitude problems.Beattie will only come to Millwall if Henderson leaves.Where did this one come from?No more players from across boarder not good enoughGood chance Gary O'Connor will be joining Millwall from Hibernian also Jackett will move for Edu and Whittaker from Rangers. Just heard Bialkowski is in line for a move to the den too. Michael Owen is the boy we want so get yer cheque book out wall! Canning Town old guard.You forgot Drogba... he's been keeping his move to wall quietI support Boro and Hearts, so I'd love to see Skacel move to Boro. He's available on a free, and scores goals from midfield. Absolute class, even at 32.


19 May 2012 23:44:43
Craig Gordon is set to join QPR after being released by Sunderland. Gordon is wanted by Rangers as a new first choice keeper with them looking to offload Paddy Kenny, who is set to join Brighton & Hove Albion.(13)(11)Fantastic keeper who has been unlucky with injuries but who is now back to full fitness- good signing for whoever gets him!Kenny going to leedsWhy would he go to leeds over Brighton they are a growing club and leeds arent doing anything but going down next season!


19 May 2012 23:43:14
Rumour has it Paul Jewell is speaking to out of contract Emile Heskey after he has not been offered a new contract at Aston Villa. The Ipswich Town manager will be looking to reunite with Heskey in order to bolster his attack and build a promotion push(8)(10)Bolster his attack ??? Look at his goalscoring record- it's dreadful and he spends more time lying on the pitch than playing on it !!Hes going to leeds or brightonWhat a suprise an ipswich transfer rumour which leeds want as well get your own targetsHe is obviously coming to Watford with Iwelumo and Heskey as the two main strikers lol


19 May 2012 23:42:15
Oldham defender Kieran Lee's potential move to Sheffield Wednesday has collapsed. The fullback had initially agreed a two year deal with the Owls however Dave Jones has pulled the plug on the move after complications with the player's medical arose with results showing that Lee was/is suffering from a severe knee problem which could impact the player's future. The defender is now considering a future away from the game.(4)(7)Lol don't be stupidLoad of rubbish he will sign this weekRubbish!Rubbish he doesn't have a knee problem or any injury problem. Oldham fan.OR wednesday didnt have enough funds to complete the transfer that sound more like itHe's joining on a free you blunt so don't be giving it all this that we can't afford him you tool!Done deal, im happy for him , cracking lad and cracking player, and im an oldham fan, he deserves better


19 May 2012 23:42:05
Steven Dobbie has attracted attention from suiters as Swansea City are happy to let him go on a permanent deal. It is thought that £1 million will secure his signing, with Birmingham favourites to sign him but Blackpool also interested.(14)(5)Can see dis happeningDon't Birmingham have a transfer embargo?



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