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23 Mar 2013 22:46:31
Despite only moving recently to Yeovil, Paddy Maddens recent form has caught they eye of several Championship and League One clubs including Sheff Wed, Bournemouth and Derby

We couldent compete with championship sides for him but reckon he will be on his way out of Yeovil if they don't go up this season

Well he would being league one goalscorer

Weird one is he's on loan from Carlisle
so why is he not playing for them when attracting big interest from other clubs

Yeovil bought him in the january window



23 Mar 2013 22:02:45
any town news on southerns injury update.

Yeah. He's injured



23 Mar 2013 21:45:53
Stevenage will sign preston midfielder Lee Holmes as Westley aims to bring quality to the Stevenage side when he joins this week.

Not a chance holmes hates westley like the other players and why leave preston a big club for stevenage a small club

24 Mar 2013 07:59:27
Agree Holmes will not take his career backwards & join Stevenage. Westley can take back most of the dross he brought to the club. Good luck Stevenage if you take this egotistical maniac back on!

Why would he leave Preston? because he was sacked by them about a month ago!

24 Mar 2013 10:45:01
if westley does go back to stevenage I hope takes moose, beardsley, procter with him

Get real not a chance this guys is quality and if he leaves pne it will be for a championship club.

24 Mar 2013 12:08:11
why would holmes leave for stevenage he loves preston and fell out with westley like most of players did

Keith Curle is now front Runner for the Stevenage Manager's Job as he was seen at Tranmerre on Sunday. Hopefully he will take charge of the Crawley game



23 Mar 2013 21:05:25
So with the Center of Excellence disbanded and a lowly Yeovil Youth not doing too well this season the search for young Yeovil Town footballers goes on.
What are Yeovils plans?
Anyone any ideas?.
Honesty would be to tell the lads they are not good enough. or tell them they are and get on with signing them for the next season or few seasons while they mature.
Whats going on?
Surely the investment in the Youth is the way to the stars of the future for Yeovil. Either selling them or hanging onto them to help a promotion charge can only benefit Yeovil rather than loanees and journeymen nearly making it.
What are Johnson and co up to. any ideas?

Under the terms of the new Elite Player Performance scheme, when Football League clubs got shafted by The Premier League clubs (once again). It means that unless you are a category 1 academy, a player can be poached by any Premier League club for only £75k. Is it worth putting the many 000's of pounds into an academy when any future stars can be picked off for less than the running costs?



23 Mar 2013 19:01:59
william gallas is off to anzhi in the summer



23 Mar 2013 18:52:35
liverpool are interested in signing barcelona duo cuenca and jonathan dos santos

More like lovren from Lyon



23 Mar 2013 18:59:19
wba will bring in chelseas young england u21 international nathanjiel chalobah on loan next season. the player currently on loan at watford has excelled in the championship and will further his education in the premer league next season with wba.
another player who is on his way to the hawthorns is reading defender alex pearce who will join on a free when his contract expires with reading in the summer.

He has not played that well, his passing is poor, he is strugling to read ther game at this level, but over all has done ok, I would expect Chelsea to cash in maybe sell him to Watford for a million or two?

Watford could turn him in to a good player, I bet if you speak to Henry Lansbury he would go back in time and stay at Watford for as long as he could, great place to learn the game. {Ed034's Note - I do speak to Lansbury and he is more than happy at his present club.
Do you think Watford should have been allowed to get away with how they have gone about loaning players?

What Watford have done is in the rules.

Alternatively, he may well elect to further his education in the premier league by staying with Watford.

What the hell are you talking about re: the guy above? Chalobah has been phenomenal this season, you clearly don't watch Watford games every week, he's been one of our top two best players this season and we really miss him when he doesn't play.

Chalobah is a class act and with experience and more games behind him will improve.

24 Mar 2013 22:39:39
at Ed034:
1) the international loans are a FIFA rule (Art. 10 in )
2) Art. 1 in rules above states that The transfer of players between clubs belonging to the same association
is governed by specific regulations issued by the association
concerned in accordance with article 1 paragraph 3.
3) Art 1. 3 states that "The following provisions are binding at national level and mustbe included without modification in the association's regulations: articles 2-8, 10.

This means that the FL rules about loans between FL+PL teams are the LOCAL exception to a more general FIFA rule saying that loans are just to be seen as full albeit temporary tranfers. The local rules are binding only for local teams and cannot be applied on international transfers as the FIFA rule cannot be modified.

Is that enough? {Ed034's Note - i was asking on whether this is both fair to the rest of the league or whether it is good for the English game??? Thanks for the copy and past though

Are you juggling with words Ed034? ;-)
"allowed to get away" hints to rules broken without punishment, not to fairness and youth development. But never mind!
About fairness: no less unfair than a sheik pouring tons of money in his new toy, but much less inflationistic in the overall; the Pozzo's model is all about sustainability for a small club. Their assets are not "big money" but one hundred good and mostly young players under contract.
About English game: I guess you mean youth development, but that's really a problem about Bosman's ruling rather than international loans, don't you think? And yet WFC had more Academy players than many other clubs in team this year, with long term contracts.
Cheers and thanks for the nice site. {Ed034's Note - i think they have fount a loophole, which they are fully exploiting and one, i hope, can be look at for the future.
my views, which is what this site is all about, is that it is not good for the english game at all. how can you call the team watford when there are the amount of loans from the same club, is beyond me.
i am sure that if you did not support watford, you would be saying the exact same thing.....then again if it was at my club i am sure i would have the same view as yours lol

It obviously is fair, any other team in the league can do the same thing, they just haven't. This is a tried and tested model used on Granada in Spain and nobody made any fuss over there, but suddenly little old Watford have success and everybody thinks they're bringing the game into disrepute. It's just pathetic really. {Ed034's Note - nothing to do with it being 'little old watford' at all. i think if you took the chip off your shoulder for a second, along with your yellow tinted glasses and think if it wasn't the club you support, what would be your view on it???
if you are happy being another clubs b team, then i hope it works out for you ;-) at the end of the day, you are happy ith the situation and that is all that matters.

Ed 034, your definition of 'fair' is skewed first of all. The ruling is fair because all clubs can do it. Secondly it is not a 'loophole' it is a rule which is far less of a problem than clubs like Cardiff who can run at massive losses. Additionally, I assume you don't know much about Granada or the Pozzo's, this assumption emanates from the fact that at the end of their first season Granada signed the vast majority of players loaned to them. Moreover, Zola and Duxburry have explained that the reason Watford have so many loanees is because the takeover was done at such short notice and Zola didn't have the time to decide who to sign. Penultimately, what do you think is better for English football Watfors going bust under Bassini or even Chelsea under Abramovic or the club thriving as it is with entertaining and experienced international players who young home-grown players can learn from. Finally, if you go through players thriving under the Pozzo regime who are from the academy: Doyley, Bond, Hoban, Mensah, Assombalonga, Johnson. Furthermore that list doesn't include Murray who has been learning to play a new position this year and British loanees like Mathew Briggs and Chalobah who has excelled this year. Anyway that's just my opinion but, consequently, is the right opinion. {Ed003's Note - 0034 isn't around at the moment,but I think the general ill feeling is that the rest of the championship have to adhere to the new financial fair play rules where finances are scrutinised yet can Watfords be trusted when 'your papa' is loaning them for how much? what wages are being paid by Watford? Do you have an unfair advantage? but I'm sure the sustainability programme will be fine when the riches of the Prem are coming in? }

Yawn! Funny how nobody piped up at the beginning of the season when we weren't fighting it out at the top of the league! Jealousy all around as no other club had the ability to use the RULE or the brains to realise that this excellent rule is there that can help clubs get more players in at less expense.

Ed034's ignorance is somewhat pitiful. You clearly haven't researched the Pozzo's plans for Watford in the slightest. They want to make Watford their main priority as the Premiership is far more lucrative than Serie A or La Liga. Once Watford are established as a Premiership club (it may years, it's a long term plan) then Watford will be the main club, loaning players out to Udinese and Granada. So yes, for the time being, we are a 'B Team' of sorts, but in the future we will be the Pozzos main focus. {Ed034's Note - like it or not, you are their b team, that is why you are loaning players off who you have. What happens in the future is anyone's guess.
You are clearly seeing it as a Watford fans perspective, are hoping that you become there's in priority and are somewhat blinded by your own personnel hopes and dreams.
I have no affection or care one bit about Watford, so my thoughts are unbiased, unlike your own pitiful ones. Unfortunately for Watford they are going to quickly go onto most fans 'clubs I want to see fail' list as fans like you think they are bigger and better than what you are.

But you haven't read the Pozzos plans for Watford. They have said that Watford are their main priority as a result of the money involved in the Premiership. Take some time to do some research, come back and I may listen to your arguments, but ignorance is bliss for some people I guess. {Ed034's Note - look at Pompey, notts, Leeds and how many other clubs that got told one thing, for the opposite to happen.
You are hoping this happens and are hoping it doesn't got pair shaped. That's the reality.
Obviously you don have that part of a brain which can take in other people's views or opinions, so I'll just smile and wish you the worst of luck, as no matter what happens at your club, you do not have the fan base to be anything other than a Wigan at best.
Now I'll give you the opportunity to consider and take in what I have been trying to explain to you. If you are not able to, there is no point me using my valuable time

Ed 034, please respond this time instead of letting the far more 'clued-up' ed 003 answer. I agree with ed 003's point that it may be unfair to a certain extent when the FFP rules come into play however for the time being that is not a problem. Fundamentally, as a Watfors fan I feel our collective frustration comes down to the fact that this season is almost a trial season for our loanees - THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A PERMANENT THING. Consequently, the thing that winds me, and my fellow Watford fans up is the few ignorant supporters who make generalisations about this regime. I feel that a judgement on how Watfors will be run as a club in the coming years is only sensible and valid at the end of August when we can look at how many of these players have signed permanently. But, for the moment, I am happy with the signing of a fantastic young talent in Forestieri and the public recognition by Duxburry and players like Pudil and Vydra that talks over a contract are ongoing. Anyway, would just like ed 034 to explain; why he thinks it's 'unfair' and what he feels about the several articles by prestigious Spanish sporting journalists on the 'epic' (for the good) transformation of Granada and whether Watford can pull off the same feat? {Ed034's Note - I find it unfair because you have borrowed the best part of a squad for the season, from another team your owner owns and you then go and call yourself Watford FC. All other clubs have a core of playea that they own and then use loans to finish off add depth. You have done the opposite and for clubs on a small budget, or who are trying to work within the new ffp guidelines, you are fishing loopholes that should not be there.
I know for sure that if it wasn't for the fact it's happening at your club, you would not have the same view. This is because only Watford fans think this is right.
Now if you are happy having a team which is borrowed, rather than owned, then I'm really pleased for what has happened to your club, but for me you are nothing other than a b side and the heart of your once proud club has been taken away.
Now as this is a forum, I am entitled to give my view. If you don't like it then so be it, but please do not try and belittle me or I will not add your views and posts

Jeeez Ed you're making me dislike this site! What Watford have done is come up with a way of being successful whilst not pouring millions into the club, we've produced far more than the majority of the championship in terms of youth and that will continue under this management. Also the majority of loanees will become permanent at the end of the season as Watford is their priority now (far more money to be earned in the premiership than in Serie A or La Liga). {Ed034's Note - you are starting to dislike the site because you do not like my view. Well that's very childish.
Like I've said if you are happy with you're current situation, then what are you moaning at me for my opinions for??

27 Mar 2013 03:27:21
The rules will change at the league AGM at the end of the season.
Watford will /will not sign players permanantly based on whether they are good enough or not.
Next season the squad will be much smaller and have a drastic cut on the number of loanees. However, the majority of pozzo players will sign for free or nominal fees.
We still play by the home-grown players rule, and every other rule. The fact is thacan move ther goalposts during the match.
Next season all this whinging will be forgotten.

Also I like how nobody has latched on hull loaning their egyptians and tons of players from bruce's former clubs?


This is great. I certainly love what is happening at Watford. we have managed to escape relegation and administration several times under dodgy owners and finally the fans are getting what they deserve. sensational football under the management of a footballing legend and owned by a football family that have never failed! If other people want to call it unfair or cheating then it certainly doesn't bother me. Players will always come and go from a football club whether owned or l {Ed001's Note - I think you are missing the point, you are not really Watford any more, you are Udinese B and that is what people find distasteful. It is selling the soul of the club for success. I suppose it depends on whether football is just about glory for you or if football itself is what you love.}

At least we play the ball on the ground. Foreign players wouldn't be needed if the English taught their kids to play football properly, which is why this country will NEVER win a competition again. Hence, Montenegro played them off the park.

Ed001 I think you are missing the point. Without the Pozzos we would have gone into administration been deducted 10 points and been relegated to league 1. We have not lost our identity at all. We as supporters are cowrie cing the best football we have seen for years if ever. We have a strong academy and those players are still getting games regularly of which Watford fans are very proud. That will not change. If we have lost our identity then so have the likes of man city who have just chucked millions of pounds at foreign players. The Pozzos way is much more ethical than just chucking money in the bank and buying titles. Little old Watford are finally heading for success, if that means others dislike us then that is fantastic. I really couldn't give a monkeys! {Ed001's Note - you are not in any way comparable to Manchester City or Chelsea. They have brought in their own players, not been getting the ones who aren't ready for the Pozzo A Team, Udinese. I understand what you are saying, it probably is preferable to no team at all, but I would have liked to think the supporters could have saved Watford from extinction and kept them going. The academy would have stayed intact, the club would have kept its own identity too. I don't think you understand the differing situations with City and Chelsea, they just have owners who throw money at their clubs, that is no different from how it is has always been. The likes of Fleetwood, to a lesser extent, and Wigan, have benefited from an owner prepared to back his team. That hasn't made either club a B team for someone else though. The Pozzos are far from more ethical than that. If you can't see how distasteful it is, then think back to the uproar when Rafael Benitez suggested having B teams in the lower leagues and why there was such an uproar against it. Not that it mattered, because the Pozzos have managed to sneak one in from abroad and you are celebrating it.}

If the Pozzos had taken over Ed034's club he'd be loving it and defending the regime as long as he had breath in his body, but he can't stand the fact that another club is having success. We're not 'hoping' that the plan will go well, this is nothing like Pompy, Notts County etc, the Pozzos are football people, they've owned Udinese for over 20 years and Granada for 4 years. They are not short term businessman who like to make a quick buck and leave when it suits them. They're in this for the long haul, and whilst none of us know for certain what will happen in the future, we know our football club is being run correctly for once. Would you rather Watford continued under the Bassini regime where we were playing long ball and on the verge of administration? Personally I'd rather see us playing the best football in the league and knowing that our finances are secure. {Ed034's Note - like I said, I am not in your situation, so I cannot 100% say I would like it or not. I can say that every fan I speak to that are not Watford fans say they would hate it at there club and the thought of it at min, I feel exactly the same. I would rather be a league çlub with no chance of really challenging the top, than some other clubs b team with a chance.
I have no jealous feeling towards you as my club have recently been taken over by a very rich person.
Anyway like I have said you are happy with the situation, so I am unsure why you feel the need to carry on debating it

I think Eds 003 and Eds034 are just jealous yes? If this was another club doing it then I would say fair play, if its ok within the laws of the football league then its cool with me. Go find another club to slag off as us hornets will be out of your hair next season when we are promoted and have SIGNED PERMANENTLY all of the players needed, apart from maybe chalobah back on loan again (young english talent). {Ed034's Note - you are dead right. I wish my club was a b side and loaned the majority of the squad. Please can I support your amazing club??
I've heard a rumour that oh will have horizontal black stripes added on to your home kit next season, as a way of making it clear you are the 'bee' team.....I'll bee here all week

Ed001 by starting that our academy could still be in tact you are clearly not very well educated on the current situation at Watford. The Harefield academy that is envied by many clubs in the country is still very much intact and still running and will continue to run and grow under the Pozzo regime. The Pozzos very wisely as businessmen decided not to upgrade the academy as it was not financially viable - however the academy remains and Watfords young players continue to be educated at Harefield and have more have of featuring for the first team than at many other clubs. So far this season we have seen firsts team appearances for Hodson, Bond, Thompson, Murray and Connor Smith and Doyley whilst several others are gaining first team experience out on loan. Also permanent Watford British players Hogg, Hall, Yeates, DEeney, Forsyth to name a few are all regulars - in fact for the last few games the only loaners from Udinese were Battochio, Ekstrand, Cassetti, Pudil and actually against Blackpool only 3 of the starting lineup were loanees from Udinese - hardly Udinese b team is it? Anyway Watford fans will never win this debate because the arguments against are from ill informed envious opposition fans. Not to worry. We will be successful and it will be with permanent signings. Wonderful {Ed001's Note - are you unable to read? I never said anywhere that your academy was not intact, I merely said it would still have been there without the Pozzo's and their other teams. Perhaps the uneducated one is not me after all, as I can read and understand what I read, while you are obviously struggling to understand what you read. Envious? You are deluded at best if you think I am envious of Watford! I feel sorry for the real fans who have lost their team to some overseas wheeler dealers who are only interested in a team to act as a showroom for players they can sell on.}

ED 034, money-chasing mercenaries are far worse for any club than loanees who are fighting to earn a permanent contract - are they not? Did you see the tweet of Dan Pudil recenty? Because I would argue that that demonstrates a passion for the club. And yes I am happy with the way Watford are going. You have been too dogmatic throughout your attack on Watford in refusing to believe that the majority of these players will not play for Udinese/Granada again and are likely to stay at Watford. I don't remember people speaking up about Doncaster's innovative system which seemed enviable early on and that is predominantly because they were relegated. I'd suggest teams and fans are looking at Watford, jealous of the fact that Watford are above them in the league and using the 'Udinese B' thing to make themselves feel better. You are ignoring the fact that the core of the squad are owned by Watford and the pick of the rest will be in the future. Also of the 11 current loanees Briggs has only joined recently due to several injuries, Geijo, Bia and Neuton never play, Anya and Battochio are only on the fringe of the starting 11 and Cassetti was signed by Udinese to loan to us due to wage structuring. So it's wrong to say our core is mainly loanees {Ed003's Note - Sorry Ed 0034 isn't around,The Donny thing was completely different that was an agent working as an advisor and loaning his clients(££££'s),if you care to look back posters did raise concerns months back,you have a bee in your bonnet and are clearly not capable of a debate,for the record I think you are an average team,;-p}



23 Mar 2013 17:59:15
Norwich to sign Oriel Romelu from Chelsea as although he is injured, he thinks his chances are limited.

Where on Earth did you get that from. or was it from your head?

24 Mar 2013 08:00:26
On loan or permanently?
Anyway it doesn't matter because it won't happen



23 Mar 2013 16:55:02
York city to sign Adam reach from Middlesbrough on loan, to try and save their season.

I don't think adam will go out on loan now. we might as well give the kids experiance in our first team



23 Mar 2013 15:59:11
marc richards of chesterfield and tom pope of port vale will be doing a straight swap deal at the end of season.

Have to say, that seems very unlikely!

Now why on earth would vale want a donkey like Richards back, he caused most of the problems last season, enough said

Port Vale won't get rid of Pope. Has for Richards he will be retiring to the Donkey sanctuary he's useless

25 Mar 2013 16:15:43
if port vale go up pope will stay and even if he does
leave vale he won't go to chesterfield

Vale are welcome to richards he is a doughnut, no desire to get or run for the ball and can't finish at all! he's on a decent wack at cfc and nothing to show for it! Pope can stay at vale as he would probs be a flop like richards! Cfc need to keep armand and get another pacey striker!



23 Mar 2013 15:45:11
A story over here Belgium growing legs is Nacer Chadli will join Fulham for �6m from FC Twente in summer, Fulham head scout Mackintosh meet with Chadli advisers. All party keen on deal. Fulham have wanted for much time now & Twente have to sell rather than lose for free in 1 year.

Guil Mercillie



23 Mar 2013 15:01:32
tottenham are in discussions with sporting lisbon over the purchase of spanish winger diego capel

Been after him before. even when ramos in charge so it would come as no shock if he's the same one who was at saville barb



23 Mar 2013 14:21:27
Reading have started receiving summer enquiries for hit man Adam Le Fondre.
Le Fondre is expected to cost between £3 - £4 million.
The favourites to sign the former Rotherham and Rochdale man is Arsenal with Arsene Wenger impressed with his goal scoring attributes this season. Sunderland and Swansea are also chasing Le Fondre but is thought the 26 year old is keen on a move to London.

Good luck with getting him for 2-3 million, its going to be 5 million at least!

Just not true sorry

Not arsena. but swansea sunderland yes

Can't see why arsenal would be interested in him. Wouldn't they go for bigger name players

Le Fondre is pure class and should be playing for one of the top clubs. Why wouldn't they be interested in a out an out goal scorer.

Alfie for England.

Le fondre is a miller
Rotherham legend!

Bigger names? Yawwwn. He's good enough, and given a chance with a top club I think he'd do well. Just needs someone ready to give him that chance. UpTheMillers



23 Mar 2013 14:16:09
Rotherham United are looking to replace current manager Steve Evans as the board seem disappointed with his budget demands for loans and transfers in the summer.
Former Hull City manager Nicky Barmby is being lined up for the role and could take over before the end of the month if United run out of form.
Barmby has already held talks with United over the role and at the latest will be appointed I the summer.
The 39 year old has also revealed he would like to bring in former Birmingham and Tottenham midfielder Stephen Clemence as his assistant, and Hull City youth coach Billy Russell as his First Team Coach.

Paul Warne's first team coach. We can't loose him.

24 mar 2013 18:39:18
steve evans is the best manager in league2. fact. the guy is a winner.

What a load of rubbish! pull the other one its got bells on it! nick barmby! pmsl!



23 Mar 2013 14:13:12
everton will bring in striker tomer hemed from real malllorca in the summer after the player declared that hid preffered move over swansea



23 Mar 2013 14:10:44
man utd are closing in on the signing of benficas aregentine defender garay. the premier league leaders have long been linked with the former real madrid defender and he will be at old trafford next season.



23 Mar 2013 13:53:18
Hi guys exciting news for west ham supporters with the deal gone through with the Olympic stadium, now David Sullivan has said that by Monday that will announce a record signing a striker, from Europe who might it be this is not a rumour this is a fact. Aussie John

Herd its wilfred bony - 24 goals for vitesse this season so far



23 Mar 2013 11:42:28
Exeter City's Artur Krysiak set to join one of Edinburgh's clubs. (Hibernian or Hearts), with Luke Mcormick set to replace him in the summer.



23 Mar 2013 10:48:50
everton to bid for negredo in summer



Rumour Submitted



23 Mar 2013 10:36:13
Huddersfield Town looking into aquiring the services of Johnny Russell and Gary Mackay Stevens in The January Transfer window.

Why not the summer window?

I know it's snowing and it can sometimes throw the mind but January has been and gone. That said I would love to see them both signed in the summer.

Summer window * but yes very good signings.

Neither will be willing to play in lge 1

24 Mar 2013 09:40:41
good job we are not going down

This deal should of been sorted out before we sold Rhodes. Both top top players who will contribute to survival and the push up the table in the next 8 or 9 games we have left. UP THE TOWN.

January? Surely you mean summer?

Anyhow, both would great signings, and would strengthen the squad, would require a hefty £2/3m for them both individually though.

Y would there come to a low team in the championship however I wpold love these to come



23 Mar 2013 07:18:46
Millwall are to sign Watford striker Troy Deeney in the summer.

Welcome back. I've missed this long running gag.

No chance he has just signed a new contract

This joke rumour has been doing the rounds for atleast two years to my knowledge! It won't happen and we definately don't 'NEED HIM'!COYL

Millwall lol what next are Brentford going to sign Vydra

I've heard that a deal is in place as he has the right mentality for the millwall team and will be looking to also join the millwall firm

I'll say it again for all the people that just don't seem to understand 'MFC don't 'NEED HIM'!

FIFA set to ban transfers between clubs where the beneficial ownership cannot be differentiated.

25 Mar 2013 08:21:38
bit of a step down. yawn

He has just signed a two and a half year contract at Watford two weeks ago.

I this a really bored sad Luton fan???



23 Mar 2013 09:38:36
Tony mowbray is said to be looking at Luke chambers, dwight gayle and Alan judge as potential summer targets should the teesiders fail to win promotion to the EPL also if Wigan stay up, they are considering offering £2m for boro's marvin emnes in the hope that he can rediscover his good form of last season. Middlesbrough signed him for £3.2m



23 Mar 2013 09:08:11
Forest singhning rob earnshaw at the end of the season.

Is he a footballer or a singer?.



23 Mar 2013 08:45:47
Carlisle 6ft5 19 year old mark beck is being watched by sunderland and Newcastle,



22 Mar 2013 23:06:00
Reading are in talks with Millwall manager Kenny Jackett over the possibility of signing a 18 month deal at The Madejski Stadium.

No way terrible manager

Terrible manager is he? You obviously know absolutely nothing about football! Reading is so good that any good manager is turning 'YOU DOWN'!

Definitely not true.

23 Mar 2013 14:42:17
Top manager, underrated and ready for an upward (albeit only slightly upward) move. From a Reading perspective, I'd love this to happen. Sounds feasable. Di Canio to Millwall to follow.

KJ loves it at MFC & we love him, there seems to be a lot of turmoil at Reading atm? Should have kept McDermott! Poyet turns it down just sums Reading up, russian owners!

Di Canio will be lucky if he gets another managers job in UK! Too 'HOT HEADED' & a 'BIG HEAD' to match! As Swindon found out!

Di canio can't take up any position as he is still in dispute with swindon. this is why swindon are still under a transfer emargo even though he resigned. many prospective chairman will turn away from employing di canio as they will not want a similar position at there club. most connected with swindon now accept it was a mistake to have ever employed di canio

It looks like not many managers like the idea of working for Russian owners!Here today&Gone tomorrow?



22 Mar 2013 23:02:21
Preston North End manager Simon Grayson has already started making plans for the summer as he aims to take the League 1 side back to the Championship in his first full season.
Grayson is wanting to sign a new defender and sees experienced Southend defender Graham Coughlan as the ideal player. The 38 year old could sign a one year deal with his contract running out at Roots Hall and will also join the coaching staff at Deepdale.
Another deal that looks like it could be happening is Scottish midfielder Rhys McCabe. McCabe could join PNE on loan now until the end of the season from Sheffield Wednesday but has also been told by Owls boss Dave Jones he can leave next season on a long term loan deal and could return to Deepdale.
The final deal in process is Gateshead striker Liam Hatch. Hatch has always been admired by Grayson and could sign a two year deal in the summer.

Simon Grayson is also an admirer of Messi, but like the players mentioned he also will not be signing for PNE>

When rangers transfer embargo is lifted he is back to rangers on loan, division one and signing for preston lol he should be playing in the owls first team now, but not given chance.

Ha ha dnt think so he wants young hungry players

Grayson is after the following players: His number 1 priority is 21 year old reserve Bolton CF Tom Eaves currently on loan at Shrewsbury. If he can't get him then the big surprise is he will re-sign Jamie Proctor from Crawley with the club relasing they made a huge mistake releasing him. Both are young, tall, fast, mobile strikers. For the central midfield slot he's already approached Southampton about taking Prowse on a one year loan. If Monakan is released there is another shock lined up with Danny Mayor being re-signed. Apparently Grayson remembers how his Huddersfield team were destroyed by him last season and wants him back.

Proctor asked to leave by all accounts so on this occasion it wasn't a mistake by the club but probably because the player's advisors weren't up to much.

Proctor did not ask to leave. Many gullible fans like you swallowed the Westley/Ridsdale lie hook, line and sinker. Both Mayor and Proctor challenged Westley about his training and his tactics. Such was Westley's ego that he was hell bent on forcing these two lads out along with all the other youngsters i. e. McLaughlin, Devine, James, Miller, Middleton and Clark. To achieve his mission Westley demonised these lads and cleared them out. He then replaced them with 26-27 year old mainly journeymen who were supposed to hit the ground running. Intstead they hit the ground and imploded.

The only gullible person is you. Mayor and Proctor both indicated they would like to move to bigger clubs! The other youngsters you mention have achieved nothing. It's a pity you have to continue to spread your nonsense on this web site having been banned by both the Lancashire Evening Post and Radio Lancashire.



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