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23 Jun 2013 23:31:23
Blackpool are set to sign former Notts County captain Neal Bishop after his release due to mutual consent. Other clubs also interested are his home side club Middlesbrough and Bournemouth.

Oh joy another 30 something defensive midfielder

24 Jun 2013 11:26:39
Maghoma and varga to sign today

Bishop is not good enough for the championship. if he is not good enough for county why would we want him?

No thanks from afcb

Judge him when we see him play. Wouldn't make the step up if he didn't have something about him.

Bishop is a good defensive midfielder! Left notts due to wanting a new challenge! He would walk into our team if still here!

Bishop slated by section of notts fans, you will be hard pushed to find a more whole hearted 100% player! Good addition to any championship squad.

Maghoma and varga to sign today? what are they signing a football.

Not even Blackpool have reached the depths of league 2 player and a over weight Hungarian.

give it another 2 weeks at least

We don't want him to play for us. at 30 something if he was not good enough at a younger age he will not be getting any better. this is pointless as it won't be happening. varga, whitehead and maybe cattermole look set to sign. we won't be signing more defensive midfielders of lower quality.

I have seen him play several times and definitely no better than division 1.

Varga is not overweight he is carved from stone!

Half decent player, great attitude, great leader. good signing if it happens!

We have Barry Ferguson for this roll. Why do we need another?

I really do not understand the 'he works hard so he is a good player brigade'

He just simply is not good enough. IF he makes it to a Championship club you can bet your last dollar he'll be back on loan at Lincoln or Mansfield by January.

Terrible passer, terrible decision maker, terrible marker, terrible speed/agility, terrible bloke, good attitude, adequate tackler.

He only turned pro in late 20s. Was set for move to derby last season but notts wouldn't let him go.

My own personnel opinion 'not good enough'

If he wasn't good enough then he wouldn't be linked with the championship. some people need to start judging a player when they see him play and not because of his current league status.

I've seen him play pretty much every game for the past 4 years. His best season he looked a half decent player, in an outstanding team, in League 2. Not good enough.



23 Jun 2013 23:24:57
Fulham to sell Sasha for 3mil and go in for danny simpson. Also will sell Frei for no less then 4mil (want 6mil) and will use that to bring in Huddleston. This will free up the remaining funds for another striker.

Thats balls, it would make no sense selling Riether just to make an insignificant profit. Nowhere in the world could we get a full back of Riether`s quality for that price, in a fairly disappointing season he was one of the few stars. as for frei, I can see him going but I hope he stays

No chance of Riether leaving he likes it here and would be second choice for schalke who are interested in him.

Hope this is rubbish because Riether was deservedly our player of the season. As for Simpson, no thanks I've seen him play.



23 Jun 2013 23:06:38
absolute crap (first post)



23 Jun 2013 23:06:01
Bolton to complete the signings of Leicester's Jermaine Beckford and West Ham's Robert Hall early next week. Sam Ricketts looks likely to be on the way out though having held talks with Wolves. Alex Baptiste deal will also be rubber stamped.

All seem like pretty safe shouts!

Don't hold ya breath on Baptiste holloway wants him and until he has signed a contract with Bolton he can still go elsewhere

25 Jun 2013 11:19:22
Contract signed. Holloway now bidding to bolton to buy him. Talk about being slow off the mark! He could of got him for free from Blackpool. Same thing happened when hamann left liverpool. Signed for bolton for free, then days later bolton sold him to city for 400k. Trouble is I think the player would prefer a promotion push than a doomed relegation battle.

He HAS signed a contract with Bolton. If he goes to Palace, & I don't think he will, then lawyers will have a field day.

From what I understand once someone has signed a pre-contract deal which Baptiste has he is then in a legally binding contract with the team he has signed for, Bolton is this case so I am sure come the first of July Alex Baptiste will be unveiled as a Wanderer. Ian Holloway is entering into a dangerous game. {Ed001's Note - they will have clauses which will allow them to be broken, nothing dangerous about it. Simply a case of negotiating a deal that works for all parties involved, if possible. It has happened many times before, which is why some clubs no longer announce those pre-contract deals and wait until the actual contract is signed.}

This just proves what a little s. Holloway is. If he wanted Baptiste why didn't he go for him in the first place? Never liked him.



23 Jun 2013 23:03:40
Norwich are submitting a bid for Leeds starlet Sam Byram.

If this is true, Norwich will start having to sell half and half scarves with Norwich/Leeds. Good to play Leeds in FA Cup or League Cup this season.

Norwich can't afford him

24 Jun 2013 13:06:33
We sure can afford him. Seeing as you haven't been in the prem for how ever many years, I doubt you realise quite how much money we all have up here. But we have 2 very good right backs and are looking at attacking signings this year so unlikely we would want to spend that money on him.

Our defense were good last season, it was the lack of goals that hurt us. Looks very much like another striker, attacking central mid (quite possibly Toivonen) and a winger or 2 are on the shopping list. All would more than likely bring more of an impact than the young (although clearly talented) full back. Let him develop a little more with our feeder club and then we may look at him next year.

He has been quoted at £10-12 million. Great prospect though.

Norwich have already spent a fair amount on money on strikers though haven't they? And Cardiff were told 8 million. Norwich can't afford that on top of what they have to pay for the strikers they need

Norwich have only paid for Garrido this summer, the purchase of RVW was back in feb and was out of last seasons budget, this season we could have close to or over 20M to spend so YES we can afford it if we want.



23 Jun 2013 22:45:40
Norwich have offered Huddersfield 1 million and James Vaughan for right back jack hunt, as the Norwich management know how bad they want Vaughan, the terriers are also weighing up a move for Martyn waghorn from Leicester city.

That would be a cracking deal for Town, hope it's true.

Yep, ill go for that!

Two very competent and better RBs in Martin and Whittaker.

Get the deal done!

JH Will convert to a midfield player very possible

Anybody who is willing to pay money for Hunt needs their hand snapping off. This is a fantastic offer and something Hudds cannot turn down.

Martin has publicly come out though saying that he prefers playing as a centre back and wants to establish himself for club and country as a CB, so Jack Hunt could be someone we might be interested in.

That's a result not a great right full back, for a full on player that goes for everything!.

Norwich don't want him he's league one quality. keep dreaming lads



23 Jun 2013 22:36:57
Derby to now go for left back Danny Fox from Southampton as Derby have pulled out of the Craig Forsyth deal.

Please do, I'll pay the transfer fee myself

Think he is a good player. If true, would he be on loan, or transfer? And if so how much? Prem wages will be the issue there

Think his wages are between 15-20k a week, quite pricey, sure we'll happily pay half of them to send him out on loan but that still might be too steep

Ill drive him there for you. you won't av to pay a fee were pay u!



23 Jun 2013 22:32:20
Crystal Palace want to sign free agent Chris Baird and have also made an enquiry to take Danny Rose on a season loan

No true he's to old for crystal palace



23 Jun 2013 21:40:52
Looks like Gary MacKenzie is going to go to Blackpool from MK Dons as a bid was accepted earlier this week. So therefore MK Dons are lining up a replacement as John Johnson for local rivals Northampton Town, as he was released

Wouldn't surprise me. A good player leaves us for a fee, we line up a poor replacement for free. Sounds plausible.

Thanks Peter.

Heaven forbid any of the fee for Gary Mac might end up being reinvested in the team! Oh no no no! That would be a sin in the eyes of "Saint Peter".

:- (

24 Jun 2013 14:15:47
Everyones a critic. I cannot stand reading everyones negative or what you all may claim to be "realistic" comments about MK Dons and the way the clubs is run and coming from so called "fans"
Lets just see where we are at the end of the season and you can all eat your words.


Johnno isn't poor, he's excellent, just unlucky with injuries last season

"Lets just see where we are at the end of the season and you can all eat your words. "

Mid-table. That's real "progress".

:- (

"24 Jun 2013 14:15:47
Everyones a critic. I cannot stand reading everyones negative or what you all may claim to be "realistic" comments about MK Dons and the way the clubs is run and coming from so called "fans"
Lets just see where we are at the end of the season and you can all eat your words. "

Dream on you fantasist!


Mackenzie was a joke of a defender yet played in a Blackpool defence that was the 2nd best in the Championship over his loan spell?

Mackenzie a joke or those around him?

"Lets just see where we are at the end of the season and you can all eat your words. "

That's an easy one to answer.


:- (

As a Northampton fan, I would be sad to see Johnno leave, good player easily cut it in L1 and poss above, and still young!

and you MK Dons fans need to stop whinging about Robinson and ambition, you are a well run club who doesn't have massive debt, great stadium, good players, and consistently in top half/play offs without relegation. I would swap that in a heartbeat. Your an automatic championship club and you as fans might want to remember that & support a good young manager before you get an person who spends too much money and gets you relegated!

To the NTFC fan - It is a well known fact that Winkelman wouldn't swap long-term stability for short-term success. 90% of Dons fans are supportive of this mentality, it's just the impatient few, that are getting rowdy.
There are a few people on here posing as MK Dons fans, but are more likely AFC advocates on a wind-up. Don't take their frequent, misinformed splurges as the collective opinion of all actual fans of MK.



23 Jun 2013 22:17:01
Preston North End: Robertson and Hume will depart this week.
Hume going to Doncaster

24 Jun 2013 00:05:28
robbo will leave but hume is to hold talks with Grayson this week

LEP say Hume 100% gone.

Don't expect a transfer fee as they need to get his wages off the books ASAP.

PNE will also make a £60,000 loss on Robertson even though there are two League 1 sides chasing his signature. and he's increasing his wages as well!

Not great business from Ridsdale

Which articles states Hume is 100% gone?

Lep says Hume is having talks with Grayson this week no mention of Doncaster having him

LEP 24/06/2013

North End’s decision to allow Robertson, Beardsley, Procter and Hume to look for new clubs is a book-balancing exercise.

You don't have to be a PNE fan to understand that Hume is not staying at the club. can't afford him

Not too fussed if we lose Hume and Robbo on freebees. Hume is a great player but we just need to get his wages off our books.
I think Roberston is also a quality player, always does his job but Wright and Huntington are a much better partnership. (Although i'd rather see SCS go instead)
Best of luck to both.

Yes because only PNE fans can read the hidden code in the LEP. The article implies that Hume is likely to leave but (as stayed in the previous post) in no way does it say that he's "100% gone".

Personally don't think he would kop it in championship, not quick enough! Getting on abit aswell. Great player in league one don't get me wrong but his championship days have now passed unfortunately

Still can't find an article that says Hume is 100% gone.



23 Jun 2013 22:11:44
Bury will confirm the signings of Stephane Zubar, Troy Hewitt and Euan Holden on Monday.

24 Jun 2013 04:53:26
zuber and holden possible signings today, hewitt maybe later in the week

Bury will sign Tom soares today

5pm and still nothing on these. Not looking too likely now.

Every time I see were signing someone today its not once happened if your going to say something like that say this week not today

Zubar in next 2 weeks

Maybe month would be more apt.

Zubar is undergoing a rigorous medical due to his serious knee injury last year.



23 Jun 2013 22:11:01
West Bromwich Albion will hold talks with Franco di santo this week!

Haha just saw this on newsnow think we could get someone better though?!

24 Jun 2013 09:45:37
On a free transfer he's not a bad addition, likely a replacemnet for Fortune, he can hold up the ball well, needs to improve his goal ratio but he's still relatively young and has plenty of Premier League experience.

Hope to god this isn't true. don't rate him at all. can't remember him pulling up many trees for wigan last term. not exactly a proven goalscorer is he. we have surely got to be looking at better quality players

24 Jun 2013 14:04:52
Looking at better strikers is all we seem to be doing at the moment, not willing to pay for them though, Mbokani said it himself that the only club willing to offer the asking price was Kiev, he wanted to come to Albion!



23 Jun 2013 22:02:48
Free agent Nile Ranger is having a trial at Rotherham {Ed029's Note - Makes a change from Court.

23 Jun 2013 23:22:23
According to the Sunday Mail in Scotland today, Rotherham have signed Rob Milsom from Aberdeen.

No thankyou. trouble!



23 Jun 2013 21:59:36
Zigic has been seen in Berlin Looking ready to sign for Hertha

Please god make this true!!



23 Jun 2013 21:58:16
Cheltenham are set to sign Tommy Doherty from Exeter, who are looking to reduce their wage bill.

Interesting rumour. Not sure Exeter will be best pleased if all their top players migrate to CTFC!

So apparently this transfer windown, every Exeter player is linked with Cheltenham.
Not going to happen.

24 Jun 2013 10:45:48
We (Cheltenham) will not be interested in Docherty but may be interested in Alan Gow.

That's very nice of you but Gow is ours so unless you come up with mega bucks then forget it it.



23 Jun 2013 21:46:21
Shrewsbury Town have made an enquiry to take West Brom striker Saido Berahino on loan.

Mark Green

That would be great if true. Don't see him dropping down to league 1 however.

Hes not prem class yet, any where will do

Now that Peterborough are in L1 this could happen if there are no Championship options – geography and good relations between Shrewsbury and West Brom could favour Salop over Peterborough.



23 Jun 2013 21:36:53
Brighton's number one target for their new manager is Nigel Clough of Derby County.

Personaly I think this is very unlikely to happen.

Good manager

Umm think you will find that was his father, many years ago,

Poor Manager. Much better around so please take him.

We need a young manager - perhaps with someone more experienced helping to oversee things ie Steve Coppell at local Crawley

I would more than happily swap Clough for Poyet. Can't see it happening though.

I can't see that at all. (Brighton fan)

It's Oscar Garcia?

Its eddie howe and jason tindall

The fans that hate clough are thick and just want Derby to me man city. If you want to be them just be a fan of them watch all the big players on TV. {Ed010's Note - thanks for those pearls of wisdom!

Dave jones with Charlie oatway as his assistant?

24 Jun 2013 07:57:42
Cant see Clough going to Brighton.

I don't think Clough can take the job anyway cause I pretty sure he doesn't have some sort of licence, UEFA A or something like that (I could be wrong though or he might have recently got it)

Clough is going nowhere - We fans, at Derby County, are issuing a hands off warning.

No half descent manager will come to Brighton after the terrible way Poyet was sacked

Ex Albion manager, Mark McGhee wants to be Albion's interim manager during the pre season.

Just to say, if the rumour is true (that's a big if) Nigel's in the process of taking his UEFA license at the minute, therefore would be unable to take the Brighton job until completion.
I'm not sure he'd take the Brighton job even if offered anyway, the club's fully behind him at Derby.

Poyet knew before. Just trying to make himself look the good guy in all this. Bha have released another statement saying he knew. If people were sacked live on tv then they would be more shocked than he was. a lot of people would have stopped being a pundit and spent the time sorting things out. To be fair the whole saga is a joke. Time to put it out of public eye and let both parties sort it out.

Thank god Poyet's gone. They should have sacked him weeks ago.

Clough won't go now, this coming season is the big promotion push for us.



23 Jun 2013 21:33:54
Sanchez Watt to complete his move to Colchester by the end of this week



23 Jun 2013 21:24:12
Shrewsbury are keen to take Akwasi Asante back on loan after the WBA youngster's impressive loan spell at the new meadow last season.

He's at birmingham city not west brom

23 Jun 2013 22:01:51
I might be wrong but isn't he from birmingham

He plays for Birmingham city not WBA

Yes he is a Birmingham City player.

He was ok when he was on loan with us last season but I would hope that GT can get in a couple of more experienced strikers with Asante as back up (if his return on loan is true?)



23 Jun 2013 21:21:42
Middlesbrough to sign jacob butterfield in a direct swap with emnes


I thought Butterfield had been released!



23 Jun 2013 21:20:26
Preston are after stevenage's Robin Shroot while Joel Bryom going other way.

23 Jun 2013 23:31:09
no we don't they can have byrom

23 Jun 2013 23:53:22
Take Byrom, keep Shroot

No we do not need any more Stevenage players, would be nice if Westley came back for the ones he signed and take them back.

Shrooty won't be going anywhere

Robin Shroot seen leaving AFC Wimbledon's Kingsmeadow today! Could he be heading back to his boyhood club?

We won't be dealing with Stevenage at all this summer unless Westley wants Beardsley back. I'll drive him myself

Can't see us getting another winger we already have Monakana, Holmes, Hayhurst and Humphrey

Shroot isn't a winger, but he won't be leaving Boro. Loves the club.



23 Jun 2013 21:04:50
Wickham to swfc

Is it a loan.

He so {Ed010's Note - huh?

He so, what's that mean then?



23 Jun 2013 20:55:42
Oldham to sign luke Williams on loan from Middlesbrough

Possible if its on loan

Williams scored last night in under 20s world cup, England won 2. 0

Nop they drew 2-2



23 Jun 2013 20:31:13
Hull City near deal over Galatasaray winger Nordin Amrabat



23 Jun 2013 20:49:04
grant macaan could be off to play for barnsley again.

Saw him at the Chestnut Tree yesterday with his family. Presumed he was just here visiting though as I didn't think Sunday aft in a kids play area was the normal place for negotiations on personal terms.

24 Jun 2013 22:26:14
Grant Mcann still lives in Dodworth

No he doesn't he's moved



23 Jun 2013 20:44:26
Middlesbrough set for double swoop on Norwich city for Jacob butterfield and striker Luciano becchio

Highly unlikely, where would they get the money from?

Steve Gibson has plenty of millions, if the right player comes along he will put his fund in his pocket.

Butterfield no longer interests Boro having seen him perform (or not) last season. Becchio another one who was an interest last year, could not afford him now

Think about this: We've let go of Morison, Jackson, Martin, and probably Vaughan. Maybe Holt. And we've bought Van wolfswinkel. Now you think we're going to let Becchio go aswell? So we're left with possibly one striker on the books. Good one. I don't know why people are after our strikers so much, didn't exactly do much last season!

If the right player come along he would put his funds in his pocket? well that wouldn't help out very much would it.

Boro should go for Holt if norwich were to release him. he is ageing but is a proven goal scorer in all divisions. I think he is from the north east so it could suit him too. butterfield went down hill last season and I would like to see becchio at the riverside but I would prefer Holt.

Norwich would never release Holt. Middlesbrough would have to pay for him, and even then it seems unlikely that they will sell IMO

Grants from harraby carlisle, his wife and kids are back in carlisle, so would welcome a move maybe, but he did say to me last week he would be happy to stay at norwich! and he would want a better club than boro!



23 Jun 2013 20:30:52
Gus Poyet has been sacked.
The club statement is the following: "Gus Poyet has been informed today by Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club's internal disciplinary panel that his employment has been terminated with immediate effect. "

Apparently found out on BBC3 during Uruguay Confederation Cup game - curious state of affairs

On tv

Gus is a liar. he knew he was going to be sacked, he is just trying to drag brightons reputation through the mud. let's save judgement until we find out what actually happened



23 Jun 2013 20:23:05
Walsall are set to lose Febian Brandy who is in talks with Yeovil and Sheffield united
Will Grigg and Craig Westcarr are also holding out for better offers elsewhere, but Ben Purkiss is expected to sign before Friday

Walsall have offered trials to goalkeeping trio
Paul Rachubka (Leeds)
Christopher Dilo (Blackburn)
Lewis Carey (Bristol City)

And outfields quartet
Craig Fagan (Bury)
Johnny Gorman (Wolves)
Mamady Sidibe (Stoke)
James McQuilkin (Hereford)

This is ridiculous as Lewis Carey is a center back, not a goalkeeper. Clueless

23 Jun 2013 23:50:32
Lewis Carey is a goalkeeper, Louis Carey is the center back {Ed003's Note - Oh god were are not back to this again are we lol}

No Lewis Carey is a goalkeeper, Louis Carey is the defender. So who is clueless? {Ed003's Note - yes we freekin know,this is getting as bad as 'Hogg is on loan' and 'Akinfeckinwa' signing as the big guy up front for everyone' }

Paul Rachubka is not a goalkeeper either, I've seen him play!

Not a very good goalkeeper at that -far too small/

Dispite all the nonsence there is only one Louis Carey.

ONe a bristol city legend the other released end of season after makin no appearances. then bristol city fans would know that.

Doe's anyone know if Yeovil will buy anyone or just go for longterm loans, because last year Mr Johnson did say you cannot build a side on loanees. but no players Yet

Will Grigg to Brentford

I'd be surprised if Yeovil paid for anyone, but the manager has already stated he's got 4-5 new signings lined up. They can't officially sign until July 1st as they're under contract to their clubs.

Why 3 keepers



23 Jun 2013 20:13:17
Gillingham looking at andre gray from luton town.



23 Jun 2013 20:12:35
A friend who works in local hotel has confirmed that crawley town have organised for for a player their signing to stay there.

24 Jun 2013 09:40:44
So what's his name? The player that is

Yep. Matt Tubbs (at last)

M tubbs

Its not tubbs it's Bostock tubbs is holiday in USA

Until tuesday

After all the rumours tubbs is finally set to join Rotherham on loan until January

I've heard this saw it in newspapers it's a shame because I would have loved to have seen tubbs back at crawley but looks like he will be a Rotherham player soon

The rumour is that Tubbs will sign for Crawley this week

Tubbs close to signing for Rotherham but only on loan perhaps one day he will return to crawley me an lots of other crawley fans would have loved him back but good luck to him at Rotherham



23 Jun 2013 19:21:18
Crawley have agreed to sell Nicky Adams to Bristol City and will replace him with Luke Rooney.

Wot a load of rubbish Adams happy at crawley and is very much in crawleys plans for next season his also still in contract

24 Jun 2013 00:10:39
Where on earth did you hear that

She'll never give up boxing!

No Offer has been received for Nicky

I am afraid it is true, Bristol City have agreed the transfer of Nicky Adams to be announced this week by Crawley and Luke Rooney will be replacing him, this is not made up mark my words I am as gutted about it as everyone else will be, but my source is reliable and also told me about Drury signing weeks before it happened.

My source is the club itself, and they are saying no offer has been received

Who is Adams never heard of him. is he any good.

Rubbish. He's on holiday in Dubai

24 Jun 2013 22:39:04
What, no phone's in Dubai then

Mind you this is as much of a surprise to us as it seems to be to you CTID

SoD has said he was offered Adams by his agent, but he is not interested

Nice to see "Mr Integrity" is monitoring the situation with McFadzean as well! Still our player by the way, don't start getting too arrogant O'Driscoll, as if he can just pick and choose our players at will. I hope he endures a long a difficult season and has to start looking for another club that is a "good fit", just as he said to us for the 2 months he was here and I believe one of his subsequent ones.



23 Jun 2013 19:24:35
Brighton's Gus Poyet, will resign on Monday and will be given a minimal pay-off, the club will then appoint Oscar Garcia or another manager, but likely to be Garcia, don't ask how I know. Trust.

Wouldn't worry about resigning, he's been sacked

Just been sacked

Sacked whilst working for the tv on Spain v Nigeria game

No he will not he has been sacked tv

He has already been sacked, whilst on tv XD

Sacked in Spain game

I think Oscar Garcia will be Brighton's interim manager as Poyet appeals, with possible a view to manage permanently. (Brighton fan)



23 Jun 2013 19:18:06
P'Boro's Dwight Gayle is in talks with Reading over a £3.5m move, confirmed by his representatives.

Not sure what to think. That's a lot for one decent season in the Championship. Is he worth it, Boro?

Watford were interested in him but I doubt that they would be interested at that price

23 Jun 2013 19:41:29
I think he's the real deal

I'm not a POSH FC fan but if this has any truth in it I'd 'GRAB' it with both hands! It's a 'GREAT' deal & you need the money?!

This isn't true because the Posh chairman has put a £10 million fee on him and has said he won't accept anything less!

Middlesbrough bid 500k for him in January but peterborough and his old club have some kind of deal regarding young players

23 Jun 2013 23:09:11
Need the money! Next joke! we are probably one of a handful of league one teams and bottom half championship teams who don't need the money. He is on a 4 year deal no need to sell.

Have a bet on him joining qpr



23 Jun 2013 19:17:36
Connor Wickham becomes another player to be linked with Doncaster Rovers as the club are prepare to bring him in on loan with a view to buying permanently.

Doncaster may also be eyeing a return for Paul Green who left the club in 2008.

Why Doncaster?

Why not? We have a secret Irish investor?



23 Jun 2013 19:17:09
Wba have held talks with qpr over 3 of there squad. steve clarke is a fan of esteban granero, mbia and junior hoillett who he tried to sign in january.
kenwyne jones is also on the radar of the baggies along with free agent franco di santo.

WBA can have all 3 they are greedy money grabbers and have no team spirit. Would fit in well at WBA

"All three would fit in well at WBA". Do I detect a hint of sour grapes here :-)

Of that trio, Mbia is the only one I'd miss (and he gets sent off every other game). Granero - skilful, but doesn't fancy getting stuck in, and Hoilett - what a disappointment!

Wouldn't have thought its sour grapes if Qpr can manage to get shot of those 3 to west brom the only grapes on offer will be the type you find in a bottle. If I were Clarke i'd steer well clear of that lot and i'd be very suprised if mbia would even consider West brom pretty much as Hoilett did in january. Nothing against west brom they are a well run club with a wage structure and won't overpay for anybody let alone 3 of the laziest players with stinking attitudes I can ever remember. I think if this does happen Qpr should throw in Bosingwa, Park and Zamora as a job lot

Just another point to those saying QPR will allow Mbia to spend a season on loan. He has only 1 year left on his deal so why would the club subsidise the wages of a player who would be free to leave at the end of the season. I hope the 3 of them end up sitting in their cars outside the Hawthorns before being forced to return to loftus rd and play in the stiffs



23 Jun 2013 17:52:34
Fulham have expressed interest in Rochdale & Northern Ireland Under 18 Midfielder Callum Camps



23 Jun 2013 18:46:20
with it looking that hull have missed out on austin and hooper, and looking unlikely that they'll sign mboyo from gent, steve bruce is set to do what it takes to sign both hooper and austin. though very risky, both could provide a combined 25 goals next season, with £10-12 million set to be spent on the pair. It will be going over the set budget that hull had, but it is what both parent clubs want, and won't be breaking the wage bank either. The only problem would be if the players want to sign for the club. Hooper is the most likely to sign, if fee agreed, with austin looking to see if somebody else comes in, probably closer to bunrley

23 Jun 2013 19:47:26
What a load of balderdash



23 Jun 2013 18:40:22
The reason marius zaliukas has not signed his pre contract with rangers is due to a contractual issue, it's got something to do with his contract running until August but I've heard everything has been agreed and zaliukas is definitely signing a 3 year contract with rangers which will probably be announced some time after the 30th of June I've also heard his 3 year deal is worth 5k a week itlooks very much as if it's a done deal



23 Jun 2013 18:26:26
Huddersfield are looking the most likely to sign Waghorn as he is out of favour at Leicester. He could partner Vaughn up front.

Vaughan who isn't Huddersfield player

Would be a fantastic signing! Only 23 years old and would cost much! Perfectly fits towns transfer policy!

It says 'Could' if you read it properly. Vaughan and Waghorn would be a very good pairing in my opinion, both know where the goal is and put a lot of work in

23 Jun 2013 23:11:15
And they've already played as a partnership at Leicester. With a run of games Waggy could get between 10 & 15 a season.

Vaughan never played at leicester that was Beckford

Vaughan was on loan at Leicester. Look it up.

He was loaned to the foxes before Beckford ever joined them - LOOK IT UP

Are we not talking about Waggy and Vaughan playing together at Leicester? My bad. Oh wait.

25 Jun 2013 18:16:20
Are we not on about Waggy and Vaughan playing together?



23 Jun 2013 18:24:03
Reading have held talks with Peterborough United's young striker Dwight Gayle, according to the players representatives.

The club are currently in discussions regarding the transfer fee. Peterborough have previously warned off potential suitors with a £10m valuation, but it is thought Reading are close to agreeing a £3.5m fee with add-ons that could see the fee rise to £6m based on promotion back to the Premier League, staying in the Premier League, and International recognition at senior level.

Reading's highly rated young striker Dominic Samuel will go in the opposite direction on a season long loan as part of the deal. He made his senior debut against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light in the Premier League last season.

Blimey. according to this Reading are buying everyone, seems strange to go on a spending binge after getting relegated.

Denied by posh chairman

"Blimey. according to this Reading are buying everyone, seems strange to go on a spending binge after getting relegated."

Chairman who's realized he should have invested earlier, new manager, replacing a lot of released dead wood. Plus increased parachute payments and a desire to get promoted at the first time of asking. So no not really strange.



23 Jun 2013 17:36:01
Derby County have made an enquiry about Southampton's young centre back Jack Stephens to take him on loan for a season.

Remaining with Southampton's defenders, Aaron Martin will enter into contract talks with Yeovil following a bid of around £300,000 being accepted.

Final piece of transfer news is Reading who are apparently closing in on a deal to secure Torino player Guillermo Rodriguez for a fee rumoured to be just over £1million including the add ons.

Yeovil won't pay that. Bournemouth might.

Thought saints would want martin off the wages bill asap. Consiering he cost virtually nothing in the first place let him go for free. Would be a good cb combination for Yeovil. Just add seabourne and that's probably the centre backs sorted.

Stephens is quality

To a Southampton Fan how good is Jack Stephens

Martin cost around 500k or so it was rumoured, but due to our quick rise up the divisions he never got the chance whereas he would have done if we hadn't been promoted so much.

300k is fine for what will be a decent championship player one day

To the above poster. Stephens was switched last season from right back to centre back. He had the odd dodgy game for the u21's last season but usually when the team were below par collectively. He has a lot of promise however, enough that Adkins put him into the first team squad as a teen. Personally I'd like to see him get a few cup run outs for us before perhaps loaning him out in jan for the rest of the season for some game time.

Im a saints fan. stephens is a good young defender. but he's not really had a taste of 1st team football, so would take time to settle into a championship side.
as for seaborne, I would look elsewhere as he's good enough for leauge 1 clubs.

if you want a decent player from saints, take james ward-prowse on a season long loan

I saw Stephens play during the Marcus Liebherr cup for Saints last season. He looked good, like a leader to me, but he is still a little young maybe for a Prem CB. Probably needs just a little more experience to build his presence and composure. Definitely has star potential

Stephens is going to be a very good defender I personally feel like he just needs some game time under his belt and learn to defend in a lower league. look at Spider for a start he is now on track to be a top centre defensive mid. I think he will be solid at the back 4 u

Very good prospect going to have a good future in the gane ahead of him right back

Quality young prospect but hasn't played first team football before

Have seen stephens play. I agree with the earlier post. Quality. Has the mix of pace and ball control to go with hus height. Just needs to build up the body strength but he is certainly one for the future at saints.



23 Jun 2013 17:28:50
monaco are set to send big again with the double signing of angel dimaria and musut ozil.

Oh and an insider from monaco would tell you this information?

Why would Ozil leave champions league football



23 Jun 2013 17:27:45
stoke and wba to battle for danny rose and junior hoilett.



23 Jun 2013 17:27:13
stoke are looking to land villas unwanted midfielder stephen ireland along with spurs utility man danny rose.



23 Jun 2013 17:26:59
Brentford are looking at a permanent deal for Marcello Trotta.

No kin way!

Mathew benham is a big fan of his. Don't know what he has seen that all the fans haven't but he pays the money, he calls the tune.

Has to be better young strikers out here - I would rather have paul Hayes

A big fan? He's one of the most ovverated loan players ever to grace Griffin Park turf, IMO. lol. Granted, he has potential, but he's too raw even for league 1. Bees will ONLY go up if they get a proper striker. That's where the money needs to be spent. CD and HF are equally overrated.

Will Grigg of Walsall looking likely to sign.

Luke James is a no.



23 Jun 2013 17:26:34
Middlesbrough ins
Mark Schwarzer ( free )
Chris solly ( free )
Thomas rouge ( free )
jauques maghoma ( free )
Chris brunt ( free )
Jozsef Varga ( loan will free in end season )
John Guidetti ( 2.6 mil )
Danny graham ( swap deal )
Middlesbrough outs
McDonald ( 1 mil Celtic )
Zemama ( 100 k Bristol )
Marvin emnes ( 2 mil palace )
Jason Steele ( 4 mil plus Danny graham )

Chris Brunt? Free?

Well you spelt rogne wrong and you mentioned Steele leaving so I don't believe you

23 Jun 2013 18:37:58
Solly for free? Steele worth 4 mil more than graham? you boro boys sniffing the glue again?

Jacques maghoma is still under contract at burton so therefore CANNOT join on a free and why would man city sell guidetti when they have said he is on his way to Doncaster rovers on loan for 6 months?

Carayol might be going to forest

23 Jun 2013 20:51:43
Just another mixture of press reports and personal fantasy.

Solly and maghoma are both out of contract at the end of the month

Who is Zemama?

Maghoma is out of contract -fact

WOW. wouldn't like to see the "OUT" list.

Maghoma is out of contract

All the player mentioned will be out of contract by June 30th

24 Jun 2013 09:55:28
Chris Brunt isn't available on a free and he's Albion Captain and Boro couldn't afford his wages and he won't drop out of the Premiership, most ridiculous rumour ever!

Chris Solly is not out of contract at the end of this month. That is a fact.



23 Jun 2013 17:25:40
darren bent is set for a shock move to italy with napoli set to offer him a route out of villa.

Are villa going to throw in a bench with deal wishful thinking

Wow. Champions league football for Bent. Don't be ridiculous. Tosh



23 Jun 2013 17:24:45
jonjo shelvey is wanted by aston villa, southampton and wba after he was made available for transfer by liverpool.

Jon jo Shelvey for Baggies, I hope not totally overrated.

Why would Liverpool want to sell a decent young prospect? He may not be an incredible talent but he's got good potential and could become a great part of the team.

Shelvey is most definitely not wanted by Southampton?! These just get worse!

One of the worst players I've ever seen! Why would we buy him when proswey is loads better?

Shelvey is tripe. Villa already have better options. Gardner will be twice the player.

He went there for the money so not likely to be in the saints salary range. Not sure Southampton will want him even though he is in the younger player mould that we appear to be recruiting.

Please no, he is really not that player we want, we need to compete with these teams, not buy players that can't cut it with them!

Shelvey to Saints? This rumour is 100% wrong infact I would say its down right 'despicable'.

I don't know if I am missing something about Shelvey, but could a Liverpool attendee advise if he has ever made key contributions in any of their games. excluding the amusing one when he abused Ferguson?
All I know about him is that he cost Liverpool 8m, played a bit part for them last season but has pretty much just made up the numbers for the team.
Is he any good, and if so, what is he good at? Or have Liverpool blown another significant sum on a player who just isn't up to the Prem?

You're right you don't know much! Liverpool signed him for £1.7million from Charlton.

At the moment he's prob bottom half of prem type player (ie. Aston Villa/Sunderland), but is still young and might improve to become a good prem player.



23 Jun 2013 17:23:31
wba want stoke striker kenwyne jones

Doubt it they need a better strike to fill in for lukakuu

Good luck finding a better striker than lukakuu for WBA money

I know WBA don't want to waste money and all that, but, blimey, that'd be a Poundstretcher signing.



23 Jun 2013 17:21:32
van ginkel set tosign for chelsea.



23 Jun 2013 17:21:01
joachim lowe will be the new arsenal manager.

Who is that?


Arsene Wenger is STAYING.

He's the Germany manager.



23 Jun 2013 17:18:55
psg have entered the race for edison cavani



23 Jun 2013 17:14:59
wba and sunderland have shown a keen interest in japanese striker Shinji Okazaki of stuttgart

We are interested in lazio right back Luis Pedro Cavanda he has been a Belgium under 21s international and is around 5million



23 Jun 2013 17:13:14
ath madrid set to raid porto again for colombian striker jackson martinez just as they did with falcao.



23 Jun 2013 17:11:45
wba are looking to bring in tranquille barnetta of schalke



23 Jun 2013 17:10:57
everton have entered the chase for sporting winger diego capel



23 Jun 2013 17:10:12
jon obika deal from Tottenham to Charlton 99% done after having a bid accepted source is close to the club

Hope this is true, if he got more time during his loan, I'm sure he would of turned into a top striker, alongside kermorgant

This will be a very good signing for the club.



23 Jun 2013 17:08:21
carlton cole and danny simpson look set to drop down a division and join harryredknapp at qpr. peter odemwingie is also a target.

Qpr will have to shift all the other high earners 1st

23 Jun 2013 19:47:50
Transfer embargo by the end of the season

The new FFP rules will have collapsed by then just wait and see as soon as a club appeals in the courts the whole thing will come crashing down. In any other walk of life a company being forced to restrict its commercial spending would be seen as illeagal. Clubs like Chelsea, Man city, Psg, and Monaco will destroy uefa's plans to restrict clubs ability to to develop beyond their current level. Its the clubs that don't have benifactors that will be struggling over the next few years



23 Jun 2013 17:06:57
aston villa could offer gareth barry a route back home if he drops his wage demands but everton and liverpool have also shown interest along with italians napoli.

Not Barry and Liverpool again. Alonso?

24 Jun 2013 01:50:51
Liverpool have not looked at Barry.



23 Jun 2013 17:02:10
aston villa are bracing thereselves as the race hots up for christian benteke with arsenal, tottenham, inter milan ad ath madrid ready to pounce.

Strange that when his agent has said that his client is happy playing for Aston Villa & is 99. 7% sure he will be there next season!



23 Jun 2013 17:00:38
napoli have set there sights on fernando torres as the replcement for departing striker cavani.



23 Jun 2013 16:59:23
wba are looking to land norwich winger anthony pilkinton in a 5 million deal.

He's worth more than that. Important player for Norwich when fit. He is only going to get better and Norwich is the place that he can do that.

Hope not, like pilks alot, good with both feet. I think he's got more value than that. otbc

Haha, it would take not far short of double this to get Pilkington

Pilks is worth double that.

24 Jun 2013 08:35:21
Paid £3m for him as a League 1 player, he has had 2 seasons of premier league football under his belt since then. Worth more than £5m in todays climate.

We should keep pilks we want to add strength and depth to our squad not buy a decent player sell a decent player that's not progress. I would not batter an eye lid at the departures of barnett becciho ward fox etc but I would think selling players who regularly got in our squad last season would be very stupid.

If pillks is worth more then 5mill ten so is hooper, I like pillks he is class but he seems to be injured a lot



23 Jun 2013 16:57:03
wayne rooney and juan mata could be set for a sensational swap deal in what would be the big story of the summer.

Rubbish, Mata was star player last season and is going nowhere

Why would Mourinho swap Mata for Rooney?



23 Jun 2013 16:55:54
chelsea close to signing kurt zouma from st ettiene
jose mourinho also wants sevilla midfielder kondogbia



23 Jun 2013 16:55:13
Anybody no who this young keeper who Bradford City are looking at played for Southampton.

What are you on about?

Dunno maybe Cody cropper but seriously don't know

Cidy cropper. Signed by saints last year. American under age international who needs to play some proper football to see if he can make the step up from youth stuff. Hope it works out for him.

Cody Cropper may be going to join you lot on loan for a season. He needs testing in proper football rather than youth to see if he is up to the challenge.

Tommy Forecast. Good luck there

Played for Southampton? As in used to play for Saints but no longer does?

It couldn't possibly be. it couldn't. no. Mr. Tommy Forecast?

Tommy Forecast was a young English keeper Saints released in last couple of years. Bradford would make sense.

Isn't forecast already at gillingham?

Cropper won't be going anywhere by the way, he will probably be the Under-21 keeper next season for Saints

Tommy Forecast was only released a few weeks ago. He isn't young any more and is awful. Bradford wouldn't want him. I would be surprised if he ever gets paid to play football again. I doubt he would even get into a conference side



23 Jun 2013 16:54:33
swansea, wba and westham are set to hold talks with former newcastle mis fit striker xisco who is available on a free transfer after leaving spanish club cordoba

, never going to happen, has hardly kicked a ball in the premier league and was hardly setting the place alight during loan spells in spain



23 Jun 2013 16:52:52
bournemouth set to complete the signing of veteran full back ian harte.

He's awful, he can't defend, he's slow, he can take a good free kick. And that was him in his prime.

I'd rather have Callum Hart back. They're about the same ability of defending.

Would be a great signing if it happened. Another very experienced player to help the younger guys in the team through their transition into The Championship.

He isn't awful former Reading, Levante and Leeds; they're all good sides! If he's awful the whole of League 1 and 2 would kill themselves for his services and a few championship.

Harte awfull your kidding when he played for Carlisle he was awsom scored 20 goals from CB in one season



23 Jun 2013 16:52:14
everton are looking to bring in defender ecuele manga from french side lorient



23 Jun 2013 16:51:27
wba are looking to bring in qpr pair esteban granero and stephen mbia on loan deals with a view to making the deals permanent next season. peter odemwingie could be used to sweeten the deal but may opt to stay in the premier league if offers are made for his services.

Mbia will not leave QPR for anyone let alone WBA on a loan deal. Hope Harry makes them sweat and keeps upping the price



23 Jun 2013 16:48:37
QPR very close to getting Sheffield Utd defender Harry Maguire for a fee of around £1.5 million



23 Jun 2013 16:42:17
Scott Sinclair and demba ba to everton


Sinclair no. Ba yes



23 Jun 2013 16:31:43
Gus Poyet is set to leave brighton on Monday. Brighton will later comfirm that Oscar Garcia Junyent is the new manger signing a two year deal.

Gus poyet has had his contract terminated with imidediate affect. Source: club

Also Oscar Garcia to be named as intrim manager next week at first then signing perminatly soon after

So sorry to hear about Gus being sacked, done a great job in the past. Good luck for the future

What on earth went wrong a Brighton thought poyet did a good job. Palace fan but feel sorry for the fans of genuine Brighton supporters whose team had a good season.

Gus on the tv just confirmed he has been sacked. All very odd.

Gus poyet has put Brighton on the map and treated what would seem Badly the loyalty in football on all sides seems to have gone, would he have been sacked if the team were promoted.

Hope the club explain why he is sacked, was he on the move anyway

At times in life you cannot say what is at times the truth poyet was more ambitious than the Brighton board by the sounds.

Poyet sacked in confederations cup coverage.

Brighton was already on the map - TB made it real with his stadium (and soon his Academy)

Not more ambitious than the Brighton board, but certainly in more of a hurry than perhaps they thought healthy

I do t think we will sign Oscar as the interim manager he will be the full time manager I think the interim will be tarricco!

Was he being lined up for the Newcastle job without permission?

A few years back Brighton were playing in front of 6000 crowd now it's 25000 plus you could say they are back on the map as at the goldstone ground.



23 Jun 2013 16:31:20
Chelsea teenage Dutchman Nathan Ake,, the Rudd Gullit look-a-like is rumoured to be in the frame to be loaned out to Brighton and Hove Albion, next season, in order to play regular football - rather than spend the majority of the season either on the Stamford Bridge bench or playing second football.



23 Jun 2013 16:28:28
Akinfenwa's deal with Bristol City will be sorted this week, in time for pre-season.

Please if you are going to make stuff up at least do a bit of research - he does not fit our transfer policy

So if iniesta was willing to leave Barcelona for a league 1 club, we aren't allowed to get him? there's space for experience players with ability

But Akinfenwa has no quality?

I doubt we would go for Akinfenwa, but I wouldn't assume that just because a bloke is over 25 he can't be signed for BCFC.

Its a guide, not a rule.



23 Jun 2013 16:15:05
Chesterfield will be promoted next year maybe not fist place but I'm sure there going up.
People seem to be forgetting only a few years CFC flew throught the leauge with near enough ease.

Gary Roberts cost Swindon £250. 000 only a few year back now he's a free agent that's great bussiness for any Lg1-2 club.

He might off had the best year or two best he's got a point to prove and he will however; even if he doesn't profrom 'amazing' we can sell him.

With the team we've got now and still a few more to come in we will be promoted. Look back to last year we fell asleep and drawed to many games in the latter stages of the season but we managed to pull ourselfs back to gather within a matter of weeks and only missed out of playoffs by two points.


Gary Roberts signed for Swindon last season on a free transfer. Just so you know

I hope that Roberts has a good season for you, but don't get carried away by the hype surrounding him from the comments of your CEO.

There is a reason whyHuddersfield and then Swindon have both released him on a 'free' and that's because he simply hasn't performed in the last 2 seasons to justify his wages.

23 Jun 2013 18:15:03
Roberts cost swindon nothing he was free transfer from huddersfield

Gary roberts cost nothing he was released by huddersfield

He didn't cost a red scent we got him on a free get your facts right, good player for 10 mins a game

I think Cfc will be there or there abouts at the end of season, they have always had good surport when I've been to there ground which is very good for L2 and it looks like there rich chairman is backing Paul cook all the way.

Roberts was a good palyer at Town. he broke his arm and then refused to sign a new contract and then went to Swindon. his career has gone down hill since. If he can perform to the best of his abilities then you have a great player. but I think his time is up. I hope he proves me wrong as should have done better over last few seasons.

I agree with most of the 16:15 post and I think Roberts could be very good for us. But if he does not do "it" his sell on value will be £0, or just a nominal fee i. e. £10k. I do like the so far assembled squad and if we get the supposed signings I will be greatly impressed. Near the end of the season Richards showed what he can do, Darikwa will just get better, Tommys pure quality, Cooper will grow in pedigree, Smith could be MOM in nearly ever game TBC. . MM

23 Jun 2013 21:19:48
the reason you got relegated after only 1 season in L1 was beaus you wer'nt good enough and you will have at least a one in 15 chance of going up because at the rate the rumours are flying around and people believing these rumours there are at least 15 teams tat are going to be promoted so dream like all the other people like you

Hilarious how as we (CDC fans) get carried away with one signing ( Roberts) who would only sign on for us on a 3 year deal! What does that tell you for starters. Maybe he will be brilliant but what if its another Darren Currie? Get a grip please Spireites Cook do well and he should as he has been allowed by CT to sack everyone and fill the club with his mates. 26 gone to Portugal and 13 are back room staff. Smell the coffee folks! Results and only results matter!

Got to agree with the last point made on here, we've only got 16 players in the first team squad at the moment, which includes the two keepers and a couple of young kids. I can see CFC signing a couple more players and then 3 or 4 on loan, so there's no point getting excited yet

24 Jun 2013 12:07:03
Roberts is 29 now didn't do it for us last season he flattered to deceive and no way will Chesterfield get a fee for him when he moves on at the age of 32 in 3 years time. Where some fans get their stories from of us paying 250k for him is ridiculous as we got him on a free transfer. Probably had 4 games for us last season but maybe L2 will better suit him.
Gets a nose bleed in front of goal though and scored 4 goals. His wages apparently were the highest at our club so as we are reducing our wage bill as well as being a massive let down last season which Roberts admitted to himself its a big wage off the books as well.
Chesterfield fans beware you could have got a pup.

We are so naive re Roberts. Maybe he is ok but maybe not. Once we start and go on a run that's will be the only proof Cook is the right man

Gary Roberts league stats last year. Played 41 Assists 10 or 8 depending on where you look. Swindon web site 10, football League web site 8. Goals 4. Swindons next best assists Andy Williams with 5. So that's a goal or assist every 3 games. There not bad stats, the fact he played nearly all season tells me Swindon did rely on him a lot. And he's obviously dropping a league. And it was Huddersfield who paid £250k for him.



23 Jun 2013 16:12:52
Nana ofori is coming to Yeovil on a trial. He is not signing until GJ is sure he fits into his way of thinking

This has been on the cards for weeks now.



23 Jun 2013 15:24:09
Derby are interested in Blackburn youngster tim payne



23 Jun 2013 15:59:06
Bale to go to real Madrid 35m

What about the other £50 million quid that spurs wanted?

Wow, that is cheap!

Spurs want 80m for him so 35m no chance

23 Jun 2013 17:30:14
I would just like to say Huddersfield is a terrible team haha

Bale wouldn't be allowed to leave Spurs for less than £55 million.

At least double. He's worth 35m though. No more



23 Jun 2013 15:41:22
Ian Harte is joining Bournemouth former Leeds and reading defender will sign two year contract source sky sport transfer centre


{Ed029's Note - People have been saying that for 4 years. Brilliant at Reading! Champ team of the season two years running. No pace, but if used correctly he is a very good signing for Bournemouth.



23 Jun 2013 15:35:23
Peterborough Rowe to Millwall for £300,000. Leeds weeds quoted 300k. Any transfer site, tv etc will confirm the 300k quote to Leeds.

Millwall can afford the asking price - Leeds cannot because their owners have no money.

23 Jun 2013 16:38:07
As Darragh put it last week, Leeds' offer was a joke so why would Milwalls be any better if its the same. The Chairman has already quoted it would need to be in the upper half of a million otherwise we'll keep him till his contract runs out ala Boyd.

Deluded if you think Rowe is going to cost 300k

Haha £300,000 good luck with that

Rowe not going to Millwall confirmed by Dmac102. Millwall want Barnett and Sinclair.

We shall see, we don't even know if Millwall have really bid for Rowe? RUMOUR?

Cannot believe the amount of posh fans in denial about the asking price. just type Peterborough, rowe and leeds into any search engine.

get real! posh are a smaller club.

As the posh chairman, director of football, and every other correct source has said, Leeds ENQUIRED about Rowe, they didn't make a bid. And Posh value him at 7 figures

Good luck getting seven figures for him! Beggars can't be choosers I'm afraid!

Rowe doesn't want to stay though does he? His intentions are clear

Barry fry has been in talks with millwall about barnett, rowe and 1 other in a million pound swoop for all three of them I've herd the other is between mccan and gayle i'd personly like it to be gayle but don't think it will be but we shall see

We don't "need" to sell him, He has a year left on his contract, do you think we are having a fire sale or something? we are not!

23 Jun 2013 22:41:39
"As Darragh put it last week, Leeds' offer was a joke" where did you get that from, he said on twitter Leeds didn't make a bid, he also said no other clubs had made any bids for Rowe

24 Jun 2013 10:15:37
A chairman is hardly going to admit on twitter that was selling a fan favourite is he?

Dmac would

You don't know our Chairman.

Chairman? I thought 'Darragh' was your owner? And Barry Fry was your chairman?

Fry is director of football (does the dealing on transfers) and very good at it. Darragh is Owner/Chairman.

Lol Darragh is Chairman and Owner whilst Barry Fry is Director of Football

Leeds allegedly made a 600k bid for Rowe, Fry wants 1million minimum

My guess is that a deal will be done for a figure somewhere in the middle. {Ed003's Note - check you haven't got a splinter in your bottom}



23 Jun 2013 15:25:42
ian harte to Bournemouth or leeds source tv {Ed029's Note - Didn't Harte rule out Leeds a few weeks ago?

Cash-strapped Leeds could not afford Harte's wages.

Leeds ruled out Harte

More like leeds ruled harte out we already have 3 better lb at the club



23 Jun 2013 15:12:13
I honestly think Middlesbrough need to bring in 7 new players to compete, right back, central defender, right winger, attacking mid, defensive mid and two strikers.

the squad is thin we need big players in those positions, I do think emnes, McDonald, harruon, zemama will go, I hope we can keep Steele but every player as a value.

i'd expect any boro asset, if there did leave to have a value over 5 to 6 million, likes Williams, friend, carayoil, leadbitter, steele these players need those extra quality players around them.



23 Jun 2013 15:01:23
Middlesbrough have enquired about Scott Flinders availability, Boro want a new keeper and could either go for Flinders (cheaper option) or Liverpool keeper Brad Jones following the imminent arrival of Simon Mignolet. Jason Steele is going to Sunderland and Connor Ripley will go to Pools on loan if Flinders joins Boro.

There was a man who entered a sunday paper's pun contest. He sent in ten different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.



23 Jun 2013 14:59:39
I've been told from people inside HUFC that Scott Flinders will remain a Pools player and the club are trying to get him to sign a new deal in an attempt to go straight back up. Middlesbrough are interested and have enquired many times and Bristol City offered £100k, £150k and £175k but club rejected all three as Pools are looking for £400k at least, Bristol City looked elsewhere and are close to signing Frankie Fielding. Meanwhile, Middlesbrough are set to sign Jozsef Varga on loan and will allow Curtis Main to join Pools, who is Colin Cooper's main target (no pun indended) once they have signed a striker. Main could be a Pools player by July.

Thanks, PoolsInsider365

I hope Steele doesn't leave

Main will probably go on loan to Hartlepool, but Boro won't sell him



23 Jun 2013 14:07:15
John-Paul Pittman set for a return to Wycombe on a 1 year deal with the option for a further 12 months.

No chance

I'm sorry, what's just been announced?



23 Jun 2013 14:53:27
Millwall are in talks with Southampton about signingmidfielder Richard Chaplow the Championship side are looking to tie up the deal by next weekend.
Source: Southampton Youth Coach

Hope this is TRUE!

Hope so

If it happens perfect. it will add a bit of bite to our attack from midfield. please sign chaps, but don't take any corners because you sucked at them!! block 28

He would be a 'GOOD' addition for us, an all round player! Fingers X!

Wish chaplow all the best wherever he goes!
Quality championship player!

Good luck to him. His combative style nade him a stand out perforner for saints in the championship. Then he got injured and has hardly got a look in since. He will be a valuable addition to any championship team.

Quality signing for mill wall if this is true. Good luck chaps coyrs

Will always remember his goal against man u

Good luck Chappers. Will be a good signing if he comes to you.



23 Jun 2013 14:17:18
Not true Motherwell where never interested in Lee Miller

Well it was reported in newspaper



23 Jun 2013 14:15:42
Cardiff will sign Tom Ince soon our bid was accepted by Blackpool a few days ago and Cardiff have agreed a fee with Celtic and Wanyama has preferred a move to Cardiff than Southampton

Both of this is true

Funny how wanayama prefers Cardiff to soton when Cardiff ain't put an offer in yet and Cardiff be back in champ next season wanayama will go to a top European team not two teams fighting relegation

23 Jun 2013 17:16:48
C'mon city will be two awesome signings

Haha the same wanyama united wanted in last year. why would he leave sunny Scotland for dismal wales anyway?

Southampton won't be fighting relegation mr don't know much about football!

Fighting relegation before the season starts? Wow. Well done you. Care to impart any knowledge on lottery numbers?

23 Jun 2013 19:15:12
At least saints are showing ambition. New signings will be coming in to allow them to push forward to challenge for a higher finish this coming season. There seems to be a lot of jealousy out there so a mesage to them - concentrate on your teams prospects and get a life. COYRs!!

It's easy for you to say it's true but you have no evidence. We will likely sell with players coming to us on season long loans from a team with top prospects, such as Liverpool. Who would you give us on loan?

Ince is not going to Cardiff he is going to a top 6 team

What a gullible lot down in Wales!

Not a chance for either player highlighted. Think we have another Reading "we will sign everyone" saga about to unfold. They didn't and ended up relegated-could be a pattern here!

Yeah the same Wanyama utd wanted its in the Scottish paper an been on espn he would favour Cardiff

Southampton won't be fighting relegation, Cardiff will though. Both are better than Celtic though

If Southampton are relegation candidates why are we predicted to finish 9th then by every betting site under the sun?
Keep up.

1/18 isn't relegation candidates in my eyes. {Ed029's Note - Don't shout too loud...

Haha funniest thing I've heard in ages. Victor Wanyama prefers a move to Cardiff than Southampton, sort your facts out mate

You think southampton will be fighting relegation? wow

Southampton will be nowhere near relegation and I don't expect Cardiff to be struggling come May '14. He obviously wants a massive pay rise and Saints won't be held to ransom by anyone, let alone someone who has no experience outside the SPL. Wake up Wanyama, the big clubs would have put an offer in by now if you were that good. Better to be a big fish in a small pond as opposed to the reverse if you want the big boys attention. Playing for Celtic in a two-bit league is one thing but playing for a smaller club in the Prem will get you that BIG move.

Wanyama didn't say he preferred Cardiff Dragons to Saints, behave. He just said Cardiff Dragons were offering higher wages and wanted a better offer from Saints.

Saints still in the driving seat, if they improve their offer then he's theirs. Just their decision if they think he is worth it or not.

He does prefer Cardiff {Ed003's Note - if you could post your opinion without insulting the whole of it will be posted in name I see?}

Its in the Glasgow papers as i'm hearing from Celtic fans I've also got information from southampton fans and another 3 papers across the UK so if you think I haven't got my facts straight you're wrong got these two from sources and Ince I got from a close source when I say its true 95% of the time Cardiff City sign that player so don't tell me i'm wrong

You really think the quality of football is better in the spl than in the prem no of course not he (Wanyama) has more reason to go to a club like Cardiff City cause he'll get game time, he's playing in the prem he's 21 if he wants to move on after that he can and still have a lot of football in him so shhhhh you will see on tv sometime and I will say I told you so

Thing is, if cortese senses a player trying to get more money for the sake of it he will tell them to go do one and will close negotiations forever and look elsewhere.

Ala buttner and the third party (which worked out great as he's awful)

Seeing as we've been linked with quite a few CMs I wouldn't worry too much if we fail for wanyama.

You've put a bid he doesn't want cardiff over saints its you'll pay 85,000 a week and 2 mill for his agent but not the asking price GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

Unless they are in the champions league not many teams pay £85000 a week to players more like £12000 look at clubs total wage bill and work it out maybe the signing on fee is an attraction

I know Southampton won the f a cup Celtic won the European cup I suppose now saints were take over they forgot the history of the club with a fresh start after going broke.

All this talk of millions of pounds on players I would have settled for freezing the season ticket prices for loyal supporters, get another lambert, puncheon or clyne type they must be out there. Love to see a few local lads make it.

Tv report bid accepted for Ince but the Blackpool Journalist Will Watt, who is in regular contact with the club says this is fiction. I can't imagine Sky getting it wrong though.

You can't imagine SKY getting it wrong? I'm assuming you're being sarcastic?

Worse than the ttabloids for incorrect information!



23 Jun 2013 14:45:03
Barnet are expected to sign Hamzah Bencherif on a one year contract after his release by Notts County



23 Jun 2013 14:41:01
Strong rumours of Kevin Davies to Burnley, not sure how I feel about this as a Burnley fan.

Yeah I'm not really sure what I think, at least he will annoy other defenses and not ours haha. He would b good for 6-8 goals I feel. But do him and Vokes go together? Hmm

At this rate they might have to cause its lookin like both Austin and Pato are off

I don't doubt he'll 'do a job' but that's a massive backward step for us if true.

If this happens, I will not be attending the turf, would be a disgrace for that rovers reject to play at the turf, he was past it two seasons ago and who wants to watch a poor version of stoke city? Definitely not me

Not a chance this will happen. no sell on value. the board like young players that we bring on and then sell for a good profit.



23 Jun 2013 14:07:57
Winger Danny Stevens has agreed a 2 year deal with Wycombe, will be announced next week.

There losing all there top players I fink torquay may struggle this season



23 Jun 2013 14:06:13
Norwich making a move for Steven defour. After only starting 14 games last season he has openly said he wants a new challenge and Norwich are going all out for his signature.

Lets hope so. He's a decent player, a Belgium international at five levels and well worth a go in the EPL. My friends in Portugal tell me his lack of games for Porto was due to a falling out with the manager over tactics.

Challenge and a half if he goes to norwich, as he ever heard of em

Would be a great signing if we get him with toivonen and rvw our attacking threat would look a lot more credible

Like to see Pacheco too

Yes bloomin please. I'm salivating at the thought of Van wolfswinkel, defour and toivonen running through the middle. That's a team that could be challenging for Europe!



23 Jun 2013 14:00:33
Lee Barnard of Southamton is rumoured to be a possible loan signing for Shrewsbury.

Had a good spell with us (Oldham) last season. Would love him back.

Chaddy Owl



23 Jun 2013 14:05:17
Damien Reeves, the striker we have been linked with most of pre-season from altrincham! is to sign for plymouth argyle by the end of the week! due to a release clause in contract if any league club comes in for him!


23 Jun 2013 20:49:32
Yeah I saw on his twitter that he re-tweeted something from a plymouth argyle page.

24 Jun 2013 00:07:41
plymouth will need to offer him a big contract as he has a good job

24 Jun 2013 12:43:09
The retweet on twitter was an Plymouth Argyle fan page who asked him to retweet so that they could get some followers. Nothing to read into there about us signing him really.



23 Jun 2013 13:46:25
Keisuke Honda is set for a move to Everton.



23 Jun 2013 13:40:47
Rotherham are lining up an ambitious bid to take Ipswich striker Michael Chopra to the New York stadium.

They can av him

If this happens ill buy you a house.

Hardly ambitious, Rotherham can do much better than Chopra, we want rising stars, not has-beens who barely-were.

No way chopra will drop down a division especially now there is alleged foreign interest

Ha ha ha

Please take him.

No we are not

At night I have dreams foreign clubs will come and sign Chopra and take him far far far away from English football!

We should be so lucky coyb

Ipswich need to sack Chopra - he has disgraced the club, and it certainly doesn't suit us to keep him now. I'm reliably informed that if he is not off loaded, there will be very limited money for wages to tempt any further free agents to sign. We're a nice club, but he's done plenty to undermine that himself, and he's now really holding us back.

Ipswich could get Grant, Forrester and Cambell on the books if they could off load Chopra and JET on frees. I would want to add Fon Williams and Stearman/Broadfoot, and I think we'd have all we need to challenge.

Off loads his wages. he is a player that has passed his best. He is not very good with the fans. Rotherham offer a fee to ipswich of 50k and test the water. regards at ipswich fan! Good luck with him!!

With Chopra and JET off books. Grant, Campbell and Broadfoot and a backup keeper and maybe a creative Midfielder. we'll be in playoffs next season. I have a feeling Mick will pull some strings and make some big signings before the season starts. COYB



23 Jun 2013 13:34:45
Derby interested in Matt Richards (Midfielder) from Ilkeston town, his brother (family is from Derby) say's a fee of £40 000 involved



23 Jun 2013 13:16:59
Mathias Ranegie is joining Watford on a permanent deal once the transfer window opens, will sign before WFC's Italy tour next month.

Marco Faraoni has also agreed to move to Watford, signing will be announced within a couple of weeks.

Current loanees Almen Abdi, Joel Ekstrand, Cristian Battocchio and Ikechi Anya have all agreed to sign permanent deals with Watford.

^This is pretty much the rumours doing the rounds. 6 players have signed permed ant deals, 4 loans from last season plus 2 new players. Several loans in addition to those 6 permanent signings.

Not sure it's going to go down well with other fans, an embargo after all should mean an embargo, but the FL were always going to bow to pressure and let Watford sign who we want. Money talks.

23 Jun 2013 17:50:29
Watford are not under an embargo as you understand it, they have to have all paper work sanctioned by the football league for a period up til 31st August but other than that they are allowed to sign who they wish. The fans do not mind who is signed - we know we now have owners who are taking the club forward responsibly. The "embargo" as you call it was a reaction to the former owners actions. We are just glad to still have a club

Abdi, Battochio, Ekstrand, Anya, Neuton and Neuton have signed. Angella, Faraoni, Merkel and Fabbrini will be joining either on loan or permanent. The club are also looking to bring in another GK, LWB, Defensive midfielder and possibly a striker if Vydra is sold.

It's nothing to do with 'bowing under pressure', our embargo isn't a proper one, just means that the paperwork has to be checked by the powers that be

I'm a Watford fan. I love the fact that the embargo, isn't actually an embargo at all. But if you take a step back and look at it from a neutrals perspective, it's crazy that an embargo isn't an embargo. Look up what the word means. That's all I'm saying. And no I don't need the lecture about what rule 19 means, I know the details.



23 Jun 2013 13:46:47
The most bizarre signing of the summer so far goes to Wigan. They've just signed former Reading and Carlisle striker Mathieu Manset.

Manset is known as the beast. He is, on his day, quality, but he has a weight problem and he cannot stay fit. During his time at Reading he also got caught drink driving.

No doubt about it, he will be a bug fail at Wigan, but he will score a couple of corkers before he's shipped out back to L1/L2.

Sounds like Coyle's masterplan to carry on where where he left off at Bolton is well and truly underway.

Has the potential to be a decent player if he can get his fitness to a decent level, can take on defenders and has a cracking shot. Great player to come of the bench but not a starter. Was a little disappointed when Reading sold him. {Ed029's Note - He was sold for numerous off-field problems and his inability to stay fit. Very surprised a Championship side would touch him. Great ability though.

Shipped out of Reading and kicked out of FC Sion for partying before match game and struggles with weight and stamina.

He is of to madrid (real) he is to quality for Wigan. He will cost 16 million

How can someone who doesn't have a club cost £16,000,000?

Bruno alves is going to Reading or Bradford according to his agent called borat.

Wigan haven't announced this

Apparently he is joining the squad for the US tour on trial. No contract has yet been offered

Wait so someone posts a rumour saying that a former Hereford, Reading, FC Sion and Carlisle player with drink and weight problems is going to join Real Madrid and the part of that rumour that you have a problem with us the fee?.

I Honestly wished that we (carlisle) would've offered him a deal. With a full pre season behind him he could've been decent In league one. Not too sure about wigan though, they need better players than that to get back into the premier league.



23 Jun 2013 13:27:59
Frank fielding is having a medical on Monday and if goes well should agree personal terms by the earliest wednesday.

With who?



23 Jun 2013 13:27:20
Arsenal defender Nacho Monreal told Spanish paper Marca that he believes Isco has signed an agreement with Real Madrid.

Real Madrid and Malaga are still negotiating a fee.



23 Jun 2013 12:58:31
Still no decision made by martin cranie on his future at Barnsley as the reds try to thrash out a new deal with the player and his agent after yesterdays deadline for all players to sign new contracts passed

Thought the deadline was midnight on

Sign up or go give us time to get someone else in this includes

23 Jun 2013 17:35:39
flickers said there's no time limit

It said in the local rag that flicker would give players a couple more weeks if that is what they needed. I don't agree with it, they should have a deadline, but he's the boss

As per usual they will wait while its too late to get somebody decent in if Steele and Crainie decide not to sign.
But Flickers seems to think Alnwick can step up to number 1 but am not sure myself.

23 Jun 2013 20:52:58
hassells singing a new contract tomoz



23 Jun 2013 12:51:53
Tyler Harvey is going nowhere! Just signed pro contract with Argyle. Isaac Vassell also signed a new contract, so after a rough period it looks like we might now try to hang on to our young players.



23 Jun 2013 12:43:39
AFC Wimbledon have enquired about taking Cardiffs striker Rudy Gestede on a season long loan. Neil Ardley having previously worked with Gestede at Cardiff feels he would at more depth to their current strikeforce.

Watch this space!

This would be quailty as he's scored goals in the chapionship but ardleys going to have to call in a few favours to get him as one he won't be cheap and 2 if he was availble for loan why others wouldn't be interested

We wouldn't be able to afford his wages. He would go to a Championship club on loan surely.

We won't be signing him, he's to good for us!

Never say never, but I Would be very surprised if we got a player who was involved in 23 games in the championship last season. Arguably more likely that we bring in a pacey youngster, either permanent or on loan, to add something different.

Rudy would score a shed full in your division

I'm a redtit an no way will gestede be playin league 2 football lol ridiculous

He poor, i'd pay his bus fair away from the club

Maybe ledley put a good word in wanyamas ear for the bluebirds

Gestede is not League 2 standard. Blue Square South at best. Bring back Jesse Darko. Best player we had last season by a long way.

Did you just say Jesse darko was the best player we had on loan. I think you were watchin a different afc Wimbledon to everyone else haha



23 Jun 2013 11:54:17
Brentford are set to sign John Bostock and Alan McCormack on wednesday.

Bostock was with us a few years back on loan. Is not a team player and not therefore the sort of player uwe would go for



23 Jun 2013 12:25:09
Gorden greer medical at oakwell tomorrow!

Been rumoured before but not happened
yet. but you never know.



23 Jun 2013 12:22:26
Middlesbrough ins:
Jozsef Varga (Debrecen)
Jacques Maghoma (Burton)
Thomas Rogne (Celtic)
Nick Powell (Man utd)
Dean Whitehead (Stoke)
Sylvan Ebanks-Blake (Wolves)
Zoumana Bakayogo (Tranmere)

Not E Banks Blake and not Whitehead. Varga looks set to go through if fit and Maghomo at the club this week.

Id have to agree once varga is signed, whitehead won't be coming another def mid we don't need another, banks Blake is not fit till October, all over sigings would be welcome I don't know much about Zoumana Bakayogo never heard this one.

We have already held talks with whithead and held further talks with Blake so expect them both to come

Lowe signed up

Zoom was player of the year at Tranmere last year and has come on loads in his time with us and believe he will thrive in the championship. You have a good attacking left back on a free. Bargain mate.

Zoom has pace and gets forward. can't defend and will get shown up in championship. He is going back to france anyway

Zoom is not a championship player neither is fonners,!



23 Jun 2013 12:14:40
Holloway is highly impressed with arouna kone from wigan
And wants him in a palace shirt next season!



23 Jun 2013 12:10:24
Sean st ledger at London coloney maybe going to arsenal

Are you kidding me?! If I could click unbelievable 100 times I would have.


Hey mate think you will qualify for joker of the week

Only if he's going to buy a season ticket!

23 Jun 2013 12:48:18
going to arsenal, didn't know the stadium tours were open on a sunday. bhoywonder

Watford also train there along with a few other teams use its facilities.

23 Jun 2013 13:03:48
London Colney is where Watford train too so probably Watford would be the destination.

Who ever posted this 'STUPID' rumour is obviously on something 'VERY EXOTIC'?

He is not good enough to play for a prem team

This will be announced on July 1st



23 Jun 2013 11:52:04
Ipswich Town and Watford are both interested in Marvin Em es

Too expensive for us I'm afraid

If he is still in contract with Middlesbrough he will be out of ipswichs price range. Think they would want about £2 mill for him.

Emnes? Ridiculous, watford can, and are, doing much better than players like Emnes.

To all the Ipswich fans, I think boro would take 1m for him

23 Jun 2013 17:02:01

Does not fit the Pozzo model

Haha! He's been utter poo last season! Watford can do ten times better

Completely useless. rather keep chopra.

Hmm. People seem to forget the rest of his career. I'd take him at watford. Prem teams were linked for years, with vydra leaving wouldn't be a bad replacement. Scored nearly 20 season before

How do you know Vydra's leaving?



23 Jun 2013 11:35:21
Brentford will complete the double signing of Darren Ward and Alan Mccormack from League One rivals Swindon at some point next week before the squad flies out to Germany.



23 Jun 2013 11:23:44
The pending signing of jozsef varga to middlesbrough on tuesday will be the first of many.
Who, its unclear. All the players I'd heard so far seem to have baulked at the financial package boro have offered.
Watford wanted him but he has chosen Middlesbrough, he wasnt swayed by the idea of living in London or by the fact Watford were a far better team than us last season.
He has been told who is likely to sign for boro this season and he has been impressed by this.
Make no mistake this is a fantastic signing for Boro, possibly the best we've seen since being relegated.
Emnes has been awful for a year now but clubs have still made enquiries, bolton, swansea, cystal palace and cardiff have all contacted boro about his availability and boro are willing to sell at the right price.

Cardiff hate Emnes why would they want him

I can only think that boro offered the better deal financially or Watford pulled out because we have other targets that are nearing completion.

23 Jun 2013 12:52:17
Long term Boro are a better bet. Better stadium, Better training facilities and ultimately a return to the premiership. Watford are ok as long as they have Zola but he will move on to the premiership and this year Watford can't rely on a team of Italian loanees. They missed their best chance last season.

Emnes to Cardiff? Nah mate, he's so drab he makes paint look exciting

Emnes would suit Cardiff.

As a boro fan I don't know anything about this player, anyone know what he's like ano he's a defensive mid who also can play at centre back, says also he will be released at end of the season by his club so don't where the loan deal has come from maybe just speculation as Tony as said no loan deals till squad is rebuilt, that's all I know maybe some news by Tuesday, but I recon he will sign today and start training Monday.

Cardiff will not go for Emnes, the fans hate him, Cardiff have got a lot better strikers in cambpell and maynard, so they don't need him

The Emnes to Swansea rumour keeps being awoken from the 'boro end - it's dead and buried since Mowbray pulled him back off loan over two years ago. Him going to Cardiff would be too much for the red Tits to swallow as he scored against them in a one nil win by Swansea.

Watford went in for Vargas, Zola was very keen to bring him in but Vargas and his agent felt middlesbrough was a better fit. That is not meant to be harsh on Watford, I think watford are going to be one of the strongest teams in the division.
Cardiff were apparently the first team to contact middlesbrough about Emnes.

Think there needs to be a ruleing in for like Watford on how manys players can be loaned to a club that was shocking what happened last season

Apparently Varga isn't really a hard tackling midfielder (like bailey) he's more of a deep lying playmaker who spreads the play with a good range of passes

Watford will struggle next season

Watford and Varga were mentioned on Sky but there were no quotes or references, it was an unsubstantiated rumour. Not saying Zola did want him or didn't want him, but as we have 5 midfielders already and it looks like Udinese have bought Regula for Watford as well I'm not sure we would have wanted or needed a seventh.

Good catch for Boro though either way. Decent technical player.

23 Jun 2013 21:14:36
Sam ricketts plus 1 mill to wolves in a swap deal with roger johnson, he's told the wolves board he wants out, don't be suprised to see o'hara to wigan either as a replacement for mccarthy.

He scord against cardiff

Anyone remember chopra? BURN!



23 Jun 2013 11:22:10
Middlesbrough to sign Jacques Maghoma



23 Jun 2013 11:17:13
Slight rumour of Mike Havenaar being linked to Reading.
6ft 4 Japanese/Dutch striker with a great record.
Currently plays for Vitesse.

No way he is of to barca



23 Jun 2013 11:15:25
Nicky Ajose is wanted by both Bury and Southend United

He's not up to league 1 standard only scored a couple of goals last season for The Shakers.

League 2 will be his level, he will be just fine there.



23 Jun 2013 11:14:30
Jacques Maghoma giving boro fans little hints on twitter, also retweeting a lot of boro fans, suggesting he will join Middlesbrough next week

He will be a great signing. like the player a lot, he's quick, just what we need down the other flank

I saw that as well, muzzy did exactly the same thing last season before he signed



23 Jun 2013 11:10:08
Will Grigg set to sign a new 2 year contract with Walsall, making him the highest payed player at Walsall. All speculation of Jamie Paterson leaving is false as he announced he can't wait for the new season to go ahead with Walsall on a social networking page and urging Grigg and Brandy to stay with him. Febian Brandy is set to leave the Banks Stadium with Sheffield United and Yeovil set to have high interest in the winger. Walsall are in advanced talks with ex Charlton midfielder Scott Wagstaff to take his place. Sam Johnstone is set to sign for Walsall on a season long loan in the next few weeks but Walsall are still looking for a pernament goalkeeper to challenge Johnstone in between the sticks.

All speculation of Patterson leaving has stemmed either from his agent or the club wanting to sell him. He will not finish the season with Walsall.

Patterson has signed a pre-contract to join Huddersfield Town on 1st July

23 Jun 2013 15:19:08
All of these true

Still early days but don't think pato will ebe starting the new season with walsall the lad wants championship and belongs in it to be fair utsb

Paterson will NOT be leaving walsall this summer.

How can he sign pre contract (rubbish comment) when he contracted to Walsall till 2014.

Pre-season contract for a player who is currently contracted to 2014 lol these Huddersfield supporters make me laugh, go away and learn the football laws, once you have you can then try to wind us walsall supporters up, at the moment you all look a little silly.

Paterson and grigg will stay with Walsall and brandy will announce he future wherever he is signing or staying with the club Sam johnstone is a true rumour

How can you have a true rumour?



23 Jun 2013 11:04:20
Nzonzi to go to niether liverpool newcastle or spurs

12 million.



23 Jun 2013 11:02:25
Heard from a close source that millwall legend 'terry Hurlock' son Charlie is close to signing a deal with millwall, the 21 year old was a former player with dag & red but quit due to personal reasons he was destined for big things when when playing with jonjo shelvey and against Carl jenkinson, the millwall coaches believe they can get him back to full fitness and have a bargain on there hands

I can't find any info on him? Just another 'RUMOUR' & does he exist at all?

Was at dag & red when Adam gemili was there ( spelling may not be correct)also went to school with Gary hooper and out shined him despite being three year's younger

OK mate thanks for the info! He obviously does exist! Maybe we can give the lad a try?!COYL

I think he played in the daggers side under 18's squad at 16

My name's James Dillon I worked as a scout at millwall a couple of year's ago and to my delight I new mr hurlock (son)of millwall & ranger's legend terry this boy can play no more to said!

Well this is a lie, its teddy sherringhams son that is called charlie and has signed for them



23 Jun 2013 10:59:52
Doncaster Rovers look set to sign Barnsley's Luke Steele and Bobby Hassell after both players rejected new contract offers from reds

I hope this is true, but it takes some believing at the moment with so many players being linked with Doncaster?

Think you are trying to compete with
Huddersfield to see who can sign the most players.

Steele will only go for Prem football, or promotion candidates

Well if cranie does not want to sign he should tell the club and don't keep them hanging around. Pre season training start on Monday does he expect to be training with the lads who he as no respect for them or the club as it was them who turned his career around last season and gave him a chance.

This story is in Sunday's Yorkshire Times, and no premiership club wants him. Steele should have signed the 2yr deal he was offered in January instead of waiting to see if Barnsley avoided relegation

Absolute nonsense why would either go there?

Hassell Sighing New Contract For BFC Tomorrow Apparently

According to Matt Murrey Hassell is signing year extention

Hassell as today signed his contract I think flicker will persuade both steele and cranie to be part of the revolution

Hassell has signed a 1 year contract today (Official website) So if that part of the story is false then I hope that Steele and Cranie end up staying, we need to get them signed up and crack on, anyone got any news about these two or any other potential transfers?



23 Jun 2013 10:59:25
Victor Wanyama not signing for Saints could not agree
personal terms too greedy I expect better players out there let's move on

There not many better midfield players better than victor he is to good for southamton will get a bigger club

23 Jun 2013 12:11:24
i don't think he would like the championship next season.

23 Jun 2013 13:07:27
Southampton are a good club. I am a Watford fan and saying this. I do think he will want a champions league club. I expect Arsenal to go for him as the cheaper option than Fellani

23 Jun 2013 13:26:25
Lol, guys ^ what's league 2 like?



23 Jun 2013 10:18:00
ipswich have 150,000 bid for freddie sears accepted. they are also set to offer a straight swap with wolves. S. E. B for JET. personally I think this would be a great deal. Blues also interested in talented walsall Striker Will Grigg. his contract expires on the 1st of july and has expressed interest in playing at a higher level

You know the more you post the same bs it doesn't become any more true

You no nothing SEB is a free agent

Isn't Ebanks-Blake out of contract?

I think that we should rate these postings by their amusement value

It just shows how much some people know doesn't it? instead off posting crap

No chance that jet will go to wolves get real please



23 Jun 2013 10:35:38
Leicester keeper kasper schmichel to Sunderland as a replacement or mignolet

The replacement is Westwood. SAFC are looking for another reserve keeper



23 Jun 2013 10:00:54
Rene howe has reportedly been seen at southend town centre, could this be first signing of the season?

I saw him aswell, in brother 2 brother ( only those who know southend )

He is on holiday in Italy at the moment.

23 Jun 2013 17:21:59
on holiday then he has already said he wants to stay in the south with plymouth oxford utd and Bristol rovers the more likely targets



23 Jun 2013 09:59:19
Bournemouth have made an enquiry about taking Everton defender John Stones on loan until January.

Think if he goes anywhere it will be to his old club Barnsley

23 Jun 2013 16:30:43
No, Stones will be going to the Cherries or another promotion contender - Everton do not want Stones in a relegation fight.

Bournemouth are set to sign ian harte so can't see us signing another defender as well as harte and ward



23 Jun 2013 09:46:01
I can now confirm, Joel Grant IS a Ipswich Town player.

He will be at the club tomorrow morning to begin pre-season training with the rest of the squad. It's a 2 year deal, with ITFC having the option of a 3rd year clause put in to the contract as well. This is fact.

I also understand Kirk Broadfoot will be at ITFC training tomorrow, as he has put pen to paper on a 2 year deal.

Ipswich are also working hard to complete the loan signing of Henderson, and the permanent capture of Owain Fon Williams on a 3 year deal.

Hope this is true, but I doubt we will get Henderson AND Fon Williams, we don't need 3 first team Keepers, I would always prefer a permanent signing over a loanee

Grant and Broadfoot will be great additions. Williams or Henderson backup to Loach great too. #COYB

Nothing on TWTD or newsnow. Grant obviously hasn't signed because he still has 8 days on his wycombe contract, he has spoken to MM and sean dyche with ipswich his preferred choice but nothing confirmed yet

Is this genuine please

So you can confirm can you didn't realise the ipswich director of football posted on here ha ha

Ipswich also looking at watford's Ross Jenkins

Oh yeah. So you can confirm Joel Grant is an Ipswich player!

Yeovil fans would disagree with that!



23 Jun 2013 09:45:55
My best mate is head groundsmen at
arsenal and he has it on great authority that David villa and not higuain will join next week. Mark Schwarzenegger will also join to give competition for the no1 jersey.

Is that Arnolds brother?

Is that arnies son

23 Jun 2013 14:05:32
because groundsmen know transfer targets -. -

Both will sign with Rooney

Is Arsene Wenger the groundsman?



23 Jun 2013 09:44:28
Bradford city are chasing Gary Dicker and offered to make him one of thw highest paid players at the club matching Andrew Davies 4. 5k per week.

Although a City fan myself, this is wishful thinking. A host of championship clubs chasing him, including Wednesday and Ipswich.



23 Jun 2013 09:36:47
Bursaspor and spartak moscow chasing chopra's signiture source TWTD



23 Jun 2013 09:35:16
Michael Mifsud has been released by Valletta and will return to England after a successful spell previously with Coventry and join Leyton Orient on a two year deal

Still got 2 years on his contract in Malta so it's not going to happen as orient will not pay a fee.

23 Jun 2013 12:00:02
Check out the Valletta website he has been released to play abroad

You're right. Might be true then. Not sure that he can still play league one level though. Quite old now.

Never going to happen. I'd take him mind.

Not true, can do noting McDonald can't do, we would've kept McDonald.

Would love this to be true.

Can't see us giving a two year contract to a 32 year old though.

One year maybe, but not two.

Wrong side of 30, was only average in he's mid twenty's, no thanks.

Jay bothroyd has also been released by qpr and mifsud and bothroyd are both to come back to the sky blues

Despite their ages they would be great at league one level. Let's just hope we get investment and Steve gets his 7 men. Sisu out sisu out sisu out sisu out



23 Jun 2013 09:22:56
Cagliari midfielder Radja Nainggolan has revealed that Southampton have offered him a deal to move to the Premier League

And he has been quoted today as saying ". Southampton is my last choice"

Yes, but in a discussion involving Inter, Roma and Saints. And noone of the other two have so far giving him any bid.
It´s not like he said Saints is last choice amongst all clubs in the world.

Surely Pompey or Bournemouth would be below Saints in terms of "last choice" - he's been misquoted

Cheeky *******, sounds like balloteli

Actually been quoted that its the most lucrative but he is not in it for the money.

He never said anything like that, you fool. How's league 2?

That is what he's been quoted as saying, I thinks it's been lost in translation though, more likely that he has ment siting are his latest choice. As in we are the latest club to declare an interest.

Why would he ever say that about a potential future employee?!

He's not even declined Saints offer yet!

Blatant mis-quote. English isn't his first language after all.

Also no surprise if Saints were his last choice out of the few clubs interested, we're the smallest club. Doesn't mean he doesn't value our offer or wouldn't want to join us.

So many variables, naive to interpret any quote like that.

I reckon we are going to sign him. In the interview he says something along the lines of its not about the money but the vision he is shown for the future. Inter and Roma are an option but saints vision should impress him and playing in the Premier League is a much better place to play football in front of packed stadiums. I hope he makes the right choice



23 Jun 2013 09:10:53
A number of clubs are showing interest in signing Kris Commons from Celtic, some of the clubs are Derby County, Birmingham city and Stoke city.

Doubt If Birmingham could afford him given the financial situation at the club

Commons won`t be going back to Derby, not after the way Clough treated him whilst he was there. No goer!

23 Jun 2013 11:07:55
I don't know about derby as they can't afford his wages

Commons left Derby because he wouldn't accept the wage terms he was offered and went to Celtic for much more than he was on at Derby. Unlikely therefore that he will return on a lesser salary then he was offered at the time he left!

23 Jun 2013 11:27:39
commons and his family love celtic and won't be going anywere

The way Clough treated him? Try looking at the way Commons treated Derby. He asked for £x amount a week which Derby rejected, Commons then lowered his demands and Derby agreed to his new terms then he refused to sign and asked for more then what had been agreed.

Can't see him coming back to Stoke either. Was very talented when he was first here but said he left to join his beloved Notts Forest, I think. Didn't stay there very long before moving. Too lightweight and injury never seems far away. Stoke have no moved on from Kris Commons

Ok Derby fans let's simmer down a minute.

Kris Commons and Nigel Clough had a good relationship, we offered him the same money he is on at Celtic but he chose to go to Celtic, which is understandable being champions league etc.

Commons himself has said that the move also gave him international recognition getting in the Scotland team.

He has to travel a lot to see his family so one guy saying his family love it is wrong.

If he was to come back it would not be derby.

Hendrick to villa for 8m.

Keep your mitts off Hendrick you Dick Dasterdly Villians.

We don't need him, Hughes, Russell and Ward are better in that position

If russel was better then we would have bought him, Kris is an excellent player. He will retire with the hoops.




23 Jun 2013 08:53:22
Tranquillo Barnetta is set for a move to the Premier League, with Fulham, Southampton and Newcastle all interested in the Swiss international.

I have heard that he is a decent player wouldn't mind him at Fulham.

Bit old and average for Saints thanks.



23 Jun 2013 08:49:19
Watford to sign do Natale from udinese as he wants to leave this summer and said he would live to work with his idol zola

Not what he has come out and said to tv and the media. He loves udinese

23 Jun 2013 11:55:22
Not a chance. Not good politically for the Pozzo's and Di Natale has repeatedly turned down overtures from the big city Italian clubs.

23 Jun 2013 12:27:55
This is NEVER happening.

23 Jun 2013 13:00:16
You are obviously not a Watford supporter that knows about how the Pozzo teams work in partnership.

Haha good try. Probably the worst rumour i've seen yet on here

He said he wants to stay

Oh, so he rejected AC Milan to come to Watford. Don't think so mate

Hes mr udinese, no way that's happening

He won't go mate, #believe



23 Jun 2013 08:47:41
Kevin Phillips will join AFC Bournemouth if he doesn't renew his contract at Selhurst Park.

Do not think eddie will go for a player so old

23 Jun 2013 16:33:13
KP looking for one bumper final pay-day.

He may be old but is still a class act and I wouldn't say no!

We'll have him - UTC :)



23 Jun 2013 08:46:34
Saw Michael Duberry outside Fratton Park on Thursday.

He must have been buying a season ticket then because he ain't signing for us as a player.



23 Jun 2013 08:40:29
Notts County will announce the signings of Ben Gordon & Danny Green this week. Zola, BWP & Marcus haber have gone elsewhere, which leaves Adam Rooney as the main target.

Ben gordon is being looked by Blackpool and would probs sign for them given that they are in the championship, Danny Green is unlikely to sign as county don't have the budget to pay for him as again he's from a championship club and could give him more than County.

Ben Gordon might want first team football. something he may not get at Blackpool. I can't see Danny Green to be fair



23 Jun 2013 08:37:22
Sunderland will use the funds from Mignolet (9m), Elmohammady (2m) Bardsley (1m) Cattermole (4m) Sessegnon (8m) Ji (4m - astoningshly) to fund there moves for top targets - Inters Duncan, Spurs Danny Rose, should that move fail, Lucas Orban is regarded as one of the hottest prospects in Argentina, and a new front pairing of John Guedetti & Jozy Altitore, who ripped it up in Holland last season with more goals scored than played 23 goals in 21 league games. Di Canio said 6 or more players, & have already come in. Only players led to believe safe from the cull are OShea and Adam Johnson. Expect more fireworks from the only north east club not in turmoil this summer.

Di Canio is crazy. The hardest player to manage but the most demanding manager himself. Hypocrisy. Its funny to watch though as a middlesbrough fan. Takes the heat of our lack of ambition so far in the transfer window.

23 Jun 2013 12:49:02
Exciting times at the s. o. l. -i for one can't wait

Altidore is no world beater. your better off with connor whickam.

Altidore is cheap, £6m, worth a punt, wonder what Joe Kinnear would have called him. Perhaps Dozy Altitude?

23 Jun 2013 22:12:15
Really want to see john guidetti in red and white. He looks every bit a quality forward



23 Jun 2013 08:34:03
Marcelo trotta to sign for brentford this week

So the penalty miss hasn't put them off then!



23 Jun 2013 07:59:22
Swindon town have completed the signing of Tom Lyman from Leeds United, to be announced on Monday.

Apparently he tweeted this last night

Who the f***ks Tom layman I'm a leeds fan and never heard of him. {Ed029's Note - Tom Lyman joined Leeds United as a scholar this summer, so he wont be going to Swindon.

How old is he

Tom Lyman is 16 and a first year scholar!



23 Jun 2013 05:44:59
Got told last night by somebody that works at Bradford City that nakhi wells is going to Burnley

Keeps popping up this one, kind of hope its true, this lad could be the next Charlie Austin/Jordan Rhodes, bags of potential.

23 Jun 2013 09:42:36
Is anyone interested in Fred from Brazil because he will be a great signing for any team

How many times does it have to be said that Nahki Wells will be at Bradford City next season? He has said he will stay and the chairmen have said it will only take a very high offer to even consider selling him. And can everyone please stop spelling his name wrong!

Be prepared to pay at least £1.5 Million for him then.

Any idea of price?

1. 5-2 mil with a bag of add ons chairman said silly offer so maybe more

Burnley won't sign anybody if they have to pay until austins been sold because the board are pleading poverty again! Even though we didn't see any premier league money, or the fletcher money, or the eagles and mears money, or the rodriguez money but yet they expect us to believe the lies they keep throwing us!

If Wells is on his way to Burnley then Austin is on his way out of the club.

That's the only way that Burnley will have the necessary money to pay for Wells!

23 Jun 2013 16:38:15
Burnley have loads of money - they will get another £8 million parachute payment this season. The directors are just keeping their "powder dry" for good deals as they keep telling us fans.

I couldn't agree more we keep on selling thesese players makeing shed loads but nothing is comeing back only in burnleys back pockets its an absolute joke utter rubbish comes out all of time if austin goes we needs wells, Kevin Davies, wickam otherwise were in leugue 1



23 Jun 2013 03:52:33
Scunthorpe to sign cliff Byrne in an exchange deal for Callum Kennedy



23 Jun 2013 02:10:00
Derby after Leon Barnett

CB been promoted with West Brom and Cardiff (loan last season)

Now at Norwich City.

He's been promoted with ncfc as well

Wouldn't get too excited, not that good!

Leon's getting bored helping clubs into the premier league! Lol!

"Wouldn't get too excited, not that good!"

Having watched him at the City last year and admired him when playing for Norwich against us imo you are very wrong. Excellent player

To person saying he's very good:

Very good in the Championship yes. But in the Premier League, no. He's a liability at times. Unfortunately one of those players who excel in the Champ but can't cut it in the Prem. You're right to some extent, but also wrong too.

Hes a good championship defender but not prem quality.

Hope so

Good in the air pants on the floor and his postioning is suspect, good championship player.

I agree with the not that good. He is a liability in defence, bit like a octopus in skates.

Inside news. Ignazio Abate albion in talks a. c milan

Barnet literally wins everything in the air. Good championship player but no good for prem

If he's such an excellent player why isn't he playing for a premier league club week in week out?

Brilliant at championship level. Average at best in the Premiership. Always looks like he's going to do something silly or make a mistake

To the earlier post, Ignazio abate will not sign for west brom, as we will not be able to afford the fee or the wages and it is unlikely there will be interest from the player

How do you know how much is wages are we afforded kanu once

Derby would have a decent defender on their hands. Will win promotion but he really does show his limitations in the Premier League.

Kanu was the wrong side of 30 whereas abate is still to hit the peak in his career. And when playing for a team like Milan he will be on high wages

If barnett was that good he would still be at west brom he is average at best



23 Jun 2013 01:19:41
Now japan are out of the Confederations cup Southampton hope to agree personal terms with Hiroshi Kiyotake.

The South Coast Club agreed a substantial fee of around 9.5m with Nuremburg early on in June. However, Kiyotake, who racked up an impressive 10 assists and gained a reputation as one of the best crossers of the ball in the league, wanted to focus on Japan's WC qualifiers and the Confederations cup before considering his future.

He's not going to come to us, hear the Gooners are in for him and he fancies London.

Not going to pay anything like that much for a player who is out of contract in January.

Not going to pay anything like that much for a player who is out of contract in January.

To the comment above I think you've got the wrong player, you're on about Honda


Gooners could be interested
and every foreigner loves London
hence the state of the place

Japan were superb against Italy

Speaking of honda, would much rather have him!

You are correct I managed to get completely confused. My apologies.



23 Jun 2013 01:00:41
Brighton said to be interested in West Ham's Mobido Miaga, after he was told they'd let him go after recent signings.

He would be great in the championship

I've never heard of the player, but as long as he's a good player, then we'll have him.

Got to get the manager sorted first before looking at players

I think we should go for vaz te that would be a great signing

He's a player on a very large contract who was quite sought after by many european clubs. Therefore I can't imagine Brighton being able to pay for the transfer or the wages.



23 Jun 2013 00:58:46
Southampton appear to be close to pulling off a real coup - the signing of Victor Wanyama from Celtic for just 12.5 million pounds.
The back page of Scotland on Sunday says Wanyama spent Saturday in talks with Southampton on what would be a record fee secured by a Scottish club.

Deal has fallen through

23 Jun 2013 09:26:49
wanyana deal is off, hefailed to agree personal terms and prefers move to Cardiff!?

There are reports this morning Saints have failed to agree personal terms with Wanyama. Interesting to see if we can seal this or whether we are being used to get the CL clubs moving.

Just 12.5 million!

Would appear Southampton need to increase personal terms, rumour has it Wanyama has rejected their approach

He's still in Kenya on holiday and said he doesn't know about any offer from Southampton

Ha ha. Cardiff or saints? Be aerious

23 Jun 2013 13:48:56
Like I said previously wanyama is going to stoke so saints fans move on

As if he'll go to Stoke? Are you crazy?!

He plays football not hoofball so won't go to stoke!

Stoke you having a laugh learn how to play football you clowns good luck in the championship next year

He's still in Kenya on holiday and said he doesn't know about any offer from Southampton" he is still on holiday

I'm saying one thing yesterday morning he was in Kenya (on holiday) and was quoted as saying something along the lines of I'm on holiday and have had no contact with my agent. I have heard only from media but intend to only consider my future after my holiday. Then this morning, some Scottish rag has said he has travelled down to Southampton to see about the salary on offer. We at Southampton like to sell the club to our future signings and it isn't possible when Wanyama has not even met our club officials. Still reckon we're in for him. Ramirez story was very similar in my book. Seriously need to analyse every word a tabloid prints because they have a lovely way of twisting words and making things very precise from a blind 3rd eye perspective. {Ed003's Note - Good post,I was jumped on the other day for just stating facts by people who have only read forums or papers. I never responded like it's not worth it with some posters.}

Totally 100% agree with you there well put paragraph and I would just like to add that he only teams that would know if the deal was on or off is Southampton and there's no statement from ether the saints or Celtic, but the rumours suggest that saints fans will have clarity on Friday when the kit is meant to be revealed

24 Jun 2013 12:40:59
Cheers ed, yeah there are a few touchy people on the south coast and in Glasgow in the last couple of days. We have our fans saying we are the 5th richest club when technically we're not, our owners are the rich ones not the club. Totally different thing but oh well. hopefully they'll read this and reconsider using it to attack other teams with. Then there's theirs saying Wanyama don't think our club are big enough compared to Cardiff quite mediocre really, as Cardiff and Us are pretty much the same financially and in business terms. No one really knows, agent and tabloid talk is cheap and I for one will only look out for quotes from the lad himself and keep checking his personal twitter feed. Simon Peach is the only journo I listen to. He seems to know most of the reliable journos. And is well respected in the community.



23 Jun 2013 00:45:55
Brighton to sign free agents:
Cristian Lobato
Luis Gustavo
Matthew Upson
Ivan Balliu
Franco Di Santo

Whos Cristian Lobato

Luis Gustavo you, re having a laugh half of these will not go to a chasmpionship club especially brighton the only one that could be true is Matthew Upson

Target for who exactly?

Two from Barca sounds good with the new Manager being an Ex Barca Player and youth team manager.

Bring in upson from stoke
Mart Taylor and Vaz te- westham

Luis Gustavo! I'm a Brighton fan and I know we can attract good players, but my word!

It's not the bayern luiz gustavo



23 Jun 2013 00:36:34
Forest are after David Goodwillie and Belgian defender 30 year old Mark De mann

I though it was a joke, Goodwillie and Mark de Mann, but looked on wikipedia. Goodwillie not prolific enough, de Mann, although midfield, has never scored a goal!. Both not Championship Winner material.

I hope this one happens david is pure class!

Also linked with midfielder pass de bol, and striker score de goles

"Pure Class" I think Blackburn fans might give you a good argument on that statement.

David is league 2 striker

That's what we thought about grand Holt then he went to a team that could supply him, Reid could give him the perfect ball and he can finish well, just because he can't score at one club doesn't me he won't flurrish at another



23 Jun 2013 00:36:23
Taarabt will be out and on his way to Monaco.7 million expected offer and Qpr are over his selfish ways and refusal to adhere to club policy. Could be a good move if he puts on any more weight he will have to book two seats to get there.
Scott Parker will sign for Fulham as he has no intention to drop a league at his age. maybe 1 or 2 years left in Premier.

23 Jun 2013 10:05:05
Nobody will pay 7m for Taraabt in his condition and with his record of hissy fits.

Parker to Fulham? 2 years ago maybe, not now.

Scott Parker has about 1 or 2 games left in him so Fulham are more than welcome to him. Qpr don't need a player who can't play enough in a 38 game season. Great player but his legs have gone now real shame. I think it would be a sign of how Fernandes has lernt from his mistakes if Qpr were to choose to pass on any deal for him

Monaco spending stupid money on players. Wouldn't be surprised of a high bid for Tarrabt. Word is Fulham have already put an offer in for Parker



22 Jun 2013 23:56:30
Doncaster are on the verge of signing Aston Villa duo Shay Given and Richard Dunne. Source tv.

Both are past it mate

And probably too expensive

Richard Dunne is powerful but slow, Shay Given still needs to want to play at 38 he has 3 or more years left at least

What tv channel was it

This is true. They are being back by a mystery investor believed to be a Irish horse racing firm!

Given would be a great signing for the Rovers.
Some fans were clamouring for Sullivan to be brought back into the team last season at the expense of Gary Woods so at 38 Given is still a young lad.



22 Jun 2013 23:52:41
Reports in Italy suggest that Napoli are keen to negotiate a part exchange deal with Real Madrid.

Rumours suggest Napoli want around £35m plus Higuain for Cavani.

This would be a huge blow for Arsenal fans!

Higuain will sign for Arsenal

This is a completely nonsensical story fabricated by a man named Francois Gallardo.

This man has pestered reporters and journos for years claiming to be a FIFA agent when in reality he has nothing to do w/ FIFA, nor Football.

He's also claimed Bale to Madrid was 100% done, he claimed Terry was joining Sevilla last yr and that Drogba was off to Barca.

Google the name there's an entire article outing this fraud.



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