Football Rumours Archive June 23 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 23 2012 

22 Jun 2012 23:03:42
york city to sign oli johnson(5)(4)Is this the Oli Johnson that tastes wine for james Martin on Saturday Kitchen?He was really good when he was at Norwich . Would be a great signingThe Minstermen could do better, was ok during his first spell at Yeovil. Not so good during his second spell. Conference level player.He's way better than Conference level. His first spell he was class, second he never really was fit enough as he had such a long summer due to no games for Norwich. Would do well at York


22 Jun 2012 22:32:42
Having problems understanding what is going on at Portsmouth. Surely the best solution would be for them to recruit 20 or so 15 to 19 year olds who would be keen to play for £500 a week, which not being funny is £25000 a year which for a teenager is a very good salary. If they end up being good players they can sell them for a huge profit. Reading between the lines, this ould reduce the wage bill to about £1 million a year, it will generate jobs for youngsters who WANT to play, and could potentially save the club from extinction. It seems obvious - if it so obvious why don't they implement it. Or is it down to greed in wanting to strive for promotion which in their situation is not a good move. They really need to do a Luton... Go down to the Conference, regroup, reconsolidate, rebuild and start again(16)(5)The main problems before even it would be possible to follow your suggestion would be : 1, get an agreed CVA so that the current debts can be reduced to a level that will allow the club to keep trading, AND 2, to get the huge earners off the wage bill (example would be Ben Haim who is on reported wages of £36k per week). Only once those things are achieved can the club even think about adding new players.Pompey's fault for spending money they didnt have when they were already in debt and signing players like Crouch, Muntari, Utaka and Glen Johnson when you only had home gates of 20000. Be thankful you still have a club, you lot have got away with murderFor a start we need to actually get clearance to sign players. We haven't got that yet, and we just signed 8 players from our academy onto a first year professional contract. Its not that we won't, its because we can't.I find it really unfair that people are accusing Portsmouth of so much. Its crooked owners and dodgy chairmen that got us into this, not the fans, and I am sure that if you club was in this position you'd be doing the same as we are. Our fans are trying to buy our club back and I believe we need support in that from the football community, we are trying to make things better for all and not just the club. Other teams trample over creditors in much worse ways than us, and even ripping off Portsmouth, just they are much bigger and are protected by league money. I think we need support from other fans in trying to make this club into the club it should be.What and whatever team you support has never done anything wrong^Yeah but their paying for it now, could have been worse for them i suppose.


22 Jun 2012 22:30:40
Vincente to sign two year deal on Monday after a succesful second half of the season at the Amex. Villarreal, Southampton and West Ham were thought to be chasing the Spaniard but he wanted to show loyalty to Gus Poyet and his staff after his slow rehabilitation back into football. The surprise signing of the summer will also happen at the Amex on Monday as Michael Owen has agreed a one year deal. This is one of the reasons why Vinente signed,as Gus promised him he would have a couple of real quality signings to work with.
Source: reliable London based football journalist.( we do exist)(10)(28)I think you'll find Owen will be pulling on the Red and Blue next seasonBrighton can have owen he wont stop the inevitable will he because they are going back to league 1 after this seasonVillareal, Saints, and West Ham can do a bit better than a second rate, over the hill Spaniard. Keep Dreaming.


22 Jun 2012 22:26:19
Theofanis Gekas is on his way to Bristol City now Greece have been knocked out of Euro 2012.(4)(26) 

No thanks, by far greece's worst player at euro 2012. On the Plus side, hed be happy being paid in peanuts!Worse than that keeper?Worst outfield player then!


22 Jun 2012 22:20:19
reading fc latest

as usually reading looking to do business early and pogrebnyak is believed to sign very soon, others are likely to follow suit.

to sign in the next week:-
-Pavel Pogrebynak free
-Jacob Butterfield free (2m fee as under 21)
-Michael Jacobs free (500k fee for Northampton as under 21)
-Adrian Mariappa £2.5mill

other targets:-
-Alekansandar Kolarov Man City
-Giovanni Dos Santos Tottenham
-Nathan Redmond Birmingham City
-Shane Long West Brom(6)(39)Another Reading fan with pie in the sky signings. Giovani is Wigan bound, Long is staying at WBA and as for Kolarov well that's just daft, Lay off Champ ManagerKolarov ? Yeah okayI'm a reading fan but kolarov that's a joke, Redmond to much potential. Long is possible but doubt dos santos would join.Are those other targets Realistic? Long coming back wont be ideal, he is quite similar to the Pog. Other targets would be Sebastien Bassong, Matt Connolly, Nicky Shorey and Gylfi Sigurdsson who are more likely to come.No mariappa move with impending takeover of watford due to any previous deal being agreed with soon to be old, and not to be trusted as proven today, ownerIs this a joke?Jokers your getting worse than Southampton fans are they are deluded. You won't get Shane Long so dream onLong is staying at west brom, he's on a long contract, also he said he does not want to leave.Redmond could go for 4m? As they have financial trouble already sold mutch he had potentialShane Long will definitely not be coming back to you. Dear me, naive little reading fans,what makes you think he'll come back??Why would long go back to readingLong is really highly rated at WBA, can't see him leaving any time soon. If anyone will leave it will be OdemLong would come back to Reading because he's good friends with McDermott and his mum is a season ticket holder and his girlfriend is from Reading. So it would make sense. Though I dont know if I want Long back at the club personally, I think we could do better. So dont say dream on Reading fans because if we wanted to get him back we probably could, I just think we can get just as good strikers cheaper than £5mButterfield is considering staying at burnley nowWon't get any of them but it amusing these reading rumoursWhy would we WANT Long back?Get in kolarov's joining and dos santos this will be 2 great signings. {Ed029's Note - Neither are likely to join.Butterfield plays for Barnsley not BurnleyI don't think it would be too difficult to get Long at Reading but tbf I think we've moved on and so has he. Great lad and it's good to hear you WBA fans rate him so highly.Shane Long and Redmond could possibly happen. The other two will never happen though. Kolorov's wage demands are far too high and Giovanni Dos Santos will want to move to a club which is closer to achieving there long term plans then Reading.Butterfield is a Barnsley playerButterfield is considering staying at burnley now

Has he moved clubs then?^ you would want long back because he is awesome - wba forever!Butterfield plays for Barnsley.Butterfield is considering staying at Barnsley but as a fan of BFC I would love 2 million quid for him.Butterfield will be a Newcastle player when the transfer window closes


22 Jun 2012 22:19:06
Keith Hill stated today (Friday) that he NEEDS two more players. A goalkeeper (Backup for Steele) and a left footed left winger. He has narrowed it down but has still not given up on the Oliver Norwood interest, he said he would love someone to control and make key passes in the midfield like he did last season for Coventry. Hill didn't deny he wouldn't be interested in Lee Williamson of Sheffield United still, although him and Nile Ranger of Newcastle (Also linked with a move to Oakwell) aren't priority signings at the moment and he will focus on strengthening the team once he has got the signings he NEEDS for starting the season prepared, and start a top-table campaign finish. Also he has denied making offers for QPRs Danny Shittu and Hulls Matty Fryatt, but is looking at former Reds captain Brian Howard, to see if he will fit the squads creative style of play, after being released from newly promoted Reading and saying he would love to come and join the reds again.(11)(3)Danny Shittu got released, he isnt a QPR player anymore. He is a good Championship defender and will be a good signing for anyone who gets him.Barnsley is NOT an attractive proposition for any player that is half-decent. Barnsley are going to be lucky to attract any player other than cast-offs and has-beens!

Get real, and start making rumours up about players from League 2, or players just coming back from long-term injury, or the fat-camp, like.... Mido for instance!Oliver Norwoods going to Coventry from what I last heard


22 Jun 2012 22:15:54
southend have rejected a bid from
blackpool for versatile tunisian
defender/striker, other championship
clubs middlesborough, bolton and
burnley also intersted {Ed003's Note - It's Moshni if anyone can't figure it out }(8)(1) 

Cheers EdCrap, i forgot to put mohsni's name


22 Jun 2012 21:53:47
Steve Tilson will be named Gillingham manager next week. Lee Clark will be taking over at Birmingham(5)(4)1/5 on !Hope not-would be massive anti climaxWill be Micky Adams on the 2nd JulyThink tilson would do a good job!Wont be adams. Tilson will be appointed on wednesday


22 Jun 2012 21:42:42
Bradford City in talks to resign Kelly Youga on a free transfer(9)(4)Were have you got this rumour fromGary thompson to sign on monday from scunnyJones, Gray, Thompson......Dads Army more like. Come on PP its not a Seniors league.


22 Jun 2012 20:49:05
Not an Arsenal fan but with all the
Players in I wish i was.

Clyne-(Sagna back up)


Miyaichi {Ed029's Note - Don't think Gotze will sign but the others I agree with.(7)(34)(Guy who posted this)-Yh ed i didnt agree aswell seen as the best young midfielder in the world.More likely Real madrid but wenger has made him a target
but wont that make them have 7 centre midfielders surely for the fee they would pay for them they cant just rotate.Only get half in, not that many out by far, miyaichi shouldn't be loaned, and learn to spell your team's player's names


22 Jun 2012 20:43:44
Jack Cork in last 35 of Olympic Squad(18)(3)


22 Jun 2012 20:40:44
chelsea to give experience to nathan
chalobah by loaning him to bolton
for a season,as part of the gary cahill
deal which chelsea would allow a
player to go the reebok for a season(8)(3)Daniel sturridge is a mate of mine and
strongly recommended the reebok as an
excellent place for career development.
will sign a season long loan for bolton within the next 2 weeks


22 Jun 2012 21:15:15
brighton will be making 2 top signings to
coax vicente back to the club my
guess they are from spain report in
arugs(5)(7)Vicente has already signed a new contract with Brighton. Announcement will be done this week.Yea i know but brighton would have done somthing quite significant to get him back. from what i read on other sites and in yesterdays argus think it could be players from spain not sure who thoughThe Argus posted an article saying that Poyet was buying two players to make Vicente's job easier and better for the X-Spanish national to get him to stay at the Albion. Poyet usually keeps his signings under wraps so unfortunetly we won't know until they have been made. However according to chairman Tony Bloom, they have a very competitive budget this season.Rumour is Brighton are hoping for 2 midfieders on season long loans - Gary Gardner from Villa and Kacanikilic from Fulham plus a fullback, Shorey (free agent). Then again there are about 50 other players they are supposed to be chasing including another raid on the Spanish League2Diego Forlan?


22 Jun 2012 21:10:20
From a reliable source that Gylfi Siggursdons deal with swansea is possibly back on as he has failed to agree personal terms with liverpool today. He is due back in south wales early next week to speak with new manager laudrup before deciding where his future lies.(13)(19)Desperate. It is 100% off.

He's agreed to speak to Anton Zingarevich at Reading after having talks with Brian McDermott, but even Reading fans know it's a long shot.

Liverpool are the clear favourites. Certainly not little Swansea.Yeh if the Liverpool deal falls through he will go to Reading. He has already spoken to Brian McDermott and has agreed to meet with Anton Zingarevich who is going to try and sell his plans for the club to Gylfi. He won't go to Swansea now Rodgers has gone. Sorry Swansea fans nothing against you you're a good bunch of people but he only went to Swansea because of Rodgers.I can't see that Swansea would offer him more money than Liverpool??Swansea deal is dead in the water, new Manager would rather spend money on several players to strengthen the squadSiiggursdons deal definitely off. Jordan Rhodes definitely on


22 Jun 2012 21:07:45
Salpingidis of PAOK FC and Greece is attracting premier league and bundesliga interest after some impressive performances for Greece at Euro 2012. Wigan are interested as well as premier league new boys Reading, Fulham and Bundesliga new boys Dusseldorf(8)(10)He will sign for wiganAgreed. Heard Wigan deal would be sealed once Greece are out of the Euros.He will sign for NorwichHe will sign for Gillingham.Marinez watched Greece train and was looking at salpingidis and wigan are prapering to put bids in for them bothWigan reading and fulham after him some big clubs umm


22 Jun 2012 21:07:29
former colchester favourite jamie cureton to return to the u's from orient(7)(6)


22 Jun 2012 21:05:16
Celtic have made a move for Nottingham Forest striker Dexter Blackstock.(16)(13)Naw they've no he's a dumplingHope not hes mince dont wont him at celtic parkVery good finisher would do well in the SPL


22 Jun 2012 21:03:06
whilst Theo Robinson and Steve Davies are leaving derby. derby are hopeful to sign Craig Lindfield from accrington stanley and to sign Emile heskey for a free transfer(0)(20)Theo isnt leaving.There was an article on teams that admirer him but he came out and said on video he wants to repay the faith nigel clough had in him and continue to develop at derby.Emile heskey is going to hull.Too high wages and just simply noThis is complete Bull... check your source's next time mate!


22 Jun 2012 20:27:37
Stoke City place a bid for US defender Geoff Cameron. The offer is under serious consideration and a deal set to be concluded on Stokes US tour in july(6)(2)Never heard of him beforeBacause he's tall?I watch the MLS and this guy is a real good player. Was an All Star recently. Plays for the Dynamo. A bit of Patrick Viera about him. Would be a good signing for Stoke or any Prem side outside of the top 6How much is the bid?


22 Jun 2012 20:17:46
Seattle Sounders Star Fredy Montero is looking at options the UK.

Several English Championship clubs have expressed an interest in bring him across the atlantic.

His stats in MLS are very impressive and he could certainly do a job in the English Championship or even mid-range EPL team.

Bristol City were in talks that fell through 18 months ago...with a work permit a stumbling block.(4)(7)How is 16 in 44 in MLS considered good enough for midtable Premiership?He's a classy player, he's small but can take a check or two. Good with the ball at his feet likes to take people on and can score from distance. Rumours about him moving to europe have been around for a while. Bristol keep tabs on him after some screw up with his ownership/passport. Wherever he ends up the MLS will miss him.


22 Jun 2012 20:00:59
Stoke are re-looking into the Vasilis Torosidis. The Greek international has a 6.5m euro buy out clause in his current contract with Olympiacos.(9)(8)Reckon he'd be worth every penny. We need fullbacks who we can trust as much as Shawcross and Huth. suspect this is all just euro12 hype though.


22 Jun 2012 20:00:35
Salvatore Sirigu is off to spurs.(6)(9)Whos hePSG so no he won't


22 Jun 2012 19:36:32
Bristol rovers to sign not league duo Paul Hines and Scott Finn for 100k they play in the Irish league good prospects to be confirmed over the weekend very relible source(8)(10)No its Scott and his twin Richard they're interested in, HINES not interested in coming.


22 Jun 2012 19:28:39
cardiff city have signed jordan mutch from birmingham for a fee around to be £1 million. he is an england under 21 player and has played with mackay when he was manager at watford.(17)(9)Hes never been to watford.he would cost
5 million +.Cardiff you first put jason shackell for a 1 million your valuation is way not saying you are not signing him but it will definately not be a million.
It would have been on sky sports if he had signed or on either one of the clubs websites.No player officially joins a club
intill 1st julyIt's official Mutch a Cardiff city player!The first reply to this is stunning. He was on loan at Watford two seasons ago and its on both clubs websites.... person alert.Ha ha 5 mill plus,welcome to cardiff jordon mutchNo, it's back on, bassini is mad, and totally lost the plot, or a hoaxer phoning a local paperDont support either these clubs but haha to the bloke above....
"Midfielder Jordon Mutch has today joined Cardiff City on a three-year contract for an undisclosed fee.
The 20-year-old will seek a fresh challenge at the fellow npower Championship side and be reunited with Malky McKay, his former manager during an impressive loan spell at Watford."Wow only 1 million.... birmingham must be in big trouble...In region of 1 mil.. south Wales echo says so!Who ever posted that 1st reply, check before you open ur trap. jordan mutch is a cardiff city player for just over £1 million.He was at Watford on loan 2010/11 seasonThis is an amazing deal for us he easily worth 3 times the price we payed for him
(1million) he is like another wittinghamHopefully now we've got mutch, liam lawrence will stay at portsmouthI am IMPRESSED that Cardiff got such a good deal! Surprised any of the prem clubs didn't show an interest in him as think he's a really good player and still only young!



22 Jun 2012 19:26:24
Wolves rumours that Jarvis is off the stoke city with Danny colins comming our way plus 7m(23)(12)Yes please would be great signing for stoke could do with keightly for the other wing as wellThis would be brilliant; decent player in and a waste of space out.Collins is ok in the Championship. Jarvis is looking like he will go to Stoke sooner rather than later


22 Jun 2012 19:26:04
3 players that are joining liverpool

hoilet free
sirggudson 6m
manzucic 14m(3)(29)Though hoilett already agreed a deal with borussia monchengladbachOne of these might happen. The other two, don't get your hopes up. Hoilett is off to Borussia Mönchengladbach and Mandzukic is heavily linked with Everton and Juventus and would cost half the price you stated.Hoilett ain't off to Gladbach- he wants too much in wages. Too greedy.


22 Jun 2012 19:24:17
Rumour around the Brit is stoke have had a 8m bid excepted for jarvis from wolves excepted and talks with the player happening soon(15)(10)Would be good first signing for stoke now get a couple of full backs, centre midfielder another right winger and striker"now get a couple of full backs, centre midfielder another right winger and striker" So a whole new team then?
Agree that we need 2 proper full backs. But I reckon Wilson should be given a chance in his favoured role in CM, although another CM wouldn't hurt and Palacios will be like a new signing this season.
I also think that with Owen we should be alright up-front so long as Pulis plays Jerome more and doesn't play Walters as a box-to-box midfielder.
Basically everything hinges on Pulis playing some better tactics.


22 Jun 2012 19:22:58
Huddersfield town to snap up DJ Campbell from qpr.(8)(26)No thanks...! {Ed003's Note - He would be superb for you at championship level,not that I think you'll sign him mind}Sorry ED, I've never rated him as a good player. {Ed003's Note - I never said he was a good player,I said he would be great for you}Both west ham Fulham and Reading all interested in him so don't get u'r hopes up


22 Jun 2012 19:22:29
Jordan Mutch has signed for Cardiff City From Birmingham City on a 3 year deal.



22 Jun 2012 19:19:29
jordon mutch has just signed from birmingham for 1million {Ed003's Note - undisclosed}(16)(4)More than a 1millionAdd another 3 milion and you might havea chanceIts 3 million according to reporter james nursey.

source: twitter


22 Jun 2012 19:19:20
Tottenham have agreed a deal for Sahin of Real Madrid.(19)(23)


22 Jun 2012 18:40:55
Billy Paynter to Bradford City(11)(21)Bradford city could not afford his wages, plus why would he want to go to the basement division


22 Jun 2012 18:35:17
Watford takeover off according to BBC Sports!(13)(9)Back on nowOn news now it says the deal is progressing nicely strange thatSky sports news, the deal is still on and the club dismiss the statement from Bassini who said it was not going throughIts becuase there are so many investors, 2 or 3 more investors need to send payment then it's offical, should be confirmed on Monday :-) COYHThe trouble with Bassini is that he shoots from the lip and then thinks, only time will tell if the sale is on. Either way it's not good for the players, staff or us fans not knowingBassini says it was agreed then he says deal was off. He's had enough of the media!


22 Jun 2012 17:51:22
Pogrebnyak set to join ROYALS! :DDD
should be good, who said small clubs cant buy any players..? transfer, and you aren't a small club, just a rich man's new toyThis is the player that no other club valued as worth the wages he demanded but good old Reading knows better??

Russian, signed by a Russian owned club, paid more than his team-mates. Good signal for a harmonious season-not!
Just wait until he turns up on a Saturday in his flash car that his team mates can not afford, misses a sitter that loses you the game, 10 men Reading against 12 on the other side, and then see whether you feel as happy.Altogether now, Green eyes burning like fire......Love how Reading fans see this as a huge signing and apparently shows that they are a BIG club. Just too funny!There are some real bitter and jealous people out there, He isn't the highest paid he is level with Roberts. Don't think that ruined the harmony when we signed him. 30 k is a lot for us but look at city utd Chelsea etc. we got a good player for nothingHaha no one wanted Pogrebnyak. He might turn out to be a decent signing, but you are paying over odds for him and his wages will mess with your clubs wage structure.

Not worth it.

Good luck and hopefully he does well for you, but please don't think this is a big signing - no other clubs were even reported as being slightly interested.Just ignore them jealous fans, they are all plastics or deluded fans of 'big' clubs. They are nothing.Ha sad sad Fulham fans probably crying into their cornflakes that he went to an ambitious club going places, just face it boys we'll be in Europe soon and you'll be heading for the Championship/League One where you belong. By the way Fulham your fans are next level crap you're an embarassment.How will his wages mess with the club structure? the owners hugely rich so i dont think paying a player a little bit more is going to cripple the club. also, i think he will be a great signing and could complement adam le fondre well, showed at fulham he is good enough, so good on the royals for snapping up a great free transfer.That made the powerful striker the quickest player to score as many in Premier League history. He could have achieved even more, but an ankle injury hampered his progress. 

Pogrebnyak is a very good lad,Ě Martin Jol, Fulham coach, told Daily Mail newspaper. The first training session he gave us a feeling that he wanted to be here, that he wanted to prove a point. That is always good so I can't say what I did after his first game, where I said ‚Äėone swallow doesn't make a summer. After five goals in the three games, I have to say he is a pretty good signing for us.

But nobody wanted him right?Reading aren't a small club. They're smack in the middle for a PL club, and now 9th wealthiest club in Europe. Like them or not, they're only heading in one direction now, and that's up.Thats what qpr thought last year. almost ended in tears. money isnt everything.A reading fan saying to another fan there support is crap is amazing readings support has always been a jokeIf reading fans on here went to away games people might stop saying about your pathetic support


22 Jun 2012 17:45:00
Jacobs, krystian pearce & paul Dixon will be signing for derby after James Clayton!
Watch this space!(8)(11)First three correct.
Its james caton and isnt signing for us we offered him a trial.why on earth would we sign an untried player hes only ever played reserve football at most and from what i heard is the exact copy of Tom carroll very weak.We dont want another one of them.A trial has been given 100% not signingHow do u now thisU got a source for this mate?


22 Jun 2012 17:15:19
sean scannell set to be named a huddersfield player by the end of next week after ceo nigel clibbens cancelled a q and a session to hold advanced talks with the palace player, also huddersfield are looking to sign sean morrison, grant mcann and george boyd to bolster their squad and will also look to bring in danny wilson on loan after liverpool defender martin kelly excelled in a loan spell at the terriers and liverpool see huddersfield as an ideal location to nourish their young players(19)(11)"sean scannell set to be named a huddersfield player by the end of next week"

- It's been announced today so what is it your on exactly?
- As for George Boyd, he's the replacement lined up for Scannell! - Palace FanHope so! Looks like Rhodes is on his way out.........Or by the end of today evenJust because he's been lined up for a replacement doesn't mean you will get him. Huddersfield have just as much chance as Palace. To be honest I would put money Palace being contenders for relegation. - Town Fan


22 Jun 2012 17:08:17
Chris Zebroski is set to sign for Cheltenham Town. Fee is £70k plus an un-named player in exchange.(11)(12)No he isn'tZebroski would be somebody that may fit into Cheltenham's style of play, but they would not offer that kind of money.

To suggest that Zebroski is in effect worth six figures (i.e. £70,000 plus the value of another player in exchange) is also hard to believe.Cheltenham offered £70,000 in January and instead signed Jermaine McGlashan. Very unlikely to try again now.


22 Jun 2012 17:08:09
Doncaster are preparing a 2nd offer for Jon Ashton and Mark Roberts of Stevenage(13)(1)I guarantee they won't get them


22 Jun 2012 17:04:23
Michael Chopra will join Portsmouth or Bristol Rovers.(10)(38)So a team who can't pay players of a league 2 side? Seems unlikely doesn't it!He is easily capable of banging in goals in the Championship, why would he join a league 2 team or a soon to be league two team which could never afford his wages?No one is joing Pompey anytime soon if ever!Dont bet on itVote on CVA on Monday. Assuming all gors well Appleton to seek League permission to sign some freebies. Currently Pompey have just 9 senior players so if the League (who have accepted us in for next season) want us to be competitive then we have to have more than 9 players. A goalie would be nice !


22 Jun 2012 17:03:32
Derby have rejected 4 bids from 3 different teams, for Jason Shackell.

Source - BBC Sport(18)(3)Apparantly from burnley, cardiff and leicester - however all bids were less than £1.5mEmbarassing amounts.Wont leave according to glick as even for 3,4 or 5 million.


Derby County Say They Have Rejected Four Offers From Different Clubs For Captain Jason Shackell.

Tom Glick Said 'He's Our Player & We Expect Him To Continue To Be. We've Turned Down Four Bids From Three Clubs & There Have Been Other Clubs Interested In The Skipper.Cardiff, Burnley and Charlton made the bids (DET)


22 Jun 2012 17:02:41
Mustapha Carayol set to join Middlesbrough. Fee agreed at £120k.(11)(14)They wanted 700k for himAnd well get thatWe turned down more than that from derbyHe's not worth 700k, but probably worth about 300k. Do u think he can make the step up to the championship?
Anybody heard anymore on the Ledesema transfer, its gone very quiet....I'm only guessing, but when agents say deals are '90% done, it's an open invitation for other clubs to come in with increased personal termsAlso, Northern Echo reporting Butterfield may choose Boro over Toon and Reading as will be offered better terms. How does that work?I think that Northern Echo article means he would get better terms at Boro rather than Barnsley. Both Reading and Newcastle could definitely offer better terms than Boro.


22 Jun 2012 16:49:45
magnus okuonghae set to reject a new contract offer from colchester. this has alerted celtic, sheff wed and derby who are all keen on the player(10)(4)


22 Jun 2012 16:45:38
Had enough of people spilling pure and utter rubbish on here , cant reveal who i am but i worked at fulham for 9 years as a kids football coach n im still good pals with brian talbot , the following is who Fulham are targeting
they were targeting Rhodes n Pogrebnyak but they got greedy.(6)(19)or they signed for betterOpted for a brighter future. Although must admit disappointment at not picking up Andy Johnson as wellYer everyone works at the club and knows inside info lol and mates with a ex footballer lmaoIf you worked at the club you wouldn't bother with rumor web sites, that's just what they are RUMORS!Sorry was unaware of the fact they had signed for one of the bbig 4 oor liverpool, spurs or any other champpioons league team. Thought they were going to little upstart teams who big. It up thheir first year up


22 Jun 2012 16:42:07
Been hearing that Bristol Rovers are taking Sam Baldock on loan for next season. Expect this to be confirmed tomorrow.(8)(26)Cant wait cuz this is obviously happening


22 Jun 2012 16:40:28
Hartlepool are interested in Ross County duo Paul Lawson and Colin McMenamin(0)(3)


22 Jun 2012 16:38:04
Huddersfield sign Sean Scannel on 3 year deal FACT(22)(10)IMO not a great signing 12 goals to his nameYh he sets them upMy god people, always negative town fans, hes a winger! striker second. hes been messed about at palace, 61 starts from bench. he will supply alot of goals for rhodes. rhodes wont go, nobody will pay that asking price for rhodes until proven in champ. welldone deano for high asking price, keep them clubs away from him. UTT


22 Jun 2012 16:36:46
Seen Robert snodgrass at reading services today!! Wonder why he is in that neck of the woods?(8)(25)Wee breakBuying petrol maybe? Who knows, may have been tempted to buy a tacky torch whilst he was in the queue. {Ed003's Note - Mars bars always get me, right next to the till, Twts }


22 Jun 2012 16:24:17
Luke oliver has ended speculation by signing another 2 year contract at bradford city
........onwards and upwards(6)(1)Arsenal set to finalise a deal for giroud after euros are finished as for m'vila he will sign in mid July also RvP spotted in Manchester rumours are nonsense I expect him to sign 3 year deal Scots gooner


22 Jun 2012 15:32:46
According to an unknown source, which the reliability i am not sure of, there is some MAJOR rumours concerning Tottenham Hotspur and some other clubs which will be affected by this. Rafa Benitez is apparently one of 2 candidates that Tottenham want to interview for their vacant managerial position. Sources close to Rafa say he is interested in the role, but Tottenham have told him his funds will be limited so he would have to sell players for funds to be released. It is my understanding that Rafa wants to build his own team which has the same ethic as his previous managerial position in England, at Liverpool, which guided them to Champions league victory. This opens up the door for Luka Modric or Gareth Bale to leave. Also, it will mean no return for Emmanuel Adebayor as he had a very good relationship with Redknapp. A rumoured arrival due to the fact Rafa is spanish, is Left back Jordi Alba and Striking sensation Fernando Llorente in a combined 40 million euro fee.(9)(21)This could be pretty genuineLol, we should get an argentinian manager and sign Messi. llorente would have signed last season but no chance nowLorente and Alba for a joint 32 million pounds? They wanted a reported 30 million for Lorente alone last summer!Alba who's going to go to Barcelona? I can tell you the reliability of the source. It's nothing. Your friend doesn't have a clueYes i agree, this source has now told me that Reading will sign assou-ekotto if Alba signs. Untrue and unreliable but the Rafa Benitez as spurs manager would impress me as a hotspur fan.Rafa is not even on the short list
luka may well go to real but bale wont be going anywhereAlba is Barca bound and will sign after Euros


22 Jun 2012 15:55:54
Huddersfield looking at signing Crystal Palace striker Sean Scannell and also Leeds United's Ross McCormack(16)(10)McCormack & Grayson had a big bust up at Leeds so doubt that will happenAre huddlesfield fans deluded?
No club will give you anymore than 4 million straight cash. the rest for jordan rhodes will be ad soon as he goes you will be main contenders for relegation.
Players like Mcormack and Scannell have been linked with money bags leciester who are favourites for promotion who culd have an 8 million transfer budget but its how you spend not who.Well you got that leicester post wrong cos scannell jus signed 3 years at hudds
twitter page
dont want ex lds at town!
grayson is enough!
terrier85Already happened he signed a three year deal undisclosed feeOh dear, looks like little old Huddersfield just pipped moneybags Leicester to a playerWonder what Leicester are going to do with all that money, seen as scanell has just signed for the tiny team in Huddersfield. Ha ha ha up the town. JohnDidn't Leicester spend around 30 million last summer and struggle to make a impact of any note.!!A little embarrassing for you buddy, pipe down. UTT.Leeds local paper claims we are front runners for mccormack aswell and they wouldn't put stuff like that about town if there wasn't some truth to it. maybe an idea to do a bit of research before giving it the big i amScannell rubbish whenever ive seen him play, should fit in nicely at town


22 Jun 2012 15:46:25
Bristol city set to sign local fans favourites Roger Malone and Jed Pitman on pay as you play deals(10)(7)Did not think that Bristol Rovers were keen on letting them go. with them 2 gone they might fall the the basement league of English football... o wait........Lol great replyThanks


22 Jun 2012 15:33:34
Shrewswbury to announce signings in next two weeks of
Andy Williams
Ryan hall
Luke Summerfield
and another centre back any one know hwo?(0)(18)Andy williams is at swindon nowDidn't know Williams could sign for two clubs!Andy williams has signed for swindon already so check your facts before postingBull. Hall's not leaving.Andy Williams signed for Swindon the other day, unless you mean the 84 year american singer ( you're just too good to be true)Luke Summerfield is the only true rumour out of those 3 names. He will sign very soon. No idea who the centre back is.


22 Jun 2012 15:31:23
Derby have signed James Caton. Will be officially confirmed on July 1st. This was taken from his agents twitter, which he indeed retweeted.

@sportJHCagent just having a catch up with @James_Caton94 before he goes away. Looking forward to him coming back and proving himself on the big stage! #dcfcfans(7)(1)Lies just lies we havent signed him.Nigel said he didnt know who was and when he was showed him he said he isnt interested.They want Michael Jacobs not this guyThe most has been given is a trial.I swear its his agent on here stirring things the guy is crap no pace untested at 1st team level another weak tom carroll.No thank you.This is only what his agent has said, no proof from club, but where is this clough piece about him not knowing who caton is as im subscribed to all sites, papers & radio and seen nothing of it?


22 Jun 2012 15:21:09
Swindon have been linked with Exeter defender Troy Archibald-Henville(7)(5)Medical and signing on MondayDidn't make the grade at Bournemouth but think he has matured at Exeter and could be a good player. would be a good move for him.When did he play for Bournemouth? I thought he started at tottenham and was only loaned to Norwich and Exeter before signing permently for them?He has never played at Bournemouth! He was at Spurs before ExeterHe failed a trial there a few summers ago. Redknapp recommended him to Bournemouth but Howe felt he was not ready so spurs kept him on. Redknapp will always feed Bournemouth a sly player at his clubs expense. {Ed015's Note -


22 Jun 2012 15:17:23
Charlton are chasing the signatures of Sone Aluko, Giovanni Dos Santos and Harry Kane.(11)(16)Aluko yes and kane yes but dos santos is prem player .... just not a good one but good enough to be in the prem so no for that one (actual Charlton fan here)Hope they can run fast it will be a long chase.Wonder if rotherham are intrested in sone alukoDos santos, that made me laugh!


22 Jun 2012 15:14:02
Yorkshire based media are suggesting Crystal Palace player Sean Scannell is to be unveiled as Huddersfield's first summer signing(15)(5)Scannell will be good for you, sad to see him go , started the season up front on fire then got injured and played in more familiar role on the left. Wil be a fans favourite for sure. Hope you manage to keep Rhodes , but can't see it if prem comes calling. Hopefully you get some decent money for him
Palace fanatic


22 Jun 2012 15:08:27
Seen Andy Taylor and Anthony Kay at tranmere while there today. swa(8)(5)I hope kay was there anywhere as long as hes not at huddersfield next season {Ed003's Note - ouch}


22 Jun 2012 14:53:24
Gary jones rochdales captain signs for bradford city. A good strong midfielder just what we need to get out of this league...
source.......bradford city official website and local paper telegraph & argus(12)(2)


22 Jun 2012 14:48:07
New West Brom manager, Steve Clarke, has earmarked Aldo Angoula, of Evian, as a new signing in order to tighten up the defence. Clarke suggested Angoula to Dalglish in January, but Liverpool decided against making an offer.(4)(2)Only if Olsson leaves and then he'd only be a squad player, albion rumours saying if Olsson goes they will move for dann and an NEC player (forgot his name)


22 Jun 2012 14:43:14
Huddersfield Town have agreed a fee with Crystal Palace of around 400k for Sean Scannell. The player and dean hoyle have also agreed on the contract negotiations and he is now just having his medical. Scannell is set to be announced as a new Huddersfield Town player between today and monday.(15)(5)Source??Its on htfc website and in hudds examiner,good player still young but never seems to have lived up to hype!This must signify Rhodes is on the way out!It could mean Allen lee is on the way out. I've herd he's stalling on a new contract.How do you get that one^^^^ hes a winger^ no he's not a wingerIt's official, scannell to hudds for 400k 3 year deal xWhy would it mean Rhodes out? We currently have only 3 senior strikers(Rhodes,Novak+Lee).Is it not just increasing depth of squad?Mark.It doesn't signify Rhodes is on his way out as Scannell is a winger and plays off the front man. He's not an out and out striker hence his poor goal stats! Lets give the lad a chanceGood luck Scannell- Palace fan. Hasn't been getting into our starting line up of late. He's a winger just to point out, plays on the left though can play as striker. Believe we are getting more than 400k for him though, heard it was more like 1-2 million?Allen lee is a striker but he has played on the wing under lee clarks barmy tactics.^^^^ in what realm has Alan Lee ever played on the wing for town ??!!Don't think ya ever gonna get 1-2M for a player that has scored ONLY 13 goals in 141 apps, shockingIn the play off final against Peterborough, he came on as a sub and went on the wing, just saying.He is more like a replacement for gary roberts or possibly alan lee if he leavesYou must have had a few too many ales mate Alan Lee weren't on the wing in the Po final he was up front with Rhodes after Afibe went off


22 Jun 2012 14:43:04
Huddersfield set to offer trial to ex sheff wed player Chris Sedgwick.(7)(13)


22 Jun 2012 14:33:10
Shrewsbury hopefull of signing Luke Summerfeild in the next few days, the Shrews are also considering moves for experiened former striker Jamie Cureton or Liam Dickinson whos Southend contract has run out.
Shrewsbury are also monitoring Torquays Mark Ellis but Crewe are likely to draw him in(0)(6)Lets hope non of these players join our club?Wouldnt mind Summerfeild and Ellis.Please not cureton he could'nt hit a barn door with a banjoI'd take Summerfield and Ellis. Cureton and Dickinson are awful. Don't think Ellis will move and Summerfield is 80% sure to.I would have paid someone to take Dickinson when he was here. I celebrated when I found out he turned down a new contract because he reckons himself and wanted more money. He is an awful player.Cureton is blue square standardIf Dickinson took all his chances we wouldnt definitely be in league one! Welcome to him


22 Jun 2012 14:21:52
Swindon LB calum kennedy has completed move to Scunthorpe United. The Iron are also interested in the free transfers of Mike Grella and nathan clarke.(3)(2)


22 Jun 2012 14:18:46
latest news coming from turf is that
burnley have had a offer accepted
for Kyle Lafferty, but there not
confirming anything yet, been told
that were also in talks with Derby
about Jason Shackell(1)(10)In talks? Check bbc sport. 4 bids REJECTED!Please, please please stop rehashing this old rumour, Shackell will leave if the asking price of 4 million is paid, derby dont want to let him go, he doesnt want to leave & it would leave derby very shoer at center half as barker out all of next season, so just stop its dull nowYour not getting shackell, stop posting these lies!Derby have rejected 4 bids from 3 teams.Burnley,Cardiff and Leicester!!4 million for shackell ? not worth anything near thatWe're not saying shack's worth 4 million - thats a figure thats been put out there to stop interest from other clubsNo he's not thats the point pay majorly over the odds, or u dont sign him, simple as thatTo my fellow clarets STOP posting bout shackell . its getting old now .Lafferty isn't welcome and shackell isn't coming.


22 Jun 2012 13:54:28
zoko will sign for preston, allong with ecclestone. just watch this happen in the next week and few days. put your bets on now that north end will be promoted come july/May. got a better team then anyone in league 1 at the moment. seriously look at the squad on wiki and tell me who is a poor player(3)(13)Quite a lot of them are poor players!I think that the league 2 promotees will cause problems but i agree looking at the squad pne could finish at best play offsAndy Procteras a pne fan i dnt think zoko would come to pne would be good if he did shame it wont happen ,Deluded.Distinctly average with a manager who thinks football is played in the sky, aka hoofball. Over confidence springs to mind.Remember Leicester!Come on lad. I'm a North End fan and that's just asking to be ripped apart. We're on a board with tones of Premiership and Championship fans. To them all of our players are st and how can you argue with that? If we went into a Championship season with the squad as it is now we'd get tonked.Yea you have a great squad of free agents who weren't good enough for there previous team or old players coming to the end of their careers.Zoko will go to huddersfield or sheffield wednesday (probably huddersfield). but i still agree that we will be promoted by may Come on you Lilywhites! We'll see zoko on pitch against us in august!Yeah u got some good lg1 players but think sheff utd,mk dons will be above you,then swindon making good signings trust me its a hard lge to get out off trust me
terrier 85Zoko's not coming to town
terrier 85Preston do not play long ball under westley so if u care to watch pne then u would see we play football on the floorAndy procter!!!!!!Zoko has signed for pneThe players have to gel first and no players really premeirship quality all league one players. Preston already laying staff off from the club so admin soon with Ridsdale in charge.Team full of league 2 players i reckonIf you play football on the play it really finish 15th and only 2 wins tells me your manager doesnt know what he's doing....bringing in lower league players and free's can only make it worse.I don't care about Zoko going to pne, yea he ripped us apart last season but he didn't do it often in the league, Eccleston would be better in my mind from Liverpool, him n Amoo linking up down wing n up front only has one result n that a goal especially with humey up front aswell or just sat behind themA ball hasn't been kicked yet and preston fans already saying that there going to get promotion haha i remember all this hype last season with leicester and look what happened to themOh my days it think its agood teamjAll players have to sart somewherePne have signed twelve new players and are hoping to sign more, these won't be till 1st July at the earliest. We need to get rid of a few to finance these deals. It will obviously take a while for the new players to settle down and gell together, but i'm hope ful of at least of a top 6 finishWestley has significantly improved the squad. Every free signing was offered an improved contract at their previous clubs, most were their clubs captains / best players so anyone saying we have signed rejects are stupid and dont even know what they are talking about. Up the Whites


22 Jun 2012 13:16:36
whittingham to sign for leeds 1st july its a done deal warnock keeping signings low key and no takeover has been announced as bates doesnt want other clubs knowing they have money as prices will be raised for transfer fee and wages(9)(22)Well I hope they have 4-5 million to spend
but Im sure whitts would rather be a premier player as west brom are showing an interest !Well if other clubs view this site youve cocked up mateLoad of bull , bates has money but leeds wont get any of itIf Leeds have been taken over I'd have thought it has nothing to do with Bates! If it he wouldn't pay the £400,000 for Joel Ward and I think you'd need to stick another zero on the end of that for Whittingham!They aint got that much money thats for sure. Unless Mr Ridsdale is back in charge.Whittingham in love with the Championship is he?

Interest from the Premiership-you work it out!Sorry deluded Leeds fans But in answer to this rumour ask martin fowlers mate in eastenders " asif "Wide of the mark my friend, Leeds will not spend that much on one player and the takeover is just a Bates smokescreen to hide another inactive transfer window.Are you trying out for a role in comedy?, because making statements like that are certainly going to make people chuckle. My guess is Bates will sell Snodgrass, McCormack and a couple of others before season starts, but will delay it as long as possible to try and drive up prices and also to try and get as many season tickets sold first....Who, Guy Whittingham?No reason why not, interesting to see so many cardiff fans making negative comments,and if he wants prem football then he will get it with leeds next seasonThat last post is twaddle-on previous performance and current squad he would be much better off staying at Cardiff! But then again, perhaps he is being signed to feed the flamingos!


22 Jun 2012 13:29:50
Steven Davis could be heading to Southampton for £2m and Anders Svensson wants to return to the club(18)(8)Svensson said he wanted to return AS A JOKE. The Sun took it seriously because it's what they do. {Ed025's Note - there is no bigger joke, than the sun..Both too good for a club like you. if elfsborg feel sorry for you you may get svensson on loanHow is a player too good for you when you had him in your prime? Davis would be a great coupDon't know much about Davis but surely
we've got to be looking at better than
Svensson,hope this is just a silly rumour.He may be 35 but he still looks like a good midfielder and i dont know how him and steven davis are too good for our team obliviously another bitter portsmouth fan lolSvensson is a 3 agent as his contract has expired at elfsborg, and i think he would add a wealth of experience to the midfield, we need a midfielder of hiss class, just look at scholes etc,Yeah,but Svensson aint Scholes,not by a Southampton or country mile.He's a 3 agent is he?? Think you mean free agent!!


22 Jun 2012 13:29:05
Oldham winger Filipe Morais has had talks at Elland Road and could be Leeds' next signing.

Leeds also keen on Luca Scapuzzi, released by Man City.(4)(8)Lmao, Morais at Leeds? No chance he's bottom half of League One that's it. Thinks he's better than he isAnd the prize for the best made up rumour of the day goes to........Morais has just been on his holidays and today was talking to Dickov. More deluded rumours, please get some good info rather than saying anything.If Morais signs for Leeds i'll run around BP first game of the season naked.


22 Jun 2012 13:28:49
Afc Bournemouth are giving former arsenal left back Thomas cruise a trail with a view a signing(12)(4)Thomas cruise has good pedigree 6' defender, does anyone know if he is a left back/central ? still only 21 and product of arsenal youth and has played a full game for arsenal seniorsHe was a left back at Arsenal.Havent seen this mentioned apart from on here where did you see itI think he has been released by arsenal so he is a free agent


22 Jun 2012 13:27:15
to person who said Alan Smith had been spotted at meadow lane - he's still on holiday, Karl Robinson said he'd not spoken to him for 3wks as Smith was in America and that was just days ago in MK papers. Hmm(8)(5)He meant Alan Smith from Sky sports, ex gunner.The only lane Alan Smith belongs in is Memory Lane - well past it as last season showed.


22 Jun 2012 13:25:56
Oxford are set to hand a 1 year contract to Rochdale captain Gary Jones. The 35 year old is being linked after he confirmed he was leaving.

He is expected to play in a midfield 3 of

Jones(4)(18)Wrong! he gone to Bradford!SIGNED 2YR DEAL AT BRADFORD .Off to BradfordThank god , needs a zimerframeJust signed for Bradford on 1 year dealWrong joined my club bradfordHe's signed for Bradford.......!!WRONG Gary Jones has already joined bradfordHe has just signed for Bradford on a 1 year dealJones has gone to bradfordToo Late - Bradford City FCI very much doubt that as he has already signed for BradfordWrong Again, joined Bradford!!Oxford miss out again! Or no!Has he gone to Bradford?Has Gary jones signed for Bradford by any chance?No! Has he really?


22 Jun 2012 13:08:59
Brentford are intrested in Oxford midfielder Adam Chapman(6)(8)Arre they willing to pay?


22 Jun 2012 12:55:11
yeovil to sign rochdale captin gary jones on a 1 year deal following his decision to leave rochdale at the end of the month(2)(15)Hes signed for bradford cityNope, hes signed for Bradford today


22 Jun 2012 12:47:49
Southend united linked with wolves striker Jake Cassidy, who was on loan at Tranmere last season, and Fulham's Marcello Trotta, who was at Wycmbe, the club can only afford one of the two' wages for a loan. sources: club insider(6)(5)Jake Cassidy is a good finisher - bit raw otherwise though.Agree with above, but should be decent for league 2, if we get himI would love to get trotta!Cassidy won't be going out on loan next season, wolves were impressed by his form at tranmere and will be pushing for a first team spotJake too good for League 1 ideal for Championship for one year with Wolves.


22 Jun 2012 13:00:10
Michael chopra to join Portsmouth(4)(34)Have they suddenly got some money then?HAHA what a joke!Wot they paying him in fish and chipsDont put your shirt on it.This week, administration. Next week, liquidation.
Only signing for Pompey, will be down the job centre!Buying him with Chocolate buttons are they?


22 Jun 2012 12:34:01
Crystal Palace are looking at the signing of Marton Fulop from WBA on a free.(5)(12)Proves the difference between Brighton and palace now reallyWhy would we sign a keeper?.....We have Speroni and Price,Plus to highly rated england youth international Goalkeepers in the academy! As for Brighton.....Dont make me laugh!


22 Jun 2012 12:43:03
Sean Scannell defo going to Huddersfield. very reliable source & reported in South London Press.(19)(7)Apparently in advanced talks towns ceo cancelled a q and a session couple of nights ago maybe in talks with him ?Apparently Huddersfield are looking at Scott Dobbie. I have heard this from a source that works for a partner company of Town, but is often creative when it comes to supposed transfers.No disrespect but not in the same league as Simeon Jackson has town have been linked with him as well. We need better players than that if we r to stay up never mind compete in top half if table. JohnWe were never officially linked with jackson, its just a name that got branded about and was never going to happen. also the main aim of this season is to consolidate not to be pushing for top half places and play offs, we are aiming to give the current crop experience for the time being and taking things as they come


22 Jun 2012 12:41:41
According to reports in London Sean Scannell is set to sign for Huddersfield.(16)(5)


22 Jun 2012 12:15:33
QPR have had a bid accepted for Jordan Rhodes, Currently Undergoing personal negotiations(16)(39)Jordan is going to Reading. Fee agreed and he is having a medical there soon. Sorry QPR and FulhamHow weird there must be two Jordan Rhodes cos at present he's at Reading in talks about a move theirHe's going to Reading according to this page or is he that good he can play for two clubs at once!!Any confirmation eds? {Ed025's Note - no..Really?Rhodes to Reading is not a done deal like many Reading fans believe, other clubs are after him. Dont get ahead of yourselvesTotal BS no truth in this he's looking like another Reading signingWell i've gone from rhodes wont be leaving at all to sadly saying if he does then it actually looks like reading will get him but not for anything near the low prices quotedNot true QPR are not in for Jordan Rhodes, just signed Andrew Johnson which makes about 8 forwards in the squad, there after a center backReading can have Jordan would much rather have djbril cisse any day bargain at 4 million !QPR Are in for Chris Samba


22 Jun 2012 12:14:50
West ham to turn attentions from Grant Holt
to Yannick Sagbo after Norwich price
Holt out of a deal. £6m+ is what
Norwich are asking which Hammers are
unwilling to pay. Sagbo has been on
Sam Allardyce's radar for sometime, a player
with lots of pace and an eye for goal.
West ham also expected to complete
signing of Elia and Castagnios this
weekend(10)(17)Do West Ham only want to sign strikersCant see any of this happeningWhere is this from? Source...West Ham will be relegated no matter how much cash they splash around. Alladyce 'long ball' has been found out in the top division. Pretty football is the new language of the premier league. All 3 teams that went down play similar footy to West Ham. Stoke will be found out too.


22 Jun 2012 12:13:28
Lion's top scorer Darius Henderson is a target for Championship rivals Brighton.

It is understood that Henderson's representatives have already held discussions with the south coast club, however talks are only at a very early stage as any prospective move would be dependant on the result of the striker's court case for causing grievously body harm without content and could take months for any move to be finalised.

Henderson's off-field problems have put a strain on his relationship with the lions and it's understood boss Kenny Jackett is prepared to sell him if the price is right.

Cardiff City, Wolves and Sheffield Wednesday are also interested in the 30 year old who scored 19 goals in 34 appearances last season.(8)(10)A GOOD PLAYER WHEN FIT!Malkey said he does not want anybody who could be bad for moral or cause problems. I agree a good player but does have his problemsNo thanks, no better than Hoskins or Vokes, not what we need.Henderson......surely we are aiming a bit higher than that. Not fit to grace our team I'm afraid.


22 Jun 2012 12:04:19
walsall are set to sign young wolves defender michael ihiekwe on a season-long loan(7)(3)


22 Jun 2012 12:01:05
Afc Bournemouth are in the hunt to sigh ex loan player Luke Summerfield from cheltenham for £300k(7)(8)Summerfield is not contracted to cheltenham as he was only on a one year deal which expired at the end of the last season-there would be no transfer fee.HAA Hillarious, seeing as he isnt contracted to Cheltenham, he is a FREE AGENT!Would very much like to see him at Dean Court along with a decent full back and centre backI remember him as a teenager and seems to have had good season at cheltenham but won't sigh new contract until he has chance of playing at higher level. being 24 years old midfielder, like our pugh waiting accepting new contract. I think £300k sounds steepNo thanks hes rubbish we can do betterBournemouth aren't good enough.


22 Jun 2012 11:49:58
Barnsley set to sign M.Crainie from the relegated Coventry city, the transfer will be between 600-750k. The 24 year old wishes to stay in the championship after a poor season at the below decent performance of the Sky Blues last season.
Another likely dispatch from Coventry is 19 year old A.Nimely, an impressive couple of performances has raised a few eye brows of some Championship clubs (Bristol City, Hull City, Millwall). No price yet set but i would think 900k would be reasonable.

We all know it is going to be difficult for Portsmouth to hold on the their players, on his way out for pompy is J.Ward, set to sign for Watford or Derby (most likley) price range around 800k (depending on contract). Teams are flooding in to sign E.Huseklepp, would imagine on high price range.
K.Etuhu was also hard to hold onto but Barnsley have made the signing of him along with A.Mido to accompany him.

On the subject of Barnsley (THE SPOTLIGHT TEAM AT THE MOMENT) , Kieth Hill (Manager) said this week that M.Fryatt of Hull City is an almost done deal, unfortunately no info on price range (Cant imagine a high demand would be wanted).
Barnsley could also be without a chairman going into the new season, Patrick Kryne due in court for money tampering, this could see the sale of Barnsley Football Club, worthy investment for any chairman.

M.Owen set to sign for Blackpool or Stoke, after his spell with the red devils he wants to now be back in the spot light and scoring goals, personally i think Blackpool would be more up his street.
Speaking of Blackpool, 18 year old T.Ince looks to be loaned out locally this season to gain experience (especially if the signing of Owen goes ahead). Im no geography expert but teams may include Leeds, Sheffield clubs, Barnsley, Hudd, Docaster, Rotherham.

This has been Allen's Pundit of the week, will keep you posted on anymore info guys :) live long and prosper(2)(33)Blackpool are renowned for paying 2 bob and a conker a week... No way They can afford Owen.Alex Nimley is a Manchester City player, Joel Ward signed for Palace weeks ago. Never would Fryatt sign for Barnsley!! Nor would Blackpool loan out Thomas Ince...... What a waste of timeWard left for palace ages ago? Get your story straightErmmm, Tom Ince is 20, do your research before posting bullst.Such an awful post! Joel ward has gone to palace, I'm fairly sure nimely is a man city player and there is no way m fryatt would go to Barnsley or m Owen to Blackpool! Tom ince rumour is equally laughableCranie leaving for 600-750k? His contract is up and would go on a free.Why would we loan out one of the first named on our team sheet in tom ince? We did it with matty Phillips but he needed a confidence boost, can't see ince doing the same though. Hope what you say about Owen is true, but I could see wages being a problem.Tom Ince started for Blackpool for most of last season so there is no need to loan especially to worse teams. As for Michael Owen, Blackpool would probably not be willing to pay his wage demandsA. Nimely isn't a Coventry player, he was on loan from Manchester City.That's funny Keith Dawe is on holidayWhy on earth would Blackpool loan Ince out? He's been amazing for them this season and Prem teams want to buy him.I think that Man City will be a bit miffed if Cov sell Alex Nimely, seeing as he's only been on loan at the Ricoh - still, times are hard, and if Cov think they can sneak this under the noses of the moneybags at the Etihad, fair play to them.Your in dream world if you think fryatt would sign for the dingles you haven't got the money.Are you for real mate? Can you substantiate any of this because it seems utter speculation/bullWhat are you on about, nimely plays for man city!! Stick to the day job, clown!Yes because Blackpool are gonna loan out 1 of there best players to a lower league side when there is premiership interest in him and after scoring in the play off final please think u shud look up these things before u post and change ur name to billy bullstWhy would Matty fryatt leave a playoff contender team (hull city) and join a relegation contender team (Barnsley). Anyway he's too good for Barnsley.Must be crazy if you think we would loan out Ince,especially to another Champs. clubPundit of the week? How many J Ward's do Portsmouth have or are they so hard up they are selling the same player twice? The one I know signed for Palace weeks agoWhat a load of complete rubbishNimley was on loan from man city last yearWho writes this utter drivel. Barnsley are in the market for a new central defender and a goalkeeper and that's it. also patrick cryne was vindicated a month ago so the club is not for saleJoel Ward Has Already Signed For PalaceNimely was only on loan at Coventry from Man City, he's a young player with lots of potential so I can't imagine they would sell him yet, more likely that he will go out on loan again for the season to gain more experience.

There's not a cat in hell's chance that Blackpool will be competing for Michael Owen's signature. He'll be looking to pick up wages upwards of £80k per week and Blackpool's salary cap last season was £10k.

There's also no chance Blackpool would consider loaning out Thomas Ince, he was one of their best players last season and looks very comfortable playing in the Championship at this stage of his career. Even it was true, the Club's you claim would be interested are all from Yorkshire whereas Blackpool is a Lancastrian town.The same a.nimley that doesnt even play for coventry as he was on loan last year.....????I dont want kennySorry to be so blunt but what absolute tripe! Thomas Ince has played a major part at Blackpool this year so is going nowhere whilst Alex Nimely was on loan to Coventry from Man City so Cov can't sell him!This is awkard seeing as Joel Ward has been a crystal palace player for around 3 weeksNot taking any notice of allens pundit of the week ever again all this is rubbish. j.ward signed a 4 year deal at crystal palace around a month ago. Owen said he is not going championship himself. why would Blackpool let one of their best players go on loan to the same division ?Total delusion. Barnsley have no money (nowhere near enough for fryatt). Spotlight team!? Only as favourites for relegation!M owen will go to stoke 20 YEAR Old ince is a first team playerNimely is a man city player he was oly at Coventry on loanBest place for owen is the knackers yard,he is well past his sell by date,might help club shop i suppose.Loan Tom Ince out ?? Total load of crap, don't pluck names out of the air without checking stuff first. He was one of our best players last year. Wouldn't let him go for less than $3 mill.Dont think that barnsley will sign matty fryatt, sure you're not thinking of marco futacs?Congratulations, you now officially have the worst post this year !! Utter utter rubbish !!Not that fussed about Matty Fryatt, but it suits Barnsley to stay under the radar - Barnsley were 7th at Christmas and then lost Vaz Te to West Ham, Butterfield & O'Brien to injury & Man Utd sold Drinkwater to Leicester. Vaz Te now replaced by Etuhu, Mido. O'Brien fit and signed new contract, Butterfield fit and if he signs a new deal, plus further additions to come, I for one would have a little bet that Barnsley will finish higher than Hull City this season.Would love rotherham to get ince on loan but won't happen and since when did barnsley have 600k and joel ward has gone to ipswich"Why would Matty fryatt leave a playoff contender team (hull city) and join a relegation contender team (Barnsley). Anyway he's too good for Barnsley."

I'm sorry but who have Hull City signed? Exactly. No one. On the other hand Barnsley have Mido. MIIIIIIIDOOOOOOOO!!Why is there about 30 paragraphs above that have absolutely nothing to do with stoke on a stoke page. So please Mr moderator while you check this out for rude words please take it on board.... {Ed003's Note - 4th paragraph mentions Stoke,are you just trying to find faults when there aren't any? chill out!!!!!}Who have hull signed? Its only july mate, oh mido a very consistent performer, he must have been very desperate.What a load of RUBBISH!!!
Alex Nimely is a Manchester City player NOT Coventry!
Is sold to anyone any money received would go to Manchester City.Butterfield and Mido are on 8k, but what can I say, we can at least manage our finances and not go into administration, most teams now a days have tons of debt, we don't have any.Well we've brought in Steve Bruce as our manager and have almost signed Heskey. We're rumoured to be looking at Wickham, Powell and Craig Gordon. Although Gordon definitely won't come. By the way, if Mido was any good, he certainly wouldn't be signing for Barnsley at the age of 29Fryatt is worth over £2m and I doubt you even have half that to spend.It's no good being 7th at Christmas it's were you finish at the end of the season and hull city were around 10-14 places higher then Barnsley. Also hull city are debt free thanks to our new owners who have promised to give Steve Bruce money to buy players.It's no good being 7th at Christmas it's were you finish at the end of the season and hull city were around 10-14 places higher then Barnsley.Hull city dont have alot of money to spend either thats why barmby was sacked because of remarks he made in public about it, steve bruce as to sell first before he can bring players in perhaps thats why they could be selling the likes of matty fryatt + other stars so you might not hull city play off contendersIm a watford fan and in my opinion this a brilliant signing, was one of our best players when on loan to watford under malky, obviously the start of your 100m investment which your crazy owner is apparently suggested.Hull City are not selling any of their first choice players, Michael Keane and Ryan Tunnicliffe are coming on loan from Man United and possibly Heskey, along with two keepers and a couple of wingers/strikers. Barnsley won't get anywhere near Hull City this season. Mido ffs!Barmby was sacked for saying we didnt have money when the owners had said he could sign a top striker on big wages aqnd we wouldnt have got steve bruce as manager without the promise of a decent budget. So we do have the money, just barmby chose not to spend it.Heskey wot a super goal scoring machine he is.....And as 4 bruce over rated


22 Jun 2012 11:48:54
Just spotted Ade Akinbiyi with Bristol City chairman Keith Dawe, going into Ashton Gate. Heard a whisper last week that City are looking for a player/coach to help the stuttering strikers in South Bristol.(6)(16)Akinbiyi is now a player agent, so more likely its about one of his clientsJamie Cureton also tipped for this roleAnd colin crambSorry guys its kevin philip on a 1 year playing deal and then on to a coaching role i work a the gate


22 Jun 2012 11:47:26
wolves today have signed two players

frank Nouble free agent

Jamie Tank 20k walsall(21)(3).....and the Championship shudders at Wolves' Galactico-studded line-up (and I'm a Wolves fan).Two good young signingsIf I was a Wolves fan I'd be pretty cheesed off at the signing of Nouble!Hate to be a pain in the ass but its £30,000, not 20 ;)
oh and why would we be cheesed off? not like we have paid anything for him :/
hes tall, strong, fast, similar to iwelumo (apart from the pace) who helped us achieve promotion last time round.


22 Jun 2012 11:44:10
Reading looking to bring in Jamie O'Hara from Wolves(10)(20)Then he can get his hat trick of being relagatedYou don't want him - the one player we (Wolves) would be desperate to keep is Roger Johnson - he has been brilliant for us - reminds me of Lucio at his best - please, please don't sign our Rog.I hope not and im not so sure if he would fit inLoad of rubbish you've recycled, nice try thoughThen he can get his hat trick of being relagated

Is there just one bitter fan out there who posts these Ed? {Ed001's Note - no, there's a couple of them.}Reading wil stay up


22 Jun 2012 11:43:03
Paddy Kenny and Tommy Smith will sign for Leeds Utd(20)(15)Kenny maybe, Smith no chance.


22 Jun 2012 11:42:02
Blackpool also trying to persuade DJ Campbell to return to Bloomfield Road(17)(7)Dont bother we were not good enough last time ,gread got the better for him along with the other 2.were are they know haaI think he would go back, QPR give him nothingShould read....Blackpool also trying to persuade DJ Campbell to return to Bloomfield Road and pick up the stuff he left in his lockerHope soGoing to Leeds my friend.More like DJ Campbell is trying to persuade Blackpool to let him re-join.


22 Jun 2012 11:40:08
Bristol Rovers Goalkeeper Scott Bevan is a transfer target for Millwall and Southend, but the stumbling block is the fee. Rovers want 350k.(8)(9)I doubt they want that muchI do not believe this one bitWe wouldn't let him go for less than 1 million.Shore thats not £3.50pBelieve me, millwall do have enough money, were one of the richest clubs in the championship but we use our money smartly. Dont really want CMS though, got Keogh and possibly getting Kane back.


22 Jun 2012 11:37:35
Byron Anthony is considering offers from Exeter and Torquay United(8)(5)Well on his previous form he can stay without a club, why would torquay want this injury prone player!Byron has never been injury prone! Mistake prone YES injury prone NO!


22 Jun 2012 11:34:02
Oxford and Gillingham have both missed out on striker Framk Nouble , who is to join Wolves. There is still a possibility than Nouble could join either on loan.(4)(11)


22 Jun 2012 11:28:19
To all burnley fans on here . Please stop the big money rumours we are looking at free transfers on small wages . Yes we will spend a very small proportion of the roggy money . Eddie feels he is trying to run a club with both hands tied behind his back . Believe me or not its up to you . I can't disclose who I am but I am closely involved(13)(18)Thihk ull find its jay rod,not roddy you twitGet someone like Francis zoko from Carlisle and also Paul Taylor from Peterborough low wage and Paul is free and zoko won't be much If your so close to Eddie tell him my opoins and everybody elsesI agree with the top post !Obviously!! "roggy" ?? Who's roggy?You can't be that well involved. I've never heard any burnley fan call him roggyAt last a true believer, Burnley will not spend all the Jay Rod cash on other players.I agree with the 3rd one down great saying are you gOing to do it the guy who thinks he's close to eddieThink you will find burnley players called jay .roggyI hope those players are defenders LOLHe does have the nickname roggy ok , it's not just him it's his cousins aswel there all nicknamed roggy !! His dad was also nicknamed roggy when he was a young player ! {Ed003's Note - Imaginative bunch}Players called him "RODDY" Its the fans that called him "JAY ROD". Not hard is it!!!!!!Paul Taylor is not a free!! still under contract.....he has been put on transfer listDuh? Roggy might as well be Delilah if it's meant to be Roddy


22 Jun 2012 11:27:21
yeovil looking to sign stoke city goalkeeper carlo nash on loan, nash is desprate for a 1st team slot and is considering going out on loan. has fallen behind begovic and sorenson at stoke and has not played a leauge match since 2008(11)(2)Nash is out of contract at Stoke so a loan option isnt viableHe hasn't fallen behind begovic and sorenson as he has brought in as a 3rd place keeper.


22 Jun 2012 11:26:27
Daily mail n sky sports news
Reading to beat fulham again and sign Jordan Rhodes. Clubs agree fee talks and medical to follow. Think before you send silly replies Huddersfield fans
Because this is now happening.
No big club little club. Because that can only mean. Reading fc are a very big club financially. And I'm afraid money does talk ( right ED ) ? {Ed025's Note - your right does..(7)(23)QPR fans think he is going to them as well. Are you sure about this?How much is the fee then?Why would Reading sign another striker when they have already got Noel Hunt and signed PogrebnyakTrue he's at the Madejski now agreeing terms.Yep-that's why he is going to sign for QPR!

Who will you blame this time for messing up an agreed deal?What no hudders fan screaming? maybe it's finally sunk in that Reading will sign him.Reading are not a really big club! Rhodes deal isnt done.Ok, so it says on skysports and daily mail? Where's your proof! Checked both and nothing there about Rhodes! Also if it had happened it would be on official website! DBNot exactly sending silly replies because you're the one posting rumours that aren't true!Dont get all these deluded premier league fans such as reading we dont need to sell anyone if rhodes leaves its because our chairman wants to make a profit on a player only proven in league 1I know one thing for sure Reading will be relegated this season!Swap deal?Nothing at all has being said on skysports about rhodes going anywhere dont know about daily fail thoughBecuase Roberts is too old to play all the time, Le Fondre is best off the bench, Hunt, although a great player, doesn't score enough and Church is useless so we need anothe one to have four/five strikers to play a part.Also Le Fondre!Before the takeover I would have said god yes to this deal but seeing as we r signing Pogrebnyak I don't think Rhodes is neededCan never have enough strikers, specialized position. Plus Rhodes is definitely one for the future tooBecause church and Bignall are leaving to make space.Why would Reading sign another striker when they have already got Noel Hunt and signed Pogrebnyak

'cause it's generally good to have more than a couple of options up frontPogrebnyak signed by Royals, making Rhodes fee unworkable. Scannell, Clayton and McCormack to sign for the Terriers.This rumour picking up some serious pace now,no fees been mentioned but also this did happen in january so not guaranteed.
I'd take/want le fondre +morrison plus and 6 m( don't forget he's worth more to us if he bangs in the goals in championship+ dont need to sell )
terrier85Because we need to improve our goal scoring record.. although we won the Championship, that was from great defensive play, not attackingWhere does it say in either the Mail or on Sky sports that the clubs have agreed a feeIf Rhodes does leave town I really hope he proves he can cut it at the top level. He really is a machine in the 18 yard box. He would go with my best wishes but saying that I really don't want him to leave.Because noel hunt is awfulPlus Norwich have aparantly signed him this week god he has his work cut out this seassonHudds fan here. Reading is a smashing club and one that is clearly on the up. I hope they do well. The Rhodes to Reading deal IS likely despite interest from West Ham and Fulham, reason being is that Reading have players we want in Morrison and there's the potential that Le Fondre and/or Antonio may also be included. Total deal will be around 5.7m..^^True,is there not a rule on how many teams you can play for in 1 season,or is it like a time share!Mark.Terrier85

Please tell me your joking?I hope we don't get rhodes. He isn't quick enough for the plHuddersfield can have Sean Morrison and Simon Church if they want. I'll even drive them up myself without petrol moneyWhy is everyone commenting about Rhodes being unproven in the premiership? Bear closely in mind that Brian Mcdermott was the man behind scouting Kevin Doyle from tiny Irish divison club Cork City for a fee of only £78,000, and in his debut season in the premier league came 6th on the Top Scorers list and was nominated though beaten to a PFA Young Player of the Year award by Cesc Febregas.
I have absolute faith in McDermotts ability to spot potential.


22 Jun 2012 11:16:18
Oxford United linked with Stevenage
midfielder Lawrie Wilson for 50k.(7)(13)AHA!!! Good one lolLOL. Lawries worth 10 times as much as that.LOL. Not for that price.Doubt it, unless u double it. But stevenage Dnt need to sell unless they have to50k ahaha LOL


22 Jun 2012 11:03:17
Huddersfield Town continue to be linked with Jay Bothroyd as he is surplus to requirements at QPR.(5)(19)We wouldn't pay the wage he is on at qpr. Quality player for the championship tho!


22 Jun 2012 10:51:17
Watford either will be or won't be taken over by the Pozzo family.

Watford ITK. It's never boring LOL. {Ed025's Note - taking a chance there mate..(9)(1)Pozzo takeover of Watford is now dead in the water according to a statement by Watford chairman Laurence BassiniFew days ago, "I'm not selling". - Later that day he confirms that he is selling and a deal has been agreed in principle.
Today, "Deal is off, they don't have the money". Right.... the owners of Udinese and Granada + partners don't have the money to buy Watford? Bassini is a joke.


22 Jun 2012 10:48:31
Town set to sign McCormack from Leeds !(15)(14)Which town?
who posts these rumours?
say which team!!!!Which Town?Hope so, aint good enough for leedsHuddersfield townMoon made of cheese - official, just as likely to be a headline as your McCormack nonsence.


22 Jun 2012 10:40:17
Brentford Deals happening this week
Sam Wood to Wycombe
Shay Logan to sign up to another year
at Griffin Park
Oliver Risser will become Brentford's
1st Namibian player when he signs
from Swindon (CB + CM)
Scott Robertson from Dundee
Adam Blakeman LB from Bolton 1 year
finally the striker BFC have been
waiting for for years will be
Richie Towell - released from Celtic(2)(8)Most of what you say makes sense except Towell is not a striker.Towells a steal another good kid celtic have lost like, Paul Caddis,Simon Ferry,Ross Wallace,Paul Mcgowan,Charlie Mulgrew.What about Risse, Painter, Ribiero and Bidwell??Richie Towell isn't a forward.Richie Towell Is a RBYou are all wrong, richie towell is a cm! and celtic did not lose mulgrew?Well we won't be signing Adam Blakeman nor Richie Towell. We will also not be signing Oliver Risser. Sam Wood is also not our player so that isn't classed as our deal.
A bit of advice, talk some sense and tell the truth if your going to suggest rumours.Di Canio will probably keep Risser as he can provide cover for midfield and defence.Not richie towell were going to sign jonathan franks from oxfordWe aren't even talking to Jonathan Franks so thats a no aswell. At least make it realistic if your going to speculate!


22 Jun 2012 10:36:25
Shaun Scannell will sign for Huddersfield within the next couple of days from Crystal Palace(16)(6)Your quick of the mark ain't ya!? And it's Sean not ShaunNo disrespect to the lad but 130 appearances with a yield of 12 goals,not the kind of quality signings i was expecting,saying that rhodes was under the radar before his move to the might hudd! UP THE TOWNGood for both parties, he hasn't been great for us. I don't rate him that highly myself and he hasn't really got into the first-team of late. Heard were going to get 1-2 million for him which would be nice to re-invest into a replacement. - Palace FanProbably because he spent a majority of career playing wide, who said he is going to play up front, young pacey and could be a really goood signingHe's signed for 400k... Not quite the 1/2M you were after, unluckyI love how so many people know all the inside information......What part of undisclosed do people NOT understand? I would be very suprised that the figure of £400,000 that you are all talking about is actually less than what add on's in the deal are never mind the actuall fee!Chairman has confirmed that it is undisclosed for a reason,But did confirm that it is alot more than £400,000!


22 Jun 2012 10:33:58
Anders Svensson is keen to return to Southampton & are hoping to get Steven Davis from Rangers in a cut price £2m deal(9)(14)Yes because if it's in the sun it must be trueAnders on his day was quality! Would be great cover for Lallana who is likely to spend at least a month on the sidelines with an injury. Maybe 35 but quality never fadesNobody seems to have heard of HUMOUR here as Svensson was clearly joking when he said he was thinking of coming back to St MarysWell he is a free agent, and would be a good wealth of experience to the squad as he is still an internationalNo he wasnt Anders was rubbish at Saints...terrible!You have a short memory saying anders was terrible...he didnt get the goals he deserved and he was pushed out wide alot when he was better in the middle. he had alot of ability on the ball


22 Jun 2012 10:31:31
Charlton will attempt to sign Stephen dobbie but will find it hard due to celtics interest(6)(12)No thanks!Not a chance, I think he will end up at BlackpoolYou can have him we dont wont himI wouldn't even want him back at Hibs... plus he is a Rangers fan...Hibs can't even afford him


22 Jun 2012 10:19:48
Luton thinking about purchasing Robin Shroot of Stevenage as he is badly wanting first team football and Luton are lacking attacking flair in the middle of the park.

DD.(9)(3)Doubt it, shroot a first team regular


22 Jun 2012 10:15:54
Brighton striker Craig Makail-Smith is a suprise target for Millwall.(15)(19)Yeah, great rumour lol. Completely convincingJust noYeah right Millwall are not good enough and don't have enough money for CMSDream on. No way Millwall could afford him. Brighton are interested in Henderson !!Even HE is surprised !!You are welcome to henderson!he's too injury prone! & suspensions!19 goals in 28 games. Sounds like he never gets a game due to injuries & suspensions !!Yes but there are 46 games in a season and so he missed 18 of them. He is injury prone but games to goal ratio is good.Henderson scored 4 or five hatricks last year so his goal tally aint that special. Most of his goals came in a handful or games, the rest of the time he was pony.


22 Jun 2012 10:13:12
James Caton will be a Derby player soon, his agent admitted as much on twitter
Maguire fee seems to be around same price we signed him for
Jacobs said future sorted when he returns from holiday, Derby and Peterborough seem favourites, Derby maybe slightly ahead, and the fee will be decided by tribunial, around 500k rising to 850k, depending on future apperances would be my guess(2)(5)Done deal to derby!We signed maguire for 425k hes gones for 675k thats 250k more.

James caton agent if it is true that he has put these things is trying to get more clubs interested we are signing him after Jacobs transfer deal is done we have 4 wingers and clough has his target already in either powell or taylor for rw.He isnt good enough for the championship hes having a trial at shrewsbury and thats the only offers hes had.Fair enough derby did look at him but the main reason they want 2 more wingers is cover for Jamie ward and pace on the right side for aging
ben davies.He has no pace for a winger just above average skill.Think you'll find we sold him for a massive 250k and took an overall lose on him. Reason being is that the £450k we paid was structured over his 3 year contract, and dependant on if he stayed the full term.
Also confirmed that Jonny Russell will now not be signing, as Dundee utd, want 1 million cash. That's due to the lost revenue from Club 12 (rangers) not being voted back into the league. SPL clubs now desperate for money. But Dixon will sign.


22 Jun 2012 10:04:31
Dont be crazy ... Maynard wouldnt come back here. We have all burned those bridges. Keogh will sign to bcfc in next 2weeks 450k(10)(9)The only Maynard @ Bristol next season will be the wine gums in the refreshment areas.


22 Jun 2012 09:55:04
Alot of press and film crews around the Bridgewater Clinic in Manchester any one heard of a deal for the reds or blues nearing completion(4)(2)Shinji Kagawa is having his medical there.Shinji Kagawa having his medical there today


22 Jun 2012 09:44:24
ipswich town to sign tom heaton from cardif(7)(9)Hope not. Cardiff's third choice goalkeeper? No thank you...Would be good isn't he actually a free agent?
Whats your source? Can see this being made up -_-I think not.He looked very impressive in carling cup run. i would be very happy with thisHe was looking around portman road last week so i guess could be true


22 Jun 2012 09:43:32
The following Coventry City players are interesting other clubs:

Richard Keogh - £1m-£2m - Bristol City, Cardiff, Bolton.
James McPake - £100k Ė Hibs.
Cody McDonald - 400k - Huddersfield, Crawley, Bournemouth.
Martin Cranie - Free - Leeds.
Roy O'Donovan - £50k - Northampton.
Richard Wood - £200k - Chesterfield.
Cyrus Christie - £1.5m - Newcastle, Aston Villa.
Conor Thomas - £1m-£1.5m - Norwich.
Gael Bigirimana - £1.2m - Newcastle.
Jordan Willis - £800k - Man City, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Everton, Norwich.

The club are rumoured to be interested in the following players:

Araz Abdullayev - Loan - Everton.
Aaron Wilbraham - Free - Norwich.
Olly Norwood - Free - Man Utd.
Saido Berahino - Loan - West Brom.
Miles Addison - Free - Derby.
Gary Kenneth - Free - Dundee Utd.
Damion Stewart - Free - Bristol City.
James Wilson - Free - Bristol City.
Frank Moussa - Free - Leicester.(8)(21)Wilbraham has signed for Palace.And take a massive drop in wages? I don't think so!Coventry will not be getting James Wilson for free -he is under contract and highly ratedBolton have made an offer rising to 1.5m for Richard Keogh which probably rules out Cardiff and Bristol City. Keogh is keen on a move to Bristol City but they have yet to meet Coventry's valuation believed to be in region of 1.2m.Possibly Addison, but Groves said in the echo that he's not going for Robinson. Both would be cracking signings thoughAddison wont be a freeWhy would bournemouth be interested in cody mc donald as we have plenty of strikers already. secondly why would miles addison go to coventry for free, when afcb have already offered derby £300,000 and have made it quite clear that they are still talking to miles about permanent move.Miles addison has a year left on his contract.If he was out of contract you would have to pay compensation due to him being u24 and been at derby since a child.Derby and notts forest are interested in Jordan clarke right back.Wilson and Stewart won't be a freeMcDonald to Crawley for £400k ? You really are having a laugh. A) He ain't worth it and B) Crawley could never afford it after all the money Fat - Boy Evans wasted200k Richard Wood to Chesterfield not a snowballs chance CFC would pay 200k for anyoneThat is a big list of nonsence you have there, you need to switch off FM2012 it is warping your brain.He is signing for Crawley, had medical today, Rotherham are after a youngster 18 years of age. Also Connell would never play for EvansCardiff have got more money than bolton due to boltons debt. We could go higher than £1.5millionNo chance Bournemouth going in for McDonald already have 8/9 strikers and Groves has said he is now looking for defenders so he want becoming south any time soonChesterfield won't be paying a fee for anyone let alone Richard WoodsWould the money Evans wasted be that he spent on Tubbs and Barnett (approx 200k and how much did they then sell for). Or Maybe you mean the money he wasted on McFadzean (what was that about 75k)? Not at fan of his but so much rubbish and lies written, which manager hasnt bought a pup in his time, and how many have made that much profit on a deal?Bolton are only £10m in debt to the bank, the rest is £90m of the owners money so they do have money to spend. I don't think they are in for Keogh though.Cody mcdonald not worth 400k?
He is a decent player worth at least 400kWhat's Roy O'donovan like?Franck Moussa signing for chesterfield he had medical on friday afternoonWilson signed a three year deal last year doof!O donavan is leaving and cov are hoping to get 50,000Aaron Wilbraham has already agreed a deal with Crystal Palace and will sign officially on 1st JulyAgain keogh is not worth 1-2M.. Coventry have said 400k dont know where you keep getting that ridiculous figure fromWhats O Donavon like? He would'nt get in my garden gnome XI and has the control of an incontinent pensioner!Coventry haven't said £400k, that was the Daily Star. We've turned down bids of £800k!Moussa going to Coventry ?


22 Jun 2012 09:17:52
Gary Jones from ROCHDALE to sign for Bradford City on a 2 year Deal also Bradford City are set to sign Billy Paynter on a 1 year deal(7)(12)Off to OxfordGary Jones fits the bill perfectly as an attacking midfielder after the departure of David Syers. Billy Paynter is doubtful.Gary Jones already signed for Bradford this afternoonDefinitely signed for one year on Friday afternoonJones signed 1year contract what about paynter then,is going to city or oxford ?Jones already signed for Bradford so not going to Oxford.Gary jones signing confirmed on club website! He is off to Oxford next year to watch the boat race, least Oxford are good at something!Who Paynter cos Jones gined today for BCFC


22 Jun 2012 09:10:23
Coventry have pressed ahead and are next week set to seal the signings of Marcello Trotta and Marcel
Gecov from Fulham for a combined £400k(3)(21)All pigs loaded and ready to flyYeah, really. Gecov and Trotta? Trotta is highly rated at Fulham so why would he go to Coventry? You might get him on loan.


22 Jun 2012 09:09:25
manchester united set to bid for fellaini and baines.they are also keen to sign modric as early as possible .
liverpool could sign adam johnson and offload flop downing.
wenger said that giroud is 90% an arsenal player.but they could still lose walcott and van persie.
chelsea to offload sturridge,lukaku(send him on loan) and bosingwa.they are interested in signing williem .
rossi on his way to mancity,this means that de jong could leave the eastlands .
newcastle want to keep ba as their luke de jong bid rejected.(12)(18)De Jong is a defensive mid so why would Rossi, a striker mean he will leave?Man Utd don't and I repeat DON'T have the investment to buy Baines, Fellaini AND Modric. Do you have any conceivable idea as to how much all 3 players would cost? Baines won't leave Everton for a penny less than £20m. Fellaini won't leave Everton for any less than £20-22m and Modric is easily gonna cost in excess of £25m. So please tell me OP, where hve Utd got £65m from all of a sudden? Last time I checked SAF wasn't willing to spend money willy nilly on improving his squad when he already has perfectly good players? Do your research man.. {Ed025's Note - fellaini has a buy out clause of £26m...and wont go for any less..To reduce the wage bill


22 Jun 2012 09:03:27
Byron Anthony is considering an offer to join Martin Lings Torquay now he's a free agent.

Source: Club insider(10)(7)


22 Jun 2012 09:02:13
Burnley closing in on Davies, Bailey, Lafferty, Guzan and Assulin.. Watch this space(6)(15)I would love lafferty back . But can't see it judging by the abuse he is getting on a message boardDerby fan here can confirm Bailey and davies are going to BurnleyI'd love Guzan although I can't see it being true


22 Jun 2012 07:51:00
Reading look to be close in sealing the deal to bring Rhodes to the Berkshire club with Morrison being offered as part of the deal as Huddersfield prepare for Championship football. Source: The Daily fail(15)(17)I have heard that Antonio is also being offered along with MorrisonThe paper has seen you were daft enough to pay one signing £35k/week and believes you could be stupid enough to repeat the mistake!
A new Pompey in the making.And once you've done your research go back to stroking your photo of Rodriguez!New Popmey in the making! You clearly know nothing about the club your mouthing off about.. Do your research35k a week is the going rate in the Premiership. Plus, TSI have a wealth of around £5bn and will happily invest so we are fine there. We dont have a ghost owner nor will we spend until we are in lots of debt.35k is hardly an administration causing wage. Reading are a well run club IMO, doubt SJM would have approved a takeover if he thought it was going to be a disaster in the long run.Pompey were in a bad state even before this sorry saga! Reading have relatively little debt, a number of impressive assets and a top rated academy. And whilst sir John no longer has the final say he is still a major influence.. He's not gonna gamble the club after building it for most of his adult life!Reading has an excellent record of developing young hungry players only now we have the finances to buy at a higher level, develop them and keep them instead of selling on to prem teams. Reading has progressed to the next step up.. Get used to it.The deals not even done yet and your believing every word the papers say?

Use your head mateMan United pay Rooney over 200K a week are they the new Pompey? Your logic is flawed.And Man.Utd make £75k every home match from their catering-not logic, economics!


22 Jun 2012 08:57:30
Mark stallard back to notts county as a choach and ben davies back from derby as part of a deal for alan jude(2)(7)Not trueHaha this really is rubbish!


22 Jun 2012 08:44:29
So Luton have signed Ronnie Henry, Danny Spiller, Scott Rendell and Jon Shaw, with the only move I didn't call being Rendell's. Next up is our new centre back, supposedly Byron Anthony, but with links to Mark Ellis and Simon Ford, believed to have agreed terms early this week and will be announced today or Monday. 50k bid turned down for Yan Klukowski, expect Luton to go back with an improved offer, as they have done for Michael West.(4)(4)Buckle will not want Byron, as good as he is, he played badly under Buckle at the gasThere is not a chance Buckle signs Anthony, nor would Anthony sign for Buckle. Massive dislike between the two at Rovers which culminated away at Oxford where Buckle refused entry to Anthony on the team coach and made him find his own way home.


22 Jun 2012 08:10:32
Fulham Fc set to complete a sensational loan swooo for lyon midfielder Yoan Guercuff , the club are looking to loan the player out as he is yet to live up to his 22 mil po rice they payed bordeaux . Butak yilmaz is very close to joining fulham as lazio are no longer in the running n spurs being managerless has put the turk off of joining the north london club . Jordan rhodes has become greedy n fulham are not willing to pay 35k a week to a player yet to be tested at prem level . Dario srna n his rep's are having a 2nd round of talks n defoe , honda n blaszakowzski are all set for talks , dempsey is going to liverpool with maxi rodriguez n joe cole moving to fulham.(6)(21)On football manager maybe yeah. Youre not going to get 8 players of that quality in at the same time, whilst only getting rid of Dempsey. Do you really think some of those midfielders are gonna sit on the bench? Or are you having a 7 man midfield this season?Most comical rumor i've heard in a while. Couldn't read any more of it for laughing. So, according to your estimations Fulham with all this investment are going to be challenging for the title this year? Half the players you mentioned wouldn't even dream of going to Fulham. Even though i detest Liverpool with a passion I can't see Maxi taking a step down in his career to play with some of the most unattractive lump ball i've seen in years. Most of this won't happen. Terrible post.Not a realistic post.

1 or 2 of those incomers are likely, tops 3.

If Dempsey leaves (still 50/50) it won't be to Liverpool - he has been clear for 18 months now that the only motivation to leave is for Champs League football - he's no more likely to get that on mersyside than with Fulham.Why would we (liverpool) want dempsey. If honda became available he would not join fulham. Toooooooo much football manager!!!

Lil redI wishMaxi taking a step down in his career to play with some of the most unattractive lump ball i've seen in years. Are u really talking about Fulham?LOL we (FFC) play some oof the mosst attractive foootball in the laeague. We have tried to through almost all of our managers since we came up so saying we pllay lump ball is hilarious. I agree we won't get all of those but we will have a busy summer andd come out much better then we go in. We haven't lost a player that mattered yetYeh, been to every fulham home game this season and not once have they tried to play the long ball, even when they were 5-0 down to man united


22 Jun 2012 07:33:05
Cardiff City have made a bid for Jason Shackell and this bid has been ACCEPTED! Contract negotiations will star on Monday, with medical around the same time.(13)(25)If it was accepted it must have been between 4-5 million as thats the asking price along with a central defender.
Very much doubt it.Have you heard anything Ed? {Ed025's Note - no mate..


22 Jun 2012 07:33:04
Brad Guzan USA number 2 set to return to Hull city on a permanent deal!(11)(8)Finally we might sign someone


22 Jun 2012 07:30:47
David Norris is wanted by Blackpool. The former Plymouth midfielder is wanted by former boss Ian Holloway.(10)(11)


22 Jun 2012 07:00:33
Peterborough have hijacked Derby's bid to sign Northampton midfielder Michael Jacobs. Jacobs will sign a 4 year deal with Posh. Posh have also agreed a fee with Stevenage for Michael Bostwick and a close to sealing a deal for Derby's Miles Addison.(6)(17)If this is true, would be v bad, as it would show Derbys lack of ambition, cant pay a player more than peterborough!?4 year deal!! It is stupid long term deals that are partly causing the financial crisis in football at the moment!Peterboro fans optimism to the point of foolishness per Jacobs, me thinksLies.... boothroyd has come out in an interview & said its a 2 way battle with derby & Reading! Peterborough would be a huge step down...I doubt you've signed jacobs as hes told people hes signing for us, and you wont get addison, not saying Posh aren't good just will move to bournemouth because of his past loan so better luck with your own rumours and not other teamsHe has only got back from holiday yesterday and wont be discussing anything with the club intill monday.As he is packing all of his things up and moving is items into storage as he is definately moving.He himself said his preference is derby due to nigels comments.But he will discuss with his agent the Potiential premier league clubs.This Bostwick deal has been rumoured for so long, its not gonna happen unless its an outstanding amound of money.There's nothing to say Posh fans have posted this! also Posh have a strict pay policy, so if the lad is just looking for the money he is best choosing Derby, on the other hand, if he is looking to learn and progress as a footballer he would be better off at Posh.The optimistic Peterborough fans are probably right i`m afraid. If it wages only they would`nt have been able to get Swannsen imstead of Brighton.He's said he won't go to Peterborough, for the fact that we're rivals.


22 Jun 2012 06:01:30
Hey ED new to the site and news from Coventry City now the embargo is lifted? {Ed001's Note - I haven't heard anything yet, sorry.}(0)(8)


22 Jun 2012 02:17:22
simpson, Millar and Diallo all to agree new deal while morais, kuqi and Mchangama to decline the chance to stay
Tom Taiwo set to sign a 2 year deal with a club near to his home in leeds most likely doncaster.
Lee croft deal is off due to the fee derby want for croft to take him on loan or even full.
Also oldham set for Pre season game with Newcastle.(3)(4)Kuqi doesnt have the choice to leave , we have the option on him , morais meets dickov todayLee Croft move to St Johnstone is off

ST JOHNSTONE target Lee Croft is a transfer target of Oldham.

The 26-year-old starred for Saints last season on loan from Derby County.

Perth manager Steve Lomas had hoped the winger would be released by the Rams but they have put a price on his head.

Now Oldham are plotting a swoop and they would be prepared to fork out a fee to get their manKuqi isn't even in this country at the moment . maybe if you phone Dickov he will give you all the CORRECT INFO you need to know before you put so much rubbish. If Morais and Kuqi don't sign the oldham fans know why, pity you don't.


22 Jun 2012 02:11:31
Yossi Benayoun to leave Chelsea and has been in talks with at least two clubs.(23)(2)I hope westbrom can attract someone of his calibre


22 Jun 2012 01:14:47
York are in pole position to sign Damien Reeves amongst interest from other football league clubs including MK Dons, Stevenage and Doncaster(5)(16)Can't believe, Doncaster will allow another important target go to the opposition. What a stupid recruitment policy, or no-recruitment policyDoubt it because donny manager has stated his admiration for reeves and who doesnt want to play for his home townAs if Reeves would choose York over clubs likely to finish at the top of Legaue One.


22 Jun 2012 01:12:14
"Despite Scott Beavon having a strong interest in joining Stevenage FC, they have failed to reach an agreement over wages"(3)(14)Do you mean Stuart Beavon?^^ No.


22 Jun 2012 00:58:36
any news on neal eardley goin to leeds? just heard it goin around- Ant/ LUFC {Ed029's Note - Think its just gossip, not heard anything about it.(1)(12)


22 Jun 2012 00:45:28
West Ham on the brink of signing Bristol Rovers striker Chris Zebroski.(16)(39)Devestated that he's going. Going to really struggle without him. All the best at the hammers Zebs!!Totally not true id agree if you said lutonReally im a westham fan and crap like this cheers me up after long daysYou would love him at West Ham. Bags of energy, nobody knows what he is going to do next including him and lots of tracking back and tackling. He works so hard he even tackles himself at times.


22 Jun 2012 00:38:39
Bournemouth to complete the signing Miles Addison & Anton Robinson by the end of the weekend.(8)(10)I have a hunch we wount get either tho i love robinson to come backThats rubbish,addison may join but robinson isnt going to, PG has evn said itAddison off to Peterborough ffsGreat news, now just need a back up left backWe already said were not after Anton Robinson so why this come up again it's getting boring nowPg has said that they are still talking to addison and hope he will eventually sign, not sure if the same can be said about anton robinson. would love to see him back at afcb as he was a solid player and i was dissapointed when he left as i thought we missed him the most;, from all the others that left, last season. we still need a left back?I have a good source which tells me the Robinson story going to AFC Bournemouth is not over yet. Watch this spaceI think you are talking rubbish about anton robinson bmth would never afford his wages as its doubled with huddersfield since they have been promoted^We (afcb) bought him from a non league club so he would have only been On about 1-1.5k at most, therefore wages aren't an issue, anyway, we just signed a Dutch PL player.Peterborough can have addison dont rate him


21 Jun 2012 23:57:02
Southampton FC are to offer Liverpool FC former Azzuri international midfield player Alberto Aquilani a second chance at the England Premier League in a bargain Ä5m deal after AC Milan decided not to make his loan arrangement a permanent transfer

Chairman of Southampton FC is hoping to be given the permission to fly out to Italy to organize a deal with the player for 3 years contract next week.

Sorry if my english not good in grammar as it is not native language.

RossoneriDavide {Ed029's Note - It's highly unlikely he will join Southampton.(16)(25)Your English and grammar is better than most of the people who post on these pages!Why not ed. cortese has very strong links in Italy would be surprised if it was for 3 years though . kind of player we need to boost midfield options {Ed001's Note - because he doesn't want to play in England, that was one of the main issues with him.}Just cos your in the prem doesn't mean you can attract any players! Considering AC Milan still want him permanently. Pleeeeease get off Fifa mate^^
Brilliant comment haha. So very true.
Back to the point. Aquilani's wages would be more than the rest of the squad's combined. No chance of this happening!Your rubbish is also pretty high up the scale as well.Another deluded muppet saints fan,what is it with this lot,never seen so much crap on these pages.^^
What logic is this? You know how much he earns? Wages can be made up in many ways, such as achievements and sponsorship! Added to the fact clever negociationsI'm really bemused. If people are really upset with what they see on the Saints pages, and they're not Saints fans, why are they bothering to look in the first place?


21 Jun 2012 23:46:14
Stevenage, without a natural left back will turn to Luton's Jake Howells. Club source. MM.(1)(10)


21 Jun 2012 23:45:08
wolves have signed frank Nouble on a 2 year deal

100% FACT will be show tomorrow

THE WOLFz(17)(15)No they have not (fact)Yes they have check the website (fact)^ Must feel stupid now.

Why do people feel the need to 100% disregard everything . . .He will bring nowt to WWFC he is a league 1
player at best.Yes they have! (FACT)Yes, they actually have signed him!
pretty poor move for WolvesYes they have (fact)



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