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23 Jul 2012 22:09:47
Any news of Stoke transfer activity ?

All gone quiet which could be a good point as we all know TP asks for silence between clubs during negotiations. Did here a whisper of Adam Johnson on loan but to be honest I doubt it. In TP we trust. DL

Shotton on move to Forest.

No has anything came in about matt jarvis lately we need to sign him for about 8 million

No but Coates has come out and said that they don't expect to make any big money signings like they did in the last transfer window. Sounds depressing.

They expect players for nothing coats to tight spend money he spent 20 m one season and thinks that's anougther for 3 years

Not much.just the signing of the barber brothers,josh n dane,2 young stars 4 the future.

Danny Collins and Ryan Shotton to go to forest



23 Jul 2012 22:02:59
Southampton are being linked with a move for Dame N'Doye, top scorer in the Danish top division for the last two seasons. Linked previously to Reading and Everton. Odd move but could make sense if Barnard and Forte (Notts County) leave as is thought

Would be a mistake if it was true. No offense intended to Saints, but its the defence that needs improving. Great attacking football last season, dodgy defending.


Makes no sense. Even if Barnard and Forte go we still have Lambert, Rodriguez, Sharp, Lee and Guly who can play up front. We're shopping for defenders at the moment.

Sounds strange - but he is a big mobile target man who can play on his own up, front.. Early signs of Lambert playing in that role in the new formation are not great. Would be a strange move having bought Rodrigues - but he isnt really in this mould either.. I'd rather we went back to 4-4-2 and spent the money on Lens..

Could be that Lee has an injury which is somewhat more serious than admitted?

Saint Martin

Won't go Southampton

N'doye is quality saw him in denmark this could happened

Already signed for Trabzonspor.

Guly is actually an attacking midfielder/right midfielder, Lee can play left wing too and I don't think Barnard and Forte will be with us much longer..That leaves Lambert, Sharp, and Rodriguez...It could be possible that we may sign another striker.


Guly has operated as a striker though and has played there a fair bit for Southampton. My main point is that we have potentially 5 strikers and just 3 recognised centre back's one of which has just missed nearly an entire season. The squad looks a little lop sided already without throwing another forward in.

Sorry but has this guy not signed for locomotive Moscow already?

Saint Martin, Lee's injury was always claimed to be ligament damage in March which would agree with his recovery time out.

Ligament damage tends to take up to 2 months to heal, but even then can be tender and susceptible to further damage so needs to undergo intensive physiotherapy which is why he has been out for so long. I'd imagine he was always missing the remainder of last season, so Saints have taken their time in his recovery and physio. He seems to be fine for light training at the moment, but not match fit. I'd expect him to miss most of pre-season because there is no rush to push him back into the team, and ligament damage can go wrong if not dealt with correctly. However, he could feature at some point in one of our pre-season games.

Should be able to play most of this season if he recovers without any drawbacks, so wouldn't warrant bringing in another player on top of what we have.

Hope we get forte rather than barnard, just my opinion as ive seen forte play more. who would saints fans say is better in league 1 level.

Barnard is miles better than Forte mate!

Forte is quick but not much else. Barnard would make a very decent championship striker in my opinion, although he has had his troubles recently. Saints are considering keeping him on board for the Prem campaign, which should speak volumes for how highly he is thought of because he was rarely able to play last season.



23 Jul 2012 21:56:40
swans apparently interested in christian benitez also known as chucho from club america. played on loan for birmingham before,good player. £3.5 million ive heard, heard it down swans clubshop. people at counter talkin bout it

Quality player, not the greatest finisher but his work rate and his ability to create chances is phenomenal



23 Jul 2012 21:47:55
Walsall to sign Febian Brandy Tomorrow!

he will be the 4th player to join the Saddlers.

Also Dean Smith is looking at some nike academy players as he use to work there

Been wondering when Dean Smith will pick up some of the Nick Academy players!

He has signed 1 year deal



23 Jul 2012 21:34:25
Burnley close to completing a move for Owen Hargreaves.

Unless its pay as you play and he's willing to play for a bag of peanuts and a copy of the beano every week then this is EXTREMELY unlikely!!

At least make rumours credible....

No they arnt couldnt even come close to affording his wages (burnley fan)

Next joke!?

Get real we could have 10 better players 4 his wages

Why , have we gone into furniture removals ?

There is no chance of this happening

He retired!

I heard a whisper he's about to retire? and take up coaching..

He can team up with owen in the burnley side ;)



23 Jul 2012 20:45:09
rochdale looking at a striker at somebody game on Tuesday does any body no which club please heard it from a friend.


Coleman was at PNE vs Bamber Bridge last night but we think he was watching Andy Procter. If not, it's Graham Cummins or Chris Holroyd.

Manager rumoured to be at PNE v Bamber Bridge friendly last night, not sure who to watch though



23 Jul 2012 20:42:14
will mcgowan leave rumours sayin hes moving to cardiff

Never heard of him. Please enlighten.



23 Jul 2012 20:38:22
Deals done

Source Leeds united official website

Would that be Reg - Tracy - Paddy and old Andy

Excellent........there still are people then with sense of humours

Varney is average, Austin unproven in English football, Ashdown just a back up to Fatty Kenny and Andy Gray peaked a while back and hasnt really produced since. Great signings Warnock! :/

And Snoddy soon

Has Austin actually signed for leeds yet



23 Jul 2012 20:09:10
PSG have announced that they are looking to sign two wing backs.
It has been said that they want to sign Lyon left back Aly Cissokho, Taye Taiwo from AC Milan and Free Agent Jose Bosingwa who is a right back.



23 Jul 2012 20:07:08
Joey Barton is being lined up by fleetwood town on loan to january. He is training with them for a week and seeing how it goes

Funny it's rumour iv seen on here this week

He's training with them but no loan will happen to fleetwood

You are kidding me?

Best place for him

Woint join them. Sol Campbell trained with Arsenal year or so ago & didn't join. Its not a trial and happens regularly, just the club are happy at presence. Btw why would he drop to League 2?! {Ed003's Note - Just training from next week but a loan isn't out of the question,Barton not Campbell.}

That wud be gud but very much doubt it

Lol training yes, on loan nope

False. Barton is mates with Andy Mangan. Nothing about a loan in the works!

He will probably go on loan for 3 months so his ban will be up quicker as league 2 have lots of midweek and cup games at start of the season

No no he's going to prison in fleetwood

Yeah he is training with them ive just read about it

I read in my local paper that Everton are interested in signing him. He is training with Fleetwood purely to gain fitness. Moyes is keen to talk with the player when his squad come back from Scotland

Joey Barton is likely to go on loan there.

If he does his ban will finish on November 4th or so, if he stays at QPR it will be until 17th December.

I imagine it's a game plan from QPR to get him back in action quicker. Recall him from the loan when his ban has finished.

That's because Fleetwood play many more games in League 2 than QPR in the Premiership.

Going on loan to Fleetwood makes sense for everyone - he won't actually play for them I doubt, just get recalled.

What have QPR or Fleetwood got to lose? Fleetwood's young players will 'benefit' from him (In hindsight he's a rotten apple but QPR and Fleetwood fans will have rose-tinted glasses)


Could join due to his ban. QPR want to get rid but nobody will sign him at the moment due to his ban. The rumour is he is going Fleetwood till January before moving to Everton on a permanent deal

Said today he is just training to keep fit, considering a loan to a european team or championship, not fleetwood



23 Jul 2012 20:04:43
Michael Appleton is confident that a deal can be struck to bring Reading goalkeeper Mikkel Andersen to Portsmouth on loan.

Two week loan should do it!

Yeh, someones friends with the taxi driver! However, paying the fare is something else!

There wont be a Portsmouth on a few weeks time, sorry.

In 2 weeks Portsmouth won't exist anyway so what's the point in loaning him out.

I'm not a Portsmouth fan but bit cruel to talk about em in that way...what if it was your club?

Yeah too risky every player left has to go down to 5k a week wages....Poor, poor players. Is it Ben Haim and his agent that are digging their heels in? Well out of order but genuienly hope Portsmouth sort it out.

Some people fail to remember the abuse and taunting the pompey dished out to southampton when they were in a similar situation. it's just karma catching up with them!

^^ southampton fans lol there will be a portsmouth in 2 weeks, just remember you was in the same boat a few years back, btw 4-1 -1-4 1-1 2-2 and we was bottom and you still didnt beat us LOVE IT PUP

Everyone is talking about ben-haim and his wages but kanu is trying to stitch us up for millions

I hope Portsmouth survive they're a great club and I've enjoyed watching many games both home and away played against Reading over the past 30 years. Good luck guys I hope it works out and I'm sure a lot of Reading fans feel the same way.

Kanu is biggest problem as he has no reason to negotiate a compromise deal as he is clearly set to retire

Good luck to Pompey, great fans who deserve better owners. {Ed025's Note - i second that..



23 Jul 2012 20:01:45
Tottenham's teenage midfielder Massimo Luongo has joined Ipswich on a season-long loan deal. The youngster made his first-team debut for Spurs last season.



23 Jul 2012 19:58:19
Bradford's James Hanson interesting York City. Bantams boss Phil Parkinson has said the striker can leave if the offer is right. York boss Gary Mills is after a striker to challenge Jason Walker and has admitted that Liam Henderson is free to leave the club.

He sadi the opposite - that him and Wells are not for sale. Next.

Bradford wont have nakhi and hanson at start of season one will go connell is better than both

Nahki an Hanson won't be going anywhere why would we get rid of two our main strikers?! We're trying to get out of this tin pot division not stay in it!



23 Jul 2012 19:55:32
Udinese striker Odion Ighalo has told press/media that he is keen to move to the Premier League following reports Swansea City are interested in the Nigerian, who was on loan at Granada last season.

Who hasn't Swansea been linked with and yet they still can't get anyone to sign

Watford mate, the new owners own udinese and Granada

We already have 3 signing's nd more on the way

Hmmmm? A jealous Cardiff fan. Think. We've signed 3 quality players already and no doubt will sign at least another 3 before the season starts. Enjoy playing in red next year.

•Odion Ighalo expresses Premier League desire - Watford cannot offer that. :)

Watford are just a small club simple.



23 Jul 2012 19:59:55
The Blackpool local paper are reporting this evening that controversial QPR midfielder Joey Barton is set to train with League Two Fleetwood Town ahead of a potential loan move.

Stranger there's a rumours 3lines above saying he's going go fleetwood .what2 believe hey I don't no lol

It's true he will train for a week and if everything works out he will join on a six month loan. Just shows how ambitous Fleetwood are.

Its on the bbc Sport website

They're just lending him to fleetwood to burn up his banned games quicker, all fleetwood get out of it is that he will train with their blokes to make them better, he wont play any games for them...

Think its more about QPR's desperation to get him out than fleetwoods ambition. He'll be the first £70k aweek league 2 player be interested to see how much of his wages fleetwood cover wouldn't it



23 Jul 2012 19:42:38
Cheltenham Town set to sign hot prospect Tristian Plummer and sign Chris Tomlinson for competition against Scott Brown

Chris tomlinson?, not stuart tomlinson who left portvale end of last season?

What i meant

No, Chris Tomlinson, GB's long jumper.



23 Jul 2012 19:37:22
fleetwood town are close to completing a sensational contraversial swoop by landing joey barton on loan {Ed003's Note - My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw this a few mins ago}

Although SSN says it, this will not happen. I will eat a hat if it does ;) . {Ed003's Note - Would you like some salt with your hat? ;) }

Hes only training with them, have a look on bbc sport it says it on there :)

If he joins on loan it will just be to run down his 12 game ban as quickly as possible due to the congested fixture list in lower leagues, and will return to QPR as soon as his ban is over. Still cant see it being Fleetwood though, only training because his friend is there.

That's a clever tactic as with all the cups the lowere leagues are in his ban would fly by but can't see the FA letting what would be a clear bending of the rules happen.

He's only training with them to keep his fitness levels as high as possible during his ban. He has issued a statement saying that if he can help some of their young players then great, he is fully commited to QPR......It's a pity for QPR who I'm sure would love to off load him anywhere!!

He should never be allowed to play again

Perfectly logical - pay a club like Fleetwood to put him on their books on loan - he is banned for 12 matches so he can't actually play for them and as soon as Fleetwood has played 12 competitive matches he's back to QPR that much quicker than running down 12 games at QPR. If this is the case it is a clever ploy by QPR. FA won't be that happy though as it circumvents their rules

They'l be poppin out even more if he signs!
lots of times



23 Jul 2012 19:36:35
Shrewsbury Town will sign Michael Hector on loan from Reading in the next few days. (Mr T)

This is very possible.

Been reading Blue and Amber message board Mr T

Very likely loan signing Though

There also looking at sead hajrovic

Well done Mr t!!

No I have not read any message boards, I was contacted by a friend in the press. (Mr T)

Confirmed today.

Confirmed on the official site

Michael Hector it is...good business GT!

Hector has signed.

Very good GT.



23 Jul 2012 19:36:33
Exeter City have offered David James a player coach role at the club on a pay as you play basis



23 Jul 2012 18:58:47
Newcastle last night made a bid of £9 million for Marseille striker Loic Remy but was rejected as they want £14 million

Think he's spurs bound and didn't he turn Newcastle down once claiming he didn't think he would settle in the north east

He has only just commited to at least another year with Marseille after a rumour that p.s.g wanted him.



23 Jul 2012 19:10:19
johnathan forte is on his way to notts county on a 3 year deal.notts county are in talks with nottingham forest over kieron freeman.

No chance, Freeman will be first choice right back

Err... Left back!

He's a right back!!!

Deffo a Right Back

He can play Right back, Left back or Midfielder.....his fav position is Leftback but he played more at Right back for Notts last season I think....Forest will keep him as backup for Halford/Maloney this season tho so doubt he will go back out on loan anywhere.



23 Jul 2012 17:24:34
Craig reid signs for aldershot for undisclosed amount, this will see atfc's Hylton go the other way in the coming few weeks



23 Jul 2012 13:49:19
Hi ed any word of who the German and Brazilian trialists are at Coventry? {Ed003's Note - nope}

Bruno Cazarine and Ricky Pinheiro

Yeah ones got a shaved head the other a brazillian?

Ndriqim Halili is the german midfielder on trial, 19 years of age, has played for Stuttgart academy and U19s for Germany.



23 Jul 2012 17:17:22
Blackpool looking to sign Amr Zaki .

Haha dont think so, Blackpool have to sell before they buy as Oyston is strict on the wage budget

Erm, there is no wage budget person and we're in such a good financial position we don't need to sell, we have near enough £100million in the bank so yes we are deffinatly looking at signing Zaki to give us some depth going into our charge for promotion. UTMP! Seasider91

We don't have to sell at all.

So even though funds have been made available and no money has been spent yet on players other then the fee for Osborne, the transfer kitty is gone we may or may not be after the player but as tight as oyston is there is no such rule put in place.

Blackpool have offered a trial to Zaki so this is very true. They have also offered a trial to ex Middlesborough player Massimo Maccarone

Signing past it players wont get you to the premier league. Blackpool may just sneak play offs this season but i believe there are many stronger sides in that division

Blackpool Gazette announced a couple of hours ago that Zaki would be on trial, but then was turned down by Oyston and Ollie.

Ian Holloway has decided against giving Zaki a trial.

24 Jul 2012 17:55:29
Blackpool have withdrawn their offer due to zakis agen posting the trial on twitter which they have a policy about.



23 Jul 2012 16:52:56
Daniel Sturridge n Lukaku will both join Fulham on loan from Chelsea , Buttner who's move to southampton collapsed will join Fulham for 3.6m , yannick Sagbo n sebastian Giovinco will complete Fulhams new squad but more could follow .
Dempsey will join liverpool for 8.7m.

Thats never going to happen,leave us with just torres? lukaku probably!

With a vivid stretch of the imagination, half of these could be true.

Sturridge will be going nowhere

How will they complete the squad if more could follow? CP1.

Clearly wishing

Giovinco gone juventus

Di Matteo Says He reckons Lukaku is the new drogba and will play him most of the season so probaly not going on loan

Giovinco only just went back to Juventus!

Do loan players really work that well at Fulham (and other clubs)? I want to see good players at Craven Cottage, but did recent loan players like Stefano Okaka (from Roma) or Gael Kakuta (also from Chelsea) really get a chance to make much of a contribution? And if they had begun to show good form, like perhaps Sturridge was once doing on his earlier loan to Bolton, then the owning club just whisk him back again.

Buttner to Fulham doesn't look too likely, looks to be playing in Germany next season.

You cant loan two players from one club at the same time in the premiership i.e you have daniel sturridge and lukaku Chelsea to Fulham

Wached joe cole play against toronto and was no good. i know it was a freindly but some of unstablished players wear much better

Buttner was never going to u he said he wanted to go to saints and as for the rest of the players can't see it happen fulham are not a big club with terrible away support they should come to us at everton



23 Jul 2012 17:05:02
Damien reeves stays at his old club Doncaster never offered anything and he rejected gillingham

Damian Reeves has never played for Doncaster

He was on trial at gillingham but was signed back by altrincham or someone in the bsp .



23 Jul 2012 16:49:33
Swansea boss Michael laudrup has stated he 'rates' bolton midfielder Mark Davies, but confirms no bid or approach has been made and links them with Davies due to the protracted negotiations of the sale of Joe Allen to Liverpool. Source click lancashire website.

I heard this is a done deal

How can you say Laudrup rates Mark Davies. Has he ever seen him play having managed in Spain & lately Russia. This is pure rumours Davies is going nowhere unless Swansea pay stupid money. I'm sick of all these stupid rumours about our players. Davies wil play in the Premier League but with Bolton.

Mark Davies is staying at Bolton he has said so himself. He asked his sponsor if they were sponsering him again this year and the Bolton based sponsor said "it depends are you staying" and Mark Davies said "YES I AM STAYING"

Don't see this happening, Swansea have already signed 2 midfileders from Spain, they would need to unload a couple for this to happen



23 Jul 2012 16:48:08
Barnsley to sign James Hanson from Bradford City,when the bantams return from their trip to Ireland. Big Centre forward.

This move will never happen.

Oh yes it will.

Big gamble if it does happen. City fans will be happy if we get a fee. Good player at this level but not one that would still be at city if we were to move up the leagues. Good luck to him if he can get a move to Barnsley. Just hope we dont get Dagnall as part of the deal.

Oh no it won,t

He's behind you

Dagnall is a good proven goalscorer so why wouldnt u want him? wake up!!!



23 Jul 2012 16:44:26
Bolton are linked with signing both Michael Owen and roque Santa cruz. Can't see it to be honest, too pricey in wages. Both quality players and players like these never really lose that ability. Source - click Lancashire website.

Lost count of the amount of times owen has stressed he wont drop down to the championship, so this is rubbish

Load of rubbish, owen and Santa Cruz arent going to play championship. Bolton have got a class goalkeeper in Andy Lonergan though - PNE fan



23 Jul 2012 16:39:03
Tom Heaton is about to sign for bristol city.

Brill goalie hope he signs

Hope so!

Marc Wilson also set to sign by end of week (source Sky Sports)

At least we wont concede penalties

Yh he defo is. Love him as a player and person. Says on sky sports news. And if you look on bristol evening post. He is pictured accidentally in the background

I think the fact bristol city lost out on buzaky kinda sums us up! well probley end up getting some shocking flop! never going to get promoted unless we sign class, harry kewell will not sign, no buzaky, craig gordon wont sign, suppose we always got 33year old jody morris :-s

Heaton deal is just hours away from being finalised



23 Jul 2012 16:20:20
Febian brandy is currently having a medical at walsall football club

"Currently half way through my medical, its looking good though ;-)" he tweeted

Is this the longest medical in history?

Think the deal was probably delayed slightly so they could see him playing pre-season vs AFC Telford. Almost a certainty his signing will be announced tomorrow.



23 Jul 2012 16:18:09
spurs will look to replace modric with
moutiniho or yohan cabaye!

It will be mouthinio



23 Jul 2012 16:15:09
chelsea to buy hulk, oscar and are preparing to put a bid for cavani in a region on 35 million euro's!

I cant see them making to many big money signing with these new rules

Oscar to chelsea... hulk as he said his future is in gods hands...hulk shud be joining god... and cavani cud land up at chelsea...

Pocketed a large sum for winning the champions league, new rules are along the lines of only being able to spend operating income? Might be wrong but don't be surprised if they splash big again before the window is over

Edinson CAvani has been priced off a move to Chelsea because Napoli want 78m for the player quality player though
Oscar would be a good signing but surely Chelsea could do with a top class striker like hulk



23 Jul 2012 16:08:56
shrewsbury will NOT be signing Eddie Nolan. Fact

I agree. Would have happened by now. GT has said that he is looking to bring a defender in on loan, the young lad from Reading perhaps?

This is because turner is after a defender on loan, and Nolan is a free agent.

Yes, Michael Hector.



23 Jul 2012 16:05:39
English football team Brentford are trying to sign two Sporting Lisbon players. One being José Luís Mendes Lopes and the other being Eric Dier.

Both on loan i guess another option is kerim frie and robert lainton

Kerim frei (fulham)-robert lainton(Bolton



23 Jul 2012 16:02:32
PNE boss looking in to bringing Scott Beavon in from Wycombe and also looking in to the possibility of bringing in Bolton youngster and former Latic Tom Eaves on a season long loan.

Stuart plays for Wycombe Scott players for Bristol Rovers m8

Id take Beavon but not Eaves. With have to many centre backs as it is and Eaves isn't better than any of them. Personally id take Zoko or Agyemang

Eaves is a striker.

Cant see preston paying 650,000 for beavon wycombe will not take anything less

Eaves is a striker and would do very well for PNE

Eaves went on a big scoring run for bolton reserves 10 in 13 games untill he got injured in america he is better than beavon and you only think zoko is good because of his terrible youtube video + you couldnt afford eaves and ehy why why would he want to go to preston a medeocre league 1 team

Oh im thinking of the wrong eaves then, fair enough id defintly take a look at the young lad if hes a striker



23 Jul 2012 15:45:15
chelsea may sign scott dann from under southamptons noses for 6mill...

Why when we have Terry, Luiz, Cahill and Ivanovic

Chelsea would get relegated, happend the last to teams he has had

Because Terry is well and truly average and jus gets loads of credit for throwing his head at things when most of the time it's his mistakes that cost us goals! Invanovic is not a centre half but we need to sign a better player then danns! Season ticket holder of 20 years

Season ticket holder who goes around with his eyes closed, terry is top player person

Pfft if you think Terry is average you dont know your football. Scott Dann had one good season with Birmingham a couple of years ago and hasnt impressed since. A move to Wigan or Stoke is more likely

Seriously stop blaming Scott dann for relegation!!
This will never happen though, I don't think he's up to the standard Chelsea require



23 Jul 2012 15:42:15
Notts County FC to enquire about Sam Vokes this season as Wolves as of today are listening to offers now.
Whether that be a loan deal with incentives or buy deal yet to be known!

Going to Burnley

Vokes won't drop to a L1 team. To many Championship teams are after him



23 Jul 2012 15:34:50
George Friend will be travelling to portugal with middlesbrough for pre season training after MFC agree to pay £250k for him.



23 Jul 2012 15:31:38
Harry kewell having medical at bristol city this week
Gossip around south bristol is its a done deal if he passes as fit

Hes either going to swindon or watford

This is so not going to happen

Yes it is he was in town last night with hi wife just needs to clear a few things up and will sign on friday

He won't be going to Swindon...they have never wanted him!



23 Jul 2012 15:18:19
Millwall are interest in Arsenal's Benik Afobe

Being sent to coventry

Coventry ! when he can play in the championship...have a word

He's heading to Birmingham

Benik Afobe is on tour with Arsenal. No decision will be made whether he will go anywhere on loan until the tour is over.

Lee clarke already said no soo beta off coming to millwall

Let him head to birmingham we want tottenhams harry kane not this fake emile heskey

Millwall need to start dipping in to Pompey! I for one would like to take Greg Halford to the Den! Better than our Right backs!

What about striker Erik Huseklepp from Pompey?

Huselklepp ? Not even an improvement on john marquis

It amazes me where these rumours come at least most are imgainitive not just copied litke this one

What a greedy load of b******s they have milked that club dry...and that's coming from a Millwall fan.

Millwall should sign jamie ashdown and sell forde hes past it



23 Jul 2012 15:16:45
Michael Owen at Bolton for talks
it would be good if he could stay injury free!

Don't be so silly

Apart from Owen stating recently ""no disrespect to championship sides, but i wouldn't drop down a division as i feel i can still play top flight football"?!

Hes going to stoke

Stoke are NOT signing any big names

All wrong, hes joining Wigan

Michael Owen met Bolton's chairman Phil Gartside why they were both dinner guests of Chubby Chandler and arranged to have a meeting to chat about Owen going to Bolton.

So what's so silly about that if it happened, stupid?

It's not a big name it's only 4 letters

Dont be stupid Bolton were aiming to reduce their wage bill to an affordable level, not increase it



23 Jul 2012 15:13:48
Done deal... West ham have signed a 19 year old keeper from grasshoppers. Raphael spiegel tipped to be a promising youngster for the swiss.



23 Jul 2012 15:13:34
George friend will sign from Doncaster to Middlesbrough for 250k, be as to see him leave but Doncaster might have a defender coming in within a week

Is this George friend any good just I haven't senn anything of him?

Good cb but not a good lb if that's what position ur buying him for and if 250k is right then that better then what we thought we would get

Ever present in the worst defence in the championship last season ,need I say more

Doubt it's 250k bbc sport say its a six figure sum. Also he is a good left back one of eat if not the best performer for us last season

Good at cb if he stops letting the ball bounce in the box dont like him at lb its either hoof ball or run and shoot

250k is a six figure sum so im guessing BBC have got it right

£250,000 is a ix figure sum (count Them)

Im sure £250,000 is a six figure sum haha

One of the worst players ive ever seen play for millwall, and ive seen some bad players trust me

Personally i think friend is worth more

Who ever said £250k isnt a six figure sum they need to go back to school.

Gorgeous George will be missed at Donny

Too Slow for the championship

Shipped 80 goals last season as part of a back for unit , stats don't lie , not good enough for championship

Ok thanks for the replies not too good then eh lol

I think the point about six figures is that usually when they say six figures they are talking about a price that has just crept over £100k...if it was £250k then they would have said quarter of million!

He's a quality defender

Agree with the 6figure comment it'll of just crept over 100k or even just 100k bang on would have stated quarter of a mil if 250k

He's going to Ipswich i'm afraid

Not true. It's widely been reported that 250k is the agreed upon amount, confirmed by Middlesbrough fans with contacts at the club.

He will sign for Ipswich anyway for around £250,000

It's been confirmed by eg that Ipswich put in an 11th hour bid n look to snatch the deal from Middlesbrough n as a boro fan I won't lose any sleep over it :)

Its ipswich fact

They wouldn't state quarter of a million, tht would give other teams the chance to put a bigger offer in, nymph

Well he was training with donny today

He is off to boro fact not ipswhich ha ha your wrong



23 Jul 2012 15:03:29
Rumours have suggested that emile heskey has been spotted at Christopher park Wigan athletics training ground could be to help keep up with his fitness or maybe a shock move ?

This is true, he's training with the Wigan athletic development squad until he finds a club



23 Jul 2012 14:58:50
Southampton are wanting at least 2 players to complete their 25 man squad, one being a CB and the other a Winger. Alex Buttner deal to Saints has all but fallen through, still a small percentage it could be done however Hoffenheim and Fulham are now interested. Saints are in the drivers seat for the transfer of Scott Dann from Blackburn and are looking for a quick deal. A fee of around £3.5m has been rumoured, but terms are still being discussed. Saints have also put in an improved bid for PSV star Jermaine Lens. Hopeful of getting a deal done for a player before the Ajax friendly on Saturday.


Please stop with the Scott Dann rumours they are just getting to be too much Southampton may or may not be signing him but the saga of they are/they aren't is starting to bug me. Buttner would be nice as would Lens.

Well this is a rumour site and its rumoured that Saints are in for him..Sorry if it bugs you, but again this is a rumour site so don't read if you don't like.


Good call lls83. On both posts!

This is a rumour site but it does get excessive after a while. You can't just post and repost the same rumours.

Totally agree. Yes it is a rumour site, we're all quite aware of that. But just posting any ridiculous garbage is slightly pointless do you not think? Anyone could just post that we are bidding for Messi and Neymar but what's the point? All just gets a bit silly and pointless! {Ed001's Note - I delete and block the IPs of hundreds of people a day that do just that. Some of the other editors find those posts funny, but personally I am bored of 12 year olds thinking they are the first to ever waste our time with imbecilic rumours.}

Wish someone would tell that to a certain AFCB fan who has spent the entire close season claiming they are about to sign Ritchie from Swindon!! It does get tedious and boring!!

Dann will not go for 3.5 mill Blackburn paid 7 million for him and want at least 6 million back

Yes. Yes you can repost the same rumours if the player is linked with the club again.

I'm just posting I have heard, I don't post stupid rumours like some on here.


Would also say that despite some of the dribble that gets posted on here it is a very worthwhile site. The Rodriguez, Davis and Clyne deals were banded about on here way before they actually came off and I had never heard of our new keeper until he was mentioned as a possible signing weeks before it came off. Some good rumours and insight , all the more impressive as saints pride themselves on their secrecy!



23 Jul 2012 14:51:42
Brighton linked with Chelsea's lukaku (19) on a season long loan deal

Hasnt he gone to Fulham?

Haha .. no chance.

Isn't he going to Fulham on loan?

Doubt it, plenty of prem clubs would have him on loan. Love this to be true though.

Lakuku is not joining on loan as fulham are chasing him on a season long loan.. His is looking at midfield options and in particular romeu who wont figure much this season. He is also using is Chelsea links to persuade easien to join on loan. This is the midfield powerhouse he has been referring too

Essien is probably the most realistic target but would still take something spectacular to pull it off. Stunning coup for Poyet if it happened.

Essien will never join us he can still play at Chelsea when fit



23 Jul 2012 14:46:02
who is the striker preston have agreed to sign and before anyone says Zoko this player will require a fee

I think the chairman said there was a player they had identified and may try and sign, nothing about agreed to sign.

Beavon from Wycombe. Not what id want as a fan but who cares, anyones better than Beardsley

Does anybody want to buy my season ticket half price. I've seen more than enough already. Absolutely nothing up front. {Ed003's Note - Urrrrmm,no thanks ;) }

I believe it is Stuart beavon from Wycombe, Preston just need to agree a fee.

Zoko is a free agent and wouldn't require a fee! Although i very much doubt he will be signing, Westley wants a goalscorer.

Westley says he wants a big target man, why then go for a 5ft 7inch midget from Wycombe ? Perhaps Westley wants a garden gnome ?

There is nothing up front so far in the friendlies, Cummins and Beardsley just haven't done enough for me so we need to bring strikers in urgently. Cant see why Jamie Proctor and Iain Hume have been frozen out because on their day they can be the best strikers in league 1. Westley has put himself under enormous pressure after his roofless actions with the clubs most talented players, but Il support the team through thick and thin.

The moment HUME & BARTON are sold, Stuart Beavon will join PNE.

Beavon will then take over as the highest paid player at the club.....but NOT the highest paid person......Graham Westley is officially the highest paid person at the club earning a basic £500k a year and a bonus for promotion to the championship that would net him an extra £250k for the season.


I will buy your season ticket cause pne are gonna come good this season!!

They've not agreed to sign anybody yet, in fact Ridsdale says we've made a bid for a striker which has been turned down

PNE had a offer for a striker turned down on Monday.

Ian Hume has been frozen out because we can't afford his wages and Jamie Proctor because his ego far outweighs his ability.....he's carp !!

What jamie proctors fish , better tip off melchester rovers they might want to team him up with billy ( viz joke )



23 Jul 2012 14:34:49
neil warnock has said he want's to bring in at least 8 more.

no the sky sports website

Leeds linked with signing Ephraim, St Ledger and Sam Vokes

Ephraim he would be good for anyone in the Champ he was really good for city



23 Jul 2012 14:28:40
The unknown "spanish" trialist has been revealed and is in-fact Portuguese. He is Tiago Gomez of Hercules C.F. He is 26 and has been capped for the Portugal under-21 team. He is said to already be in talks with Blackpool.

There is still a Spanish trailist Ollie is just telling us the name of a new trailist stop reading too much into the local paper

There is still a Spanish triallist, the 22y.o mentioned last week but Gomes is not a new trialist, he's been on Ollie's radar for sometime and was with the squad in Portugal last week.



23 Jul 2012 14:28:12
Tom taiwo to Bradford has fell through as Carlisle are wanting to much in compensation for the midfielder

He's not contracted to any club

Hes a free agent isnt he ?

Yes Tom free agent now

Ive heard compo too but hes still with squad here in eire

Carlise offered him a contract but he turned it down to be closer to his new family, as he is under 24 they would be eligable for compo.

Because of his age Carlisle are due compensation , this could be a problem for Tom getting another club as it could be a decent amount

He is under 23 so compensation has to be paid

Because he is under 23 and Carlisle offers him a new contract they will receive compensation

We still pay his wages untill August and we get 240,000 compo

You aint paying him Jack. His contract ran out 30th June. Compo or the size of it a grey area

To the poster that claims Tom has travelled to Eire, you are wrong. Tom was left at home after City and Carlisle disagreed over compensation...!

In order to retain interest within the player if the player is under 23 they must pay his wages unless a tribunal decides otherwise.

That's simply incorrect. All Carlisle had to do was make Taiwo an improved offer in writing before the end of his contract period and that would entitle them to compensation because of his age



23 Jul 2012 14:19:56
Southampton have turned their attention to Robert Snodgrass of Leeds after their bid for Jeremain Lens was rejected and Nicola Cortese wants to spend sensibly. Alexander Buttner could still be on the cards after the first deal collapsed, Southampton are preparing for a fresh bid but face new competition this time. Nigel Adkins finally wants a new CB with Premier League experience, Scott Dann fits the bill but could prove too over-priced for the Saints.
On the other side, Southampton are looking to offload Lee Barnard (potentially in Snodgrass deal), Jonathan Forte and Ryan Dickson. The Saints are prepared to give Jason Puncheon, Dan Seaborne, Dean Hammond and Dan Harding a chance this season and will re-assess their situations in January.

Ok where to start, the Snodgrass stuff seems to have come from nowhere he's not the sort Southampton want or need. Buttner may well happen still I'll believe that (although Fulham was one of the sides we beat off last time) and Dann isn't worth the effort to sign. Also reckon the reason we want 2 centre backs is so we can loose Seaborne.

He's going to Norwich

Get someone like roger johnson or richard stearman from wolves

Nice try wolves fan



23 Jul 2012 14:08:13
Chris Eagles (Bolton) looks like he's on his way toRaeding or Southampton I personally think he would be better in the championship though.

Here we go again, not leaving Bolton.

Championships is Eagles level, cannot cut it in the Prem (Burnley fan).

You're right, but as with these things he'll go to one of them and the other will claim he's crap and then they'll argue over it and the argument won't end for years to come.

Eagles at best is championship level (BWFC fan )

Having worked with his Mother last week, he is on his way out of Bolton, too good for them. But it is a secret as to where he will go.

Too good for Bolton? Maybe it's Barcelona that are chasing him, once they've tied up the signing of Nigel "I'm a Champions League Player" Reo Coker!!

Eagles too good for Bolton are you havin a laugh!! He is a Championship player at best, just because he once palyed for Utd he thinks he is a big time charlie. Went misiing many a time last season



23 Jul 2012 13:50:35
Sunderland are set to steal Hoilett from QPR with the club unwilling to pay the 6mil and 50k a week wages. Oneill will use the gyan money and his old wage of 45ka week to sign the player to play the LW Others joining will be Mcgeady for the RW and Fletcher upfront. Other signings will be nzonzi and a loan deal for Kibbs with the option to buy with Richardson going the other way. Sunderland will be playing a 4-3-3 formation with fletcher Hoilett and Mcgeady up top with sessegnon just behind them with nzonzi and cattermole in midfield at the back you will have Kibbs oshea turner and barnsley with the mig in goal. Other poss targets incase fletcher deal doesn't work out is agbonglahor and van wolfswinkle. Other than that oneill will call upon his young guns next season after impressing in the peace cup.

Theres no need to pay 6m as he is a free agent so going to tribunal

O'Neill will never sign Van Wolfswinkle Or N'Zonzi, dream on Sunderland.. at Villa he rarely went for foreign players, he prefers mediocre british players would expect Collins, Warnock, Dunne, Mcgeady, Agbonlahor and players of that ilk that he will go for.

We won't sign hoilett

Sunderland have a wage cap I belive, not 100 sure,
I can't see oneial paying 50K a week and 6 million + mcgheady,
Most likely holliet will be a qpr player
Would like to see mcgeady at sunderland tho

Hoiletts a QPR player move on

Junior Hoilett has signed for QPR according to steve kean. He has agreed terms and passed a medical, now its down to the compensation, which QPR may take to a tribunal. So Hoilett going to sunderland is rubbish

Hoiletts agreed to join because we r the only club offering his wage demands. Hoilett deal to qpr should be done before the end of the week.

Rubbish, 6m fee isn't set in stone. It's what Blackburn will ask for. Tribunal will decide fee not Steve Kean.

Think u will find he hasn't signed for anyone yet and Sunderland do have a 50k wage cap so the post says wot don't wanna pay 6mil this is true and 45k a week within there wage cap so a believable post and the other players mentioned like mcgeady fletcher and nzonzi have all been in the papers linked with a move to Sunderland so again a believable post with regards to wolfswinkle its unlikely but why couldn't Sunderland sign him short has said he will back oneill with funds and at sporting he's on around 30k so if Sunderland pushed the boat out they could land him.

He is not looking for anything else but money otherwise he would have gone Germany or Newcastle. There is no way Sunderland will out do qpr for the best wage that's simple

^ Think you'll find he has agreed personal terms and passed a medical, the only things needed to confirm him as as QPR player is the compensation and the work permit, he's as good as a QPR player now, Steve Kean is trying to dictate terms over a player he doesn't even own anymore, the tribunal will be the only thing that will decide what QPR have to pay. The only other option is to swap him for Jamie Mackie, which QPR aren't keen on. But Junior Hoilett is technically a Queens Park Rangers player.

He is a QPR player just waiting for QPR to come back from tour to do the press conference.

He has chosen QPR because the German club bought Luuk de Jong, meaning Hoilett was not needed and QPR was the best option, it isn't all down to money, he wanted playing time and the German club and QPR are the only teams who have offered him a contract, all other teams were 'interested' they didn't offer anything.



23 Jul 2012 13:43:20
Nineteen year old Australian midfielder Massimo Luongo is to sign a contract for a season long loan from Tottenham to Ipswich Town TODAY.

Hopefully he is of good quality and can do well for us...

Well done on calling this correctly.



23 Jul 2012 13:32:39
Damien reeves stays at his old club Doncaster never offered anything and he rejected gillingham

Did not actually reject the gills. He was given 2 weeks to get into shape and decided the football league was too hard....lucky escape {Ed003's Note - Are you being honest...??? }



23 Jul 2012 13:30:07
heard this a lot of times now and read about it Aston villla are looking at Tottenhams centre back micheal dawson.

Good one. Dawsons still to play a part in spurs team. Wont move to them!


So? They won't get him



23 Jul 2012 13:08:57
Brian Stock's on/off move to Burnley looks to finally collapse today after the Doncaster midfielder failed a SECOND medical at Turfmoor. BUT Sheffield Untied are heavily rumoured to be prepared to meet Donny's asking price (believed to be around 100k) and offer him a pay as you play deal!

He didnt fail a medical at all, he just failed to agree terms. MK Dons are rumoured to be offering him a 2 year contract



23 Jul 2012 13:08:52
Norwich have approached Tottenham for a season loan for Kyle Naughton with a possible permanent deal and have also approached Arsenal for Ryo Miyaichi. Other signings will be Curtis Davies, Jamaal Lascelles and Robert Snodgrass

We won't get Naughton, spurs will be looking to use him after he did so well for us.

Any truth in these rumours Ed ? {Ed001's Note - unlikely Naughton will be going out on loan these season and Ryo Miyachi has difficulties getting a work permit.}

Why would lascelles go to Norwich when both arsenal and tottenham want him??

I think Davies and Snodgrass are looking the most likely to sign. Miyaichi possible after Ajax ruled out taking him on loan. Where have you got the info on Lascelles? England u19 who has been linked with Arsenal and Spurs could be a great signing but seems unlikely.

Hope so!

Its just possible that Lascelles would prefer to go to a premiership club that will give him the chance to play in the starting eleven, so don't write off a smaller club like Norwich getting him.

Snodgrass staying at leeds

Davis staying at blues

No there not. They are both on the move.

So far Leeds have not rejected Norwich's latest bid, they were very quick to reject the first. Also Leeds have been very active in the transfer market. Does this silence from Leeds means that Snodgrass is on his way. It would be good to move on from Snodgrass one way or the other and sign a couple of defenders

Snodgrass NOT staying at Leeds. He's on his way to Norwich to agree personal terms. I love signing these Leeds playing , all the fans chat so much rubbish about them not leaving. OTBC onwards and upwards

I wouldn't say us Leeds fans go on about them not leaving just that we don't want them to, he done well for us, so fair play in wanting to be playing premier league football a season earlier than anticipated ;) MOT SussexLeeds



23 Jul 2012 12:44:22
Scott dann to Southampton

I've heard this far too many times it either is true or it isn't but this rumour has come up several times over the past month even so my doubts grow larger.

If it's true I hope people will give him a chance,in a lot of posts on other sites he seems to be getting the sole blame for being in two successive relegations.
One player doesn't take teams down,I think he could add a bit of experience which we're gonna need.Good luck to him if it's true.

Its in southampton local paper (the echo)

" it either is true or it isn't".... thats pretty much my take on it too.

Dann is a quality defender, formed a formidable partnership with Johnson at Birmingham and missed the end of the season we were relegated with a hamstring injury sustained in the carling cup semi final
first leg. Can't blame him for relegation because of an injury

He deserves a chance, quality defender not long ago linked with big money moves to liverpool and arsenal

Scott dan is very good player on a par with gary cahill.But you are best getting roger johnson aswell to form the partnership that made both of their status

Quality Champiosnhip defender at best



23 Jul 2012 12:34:36
Brighton Linked with 4 Chelsea players and one is said to be a big signing

Where's the substance (ie which players) and what's your source?
Poyet is on record as only wanting two more players for his main squad a midfielder and a striker.
4 players joining from one club unlikely.

Who? Details please.....

The big one being lukaku

Utter rubbish

Funny how gus said he only wants two more players though a centre midfielder and a big striker

Bloody can tell schools finished for the summer!! my advise to whoever posted this is pack your bucket and spade and head for the beach.
on more important matters and i am a Brighton fan not a Portsmouth fan...ive just watched an interview on sky sports with Ben Haim and i couldn't believe what i was hearing! Mr Haim, Kanu and Kitson...DO THE DECENT THING...TEAR UP YOUR CONTRACTS, LET POMPEY GET A FEE FOR YOU (NOT MUCH FOR KITSON THOUGH IM AFRAID). You will still earn enough money in the last few years of your careers to have a comfy lifestyle. Let Portsmouth move forward or else they will die as a club. ps Mr Pina are a disgrace!

Which 4 players would that be then ?

Any names?

Expect tp hear lots of reports of Chelsea players being spotted at the Axex in early August - Brighton host Chelsea in a pre season friendly. I hope Chelsea turn up with more than 4 players!

Couldn't agree more. i'm not a Pompey fan but they desreve better than this. The players holding out are a disgrace!

I'm not being funny but if your work owed you £2.5Million would you not want it?

If I had already fleeced them and I was crap at my job my dignity and pride would tell me it was time to sling my hook. Would you want them at the Amex...I rest my case your honour!!

I'm gonna take a guess at Lukaku, Essien, Romeu, and, errrrrr, Torres? Haha, Romeu and Essien maybe, I can't imagine lukaku signing for us on loan although Poyet has good links with his former club. Exciting time to be a seagulls fan!

Pompey got them serfs into that mess and it is only fair that the Players want out. They are far to good for the league and arnt getting paid!

I heard Kevin De Bruyne was one of them and and when it says linked with it doesn't mean set in stone.....also just because i there are 4 doesn't mean they are all coming my source is the events organizer at the club, so i will look forward to seeing you down the beach with your bucket and spade shall i?



23 Jul 2012 12:12:00
West Brom will complete the signing of Claudio Jacob this afternoon. They have held preliminary negotiations with Spurs for Danny Rose on a season long loan. Odemwingie will be staying and there is still interest in Obefami Martins. Olsson needs some convincing to sign a contract extension as he has always wanted to play in London before he retires from the game. If he goes then Albion will buy Scott Dann from Blackburn for £500k plus Simon Cox.

Scott dann has played for 2 sides in the last 2 years and both teams have been relegated

^ the end of the season Birmingham were relegated he was injured and we were a few points clear of relegation places, his absence in the heart of the defence and the break up of the partnership he had with Johnson proved costly, so don't blame a player for relegation when he was sitting on the sidelines

The Martins link is dead and buried.

I agree. Scott Dann is a no for me.

So he was the best player at both clubs

Ben Foster went down with Bham; we bought him. Hoillet went down with Blackburn & wouldn't have minded him either. There are 11 players in a team. I would like Dann as I think (and many blues fans agree) that he has talent and stability. I don't want Martins but I am not so sure it is dead and buried. Hope it is though!

Scott dann is so over rated, injury prone and makes a lot of mistakes

Forget Scott Dann, if olsson does leave 60% chance he does then thier are better CB's overseas like Germany, Sweden, Russia ect... Albion never leave a stone unturned so don't worry thier will be a replacement... In the long run could be a good thing for us!



23 Jul 2012 12:05:20
Shrewsbury are about to unveil former striker and youth product Luke Rodgers as a shock new signing.

He's on tour with Pompey.

He is in spain with Portsmouth at the moment

I really hope not. Can't trust that he'll behave himself off the field. I just don't see Turner being interested in someone with so much off the field baggage

No way.

In that case he's probably going to need another club.

I don't think so, he's not that good anymore.

Why be with Portsmouth, they'll be out of busness next week

Why not sign
Mulhern, Leonard, Griffin, Keay, king,
Lindsay, Irvine, Atkins, Tong, Biggins and Maguire. At least they won this league in 1978/9



23 Jul 2012 11:56:59
Claudio Yacob has joined up with West Brom on their pre-season tour of scandinavia , Albion expect to complete the deal very soon , he's already signed his pre-contractual agreement last week , but was having second thoughts because of the british tax regulations



23 Jul 2012 11:34:37
Scott Dann to Southampton according to the s*n.

Probably nonsense but a rumour non the less :)

Likely to be nonsense.



23 Jul 2012 11:29:30
Toni Silva of Liverpool to sign for Barnsley today on a free transfer. he will sign a 2 year contract, subject to medical. on sky sports news

He is a poor player - don't get excited...

Toni Silva, the same one that's in the US and the one that just signed a new contract?

Confirmed on lfc website

Yes it is. Details announced on Barnsley official website.

The same one thats just signed a deal with barnsley? check the official website

He's in US but has managed to put pen to paper for Barnsley, quality kid if he can do that. He's penned deal wi tarn for 2 year {Ed001's Note - hardly quality to be able to use the net or a fax machine!}

Penned in person,

Playing in a friendly for Barnsley tonight at stocksbridge so think it was penned in person. {Ed001's Note - I know, but I was just pointing out it would still have been possible for him to sign while abroad! He was never taken on the tour for personal reasons, he was thrown out of the reserves last season, hence the sudden loan deal to Northampton. He does have talent, but he needs to kept on the ground, as he can be a lot too big for his boots.}

Oh dear not another bad boy, Keith's going to have his hands full this season. Defender next please

Just hope he brings is altitude onto the pitch with him, that's what we mist most when vaz te left, vaz te had a massive belief in himself and that rubbed off on the other players, in away leader ship qualitys, that's what we've lacked for years a real winner in the team!!!, just like redders , come on you reds



23 Jul 2012 11:17:32
Charlton are trying to get Kalifa Cisse from under Bolton's nose.

On trail at bolton after his Bristol City contract has expired.

Bristol City do want to keep him but his head turned else where.

24 Jul 2012 18:04:33
On a weeks trail at Bolton who are keen to sign him or Sanchez.

He WAS on a weeks TRIAL at Bolton

He has been told that Bolton don't want to sign him so its Bristol city or Charlton Athletic



23 Jul 2012 11:15:20
derby county are in talks with burton albion over striker billy kee......youve heard it first.

First and last

DCFC: Billy Kee sounds good, sign him

Iain hume from pne

Doubt he'll be moving anyway until he recovers from his injury

Derby have to wait for Steve Davies to make up his mind first he told them hes leaving then he said hes staying now he said hes unsure.Many derby fans have told him to stay and he is happy but personal reasons that previously were akward which is why people have this rumour about him and shackell.

We will be getting a striker either way for Balls departure on loan.But if Davies does go then there willbe two bought.

Well he is only down the road so should be on our scouting radar

Billy is stayin at burton



23 Jul 2012 11:06:28
Francois zoko has turned down a deal at preston as he is close to agreeing a two year contract with Middlesbrough.

Excellent news,if true, for PNE

Zoko has never ever been in talks with PNE. Were after someone who's still under contract with a major team. Zoko wouldnt work under Westley anyway and wouldnt get on our (very empty) bench.


Don't know y mfc r looking at him...... Let Preston have him

Zoko is signing for Pne ! Stop all this rubbish about him signing for another club , all preston are waiting for is to balance the books and he will be announced ! Ridsdale has 90% confirmed it

I said weeks ago he was going to middlesboro

Hope Zoko does not come to Preston, we need a proven striker. The Portugal right back should be okay, now we need a striker and I don`t believe Zoko fits the bill.

Ridsdale has said openly that it's not Zoko PNE are looking at but a striker already in contract. With Trundle out for a few weeks, a new striker is the most important thing as we dont have Westley wished he hadnt burnt his bridges with Hume now.


Zoko was the best player in league 1 on his day, he scored 14 goals not 13 look at clubs stat and for a winger that impresive. Just to compare him to players at carlisle in past 4 years, better than danny graham, better than Ben marshall .

It was released he had turned down preston, you said you had signed him in december on loan because you saw him play once there is no profe, like when someone said he is in preston he is training at DW sport in Carlisle every day.

I'm not sure Zoko even knows where he is going yet. He is clearly holding out for the best deal he can find. I doubt Boro would take a gamble on him, where as Preston have clearly shown interest, so if he hasn't signed by now then I doubt he will. And anyway, if Preston have tabled an offer and he hasn't accepted it (yet) then does he really fit into the category of player that Westley is so keen to claim he wants? Doubtful.

PNEIAN Denies any knowledge of the above information, I have not posted on this thread at all. As to Zoko, if I were asked an opinion then I would say unlikely. {Ed003's Note - ok mate ,a note of your ip addy has been made}

Sorry but I have never heard Ridsdale mention Zoko.

If Zoko is so good,why is he still unsigned??

He is probably holding out for the best move possible, and I doubt there are many teams in the higher divisions looking at him. He's been linked with Middlesbrough, and maybe he is waiting for them to get into contact with him.

It's Stuart Beavon

Ummmmmm? I didnt know the name PNEIAN was taken, never seen it on here ever before and as I post as this tag on a number of PNE I have to change?

Zoko did hold talks with Preston however i'm not sure if Preston rejected his demands or Zoko turned down Preston. He's a very average striker, not what we need!

He was but we offered him a contract but he rejected it and then he went off too other clubs but he rejected them so he came back too pne but we rejected him



23 Jul 2012 10:57:23
Seen Jack Hobbs enquiring about houses in Leicester possible move back home?



23 Jul 2012 10:56:43
west brom target claudio yacob arrives at the albion training camp in sweden, looks like the deals almost complete.. COYB



23 Jul 2012 10:51:10
Rodolph Austin will sign for Leeds today.

No he will not it won't be sorted until at least Thursday.

He has to fly back to Jamaica in order to start his work permit process, he will sign at the end of the week if not beggining of next week.

David Norris - Leeds United



23 Jul 2012 10:40:20
Cody McDonald seen at Weston Homes Community Stadium on Saturday for Colchester's friendly fixture against West Ham United

Would love this to happen however aft the signing of Morrison I doubt this will happen however there is a chance as Morrison was a free agent so there is money there to be spent!

Can't see this happening. Shame because he's a decent player although I can't see Coventry selling in all fairness, he's likely to spearhead their attack this season.



23 Jul 2012 10:36:20
Johannes Ertl to sign for Oxford

No he is not. OUFC are not interested whatsoever {Ed003's Note - Really??}



23 Jul 2012 10:34:43
Lee Bell set to sign for Burton Albion



23 Jul 2012 10:09:31
After missing out on first choice Aidy White, Derby turn their attentions to trying to secure a season long loan deal for Liverpool left-back Jack Robinson.

Is this true and wheres the evidence ?



23 Jul 2012 10:07:59
Patrick Agyemang set to sign for stevenage after impressing on trial.

He very much disappointed on loan last season

Rumour is that if Zoko turns PNE down they will look to sign Agyemang. Cant see him joining Stevenage they are too small

He's already played for stevenage last season though? and finishing 6th place in League 1 isnt small and better than Preston.

We were big enough for him to spend half the last season on loan

Agyemand on trial for the last week, and has been impressing in the 7-0 in Ireland, looks set to sign

He scored 1 goal in his entire loan



23 Jul 2012 10:06:18
David Ball to stevenage for £600k, the money will come from the Bostwick.

Signed for fleetwood today

Talks with fleetwood still ongoing so might be a possibtle



23 Jul 2012 09:55:03
Sunderland boss Martin O'neill is pondering a move for Huddersfield striker Jordan Rhodes but maybe put off by Huddersfields £8m valuation of there prize asset.

PLEASE NO we signed the NEXT BEST THING last summer Connor Whickham he's not set the world alight we need a forward with proven record and experience

From memory he's been thinking about Rhodes for some time now and if he is "put off" by the £8M valuation he would/should have stopped "pondering" some time ago!

Im not a sunderland fan but wen u signed conor wickham i thought that was a waste of money let alone rhodes he aint even proven at championship level

Always makes me smile when football fans say things like "not proven at this or that level". Rhodes scored at club, under 21 and full international levels at his age I consider that talented. Further, this perhaps explains why all the top scouts from premier and elsewhere were camped at HTAFC last year!

Don't think he's scored on full international mate but agree with what you're saying

Rhodes only has about 10 minutes game time at full international level and has not scored , he did come close though

He's still not proven at Championship or Premier league level though is he? He's only a prospect and would represent a gamble for any club - if he was truely a talent a top club would have paid the 8m for him by now. There's been a lot of players who have scored a hatful of goals in lower leagues and haven't progressed in top flight!

Catermole already signed a new deal



23 Jul 2012 09:32:53
Hi any news on PLYMOUTH ARGYLE player wise

No not really

Argyle have handed a trial to Port Talbot striker Rhys Griffiths, Griffiths was with the squad this morning and will feature tomorrow night, Jimenez who was on trial has left and awaiting news wether he'll be offered a deal

We are not getting Jiminez now

I heard that port talbot lad scored like 120 goals in 120 games for his last club

Great. A 32 year old that has spent his career in the welsh league. Shows our ambition.

Suprised by Rhys moving, im from Llanelli and he only left llanelli (who he did score many many goals for) like 2 months ago, dont even think hes played a game for Port Talbot yet

Was wondering why hes never established himself with WALES with a record like that

Argyle 1-0 truro rhys Griffiths with the goal

Sign him up! I watched the yeovil game and apart from Lecointe & Nelson the rest of the Team were poor so we should get Rhys now and get a central defender, as for Jimenez I didn't rate him either



23 Jul 2012 09:30:20
Juanfran Moreno to Swansea from Real Madrid Castilla. Transfer to Betis fallen through, now wants to play for Laudrup.



23 Jul 2012 09:29:26
USA midfielder Ricardo Clark to sign for Charlton on a free transfer following his release from eintacht, effective 31 July!



23 Jul 2012 09:23:32
Coventry have two players on trial one is a brazilian striker and the other a german midfielder andy thorn hopes to sign them by the end of the week.

Does anyone have any idea who these two players are? I know the story is in the Telegraph today but I doesn't really give any clues as to who they are.

Anyone no who these trialists are and maybe another striker who meant to be close to signing

They don't wanna release who they are as interest could come from other clubs.

From what i've heard Weller Pereira is the striker 6"3 23 year oldThe German guy is Daniel Halfar 24 played for Germany under 21s

I'm sure it will be revealed later this week

The players are as follows Bruno cazarine and Daniel halfar.



23 Jul 2012 09:16:11
Burnley are close to completing a deal for Sam Vokes from Wolves for 500,000

Sam vokes will be a bfc player within the next week

Burnley have asked to loan him for the season with the potential to sign him on a long term basis. Sensible

Will this ever happen?

Why not make a loan move for sunderlands Connor Whickham ?

Y bot just sign a decent striker ffs ? Av we not got money or sumat ? Wers it all gon !



23 Jul 2012 08:51:49
Hull City will announce the signing of former Rangers star Sone Aluko this week

He is going to Charlton

Done deal; various statements from Steve Bruce/Steve Agnew in local media. Big coup!

Had medical at hull, steve bruce stating how he is looking forward to working with him again; how much more proof do you want?

Why would he go to Charlton. Haha another with a head full of magic

"he's going to charlton"?!!! Where did you get that from! He's already signed for hull!

Sone Aluko has agreed to move to Hull,....... Charlton?....get a grip

He has already signed for hull

More fool him.



23 Jul 2012 08:26:41
Harry kewell to bristol city
You heard it here first

Good as long as the greedy aussie person dunt come back to leeds

He was never good...

Thats a silly answer saying he was never good. he left leeds cause gt relegated understandable really



23 Jul 2012 08:22:35
Manchester United will carry on with their busy summer by signing CSKA Moscow forward Alan Dzagoev for £14 million after his performances at Euro 2012.

Utd only buy young players dzagoev is 26

Busy summer? theyve signed 2? plus he would go for alot more than 14 after the euros.

He was born in 1990 not 26

Plu she isnt 26 he is 21

Dzagoev only turned 22 in June. But agreed he would cost more than £14 Mil

26 is a good age.thats when they start hitting there prime. completely contradicted yourself seeing as Utd bid for van persie and he is 29.. only young players?

Dzagoev is 22 and his contract is slowly running down. Not that I'm the OP and I don't think he'll end up at United. But both replies are just nonsense.

To the person that said Dzagoev is 26, he is 22 so get your facts right! And hes out of contract soon, January I think

Dzagoev is 22, get your facts right before you write pish!! And he is out of contract soon so hell go cheap!

Since when was 26 not young? Did i miss the memo?!

He wouldn't cost more than 14 atall, he's out of contract in January so why would anyone pay then when they could get him free in 6 months?

What? everyone knows hes going to Chelsea...

But his contract could get renewed

RVP claims by fergie .. is to distract mancini and co..



23 Jul 2012 08:16:50
Aldershot look set to sign Craig Reid fro Stevenage for an undisclosed 5 figure fee after accepting a bid.

So much for all those random rumours in the summer linking him with Championship sides lol

Craig Reid Failed a medical so looks like hes staying with Stevenage, was really looking forward to seeing him for us too, heard good things about him

According to bbc website he has signed with aldershot, says nothing about failing a medical

He is not a good player especially if you want a goal scorer - Stevenage fan



23 Jul 2012 07:41:05
My son is apart of the safc foundation
And we have it on good source sunderlands top targets are

Fletcher( if there next the 10m bid)

Also o,Neil is considering bids for
And a surprise bid for dembele of FULHAM

Outs will be

Why would Dembele go to Sunderland, even if we were to accept a bid. Just a pipe dream

I don't think Cattermole will leave

Cattermole will stay so will wickham he will probs go out on loan

Dembele won't go to sunderlanD

Is the manager aware of all of these names and information ?

Dembele as in the chap who martin jol and alex ferguson will be one of the best midfielders in the premiership one day,
as in the man who said he'd see his contract out no matter what?
as in the man who has had interest from arsenal, liverpool, dortmund and psg?

yeah ok

I can only laugh at the prospect of you signing moussa ha!

Why would dembele leave fulham for a team not as good, and also united are linked with him.

Ha! Dembele is just a joke, and you wont get Moses either.

Dembele to sunderland

also, went to pick up some bits and bobs from hell yesterday, it's all frozen over.

And another thing, my plane was delayed because flying pigs took up all the air space

What he wouldn't leave fulham for Sunderland do me a favour I'm a saints fan but fulham are a small club with bad home and away support Sunderland r a big club

13 of 19 homes games sold out last season, ground expansion plans now in at the council, yeah - sounds like very poor support. Who finished highest last season? Again!

I'm a Fulham fan and I'll say quickly that Moussa Dembele will not be going to Sunderland. But I am embarrassed by the posts of some saying that Sunderland are a small club etc. They have a higher average attendance than us, although in modern times (last 10 years) we have been more successful with a Europa League final and a FA Cup semi with consistent top 10 spots.

C'mon guys, let's admit, we are a small club, but we're growing. Perhaps if we win a trophy and the ground is expanded, we can class ourselves as a big team.

Haha sunderland punching above their weight again. Really, dembele!



23 Jul 2012 06:53:08
Chesterfield to sign trialists Chris Sedgwick and Manny Panther. Sedgwick really impressed against Staveley on Saturday. How ever Kieth Quinn is not going to be signed but Mansfield are said to be interested in his signature

Sedgwick - North End legend. Slightly past it now though mate

Neither will sign Sheridan as no budget left and he said he was happy with the squad they will play tonight at Matlock then gone

Not what Chris Turner said on Saturday. He said the three are on trial and, if successful, could be offered deals.

He's gotta sign at least one more. We've got a 20 man squad. Starting 11 + 7 subs is 18. Leavin two spare. Anymore than two injuries and we have noone else to replace them Also not havin any loan players

Sheridan does have money,,,if needed.

Panther and Sedgwick will sign got told at Ahmed last night

Please recount squad is 21 and budget gone

We can have loan if players are injured

Chris Sedgwick good, but lost his pace.
Manny Panther had more clubs than Arnold Palmer and seems to have a disipline problem - cannot see him improving the squad.

What's happend to news on Robert Hernsaw?

Sammy Clingham (on a free at Coventry) is the person whom would be the ideal 'anchor' man between attack & defence.(Shrewsbury at talking to him).



23 Jul 2012 06:12:35
CHARLTON ATHLETIC are set to sign Zavon Hines who has previously worked with assistant manager Alex Dyer at West Ham, Also Charlton are set to take Hogan Hogan Ephraim on a season long loan from QPR.

Ephraim recently given new contract, why would Hughes want to send him out on loan

Ephraim was on loan at Bristol City last year and was a decent player. Last week he was in talks Bristol City and maybe signing on loan again

Not sre I want hogan ephram, good play, huge ego.

Hines is a free (firsy reply).

Hogan huge ego? don't see it myself never seen him as a charlie big uns.



23 Jul 2012 05:35:36
Nottingham Forest will this week make bids for Jermaine Jenas, Adlene Guedioura, George Elokobi, Matt Kilgallon, Danny Collins, Kelvin Wilson, Jame Coppinger and ambitious offers for Federico Macehda and Jay Bothroyd

Last two complete bulls***



23 Jul 2012 02:16:55
Exeter are very close to signing the two previous loanee's Matt Oakley and Jamie as Paul Tisdale said in the conference.



23 Jul 2012 03:49:43
Millwall looking at taking afobe on season loan from arsenal

Heard this to kj says hes a good player



22 Jul 2012 23:10:10
Hi everyone. Akos Buszaky to Bristol
City deal is nearly done. He would be
a good replacement for Martyn
Woolford. Mark Wilson (Ex Celtic) is
joining us on trial. He is set to play
against St Johnstone. What position
does he play in? COYR!!

Full back... Great player! Sad to see him go! Is a bit injury prone tho! Best of luck to him!

Buzsaky is a fantastic player and i think i speak for most QPR fans in saying that im sad to see him go....good signing for city.

Wilson good player not great,but past injuries,taken 25% out of his game, but i like the guy hope he proves me wrong.



22 Jul 2012 23:31:52
Stevenage have rejected a 2nd bid from Doncaster for Roberts and Ashton

It's 3 written bids rejected for Ashton and 1 bid for Roberts. Expect at least 1 more bid for both this week.

Been told that Ashton has also handed in a transfer request don't know if true or not



22 Jul 2012 23:30:33
Derby County are interested in bringing in striker Ciaran Kilduff from Shamrock Rovers.

Not good enough



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