Football Rumours Archive February 23 2012


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22 Feb 2012 23:12:29
Portsmouth have been told that they will not be able to bring any more players in unless a current player is released.(23)(4)Get Pearce off down to Ipswich a bit quick, he'll be well looked afterUnless all your keepers are injured then you should not be thinking of bringing any more players in. You have been punching above your weight for to long now. On 14000 crowds how can you pay players in excess of 20000 per week. Leeds dont pay the wages that you do and their crowds are double yours!Good!! It's a disgrace that just after entering Administration last time, they went and broke the bank to bring in experienced Premier League players on wages they knew they couldn't afford.

It's an absolute disgrace.

I feel for the fans, yes, but the club disgusts me.

Two break the terms of the CVA, and to be back in Admin twice in as many years really should be enough to wind the club up! Sad as it might be to do it, but a new club could be born and in several years you'd be back in the FL and could look for investment and finally a new 25000 all seater stadium.Bye bye Pompey.This is old news. Pompey were told this before the January transfer window opened. We've just offloaded Huseklepp to Brum & brought in Scott Allen from WBA. Next to go, rumoured, is Ben Haim to Celtic. PUP.People dont understand!!....we did have the money with our owners but they turned out to be crooks and that is the fl faultI suppose its the f a fault you are paying 30 000 or more a week to poor players deserve what you get hope nobody buys yer bye bye good ridThe one thing that I couldn't understand when Voldemort was banging on the other day about only being able to field nine fit players was "ok, what about the reserves/kids?"

Then some enlightened soul informed me that if a player from reserve set up plays in a few games they are regarded as part of the squad.

Well that should be a problem should it? Theses guys would be on next to no money, so what is the problem?

The only reason for not playing them is that this would enlarge the squad, which would then mean that the league would be less prepared to allow Pompey to bring in MORE players on loan!

What on earth are they thinking. I hate to see any club in this situation - even Portsmouth - but I'm sorry; if this is the attitude of the club, then they deserve what they get. Ben-Haim is reportedly on £36,000 a week!

I hate to say it but the money men involved deserve to loose every penny-have the club liquidated, and let it be re-born as an unblemished club, run by people who would have the best interests at heart. Lets face it, Pompey have no assets, so they wouldn't be loosing much. It's about time one of these fat-Cat clubs that spend millions chasing the dream only to loose it all, goes out of business - if only as a warning to the others. Its only a matter of time.


22 Feb 2012 23:11:15
Nigel pearson is set to become the new wolves manager and leicester will replace him with oldham athletic manager paul dickov! Fact ..oldham will then appoint lee clark as their new manager(6)(64)Or we could get lee clark and you can keep dickov :)...or better yet we could get a proper manager


22 Feb 2012 20:40:18
Wolves apparently want Nigel Pearson(7)(40)Wolves, Wycombe or Wimbledon. If the pay is better pearson will be off like a shot!The man is a journeyman who relies on his backroom staff. No loyalty to any club, Wolves are welcome to himHmmm cant see that happeningIf Pearson goes to Wolves, Leicester could do worse by bringing in Mick McCarthy as his replacement. At least he shows some loyalty. Judas will go anywhere if the money is rightU lot aint got a clue..Pearson never wanted 2 leave Leicester in the 1st place...the old board got rid of him..god knows why...u can hardly call him judas 4 returning to a club that he didnt want to leaveWishful thinking pal,they've also wanted countless other mangers all of who have said noPearson is a judas! no loyalty to any club. Relies on his backroom staff then likes to take all the credit. Odious man with no class whatsoever who will move on as soon as the going gets tough or the fans start to voice their opinionI want Liz Hurley - but thats a dream as well !Liz Hurley is a ruubbish football manager, nice tits though!


22 Feb 2012 19:50:16
Sturrock to be sacked if Southend dont win on Saturday.(15)(19) 

Source or link mate?Doubt he has a source, but it would seem possible with Martin going in to the dressing after the defeat to aldershot,

Happend with Wolves,..


22 Feb 2012 18:24:01
Ricardo Fuller to sign for Blackpool for the reminder of the season as GTF is injured(6)(24)


22 Feb 2012 17:53:30
Turkish side Fenerbahce and Spanish side Atletico Madrid have both made £20 million bids for Germany international midfielder Marko Marin. The Werder Bremen playmaker is wanted by both sides on four year contracts and could make the move across Europe in the summer.(6)(15)


22 Feb 2012 17:49:44
Atletico Madrid are very lose to signing Brazilian midfielder Raffael from Hertha Berlin. The midfielder is wanted by a number of Spanish and English sides, but is set to move to Spain for around £7.5 million.(7)(6) 



22 Feb 2012 17:47:24
Ajax are keen on signing Ghana defender Daniel Opare from Belgian side Standard Liege.(8)(5)


22 Feb 2012 17:47:08
Ajaz are keen on signing Ghana defender Daniel Opare from Belgian side Standard Liege.(5)(7)


22 Feb 2012 17:45:34
Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain has been told be Jose Mourinho he will be available for a loan move in the summer, or a permanent deal if it is right for the club. Manchester United and Manchester City are both keen on taking the Argentina international.(11)(14)


22 Feb 2012 17:43:12
Russian side Zenit St Petersburg are set to make a £11 million for Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge.(4)(34)


22 Feb 2012 17:41:56
French giants Lyon could make a surprise summer swoop for England and Arsenal attacker Theo Walcott.(10)(21)Could do but wont


22 Feb 2012 17:25:57
News from inside Molineux. Wolves to appoint Terry Connor as manager til the end of the season. I Wolves stay up he will get the job on a 12 month rolling contract. Wolves could not agree terms with ANY of the names to be linked with the job and this was seen as the only answer.(14)(22)Paul ince!!God help usGod sake get mick backNo they are not


22 Feb 2012 17:05:25
21 Feb 2012 21:30:24
I have it on good authority that Bassini agreed to sell Watford today to a Malaysian consortium. This will not be officially announced for a couple of weeks.

If he was selling why would he wait to anbnounce it, as he does not have to get the deal ratified by the Board?(3)(6)


22 Feb 2012 17:03:03
Manager Summer Moves

Villas-Boas - Sacked
Mourinho Real Madrid - Chelsea
Wenger - Arsenal - Real Madrid
Guardiola - Barcalona - Arsenal
Redknapp - Tottenham - England
Poyet - Brighton - Tottenham

David Moyes will be Sir Alex Fergusons
sucessor with Alan Curbishly going to
everton(16)(45)Good except the Moyes bit

Who will be the manager of Barca?I want some of what your on! wenger to real thats made me laugh

had to be written by a goonerMourinho wont go back to Chelsea
Wenger wouldnt get Real Madrid job
Guardiola to Arsenal, Why?
Redknapp well that is fair
Poyet not good enough
Moyes I think Man utd would want a Mourinho Guardiola or someone like that
Curbishly Everton can get better than thatMoyes would do a good job at MUFC and everyone knows it.
Wenger has been a great manager but time to put his feet up.
REdknapp has only had 2 good years in management with spurs and a FA cup with a club he helped kill.
Guardipola to Ars - not gonna happen.
Everton would not need curbishley - EVERAVB out Mourinho loves Chelsea still and always talks about them in press confrences. Could come back if he sorts out realtionship with Abramovich. Guardiola has complemented the way in which arsenal play, and is the closet team to Barcelonas passing ability. I can see this happening!I say youll be lucky to get one of those right


22 Feb 2012 16:35:29
Robbie Fowlers possible move to India has been scrapped paving a career in English football for him possibly Tranmere Rovers who he has been linked with persistently(11)(6)


22 Feb 2012 16:23:29
FC Seoul could hijack Matt McKay's move to League rivals Busan I'Park from Rangers.(2)(4)


22 Feb 2012 16:21:23
Newcastle United are keen on signing Groningen striker David Texeira. The 20 year old has earnt recognition from a number of top scouts in Europe and could cost United around £10 million after scoring 8 goals in 14 appearances.(5)(11)


22 Feb 2012 09:57:07
Magera has returned to his homeland on a 3 month loan.
He is a high wage earner at Swindon so funds releasedfor striker that will join from premier lesuge this week.
still 1/2 going out on loan and one may have already gone
Swindon are sure this unamed premire striker will
join this week(15)(16)


22 Feb 2012 09:44:25
Bristol city to sign a cm. A striker and a lb(4)(12)Why would u put unbelivable. he has said himself he is trying to sign another defender and striker, now we only have 2 fit cm's for almost whole season.


22 Feb 2012 07:42:00
Leicester City looking to extend loan of Nathan Delfounseo...BBC(21)(9)


21 Feb 2012 22:02:13
Anybody have any bristol city fc news/new loan signings(3)(15)No,but after finding out Elliott will be out for the season, we will need someone!Yeah ur going downIm coming down to your place this weekend, atmosphere should be great looking forward to it. Blackpool FanThe latest news is you were a one man team with Maynard and now he's gone. Bristol City - Maynard = League One. Simple.Yes news just in.... your going down with the Covbristol city will bounce back city did double over southampton we will revenge who beat us this season


21 Feb 2012 21:54:39
Watford are rumoured to be signing another loanee from Man Utd, Watford may try to sign Will Keane on loan until the end of season.(10)(13)Be a cracking signing for both clubs he need to play at next step and Championship would be perfect and you would be getting a top talent that will get goals if he gets games watched him lots of times lot to learn but everything a players needs he got just need games and timeNo thanks he's rubbish.


21 Feb 2012 21:48:48
Inside sources at Reading believe they will announce tomorrow the news of Brian McDermott signing a new contract at Reading FC.(31)(17)


21 Feb 2012 21:30:24
I have it on good authority that Bassini agreed to sell Watford today to a Malaysian consortium. This will not be officially announced for a couple of weeks.(10)(15)


21 Feb 2012 20:58:12
Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie will attempt to seal a move away from the Emirates this summer.
Yet, Wenger will refuse his star and will watch his contract run down and let him leave for free at the end of the 2012/13 season.

Heard it hear first
Kev(25)(29)Hardly came up with that first did youNot an arsenal fan but will prob sign a new contact


21 Feb 2012 20:11:00
Middlesbrough fringe players Jonathan Grounds and Jonathan Franks are training with the Glovers. Yeovil Town have now confirmed that both players are training at Huish Park. As yet neither player has signed for the club, although it seems to be clear that the Championship side are interested in offering them up for loan deals.(6)(4)


21 Feb 2012 19:37:58
Bournemouth have signed Miles Addison on loan from Derby county till the end of the season. source Bournemouth club website.(12)(5)Excellent signing. Can't work out what has gone wrong for him at derby this season but he is a class player and will do very well thereThis boy was gonna be big, now he's playing for an awful team at an awful level of football. Kick and run stuff in the fizzy pop leagues isn't it? {Ed003's Note - fizzy pop league ?? }Oh dear he's terribleHad him at Barnsley early in the season he is aweful! wants to play cm but has no legs cb or retire for that carthorse!Fizzy pop league, we bournemouth play football, if you ask any team we play this year, they will say we hardly get the ball off the ground, bet your a glory supporterMate I've watched division one football including Bournemouth. Stick a big lad up front and hoof away.I am not a Bournemouth but I admit they play good footballGood football in the fizzy pop leagues? Do me a favour! Watch Man City and we'll show you how its done.


21 Feb 2012 16:40:53
Wolves no nearer to finding new manager. This was because Curbishley was number 1 choice and they were certain he would take the job. Next choice was Bruce but that has cooled now due to fans reaction. I'm told only person showing real interst in job is Paul Ince.(28)(15)Its not, wolves want the reading manager mcdermot.Paul Sturrock to be appointed new manager at WolvesIt has been on local radio (radio wm) curbishley was offered a 2.5 year contract but turned it down he only wanted a 13 game contract incase we got relegated.It will be another 4 years out of work alan with an attitude like that mate i don't think you realise how big our club and fanbase is!Curbishley didnt take the job because he watched a DVD of there last match and got out of there sharpishNot very big just a caravan site in Wolverhampton , Where ya caravan YAM YAMCurbishley will give a answer tomorrow after further talksYou may think you are a big club but you are not, no decent manager will touch you with a barge pole until you have spent 5 - 6 seasons in the top flight and that aint gonna happen, championship calling big clubLets be honest, we were a big club, and we have the money to be one again, but they won't spend it and that is why we are going nowhere...Why not Lee Clark? All those pundits on radio and TV asking why was such a wonderful up and coming young Manager sacked! Not heard him linked to anything since?


21 Feb 2012 16:17:05
Ba may go for as little as 3.5m in the summer.
No chance of keeping him if it is true.
Haway the lads.

Jeez.(23)(13)Just need to give Ba a new contract and big pay hike to get rid of the clauseBig thing is ba dont wanna go anywere,he luvs it at the toon,his mates there and he knows we took a punt on him when others werent willing to,which he wont forget.Ok saying give him a pay rise goes right against newcastle set up worst thing is his agent reportedly getting 2 mill of the deal def on his way outVilla thought that about Downing we signed him for 12m when he had a broken leg then he fs off to scouse land 2 years laterDowning went for 20 mill thank f.c.u.k for that... hes so overrated for somebody that past it 3 years ago...This rumour has come about as a result of the recent David Sullivan interview in which he said "I'm told he's got a £7m get-out at Newcastle and he gets half the money, so if they sell him for £7m, they'll only net about three" (The Guardian, 20/02/2012). If this is true (and you can make your own decisions about the reliability of Mr Sullivan and his sources) there could be a significant financial incentive for Ba to actually push for a move.Load of rubbish must be a disgruntled premier league fan who spouted this carp because his club did not sign himLoad of rubbish where have you been for the last 48 hours sullivan said it and in all the papers his on his wayYea right because ashley is stupid and doesnt care about money


21 Feb 2012 16:14:54
Daily Express and Daily Star saying that Newcastle may lose Ba for as little as 3.5m in the summer.(17)(7)It is crap, lazy jurno stuff. West Ham boss apparently stiring for some reason. If he wanted to go, he would have gone in January...Has a £7 million get out clause but would have pushed for a transfer in jan if he wanted...@Where would he have gone as hes already been at two clubs since the beginging of the season... uefa wont allow itI stopped reading your rumour as soon as you said Daily Star


21 Feb 2012 15:45:57
Unhappy Paul Sturrock to have showdown talks with his Chairman at Southend quite soon.(9)(8)Unhappy about what?No close ally following My Brady's exit. Doesn't see eye to eye with his Chairman.


21 Feb 2012 15:44:59
Unhappy Paul Sturrock to have showdown talks with his Chairman quite soon. Sturrock is not happy his 5-year plan for the Club is being thrown off course since the departure of the Club's CEO. it seems the Chairman is not keen to committ to this long term strategy and this has irked Sturrock.(7)(6)What is it with you and Sturrock, does your wife have a thing for him or something !What a pile of crap,

Must be jealous of southend being top.Dont believe this. Sturrock employeda five year plan at Argyle and we sailed from league 2 to the championship! Cant see Southend risking similar results, especially where they are currently. Bryher Pilgrim


21 Feb 2012 15:41:46
Royals Manager will not be moving to wolves.
Meanwhile reading look to loan in Michael Owen and Jimmy Bullard(12)(30)Agreed McDermott is only good at Reading as he knows he players

Owen-To sign for us or Brighton
Bullard-Doubt it,don't want him eitherHe no's doyle n hunt n noing players dont mean a thingEnd of readings promotion push owen finished and bullard never even started


21 Feb 2012 15:36:46
Alan Curbishley is being lined up for Brighton on a three year deal should Gus take on the Wolves job. All done by Fri if Gus leaves by thurs!(6)(32)


21 Feb 2012 15:22:57
Watford rumour......Will Keane from Man Utd will be also going to Watford on a 3 month loan by the end of this week.(23)(3)


21 Feb 2012 13:25:46
Blackpool to go into the loan market as Gary Taylor Fletcher is injured.(10)(9)Take Manset from ReadingHolloway is apprently going for james ward-prowse from saints , young prospect and shows alot of potential


21 Feb 2012 12:10:45
Jimmy Bullard linked with a loan move to Reading(15)(17)


21 Feb 2012 11:38:46
Reading have been approached to realease Brian McDermott. Molineux bound. The big name and personality all Wolves fans wanted???????(5)(31)He is stayingThank god for thatBig name personality ! More like personality of a gnat !!Not a big name... but IMO a bloody good manager. You could do a lot worse.Please stay brianToo good for Wolves,also has the full backing of his board and club to push on for promotion to the Premiership,he,ll end up back in the championship next season if he took the Wolves job.Typical reading fan that when you lose out again after he takes the wolves job due to him being on a rolling contract so say bye bye very soonReading are a small club always have been no fansWe are the best fans in the leagueUh wolves fans who is laughing now then, oh the little club who kept their manager, weep weep wolves, nobody wants to manage your ickle club, probably because the fans speak alien...


21 Feb 2012 11:02:05
Manager Changes before the Summer-
Wolves- Steve Bruce
Leeds- Neil Warnock (done)
Huddersfield- Simon Grayson (almost done)
Arsenal- Jose Mourinho
Chelsea- Fabio Capello
England- Harry Redknapp
Tottenham- Gus Poyet
Brighton- Lee Clark(11)(49)Hasn't Capello retired?Get your facts right, Grayson is already 'in situ'. Confirmed last night by SSN.Wolves are after brian mcdermottAs a arsenal fan i hope not Jose Mourinho is not right for our club we need a manager that can deliver in youth and buying...@Poyet? Tottenham? LoooL!!Gus poyet- tottenham! more like morihnho


21 Feb 2012 10:49:03
Watford rumour......Tomasz Kuszczak from ManUtd will be going to Watford on a 3 month loan deal.(22)(8)Done deal, just announcedGreat signing and another loan signing of real quality. In the recent past Cleverly & Foster have come from United and really made a mark. Watford's relationship with United seems to be as strong as ever. Long may that continue.


21 Feb 2012 10:40:02
Jimmy Bullard to Reading on loan.

Source TWTD.(12)(25)


21 Feb 2012 10:39:11
Swindon Town's Alan Connell and Matt Ritchie linked with a combined £2million move to Championship side Leicester. Heard this from a reliable source working within Leicester.(3)(23)The same Alan Connell who has failed and been bombed out of every club he has been at?? Think he's found his level pal, Ritchie isn't for long at Swindon though but won't be anywhere near 2mil


21 Feb 2012 10:31:12
Pauli di canio is going to be offered the wolves job this week on a 2 1/2 year deal with a big bonus for keeping them in the prem. terry skiverton being lined up as a replacement.(8)(30)What a load of bsI'm a Swindon fan - I know our lot wouldn't be happy about that but I can't see that Wolves would be happy at all with that move! Anyway, it's bound to be McDermott or BruceSurely to be offered the managers job at Wolves, they have to speak to him and interview him, and before that they have to get permission from Swindon, none of which have happened !Wolves are not gonna gamble on a sideshow clown like Di Canio! Get real


21 Feb 2012 10:16:55
Chelsea will make former Liverpool Boss Rafael Benitez their new Manager until the end of the season if Roman Abramovich loses patience with AVB.(7)(32)Chelsea struggle defending set pieces. we saw how great(sic) rafa handled that with liverpoolHave heard this too but cant see it...@


21 Feb 2012 10:09:36
David Bird to sign for Hereford United in time for the weekend fixtures(7)(2)


21 Feb 2012 10:03:18
If Old 'Arry Leaves Expect David Moyes Or Alan Pardew To Take Over. Considering Niether Spend Loads Of Money On Quality, Expect Tottenham To Do Extremely Well.(9)(17)I'd heard they were interested in Brendan Rogers


21 Feb 2012 09:40:54
Chris Martin, Aaron Wilbraham and Korey Smith are set to leave Norwich City in the summer while Paul Lambert brings in players from Germany to maintain Premier League survival for another season.(15)(6)I don't think Lambert will be willing to sell Korey Smith, bags of potential, just 21, on loan at Barnsley to get him games after Injury.
Suspect Lambert will re-view him in pre-season before deciding if he will sell him on.
I suspect you can add Lappin and Crofts as two other players he will consider selling in the summer, and will release Drury as well.


21 Feb 2012 08:13:25
Shaun Derry to be reunited with both Warnock and Leeds United and is expected to captain the side from inital signing.(22)(8)


21 Feb 2012 08:06:25
Leeds to sign former Sheffield United and Portsmouth striker Danny Webber on a free transfer as player is a free agent since leaving Portsmouth in Summer.

Webber will become Neil Warnock's first signing as Leeds Manager as they are reunited before the Portsmouth game this weekend. Webber played under Warnock during his time at Sheffield United.(12)(5)Scraping the barrel springs to mind.Yeah, it will be twice if you include WarnockConsidering he's still on trial at Birmingham I highly doubt this


21 Feb 2012 07:54:16
marcus bean and mylies weston want to leave in the summer also leaving brentford kyle osborne, any scott wants bean and weston(1)(5)


21 Feb 2012 07:42:51
QPR have signed 16 year old Aussie Striker Peter Skapetis.(11)(5)


21 Feb 2012 07:34:10
Bradford City are going to sign Josh Lillis from Scunthorpe United on loan by the weekend.(4)(5)


21 Feb 2012 07:17:56
gus poyet 7/4 be new wolves manager(10)(20)


21 Feb 2012 07:12:29
Reading are signing Lakaku from Chelsea on loan for the rest of the season(9)(33)Name spelt wrong so thats rubbishHe has already played for Anderlecht and Chelsea and is unable to play for another club this season, so unless he is dropping down a division to train with players of a much lower quality I think you will find you are wrong


21 Feb 2012 00:00:12
Watford May Sign Tom Eaves From Bolton On Loan To The End Of The Season.(10)(9)Yes and they may not


20 Feb 2012 22:49:07
Free agent stern John set to sign for Barnsley(7)(14)What good would he be he's 36 years old don't think he could keep up the paceWhen he was at forest he could barely keep up with the pace then. That was in 2000.


20 Feb 2012 21:57:13
walcott will sign for lfc in the summer. Only 1year left on contract, lost place too chamberlain plus lfc fan! lfc despretly lack pace!(23)(24)He was an Arsenal fan because of Henri.....that's why he went there from Southampton.No he was a henry fan thats why he went there plus liverpool never offered for himTheo has always been an Arsenal fan, loved Henry. That's why he left Saints to go there.Should get on well with Suarez then!He is rubbish, couldn't trap a bag of cement. As long as he doesn't play for England I'll be happy.Good swap him for suarez.


20 Feb 2012 20:18:20
Wolves to enquire over Molde manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær
Board impressed with OGS quick improvement with the Norwegian side.
Further persuaded by his links to Man Utd, the two M's are keen to explore further options after currently unhappy with those that have been interviewed(11)(29)He would never manage in england unless with man utd.Another silly wolves happy clapper i see get real


20 Feb 2012 19:34:37
Gus Poyet to be named Wolves manager in the next couple of days! Ray Wilkins to be named No2!! FANTASTIC NEWS!!(21)(28)Ed is there any truth in poyet and wilkins as wolves next management team ? {Ed003's Note - No idea,sorry}Wilkins is good enough to be your manager let alone your assistant its too small of a job for himThis would be what I asked for from the start, a young manager with something to prove and an old hand with a wealth of experience to help him. Almost a joint team. Maybe my tweet to Moxey worked!lol

ScaramangaIts not gonna happen! wolves think there some big club, your no bigger than brighton! Brighton's fans are better than yours as is their ground which is getting expanded as they fill it week in week out. Give it two years and brighton will be a prem team and wolves a championship teamHa ha ha how the hell are Brighton as big as Wolves funniest thing I've heard all day. Oh by the way where having our stadium expanded also but to a much bigger capacity than the poxy little Amex already twice as big and getting bigger.


20 Feb 2012 18:56:00
New managers in the next 4 months:

Arsenal: Tony Adams/Steven Bould
Spurs: Alan Pardew
Newcastle: Steve Bruce/Alan Shearer
Chelsea: Jose Mourinho
England: Harry Redknapp
SC Lisbon: AVP
Sochaux: Arsene Wenger
Wolves: Peter Reid(6)(84)Ye nice one !LOL i feel for Arsenal if this was true. No Europe next year

SkooterNewcastle Steve Bruce,youve been on the loopy juice i fearAlien vs predator interesting combo at LisbonWhatever you smoking mate; GET OFF IT!!


20 Feb 2012 18:23:30
our new manger and his son are leeds fans.... what have we done to deserve this !(11)(9)It's just Warnock currying favour. He was a lifelong Blade when he managed Sheffield Utd. Take it all with a pinch of salt.Aren't you talking about Grayson and Town?
If he doesn't get wins straight away he will get some stick. What we needed was to stop us leaking goals and drawing games when we were winning. Leeds conceded 4 against Birmingham, 5 against Blackpool, 4 against Barnsley, hope he does better for Town.


20 Feb 2012 17:50:27
Watford hope to sign Tom Eaves on loan to the end of the season from Bolton. Watford want the striker to replace Marvin Sordell who left for Bolton and for the poor form of Chris Iwelumo.(3)(3)Very very good player, has a lot of potential, seen him in youth matches. will be a good player for watford.An amazing talent Bolton would do well to keep hold of him !


20 Feb 2012 17:45:23
portsmouth fc 2012/2013 na premier league
ward,rocha,ben haim,belhadj
mokoena,mullins,bouba diop,mahoto

belhadj,bouba diop,mahoto and dindane all back pompey!

play up pompey!(3)(35)AdminisrationYou will soon be a saints fan ;)More like Pay Up Pompey Playing players still you cannot afford!!No pompey fan would ever support scum but they could do with some real fans for sure.Screw off. 14k attendance when in admin? yea real fans turn their backs and dont pay to help out. TOOL! jealous we'll be going prem, and actually deserve itThe real pompey fans have had enough you're quite right, had enough of the way the club has been run but the they still get 14,000 attendance, so not too shabby when you think about it. In your case probably dont try too hard!Scummers so full of yourselves, it was only 4 years ago we were winning Trophies, when did you last win something (promotion from 3rd Tier doesnt count, lol)! Newsflash, YOU AINT GOING UP, the teams that are hot on your heels will sharp overtake your amateur lot! PUPBelhadji should leave to Rennes


20 Feb 2012 17:18:18


20 Feb 2012 17:08:20
Simon Cox just might be striker to go on loan to Swindon until end of season ,has not played many games for WBA this season(6)(23)The Queue would be round the corner for Cox - Swindon, despite his history with the club would be near the back of itMaybe Championship clubs like Reading or Bristol who need strikersAs much as I would love Cox back this wont happen, he left us in league 1, why would he come back to us in league 2 especialy when there would be a fair few championship clubs willing to take him and pay his wages, with the wage cap we would struggle to fund the wages...


20 Feb 2012 16:26:07
Jack Butland has signed on-loan for Cheltenham Town FC.(5)(7)22 Feb 2012 10:07:04
Cheltenham have re-signed Jack Butland

Done deal. So stop pressing the Unbelievable button


20 Feb 2012 16:13:34
Jaidi announced his retirement from football and is going to leave at the end of the season(10)(1)He announced this at the start of the season, hardly breaking news!!To true to be true


20 Feb 2012 15:55:39
With Darius definitely being the cart and horse.(1)(5)


20 Feb 2012 14:24:01
Jason Scotland rumoured to be signing for Watford on loan for a month(8)(23)


20 Feb 2012 13:38:45
Looks Like Grayson will be named Huddersfield Manager. Supposedly it was between 2 candidates. (possibly Brown) Don't know when it will be confirmed yet.(17)(4)I wish simon all the best. MOT


20 Feb 2012 13:37:49
Grayson set for Huddersfield Job(20)(6)


20 Feb 2012 13:29:49
Maneger latest

Steve Bruce. Wolves
Simmon Grayson. Huddelsfeild
Neil Warnock. Leeds
Villas Boas Arsanel
Jose Mouriniho. Chelsea
Arsen Wenger. Totenham
Arry Rednap. England(5)(77)Lol, no way on earth Wenger would go to Spurs, hes Arsenal through and through.Arry would be absolutely mental to take this job on with england,Face the facts england are NO spain or brazil.It trully is a hiding to nothing and look at the history of the job? The saying HERO to ZERO in 2 years springs to mind.Harry has a job for life at Spurs.About as good as your spellingArsenal have just a two year extension to Wenger's contract!Who are you??? Only a complete p...k would even think of putting a list like this up for ridicule. On second thoughts have you got a crystal ball?? Dont think so!Loada old cobblers... joker


20 Feb 2012 13:18:00
reading fc 2012
Conorlly. Gorkks Pearce Bridge
Kebe. Karacan. Sigurdson Mcanuff
Owen. Roberts

Mackil smith

Connorlly 700K
Bridge loan
Sigurdson 1.5M
Owen loan
Mackel smith 3M
Cummings 600K
Kanu 2M
Le Fondre loan
Tabb loan
Antonio loan(7)(24)Would be greatI think the funniest thing about this is us getting 2m for church, made my dayAlso sig for 1.5m, considering we sold him for around 7m its unlikely hoff will let him go for that muchJust LOLLol, what have you been smoking?4 mil for rob kanu and church, r u sure? and sig for 1.5mil considering hes playing great for swansea on loan


20 Feb 2012 13:10:31
Simon grayson takes over huddersFAILED town manager but his first job is to sell rhodes to his boyhood club LEEDS. Ha ha ha. League1 for the next 2 seasons at least. MOT(14)(15)Leeds LolAnd where will this magic pot of money come from? £3m plus quoted in the transfer window, unless Snodgrass etc sold can't see that being available.Theres something about a Leeds fan that always leves a nasty taste in the mouth.Get ready for lots of clean sheets lol, defensive coaching at it's best.Utter tosh ! , Rhodes ain't going to Leeds because Bates will not spend money, wait for fireworks between Warnock and Bates, it won't last.............Simon grayson has come to a club run by a supporter who is also wealthy as apposed to a club run by a miserly garden money says grayson will be at huddersfield longer than headcase warnock will be at leeds.and he will take us up.......Totally agree with last comment, Grayson will get Huddersfield promoted possibly this season, because chairman will support him, Warnock will do his usual trick of complaining about referees of opposition players, whenever his team fails to win, totally disrespectful to other managers and teams, its never his fault, so expect him and Bates to lock horns unless its instant success this season.....My money says Warnock will fail and make Leeds even more unpopular than they already are.No point in Rhodes going to Leeds, he's a footballer and would never be able to compete for the long high ball. Where would Leeds get the money, Bates won't give it to Warnock? As I drive down the M621 I will be able to see the ball rising and falling above the stands. Mediocre, long ball football, but Leeds fans won't mind that. I love the fact that Bates extracts every penny he can out of Leeds fans pockets and they still keep coming back. Who owns the club, nobody knows, so much for marching on together, lemmings more like. Never mind Bates will be sunning himself in Monaco on the hard earned money of Leeds fans, he couldn't even be bothered to come back to interview Warnock, mind you Warnock maybe possibly jumped at the chance of a freebie.Warnock is a good motivator. If someone said to after the game we lost as the players are not good enough..... no motivation. Blame it on outside external influences is a good move as it increases motivation. Basic Psychology.Don't forget, Warnock has also taken teams down.Anybody who wants to see what warnock is about should go on you tube and watch warnock v the terriers his half time team talk is insane the chances of him and uncle fester hitting it off are nil.grayson had all his best players sold from under him by uncle fester.I for 1 am more than happy he is our new manager.


20 Feb 2012 13:09:53
theo walcott could be heading out of arsenal at the end of the season . He is not happy at this club and wants to play for a higher team .(12)(18)Yeah i want to slip angelina jolie one but thats not gonna happen either!! its kind of a pre-requisite that a winger needs to be able to cross a ball and until he can master this basic skill for a highly paid footballer he wont be going to any sort of decent team anytime soonHigher team he be lucky to get a game for my Sunday side to play for a top side u have to be a top player and sorry but he not no top playerI would have thought walcott was one of Arsenal's problems rather than a player worthy of a higher teamTheo Walcott is the most over rated player in the premier league hes' a one trick pony and all he can do is chase a ball 30 yards behind the full back. Arsenal would be better off letting him go. The guy hasnt improved in the last 3-4 years. When he does get into positions to put a good ball into the box to me he always looks confused on what he should do. I hope he doesnt get in the Engalnd squad he's an absolute waste of space.As a saints fan i watched a lot of Theo when he was a youth player and the potential he had was scary but i have to admit he is pretty average now, personally i blame Wenger everone goes on about Wenger and how he brings on the youth from within the club, lets get it right he buys youth once the selling club have done the hard work and takes the credit. Wallcott needs to get out as soon as he can, i personaly think he can still play at a high level, Arsenal just does not suit his style. I just hope wenger does not ruin Alex Oxlade Chamberlain career like he has done theo's.Think saint fan is very bitter!! How can you question wenger on pushing youth bitter bitter bitter!I agree wenger trys to promote a image of producing young talents when all he does is actually poach them from their comfort zone and try and mould them into arsenal players, loads of quality signings have deteriorated since joining arsenal...


20 Feb 2012 12:47:09
Eddie Howe lining up a loan with view to permanent deal for Swindon Town midfielder Matt Ritchie.(4)(15)Its all a load of bull, we will be in the same league as Burnley soon...Thats fine if he is willing to pay the money we value him at, if he isnt then Matt will be going nowhere.No way will he go at least until the end of the season and not sure he would go to Burnley anyway.

When are people going to get it in their heads on this forum you cant buy players now you can only loan as the window is shut.


20 Feb 2012 11:46:56
Swindon, are to bring in mystry striker
from Prem to help them cement their
challenge for 1st place in League 2.

Tomorrow night game against Shrewsbury Town is going to be bigger than fans expect as sources close to the club and striker have said he will be at the game and make a final decision on becoming a Town player on loan till the end of the season, on the strength of Swindons performance.

This is fact!(17)(5)Well back it up with something then!Is it Steve Evans from Crawley, the FA seem so scared of him that he will score every game by using his hands feet head and just pushing the keeper into the net... if He can stop eating pies long enough !!Keep your eye on the directors box tonight, Magera going out on loan to free up the wages of the premier league striker coming in on loan.... we are only paying 50% of their wage and that is 5kWow wow wow what prem striker are you going to afford who will be willing to step down to the bottom tier? Something in the water in Swindon??


20 Feb 2012 11:39:51
Neil Warnock wants Chris Samba on loan from Blackburn.(14)(26)Lol.....If samba wont play for a club currently in the prem why would he play for one that isnt?Who comes up with this nonsense, Bates will not pay that kind of money for Samba Loan - lolHa ha ha good one!It's probably true but I want Jessica Alba and thats not going to happen either


20 Feb 2012 10:57:18
Steve Bruce to be named new wolves manager soon.all toon fans praying its right.(14)(22)Not this fan,will do no better than mick,and he was treated badlyBruce has not exactly set the premier league alike, spent loads of money at Sunderland but it took O Neil to get them playing as a team. Big Risk to go with him. I believe Chairman should have stayed with Mick McCarthy, he probably had a better chance to keep them up.....


20 Feb 2012 10:01:33
Chelsea interested in a summer move for Brazilian star Neymar.(13)(24)


20 Feb 2012 09:58:36
Darius Vassell is linked with a big money move to league 1 leaders Charlton. They see the veteran striker as a ideal signing for the Championship as they anticipate promotion.(7)(17)Whilst Charlton will undoubtedly be promoted, think this is cart before the horse. Doubt if Chris Powell has thought beyond the next match.YOU WILL HAVE A JOB BECAUSE HE IS INJUREDConsidering he is 31, will be out of contract at the end of the season and is recovering for anterior cruciate ligament surgery I think the expectation of big money is a littel wide of the mark


20 Feb 2012 09:57:24
Steve Clark with george Graham type Guru
is also being considered(3)(11)Rubbish


20 Feb 2012 08:12:36
Alan curbishley and Steve Bruce turned wolves job down after only being offered a contact deal with wolves until the end of the season(31)(4)Keano pleaseGet mick backGus Poyet 2 b named as new wolves boss


20 Feb 2012 08:10:45
Middlesbrough lead the chase to sign arsenal right back gavin hoyte and striker park both on loan also barry robson has agreed to sign on loan every january from whitcaps so he can play for boro in the premier league or to help them get back there(14)(11)


20 Feb 2012 08:06:41
Time for ARSENE WENGER to go.(43)(23)Some say he's already gone.You're right mate,his magic is well gone.Arsenal would be nothing without him fickle fans.Arsenal will be winners without Wenger - they'll actually buy good players!

They won't be able to play the integrity card any more but they'll win thingsBang on they will buy good players not grow them and sell them when they become good players , u see that is problem we can all hold hands up and say yes he has had some players he made to be great but when he first took over he had the mix right old heads that where on top of there game and brought in players that he turned in to top players but then he went to much for kids and tried to build a side from there soon as the old heads big names gone the kids that was turning good wanted out 2 then he could not plug the gaps left and that why gunners are where they are now lost and bringing it second rate players rush job trying to sort it out to late ever he walks away or spends in summer on big names and players that are at there best now not in 2-3 years timeThey used to have the cups in the trophy cabinet, but now they are all in the Arsenal canteen. Wenger has to go.As a arsenal fan im a massive beliver in trust in wenger.. but i do a agree something is wrong i would rather see David Dein back upstair Wenger needs to be the Manager not the Manager/ Director/ Staduim manager/ Tranfer negoater. Take some off this jobs away from him and you will see arsenal fly high again...@


20 Feb 2012 06:40:30
Simon grayson new huddersfailed town manager. FACT. Watch ssn at 12 today. MOT(23)(8)Highly unlikely - chairman has only just returned from abroad to start the search so how can Grayson have been appointed?



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