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23 Aug 2012 23:15:35
Celtic are interested in Wolves defender Berra.
He's in the final year of his contract and has put in a transfer request

Good you can have him.He will be at his level in the SPL.

Quality player £5m jez

I'll drive him there if he goes. We'll get about £1-2m i reckon



23 Aug 2012 22:30:37
Not a definately as this comes from the boro page on but marvin Emnes has handed in a transfer request! I don't know who's come in for him but in my opinion I think if he is going mogga would replace him with striker twice as good for half of what we get for him.

I agree with what you say. A good fee would enable us to buy a couple of decent players.

Its a tough one, marvin has been really impressive in the last few seasons, but id take someone like maynard over him any day



23 Aug 2012 22:56:54
Doncaster and Bournmouth are in a battle to sign James Wilson from Bristol City this will happen when Monk signs for Bristol from Swansea

You'll only get Wilson on loan.

Wont go to Doncaster tho, as the clubs dont like each other!

Why do you need to keep Wilson if you have

No way rubbish

Why would bournemouth need a further defender as we are already got plenty of cover in all positions. james wilson is excellent defender and would require regular football but no position available at present at afcb.

Why do you need to keep Wilson if you have

We don't have Monk, Stewart probably won't play for us again, so that's why we need Wilson.
Plus he's involved in pretty much every matchday squad

Ummmm well monks our captain and has been for years, sure we don't play him but how will Bristol afford his wages??

It's nyatanga who should be got rid of not James Wilson.

I would rather have Wilson than Stewart

The Monk deal will be completed next week 12 month loan City will then let Wilson go out on loan for the season

Stewart unfit and overweight and seeing out his last big contract. Nyatanger (its Nayatanagerer by the way) is lightweight and immobile. James Wilson Young and possibly not quite championship standard as yet and may not get to further his career at City, he needs games though that's for sure.

I can't see Stewart going anywhere unless city are going to pay half of his wages to the loan club. I would love to know what has happened since he joined City and why he has under achieved so spectacularly. Anyone got any answers ? Ida lovitt

Bristol City and Doncaster dont like each other ?? I've never heard that what's the reason ?

Barnsley have also joined the race to get Wilson out of Ashton gate after the arrival of Monk



23 Aug 2012 22:55:54
Cheltenham Town have signed ex-Birmingham city legend Darren Carter on a six month contract...



23 Aug 2012 22:48:24
PNE after Liverpool striker
Nathan Eccleston on a 12 month loan

I think there is a subtle difference between a striker and front player. Strikers score goals. Boy, the term "striker" is used very loosely with some players. BTW this signing wont happen, he's way to lightweight for PNE.



23 Aug 2012 21:57:43
James Vaughan to join Huddersfield Town on a season long loan

According to papers it's a done deal, nothing official as yet in website though, UTT!

Yes he is currently undergoing a medical at the John Smiths stadium. Just need another fast wing many, Jonny Russell fits the bill.

According to sky he is having a medical ahead of a loan move.

Having medical as we speak, could feature in the squad against Burnely tomorrow. Town fan.

This is now official town have signed him on loan to partner rhodes

24 Aug 2012 21:28:26
deal done, it's on the Town website



23 Aug 2012 21:52:51
Darren Ward of Millwall set to sign for Swindon Town

If true good luck mate,you have been a good servant for the 'WALL'! All the 'BEST'!

He's a Central Defender....we need RB (Caddis - Birmingham) or LB - (Cibbochi left by mutual consent mid week). That only leaves Swindon with Davera RB and McCleverly LB........So not a 33 year old CB.

This could somewhat be true as he didn't play any part at all for Millwall against Peterborough Tuesday

I dont think a 33 year old central defender is on PDC's shopping list. Central defence we have have Mcormack, Flint, Troy A-H and Devera all able first teamers. PDC is after full back cover and a striker.

Could be true, but maybe I'm just wishful thinking

Darren wont sign for town , told he will sign for northampton becuase they are need of a midfielder . We have been linked with john bostock and dave kitson

Thompson can cover right-back

We have chris smith as well who is ment to be very similar style to caddis

Wardy could do a good job for somebody! He is reliable & can be a good captain! Always gives 100% PC/Commited & any club could do a lot WORSE!

I think this is true iv just seen a picture of him at swindon fc from a swindon paper

Good luck wardy you always tried/gave your best for the lions!!!

Picture In the Swindon advertiser today if ward at the country ground yesterday? He was a rock the for millwall the year they beat us in the play off final, is he any good still millwall fans?

Wardy would be a good signing for swindon hes a classy composed experianced cb captain material sorry to see him leave good luck wardy and swindon see u both down the den next season

He's good enough for swindon, put it that way!



23 Aug 2012 21:34:21
Marvin emnes (boro) alledgedly handed in transfer request.

On his way to Norwich city they were interested earlier on in the transfer window


Linked with swansea more recently norwich with bailey rumoured to but he's picked up injury out for 4-6 weeks



23 Aug 2012 21:25:30
Tommy Smith to sign 4 City tomorrow

Cardiff Bristol stoke Birmingham ??

He means Cardiff City but I agree it is stupid of him and others on this site to naturally assume which "city" or "town"" they are talking about



23 Aug 2012 21:17:57
Millwall are lining up a surprise move for former striker Steve Morison, who is out of favour at Norwich. A loan deal until January is what the two clubs have agreed.

If this is true I would be amazed!! He could not wait to 'LEAVE THE LIONS'!!!

I doubt'VERY MUCH' that Morison would ever be welcomed back at Millwall!! But never say never in football! If TRUE?

I thought he liked Norwich!!!

He came on against Fulham. He's not exactly out of favour

We have got long memories at Millwall!!!

Don't want Moison to leave, he's a great goal scorer. He scored a lot of goals last season despite spending a lot of time on the bench.

Any one that says he wouldn't be welcomed back is an person. Yes he didnt leave the best way but he is quality and him and Keogh would be a great partnership. Not going to happen though

Cant see that happening but his agent is Josh Wrights dad Mark,Mark wernt happy with the way morison dealt with leaving millwall and Marks good mate with KJ

Cannot see this happening anyway, but he is 'NO BETTER' than what we already have! Keogh/Hendo?!

That means that he was a 'SUB' & not good enough for the 1st team ?

I don't think that you will have a problem, unfortunately Morison left a bad taste in the mouth when he left millwall! To think he was playing non league football before we signed him,& then he treats us like were nothing! I can understand him wanting to play in the PREM! It was the way he went about it! NOT GOOD!

Not good enough even though he scored 9 prem goals last season and didnt start alot of games

Are you lot mad steve morison would be 1st name on team sheet cant see this happening hes prem class coyl

Would take him back in a flash, can lead the line very well on his own and would fit into our system perfectly



23 Aug 2012 21:11:48
(Sly Sources) - Swansea City have made an official bid for Blackpool winger Tom Ince so looks like bye bye Blackpool fans :) ! {Ed003's Note - they are talking about last weeks offer and trying to make a story because it looks like Sinclair is off}

Your source doesn't sound too trustworthy...

Ince is not going anywhere and by the way are you a preston fan by any chance?

Oyston, Holloway, Tom Ince and Paul Ince have all said he's going nowhere, has no interest in a move.
Let me think who I trust......some over excitable Swansea fan who actually has no idea what's going on or the 4 most important people to the lads future hmmmm

Is it just uninformed people posting constantly ince will go nowhere it's called testing the water Blackpool have said he is not for sale so Swansea put in a reasonable offer to see if that's their stance come back when you have news.

Listen, money talks. So if Swansea come in with a big offer, Ince will be on his way.

They still have routledge and Dyer so ince wouldnt be first team.Doubt it.
Hope Phillips and Ince stay for blackpool be good advert for their team

We don't need the money though!

Can you not read?
How many times, Blackpool are a cash rich club with no need To sell.
Karl Oyston has said he's going nowhere as has Holloway and the player himself!
You're right on 1 thing......Money talks, and seeing as Blackpool have got loads, Tom Ince will go nowhere.

Don't want Ince, wouldn't get in our side.

How on earth does someone making a bid for a player = them actually moving to that club if that happened everytime and clubs knew this messi would move about 20 times a transfer window for £2.50

I think you will find its the uniformed people who think ince is leaving. Hess said hes staying, ollies said hes staying and so has paul ince. Who else needs to say hes staying.
ps. how are you so well informed or are you just making stuff up? {Ed003's Note - The police or Army ? ;) }

Uniformed people called Hess say Ince is staying, I didn't know Blackpool were connected to the Third Reich!!



23 Aug 2012 20:51:05
Portsmouth are unable to give Izale McLeod the terms he was looking for and he will leave after this weekends fixtures.

Expect Bristol Rovers to tie up the big man no later than Wednesday. They have remained in touch with the agent since the end of last season.

Will sign for shrewsbury

Rubbish. He is staying at Portsmouth

Rubbish, he has committed to Pompey and will sign a full contract once takeover agreed in next couple of weeks

He at pompey on a month contract that was signed last week.... so wrong again

Not true said he enjoys playing for Portsmouth and think there's ambition

This is complete rubbish.

He had signed for one month

He had signed a one month contract so he will be staying for at least that duration, hopefully in which time we might know a little more about the finances at Pompey and what kind of contract we can offer!

I don't think anyone knows who's staying or going at Pompey..truth is if the Rovers can pay his wages and match his ambition (with their new stadium?) then there is a chance of Bristol getting him.

That is the worst thing i have ever heard, why would the guy wait for months to sign a contract with us if he was going to walk out a week after, he would of known the terms well before he signed and he was still hapy to sign it

Rubbish. Talking out of your arse.

Why would he stay at Pompey Bristol rovers r bigger and have better future

Bristol isn't as big as pompey..not yet anyway. I always thought bristol has the potential but until you have our attendences' and history then you can say Rovers are bigger.

On yesterday's showing at Carlisle he can go anywhere. It may just have been a bad day at the office but he was dreadful . The words barn door and three yards spring to mind.



23 Aug 2012 20:28:04
Aston Villa to sign Ashley Williams from Swansea when the Dunne deal is concluded

GL with that

Can't see big ash leaving for Villa tbh.... If it was Lpool or any of the top 6 then I may be a bit concerned... Sorry....

Ash won't go to villa, they are going to be in a relegation fight this year. Why would he take a step down?



23 Aug 2012 20:27:12
Latest Southampton rumour is Johnny Heitinga, after his Fenerbahce moved collapsed due to a mess up of his Everton contract length, the saints are believed to have bid around £5.5-£6million.

Ramirez move is still alive, and could well be announced before the Wigan game after some subtle hints at the pre-match press conference from Adkins.


I could believe we'd be in for Heitinga. He's a reasonable defender definitely a improvement on what we've got not too old with top flight experience.

We have been linked with maya yoshida who is captain of japan and only 23 years old i would rather have him than heitinga

Johnny heitinga, you wish !

5-6m? No chance!

What we need is another Pahars, Le Tessier, and jason Dodd. Wouldn't mind if we got in another Marsden as well....

You can have Johnny. Just offer us north of £15 million and he's yours.

"Johnny heitinga, you wish !".....I bet it took you ages to come up with that reply!. Its possible of course it is, but I do think we stand a better chance getting Maya Yoshida who is a good player. Played in the Olympics if I remember rightly.


He said not going anywhere

Adkins has said he's ideally after 2 centre backs. Yoshida & Heitinga would be good signing's. Very much hope we can still get Ramirez, if not some one of his quality.

Rumours are saints looking to continue their policy of buying gifted young players - Lasse Sobiech and Patrick Funk - both German u21 players

Not sure if they have transfer their interest to Loss√©my Karabou√© - would be cheaper at around £5m plus a few add ons - although the powers that be still havent given up on striking a deal over Ramirez

Heitinga has said that he is staying at Everton. Frankly Biyik and/or Yoshida represent better value though so no massive loss!

Heard a rumour that Saints had enquired about Dawson from Spurs,it appears his move has stalled,and that his people are willing to speak to Saints.How true this is I don't know,strange things happen,time will tell.

Too old too slow and too many bookings given up the around the box - if everton cant use him why would want him at saints .
we should have got Geoff Cameron no nonsense defender learning his trade and on the up perfect buy for stoke but we missed the boat here .

What 'subtle hints' unless its we've got him I think the deals dead

Whats has happen with Lee - not sure Yoshida would be phyiscally strong enough to deal with life in the premiership - just be nice to see a transfer go through without a load of messing about - is that because we have money or because people think we have money - come on saints we need to strengthen fast!

Gamirez transfer back on , with only issues over the fee. As he is unwilling to play for Bologna again i reckon the tranfer could actually go through

Would love to see a player called Funk play for Saints

Think of the songs!



23 Aug 2012 20:18:39
Victor Moses Sold to chelsea.



23 Aug 2012 20:09:18
rotherham to complete the signing of stuart beavon from wycombe on a 2 year deal by tomorrow or early saturday so he can play against the direites

Really rotherham are signing beavon , thought he had ambition if he does not want to play for north end then how is rotherham a step up

We saw who was dire...defence very poor, average mid field ,,no attack...lucky millers..see you when we come to rotherham( in sheffield).

No mate, rotherham have a new ground now in ROTHERHAM so why you put in sheffield? hmmmm havent got a clue ha

No attack is that why odejayi turned your defender and put it past tommy lee and our best player is playing in defence because its patched up ok dint forget you cameras when you are taking pics u will never forget of the best ground in leauge 2



23 Aug 2012 19:47:11
Word at Rennes is that Alexander Tettey on way to Norwich

I've heard this also.

Deal done! Undisclosed fee



23 Aug 2012 19:46:48
Norwich to sign Frazier Campbell from Sunderland to help them fund the fletcher deal ....

Why would sunderland sell campbell which would leave us with rookie ji noble and wickham as back up but if ye ask nicely mon might loan ye wickham

God i hope not we can do better

Frazier Campbell with the right manager could be a really good player but is CH that type of manager?

No thanks. We don't need just any striker. We need a proven scorer

Sunderland do not need cash to fund Fletcher , they are using the cash from Gyan/Henderson/Bent

As if Sunderland need the money ha! More cash will be spent in the next week at the SOL

I saw holt v ajax he was the same as last season we need more pace upfront

Campbell is a good player who has not been playing due to a knee injury in 2011. He is only 26 and his numbers are pretty good. He also has premiership experience.
21 from 33 Royal Antwerp 15 in 34 for Hull 5 in 47 at Sunderland where he was behind Gyan and Bent so presumably a lot of these games were as a sub and during his rehab from the knee injury which he had a relapse with. He is quality, the risk is his knee. But knees can be funny-Demba Ba has a bad knee and Ledley King had a bad knee for his entire career. If his knee holds up and he scores 40% of the time which he has done historically we should buy him. 3-4m should do it maybe with some caveat on appearances. If he starts banging them in he'll be worth 6-8m in no time.



23 Aug 2012 19:01:17
Stoke city in talks with Dawson from spurs after he failed to agree terms with qpr

Probably sign for QPR in the next few days AVB saying only QPR have bid but he's also happy to keep him.

If QPR can't agree wages i can't see stoke or sunderland doing so. Neither of those clubs would over pay in the way QPR would who knows though he is from out that way so who knows

Why would Dawson want to go from warming the bench at Spurs to warming the bench at Stoke?



23 Aug 2012 19:06:19
Matt Phillips Blackpool will sign for Southampton for 6M before the transfer deadline. He wants to play in the Premier League and will force the deal. Thomas Ince will stay at Blackpool and has no interest of leaving. Heard from one of the Blackpool ground staff today.

Ince could be sold, but loaned back to Blackpool for the season (rumoured.)

Ince won't leave anyway he needs to mature in the Championship hence why a move for him would probably involve a loan to a Championship club. As for Phillips I think he could sign but we'll wait and see on that one. If he does sign I expect we'll loose De Ridder shortly.

Hope your right

They just casually share this with anyone then? I work at Colchester United, we would get sacked on the spot for speaking out on such matters.

"He will force the deal". How on earth will he do that when he is still signed up to a lengthy contract? You obviously do not know our stubborn chairman Karl Oyston, who will not give Southampton's dubious tapping up tactics the time of day.

Given that Karl Oyston now refuses to talk to Southampton given their previous underhand tactics I somehow doubt that.

Is this the "underhand tactic" of a player telling Holloway that he wasn't answering his phone?

It's the 'Underhand tactic' of Southampton talking to MP & his agent before approaching the club.
Anyway it really isn't relevant what me or you think happened........Karl Oyston thinks they made an illegal approach and will hence not even talk to them.

It seems that it is still only the Blackpool supporters who do not understand the tactics of your Chairman and Manager. I think you will find the rest of the football community are not so blinkered. Whilst their "games" have become a bit tedious they still do not seem to have another plan of behaviour and we will see this saga go down to the wire, but I think you will find the player will still leave, or remain and under-perform. Whichever, it is hardly a good environment for the other players, especially with your manager quoted as saying "we own the boy" as his contract has a while to run. Is he managing a football club or a sugar plantation?
And I believe the "underhand tactics" you refer to should be "suggested underhand tactics"!

Yes the sly tactic of contacting the player and or agent because he changed holloway number 6 months ago that tactic Southampton fans are unbelievably deluded. {Ed001's Note - yes, because they clearly couldn't have phoned the club directly or contacted them by any other means. They really had to go straight to the player and his agent, silly of Blackpool to complain really isn't it? I mean no one would know what to do if they couldn't phone the manager's mobile. Honest.}

"Given that Karl Oyston now refuses to talk to Southampton given their previous underhand tactics I somehow doubt that.".... Allegedly! Has not actually been proved to be true and nothing came from it anyway so think what you will. However Oyston is a pain to deal with from what I heard and to actually get any cooperation from him would be a miracle so I will believe Phillips to Saints when I see it.

LLS83 {Ed001's Note - it wouldn't matter whether there were underhand tactics or not, what matters is if Oyston believes there is. If he truly believes that Saints have acted underhand, then he will just refuse to deal with you.}

Sounds like fact Adkins was trying to phone Ollie, couldn't get through and then MP told Ollie about it is fairly clear that Sotton spoke to MP or his agent before getting BFC's blessin

Maybe naive Mr Oyster should realise players talk and spreads easily. LikeEtherington of Stoke said on Talksport this morning, 'tapping up' is more rife than everyone thinks so don't give me that crap about Southamptons "underhand tactics "!

OK Ed., you were present when this happened? You obviously were, as you report it as FACT. Because, strangely, Adkins denies it! Holloway reports "we own the boy"-so that's FACT too, I suppose, because we all know he only talks about facts.
A complaint has been made, let's just see what an independent review shows up.
I thought an Editor was supposed to actually EDIT and I would suggest that hearsay, especially when it has been denied, should at least be EDITED by the EDITOR!
Oyston can do as he pleases. If he doesn't deal with Saints they will simply source another player from elsewhere. They won't be any worse off but I suspect Blackpool may well be now that Phillips is pushing for a move. He is a decent prospect but hardly world beating. {Ed001's Note - I am sorry, are you really that unable to read? Nobody reported anything as fact, now pick up your toys, toddle off and learn how to read. Though you might want to get off that high horse you are on before trying to pick up those toys. By the way, it is none of your business, nor is it your place, to tell others how to do their job, especially when you have shown you don't even have the capacity to read yourself.}

So coming off the bench and scoring a goal against a neil warnock side is staying and under proforming the reason that this has been dragging out is because southampton cant understand he isn't going anywhere

It is underhand and a sly tactic just because it's rife in the game doesn't mean it's ok it was well know drugs were used in cycling but I guess in your logic that's ok.

You tell him ed it does not matter what the facts are and i dont think anyone is claiming to know the facts thats why this a rumours site not a news site the only thing that does matter is what the people we are talking about see as fact.

So Blackpool fans don't understand how Holloway and Oyston work but eceryone else does. That sounds about right you all know a club you don't follow more than it's own supporters. {Ed003's Note - well said}

Just for the record the Blackpool ground staff are not informed about transfers.



23 Aug 2012 18:59:00
DANIEL STURRIDGE to sign for Liverpool before the transfer window closes. Liverpool will put a bid of 12M in the next few days.



23 Aug 2012 18:57:17
According to Norwegian TV channel TV2, Mohammed Abdellaoue is on his way to Norwich.

Could happen as was not in squad tonight

He played tonight

^^^ He didn't play last night and wasn't in the squad



23 Aug 2012 18:57:02
League 1 giants Sheff Utd and Doncaster Rovers are looking to take Man Utd wonderkid Nick Powell on loan

Doubt it very much cause they will probs want u to pay half his wages and sheff u cant afford to have montgomerey and cresswell on bench and dean saunders has used up his wage budget

Only go unless Man Utd offer to pay his wages

Which they probs wont cause hes onlyon about 5k a week donny havnt got any wage budget left and sheff u are in mountains of debt



Talking b*******



23 Aug 2012 19:22:50
Rotherham have put in a £400,000 bid for Oxford James Constable. Be interesting to see if the bid accepted and he wants to go to Rotherham.

Hope its true leads the line well and can put his chances away but we are supposed to be completing the signing of stuart beavon tomorrow or early saturday

Cant see why rotherham have put in a bid evans cant stand beano also probably the same thoughts from beano



23 Aug 2012 19:19:08
Arsenal have seen the light and will offload Jenkinson and Ramsey before the window closes. Thank god.



23 Aug 2012 19:19:08
Richard dunne set to leave villa for stoke

Yes pulis wants dunne and dawson to replace collins and woodgate personally for me both would be bad signings dawson is injury prone and dunne is not worth 3mil

Saw shorecroft in stoke today. Didn't look like a bloke on the move to me. Anyway if we do sell him Man Utd have first dibs on him from when we signed him from them.

I'd take dunne but Dawson is another matter. His agent must be pushing for a huge pay day and maybe it was out of QPR's price range. Not a bad player don't get me wrong but if we have shawcross and huth as first choice with possibly dunne as back up why pay big dollar for a player who is inconsistent

Dunne isnt good enough for our team,talk is hes pondering on a move to Swansea,Shawcross isnt leaving Stoke,him & HUth solid,but if he did we would want Defoe & Dawson in exchange!

Stoke have no need of Dunne. Shawcross and Huth are a superb pairing and Upson is a great back up as is Geoff Cameron who plays CB for USA (CM for club). Stoke have a multitude of players who can cover CB, it's one area we have depth.



23 Aug 2012 18:44:25
Southampton looking to sign 2 center backs,Byik & Berra,an attacking midfielder Gaston Ramirez defensive midfielder Lucas Biglia and a winger Matty Phillips

Hahah.....oh and ha

Like to see this
but cant see it happening

Partly right.

Hasn't Berra already moved this market? Ed? {Ed003's Note - Nope}

Think we will see 6 players...LB, CBx2, wingers x2, goalie

We are looking for 2 CBs, Byik maybe but Berra is a no. Ramirez looks like it can still be done and hopefully it will...Personal terms have been agreed for a week now its just how we pay the transfer fee. Biglia might be true but to get any cooperation out of Blackpool over Phillips would be a miracle so I dunno about him.


Saints still interested in Marc-André ter Stegen who they were looking at last year however unsure he would now want to make the move to the south coast - would love to see a class goal keeper like him in the number 1 shirt



23 Aug 2012 18:40:32
sim jackson norwich to coventry season long lone deal within the next week ......

Simeon Jackson? Very effective striker in Division 1 with a proven record prior to his move to Norwich and a league/standard too far!
IF it happens a very good signing for Coventry.

Right so we are sending a player with a good record in the championship and a decent record in the prem and actually is in the first team frame out on loan to League

Did very well when he was at gillingham

... i said not so long ago when i heard a rumour, (cant remember which), that is the worst rumours ive heard about norwich. now thats been replaced, simmo to coventry in league 1, all im going to say is, no chance!

Absolutely no chance of this shocking rumour the lad is too good

Cov signing a striker with a proven record in the lower leagues AND with pace - slim chances I'd say. Having said that we are supposedly getting a Prem striker on loan, though I think it'll be another youngster.

If this went ahead we would 100% return to the Championship. However, hes far to good for League 1 and would benefit more from a loan move to a Championship side!!

3 Goals in thirty Premiership appearances, not a decent Premiership record in fact a poor one. Good Championship and League one player but that's his level. He is not a Premiership player.

Would be nice but i'm sure there would be plenty of champ teams wanting to take the lad on loan



23 Aug 2012 18:33:24
Derby county want to sign Albert Adomah from Bristol City along with free agent Emile Heskey.

Lots of teams want to sign Albert - doesn't mean they will.

If he is sold it will not be to a Championship club

Albert Adomah will only go to a prem team like Swansea if/when Sinclair goes to man city and if Phillips goes to Southampton Swansea will move for Albert Adomah Phillips is Swansea main target after Sinclair leaves for man city and Phillips has not been sold to Southampton.

I doubt Derby will be able to pay 3mil for adomah and I very doubt he would leave for derby

Derby don't put a bid in blades will have to let he go for nothin on last day of the transfer window cause there skint & can't afford is wages ask turn coat danny wilson he will admit it mate

How many more times you aint got 3+million for Albert Derby!

Absolutely no chance of uncle Albert going to derby.
How ironic is this as one of yours has been saying it all summer?
You cannot afford him!
There is no way Albert will go to anything other than a Premier league club.

I remember people saying this about Nicky Mayanrd.

Funny old game.

Heskey, really...?

The maynard one was completely different! 1) he wanted out, had fallen out with players and fans and rejected numerous contract offers
2) west ham were top of the league at that point and in fact are now a premier league
with the albert one its different coz hes recently signed a new deal at the club to keep him here until at least 2015 and derby are not a club fighting for promotion, havent since relegation and wont for the near future until you get a better manager and team in place! end of the matter. Albert will remain a city player unless an offer of 4+ million comes in from a premier league club



23 Aug 2012 18:32:27
Burnley to sign Wigan winger Callum McManaman on a season long loan in the next 48 hours, Burnley are also set 2 buy 1 more player before next weeks deadline with the Steven Fletcher sell on clause money which is set to be 750,000. Hibs will be due 150,000 of this money with Burnley set to sign Brett Pitman from Bristol City with the remaining 500,000.

It should be the other way round , we should be signing a winger and sign a striker on loan

Burnley only got £6 million for Fletcher so will receive £900,000 ....not £750,000.

I don't know how much they have to pay Hibs. If Wolves eventually get another £2 million in add-ons for Fletcher, Burnley will also get £300,000 extra.

Last time i checked 750,000 - 150,000 is 600,000!

Wolves paid Burnley £7m for Fletcher and Burnley will receive 15% of the £7m profit Wolves have potentially made on him so that equals £1.05m to Burnley, happy days for both Championship teams, not so happy days for poor old Sunderland who have paid well over the odds, lol.

Your going to be £300,000 short there Burnley!!

Your Going to be £300,000 short for Pitman there Burnley

Hibs are due no money

Wolves paid £7m for Fletcher and Burnley are Due 15%of that money witch will make around £1m for Burnley!!

Yes!!! hibs are still due money from future sales from fletcher.

Pitman will go for 1M so all your money will go on him

he wont go for 500,000

Burnley to get nearer 2million for fletcher then pay hibs whatever was agreed. Quote sky sports news.



23 Aug 2012 18:13:34
Bristol Rovers boss Mark McGhee is planning to raid Barnet for England U19 keeper Liam O'Brien. O'Brien who was outstanding against the Gas on tuesday is in the final year of his contract, and Barnet have brought in Graham Stack this week. Former QPR and Portsmouth keeper O'Brien has impressed many shrewd judges already with his 6ft 4 inch frame.

Not happening. We have 3 GKs already, it's the last position we need to strengthen.

Can confirm this is not true.
Mcghee wants another striker in as his top priority and also a winger, wages depending.



23 Aug 2012 18:12:47
Middlesbrough are looking at Kim Ojo. A Nigerian striker who is 6ft 4 and 23 years old. His nick name is "The Nigerian Weapon"

At 23 he doesn't fit in as a striker with experience that Mowbray wants.

Great if true he has a good goal to game ratio

I duno if thats true . but it sounds alot better than miller !

Hate to break it to you lot but we are once again linked with Emile Heskey, apparently he's been spotted at Hurworth...

Heskeysgoing to derby so don't panic boro fans

I heard that heskey was in hurworth as well from the security guard there

Heskey would fit the bill of us signing players who only ever play well against us...

It does sound a lot better than miller but the problem is we've got miller on loan



23 Aug 2012 18:04:50
Derby are to make a bid for Sheff Utd's Nick Montgomery after he was put on the transfer list

In todays sheffield star it says derby leeds burnley and millwall are looking at montgomery but has told millwall he does not want to go as he wants to stay up north

Well that rules millwall out then - all of the other clubs: burnley; leeds and derby are all pretty north

Would be an excellent signing for the rams, the midfield could do with a bit of experience in it

Would like to see this happen. COYR



23 Aug 2012 18:03:57
Everton agree Victor Anichebe loan to Blackpool



23 Aug 2012 17:55:52
My sources tell me Norwich City want to wrap up the signing of Jozy Altidore by Wednesday

I think you mean dozy altidore wouldnt bother



23 Aug 2012 17:48:17
What ever happened to Andre Amougo aka bikey going to Middlesbrough?

Currently training with Bristol City - hasn't been offered a contract yet. If you believe the local rag, and most don't, he will not be offered a contract by City.

Free agent - wants £15,000-a-week at least.

He is training with bristol city at the moment

He was in demand of high wages n talks stalled.... Think he has a take it or leave it offer on the table for if he gets no better offers mate

I think he realising no one will give him 15,000 a week,

Fair play, guess it all depends on mac being pushed out in order for him to sign

I don't think boro would giv him 15k a week even if McDonald did go in honesty moggas not that daft. Half that maybe but it's obvious everybody knows he's worth no were near them wages because I don't see anybody at all rushing to sign him IMHO



23 Aug 2012 17:47:50
Southampton fc have bid 3million for left back martin olsson of Blackburn rovers.

I'm fairly sure that his price tag is far above that, 3 million is what he is at a stretch worth but Blackburn would demand more.

I think this is a sign of the times and where we and how we do our shopping - prices are crazy and wages ridiculous - we can survive with Adkins positivity ,the players spirit and some smart old heads brought in to steady our ship and see us thru to 16 th place or better - I think it will come down to us or Reading with Norwich and Wigan going down .Tomorrrow is a must win already .
get us a winger - ramirez would be brilliant for us. a center half and left back .



23 Aug 2012 17:42:39
Gaston Ramirez apparently is scheduled to arrive at Southampton airport at 11am tomorrow morning

I would love to think so, but not convinced

I hope this is true but i also just hope they put us out of our agony soon with a final decision CONYR

How do you apparently know this, are you the pilot? I really hope you're right though and will buy you a beer if you are.

Then in a fast car to a proper club!! only joking

No your lying you swede

No hes not its fallen through ! Source from inside

Stop giving saints fans hope this is not going happen the whole thing is just paper talk for start to finish.

This is probably not true as i heard a deal has broken down and adkins is lookibg for other players, would have liked ramirez to come

Please stop with it, the deal is dead let's move on to the next deal that won't happen.

Would love it if he was

To be fair he could work at the airport security and such are often informed of player arrivals just so they are aware of what is going on. Not always told who but their would be a protocol and then it would be simple to work out which plane arrived from which airport at around that time.

Of course he's not! Why would anyone believe this the whole thing is laughable now

Spot on mate he will sign Friday night

Wrong just like every past post claiming this time and that, luckily for you come Saturday morning everyone will have forgotten your prediction as we have a game.

If that happens ill take my hat off to saints but NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN

Considering there's no flight due to arrive from Italy to Southampton I would say that this is high unlikely!!

The deal is not dead. This will last until the end of the transfer window.


Interesting... Only flights arriving from Jersey around that time...'s past 1100 and nothing heard.

Good job I don't believe a word of any of it or id be buying your magic beans

Yeah and of course there are no major international airports within an hour or so's drive from Southampton are there?
Jeez c'mon!!

Hes a class act will bring some class to our midfield and will want to prove his potential if he succeeds we will make money on him should he turn into a sell on - we need a winger to supply ricky - we need a center half and left full back asap.
Rodrigues needs to pick it up quick or we will need more cover up front.goals will keep us up but we will need a solid stopper to stop em at the other end .

The rumour said Southampton airport. Kind of a given that's where we should look.

The bologna boss has said there is still no deal currently. Was reported on beeb an hour ago. Says to me that perhaps it isn't completely dead just yet but I don't think it will be long before someone like NC will tire of their games (if what is reported about loans and shi.....stuff is true)



23 Aug 2012 17:25:00
Wolves are considering a move for Manchester United's £1.2m-rated youngster Robbie Brady. Solbakken is looking to strengthen Wolves wing play after the sale of Kightley and Jarvis. (Local paper)

This is most likely to be Christian Bolanos from FC Copenhagen but only if they don't make the group stages of the Champions League.

Where did you hear that he got 13m?



23 aug 2012 17:18:41
swans have had a bid for ince accweted blackpool will deny this to protect fans and he will be a swans player by next qweek

Stop this and stop it now ince is staying in blackpool you only have to look at the lad when he was playing leeds how much it meant to him to play his very best and he will be staying because he said so and his father has told him to stay

Sorry mate but it's true.the satelite tv channels website confirmed it. If him and Phillips go B'pool will struggle. {Ed003's Note - They are repeating news of last weeks offer which was discussed between chairman,manager,player and players advisor(his dad) and for the last time it was decided that for his progress he is better off staying where he is for at least this season}

Keep dreaming.....Ollie informed Tom & his dad of the offer fron Swansea and both said they thought Blackpool was the best place for him at this it's all talk and Ince WILL be staying at Blackpool.

To the original comment blackpool will deny it because it is simply not true



23 Aug 2012 17:13:18
Walsall set to sign Lee Naylor before the Notts County game

Good signing

Dont know how we have pulled that off fairplay, great player

Load of rubbish! Yet again!

No we are not



23 Aug 2012 17:13:05
wolves have given 13m to stale solbakken for his transfer kitty with only a week left.

wolves want:

winger christian bolanos

left back Bryan Oviedo

both from Copenhagen (stales old team)

centre back Georg Margreitter from Austria Wien

Also tracking Andreas Weimann from Aston Villa (although I doubt Villa will sell) and Matt Ritchie from Swindon, but have been quoted ridiculous sums of money.

Has he actually been given 13m?

Oviedo being watched by West Brom, and if he has any sense, he'd got to West Brom if he had the choice

Georg Margreitter is now a Wolves player!

West Brom have Ridgewell at LB

Weimann is a top player would love him but not gonna happen villa cant get rid of strikers they dont really have any ....



23 Aug 2012 17:12:39
Swindon turn down Wolves bid for Matt Ritchie looking for around 2M.



23 Aug 2012 17:10:24
David Luiz Chelsea will be a Barcelona player by the end of the transfer window for around 30m. Chelsea will use the money to fund the signing of Victor Moses Wigan and Hulk Porto. Heard this from a member of Chelsea backroom staff.

Sure you did!

Luiz is going to Barca to watch the game

If that were true they would use the money for a better replacement for him, someone like Daniel Agger, but i cant see di matteo selling DL for 30m

Chelsea don't have to generate funds they have billionaire owner

Moses just signed for Chelsea after Wigan accepted there bid. Look like the post is partly correct.

Thye just rejected 30m from man city?

Hope you're happy getting Moses. He'll be a great bench warmer for you.



23 Aug 2012 17:01:11
Berbatov will sign for Aston Villa before the transfer deadline.

Doubt Villa will be able to afford his wages, heard Villa are attempting to cap everything at £50,000 now and Berbatov is currently on more than double that, but he'll be a great signing for someone.

Perhaps but he is not likely to be able to command such wages again and not at his age. If he wants to play football he'll have to take a wage cut anyway most likely.

Is anybody else wondering what the hell is going on at villa cause we've lost our first 2 matches and im starting 2 get a bit pissed off if im honest...

Mate, we're not very good. Not turning into a top half team all of a sudden. We need signings and (gulp) time.



23 Aug 2012 16:54:41
Paul Caddis has been told that he can leave Swindon and can go to Birmingham on loan

A team higher in leauges saying that what i saw from him last season he will do well



23 Aug 2012 15:57:27
West Brom are looking to offload back up goalkeeper Boaz Myhill, Jerome Thomas, Gabriel Tamas, Billy Jones and Chris Wood. Expect Talks with Arsenal's Sebastian Squillaci to advance within the next week.

Billy jones & boaz myhill ay gooin noweer.

Hes a free agent

No - Myhill, Thomas, Tamas and Jones will all be staying as Clarke said it's vital to have strength in depth, Wood is expected to leave though.

Jones and Myhill will stay- others may go

Wood is the only one out of that list leaving. Although his deal is expected to be a loan, not a permanent transfer.

Squillaci is rubbish, rather have tamas, jones and myhill going nowhere, maybe Thomas but only for a big money move

Tamas and wood are the only possible players out of those that could leave! And Albion would never be interested in squillaci he has been terrible in the premier league!

The only one who MIGHT leave out of that list would be Thomas.



23 Aug 2012 15:38:35
Berbatov £5m to Villa




23 Aug 2012 16:38:42
Blackpool have signed Anderson Banvo from PSG, he has representd ivory coast at U17. They have also signed Brice irie-bi (LOSC Lille?) both attacking midfielders

Get with the times mate that was a week ago

Both attacking midfielders-but Ince and Phillips staying?

Get real. {Ed003's Note - They have been at the club for several weeks now but only confirmed today after compo to previous youth teams was agreed, nothing to do with Ince or Phillips}

It's only just been announced they are blackpool players, they have been on trial for a couple of weeks bit hadn't signed till yesterday

It was actually yesterday when the deals were completed.

Sorry i must have been thinking of the two that signed about a week ago



23 Aug 2012 16:07:15
Fulham will make a £6m bid for Roma's Maarten Stekelenburg.

Dont beleive any of the Eduardo rumours because thats all they are, rumours.

If Dempsey leaves Fulham will replace him with FC Twente's Chadli.

Jordan Rhodes could still be on his way to Craven Cottage with Fulham faveorites.

Dougles is likely to join Fulham but they face competition from Newcastle.

Omar El Kadourri of Brescia is deciding weather to move to Fulham after a bid was accepted.

David Stockdale will be sent on loan to a Championship team with a clause saying he can be recalled any time.

Marcello Trotta is also looking to be loaned out for first team experiance.

Matthew Briggs will also be sent out on loan as he wont get in the first team ahead of riise.

Real Madrid don't want Dembele, the only player they're interseted in is Tottenham's Luca Modric.

However Man United are interested in Dembele but the player is happy at Fulham and close to signing a deal.

If Fulham do get Dougles that could mean Senderos leaving the club.

Brede Hangeland will sign a new 2-year-contract at Fulham.

Rafik Halliche will either be sent or on loan or sold permanently as he isn't in Martin Jol's plans.

IF this happens great. But their is no way all of this will come off in my opinion.

It does not mean seanderos has to leave he could be bake up for injureas and red cards.

Stekelenberg to fulham?



23 Aug 2012 16:01:00
Paul Caddis will be off to Birmingham or I think we could see him at a SPL side if that falls through. Good luck to him, did a good job at Town, PDC won't except anything less than 100% especially from a former captain.

Birmingham fan if we get him is he any good.

A very good attacking full-back,former Celtic
player and Scotland Under 21 Captain.

He's extremely good at getting forward, makes intelligent overlaping runs, not so hot doing his defensive duties and is often caught out of position. Overall a very good comitted player (Or was before the recent nonsense) Really depends if you prefer (Or your team requires) a attack minded full back or a defensive minded one (Glen Johnson versus Micah Richards for example). Hope that helps!!

He was a good player last season BUT we were in a very poor division 4...
The season we got relagated he was very poor..and this season returned to preseason not even half fit and used the excuse of having a baby...
Division 3 player at very best



23 Aug 2012 15:35:39
Moses will sign for the Chelsea Bench on the last day of the window. Leaving no time for a replacement.

He'll sign by Monday as a bid of 10M was accepted today.



23 Aug 2012 15:33:20
Reading looking at Alan Judge of Notts County for around £1.8M deal

Not worth that much, good player but over a million. FOOTBALL GONE DAFT.

Worth every penny

There is no way we will pay that for a player hardly anyone has heard of

The worlds in crippling debts no footballer on this planet is WORTH a million! I know this isn't a rumour but....judge is the best winger in league one and is as good as any championship winger,and he's easily worth a million in today barmy transfer market.

Notts turned down a £1m bid for Judge in July. I do however think he would go for £1.5m+ He is gifted and given the right guidance would easily fit in the top end of the Championship/Lower half of Premiership

Judge isnt premier league quality, championship at best



23 Aug 2012 15:12:41
Blackpool still interested in signing Akos Buzsaky.



23 Aug 2012 15:07:43

I've heard he's been persuaded by the clubs attempt to sign his friend Martin Olsson from Blackburn... How true that is I don't know



23 Aug 2012 15:07:38

Blackpool in talks with Macheda from Man Utd on a season loan deal.



23 Aug 2012 14:57:56
from Italy

Gaston Ramirez will be a Saints
player by 11pm tonight (23/08/12)

My source understands that Bologna
have agreed with Southampton to sell
Ramirze and all fee's agreed .

Origanlly Bologna wanted so much
up front but due to shortness of
time they have taken what Saints
offered and as it will help Bologna
to buy replacment .

Seen a million of these, I think the deal has gone unfortunately.

The deal has not gone, just wait until official saints announce it. I'd believe he'd join tonight but it won't get announced till tomorrow if he signs that late.

Like the little princess proverbial "chap" we have all seen it so leave it time to move on's 1100 and aaaalls quiet.......



23 Aug 2012 14:54:49
Ki sung yueng due in swansea for medical tomorrow for a medical and finalize his move to the liberty, swansea are also keen on bringing in tom ince with a possible deal + Stephen dobbie the other way



23 Aug 2012 14:50:19
Reading and QPR seem to be ready to fight it out for former Celtic Goalkeeper Aurth Boruc. Boruc would rather join Reading as he feels he will be 2nd choice to Rob Green

Reading have just signed stuart taylor

Did he tell you that himself lol! BS! Boruc is 10 times better that green!

Looks like Ceasar is in talks with QPR so boruc will go elsewhere

He will be 4th choice at reading after feds mccarthy and andersen

Except Reading have 2 beter GK's then Boruc

Its about the premier league not size the of the club i suppose he'd rather go back to the SPL



23 Aug 2012 14:47:50
dont get me wrong, i like Cortese. but some of these last few transfers have become an absolute joke. i have seen Ramirez play (not on tv) and he is a million times better than puncheon already. tbh it shows when Liverpool and Inter etc are interested in him....sort it out cortese

You can put the blame on Cortese for not getting Buttner or Ramirez signed. Its all down to the players clubs , and or agents waiting to see if any other clubs show an interest.....hence the third party in the Buttner deal.....which turned out not to be his dad, but Man Utd. So get off Cortese's back and leave him and his team to get transfers done.

Cortese is doing the correct thing, Bologna are causing the problems it seems. We need to be patient.Yes he is a very good player. But we shouldnt be too hasty in throwing that sort of money about. Adkins has just said in an interview we will be busy within the next few days. In nigel we trust.

It's not that simple! How do you think Pompey got in such a mess! We can't just splash that sort of money outright! If cortese doesn't like it, it doesn't happen!

I trust Cortese all day long, As Saints fans we no what its like to be in admin, Cortese knows what the club can and cant afford, seems the club are trying to push for more money money and if what cant afford it then move to other targets. This time 3 seasons ago we were in league 1, now we are in the Prem and we have only spent 3 million getting there (net). Cortese has shown more ambition then any other chairman certinaly in my lifetime anyway, to even being mentioned with a player worth 12 million proves that. game, one defeat & already you're bickering amongst each other!

Its not bickering, its called passion m8, we are on the up and loving it, by the way no one is making you read it so read some other rumour.



23 Aug 2012 14:47:43
Birmingham City FC Official close to completing six-month loan deal for former Swindon skipper Paul Caddis with option of making it permanent for £200,000 after the loan.



23 Aug 2012 14:19:29
Wolves interested in Man Utd young Irish winger Robbie Brady who would cost around 1.3 million



23 Aug 2012 14:14:24
Bristol City Damion Stewart has agreed
to join Crystal Palace, Undisclosed fee has been
agreed between the two clubs!

Good signing for Palace,

Fingers crossed have him and his salary

I doubt we/palace can afford any of these players wages .

As bad a player as I have seen at the Gate, I knew he was going to struggle when I saw him slacking off in the warm up of his debut.

I will be delighted to get him off the books, perhaps he will be a better fit at Palace.

Rubbish we dont need another defender
after the arivals of blake, ward, martin and ramage

Agree with previous post. We need an attacker not another defender so can't see this happening.

Well Stewart is on a reported £15k a week at BCFC thats why NCFC never took him after his successful loan at Meadow Lane last season So if CPFC can match that your welcome to take him off ours books

Stewert wouldn't get into the Barnet team.



23 Aug 2012 14:03:42
Alessandro Cibocchi ex-Swindon player to join Modena after having his contract cancelled at Swindon so he can return to Italy.



23 Aug 2012 14:03:29
Paul Robinson, former WBA and Bolton left back was seen at Ryton training ground

That's OK as long as he is nowhere the Reebok or Euxton trai ning ground Idon't care where he is. One of the worst players to ever pull on a white shirt. But then he was one of Negson's signings!



23 Aug 2012 13:58:03
Amoogou has been training the past week with
the city



23 Aug 2012 13:55:56
Arsenal business administrator
seen finalizing papers in Turin
for the transfer of felipe Melo.
Will be announced Tues for £13m

Omg it's 2009 again!



23 Aug 2012 13:55:48
Wolves offer Swindon 1 million for Matt Ritchie rising to 1.5 million. Look for a replacement for Jarvis.

Paolo has said that Ritchie can only go for 2.5m



23 Aug 2012 13:52:34
Stephane Mbia set to join Tottenham or QPR on loan for the rest of the season. In London chatting to both clubs.



23 Aug 2012 13:49:52
Tottenham offer Fulham 7 million for Clint Dempsey. Bid not accepted yet.



23 Aug 2012 13:44:54
Tottenham put in a 9 million offer for Jordan Rhodes of Huddersfield. West Ham still interested.

And Kaka coming to Huddersfield on loan followed by a cow leaping over Emley Moor television mast.

Could we exchanged the cow for Lee Novak??

Do they think Blackburn are being cheeky with their offer or is this true

9 mil for a player you could get for 5. Good business lol

AVB said yesterday he is happy with the strikers he has and doesn't need any more.

This the same totenham which announced after the adebayor singing which that they wasnt intrested in any more stikers



23 Aug 2012 13:41:47
West Ham put in offer for Thomas Ince of Blackpool 4 million upfront with futher 2 million in add-ons.

Surely not, with 10.25m for jarvis



23 Aug 2012 13:33:23
Paul Caddis to sign for Birmingham on loan for the rest of season, with the option of making it permanent at the end of the season for £200,000. Brighton also believed to be interested.

Correct about the player and club...way out on the valuation.



23 Aug 2012 13:32:14
Norwich are to make a move for Jordan Rhodes, fee is set to be around 5.5 mil plus Simeon Jackson ...sugz...

I do hope so !!!

Not norwich you mine blackburn..lo

Surely would be plus C.Martin why would we trade someone in first team frame

Would be a good signing if true

I hear that vaughans going to huddelsfield



23 Aug 2012 13:25:02
Ndaw to Ipswich on loan

Correct. Hopefully with a view to a permanent deal.

Just passed his medical at ipswich, expected to join on loan tomorrow.

Completed, season long loan



23 Aug 2012 13:10:48
Huddersfield town set to sign Harry kewell on a pay as you play contract. {Ed044's Note - NOPE!

We dont want, or need, players from town, bring on the 2 lads from dundee utd

Give novak a break he had good game at cardiff playing a upfront on his own, and against forest he was on the right wing, a position we all know( apart from grayson) he cant play! novak is a player who will die for the cause and is ok back up for rhodes but he has to play as a forward!

Said before season Novak would be out of his depth and he hasn't let me down. Good lad and that just gone a div to high.!

Wasnt on the right wing when he wasted a glorious chance against forest, scooping it into the away end, chances at this level need to be taken and 99 per cent of regulars know he will miss far more than he takes, re mk away to put play off to bed....nothing against him personally, but we dont want to be straight back in lg 1 do we?

Hope not, he has been past it for many years!



23 Aug 2012 13:09:32
stoke to do swap deal involing shawcross and dawson.we should try and get defoe in the deal aswell

Avb has already said he has enough defensive cover to let him go

100% not true, shawcross wont go and we dont want dawson

Biggest load of tosh i have ever heard!

Stoke likely to sign popov on loan now he has a bulgarian passport or summit. Ziegler may come too, trotter is being watched by stoke before any bid is made, youngster tijane is having trials. Maurice edu could be heading to stoke. Dawson and or dunne could be at the brit too

I'd rather Dawson than Richard Dunne

Dont man united have first choice on shawcross sale



23 Aug 2012 13:07:28
Bristol City boss Derek McInnes is now on the verge of signing Gary Monk. The experienced right-sided centre back and Swansea Captain was left out of the squad at the weekend and is set to find chances limited under new manager Laudrup.
McInnes a long time admirer thought that Monk (who has 2 years left to run on his contract) was told that he was unavailable back in June, however with a new man in charge it appears that he would be allowed to leave either permantly or in a Loan deal.

Andre Amogou has been training with Bristol City for the past week. It appears Derek Mcinnes is allowing him to gain fitness and also keeping an eye on his situation should the Gary Monk deal not materialise. It is more likely now that he will be looking for another club.


Amougo training at Bristol City? He was always late for training at Burnley - quite happy to pay the fines.

Monk is going nowhere actually. good mate of mine spoke to him two days a go. said he is enjoying it stil with all his mates a.k.a Tatey and wants to push his way into the team

I cant see this one.

Monk has been unavailable for selection due to back problem. But I regret to say he is unlikely to make the squad and little or no chance of making starting line up when fit. doubt a loan move at this stage of his carreer would appeal to him. he may have to consider a transfer if he still wants to play. whatever he decides he is a ledgend

Even if he said he wants to stay and fight for a place doesn't mean he's telling the truth look at baldock he said he wanted to stay in london but then 2 weeks later he's at bristol anything thing can happen

Hes a very honest guy! I believe he's staying if that's what he said. Anyway he's a massive golfer and loves Swansea for all the courses on the Gower. Probably end up as coaching staff. In the future him and Tate will be running SCFC



23 Aug 2012 12:48:34
james coppinger on the verge of joining barnsley on a 2 month loan deal

He as turned Barnsley down . Radio Sheffield

He's turned them down

On Paul walker tweet verbal statement from dean Saunders saying coppinger not even spoken to Barnsley has does not want a two
Moth loan deal . This will not happen. A guided reds fan

According to BBC sport he has rejected move to Barnsley today??

He's turned Barnsley down, source Dean Saunders local Radio.

Hes rejected u once without talking to u so why would he want to talk now

Coppingers not looking at a loan only a permanent deal
Barnsley just wanting cover while Obrian and Silva are out
Not interested in taking him on a permanent

States he wants a permanent move back to the Championship.



23 Aug 2012 12:45:16
Swansea City will compete with Reading for Marsielle striker Jordan Ayew. Marsielle want around 4m for the striker.

Mcdermott has denied rumours of Reading wanting Jordan Ayew. So that could mean he is on his way to Reading.

Reading are not after him

^^^ Mcdermott denies a rumour which will make us buy him.



23 Aug 2012 12:24:52
Derby County and Leeds are locked in a battle to sign Rotherhams Ben Pringle. Fee around 750K

Is this the same Ben Pringle that Derby signed and let go after one season as he was not good enough ?

Utter tripe why do people post this as other reply said we released him on a free grow up

Add another 250k onto that

Quality player been linked with a lot of clubs been taking piss in pre season and the 2 games upto now

Leeds can have him, we've had him before and he was rubbish

1) pringle is not worth that price tag. 2) why would we get him back after we released him for not being good enough. Derby fan!

If this rumour was a saying it would be a 'silly sausage' Clough now resign him for 750.000

Hope he doesnt leave, easilly been best player for us in pre season and first 2 league games

Pringle wasn't good enough when we paid £50k to Ilkeston for him so this rumour is pure cojones!

Derby fan if you would have seen him in pre season and these first 2 games he has been outstanding

Leeds dont have £750k so he wont be going there



23 Aug 2012 12:21:59
Rotherham will announce a new signing by close of play tomorrow. Hopefully in time to pleay on Saturday.

Its either stuart beavon or james constable

How do you know and constable-250k and beavon-450k, do you even have money left, because theres no lieing you have a big wage budget!

Which ones better beavon or constable?

The answer to that question is yes we do have money left cause chairman has told evans to spend money cause its a burning hole in his pocket and this years wage budget is smaller than last season's when we had andy scott in charge this was confirmed by steve evans himself

I would probs say beavon is a better goalscorer and stronger but constable is better in the air holds the ball up well and just runs the line which is really what odejayi does so i would say beavon as he is a goalscorer



23 Aug 2012 12:02:46
Mark Ford to join Bournemouth from Weymouth

Useful striking prospect from local non-league and still only 21yrs and seems to find the net regularly, albeit at lower levels. Good for a trial!

WTF another striker but very good and has a proven record for his clubs at Blandford United he was quality

How many goals did he score last season?



23 Aug 2012 11:28:46
QPR to sign Julio Cesar from Inter in time for Saturdays game...

If ceasre is joining qpr as 1st keeper wats all the fuss about kenny saying green is crap



23 Aug 2012 11:21:54
Been told that Stuart Beavon has been seen at Deepdale and is in talks with Preston over a move.
Just something i've been told so don't shoot the messenger.


No way that Preston will pay 600K for him!?

If you are right then good luck to Preston! But if you had to pay over 500K for Beavon, you have been 'CONNED'!

If he is! I hope it is not over 600K? The price keeps 'RISING'!

Also been in talks with rotherham for last few days

If GW isnt going to play hume , why not try and include him in the deal ! Anyone agree? Even though humey is a class player

Conor wickham is the prem striker being asked about for a loan deal

Liverpool's Nathan Eccleston to sign on loan for PNE today

Heard mark sale and neil trebble are signing for north end , just westley's type of players

And what are Westley's type of players?



23 Aug 2012 11:13:45
Bury sign Northan Ireland Ireland striker David Healy

Ye looking forward to seeing him play. plus we have got him for a year.



23 Aug 2012 11:02:56
Liverpool have reportedly made an approach for Antonio greizmann.



23 Aug 2012 10:58:28
Sahin to be officially unveiled today

For which club ?



23 Aug 2012 10:57:32
The Shrews have made an improved bid for Rochdale's Ashley Grimes. Town boss Graham Turner is looking to add another striker to his squad.



23 Aug 2012 10:29:18
Crystal Palace and Cardiff have agreed a fee for Robert Earnshaw. However CPFC2010 are currently refusing to pay his wage demand.

If he wants a game, Earnie should bite the bullet and sign for Palace.


I'd be surprised if CPFC2010 have even put in a bid.

Hope so.....need a striker!!

Redbird, how sad is that, hope the money the new owners bring in can get you over the shame

I can assure you it would be more of a shame if the malaysians walked away leaving us to play in blue in the Blue Square or worse.



23 Aug 2012 10:27:13
Moussa Konate £5mill to Villa (The new Etu)

Konate going to Villa - the new Coventry.

Villa can not afford this, it will be survival at best!

Signed fro FC Krasnador. check it out first numtee!!

Already joined russian club



23 Aug 2012 10:20:25
Diaby from arsenal to sign for Swansea buy Monday. Watchnthisnspace!



23 Aug 2012 10:16:12

Ince, M.Phillips, Baptiste, Sylvestre all staying at Blackpool and will not be leaving in this transfer window.

After signing Dicho on a season long loan Blackpool are looking to add another striker to the squad.

Dobbie (deal agreed, in talks)
Anichebe (loan enquiry)
George Boyd (enquiry)
Nicky Maynard (enquiry)
Ishmael Milller (enquiry)
Blackstock (enquiry)

Also looking at James Mcfadden possibly offering a short term deal with the option of a longer deal if proves fitness.

Hope you get Miller! A Boro fan.

I'd take any of those but the only one I see being realistic is Anichebe purely because it's a loan. I can't see KO forking out enough to sign any of the others permanently if I'm honest.
Hope I'm wrong.

Would take any one of those listed.

Latest on fifa 12 maybe

Ince and Philips are in advanced talks with other clubs and soon the be leaving and reply to this post and leave ur name so on transfer day I can leave u a message and laff at youn

Think the everton lad has come on loan say reports at 16:00

Feel free to leave me a message on transfer deadline day coz only 1 person is going to look stupid.......come to think of it claiming they are in talks with other clubs when bids have been rejected your already doing that

Can have miller from us absolute donkey very lazy but blackstock is staying put



23 Aug 2012 10:14:28
Palace have agreed at fee with Bournemouth for Matt Tubbs.

Don't really need to reply to this tubbs rumour, can not see any reason for him to leave his boyhood team, his dream move to afcb and only three games in the season? Unless c palace offer over a million just forget it as he still has to finish his business with bournemouth.

No chance.. - Palace Fan

Really? Palace? He hasn't proved himself at this level so seems if this is true Palace are taking a massive risk. But by all means take him & cut our losses :)

Bournemouth to make one more signing most likley to be a winger incase pugh leaves

He rejected rotherham saying he doesnt want to leave bournmouth so wont go to palace

I wish this was true



23 Aug 2012 09:57:49
I have bin told by a member of the nottingham forest back room staff that here has been a deal excepted for zahar involving findly+3.5 mil to be done before deadline day if both players can agree terms, has any palace heard this?

Considering Palace turned down a bid from Bolton for 7 million in January I think this is not gonna happen eah

I have great affection for Forest, having lived in the City for many years (though it was some time ago), but surely the OP can't be talking about the much sought after Crystal Palace starlet Wilfried ZAHA? The same player that Barcelona looked closely at last year and that a host of Premiership clubs would like to add to their teams, can he? Because that would be ridiculous.

Unless he means Mahmoud al-Zahar, the 67 year old co-founder of Hamas. In which case, yes, that might happen.

Zaha will not be leaving for a club who lets be honest are no longer a step up in class, Forest will do well to finish above palace in the league. If zaha does move it will be to a premiership club.

Don't be silly, typical deluded tree

Absolute rubbish, get out of here. - Palace Fan.

Agree with most comments about there not being a chance of him coming to forest and I like palace not they have got rid of the long haired person Simon Jordan. However, let's be realistic on two things. Firstly, Barcelona seriously looking at him - behave yourself pal. And secondly, palace finishing above forest? Again behave yourself. Whilst I think forest will only achieve top half palace are genuine relegation fodder this season I'm afraid!

NOT TRUE. Palace will finish ten places above forest.

Not a chance of this happening or Palace finishing 10 points above Forest.

Zaha isn`t all that, sooner see Ince than Zaha, Palace are a selling club and will make money on him i`m sure, but he`s not that good!

Barca had him watched a couple of times and publicly admitted as much. They may well have decided against making any sort of move, but they DID look closely at him. Sorry if you find that upsetting.

Haha palace fans know nothing about football were the fifth richest club in the world so i think palace fans should be quiet and leave football talk to real footbaling fans who support good teams

Bridgeford stand crew

You find me one single piece of journalism/gossip that barca looked at him mate and I'll happily eat me words. Not a cats chance in hell though pal. Thats why he is still playing for a championship side at a dog hole of a ground. U will be lucky to avoid relegation this season FACT



23 Aug 2012 09:44:43
Marcus Tudgay (Forest) in talks with Crystal Palace over 3 year deal.

How do you know this?



23 Aug 2012 09:36:35
swansea have placed a 6 million pound bid for stokes kenwyn, jones talks are ongoing at the same time swans have inquired about the availability of cameron jerome other new names linked to the swans is former blackpool. wales. sunderland midfielder david vaughn as the see ki from celtic playing more of a wider role and see vaughn as a cheap replacement for joe allen this space

Snap theres hands off. six million yes please.

You can have jones for £6M and i will drive him too you myself.

Than can gladly have him for 6 mil. we will pay for the taxi

Vaughan is a class player - would be a superb addition to your squad. We loved him at Blackpool

23 Aug 2012 17:07:10
As a Blackpool fan I reckon Vaughan would suit Swansea's style perfectly, quality neat & tidy midfielder who keeps it simple and let's the 'flare players' express themselves

Swansea havent made any bid yet

What a load of old tosh

Cracking deal send him packing TP

Why do people get on kenwynne Jones back. The guy has ability to play in the premier league. It is the negative tatics of Tony Pulis that is the problem. Same when we brought Kitson, Soares, Jerome. Also effecting Etherington and Pennant now.

No way is kenwyn jones coming here. wouldnt get n our U21 squad. Vaughan yes please

Im a stokie and agree kenwyne is a decent premier league striker who doesnt give his all i cant see how you blame tp for him ok ethers aint up to scratch lately as he doesnt get much support which to is improving by buying midfielders, jerome is world class just doesnt start enough which tp hopefully will see and pennant has a lot of off pitch problems shall we say. I agree its not fair to call kenwyne a total waste of space but what i hate is stokie having a pop at the mighty TP the man who idk if you remember took us from a nowhere championship side to a fully stable premier league side featuring cup finals and european football and if negative tactics achieved all that who cares frankly!

Probably wouldnt get in u21 squad cus hes 27

Jerome...World class. Hmm not sure about that mate . Fast yes, but not very skillful . Jones is better imo it's just TP doesn't need him now SCFC have crouch .

In addition to that he isnt skillfull i think the best strikers arent the best strikers are those who are in the right place and scoring goals whether theyre tap ins or 30 yarders jerome is fast strong and good in the air all round perfect striker

Jones scored 6 goals in 23 games where as jerome scored 8 in 17 get your facts right!

Messi , Ronaldo , Torres , balotelli , Tevez they're all too skillful to be top strikers then I guess ( maybe Messi and Ronaldo don't count given they're not out and out strikers ) .
By the way KJ was the joint top scorer for the club in his first season . Who knows what he'd have done last season with more starts . Statistics can be, and very often are misleading .

Personally I quite like him but didn't CJ complain at the end of last season 'cause he wasn't getting a starting place and was having to cool his heels on the bench all the time. Obviously TP doesn't see him as world class , he appears to use him as a fast running sub to bring on when the game is stretched towards the end .



23 Aug 2012 09:17:00
Bristol city looking to sign new cb and are interested in Christophe Berra and also looking to sign a new cm on loan and are interested in John bostock or jay spearing

Makes a change hearing a rumour where bristol city arn't looking to sign every blackpool fc target possible, mind you when you do sign them you done us a favour because they turn out to be rubbish! UTP!

One time target Billy Jones and Tamas are also under review as WBA prepare to let them go. Deal will be funded by Pitman and Bolasie going to Bournmouth and Palace

Hmmmmmmmmmmm loan singing turn out rubbish for bcfc one name steven caulker

Please tell me I have read that comment wrong, saying caulker was rubbish for us! Get a grip he was our best player tha season without doubt

Steven caulker was rubbish, what?

Guys it was sarcasm from this guy coz the blackpool guy said that the blackpool transfer targets we sign turn out to be rubbish, so he said caulker was an exception!



23 Aug 2012 09:16:24
Akos Buzsaky will sign for Bristol City before transfer deadline after failing to agree terms with Leeds.

He's coming back to plymouth

But unbelievable if true!!



23 Aug 2012 09:14:46
Bristol city to sign Daniel Boateng on loan from arsenal on an initial 1 month loan on view to a season loan. A right sided CB



23 Aug 2012 09:10:06
IsmaŽl Bouzid set to sign short term contract at Bristol City.



23 Aug 2012 09:02:16
Michael Appleton could be signing winger Michael Bryan for Portsmouth on a month-by-month contract. He was released by Watford at the end of last season and has previously featured for Bradford City on loan.

Good player [if true] and will do well at a L1 level if given a consistent run of games. Quite lightweight but if you are looking for pace and a bagful of tricks there are worse youngsters out there.

He was useless at bradford. Jack compton was far far better.

Pretty decent winger, unlucky not to feature for us really thought he could fit in quite well under Zolas tactics

He will probably go to Crawley instead. I have heard he wants to play for a bigger club than Pompey

Would be a bad signing he is awful



23 Aug 2012 08:48:17
Glasgow Rangers weighing up a move for their former midfielder Dean Furman who is captain of League 1 Oldham Athletic.

Cant see it myself! He's too popular at Oldham and Highly regarded. Plus why would he swap the chance to get promoted into the Championship for possible Promotion to SLD2? It would be like playing in English non league!!!

That won't happen silly thing to say as he is under contract and wudn't play in the 3rd division in Scotland. Love the stupid rumours that are made up.

If we get good money for him sell him he's been rubbish resently, not tall enough, not strong enough and is not providing enough link play to the strikers, or taking enough shot on goal, he just send the ball out to the wings and back to defenders. He should never be regular first team never mind our captain! midfield is currently our weakest!

Best post I've read in ages. I go every game and I think he is terribly overrated. He can go for me!

Not providing enough link play to the strikers, or taking enough shot on goal, he just send the ball out to the wings and back to defenders.

He is providing for the strikers BY giving it to the wingers. Is he not keeping possession by giving it to the defenders when nothing is on? That's what midfielders do.

Absolute rubbish every his work rate is far better than most in our team. Is it any wonder the players struggle to reach their potential when there are so many clueless individuals putting them down. Simple Furman is a grafter with great ability!!

The simple answer is this! If furman is suppose to be the creative one of the partnership of him and welowoski and is so great why is it we look so weak in midfield when ever welowoski is injured! the stats speak for them selves pd said it last season we win more games with welo fit and on the pitch than with furman on his own with someone else. welo's the graffer furman is suppose to be the supplier for the forwards! as for keeping possession by passing the ball back well furman has already cost us one game so far by messing that up and is simply not confident, there is place for him in the team but I would perfer pd to have him fighting for his place rather than it being guaranteed he certainly should not be captain!

Haha, 1st reply is fantastic! why would furman swap chance of championship footy, why is he leaving latics and joining a much better team in league 1 e.g. one of the 18 who are probably better than us. furman is a ok holding midfielder but he is useless without creative players around him since he just looks like he is slowing play down before we eventually losing it on wing with poor ball in and no movement up top

Coming on here makes me realise how unbelievably realistic and fickle most of us oldham fans are.....



23 Aug 2012 08:42:56
Any leicester transfer News?



23 Aug 2012 08:41:28
Any Huddersfield rumours about a striker and winger

A mate of mine works for Ladbrokes and he says the strong money is on the two lads from Dundee United but negotiations on the fees are slow going.

Yeah, the striker news is that ive started the car and am willing to drive Novak anywhere to get rid after his rotten performances in first two games, boy do we need another quick lad with control skills, shooting ability, hold up play to complement Rhodes.....

Grayson said in the press conference this morning that they have made some enquiries and are always looking to improve the team but he is happy with where the squad he has right now...

Ronaldo and messi ;) na we're 'in for' mackay-steven and russell, james vaughn, simon church, so who knows?! probably no one

What you on about u won't find a player anywhere that gives more effort and hardworking than lee Novak would be 1st name on my team sheet every week, can't count Cardiff game as he is not a lone striker and against first yes he had an off game but do did Rhodes for 92 mins. Novak quality in my eyes and will only get better every game he plays. John

Just simply cannot rely on novak if rhodes goes the notts forest performance was very very poor

Strong rumor that Vaughn is comming in on Loan

That's a bit harsh on Novak. He's Benin played out of position the 1st game and most the second. You have got to remember that he was playing non league a few years back. I agree he needs to improve but he works his socks off and always gives 110%.

Grayson said in Huddersfield Examiner that he hopes to bring in two more players before the window closes but they may not arrive before the Burnley match on Saturday.

Novak put in some strong early season performances last season particularly but can't help feel he could be another town player who finds jump into championship is just a stride too far for him. Need some class to fire alongside Rhodes. Malhamterrier

Of course Novak runs his socks off, thats why he's paid probably £2/3000k per week, I work my socks off at work & earn £30k a year, that's what I'm paid for-I'm huge Town fan but Novak Championsip class...............sorry no.

To all the Novak-heads, hope you all watched today how a quality forward with control and pace fitted into our team, and the contribution he made to the win, and then how things dulled towards the end when Novak came on, unable to pass, win ball, etc etc. Myself and others rest our case.....

Novak is on approx £3000 a month. After tax it's approx £2000, so £500 quid a week basically.

This is 100% true... I know his agent...

That is complete rubbish. i know lee very well and you can double that. 3 games in and already having a pop at a player. typical huddersfield fans!!

Yeah typical.....especially when us fans know a poor player when we see one



23 Aug 2012 08:31:49
It's being reported in the Norwegian Press that StŚle Solbakken is interested in bringing Christian BolaŮos to Wolves from FC KÝbenhavn. (TV2, Dagbladet & VG)

And also the UK press...
Copenhagen winger Christian Bola√Īos has refused to rule out suggestions he will join Wolves in the transfer window.

His last move was 1M so he shouldn't make much of a dent in the £25M odd that Wolves have made so far this window.



23 Aug 2012 08:22:04
Middlesbrough are in talks with Sunderland about taking Frazier Campbell on a season long loan.

Is this true ?

Would be a great a signing down fall is on loan .

(Boro fan), I'd doubt it cos they only have saha and fletcher (soon) and sessegnon (if ou count him as a striker).

No chance would be great tho just what we are after



23 Aug 2012 08:07:46
West Ham will secure Matt Jarvis this afternoon for £10 deal. Now after a RB, CB, outside forward and cf.....namely Rod Fanni, Stephene M'Bia, Remy and Gignac from Marseille. Fanni/Mbia permanents and Gignac/Remy season loans.
Exciting times..!

Should have been a £10 deal - but unfortunately £10m! Michu £2m - you do the maths - good business, i think not!

Matt Jarvis for a tenner? that is good business! Injury prone!

Jarvis for £10!?

Be careful, he hasn't signed yet and unless you make him a great offer, I don't think he will. Because the clubs agree a fee is only half way there.

Are wh trying to sign a whole new squad?

Buying the marseille team who underperformed last year? good idea me thinks!

Good player when he is 'FIT' but I thought that he would cost more than £10????!

Lol 10m for Jarvis



23 Aug 2012 07:34:32
Sahin to be officially unvielded today. We are still looking at options for our defencive set up specifically right back with a surprise move for debuchy or van der wiel unfortunately m'villa is going to spurs so our options are now restricted to wanyama and tiote. Also niang to be signed on before the transfer deadline.
Gooner reji(Ghana)



23 Aug 2012 05:30:44
Norwich City will send scouts to watch US international striker Jozy Altidore on Sunday in AZ Alkmaar's match against Heerenveen in the Eredivisie

1 Premier league goal in 28 appearances for Hull. Not for me thanks, we don't need another Jackson.

He's banging them in for AZ with 18 in 31 so who knows what he was doing at Hull maybe AZ have had his eyes tested and got him some new contact lenses. He was not that productive at a couple of other clubs so he might be a risky signing unless he can deffo reproduce what he's been doing at AZ. Will need a lot of scouting and research to see why he scores a lot now and didn't do that much when he was at hull.

Jozy Altidore was young when he was last in the premiership, since then he's done really well in the Dutch league for a mid table side, could be worth a punt

You can keep ur one goal a season hotshot 5. mill ur aveing a laugh ..



23 Aug 2012 04:09:16
Australian Foxsports TV reporting recently voted Australia's greatest soccer player"Harry Kewell"training with and close to signing with Stoke FC.......... Kewell is reporting it will pay as you play deal to prove he has been injury free last 3years and match it again in the EPL..... Although a huge success with Galatasaray in Turkey and with Melbourne Victory last year, stepping up to the EPL after 4yrs in the wilderness will be tough going. Kewell reports he is up for the challenge

Mate the story reports he stopped unannounced to stoke training and spoke to tony pulis. Kewell is overrated and woudln't cut it in the premier league anymore.


Kewell is too old for the EPL. He was quality just before his Liverpool days but that was 10yrs ago now.

He turned up out the blue for contract talks and Pulis told him to go.

Kewell was at Clayton Woods yesterday, but not with a view to signing - Stoke Sentinel

Way off the mark with this one.

He turned up at Stoke asking to train, like on trial, and TP said no. He then left.

It's not the only team he has done it at, he has been turned down by other prem clubs, Blackburn and only Swindon have shown any kind of interest.

He was there 5mins max pulis wished him well and said no thanks



23 Aug 2012 03:35:01
QPR set their sights on Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross after Dawson deal hits a snag - DailyMail

Hope QPR have 25mil

Spurs have bid already 24 million for shawcross

Only if Stoke get Dawson

Can't agree personal terms with why turn to a player who would command as much as, if not more?! His fee would be at least that of what Dawson would cost.

Get ready pay out at least 18+million

Dream on mate!

No way will shawcross step down to qpr, good club an all but struggled last year after spending a lot and will probably be no different this season. Can't see it myself there's just no point

Julio ceaser from inter next signing

It would have to be stupid money to make this happen. Shawcross more likely to end up at top5 club if anywhere.

Spurs havent bid for shawcross they are interested qpr are set to bid 10million but utd get their first option remember

Pulis rates shawcross 15 million+

This a made up and un realistic

Shawcros stayin at stoke



23 Aug 2012 01:59:13
After Adam Federici's shaky start to the season, Reading are after Craig Gordon on a free transfer.

You mean the always injured Craig Gordon. We'll set up our physio table in the goal mouth and he can make saves whilst lying on it.

No we aren't

They've just signed Stuart Taylor

So what is Stuart taylor doing then we just signed a keeper



23 Aug 2012 01:02:17
rhodes to liverpool £7mil fee has been agreed for the striker who was europes 3rd highest goal scorer last season with 48 goals {Ed025's Note - there was a guy in the blue square 3rd division who got you get my point?..

Ok if carrol comes as part exchange

My son scored 62 goals in the Watford Junior Sunday League (under 11's) - I'll take £3m for him if Rodgers is reading this!

Ok then Ed what is your point you saying Jordan Rhodes is not worth that money or the bloke who plays for a non-league team is worth more than Jordan who is also a Scotish international.... Give your a head a shake.... {Ed001's Note - he is saying, obviously, that scoring goals at a low level doesn't make you special. Until he scores goals at a higher level, regularly, it will always be taking a huge risk.}

Look at Lambert...he can score at any level so why not Rhodes?

He could bag 30 in the PL with the right service.

Ed strikes again. Liverpool need to decide which style of football there playing. I was at huddersfield on tuesday and i saw nothing that made me think rhodes is worth more than 2 million. Our centre backs dominated him and he couldnt handle the pace of a championship game.

After watching him against Forest he's not even Chanpionship quality nevermind prem. he was awful! Touched the ball about 3 times the whole game!

Ed....yes but did the blue sq guy also score for his country? {Ed044's Note - i think your all taking it out of context..... and it would be big risk to sign him!
Also watched rhodes at town on tues night and he was very quiet but that was his 1st full 90 mins of the season and he has a tight hamstring, but any htfc fan will tell you take your eye off him and it's in the back of the net, Personally dont think he'll struggle at this level.

This is a difficult one, the guy clearly is a class act at league 1 and probably championship level. As for doing it at Prem level, i think its a diffrent ball game, so saying he is the 3rd highest in europe is silly. However i do agree give him the right service there is no reason why he cant score in any league. The big problem is Huddlefield valuation is a Joke, so unless they change then we will never no if he can cut it in the prem unless they get promoted of course.

Yes Rhodes could bag 30 in the Prem with the right service however the Rumour you commented on was him going to Liverpool, so I think you can see that your point is lost right there!!

Where do these fees come from while I understand Huddersfield wanting huge money 7 million is too much for a player that has played once in the secon tier of English football what are you paying for potential understand he is young who scored a lot of goals in league 1 but adeybour went for about 5 million and mirallas for about 6 million and he has played champions league for a couple seasons prices for young championship and lower league players are wrong they are overpriced maybe why there are more more European players now playing on lower leagues value for money the point I am making is if you pay 7 million he has to score 20 goals a season for you to see any profit on him as no top prem club need him it will need someone like wigan to buy him hoping he will score 20 goals or more then they will sell him to one one of the big guns and hopefully double there money but it's a big gamble especially as its rare a player does that. Personally if they have been offered 5 million I would take it as value could drop massively



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