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22 Sep 2012 20:42:26
Paul Jewell saked.tomo and Gareth Southgate will be.installed as manager by Wednesday

Another rubbish rumour started by a budgy no doubt!

Hope he will b sacked but no to southgate

That will be Ipswich well and truly sunk by xmas

God help you (from a boro fan )southgate was a poor manager for us,jewell is a good manager give him outplayed us when we won 2-0 at our place , and we were saying what a good team you had , and that you would be in the top six by end of season



22 Sep 2012 19:21:30
Derek McInnis not around after Watford match. He is talking to a centre back who will be in place for the next game

Yeah we heard it all before

Yeah who,s the centre back

Martin Taylor, on loan from Sheffield Wednesday.

You are joking? They've just signed him and he's played every game.

Got a flight up to Scotland to see his family and gave the boys Monday off



22 Sep 2012 19:00:22
Harry Rednapp is coming to Ipswich FACT!

Can't afford him fact

Never in a bunch of Sundays pal.get real!

Hope so! Then you will see what we had to put up with for nearly four years.

Rummors that harry rednapp was seen boarding a train from london to ipswich this week. rummors have it that he was at the match today. can any one confirm

It's all made up. Why in a million years would he join such a small club ?? He Was linked with England Not long ago . I mean even as a town Ipswich is awfull

No he wasnt there

He was in the match of the day studios all day yesterday so very much doubt it.

No he isn't and you have made this up.....fact!

I can confirm that's a bunch of rubbish!

You haven't got enough money for him to spend to keep him interested.This will never happen.

Why do people put 'fact' at the end of a sentence as if that will set it in stone.

And 'awfull' has one 'l' in it you person

All these people texting saying that Harry rednapp will not come to a small club etc he is a very big fan of m.evens so how do the hell would all u people know whoever we get its got to be better than Paul jewell but please not mick McCarthy or megson

Marcus Evans can afford him and might be able to strike a deal seeing as they're mates. He is a prem manager and could take Ipswich there this season no probs if he took over now and was given free reign.

Answer to above text may as well get Paul mcartney in or Harry hill in at least they will lift the spirts in the dressing room

Harry and marcus evans are good friends.also rednapp helped evans put together the shortlist of managers from which paul jewell was appointed.dont think it will happen, but wouldnt be the biggest shock if it did

If mr rednapp isnot the next manager the only guy to take us back to prem league otherwise its NEVER going to happen

Hear it now.....triffic club, i love this club,he is a good player, this is as good as it gets, the chairman deals with all that, all that from his car window.....yuk!

Not happening - he's staying at Bournemouth.

CURBISHLEY getting the Ipswich job.



22 Sep 2012 17:37:19
GJ has said he wants one more signing before the preston game could be anyone

Sorry if I'm missing the point but how does this qualify as a rumour ?



22 Sep 2012 08:15:13
Sallum higginbotham gone to carlisle



22 Sep 2012 01:39:57
Norwich City are planning to give a trial to 21 year old high scoring Ghanaian forward Abdul Majeed Waris from Swedish side BK Häcken and if succesfull will make a move for the player in January

Surely you`v got to spend,just to stay up. Plus holty needs a partner who jels with him..

I am still astonished that Hughton did not buy a striker in the Summer transfer window, instead of squandering cash on second rate defenders like Turner or unnecessary players such as Bunn. It was always blindingly obvious that we would have major issues up front. Why didn't we sell GH for the £5-6 million apparently on offer from West Ham, etc and then reinvest the cash? Dreadful sequence of very poor choices that critically jeopardize our ability to remain in the top flight.

You've got some good points but apparently that bid for Holt was only £5-6 million depending on goals/appearances. Initial fee was more like £2 mill, and as Holt will never have a season like last, probably wasn't a good deal

No chance that we would sell Holt to West Ham. Pure common sense and a bit of politics. West Ham are relegation rivals- imagine McNally sells them Holt. Then Holt keeps West Ham up by scoring 15 goals or so and Norwich get relegated. What nutter is going to be signing McNally's praises then? If we were going to sell Holt it would be to someone who is not a relegation rival. Even a 6 year old would get that one let alone someone with McNally's savvy.

Lamberts first choice back four Naughton (board wouldn't pay 3.5m),Whitbread (board would not pay prem wages),Ayala (Hughton doesn't rate him and loaned him), Tierney (Hughton doesn't rate him so brought a replacement). Between the manager and board City have replaced their entire back four. They probably call that a strategy but not many Prem clubs would attempt this. Not many prem clubs would move on their best defenders and keep their squad players either as most clubs use transfers to improve the group of players. Little wonder then that we have a -12 goal difference. The cumulative effect of the manager and boards wayward decision making has lead to creating the unenviable situation of having to build a completely new back four. Minus 12 isn't so bad under the circumstances. On the ball city! Not.



22 Sep 2012 01:22:29
Bristol Rovers are in talks with Chelsea about loaning Patrick Bamford.



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