Football Rumours Archive September 22 2011


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2011 20:56:03
Coventry, Ipswich and Watford are monitoring Aldershot left-back Anthony Stracker, who is out of contract at the end of the season.(6)(6)We (Cov) could do with a left back, but he'd best not cost more than 8 / want more than 40p a week wages / want to play in a winning team if he is going to be the one.We Ipswich already have the best left back in the championship in Arron Cresswell, what we need is a Right back


21 Sep 2011 17:54:43
Arsenal to move for Louis Saha in Jan {Ed025's Note - i doubt saha is over 17 years old!..(3)(22)Haha, very funny Ed. But recent signings such as Arteta, Pertersacker & Benayoun contest your remark!Ye but he is French so that one thing going for him the gunners need more than him to help them
Out back 4 would be nice ed what u think new manager there soon ? {Ed002's Note - No I don't see any change this season.}


21 Sep 2011 17:30:32
Joleon Lescott is rumoured to be the defender at risk at Man City in January as Mancini looks to buy top class defenders from abroad who are used to Champions League football. City are willing to off load Lescott on loan in Jan and pay a % of his wages as well. With a move away next summer likely. This is already believed to have alerted both his former employees, Everton and Wolves. With a move back to Wolves a real possibility. But Arsene Wenger is a long time fan and id thought to be keeping close tabs on the situation.(13)(12)Absolute nonsense, I have no affiliation with any of the clubs mentioned but top clubs (of which Man City now unfortunately are) will be looking to keep their better than average English players.

This is why City rubbished cheeky approaches for Adam Johnson and James Milner in the transfer window despite both of them being bit part players.I agree with the response to this from the guy above, especially as the new ruling that may come into effect with regards to homegrown players.

And i'm a birmingham fan, so with my club being bent over and violated by our current owners, i have n affiliation with not only man citeh, but the premier league in general, some might ay football in general lol!That absolute wrong because this is the one who helped that far and now is planning to kick him out the in future nasri will be on the same state he will be going out looking for sorry team lets bring lescott to arsenal team twoto raise the lads


21 Sep 2011 17:28:00
doncaster sign jon parkin souce sporting life(10)(8)

Signed a dingle to bail them out
well i neverAt least all you`re pies will go now!!GO ON FAT LAD...BEASTTTTTTTTTTTTTT


21 Sep 2011 17:10:32
MAN CITYS SERGIO AGUERO COULD ON HIS WAY OUT AS EARLY AS NEXT SUMMER WITH MALAGA MAKING A 45MILL MOVE {Ed025's Note - its not enough!..(7)(27)Close but it aint malaga....its real madrid @ 50m.this wil defo defo happen


21 Sep 2011 16:44:10
coventry, reading and sheff united interested in stevenages craig reid(10)(10)


21 Sep 2011 14:34:25
A number of Premier League clubs are reportedly interested in 19 year-old Jamaican defender Odaine D.


21 Sep 2011 10:50:11
Ridwan is link with a move to several Scottish club but no name is yet to be disclosed, he has been fantastic at ford fc for the past years but the young starlet is dreaming of playing for the English premier league instead he has snubbed two different scout from the Russian league side and yet he still played for a non league club

more to his stories at


21 Sep 2011 15:38:14
I'm hearing Sturrock has already been approached. The only way he'll return there is once the takeover deal is complete. I have heard that might be a few weeks away. It's anybody's guess what will happen. Just strange Ridsdale and Luggy would have spoken after last sat's game whilst Reid was still officially in charge and then directl;y the next morning he is axed.(7)(5)


21 Sep 2011 14:44:30
Luggy HAS been approached about returning to Argyle but in a more hands off approach. Luggy to be director of football and Coughlan and Fletcher to manage and Larrieu to remain as player coach. 3 new players in January on loan with a view to permanent. Takeover is 2 weeks from completion.(8)(7)


21 Sep 2011 14:08:49
steed malbranque is on his way back to the premier league and is all set to join bolton.(6)(15)He is taking a BIG step down then.


21 Sep 2011 14:07:43
chelsea are ready to move for cesenas italian international midfielder marco parolo in january(6)(12)How ready? you really think the hole of Chelsea will just pack up and move for one guy? Get real mate


21 Sep 2011 14:06:17
despite signing a new deal last week on improved terms,frieburg striker papis cisse is sunderlands no.1 target(9)(4)


21 Sep 2011 14:05:27
david beckham will turn down a move to england and france an sign a new 1 year deal with la galaxy(18)(17)


21 Sep 2011 14:03:44
liverpool to move for ajax defender jan vertonghen in january as daglish is not convinced by his current crop of defenders.(15)(4)Good! Neither is anyone else.


21 Sep 2011 14:02:48
russian big spenders anzhi are set to move for andre arshavin and will oferr arsenal 12 million for the play makers services.(19)(9)


21 Sep 2011 14:02:07
arsenal set to reignite there interest in fiorientinas manuel vargas in january(11)(9)


21 Sep 2011 14:01:05
wba are set to swoop for crystal palace star wilfred zaha in january(5)(18)I hope he,s comin on a free then ,cus theres more chance of knittin fog than chairman"deep pockets" Peace partin with any cash!Unless they have 5 mil give up


21 Sep 2011 13:58:37
swansea city are in talks with hungarian interbnational zoltan liptak.the defender is without a club after leaving hungarian champions videoton in the summer looking to move on to [pastures brendan rogers may swopp as he looks for defensive reinforcements(6)(2)He was at Southampton a few years back, didn't think much of him then but still at a good age so could turn out to be a good signing for you lads, showed at least a little bit of promise..


21 Sep 2011 11:15:51
Simon Ferry is to be loaned out to Bristol Rovers for the rest of the season, after a bust-up with Di Canio.

Ferry will, however, not be allowed to play against The Robins as part of the arrangement.(6)(16)Well according to BBC Sport Simon Ferry is more than happy with Paolo's team selections, so this must be just another Bristol fan......worried about whats developing down the M4....Utter rubbish, for a start if Ferry was to leave it would be for a higher league club than the Gas, secondly he has no problem with paolo, thirdly Swindon will finish above the rovers anyhow !!Think Swindon fans need to consider whether Di Canio is not already bigger than the club....dangerous groundI'm not a Gashead, and what I have heard was told to me by a club insider.

Di Canio's ego is ping off the players who were here last year, and there is no guarantee of promotion. Ferry wants out but won't go back to Scotland as he wants to live locally - so Rovers is an ideal club for him. Caddis also rumoured to be unhappy and looking to move on.


21 Sep 2011 10:46:45
Arsene wenger is set to recindle his interest in brazilian midfielder felipe melo in january and is also looking to splash the cash to lans spaniard jesus navas from seville who is valued around the 20-25 mill mark(2)(14)


21 Sep 2011 10:42:54
Wolves winger micjael kightly is a loan target of derby(6)(17)


21 Sep 2011 07:57:45
Richard Money is to be installed as the new Southend boss once Luggy goes to Plymouth.(14)(3)


21 Sep 2011 06:28:34
It appears Southend forward blair sturrock has been on facebook and twitter. Wants his dad to move back to plymouth and apparently he's already had lengthy talks with Ridsdale on the orders of Brent. Sturrock to take a less active role to ease burdens on his health with Coughlan and Fletcher to take on the main workload with the team.(12)(6)A wee birdie tells me that Blair hasnt been telling people on facebook and twitter about this rumour. But the rumour is 100% accuarte.Luggy must be mad to go back there, how can plymouth be signing new managers and directors of football when they cant even pay the players wages... Dorris the tea lady should take over and whip them into shape.... But seriously how can the funds be found for sturrock but the players wages can't be found, they wonder why they are performing so poorly, its not a new manager they needed its some wedge to pay the mortgage !!


20 Sep 2011 22:44:02
News hotting up in the basement division - Paul Sturrock has been given assurances by Mr Brent. Expext him to return to Home Park in a kind of General Manager's role with Grahan Coughlan installed as team manager or chief coach.(10)(3)A wee birdie told me that this is first class information and that Mr Sturrock will be taking a Director of football role at Home Park once the takeover is complete. There is some ironing out to do at Roots Hall but this should be ok. The same wee birdie told me that Mr Coughlan will be joing Mr Sturrock at Home Park


20 Sep 2011 21:18:14
they will not happen as steve morgan has kept faith in nmick mccarthy for years.(6)(3)


20 Sep 2011 20:01:36
AFC Bournemouth will complete the permanent signing of wesley Thomas in january after the striker scored 2 goals in 3 games


That was always the plan after he signed on loan.
His loan ends on Dec 10th though so will have to go back to Crawley before he can move to Bournemouth(5)(3)


20 Sep 2011 18:34:30
stephane zubar will complete a free transfer to afc bournemouth in the coming days after he left plymouth(9)(8)


20 Sep 2011 18:13:52
Bristol City will holding a press conferance sometime tomorrow to announce Kith Millen being sacked ( he has already gone by the way) And Dave Jones will be announced as the new manager of the Robins, who have had a teriible run under Millen.(18)(12)I hope not he is rubbish! David Moyes is the person I have been told,David moyes, yeah as if!Why the hell would Moyesy leave premier league Everton to go back to your poxy little backwater smalltown club thats going to be in Div1 next season, have a word with yourself!Well some more bs about millen leaving tell the truth is dave jones taking over bristol cityNo press conferance - more BS! . Which is a shame because i really wanted this to be true!


20 Sep 2011 18:12:58
had a chat with paul sturrock son on facebook who went plymstock school with too anyway paul sturrock is returning to argyle james brent contacted him the other day he told paul dat hes getting close to completing a deal for argyle.(6)(6)


20 Sep 2011 15:35:58
Jon Parkin has signed for Doncaster on a 1 month loan deal(18)(11)


20 Sep 2011 14:37:29
According to sources close to aresenal, they are looking to sign a centre back in the form of sylvan distan in january as short term cover so that they can continue to scout for a perminant fixture to the squad.(3)(13)I'm not a Gooner and even I don't believe this! What a terrible rumour ...

Would love it to happen though coz he'll take them down even furtherDistin is a strong defender - Any arsenal should look at him in awe as he does what your defenders can not do - defend.


20 Sep 2011 14:34:30
Swansea City will be granted special Premier League permission to sign two defenders on emergency loan. However the could sort through the mountain of free transfers short term.

I also hear that Watford and Portsmouth have enquired about David Cotterill on loan. Blackpool have asked Swansea to loan them Stephen Dobbie, Swansea have turned them down flat. Blackpool had made a £250,000 offer in the transfer window for Dobbie however Swansea wish to keep Dobbie and it would take a multimillion pound bid to persuade them to sell him in the January window.(7)(7)Blackpool will sign Dobbie in January if in top eight of the division. Holloway loves Dobbie and will bid 1,000,000 for himPortsmouth won't be taking Cotterill back. They weren't that impressed with him last season and Steve Cotterill is looking for someone who can cover a number of positions anyway.


20 Sep 2011 14:30:04
Gary Taylor Fletcher has signed a new contract at Blackpool :-)(15)(4)Good, that means the donkey wont be transferring to my or any other club soon.Whoopie Doo! Have they turned the xmas lights on early as a celebration?


20 Sep 2011 13:25:36
Benitez has rejected the approach from Wolves as he feels strongly that he should not be linked with the post while Mick McCarthy is still in the job. But my source has told me that Benitez is open to discuss the matter if the club has no manager.(18)(11)The only sauce you have comes in a bottle .To come up with this nonsense you must have been ON THE SAUCE!


20 Sep 2011 14:02:11
matt richards to join huddersfield town(4)(4)


20 Sep 2011 12:47:46
Stephen Bywater gone to Sheff wed on loan(15)(5)


20 Sep 2011 11:01:37
tottenham looking to but eden hazard from losc lille for 25 mill(5)(24)Spurs can wish all they want. He will never sign for them.I don't think tottenham have got the money to buy him, and if they did I think he would rather go to a bigger club than the one he is already with


20 Sep 2011 10:36:28
The Nottingham Forest page is down and all the postings have disappeared. Are we in for a big announcement shortly after McClarens meeting with chairman Doughty in London, or has it just broke?(9)(10)Well annoying isn't it! Why does everything with Forest have to break lol.Working now... don't get excited about a big announcement...Forests big announcement is...............Forest have decided to realise they ain't a big club anymore.They have signed Clint Hill on 93 day loan


20 Sep 2011 09:54:17
Anzhi Makhachkala are going to bid 62 Million for Man Utd defender Nemanja Vidic. 25 million fee and the other 37 million going on wages!!! NOT JOKING!(16)(25)Haha this is absolute drivelNot drivel at all I am big man u fan and don't want this to happen but it not first time this has come
Up and trust me don't think it will be last they got more money than they no one
To do with just see how much fergie wants to keep hold of
HimDoesnt surprise me as Anzhi have money to burnYe they got so much money they don't no what to do with but they got a hard time getting players there , google the club and city will come as a shock to some people !! Trust me on thatNo Source, out of the transfer window and like all MUFC fans lives no where near Manchester. RubbishNope i've heard MAN city will bid 65 trillion and pay him 350 trillion a week {Ed025's Note - quite cheap actually..


20 Sep 2011 09:54:00
Kettering Town are to be renamed as Northants. County from next season.(7)(11)This to do with the move to Nene Park presumably?


20 Sep 2011 09:47:43
the fa want plymouth to agree a takeover deal asap, and the pfa is losing patience over the devon club being unable to pay its players(9)(7)In future, The FA want to speed up club takeovers so that a deal can be done within 28 days.


20 Sep 2011 09:09:34
Portsmouth have been forced to change transfer targets as Cotterill's old target is now part of a prem teams plans(5)(10)Portsmouth couldn't target a pebble in a bucket on Southsea front.


20 Sep 2011 08:53:35
Norwich Manager Paul Lambert at Ipswich vs Cov last night to watch Sammy Clingan and Ben Turner.
Clingan would have impressed with the way he kept the ball(8)(8)Just to let you know..ben turner had joined the bluebirds,not a coventry player now.Pity Ben Turner signed for Cardiff a few weeks ago! - please do try a bit better next timeWhy would Lambert be there to watch a someone that plays for Cardiff?!?
I smell BullS!Clearly a spoilt LEICESTER fan!!!Did you even watch the game - Clingan was POORWould this be the same ben turner who left in the transfer window if so either lambert or you need to keep up with the news it could have saved lamber a trip


20 Sep 2011 08:16:28
Samba a target for QPR in January all dependant on how both clubs get on and if a 'bigger' club come in for him.(8)(12)A bigger club lmao that should'nt be too hard then eh!


19 Sep 2011 23:15:29
Paul Sturrock will eventually return to Plymouth.(12)(10)


19 Sep 2011 22:47:59
Paul Sturrock in line for a return to Plymouth.

Peter Taylor set for a return to Southend.(9)(11)


19 Sep 2011 20:32:02
Oldham Athletic Manager Paul Dickov have signs new Contract with his back room team until end of 2013 season(13)(7)


19 Sep 2011 19:42:30
Steven Gerrard to retire from football at the end of next season (2012/2013 season)!(29)(34)The rate he's going it'll be sometime this season. Quality player but desperately unlucky with injuries.To be honest be a shame to see he not in game and ending it with out winning prem or more than he has think it might be hanging his
Boots up for England first tho and then see where he is from there if he dose call it a dayDon't be stupid. He's going to come back stronger than ever. Just watch this space...How do you know that then Dr. Ruth? Everytime he's out for a spell he comes back "stronger than ever" and promptly breaks down again. He's going down the same road as Dyer. He's absolute quality but i fear for his future.No he is not coming back stronger...the talk in the town is that he is almost finished & it may be before Christmas.I thought he had already retired?Whats with this "coming back stronger"he clearly is near the end of his career and cant keep doing it


19 Sep 2011 19:10:02
palace looking to sign Ebbsfleets pair
micheal west and tom phipp deal could
be a loan one then completed in
january they will have to hurry
charlton looking to swoop(7)(8)Someones been reading the back page of sundays Non-League Paper, either that or the BBS


19 Sep 2011 18:38:48
Crystal Palace are interested in Ebbsfleet United duo Michael West (19), whom they tried to get a trial with but were refused and may return with a loan move in January and Tom Phipp (18)

Source: Non League Paper(11)(6)


19 Sep 2011 17:34:03
afc bournemouth youngster josh carmicheal is being lined up for a sensetional move to manchester united in january, the 16 year old made his debut on the weekend and is already being compared to the likes of micheal essien(5)(21)You must be outta ya mind you blithering idiotWhy post calling him , how do u know that man u r not going to look at him end of day he is only 16 man u could get him for next to nothing drop him in reserves see how he gets on and if don't make it he can just be sold on if u ask me your the person and no nothing about the game just have a look at players that started at man u and now play for different sides list is endless why would man u not take a punt low cost low risk low cost high reward ( if he turns out to be a good player )What, because it is Bournemouth they cant produce decent youth players?. I am a Saints fan everyone knows we have produced quality youth players over the years, so why cant Bournemouth and other clubs like them do the same, we sold AOC for 12 million after he had one good season in league 1, so you dont know that teams like Man u are not interested in this lad so keep your comments to yourself


19 Sep 2011 16:21:48
Charlton news

New striker coming in on loan from Premiership. Youngster

Euell out on loan to AFC Wimbledon

Benson out on loan to Bradford Alongside Christian Daily

Francis to Southend(6)(16)


19 Sep 2011 15:02:35
VERY HOT GOSSIP! Raphael Benitez has been approached to take over at Wolves for the rest of the season. This would be in a caretaker capacity as owner Steve Morgan plans to shock the football world with a massive appointment next summer. Although a good season under Benitez could well see him land the job himself. This follows Morgans despair at the capitulation at the hands of QPR on Saturday. McCarthys days are very numbered and a poor performance at Morgans home town team of Liverpool on Saturday will see the end of MM reign at Molineux. You heard it here first. Get your mortgage on this one as its nailed on.(20)(35)I can't see Rafa working with that dross of a squad.
I think Rafa is happy living with his family on the Wirral enjoying his 12m worth of compensation from Liverpool and Inter.
I still think Blackburn could be a destination for Rafa with their apparent big Cheque book.Why not? he certainly worked with plenty of Dross in his time at liverpooh.BLACKBURN.... get out, a joke to the prem, lucky win over the gonners..... no money and a average attendance of 20,000.... get real divIf Benitez didn't want the Villa job? why on earth would he take the job at Wolves? what on earth are you smoking!Hope steve morgans got a 200m transfer kitty!!Rafa did want the villa job you person we turned him down due to wages and the huge transfer budget he wantedAnd he has stated that he doesn't want a return to management... failUtter rubbish Mccarthys done a great job for Wolves.

ITFC supporterTell you what you put your mortgage on it, then let us all know. There is every chance McCarthy could go if results go pearshaped-but there is no chance of Benitez coming because he would want big players and a big budget...and WOLVES WILL NOT SPEND!!


19 Sep 2011 14:49:54
Tommy Smith loan to Watford!(12)(21)Being a friend of Tom's i can tell everyone if he's not getting a game he wants Vicarage Road and quick! Thats a FACT.Big story this. Tommy wants first team football and wants to come home.


19 Sep 2011 13:50:40
Max Keiser has hinted at big news coming from Sheffield Wednesday. Unfortunately this news is not good for most Sheffield football fans. Milan, McCabe and the Art Rooney II consortium have been locked in talks over a sale and merger of Sheffields clubs. The new club will be known as Sheffield Steel (Rooney wants Steelers, but was unaware of the existing ice hockey side)
The investment figures are huge , including £120 Million for a new stadium and an unlimited playing staff budget.
Please don't let this happen!!(6)(23)What a load of B@@@@@@s, and I don't care about either Sheffield team whats next Villa and Birmingham City, Man Utd & City ??There was a rumour that walter smith will be asked to manage this clubWill never happen,fans from both clubs would not stand for it.BLADES FOREVER.I am a swindon fan and this is just total BS, no two clubs of the history and stature of Wednesday and UTd would ever allow this to happen, neither would the fans.....Will never happen - Mandaric will only sell if SWFC are in the Championship for 2012/13. McCabe not selling up down the road either.


19 Sep 2011 10:57:03
Aaron Wilbrham to sign for Ipswich Town on loan deal until January(10)(22)


19 Sep 2011 10:25:13
Dave Jones to take over as Bristol City manager this week, the only thing holding up the deal is Cardiff compensation, as he is currently on gardening leave.(20)(23)What no comments from leicester,or cardiff fans bristol city will bounce backThere's just no pleasing you is there?.....if we comment you whine, if we dont comment you want to know why?...get this into your thick skull bonehead. the world does not revolve around Brizzle City, as a Leicester fan i don't really care at all what happens down at Ashton gate, that's your uninteresting business, i'm interested in my clubs news, that's all....and yet you replied :/Of course i replied you plank!....look at the sentences and the words in them....Tell me, do you understand how words work?


19 Sep 2011 08:36:33
dave jones spotted by myself leaving ashton gate, rumour is millen stepping down to assistant to dave jones?(19)(22)I hope millen leaves and we keep wigley as our assistant due to his links with england u21


19 Sep 2011 06:45:41
Febian Brandy is set for a 2 year deal with Oxford United(12)(18)This is true - constable's going in jan to coventry


19 Sep 2011 02:36:13
Former Preston trialist Andres Oper is set to sign a deal until january with league one side Walsall(7)(9)


18 Sep 2011 22:47:46
Former Norwich striker Oli Johnson is set to sign for league one side Walsall on a deal until January(14)(7)Hope so, the lads a good player, he deserves regular football somewhere, natural goalscorer, well he was few year ago in the amatuer league when he bagged 9 against us!Of course he is still a norwich player. Good player. I wish him well.


18 Sep 2011 22:27:24
Bristol citys nicky maynard wants to leave in january no matter what cost said the manager.(20)(17)He had his chance, Southampton will go elsewhere in the window. Expect a PL fringe youngster to get on the bus.


18 Sep 2011 21:33:41
Leon Clark Will Sign For Chesterfield Fc , He Has Had Superb Start At Chesterfield , Scoring 4/5 goals and scoring a hat-trick againt carlisle (CUFC)(7)(17)With Leon Clarke scoring regulalry i would imagine more clubs will be in for him in January.Have Chesterfield got the money to pay the wages, you are only paying 40% of his wages at the moment and Town forked out a substancial signing on fee which they will want to recoup.... I can see him going to a championship club for around 300K


18 Sep 2011 21:28:55
Sheffield Wednesday set for another takeover as current owner Milan Mandaric looks to cut his losses.(9)(17)Any takeover will depend on where Sheffield Wednesday finish this season.

Milan will want to get more money back than he put in, so if Sheffield Wednesday get to the Championship it's very likely he will sell up job done. If no promotion then he'll stick it out for one more season.

There are a few interested parties - expect more movement after Christmas.Great newes its trueNo body wanted them before, so nobody will want a poor team,with a run down ground and fickle fans..Don't expect to see any movement on this until the new year, chaps. It is happening but as said depends on where the club is at the end of the season. Also Milan's health is poor.


18 Sep 2011 20:39:40
brent was one who got risdale to get reid sacked so it looks like risdale could be staying carl fletcher could be manager for 3 games.(7)(11)To all plymouth fans get rid of ridsdale
the man should have been kicked out of the
game years ago ask any barnsley or
leeds fan not fit and proper to ne in charge
of any football club RIDSDALE OUT


18 Sep 2011 19:45:01
Manchester City are in talks to bring three players to the Etihad for January. Esteban Cambiasso could join after City have already struck a deal with the Argentina midfielder. Mancini is still keen on bringing some experience in their spine and sees Cambiasso as somebody who can change a game. Experienced defenders Giuseppe Biava from Lazio and Felipe from Fiorentina are also interesting Mancin.(17)(12)Yes very average players you have there! This post is a boo hoo we couldnt beat Fulham. Get a life.Cambiasso - has always been known as someone who can change a game.... not!You really are very dim and obvioulsy know nothing about football!


18 Sep 2011 19:41:24
Manchester United will hold talks with Barry Bannan from Aston Villa over a possible move for January. Alex Ferguson is keen on bringing in another midfielder and the young Scottish playmaker could see a £10 million deal struck in January. 20 year old Peter Pawlett from Aberdeen could also see a pre contract deal struck in order for a three year contract to be signed for next summer. 23 year old Marc McAusland from St Mirren and young East Sirling striker Jordyn Sheerin is also causing interest from Ferguson.(9)(28)I'd snap their hands off....he was usless yesterday and left us wide open with his lack of defencive qualities, poor disicipline and un willingness to track back.Bannan was fantastic vs Newcastle.
There is no way he'd leave Villa when he owes Villa so much. Big Eck puts him on more than even Albrighton!.
Bannan is worth more 20m atm anyways.
Bannan still has 4 1/2 years left on his contact anyway.That cos he at villa! Man u would look at what needs working on and make him a better player but if that all he missing from his game it can be sorted before getting on his back how about u look at how he being looked after at your club if u can see what wrong why can your back room staff not ????Bannan 20m your having a laugh, saw him at Elland Road last season and he is average at best, i agree Man Utd do turn good players into outstanding players (smalling) but they is not that talent there with BannanBarry Bannan was at leeds lest year and he was rubbish. Why on earth would Man U sign such a carp player?Crap u sure man utd would sort him out pace vision he has got something there trust me on that and smalling was always going to be good but man u do take players to next level , ye ye u watch him and he was crap what did he have round him don't talk stupid loads of players been loaned out to lower poor sides and not done anything but get them playing with class And it rubs off welbeck , cleverly playing with class has brought them on no endLook ive seen this boy afew times and he has all the potential to be world class trust me his vision for a pass is amazing he will go far but i cant see him leaving villa just yet..Way things going at man utd tho it only place for a player like him to be he will get a game will be pushed and worked on what is needed what he will not get at villaYou utter muppet villa have always been known for producing some good young players villa.s youth is exceptional there youth team crushed arsenals youth 10 .1 last season stop talking rubbish they have some well respected football men who really do work hard on producing talented players.


18 Sep 2011 20:14:05
James McFaddon to the Posh on loan for the rest of the season.(3)(33)He is on a free for a start, and is training with everton next week to prove his worth but also has an offer from wolves which he will accpept if everton dont offer him oneFor starters he is on trial at birmingham and is going to sign a new contract thereFor starters one of the fisrt two replys is wrongHe's training with Birmingham, not sure if he'll be offered a contract or not. He won't got to Posh. He'll see himself as too big for a club of that size (rightly or wrongly!)At the Posh game in the main stand on Saturday,Barry Fry still has connections with the Brum.If he's a free agent and not signed for anyone , how can he be on loan? Who is he on loan from ??


18 Sep 2011 19:56:11
Mr Brent the man trying to buy Plymouth has suggested The Club try to entice Paul Sturrock back to the Club after the axing of Peter Reid. Brent is trying to steady the ship off the pitch and hopes Sturrock can steady things on it.(7)(17)Can't see Sarfend being happy then...

A thought - wouldn't Ridsdale like to offer his old chum David Jones a job?


18 Sep 2011 19:38:06
all the leeds storys are true simon gryson will be in charge of blackburn by weekend gus poyet is going to replace him.(13)(45)Im a Saints fan and totally neutral to this....Why would Gus Poyet leave Brighton for a disorganised shambles with no money like Leeds? Simon Grayson leaving is understandable...he has been dealt a poor hand and its showing in the results.

Next you will be saying that Nigel Adkins will be taking over Liverpool...which as a scouser might suit them....but we have the best and Brighton the second best managers in the all seem to forget that Loic has to play a part in the thought process. Dream on and you will be pleasantly confused...oh you already are...ha..ha..ha {Ed003's Note -I would beg to differ about your choice of managers in the championship}It seems that someone has a bee in their bonnet about Poyet, thus far he's going to replace Sven in Leicester, Grayson in Leeds and 'Arry at Spurs, he's busier than James Beattie! Do people really think he's the new messiah? He's done a good job with Brighton, but that doesn't suddenly turn him into the next Fergie.Grayson's staying put - Leeds can't go up anyway as Master Bates would have to declare Leeds' finances to the Premier League. Top 10 for them, but no promotion.I am a Leeds fan and Poyet will not join he has the money and the backing at Brighton, not a guarantee if he moves to Leeds (With KB in charge) If Grayson gets the Blackburn job then good luck and he will be missed but i think Leeds have the making of a good team and with a fresh outlook this could possibly help leeds (or may just hinder)I don't believe this - but, just to point out, Bates & Poyet don't get onLike hed leave brighton for leeds.Poyet is staying. If Grayson goes then Roeder is lined up. If Kean goes, then Billy Davies will join Blackburn


18 Sep 2011 19:33:57
Sergio Aguero has been linked with AC Milan after his wife told the Argentina forward that she is struggling with life in Manchester. {Ed003's Note - Rubbish)(17)(40)


18 Sep 2011 19:36:12
Wayne Bridge is in talks with Sunderland over a possible deal for January.(16)(16)


18 Sep 2011 18:27:53
hull city will try to sign andy king and cris weale from leicester in january(7)(28)Foxes Fan here....I shall not know who to support at this rate !! Andy King in your dreams Chris Weale maybe ???Hull couldn't afford King and Sven wouldn't sell him, unless he's going as part of the infamous Matt Mills loan deal? (it seems that people are intent on making up silly stories) as for Weale, unless a new GK arrives, he'll be staying put too.Weale's not out of the question, but King??....IF he leaves the Foxes, rest assured it would only be for a club in the higher division...Hull? not a chance!


18 Sep 2011 18:16:34
Dave Jones will be unvieled as the Bristol City manager by Wednesday, he held talks today at ashton gate with Steve Lansdown and Colin Sexstone. You heard it here 1st.(20)(17)Nope, Ridsdale is trying to get him in as Reid's replacement at Plymouth.

Alan Curbishley or Glenn Roeder will take over at Ashton Gate.


18 Sep 2011 17:53:43
steve cotterill will get the sack tomorrow and billy davies is in the frame(15)(23)Portsmouth are never going to get a named manager whilst they are still deep in the sh@tWorse thing for a club with little or no money is to get a little annoying (not very good) manager like Davis in. He left his last post after falling out with the board over lack of finances. He is a clown


18 Sep 2011 15:40:05
AFC Bournemouth will complete the permanent signing of wesley Thomas in january after the striker scored 2 goals in 3 games(16)(4)


18 Sep 2011 14:34:44
Bristol City are talking to West Brom about taking Gareth McAuley on loan to gain fitness. The Northern Irish defender has not made an appearance for the Baggies after suffering with gastroenteritis since pre-season. City tried to sign McAuley on a free from Ipswitch in the summer but the defender opted for the Premier League club. Barnsley and Bristol City both tried to sign Craig dawson on loan in the summer but he impressed Roy Hodson enough to stay and fight for a place at the Hawthornes.(7)(12)Those very confident and cocky BCFC fans from the summer seem to have crawled back under their rocks and hidden!
Who's top of the league?
We obviously didn't need your over-rated striker!...Look you person just let the season carry on bristol city will turn it around and the teams that have beaten us will pay look at when city lost 0.2 to bristol rovers at the gate then we beat them at there ground 2.4


18 Sep 2011 13:30:16
burnley are set to bring robbie blake back to burnley on loan.(9)(15)This is true i got told of owen coyles son (Owen coyle)Its defenders we need but blake would be great claret si


18 Sep 2011 13:01:07
Plymouth Argyle have today sacked Manager Peter Reid.(22)(3)I think its disgusting that they have sacked reid, hope he manages to get the money they haven't paid him for the last 6 months.... how can you motaivate a team who aren;t even getting their wages... If they dont sort it out soon the fans will be in for a shocker when they go to blue square and fold....


18 Sep 2011 12:20:07
Portsmouth fc are on the verge of sacking steve cotterill.

They have 3 managers on there wish list:-

avram grant

dave jones

curbs(11)(24)Get Carlo ancelloti or Gary Neville ?? LolAvram Grant please, then we can finally say goodbye to the biggest joke side in English footballPlease be Barron Greenback! He's steCotterill isn't going anywhere. This is a crock of I heard they will get Paul Ince in as he has a good knowledge of L1


18 Sep 2011 11:23:19
Leeds United set to put in a loan bid for Ivar Ingarmarsson..(6)(28)Utter Rubbish, we have only just signed him he's injured and we need him to shore up our defence


18 Sep 2011 11:21:46
blair adams will stay on loan to the end of the season after craig woodman was rubbish against pne.(1)(11)


18 Sep 2011 10:27:24
Steve McClaren and his coaching team are returning to holland with FC Twentie. People(24)(13)Please let this be true.... I'll buy the tickets.Hope he doesn't go by'll probably go down just as we will if he stays much longer.Good, they can have the useless tr@t. Forest need some stability and quick.Although billy rocked the boat often, at least it wasnt sinking. HTBGOD i hope this is true


18 Sep 2011 10:18:25
Robin Van Persie will almost certainly leave Arsenal in January.

This is both because of Arsenals poor form and his desire to win silvereware.

Clubs interested:

Real Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan and PSG.(28)(13)Yes agree the club don't want to spend on quality players he will go if theyt don't sign quality players in january.They should sign
Samba , Goetze ,Marvin,Benzenma ,Fellaini ,bainesGet rid of the rubbish players Frimpong squillaci arshavin denilson and all the other S players who give nothing for the team and just play for the mone and no the club thats why arsenal will never win a trophy again.Arsenal will never get samba , goetze , marvin , benzema , fellaini or baines if they don't have any decent players to start with.

Arsenal to finish 7-10th this season.


18 Sep 2011 09:55:07
16 Sep 2011 18:17:25
try these results for the championship this weekend.
Barnsley 3-1Watford
Blackpool 2-0 Cardiff
Crystal palace 1-3 Middlesboro
Hull 0-2 Portsmouth
Leeds 2-0 Bristol city
Leicaster city 1-1 Brighton
Millwall 2-1 west ham
Nottingham forest 2-2 Derby
Peterboro 2-2 Burnley
Readlng 4-0 Doncaster

Its just for fun,Its got to be better then maximus

As you still haven't managed to get one score right I wouldn't give up the day job, but keep going because it's going to be fun to see if you ever get it right(1)(12)


18 Sep 2011 09:36:34
great to see norwich qpr and swansea
all wiinning their 1st matches.
good luck to them all they have fought
to get to prem and are better than
some of the dross in this division
wolves wba and bolton all dreadfull
and all face the drop(5)(9)One swallow doesn't make a summerOne of those dross beat you at home last week. Dont get carried away with one win. Remember Blackpool last year.Ot to pick peanuts out of .... but that was QPR's second win


18 Sep 2011 02:15:27
Liverpool will sell Martin Skrtel,Maxi Rodriguez and Dirk Kuyt replacing them with Gary Cahill,Edin Hazard and a shocking £35m return for Fenando Torres. Jack Wilshere remains a long term target. {Ed025's Note - did you hear this on planet zarg news?..(16)(21)Cahill,Wilshere & Torres are possible.
Hazard isn't mate .. (i don't like liverpool at all but it does seem possible).Ed 2, brilliant mate, are they really that thick these pudlers, the best they can do now are with the likes of henderson, carroll & adam {Ed025's Note - the three of them went missing today.....kenny is going to put their faces on milk cartons..Eden hazard is arsenals and so is cahill



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