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22 Jun 2013 23:22:03
Really glad with the new signings so far and the cando attitude of mcinnes. Unfortunate to see that mcinnes wond try to take advantage of hearts' situation though. Anyway, are there any possible defenders we could get, eds?



22 Jun 2013 23:24:51
Has no-one heard Barry Fry on tv? Peterborough are signing no-one at the moment as because of fair play we have too many players and need to off load before considering buying. He's gone on record on Sky saying he's sorted two player deals but can't sign them until we off load at least 4 or 5 players at least so until we sell quite a few players no-one is coming in. Clubs have enquired about 4 players only so far but no-one has come in with deals as most clubs are in the same position as Posh.

So we just keep the same team, I would be happy with that!.

23 Jun 2013 12:26:17
Due to ffp you can`t afford to keep the same team.

Yes we can. Posh don't have one player on over 10k a week. They've been effectively sticking to the rules even before they were introduced

Yes we can why can't we

23 Jun 2013 16:35:48
apparently we're ok as it is but if we want players we need to sell/offload simples!

Well that's a load of b*****ks if ever I've heard it lol

Can keep the same team, it's squad players we need to move on.

Due to financial fair play, we would be able to keep the same squad. unlike other teams, posh have a lower wage bill than a lot of league one teams, and some league two teams. And with about six players leaving, this will leave the squad in financial safety for about 2 or 3 years in league one



22 Jun 2013 23:17:14
Blackburn Rovers have offered a trial to Tahitian prospect Jonathan Tehau.

In the team that lost 10-0?

He wouldn't get a work permit



22 Jun 2013 23:04:31
Watford to sign acuna. I have translated of a Spanish website,. it said. Acuña opted for the best financial offer of Watford Paraguayan striker Girona recognizes the importance of Elche, but reached an agreement in principle with the English club.

23 Jun 2013 10:45:09
Who does elche play for

Elche is a club lol

^Elche is a club in spain's second division

23 Jun 2013 13:06:05
Elche is a club

Elche is a Spanish football club that has just been promoted to la liga



22 Jun 2013 22:24:59
Burnley are pondering a cut price offer for Kilmarnock's Kris Boyd.

This would be the worst move in the world for us, he's about 40

23 Jun 2013 01:13:19
to be fair he's not even 30 but I agree it wouldn't be a worthwhile signing. he was always one of those players who didn't do much on the pitch except score (like darren bent) and since he left rangers he has hardly even been scoring

23 Jun 2013 09:37:25
Burnley could not afford his wages - he was on £25,000 a week at Boro.

Didn't do much but score? You must be the type who cheers every person who runs about like a headless chicken but offers very little on the technical side of the game. In fact your clearly and person, who wouldn't want a striker who 'only scores' what a tool



22 Jun 2013 22:22:35
Does anyone have any "Info" on whose Palace representatives are watching at the Confederations Cup Tournament?

Wouldn't think we have anyone there to be honest!

22 Jun 2013 23:41:02
Had two scouts watching Jonathan Tehau of Taihiti during the Spain game apparently. Had a good game despite the defeat. Would be allowed to move for a nominal fee.

23 Jun 2013 07:18:25
Tahiti players. Palace getting a feel for what's to come next season. A couple of 10-0 hammerings is highly likely. Better to see how its done I suppose.



22 Jun 2013 21:40:57
Steven Frayne better know as Dynamo is set to hold talks with the Bradford City chairmen (Mark Lawn and Julian Rhodes) on buying a small percentage of the club.

Well that's magic!!

Now that's Magic



22 Jun 2013 20:56:46
Millwall are set to complete the signings of rowan vine and bradley bubb after missing out on deals for simeon jackson and marlon harewood #MFC

Result. Millwall missed out on Marlon Harewood. SJ, missed out to who? Not that he was ever likely to be coming.

I really do hope this is 'RUBBISH'?

Wow, they are poor poor players, this coming from a Bradford City fan.

Why not sign all of st johnstones players! and a few non league travellers. utter tosh



22 Jun 2013 22:13:06
James Ward-Prowse is on his way to Reading on a season-long loan deal. Adkins wanted a permanent deal but Saints only want loan experience.

Cant really see it happening to be honest I think he would rather fight for a place in the saints team to be honest

Think JWP would be a very good addition for Reading and Adkins would be for his development but, there is no way Saints would even consider a permanent deal and pretty sure Adkins would know this he is very much part of the long term Saints plans

Why would anyone want to play 6OK a week for POG He is the worst Reading player I have ever seen - so Celtic please take him. Worth about £6 per week.



22 Jun 2013 22:06:30
Transfer merry-go-round in the south west next week:
Martin Rice - Torquay Utd to Exeter
Alan Gow - Exeter to Bristol Rovers
Joe Anyinsah - Bristol Rovers to Torquay Utd (he has turned down Exeter in favour of a move to the Gulls)

Exeter would have to pay a fee for rice, he's signed a contract a few weeks ago

Haha jealous gulls fan posted that. The mighty Exeter will always be better. Embarrassing. No onebcares about little Torquay

Lol ricey he's good for picking the ball out the net



22 Jun 2013 22:05:48
three big yeovil shout outs, southampton's sam hoskins to sign on the 1st july with seth nana ofori twumasi and jacques maghoma. they are definitely signing no doubts, 100%!

Maghoma is signing for Middlesbrough next week, Tony Mowbray confirmed it.

Im a saints fan, and have seen hoskins play quite a few times in the reserves.
and if i'm honest, I don't think he's up to championship standard.
maybe one for the future, but unfortunately not one for the present

Where has Mowbray said Maghoma is signing?

Seth nana ofori twumasi is only going on a trail at Yeovil

Nana ofori is coming to Yeovil on a trial. He is not signing until GJ is sure he fits into his way of thinking



22 Jun 2013 22:04:42
Reading have offered Celtic £5m and Pavel Pogrebnyak for Gary Hooper. Pogrebnyak is stalling the deal because Celtic will not match his £60k a week wages.

Hooper's representatives confirmed last week the player has held positive talks with Reading, but no fee had been agreed between the two clubs [as off Wednesday 12th June]

Reading are prepared to match Hooper's £40k per week wage demands that have put off Hull and Norwich.

Really just Really can't see that happening to be honest I am a Reading fan but champions league to championship still think he would rather play in prem

How many more times do we have to tell you. Hooper will NOT sign for Reading as he wants Premier league so he can get in the England squad for next years world cup

How many more times do you have to be a plank if you don't like it don't come on here then simples

Unless he signs for a big prem team he isn't getting in the England squad and seeing as the only prem team interested is Hull he won't be getting in the squad.

Look at Rickie Lambert at Southampton. He was the top English goal scorer last season and didn't even get a look in because he plays for a little club.

^ ^ You don't know if he's definitly not going, he's a fan of adkins and adkins is a fan of hooper, don't rule out anything.

How many times do we have to tell you he's held positive talks with reading and pretty sure you wouldn'tknow his reasons for wwanting a move

Are you in contact with hooper? How do you no who he wants to go with

Who needs 60k a week. Just take 50k won't make any difference.

Same with Grant Holt in his first season in prem scoring like 16 goals in the prem, and he didn't get a look in either in 2012 it's all about who you play for these days

Good deal for Reading if so. Pogrebnyak is a lump!



22 Jun 2013 21:51:34
Leeds are set to beat Huddersfield in the race to sign Simon Church, recently released by Reading. McDermott is the difference for Church.

Huddersfield don't want Church, the chairman came out had said he'd expected more during his loan at Huddersfield last year.
Well done Leeds he's all yours.

Believable than Leeds want Church.

Unbelievable Leeds beat Huddersfield to his signature. Huddersfield don't want Church, he was s**** on loan.

Church has continually failed to deliver at Championship level. he's a Div 1 player at best. BM doesn't rate him. if he did he would have played far more games for Reading {Ed029's Note - Actually BM does rate him highly. Comments in January along the lines of any Championship club would be mad not to snap him up. Sadly though he is a very poor striker. Perhaps better suited to playing in the hole. He turned Millwall down in January due to wages.

Why would Leeds want church when he didn't evens start for mcdermot when Reading where in the championship

Wow leeds! you are desperate for players!

We aren't in any race to sign church he was useless when we had him on loan,

22 Jun 2013 23:42:49

Town wudnt want this lad anyway, he never looked like scoring for us.

Cant be has desperate as you town fans that think vaughan will be joining its obvious that he isn't intrested

I think it's every Reading fans duty to convince Leeds that Church is a great player.

Reading fan here, to all the Leeds fans get used to the fact that only got the job as he doesn't like spending money. All of the players he will buy for you will be players he knows or from the lower leagues. He signed only two big names players at Reading and lost the plot with both of them. He is perfect for you as you don't have any money anyway.

23 Jun 2013 09:43:04
Dean Hoyle said of his loan spell that" we must have signed his twin brother by mistake". Get the red carpet ready Leeds - you are very welcome to him.

I hope they do, on loan to us last season, offers nothing at all, I'd be gutted if we get him, yc

I am sorry but Dean Hoyle's exact words on the disastrous Loan of Church last season was " he was so bad, I thought his brother had turned up!". I think this says it all, don't you? Terrier70

Mortified that the mighty whites have outwitted us yet again. How on Earth did they manage to pull this magnificent coup off from right under our noses. Could it have been their superior ground, training facilities, manager, wealthy owners offering ludicrously high wages, who knows what turned the lads head? Of course it could just be that Church is absolute pants, and nobody else wanted him.

Agree with every thing town fans said about church. we may as well get theo back, last bit was a joke/

Church is better than what we've got at the moment. Would be nice to sign young players for little fees an Vaughan but time will tell. All we have to do this season is score ten more goals and concede 10 less goals that simple

I think it's funny Leeds fans think there gunna bring in big players and they have McDermott in charge. The only players you'll be getting are from league 2. Exactly why you bought Matt smith from a small club.

What is simple is the fact that church is not a striker he doesn't score any goals at all. I bet he'd even have trouble striking a match.

Dont diss league 2 players some players have to start some where



22 Jun 2013 21:32:54
Stevenage midfielder Luke Freeman will finally join Peterborough United with Nicky Ajose coming to Broadhall Way along with cash.

This must be about the 100th freeman rumour of the summer

Boring rumour. Always about Freeman.

Luke will not be leaving stevenage fc he is here for the long run FACT so please don't post any more rubbish.



22 Jun 2013 21:31:40
Manchester United midfielder Davide Petrucci will join Peterborough United on a season long loan.

22 Jun 2013 22:21:07
sorry but posh will not get any loans from Manchester United moyes will send a few players on loan to preston if Grayson asks

Sorry, didn't realise that you were in charge of loans at Man Utd.

Haha Fergy is a director at Man united now so the connection is still there



22 Jun 2013 21:05:46
Burnley's Brian Stock is set to link up again with Shaun O'Driscoll at Bristol City.

Very possible. unwanted at Burnley and this would free up a chunk of money from the wage bill for a new signing who the manager does want!

Would be a good move for Burnley, Bristol City and Stock.

Does not fit our u24 signing policy

If Christiano Ronaldo decided he wanted to come to BCFC on a free transfer just because he wants to play for us, do you really think we would adopt the Under 24 policy, it's not set in stone, if the right player fits the bill and is available and is over 24 we will sign him

Yeah I don't think City 'fans' read Lansdown's interview properly: he said signing players over the age of 24 would be less frequent, not non-existent! If stock fits the bill in SOD's eyes then he will ask for him to be signed! He has successfully worked with him at Doncaster so if he believes he is right for us as well then he will sign him, end of!

Players age seems irrelevent, the point they were making is they only want ot pay fees for players who will have a sell on value.

We have bought too many blokes who were 28 for a few hundred grand then had to let them go for free at 32.

If they deals right I am sure City will consider it.


The Financial Fair Play rules mean we can only spend a set percentage of our income on wages and fees.

It doesn't say you must only by free transfers under 24.

That is a club policy to get Bristol City back on an even footing.

Bristol City could in theroy spend every penny of the money they get in from selling Albert, Baldock and Davies on more players.

If bizzarly Robin Van Persie says he wants to play for Bristol City and he has a £1m realease clause for us, and is happy with having the same pay as Marvin, do you think City wouldn't meet the terms?

Do you think there is a rule that would stop it based on his age, the fact there is a fee, and he would want wages near the top end of our scale?



22 Jun 2013 21:03:49
Ronnie Moore has admitted in an interview with radio that goalkeeper Owain Fon Williams is likely to leave the League One club with Ipswich and Blackpool said to be among those interested.

Would rather him over any loanee keeper

Would not need Hendo if Fon Williams can be signed.



22 Jun 2013 20:54:30
Rene Howe will be a Northampton Town player next week. The ex Torquay player will replace Akinfenwa as a target man.

23 Jun 2013 08:26:19
Funny that ADB said he's not on his list



22 Jun 2013 21:12:05
Burnley to sign Jason Roberts on free transfer. {Ed029's Note - He activated an additional year on his contract last November...

How old is he now, we are dredging the end of the barrels I think.

24 Jun 2013 11:40:24
Burnley looking into the signing of Marvin Emmes



22 Jun 2013 21:10:38
Adebayo Akinfenwa is a surprise target as Bristol City look to increase their attacking options. No fee will be involved following the big strike t's release from Northampton.

Hope this is rubbish talk as he's useless

23 Jun 2013 15:26:00
Wouldnt say usless would say think he's more intrested in his bmo range

114 league goals = not useless

Poor player

Great player in Leagues 1 and 2



22 Jun 2013 19:53:18
Odion Jude Ighalo will be joining up with his new team mates at Watford this week after leaving Granada.



22 Jun 2013 19:52:39
Bournemouth have cooled their interest in Danny Ings. Howe now wants more experienced Championship players like Elliott Ward and the targets include Jamie Mackie and released striker Jay Bothroyd

No to Ings coming back! let's see now what Burnley get for him haha

I heard Eddie was taking a look at Frankie Dettori. He apparently runs straight lines.

Jay bothroyd could be interesting, can't see Mackie happening though



22 Jun 2013 19:50:27
Experienced Bohemians RB, Derek Pender, is understood to be meeting Carlisle United officials this weekend

Surely we need a LEFT BACK or a UTILITY DEFENDER

23 Jun 2013 18:45:23
Carlisle not signing a right back this summer FACT

FACT? how do you know they won't sign a right back?

As Abbott has said he won't sign a left back

24 Jun 2013 09:36:58
Because the manager said on Radio Cumbria he won't be signing one. Said he's looking at a forward (or 2 if Miller doesn't sign), someone to play in the hole, a keeper and a young central deender. Also said he is looking only at young players and not journeymen.

If people actually bothered listening to his interviews they would know this instead of believing most of the rubbish on here.



22 Jun 2013 19:40:20
Bournemouth are close to signing danny ings as Eddie Howe wants to work with him again.

Source: I was at ascot races today and met the Bournemouth chairman, this is what he told me.



22 Jun 2013 20:04:55
A friend has just told me that marlon
Pack could be signing for burnley in the next couple of weeks,
Don't know how much truth is behind this!

We (Burnley)were after Pack when Eddie Howe was in charge, not sure if we still are.



22 Jun 2013 18:52:55
Despite Daniel Pudil stating he wants to stay at Watford, 'The Hornets' will not be re-signing him and this has caused a problem with Matej Vydra and his stay at the club due to being best friends with Pudil.

One word reply to that - garbage!

Owners have said Vydra is staying unless silly money is offered.

22 Jun 2013 20:35:29
Pudils already signed a 2 year deal that will be announced w/c 1/7 along with 6/7 new players

Vydra does not want to stay at watford he wants a challenge, which is fair enough, so saying that pudil is the reason is utter rubbish. He was letting him share his house and translate for him as they speak the same language, pudil is staying, and several others from last season + new additions some loan some perm will be announced next week, this I know for a fact, it is just being processed by the football league in accordance with the terms of our embargo rule,

Daniel Pudil has been an absolute gem for Watford, he wants to stay and will stay as he has been superb for us. He has always put in 100% for us and his wife and young son have embraced Watford with everything. As for Johnathan Hogg, we signed him 2 seasons ago so Villa will not be recalling him.

Pudil has built a house in watford (or closeby) so roumers of him leaving are just speculation due to watford not being able to announce anything until football league go through all paperwork. People write rubbish as they are not clued up on what's happening at wfc. Even the media!

Pudil will spend most of the new season on the bench. Simply didn't improve as the season progressed.

24 Jun 2013 20:26:58
Pudil basically confirmed he has signed for Watford.



22 Jun 2013 18:43:16
So what when higuian is appointed I think arsenal are getting the best fox in world football if Fellaini turns out to be true then that squad will be the best squad since 2006. I would have Higuian over Cavani hands down their style is similar only Cavani gets more game time and is he main man of the team. I think Sanogo will be a great super sub and arsenal will answer the critics. Chelsea will be emmence this year best addition to the prem is the lucky 1


So biased if you would rather have Higuain over Cavani.

22 Jun 2013 19:36:54
Cavani is a good player a top player in an average team in an average league. He I the main man were the play is orchestrated to get him on the ball. He is essentially a poacher and you would know this if you were judgeing on ability and not Fifa or youtube good player granted but consider Higuian is half price a year younger has a la liga highest conversion rate where he is 3rd choice striker! Cavani does not do the spectacular and is good at what he does. At madrid for example they will always look to Ronaldo when available so Cavani will not get the same preferance at madrid he will score but at napoli he gets the service as the team tailisman.
Hiquian for 22m or Cavani for 54 m easy choice for me


22 Jun 2013 22:04:49
Or look at this way Higuain gets less game time but is gets goals by being assisted by a team full of superstars. Cavani gets his in a team of fairly average players.

Also I feel Serie A and la Liga are pretty similar in standard baring Madrid and Barca

23 Jun 2013 12:32:11
If you consider than Hiquian creates a fair amount of goals and scores them headers, long range, volleys, poachers goals and has a better conversion rate than ronaldo messi and falcao then the evidence suggest that cavani is not worth 32m more than what Hiquian is! Cavani is good very good but plays in a team that plays to his strengths if you were to read Napoli presidents latest interview you would see that even he agrees that Napoli create tyhe atmosphere for Cavain to thrive. Shevchenko, Crespo ect failed to make the switch from serie a to prem then aguero Silva Torres Cazorla came to prem and lit it up. Hiquain is the leading scorer in the south america qualifying section for world cup. 9 goals 11 games. Messi, Falcao, Cavani Suarez Forlan all in that section. 20 goals in 32 games Argentina 122 goals in 190 games real




22 Jun 2013 18:40:33
Brighton to confirm David Lopez acceptance of his new contract, whilst Adam El-Abd has rejected his new deal to transfer to Barnsley for first team football.

Where have you got this info from?!

He had first team football last year until Matt Upson came on loan to us. He was third choice centre back for us january onwards, but now back to second choice.

He's first choice as ups on isn't part of Brighton yet and if we don't sort out our manager we will not sign anybody!

Hope we don't sign El-Hab, shocking player

He might move now poytet has been sacked

I've heard the Abidu deal is almost done.

He was the best defender down at Oakwell last season that I saw apart from Doyley and Nosworthy at Watford.

The third best defender in the division? Adam El Abd? He wasn't even the third best defender at brighton. He must have had a cracking game at Barnsley, he is a bit like Poyul, apart from less pace, less skill, worse passing. If you are looking for someone thump the ball into midfield could be a good choice.

I'm amazed that anyone feels that El abd has nothing to offer.
The guy last season was a rock and until suspended kept the club skipper out of the team when Upson arrived.
I personally hope he stays at Brighton but should he decide otherwise then he goes with my good wishes and thanks.



22 Jun 2013 18:25:09
Just heard the 'Rumor' Isco to sign for Man city and Cavani won't be coming as city won't pay the release clause?

Anyone got any news on this?

Just read on sksports news that real madrid have agreed terms with isco's club so I would think they are in pole position to get him a I haven't heard that man city have even made a firm offer!



22 Jun 2013 18:24:51
Ignore any rumours regarding Lee Miller signing his contract at Carlisle. He has not had any talks with Greg Abbott since his return from holiday and talks are due to take place next week now.

This is true



22 Jun 2013 18:14:45
Leicester just miss out on CAT 1 Academy status. Will be confirmed later today.

Why bother with academy they just try to buy there way out of league anyway

23 Jun 2013 10:53:59
there will be no more sven stye big spending because pearson likes to build a young and hungry team and must off load big earners before he can bring payers in

Pearson doesn't spend big and he always likes to bring youth to the team so we only spent big under spend goran erikson



22 Jun 2013 17:49:23
Crystal Palace have now turned their attention to Will Grigg from Walsall as one of two strikers they are trying to bring in.

That should keep them in the premier league then. Think not load of rubbish

Absolute rubbish. No premie league player will buy Grigg yet, he needs another season at least in league one and then to prove himself in the championship

They are welcome to him he has taken too long to make his mind up, therefore he must feel he is to good for us, bye bye Will don't think we will be that bothered

Come on Walsall release him, according to Dean Smith we was going to find out what he wants to do this week, still no news, if he really wants to play for us he would of signed time to get rid

Great move, exciting young talent!

Have him nearly half of his goals this season are from penalties. He's not good enough for championship let alone prem he needs another season to show he's a true goal scorer and as bad as it sounds I don't think he will. Pato will be in prem before grigg

23 Jun 2013 09:06:33
Palace are already relegated

"Palace are already relegated" you silly sausage, you sound like a bitter Brighton fan, maybe your team will be in the prem one day but honestly to get there you've got to start pooing in the right places! Saying that under no illusion it will be a struggle and with a bit of heart we might just survive by the skin of our teeth, let's face it, it took heart and a bit of Zaha magic to get where we are now! I'm guessing you remember Zaha he smashed two past you in the playoffs just in case you forgotten

Make that smashed 2 past you in your home ground. can't seem to remember brighton beating us at selhurst in the last few seasons. I agree with the previous post it will be hard, and a few deep sighs on the way, but if anyone can, Hollaway can, with the Hillsdale singing.




22 Jun 2013 17:48:18
notts county are interested in shaun batt.

Signed for orient!

23 Jun 2013 12:32:40
Good, he is rubbish!

Decent player, could have given us someattacking strenght!



22 Jun 2013 17:47:18
Rickie Lambert seen at Goodson park. swap deal perhaps?

With Fellaini my sources tell me

22 Jun 2013 19:28:56
funny that
he was in newcastle yesterday
goodison today
wonder where he will be tomorrow
and monday

Good player, but not good enough for a team looking to top half of table

Not good enough for Everton

22 Jun 2013 23:27:15
Not good enough for a to 10 side? But good enough for Southampton? Wake up Lambert should easily be in a top 10 side, with Everton sounding like a perfect destination for him. Would do even better in a better team. Lamberts got so much to his game its untrue for a big fella, 10x the player of say Victor Anichebe, just a abit of a pity about his age but I reckon he still has a few years left at the top level and its also a pity it took Southamptons promotion for him to finally get noticed. Quality player Lambert is don't underestimate him.

The massive Liverpool fan, with a liver bird tattooed on his back. That'll go down well at Goodison



22 Jun 2013 17:40:41
Swindon getting in some players on trial when training starts this coming monday, anyone heard any names?

Ye, Martin ling, Shaun Taylor, Phil king, jimmy Quinn, Colin Gordon, Brian wade and Chris Ramsey.

Heard the names of jack barthram massimo luongo and nathan byrne. possibly some from villa eg dan devine graham burke and eric lichaj

Lichaj has already signed for Forest!

Nathan Bryne signed already at end of last season!



22 Jun 2013 17:40:02
Huddersfield Town midfielder Chris Atkinson to join Tranmere on loan til new year

Good move for all concerned, it's a big season for Atkinson, he could still come good but needs games at a decent level to get the best from him.

Atkinson is total rubbish!

He scored against Leeds so I quite like him.



22 Jun 2013 17:30:31
Lloyd Sam expected to return from the MLS and make a return to Notts County after agreeing terms with the club.

I'm sure he can't wait to quit New York for Nottingham! You having a laugh

I wish but I doubt it

I think everyone would love that at Notts but it seems unlikely



22 Jun 2013 17:16:55
Lewis McGugan will join Wigan Athletic on a free transfer next week.

Ha. dream on

22 Jun 2013 21:47:51
Never going to happen.

Why dtram on. May or may not happen. But very possible.

Wigan are one of the top sides in the division and can offer European football. Very likely he'll join the Latics

Talk of an offer from Wigan for McGugan is correct, the player also has a number of other offers with Cardiff and Crystal Palace believed to have also made contract offers

Dream on he's ours



22 Jun 2013 17:12:20
jason kennedy going harlepool family reason been in club shop this morning and over heard a convo

He is from the boro and cooper will know all about him, can see this happening



22 Jun 2013 17:11:29
MK DONS are looking to sign forward Joel Grant from Wycombe. Ipswich are also being linked with the striker

He's a winger not a striker

I bet MK Dons (or whoever the other clubs interested are) have offered him more money than us, but we can offer him championship football, I guess he is deciding which is more important. Just a hunch.

If you really believe that with ffp, mk dons on lge1 income will be offering more than itfc on championship income then you're deluded

I agree with the hunch, look at teams like wolves, bristol city, Sheffield united. They all have larger wages than us

Liam palmer from Sheffield wed could be coming on loan.

Don't make me laugh! MK Dons are NOT signing anyone this summer. We are going to rely on kids and a couple of last-minute loans to "bolster" our squad. It's all part of Winkelman's magic act of thinking he can see us promoted (lol!) on a shoestring. Just wait and see. The man is practically spitting in the faces of the fans with his approach towards promotion and "ambition".

What a sick joke! We're not laughing Peter.

:- (



22 Jun 2013 17:09:54
Marcus tudgay will undergo a medical ahead of his move to up and to the south coast up and coming club afc bournemouth

Not sure if that is what we need. And what a bizarre sentence.

Here is what you will get from tudgay, an honest hard working player, can play wide or up front. and can he score, was sad when he left owls, good luck marcus.

He is too old for Bournemouth, doesn't meet their player criteria

Would rather have Ings who no one wants iver.



22 Jun 2013 17:06:03
Aberdeen are set to announce the signing of Gregg Wylde on a two year deal on Monday.

22 Jun 2013 17:24:42
Heard its actually a 3 year deal!

Either way a great bit of business by the dons, get Danny Wilson signed up now!

22 Jun 2013 18:57:53
Silly boy fir park would have been better. Better team. European football and no sheep! Moan the well

European football at well?! Aye two games and that'll be it! Hardly a incentive to go there



22 Jun 2013 17:04:18
Barnsley are after Burton Albions 25yrs old attacking midfielder Jacques Maghoma, after david flitcroft said is priority now is a attacking mid and maghoma scored 15 goals last season and is currently out of contract at burton.

Maghoma signing for middlesbrough

Going to boro mate

Charlton are in for him too

Is that boro what won 1 game after Christmas he going to a club wots going to be the surprise next season barnsley

22 Jun 2013 19:52:22
He is going to Rockliffe park to talk to mowbray and look around. However boro are unlikely to offer him guarenteed 1st team football so who knows what he will do. To fellow Boro fans this isn't the done deal you seem to think it is.

23 Jun 2013 10:10:05
there are rumours that he could have been coming to coventry, but that deals falling through as better teams with more money are bidding for him # PUSB



22 Jun 2013 16:58:10
Reading's new home and away strips have been leaked for the 3rd year out of 4.

The fans can see the kits on the official Football League website, or RFC's HNA Policies section Pg69 onwards.

Another embarrassment for the club who consistently delay the unveil until the end of July every year, and refuse to bring it forward.

Away kit is pretty nice

Ill buy one

Im not sure I would care either if I didn't support the club. but for me, Its exiting to see the kit I will be looking at and maybe wearing for the next year

Put a link up please {Ed029's Note - Can't allow links, but if you search for Hob Nob Anyone? and click on Latest Discussion, then Club Policies, you'll see the thread.

Don't you think your over-reacting a bit.

Cheers ed



22 Jun 2013 16:31:39
Leeds are in talks with Reading's Mikele Leigertwood and released striker Simon Church.

Leigertwood was a favourite of Brian McDermott but has fallen to 4th choice under Nigel Adkins. A fee of approx £700,000 would get him.

Simon Church was another favourite of McDermott, but he didn't get a look in last season with Pavel Pogrebnyak and Adam Le Fondre both ahead of him in a new 4-5-1 formation.

Noel Hunt and Matt Mills are two other former Reading players McDermott is bringing to Bellend Road.

Prepare to HOOF!

Haha 'bellend road'

Loving how you put bellend road

22 Jun 2013 18:24:09
MCD gets the best out of players leighterwood struggled in premiership but was outstanding for RFC in championship Hunt a good signing Church will not be signed Mills Mr ARROGANT STUCK FINGERS UPTO FANS ALSO THINKS HE IS MUCH BETTER THAN HE IS



22 Jun 2013 16:16:14
southend utd keeper paul smith looks set for a switch to derby county as experienced back up to lee grant. smith will move to pride park for a fee of 40,000 with fielding and legzedins departing.

Can you tell nigel Clough then because he has stated that Saul Deeney will be the number two goalkeeper next season.

22 Jun 2013 20:51:09
deeney is poor would much rather have smithy even though a former red remember him playin a blinder few year ago at pride park in fa cup 0 - 0 quality save from a header by hulse

Deeney is the number two keeper, but was told by Clough that if Grant is out long term then the club would delve into the loan market.



22 Jun 2013 16:16:14
luke ayling of Yeovil town poised to replace Cardiff bound jack hunt as Huddersfield town right back

Hunt isn't leaving at te moment so what would be the point

O yes he is?

22 Jun 2013 19:53:50
If I was him i'd stay with Yeovil. Huddersfield are going down this season mate

And Yeovil aren't?

If he's got no money wheres the money from rhodes gone we still have about 8mil to spend but do we have enough money for players wages probs yes because robins wouldn't be say they will be 5 signings

Hope you mighty terriers enjoy your last season in the championship not long before your back down in league one

Mighty Yeovil (who) will struggle this season, along with the other 2 who came up with them. As for signing a Yeovil player, to be fair I can't see it, either he's too good for Yeovil to let him go, or he's not good enough to interest us. Either way he won't be coming to HTFC.

He's not a good enough right back for championship level.

Yeovil will struggle to get 15 points by the end of the season

15 points. This is the Championship not the Premiership!

There are so many people that can see into the future on this site. why do I not have this gift

I really wish people wouldn't under rate Yeovil. They may supprise all of you! And Ayling won't be leaving Johnson has said big names won't be leaving the club!

You say that, but don't be surprised if Yeovil do pull it off. Everybody said that they would be relegated from League 1, and League 2 prior to that - and they've made people eat their words. What many people don't take into account is the team spirit that Magic Johnson installs into the team and, with some financial backing, Yeovil may be a reasonable play-off bet solely because of the unity and feel-good factor within the club. #dontunderestimate

Opposition fans and pundits have been underestimating us (Yeovil) ever since we came into the league. It's amusing to recall now that many people didn't even think we'd survive in League Two, let alone League One. We just keep turning this ignorance to our advantage and long may it continue.

It makes me laugh. All these clubs saying who Town are going to sign and who we are going to sell. nothing has been confirmed yet. so all you Reading/Leeds/Walsall/Yeovil fans go back to posting on your own sites. come back at the begiining of the season when hopefully we will have signed some players and you can have a go then. until then. goodbye and worry about your own teams.

What's up with people knocking yeovil. What a great job they did last season proving money doesn't always buy success. Good luck for the championship. Palace fan

Im not knocking Yeovil. If they do well fair enough. Tough league last year though, can't see it being any easier this season. On the other hand if they think they can take the championship by storm they are in for a massive shock, I don't care how much team spirit they've got.



22 Jun 2013 16:07:08
FC Halifax Town are interested in signing Bradford City midfielder Scot Brown on a season long loan.

22 Jun 2013 16:49:24
can see him going there till xmas got a good future ahead of him

Scott Brown didn't look out of place for Bradford City in the games he played last season, he has a bright future at Bradford City ahead of him and I think a loan move to a local club and a good one at that is just what he needs to progress, then maybe we will see him as the replacement for Gary Jones in a couple of seasons.

Scott is a good passer and a strong tackler against reserve teams. However he has no pace and doesn't jump well for headers. I doubt he has a future in the 1st division.



22 Jun 2013 15:58:17
gerard pique set for 3 game loan move to the seasiders after a row with vilanova the barcelona manager.

What ever you on it needs to be legalised - Gerard Ratner more like

He's not good enough. Wouldn't get in the team.



22 Jun 2013 15:56:51
crainey set to sign new 3 year deal with blackpool following the capture of Gary Mackenzie.

Blackpool don, t do 3 year deals.

Wish this was true but I thought he rejected a one year deal we offered him, so no way would ko then offer him a three year deal. Two year deal is more beliveable

Blackpool Need A New Striker, Midfielder, Goalkeeper and Defender. They should bring in:
Craig Dawson-West Brom- £3m
John Guidetti-Man City- £5m
John Bostock-Free Agent- £0
Kasper Schmeichel-Leicester City- £3m
Jake Livermore-Tottenham- Loan
Keep hold of Ince and Phillips and Premier League here we come!

I think you have been playing too much football manager mate

We don't need a keeper. We get gilks, halstead as back up and third choice will e someone from theresvers or rcall kett

Can you really get schmeichel for 3 million on football manager? I'm investigating this!

He was offered a 1+1 which he turned down, so it really isn't that far fetched that he's now been offered a 2+1, which equates to a 3 is it?

Guidetti £5mill? haha and Schmeichel £3mill. You are funny.

We DO need a keeper, Gilks was shocking last year and needs competition for places to regain his PL form. Halstead isn't good enough to push Gilks as everyone we'll knows

No because the third year may not be activtated by the club so its two plus a extra year if he performs well enough

Therefore it's potentially a 3 year deal!
It's hard work on here sometimes



22 Jun 2013 14:15:23
chelsea have offered shay given the chance to join them as no. 2. jose mourinhio wants the experienced former newcastle and man city keeper to come in and push cech whilst providing experienced back up.

Give us a mill and take him off our hands



22 Jun 2013 13:52:24
Jamie Devitt to Chesterfield. Done deal.

22 Jun 2013 16:08:26
good luck with that one BSP player at best

? sorry mate not even on our radar done deal

Hope not, he's had more clubs that Jack Nicklaus and he's only 22



22 Jun 2013 15:35:18
Charlton are in talks with Nicky Bailey who was earlier released from Middlesboro.

On his way to Bradford City.

This has been around for a while, but I would love bailey back at the valley

Yawn, old gossip - do better or don't bother.

22 Jun 2013 17:13:37
Good player. Wish Boro had kept him

He won't go to Bradford.
His wife tweets that they are in talks with two London clubs and that they're talking about coming home.
Millwall and charlton are thought to be the clubs interested.
Championship or league 1.
What would you choose?

22 Jun 2013 19:56:48
He is a good championship player and as I said Boro shouldn't have let him go. Now Mowbray is scrabbling around to find a similar player. Crazy. Good luck to the lad and wherever he goes you have a gem. And probably a better manager!



22 Jun 2013 15:28:33
Chris kiwomya meeting in London today with Sean Batt and another transfer target. Batt is also wanted by leyton orient

Know for certain he's in talks with orient as chairman Barry Hearn tweeted him to meet up to discuss a contract. Allegedly he's more interested in a move to London

No big deal, if he doesn't sign for Orient. Batt, together with Mooney, will only get the odd goal. We should aim higher. God help us if Lisbie gets injured.



22 Jun 2013 15:27:42
Burnley have agreed a shock deal to sign David Goodwillie from neighbours Blackburn Rovers.

Goodwillie flopped for Rovers in the Premier League and was subsequently farmed out on loan to Crystal Palace. Sean Dyche feels he can reignite the players career and a fee in the region of £700k has been mooted, despite Goodwillie costing Blackburn over £2 million only 18 months ago.

If he can get back on track ill welcome him, everyone had a rough time at Blackburn during his spell there. UTC

Goodwillie is a good player whether he played for blackburn or who ever, he hasn't been given a propper chance at blackburn imo

He's a burnley legend before he's joined!

We better not sign him

He isn't a bad player just didn't fit the rovers mould. With a bit of good play from the midfield setting up goodwille like we were setting austin up until november it could work. utc



22 Jun 2013 15:26:32
Not 100% sure on this but Mark Roberts has been in discussions with Yeovil, Wolves and Millwall after he rejected several offers of a new contract at Stevenage

22 Jun 2013 18:13:16
millwall don't even need a defender Lomas has said he is searching for more "attacking options"

Millwall need a left back as cover.

Kenny jacket is making a move for Sam ricketts of Bolton and any one heard the other one?kenny has offerd Kevin Phillips a player coach role, what you think?we r wolves

Don't think he'd go to wolves he would respect stevenage and move to the championship



22 Jun 2013 15:20:38
Would be a good signing

Who would be a good signing
Go on give us a clue

Who? Thiago?



22 Jun 2013 15:15:21
Portsmouth are looking to bring in free agents including:
Mark Duffy
Sergio Torres
Pablo Mills
Curtis Weston
Craig Beattie
Luke Guttridge
Marcus Maddison
Greg Draper
Joe Cardle

22 Jun 2013 16:18:49
Duffy isn't a free agent

The same Mark Duffy who is still under contract at Scunthorpe United?
If so he wouldn't be a free agent a fee would be demanded. In fact Scunthorpe rejected a bid from doncaster rovers for him the other day!

22 Jun 2013 19:05:42
Torres ain't a free agent at the mo he is contracted and very much in crawleys plan for next season

22 Jun 2013 19:11:10
Torres ain't a free agent at the mo he is contracted and very much in crawleys plan for next season he still has a year left

I think if we get 5 of these plus the ones we have already signed we would fight for promotion

Torres ain't a free agent still has a year left so very much still under contract he cost crawley £100,000 in July 2010 then jan we extended the contract so he will cost I'm afraid and we all no thay Portsmouth couldn't afford to buy Torres lunch let alone buy him hahahahahah

22 Jun 2013 19:39:31
I doubt if you would get any of these players

Haha wrong we aren't signing anymore ore season we are looking at free agents who are on trial as we speak and loans

Guy has already said that he has made alll the signings he is going to make for now, so the main post is completely made up. Why make rubbish up?

We can't afford any more players.

23 Jun 2013 13:21:37
Pompey players do not return until Thursday, so there are NO trialists in until after that

I don't think we will get ant of these pretty much got our squad maybe few more but not many

This is rubbish because GW has already said no one else will sign before Monday.



22 Jun 2013 15:08:49
Jozsef Varga will travel for a medical to Middlesbrough on Sunday and he is expected to sign a one-year loan contract next Tuesday. "
I thought no loan deals till squad is rebuilt, also Craig higgnet says " boro are looking to bring in 8 summer signings, if tony can bring in the targets I know he has on is list the fans are going to be excited utb

The reports are only partly correct, it will initially be a loan deal but boro will most likely sign him in january when we have a better indication of our financial position.

22 Jun 2013 16:37:17
Wondered how long it'd take for someone to lift this straight from tv.

Good signing, fresh face coming in, versatile and he's hungarian so hell probably be a machine

To the guy who said about lifting it from tv. Is that in opposition to just making cr*p up like most do on here?

Haha I never got nwt off the t. v I just know more than you mate I kno a player and in the know son who cears we getting a good player end

I'd rather read stuff directly lifted from the tv than people just making up things like "Jason Steele to Sunderland for £500,000

Why just a loan deal?

23 Jun 2013 09:08:46
Probably a loan deal because Boro are skint. 8 new players? very funny!

The no loan deals until squad was rebuilt was regarding outgoing plays not incoming.

I agree lifted news from tv is lot better than silly rumors, the Varga news wasn't from tv it was from a website a statement from the players agent Varga will be a Middlesbrough player by Tuesday, likely to be on loan too the end of the season, then a trigger a permanent transfer after the loan deal ends.

Haha there's always one who thinks he knows more than everybody else. you know about the same as the rest of. So come on then if you know so much give us the name of the next 4 players coming into the club



22 Jun 2013 15:07:31
West ham set to sign Dean cox from leyton orient
Dean cox said they need to pay 500k

Oh that is HILARIOUS! These rumours are getting worse!

1) As if West Ham would sign Dean Cox.

2) Since when do players have a say in how much a club sells them for?

. The only way this could be true is if its bazza's plan to send him there as a spy to ruin west ham before they move into the Olympic stadium



22 Jun 2013 14:56:19
Huddersfield are looking at:
James Vaughan
Jay Bothroyd
Karl Henry
Frankie Fielding
and a centre back and winger

Plus Old Uncle Tom Cobley And All
never known a club going to sign so many players, its different every day

Whos the centre back and the winger?

Only Vaughan on this list of any interest.

I've heard Marius Zaliukas and Adam Hammill

Dean hoyle simply cannot afford to buy james vaughan

Yet he's pumped way over 20 million into the club over 5 years

Stop lying no he hasn't put 20 million into the club he doesn't even have that much to start with!

He sold his business for a reported 450 mill

Alright he dosn't have that much he sold card factory for 350 miliion a few years ago so unless he's really s*** with money then he's got a penny or 2

He sold his business for over £300 million

Him and his wife are each worth approx £160 million each as they were joint partners in the card factory, they are both in the rich list which you can view online

Wake up townies you won't be seeing any of that money it will be another season of loans for you

If he is as rich has you say he is then why are intrested in signing jon stead

23 Jun 2013 19:17:45
how many times do Town fans have to say it, we are not going for Jon stead, way past his sell by date.



22 Jun 2013 14:42:28
Toronto FC forward Rob Earnshaw is a target for Rotherham United

Looks good but he's getting on.



22 Jun 2013 14:07:07
Roberts has signed a three year deal at Chesterfield today. Fantastic signing by Cook. The team to watch this season. Ventress

I think Chesterfield think they have signed Ronaldo. Have they seen Roberts play recently?

22 Jun 2013 14:29:07
you still be in league 2 by end of next season

22 Jun 2013 16:29:03
Swindon fan here with no grudge. Considering we have a very weak squad at the moment - i'm still pleased Roberts has gone. Never put a foot in, the odd good goal but generally looked uninterested all season. Also, hugely overpaid - so pleased to get him off the wage bill. Fingers crossed he does better for Chesterfield

My brother lives in Swindon and says he was hopeless last year

No we will win league mate! Roberts will be our Ronaldo ;)

22 Jun 2013 19:41:06
If you think this man will get you promotion you r going to b hugely disappointed

Very hot and cold is Roberts, he is on far to much money, didn't really perform for Swindon this season, don't know how he will adapt to some of the poor playing surfaces in league 2, Pompey and Bristol rovers for the league with Hartlepool and Exeter and Plymouth following with Cheltenham knocking on the door.

23 Jun 2013 09:50:07
Whilst Roberts may have been less than impressive at Swindon don't you think that could be a management issue with De Cannio failing to get the best out of his man! What I have seen of Cook and his team suggests to me that they are very good motivators and we may see some good things this season at CFC. Cook has cleared out from top to bottom, and not just players the whole structure of the club has been changed and whilst people on the outside at other clubs may not see this we can. I don't think we will be too far away. Like the guy said we have the best keeper in L2 and potentially one of the top scorers with Richards add to that people like Ryan, Darikwa, Doyle, Talbot then the mix starts to look a little tasty. The only issue will be squad size if we get any long term injuries. Ventress



22 Jun 2013 14:06:16
WBA midfielder Graham Dorrans is in talks with Reading.

Reading are also in advanced talks with Slovenian striker Beric. Wish I could add more but that's all I've been told.

Reading basically building a lower half prem side to take the championship by storm, secure promotion and establish the club having learnt lesions from last season. I also hear from an inside (RFC) source that Gary Hooper looks likely to join the Berkshire outfit within the next 2 weeks.

Is beric any good?

Have we agreed a fee for Dorrans? how advanced is this rumour?

How would this inside source come to obtain this information seen as Hooper himself is yet to decide where his future lies as told by his representatives.

Ed, do you know anything about the Hooper deal? {Ed029's Note - Only that his representatives confirmed Reading have spoken to the player but no fee has been agreed as of last Tuesday.

Reading are becoming the soton of the championship, buying a 1001 players, really is getting tedious

Buying a 1001 players bit of a exaggeration bought 2 and linked with a few but you can never trust what the media say so I wouldn't say were buying too many players

1001 players! where did that figure come from? Reading chairman quoted in national press as saying he's after 7 new signings which leaves 4 more after the confirmation of Wayne Bridge, Royston Drenthe and Alex Pearce.

I would say Pearce wouldn't be counted among the Seven. So expect 5 more.



22 Jun 2013 14:01:30
Luton town to sign free agent jake Robinson and striker Moses ashikodi.



22 Jun 2013 14:00:55
Bury set to sign 21 year old Andy Halls from Stockport County on monday.

Signed a new deal on 6 June

22 Jun 2013 19:18:31
Deal done. Signed for Bury ahead of Rochdale.

Any fee involved considering he just signed a new deal at Stockport?

23 Jun 2013 16:53:35
No fee. Written into his contract that if a league club approached he could go for free.

He has not signed anything this year, the contract signed was for last season



22 Jun 2013 13:45:21
Heard from a good source Tom soarse will not be signing for the shakers because of wage demand zuber also will not.

Not sure why wouldn't say but expect at least 2 on Monday with experience at a higher level

Hardly a surprise. No doubt they both want silly money. Been down that road before and look what happened.



22 Jun 2013 13:40:16
Rumours are rife on fansite thecowsheds. co. uk that Tranmere legend Jason Koumas will return to the club after an 18 month absence from the game.

Total rubbish he`s finished

Koumas will b a top player if he stays fit

Koumas needs to get fit first!

2 years without kicking a ball in anger? It will be a tough ask for him to get match fit again.

The only person who knows whether or not this is likely is Koumas himself.

Nobody knows whether he's kept himself in shape and how much effort will be required to get him up to a decent level of fitness again.

There have been reports of him being a drinker and not very fit?

I'm sure if there's any truth to this one, then, Koumas must still be at a decent fitness level to even consider playing professional football again?

With regards to wages, he'll most likely be on non contract terms.

Can only assume that he feels he still has some unfinished business?



22 Jun 2013 13:24:07
Gary Roberts signs for chesterfield! PROMOTION

22 Jun 2013 14:30:29
no there are far bet teams in league 2 than chesterfield midtable at best

Or relegation - have you seen Roberts play?

He is not that good don't get carried away very average, will struggle with the hoof ball.



22 Jun 2013 13:20:53
Brighton's Liam Bridcutt to Palace for a fee rising to 3 million, all done. Palace then chanced their luck enquiring after Ashley Barnes, were quoted 2.5 million, but have stick a deal for an inital 1.5 million. Deals well be annouced from 1st july onwards

Bridcutt isn't leaving palace will have to pay 7 million palace will have to pay and Barnes has a year with Brighton

Don't be daft bridcut never go to palarse

As many always say, Bridcutt is worth more than 3 million, and he wouldn't go to Palace for that (hopefully not at all).
Can't see why Palace would want Barnes, your prediction seems unlikely to say the least.

If I believed this it would be with mix of happiness and sadness. I would be very sad to Siam Liam B leave. Take your choice from around 10,000 Brighton supporters who would be willing to drive Barnes up the road. James del P

Load of rubbish again

2.5 mill for barnes now that would be getting one over on palace. bridcutt keep dreaming



22 Jun 2013 13:19:42
wolves to make a bid for gleeson from mk dons

Shopping at aldi now then?

That's rubbish he is in contract and has said he is going nowhere.

Thomas Spieglei is to sign from strum graz as his replacement

Yes Gleeson would love to go up from league 1 football to league 1 football! Oh wait.

But there are league 1 clubs and there are league 1 clubs! Also, Gleeson was a Wolves [player until he was 18 or 19. He was let go and joined Mk Dons.

Agreed. Wolves are the only club in this who would tempt him.

He'd want to be a first team regular though and I'm sure you have plenty ahead of him (at the moment).

No we haven't! It's one of the reasons, among many, we are playing in league 1 this season.

Why would he want to go back to the club who sold him in the first place? Never go back!



22 Jun 2013 13:09:50
Shame Wanyama decided to go public about the Saints offer. Dodgy agent advice probably. Smacks of the Buttner fiasco last season. Would be a great deal if NC can pull it off, but concerned now we are just going to be a stalking horse to get a better deal for him and his agent

Heard today from lennoxtown celtic training complex that 2 other sides have concrete offers in for him that match Southamptons and they are expecting offers from other clubs, one from a london based club other from abroad believed to be Galatasary of Turkey, they are in know great rush to sell as he's still got 2 years to run on his contract.



22 Jun 2013 13:05:56
Foster is never a footballer and Aberdeen were delighted to see him leave! Stay away Foster, far away!

He'll end up back at sevco fc



22 Jun 2013 13:03:55
Barnsley to sign Danny Wilson from Liverpool

He had talks with sheff utd yesterday

Barnsley championship football or Sheff untd league one hard choice that

Wilson sounds to be on his way to Oakwell and will be a great signing. Is he any good?

Barnsley aren't after him anyway

They are after him. this post confirms we're after him.

Where's the evidence?

Surely someone wouldn't put Barnsley were singing Danny Wilson, knowing it wasn't true?



22 Jun 2013 12:33:04
Watford to sign Merkel and Badu from Udinese. Muriel and Fabbrini are possible loan deals in the pipeline as well.
Calcio Gio

Muriel is not coming here, Merkel and Fabbrini are strong possibilities

Badu is unlikely and Muriel is a ridiculous suggestion, he plays and scores regularly for the Udinese first team. I'd love to see him here, but the Pozzos wouldn't weaken Udinese to strengthen Watford, that's not how they work.

No way they are to good for the championship

Muriel is 1 trillion billion million % not going to Watford

Muriel? Don't think so mate.

Football Italia said we are going to sign Fabbrini, Faraoni and Angella

Unfortunately Badu will not be signing for Watford, despite their interest. However Merkel will be joining on loan

Muriel! What a load of bull! He's been in their first team for nearly the whole season and with Di Natale maybe leaving. Muriel is going nowhere

The Merkel rumour has been doing the rounds for some time. Really hope there is some truth to it as that will fill the hole for when Aston Villa recall Hogg.

Hogg is a watford player. Not a loan. Villa do not need him. He is a battling midfielder but not good enough for villa. He may get better in time as only 24 but no way will villa want him.

No your wrong, Hogg has been on loan at Watford for some time now, they were hoping to make it permenant, but his pet dog, can not adjust to life in Hertfordshire, so he is going back soonish

I hear Merkel is not very likely anymore.

Merkel is trying to sort out the economy of Germany, no time to play football

Germany's economy is the one of if not the best in Europe, and one of the most stable in the world. If you're going to do a bad Merkel joke, at least get it right.



22 Jun 2013 12:58:40
Derby interested in taking a CB on loan for the first part of the season.

They are looking to see if any lower end premiership teams have CB's available for loan that would not be in the main squads come the start of the season. Enquiries are being made to Cardiff Hull Crystal Palace firstly.

Derby are looking at cb's but out of contract ones first, and the wage demands of them, the only loan cb they have looked at is ignasi miquel of arsenal

Before you post these rumours, please read the local press or the official website news, Derby or NC in particular has never once mentioned this, Today he stated, whoever they bring in, has to be better than Jake Buxton, if know one out there is better, he's happy to go into the season witha Keogh/Buxton partnership.

Highly doubtful from palace as there's not many cb's in the squad. posability of ramage out on loan, but he's just signed a new deal. McCarthy perhaps, but again unlikely as he's captain

You can have McCarthy for free. The blokes a liability & cost us too many points last time he played. Nowhere near good enough for the Premiership.



22 Jun 2013 12:58:22
Torquay United will sign up to six players by the start of July. A right back, Dale tonge, centre back, Chris Robertson, midfielders, Jordan Chappell and Hamza Bencherif, strikers, John Akinde and Joe Anyinsah.

Heard today that Lee Mansell is joining another league 2 club! : (

Dont be stupid mansell is commited to torquay



22 Jun 2013 12:09:14
Watford have beaten off competition to sign Javier Acuna. Deal will be announced late next week.

Wrong, acuna is heading to teesside to join the boro

22 Jun 2013 16:22:54
Think you'll find that Varga is signing for Boro not Acuna, they are 2 different people!

22 Jun 2013 17:11:53
er this is right he is joining watford

Wrong Acuna is on his way to Watford for a trial

Acuna will arrive in England this week to sign a years loan at Watford FC.

Acuna will join Watford. It is only a matata of time.



22 Jun 2013 12:06:19
Lee Clark is showing an interest in 24 year-old striker Simon Church. The Welsh international made seven appearances during a loan spell at Huddersfield Town last season and is a free agent after his release from Reading.

Please please take him to brum

22 Jun 2013 17:21:54
waste of a shirt at Hudds. be funny to see clark sign him

No way Jose - Deano knows he is crap

About right for Brum, he was terrible when on loan at Huddersfield.

Good, Church & Novak. what a forward line, should see clark sacked pre Christmas IMO

Hope this is true so huddersfield don't get him
What a waste of space

Top scoring duo ex huddersfield Simon Chuch and Lee Novak! Can see Birmingham going unbeaten all season! I'm mean there going to be ace!

NOT! Lee Clark has always been stupid!

Church is similar to Novak except he does put in the effort and doesn't score goals. Then again, Novak doesn't score many goals but can't faulty him for effort.



22 Jun 2013 11:54:21
Ipswich town news:
� Either Henderson/Fon Williams will sign, with Henderson the more likely off the 2 to sign.
� 2 out of the 4 will sign: Brown, Broadfoot, Stearman or Kilgallon. The first 2 seem the more likely.
� MM will bring no less than 6 trialists into his preseason training. Unlikely all 6 will sign although.
� Cresswell will not be leaving and will 100% be in a town shirt next season.
� The Chopra saga will run right up to the end of August.
� A new team captain will be appointed as Edwards will take up the role of club captain. Skuse, Chambers and Smith all in the running.

Aww bless. Cresswell will unfortunately for you be 100% leaving. Cardiff Norwich and Southampton all have had bids accepted just down to contract now. Plenty of decent replacements available for a lot less than the £4m fee.

Good guess work

Perhaps, but you can't predict if the Chopra saga will run till the end of August or not, that's not news, just a guess.

Stearman, henderson agree with

any news on trialists names ?

rumor chopra will be sacked any news?

Rubbish as regards Cresswell even McCarthy wouldn't say he is staying 100%. He will go if we are offered £3m plus.

Brown and Stearman. Henderson on loan. Pacey striker, a creative middle man and some young wide players and we'll be in business.

£3.4m is offer Town want for Cresswell as that would leave them roughly £3m left after Tranmere take their cut.

We have two pacey strikers! (Taylor and Nouble) Why is everyone saying we need pacey strikers? It's not Fifa you know.

Good Point ^^^ : If Taylor returns to the form in which we bought him, and Nouble continues to develop, could be a very threatening front two.

Indeed they could, but Taylor and McGoldrick are the best front two we have

Funny how we have accepted bids for cresswell when we haven't recieved any!!

Nouble has pace but he's more of a target man and Taylor is average and should be sold. We need a small, fast, annoying striker like DJ Campbell. Marriott however could fit that bill.

Taylor was our best player in the three games he played in, by far.

Nouble doesn't head the ball, he is all pace and power, Taylor is a great little player, with a lot of pace.



22 Jun 2013 11:47:22
redmond to wba is close



22 Jun 2013 11:47:17
Euan Holden is set to return to Gigg Lane on a two year deal. Kevin Blackwell has expressed that he was very pleased with Euan's professionalism whilst playing for Bury under non-contract terms nearing the end of last season.

He only played once 4 us and he wasnt that good!

Wasn't that good? he got man of the match in that game.

I agree he was impressive in that last game. I know you can't judge by one performance but if this rumour is true, I wouldn't mind seeing more of what he can do.

I agree with the other poster, he wasn't that good in that game.

Only Kevin Blackwell would act with blind faith and offer someone a 2 year contract on the back of one performance which wasn't that good.

Where is he taking our club?, down to the Conference at this rate.

Blind faith? You mean even though he watches him train 5 times a week, he's blind? Clueless.

That's not the same as in real game time.
Players can be inspiring when it comes to training and working out drills.

The only way they can be properley judged is on match days.



22 Jun 2013 11:47:05
wba are in talks with villereal over jonathan de guzman.

Seeing as there's nothing going on transfer-wise at the Hawthorns currently, I've clicked 'believable'. You've got to indulge, haven't you?



22 Jun 2013 11:45:07
Gills have offered Jack payne to Nottm Forest in exchange for Dexter Blackstock. Deal remains unlikely for the moment.

Yeh about the next ten years

Lmao this one is amazing, did you write this after a night out in gillingham haha!



22 Jun 2013 11:43:45
real madrid have sanctioned the sale of striker higuain to arsenal depsite not having a manger.

That's terrible. You'd think Real Madrid could afford reasonable beds like everyone else.



22 Jun 2013 11:43:00
Chelsea to sign Varane from Real Madrid if David Luiz leaves.

David Luiz off to Barcelona

22 Jun 2013 14:19:34
madrid won't be selling varane. no way. he's a beast of a defender and only young. absolute no chance.

22 Jun 2013 16:02:13
not a chance.



22 Jun 2013 11:42:41
arsenal are linning up a loan move for david villa.

Loan? He will join spurs

Your a dale



22 Jun 2013 11:39:57
James Ward Prowse set to spend the season away from Saints on loan at Bournemouth. Will be good for his development.

Like to see young James given his chance with us, we sign our outstanding youngsters, our future we are told and then don't play 'em,
rather bring in over priced foriegners who don't really want to be here.

22 Jun 2013 15:30:51
Will be a briliant signing if we do

22 Jun 2013 17:13:23
He's supports Pompey he will come to us not Bournemouth

22 Jun 2013 20:18:08
he will go to a Championship club.

If he supports pompey he would not be at the Stains. And he still would not go to the fourth ranked team on the south coast. Would be good addition for AFCB but just wondering if he is central or on the wing and so who would have to make way?

Don t be silly why would the lad go to a Div 2 club when he can join a Championship club?

Yeah I can really see a Southampton player trying to progress his saints career going to Pompey! Behave lad

^ Strange to say but Portsmouth are in league 2 & Bournemouth are in the championship. He'll go to Bournemouth.

I know him very well he is a saints fan through and through he said he will only go on loan (he is not going permantly) if saints bring in a another center-mid but it looks like saints are going to sign wanyama from celtic a fee has been agreed but he will not go to pompey who are in league to so I think he will join bournemouth.

Why would he go to Pompeii, three leagues below stains at the moment, and possibly further come the end of 2013/14. Bournemouth far more realistic.



22 Jun 2013 11:38:34
Ed, is there any news on Billy Sharp coming to Reading? Your adamant it was him who failed the medical even though he denied it. Any updates? {Ed029's Note - Not heard a peep since.

It was Frazer Tichardson that failed the medical (free transfer) Billy Sharp has / is undergoing a medical for Leicester

No it was sharp who had a medical at Reading. Ed can confirm that for you.

Billy Sharp will stay go to Forest. We (Reading) don't really wan't him. We have Le Fondre and are in the process of getting Hooper and Lambert.

It wasn't richardson, why the hell would we want Frazer Richardson?

Not saying it wasnt but why the hell would we want to sign Frazer Tichardson like who is he {Ed029's Note - Why would Reading want Richardson when they have Sean Cummings, Stephen Kelly and Chris Gunter at right-back?



22 Jun 2013 11:11:53
Swansea to sign pozeulo, amat from Sevilla and de Guzman within the next week or so. Increased bid gone in for batshuayi. The gomis deal is50/50 now as monico are showing an interest.

Espanyol sorry

And Liverpool will be interested

We are REALLY close to signing him!



22 Jun 2013 10:57:23
Therry Racon is set to sign for Bradford City. The deal will be completed next week.

According to Simon Parker, Parkinson has already dismissed this rumour hasn't he?

No he is not, read the local press

Simon Parker doesn't get told information as you know. One minute he is writing an article on Racon and the next he is saying we were not interested in him. Parkinson keeps his card close to his chest and very few people get to know things. Parker is not one of them.

22 Jun 2013 16:18:39
don't want this player at all would be a waste of money on wages

A waste of wages? He is a class player.

Racon is not as good as he thinks he is and as such his wage demands exceed his ability

How do you know his wage demands? Out of contract so can't be picky.



22 Jun 2013 10:52:05
Heard from a strong source that palace are in talks with spur winger Harry kane

Genuinly not impressed when we had him on loan at Leicester, hope you fare better with him!

He's a striker not a winger you melt.



22 Jun 2013 10:48:58
Swindon Town to make the following signings on the 1st July

Nathan Byrne from THFC
Ryan Mason from THFC
Harry Forrester from BFC

Massimo Luongo THFC
Cristian Ceballos THFC

Expect Paul Caddis to sign for Leeds within the next week, with Tom Lees coming as part of the package

Tom lees to Swindon, don't think so he's our best defender

Did swindon turn there name to tottenham reserves?, expect jordan bowery on loan from aston villa

ERRRR YOU JOKER as if lees going to join you web toe" s lot
hes breaking into the England under 21
jog on to you're own site.
leeds for life. Mot.

Ahahah tom lees a england u21 international to swindon? what you smoking?. if tom lees left leeds it would be to a premiership side!

Perhaps the wrong Tom, any other young Leeds players called Tom?

I'm a close friend of Tom Lyman's father, he's heading down to Swindon next week to sign on. A talented young midfielder.

I thought this was a rumours page not a dreams page. Tom lees to Swindon. Wake up

Web toe?

That's nice coming from a northern tramp.

Harry forester doubt that

Do leeds need Paul caddis another rb? No! Tom lees is too good for a small club like Swindon. he's PL bound in his career! And Harry forester wants to play at a level higher than L1 hence why he rejected a new contract with Brentford, leeds are one of the favourites to get him apparently



22 Jun 2013 10:48:09
Bristol city are looking to offload baldock and Davies to Leicester, Bournemouth, burnley for baldock at 800,000
And Davies to millwall, or Doncaster 400, 00 plus future fees

So city looking at Bradley wright Phillips who is on trial at my red bulls at the momment and Donaldson from brentford

Why would we accept less than what we paid for Baldock?

Not only less than we paid for Baldock about half what we paid for Davies both of whom we got fit after buying them when they were injury prone sicknotes.

You'll accept less than you paid for him because you're in League One and the FFP rule are already in action there and you need to sort out your wage bill.

Sorry fact of life now for those teams relegated from the Championship that they will have to offload their heavy earners if they're to not run foul of the FFP rules; even if this does mean making a loss!

22 Jun 2013 18:43:01
We should try and keep Baldock and Davies if we're going to bounce back up.

When will people on this site stop posting such rubbish.

Donaldson IS NOT going anywhere.

Could do with keeping one of them at least. prob baldock as Davies will score goals in championship. 3quarters of a mill will get you him. also think city fans will be suprised by how many players come and go. as sod wants his own side.

Davies is far too good for League 1. Northern championship clubs are watching very closely.

People are pricing these way too high. Leauge one players ain't going to be worth as much as you think!

League 1 players no they were Championship players it's the club that is in L1 at the moment, on your assessment if Ronaldo or Messi were in a team that got relegated their value would almost disappear over night.

The club did say at one point everyone bought last summer and in January had clauses in their contracts that mean the club will be able to afford to keep the majority of them.

I think we will want to keep them, this site is the only place I ever see them linked with moves?

At least one will almost certainly stay.

Well yes. if relegated the players valuatiom drops. that's fact. doesn't make them a worse footballer mate.

Transfer values are a myth, you're only worth what somebody will pay, based on if the club wants to sell them.

If there is no buy out clause and City were snotty about it, they are pricless. I am sure they have a value in mind but as they are under contract it will be decided by the selling club.



22 Jun 2013 09:40:49
Gary Roberts coming to Port Vale. Just one of three high profile players Micky is bringing in next week

22 Jun 2013 13:30:24
Hard lines, just signed for Chesterfield

Stop dreaming he has signed for chesterfield.

22 Jun 2013 21:02:36
Dreaming think its nightmares you should have put ha ha

Dont have to dream, league 1 football for us this season, sorry we won't be able to fill your ground for you next season.

Going say, who are Chesterfield, just some basement league club. Up The Mighty Smurf's Vale.



22 Jun 2013 09:36:25
Thiago Alcantara to become David Moyes first signing as Manchester United manager.

Top signing

You mean 2nd?



22 Jun 2013 08:54:27
Sheffield Wednesday and Bournemouth looking to sign Nottingham Forest forward Marcus Tudgay.

I hope to god we don't bring tudgay back

22 Jun 2013 19:47:12
Tudgay is 100% NOT coming to SWFC. Not up to the standard anymore

He has just signed a new contract



22 Jun 2013 08:46:31
Millwall set to sign Barnett, Rowe and Mendez-Laing from Peterborough in £1 million triple swoop

22 Jun 2013 12:00:35
Not for that money, Posh want 1m just for Rowe. Barnett cost 1.2m around a year ago so will want at least 800k for him. Mendez would be a further 300k.

Rowe on his own will cost more than a million!

Personally Posh would have to pay 'ME' to have Barnett! Don't know anything about the other two?

Very unlikely to happen Rowe alone would cost 1 million +

Peterborough are a league one club now. They quoted Leeds 300k for Rowe so I think your estimates are a bit OTT

, 1m for the three of them you can't be for real

Go back to the abacus and have anoher go.

What a load of rubbish!

U could buy the whole peterborough team for 1 million pound

Your right Barnett is a load of 'RUBBISH'! Keep him!

Posh didn't quote Leeds 300k

300K for Rowe? having a laugh? we would sooner let his contract run out and keep him another season.

Clueless. Leeds were NOT quoted 300k for Rowe

Millwall have made an enquiry about Barnett they also asked about Bostwick. Bostwick came up through the ranks on South London and according to sources inside London Road he would love the chance to go back and prove wrong the club let him go. Posh would want a transfer fee in the region of 600,000 grand for the influential midfielder

Why do people seem to think that Posh need to sell so many players? We are geared up for a quick return to the Championship and financially we don't need to sell our best players.

The reason why your players valuation have dropped is because your league 1. Rowe bostwick and barnett will all leave. Gayle will stay because he going to be a star in the future.

Barnett will leave as he's transfer listed (and shocking). Rowe might as he has a year left. As for Bostwick, he's already said how much he wants to win the league at posh next year



22 Jun 2013 10:24:31
Southampton to announce double swoop of Wanyama £11m and Astori 11.5m.

Wake up. Astori has said he is not going anywhere. Especially not to southampton

We ain't getting astori, his boss has clearly stated that they want to keep hold of him and wanyama won't sign either, he is just going to hold out for a biggeer club,


I wish people would stop saying we are signing all these players. Our club has done all its business behind closed doors so random mentions of players signing for us are just wishful thinking.

Whilst I agree Astori won't be signing, that's more because of Lovren signing. To say "especially southampton" is actually ridiculous. The money is there, and the vision seems to get sold to quite a few people. Yes it must sucks that a club is wealthy and throwing money at signings, but no need to be petty about it. It's just football. grow up.

We won't get either. Wanyama will hold out for CL football (Arsenal most likely) and Now we have Lovren I think it is unlikely that we'll go for another CB. We currently have 6 in the first team squad, only if Fonte and jos are both sold will we go back to searching in that area. If we were to splash 22 mill on two players I'd rather just buy a world class striker and world class Attacking mid.

To the last post, this is a rumour site, so everyone is able to post what they consider a "rumour" or more inside info. You state that the club do business behind closed doors so my question is: What brings you on a rumour site?
My first post and I don't have any interesting info, but interested in the saints rumours! For me it makes interesting reading ( however true!)
Cheers Phil

Arsenal champions league ha ha ha saints have got more of a chance then them an liverpool the season. what abunch of jealous jokers

But ain't a romour meant to have substance behind it

23 Jun 2013 21:07:26
Hi, yes I guess your right that a rumour should have some substance behind it, but reading all the other posts who declares what's substance or not and if they are lying or not? If like I understand saints do things behind closed doors then no one should have any substance- unless leaked by officals of saints or the selling club. but then again we all find ourselves here, so why slag off a post it's only someone's thoughts/rumour!

Astori isn't signings get your facts right

We will not sign another CB.



22 Jun 2013 10:09:45
Turns out Watford officially stated they had turned down a bid for Craig Forsyth from a Championship club as it did not meet their evaluation, but it was not derby.


22 Jun 2013 11:48:10
That's funny as Derby officially said it was them

No they didn't. They clearly stated it wasn't them. Assumptions aren't facts.

Seems like Derby offered £100K and Watford value Forsyth at around £400K and no one is prepared to meet in the middle. Derby have a choice to either up the bid and get him or if Clough wants him then wait until January when is can 'talk to other clubs' and sign him for free next year?

Meanwhile, sign Mike Williamson from Newcastle and get Nathan Ake and Chalubah on loan from Chelsea and then finish business letting a few fringe players go. Can't see Derby having much more money in the pot after that.

Hilarious that you think Derby can get Chalobah. If he goes to any Championship side it will be Watford, but it's more likely that he'll either stay at Chelsea or go on loan to a mid-table Premiership side.

Derby won't get chalobah!

Eerm chalobah is not going to derby. Or any other championship club. Most likely west brom on loan

Chalaboh to Derby? I don't think so. He's Premier League bound to either WBA or Sunderland if you believe everything you read! If he stays in the Championship (which is unlikely) it will be back at Watford!

Derby fan here, we don't need Chalobah. We've got Will Hughes!

Will Hughes is a very good player. But chalobah is a different type of player and atm better. But Jose m stated he is giving his youngsters pitch time next season.

Whoever sighs Mike Willo will get a good solid CB, Sh!te attitude though.

If wasn't such a bell-end I'd happily have him back at the Vic as the middle of the 3 CB's.

Will Hughes and Chalobah are completely different players you are right. Very similar in ability.

However Chalobah will be no where near the Chelsea first eleven even if Jose is giving 'the young ones a chance' you have players like Ake who will be there before Chalobah.



22 Jun 2013 10:00:41
Bid for scougal from Livingston in Scotland rejected



22 Jun 2013 09:49:55
Walsall have offered trials to
James McQuilkin (Hereford)
James Mzamo Musa (Fulham)
Lewis Carey (Bristol City)
Johnny Gorman (Wolves)
Nejc Pecnik (Sheffield Wednesday)

Febian Brandy is to leave to Yeovil

Will Grigg is wanted by league one rivals wolves and championship side Doncaster

I heard that brandy was going to sheff utd

Grigg is not wanted by Wolves, we have much better forwards in our squad.

Why would he go to tinpot sheffield?! COYG

Yep your forwards were you were the joint 6th lowest scorers last season and now find yourself in League 1. The likes of Doyle are also sure to leave for teams in higher leagues.

Doyle to leave Wolves for certain.
No way can Wolves keep him under L1 rules.
Wolves fans to get used to the rules.

Not a Wolves fan but some of you are forgetting the parachute payments they count as income so the wage bill is not as difficult to manage as some here seem to think it will be.

I think I speak for most Wolves fans. We don't want to keep Doyle, we will be more than happy to see him go.

Wolves have better forwards than Grigg? With respect, if that were true you wouldn't be in the pickle you are!

These are the Wolves forwards who managed to shoot you into league One!

Wolves fans don't want Doyle, he's proven he isn't a consistent scorer since he joined.

Wolves however do have the young quartet of Sigurdarson, Griffiths, Cassidy, McAlinden. All capable of scoring in League 1, if Wolves are to sign a striker it will be an experienced head to replace Doyle and keep the young 4 on track.

Wolves fans don't want Doyle, he's proven he isn't a consistent scorer since he joined.

Wolves however do have the young quartet of Sigurdarson, Griffiths, Cassidy, McAlinden. All capable of scoring in League 1, if Wolves are to sign a striker it will be an experienced head to replace Doyle and keep the young 4 on track.



22 Jun 2013 09:47:24
nathan redmond looks set to move across the midlands to wba in a 3 million switch

Hope this is true. very promising prospect. let's go for bent as well and splash the boat out for Wilfried Bony. What do you think



22 Jun 2013 09:46:21
shay given is heading back nortn to sunderland

How long did it take you to make that up???.



22 Jun 2013 09:46:15
Peterborough have signed Britt assombalonga on 6 month loan deal

Very good signing for them, he's a very very good talent, glad he's getting game at a higher level if its peterborough.

Oh hell yeah!!!!!!

Not confirmed

Done Deal

Lol don't think so

Give us a break, We're not going to sign anyone unless they improve our squad ready for a push for promotion.



22 Jun 2013 09:44:41
hull set to complete the signing of curtis davies this weekend



22 Jun 2013 09:43:56
wba will sign charlie austin from burnley this summer

Made up story. WBA lost interest weeks ago

Hull will sign him. I know Charlie quite well.

If you know Charlie then you will know he wants to head south not to Hull.

If he is being swayed by his girlfriend to move down south the furthest south that has been linked is Aston Villa and that's only birmingham. All the clubs are northern/midland not south. can't see him moving further north than birmingham all I know is that we have 3 options and 1 of them is a pointless one. can't let him go for free at the end of the season.



22 Jun 2013 09:42:52
thiago alchantra has told barcelona he wants out paving the way for his 15 million move to man utd



22 Jun 2013 09:41:56
az alkmaar striker jozy altidore is on sunderlands striker wishlist.



22 Jun 2013 09:41:20
stoke city want lee cattermole of sunderland after he was told he can leave, hull city have also shown interest but stoke remain clear favourites.

What so we can play every game with 10 men?! he's garbage, we should not even be thinking of signing someone that sunderland RELEASED!

Im a stoke fan and really hope this isn't true' I think we can do a lot better also I seem 2 remember him handballing the ball off the line 2 deny us points ' can't risk that sort of stuff in them prem

22 Jun 2013 18:23:32
I remember Danny Pugh doing the same thing the season before

2nd poster, Cattermole has not been RELEASED - he would command a transfer fee. Get yer facts right. Nugget.

Crouch did the handball trick against us whilst at Spurs - doesn't mean jack

And I remember the season before that when Stoke handled the ball on the line V Malbranque costing SAFC 2 points.



22 Jun 2013 09:19:55
Shrewsbury will sign millwall striker Shaun Batt on a free transfer. He will join up with his mate Tamika Mkandawire who has recenty signed. COYB

10 goals in 60 games wow

He leads the line well and brings over players into the game very well. don't judge every striker by their goal tally.

Don't see him leaving London tbh. Orient may well be his destination although Notts County have also expressed an interest in him

Put him upfront with a natural goalscorer and he'll be a useful acquisition

Signed for leyton orient



22 Jun 2013 09:04:40
Port Vale close to signing George Bowerman

Better not be

Cannot see another striker - especially if dickenson signs on. More worried about Lofty going - it seems pretty certain I hear. Bad day.

Bring back griff



22 Jun 2013 08:34:52
Bristol Rovers target is set to sign for Exeter early next week. John Joe O'Toole turned down Bristol Rovers in favour of a move to Exeter City are being sold on the club by manager Paul Tisdale and Director of football Steve Perryman.

Exeter will also sign another striker with that expected to be Richard Logan on a six month deal.

Exeter are skint. No chance.

Agree, why have we heard all summer Exeter are so skint that the manager has had enough, and they let their top scorer go to a div 2 rival? I think if JJ drops into Div2 outside of south east clubs, it will be to the gas, not to ECFC, just my opinion though!

Cant see why JJOT would choose exeter over brfc if I'm honest, and I'm a colchester fan

JJ O'Toole staying at Colchester. Exeter can't afford anyone of that calibre, hence Alan Gow leaving on a free

Hahah O'Toole to Exeter over the Gas. that's cute.

23 Jun 2013 10:52:49
I can guarantee Alan Gow will not be leaving. He has a year left on his contract and Tisdale never sells anyone.



22 Jun 2013 08:18:56
Paul Ince to step in and to hold talks with Nile ranger the former troubled Newcastle united forward in a bid to rescue his failing football career.

must be a brave man as nobody in the championship will touch ranger because of his attitude

22 Jun 2013 10:53:58
he will fit in at gloomfield rd with a lot of other thugs



22 Jun 2013 08:11:27
Lita to Swfc



22 Jun 2013 07:50:27
tottenham are closing in on the signing of brazilian international, idfield star paulinho from corinthians.



22 Jun 2013 07:48:49
Is Sawaneh Ibou comming to Norwich?

Possibly, but only if he's holidaying in the area. Not to play football.



22 Jun 2013 07:40:23
A friend of mine that works for lufc has told me he overheard a discussion at TA, the conversation was about Ryan shotton & chris brunt - BMD interested in both.



22 Jun 2013 01:47:00
Former Bury goalkeeper Cameron Belford will not be joining Walsall, instead he'll be moving to Tamworth instead.

Think his dad is manager, about his level tbf

Deano as said in tonights express and star that he's not interested in Belford



22 Jun 2013 05:56:55
Lot of speculation about Poyet still, let me put it straight, because what's stated below is drivel.

Brighton are currently closing a pretty small financial deal with Poyets representative to have him walk away. The alternative is that he will be sacked and the mess gets dragged through the courts, potentially. The internal club disciplinary against Poyet is now concluded and the club want him gone. They found him guilty of two breaches of contract. He has till Sunday 23rd June to agree to the package or be fired forthwith.

Oscar Garcia Junyent is to be hired as the new Brighton Manager, expected to be Monday June 24th, but can't be completed until Poyets walk away package is finalised one way or the other by Sunday latest.

Expect announcement regarding Poyet by Monday latest, expect announce regarding Oscar Garcia Junyent shortly

End of!

Source, me, and I will not be telling you how I know.

You say on your first line "what's stated below is drivel". does this mean the remainder of your post is fabricated nonsense?

So how do we know if that's true and you haven't just put that on the website through speculation.

The only people that know what's going on is Gus Poyet, Tony Bloom and Mauricio Tarricco. How do you know?

Unfortunately this is a load of bull. You can't possibly know this information unless you were in the meetings. Which if you were you've breach the disciplinary tribunal process. So either you've made this up or you or another has broken the law.

22 Jun 2013 13:25:09
Get rid of him and get the club back on track

When people say things they know nothing about they often shout, talk loudly or write with authority. I can assure everyone this initial post is nothing more than fiction and hot air. There is an ABSOLUTE embargo on any comment from within the club. Source - Within Club!

Do you not see the irony in what you just said?

Well I have to say what a superb shout for the 1st part of the post about Gus. Now let's see if the 2nd part regarding Oscar comes true!



22 Jun 2013 05:11:05
I was working in the same building as Steve Morison's brother over canary wharf yesterday and he told me the forward is unsettled up north and wants to return south and is very keen on a move back to Millwall

IF this rumour is 'TRUE'? I seem to remember that Morison couldn't wait to leave Millwall! He forgets that we took him from 'Non League Football!

Dont think so he left us for the money at norwich why should we take him back

Would we be really'KEEN' to want 'HIM' back?

I'd 'STAY' where you are Morison!

22 Jun 2013 14:11:00
hope this is true ill drive him there

I'll take Simeon Jackson all day long instead of Morison! IMO!

Morison left for a chance at premier league football before he got to old like any player would and he said in january he wanted to come back but with trades players almost have no say on where they and jackett made him look bad when he sold him made him put in a tran sfer request even though they accepted the bid I like him tbh and we can't go wrong easily 15 plus goalscorer

Morrison isn't welcome back at millwall after the way he left. Stay in Leeds.

You guys are mad, I would have him back in an instant, hardworking, runs the wings well and knows where the goal is.

Morison can come back any day of the week. Team him up with a supporting striker (like Simeon Jackson, if still available) and the play offs are a distinct possibility.

Morison would be brilliant back down the den was outstanding for us the 1st time round. I understand people think he was lazy and at times he did look it but the best goal scorer we have had seen Harris was in his prime



22 Jun 2013 02:27:28
Wigan to bid on Chris McCann and Martin Paterson

Leeds are after McCann too, he was at TA a few weeks ago.

Chris mcann is out of contract.

McCann released so out of contract.
Patterson out of contract July 1
No Fee required



22 Jun 2013 02:22:48
Tony Mowbray is set to allow talks between Middlesbrough and dean whitehead fall through after being informed that lee catermole has been told he will leave Sunderland, with boro sending Jason Steele in the opposite direction

Tony Mowbray, Steve Gibson and the whole club would never allow the thug cattermole back at the riverside

22 Jun 2013 09:45:25
its also a well known fact that cattermole and leadbitter don't get along. I find it hard to beleive mowbray would then pair them up in midfield!

I'd love him back. Some fight and aggression in midfield. Just right for the championship.

Have to agree although Steele may leave I don't thing Cattermole will be coming back here

So boro are going to send their best player worth £6 million+ to their closest rivals in exchange for a free agent?

Why wouldn't they? Why do people post ridiculous comments like that? Are you PA for all 3 of them?
He'd be welcomed back at the Boro in my eyes!

1. Boro couldn't afford his wages

2. Can't see Cattermole wanting to drop a division. He'd be better off staying and fighting for his place. At the very least Hull would go for him.

Rather have Dean Whitehead. He's a free transfer and Cattermole isn't. Waste of money.

Cats would be a great signing should never of been allowed to leave just what we need a leader in midfield!

Stoke City are in for Cattermole.

Cattermole is going to hull whitehead and leadbitter perfect partnership

We need to keep steele



22 Jun 2013 02:21:00
JJ O Toole to sign for Bristol Rovers on the final day of this month.



22 Jun 2013 01:45:18
Nicky Bailey set to join Millwall but late interest from QPR has meant the midfielder has a decision to make

Obviously he would go to loftus road if he had a choice; better manager and money

I would imagine QPR have better targets then him.

Don't think that he would go to QPR with all the midfielder they have got it would be boro all over again for him. COYL

Then 'GO' to to overpriced QPR! You can't 'MISS' what you never had! Up to him?

Qpr don't want or need Bailey so millwall are welcome to him. As for not missing what you've never had best ask your Mrs about that i'm sure she won't agree



22 Jun 2013 00:30:28
Harry Redknapp wants to bring Danny Simpson to QPR.

Brian McDermott is close to signing Gabriel Tamas. Tamas had premier league experience with West Brom. Leeds are also interested in Matt Mills and Noel Hunt, both have worked under Brian McDermott.

More likely Simpson will go to west brom

Done his medical agreed terms now in ibiza on holiday. QPR deal will be announced just prior to pre season return



22 Jun 2013 00:26:36
Roberto Martinez is keen on bringing Antolin Alcaraz to Everton. The Paraguay international worked with him at Wigan and is rated highly by Martinez.

David Moyes is close to signing Thiago Alcantara from Spanish giants Barcelona. The fee is reported to be around £17 million.

Jose Mourinho wants to add Eliaquim Mangala and Marco Van Ginkel to his squad. 6 ft 2 centre back Mangala is 22 and recently made his début for France where as Van Ginkel is a 20 year old Dutch midfielder currently playing for Vitesse.

Hull are interested in 26 year old Gent striker Ilombe Mboyo. He is a Belgian international.



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