Football Rumours Archive June 22 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 22 2012 

21 Jun 2012 23:34:00
Danny Wilson to Huddersfield 6 month loan(11)(13)


21 Jun 2012 23:31:30
I dont know any scouts, agents or such as, however I have heard a wee rumour thats being doing the rounds regarding Jordan Rhodes. Seemingly he off to Liverpool and Danny Wilson is going on a 6 month loan to Huddersfield, fee of £ 5 million(9)(26)Id Rather See Jordan Rhodes Goto Wigan , Cos They Need A Decent Striker , More Than Any Other Team In The World!! , From A Honest West Ham Fan!!No he is off to reading FACTWhen will you lot listen. Rhodes is rated by town at least £8 million plus add ons.Doesn't matter what Huddersfield say they rate him as SJM once said he valued Shane Long at £20 million but we sold him for £6-7 million. Means nothing.Won't sign for a club like reading£8 million you're havin a laff mate, nobody will touch him if thats the price! Andy Carrol aint worth £8 million-over rated. Maybe rhodes will be if he has a decent season playin in the premier leagueHe is staying at town. FACT!He's off to Reading.And when will you town fans listen.. Rhodes will be playing for Reading next season!


21 Jun 2012 23:29:37
Derby County make Johnny Russell from Dundee Utd and Martyn Waghorn from Leicester their main targets to replace Steve Davies up front(9)(5)I doubt it cus of what he put in the paper about trying to get ball to be a champ striker, however if it is to be true then i will be happy at either to join the ranksNeither are happening, Waghorn is a blue and Russell is a Fifa dream

Back2Bed SunshineWe are only getting one forward the other spot will be filled by youth players taking turns e.g bennett thomas and richards.

Jamie Murphy or Johnny Russell with 2m +
allowed to be spend due to getting free transfers in other area's e.g Left back Paul dixonIts johnny russell but if dundee united starting asking for like 3 million theres no point fair dos hes young and now scotland international but isnt exactly a goal machine and is goal scoring record in the spl isnt that good.Theo and callum was the best partnership we had last season with callum's hold up play and knockin it on for theo to chase whereas davies wanted it to feet and passed it to theo where he hasntgot a decent touch but expect that to massively improve this summer with him and the coaches making that his priorityAnother derby fan dreaming.What is so special about waghorn? Been after him for the last 3 seasons!Russell is a target, waghorn was but now isn't
its either russell or make do from what i understandIf the board has ambition, i dont see why these players should be out of our league !?


21 Jun 2012 23:28:47
Rotherham United in for Tony Watt from Celtic on a season long loan. Alan Connell of Swindon also on the radar.(8)(6) 

If Celtic let him go on loan they better have a top signing on the cards.Rotherham are already in talks with 2 unnamed strikers


21 Jun 2012 23:25:54
bristol city are hoping to sign maynard on season long loan, also heskey to sign a rolling contract with city offering a coaching roll as part of deal(3)(32)Next joke! who wants to go to a club who are going to be in a relegation battle next yearI don't think Maynard will go back to Bristol city after he even said he hates the fans!There is no way Maynard would want to return nor would City want him.


21 Jun 2012 23:07:17
Norwich City have come to an agreement with Hoffenheim about their young midfielder Sebastian Rudy who will move to Norwich on an initial loan period for the entirety of the 2012/2013 season with Norwich City having the option at the end of the season to make the deal permanent at an already agreed price
This deal is expected to be completed soon(16)(13)Unlikely. With Norwich being one of the clubs touted to be in the relegation mix at the end of the season, he is not going to make a commitment to go to a club that could potentially drop a level.Very unlikely seeing as Hughton is still on holiday watching videos of the current squad. only way this would be plausable was if Ewan Chester (chief scout) had already lined this up which i doubt.I would like to know where these rumours come from when houghton still away on his breakRudd, Ruddy and Rudy this could get confusingNorwich have been touted as relegation favourites for 3 years but still manage to bring in top players and prove everyone wrong just watch them do it again next seasonThe way things are going with our invisible manager we`ll be starting the season with what we got as buy the time he sorts himself out the best players will have already moved onAnyone with any footballing sense wouldn't try and call anyone to be up for the relegation mix until august, when the transfer window is close to finishing.


21 Jun 2012 22:59:33
Falcoa are on Barcelona's radar but a move in a years time is more likely(13)(14) 



21 Jun 2012 22:59:23
michael west of ebbsfleet is having talks with Bristol Rovers.Mark Mcghee see's him as a replacement for mustapha carayol who is on the verge of joining middlesborough for £350,000.
Also ex Barnet midfielder sam Deering is expected to sign for Rovers as a free agent.(4)(7)How true is this?1% true muzzy is linked with boro


21 Jun 2012 22:58:55
Former Arsenal defender Thomas Cruise who has recently been on trial at MLS side New England Revolution (Feb 2012) is in talks with league one side Walsall about a 6 month contract at the Saddlers

Cruise has been without a team since being released from Arsenal at the end of the 2010/11 season(6)(6)Typical sell him on the cheap


21 Jun 2012 22:54:00
Motherwell FC are to sign Robert Bayly and Conor Murphy on a free transfer from Monaghan United(2)(4)


21 Jun 2012 22:53:52
Rob earnshaw to make a massive shock move to Chesterfield early next week.(9)(39)No chance a player of that quality will drop to league 2 footballNo chance they have signed Richards no room in the squad for another strikerAnd take a massive drop in wages? I don't think so!Chesterfield broke their wage budget to sign marc richards so he didnt come to rotherham


21 Jun 2012 22:43:14
Yeovil town are interested in signing Mark Ellis from Torquay, but he will command a fee, 22 year old cb, or Gabor gyepes former Cardiff city cv 30 years old(5)(4)Hope gyepes joins yeovil hes just the defender we needThey couldnt afford ellis! hes going to crewe!


21 Jun 2012 22:32:44
Bristol have bid for bauzer of exeter,preston have bid for henville of exeter and yeovil have bid for golbourne of exeter. league two side exeter look set to sign pique bale and rooney,strong links to club..(4)(8)Good luck with that. Golbourne signed for Barnsley last season!Given that Golbourne plays for Barnsley, I'm assuming this is all rubbish.^ as if you didnt notice the other rubbish in this rumour...Doubt thatWhy would Preston be buying another centre back. If your going to post lies on here at least make them sound remotely feasible first.Grella is a no go please not agyemang , we need a goalscorer get rid of proctor x2 and holroyd


21 Jun 2012 22:30:37
Doncaster Rovers F.C Website:
2) Transfer Activity
It was confirmed at the Forum for the future on Monday that Dean Saunders will have a squad budget that will be one of the highest in League 1 next year, as Rovers look to rebuild for next season.

The Rovers manager has already confirmed his intent in the transfer market this season with the acquisition of young promising players such as David Syers, signed from Bradford after a successful campaign last season.(3)(7)One of the highest budgets. What happened to the FFP rules. I wasn't aware that Doncaster had such huge gates to warrant a bigger budget than several of the other other teams in League 1.Successful campaign?? Incorrect, he played well for 2 games then got injured for 4 months. Could not get in our first choice 11 after that. Better on your bench than ours, good luck to himDave Syers did not have a successful season last season as he was injured for much of it!


21 Jun 2012 22:21:54
Goalkeeper Amine Lecomte is ready to quit Qatar club Lekhwiya and move to Europe - with Reading among those interested.

The 22-year-old has spent the past two years in Qatar, having previously played for French club Sochaux.

Lecomte is keen on playing in a major European league and it is understood that Reading are among the teams watching his situation.

Source: Talksport

I can't imagine he would be for first team but maybe for the future or as an investment.(2)(2)BS Talksport make stuff up nothing they say is ever true.Reading already ha Adam Federicic who won't lose his place and Alex Mccarthy Who has survived the last olympic cut and Mikkel andersen who is highly rated in Denmark so i think we have enough keepers and don't really need another oneThis seems unlikely as Reading have a lot strength in depth with young Goalkeepers, Fed, McArthy, Anderson and more talent in the youth team.I cant imagine this is true, we have 3 goalkeepers already and all 3 are good.

TrueLoyalRoyalDont believe this for a second, not only do we have One of the best goalies in the prem with Adam Federici we have an England under 21 in Mcarthy and a Danish international in Mikkel Anderson, pur youth keepers are among the best too. I would expect one of the later two to be lianed out most likely Anderson as in 5 years at reading he hasn't played a matchI would hardly say our youth team keepers are decent.

TrueLoyalRoyalIf Andersen is going out on loan then it's a possibility.


21 Jun 2012 22:16:19
Darius Henderson on he's way to Brighton.

Wolves and Cardiff also interested.

Jackett happy to let Henderson go after falling out with him last season over impending court case.(7)(14)It would be good to see darius backThis could happen, I heard that Darius and Brighton have held talks, altougth at an early stage.Let him go,a good player when he's playing which isnt much!!That's probably correct seeing that wolves want to sign everyone Cardiff wantNow we know how watford feel HAHAWolves can't compete with cardiff financially


21 Jun 2012 22:08:47
ED029 or any other Ed covering Southampton story in Glasgow paper that Fraser Forster signing for Saints, any truth to this story? {Ed007's Note - As far as I know the deal with CFC was finalised over the weekend. There was no real interest shown in England.}(6)(4)


21 Jun 2012 21:38:44
Norwich strongly rumoured to sign alturo lupoli and Gary Doherty for a combined fee of £8mil {Ed029's Note - Very unlikely.(9)(25)Never visit this site when ur drunk, case in hand above clearly. {Ed029's Note - True.Im pretty sure we wont buy back to players who we got rid of ages ago and certainly not 8milEven more outlandish than the Miroslav Klose rumour last year :D


21 Jun 2012 21:28:19
Portsmouth to sign Tom Kilbey when out of administration. {Ed029's Note - Which won't be for a while.(1)(16)A pen is required which I believe Portsmouth cannot afford. Tom Kilbey will not join but heard your going for Owen on pay as play deal as he wants first team football and believes possible there.Vote on CVA is Monday then there is a 28 day 'cooling off period' so, assuming they get approval would expect things to start moving in about a month. Tom Kilbey was previouly in Pompey's academy so could see a return.Im sure my sister told me he was in TOWIEThank Goodness the season starts later this year. Will give us vital extra time if we come out of administration in July


21 Jun 2012 21:25:10
swansea bid 3 million for 18 goal ,23 year old middlesbrough striker marvin emmnes, but face competition from west ham ,villa, wigan and sunderland , who all see him as a better option to zaha and redmond .fee of around 5 million will be enough .wigan see him as replacement for moses ,villa need goals and flair ,and west ham see him as the ideal player for their play on the floor , style.bargain who ever gets him. {Ed029's Note - No questioning that he's a bargain but he's only done it in the championship, interesting to see him in the prem(12)(3)Danny Graham made the transition from championship to Premier; he didn't do too bad; I think Emnes could as well; think these two would play well together.You know your stuff ed ,he,s a raw nani ,18 goals from a player who didnt play the full season,in a good team (which boro were not )he will kick on .watch this space !Emnes waste of money buy bas dost or someone from abroad Newcastle did it with great effectHe didn't perform in the prem at first but then again he's matured and improved so i reckon will be a hit wherever48 games isnt a full season?Rubbish is the championship aswell mate . hes too lazy and looks like he cannot be bothered playingWait... West ham play on the floor football? Under Alerdyce? LOLWest ham already have 3 unproven strikers maynard/vazte/baldock expect baldock to go out on loan to a c/s so emnes wont be going to west hamBas Dost signed for wolfsburgThe Swansea enquiry about Emnes was lodged a month ago ( 1 MONTH) before their manager left for L'pool. Comment on something relevant and recent /now, rather than historicalIs this the same emnes that swansea havent bid for but asked about him 6 weeks ago and were told no by middlesbrough both clubs have come out and denied this today
hes not for saleAs a boro fan i would love to see emnes leave, tries to much skill and rarely comes off, isnt normally interested and is to light. Love 3-5mill for him but there is better strikers out there for that moneyI think he should go to west ham.........he's terribleIf someone is daft enough to bid 6m for Emnes good luck to them. He's Jekyll and Hyde. Some days he's scared of his own shadow and couldn't even hold the banjoGet rid of emnes and bring in bostwick, wordsworth, carayol and ledesma. Sounds good too meTeko modise on his way to middlesbrough as we speak to clear up personal terms as 300k bid accepted for himEmnes is a lot better than boro fans make him out to be, he was playing for a rubbish team simple as that. He played amazing in the loan spell at Swansea every game, because he got the chance to play for a good footballing team, he would make a good signing!Swansea fans need to realise they are only bigger than boro in their small country, recent European cup finals, fa cup finals/ semi finals coca cola finals, point proved!Emnes is superb, Mogga got him playing football last season and he repaid him with 18 goals in 37 starts. He was also carrying a knock on his knee and played through injury on quite a few occassions. He's the type of player we should be building the team around. £3m is an insult to a player with huge potential. As for Swansea, second season syndrome...your going down!!Lol at all you swansea critics saying we are going down , simple middlesbrough are rubbish and swansea are better and we are staying up! JACK ARMY!


21 Jun 2012 21:23:22
Michael Grella is yet to decide whether he will sign for Scunthorpe, Preston or Stevenage FC.(7)(4)Preston have denied an interest in him and are signing a striker for a transfer fee, so it's not Grella...That should read....a striker on a free.....Preston dont pay for players, there all free's or Bosmans......and over 25 & 6 feet tallAmoo 5ft 10 21 years old, monakana 5 foot 9 19 years old holmes 5 foot 9 25 years old laird 5 foot 9 24 years old. I rest my case you person and trust me we have money for a striker you.l see stop your jealousy you muppet.Get his name right then....MichellePreston DO pay for players and WILL be buying at least 1 striker next month.

If Preston did not buy players then we would've already brought in 3 players on free transfers, as the club has made it very clear that they will make 15 signings this summer. As we have brought in 12 players then you can expect 3 players to be paid for in July.Makes me laugh how people think we dont have money when we do.. north end never used to go for bosmans because we spent money, but who weve brought in for free now look good quality players. the last players before now coming in for free in the recent year are Pavel Pergl, Seyfo Soley, graham alexander, so screw yu guys its comin home like in 2000. stop getting jelous, north end fans know we are better than most teams in championship nd league 1.. u know coz err weve beaten like every team in them leagues before we got relagated.


21 Jun 2012 21:21:34
Gavin Hoyte is finally signing for Stevenage FC after years of interest from Boro!(6)(8)So we were interested in him when he was 15??

Source??Source was my brain fella


21 Jun 2012 21:09:42
out of contract will atkinson to sign for bradford city on a one year deal(1)(7)I hope not was bloody awful while on loan {Ed029's Note - Depends whether you consider 1 goal in 12 games awful.Seconded this guy was garbageWill atkinson is the worst pro i have ever seen if he signs my season ticket is in the bin!!!Bloody awful is a pretty true reflection to be honest !If this is true then there will be alot of upset City fans next season, PP promised us quality. Atkinson was one of the worst players i have seen at VP ever.I really really hope not. He was awful whilst on Loan last season. May as well play with ten men if this rumour is true


21 Jun 2012 20:52:19
Pogba to preston on a season long and lee novak and kevin kilbane is coming back to his beloved PNE! {Ed029's Note - Pogba is signing for Juventus.(1)(14)I swear pogba has signed for Juventus? .. and why would he goto Preston, can do MUCH better!Lee Novak is not leaving Huddersfield.If he stays he wants first team football if hes not given that he leaves simplesNot he ain'tI believe he means Pogba from Wrexham, not Paul Pogba!!Utterly ridiculous! Have you just recycled last years rumour?Proberly is mathias pogba to go with all of their other amazing sinings (about 2)What a load of rubbish!Mathias pogba why not


21 Jun 2012 20:51:42
Jeffrey Schlupp of Leicester going to Watford(8)(14)The fans will be very angry if this is trueOnly on loan !Watford will be after a higher calibre of player than Schlupp once the takeover goes throughHe looks alright so I wouldn't mind.... but I imagine that any loanees we get will be from Udinese or GranadaHe has only recently signed new contract so no chance! Maybe on loan but def not perm

LeicesterLadWouldnt mind him at watford but it aint gunna happen


21 Jun 2012 20:50:48
Accrington are looking to bring former Rangers winger Christiano Kisuka to the club in preparation for the 2012/13 season.(3)(3)


21 Jun 2012 20:47:38
In addition to the loan signing of Lee Nicholls, who looks set to join the club on July 1st for pre-season training, Morecambe are inviting Gregor Robertson, who was released by Chesterfield, to join them on trial.(8)(3)Heard the same about Nicholls. Pretty much guaranteed apparently. Robertson would be a solid signing.Robertson would be a good signing he was a good player until his injuries


21 Jun 2012 20:46:39
Chesterfield have been linked with left sided midfielder Daniel Jones from Sheffield Wednesday.(11)(2)


21 Jun 2012 19:41:58
Ed029, i have heard that Sessegnon has been practically begging to leave Sunderland for London. How about 8m and Bassong? lol {Ed029's Note -Sessegnon is likely to leave and Tottenham are interested but to be honest what club would trade their best player for Sebastian Bassong?(4)(17)8 mill and bassong!! Is it April the 1st already? Try double the money and Dawson {Ed029's Note - Truthfully I think he's worth about 14million, 16 could be pushing it.Why would Sunderland sell for £16 million if they got 20 for Henderson. The club does not need to sell and sessegnon has confirmed that he wants to stay.£14mill + Bassong seems a better deal, and Bassong was great at Newcastle at fairly solid for a s Wolves. Just many who go to Tottenham end up regreting it like himselfHow about Dawson and Defoe


21 Jun 2012 20:16:39
Swindons Alan Connell To be revealed as one of the new Crawley signings .

Beleive what you want..(7)(17)Be gutted if he does leave :(This is rubbish, Rotherham have had a 100k bid accepted for AC, to replace Grabban


21 Jun 2012 19:41:13
Norwich City are believed to have had a £1-1.5m bid with add ons accepted for Coventry City midfielder Conor Thomas who is expected to discuss personal terms with the Canaries in the next few days.
But it does look nailed on for him to sign for Norwich City so definitely watch this space.(14)(14)Not sure cm is a position we will strengthen, especially with a youngster! already a wealth of players competing. sounds made to me.It would be a good signing for the future even if its in an area that does need little improvement
But still a good signingBigger Clubs want him, very unlikely Norwich will get a look in because bigger clus want him!Connor Thomas is garbage, you're welcome to him. In the 2nd div last season, he ran around looking completely lost most of the time.


21 Jun 2012 19:37:39
Swansea have bid 3m for Middlesbro's Marvin Emnes.

Ben X.(19)(12)Wow big spending jacks


21 Jun 2012 19:29:34
Swindon want two more additions before they embark on a pre-season tour of Italy next Wednesday. A goalkeeper to provide competition to first choice Wes Foderingham is now a priority for Di Canio, as is an additional wide midfielder.

Swindon will undergo a clearout of the remaining contracted players that will not feature again under Di Canio. These include Magera, Kerrouche, Cibocchi and Lanzano. In addition, Billy Bodin is expected to sign for Torquay or Crewe. Conell could go to Crawley and De Vita to Northampton.(7)(3)I agree to a point but I think he is looking for another Centre Back before any more wide players IMO. All great news for Swindon though!!Is De Vita any good?De Vita can finish and work the line well with a overlapping full back, as he will provide cover defensively. He is also good at reading the game and making interceptions as well as simple passes to retain possession.Yeah De vita ain't bad he is the guy that put the killer ball in that Mccormack scored past you with on new years.


21 Jun 2012 19:20:13
Former afc Wimbledon players chris bush and jack turner have joined Gateshead and Staines town. Chris bush's meant to be replacement turned afc down to join Wycombe wanderers, deal to be concluded in the coming days.(7)(4)


21 Jun 2012 19:19:13
Leicester chasing Wilfried Zaha, and think that their money and being able to use long-term Palace target Dave Nugent to sweeten the deal! {Ed029's Note - Could happen but Zaha could end up as another Routledge.(6)(30)I would never swap nugent for zaha, nugent is quality !!I personally don't rate Zaha as highly as many are, yet i know for a fact he is too good now and potentially for these low status clubs he's being linked toWould be a good deal but not use david nugent as part he's quality are best striker


21 Jun 2012 19:16:22
Striker Scott Boden from chesterfield to Sheffield united(7)(10)Not a chance he left them cause they didn't offer him a contractThanks but no thanks. He is not even good in League Two. Why would we want him if we're trying to push for promotion?


21 Jun 2012 19:05:39
Laurence Wilson of Morecambe signs a one year deal, with an option of a further year at Rotherham United.(5)(1)That was yesterday afternoon - keep up.Why has someone clicked unbelivable


21 Jun 2012 19:00:02
Cheick Kourouma set to officially sign for Ipswich on July 5th after recently agreeing personal terms.(8)(5)Yes this is true he will sign next week i can confim


21 Jun 2012 18:58:03
I heard an agent today in The Balcon restaurant (West London ) shouting his mouth of about a few deals in the pipeline getting gradually louder as the bottles mounted on his table .One deal he said was happening is Hooper to Fulham with a player exchange (didnt hear the player's name ) and also I heard him say Modric to Man utd done deal.

Snooper(5)(27)So you live in the tv show 'madmen' apparently


21 jun 2012 18:58:26
jason shackell is the subject of a £1 million bid from cardiff city, personally i can see this deal happening cardiff have decent financial backing and higher ambitions. derby fans, how would you rate him? premiership standard?(9)(19)We've rejected bids of 1.2 and 1.3m, and our valuation is around 3-4m so you've got no chance. shack's a class player thoughShackell is awesome at the back! Always has been, norwich shouldn't have let him go and who knows how good he would be nowWe payed 1.2 for him last summer.why would be let him go for 1million.Bids from burnley for 1.3 and Leciester most recent 1.5 and St ledger have been rejected.
hes valued at4 million.With james tomkins being promoted with west ham and barker out shackell is the best in the league thats why there is so much interest.we dont need the money.He could definatly play in the prem. He played every minute of derby's 46 league games. He isnt cheap though - Clough wants 4-5 mill.He could get in to the wolves team... that says it allNcfc were right to let him move on. he was massively exposed in the prem with lack of pace. good champ player though. 4-5mill? haha good luck with that3-4 million is pocket change with the financial backing we got. Have to admit shackell is one of the best in the league and him and ben turner at the back would be great. Good luck Darby hudson will score a 67 yarder against you againI go by FIFA ruling he only cost me 2,400,000 mil that is what you should payApparently we are after nicky Maynard and Sam baldock from west ham utd on season long loans. I have a mate who's a west ham fan and said that it was in local newspaper and on local Radio.Its not loans its to buy we arient getting any loans in the summer after fans complained about tom carroll.We could possibly buy maynard but he wouldnt want to go out on loan at his age as hes in his prime.we would be able to egt him for a cut price if not move on to russellif not him just look for cheap players abroad.Im just posting what is goig around if he is premiership then £1 million may not be enough but I can see us getting him because we've got a huge transfer budgetShacks going nowhere, Rams said he could go if price is right to test to water and nobody has matched his price. By the way Bluebirds love the new red kit (very traditional).If the board let Shackell go for less than about £3million they need their heads looking at, probably the best CB in the championship, could make the step up too the premier league and if we have any ambition we need to keep hold of himWhich club cardiff or derby for the maynard rumourI like derby finishing mid table very traditonal


21 Jun 2012 18:46:09
Been hearing strong news that Norwich City have accepted a bid from West Ham for Grant Holt; just hope it's not true!
OTBC(16)(14)If he does go I hope its now and not a week or two before the new season or after a game or two of the new season. It will give us a chance to look at replacementsGood !!! get rid, if he doesn't want to be here why do we want him??? ungratefulHe is norwich's second best player! Of course you should keep himIf we have it will be for benefit of club. hes not going to score that many goals next season. take the money i say if its close to 6millHe's not going to score that many goals why? 15 in something like 26 starts this season seemed pretty good - why is it going to suddenly drop?David McNally has confirmed that it's...not true£6m for Holt. If it's true then take it. He is not worth anywhere near that amount of money.McNally's a liar, terms already agreed with player, medical booked for tomorrow.^^ person above day dreaming!! Grant Holt wants to leave so why would you want a player that wants to leave?


21 Jun 2012 18:43:03
Spurs are after Vertonghen, Falcao, Sessegnon and Ganso. {Ed029's Note - Vertonghen is very likely to join in the summer, falcao and ganso are less likely and it would take a good offer for Sunderland to let Sessegnon go.(9)(13)So basically you're just getting Vertonghen then! Which we all knew weeks ago!Ganso is wanted by both manchester clubs & Madrid and like the rising youth of Brazil, it will be after the 2014 world cup they'll be allowed to leave, and a crumbling Spurs?!Ganso won't step a foot in london he will go to Celtic and before the best playmaker in the world


21 Jun 2012 18:42:21
The Glasgow evening times is reportin that Southampton are set to sign Fraser Forster from under Celtics noses. They are also reporting that Celtic will subsequently turn their attentions to former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson.(19)(12)


21 Jun 2012 18:41:41
Swansea city have made a bid of 3m for Marvin emnes.(15)(5)I believe the Boro will be looking for a little more before considering, 4+ mill or 3 mill with scott dobbie {Ed029's Note - Swansea could be unwilling to pay more than 4 million, Dobbie could be used in the deal.I think you mean Scott Donnelly? Or Stephen Dobbie? {Ed029's Note - Or both?


21 Jun 2012 18:27:48
stong roumers that west hams new and improved bid has been accepted by norwich

but nothing had been comfermed(19)(9)Bring an end to this fiasco and get rid of him, let's be honest how many more good seasons has he got left in him, 6 million for two seasons, I'll drive him there.


21 Jun 2012 18:26:58
Preston North end to sign this players :

François Zoko
Nathen Eccleston
James Beattie
Patrick Agyemang(8)(22)As a preston fan i find this really funny no way would we want beattie the others maybeZoko is going to middlesboroTotally agree, Beattie a has been or even a never been.


21 Jun 2012 18:24:34
Doncaster miss out on Huddersfield roberts and have a bid rejected for 2 Stevenage players(7)(4)Ha ! That is funny ! Alan's been offered a new deal at Town ! I'm sure he might have second thoughts and decide to have a relegation battle in league one !


21 Jun 2012 18:20:59
Brentford captain Kevin O'Connor is turning the heads of many different championship clubs including, Bolton, Blackburn and Hull.(3)(12)Doubt that very much he's was out injured for a majority of last season !!O'Connor is a legend, but no way will he sign for Bolton, Blackburn or Hull.Great another carp playerHe a stay at brentford his been injured last 4monthsIs he the guy that looks like a caveman?No your thinking of Douglas


21 Jun 2012 18:20:09
Eunan O'Kane to sign for Crawley Town in
next 48 hours.(12)(7)


21 Jun 2012 18:19:12
sone aluko is going to Charlton according to the papers(6)(15)Birmingham,Derby,Bristol city and Charlton meantioned in the papers not just charltonYe but not in the scottish paper ! {Ed003's Note - Jeez,are we going to argue over papers now??!! }Only decent club there is charltonCharlton are going up. I've been a season ticket holder for about 12 years. Seen us beat every team in the top four. We have belief and faith. All of these clubs mentioned don't even come close!IM a charlton fan... ive had a season ticket since i was 2. im 16... so ive seen a lot and to answer the guy above we wont go up... and also Sone would be a good buy


21 Jun 2012 18:16:55
Any Ipswich rumours Ed?(1)(6)I've heard luke chambers is set to signI've seen lots of comments from Forest fans saying he is not as good as people believe he is. Hope if we do sign him he will prove to be a useful addition though.


21 jun 2012 18:14:40
bristol city transfer news in or out please.(4)(13)


21 Jun 2012 18:08:52
Ed is there any news on swansea?(3)(9)


21 Jun 2012 18:02:22
Blue Knights and Andrew Ellis have been in touch with Walter Smith and his consortium, Ellis hoping that they are to potentially prepare ANOTHER bid with the consortiums joining together. Rumour is, a bid of £13mil will be enough to buy the club. Mr Charles Greene is adamant that they will buy over Bury Football Club to enable Rangers to play n the English league rather than going into division 3 in Scotland as the SPL clubs vote against the 'newco'(3)(13)Hope they join love to see them in the english prem in a couple or so years a well supported club bring a bit of spice to the games i thinkMust be on eBay the amount of bids put in . Or not as the case has been , couldn't give them away £5 million for a team with a £120 million stadium according to mr moonbeamsEnglish Prem in a couple of years...really? At present they have a squad full of championship players and they will all be allowed to leave on a free if the liquidation happens. I imagine they would have to forgo any future europe dreams too, if the Welsh teams are a precedent.There is a lot of interest in taking Bury FC at present.
The land is worth some £12 million and Blue Knights front runners have an inside man at Gigg Lane with a very large shareholding.
There has been interest from the middle east, The far East, and from the US of A in the First division club.
Any Scottish buyout would see the club reborn in the NW Counties League after a merger with Radclyffe BoroI live in Bury- and the last thing we want is anything to do with this lot. Its not long ago they wrecked Manchester.
Keep out!.
Stay where you are


21 Jun 2012 17:35:18
hi ed have you heard of any rumours of who afc bournemouth are intrested in signing.(1)(12)Marlon harewood according to the sun the other day {Ed025's Note - dont buy the sun!!


21 Jun 2012 17:21:29
Forest Green Rovers - reading nothing about them on here so I thought I would start a rumour just to get them a mention.
Buying the entire Rangers team for the price of two pints of lager and a packet of crisps (and I remember that song when it first came out in the 1980s)
Seriously though, Ed ... any news on Forest Green Rovers(11)(5)Why is this on the reading bit? {Ed003's Note - the word 'reading' would have been picked up,not a lot we can do about the word being spelt the same,sorry }


21 Jun 2012 18:02:52
Swansea have sent a £3 million bid to Middlesbrough for Marvin Emnes...(11)(6)Grab it!!!


21 Jun 2012 18:00:39
mark davies to sign for stoke,fee in
the region of £4m(source,inside info
from player who is friend) {Ed029's Note - Its Possible.(15)(8)


21 Jun 2012 18:12:13
pne fc look set to sign left back andy taylor unlikely seen as we have already signed 2 left backs but he would love a move that is closer to his family(3)(4)


21 Jun 2012 16:19:58
Great site only just found it!...but ed's any interest in any of the following villareal players after their relegation...1.Rossi, 2.Mussachio, 3.Nilmar, 4.De Guzman,
5.Borja Valero, 6.Zapata...
Thanks Tomboy {Ed029's Note - Tottenham submitted a bid in January but have not shown interest in Rossi since, not heard anything on Mussachio or Nilmar for a while, De Guzman interested a number of premier league clubs when at PSV but none has been shown lately, Chelsea showed interest in Valero but his West Brom form could put them off and Arsenal showed interest in Zapata whilst at Udinese but none has been shown lately.(6)(2)Is Rossi still injured, therefore unable to leave by failed medical?Wigan are tracking De Guzman and Musachio as far as I know. Possible 7 Mill double swoop.Rossi did get back to fitness but then injured his cruciate again in training in May putting his career in doubtRDM will have some (likely unpleasant) experiences of having to deal with Valero


21 Jun 2012 17:41:41
heard a few times that Everton will sign danny simpson from Newcastle on a free don't know how true this is anyone else know?

also heard wigan want anichebe and everton will sell to raise funds for steven pienaar to return to everton.

@teamcahill17(15)(11)Simpson is still under contract and will cost 2-3m not a FreeHe wants a move back to London


21 Jun 2012 17:38:43
Leon Best moving to Blackburn
Source: Daily Mirror(16)(15)


21 Jun 2012 17:38:17
Former Charlton, Norwich and Tottenham centre back Gary Doherty is set to sign for Wycombe as soon as the transfer embargo is lifted. He is believed to be attracted by the lure of first team football and the opportunity to be the side's new captain.

Wycombe are also being heavily linked with former Brentford winger Sam Wood, 25.

The Chairboys also will not sell their prized asset of Stuart Beavon for anything less than 600k.(6)(4)I cant argue with any of that."attracted by the lure"? Just can't believe his luck that anyone would be willing to pay him more like!I feel so sorry for Wycombe, Doc is the worst defender I've ever seen on a football pitch.Arh! You never saw Phil Chapple then.Doc is a good defender for us


21 Jun 2012 17:21:04
Chris Hughton will raid former club Birmingham for duo Nathan Redmond and Curtis Davies. Birmingham will look to replace these two with Leon Barnett and Sone Aluko. {Ed029's Note - Redmond is unlikely to join Norwich considering a number of big teams are interested in him, Davies could join but Aluko is also unlikely to join Birmingham considering they haven't got a manager.(10)(13)I dislike all this big club rubbish, surely the offer of regular prem football would be enough?Why would Redmond want to spend just 1 season in the prem,+ he s a blue,+ hughton hardly played him.I've been told that part of the deal taking hughton and co from blues was an agreement that Norwich cannot sign our players for 12 months {Ed029's Note - Not heard anything about that myself.As we have no manager at the moment none of the younger players will be leaving as this will be the basis of the team this year if we start selling we wont get a manager inif we start selling playersNo such deal is in place with brum or villa with Lambert. the swans/pool thing is a rarity and not the norm in these cases.


21 Jun 2012 17:20:43
Yeovil set to sign out of contract huddersfield town striker alan lee to bolster their attack after loosing andy williams to swindon, very reliable source!(7)(9)As a Huddersfield fan, I imagine he's still in our plans. Unless we're about to announce something pretty spectacular.

He's a cult figure at Hudds to, so we won't really want to let him go!He just signed a new 1 year deal at town. Halved his wage to stay with us. {Ed029's Note - Legend!He hasn't signed new contract yet?Simon Grayson said that Alan Lee featured in his plans due to his experience in championship. TTIDOur new striker is Jay BothroydAlan lee is not out of contract, he has just signed a new one.Please go, not good enough for championship, not really good enough for lge 1. UTTAlan lee is rubbish, i will be glad if i dont see him in a hudds town team again. he spends most of the time on the floor, and he hardly scoresWhat are all you idiots on about he hasn't signed the offered contract yet!!!As a die hard Town fan I would personally pay for you to take him off our hands. Big girls blouse I'm afraidRhodes is not going anywhere for god sake!. Its like saying sauna Morrison Is worth 5 Million Pounds and i highly Doubt that!


21 Jun 2012 17:19:11
With Queens Park Rangers signing Robert Green, Radek Cerny is looking for more regular first team football.

It is believed his former club Slavia Prague will be interested.(3)(11)Just signed a new contract with qpr


21 Jun 2012 17:06:57
Qatari side Al-Sadd are looking to enhance the reputation of the Qatari Stars League, in long term preparation for the 2022 WC, they want to sign Andrea Pirlo from AC Milan. Money being thrown around is astronomical.(4)(5)Pirlo plays for juventus!!Ac milan will be over the moon to take money for him as he plays for JUVENTUS
DevonGreenPirlo left ac milan last summer and now plays for juventusCorrection: They're looking to sign him from Juve, not Milan, was thinking of Seedorf. my bad. (Hodgson syndrome).I think you mean del piero who retired from juventus end of last seasonYou'd think they'd do their research before making up a load of bull. Also, Pirlo's been performing at Euro and last season so why would he leave a top league now?Plays for juventus like, so thats a liePirlio plays at juve


21 Jun 2012 17:04:03
Having recently returned from holiday in Spain, Mark McGhee is talking to several agents as he steps up his search for new recruits. Players on Bristol Rovers' radar are experienced defender Clarke Carlisle (released by Burnley), promising young centre back Aaron Sinclair (Partick Thistle), tricky young winger Ryan Conroy (Dundee), exciting young striker Mark McNulty (Livingston) and experienced defender/midfielder Paul Quinn (released by Cardiff). After having a bid knocked back for James Constable, McGhee is set to turn his attention to Mark McNulty and prolific non-league goalscorer Liam Hearn (Grimsby) after having him watched towards the end of last season. After being invited for a second spell of training, Robin Nicholls (Yate Town) is likely to join the squad for training in July after stalling on a decision to go to America.(9)(4)Having seen the Rovers forum about dodgy rumours, I take it this is someone's attempt and making a realistic one?Burnley set to sign rapid left winger Josh Jordan from steeton afc for a fee set to be around £4500k4500K! Isn't that 4.5 million! We wouldn't spend that much on an unknown player!


21 Jun 2012 16:53:58
Southampton have enquired into signing Clarence Seedorf. He today stated that money is no objective but that he is motivated by a challenge. The ambition of chairman Nicola Cortese and billionaire owners are thought to be a major selling point for Seedorf.(17)(21)I am a saints fan and no they haven'tDidn't he say he was going to Brazil before he retiredNope hes wants to play in the prem apprently but doubt itll be saints tbh


21 Jun 2012 16:53:17
talks for lita have broken down as swansea are not keen on selling him. bristol city may still get him on loan for the season.
Mustapha carayol is to join bristol city for 500k from bristol rovers.
Finally, city will sign 3 centrebacks over the transfer window. these will be keogh, mcmanus and amougou. Fontaine will be sold to southampton and james wilson will also leave. source: my cousin who works at the club(4)(16)I think your cousin should continue to clean the scribblings off the toilet doors! Saints no longer interested in Fontaine.Why would Keogh choose you over staying at Cov or signing for Cardiff??????The same cousin who has been made redundant this week?In response to above: he doesnt know if its southampton but hes being sold to make way for signingsI'm sure fontaine failed a medical when set to sign for southampton last seasonKeogh is ex bristol city so why wouldn't he?Keogh has just married a Bristolian Girl -so don't rule out a return to th gate


21 Jun 2012 16:51:42
Danny Cademetari signs a 2 year deal at Carlisle United.. thoughts people?(12)(2)Crap signing, 2 year deal your having a laugh abbott, been kicked out of every club he's been at, doesn't fit into your family club ethic either, check his criminal recordTerrible signing, should be in the confrencePoor replacement for ZokoHe will keep your treatment table busy, injury prone.


21 Jun 2012 16:50:22
Sky Sports understands Doncaster have failed with a bid for Stevenage defensive duo Jon Ashton and Mark Roberts(10)(3)


21 Jun 2012 16:47:50
I seen Danny Cadamarteri, the Huddersfield striker near Carlisle's ground before(11)(4)Thats cos hes signed for carlisleBecause he has signed for them.


21 Jun 2012 16:43:09
With Watford looking to be near a takeover from the Pozzo family (also owners of Udinese and Granada), rumors are already flying around that G. Zola will be the man the potential new owners wish to take the club forward.
Expect an influx of younger Udinese players, as well as a bid for Ben Amos from Manchester United on loan. Having missed out on James Collins, Watford will be looking at signing at least 1, and possibly 2 new strikers, and i will post when any information becomes available which i can disclose.
Expect a move for the promising young Swedish Under 17 international Oliver Capper of IFK Norrköping who has been tracked for some time. The unpredictable striker has also been tracked by the likes of Cardiff, Swindon, Charlton and Fulham, but Watford remain in poll position for the enigmatic young flair player, who would cost in the region of £80K, as he has entered the last year of his current contracts and talks have stalled over his apparent demands. Watch this space though.
Any further news will be posted - AJ(6)(6)Who is this Capper fella?He's tipped to be the next big thing in Sweden, I watched him recently in a friendly and he impressedHe doesn't exist probably some kid trying to get his name known so someone gives him a trial!! Remember the Gifton "E" Williams saga.... Fair play if this works thoI hear the takeover deal is off according to the local Watford rag.What do you mean he doesnt exist?! I was getting excited over this prospect!Odd if he isn't realasss they have been llinked with him for a couple of years


21 Jun 2012 16:41:57
Any st johnstone transfer news?(1)(11)


21 Jun 2012 16:41:41
Out of favour West Brom goalkeeper Luke Daniels is wanted by both Crawley and Fleetwood.(0)(9)He was a top keeper on loan for us last season(Southend), but Crawley seem to want everyone!


21 Jun 2012 16:40:41
After missing out on Gary Roberts, Doncaster will sign Will Hoskins(2)(9)Doubt it he's still crocked


21 Jun 2012 16:39:04
Sebastian Rudy will sign for Norwich along with Zaha next week(10)(20)We wish


21 Jun 2012 16:37:00
Barnet set to sign Curtis Weston and Simon King both released by Gillingham.(6)(2)


21 Jun 2012 16:36:14
Derby close in on James Caton and Michael Jacobs.(8)(15)Very disappointed in clough selling him and not even giving him a chance in the 1st team regularly. What makes it even more shocking is the fact he said clough treated him like crap and made him train with all the kids. This just sums clough up in one very arrogant!Maguire that is.Or that maguire had a naturally bad attitude & expected to be first team
we dont need prima donna players or fans, so either get behind clougj and the team or go down the a52 to forest, we dont need ure kind of fans at all


21 Jun 2012 16:35:36
mike grella will not be coming to notts county aftar getting good intrest from Scunthorpe united there is a possabillity that lloyd sam will join afer a impresive loan spell(6)(2)Sam done deal at rotherham, grella to be confirmed at scunny very soonYay we didn't want grella ( notts fan)Why would Sam drop 2 leagues to Rotherham!! Tell us another jokeI'm sure Sam would rather play at the mighty magpies then a hockey stadium!?!?


21 Jun 2012 16:26:16
Burnley to bid 500k for Brett Pitman(6)(13)Then they'll need to up the bid. City will look to at least recoup their outlay of £800k plus Pitman now has Championship experience so I'd think £1m-1.5m will be the order of the day.You will get a good striker


21 Jun 2012 16:26:16
England Goalkeeper Robert Green has signed a 2 year contract with QPR that will begin on July 1st.(11)(5)


21 Jun 2012 16:22:02
Bristol Rovers to sign David Clarkson on 3 year deal(9)(7)Jamie McAllister is also joining Carkson at Rovers


21 Jun 2012 16:21:31
Charlton have enquirer about rangers sone aluko, the striker is out of contract with rangers and available on a free transfer. Although other clubs are interested charlton look favourites to sign him(4)(7)The striker who is a left midfielder?


21 Jun 2012 16:21:08
Nathan Ellington considering move to hometown club Bradford.(8)(13)Every year this one pops up. Why dont you throw the Clayton Donaldson returning to his home town club tooClayton Donaldson to sign for his home town club Bradford this summer!Dont forget the Robbie Blake back to BCFC too !


21 Jun 2012 16:20:51
Malaga captain Jesus Gamez is being strongly linked with a move to the Premier League, primarily the North East, with both Newcastle and Sunderland.

It is believed Malaga will expect a fee of around £8 million.(1)(13)


21 Jun 2012 16:18:28
Simon Church to sign for championship side Bristol City.(8)(16)Think this is reliable but any idea when?Negotiations still taking place. Expect an announcement early next week.


21 Jun 2012 16:15:08
Oxford are set to make a sensational swoop for Sheffield Wednesday striker Chris 'O' Grady.(5)(18)Dont no what wilder is playing about at missed out on jon shaw and last years loanee scot rendall has also joined luton luton on the up?me think so.Sorry, wrong again! Gone to Wolves


21 Jun 2012 16:13:03
Michael Owen set to join Everton.(13)(25)Hes going to stoke on a year dealHe turned everton down for stoke


21 Jun 2012 16:09:48
While the Daily Mail stated that a role could exist, Gianfranco Zola is in the frame, as Udinese owner Pozzo waits for his bid for Watford to be accepted. The owners of the Italian club say their attempt to take over is still at a "premature" stage.

The Hornets had stated the Pozzo family had acquired the club from current owner Laurence Bassini "in principle".

On the Udinese website it said,

"The Pozzo family wishes to clarify that any current news or rumour relative to the acquisition of Watford Football Club should be considered premature,"

"While there is a concrete interest, the negotiation has not yet reached the point of being officially signed off with the signatures of the parties on the contracts."

"Further information and news developments will be announced by the Pozzo family as soon as they occur."

Watford current boss Sean Dyche led the Hornets to 11th in the Championship last season.

"There is a strong possibility that [Pozzo] would want to bring some of Udinese's younger players on loan to Watford, which is what he has done with Granada,"

"This has implications for (Manager) Sean Dyche's control over player recruitment and the academy development of young players."

"If they have to be played under instructions from the owner, who currently seems to see Udinese as the focus of his operations, then this would be bad and we would simply become a nursery club for Udinese."

However, Fawell is hopeful that the takeover, which is expected to see Gino run affairs at Vicarage Road, will benefit the club in the long term.

"We would welcome a period of stability and a period when owners buy into the Watford way of doing things," he said.

"We would also welcome owners who are prepared to support and continue the academy."(5)(7)


21 Jun 2012 16:08:19
Notts county sign garry liddle on two year deal with bruce and grella to follow suit today alan smith has also been spottes at meadow lane source steven akers former under 21player(6)(3)That's funny, Grella signed for ScunnyI would like grella to come to notts but i dont think hes coming afer really good intrest from Scunthorpe united and we need bruce to strenthen the notts defence


21 Jun 2012 16:08:17
Celtic are set to move for former England
Keeper Paul Robinson as Southampton look to sign Fraser Forster.(12)(11)Naw thanks


21 Jun 2012 16:08:15
Huddersfield are wanting Celtic striker Anthony Stokes to boost the attack.(4)(18)He could be used in a deal with rhodes, just saying and could see cash plus a stokes to get him. would be good for both clubs.That seems far, But there a tad bit older than rhodes...


21 Jun 2012 16:07:56
QPR are targeting Celtic's midfielder Victor Wanyama(5)(11)Can targt him all they want, he is happy and is staying at Celtic and would cost them 10+mill for him....but he will be stayingMate has told me that we r close to getting murphy from fulham wanyama celtic and talks r ongoing with man city about wayne bridge and kolo toureWe don't want bridge anywhere near loftus rd. I too have been told that murphy is almost certain to follow Aj. Wanyama would be good but if diakite signs it probably wont happen and hughes will switch his attention to a wideman instead.To all these deluded Celtic fans thinking they will get anymore than 5m for Wanyama dream on. No SPL team can ever afford to hold out for anything more than 7m for ny player no matter who he is.Please, oh please, stick this one up.
See this "deluded Celtic fans" talk on here, from insecure, unhappy posters; are you really that unsatisfied with your life that you have to belittle people, and on the internet no-less?
Do you think that people need it pointed out that the SPL is not on the same level as the EPL?
Why-oh-why must i read and re-read the same sentence, the same drivel, the same obvious statement devoid of any worth whatsoever?
What other startling information might you have to offer EVERYBODY who reads these pages? That the left foot is on the left, and our right feet are on our right? That underpants go on before trousers?
I understand that many of you are young, but let me give you this tip (i'd rather you got on and developed as people rather than engage you in some tit-for-tat, spiteful irrelevance):
It's alright being a smart arse if your smart..

TRP.Rubin Kazan have just offered 6mil for Ki and we knocked it back!! Next!!Mcgeady....10mil?To that reply on the "deluded Celtic fans" post, you've basically just written a paragraph of self gratuity and have proved nothing more than that you are as insecure and unhappy as the original poster with you're own drivel. You're posting on a football rumours forum so get on with that and stop this mr know it all carp about other peoples lives.


21 Jun 2012 15:55:06
hi ED r we still intrested in shcullup

kaylem1300 thanks {Ed001's Note - erm who interested in him? Quite a few clubs in League 1 want him, talk of Wednesday being interested as well.}(4)(1)


21 Jun 2012 15:52:35
Any Middlesbrough fc new ?(0)(7)Swansea have bid 3 million pounds for Emnes. That's all I know so far.Swansea bid £3m for Marvin EnmesGot to be good news!!Swansea bid3mil and maybe add stephen dobbie if the bid gets rejectedI'd imagine Swansea would want cash in addition to Dobbie. Not a huge fan but he runs all day and creates, but strange how clubs are so happy to loan him out


21 Jun 2012 15:51:05
Sheffield Wednesday have signed Derby County striker Chris Maguire for an undisclosed fee.(17)(3)Shame, scored 2 goals in 3 starts for the Rams didn't he? what did he actually do wrong?


21 Jun 2012 15:48:32
Any news on the pog signing being announced MrRfc?(0)(9)


21 Jun 2012 15:44:59
Cheltenham Town captain has accused chairman Paul Baker of having a lack of ambition.(2)(5)Okay thats not quite belivable...Is wesely thomas going back to crawley? just havent heard of him since he left cheltHe's injured from lack of ambition


21 Jun 2012 15:41:34
Luke Summerfield has turned down an improved contract offer from Cheltenham.(7)(6)Not true interview with Cheltenham manager today states he is open to the offer and would have already signed if they were promoted. Cheltenham offering higher weekly wage than Shrewsbury but opportunity to play in league one tempting Luke.He will want to stay, just expects more money, brilliant alongside pack and definatley a pair worth playing in the league one together. stay at chelt and they will have L1 football in 2 seasons


21 Jun 2012 15:36:58
Former Huddersfield Town, Charlton and Rochdale loanee Nathan Eccleston is looking for regular first team action.

It is believed Carlisle United, Preston North End and Bradford City are all interested.(4)(4)


21 Jun 2012 15:35:40
Sheffid wednesday have signed mguire from derby for a undisclosed fee on a 3 year deal(9)(3)


21 Jun 2012 15:30:13
AVB would like pienaar to stay at spurs if he joins as manager(3)(11)Not AVB , its CappelloNot likely to happen. Pienaar is pushing for a move back to Everton so expect him to leave Spurs.


21 Jun 2012 15:26:03
the word around wigan is victor moses has handed in a transfer request and is pushing for a move to chelsea after crunch talks with the board ..(10)(5)


21 Jun 2012 15:25:18
Swindon town have just signed Jay Mceverly Alex Navarro and Tommy Miller.(12)(5)It's Alan Navarro!! But yes they have signed all three!!True source swindon town websiteAlex or Alan does it really matter ? Great signing.Well yes it does....I'd feel stupid singing "One Alex Navarro...theres only one Alex Navarro".......


21 Jun 2012 15:23:06
Carlisle to sign Nicky Featherstone(0)(5)


21 Jun 2012 15:14:02
Any Leyton Orient rumours? What is happening to Matt Spring?(2)(4)


21 Jun 2012 15:07:46
Eds any interest from clubs in Mbaye Niang after Caen's relegation?
simon {Ed001's Note - I did actually get told Newcastle were linked with him, but I think it is just a case of him playing in France and them being linked with everyone there now.}(6)(0)


21 Jun 2012 15:20:05
CARDIFF CITY great news,just seen chris burke and malkay together down stadium,really hope he signs,my fav cardiff player when he was here(5)(16)Really??? you just decided to casually drive past the stadium?? and saw them casually chilling outside? NO, your lieingWe let him go for nothing and you want to pay big bucks to get him back. Blew hot and cold with us anyway. Even you must agree he was rubbish in the play off final against BlackpoolOnly hughton would pick him in front of Redmond, hope your rightThere's ASDA next to our stadium and McDonalds and KFC and many other shops and fast food restraunts and coffee shops. He wouldn't have gone for a stroll past the stadium. You obviously have never been to the fortress that is the CCS!
I saw Burke in his BMW on the M4 this morning.Burke will not be allowed to leave considering blues have got a squad of 18 players and are currently under a transfer embargoHas Burkey changed his car then, he used to have an Audi not BMW ??


21 Jun 2012 15:17:28
Ipswich Town to sign free scoring Richard
Bannister from Keswick Town - and for all you doubters why else would our Chief Exec
be in Keswick when we are so clearly
in need of some decent signings?(2)(8)Is it because he's on a nice Stay-cation holiday? Maybe he's skint like the rest of usIsn't Jewell going for Guzan anymore?He's carrying the olympic torch -_-Jewell is supposedly going for Guzan but Hull are also said to be interested and I would think that they are the favourites to sign him. My thinking is he'll choose Hull because he recently spent time on loan there, they currently have no keepers and Bruce is their manager.


21 Jun 2012 15:15:25
Ipswich Town looking to sign goalkeeper
Juan Carlos Martín from Hercules CF (Spain Liga 2)
Discussions all this week hoping to finalise tomorrow.
(Source 'Information'(Alicante newspaper)
I'm a resident in Spain and have read this.(2)(7)Is there an online version of this article anywhere as proof?


21 Jun 2012 15:15:15
dale jennings could sign for southampton due to there good record with giving youth players thier chance. Also hes very unhappy over in germany.(14)(4)He's failed to settle as he's struggled to learn German and Bayern don't have anyone who can translate from Scouse.Can you have a squad of 87 players?Would be greatThere have been rumours linking hi to Saints on this site over the past few weeks. As he would be in the English and under the age barrier he would not count in the 25 squad limit like many other acedmy products. The challenge is going to be mixing the young talent with a premiership squad. Good Luck Nige.


21 Jun 2012 15:14:11
Looks like O'Kane rejected Crawley(3)(8)Not according to his manager, read the article on bbc sport, he discussing terms in the next day or so and has agreed to join.He is flying into Gatwick in the morning and will sign a 3 year deal with Crawley, fact and had been confirmed by Torquay Manager this afternoonHe has not he is joining on friday can u not read, see bbc footballYes I know the bbc says he is coming back to discuss terms, I work at Crawley and he is flying in Friday from Northern Ireland FACTI also know he is flying in to Gatwick Friday as I booked his ticket not 2 hours agoNot quiet mate check bbc football outWell it's 5pm on Friday and he still hasn't signed so it looks like you're both wrong


21 Jun 2012 15:13:53
Swindon have signed another three Navaro, Tommy Miller and Jay Mcleverley just been announces on the BBC Website.... coyr(10)(2)


21 Jun 2012 15:12:15
Carlisle sign cadamartri on 2 year deal(11)(1)


21 Jun 2012 15:04:08
Swindon sign huddersfeild midfeilder tommy miller on a 1 year deal, source advertiser website(12)(3)


21 Jun 2012 15:03:21
Swindon have signed midfielder Alan Novarro on a two year contract and Tommy Miller on a one year contract. Source: Official Twitter(8)(1)


21 Jun 2012 14:59:46
Swindon just announced the signing of Tommy Miller from Huddersfield on a 1 year contract starting July 1st. Source: Offical Website(9)(2)


21 Jun 2012 14:52:32
Swindon have signed Tommy Miller following his release from Huddersfield(9)(2)


21 Jun 2012 14:45:03
Oxford are set to sign free agent Frank Nouble after Jon Shaw joined Luton permantly. Chris Wilder has confirmed he only wants 4 signings before the new season.

The 4 signings will be -
1 Defender
2 Midfielders
1 Striker(6)(7)Nouble won't be going to Oxford...I'm afraid it will be players of a lesser calibre than him, Wilder will do well to uncover a young gem or two along with someone at the end of their career who can still do a job in the lowest league and can add a bit of experience. Other teams in League 2 have better finances and chairmen willing to trust the Manager on the transfer front. I think even the most ardent Oxford fans know it will be a season of chasing behind other clubs.
Up the Rubies.....Joint Wolves , rumour has it we could get him on a loan deal


21 Jun 2012 14:42:20
Scunthorpe break the bank to secure Grella

Mike Grella, The Iti-American striker who does not strike.

After "issues" in the South over a coupkle of seasons the forward has received a double your salary offer from Scunthorpe United.

The player will sign a contract for two years offering to make him the highest paid player at the club.

This deal will ensure that Alan Knill finally gets the strikeforce he wants after losing out to Fleetwood for John Parkin, Bury turning down his Bishop bid, and Ryan Doble signing for Shrewsbury.(1)(8)Alan Knill seems unable to break his reliance on Bury. It's as if he doesn't have a mind of his own. Either that or he lacks confidence in his own ability to assess playersMike Grella has already signed for Notts County!


21 Jun 2012 14:41:06
Steve Howard and Tommy Miller to Hartlepool are both done deals. Due to be announced in the next few days in time with a big season ticket sales push(1)(14)Soz. Miller just signed for swindon, guessing this puts a dampener on the season ticket salesWell seeing as tommy miller has just signed for swindon the commute to pools may be rather difficult ....Miller just signed for Swindon so that's a lieI dont where you get your information from my friend but sorry to say Tommy Miller has signed for Swindon Town this afternoon along with Alan Navaro and Jay Mcleverley so good done deal my friend...........Bet you feel like an person nowApparently Tommy Miller has signed for Swindon. Can anyone verify this?


21 Jun 2012 14:41:05
Arsenal to sign Hatem Ben Arfa, as they need to strengthen their midfield creativity.

They will also want an experienced defender as cover, possibly Anthony Reveillere as he is in the French team along with Koscielny.

And lastly, Arsenal will need a good crosser of the ball to feed Olivier Giroud. Not sure who this will be.(7)(12)


21 Jun 2012 14:38:43
Norwich are to bid 4 million for england keeper jack butland. as villa are looking at John ruddy as a replacement for shay given.

sources (daily mail)(10)(14)We have Rudd and SteerHow old is jack.bCant believe people actully read the daily mail!And you believe the daily mail :L Ruddy is better than Jack Butland he was in the England squad before Jack Butland, Why would you sell your best keeper anyway... in my opinion it aint going to happenHow original, yet another Norwich player linked with a move to Villa just because our ex manager is thereThis wont happen, Norwich have some cracking young keepers as it is..Makes no sense to add another!I agree jack butland isn't even that good!he had a mare against us(Southend) and we can hardly hit a barn doorTo be fair, Rudd would of probably gotten the call up if he hadn't just finished recovering from surgery...


21 Jun 2012 14:34:48
Leyton Orient boss Russell Slade is hopeful of snapping up free agent Ben Strevens this week.(0)(6)


21 Jun 2012 14:26:53
Craig Mackail-Smith may be taking interest from League 1's Sheffield United. The Brighton record signing has flopped in the Championship and may be available for as little as £1.2m, as BHA chase other, more established targets.(5)(17)CMS is never leaving let alone going down a leagueWhat a load of rubbish! He is going nowhere!How has he flopped,utter rubbishThat would be very interesting seeing as GP released a statement recently backing CMS to have an exceptional 2nd season. Check your facts!Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Funniest thing in agesWill Hoskins, who was the record signing until Will Buckley, and then Mackail-Smith signed, had been interesting Sheffield United.
However, Danny Wilson fears he is injury prone and will not be offering a contract at this time.Funniest thing i've read so far on this page, no chance of cms leaving for a league 1 teamSufc would not be able to afford the tranfer fee at £120, nevermind 1.2 mill, although i'm sure CMS would be interested in a move to a big club.


21 Jun 2012 14:12:54
Mk dons only going to sign players and take loans for exceptional players check the website, Mk likely to bring back Sam baldock on loan for the season due to west hams riches of strikers !!(2)(11)Finger-crossed! I've missed 'Sammy Baldock, He's one of our own!' chantAnd what proportion of his £30K a week are we going to pay? Absolute non-starter. It'll be Ipswich, or another decent Championship outfit.I think there could be something in the Baldock rumour. He was at MK for the play off first leg and it was clear from how he talked just how much he missed the place/regular football.As much as id love Sammy back it isnt going to happen. The guy above me has it right 30k a week got no chance unless we go up !! He will replace Emnes at Middlesborough when he leaves for Swansea.If we did get baldock back we will be almost guaranteed automatic promotion next year he would be the Rhodes of the 12/13 season30k a week and how many starts, baldock does not earn 30k per week, and with a squad of 25 in epl and baldock now not eligible for a youth spot this rumour is spot on,Baldock does NOT earn 30k a week wages. Would be amazed if he was on 10k.


21 Jun 2012 14:10:24
Saints may target Tranquillo Barnetta which would make a diverse mid-field addition with plenty of quality(14)(6)


21 Jun 2012 14:04:16
Jon Shaw has signed for Luton Town
Source: Luton Official Website(9)(6)


21 Jun 2012 14:02:17
Sheffield Wednesday have signed unwanted Derby striker Chris Maguire on a 3 year contract with an option of a further year. Source - @Walkerpw on Twitter. He works for Radio Sheffield.(12)(2)For 675k-725kGutted hes gone, clough didnt give him a chance :(


21 Jun 2012 13:57:04
Watford owner Laurence Bassini has today said that he has agreed terms with the Pozzo family and now waiting for 'proof of funds' (source Watford Observer)
If this is the case, expect the take over to be completed in the near future.(7)(4)


21 Jun 2012 13:54:59
Mark Roberts, Luke Freeman, John Ashton. and Laurie Wilson, have all extended their contracts another year with Stevenage, all expected to have their wages increased(7)(6)


21 Jun 2012 13:49:37
Hi ed. Any news were the highly rated scotland player Kevin Macdonald is going after his release from Sheffield United? {Ed001's Note - no, I believe he is currently on holiday, but I will see what I can find out.}(0)(4)He's not been released, his contract ended and he's been offered another one.Highly rated if he stays out of the pub,throwing away a good carreerSheff utd hav offered him a contract but he is on holiday at the momentHad a cracking season so yes highly rated,amazing some of the nonsense about the pub if only ppl knew the actual story and not the carp from the papersHe is moving across the city to the massive!Macdonald hasn't been released. He's been offered a new contract.


21 Jun 2012 13:49:10
After missing out on the signing of former man city winger Gai Assulin, who has decided to persue a move back to spain. Huddersfield have turned the attentions towards Bayern Munich youngster Dale Jennings on a season long loan.He flew in to town by helicopter from a family break on tuesday, prompting chief exec nigel clibbend to cancel his fan Q+A at canal side.(4)(10)I said town should try get jennings weeks ago but this doesn't sound like it'll happen


21 Jun 2012 13:48:34
Hibernian winger David Wotherspoon is set to move on a season long loan to Cheltenham Town to gain first team experience.(6)(6)Pat fenlon just said today he is still in his plansIs he good...?


21 Jun 2012 12:50:49
Free agent Geece international Theofanis Gekas set to sign for ambitious Championship side Brighton & Hove Albion. Deal to be confirmed whenever Greece are knocked out of the European championships. deal anticipated to be completed by the end of the week(6)(13)Are u getting over excited by the euros or is there a slither of truth in this..?Gus isn't known for being his tact in dealing with problem players and Gekas comes with a lot of baggage. Who knows? Possible but not likelyI can confirm the interest but not to what extent. Be prepared for late interest from 2 other championship clubsI hope this is true because he still looks exceptional! Granted he is a bit old but look at K.Phillips at Blackpool


21 Jun 2012 13:40:40
Wigan Are close to signing Everton FC striker Victor Anichebe(9)(16)Everton fan here. Just to let you know you will be getting a good player in Anichebe. He hasnt really had a chance at Goodison but has potential if he is given a good run in the first team. Will get you goals and is a powerful player.


21 Jun 2012 12:47:33
wigan have agreed a deal with michael
owen,undergoing a medical at weekend
then a 2 year deal will be signed.
stoke miss out on owen,but will be
signing matt jarvis for £6m and have
made a bid of £3.75m for mark davies
of bolton. bolton holding out for more(10)(15)There are other teams in for Jarvis so Stoke are no where near to signing him.No wigan havnt that proves everything u claimed is a lie from the start micheal owen himself said he couldnt see himself joining wigan as he didnt feel they matched his ambitionYou have one out of 3 right above. Owen isn't going to Wigan, Stoke haven't agreed a fee for Jarvis but are after Wilson.Owen is having a laugh,think himself lucky if anyone is going to waste money on a hasbeen,living in the past,do us all a favour retire.Owen to wigan , this person is clearly an idiotHaha made me spill mycoffeBolton aren't holding out for more.... he isn't for sale! He is important for the campaign ahead.Could you tell me where you got this information , because Owen's Stables are closer to Stoke and Stoke are a better team.Well actually i think he will go to Southampton tbh, i could be wrong but i really do think he willThank god for thatMark Davies isnt leaving Bolton either.. unless you have 10m?I also personally don't think bolton are in the situation to sell they're going to use up there transfer allowance to bounce back up into the prem , original/quality players intact , this is coming from a stokie. {Ed029's Note - They've also released several players and wouldn't want to lose any more.No wigan havnt that proves everything u claimed is a lie from the start micheal owen himself said he couldnt see himself joining wigan as he didnt feel they matched his ambition

Oh where has Owen said this? there are no quotes from Owen or evidence that this is true or did Owen tell you this personally?

Owen would be lucky to be offered a deal at Wigan look at Emile Heskey they turned his career around and he ended up playing for England again... Owen would be lucky if Wigan were interested in him.So they're holding out for more but he isn't for sale :-) Yeah that makes sense. Why on earth would a player that Stoke are after go to Southampton?If davies is 10 million that would make shawcross around the 30 million markDavies 10 million.. hhaha... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aha.. aaah. Hang on give me a sec...... right now I'm composed.. Davies is 4-5 million at best this is not to say he's not a good player but 10 million for Davies would make 35 million for Andy carroll justified.


21 Jun 2012 12:26:00
barnsley to announce the signing of
mido tomorrow followed by the signing
of marco futacs on monday.
they are also attempting to sign
dale jennings on a season long loan.(20)(7)Paul mcshane is on 40 grand a week at hull so why would he join Barnsley. Highest earner at Barnsley is 8 grand so they cant afford his wages!They have already got him Barnsley fc website also daily mailWhat has Paul McShane got to do with this post?Mido signed this afternoon 1 year deal.No one at barnsley is on 8kKay mac and Andy Gray both now left were probably Barnsleys top earners so their wages now being used for new recruits. Mcshane good defender when at Oakwell previously but will spend a lot of the season on suspension wherever he signs. Mido oh no!


21 Jun 2012 12:23:19
stoke and wigan are both intrested in the highly rated greek winger salpingidis(10)(4)


21 Jun 2012 11:58:26
Fulham to sign defoe n yilmaz also jacob blaszachowski (pardon spelling) wants 1st team football with fulham n celtic willing to give it to him . Celtic does not look likely as the player wants to test himself in the premiership n see.s scottish football as a weaker league. No im not a fulham fan but i am good pals with a player there who i have known since i was 5.(4)(15)Y leave the budesliga champs where he plus 1st team footballHad a not bad euros, would be nice to see him at Celtic but highly unlikely


21 Jun 2012 11:56:11
Stoke City are ready to offer Kenwyne Jones plus cash to get the services of Jarvis from Wolves.(10)(15)Kenwyne Jones' salary is a major sticking point. Stoke have offered him to several clubs with QPR seeming the keenest but no takers at the minute. Malaga were oddly interested at one point. I know that Stoke are monitoring the situation with Joey Barton but doubt that would happen until late in the window but one for another day. Mick McCarthy was a big fan of Jones and Glenn Whelan also and made a move for both before his sacking.Stoke don't want that fool Barton. He is too much trouble for Tp to take on and the fans despise the horrid little manYou obviously missed Pulis saying last season that he would love to sign him ........since when do you speak for Stoke?No, however acording to sky sports news we have just sighned Frank Nouble on a free transfer from west ham...........I for one wouldnt mind this but wouldnt pay high wagesI wouldn't of minded this but Wolves have enough strikers as it is and I can't see Kenwyne Jones dropping down to the Championship.


21 Jun 2012 11:51:41
newcastle have accepted a bid of £2M for Leon Best from Blackburn and celtic(16)(16)Why would celtic want him?Please let him go to BlackburnCeltic do want him thoughHes gone thenGood player for blackburn,i liked him at newcastle


21 Jun 2012 11:49:39
Any news for us Bradford City fans. After being linked with virtually everyone now nothing. Need some news through these wet summer days(4)(6)Be patient Lads .we have already secured the services of Davies and McCardle and there are irons in the fire .....end of this month and you will see.


21 Jun 2012 11:37:14
Nathan Ellington Interesting Bradford
City, and is deciding between them or a move further south with bristol rovers(7)(8)


21 Jun 2012 11:36:52
Jonson Clarke-Harris, the ex Coventry academy star striker, confirmed as Peterborough United player by the Coventry Telegraph. Won't be officially confirmed by PUFC, until 30th June due to contactual reasons.(7)(6)


21 Jun 2012 11:02:50
Peterborough mystery signing revealed in the local paper as Jonson Clarke-Harris.(4)(8)If it's in the local paper why are 2 people marking it as unbeleivable?This site makes no sense!! a week ago i posted that Jonson Clarke Harris was our mystery signing and they didnt post it, why wont this site post rumours that are actually true? {Ed003's Note - I remember a couple of posts regarding him,I'm sure they were posted,check the search function}Being marked "unbelieveable" by the same people who mocked the suggestion that Danny Swannson would sign for them, at a guess.It was posted a couple of weeks ago but it's been confirmed in the press today


21 Jun 2012 10:58:20
Manchester City are set to sign Wolves wonder kid Zeli Ishmail for a cut price deal of 1.5m. The youngster only has one year left on his contract of else he would be valued at somewhere nearer the 5m+ mark.(6)(6)I love it because he's overpriced he's a'wonderkid'.........:-)Kids going nowhere - get back to your football games. If he did become available it would create quite a big bidding war for his servicesMan city offered 3m and chelsea offered 5m 3yrs ago so why would we sell him for 1.5m,he scored a hat trick against man utd reserves not bad for a midfielder.Btw he turned them both down :-)


21 Jun 2012 10:57:19
Sky Sports have linked Norwich City with a move Senegalese Oasasuna striker Ibrahima Balde(11)(10)Surely Balde would go to Wig-anLike it !You think Norwich can afford his buy out clause?No ones going to pay his buyout clause of 9 it's just required of Spanish clubs to have them for their players so a realistic price for him would be
£3.5m-£5m and no more.


21 Jun 2012 11:32:17
Doncaster bid for Aston & Roberts(2)(11)No, roberts is going nowhere!!! and neither is ashton!!!! omg deluded fans now days, this website is gonna give me a heart attackIts true both been rejected thou!!


21 Jun 2012 11:27:49
West Country Rumours:
Bristol Rovers offering a return to
Torquay for Chris Zebroski plus £20k
for Gulls' striker Rene Howe, who had
a previous spell at the Pirates.
David James, released by Bristol City,
hoping for a playing/coaching role at
hometown Exeter City.
Bristol City looking at Rovers' battling
midfielder Craig Stanley.
Bath City looking to bring in Lee
Johnson, son of Gary - Yeovil manager.(6)(9)Lee johnson still has a year left on his contract at st johnstone, so how are bath city able to sign him, and they just got relegated from the blue square premier league so they have no moneyBrilliant! Lee Johnson to bath? The same lee Johnson who plate in the Scottish cup final for Kilmarnock last year?!HA Rene Howe and Cash for ZEBZ "dream on" that really has made my day hahaLee is fed up of the 'son follows father' stigma and so he vowed not to play under him again... if you read the papers and followed west country football that well, you'd know that...Try Killmarnock not St. JohnstoneDon't think Exeter will sign David James we just got a st keeperJohnsons at killmarockHahhha stanley to bristol city they can have him :L all he does is run sideways :LHow is Exeter David James' hometown he is from Welwyn Garden City and lives near BristolHe lives in Exeter.Craig Stanley a battaling midfielder? I think I have heard it all now.


21 Jun 2012 11:09:38
Watford will re-sign Tommy Smith from QPR(10)(11)Not if the takeover gors throughI do not believe this at all, heard he is going to leeds to join up with colinTommy's probably sick of signing for you by now. he'd be better off coming to Cardiff.He is to old but if he is now cheap get himIf the takeover is successful it would make this less likely as the owners might be more inclined to use some of the many loan players connected with Udinese and GranadaTo good for Watford , should go to a team who could get promoted!He was under used by warnock at QPR so i'd say he'll go elsewhere. Good player spent far to much time on the bench over the last few years. Nice guy as well always involved in the community projects so i hope he goes and gets games {Ed029's Note - He did get games under Hughes though.Smith is a very good player, just not that Premiership quality. Would be a great addition to any team with Promotion ambitions.Would love to see Tommy back at the Hornets, I doubt he would go to Cardiff as his family are settled in Berkhamsted and have been since his last stint at Watford, would be great if the new owners did bring him and Heidar back as a gesture to the fans and to help the transition/education of the younger players (from whichever club) but I doubt it would happen. The player is a top guy though and deserves to be playing regular first team football, rather than warming the bench or even in the stands!Said he wants to play for Watford again in his career


21 Jun 2012 10:42:40
Clarence Seedorf is set to sign for Al-Sadd in Qatar, to link up with superstar and former team mate Raul. His rumoured wages are £120,000 per week.(9)(8)


21 Jun 2012 10:41:47
West Ham have made a £2m bid for Portsmouth's Ben-Haim.(8)(27)He's not worth thatHa ha you must be joking he's not worth 2 penceGod let this be true PUPThey've bid 2million for a player who can currently give 14 days notice and leave on a free as pompey havent paid him and thus broken his contract! Good work!Barley worth 200k and especially with portsmouth need all the money they can getThey havent, someone is on a wind up!Desperate move for a desperate club trying do a qpr and buy themselfs to safty what wont workThis post really is wishful thinking! Pompey would let him leave on a free transfer plus a compensation 'pay off' just to get him off the wage bill!Never againWE have offered him free to any club who wants him, but has to pick up his obscene £36k pw which no one will, so we are stuck with him


21 Jun 2012 10:34:50
Town will get a player from SPL and the defender will be signed in the next few days but other clubs are interested in league 1 so he may choose to go somewhere else(0)(6)Give us a clue "Which Town"Why oh why do idiots just keep saying Town on here its as if were all meant to know. Do some fans know how many teams there are that are called Town for the thickos who dont here are a few and i future can we state the name of the club you refer to. eg Ipswich,swindon,shrewsbury,northampton,huddersfield,crawley - just some examples so can you understand how we dont know the TEAM you are talking about. Maybe now it has sunk in!!!!And in any case he is signing for united anyway


21 Jun 2012 10:33:34
Bristol City are set to take advantage of the uncertainty surrounding Rangers by making a double swoop for Kyle Lafferty and Lee Mcculloch.

Very reliable source.(2)(21)Better not be any truth in that :-(Mculloch has said he is staying put no matter whatHe'll stay if we're in the Prem but we're guaranteed to be in Div 3 unfortunately so he's gone :-(


21 Jun 2012 10:13:56
Robert Green signed a 2 year contract (source: SSN)
Samba expected to sign within 2 weeks
Diakite virtually a given(16)(5)QPR??


21 Jun 2012 10:13:34
After all Swindon transfer movement and possibly more to come,it's for sure if bids are made for Ritchie and Flint plus cadddis they will all go.this is gospel(0)(11)Jeremy wray I wish you would go through the official website first!Where are they going?The signings made were to enhance the team not as replacements,why sign forwards and sell a centre half and full backIs that why Caddis about 2 months ago signed a contract extension then?Yeah OK if you say so lol Is this the Caddis who signed a contract extension. What you forget is these players did well for town in league two but still have to prove themselves at league one level.I fear this is right. Bournemouth and the likes have made no secret of their desire to sign Ritchie and I fear once these clubs start flexing their financial muscle a move will be on the cards. Ritchie has been great for us but we are at a different level now, can he perform at this level? I don't know but I know we could sign a few who could if we received in excess of £1milion. One player will not keep us up we need a few and with the signings already made I think we are on the right CAPTAIN Caddis will be allowed to leave will he? I must have dreamt that he just signed an extension then! And Ritchie who we all know will not be going anywhere until next season at the earliest is leaving as well is he...ok, damn..I must have dreamt his recent interview where he was looking forward to next season in a Swindon shirt...WHAT!! And Flint too...oh dear....
Another player who all Swindon fans know will be at the CG this season.... really are the bearer of bad news aren't you..... just talk crap...


21 Jun 2012 10:08:55
Vicente rumoured to have resigned for brighton last night. The highly rated Spanish playmaker has been given a two year deal, to be announced soon.(6)(2)True storyReally hope this is True!Be surprised if it's a two year deal, with his injury record, but I hope he signs.Heard about gus saying its 95% certain he is going to stay, also gus said that he is close to signing 2 new players.Let's hope so if poyet started with
Vicente,noone,Buckley and cms this season
Could be good


21 Jun 2012 10:08:21
Bristol Rovers 'keeper Scott Bevan is in deep talks with Southend United. The blues released Glenn Morris, who looks set to sign for Gillingham, and Bury loanee 'keeper Cameron Belford decided against staying at Southend.

Southend are now without a keeper (Apart from youth team 'keeper Daniel Bentley) and look set to sign both Bevan from Bristol Rovers and Phil Smith from Swindon Town.

Source: Southend United Official.(6)(6)Gillingham to sign this player, helps if we even had a manager?Nothing on the website?Funny, I don see it on their websiteA club official who lives down my road. FACT.Gillingham already have three keepers. Why would they sign another.Belford didn't reject Southend, Southend rejected Belford.


21 Jun 2012 10:06:56
Paddy Kenny to sign very soon, as Robert Green has agreed a two year deal with QPR. Source-SSN {Ed015's Note - Leeds?}(9)(4)


21 Jun 2012 09:49:27
Chartlon have approached arsenal for
loaning sanchez watt for 6 months(8)(7)


21 Jun 2012 09:35:49
Simon Poulsen is going to Ajax. Bendtner will not come (wants to play in CL). Krohn-Dehli would be a good signing but has several options after a fantastic Euro 2012. He was at Ajax and a future star but was injured most of the time and later left for Brondby.(2)(3)


21 Jun 2012 09:02:29
Fulham in the frame to sign darijo srna

Malcolm elias (head of fulham academy, look him up) has said that fulham could attract a better striker than progrebnyak for 30k a week(2)(8)Darijo Srna would be an amazing signing.

We can do better than Pogrebnyak, and I'm glad we're not paying him those wages.Would love to sign srna, but doubt he'll ever leave shaktar


21 Jun 2012 09:45:50
Bournmouth are keen to sign their former player Anton Robinson from Championship new boys Huddersfield Town, it is thought Robinson isn't in their plans, not featuring that much in their league 1 campagne.(12)(8)Best rid of Robinson - useless!I hope so just take i bet town want rid so bad they'd probaly pay you for him just to leave, one of the worst players to wear the town shirt for yearsTheses all look great signings for huddersfield but what is happening with rhodes and reading? i googled him yesturday and it said hed gone NOW its says hes at town? nothing on news or internet indicates differnt.


21 Jun 2012 09:45:41
Walsall winger Kevan Hurst is set to put pen to paper on a two year deal at League Two club Southend!

Source: Southend Echo (Local Newspaper)(10)(3)


21 Jun 2012 09:43:37
Will Hoskins to Notts County, season long loan from Brighton.(5)(15)Good luck with the medical - he has a major hernia problem and won't start the new season.Good he isn't good enough for the championshipKeep him for good he is a waste of spaceLiddle has officially signed for notts countyPossible but unlikely - Sheffield Utd remain the most probable loan destination with a view to buying. What is certain is he wont remain at BrightonAs a brighton fan i like him, he has struggled with an injury plagued season so to say he is a waste of space is harsh, think he still has a lot to offer the club


21 Jun 2012 09:40:08
From AVGS: Chris Zebroski is set to leave Bristol Rovers in a deal to be believed in the region of £150K to un-named club. Rumours suggest the club involved to be Cheltenham Town on a 2 yr deal.(6)(12)Not a chance they could afford that.Absolutely gutted. I heard earlier it was West Ham!He'll go to Luton to link up with Paul Buckle again.Cheltenham could maybe afford the fee and had a £70,000 offer rejected in January. However as they have just spent £40,000 on Straker from Aldershot and are looking at a Championship striker is unlikely.Mark Yates said yesterday he has not spoke to Straker let alone had a bid accepted or deal done!


21 Jun 2012 09:38:45
Dale Jennings wants to move back to England to play first team football. He is talking to Notts County about a season long loan from Bayern Munich Raserves.(5)(14)Jennings IS apparently very unhappy in Germany and looking to come back to England. However, with no disrespect to Notts County, he can probably look for a more prestigious move.Rumours are he could join premier league southampton but palace are also interested.There isn't a hope in hell he would sign for county . I know him personally he said the only league 1 team he would go to is tranmereSouthampton are set for him thats the rumour going around atm, would be good for the team i think


21 Jun 2012 08:57:56
Barnsley's target Mido is 100% set to sign this afternoon, with Barnsley boss Hill still keeping an eye on Carayol, Kilbane, Norwood & Howard(15)(7)Mcshane to sign from hull on a freeHes only starting talks to day got a medical to do and decide whered you find this rubbish?Mido has signed!Mido has signed. Breaking news on sky sportsIt will all end in tears! He will start of looking like a world beater before slowly becoming bored and a bad influence!All we want now is a defender with pace.
BUTTERFIELD to sign,because he is not good enough for the PREM,LACKS PACEScores like an egyptian!!!!Butterfield? ... no pace? mate you obv havent watched any games down at oakwell, im almost 29 and the last player i saw play better than him was wardBetter than higgy give overIf butterfields got no offers from any other clubs, we should reduce the offer on the table, and extend the length, he should have committed one way of the other by the 18th, the scrounger


21 Jun 2012 08:47:14
Luc Castaignos has been mentioned as a possible transfer target for Michael Laudrup.
Castaignos wants out of Inter Milan because he doesn't want to go out on loan and would prefer a move to a club where he can get more first team football.
Castaignos would cost around 4-5 Million with Tottenham, Newcastle and Everton looking into him in the past...(2)(9)Off to westham


21 Jun 2012 08:44:05
Good morning southampton fans loads of noise on other websites that we are looking to sign Gary Mackay-Steven from Dundee United, former Liverpool trainee, a few premiership sides are also looking to sign the winger but look at the ''bbc website spl 2011/2012 skill'' bit see him at the end looks quite a tidy player in all the 2 second clip of him, mind you this could be a load of BS and he could be a pile of donkey sh!t so don't take it to serious, I had just never heard of him and thought I would check him out. COYR(10)(5)Unlikely. He is a left winger - the position currently held by Lallana. What we need is someone similar on the rightCant be true he doesnt play for burnleyIm a Celtic fan, He plays for united and is a fantastic player. Together with James Forrest they are 2 stand out players on the wing and would be a GREAT signing. May need a year to bed in as he's young but he is amazing. Cant speak highly enough and definetly not donkey doo.Given that Lallana lacks pace and has numerous injuries over the years we are going to need someone as cover on the left wing during the season. just like we are going to need cover for Saint Ricky up front. they cant play all the cup games and all the league games. need to build a squad that we can rotate the players when we need to. With Holmes gone there is no obvioius left wing replacement in the current squad.


21 Jun 2012 08:37:47
Emile Heskey is considering a move to
Championship side Bristol City. The 34
year old is now a Free Agent, having
been released by Aston Villa. City have
recently announced cost cutting at
Ashton Gate so are looking at the
opportunities to pick up released players.(7)(19)U couldn't afford his wagesCost cutting yet willing to pay huge wages for him. dont think so somehowWhat a strike force - Lafferty and Heskey - please noIf your looking to cost cut..why waste money on HeskeyHow can you claim cost cutting and then sign a player on Heskeys wages.?


21 Jun 2012 00:40:49
ed any news on gillingham job {Ed001's Note - they are still interviewing candidates mate.}(1)(2)Steve Tilson has been invited for second interview! Reported this morning


21 Jun 2012 00:37:22
Ed any news on
birminham job {Ed001's Note - nothing new.}(3)(2)Lee Clark is meant to be in the running for the brum job.


21 Jun 2012 08:05:44
Mark McGhee has finished long negotiations with three players, David Clarkson, Curtis Weston & Sam Wood and hopes they sign there 2 Year deals by the middle of next week. Will be announced during the week leading up to the return of players back for per-season.(6)(4)


21 Jun 2012 07:55:02
Leyton Orient are in talks with Arsenal regarding a 6 month loan deal for young defender Daniel Boateng.(7)(5)Daniel boatang, oh my god he is pants, he was on loan at swindon, dont head the ball looks very nervous shocking player, good luck with him as all the forwards will have a field day against him, the only thing going for him is he is quick thats it............


21 Jun 2012 07:52:05
Bristol City will complete the signing of Simon Church early next week, both clubs and player have agreed terms but is subject to a medical Monday.(5)(24)Had a text this morning confirming this, its trueHow do u know that he is at reading who gone upI'd rather have Charlotte ChurchChurch will be a good signing if this is true.


21 Jun 2012 07:50:35
Blackburn to sell Scott Dann to Southampton. Danny murphy and Leon Best to Blackburn. They are also looking at a championship centre half to replace Dann but their offer has been rejected.(17)(12)Yes - this has been well rumoured - I just hope the amount being talked about is not true. Dann has been relegated the last 2 seasons and not lived up to his billing. He should be desperate to join us!I think Scott Dann is mad as he is swapping one relegated club onto another who is certain to get relegated, I think there is bigger clubs out there such as wigan, norwich etc were he would have more success."I think Scott Dann is mad as he is swapping one relegated club onto another who is certain to get relegated, I think there is bigger clubs out there such as wigan, norwich etc were he would have more success.".....Another narrow minded fan who more than likely supports the blue few!Scott dan wouldnt go southampton and havnt southampton been linked to every player in the uk and signed no1 {Ed025's Note - how about j rod?..^ gone fishing, Failed!!!!!Poor old Pompey fans, bitter (and transparent) as always...^^ Bigger clubs with a quarter of the transfer budget. If Wigan were a bigger club then they wouldn't lose Diame to a relegation rival and Grant Holt wouldn't want to leave Norwich if they were a bigger club.Dann would go to southampton hes best mate and ex team mate danny fox plays for them they were together at walsall and coventryScott dann would be your worst defender if rovers replace him with the tea lady it would be a huge improvement.


21 Jun 2012 07:40:56
Chris Zebroski on his way to an unnamed championship team. Burnley, Crystal Palace and West Ham are all interested.
Bristol Rovers are willing to sell to gain the fee required to buy James Constable.(6)(13)West Ham not a Championship team - unfortunatelyZebroski is awful, no way is going to the championship! non-league


21 Jun 2012 07:36:55
Major rumour going around that west ham are linked with bristol rovers pair chris zebrovski and andy spring(5)(17)I'll be gutted if Zebs goes. Bloke has really shown potential. He'll tear it up for West Ham.No way a premier league player he is piss poorI've just got Zebroski on the back of my shirt. What am I meant to do if he goes?


21 Jun 2012 07:03:55
Cardiff City are hoping to get a permimant deal for Liam Lawrence by Monday (21st). The offer that is thought to be made on Friday is rumoured to be around £800,000.(11)(11)Would take half as much to get him off our books! Please let this be true!Wouldn't mind him back but never at that price.Hope we dont would be a total waste of money
that could be spent on a better and younger player like Craig Noone of brightonIf the info is as accurate as the date, then its a load of toshWhat makes you thin Noone is anything special?Cardiff won't be signing any players for money as they havn't got any.
They are looking to move on Gerrard,Keinan and others before they can sign FREES100 million pound investment for a significant transfer budget of championship standard. Get ur fact right before saying we have no moneyYou will soon see how much money is available ,by the signings or the lack of.The investment is linked to an agreement of debts to Langston being settled .Langston have not and will not agree to the offer made ,you will see !COUGH COUGH £100,000,000 invested.
COUGH COUGH 10% for transfers. If you didn't know that I'd like to inform you we now play in RED and our manager is Malky Mackay!If thats the case why did bjorn sigurdsen choose wolves ,burnley stated they only had one club offer money for jay rod. you read too many story books ,you will soon see when malky says he missed out on his so -called targets as he's said before.Sigurdsen joined wolves because he wanted to work with there manager who is a legend in his eyes.
jay rodriguez bid was annoounced and malkey said that he put in a bid and burnley rejected iyTo the third from bottom ur a bitter watford fan and don't try and be smart


21 Jun 2012 03:30:47
A little bit of info from stoke- will be there later today (Thursday) so will, have a proper update.

Re Diame, despite what some have said, Stoke were never interested in this guy. His representative banded his demands around half of the Prem clubs looking for the highest offer available and only two were willing to talk to him. Obviously just looking for the biggest pay day.

Stoke have 3 offers in for players, one from each of the relegated clubs. Will find out more later. One is fairly advanced

Still trying to up an offer for Kenwyne Jones.

The pre contract with Owen isn't true although he will very likely sign on 1st July. He doesn't want to go to Reading who are very interested.

Upson has spoken to Southampton but keeping his options open

Two French based players have had talks and one very keen to come

More tonight as promised(14)(11)I wait with baited breath, let's hope u don't let us down.Reading don't want Owen actually, they want Pogrebnyak and Rhodes.Reading made Owen an offer about 3 weeks ago am sorry to inform you. Owen turned them down. They also enquired re Etherington at Stoke and and two Wolves players. Hope that clears that one upOk a little bit more info on the French players........actually they are French based players. Stoke have had two rounds of talks with one who is a striker but are also interested in Kone from La Liga also but hardly breaking news. Haven't had the French striker's name confirmed but it seems they're waiting on Kenwyne Jones to be sold.

Davies at Bolton and Jarvis at Wolves are two players that Pulis is very keen to sign.

Upson doesn't seem to fancy Southampton.Reading havent talked to owen or either of those two...Apart from shirt sales I can't see why every lower prem team is excited by owen? He's played like two hours in two seasons.. His hamstrings weaker than a ten year old elastic band!Hah, why would reading want owen, Where not intereseted at all actually. Our focus has moved elswere so we dont want old bad strikers. we want talent. Either a good midfielder and defender or a great strikerReading won't get big players at a club like theresThat is bull. I know for a fact Reading were offered Owen in January but opted instead for Roberts! Reading have zero interest in Owen, and are indeed in talks with Rhodes and Pogrebnyak.As for Reading not getting big players, The club will sign additional players that fit their short term, mid term and long term strategy. Having supported them for more than30 years I'm expecting mistakes in this chapter of our long history but knowing the chairman personally and seeing him surround himself with personal that understand how to build a business organically as well as a run a club on a shoe sting prior to selling 51% of the business/club. For 20 years Reading has had a wealthy backer and now the club as a YOUNG ambitious owner. Don't be too sure about Reading staying a small club. If all clubs conduct themselves in the way Reading has done for the past 2 decades then most would also find wealthy backers and fans wouldn't be so green eyed and bitter over Reading's step forwardAtleast Reading can string more than 2 passes together and will be more entertaining to watch than Stoke!Reading won't get big players at a club like theres

Ha.. Someone's an Oxford fan! {Ed029's Note - Who isn't?Location mate,of course we will,money talks and w e got stacks of itThe Reading fans who say Owen hasn't spoke to them are guessing. I can tell you 100% he HAS and can actually name you the date so please stop pretending you know different. He simply has said that he doesn't want to go there and get over it please. Anyway this thread isn't about Reading so take it elsewhere.To the lad who said owen wont go to a little club like reading mate your angry were laughing at your transfer target owen wont go to a big club stoke are not a big club there average owen will go to a small club where he will get 40 starts and a totals of 120 minutes football.Dear Ed, 99.99% of the English Population.

TrueLoyalRoyalOn the Owen situation; everyone thought Woodgate has the walking wounded but Stoke managed to get more games out of him that his previous 3 at Spurs. Make no mistake, Owen won't be able to play 90mins every match, I can see him being used as a regular impact sub.I doubt there's a Stoke fan alive that cares about Reading. Owen doesn't want to play for you.........end of. Good luck with your free transfers and imminent return to the Championship.Anyway back to Stoke which is what we were discussing..........Jones had had an offer from abroad which Stoke are keen to push through. There are two Prem club interested but not willing to meet Stoke's valuation.

The deal for a Blackburn player has gained momentum the last 48 hours and the representatives from a Bolton player are to hold talks over the weekend.

Although not a Stoke player any more, Ricardo Fuller apparently pricing himself out of potential moves as Bolton were the latest club interestedI'm a Reading fan, and a lot of Reading fans on here have to realise that we've enquired about well over 50 players, surely. Owen could well have been one. Do you really think Pog and Rhodes were the only ones we wanted? Do you not think we had a look at the likes of A. Johnson, Holt and Rodriguez, and probably Owen too? Don't be so quick to dismiss it if you don't actually know that he's wrong. GSY-Royal


21 Jun 2012 01:20:09
Ed and others, is anyone aware if there is any truth in the rumour that holt has been offered a new deal or that he has accepted it?

NCFC(6)(5)WHO IS ED {Ed003's Note - This one is a clever,witty,handsome chap}


21 Jun 2012 01:07:07
Huddersfield trying to sign Sean Morrison, Grant McCann, Keith Andrews and George Boyd(26)(27)Morrison - defo
mccan - good
andrews - great
boyd - who is heGood luck they are all on 10k + wagesHave people only clicked unbelievable because of keith andrews most likely off to Bolton?U wishMorrsion going as part of the deal that takes Jordan Rhodes the other way. Aston Villa have now pulled out of their interest in JR because a deal is already reached with ReadingHow many times! your not getting Andrews he will go to a premier league side or a top half champ side not to huddersfieldCourse morrison, mccann and boyd all likely to be below 10k wagesGeorge Boyd... You know, the one who tore you apart in the play-offs not too long ago.Posh wouldn't pay anyone 10k plus a weekAndrews: bigger clubs circling
boyd:don't have to remind MOST town fans about him lol, wouldn't mind him not sure if its gonna happen tho, and lets see how many places above p'boro hudds finish
p'boro'=bottom 6If we get Andrews, I will eat my hat!


21 Jun 2012 01:03:48
After an impressive game against Cheltenham Chris Zebroski is the subject of a bidding war between a number of championship clubs. It is believed that Burnley are considering a £200k bid for him while Watford are also interested and closely monitoring the situation.(12)(16)Thats a good idea.....Burnley do a great job training youngsters to be future Southampton players....we look forward to buying him next year or the year after...:-)When was this game?...No he isn't as Rovers fans do not even rate him. He is 25 and he scored 3 goals in 39 games in the league for Bristol Rovers, one of which was against Cheltenham but no way would anyone bid £200k for a striker who isn't even proven at this level.


21 Jun 2012 00:51:27
millwall are looking at
carayol from
Bbristol rovers(7)(16)Are you sure that's not Carrol from Liverpool?!Also Crystal Palace are thought to be interested.I could see this happeningComing to MiddlesbroughHe is going to barnsley fc on a 3 year deal worth £350.000Going to bristol cityGoing to boro


21 Jun 2012 00:46:39
it is some how a mystery that man city dont play john guidetti .... the youngster on loan to feyenoord has scored 20 goals in 23 games and is still not getting any time on the blue side of manchester.

however sunderland are willing to take him off citys hands for a season long loan with a view to 2 years loan untill his contract is up. then if he impresses he is open to perminant move to the stadium of light for free.

details of transfer from source inside the sunderland staff coughkevin ball(19)(18)DreamingSurely if true you have a responsibility to protect your source and not cause them embarrassment!Heard from the legend himself i mean city dont play him so why keep him i mean why waste himThe would rather play there highest earning fan favourite nasiri or silva out of position shame as the lads got bags of talentThe reason city dont play him is they have aguero dzeko balotelli and teves simple asCity want rid of dzeko tevez and if i was manger i would get rid of balotelli he is to unprictable i would get higuian or falco and then keep him as back up maybe sturridge to since he hates it at chelsa


21 Jun 2012 00:32:53
millwall to get
wycombe next week(14)(18)Yeah noIts possible!By the 29th?


21 Jun 2012 00:26:51
millwall to get zoko by
next week(4)(16)


21 Jun 2012 00:24:04
HI ED any millwall news today {Ed001's Note - I heard you spoke to Crewe regarding Ajay Leitch-Smith, no idea if you have any hope of getting him, he has a contract offer on the table from Crewe. He has interest from a lot of places, so you are just another in the list, but you never know. You are a league above Crewe and he would stand a very good chance of regular football with you. Sorry it took so long to reply, I was trying to find out which Crewe player it was, I was told earlier and made a note of it but couldn't find my note. Realised it was because I had changed comp since I made it!}(6)(3)Hi Ed. Are you sure about this as our Assitant manager said were not after any strikers and we have enough already. {Ed001's Note - he can play on the wings as well, but yes, it was only an enquiry, as the lad is out of contract soon. It might just have been a case of someone asking about one of your strikers, so the club being prepared in case they need to replace one. Most enquiries do lead nowhere.}Rubbish! kj wants atleast one more striker if not two!He signed a new deal in April Ed. For one year with another years option to extend {Ed001's Note - did he? I must have missed that, especially as Steve Davis was saying he needed to sit down with him and discuss his future at the club. I assumed that was because he was out of contract and he wanted to persuade him to stay.}


20 Jun 2012 23:51:04
Newcastle United have again been named as one of a host of Premier League clubs interested in signing young 19-year old Real Madrid forward Alvaro Morata.
News of Newcastle’s interest first came to the fore in March, after previous interest in the January transfer window from Wigan Athletic and Arsenal had been rebuffed.
At the time Morata preferred staying in La Liga perhaps with Sevilla. However, with no definitive bids on the table, the striker has subsequently set his eyes on the Premier League with QPR and Liverpool supposedly vying for his signature.(6)(7)Wigan looking at himWigan looked at him last season, he wants to go to a club with ambitious plans. QPR.



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