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22 Jul 2013 23:18:44
If wells goes peterboro or celtic, bradford already got a striker lined up in matthew barnes homer. Top scorer last year in conference and out for two months can't be bad

I thought matt green was top goal scorer in conference 27 goals barnes-homer isn't L2 standard let alone L1

It means a step up of two divisions in standard plus a possible injury risk. Ther are better options in my opinion



22 Jul 2013 22:50:49
Southend United have accepted an improved offer from Fleetwood Town for centre-back Ryan Cresswell who is now expected to leave Roots Hall.

Bad luck Chesterfield, you played a dangerous game by making a ridiculously low offer and have now lost out. A healthy fee for us, all the best for the future Cressy and thanks for your effort over the last 12 months.

Ex-Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday defender Julian Bennett has flown to Madrid to join Blues on trial as Cresswell's potential replacement.

Bennett is a left back. We need a Centre Half can't see this been true

This with Cresswell had become a 'farce'. If £25k is correct what we offered, then we did not deserve to get him. Also, Southend have taken our ex. trailist Conor Clifford with them to Madrid. There has to be a better center half available some where ( e. g. Ian Evatt who is discussing a 2-year contract with Oldham). let's MOVE ON & QUICK!

From all at CFC, good luck to you Ryan. Seems odd though you will be hardly any closer to your home town.

23 Jul 2013 13:11:49
Bennett can play left centre half or left back. Confirmed in the echo that he has flown to madrid to train with the rest of the squad

Bad luck chesterfield, hold on m8 i, d say we were lucky, he, s not as good as people make out, average at best,

The north is the north. a lot closer than the south.

Oh well, might as well find a younger cb who won't get homesick

Hearing that the offer Southend accepted for Cresswell is somewhere in the region of £150-180k.

Got good money for him aswell. All good for both parties in my eyes and bennett is a quality left or centre defence.

100k 50k up front


The rumours about CFC offering 25k is untrue. spoke to Cook at the belper match last wednesday, we met southends valuation time and time again but everytime we did southend changed the price. it is true however we ORIGINALY offered less that he was valued which is good business given hi desperation to join us but that was many MANY bids ago, some of which exceeded the price set out by southend

120k up front add on over the next 12 months

Cfc club officials confirmed that 25k was all they could bid. so did southend board

25 Jul 2013 14:17:25
that is untrue. CFC have made no comment officially but have said that they met the asking price but SUFC then raised it. They were not prepared to accept such unprofessional behaviour and withdrew, leaving FTFC to buy the player at a lower price than CFC had bid. You reap what you sow.

Thank you fleetwood for taking cresswell, trust me when I say the vast majority of cfc fans were hoping not to sign him, i, m sure you have better already in your team,

Haha don't believe that FTFC fans, those on the Chesterfield forum were desperate to sign Cresswell!

For what it's worth I'm delighted with the fee we received, it's more than he's worth but he'll do well for you.

Haha don't believe that FTFC fans, those on the Chesterfield forum were desperate to sign Cresswell!

For what it's worth I'm delighted with the fee we received, it's more than he's worth but he'll do well for you.



22 Jul 2013 22:32:45
Udinese will not be rushed into a decision over striker Matej Vydra. There has been a lot of interest in the Czech forward, but Udinese are holding out for a large fee. Should this not be met by the end of August, it is expected that he'll return to Watford on loan for the season.

Unlikely, he doesn't fit the pozzo model.

It depends on the perspective.

If Vydra's attitude is anything like that of his agent, we'd be lucky if he'd so much breathe air in a Watford shirt. Let alone play in it.

But will he get into the Watford team now? He may have missed the boat!

Watford is now the most likely destination for Vydra. Followed by Swansea.

Of course he'd get in the Watford team, he scored 20-odd goals last season. Fabbrini's scored 5 league goals in his entire career to date and Acuna had done very little until last season. Not quite sure why Watford fans are certain they're as good/better than Vydra.

Acuna has more to his game than Vydra. Perhaps not as fast, but can pass, is good on the ground and, crucially, can direct the ball with his head. Deeney is good for aerial link up play but his heading towards goal is hopeless. Vydra is all pace and finishing and as soon as service stops from through balls, due to a compact side like Barnsley, he wouldn't be able to score. If we can whip the ball in from the wings, hopefully Acuna can rectify that problem. Fabbrini will likely be played as a CAM as he has done in pre-season. Vydra would certainly be a good addition to the squad but he is perhaps not as popular with the fans because of his 'gesture' to the Watford fans after he scored his volley against Leicester. Wouldn't mind him as a loan but certainly not a permanent contract.

If Vydra is forced to Watford, I don't want him here. Won't work hard enough for the team.



22 Jul 2013 21:51:31
are any of these players available this summer?
are man city interested in any of them? thanks eds

sakho {Ed001's Note - I have no idea if City have any interest in any of those players, sorry.}

Doubt they'd be interested in Sakho, he's not at that level.



22 Jul 2013 22:00:52
sylvan ebanks-blake, billy sharp and Leroy lita all targets for Bournemouth as they look to step up their hunt for a striker

I hope billy sharp not to sure on ebanks-blak quality and who's the other guy

We are not signing a striker as Jayden Stockley is going to be the 1st team striker with Brett Pitman

All three strikers have good pedigree and are around 27/28 years old. ebank-blake is presently injured till October but would be a freebie hence not likely for Bournemouth. Billy sharp is good score ratio in championship and Southampton would want at least £1.2m he would make a welcome addition as afcb main striker. Leroy lita has played more regular at higher level but goal scoring is between good and erratic? Once again Swansea might part with him but should be around £1. 3 price tag.

SHARP YES E Banks Blake when not injured would be good Lita no thanks passed his best

How can people say Lita is not good enough or past his best? He got better than 1 goal every 3 games last season for Sheff Wed (where he's going back)

Lita is passed it lad and has a bad attitude

Jayden stockley, you having a laugh mate?

23 Jul 2013 23:08:24
No chance with sharp other clubs in league after him

Jayden Stockley is not good enough for a sunday pub team !

Yes but it said in the Matchday programme on Sunday it said that Stockley would be the main striker next season

If Stockley is our main striker then we may as well go back down to league 1 now because he is useless

You must have read that programme wrong pal, or read jayden's dream journal. No way is he good enough to lead the line in the championship.

Sharps has been staying at a hotel in Bournemouth for around a week now. With his wife and son, so does seem plausable

Like the sound of billy sharp coming to Bournemouth, if true then would be great addition to the strong squad. Stockley still remains a future prospect but how many years will it take?

Or maybe he's just on holiday in Bournemoth, enjoying the 7 miles of golden beach, the beatiful town gardens and the wonderful weather!

Billy sharp has been staying in a bournemouth hotel for the last week?

are you absolutely sure about this

Yes and also stretching his legs at DC

Sharp has been staying in a hotel in Bournemouth as the house he was renting in the area is no longer available and as he knows he's on the move it probably doesn't make sense to get a new one, don't forget he's only playing up the road



22 Jul 2013 22:00:28
Bradford City want to sign Rafaelle the Vita and will sign a goalkeeper soon.
PP happy with his strikers and feels Thompson, Yeates can cover Nahki, Hanson and Connell. He will only sign another player other than the Vita and a GK if its a TOP signing!

This is from PP's own mouth.

Also, the only bid received was for Nahki, not had much interest for any of their players in the summer which is a big surprise for there success! Nathan Doyle was never leaving and was always going to stay with City!



22 Jul 2013 21:16:39
Swansea City are on the verge of signing Espanyol and Mexico defender Hector Moreno for around 7 million.

Just paper talk. Maybe if anything transpires with Williams but otherwise, not going to happen!

Denied by the club. Agent talk - the same happened with Wakaso

Jenkins has said that swans ain't in the market for a cb unless Williams leaves

Only if ash goes to arsenal.

We've already got Chico and Amat so we need a reserve CB

^Forgotten about Monk then? More than capable of stepping in when called upon. A quality defender who's served us well for many many years.

Yeah, your right. Don't underrate Monk. He has been doing very well every time he has been called upon even against very difficult opponents.

With exception to the 5-0 defeat we had at Anfield last Febuary. Only game all season where neither Chico or Williams played. Monk should have done better.

Monk can still offer something to Swans back four very reliable backup.

So you're saying the 5-0 score line was Monk's fault? Nothing to do with the other nine outfield players then? When a team loses, the team loses, not one player!

You are right, the 5-0 defeat against Liverpool was an exception but this was not only Monks fault.
I think he has been a great backup last season and did mostly very well against the "big" teams as well. Monk was called upon against very difficult opponents and everytime he surprised me by performing very well indeed.

Yeah not saying Monk can't do it but he hardly plays! I'd be happy to see him play

Monk is the best defender who can
header the ball in the box from a corner kick. At least monk scored last season not like ash



22 Jul 2013 20:42:15
Fulham want Twente midfielder Dusan Tadic. The Serbian international has only been at the club for a season, but has impressed greatly.

False information.



22 Jul 2013 21:45:16
Everton fan here. Unlucky boys Tom ince looks set for us. Your going to have a tough time this year. Cjtefc1993



22 Jul 2013 21:40:56
Middlesbrough hoping to wrap up 3 signings from abroad before the start of next week. Vitor is the one the club has been holding back deals for (why we didn't go for Maghoma) and quietly confident it will happen.

But the trio are not all attacking signings as has been reported in the press. Apparently another striker (I don't have details) and the club are considering taking a punt on German defender Matthias Langkamp. Meant to be a big, strong powerful defender but TM wants to take a closer look at him in training, rumours of pay-as-you-play deal til xmas to prove himself. Replacement for Bikey.

Not another injury prone player at the boro already got them with woody and co

You did go for Maghoma. He turned you down.

Actually we did not go for Maghoma. It is well documented and confirmed by Mowbray that we held talks with his agent but did not make an offer. We now know we had bigger fish to catch. Only time will tell if we have missed another Carayol

We did not go for Maghoma, Mowbray felt that he was too inexperienced for the championship, and he would not persue him

Boro didn't go for him. He wanted to play for boro but he never got offered anything so he went to Forest a rejected man :- ( LOL

We didn't go in for maghoma, we were looking at him and he wasnt good enough. I hope he makes himself a star at wednesday but I doubt it. i'm sure Mogga has someone good enough lined up.

Yup, Mogga has Vitor Silva a Portuguese midfielder training with the club.



22 Jul 2013 21:16:45
Matt Tubbs will sign for Rotherham United this week!

He is going to bristol rovers



22 Jul 2013 21:07:10
Bradford have accepted a deal worth £1.5m from Peterborough for Nahki Wells. Emile Sinclair will join Bradford on loan as part of the deal.

Not a chance

Wells has already commented negatively on this rumour. He is ambitious and naturally wants to play at the highest level. However his view is that joining Posh would be a sideways move and not a higher level {Ed003's Note - This would be your view not his I presume? }

Not again. No they haven't.

Peterborough small fan base average stadium low wages
Bradford larger fan base better stadium similar wages
Same league so sideways

Our (posh) chairman has said it's not true. Again.

Its all about developing young players and making big money from them. Posh are good at that Bradford are still learning!

Posh would not pay 1. 5 Million for him especially as he would be more of an impact player than a regular starter

Ed - Wells' precise words in an interview with the local rag when asked about the interest from Posh were 'I'm not focused on moving sideways'. That sounds pretty clear to me {Ed013's Note - They have the money to buy him, but I am sure he has ambitions of playing in the league above}

Ed003, Nahki Wells has said this himself, moving to Peterborough would be a sideways step.

Ed, the 'sideways' move is from Wells' recent interview in the T&A, he feels a move to P'boro would not enhance his career. SO the view would be Nahki's not the poster above.

The post above is correct Wells was quoted in the local paper saying a move to Posh was a sideways step, I'm sure he did not mean any disrespect but just in terms of the league they're in. Bradford do have 26K all seater stadium and a good following too.

I know at the moment it would be a sideways move, but if you look at the other young players posh have signed, a lot are in the prem, or at a good champ side. not only would he help posh get promoted, but would enhance his chances of reaching the prem.

There is no way posh will do a deal with a player who clearly isn't interested, and not for the price tag after the Barnett Debacle

I'n not sure it will be such a sideways move in 2 years time

At the minute it is a side ways move, as we both have no points, by xmas it will be a good move, vardy will be the number 9 at posh any way, he will be there 3rd august

Could be a Foot in mouth comment though yes we have a big fan base with a 26K stadium, but in reality Peterborough will be somewhere near the top, bookies have them second favourite and how often are they to far out, and we unfortunatly made will be consolidating this year and hopfully we will avoid relegation and build on the sqaud were have. Personally I feel it would of been a good move for the lad but I ain't going to complain if that means he's still here come start of the season

Personally I think bradford are moving in the right direction championship in a couple of seasons and maybe higher eventually we've done it before so why go to yoyo club peterborough

We will see at the end of the season if it would have been a sideways move.

"Personally I think bradford are moving in the right direction championship in a couple of seasons and maybe higher eventually we've done it before so why go to yoyo club peterborough"

Posh have had 3 seasons in the championship and 2 (now three in league one) against Bradford. first season in league one.

I admire your stadium and higher fan base, but please don't underestimate the championship and focus on L1, then perhaps you can talk about a sustained championship position.

The club who has just got promoted to L1 lecturing posh as a yoyo club who have constantly been 1-2 division above you for the last 5 seasons is a bit ignorant, and very disrespectful to the championship let alone L1, where many teams struggle to stay, let alone how hard it gets at a higher level.

When you were in L2 with us you have double the fans but at half the prices, so other than an impressive stadium you have no stronger finances, I don't recall you selling players for 3+ million pound on a regular basis, so please aim for the championship but be respectful.

If the moneys right he will leave Bradford even if Crawley were interested.

Bradford have fantastic deals for season tickets hence the crowds but also have finances from the cup run last season a pretty good combination so we have some financial muscle and we are spending wiseley imo

Three seasons in champ. Three seasons in league one like I said a yoyo club

5 seasons L2 1 season L1, league 2 club

I've tried to be respectful in asking you to consider that L1 and the championship are both tough leagues, trolling is just going to damage your clubs fan reputation, and lead to people laughing in your face rather than feeling sympathetic if you end up in the bottom 6 this season

I am not convinced we have enough to go up in one season, and we've spent millions on players, and have had an extra £5 million a year in championship income as well as extra gates, and about 12 million from player sales, though if you really have fantastic players coming through the ranks then by all means, good luck for the season, just be realistic and wait and see before shouting your mouth off

Think you will find that Peterborough fans were commenting that we will go to bradford and buy wells we are not dagenham where they have to sell to survive at no point has anybody said we are going to walk the league but will be competative this season so where you get all this arrogance bit is rather amusing

What a ridiculous thread. Every player has a price. If Dagenham offered over £2m for him Bradford would sell! It's not about size of club but what the club decide is good business. So if Posh offer Bradford more than Bradford think he is worth then they will sell. The key for Bradford is that it will be the managers decision so it will not happen unless PP decides it's good footballing business.

Bradford fan, I too am sick of hearing how 'big' we are from our fans. We have just spent 6 seasons in Division 4 and have had large crowds all through that period, didn't help at all did it?

Yeovil have just gone up to the Championship, you would hardly call them a big club, therefore my argument is that it isn't the size of the club or fanbase in these lower division but more the size of the playing staff's hearts.

As above, if Halifax offered City £2million for Nahki do you think messers Lawn and Rhodes would turn it down? Nahki may do but we are in no position to not listen to and accept offers for any of our squad, despite crowd size and cup run/play off cash.

As an addendum to this, the ST plus 50/50 figures released today indicate that our lowest gates next season will be above 12k. Still in discussion with Lee Camp as of this morning too

Well good luck Bradford from a posh fan, let's hope the teams who do the job, and fairly on the pitch get the promotions they deserve, or the placement to push on in the following season.

This is really all that matters once the transfer window closes



22 Jul 2013 20:33:11
Wesley Thomas has been included in the deal to bring former player Sam vokes back to bournemouth deal subject to medical

Hope this is true, who next can we bring back. must be running out of prodigal sons surely?

I would be happy with that to be honest. Maybe Bourne can put the money where their mouth is and add a little cash in the deal.

Wes Thomas actually looked lively and interested during the Real Madrid game, if he can find the back of the net in the friendlies before the season starts I'd keep him!

Vokes would be a good signing and if we got shot of Wes ThoMISS at the same time I'd call that a result.

Lets be honest, I would be hard not to look interested when playing Real Madrid!

Would love Pitman and Vokes!

Wasn't Thomas only on the pitch for about 4 minutes, how can you tell he was lively and interested from that. Get rid sharpish.

Thomas must be gutted seeing a trialist come on before him for the Madrid match. Vokes is built like a tank after Burnley worked on his physique. Would be really strong addition but we need TWO NOT ONE!

Agreed we need 2 strikers

There were no trialists against Madrid?

The "Trialist", as you called him, was Jordan Chiedozie, the youth team striker

Thomas can score goals, he's strong, quick and can turn a defender easily. He doesn't seem to do it anymore at Bournemouth and looks like he'd rather be somewhere else. We need to sign 2 strikers if we are going to have a chance in this league, regardless of weather we keep Thomas.



22 Jul 2013 20:18:04
Frazer Richardson training with middlesbrough

Hope so, Hoyte and Parnaby are two of the worst right-backs ever.

Frazer richardsons cousin : he is training with Boro in preparation for a trial when he is fit again



22 Jul 2013 20:13:54
Theo Robinson is a target for both Bristol City and MKDons.

No he's not!



22 Jul 2013 20:09:45
Derby could move for Chris Burke again in January but will have to pay a fee.



22 Jul 2013 20:05:57
It now looks as though the Tubbs saga will finally come to an end with an announcement expected before the weekend. also expect another departure!



22 Jul 2013 19:45:55
Huddersfield Town are looking to sign Man City defender Reece Wabara who is well known to the coaches there

Why would town be interested in this lad, because he is a right back and town have jack hunt and callum woods for that position.

He's a cb

Well from what I saw of him at Oldham and blackpool, he played right back.

Aright but natural position is a cb



22 Jul 2013 19:20:02
Reading are rumoured to be interested in Blackburn striker Jordan Rhodes, thought to be valued at £6m. This comes after the Royals dropped their interest in Gary Hooper and Charlie Austin, who have both opted to move elsewhere.

Yes please but won't happen

This is false. Why would he be valued at £6m when Blackburn got him for £8m and he has only progressed since. He is a premiership standard player anyway.

22 Jul 2013 20:03:50
How is Rhodes valued at 6 million when he signed for 8 million from Huddersfield and scored 20 plus goals last season think you might b looking at nearer 10 million dreamer

Here we go again!

This rumour is repeated more times than Middlesboro being after Adomah!

I would eat my own leg if we managed to buy Rhodes for 6 Million. he's worth more and would be an awesome signing for any team {Ed003's Note - I'll eat your other leg if this happens}

The biggest problem is that Blackburn still owe a hefty chunk of the £8m to Huddersfield and are losing a lot of money per month so cashing in on the most saleable asset would go a long way towards decreasing the debt

Reading fans, remember last season when you couldn't get him from Town for £6m. Well you're sure as hell not getting him for that now unless Blackburn are mental

Reading fans, remember last season when you couldn't get him from Town for £6m. Well you're sure as hell not getting him for that now unless Blackburn are mental

From my recollection there wasn't any official approach from reading to Huddersfield. Just what bored teens made up on here!

Very true, I just mean from the point of view that his price last season was £8mil so Blackburn would have to be out of their minds to sell for £6mil even if a fair few of his goals this season where from the spot



22 Jul 2013 19:17:15
Stephen McPhail has had trial offers from several clubs including Millwall, Yeovil Town, Sheffield Wednesday and Crawley Town have been widely rumoured to be one of the clubs interested

No way been there done that the wall don't want him!



22 Jul 2013 19:15:30
Doncaster Rovers have placed a £750,000 bid for Norwich defender Leon Barnett which triggered a clause from his loan contract at Cardiff where Norwich gave Cardiff first option on him if they were willing to sell. So Chris Hughton has given Malky an ultimatum - pay £1m and you can have him.

Get real better out there we are premier league now mucka

Can this be true.

Well that's stupid, surely if they have first option they can pay the lowest price. If we tell Cardiff they can have him for 1million, then sell him for less. That's not giving Cardiff first option.

Load of sauce mate why would Cardiff have to pay 1m if Doncaster bid 750k and activated a release clause, think about the rubbish before you type it

When Cardiff loaned him they had an option to buy clause at 1m which holds out until next season starts. They can't bid 750k only 1m that was the deal.

23 Jul 2013 10:40:26
Actually you are incorrect in what you say. I don't know if the clause exists, but these work in the following way. When the loan was agreed a future fee can be agreed (in your example you have it at 1m). This means that if Cardiff want him for 1m then the deal is done. However if Cardiff decide they want him but don't think he is worth 1m they can bid less, it is then up to the discretion of the Norwich board to decide whether to cash in or not.

If it is a case of sell for 750k, get a player who is not good enough for us off the wages and free up a space in the squad for a better player then i'm sure it would be done.

An agreed fee doesn't mean that a lower fee cannot be agreed if acceptable by the selling club, but it does mean that that fee cannot be raised.

Having said all of this I would be a little surprised if Cardiff do buy him, he has proven with both WBA and Norwich that he is great in the Champ but a little to mistake prone for the prem. Hope he gets a good move though.

23 Jul 2013 17:37:06
well done Doncaster rovers yet another player stolen from us from Barnsley first shackles know mvoto when will we learn I have never known any other club in the country take so long to tie up deals with players we have targeted and also our out of contract players. spurr will be on his way next and you wouldn't blame him. I hope for the clubs sake that all the rumours about the investor and all the players we are linked with is true because speaking to fellow supporters they have no confidence in the club

Clowns running Rovers let Mvoto join our nearest rivals Barnsley will Forrester be the next Pd Gb Lf, are complete jokes, is this Irish gang a figment of JR imagination

Barnett has been told he can go on a free

Doncaster had been told they need to pay £1m. So this could be true

CEO Gavin Baldwin and FD Lee Ferriby haven't got a clue of how to run a football club, never mind about new food on concourses and winning awards for family areas, as fans we want players signed to deals, Movoto to Barnsley who next Spurr, Forrester, come on JR get someone in who knows
how to run a football club, fans are losing confidence in the club

Gavin Baldwin is up there with the best

Mvoto was offered a deal pre Portugal tour. He told DRFC he wanted to take a look at Barnsley before deciding. PD told him the offer would not stand as he only wants players 100% committed. I fully agree with this view. If a player still feels he cannot commit to a club that he has been training with and played pre season friendlies for then I believe we are better off without.

Why are people blaming the player? Every player had the chance to speak to as many clubs as he likes? You would do the same dear me stop moaning



22 Jul 2013 19:02:52
The Ricky Lambert rumours to Reading are true chaps.

Do you remember me posting a few weeks ago that Nigel Adkins and Ricky Lambo were in a bar in Oxford one evening? A neutral fan spotted them and tweeted about it, and it caused quite a bit of fuss at the time. Many wrote it off, and rightly so, but now it makes that bit more sense.

So I asked a mate if he could find anything more about it and put the rumour to bed, but he said Reading had been in touch with the club and the club had agreed in principle to sell him, but it is dependent on us bringing in another striker. The papers jumped on it being Damiao, but it's not. That won't be happening, but we are apparently close to bringing in another forward and that will free Lambo up to go.

Why would he want to drop a level? I completely agree, but apparently he's being offered £40k a week plus bonuses which is a big rise compared to what we're paying him, and he is a guaranteed starter there; whereas he will be benched here next season as Poch wants to add two new strikers to our squad.

The agreed in principle fee is approximately £4.5m with add-ons dependent on Reading getting promoted, and then more on them staying up - total outlay is £6m.

Previously right about Jack Cork coming in, and JR.

Top English goal scorer! somehow I don't think so!

Lambert not going anywhere.

Honestly don't believe a word of this. The 'neutral fan' that posted about seeing them was a reading fan, I saw the tweet, spoke to the guy and he said it was just them out for a drink. The rumours then spun off that and said the director of football was there. which is a lie.

the club would not sell Lambert after he was our top goal scorer last season and is iconic at the club. Also, what sense does it make to give the guy an improved long term contract with the club and publicise his wish to retire at the club?

Would say watch this space. but nothing to see here.

Repeated nonsense is still nonsense!

Have you for one minute considered any new forward signed by Saints has to demonstrate if he can cope with the Premiership? Until that was established there is NO way Saints would let their leading goal scorer leave. NC and MP are running a football club, not a casino.

4.5 mil for a 30 year old and didn't he sign a new contact recently?

Sounds more believable but still can't see it happening, but its a funny old game.

23 Jul 2013 02:15:31
i think we've got more luck trying to sign lallanna for 30 million

30% of any sale profit has to go to Bristol Rovers so expect a high fee is this goes through.

I would be even more shocked than when Adkins was sacked if Lambert goes to Reading and that was a massive shock. In fact it will leave me disillusioned with my club, Lambert is a legend for us already and even if he isn't first choice next season his experience, goals, touch, vision and aerial ability will be missed greatly. This would be one of the worst decisions I have seen from a football club in a long time if it happens. Most likely papers spouting nonsense yet again

23 Jul 2013 12:26:41
what a load of rubbish rickie will not be going anywhere in this transfer window



22 Jul 2013 18:47:50
Watford midfielder Jonathan Hogg is a target for QPR, who expect to lose Esteban Granero this window.

Gonna cost them big money - Watford don't have to sell - at least £5m

But will Villa {Ed003's Note - stop it now lol }

He'll go for about 10 mil if you're lucky :) we have no need to sell him

No offence to the lad but no way is he worth 5 million!

£5m? I know Hogg is on loan from Villah and all. but that's a bit much. He's a good player but has gone from "star player" to squad rotation in 2 seasons. Could see him going tbh. but if he stays I'd be happy with that

22 Jul 2013 23:26:23
He's probably not worth 5m but Watford are not walkovers in the transfer market any more.

If Hoggy goes anywhere it will be back to his roots up north, not to the rear of the BBC, know what I mean.

All the players who have left Watford since the Pozzos took over have gone for free or for very small fees. Agreed most could have been regarded as dead wood but the younger ones, hey?

There is no tv there anymore so I guess your talking about Manchester

He wants to go back up north so this is very unlikely

Short of posting a picture of Hogg's Watford contract, when will people realise that Hogg is a Watford player and not on loan from Villa {Ed001's Note - it is a joke mate, a long running and extremely tedious joke, but a joke nonetheless.}

Hogg will definitely stay at Watford. He's not worth £5 mil though, but QPR have Barton, Diakite, Derry and are about to sign Karl Henry so have no need for another ball winning midfielder. As regards to those leaving Watford, they left on frees because they were squad players who would never have got a game, it was easier for both parties to terminate their contracts and allow the likes of Hodson, Garner etc to find another club.

Isn't Hogg's contract up at the end of the year? Considering the Pozzo Model is all about making money, I think they'd rather sell him now than risk losing him for free. £2-3m is a reasonable price to expect.

Hogg doesn't strike me as the type to jump off from a club that is playing him week in week out and is likely going to get promoted next season.

Money Money Money Money its what makes the world go around and footballers heads turn.



22 Jul 2013 18:39:48
Stephen Pressley Coventry manager set to leave and take over Swindon.

How many more managers are Swindon taking on. Sir Alex will be the next one coming

Swindon will not appoint a manager who is already in charge at a club

Why not?

Pressley won't be joining town but I'd say there's a good chance it will be Tisdale.

They might be waiting on selling JC or offloading the likes of Navarro (who tweeted he was leaving) and Paul Benson, to free up wages/compensation for a new manager.

23 Jul 2013 11:28:44
Coventry to agree a pre contract agreement with a 6 foot 2 striker from France, 23, source Coventry evening telegraph! {Ed029's Note - Former Reading striker Mathieu Manset. Talented striker, just can't maintain a good level of fitness.

We also have craig reid (CB) and fabio martins (LW) on trial



22 Jul 2013 18:36:36
Once Southampton buy Damiao, Pochettino will let Lambert leave to Reading to link back up with Adkins.

Guly do Prado will also sign for the royals

Absolute nonsense.

Thought it was osvaldo?

Wouldn't happen, lambert is one of our key players and guly stated in an interview that he wishes to improve on last year

Long as he scores one goal that an instant improvement!

Damiao is going to Zenit.

No please not de prado he is useless

I bet you weren't giving Do Prado grief when he was scoring goals to lift us up to the Premier league!



22 Jul 2013 18:16:23
Oldham athletic close to agreeing a 2 year deal with veteran defender Ian Evatt.
The deal is expected to be finalised before the weekend friendly fixture against Huddersfield Town.
Lee Johnson is said to be a big admirer of the defender.

Well makes a change from baxters name I suppose.

Love the rumours that aren't even close.

It's in the press he's been offered to train at Blackburn Rovers.

Hibernian have signed collins

This rumour began a few weeks ago and was dismissed by a local journo who knows his onions. therefore I fear your post has been a waste of your time. !

Mvoto to barnsley rather them than doncaster good luck big man

Evatt close to signing for blackburn tv sport



22 Jul 2013 18:13:38
Doncaster have signed Richie Wellens

Sharp next, good old Irish investors
now watch out for them sorting out, the clowns running the club Baldwin, Ferriby among others

Donny ging back for old players won;t stop them getting relegated. if they have money they should buy new bright players.

Bottom line is you will only find something to moan about with them aswell

Good; Sharp, Given and Ireland next please.

Shows how much you know if your talking about Baldwin like that. Doncaster would not be in the position they are if it was not for him

So glad to have Welles back he's a class player and he'll add some strength to our midfield

He has had his contract cancelled at Leicester so I'm sure he would love to come back to Doncaster if Paul Dickov treats him with respect and offers him a fair contract.

Do the Rovers board realise we play our first league game in just over a week s time. We haven't even got a recongnised goalkeeper, a decent striker, only the midfield looks reasonable, when or if are we going to sign Forrester, P D seems to talk a good deal but fails to produce the goods, or is his hands tied by CEO Baldwin and co, season ticket holder for past 20 seasons, have I been taken for a mug again

24 Jul 2013 23:07:24
He is actually training with the squad a picture of him has come up on social media of him in this years training gear



22 Jul 2013 17:58:55
Ryan Cresswell of Southend United has been spotted with Graeme Alexander at Highbury stadium this afternoon, set to pen a deal with fleetwood town

Ryan Cresswell is in Madrid with the rest of the Southend team.

Must have good eyes he is in madrid with the other Southend players!

Funny that cresswell in Spain playing Real Madrid c

Probably true - Southend believed to have now accepted a bid from Fleetwood

Funny that! I'm a southend fan and a 6 figure fee has been accepted and he has not travelled to Madrid as he is mulling over the offer from Fleetwood! Let him go now he clearly don't want to stay!

He left the squad tonight after a 6 figure sum was accepted

Cress well is not in Madrid and a deal, for six figures, could be done before the end of next week.

23 Jul 2013 09:25:12
Weird how he's not training in any of the videos on the Southend twitter page

He never went to Madrid, he "missed" the plane and then went to Fleetwood shortly after.

Barker had a trial for Hereford and scored a goal bless him. So Southend could be losing another stalwart?



22 Jul 2013 17:45:40
Nahki wells having medical {Ed003's Note - this was put on the Peterborough page}

No chance.

Hope so

22 Jul 2013 19:44:33
PP on radio states that there will NOT be any departures before the season starts.

22 Jul 2013 21:17:52
not happening no-one is leaving PP own words however but PP hopes to unveil a new signing Thursday with a further 2 players before first game at Bristol City

I hope so, but dmac and fergie have other players in mind.



22 Jul 2013 17:04:12
Aaron Berzel is currently training with Reading FC as he looks for a new club. Reading are expecting to bring him in as a replacement for Kaspars Gorkss who is certain to leave in the coming weeks.

Relegated with a 3rd tier German side? No thanks. Stick with our youngsters I. e cooper/Sweeney etc

Relegated with a 3rd tier German side? No thanks. Stick with our youngsters I. e cooper/Sweeney etc

Just because a very young player gets relegated he's a bad player? By that definition Hal Robson kanu, Morrison and Pearce are appalling

We are getting rid of gorkss because we have too many centre backs so we are not going to replace him

I the point he was trying to make is that the German 4th tier probably isn't reknowned for it's high quality of player.

If gorkks goes we will have 3 centrebacks, how is that to many? we will replace him



22 Jul 2013 17:11:36
Local radio reporting Michael chopra has met up with Barnsley today.
Also said he could join Sheffield Wednesday to reunite with Dave jones {Ed003's Note - with sheff wed still interested aswell}

According to the ceo at Barnsley Chopra
as not been at the club today

I was at the CEO Q&A - said Chopra hadn't been in the 'building' and wanted the club to be the first to bring news to the fans not the local media.

Reading between the lines they've discussed terms with Chopra today, either over the phone or away from Oakwell.

Would be surprised if the signing wasn't announced within the new few days.

Whether it's a good signing or not, who knows - lost his way during his time at Cardiff due to off the field (gambling) problems.

It was away from oakwell

I think Mr Flitcroft is far too wise to introduce a potentially bad apple into the barrel. We'll see!


So what about this guy Jean-Yves M'Voto? Anybody know anything about him? What do the Oldham fans think?


Hope this isn't anywhere near true, Chopra was a waste of space the first time at the club and all he's done since is pick up a lot of baggage and a worse attitude.

Thought we were getting McClean instead?

A6foot 4 center half, who Donny were going to sign but couldn't agree terms, good signing for the reds, MCnulty could now be on his way not good enough

Not seen nvoto much but noticed he got sent off a quiet a few times last season

McNulty signed 2 yr deal recently

Mcnulty is the worst defender ever to play for Barnsley, they should have kept FOSTER, WHO IS STILL A BETTER PLAYER THAN HIM

Mcnulty signed a 1 year

Re foster
from the first time I saw him play you could see he was a tryer and we thank him for his loyalty but I said Barnsley will never achive owt wi him in team (his head was better in oppositions box than his own



22 Jul 2013 16:54:56
Charlton to loan Cardiff's Joe Ralls on a season long deal.

That would be good for Joe going to be a top player

What position is he? We really need strikers, we're not really bringing anybody else in apart from them.

23 Jul 2013 08:29:42
A left sided mid field normally. He's a solid young player

Joe Ralls will benefit from this move tbh he will be a class player in a couple of years but he needs game time, Joe Ralls is a CM for anybody who doesn't know and a quality CM as well his passing ability is awesome from any position and dead ball situations and his finish has gotten 3 times better from when I first saw him

I think we should try Harriott up front with yann, he is so good at beating the first man and he would cause so much trouble for a defender, he ain't the best crosser of the ball so why not try him there, but we still need a striker just in case

23 Jul 2013 14:24:15
good move for joe to get some game time. could be ready for premier league next season ( if we stay up)



22 Jul 2013 16:47:48
Shrewsbury are interested in signing gary madine from sheff Wednesday of a season loan deal

NO chance.

Outside of our league - we will only take young loanees who will cost us peanuts.

We are going to be cannon fodder this season, you watch!

Nottingham Shrew

Agree with nottingham shrew if we don't get at least two attacking players with proven ability at lg1 level we will be back in lg2 can't understand why funds not avalible.
gt got no chance if has got no budget!

Would be a good compliment to Marsden - could be a good thing for him; I wouldn't rule this one out

Ok then: give me the names of two strikers with 'proven League One ability' who we could realistically get.

This is more believable now that Wednesday have sorted out personal Terms for chropra

I'm becoming very concerned that Graham Turner is not bringing in quality players for the start of the new season. There must be a wealth of players who are out of contract so why can't we attract them?

Mike C

"Gary madine goal machine" is a top striker who doesn't get on with Dave Jones so would be a great signing. that's why it won't happen

Have a look on PFA. The only good enough free agent forward I see is Simon Church.



22 Jul 2013 16:41:55
Released defender Ryan Dickson has been offered a one year contract with an option of a further year by Colchester United, who he has been on trial with.

The defender is also being chased by Leyton Orient.

Russell Slade will never sign Ryan Dickson after his loan spell in 2011/2012 season.

Stupidly sent off twice in just four appearances.

Good luck Ryan, hope you get a club that will give you a fair try, don't know what the reason was but you never got a chance to show what you could do at Saints, Billy Sharp and you were treated most unfairly.

No thanks his sending off at Sheffield united two seasons back nearly got us relegated, so Colchester your welcome to him!

John joe is speaking to Joe Dunne over his further with Colchester as Bristol Rovers, Southend, Fleetwood and Leyton Orient are all after him. Kem izzet was also not there as there is a bug going around the camp

23 Jul 2013 12:23:14
Ryan Dickson. was sent off agaiinst Sheffield ins league match I remember the team coach left him behind so I can't see sladee being interested in him in any shape or form after all slade was so disgusted that the player had to make his own way home action speak

louder than words

Orient manager Russell Slade is set to sign Arsenal's Benik Afobe on a six month loan, and could well figure in the O's line-up against an Arsenal eleven before the start of the season.
Slade is also keen to take highly rated midfielder Tarum Dawkins. An inside source tells me, Wenger has been very co-operative with Orient.

Benik Afobe, a great name replacement to Afolabi Obafemi.

Oh and he's a decent player too.



22 Jul 2013 16:41:36
Michael Chopra has held talks with Barnsley today

A Barnsley Chop, then. Very tasty.




22 Jul 2013 16:35:44
West Brom are in talks to bring Napoli forward Eduardo Vargas on loan with a view to a permanent move. The Chile International has failed to settle following a big money move to Naples and is currently on a 12 month loan at Gremio. Middlesbrough are also interested.

We've been in talks with Vargas for weeks and will IMO have a better experience in the championship than prem.

He wants a permanent move to the prem not a loan.

Jesse lingard on loan from Manchester United that guy looks the business

Is he any good?

Hope this is true this fella is a class winger, although he is on loan at gremio there is a clause in his contract that states he can return after 6 months if napoli receive a offer

Lingard would be a top loan signing. that boy has a bright future with man u.

Vargas not joining Boro.

Did you see that it was a full stop.



22 Jul 2013 16:12:20
Ex Charlton and current free agent CB Matthew Taylor to Port Vale on a 2 year deal. Micky Adams has a few injury problems in the defence (Jones, Chilvers and Yates all have knocks) and is hoping to shore things up with the additions of Taylor, and trialists Mathias Doumbe, formerly of MK Dons and Plymouth, and Paul Reid, formerly of Scunthorpe United.

22 Jul 2013 20:29:55
Taylor will do well at Vale.

Is he any good?

If Vale take Doumbe on they will have a great defender who knows how to attack and support his wide players.
Was terrific whilst at Plymouth and surprised that MKD made him available.

He is very solid, he left Charlton because he wanted more first team football. I think we would have given him an extra year had he wanted to stay.

Enjoying having Mr Liability (aka Paul Reid)

Do hope Doumbe signs - he was excellent against Leicester tonight. Reid was absent so I suppose that is a non-starter. He was okay against Kidderminster and hoped to see him tonight. Didn't really rate Ben Parker the ex-Leeds man but I suppose he is short of fitness and game time. Is Taylor another Centre back?



22 Jul 2013 15:52:37
About an hour ago West Ham transfer news: Kalou a confirmed target. Big Sam looking closely at former Chelsea forward Salomon Kalou after dropping his interest in Duvan Zupata. Not sure what SAM needs to look closely at because we all know what Kalou does after his time with Chelsea. ?? "WEst Ham are PREPARING a bid for Kalou"! Preparing?? What's needed to prepare? Lille want £2.5m simple as that and its a bargain for a 27year old. Knowing Sam Allardyce he'll leave it until the day before West Ham's home game against Cardiff and buy him then.

22 Jul 2013 18:09:14
Kalou will sign for WBA with his mate Anelka next week,
could also see Victor Moses and or Scott Sinclair moving to the Hawthorns and John Guidetti could be on the radar for Steve Clarke as a loanee if the Sinclair deal does not materialise.

Kalou wants 65k a week would you pay that for him?

I thought the Baggies were after Kalou. It seems that everybody the Baggies are interested in West Ham want them. haven't they got a scouting system of their own

23 Jul 2013 15:54:47
Nothing to do with the kalou rumour which both west brom and west ham have been linked with but the constant linked player rumours has got WBA fans laughing. There has been a long since joke that sam has a bit of a hatred for the albion regarding his 3 rejected management offers throughout the last 20 years to what he considered less capable managers (92, 99 and January 2011). Add to this his wolves upbringing and you do have to wonder if big sams still holding that big grudge



22 Jul 2013 16:25:08
Bristol City are hoping to complete the signing of Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack within the next week. The stumbling block is the compensation for the player.

Change the record pal

Why don't you change the record? I'm just stating the facts.

But your facts are wrong. SOD has denied making a bid for the player, its just interest at this stage. and there shouldn't be a 'stumbling block' with compensation. City offer what they think, if cheltenham want more it goes to a tribunal where city will probably pay what they orignially stated! simple

Bristol City and Crawley have made offers for Pack, it's all down to the clubs to sort it out. Cheltenham and Pack are not the ones delaying the move.



22 Jul 2013 14:47:44
First time poster but visit the site everyday. Never had anything to post until now. My friend is working on Gary Neville's roof. Apparently Neville has said Rooney is as good as gone, didn't say who to though. United are tryin to raise as much funds as possible from the Rooney sale to get bale who nev has said is 5050. He is almost certain we will get cesc.


Surely Arsenal could scupper this transfer as they have first refusal, and now the money to buy him back

Your almost certain that Utd will get Cesc? You will have to wait & see when the 'NEW' manager/coach takes over at BARCA in a few days! I think he will 'STAY' at Nou Camp!

23 Jul 2013 12:29:32
barca have said time and time again he is not for sale, what part of he not for sale do utd and utd fans not get?



22 Jul 2013 14:28:01
Gary Madine has spoken to Uwe Rosler and Alan Kernaghan this morning over a possible loan switch to Brentford with a possible permanent move in January.

Done deal

Well pleased if this happens but can't see it, central defense it what Rosler has said he needs not another forward, but if this happens top signing.

No chance of permanent view
loan poss yes

It's well known TWO players to be joining Brentford. Rösler has pretty much said as much in recent press conferences.

Have heard this a lot recently and think it could happen as Madine is proven at this level.
With Donaldson on the wing we would then have 4 forwards, Hayes, Grigg, El Algui and of course Madine which is what Rosler has said he likes to work with in the past.

23 Jul 2013 16:53:54
Would prefer another center back, happy with the strikers we've got

Gary Madine should be a Brentford player by the beginning of next week.

24 Jul 2013 10:25:03
Brentford signed Conor Mc Aleny this morning loan for innitially a 1 month period from Everton so this is definately not going to happen now.

We just need one more center back to complete our summer signings

24 Jul 2013 11:29:59
Apparently this is going to be completed tomorrow morning



22 Jul 2013 14:21:26
notts county to offer mark fotheringham a two year deal with a extra year ad on

Hurry up with it notts. one more maybe two more youngsters on loan from a top flight club and that will do us

Need to hurry up as some other team may get him

I was in the club shop today and jim rodwell was talki g to the shop manager about accepting shirts with fotheringham on as of tomorrow

Fotheringham 29 has singed for notts county on a 2 year deal sky sports is the source



22 Jul 2013 14:19:18
Charlton to sign Coulibaly on a free and Dany N'Guessen from Millwall and John Obika from Spurs. This will be the new look strike force for this season.

Kermorgant set for talks to Ipswich.

Doubt that, he didn't join us (swfc) because monaco wanted too much transfer fee

Kermorgant won't leave

Was with you all the way till the last bit. Kermie to Ipswich indeed.

DNG not going anywhere Lomas likes him and he wants to prove himself at Millwall

I believe all of that accept you ruined it by saying that Kermorgant is in talks with iswich, which he he obviously isn't

Charlton can have N'gusesen ill take him down there my self he's got no chance in the millwall squad now

This has got got to be one of the worst rumours I have ever heard. N'guessen over kermorgant; sure.

Well coulibaly has now gone back to France but fuller is training with us again so maybe we'll be re signing him, similar sort of players in my opinion.



22 Jul 2013 14:17:12
Watford want Chelsea midfielder Josh McEachran on loan for the season.

No if anyone it would be Chalobah.

Watford have got enough midfielders already

What Watford interested in someone from an English club

Oh yeah, that's funny, because we haven't signed players from Reading, Nottingham Forest and formerly Man Utd. Good one.

Thought he was going back to Middlesbrough? Wouldn't mind him coming in but would rather play current first team players.

Not hard to believe! We need a good English player to replace chalobah! Iriney came in to replace Eustace with some experience so I'd love to see this guy join us

Obviously not Chalobah returning, he's better than McEachran and should be loaned to a BPL team such as West Brom

No thanks he is no better than what we already have



22 Jul 2013 14:09:58
Celtic interested in Bradford City striker Nakhi Wells if Hooper decides to move on. Rumoured £1.5m plus add ons for Wells

Although Wells has had a good 1st season and his profile is high, he is hardly tried and tested. Paying £1.5 mill plus add one is unlikely as a replacement for Hooper and suggests that it is a Bradford fan talking up the price!

Highly doubt it. He's not good enough for Celtic.

Please no, how can we have ambitions in the CL and be trying for guys like him, no disrespect to the boy but not CL material for me!

If that is genuine it says a lot about the state of Scottish football. Not knocking Wells but he's had one good season and that in Lge 2.

To be fair wells is more proven than tony watt and he scored against Barcelona. I'm a Celtic fan

You say that but your now star player Gary Hoope came from Scunthorpe.

I hate it when people say Nahki Wells has only had one good season. He has had two good seasons for us.

Nahki Wells has had two good seasons with Bradford, you've only heard about one season due to the league cup exposure and play offs. Scottish football standard is por And he would be taking a sideways step
by joining Celtic IMO.

although Champions lge should they qualify would be applying to any player

23 Jul 2013 10:45:33
I was just going to point that out. He was 'thrown' into our team the previous season and hit double figures from Novemebr to the end of the season playing some games from the off and also a few from the bench. The next season he struck 26 including goals against Premiership teams and also turning international defenders inside out.

He may not be ready for CL or EPL just yet but he is more than capable of sitting SPL defenders on a park bench, ask Rory McArdle or Michael Nelson two recent ex-SPL players who can't even grab hold of his shirt.

He might be good enough to score in the spl, but we already have guys like stokes n co that will do that. My point is that if we lose Gary hooper ( who scored plenty of goals in the championship before coming, a higher level than the boy has played in, never mind scored ) then wells ain't the standard we need to push on in the CL.

Hooper is leaving for QPR. This means that if Celtic bid the right amour of money for wells (1. 5-2.5 million) I'm afraid it'll be an offer he can't refuse. Will be sad to see him go if worst comes to worst as a city fan. Hope he stays



22 Jul 2013 14:05:07
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates will be bringing in one more player on loan to complete his squad. The player is believed to be Nottingham Forest defender Jamaal Lascelles.

Why the hell is Jamaal in the Forest first team instead of us pi**ing around with trying to get Wes Morgan back?

Would be a perfect loan move for lascelles the lads got talent but isn't ready for championship football just yet. He needs regular football week in week out maybe 6 months with you would do the trick

Im a forest fan and I like the idea of this, I think we should welcome the move if its true, Cheltenham can offer him a lot more playing time then we can. he isn't ready for the championship yet. my opinion, season long loan with an option to recall if we need him. can only be beneficial to all parties involved.



22 Jul 2013 13:57:03
Bradford City will complete a signing on Thursday.

Most Bradford fans are expecting the signing to be announced later this week as either Gary Woods or De Vita. But they may be in for a pleasant surprise!

I hope it Barry conlon

What would this b then if your on the board

Georgios Efrem.

It's not Georgios Efrem, it is a very good player though.

Bradley wright Phillips?



22 Jul 2013 13:47:31
Notts County will finalize the signing of Mark Fotheringham after a successful trail with the club

Source: The Nottingham Evening Post



22 Jul 2013 13:08:19
jon joe otool will sign for bristol rovers by the end of the week as talks have moved on since he was not he was not needed at colchester

Don`t think so given squad no 8 by
Colchester United.

Well John wasn't in there team photo so that says a lot, expected to sign tomorrow or wednesday and made public friday

Was he in the Colchester team photo? No.



22 Jul 2013 12:40:12
Im a hull fan from west sydney australia, I went to both man united training sessions and the game over the weekend.
On friday Night I was lucky to see Manchester train at homebush half way through the session I got to have a quick chat with the assistant coach I was wearing my hull jersey and he said to me that hull will be loaning Angelo and Jackie Barmby.
i have no idea who either players are but that's what he said. what you guys know about them?

You're a Hull fan and you don't know that Jack is the son of Tigers legend Nick Barmby?

Wouldn't be surprised to see either come on loan for some experience though

Angelo Henriquez

Guys, yes i'm a hull fan and yes I know who nick barmby but I don't have a clue his kids are.
As sydney's probably only hull fan I was lucky to even get the chance to chat with the guy.
since posting I've looked up both players seem like good youngsters are the prem quality players though?

Henriquez would be good signing, don't know too much about barmby - centre mid I think.

Barmbys mainly a striker but can be a cover left midfielder (my brother used to play school football with him at wolfreton)

You're definitely not Sydney's only Hull City fan! My mate has just left England and moved there this week!
U T T!

Should I say i'm the only AUSTRALIAN hull fan? seriously all my mates think I've got a few kangaroo's loose in the top paddock for supporting them.
to them I say FTW #UTT

Good lad!



22 Jul 2013 12:27:22
matty fryatt to be approached next if lita does not sign for swfc. fryatt fed up of not been first team regular and would welcome loan move. Lita looks set to sign for charlton. you heard it here first.


I think he'd do well with Alex Dyer as his coach, they have both show flash in the pan brilliance up front when wearing a Charlton shirt in the past.

22 Jul 2013 19:15:34
Dyer flash in the pan brilliance? Never!
Decent coach though. Glad to have him.



22 Jul 2013 13:24:18
Aaron McLean seen in Peterborough, both near the ground and then in the Hampton area, possibly looking for a house after any potential move

He has a house in Hampton, where he lived when he played for Posh

Keep up. move is off and not happening

So you saw him in the centre of Peterborough, then you followed him to Hampton/happened to be there. What luck! Really?

He's had interest from championship clubs & fergie jr has said that it's very unlikely.

Posh have said they don't want to sign Aaron Mclean

I have friends who live in Hampton who informed me he was there. No stalking necessary

He still owns a house there and comes back all the time. meaningless



22 Jul 2013 12:52:01
St Johnstone to sign this week:

Scott Brown - Bradford
Barry Nicholson - Free
Nathan Clarke - Leyton Orient
Murray Davidson - Free
Fran Sandaza - Free

St. Johnstone getting Nathan Clarke? Rubbish. Clarkie can:

1) do better than them.

2) stay with us!

Clarke to St Johnstone? oh dear.

This must be inside info From either Slade or the St Johnstone manager.!

Might be getting confused with his brother, Tom Clarke, who is a midfielder.

'Might be getting confused with his brother, Tom Clarke, who is a midfielder. '

Good point.

Scott brown very good prospect (bradford fan)

Tom Clarke signed for Preston North End in May.

They have muzza now



22 Jul 2013 12:16:34
I have just seen Dan Gosling at Bodymoor Heath (Aston Villa's training ground). Could this be a Darren Bent part exchange?

He's versatile, so he'll be handy at Villa and he's not getting enough time on the pitch at Newcastle.

He's not getting game time because he's been injured for the four years he's been at nufc. Your welcome to him.

He is on the verge of joining Crystal Palace.

You would have a very hard job. Gosling has just joined Crystal Palace on a free!

He's been rejected at Palace



22 Jul 2013 12:28:03
Nicky Shorey will sign for Millwall along with Scott McDonald to complete Lomas summers transfers.

Shorey's not worth it he'll be a dinosaur soon enough

Really hope he does Nicky Shorey will do well at Millwall, Big Mac is a done deal already

22 Jul 2013 17:02:22
Apparently the Scott McDonald singing is done (that's according to he's brother on twitter) If Shorey signs that would be a good signing and I reckon you should add Frazer Richardson to that list as well.



22 Jul 2013 11:59:04
Newcastle have signed Nelson Oliviera on loan from Benfica

No he has not as he is heading to stoke in america this afternoon after sealing the loan deal

Still talking to Cardiff nothing settled yet!



22 Jul 2013 11:43:35
JJ O'Toole will NOT move in this window. He's been told he is not needed by Col UTd, but is digging his heels in as they will not pay up his contract. Sounds like he's sticking to his guns on this one. He will stay at col UTd.

Although nothing was said about money this confirms what rovers manager John ward said at the fun day o'toole would be staying at Colchester



22 Jul 2013 11:42:17
Middlesbrough are expected to make a 3 signings this week with 3 players already visiting Rockcliffe to negotiate, one of the players is to believed to be Vitor, a attacking midfielder from Portugal, the other two are being kept a secret for fear other clubs will take interest- Source: Evening Gazzette

Victor on a 3 year contract, Luke James and Billy Sharp it is the meant to be

The other 2 are Stephen Ireland from Villa and Borja Gonzales from Athletico Madrid. Both Season long loans.

Luke James? Gazette says 3 massive/ambitious signings!

Nar it's not mate they're all from abroad!

Sharp and james not going to get 20 goals sharp ad one good season

I think it will be coming in one defender one attacking mid and a striker, the att mid is vitor Silva, defender not a clue and striker borja he's the more prolific striker than Sharp bigger younger faster and its a 1m swoop vitor is on a free

Correct - all 3 are from abroad, resulting from the new scouting network. But not all attacking signings as has been reported in the press. Apparently another striker (I don't have details) to follow Vitor (Mogga's main target this summer), then also German defender Matthias Langkamp to train with the club this week with view to signing a pay-as-you-play deal til xmas to prove himself.

22 Jul 2013 22:18:54
Sharp keeps popping up but doubt he will come

The striker is Borja Gonzalez



22 Jul 2013 11:33:26
West Ham, in need of strikers, are keen to add Watford's Troy Deeney before the start of the season.

Unlikely to happen based on the current Pozzo policies regarding players. Also I think Troy would have seen what has happened to Danny Graham and want to stay with Watford for at least 1 more season to prove that he can score 20+ for 2 seasons and guarantee his value to any club looking for a proven striker

This will not happen. Deeney has recently signed a lengthy contract extension and Watford are no longer obliged to sell their prized assets to keep afloat. A substantial bid (£8/9m plus) would be required to even tempt the Pozzos.

Rubbish. They after Remy, Kalou and Austin {Ed003's Note - not Remy.}

Not happening. Deeney is not for sale. West Ham United will have to look elsewhere.

Not going to be Carlton Cole's replacement. Here to stay.

23 Jul 2013 10:00:10
Anya and Brown sign for Watford

He'd be a squad rotation player at best. £1.5m or no deal to be done with any Prem club - They just won't pay it!



22 Jul 2013 11:36:42
Port vale are looking at Paul Reid and Mathias Doumbe who are both on trial to bolster their defence. Will both play against Leicester in a friendly tomorrow in search of a deal.

Matt Taylor, ex Charlton and Exeter centre back also on trial.



22 Jul 2013 11:20:20
Nigel Adkins is thinking about raiding former club Southampton for striker Rickie Lambert if Saints pull off their £20Mil bid for Leandro Damiao. Source: most of Mondays daily papers.

No chance on either lambert will not leave a prem side to go back to FL

Ex Manager linked with players from his old team shocker! he has got more chance of plaiting fog than signing SRL

22 Jul 2013 13:36:42
it seems it could happen if saints sign another
bet ricky feels really needed now after what he
has done for saints the last couple of seasons

If lambert is sold we have had it look at how many goals and assists. Though nothing surprises me in football.

This won't happen after what he's achieved since coming to saints.

The way Adkins was treated by saints he would love to get a player like lambert from us. I know it's in the past but Adkins was so well liked by saints fans.

Lambert will only improve next season, the extra funds put into the midfield will be sure to create more chances for him. He had a superb season and NA knows that he is buying at least 20 goals in the championship with Lambert. He won't leave.

Rickie Lambert being linked to a move to reading is a cover up. It could well happen next summer. More likely billy sharp will go to reading, and I'm sure he'd do a good job for adkins in the champo. They can have Hammond too!

Damiao would be backup for Lambert!
Utter nonsense that we'd sell him!

Sounds like Damiao is heading to Zenit after they offered him significantly better wage terms than saints would ever offer. Lambert won't be going anywhere unlesss we sign a top quality striker.

23 Jul 2013 16:44:29
Damiao back up to rickie? your giggling buddy. someone is most def on the pot.



22 Jul 2013 11:08:29
West ham to bid for papiss demba cisse for 5 million, Charlie Austin and Kerian trippier combined fee of 5 million + spence and Parker for 2 million. Also expect salmon kalou to complete his transfer in the coming week. Also expect maiga to leave for 3 million and Taylor for 2 million maybe vaz the for 1 million From SMITY HAMMER

5M What planet are you on. he's only one year into a 5 year deal. Try 15m and you might be close.

Wow I wish. it will never happen that would cost 15mil and wages would be very high kalou s possibility and parker maybe on deadline day once at striker and rw are sorted. Charlie Austin is extremely unlikely much more likely is hooper and tripper is unlikely as RB is not our priority. Don't think cisse would come aswell. Were not going to get 2mil for taylor 500k at best maiga will probably stay and vaz te may leave Smith Hammer II

Kalou is likely as is remy

22 Jul 2013 22:34:44
Stiff necks all round for those chaps watching long balls falling out of the sky. Always liked West Ham United but can't stand BFS and Nolan come to think of it.



22 Jul 2013 10:52:42
Posh to sign American Charlie Horton (goalkeeper) this week

Deals aready done and signed just waiting for international clearance

Deal has been done. 'One for the future' according to Posh management



22 Jul 2013 10:44:07
Middlesbrough are set to seal a deal for Portuguese magic man vitor Silva



22 Jul 2013 10:37:23
Jordan Spence to join Burnley on a season long loan with a view to a permenant transfer at the end of the season

Look burnley will not spend a penny on fees for players. sad really they are skint ffs 93m, I wonder where its gone {Ed003's Note - £93m ?? }

Ed, the £93m referred to is actually £98m. It's the money do far received for a year in the Prem and the parachute payments received to date. The number will rise during this season by £4. 78m that being the last of the parachute.

Think he means parachute money from premier league and prob sales of Fletcher, J-Rod etc.

Sorry ed, as far as I know. or so I am told 93m includes all the parachute payments from the prem {Ed003's Note - i thought the magical figure the season Burnley was in the prem was £60m and went up to £90 the year after anyway its not important}

I tell you where it went. Laws/coyle failed to include relegation wage drops in the players contracts. Promotion season the budget was 9m. Went up to 14m in the prem and then dropped to 12m per year when we came down. However we had less players when we came back down. Board needs to explain.

Buying back Turf Moor and Gawthorpe. Plus new pitch circa £1m

Some money involved there.

Its in uncle barrys and uncle brendons pockets simples {Ed003's Note - alledgely}



22 Jul 2013 10:22:44
Karl Robinson set to give free agent Ronan Murray a weeks trial to see if the young former Ipswich striker can fit into his plans, KR sees the 21 year old as an ideal striking option.

He is not a very good striker, more of a second striker,, makes good runs but not going to get that many a season.



22 Jul 2013 10:16:25
Attacking midfielder Vitor is going to sign for middlesbrough this week from Pacos de Ferriera. Great signing if we can pull It off as he got his team to finish third in the Portuguese league and to qualify for the champions league. Also he was wanted by benfica back in January. UTB



22 Jul 2013 10:12:44
Ipswich's gambling, twitter twit, fan hating but not prolific goal scoring striker Chopra is to be reunited with dave jones at Sheffield Wednesday.

Dave jones will sort him out - our top scorer this season, piggy boy worry about your lot - too many kids, dry you eyes mate!



22 Jul 2013 09:53:08
Bradford City are to confirm the signings of De Vita and Woods this week who both completed successful trials for the club. Liam Boyce is also on PP's radar - Would be a great signing if he can be persuaded to join the mighty Bantams!

Liam Boyce will be joining the Shrews at some stage of the season once his involvement in the Europa league has been completed

Bradford have been slow in making an offer to Raffa and he has now received an offer from another club.

Boyce looked a class act against celtic plays tnite in the champions league at parkhead think this lad is going places 36 goals last season



22 Jul 2013 09:42:28
Rumours growing that West Ham are lining up Salomon Kalou and Charlie Austin which would be to great pieces of business. Kalou has been there and done it with Chelsea and Austin certainly knows where the goal is and £6m should get the job done

What planet are you on? Kalou is a possibility if you can afford his wages. Charlie Austin failed a medical at Hull. Hull also would have signed him for £4.5mill if he had passed so why pay £6mill. You need to start thinking before posting on here



22 Jul 2013 09:37:38
Barnet have circulated 10 players for either loan or transfer as they try to bring in 6 dutch players



22 Jul 2013 09:12:13
Peterborough United are waiting on international clearance in order to complete the signing of young American goalkeeper, Charlie Horton



22 Jul 2013 08:33:46
Theo Robinson highly linked to a move to the MKDons.

I hope so, would be a great signing!

Iv heard a lot about this

He'd be better than McFlop!

Then again, anybody would be better than him.

McFlop is useless! I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the ball put HIM in the net soon.

Good riddance to Ifall. With any luck we'll offload him. Waste of space!

:- (

You forget McLeod pretty much kept us in the football leagues. You must be new fan or to young to remember.

McLeod has played 7 games for us he joined us when our club were in a blip he didn't have pre season to get used to our style he was thrown straight in,

"You forget McLeod pretty much kept us in the football leagues. You must be new fan or to young to remember. "

I started supporting Wimbledon in 1991.

Don't patronise me.

As for McFlop? He was always on his backside during his first spell (granted he did score many goals, albeit some of them penalties) and since he was brought back he's been as useful as a chocolate teapot.

I want him gone. Period.

Kept us in the leagues? We were never in danger of relegation out of league 2!

Right i'm gunna settle this I supported wimbledon f. c since 1988 the year I was born and since when we won the f. a cup! and izale mcleod is a good striker he has scored goals everywhere he has been! just needs to find his form again but I ain't gunna lie I would like to see a new striker to mix it up abit!

McFlop is like David Bentley, much promise in his youth and then a steady decline.

I think we'd be much better off with a different striker. And not a loan player like Bamford, somebody who his genuinely ours.

By the way, how could you start supporting a team in the year you were born? You'd have to be at least 4 to understand the significance of what was going on, surely?

Needs to find his form? Jeez that's understating it somewhat! Don't you think? As somebody else said, the ball is more likely to put HIM in the net, not the other way around!

He's a has-been.



22 Jul 2013 07:39:13
John Joe o'Toole has rejected the chance to speak to Barnet, Grimsby, Fleetwood and Mansfield. He will join Bristol Rovers as expected on Friday.

Love to know where people are getting this info from? I couldn't change my mind this much without going crazy

He seems to be going to us every friday



22 Jul 2013 07:37:00
Lee Bowyer has agreed a pay as you play contract at Stevenage FC.

At least he can tackle like a Stevenage player

Lee bowyer has previously been at Stevenage when smith was there, he was doing some coaching, could be a possible deal there



22 Jul 2013 07:05:12
Brazilian giant striker Tassio is to trial with Yeovil Town this week

Another striker. :-/ if this is true i'm really not sure what we are doing. we need more defenders

22 Jul 2013 15:48:43
Has scored a massive SIX senior goals in his right years since turning professional (four in one season)! Never made more than 11 appearances in any season. Bit part player. Not giant just 6'4

We need more defenders not strikers



22 Jul 2013 00:09:30
McDonald deal done announced on
Monday or Tuesday after he took a 50% pay cut to join millwall

Who in their right mind would take a 50% pay cut. I wouldn't - would you?

It has not bein confirmed yet but fingers crossed though! Millwall are going to be very strong this season.


Players have no choice but to take wage cuts now. As for the Financial Fair Play rules coming in, teams cannot afford to have 3rd/4th/5th choice players being on 20-30k a week.

Fantastic signing for Millwall, having a medical now as I write this

Lets hope so about time!

If it meant playing every week to improve your chances for a place in a world cup squad I would take a pay cut

Who would take a 50% pay cut? Obviously Scott McDonald! He will 'GET' regular games at Millwall! And he's obviously 'ALREADY RICH'! It isn't always about 'MONEY'!

Isn't part of his release from Boro that he will get either a lump sum for the last year of his deal that will cover around 50% of what he would have earned this season. This allows another club to offer a contract for the remainder or near to it. Or that Boro will continue paying him the difference for the remainder of the season.

Perhaps that was just a rumour making the rounds.

He is taking a 50% pay cut as he is still getting a compensation package from boro

Technically its a payrise as he was on £35,000 on Saturday, unemployed so earning 0 yesterday, and now he gets whatever we are paying him.

Hope Mcdonald does go to Millwall or anywhere else, I wanted emnes to leave but Scott needed to go as he was on £30,000 + per week at Boro. £1.5 million ayear for 4 and a half years. Ridiculous money. Boro will pay compensation for the rest of his contract which is 1 more year so he can leave and join another club on less money than he is on now. Good player really, I think he will do well at Millwall. When Boro sign someone it seems like they aren't as good as they should be/are. Good to get him off the wage bill and sign 2 or 3 more effective players for the team. Good luck to him though.



21 Jul 2013 23:53:19
Shrewsbury are in talks with a experienced championship player from Leicester - believed to be Martyn waghorn on loan with Leicester paying his wages

Wouldnt say no to that!

Interesting move - would be good for both clubs.

Can't see it - he's a championship player

No way lcfc needthe money for him

Great news if true will score lots of goals in league 1

Probably not true as we only seem to want players that cost next to nothing.



21 Jul 2013 23:49:59
Shrewsbury will finalise the signing of Liam Boyce from Cliftonville after they have played the 2nd leg against Celtic. The deal was struck between the 2 clubs in January & Graham Turner has been waiting patiently to sign the player he thinks will score a lot of goals for Salop.

If this is true, then I do not want to ever play poker with Graham Turner.

Great news if true

22 Jul 2013 10:57:55
Not true I'm afraid, shame for Town as he's a real player

Boyce was the best player on the park against celtic lennon said he was champions league material if he has another good game on tue his value will go up for sure

Come on, let's get real.

Shrewsbury WILL NOT be able to afford to sign Boyce, Gormley et al because:

1) We pay peanuts
2) We are an unfashionable club
3) We don't pay large transfer fees
4) We only use the loan market
5) We lack any ambition

Fed up Shrew

Oh ye of little faith. This signing will happen this week. TWOTS

We will NOT be signing Boyce. Instead we will try and make do with what we've got and then the manager will panic and bring in a string of loan players. Remember the revolving door policy last season? Look forward to the same again!

Fed up Shrew



21 Jul 2013 22:35:44
Zoumana Bayakogo will sign on a free for LCFC tomorrow :) Nigel Pearsons first signing



22 Jul 2013 01:42:44
Jon Joe O'toole is leaving Colchester but not joining Bristol Rovers, he's going to Fleetwood.

Jon joe has said he he wanted to see if he could stay at colchester so he didn't have to move his family but would move t bristol as its not that far so can't see him movin to fleetwood

He's Bristol bound I'm afraid.

Fleetwood definitely aren't looking for another midfielder



22 Jul 2013 01:41:51
Sheffield united to sign england under 20s captain and Liverpool player Conor Coady on loan for 6.

I heard he might be off to Peterborough and seeing as he is local to the area (Cambridge) that might sway him



21 Jul 2013 23:39:16
Cardiff City are to trial two GK's: a Hungarian GK named Goula Kollami (sorry if spelling is wrong) and an Ivorian named Amandou Tangara.

NeathBlue aka Carl Curtis

Aren't we supposed to be after a couple of Argentinians on trial too? A left back I heard.



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