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22 Jul 2012 22:41:17
Bristol city, crystal palace and derby are all showing interest in hull city striker matty fryatt, it is thought to be believed city and palace have made enquires

Go on say city got no chance signing fryatt come on derby and palace fans other wise we will see you at ashton gate

I can see him at a big club like Palace or Derby, but not a small club like Bristol C

Would love this but alas we have no cash. I do hope Clough brings in a decent striker soon, and not wait until the last minute to bring in a loan.

Big Club like palace... LOL

Absolute garbage fryatt ain't going anywhere. This is the sort of rubbish Leicester fans write!

Palace are not a big club.

City are not after him.our manager said a pacey striker he needs

Don't care if Palace is big or small, Matty Fryatt is staying at Hull of that you can rest assured

Rams Fan: Matt fryant was linked with us years back, great player. would be great, but we cant afford him

We just got rid of a player like him called Andrew

Fryatt has done nothing for years. He would have to be going cheap.

Bristol c a small club?

We have one of the richest chairmens, brand new stadium on the way and one of the strongest squads in the league.

I don't really know what your talking about

Fryatt done nothing are you having a laugh he scored 16 goals last season which is a very good goal tally for the championship !!

Will choose the most likely to be promoted, so Palace.

Palace are not in any way a small club, definite medium with potential to be big. Derby fan

Would love him at Derby but our wage cap of 10 bob and a bent curly wurly puts him out of our range



22 Jul 2012 22:22:19
Tommy Smith is being chased by Derby, burnley, watford and bristol city

Smith has stated in the past that his family are settled and do not want to move. This is why he has only considered moves to Reading, QPR and Portsmouth in the past few years, as they are all commutable. Should Smith leave then his likely destination would be Watford.

Would love Smithy back at Pride Park. Derby legend!

Which tommy smith are we talking about? the one playing for ipswich or the one playing for qpr?

Smithy grew up a lot at Pride Park. Watford legend!

^ QPR one ofc

He will sign for Watford

Derby County Legend. Tommy smith nearly came back to Derby a few seasons back. would be good to see him back. but i see him staying in the south.

Correct he will be staying south

Would LOVE him back at the Vic for the third time, would give fans a good morale boost as he has always been loved here and is also better than bloody Joe Garner!

Bristol is still 'commutable' normal people do it every day

Hes coming home hes coming home hes coming tommys coming home


^ True, over 2 hours though. Why do that to go play for Bristol City if you can play for Watford, your home team who finished much higher than Bristol City last season and have higher aspirations in the next year or so. No offence to Bristol City but with our new owners it's a no brainer for Tommy.

He would pick watford




22 Jul 2012 21:48:05
Shrewsbury town have signed eddie
nolan. and will shortly announce that
darius vassell is to join on a pay as
you play deal

Is this true??

I expect not


See the Shropshire Star 23.7.2012 - we are after a defender on loan. Nolan is a free agent.

Yes, it's true,



22 Jul 2012 21:20:29
Alex Evans and Courtney Harris are both set to join Oxford. Both have been on trial.
Evans from Cardiff
Harris from Fulham.

They will be going to America on tour.

Ryan Tazalozi of Southampton will be joining them.

Harris is fairly highly rated by FFC, I doubt we'd let him go like that

Harris has been released by Fulham FFC

Courtney Harris was released by FFC on 30th June, along with 5 other young players

Mark was released so this wast ham can stay out as they can not have a say

Oxford also looking at an American forward. Due to play a part in next 2 games

No they are not!



22 Jul 2012 21:17:21
Ajax are reported on Dutch TV as being confident of signing Michel Vorm from Swansea. Fee agreed at £6m plus add ons, player in negotiations prior to medical.

6m.. rofl! No chance

How can he have a medical when he is in america

6 Million!! Yeah like Huw Jenkins will let him go for that much...

If de gea is with 18m what's vorm worth 36m? Being twice the keeper!

Haha as if

Wot a load of s*** ajax. if he goes it will be 2 one of the big boys



22 Jul 2012 20:54:05
york city will attempt to bring Cheltenham Town
striker jeff goulding in

Goulding will unlikely be first choice at Cheltenham but given he rejected Leyton Orient in the summer he is unlikely to leave to go to York.

The fact he also signed a new contract with Cheltenham probably doesn't help either

Jeff Goulding recently signed a new contract at Whaddon Road and will not be leaving Cheltenham Town this season.



22 Jul 2012 20:42:49
Damian Reeves has re-signed for Altricham



22 Jul 2012 20:11:46
Gareth Southgate has spent most of
Sunday talking to Crawley about the
vacant manager's post and has agreed
a 3 year deal and will be announced in
next few days.

Did you know that Southgate was born in Crawley? sounds like a great move by Crawley

Gareth southgate took a well established Boro squad, stripped it of all its experienced senior pro's and got them relegated. Players like Viduka, Hasslebank, Schwarzer, Boatang, Maccaroni, Rochembach, Quedrue, Ehiogu, james morrison, yakubu, mendieta. He isnt strong enough to deal with big personalities..hopefully crawely wont have any!



22 Jul 2012 19:41:13
4 people leaving Portsmouth this week;
Liam Lawrence - Birmingham
Luke Varney - Leeds
David Norris - Sheffield Wednesday
Greg Halford - Nottingham Forest

All these players doing the decent things in accepting moves away in a bid to try and prevent the club from being liquidated

Let's hope this is true

Be very surprised if this is true simply because they would all lose money owed to them. With a 5k a week salary limit in place ATM for guys on 15k a week plus ... I just can't see them giving up that much. Even if they do go you lot still have tbh to worry about with his 36k a week wages and as he already lost a shed load of cash in your last admin there's no way he's going quietly!

I can belive all of these transfers i hope they're true

You wanna get rid of ben hiam or he will make the club go busy with his 36k a week wages!

They wouldn't lose the money. The still remain football creditors and would be entitled to deferred wages

Closer to the truth is the fans are pleading with the palyers to make this come true, it is very unlikely though and has released in a statement today the club is just a matter of days from going under. It is almost certainly too late for a pheonix club to take part in the blue square this season so it could mean no football for a year in Portsmouth.

If they do leave it more than likely won't be for a fee so they would have to agree a compromise on defered wages, as pompey wont be offering them 100% e.g. what they would get as football creditors theyre hardly going to leave are they :-p

Good idea getting rid of ben hiam why didn't we think of that.

Hmmm!! matter of days that's strange how 2 weeks has turned into a matter of days

TBH and Kitson will be the only high salaried players who will not move. Even on a free transfer, they want too much money in salary and signing on fees. Pompey will defer most of their wages and pay them from the Prem parachure money. The contracts run out at end of this season so should just about be enough for the buy out to progress.



22 Jul 2012 19:00:42
Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels says that there will be no more signings after completing the signing of Rory Boulding.

Kilmarnock need sign other striker after completing the signing of Rory Boulding.



22 Jul 2012 18:57:30
Are Burnley signing Sam Vokes ed? {Ed001's Note - no idea sorry.}

He was withdrawn from Wolves friendly on Saturday which suggests he is moving somewhere.

No wolves played two team which included 4 st and he is that bad he isnt even 4th choice with doyle and siggy not avilable

Vokes will do well with Burnley , best of luck with him & Burnley , see you in the forth coming season.

^^ i agree im a burnley fan and i dont rate him 1 bit !

He will be a decent addition, says on ssn wolves open for offers for him.

Love to sign baldock



22 Jul 2012 18:03:14
Reading will table a £6 million pound bid for Liverpool midfielder Joe Cole.

Didnt the reading manager say to the sky sports reporter/magazines/papers that he is done signing players

Here we go again another good player who wouldn't even consider a club as reading

I's there any one who has not been linked to reading going of these rumours reading will signe 58 players spending 407m and everyone one of them players would jump at the chance to play for them

He did say that after the double signings of Mariappa and Gunter.


Joe cole is terrible he is past it so yes he would jump at the chance to play for ready he can only cut it in the slower league or tier 2 of english football and dude its a rumour site get over it

He did say that but if the right player is available at the right price you don't think he will move for them?

i support Gillingham and even i saw that Joe Coles performance for Lille were very impressive.

22 Jul 2012 18:03:14
Reading will table a £6 million pound bid for Liverpool midfielder Joe Cole.

Didnt this rumour do the rounds two months ago? It got shot down then and it'll get shot down now!

This is complete rubbish. THEROYAL98

Extremly doubtful

I think the publisher read last weeks Match magazine in which it was on the transfer windows hottest rumours. If he was to leave Liverpool, it would be for Lille. However he wants to stay at Liverpool and Rodgers is happy to have him.




22 Jul 2012 17:46:57
Big week ahead for Bristol Rovers fans with the real possibility of three new faces announced by Friday.

Dave Clarkson and Tom Parkes are thought to be two of them but the third one has still to agree final terms of severance with his existing club.

Expect at least one more arrival before the Bristol Derby in addition to these three.

Heard the same at the clubs Fun night on Thursday ... up to five coming in according to Manager Mark McGhee !

None of this is true! It will still be a few weeks before rovers fans see any new faces..

Was Talking to Tom Parkes sat night in our local! he wont join Bristol wants to be more local, he loved working under McGhee though.



22 Jul 2012 16:52:19
Warnock's possible eight signings between now and September:
Rodolph Austin (SK Brann) - Completed tomorrow (Monday 23rd July)
Luke Varney (Portsmouth) - Positive talks/media speculation
Lee Peltier (Leicester) - Positive talks/fee agreed
Sebatien Faure (Lyon) - Free Agent
Craig Mackail-Smith (Brighton) - Enquiry (possible replacement for McCormack)
Reece Wabara (Manchester City) - Loan Enquiry
Greg Halford (Portsmouth) - Was part of an earlier offer (1.5mil for Joel Ward and Greg Halford) which broke down due to a lack of available funds and the due diligence process at Elland Road
Ben Watson (Wigan) - Whispers

I think Warnock has made the 'eight-signings' claim on the basis that Billy Paynter, Paul Rachubka, Ramon Nunez, Paul Connolly and POSSIBLY McCormack and Pugh depart next month. I know of no deals in place for any of these.

Well according to your fans saints may try to sigh snograss in a deal involving lee barnard. Plus 5 mill

Add McGugan of Forest and Quinn of Sheff Utd to the list ;)


Salpingidis won't go to leeds
will he?

The only way you can have CMS is if we get McCormack

Don't know where McCormack is going although it seems certain he isn't stopping at Leeds but Brighton won't be doing any sort of deal with CMS

Seems Warnock is chasing Maynard from West Ham (Cardiff after him too). Varney and Austin both now signed



22 Jul 2012 17:07:00
Barnsley are to sign on Monday from Liverpool fc winger Toni Silva

He is in US at moment


Looks like its about to hapen according to sheffield star

No he isnt he didnt tour with the rest of the team

Signed for Barnsley today on official website.

Who cares if he didn't tour with the team? just because a player doesn't go on tour doesn't mean we can't sign them. There are some persons on here.



22 Jul 2012 17:02:09
Burnley boss Eddie Howe has targeted Wolves Sam Vokes and West Ham Sam Baldock has future signings for Burnley

Vokes, yes, we have had him on loan,wolves need rid therefore a 500k fee is likely. Baldock west ham signed for more so unlikely they are willing to lose out and we (burnley) are unlikely to be paying 1m for anyone after we have already spent 1.2 on shackel.

Ah but Burnley have plenty of money to play around with after the sale of J-Rod

I'd have Baldock in a breath,he'd be an ideal long term replacement for Martin Paterson.

We have a lot of money ? We don't spend money however, Lancashire evening telegraph even posted an story that we are waiting for add ons from Steven fletchers departure from Wolves if we are to sign Vokes.

Plenty of money? Burnley operating losses for the 5 years 2007 to 2011 (including year in premiership) amount to over £12 million. Losses in 2011 came to £4 million. See Burnley accounts.

Burnley fc are not in any debt what so ever ! This is down to the ex chairman barry kilby who made sure that when we got promoted we were out ov the debt !

And by the way 2007-2011 is not 5 years its four , and i dont even think half the premiership teams had a 12 million loss in 4 years never mind burnley who account for absolutely every penny thats being spent

How can Burnley be making such losses ? the wages paid by burnley seem responsible to say the least. Not many large transfers to say the least. No building work.

Suggest you look at report of accounts published by Burnley dated 4th Dec.2011. The report is headed Clarets Report £4m loss.Table showing operating profits/losses for 2007,2008,2009,2010 &2011 - 5 years shows operating losses of over £12m.



22 Jul 2012 16:39:56
Cardiff city linked with Shaun wright phillips loan?

Would be a good signing but i dont think Hughes would let him go even if it is on loan

Dont think this is true



22 Jul 2012 16:37:49
omfg again!

Cardiff city could have some competition again for the signing of kim bo-kyung as his agent was seen in Glasgow, and some how i dont think its Rangers who are enquiring about him!

Why wasnt this deal tied up asap!

Yeah we shouldve but we did all the paper work on our end was finished in a day the first day he was here he was here to meet the officials, Chief ex Alan the Stadium and the Training facilities the second day we finished the paperwork, but its not finished on the Japanese end we are completing the deal in the next coming days before olympics as the player and agent wants and we are the only reported team for an offer so im not worrying until it happens looks very and i do mean 'VERY!' unlikely that Celtic would sign him, we are the only team that has a chance to sign him before the olympics starts

What about the name of the agent and the source just because it says they seen him doesnt mean they actually did and who'm is this who saw him, exactly i wouldnt worry for now even if he does go there's plenty of time to get a winger or two and a couple more signings, dont worry until it happens

Do cardiff want kim bo or not just get on with the transfer before you loose him.



22 Jul 2012 16:22:33
connor sammon claims he knows nothing about a loan move to derby ??? dont let it sway your thinking hes already spoke to derby and had a look around moor farm training centre.

Haha when? He was in Sweden with Wigan, now hes going to Austria with the squad... Sammon has publicly said that he isnt going and has never spoke to them so why make stuff up

Derby fan-Nigel clough was on radio derby talking after the Keogh signing saying they are looking at getting 4 more signings only posistions stated were left back and a striker.He was given names from media speculation such as aidy white and connor sammon and said both would have too high wage demands and would only break our wage structure and as for sammon they just say he was a player they looked at before he went to wigan suggesting they are now not interested.He mentioned that they were looking at someone from the irish league and spl for a striker.

Derby wont sign Conor Sammon until his season on Blackpool beach ends in September.



22 Jul 2012 16:00:32
Mark Noble is to be the subject of a 3.5m bid from Fulham as he is stalling on contract talks with West Ham.
Jol feels he would add competition to the CM/DM positions. Would be good to add depth to the Fulham squad.

Isnt he Mr west ham.Doubt he would leave especially they are back in the prem

Yes, but WH are strong candidates for relegation - even as a squad player for Fulham he would be much more secure



22 Jul 2012 15:43:34
Robert Snodgrass is being chased by premier league new boys Southampton as he is desperate to play in the PL next season, Southampton will offer 5M + out of favour Striker Lee Barnard as part of the deal.

He's worth less than 3 million and I really doubt Southampton would want him.

Yes please

This would be a good move all round. Great crosser, lack of pace made up for by Clyne who is lightning!

Can't see this happening with deal for lens of PSV all but done with transfer fee agreed.

Would be a good addition to the squad, but would obviously prefer for us to sign Dutch international Jermaine Lens. Really hope we can pull that deal off & hopefully tie up a deal for Alexander Buttner & a decent centre back too.

Re - the post on Lens being agreed. Is the Lens transfer agreed? I know Saints have gone back in for him, but dont know of it being agreed...

Buttner has fallen through looks like he'll head to France (Southampton haven't shown interest after it fell through it seems even though he wants to go to St Mary's he now has to look elsewhere). Lens appears to be getting done if that doesn't work Zaha is the other target not Snodgrass for a ridiculous amount. The main focus however is centre backs according to a statement made previously by Adkins he wanted one or two more keepers so an extra keeper would be a bonus but is not desperate and he wanted two centre backs which he has no new ones of yet so will seek them out but they are priority.

Don't think Zaha is going to be on the cards. Palace co-owner Steve Browett says Southampton are 'taking the mick' over their offer for Nathaniel Clyne. I think they might not be inclined to do a deal over Zaha too!!

If Southampton are 'taking the mick' they should just try to give more, I reckon 2 million is a fair price both ways seeing as he's an out of contract player. I mean no figure was given who's to say Southampton are taking the mick though Palace may well just be making stupid demands... We can't judge unless a proper figure is published.



22 Jul 2012 15:36:48
have heard from a good source that derby will be bidding for west brom striker chris wood this week.


They will only get him on loan no way albion will sell him

Have heard similar. Would be an excellent signing.

Lets hope so, if Barnsley can afford him on loan then why can't we?

Good player, would love to see him in a derby shirt. i think he's only got a year left on his contract aswell, so maybe the pull of regular first team football could see him at pride park next season?

I doubt you'll sign him next season as West Brom have the option of extending his contract and the coaching staff rate him to highly to let him leave on a free.

Wood won't leave, far to much potential to go to derby on a permanent deal, he will be ripping up the premier league in the next few years.



22 Jul 2012 14:49:44
Any Middlesbrough news?

Curtis main to Sunderland

George Friend

Harry Kewell will have a trial with Boro this week.

George Boateng and Bolo Zenden have been working on their fitness with Boro, but there is no intention from Boro to sign either of them.

George Friend from Doncaster is in Boro today for talks about a move today.

Yes we defo need a new keper steel omg and him from barsil poor to we need asap

Mogga not very happy with Saunders blabbing

Y would Harry kewell need to have a trial when other clubs are willing to just snap him up??? I think the ball is in Harry's court tbh the situation is clubs r trying to convince kewell that they r the right club for him n he will be just waiting to see if there is any pl interest before joining a championship club..... I hope mfc don't sign him he's past it now



22 Jul 2012 14:43:52
Walsall have opened negotiations over a deal to sign trailist Febian Brandy

Currently undergoing medical



22 Jul 2012 14:42:35
Charlton close to loan deal for David Bentley with option of permanent should Charlton be promoted in may.

BWP to Leicester for £1.5m

Reliable source!

So - that would be a loan then!

Powell will not sign a big headed, wage filled player like Bentley.

I too have heard about the Bentley deal from a very trusty source. Spurs to pay 70% of his wages

Charlton are being linked with michael Owen with. Pay as you play,
And we are getting jonny jonny jonny Robison back in the coaching staff

Owen has said many times that he won't drop down to the Championship. So that's a non rumour.

Owen has openly said he will never drop below the Premier League (Source: BBC Sport)

Owen? I don't think so. He only wants to stay in premiership and we would never be able to afford his wages. Where did u get this info from?

Owen doesnt want to drop a division so we will not get him. Bentley is definitely a possibility, would love to see him here but that would mean either waggy or green will b e on their way out unfortunately

Bent ly is on his way to Palace

Even if Spurs do pay his wages Powell won't buy Bentley has he his to big headed.



22 Jul 2012 14:18:26
Southampton are looking at Ron Vlaar as his Aston Villa has stalled,also heard that the Buttner deal could be finalised in next couple of days.

If the Buttner deal happens I will be amazed, as for Vlaar he is a possibility but I do see it as unlikely, he may be a target but it depends on if Southampton manage to sign a young Centre back then they'll probably be partnered up.

I hope buttner is finalised

Buttner deal is dead

Vlaar is still going Villa, the only reason the deal has stalled is because we are in America so it's hard to negotiate we come back Tuesday so the deal will be done by Friday, as Vlaar would 100 per cent choose Villa over Southampton

Ron Vlaar says any possible transfer to Aston Villa is 'off for now' and the defender plans to focus on his current club Feyenoord.which means could move 2 prem still for theright offer

It's hard to negociate because your in America? what is this, 1776? They could fly him out there or failing that, there are a range of communication devices such as phones, fax machines, etc. that have been invented. Do you live in a cave?

Buttner deal has fallen through....source Skysports

Skysports only said it was now unlikely after a previous fall through it can still happen it's just less likely (I however imagine you are right and he won't be a saint next year).



22 Jul 2012 13:47:48
Tranmere after Suso the liverpool forward on a 6 month loan. From a highly reliable source that cant be revealed.

Whilst i hope this is true, do you not think he'd be kicked to bits in L1? If he was to go anywhere id guess it would be Spain on loan but the boy is special maybe he'll get a few games at Anfield

Love it to be true but i think someone more like Toni Silva would be a realistic target if loaning from Liverpool

Silva has left Liverpool to join Barnsley on a free transfer (2 year contract)

Suso looks a brilliant player and has a lot of potential



22 Jul 2012 13:10:49
Pulis would like to bring in Kevin Doyle
from Wolves and the managment team
will start to negotiate this transfer upon
there return from pre-season tours of
America and Germany.

Pulis sees him as an improvement on Walters
in the withdrawn striker role.

HE is a class act so it would be good if true

Never gonna happen - Doyle has committed to club today in Express and Star article

Its not going to happen. Doyle has committed to wolves.



22 Jul 2012 13:07:53
Crystal palace intersted in signing greg halford from portsmouth for a fee in the region of 250k. He will link up with former team mate joel ward who signed for 400k.

Freedman likes the versatilty and physicality of the 6 foot plus halford especially after the injury problems palace faced towards the end of last season. Also the added bonus of his long throw will be useful with target men wilbraham and murray in the squad.



22 Jul 2012 12:59:11
Huddersfield town in:
Ji dong won-sunderland(season long loan)
Keith southern-blackpool(£100,000)
Kyle Bartley-arsenal(season long loan)
Sean morrison(£500,000)
Huddersfield town out:
Antony Kay-league 1 club(free transfer)
Jamie McCombe-league 1 club(fee about £100,000)
Anton Robinson-bournemouth(£100,000)
I must stress, these are just rumours but are from a very reliable source.

Why would we want to sign two more central defenders? Morrison looks to be a long shot now, we should have signed him at the end of last season. Trojan Horse.

£100,000 for Keith good one

These would be quality signings, can't see two more cb's signing though if it does it will be one or the other to add to clarke, lynch and wallace.

Why would Keith southern leave for Huddersfield and more so why would blackpool sell him for 100k? He's just about to have his testimonial, club have supported him through his illness and has a real chance of making an impact at a promotion chasing club!

With regards to the above post, I've seen that written so so many times this transfer window on this board. 'why would (insert name of player) join Huddersfield?'. Yet after Paul Dixon, Sean Scannell, Oliver Norwood, Adam Clayton and Joel Lynch fans are still saying it. Don't feel bad Blackpool fan, Leeds fans are also saying it about McCormack and that'll happen just like southern will.

I agree with the above anything is possible with Deano in charge

I'm a Blackpool fan and I do think it'll happen, we've signed another midfielder today and as much as pool fans might not like it he'll go I think.

Having said that, don't kid yourself that it's anything to do with the 'lure' of Huddersfield town. He's more than good enough to walk in your team and at 30 (or thereabouts) he wants 1st team football which he probably won't get at Blackpool, add to that his and Larry's close relationship and he might well see it as a decent opportunity.

Benik afobe open to a loan move, possibly 6 month or season long. Not sure whether it's championship or prem level. Wouldn't mind seeing him back at the galpharm!

I wouldnt mind if he wears boots rather slippers this time

Oh look keith southern has joined Huddersfield - where are the 'why would he join Huddersfield' brigade now ?

'Why would Keith southern leave for Huddersfield' ....

As I said in my previous post I expected it to happen.
Keith is 31 and been offered a 3 year deal, he'll walk in Huddersfields team, he was about 4th choice at Blackpool.
As I said previously it has nothing to do with Huddersfield town, it's do with his relationship with Grayson and the security for his family which comes with a 3 yr contract.
Having said that I and most other people are disappointed to see him go and rest assured your getting a very good championship performer.
All the Best Gnashers!!

The fee for Southern is £300,000 hope he does well, be emmotional at his testimonial against Everton, 1st 15 and last 15 minutes he will be playing. Seasider91



22 Jul 2012 12:49:15
Southampton set to re-kindle their interest in singing Alexander Buttner, although the deal may be off the cards, Buttner would like to join Saints still. PSV also set to up Southamptons first offer for Jeremain Lens as the club are wishing for big money.
Adding to this The Saints are also chasing Wilfred Zaha, who wishes to follow in Natheniel Clyne's footsteps by moving to the premier league, Saints will offer £4 million to start.

Your first two posts were almost believable before you stated such a dumb fee for Zaha! Why refer to a fee below which CP have said is of no interest?
Can't see why you should show no respect to another club and its supporters, especially one who has one of our stars for the future on loan and we would want them to be welcoming to him.
Almost as bad as a so called Everton supporter thinking that Rickie would rush to them for£3.5m!

Saint Martin

Ok, first I'd be delighted to see Buttner's deal actually come through this time. Secondly Lens is unlikely but still it could happen. Finally Zaha will command a higher price I'm expecting Southampton to launch a bid in the region of 6 million around that offered for Jay Rodriguez.

Of we offer 4mill for Zaha Palace will laugh us out of town and rightly so,that is derisory. I don't think they'll sell for less than 8. Good player but expensive and his attitude is questionable I've heard. I'd prefer Snodgrass, consistently very good over last couple of seasons in a disjointed side.

Southampton looking at german under 21 keeper for more backup 2 davis hes called kevin trapp he plays 4 fc Eintracht Frankfurt in bundesliga got three years left on contract so could cost about 10 million euros as his current club are relluctant to sell.saint4life

I wouldnt knock this too hard. Lots of big money gets talked about in transfers but is often structured - i.e. 4 mill up front, 1 mill if we stay up, 1 mill if we reach Europe in 3 seasons etc.. 4 Mill upfront with more based on 'success' for a wantaway 19 year old may well be tempting.. I cant see Saints signing Lens and Zaha though - think it is either/or.

If we wont pay 6 million for butland we are not going to pay 10 million for a german under 21 keeper...stop being daft!

10 million euros is about 7 million pounds (Not exact figure) so it's not that much but I have to agree it's not likely that Southampton will dish out so much money for a keeper when we've signed Gazzaniga who is young we'll probably sign someone in their early to mid twenties but go no higher than 5 million and we're not desperate for a new keeper.



22 Jul 2012 12:26:32
Zak Whitbread to Leicester, medical completed already and in advanced contract talks....if we can keep him fit will be an excellent free signing to the squad



22 Jul 2012 12:26:20
wigan 2 sign salpingidis and fraser fyvie

Wigan signed Fyvie ages ago

They have signed Fraser Fyvie



22 Jul 2012 11:53:12
Crystal Palace expected to complete the signing of Matty Fryatt in the next 48 hours.

Very good player at one point gone off the boil recently though. Can see him as a decent back up player but not the 20 goal a year striker we really need. CP1.

Ha no chance. Keep dreaming palace.

Palace will never sign fryatt

He's not even that good about keep dreaming palace.. we can do a lot better!



22 Jul 2012 11:42:08
Derby have two targets remaining this summer, a LB (cover for Roberts) and a striker (if/when Davies leaves)

A LB target was Aidy White but he's signed a new contract with Leeds.

A ST target is Conor Sammon, but this move is doubtful after Sammon saying he wants to fight for his place at Wigan

Time will tell.



22 Jul 2012 11:31:02
What happened to the Burnley midfielder Norwich were going to sign? Any news Ed? {Ed015's Note - Nothing happened, no bid has been made yet,if at all.}

Chris mccann plus nile ranger from newcastle, we,ll know soon mate. did hear looking at vurnon anita (ajax) but can,t see us picking him up other prem clubs after him too



22 Jul 2012 11:13:14
Newcastle were watching Burnley full back Keiran Trippier yesterday at Altrincham and could make a 3M bid this week

No they wern't they are close to signing French RB Deucbchy.

What when they have already got David Santon and Ryan Taylor

Both lb?

They watched him on the last match of the season against Bristol city but tripp doesn't want to leave burnley

Why didnt the tyne side go for clyne ?

We need more depth, any players that can fit into our team for next season are fine, and why would tripp stay loyal to a club like burnley with interest from the mighty toon?

Because at burnley he plays every week, at newcastle he wouldnt



22 Jul 2012 11:02:12
Defoe to west ham



22 Jul 2012 11:01:43
Andy Iro heading back to England for a trial with Northampton Town



22 Jul 2012 10:48:52
lubomir michalik set to sign for yeovil

I wish

I also heard this rumour yes, but only on a 1 year contract unfortunately

Better going to easter rd

Barnsley are intrested



22 Jul 2012 10:44:56
portsmouth interested in bringing q.p.r midfielder shaun derry back to the park.
Also Appleton has handed a trial to liam walker of Gibralter after he stood out in there classy performance over Portsmouth



22 Jul 2012 10:33:55
Bournemouth are set to sign Torquay left back Kevin Nicholson for an undisclosed fee. Nicholson was named in league 2 team of the year in the 2011 - 2012 season.

Yes, kevin nicolson is in his early thirties so should be out of our age range that afcb are looking for. Bournemouth should be looking for 20 -25 year olds that have at least 3 year contract and potential to play at higher level.



22 Jul 2012 10:13:03
The signing of Park has started the 2global brand" of QPR. Expect the signing of Ki Sung-Yeung (6 million) within 48 hours. Samba is very much sought after by Mark Hughes and I expect that to go through this week. Too many cooks spoil the broth, so expect the departure of Barton (loan), SWP, Bothroyd, Tommy Smith (Watford), Rob Hulse, Sean Derry and Luke Young. D J Campbell should be on his way too.

We still need a decent full back plus another midfielder to complement the squad.

Good times ahead for QPR fans

Helguson should not be but is on his way. luke young should be given another chance.

Celtic already turned down 6mill from Ruben Kazan, so unless big sell on value or 7+ sell on value then he would go. But he may only be sold after Olympics to see of they could get more interest and money

How about hoilett is this going to be announced tommorow

Yeung will sign after the olympics! Hoilett has had medical and signed - just the compo to be sorted. Samba will sign this week PLUS an unknown full back. Plenty of outs over the next 3 weeks. Talk of a marquee signing forward - no idea who or why though (Maybe Defoe?!)

If celtic had been bid £7million for ki he'd be gone by now. My guess it was either a set fee with add ons upto £7million or its all just puff from celtics end just trying to bump up the fee

I don't think Ki will come if Hoilett comes in we need a CB fast to go alongside Ferdinand hoping it is Samba and Defoe would be the icing on the cake and transfers over till January.

Samba would be great but don't see it happening Ki though i think will. Just hope there's enough money left to get a samba type cb but who's anybodys guess



22 Jul 2012 09:42:03
Southampton have turned there interest to 22 year old centre back Ciaran Clark as Nigel Adkins continues to build for the future, however Aston villa are reluctant to sell and it's thought they will to listen to offers in the region of 6 million.

That's plausible, could happen. I reckon him along side some other of the premierships young defenders are on Southampton's targets list.

Dont be silly villa wont sell him he will be a firt team player next year if he is to leave it wont be to southampton silly person

He's in the villa starting 11.
Not seeing him leave villa for southampton.

Haaaaa seen as Clark is one of our stars I can't see him moving to Southampton

There are doubts about Clark;s ankle. Man U have been keeping a close eye on him for 3 years if he has a injury free season they may come in for him (before people ask yes he is good enough for United)

Clark is "class" & isn't afraid to have a shot on goal.

Up Lambert's Limes becauseee I now glow in the darrkk!

Don't laugh about a possible move to Southampton... In previous years players from established Premiership sides have moved to newly promoted teams to pursue there career. It often comes as a surprise but it does happen more often than people care to think.

I think Clark will feature strongly in Lamberts plans for teh coming season. He has already shipped out Cuellar , Collins is en route to Blunderland so I cannot see our class young centre half being moved unless MU come calling with silly money

If I was allowed to swear at you for this appalling "rumour" I would! Ciaran Clarke to Southampton for 6 mill!! way he would go to Southampton when he'll be starting for villa B.villa won't sell him. would need to be at least 12 mill. D.if he ever leaves it'll be for someone like man utd not southpton!



22 Jul 2012 09:39:15
Joe Allen was viewing properties in Liverpool before he went on holiday, done deal

Joe Allen who isn't on holiday but in the gb football squad, mmm sounds like bull

Oh yeah sure, like gaston ramirez had 'bought' a property on merseyside ahead of his proposed move, looked what happened there ... nothing!



22 Jul 2012 09:25:56
Emile heskey seems to be keen to join coventry as he wants to stay in the midlands. With leicester seemingly dragging their feet as to make a move coventry is looking like a more likely destination each day

Heskey is joining Ipswich, Cov could never afford his wages.

He might even score a few in league 1,good signing if it materialised!


Couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo, no matter what league he's in. Let him go to a money bag team in the Championship please.

It would be hard to assess whether he would do well at L1 level. The level he has played at suggests yes, but the stage of career he is now at could suggest otherwise.

The only teams that have contacted Heskey are Hull, Leicester and Ipswich. At the moment, Ipswich seem most likely to get his signiture out of the trio.

I want emile heskey to come to cov so much because he is an amazing footballer and i aint even jokin




22 Jul 2012 09:24:24
zac whitbread signing for lcfc
already passed medical free transfer
released norwich,good signing up

Yes good player... bit injury prone though

When match fit, he was the best central defender at the club... but 44 appearances in 3 years says it all.

What! No way Whitbread was too mistake and injury prone

Whitbread one of our best center halfs last season think we should of given him another year

Whitbread was our best defender by far



22 Jul 2012 09:24:18
Everton still believe that they can tempt Rickie Lambert back home, its just Adkins that they hope to convince with a £3.5m bid.

Not a chance. Considering he's said the only other team he would leave for is Liverpool. And 3.5M? You might be lucky to get one of our Reserves. 10m, possibly

Aint gunna happen, lambert wont be leaving the only team to give him higher than league 1 football just when they've got to the premier league

That's a realistic price for an unproven prem player

Everton dont even have 3.5m

We dont have 35p at the moment, and thats what we want everyone to believe......

£3.5m a realistic price for an unproven prem. player??
Try telling that to Arsene Wenger!



22 Jul 2012 09:22:48
David Clarkson will sign for Bristol Rovers tomorrow on a two year deal

I agree with you and your source as i was told this about 3 weeks ago

Good player to who will score loads at league 2 level



22 Jul 2012 09:22:33
Tottenham are going to break their transfer record to buy Robert Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund for £25 million

Don't see AVB going for him, although they need a striker



22 Jul 2012 09:12:13
Ricardo Fuller to have a trial with Coventry City to prove his fitness during the summer break

Fuller going to cardiff.

Would love it, top player! PUSB

No way could cov afford his wages

We wish, would score bucket loads in League 1, can't see it happening though.



22 Jul 2012 08:46:14
A deal for Kyle Bartley could be completed after Arsenals Asia tour

Good luck,he is one of the worst i have ever seen,no wonder he couldnt get a game for gunners. {Ed039's Note - I am a Rangers fan and he started off promising enough, but didnt really improve and got found out against better players)

By which club?



22 Jul 2012 08:43:13
Palace to enquire after Shelvey on loan

They can have him



22 Jul 2012 08:41:04
Dougie Freedman is looking at Sterling of Liverpool on loan.

Would be a good move for palace, he looked good playing for liverpool last night

Signing 4 barnsley on monday

He is too young. cannot be loaned until after Xmas




22 jul 2012 08:19:12
any up to date bristol city transfer news,
bristol city
bristol city

I would not ask that mo mate all you get is crap given to you i talked to buzsaky he said like what mcinnis said and setup but is talking to another team

Henry lansbury seen at the gate on friday

Tom Heaton to become our new no2 goalie after being in spain last week with team. Source Sly Spurts



22 Jul 2012 07:08:55
With the imminent arrival of Hoilett, I heard rumours that Mark Hughes and the owners are in advance talks with Chris Samba, a full back and a French forward.

The same source expects the loss of Mackie, SWP, Luke Young, Derry, Bothroyd, D J Campbell and Hulse.

It would seem that talks with Gallas have stalled - I wasn't told why, but I doubt its wages.

A new look Rangers that will surely finish in the top 10

Mackie is going nowhere!



22 Jul 2012 05:05:50
R the rumours true on Jermaine Defoe coming to West Ham please tell me there all lies dont want him never liked him forever a Hammer



22 Jul 2012 02:07:38
No bids for Gary have been made to Celtic as of yet for his services except an approach of interest from a foreign team, but NO bids

No bids cos he's no very good,I could score 30 goals in that diddy league

League aside Hoopers movement and finishing are second to none. If you actually watch him he is twice the player of half the strikers playing in the prem league. {Ed039's Note - Rangers Ed here, Hooper has real quality and I can see him playing in the Prem and scoring goals easily, with the right supply of course)

Rangers ed you just want rid of him {Ed039's Note - Makes no difference to me mate, we are now 3 divisions below him now and with or without him Celtic will win the league)



22 Jul 2012 02:03:15
George friend going to middlesborough. Dean Saunders has stated on drfc official twitter a fee has been agreed and he was in talks with them today (Saturday)

Doncaster fans, is he any good?

If ur wanting him as a left full back didn't do well for us there but when played at cb then yes he is a lot of donny fans will be sad to c him go



22 Jul 2012 01:56:27
Oldham will take look at defender Cliff Byrne and winger Lloyd Sam when they take on Hull on Tuesday, Both players currently on trial at Latics but yet to feature in any pre season games.


Lloyd Sam is in Spain with Portsmouth

Hull Don't play Oldham?

Lloyd sam was in Gibraltar with Portsmouth

Lies Lloyd Sam is on trial at pompey

Lloyd Sam is in Spain with Portsmouth

Sam is on trial with portsmouth who are in spain at the mo so wat rubbish you post.

One person just told him he was on trial at pompy why do you all have to ?

Lloyd Sam is in Spain with Pompey but Oldham also do play Hull on tuesday in a behind closed doors friendly.

He must be mad if Sam's at pompy what are they going to pay him in peanuts? they've been told by the creditors to reduce their wage bill and sell more players by the end of the week or they will no longer exist

There might not be a Portsmouth next week!

It's Hector Sam on trial at Oldham not Lloyd ;-). Cliff Byrne is expected to sign a 1 year deal this week.

Oldham are playing Hull at Hull's training ground on Tuesday. Basically a behind closed doors friendly. It was announced on Oldham's website last week.

Not been funny lloyd sam may be in spain with pompey but i cnt see them getting him they need to get rid of players not sign them there on brink of folding wat a joke if they do sign players before getting rid of high earners they deserve to go bye bye

Haha, pompey could never afford a player, ridiculous! :P



22 Jul 2012 00:49:29
Stefan Savic will join Swansea on loan this summer as he seeks to gain Premiership expierience.

I don't think so

No thanks very much one of the poorest defenders in the premiership!



22 Jul 2012 00:44:05
Man Utd are preparing a shock bid for Swansea midfielder Leon Britton!

He's got talent! Haha

Rofl it surely is silly season...



22 Jul 2012 00:43:02
Swansea have made an offer to West Brom for midfielder Graham Dorrans.

Dorrans has the ability to be a top class midfielder, he has had some problems during the last 18 months, but toward the end of last season one could see the old spark returning.
In truth, i cannot see the Albion selling him.

I would love to have dorrans, he was quality for albion a couple of seasons ago, and has had troubles in the past year so has been unlucky

They would have to unload 2 or 3 surplus midfielders first



22 Jul 2012 00:41:45
Middlesborough full-back Tony McMahon will fly to the U.S. this week for talks with Swansea manager Michael Laudrup over a potential move to South Wales.



22 Jul 2012 00:39:21
Swansea have offered Bristol City 3.5m for winger Albert Adomah.

No they haven't

I'd take 3 +lita or monk like to see lita back at the gate

The fee agreed is 3Mil plus Swansea have to pay the fee Bristol Rovers want for Carayol who will replace him Adomah at Bristol City. Adomah and Carayol have agreed terms so it's all down to Swansea now.

This is a poss carayol wants out of rovers and will go to who pays best wages not the £600pw the gas have offered come to city and earn 20 times that

^ total trash

Ryan Babel is going for £3 million, think about it



22 Jul 2012 00:38:37
Chris Wilder will make 3 signings for Oxford before the new season.
Their positions will be -
Right Back
Centre Back - Alex Evans
Centre defensive midfielder

Rob Hall will not being returning on loan as West Ham have confirmed they want to loan him to a championship team.

And Oxford are not interested in him. We signed a new player for his position 2 months ago, Sean Rigg.
And we are only signing one more player! And thats one of the 2 centre back trialists, on a 6-12month contract.
We signed a centre midfielder in the week, Lee Cox. We wont be signing anyone else.
And certainly not this week, as The squad fly to America tomorrow for 10 days



22 Jul 2012 00:37:37
Swansea City are set to sign Bolton Wanderers midfielder Mark Davies for a fee of 5m.

OMG.. how many more times Davies is not going to Swansea. I have said before only a stupid offer would tempt Bolton to sell. Coyle doesn't want him to go and the same goes for YCL and Ngog.

Laudrup is buying up unknown Spanish players the only players he knows having managed in Spain.

He doesn't know any English palyers he didn't even know Swansea, he admitted that himself. so just stop with stupid rumours!!

Laudrup has confirmed an interest in Davies. I'm not sure he has made a bid yet but I could be wrong!



22 Jul 2012 00:29:07
Swansea will make an 8m offer to Birmingham for goalkeeper Jack Butland when Michel Vorm returns to Holland for Ajax.

They wont get him coz clark feels he should not be sold also southampton have offered but was rejected

Butland will eventually leave Birmingham, but not for the likes of Swansea/Southampton etc (dream on)

First in line will be Chelsea,Arsenal & Tottenham.

Southampton's offer was 6m, with an extra 2m on top of that Birmingham may re-think their descision on whether to sell the kid.

8m? LOL
15m + add ons will secure a possible signing.

Each month the player will gain value.

(hope he listens to his parents)



22 Jul 2012 00:04:54
Tom Craddock to join York on a 6 month loan from Oxford United after Jamie Reed and Liam Henderson both depart the Bootham Crescent club

No Chance, he's a key player to our forward line. Y would he loan him out when he's likely to get 15 goals again, and we paid 70k for him?



21 Jul 2012 23:59:57
MK Dons to sign Callum Davenport after he completed a medical with the club on pre-season training in Ireland, will be officially announced soon

True. .

That would be fantastic, a good, experienced defender

Great news

Wouldnt count on it, doubt he's the same player he was since being stabbed in both legs. my friend even played against him in a league game, in the league 3 below the conference (i think)

Hasn't played for nearly 2 seasons?? His lucky his still able to walk I can see Playin full-time football a problem and will be injured alot! But gambles sometimes do pay of and Robbo rarely makes mistakes!

Alot of good experienced centre halfs still without clubs. Andy O'Brien and Alex Bruce for example

Yeah, I'd rather have Bruce or O'Brien, at least they're fit and able.

Yh alex bruce would be a much better signing than callum-especially callum won't get played too often.

I think this is a great move Leeds wanted to sign him, before he decided to go non league to get him match fitness back. and as for the wounds he sufered they will have healed now and hes had a medical i think they are in a better position to say if he is able or not....

I agree, would much rather have had Alex Bruce than Davenport, but Bruce is easily Championship quality and his wages may just be out of the Don's reach. Davenport obviously hasn't played much for the last three years, mainly due to the fact that he was stabbed and was critical for a while, but I think if we could keep him fit, he would be a very good addition to the Don's squad. Even if he just plays 15 games to help rotate the centrebacks it would be okay.

Luke Chadwick was an injury prone player that really affected his early career. But since being with the dons he is always fit and plays a big part at the Dons. It shows that MK dons have good background staff and if they could do the same for Davenport and work with him then there is no reason why he cannot become a big part of the club. Watch this space...

Also, I do believe Davenport has coaching badges which would also give Robbo some additional help in that area as well, maybe to nurture Flanagan who I think is an excellent prospect, never seen him have a bad game for the Dons, but maybe some extra coaching from someone like Davenport may bring him on further.



21 Jul 2012 23:55:43
Can confirm saints made an enquiry into the possible signing of centre back Ryan shawcross however it was rejected by stoke city, attention has now been turned to Ciaran Clark of Aston Villa as Nigel adkins carries on his summer signings, concentrating on bringing in hungry, young talent and building for the future.

Clark? the guy Villa fans see as their future captain & has played the main central role in Villa's pre-season? Unless you have £10m - jog on!

LOL if shawcross was gonna leave he would go to a top 6 team

I have also heard Southampton made an enquiry and talks are ongoing.

How ridiculous if true! Like there was even a slight chance...

Southampton fans should keep quiet. Shawcross?? Why on earth would Stoke sell him unless a top club offered stupid money? Even then they could well say no as have plenty of money. What a ludicrous rumour.

If phil jones cost united 20 million than shawcross would go for around 35 to 40 million

Well considering tottenham enquired and failed, try again :)

£40m for Shawcross? I'd pay £6m total maximum!

Am I missing something here?? Can anyone please explain why shawcross would move to Southampton?? I've been a stoke fan all my life, and I'm under no illusions about the fact we are not a nailed on top ten club.... And are still 20 years behind villa and everton when it comes to stability and the draw they have on players, But the likes of Southampton, reading, Norwich, Swansea, west h, QPR and fulham are no way as bigger club than stoke and there is no way one of our best players would join any of these clubs..... Sorry but it's true

I am a Stoke fan I yet I am not delusional about OUR place within the league, we are perhaps one of the best run clubs from a business perspective and are a solid and stable mid-league team however I am not blind to the draws of other teams
Southampton - one of the best youth set ups in the country
QPR - London club (for some reason players like this) and a terrible business plan that will offer stupid wages for players.
West Ham - history and pedigree plus the london club thing again
Fulham - London club
you might have a point with Norwich, Swansea and Reading but please know your football before you make stupid comments.

Have to agree with you on that one.
This shows how Villa managed to get Darren Bent even when we were close to the relegation zone with Houllier.

Shawcross rejected to go to Manchester Utd (his favourate club) so why would he go to southampton and clark is set to become a amazing defender so he will only move if a top 7 club wanted him



21 Jul 2012 23:54:32
West brom news: ins: claudio yacob (free) face competition from botafogo danny simpson (2-3m) outs: peter odemwingie (al garrafah) (4-8m) simon cox (blackburn) (2-3m) sam manthom (walsall) (loan) george thorne + scott allan (portsmouth) (loan) ........also wba' technical director dan ashtworth is being linked with a 'top job' at the FA and that steve clark wants to sign another defender should j. olsson leave, possible replacements: scott dann, seb bassong, cedric mongongu.... all past players we've considered signing ....... COYB!

Clarke has said this morning he wants to add 3 new faces to the team before the end of August.

Ipswich among championship clubs who also want mantom,so walsall no starter

Who would go to portsmouth,they are in meltdown once again.

Odemwingie leaving is absolute rubbish there was note a training ground bust up and clarke wants to keep him

Yacob for free??? don't think so!!

Yacob is a free agent so yes he would arrive on a free. Although there was interest from botafogo there are rumours the deal will be completed tomorrow.

'Yacob for free?? don't think so!'

He's a free agent ya plank! And he's in Sweden with the rest of the Albion squad at the moment!

Odemwingie leaving is rubbish. Also Thorne and Allan won't be going to Portsmouth as the club will only allow them to go on loan to a Championship side. Not after Simpson either as we already have Reid and Jones in at RB. Dann, Bassong etc is also rubbish as the only CB we've looked at is Madlung from Wolfsburg.

Odemwingie not leaving and cox won't leave yet. Dann and bassong is rubbish they signed new deals and won't leave for albion... COYB

No one has mentioned dan ashworth yet,i find that odd.if he takes the england role then it would be more devastating than losing roy hodgson,that guy is quality in the making

Odemwingie seems happy to be at Albion doubt he will leave and Olson won't leave this season



21 Jul 2012 23:46:07
Southampton are looking at Robert snodgrass of leeds,
The winger is yet to sign a new contract with the Yorkshire club and it's thought that he wants to play premier league football next season, also Norwich have tabled an offer an Aston villa have enquired.

I doubt Southampton are remotely interested in him :L, we are after Zaha or some other guy i can't remember the name of :L
Spoon ;)

I hope not.. No pace - we do not need fairly slow but technically decent players - we have lots of them!

Hopefully not. isnt any better than puncheon or guly

Are you serious?! Snodgrass is much better than Puncheon or Guly. Hes not yhat slow either. Him and Lallana would destroy on the wings!

As a Norwich fan I'd welcome him, good player who would add to us. To the Southampton fans who think that he wouldn't add to your squad...looks like you'll be in for an easy season if your team is already that good.

Southampton and Reading are signing too many players they will tear the heart out of the players that have got them this far. Doesn't work and is a recipe for relegation.

Saints have signed 4 player one a back up keeper were looking for one or two more, the players which got us promotion: lambert lallana Hoovield and davis will still be in the team so we wont be suffering from the same problems as qpr



21 Jul 2012 23:42:35
AC Milan to get ready for 24m swoop for Barcelona winger Alexis Sanchez.

Complete rubbish why would he leave barca for milan? they paid £28m for him now he is cheaper?



21 Jul 2012 23:31:58
Former Burnley striker Dominic Knowles is on trial at York City and played part of today's friendly against Oldham. Knowles was trialling at Stevenage last week.



21 Jul 2012 23:16:12
Ipswich Town are expected to confirm the season-long loan signing of Tottenham midfielder Massimo Luongo early this week.

Well done you read the eadt as well then lol

Heskeys now in further talks with hull city and looks like he will sign this week.ipswich were not interested as it was a red herring to get the press off jewells back.

Even though the club confirmed that both Jewell and Clegg had gel initial discussions with Heskey? Ha!

Heskey is not in talks with hull

* held initial discussions



21 Jul 2012 22:49:06
Brighton and hove Albion are poised to offer a contract to Le Havre prospect Jeremy Balmy. Currently on trial, previously interested AC Milan, arsenal and spurs.

Good news and in the argus

Good news just keeps coming from the Amex. Just a pity that the early consensus was that we'd struggle to get 22000 for a home game. Turns out that 27000+ will be at the ground next season and I STILL WONT BE ABLE TO GET A TICKET.

If it's in the Argus then it must be true....



21 Jul 2012 22:42:19
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates will make a move for midfielder Scott Donnelly if his move to Rotherham fails to materialise.

A young player but very experienced. I think he would be a great signing.

Rotherham will not be following up there interest in Scott Donnelly

Evans has already said we don't want to keep him



21 Jul 2012 22:32:12
a young motherwell player is going to a top dutch side,(ajax, not 100 per cent sure) my uncle is his agent and currently in holland holding talks (he watched the celtic ajax game tonight).



21 Jul 2012 22:10:42
Swansea will sign Liverpool striker Dani Pacheco on a season-long loan after they return from their pre-season tour of the U.S.A.

Iwith all the players swansea are about to sign according to the rumours they will have a squad of 50 keep dreaming



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