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21 Jan 2012 22:45:24
George Boyd WILL SIGN BY MONDAY for Brighton. No blood infection!!(7)(11)At the Amex tomorrow, and visiting site of new training ground in Lancing.Can't see this happening, you would have to pay at least 4 million for Boyd. He is the clubs prize asset. Plus, Posh will need Boyd to ensure of championship survival. However, I could be wrong.


21 Jan 2012 22:12:03
Chris Samba or James Collins to sign for Newcastle before the end of this transfer window.(23)(33)Chris Collins more like !Both too old for NewcastleNo chanceJoan Collins ....maybe


21 Jan 2012 22:04:40
Swindon Town have made an undisclosed bid for Crawley's Matt Tubbs. Tubbs is from Wiltshire and is thought to fancy a move back home. Swindon have given Crawley the chance to take winger EtiŽnne Esajas & striker Mehdi Kerrouche as part of the deal.(6)(14)Don't buy this...BUT...would be very happy if true!Why on earth would Matt Tubbs, who is being tracked by Championship clubs, opt to player for a lesser club than Crawley? Behave.He's from Dorset not Wiltshire! Verwood in fact! More Swindon nonsense!!!No he is not, Matt Tubbs is from Bournemouth and still lives in Bournemouth! Why on earth would he take a sideways step and move to Swindon when crawley are on the up and financially stronger than Swindon? This is nonsenseNot according to WIKI he isn't!! however this rumour is pure nonsense!Look here.

You Crawley lot might get promoted to League 1....yes....but lets face'll be coming straight back down spent all your money now and with the massive wage bill you lot have got you cant afford to make a bid for anyone else now......and if your being honest you know thats true.

I think Crawley may survive one season in L1, but then i think it'll all come tubbling down, and could even do a double drop......into Non League.....quite befitting really....after you lots couldnt stop mouthing off how amazing you lot the begining of the season...Swindon were miles away.....but now only 3 points seperate our sides, and we spent just a fraction of what that over weight scotsman of your spent.........

Just remember what goes around comes around.....always does in Footy...good luck...your gonna need it!Crawleys money will run out in the next couple of years and they will go the same way as Rushdon and chester not even in the bsp. No way you can spend that money and survive a couple of years ago they had no money. No going to wish them look because i will be happy the day they go out of bueissness tbh havent built right.
Look at fleetwood this season spend money on the squad and the ground and will survive
crawley just the squad
Burton Fan :)


21 Jan 2012 21:58:41
Bournemouth looking to bring sol Campbell in on a short term contract(6)(10) 



21 Jan 2012 21:55:30
tottenham winger ryan fredericks to join bradford city on loan(12)(4)Hope this is true he is a great player!


21 Jan 2012 21:54:18
carlos tevez to join accrington stanley(66)(16)Only if they can agree personal terms, so deal not done yet?!How is heLol to the above commentIs Stanley on holiday in Milan?


21 Jan 2012 21:44:44
Carlos Cuellar leaving Aston Villa, he has just tweeted it(18)(5) 

Rumours up here in scotland that celtic enquired about him at start of seasonVilla & rangers agreed a price at the start of the season but cuellar failed to agree terms.
Villa are short on experienced subs if we lost Cuellar anyways.


21 Jan 2012 20:49:58
jealousy from st many players come out of the spl and end up 10-30 million quid players. on the other hand soton ..... about 2 a decade(3)(10)You really are a fud,,,lambert, van brockhaust, larrson, gattouso, champions league winners, enough said !!!!! dont comment until your facts are right !!!Bale, walcot, chamberlin and luke shaw will be another so i have no idea what your on about!Currently at least 1 player a year coming out of southamptons academy worth at least 10 million....factBridge, bale, Walcott, oxlade Chaimberlein, I could go on nice to see you have a rounded knowledge of footballWalcott and he is something to be proud of.
Over the years Scotland has given players such as as:

Fletcher x 2
Charlie Adam
Scott Allan (will soon be a 15m player) based on English mental prices.
Mccarthy (wigan)
Forrest (soon to be)
Islam feruz (stolen by chelsea)

Names without even thinkog about it.

I reckon that scotlands top 11 would easily beat England. Over rated league with over rated playersOutide bale the rest are st.

Scotland has produced larsson, sutton, gattuso, di canio, Islam feruz, c. Adam, fletcher x 2, mccarthy, s. Allan, forrest and the list could go on. Southampton were a big club. Scotland would easily best England's over rated playersIs that why the scottish national team is so good...... oh thats right they're st! Failure to qualify for a major tourney in how long?? so shhhhhhhhhhh u silly jocksThis has got mental! Are you lot comparing the output of a country with one relatively small City?So your argument is that more good players have come out of the whole of scotland than southampton which has about 220,000 people living there. Bit of an unfair argument, dont ypu think?My argument is that there has been more quality players to have come out of Glasgow. All players I mentioned, came from there. Think if u looked at englands qualifying groups - u couldn't not qualifyLarsson, gattuso and di canio... hmm none of them came through the youth ranks at scottish clubs... yes scottish clubs brought them to our knowledge but all the players mentioned before came through the saints academy so that part of the argument is utterly useless!Fair play, Southampton academy has been amazing but so has Crewe's...... how's that compare to the whole of Scotland? Crewe a bigger club than Celtic........Llanna,chamberlane, Wallcott,Bale,matt mills,Alan shearer,wayne bridge,nathan dyer,matt oakley,wallace brothers , le tiss spring to mind as coming through our ranks with many more players being improved once signing for us. Crouch,kevin davies,beattie etc. cheers spl for saints legends like neil mc cant and rudi skatchel . my money says the first batch of players would beat celtic or rangers 1 st eleven if they played next weekend (even with le tiss playing the keeper/ball playing sweeper role )lol


21 Jan 2012 20:41:12
Donny to sign Jesus Rabanal?
sorry mate your beyond redemption


21 Jan 2012 21:24:06
God man..... Celtic considering a very generous bid from Sunderland for hooper?! Billy sharp to replace hooper! Deal almost done, close the window now!(7)(30)Sunderland? Why would Hooper leave European Giants CelticThe only reason your in champions league is because the spl is crap and as for giants do you ever get past the group stage?European giants ... lol, and btw, they are never in the champions league, thats rangers, the scottish champions 54 times and for the last 3 yearsMade the last 16 twice in recent years beating man utd barcelona ac milan juventus, valencia, porto to name a fewHooper will stay at Celtic because he has no ambition even I could score in spl and I'm in my 50s let hooper rot in spl he didn't look that good yesterday against the mighty st mirren lolIs this the sunderland who are skint50 year old man, theres no way u would score in the SPL so get back onto your rocking chair put your slippered feet up and puff away on your pipe, you know nothing about celtic or scottish football, so keep ur silly comments to yourself!!If he stays and wins a treble for celtic, would that be lacking ambition? playing in europe, is that lacking ambition?, by staying till the summer and gettin medals his price will go up, no brainer for hooper and celtic!!^^^ but he won't. Yous is more dilluded than Southampton. Lennon will crack under pressure come May as usual. Scottish football embarrasses mae pal! Hoops is destined south of our wall.Not entirely sure how Sunderland are skint. Sold bent, Henderson and received a large loan fee for gyan plus our owner is a billionaire who said o'neil has money to spend. is this the same hooper that is valued at 35million? if he's worth 35million I'm worth 10. we don't want him so he can stay in your mediocre league. why do youz always start arguments about how st and over rated the premier league is. face it, it's the best league in the world and if you think Celtic or rangers would be anywhere near the top ten then you are very very naive and deluded.As a celtic fan hooper and lenny said he isnt leavinHoopers staying kid build a bridge and get over it, The EPL is the money league that is all goodnight!


21 Jan 2012 21:23:09
2 players to have medicals at Cardiff on monday. One player rumoured is Jamie Mackie on a loan deal with an option to buy at the end of the season the other player is unnamed.(9)(13)Poor old "un-named" player. His parents should be ashamed.And why should they be ashamed?Found out the the name of the 'un-named' player. its michael jacobs of northampton


21 Jan 2012 21:23:01
Stevenage defender Scott Laird is signing for Millwall on Monday 99% done.(4)(7)I doubt scott would leave as hes playing regular first team football. cant se stevenage selling a top player, without a manager, as who ever comes in would want to work with what hes got, plus the chairman doesnt want to sell anyway


21 Jan 2012 21:15:12
Craig Beattie to millwall seems pretty certain!!(8)(6)Another punch-up player?


21 Jan 2012 20:45:15
Norwich Boss Paul Lambert is set to sign yet another Elland Road regular as Snodgrass terminates contract talks with Leeds United and looks likely to rejoin with old team mates Howson and Johnson(20)(28)It may surprise you to learn that Snodgrass actually has a contract at Leeds United until the end of next season. Sorry to disappoint you, but you don't have the financial muscle to sign any of our players whilst they are under contract. Its alright, just wait till Snodgrass' runs out and then... oh wait, you'll be back in League 1 by then.
wallyWe always finish higher than leeds no way your going up. U will lose in summer, then u will have no left to sell little boyI still can't figure out if your name is wally, or you are just being offensive whenever you reply? if your name is wally fair enough, if it ain't quit referring to everyone as wally, its a cheap shot ! and demeans your comments.

As for your comment about having the muscle to buy Snodgrass, we do have it, and I will not surprised if Leeds do sell him before the window closes because Bates knows if you do not offer him a decent contract he will leave when his contract is up, and the longer its left the less he will cost.
But Lambert does not want him any longer, when we signed Pilkington we bought a very similar player, and frankly if you watched his performance today against Chelsea you will know why Tottenham and Liverpool are seriously interested in him, and he looks a much better prospect, just 23 and I predict he will play for England in the next couple of years if his current form continues.
Lambert has targets in this window, but Snodgrass is not one of them.Pilkington for England, don't make me laughLambert has done a great job for Norwich... Signing young hungry championship players... Qpr should have done the same.
Both Howson and Johnson fit into this... How son is a much better player though. I m a Leeds fan and am gutted we re losing him, but he s done a great job for us and at least has left us for a decent fee, unlike Bradley. As for Snodgrass, another great player and worthy to play in the Prem. But he s got an 18 month contract so even Bates realizes it not worth sell ing him until the summer or next Jan, unless stupid money is involved. Just careful what you wish for Norwich fans.... Before long you ll have all our division 3 midfield and wonder why your 11 th in the championship.By the way, you may have also noticed that if a club sells it s best player, it becomes extremely unlikely that they will sell any of their other good players, so getting excited about Snodgrass, Clayton or McCormack leaving Leeds makes no sense. Bates is nuts but he knows how to make money and protect his investment. If you want to get excited about signing a Leeds player i' m afraid the only decent one on offer would be White. He s out of contract soon and a good player although he s young and inexperienced. Otherwise you ll have to make do with castoffs such as Paynter, O Brien, Connelly etc .... Or be patient and wait till the summer.I f snoddy refuses to accept a new contract
offer Bates will sell him thats how he operates believe me we had years of him at the Bridge


21 Jan 2012 20:55:00
cahil to cfc but alex dont like his money at qpr 4,5mm(3)(7)


21 Jan 2012 20:49:31
Liverpool to ship out under performers
source.....Mr K. Dalglish.(33)(4)I think Dalglish should look at himself! He's a a 'football fossil' Well past it!Under performers? Who they keeping then? Reina, jose enrique and suarez are all they have worth keepingBlimey ,he,s floggin the whole of liverpool then ! should get enough cash to get a round of shandy,s in then.So dalglish is going then


21 Jan 2012 20:46:04
SWFC fan here, cfc to stay up we believe u can do it stay positive. great win today keep it up lads.(3)(4)Cheers buddy.Who cfc?Chesterfield


21 Jan 2012 20:38:10
Coverntry accepted 500k leeds bid for cligan Mot(9)(13)


21 Jan 2012 20:28:10
super hooper is going nowhere..........fact(18)(8)Exactly......the man must have no ambition if he is happy to sit in the spl... anyone with any vision and drive would want to move to a club were he has a very good chance of playing premier league football very soon and therefore being on the worlds biggest stage where he is far more likely to be noticed by one of the worlds huge clubs, if he turns out to be good enough.... or maybe he realizes that he would'nt cut the mustard were and when it really counts........Sooper Hopper is average.....FACT.Look at all the pathetic saints fans because he turned down you daft WEE club . im sure theres a few in our reserves that wee could maybe punt yous

daviebhoy08Or, he could stay at Celtic for a couple more seasons, get some more experience, WIN a few medals. THEN he will move on to bigger and better things than southampton'Super' Hooper?
If Lennon values him at £35mil like he said last week, I reckon I could turn up for a few games and be worth 10 or 15....Average player at best!Super dooper gary hooper


21 Jan 2012 20:26:06
Despite Tommy Smith scoring for QPR, Watford are still on the hunt for Tommy Smith, The former hornet winger is down the pecking order at QPR and Mark Hughes has agreed for him to go out on loan and it seems Watford is Tommy Smiths likely destination.(10)(6)Mark hughes has said he aint letting anybody go out on loan til last couple of days of transfer window


21 Jan 2012 20:21:49
Hartlepool United manager Neale Cooper is set to bring Thomas Butler back to the north-east following his release from Swansea City.(5)(3)


21 Jan 2012 20:14:42
Southampton fc to bid £6.5m for jordan rhodes(14)(28)Information from ? southampton do all their dealings closed doors not in the public eyeI reckon he can do better than SotonRhodes everton or spurs bound i beliveClearly he should set his sights higher??


21 Jan 2012 19:58:41
frank lampard to sign in the summer for westham.
he would sign this month but wages cant be agreed(5)(33)NEVER A HAS BEEN...The Lampards will not have anything to do with West Ham after the treatment of Frank Lampard SNRWhat? Wet Spam were thinking of paying Lumpard!This is no romour its a fact frank said he wanted to move backWhat treatment,,, frank and harry in the end were crap so they were sacked...Lampard is hated at upton park not for scoring against them but running upto west ham fans and kissing chelsea badgeI would rather get relegated again than sign lamps. Since going to chelski he doesn't bleed claret.


21 Jan 2012 19:54:33
David wier will be signing for bristol city on monday!
Maynard will be gone to wolves or wba next week!(13)(13)


21 Jan 2012 19:53:44
Manchester United are readying a 10 million pound move for Blackburn's want-away centre back Chris Samba(11)(29)


21 Jan 2012 19:19:17
Luton Town look set to make a double swoop before the transfer deadline. Moves for Altrincham's Damien Reeves, and Southport's Adam Carden have been lined up.(9)(3)


21 Jan 2012 19:09:27
walsall midfielder richard taundry off to hull city for £120,000 with james harper going the opposite way(5)(9)


21 Jan 2012 19:02:51
Alex Mcleish set to reunite the two Gardners with Craig Gardner set to sign in a straight swap for Stiliyan Petrov or James Collins(11)(11)Swaps never happenAbsolutely no chance of a straight swap for either, maybe both got GardenerNo chance keep dreaming, Gardner staying at sunderland


21 Jan 2012 19:01:15
west ham ins and outs
jelevic 7 mil
davies 3 mil
john loan
pederson 3.5 mil
piquonne free
carew 2 mil
ilunga loan(9)(27)Westham will buy 3 players in the next 10 days...kebe 2.5m jelevic 8m and sordell 3.5m .... i hope picq sears, cruew,and 2/3 others with leave,Silly West Ham fan you won't get 2million for Carew you'd be lucky to get 500,000 for him now he's past it, i'm a Villa fan and his best days are gone now believe me!What the f u on a bout who mentioned 2m for carew , he will leave for free dick.Jelevic 8M are u mad, if anyone pays that for him, they are crazy, I watched him a couple of times against minor SPL teams and he looked rubbish, I predict he will not be a big success if he comes into championship or EPL.
I would not rate him at £1M let alone £8M based on those performances.A player could be no good at one club but can be a sensation at another its as simple as that I would defenetly get him for £8 after this mornings effort we need a striker .good news this morning J.Tomkins signed 2 extra years contract extension Carn the HammersYou aint got the moneyWhy would Pedersen go there !


21 Jan 2012 18:47:20
Aberdeen manager Craig Brown has allegedly been tasked with assisting the board in sourcing the next Aberdeen manager to follow up on his re building job when he steps down from the hotseat.

Little known pittenweem Rovers manager Gordon Muir has caught his attention and will be closely monitored over the coming season.(7)(11)Gordon Muir has done a good job at the rovers however Aberdeen are in no state to offer compensation at the moment so that rules this one out i would think.Muir may well be an unknown to the Aberdeen fans but as a player he could easily teach our strikers a thing or two. I played against him at semi pro level and the boy was a handful.
From what i have heard Aberdeen are not the only club keeping an eye on him.
yeovil town and Nottingham Forest are also monitoring Muirs progress should there situations not improve.He is going on a work placement/training course in the close season to get some big club expierience and a pre season under his belt at pittodrie this august. Keep an eye out for him training with the squad before pre season games and giving directions along with Archie.


21 Jan 2012 18:47:09
Southampton have offered £6m plus £350k on promotion plus £350k after 25 league goals for the club for Jordan Rhodes. A £6.7m bid may be too much for Huddersfield to resist. Huddersfield will then move for Tubbs of Crawley and possibly a shock move for Ricardo Vaz Te(21)(20)Saints 6 million !!
Wot planet r u on !Why would vaz te drop a divisionWho does latter play for? How much do you reckon for Tubbs? £600,000 plus Sell on deals? Crawley paid £50,000 for him a couple of years ago from Salisbury City. He had been on loan at Bournemouth prior to signing for Crawley.One thing sfc fans fail to grasp is that promotion is no gimmie look at the table !!Yes Saints do have £6m £12m from sale of Alex Chamberlain and ummm oh yeh billionaire ownersWho dreams up this rubbish, exactly how would you know that an offer has been made and the actual terms etc.
Let me guess you live next door to the chairman and he told you while having a chat over the fence....Who ever said promotion was a gimme? Dont put words into our mouths - theres enough idiots out there ranting on about Bloody Hooper doing that.


21 Jan 2012 18:36:40
Everton scout was watching Gary Hooper today
source - Everton coaching staff in off the cuff comment whilst speaking about what Everton were lacking at the moment.(8)(22)Yes and they have no money,so how are they going to buy himHooper would never go tin pot club like Everton, why would he take a step back. when were they last in Europe?Who is Gary Hooper. C.O.Y.B.Everton haven't got any money to spend to how are there going to get HOOPER so stop bullsttingJust to clarify, Everton have very little money to spend(currently around £2m to spend, though getting exact figures is nigh on impossible), not none. If, as expected, Bilyaletdinov is sold this money will probably be made available. However, as Everton fans are no doubt aware, nothing can be assured at one of the most opaque clubs in the top few leagues.Is this the everton who are skint


21 Jan 2012 18:09:38
Boyd going to Brighton on Monday for £1.5 mill plus add ons. That's why didn't play today(8)(14)He's a free agent you plum!Think they ment george boyd not krisGeorge boyd you plumGeorge Boyd ain't a free agent. He is the Boyd they are chatting rubbish about. Now who is the plum. And Boyd is not moving. He missed the game due to a blood infection according to BBC Cambs. Stop making stupid rumours.He is talking about George Boyd not Kris Boyd.Wow some people are just plain stupidWell if he meant George Boyd why didn't he say so....


21 Jan 2012 18:00:54
Non league sensation Jamie Vardy of Fleetwood will very shortly be signing for Leicester City. Fee agreed and Vardy dropped for today's game against Darlington.(14)(7)Just goes to show all those Leicester haters that they are not just throwing money around at pricey big name signings. Good luck to Leicester I say. Nice club with great fans.Proper manager in charge knows what player he wants and not Sven, bless him, whose advisers just looked at better players from last season and not grafters excluding konch pelt schmichael danns and nugent. LCFC will be there or there abouts come end of season"Proper manager in charge"? . Nigel (journeyman judas) Pearson doesn't know the meaning of being a "proper" manager. Thinks only of himself and will turn on the fans, the owners, club and anybody else he can blame when things don't go his way


21 Jan 2012 17:45:57
However the latest club to make contact is Aston Villa, the source believes Lerner would be looking for £130-150m for the club, and the Qatari's are interested. Thesource (the same one who gave me Venkys) went on to say that several key factors play in to the hands of Aston Villawhich makes them far more desirable than say Everton or Blackburn. Watch this space is all i can say, it would seem the horse has bolted and soon there will be another big player in the Premier League money stakes.(2)(9)Well , now that the fair play rules might be forgetten due to clubs disagreeing over them.
could be possible!I dont think it will happen but its Qatari Sports investment who own PSG, I think its QIA who own malaga and the ones interested in buying Aston Villa are Qatari Petroleum, before anyone goes on about fairplay rules on club ownership


21 jan 2012 17:16:32
breaking pfc news....hmrc are taking the club to court next week due to the unpaid tax bill of 1.6m unless players are sold immediatley....(21)(9)It's a bill that is late from December, not exactly ancient, so at this stage HMRC will be concerned due to past issues, but far from going to court over it.Funny how s-um fans are always telling stories west ham and Cardiff dead certs for automatic promotionUnfortunately me old skate mate your manager has just said exactly that on Radio Solent.....Couldnt give a sit if we finished 7th, were a club that will be back in the big time before long...The new generation from the academy are better than all those before them and thats saying something...Good luck with the fire saleYou deserve it no fans home and away always talk rubbishBring on the tax man!! the sooner
the better, can't wait to watch the super saints in the premiership and watch the dirty skates vanish out of existence... good riddance you filthy bards........c.o.y.r. w.h.p.The manager, of PFC, on the radio said that did he? Funny, i listened to the radio too and neither interview (with Appleton or our CEO David Lampitt) mentioned anything about a court case or any demands from the HMRC. Neither is there any breaking news on the BBC or Sky Sports. Sad how 'fans' of other clubs feel they have to make up stories about Pompey. As for no fans away, how come we've sold out our away allocations on at least 10 occasions? PUP.Going down they're going down going down they're going down Pompey r going down with no money in the bank no money in the bank no money in the bank Pompey r going down with no money in the bank etc etcGreat hop PFC sink without out a trace as it serves them right for not paying there debts off to everybody in the first place !Glad to see real football fans on this website, making great comments. Not !!


21 Jan 2012 17:16:23
leeds teenager zac thompson will join charlie taylor on loan at bradford(3)(16)Only if we sign a right-back. With Connolly being dropped, he's starting regularly. Research, son.
wallyHe's playing regularly for Leeds in the Championship, why would he leave for League 2?


21 Jan 2012 17:14:02
luke o'brien to sign for exeter city from bradford city(5)(3)


21 Jan 2012 17:11:52
bradford city close to agreeing a deal for grimsby striker liam hearn(1)(8)Hardly believable when teams like Peterborough are after him. Championship or League 2, what would you do?To be fair to them ross hannah turned down sheffield utd to go to bradford


21 Jan 2012 17:10:42
West brom to buy liam ridgewell end of transfer window fee around £3.5 million Cox likely to go same way.(7)(16)Hodgson has ruled out losing Cox.Hodgson has also said he's happy to move on from the Ridgewell deal...which means West Brom wont be held to ransom...i dont think hes worth £3.5m anyways


21 Jan 2012 17:08:14
Walsall are considering a 70k offer from tranmere for french winger claude gnakpa

you heard it hear first, good source too(2)(4)


21 Jan 2012 16:29:29
I am sitting in brittania and I am sure jermaine defoe and giovani do santos sitting in directors box coincidence or come watching old pals crouch woodgate and
palacios(8)(20)Why would they come and watch old pals when they should be thinking of their game with Man city tommorrow?You are having a laugh mate when they are preparing for tommorrow with the other Spurs players.Jermaine defoe is currently with the tottenham squad preparing to lead the attack against manchester city. eejit.Yeah they were there to gloat watching you get gubbed by the Baggies!Yep in Manchester that's 30mins from stoke u muppet lolI guess it made a change watching Lumpit Rugby Club.I was at the Brit yesterday.... also saw a big pink hippo but he's already on the books.


21 Jan 2012 16:02:04
now Southampton are moving on from Hooper, who is our striker target now?(11)(11)Why not go for Rooney,Man United knocking you back make a change from Celtic slapping you downTevez.Don't think Adkins and Cortese use this site.Southampton not moving on , sources from inside club suggest another massive bid in coming days , especially now Rangers have slipped up in title race
#CChannonCoco the clown I've heard.Don't need anyone we going up anyway hooper lacks ambition Connelly lambert nag guly is all we needApart from gulys goa; which i could hav scored against forest he was rubbish he will be 4th choice striker when t.lee comes inHooper is going to EvertonYou people don't know what your talking about, maybe your jealous?. Hooper's ambition is one of his best qualities, he does so much off the ball and his vision is second to none, not too mention his finishing strike. I doubt you watch a game apart from youtude highlights or maybe you don't have the vision to see it. now that you know his outta your league (and the whole league for that matter!) watch the offers from the bigger clubs come in(around Europe and not just epl). And we will say no to them to! until at least a min bid 15mil, so stop crying about it and accept he is to good for you lot!Matt Le big snout.Get real guys Hooper looks good against mediocre opposition in SPL, other than Rangers when does he actually play against any quality centre backs.
Adkins wants him because he thinks he will do the business to get Southampton promoted, but when he comes up against premier league defence's he will look a lot more ordinary.
£15M - you are in fantasy land, he is not currently worth more than a third of that.


21 Jan 2012 15:54:51
kebe to westham 2.5 mil done it.(9)(9)As Reading are being taken over by billionaires Kebe will not want to go plus west ham don't want him after his sock trick


21 Jan 2012 15:52:17
with celik going to rangers it has been anounced a 6 million bid for jelevic has been acepted.
plus a bid for davies has been sent and also we have anounced intreased in pederson(8)(15)Nobody will jelivic for 6 millBack to your football manager timothyNo bid accepted, 6m, lol, is that his wagesNo joke my bro works with the westham staff he said itWest hams enquiry of £6m was rejected, it was described as " far away from rangers' valuation "

A.K.A. he's not going anywhere for £6mWhy would anyone leave the best team in Europe?It will happen given financial situation, if you dont sell your debt will be your nouce. The league is lost Celtic look a lot better save your club or no surrender will be the death nail, surrender.


21 Jan 2012 15:39:01
barnsley fc to sign anthony wordsworth from colchester for 200k(4)(16)Good player but could he cut it at a higher
level would not cost a fortune maybe worth
a risk


21 Jan 2012 15:28:06
Whoever sent in the rumour about Kris Boyd is a tad confused with his Boyds!! Brighton are to sign George Boyd on Monday from Peterboro who has been dropped to the bench today. CMS wants him Longside him as well as Mcclean! fact!(7)(4)Yes Craig anything you want Craig three bags full Craig. Grow up he missed the game through illness, Fergie would never drop him.As a Norwich Supporter I am so pleased Lambert did not get caught up in the hype and the inflated value Fry put on CMS when we showed some interest in him.
Rumour is you paid £3M+ for him and if that's true you were had, he looks a poor player at Championship level, energetic yes, hard working yes, good ball control - NO, very poor first touch...Brighton have made no contract with Hull City re Aaron Mclean.


21 Jan 2012 14:20:45
Reading FC are being taken over by a russian group from Thames Sports Investmant. This will mean Reading will be making some signings in the summer which could see Jimmy Kebe staying at the royals but could also mean reading try and sign Jordan Rhodes from huddersfireld and Billy Sharp from doncaster.

your thoughts guys?(14)(13)I would love rhodes to join talented young lad but sharp doesn't quite cut it for meJust to let yoy know there not being taken over there just adding more investment to what they have now witch is just as good but the chairman will still be madejski! and thats if a deal can be done! its on the reading offical website!Rhodes will go somewhere bigger and better. Sharp will stay up north.


21 Jan 2012 14:08:26
With the new investment to Reading FC they are interested in taking Ryan Bertrand on loan from Chelsea with an option to purchase at the end of the season.

He had a good spell a couple of years ago and enjoyed his time at the club.(16)(2)


21 Jan 2012 13:20:13
Sunderland are looking to bring in a left back and striker before the window closes. Possibles rumours are Givet from Blackburn and Sturridge from Chelsea up front. With the iminent return of Fraizer Cambell the frontline at Sunderland could be about to chage dramatically.(9)(28)Why on earth would Sturridge go to Sunderland?Why would Stuuridge go to Sunderland??Sturridge is Chelsea's top scorer and they need him even more with Drogba and Kalou in Africa and Torres being rubbish.It would be fantastic if we could sign sturridge but we haven't a hope on hell. He is far to good for us.You aint got the moneyHaha once again makems minds running away on its own!! Why would sturridge want to leave London for sunderland? That's without taking a huge drop in football standaurd into mindWon't happen but can hope


21 Jan 2012 13:00:09
Ipswich to go in with further bids for the following targets Jason Pearce,Joel Ward and Nick Powell(13)(6)Well they will need around the £6 million make for them to even think of leaving their clubs, Pompey might sell as their proposed buyer Cala, has backed down, so boy do Pompey need the finances


21 jan 2012 12:52:04
any bristol city transfer news in or out,
any bristol city transfer news in or out,(2)(6)


21 Jan 2012 12:27:14
Portsmouth to sign Abdul razak and roman on loan from mc as pogba and Morison are coming from mu as replacement also etuhu as signed on loan with an option for another year!(4)(28)Why oh Why do people still post rubbish like this.... We may not be able to pay who we've got and god knows if we'll have a team next month so how can we go out and sign another 2 players.I love the pompey fans go on about signing players. They cant afford their vat bill, and with payments due on the CVA soon, and no owner or money. It was the type of madness that saw them go bang last timeThis is not the only rubbish comment on here. Portsmouth FC are in big trouble but the fans will always remain.All 12000 of themStill, real supporters with passion, happy days.On a good dayEvery day. Clearly a saints fan, that knows nothing about true support and never will!!!!!-10 points!Everything will probably come down to whether a new buyer can be found in the next week or so. That includes the posssible points deduction too.It will be -15 if anything at all. Anyway I imagine that they will get out off it.

They do amazing things like buying the F.A cup with tax payers money! Still a "proper" club with 12000 "proper" supportersBoring boring and boring. All these Scmers with nothing better to do. Try going and supporting your club coz, god knows, you'll need it soon with that Premiership 'dream' slipping away slowly. PUP.Listen simpleton, EVERY club buys success one way or another. Do you think Man City are top of the Prem because they a frugal with their money? Did Chelsea come to dominate English football due to lack of funds? Have Man Utd stayed at the top for so long purely because they survive on free transfers and good will? Grow up!Ipswich could re offer them around £3 million for Pearce & Ward, and if Pompey are sencible they will take it, it might just help them out for a whils longer


21 Jan 2012 12:24:59
Manchester United after Rodwell and Coleman
32 million(9)(33)Rodwell would cost 22 mil ans coleman be about 25 as he a better playerThis is not true Coleman and rodwell are going too man uI dont know about coleman i fail to see were he would fit in at utd, coleman is not better than rodwell at all mateRodwell is better than Coleman and neither are going to unitedTake the money day long both good players but not worth that sort of cash


21 Jan 2012 12:18:05
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said he could let Ryo Miyaichi leave the club on loan this month, as he wants him to have first team football(14)(3)Birmingham??


21 Jan 2012 12:13:06
david alaba of bayern munich is on his way to bolton on loan.(5)(12)


21 Jan 2012 12:11:46
after struggling to settle in germany,wolves are looking at bringing back micheal manciene to the premier league(15)(13)Rumour has it brendan rodgers wants him at swansea?I would go to swansea if i were him wolves are going down and i am a wolves fan


21 Jan 2012 12:10:58
everton looking to bring in portugal u23 striker eder(10)(9)


21 Jan 2012 12:10:01
damien duff could join wba for a cut price fee(17)(8)


21 Jan 2012 12:07:18
qpr are looking to bring in stephen ireland from villa(21)(12)This has been investigated but is a no goNot a chance of this happening now he.s playing really well now and is the 1st name on our team sheet.Leave the first team of an established EPL team for a soon to be relegated squad? having a laugh mate!As I said yesterday QPR linked with anyone with 2 legs. Becoming a laughing stock.


21 Jan 2012 12:04:50
vitesse striker wilfred bony to wba for 700 k(6)(5)


21 Jan 2012 12:04:13
nice midfielder couibaly currently at the african nations with ivory coast is wanted by aston villa,stoke and westham(1)(4)I'm sure they don't want him just because he is nice, is he good as well?


21 Jan 2012 12:03:08
arthuru boka is set to hold talks with wba(4)(5)


21 Jan 2012 11:57:32
Nick Montgomery will sign for Leeds as a replacement for Norwich bound Johnny Howson.(15)(8)So SG needs a new golf partner after nobrien refuses to play with him lolNot really a like for like is it. Different positions. And its Jonathan, not John.
wallyFrom what i have read and heard howson is a good player and to be made captain at such a young age cd be another young star for norwich like pilkingtonFabian Delph is the replacement, for now


21 Jan 2012 11:56:48
liverpool in talks with the mls over the potential sale of new york red bulls young star juan agudelo.the player impressd on trial(14)(5)I was reading about this on sky sports website


21 Jan 2012 11:55:13
sunderland are ready to use craig gardener as bait to sign stylian petrov from villa.martin oniel wants his former skipper to join him at sunderland and will make a bid soon its thought.(18)(12)Petrov is needed at Villa & he loves villa & we do not need craig gardner when we have gary gardner who is much better!Petrov is old and not needed at Sunderland!Gardner is better than petrov and is worth way more and also is going no where, what a sad rumour just like the heskey one


21 Jan 2012 11:54:11
liverpool and arsenal are battling it out for promising crew starlet nicky powell(6)(9)Can be helped so do itU Liverpool lot better off surporting a propa team lyk everton play much better football


21 Jan 2012 11:52:48
crystal palace defender nathajal clyne will join man ut in the summer(7)(14)


21 Jan 2012 11:51:52
qpr and fulham are in a battle to sign spanish midfielder xavi torres(7)(2)


21 Jan 2012 11:51:13
bolton are on th verge of signing american defender tim ream and have also made an inquiry to liverpool over taking shelvey on loan(2)(6)Is Shelvey not at Blackpool to the end off the season?


21 Jan 2012 11:50:24
brazilian internation al striker nilmar could be on his way to spurs(9)(20)


21 Jan 2012 11:48:51
man utd are the looking at joe allen of swansea(1)(22)


21 Jan 2012 11:48:07
valencia forward aritz aduriz is in england set to join sunderland on loan(15)(6)


21 Jan 2012 11:47:20
qpr are set to bid 6million plus dj campbell for striker kenwyne jones.(6)(15)Not a chance of Jones going thereDon't see it as a good bit of business for QPRPlease be right jones is useless


21 Jan 2012 11:45:27
juventus winger milos krasic is a target of kenny daglish(13)(4)He's preferred so do the business


21 Jan 2012 11:45:03
chelsea have been keeping tabs on shakhtars brazilian pair douglas costa and willian.(10)(2)


21 Jan 2012 11:43:44
Brighton And Hove Albion Have Signed Ravel Morrison And Kris Boyd. Ravel Morrison on a months loan deal and Kris Boyd for a reported 680,000 source from a member of the board(1)(25)Utterly ridiculous - with Morrisons contract expiring and cash offers on the table - this is as likely as the homophobia alliance winning the next brighton bi electionBoyd is free transfer so more lies im afraidBrighton dreamers are off again ravel Morrison would go to a far better club on loan than you lot, and kris Boyd is a free agent so do your research!How you giving the £680 grand too, Kris has not got a club,he's a free agent. If it's going tell the club I will take a bit of free money too. Shame on you for lying and getting found out.Boyd is free so your board member cant be running the club very well!Morrison was linked with Barcalona on BBC teletext,funny since he has hardly kicked a ball


21 Jan 2012 11:31:25
jamie mackie has been givern till monday to decide he hes moving to cardiff for 2.5m, fee agreed player is understood to find out via board and sparky if he features in the clubs long term plans(6)(5)Sparky shouldn't let him go and he is worth well more than that seeing how much other players are being touted for


21 Jan 2012 11:26:07
Alex Revell has issued a come and get me plea to Paulo Di Canio(6)(8)


21 Jan 2012 11:24:16
Nicky Maynard will be staying at Bristol City, nobody willing to pay more then 1m and Landsdown would rather keep him and get goals to stay in division. He'll walk for nothing in the summer. He has lost all desire for the club, should let him go now for £1 and have players that want to play for the club...(8)(4)He seems to be holding out for a massive club but lets face it top half of the championship and bottom half of the premiership player at best, i do rate him but he seems to think hes better than hes is also i believe he was out for a long time and still picking up wages from the club so abit of loyalty on his part wouldnt go a miss, i support cardiff and weve had our fair share of out of contract players just turning up a doing very little...... ship up or ship out !Losers bristol, really should of took the cash earlier in season, who does he and you think you are?Moronic Leicester fan, Maynard was never going to another championship club regardless of how much Bristol City were offered...How many times.Who do you Leicester fans think you are? Leicester shouldnt be a city it should be a town as its so small.Well to be honest who would want to play for Bristol city he's worth a lot more than 1 mil


21 Jan 2012 10:48:24
Niko Kranjcar has had his move to QPR blocked by Harry Redknapp.(14)(10)


21 Jan 2012 10:44:04
Shawcrosss to Man utd for 12 million plus Owen, Liverpool preparing a bid of 15 million for said player if talks break down.(13)(27)You shouldnt be on the internet the morning before a match ryanThe only club to bid for Shawcross was Spurs last January. Good effortHe's on a five yr contract to a club who don't need sell players o
And don't need money and who a club rate at 25m. bullst this rumourIf memory serves, shawcross left utd a few years ago - with a buy-back clause of 5m


21 Jan 2012 10:25:33
Jonny Howson to be announced as a comfirmed signing at half time today, after passing medical late last night.Norwich are also closing in on the signing of burnleys striker Jay Rodriguez.Rangers attempt to sign Grant Holt for 2 million will not happen. Norwich will not Sell at any price, Thats all I know at the moment city fans.(6)(15)Oops been caught lying


21 Jan 2012 09:59:21
Lee to sign today as he is on his way back from Japan to sign the contract papers(21)(5)


21 Jan 2012 09:48:51
city officials were present at benficas cup game this week watching att midfielder gaitan(1)(7)Which city or do you mean citeh


21 Jan 2012 09:48:02
utd and city are in a tug of war for young st ettiene defendere kurt zouma.(4)(6)


21 Jan 2012 09:46:26
brian howard to barnsley in the summer. he is out of contract at the end of the season and he has expressed hs desire to play for barnsley again. could he be the player to fill the void left by drinkwater.(9)(3)Not a patch on Drinkwater.So are you saying you don,t want him back at oakwellNO we dont want him back send him back to Bramble Lane where he went for better prospects LOL his own wordsHe is unwanted at readingSo you would not have drinkwater back then
left for better prospects his own words
could have stayed Players move on just like we do for better pay and prospects


21 Jan 2012 09:44:09
milwall have signed free agent craig beattie(10)(4)


21 Jan 2012 09:43:41
westham have made official contact with rangers over nika jelavic.the croatian striker has been linked with a host of premier league clubs but now championship side westham are ready to offer a big deal rto land there man(13)(10)


21 Jan 2012 09:35:16
Spurs fans (of which, I am one) - there will be two signings. Samba will sign on or before deadline day & there will be a striker. several names in the hat due to usual brinkmanship, Llorente is looking the most likely at this stage.
On the managerial front, Levy wants to know the outcome of HR trail next week & a long term commitment to stay before giving too much money as he is well aware that, if things go against Harry or he opts out, we will be looking to a new man who will want to bring in new signings. There is a 40m pot for players, plus sales. Preliminary talks have been held with Jurgen Klinsmann, the other names on the list are Jose M and also mentioned Brenden Rodgers WHATCH THIS SPACE!! - the Mole(7)(15)Samba won't join at any price that Rovers would want to sell him for, he would only be a cover CB at Spurs and they won't pay a big price for that
I think he'll stay at Rovers til summer and to be fair I'll be happy with that there are far better CB options around so we might as well spend more and get a good oneAre you called the mole because you are blind and the fact that moles can't play or understand football


21 Jan 2012 08:39:28
if nikica jelavic leaves rangers, they will move for norwich city striker grant holt as a replacement.(8)(23)Haha u believe the scottish rags u will believe anything haha . u have zero chance of holt he plays week i week out for norwhich and is there captian

daviebhoy08Move away but it won't happen, there is no way he wants to leave Norwich, Nor would Lambert let him go this season.
And why would a player want to move to a Big Club in a little league, apart from Celtic, Hearts & Hibs, the rest of the games are played in tiny grounds with very poor attendance.
He is living his dream, playing at Old Trafford, Emirates, St James Park etcUntil norwich get reelgated, and then he will be playing for a small team, in a small league, 31 and no one will want him, spending the rest of his career up sht creek without a paddleHolt is extremely happy at city, lambert wont let him go and he has just had a new house built his style and its worth a couple of million!


21 Jan 2012 08:24:31
Stoke city interested in taking DJ campbell on loan from QPR(9)(17)


21 Jan 2012 08:18:18
Rangers and West Ham Utd have held initial talk over Nikica Jelavic(15)(13)How can anyone press unbelievable to this! Both clubs have confirmed this!


21 Jan 2012 09:16:29
George elokobi to arsenal,don't tell me van persie and walcott coming the other way?(15)(14)


21 Jan 2012 08:57:42
Leeds to sign Doncasters Mark Wilson on a free next week.

MOT(13)(5)Thomson to move into cm as a result? with Howson gone?


21 Jan 2012 08:02:31
i believe brighton will sign aaron mclean next thursday, providing barmy gets his hands on someone else beforehand, but i wasnt told who that someone else was....and only if the simon cox deal doesnt happen first..a nice chain and i can see why gus says its complex making signings!....gus also really keen on the boy who played on the right hand side for bristol (came on as a sub).....nice looking player too.(1)(10)Gus also interested on the player who came on for bristol on the right? thats a terrible atempt ata rumourAnd also providing Poyet gets his hands on some cash! We paid £1.3m for him from P'boro- can't see us being happy with losing money on him- he's been great for us!


21 Jan 2012 07:57:59
19 Jan 2012 10:41:29
Geovanni is looking for a move back to England and would love to join his old club Hull City

Somehow I don't think Geovanni would cut the mustard at Hull City. But he might get a gig at Leicester, I hear Big Nige is on the lookout :)(5)(9)


21 Jan 2012 07:56:08
Reading Fc to be taken over by Russian Man from Thames Water

Source: Reading website

Reading to sign Jason Roberts

Source: Daily mail(12)(9)


21 Jan 2012 07:28:10
Aston Villa will make a shocking move for Former Man Utd striker Ruud Van Nistlerooy. I read it here! What do you reckon? {Ed025's Note - no chance..(6)(24)Ed why is this not possible are you saying villa cant afford him. {Ed013's Note - He is at big spending Malaga, would he really want to move clubs again when he is 35 and playing enough games?}You are an idiotWe don't need him!


21 Jan 2012 07:23:51
Celtic's Gary Hooper, no big loss for the mighty giants of Southampton....ha, ha....they've been lifting their skirts and cooing to him and Celtic for weeks...and now they've finally realized that actually they're not the beauty they once dreamed they were, they feel all hurt and rejected. The 'Southampton better than Celtic' stuff has had me in stitches , I can only assume it was written with more than a touch of irony...Southampton may not be remotely successful, (some of) their fans arrogant to the point of madness and with the manners of a pig, but at least they're guaranteed to give you a good laugh. Championship football....a legend in it's own drunken dilirium. One day they'll invent a European competition even little diddy clubs like Southampton can take part in.(22)(17)Like the splAll these Celtic posters get going on how big there club is cause of the silver ware u won a European cup about 30 years ago didn't Nottingham forest win a couple of there own as well so does that make them a bigger club, you only get into Europe cause the Scottish league is really poor do u really think u would get into the top 5 or 6 of the prem me thinks not.4 games a season ,no thanksAs a Southampton fan I agree with some of that. Don't mistake some comments on here as being from Saints though. There's a lot of WUMs that like to make us look bad.

As for the little Championship comment. That's where you let yourself down. No way the Championship is a lower standard than the SPL. Hearts would have a relegation fight every year and the SPL top two would be mid table. If Hooper is so ambitious that he would like to be a big fish in a small pond then he's not the player for our club. Even I could win trophies in a pub team when I played but I chose to play at the highest level I could for the challenge each week.Even as a neutral i can tell you the scottish league has no right to be in europe. i'm a man utd man myself and having seen the last 15 years of european competition, i can tell you that bar ROMANIA (!) your scottish league is as awful as it gets.

and i wouldnt be at all suprised to see Hooper go in the summer if southampton get themselves promoted ... to the greatest league on the planet (fact).Whilst I agree that the rumours by some "Southampton fans" have been a little on the arrogant and deluded side, we do have the funds and ambitions to purchase players like hooper, unfortunately celtic didn't want to sell - and we do not hold it against them, but we will not pay over odds for a player so ultimately if celtic really wanted to keep hooper we never stood a chance of signing him and that is nothing to do with wealth or size of club.

With regard to size of club Celtic are a bigger club. But southampton are a big club in a very promising and healthy position. The 'European Football' taunts about Celtic being so huge they have European football are irrelevant: if Celtic played in the EPL they would not qualify for Europe as they would not come in top 5 (Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs) so can't criticise southampton for not being in Europe.This discussion between Celtic and Soton is like overhearing two blind men describing a sunset to an audience of the deaf.Yes some saints fans have illusions of grandeur but the facts are: saints are the 5th longest serving club in the most competitive league in the world. We have the countries best set-up youth academy and the envy of the top four. We WILL rejoin the premiership. The club DO have bundles of cash and has higher average gates than half of the premiership sides.If he wants to waste away in a pathetic league. His loss

Paul Wotton could be a prolific scorer in the SPLWell using your situation, if we have been cooing him then it may have worked. He knows we want him and we he goes to renegotiate his contract in the summer and knows he can have more money at sfc. If we want him he will dump you like trail or trash and join us in the epl. Enjoy your last few months with him!Spl = mickey mouse league fact oh yeah you and rangers wanna come and play with the bigs boys soon which southampton will be there and will kick your ass factAs a neutral, scottish league has no right to be in europe?? why is is called the champions league?, if 4 EPL teams get in!, its the money league pal, and if youve watched european competition in the last 15 years you would have watched celtic beat Man u and draw with them in europe, rangers also took points off man u at OT so get off your high horse, if celtic were on a level playing field financially then whos to say what they could or could not do in europe? Celtic already have 1 european cup in the trophy cabinet remember!!Epl may be d best league in the world(even though none of the best 3 players in the world play there) but even when southampton where in it 5yrs ago they where psh n fighting the drop every year and yet have the cheak tae say celtic have visions of grandeur
get a grip
mcdabSouthhampton, average attendance 26K
LMFAOOnce again you might have got a result against man u woopee so did blackburn the other week you still fail to mention the DIDDY clubs that regulary hump you in europe stick to your history its all you have you arent a big team anymore and wont be for a very longtimeSouthamton fighting relegation for years and still pulling in the millions of sky revenue you crave forWhat people are clearly failing to understand here is that this is a site where anyone with a slightly viable rumour can throw it out there, in a similar vein to Wikipedia.

Just because 10 person Celtic and Southampton fans play billy big balls against each other (over the internet) it does not mean that they represent every single fan out there.

With respect to Celtic, who do play in a league where two dominate every season, they still have to attract players of a high enough calibre for them to do that.

Southampton have had trouble in recent years but no one can argue that their achievements both this and last season have been any less than extraordinary; when Pardew was sacked they were 21st in League One, a little over a year later they sit top of the pile in the Championship on a cusp of a return to the Prem.

Both teams deserve respect for their achievements, and if Celtic don't wish to sell Hooper in this window it's their choice. It isn't a reflection on Southampton being in a 'worse' league than the SPL (which, let's face it, they aren't), it just shows that Celtic want to win their league and that Southampton were being ambitious in an attempt to win theirs.

For those saying that one team is bigger than the other, it isn't a question of that, but if Southampton do get promoted and come back for Hooper I'm sure he'll want a chance to challenge himself in a higher standard of league against the best defenders in the world.Once again you might have got a result against man u woopee so did blackburn the other week you still fail to mention the DIDDY clubs that regulary hump you in europe stick to your history its all you have you arent a big team anymore and wont be for a very longtime------
and how are man u and man city getting on in this years champions league?----all the money in the world and you still cant buy the champions league!! hahaI'm a complete neutral in all of this but the SPL is an awful standard of football. Even Celtic and Rangers struggle to string 5 passes together.Who do u support mr neutral?Southampton population 230,000ish average attendance 26,000, glasgow population almost 600,000 celtic get about 50,000 which shows if southampton had the same population they could probably get the same attendance and with only two clubs to support in scotland its harder to attract fans in england.And of course your still in the europa league. Oh silly me your not are you were you in the champions league. Oh silly me again you got in the back door after being humbled by the mighty SION but bet you forgot about that eh face it your crap and there is no way back for you when some third rate romanian side knocks you out of the champions league qualifiers this year dont come greeting about the epl and all our moneyIts skys money, how many EPL clubs lost out in the europa pal, they have all skys money and still cant compete, celtic was in the hardest europa group as wellThe epl will be brill wen these mega bucks owners decide theyve had enough fun playing chairman,and with so many people watching games illegally and people leaving sky cos they cant afford it anymore then sky will have to reduce the amount they pay epl teams then its goodbye epland tbh the spanish leagues the best in the worldThere is a difference between big and better.

Celtic, I am afraid to say, cant get any better playing the teams you do
..week in
...week out.

Good luck for the rest of the season.

Starting with the mighty Saints....that's St MirrenLook im a celtic fan and its time to rise above ppl tryin to unsettle our players no disrespect to any southampton fan but players want to play in europe and we can garantee that thats why players stay and slag spl all you want but didnt henrik leaveceltic play for the mighty man u then turn the champs league final into the henke show


21 Jan 2012 07:14:51
Nicky Riley of scottish first division club being tipped to go across the road to there rivals Dundee United(2)(4)They would be our rivals but for the fact that they 'play' in a league below us!


21 Jan 2012 07:14:36
To the Bolton hater - Bolton have a sugar daddy(1)(12)To the Bolton hater - Bolton have a sugar daddy

Good Job when you're over 70 mill in debt & half your team out of contract at the end of the season - anyway whats this got to do with football transfer rumours, it should be on the page for clubs we couldn't give a flying toss about!


21 Jan 2012 05:48:31
Rhodes signing for every team in England tmrw! god you'd think he was the best player ever to lace up a pair of boots based on the "interest"......(10)(3)Thank you someone agrees, he is overrated and judt because he is good in league 1 doesnt mean he'll do good in champ or prem, anyway he scores 4 and 5 against the lower teams but he didnt even get a shot in against charlton so he is not good against top teams


21 Jan 2012 05:19:16
Man City ready to back Mancini in Jan to secure title. Adebayor, Tevez and Bridge wil all be offered on cut price deals in the last week. Mancini will free up wages to make bid for Kaka. He is only target yhis Jan at Ethihad(4)(13)


21 Jan 2012 02:41:05
Mathias J√łrgensen > saints(1)(12)He is going to psv


21 Jan 2012 02:40:45
Newcastle reserve team players Yven Moyo and Joan Simun Edmundsson are in talks about a loan move to league one side Walsall

Michael Richardson is also being sent out on loan by the magpies with league one sides Hartlepool or Oldham being his likely destination(4)(4)


21 Jan 2012 02:38:02
pompey will be docked points in feb(32)(7)There is no reason to dock points, no rules have been broken as its the parent company that has gone into administration and its not down to football reasons and nothing to do with PFC. You might want to read articles being wasting your time writting rubbish!!The club can't afford to pay their players wages since their parent company went into admin - doesn't sound like a self sufficient club to me. Unless they get another owner in the next couple of weeks, they will go into admin as well. If anybody has got millions spare to buy just the PFC name and a small squad, then fair enough, but can't see it happening.Good no fans no hopeThey have paid the wages todate and all the other bills. Sounds self sufficient to me.Why not januaryJanuary's wages still to be paid plus £1.6million to the taxman - Are portsmouth going to raise the money by getting people through the turnstiles, because it's their only source of income? Season ticket money is long spent so it's only the additional fans each week that actually bring new money in - HMRC will be keen to get their crust this time so I would say that Pompey will run out of luck this time.January's wages are due at the end of the month. The tax man on the over hand is a different matter. I'm sure they'll find a way!!!!!!


21 Jan 2012 00:00:51
Oli Johnson signed for Oxford United today. If that is the best he could do then he obviously wasn't an improvement on what Carlisle have already got.
It is likely that Gregg Abbott was pretty cheesed off that Oli went shouting the odds to his local paper while training at Carlisle. Greg's success in attracting good players to Carlisle comes from keeping his cards close to his chest.(4)(6)The best he could do...sounds of sour grapes. So lets hope he's a great success for us - you are not a Swindon supporter are you!!



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