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22 Feb 2013 22:55:17
The 'top class' manager referred to by the new Swindon Town board will be David O'Leary with Colin Calderwood as No. 2

Roy Aitken will be the No2

When was the last time David O'Leary managed anything?

He bankrupt Leeds so seems appropriate

Well there you go Swindon looking for decent Boss now the La Dicanio has going to away. Makes a difference a week makes club is now Debt Free with new owners that hope to succeee

23 Feb 2013 17:39:44
we don't just need paolo back we need a decent striker as well heard the players have been seen out drinking again

23 Feb 2013 18:43:29
Eight thousand swindon fans there today if paolo was still here there would have been Eleven thousand fans there today need paolo to come back now

I think we need a manager who can work on a shoe string budget, we are debt free which is great for the future of the club but we are now going to have to live within our means, money will not be available any longer but the future of the club has been saved so its bitter sweet. I think somebody like Gary Johnson from Yeovil would be ideal. It's obvious star players will be sold in summer so somebody proven with a track record of good free signings and loan players makes sense. Oleary is a spender.

No chance pure fantasy

One thing for sure manager needed pronto after today against preston we were very poor no shape mo clue

Dermot o'leary starts Monday!

Why is it obvious more star players will be sold, If we get promoted to the championship we will not need to sell players & As you said we are not in debt so we are not in a position that we have to sell anybody.

24 Feb 2013 04:36:45
If we do get to the championship which I think will be very hard us to do without a decent striker no disrespect james collins I think he will be a very good striker one day and andy william in not an out in out goalscorer
Bradley phillips would have been very good for us

Thought the PNE performance was good better than against h'pool.

24 Feb 2013 11:24:39
I see nigel atkins turn us down and it is not because of the division were in its because we got no ambition he would want money to buy players

Lets hope the management issue is sorted quicker than the takeover we will lose momentum if is not

Shoestring budget will bring nothing but dissapointment are going up not down

I am glad I missed hartlepool then!

Steve Cottrill to be announced as team manager, Will happen on Monday

23 Feb 2013 18:43:29
Eight thousand swindon fans there today if paolo was still here there would have been Eleven thousand fans there today need paolo to come back now.


We only gated 9162 when we won at home to carlisle 4 - 0 on Jan 5th.

Thats before all this carry on took place, stop over dramatising things. he's gone FACT!

So if swindon are noy in debt who is going to repay andre buck his 13 million quid back then has that been addressed or is there more to this than meets the eye?

He's waived it all and so won't and doesn''t want it any of it back

Yep as the poster above said he has wrote off the 13 mill debt so the the club is debt free. More to it than meets the eye?no for the first time in a very long time swindon have not any debt, the Money owed for Collins will be paid by the new owners in the next few days.



22 Feb 2013 20:59:57
Hull City to make an enquiry for Ross McCormack in the next few days.

This isn't a rumour or banter, just nonsense from a muppet

Hope so



22 Feb 2013 17:52:25
Saw Alan Tate at Huddersfield Training ground at 3pm today. Mark Robins car (private plate was there too). Training had finished for the day a couple hours earlier. Must have been undertaking a medical.

22 Feb 2013 21:44:19
Hope he his :)

22 Feb 2013 23:53:57
Very much hope so good experienced CB, i'd like this to be TRUE also, Calderon from Brighton ( push hunt up to rm) and a experienced cm

According to Swansea press its a done deal and he will miss the cup final as he will be in the Town squad for the Ipswich match.

23 Feb 2013 10:36:11
Theo Robinson and tate are great loan signings! Who else would you get on loan?

Deal has stalled, not sure what happened. Any ideas.

They need him 10 goals 2 games

After watching that dross against Ipswich, league 1 here we come. Robins hasen't got a clue.

Same old, same old Theo Robinson rubbish!!!. Why why why!!. Robins is out of his league.

Deal has stalled, not sure what's happened? Well its a fair bet that it has stalled over the usual. MONEY

Deal stalled, probably had a chat with our skipper and he put the frighteners on him.

Bet the person who goes on about Robins, doesn't go to burnley on tues, or is he a jealous coventry fan? give the bloke a break. Or do you want Larry back to oversee his overpaid players.

"Deal stalled, probably had a chat with our skipper and he put the frighteners on him. " A bit harsh, no need for that really is there.

I think the people who slate Robins are those who thought Di Matteo was going to be next boss or thinks with a home attendance of only 13,000 v Ipswich (for which HTFC don't get a penny due to share wrangle) we should be champions league! We are what we are.

We are what we are yeah, we are getting relegated

I think the people who slate Robins are those who thought Di Matteo was going to be next boss or thinks with a home attendance of only 13,000 v Ipswich (for which HTFC don't get a penny due to share wrangle) we should be champions league! We are what we are.

Town get all the money from the gate receipts. They just don't get money from the inside catering, bars, conference suites, advertising boards etc They also have to pay astronomical rent to KDSL.

Deal stalled, not really harsh on our skipper, he is part of the problem and one of the weakest links in defence, no lack of guts but not much else. Last thing he wants is Tate on board as he would be out in the cold.

Have to agree about Robinson whos dumb idea was that. still as bad as ever. best thing town ever did getin rid. worst thing getin him back.

People talking about relagation are you the same people who were talking about promotion after 10-11 games?
Get real

Robinson has scored more goals this season from Derbys bench than any of our starters have, and in his first seaosn with us was our second highest scorer. give him a chance.

What do you mean get real? you saying we're not going down?

Lets start by getting rid of Mr i'm a shxt stirrer Beckford. No room for sulky selfish injured leeds reject! Jonny

26 Feb 2013 12:48:01
Massively agree with the previous comment, Beckford is a waste of space/money!
He was only prolific for Leeds, 2 seasons in league 1.

Yes I am saying we are not going down. I have supported Town thru thick and thin, thru the bad times, yet have always stayed positive and fully supported my team. If only people would do the same and stay positive. We don't need negativity, get behind the team

5 points off 9th place, onwards and upwards UTT.
Get behind the team



22 Feb 2013 15:54:08
Town to get playoffs, trust me I know I have predicted the promotions from the championship six years in a row without fail. This year Cardiff top, Watford second and Leicester through the playoffs. You will see, especially since super fast Robinson has returned.

Is it april ther first? This is the player we named scud because he couldn't hit anything, if we make the play offs I will carry you to wembley

Predicted the promotions six years in a row? then you must be a very rich man

Watford and Hull, leicester won't make it, they will get beat in the playoffs. Trust me I know, I have predicted the promotions from the Championship for 14 years in a row without fail and yes I am a very rich man!

Mate I want some of what you have had. 1 player doesn't make a team

Didnt know they had play offs for relegation

That's a pretty good prediction, especially as all the pundits had Watford to go down this season

I think you need some defenders on the evidence of the last 2 games rather than strikers.
I'm afraid at this moment in time you're odds on favourites to go down.

Watford will go up

From what I've seen of the Championship, Watford are the best team in that league, but also Palace and Hull are very good sides.

Not sure how Cardiff are top, but are the masters of winning games by the odd goal, but they're not easy on the eye.

I think it will be Cardiff, Watford top two then Palace v Hull in the PO final. Palace just get the nod to go up with the other two. {Ed003's Note - Are you really sure you are not a Watford fan? why not register your name and perhaps leave one at the end of your posts.}



22 Feb 2013 15:10:41
Ipswich close to a loan deal for Man Utd's Reece Brown.

As a Coventry fan not sure why Ipswich would want him poor at Coventry and couldn't even make the bench a lot of the time.

We cancelled his loan early it should have been a full season

22 Feb 2013 18:52:01
played for donny and was terrible

22 Feb 2013 20:09:01
Very Very poor, thinks he's. a lot better than what he is. will be a free soon

That's because he was playing for terrible teams.!

24 Feb 2013 09:56:41
If he needs to be in good team for his class to shine then he'll be awful at Portman Road - as an Ipswich fan, its the worst team in decades and we are dreadful.

Yes, and it's all down to that person. PJ. Poor MM is left to pick up the pieces. We can judge next season, so don't knock the club.



22 Feb 2013 12:29:36
Huddersfield manager Mark Robins is set to go back to his old club Manchester United and bring in defender Tom Thorpe on loan until the end of the season.

What about lee bowyer on deal to end off season he's free agent



22 Feb 2013 14:02:28
john carew to mk dons

What can he bring to us? A huge wage demand maybe? Another crocked has-been. Sorry John, you'd be better off elsewhere.

If this is true, and I doubt it, I just don't see the point in signing him. He's past it and overpaid. Probably another Alan Smith in the making. And can somebody explain in logical terms why we took Ifall McFlop back on board? He has done nothing so far. And doesn't like likely to do anything in the future either. What a waste of time and wages. Winkelman, is this really what you want for us? The barrel has a hole in the bottom by now. We can and should do better. We deserve better Pete, stop insulting us.

Wow! We actually didn't lose at Carlisle today! That's some achievement! Well done Winkelman, Robbo and the boys! A really superb point. And 14th in the table too! We really are on the up!

24 Feb 2013 08:27:47
Mk doomed

McCleod useless - saw him in Bucks cup on monday and still looked woeful against a team 6 leagues below us. Not even in starting line up. Pompey on Tuesday - they have not won in 22! Make or break for team otherwise get some loan signings in quick with Martin and Mcenzie crocked. Winklean - another wasted season which could have been.

Yeah. Doomed to mid-table obscurity and perennial water treading. Unless of course the chairman puts up money for players, which, as we all now know, is a taboo for him.

Thanks for another wasted season Pete. We're really heading in the right direction.

24 Feb 2013 21:52:50
Another thing, where's Patrick Bramford?we have him on loan & his injured, that makes sence, we havnt got A clue, I'm glad Alex Rae has gone, club scout? What a load of carp, mick Hartford Ian wright, get rid of them no good, changes needed all round, love robbo but we need to be realistic, not his fault but same old excuses, travelling, injuries, suspensions its boring now, with what we are proberly paying Alan smith could of got a couple of decent players in, we are truely shocking

"Another thing, where's Patrick Bramford?we have him on loan & his injured, that makes sence, we havnt got A clue"

Exactly. This is EXACTLY what I mean when I say we are a laughing stock. We take young players on loan then not play them and even when they are injured! Lunacy! WTF is going on? I'm disgusted with the club's behaviour at the moment. It's utterly ridiculous.

Bamford is back training with us today. Say's he'll be available for Saturday.

What he said. ^

To ensure we got him on loan we had to sign before the deadline unfortunately he was injured at that time

What's he going to do? Score hatfuls of goals to fire us into the Championship? Ha ha! Too little too late and a pointless signing anyway.

Write off this season now and hope we don't get relegated next season.

"john carew to mk dons"

Are you trying to be funny?

The same John Carew who INTERNAZIONALE MILAN are looking at? Get a grip on reality for God's sake!

Back from Pompey and their fans laughed at McCleod as he wa sthat bad. Few shots if any and same old players just can't perform. Robbo get some loan signings NOW before we fight off relegation. 267 fans tonight sang all the time and were credit and if only the team matched our commitment. MK Dons doomed - wasted season.



22 Feb 2013 12:51:49
Scot Sinclair to West Brom in summer. Done deal!

I've gone for 'Unbeleivable'. Not because I think it can't or won't happen, just because I'd happily bet a kidney that it is not in fact a "Done deal".

Least he's quicker than thomas

Dont tell me what to do at a game clarke, wingie will get my anger after he disrespected my club, iwas here before you and the players and will still be here when you lot have left, just be a manager to the players

22 Feb 2013 23:24:17
Trust me it is. already been discussed

22 Feb 2013 23:26:04
Calm down mate. This is a rumours site not a soap box. just get behind your team my friend

22 Feb 2013 23:27:39
All those that have clicked unbelievable. why is it?

Because nobody would do a summer deal which will defitnetly happen in February, a lot can change in a couple of months.



22 Feb 2013 11:49:28
Derby to sign 3 players on loan this week:

Jonathan Bond (Watford) Young Keeper
Conor Coady (Liverpool) Defensive Midfield
Alexy Bosetti (OGC Nice) Goalscoring Machine

Jonathan Bond is Watford's No. 2. Can't see that happening with no suitable back up

Goal scoring machine? 2goals in 22 games

Bosetti has 0 goals all season in 18 appearances.

A young keeper?
we have 5 at the moment. Think this is BS

Theres no way we will get any of those players - fact!

Alexy Bosetti 2 gls in 22 games a real goal machine

22 Feb 2013 15:47:56
UEFA rules state you can't sign players from a foreign league outside the summer and winter transfer windows. Football League clubs can only sign loan players from the English (& Welsh) Domestic League during the loan transfer window.

Therefore Alexy Bosetti will not be signing on loan for Derby County from OGC Nice.

Derby have two high quality goalkeepers in Frank Fielding and Adam Legzdins there is no reason why we would sign watfords number 2 goalkeeper.

derby also have a defensive midfielder out on loan and starlet will hughes so there would be no need for a dm.

Bosetti will 100% not sign as on the derby website Chris Martin from Norwich has signed on loan, official.

UEFA rules state that you can sign any amount of forgin loan players at any time?

Watford have 14 on loan worst place to post that lie lol

Utter tosh - and i'm a Derby fan. We don't need a goalkeeper and the french goal machine only has 2 more goals this season than me, and I don't play football.

22 Feb 2013 23:12:13
Watford singed them loan players during the Summer and Winter transfer windows, which are different to the loan (aka emergency) transfer windows. The current Loan transfer window opened on 4th February and ends mid March. Get your facts right. You cannot sign players from foreign leagues during the loan transfer window but you can during the normal transfer window. Also during the loan transfer window you can only sign a player for a maximum of 93 days. Watford's loan players are on season long loans as they were signed during the proper transfer windows.

You cannot sign players from Europe on loan outside of the transfer window.

Yes Watford have a lot of loan players but they were all signed during the transfer window.

Only English loans can be made outwith the transfer window.

23 Feb 2013 12:33:07
Finally! Some people with common sense who understand loan transfers outside of the summer and winter transfer windows!



22 Feb 2013 10:55:40
Swansea ins next year:

Pachu? norwiegan league I think?
De Guzman
tindalli (new contract)

Swansea outs next year:

hate to say it but monk and britton will be getting less game time (michu will be moved back behind the striker so one less mid needed. 2 of KI-De Guzman and incoming canas will be preferred)

Obviously there will again be interrest in others:
Williams-Half the premier league
Vorm-Everton, arsenal, aston villa, ajax, athletico.
Chico-bayern (I heard that but don't believe it)

Hope not but everybody has a price

God I hope schecter is leaving right? he is no good and would be suprised if he was allowed to stay, hopefully not.

Villa have Guzan, why would Vorm be joining us? Besides Vorm can play in a better team than for us at the Villa!

Yeah. he's off too. did not include him as he's only on loan. he does nothing for me either. i'd prefer moore and that's saying somthing.



22 Feb 2013 10:22:53
Theo Robinson to Huddersfield and Chris Martin to Derby

Why o why we taken him back. was glad when he left

Theo Robinson, confirmed on sky web page

We all need to pull together at the moment - let's give him at least 10mins on the pitch before we have a go

Why didn't we cut out the middle man and take martin ourselves

You won't be saying that when he's scoring goals!

He's scored 9 times this season. how many is our leading scorer on?
Think we should give him a chance.
D. C

He is better than Alan Lee! My grandma is better than him!

22 Feb 2013 20:04:10
I don't care what any of you say Theo Robinson will score goals he'll of a shout Mark let's hope he does the business with Vaughan both work horses! Just what we need!

Theo brought his banjo with him today just to prove he can't hit a barn door with it from six feet. Ten out of ten for pure comedy.

Did anyone notice the ridiculous bounce he had to deal with on his chance, due to a terrible pitch (must be worst in division)whereas novak had a much better chance and as usual couldn`t convert firing straight at goalie, looks like we have next to no chance, from what I saw.

It's about time giants got there own pitch now

At least we have one team winning at the John Smiths, up the Giants

This is giants pitch, we are letting you use it not the other way round



22 Feb 2013 10:20:28
Theo Robinson going out on loan till the end of the season, at one of his previous clubs he played for Huddersfield Town.
Derby trying to replace him with Norwich striker Chris Martin.
Source:- Radio Derby




22 Feb 2013 09:46:26
Alan tate and theo robinson, making a return to the terriers, both on loan. UTT

22 Feb 2013 13:16:20
Glad Theo has come back and I hope the Tate rumour is true. Hopefully Theo will save us from the drop. Wonder if the Theo dislikers would prefer Alan Lee to start every game?



22 Feb 2013 09:13:12
Mark Robins is set to bring in 2 players Alan Tate and Theo Robinson, if the loan deals go through in time they will go straight into the team against Ipswich

Hudderfield needs more than 2 players d1 next season good more bring in mark robins



22 Feb 2013 08:59:51
Theo Robinson to Town on loan.
Source Radio Leeds.
If it hppens hope he is better than the last time we had him.



22 Feb 2013 07:26:03
Latest Shrewsbury Town news:

Jon Taylor and Jermaine Grandison are set to sign a contract extension in the next month or so, manager Graham Turner is aware of the interest and doesn't want a situation like James Collins again.

Tom Bradshaw is set to go on loan to Telford for the end of the season, after signing Tom Eaves Turner has no place for Bradshaw who Telford have been after for a few months.

Ryan Doble is set to go on loan to Stockport County again to try and get first team football and some goals. Turner has no place for Doble and his recent striker swoop.

Meanwhile, they are set to sign Chelsea winger Lucas Piaxin on loan for the rest of the season.

And the player was Jamie Vardy in question who Turner got a curt reply off a few weeks ago.

And finally, Turner cheekily asked Steve Clarke if he could have Peter Odemwingie on loan if they paid the wages as a punishment for his behaviour and actions on deadline day.

It was believable until you mentioned odemwingie but I hope Jon Taylor and Jermaine Grandison sign new deals massive palyers for Salop!

Odemwingie rumour is very true they wanted him instead of Tom eaves but they didn't get odemwingie so they got eaves.

P. s Harry kewell could replace John Taylor at the end of season according to meeting last week



22 Feb 2013 00:46:18
paulo ferreira chelsea to bristol city loan

22 Feb 2013 17:47:49
Your having a laugh

If you think that's a laugh you should see their fans forum, actual. why think they might stay up, ccfc redbird 4evermore

23 Feb 2013 09:11:33
to redbird roses are red violets are blue give me the money let's play in red instead of blue no soul cardiff solded it down the pan to the asians



22 Feb 2013 00:45:50
jay bothroyd and nathan ake of qpr and chelsea respectively, are set to be announced as loan signings for bristol city

Believe it when I see it

God help you

Jay bothroyd is just what we need now we r playing long ball hoof, driscoll out asap

I can't believe what I'm seeing. O'driscoll out? Oh my days you should literally put a gun to your head and shoot every bit of football out of your head. We're playing better. We're winning at home and the team want to win again {Ed034's Note - as a forest fan I can give a bit of insight on sod. He likes to play the ball on the floor and likes possession football. This only changes when the pitch you are playing on doesn't suit this and his only plan b is the long ball.
Through out his time at forest the fans were 50/50 split on him as a manager, but 100% behind him as a person and bloke



22 Feb 2013 00:22:40
Bacary Sagna is disappointed with Arsenal's submitted contract offer as they only offered him a one year extension, he is now set to leave the club at the end of the campaign, with french giants PSG leading the way for his signature.



22 Feb 2013 00:12:18
Bury to enter administration in the next month due to mounting debt. A second application to cover wages has been made to the PFA after the original loan has only just been paid off. Gary Neville has apparently refused to lend any more to the cause.

If its true its a shame ilike bury nice little that's from brentford fan

Hope you don't as a fan of Swindon town it's not good for fans when administration is looming. Just keep supporting the team that's all you can do. All the best

Not really surprised, but might not G. Neville see this as a chance to run a club?

He could take a few pointers from pal Dale Vince.

Im a bury fan speaking and I don't care I want Blackwell out



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