Football Rumours Archive April 22 2009


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None of these are guaranteed at all, but they are all rumours of players that might be joining Leicester City:

David Stockdale – Fulham (£500k)
David Martin – Liverpool (£250k)
Chris Gunter – Tottenham (loan) – doubt it though
Gareth Bale – Tottenham (loan) – highly unlikely
Andrew Surman – Southampton (£1mil)
Simon Cox – Swindon (£2mil)
Peter Leven – MK Dons (£500k)
Dany N'Guessan – Lincoln (free)
Wayne Brown – Hull (free)
  To the guy(kid)who wrotethe part not in capitals :You have no if you are as clever as your metaphor sounds you would have seen rumours on this site about other people who have heard the same thing so clearly there must be a link,and a guy saw tevez+masch and asked them iftevez will be joining ,he said we'lll see.
IF TEVEZ AND BASTIAN DO SIGN send an apology letter to the 'kid' who wrote the bit in capitals.


???????WAHT ELSE CAN THIS MEAN????????



well it couldn't possibly be that there just good friends it must mean that he's joining liverpool, you'll never guess what i saw the entire ukrainian football team in london awhile back i guess there all joining chelsea it must be i mean what other possible explaination is there???? muppet. and as for Bastian Schweinsteiger's "work permit" which one would that be he's a german international and as a german is a member of the european union meaning he doesn't reguire a work permit to work in this country. again i say muppet. and as for your little comment at the end i would assume that's a knock at my little end piece "if you look to the sky's you'll miss that which is right infront of you" now i best explain this for you. people have stared to the sky at the stars for hundreds of years to try and work out the future i.e. "star signs" but if you realise no one actually can tell the future now matter what "insider" infomation they have again if you asked the real madrid top brass who they were going to sign last summer you would have been told Ronaldo as many of them did tell people and the press but alas he didn't sign as man utd wouldn't sell him so until the deal is signed every piece of info is RUMOUR and nothing else. no one knows who will definatly sign until the player puts ink to a contract. so it's a little joke to all the readers who read this site and laugh at people who state such stupid ramblings as: he will definalty be signing. so i'd just like to end my little rant with you are OWNED. Lol. oh and best put a random rumour as this is wat the site is for ermm. . Gerrard Torres Ronaldo and Lampard to LA Galaxy this is a definate from a really reliable source. lol
  Hearts will make a treble swoop on Falkirk with the signings of Lovell, Arfield and Barr. Miller from Aberdeen also being mentioned. Ersten Martin from Recretivo is another option as Laszlo is an admirer.

Out will be Aguiar for free, Kingston for 2–3 million to EPL, Nade(anywhere), Mikoliunas, Thomson, Mole

Driver will not be leaving as he said so himself publicly.

As for the Rangers rumours, get a grip, how much money do you think you have?? I suppose you will wake up soon chewing your pillows
  I know a person who works in the cctv at anfield and i have just been told that both hicks and gillett have been showing some Arab looking people around anfield this afternoon (before the Arsena game).not sure who they were but lets hope.

if this is correct and we are taken over ythen look out for big money signings this summer
  Man Utd r gonna raid Udinese and sign Alexis Sanchez(12 mil) and Quagliarella(10 mil) as the Berbatov deal seemns not to bee working out and he'll go back to Germany but for Bayeyn Munich.They'll also sign Celtic's Scott Brown an d Napoli's Lavezzi in place of Fletcher and Tevez rwepectively.Believe it!!!!!!!
  Arsenal are rumoured to be after the Inter player Dejan Stankovic for a reported 18 million pounds
  The person that said he freinds with walter smith
this for you my brother works at ibrox and they alrady have targers
Andy Dorman St mirren 2million
Martin Stranzel Spartak Moscow free
Lee Martin Manchester United loan
David Healy Sunderland Free
Barry Ferguson La Galaxy 4.1million
Brahim Hemdani Reading Free
Andy Webster Hamiltion Loan
  See Liverpool being quiet busy in the trasfer market and expect some bids for the following: David Silva (even though benitez said he wouldn't), Sergio Aguero (Benitez has been an admirer of him for ages), Samuel Eto'o(Unhappy at Barca), Glen Johnson(Need competition for Arbeloa) and Gareth Barry(Wants Champions League Football). I'm not saying that these players will sign for Liverpool, 'm just saying that they will be bidded for. and Alonso will not be leaving as he has pledged his future to Liverpool.
  Merseyside Rumours

Liverpool Ins:
Gareth Barry – Aston Villa – £12mil
Glen Johnson – Portsmouth – £9mil
Diogo Luis – Olympiakos – £11mil
Niko Kranjcar – Portsmouth – £14mil

Liverpool Outs:
Andrea Dossena – Juventus – £5.5mil
Phillip Degen – Basle – £1mil
Andriy Voronin – Hertha Berlin – £4mil
Jermaine Pennant – Bolton – Free (Out of Contract)

Everton Ins:
Darren Fletcher – Man Utd – £8.5mil
John O'Shea – Man Utd – £5mil

Everton Outs:
Victor Anichebe – Wolves – £5mil
Andy Van Der Meyde – Galatasaray – Free (Out of Contract)
Lars Jacobsen – Bayern Munich – Free (Out of Contract)
Segundo Castillo – End of Loan
  My dad is friends with Kenny Dalglish and he said that the rumour he is joining Liverpool over the summer is true and that tevez is also joining and they are going to make a strong bid for Johnson to ensure his transfer and bids for Schweinsteiger and/or Walcott as Rafa is a fan of schweiney for his hard working style and walcott is a liverpool fan and getting frustrated at the level of competition at arsenal.
  Pompey's financial uncertainty is going to see yet more fire–selling in the summer, weather they stay up or go down. Their expenditure on wages is currently over 90% total turnover! Gaydamak was relying on selling land next to the ground for property to help fund the stadium refurbishment, but with the property crash, this will now need to be funded by selling players

They made massive profits after letting Muntari, Diarra & Defoe leave this season, but this is not enough. Following them three out the door this summer will be:

G. Johnson – £7–10mil. Either Liverpool or Man City are the most likely destinations
P. Crouch – £8–12mil. Spurs are favourites, Bolton are interested, as are Blackburn should Santa Cruz leave this summer
N. Kranjcar – £12–15mil. Wenger has been a fan for a long time, but may not be willing to stump up the cash. Man City and the best bet, Spurs a possibility should they fail (again) to land Downing, Liverpool are an outsider as first–team football is not guarenteed
S. Campbell – Free. Will be released purely to save his wages. If no interest from any English teams competing in Europe, he may take a final contract abroad, or even retire
J. Utaka – £3–6mil. Has not done the business here, but still has a good reputation in France from his days with Lens and Rennes. Marseille may look to him as a replacement for Cisse if his loan is made permenant. Also Bordeaux as Gourcuff is only on loan from AC Milan, and they cannot match their asking price

As for their replacements, it depends on who they bring in as manager in the summer. Pennant's loan can be made permenant as he is out of contract in the summer. They will also look to poach from the teams being relegated on the cheap:

Chris Brunt – £3–5mil. Has been one of the few players to shine for WBA this season. Much needed Left Winger too
Alan Smith – £2–4mil. His versatility will be seen as an asset as Pompey trim the squad, and Newcastle will not put up too much of a fight to keep him, so will be cheap
Jeremie Aliadiere – £5mil. A direct replacement for Defoe as the pacey striker that they have lacked since he left in January
Kevin Doyle – £4–7mil. If Reading do not get promotion, as is looking unlikely, he will be reluctant to spend another season in the second tier. May be competition for his signature, so is an outside bet if a bidding war is sparked

Basically for Gaydamak, his hope is to service the stadium costs through player sales, hope to keep a team together that can keep them in the Prem, and then when the extra income starts to come in from increased gate receipts, then look to invest in the squad again. This is a risky stradegy however as the stadium is going to take at least 2 seasons to complete, and if they go down in this time then they could end up in a similar situation to their rivals down the road
  With money a bit tight at ibrox it seems that rangers are looking to the loan market with moves for Brazilian duo Fabio Da Silva and Rodrigo Possebon from Man utd alresdy underway with Fabio seen as the short term solution to the problem left mid slot and Possebon coming in to allow K.Thomson time to get back to full fitness as B.Ferguson will be sold to Birmingham pending promotion along with K.Boyd.Only 2 permanent deals will be done this summer with long term target Tonel coming in and also big news John Carew to replace Boyd.
  Blackburn will finally cash in on the unhappy Santa Cruz this summer, albeit for slightly less than what they could have got last summer. The asking price will still be £25mil, but they will accept £17–18mil from Man City, as the only other interested parties are Liverpool and Spurs, neither of whom will offer over £15mil
Other players to be shown the door from Ewood include Ooijer (PSV on a Free), Grella and Mokoena (both released)

They will spend most of the City money on a direct replancement for Santa Cruz. Peter Crouch the most likely, as Alardyce wants a focal point for the team, much like he had with Davies at Bolton. He will cost £8–10mil

The remainder, together with money left over from selling Bentley last summer, will be spent on the following:

James Morrison (RW) and Jonathon Greening (CM) from WBA for a combined £8mil
Michael Turner (CB) from Hull for £6mil
Habib Beye (RB) from Newcastle for £4mil
  Can people stop these 'facts' i don't care about who you know, what insiders you have. for me and probably everyone on here i won't believe any facts as being true until we see the player in our teams strip. All these stories like, Rafa is my best friend and all that. just stop it your making youself look stupid. the best have got to be the 'new liverpool shop assistant' ones and how exactly do they find out whats going on?

Any way onto some RUMOURS!, which may happen but then again they might not, quite simply what i do is look at the side in question tell you what i THINK and then go on from there who will suite what position and a what fee. simple!.

Manchester United in theory don't need anyone with some great young talents coming through the system, however i believe that if Ronaldo does leave he will be replaced with either Ribery or valencia i would prefer Ribery simply because he has alot more Potential and is already recognized as one of the best. but according to recent paper speculation, Sir Alex has claimed with the Ronaldo money he wishes to purchase Kaka, i would love to have him at old trafford but for me seems extremely unlikely. i don't think any major players will be leaving although i would like to see the back of; Neville, Evra And Nani, with nani going on loan instead, we all know that Nevilles never going to leave, and as for evra he is a good defender but i think Gabbie Heinze was Much much Better, but whats done is done and i think the only people better in this posistion are Clichy and Heinze.

Onto Arsenal now and me personally believes that they don't really need anyone maybe a few 3rd choice Defenders and a Out and out Goal scorer but apart from that i believe they're gettin back to old ways. so for the striker then perhaps someone along the lines of martins? still only 22–24 years old. the only problem i see is his troublesome groin injuries.

AS for Chelsea it all depends on the manager if Riijkard is in charge i expect all attacking football with a reliable back 4, what they've got now just with more Brazilian type flair. if its ancelotti then i expect Mourinho football, with the get a goal sit back and hit them on the counter. but im still not sure.

As for liverpool i have no clue whats going on. Everyone talks about a 3rd striker but for me Torres + Kuyt are two of the best and partnered together they're amazing. with you having Babel aswell i think your fine in all honestly but i do believe will will purchase a goal scorer maybe someone along the lines of Zaki? Santa Cruz? but then again will they sit on the bench?, we'll have to wait and see.

now for Manchester City i don't know what else rhey can do to push for the top 4 to be be honest, but transfer wise i think a good few 'past there best' players such as Cannavaro, Ronaldinho, players like that, still have great skills but just arent 'world class'.

Thats about it for today guys. please comment on what ive said. many thanks.
  Plymouth Argyle is on the verge of being taken over by two Japanease business men, the buyers will fisnish home park, and surround the new manager with money for players, and players wages.

there will be a clearout in the plymouth squad, getting rid of all fringe players. There is a list below of the players being linked with the club, i have good source as i work at plymouth argyle fc and have been told on numerous occasions about these targets:–

Chris Eagles – Burnley
Zheng Zhi – Charlton
Kasper Schimichael – Man City
Andrew Surman – Southampton
Jermaine Beckford – Leeds
Sam Sodge – Leeds

And Many More. .

Watch This Space.

  1st and most importantly ! to the liverpool 'fans'who think they are buying matty upson for under £10m u must be drunk! he ent going anywhere as he has justr signed a new contract.

also dean ashton being sold to one of the relegated premier league teams as his fitness is poor.

expect zola to bring in a striker and a fullback!
  Man city revouloution

Gk Given
Lb bridge
Cb Cannavaro
Cb Richards
rb Ratinho
Lm Messi
Dm De jong
Am Ronaldinho
Rm Lennon
St Robinho
St Santa Cruz

Squad players, Hart, Onouha, Ireland, Bellamy, Sturridge, Elano

Look at that for a squad!!!!! Forget Liverpool, man utd and chelsea the title is coming to Man city next season.
  To the person who suggested that Mark Viduka will being moving to the Queensland Roar (soon to be re–named Brisabne Roar) is clearly misinformed as the Roar are near bankrupt and already have a marquee player in Craig Moore. Also Newcastle United fans should stop saying IF we stay up because you clearly will NOT due to way you are playing and the style that you are playing.
  Rangers and Sellik will be granted entry to the new lower premier league !
It will cost them 25 million each !
It will start season 11/12
  Arsenal are desperately in need of defensive options and are believed to be looking at strengthing with Mamadou Sakho, Sebastian Bassong, Cristian Zapata, Brede Hangeland, Mouhamadou Dabo, Micah Richards and Matthew Upson all being looked at. Atleast 2 of these players are needed to improve the defence with the likely departures of William Gallas, Phillipe Senderos and possibly even Kolo Toure unless Arsenal manage to sign his brother Yaya from Barcelona to stabilise the midfield. Other candidates being monitored for the defensive midfield position are: Lorik Cana, Gokhan Inler, Gareth Barry, Miguel Veloso and Fernando Gago. Clement Chantome, Mohamed Diame, Yohan Cabaye, Moussa Sissoko, Oscar Sielva and Alex Witsel are all being tracked too but are not as likely as they are still too young to take on the responsibilty of anchoring the midfield (Denilson and Diaby have proved this throughout the course of the season) Song has done well but will be a backup player for that position with a more experienced and accomplished player being recruited by Arsene. Attacking options are not a problem for Arsene at the moment but come the summer there will be plently of interest in Cesc Fabregas, Emmanuel Adebayor and Robin Van Persie – three of our most important players who can be described as 'match–winning'. Therefore keeping these 3 players are of crucial importance as we need to add to the talented squad we have, not replace it, if we stand any chance of being strong enough to win the league next season. Whisper
  I have it on very good authority that if Forest go down and Derby stay up Lewis Mcgugan will sign for them in the summer for around £350k
  Liverpool will finally welcome Gareth Barry in the summer, for 8m. Rafa is also looking at signing 3 Attackers and 2 Defenders. Mauro Zarate and Diogo will sign for 14m and 12m respectively. Kuba will join for 8m. Glen Johnson will arrive for 9m and Raul Albiol will arrive for 9m
  I've been hearing rumours, from the riverside stadium groundstaff, and they say there will be a change around the boro

Kevin Phillips From Birmingham for 500k
Ben Allan (16–year–old striker from Wellington Phoenix for free, dubbed to be the next Fernando Torres)
Liam Ridgewell From Birmingham for 2 mil
Jan Vennegoor of Hessilink From Celtic for 1 mil
Didier Zokora From Spurs for 2 mil
Barry Ferguson From Rangers for 2 mil

Stewart Downing To Spurs FOR 9 MIL
Sanli Tuncay To Bordeux For 5 mil
  West Bromwich Albion – in association with some supporters clubs – are planning a Tony Mowbray Week, to honour the man and his beliefs, and will set up various events and honours in his name. There'll be an award for best Ten Minutes Midfield Play In A Crushing Defeat, where Albion have lost heavily but have still played some lovely passing football in the middle of the park. There'll be a Sponsored Headshake outside the Hawthorns where fans will, for charity, shake their heads for 10 hours straight while steadfastly ignoring proof of how easy it's been for teams to beat Mowbray's outfit. There'll also be a 'Spine Hunt', where fans embark on a quest to search for Mowbray's 'backbone' – with a big cash prize for the one who finds the treasured vertabrae. And don't forget the great Mowbray Statue, a 50 ft. recreation of the great tactical genius, where admiring fans can climb up his bottom and have a fun–filled stroll around his skull – an empty chamber wih an easily–occupied amount of space.

Other attractions will be the Church of Tone, where visitors can read stone–embossed soundbites from one of the Premiership's best managers, such as 'we're in a false position', 'worse teams above us are gaining points' and the immortal 'if we had Torres and Ferdinand, we'd be in the top ten', prior to a Principles Seminar, where a large group will repeatedly chant 'all football should be lovely to watch, all football should be lovely to watch. '. Later on, a Burning Of The Unbelievers will take place, where a heretic who espouses the sacreligious virtue of actually winning a bloody game will be tied to a stake and set alight.

These events, organised by the newly–formed West Bromwich Albion support groups 'Winning? Don't Be Stupid' and 'Oh Really, Do We Have To Talk About How We Stank Up The Premiership?', will take place at the end of the season, with many of them absolutely free.

Those opposed to Tony Mowbray's sensible, lovely and warm–hearted approch to a new world of nice passing football and embrace this strange culture where a football team has to – ugh! – 'battle' and do the 'basics' in order to 'win' a game are asked to stay away in case they make people cry.

They will not be welcome.
  Man utd transfers
falcao river plate
valencia wigan
lescott everton
schwarzer fulham
nani loan everton
brown sell everton
kusczak sell to epl side
tevez release
  Berbatov will be going to man city or tottemham
  Have heard from good source Chesney is leaving at end of season
To be replaced by Roy Keane who has been at Celtics last seven home games.
Also heard Gers Doing a deal to bring in Brunt from West Brom in swop for Mculloch
Teddies for title/Double !
  My next door Neighbour is the cousin of Birmingham city asssisstant boss Roy Aitken and hes lead me to believe that they are making numourous signings and let a few people leave, due to entering the premiership


Amdy Faye (2 mil from Stoke)
Andy Carroll (Loan from Newcastle)
Nicky Bentdner (Loan From Arsenal)
Scott Sinclair (2 mil from Chelsea)
Giovani Dos Santos (4 mil From Spurs)
Khalad Kemas (Free as back–up)


James Mcfadden (Motherwell on loan)
Rhadi Jaidi (Kiddiminster for 50k)
Seb Larrson (Valencia for 5 mil)
  Arsenal News

Most managers will draw up a list of 20 possible targets for each new campaign, hoping to get maybe 3 or 4 if lucky.

Wenger according to all the news reports i've been following over the last few months, and im talking about the Gaurdian and the Times etc, not the Sun or the Mirror, has been showing considerable interest in the following players.

1. Alonso – only if Liverpool don't win the league.
2. Krancjar – don't think this will happen, not good enough.
3. Veloso – he apparently turned bolton down for a summer move to Arsenal. can play def mid or center back.
4. Melo – this i think will happen.
5. Gourcuff – Wengers absolute number one priorty this summer, has been tracking him since before he joined milan.
6. Richards – depends on how much city want and who takes over after they sack hughes.
7. Babel – tried to sign him before the pool but was unwilling to meet ajaxs price.
8. Pato – milan would be willing to let this gem go if they got adebayor in return. .please make this happen.
9. Lescott – having a great season and was on wengers radar when he was at wolves.
10. Diego – will probably move for the second biggest transfer after ronaldo this summer so that rules arsenal out of buying him, will only join if cesc leaves for barcelona or madrid.
11. Cabaye – grimandi has been to see this guy on a number of occasions and will be bught as backup to either melo or veloso.
12. Sakho – will be wengers first buy of the close season.
13. Zapata – i think wenger will bid for him, but not sure if he'll meet the price.
14. Inler – again not sure if he'll meet the asking price.
15. upson – unfortunatley i actually think we'll buy this donkey.

all that said im probably wrong about everyone i've mentioned, but it makes for good reading.
  I'm the guy who said david dein was seen with tevez – remember? well. just before silvestre signed for arsenal a bbc reporter asked sir af if there was any plans on selling ronaldo, saf said no, however there will be a signing in the next couple of weeks which will shock a few people – that was silvestre – now Sir af has hinted again that man u are in talks about another transfer which again may shock some people – that is tevez to arsenal – trust me – not been wrong yet! regular readers will confirm this. Uzamov will snap up lady victorias shares and launch takeover for AFC in the summer FACT.
  I was Coming from my all day breakfast, when i seen Chris Hogg outside Fir Park, this surly must mean that hes on his way to Motherwell. Next season will be a change

Van hije

  To the person who said he saw 'mascherano with tevez in liverpool together, what does this mean?' it probably means that they are really old mates in a foreign country and only live 30 miles apart and probably do get together once in a while. The same rumour stuff happened when Raul used to go out in Liverpool with Morientes, friends meeting up with friends as oppose to transfer speculation. Would like to think tevez is coming to anfield but prob not.

  Garteh Barry point of order – it's no longer a rumour that he is moving from Villa in the summer it's scientific fact he will move. This is not my main beef however, my problem is people on here constantly stating that he will move for upwards of £10 million?? Theirry Henry only went for 12mill in the last year of his contract and Vieria only went for £8mill, Barry will be off (probably to Anfield) for more like £5mill – £7mill.
  I have it on very good understanding that Leicester will be selling a lot of the first team squad to allow for the new players to come in.

Matty Fryatt – Liverpool (6Mill)
Dj Campbell – Newcastle (500k)
Stephen Clemence(Free)
Joe Mattock – Aston Villa (4Mill)
Patrick Kisnorbo – Wolves (3.5Mill)
Chris Powell(Free)

Simon Cox (1.5Mill)
Dean Windass (Free)
Wayne Brown(Free)
Joe Hart(Loan)
Scott Sinclair(Loan)
  Shearer is drawing up two lists of players 1 for the PL and one for the Championship. If we go down he will look to buy amongst others:
Jack Lester, Chris Eagles/Clark Carlisle (if Burnley do not go up).

Owen will leave as will Viduka, coloccini, Gutierrez, Enrique, Nolan, Smith, Duff and Martins. The rest will stay as they have no chance of making a world cup squad want to be part of the new dawn on Tyneside. They get paid top whack but Ashley is prepared to fund their wages to get us back up.

If we stay up and Shearer stays then so will Owen, and the rest apart from Coloccini, Duff and Smith who Shearer does not rate. The squad will be re–balanced by adding Adam Johnson/Stephen Warnock/Richard Dunne/ Michael Johnson and Chris Eagles and possible Viduka given a 1 year extension on a pay as you play basis.
  Hearts Fc

I have been told by a reliable source at the club that Hearts are interested in signing Christian Tshimanga Kabeya and Krum Bibishkov. Laszlo has the two players on his wish list which he submitted to Romanov last week.
  LFC rumours

There won't be a huge amount of transfer activity around Melwood in the summer but those who come in will add quality. Gareth Barry will provide options across the middle for a much lower price than last summer (9m) and Glen Johnson will be brought in to compete at right back (9m). Those deals are almost certainly going ahead. The right wing will be filled by either Kuba, Lennon or Walcott, depending on the willingness of their clubs to deal. The striking department will be strangthened by the arival of either Zarate or Llorente (Rafa's prefered choices) but there are other targets lined up if this doesn't happen. Rafas' preference is still to keep Agger but Albiol is lined up as a replacement.

On the way out are Dossena (replaced by Insua), Degen, Itanje, Veronin and maybe Babel. Some of the reserves may also go such as Plessis, Hobbs and Leto if he doesn't sort out his differences with the coach at Olympiakos.
  A source close to me(big rava) has told me about maybe Hamiur Bouazza is coming to celtic park

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