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21 Sep 2012 22:01:53
Michael Ballack will turn down a number of moves from around Europe and the world to stay in Germany and play for Second Division club Union Berlin on a one year deal.



21 Sep 2012 21:57:45
Athletic Bilbao have accepted two £25 million offers for striker Fernando Llorente. The Spanish international will hold talks with La Liga rivals Atletico Madrid in the next few weeks for a deal in January. The Madrid club are favourites to land him but also face stiff competition from German club Bayern Munich, who have also had a bid accepted. Llorente could join up with teammate Javi Martinez, who will also move to Germany in the New Year.

Martinez is already playing for Bayern, as for Atletico they don't have the money to buy Llorente

U clearly are making this up, Martinez there already



21 Sep 2012 21:35:34
Reo-Coker in touch with Palace

Training with charlton for the time being, no chance of coming to london or the championship. still a few prem clubs lining up bids (saints,qpr,west ham)

^Charlton is in London. But, I reckon he'll go Fulham with Jol saying he needs replacement for Diarra, despite not agreeing terms earlier



21 Sep 2012 20:33:37
Heard a few times up here that Wednesday are currently looking at Partington of Bournemouth, seems a promising youngster.

He's hit and miss although he has started the season well, been playing a few seasons now so not really a 'promising youngster' anymore. I imagine if he doesnt perform this season then he could be available for you to sign

Re joe partington does good things very passionate can put a good tackle in just looks like he needs some pie n mash in him

Good player just needs to stay injury free for a season, can see him being able to play championship level football

Just a message to the wind up merchants who kept bleeting on about how you are going to sign Matt Ritchie!! And when he signed an extension at Swindon decided he wasn't good enough for you anyway......DID YOU SEE TODAY'S GAME? 4-0 to Swindon...TWO goals for Matt Ritchie including a wonder goal......Yes...the mega rich AFCB are going to smash this division aren't they!! HA....

^ Hmmm it would appear that the whole Ritchie thing hasn't been brought up in a while & was always treated as a little wind up to you Swindon fans. & don't recall anyone saying we were going to smash this division. But congrats on thrashing us today as it's not like we didn't see it coming :L

The seasons only 6 games old fella, well played on your crushing defeat of the cherries but Swindon are along way off yet, I don't think anything is won in September is it? Lol. Di Canio is still remembered fondly at Wednesday though so good luck to him

since when did we say we were going to samsh tis leage we gt rid of groves and redknapp in we will finish abov swindon and auto promotion or pkay offs we will be there proud to be with afcb on the rise

Got to say Bournemouths team were woeful, Partington was the only one who would even get on Swindons bench.



21 Sep 2012 20:00:12
Wigan are still interested in Wilfried
Zaha and Roger Espinoza.



21 Sep 2012 18:35:06
mick mcarthy could become the new bournemouth manager by as early as a week Monday, if the board decide to sack paul groves.

Funniest thing I've read in years

No chance better than mc carthy
around and younger

It depends what you want out of a manager. Mad mick is out of his depth in premier so that isnt going to be a problem but is a brilliant championship manager. He turned forest down in the summer sop think he may be a little out of your league.

No way from both prospectives. He won't drop to this level & has a differn't approach to the game than we have.

Certainly wouldn't be against this as an AFCB fan but it's unlikely on several levels: be surprised if he dropped down to L1, and having watched his interviews on MOTD he seems like his own man, so couldn't see him settling for being told what to do by the football genius of Eddie Mitchell

After todays defeat and our manager groves down to 11% win ratio, anyone with experience would do better. It is all becoming urgent at afc bournemouth?

The seasons only 6 games old fella, well played on your crushing defeat of the cherries but Swindon are along way off yet, I don't think anything is won in September is it? Lol. Di Canio is still remembered fondly at Wednesday though so good luck to him

If groves had an ounce of dignity about him he would hold his hands up and admit the job is beyond him and walk away. Utter embarrassment. The squad is far to big and needs players to be loaned out but he is doing nothing, Redknapp is there to advise so advise him to go please Harry, it's a disgrace



21 Sep 2012 18:13:31
Trot deeney to Bristol rovers on loan, your having a giraffe, Zola watched him play on wed and was impressed, so much so, he will be on the bench against bristols main team,



21 Sep 2012 16:35:45
gillingham just signed robin findley

Never really got going at forest, but is proper quick, will do well under MA.



21 Sep 2012 16:12:02
Nigel Reo Coker training with addicks but
Powell said he will not be signing the
box to box midfielder.

just getting up his fitness.

I hope he can sign him as we are in need
of a top midfileder in the middle.



21 Sep 2012 15:48:51
Wigan are set to sign two players on pre contracts for January.
Leicester winger Ben Marshall has impressed scouts and manager Roberto Martinez this season and the 21 year old will cost close to £3.5 million with future incentives.
The second deal is for midfielder Wilmer Fuentes. Fuentes is set to mutually terminate his contract with Honduran club Marathon and will sign a six month deal until the summer.

Wilmer - yabba dabba doo

Why would marshall go to a smaller club? Leicester will be prem next year and wigan will be championship.

Marshall won't be leaving Leicester ,not this season anyway we only signed him at the end of last season! Devon Fox

Wigan are never going down never been relageted so he should come



21 Sep 2012 15:33:01
Burnley manager Eddie Howe is still wanting to sign two strikers.
Manchester United forward Federico Macheda could sign a short term loan deal until January whilst Bournemouth forward Charlie Sheringham will sign with a view to a permanent deal until the New Year.

Ha Why would burnley want a player who hasn't exactly set the world alight for us and has been out injured for months? I inagine if this was true Mitchel would snap their hands off as he is now 7th or 8th choice striker but come on, this is not going to happen, heard Dorchester were interested in him which is much more realistic

Charlie sherringham has virtually been injured since signing for bournemouth, we have seen him play a few games and most were friendlies. I accept his injury has disapointed at afcb but can not understand why burnley would be interesed in sherringham as he's not even back into training.

Macheda won't come he's too good

Na Sheringham is going nowhere.

Isnt macheda at qpr lol.

Sheringham won't be 7th or 8th striker once the injures go. nobody has seen quite how good he is when he is injury free.will be an important player for bournemouth this season

Okay Charlie prove us wrong



21 Sep 2012 15:31:47
Huddersfield Town are wanting to sign two strikers on loan.
Young Wigan striker Callum McManaman is set to sign a short term loan. Simon Grayson attended the Wigan under 21 development match that included McManaman and was impressed with what he saw.
The second deal is Manchester United striker Federico Macheda. Macheda is only keen on signing a one month deal to get his match fitness back and could sign Monday morning.

Not macheda pleaseee! hes woeful

Town do not need 1 month loan deals! They need season-long deals and we don't want that Man U bighead! F.Campbell and S.Church would do nicely for the FULL season!! {Ed003's Note - Well they will have too settle for at the most 93 days atm}

No way not Federico Macheda.He is rubbish,there is a lot better out there,come on Grayson sign some one who can score goals.You should have had some one in place before you selt Rhodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont know how town fans have the cheek to call Macheda rubbish. your embarrassing. How is he not good enough for any Championship team?

Watched Rhodes last night, how we got 8 mill for him beggars belief.

Can't believe you are havin a go at Grayson for not signing anyone yet fact we av won our last two games since jr left the man is doing a great job wer playing the best football I've seen in twenty years (and I've been watching for forty five years) has for a striker as he says he will not sign anyone who he doesn't think is good enough to pull on a blue and white shirt, unlike Clarke who would av signed 3 or 4 by now

Since Rhodes left the team has drawn 1 and won 2 scoring 6 goals and conceding 3 unlike lat year under clark we are not a 1 man team under grayson the team is more balance with other players other than Rhodes getting into scoring positions. the 8 million we got for him needs to be widely invested on players who will make the team better , not just new faces who are no better than what we already have.

Can't see Town signing anyone on a one month loan, why would they burn up one of their loan options for twenty eight days. It will be a 93 day deal to run until January whoever they sign.

Well wrote agree with all that mate!

They need to sign a striker for 3 months to score 7 goals min! Mid table by Xmas = Everyones happy!

Let's not rush into getting just anyone in, defo don't think beckford is right for us, he is not good enough plain and simple, plus the fact that we all hate Leeds lol, so please mr Grayson bring the right people in who wants to play for our beloved club and not just for the wages, UTT... TTID



21 Sep 2012 15:31:44
Nigel Reo-coker is currently training with Charlton, even though Powell denies it, a deal may be on the cards.

Never going to happen, why would he. We need a loan youngster from the prem

Why would he? Well what other options does he have. If a 'bigger' club wanted him then he would be there already. Unless he wants to retire early then he has to sign for someone, and soon.

We don't need 'a loan youngster' we need someone who can come in and make a difference quickly. Think back to 'youngsters' we've had on loan in the past, like Sinclair, Ecclestone, Nouble and Parret. They didn't make any difference at all.

Someone who is young and hungry but has prem quality, not Coker who just wants a contract

Young, hungry and has Prem quality but who, presumably, can't get into a Prem squad. Sounds good, who are these mythical players we should be looking to take on loan?

Powell confirmed he is training with us



21 Sep 2012 15:28:36
Harry Kewell is set to join Preston on a deal to the end of the season.

Harry kewell my arse he would fit in well with the other crap players master mind westley has brought in

Harry kewell another player linked with us what a surprise! We just sign any old garbage now westley I don't think knows who he wants or what he's doing!

Kewell is at the end of his career and has very little to offer the way PNE operate .



21 Sep 2012 15:26:36
Bristol Rovers are wanting to sign a defender and a forward to bolster their struggling squad.
Young Cardiff defender Ben Nugent will sign on a short term deal. The 18 year old has played well for the reserves this season and has turned down other sides to join Rovers.
The forward is Troy Deeney. The Watford forward has just been released out of prison but manager Gianfranco Zola wants him out on loan to see his abaility rather than just training.

Worst rumour ever! Zola has been suprised by Deeneys level of fitness and thinks he's a quality player, deeney will be contending for a place in the squad this weekend.
SOURCE:Watford local paper

Zola wants to use Deeney at Watford, he may be on the bench against Bristol City on Saturday.

GFZ has already said that Deeney might make the bench for Watford this weekend. He will not be going out on loan.

Not only was Deeney on the bench but came on very early in the second half. Anyone who heard GFZ speaking after the match will know that Troy Deeney is very much part of the Watford plan.

I seen nugent play hes a prem defender in the making but i dont see him going on loan cos we dont have much cover for the back city are after another striker to fill the boots of long term injury Maynard and he wants another defender



21 Sep 2012 14:57:07
Any Middlesbrough fc news

Muzzy lasted a bit longer with you than he usually does before getting injured, same everywhere he goes.Great when he plays but likes a long rest.



21 Sep 2012 14:55:46
Ipswich will sack Paul Jewell after the weekend if they lose.
The Town board have already lined up Portsmouth Manager Michael Appleton to be their new Director of Football with the 36 year old set to interview possible future manager applications.

Why would Appy take a D of F position when the mangerial post is up for grabs? Also, who is going to want to work under a younger man? Suely the new manager will be older than Appy (who is 36 as you say).

Nobodys mentioned Terry Butcher i know he is a manager of a small scotish club .I sure as a former player etc im sure he would gee the players up and get this shambles of a team winning again .Jewell got youre stuff packed youre going to get SACKED tommorow .

He is "Appy" at Pompey

Danny Higgibottom signs on a months loan from Stoke straight in the side against Charlton tommorow

This post must be a wind up!your having a giraffe!


Lets thnk about this why would hr come to ipswich hes not even a great manger we need some one who will grap the players throats and beat them into life and get rid of chopa and cresswell {Ed003's Note - crikey!! }

Let's stop all this bad talk about sacking Jewell,we all know he has made terrible mistakes but the side does look a lot better and we have nearly turned the corner,all we need is a good win today ,so stop all this negative crap and get behind this great club ok.coyb.

I can see why you would get rid of Chopra, waste of space and money, but Cresswell has been brilliant for us, and how is HR not a great manager?

Who said this Danny higgibottom signing was awindup ?? Hes in the squad against charlton today

HR is not a great manger because hes spent everywhere hes been

Why then would Terry butcher leave a small Scottish club to manage a small English club he may as well stay where he is, porno Jewell is the right man for the tractor girls just give him time he will get you relegated, but at least you have your history it's doing a great job for you at the moment. OTBC

SACK PJ!!! The football is terrible, the crowd is not behind him and worst of all not a single player likes him!! (he lost the dressing room months ago)

If Ipswich's aspiration is to lose every game by having a tactically inept manager then Appy is the perfect choice, he bad even by Pompey's standards.

How is it a laugh? a promising young manager at a club where he cant sign players for more than a month at a time and a chance to test himself at a good club that's lost its way in the championship. he might even get paid at Ipswich to!

Appleton rejected 3 prem clubs and 2 championship sides last year in favour of a stay at PFC



21 Sep 2012 14:46:25
AFC Wimbledon are set to appoint caretaker manager Simon Bassey on a deal until the end of the season. The Board aren't keen on bringing a whole new system in and believe Bassey will do the job and keep the club in League 2.

They might as well have appointed shirley bassey

Its the kiss of death from Mister Gold....Finger..



21 Sep 2012 12:42:49
Wimbledon are close to appointing former Brentford manager Andy Scott as their new boss.
The only member of staff he is set to bring in is physio Michael Dobson. The former Brentford and Walsall defender currently runs his own physiotherapy business but is keen on getting back into professional football.

Boring football brentford fan



21 Sep 2012 12:14:30
Heard a few murmurs that Bret Pitman could possibly be going to Swindon on loan, seems plausible as wasn't in the squad for their last match in mid-week (unless he was injured or something?) and Paolo Di Canio has said he is looking in the loan market for another signing or 2. Seen that Bournemouth are interested but think they have enough strikers! Anyone heard anything about it?

Yeah his agent has said he wants to be garanteed a starting spot for every game and only Swindon are willing to do that so he'll go there

Afcb were unlucky not to sign pitman and robinson on trasfer deadline day and it looks as though we will sign both on loan source daily echo

Apparently Bournemouth said they can't guarentee him first team football thought which is why he might not go there?

Where did you see that? About his agents comments?

Well lets see,learn from di canio or paul groves ,tough decision,not

Pitman yes then Thomas can do one, Robinson no, overweight, overrated and past his best.

Wouldnt want to name my source but it's from within the club. Bournemouth are willing to pay his whole Bristol salary so city could force the move on him yet

Who's the person that thinks Swindon will offer this guy guaranteed football?

Paolo doesn't commit to anything like that to any player.

We should insit on logins for this forum so we know which posters we know we can immediately ignore.

Surely Bournemouth are nearly at the top of the wage cap, with just over 5,000 crowds would you be able to pay all of his wages. I know the Russian has helped u financially, how many players have u on your books that are on 4,000+ a week

Our russian owners energy company sponsor our shirts on a multi million pound deal so we are well within our finincial limits so Small gates are not a problem (yet)

That's apparently the deal on the table from Swindon, his agent has asked for that and they are willing to do that. It has happened in football many times before and will happen many times again. Clubs and players don't want to move on loan to not play as they might of well stayed put so they try and put in these kind of deals. It's a pretty fair request in my eyes

Yes we have a lot of players on the books but we also have a lot of injuries, we haven't been able to field our strongest team all season

So you have unlimited funds, your shirt sponsership may have to come into line a little. I don't know the league rules on it maybe someone on this form could enlighten me thanks

Would like to say fair play to Swindon, not a lot of people are fans of Di Canio's management style but he has put together a side at the fraction of the cost of ours and they absolutely outclassed us today! It just goes to show that a strong leader is needed, if only we had a Di Canio at the helm. I predict a strong season for swindon. Groves out!!!

The financial rules go on a percentage of clubs income, sponsorship, ground naming rights etc is part of a clubs income. It is all perfectly above board. Man city did the same although on a much larger scale

Swindon don't need him as they have enough strikers already.

So your shirt sponsership could be worth eg 5 mil a year but your crowd average say
Just over 7,000 you could sign players on 10,000 a week what would happen if he pulls out? I thought the league was trying to stop this from happening? I just hope for the fans it don't happen and he carries on the sponsership

The money hasn't done us any good has it as we're still rubbish so don't get jel

It's the chance we all take. I don't know of one club running on exactly what they earn on the gate, it all comes down to sponsorships, club weddings, club hospitality packages, selling players on etc etc etc (correct me if I'm wrong)

That maybe true but at the moment you are signing a lot of players for big transfer fees( what is your incoming revenue for transfers and your outgoings for transfers)so you need the shirt sponsership as it will be a big chunk to balance the books. You will have to have a lot of hospitality, weddings ect,ect to pay for players wages

It is a concern for many a Bournemouth fan and I know the Russian was hoping for promotion this season but unfortunately Eddie Mitchell has put his faith in a very poor manager, I believe we have the team for promotion but not the right leader, when the season ends and we finish in mid table and the attendances havent improved then i I guess we will all see what reprucutions this causes.



21 Sep 2012 11:09:00
bristol rovers are poised to sign out of contract midfielder andrew dorman.



21 Sep 2012 10:42:17
PAFC Official website confirms the signing of Ross Jenkins on an emergency loan from Watford to provide cover for the injured Lowrie and Wotton.

Ross Jenkins will do a great job for you. Excellent attitude, and will work his socks off.



21 Sep 2012 10:30:51
Bristol Rovers Set to sign Brett Pitman from Bristol City on a 3 month loan.

Rovers I understand have offered a down payment of £150,000 with a further payment if they avoid relegation.

Dream on he is better than div2 basement

He was at the Fleetwood game, why would he be there if he was not considering the move ?

Because he likes cod?



21 Sep 2012 09:59:33
Rumour in York is that Clarke Carlisle is
leaving after fall-out with Manager.



21 Sep 2012 07:45:12
Earnshaw went to tell Aviv after last minute deal with doncastr fell through. Donny couldn't afford 3k a week to subside wage



21 Sep 2012 04:42:56
Aden flint is all set to go out on loan for the rest of season to bristol rovers



21 Sep 2012 02:50:56
Bristol City's Brett Pitman has been told he can go out on loan. Burnley were interested but Swindon, Yeovil and his former club Bournemouth head clubs eager to sign him.

Bournemouth already have the biggest team in the league and I dont understand the need to bring in more when really the problem is poor management

We already have barnard loaned to us and this is till january. I know he has been injured for a few weeks but will return soon, why would pitman be needed during this time? It would be better to have him loaned to us in january, that is if barnard leaves.

Whoever takes him will need to pay his high wage demands, can not see swindon or yeovil affording pitman, unless bristol city agree to pay some of his wage demands. Bournemouth already pay large wages for lee barnard and can not see why they would want to pay for two 'like' strikers.

It will be Yeovil or Swindon as he wants to be garanteed first team football every game which Bournemouth have said they can not do

Swindon have more money than people think,as it's a loan i doubt they will pay all of his wages anyway..

Could be true, source? If Burnley aren't interested anymore then it's gotta be out of Swindon and AFCB imo

Pitman will go to Swindon as he wants first team football and is not willing to sit on the bench at bournemouth

Personally, I think it will be yeovil as its more local and we desperately need a provem goalscorer and one more striker.

Won't be Swindon, no better than Willaims or Collins.

I dont know if i would want him at yeovil i know we havent scored many lately but hayter and reid have goals in them and when we start scoring again i wont be surprised if both of them get 10+ goals this season

No yeovil need someone taller like david somma

We (yeovil) need an experienced holding midfielder someone who is similar to carrick / hargreaves to partner ed upson so we have some creativity in the midfield ed cant do it on his own and then hayter and reid will have more chances and they will finish them we could still get play offs

Yeovil should get akinfenwa lol

Korey smith? 2^

Yeovil should loan in Marko fut√°cs from leicester city

I havent seen korey smith yet but im going preston so i will see him then

Bring back Lee Johnson!

Junior Johnson is warming the bench in Scotland, so expect him back soon!



21 Sep 2012 01:59:02
Southend United will not be making any new signings in the near future as the club as been hit with another transfer embargo



21 Sep 2012 00:06:00
Bolton Chairman Phil Gartside has already drafted a list of potential candidates to replace Owen Coyle should his team lose at Sheffield Wednesday this weekend. Heading the list is former Liverpool and Newcastle manager Graeme Souness, who Gartside believes can install stability and discipline back into a free falling side that finds itself 15th in the Championship. Souness was offered the Bolton job before they appointed Gary Megson in 2007 but the two parties couldn't agree a deal. After being out the game so long Souness see's it as the perfect route back into management to guide Bolton back into the Barclays Premier League.

Souhess is one of the most over-rated managers there is, big mistake if Bolton go for him in my opinion.

Been out the game too long and still unhappy with Gartside for employing Megson's ex-agent Mark Curtis for the selection process in 2007.



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