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21 Oct 2012 21:49:08
New Burnley manager to be Mick McCarthy

Not a chance, he refused forest due to wanting a premiership team.

^^ hes already been for talks with us and is 1 of the 4 to b asked back for another meeting this week , he has also said himself that he is interested in the job ! UTC

Could do a lot worse than the man who is in charge at this moment



21 Oct 2012 21:02:29
Keith Hill once again emerging as a serious Burnley target although he appears to be behind Mick McCarthy and the favourite Michael Appleton



21 Oct 2012 19:41:54
Barnsley f.c. as only one stumbling block left in the take over bid by a consortium of businessmen lead by an Italian man is Barry Taylors roll on the F.A. he does not want to give it up.

Why would he have to give it up?

Not gonna happen



21 Oct 2012 19:14:14
Hi eds Any chance of Liverpool going for Dzeko ? Clearly wants to play week in week. He knows where the net is something we need right now . {Ed003's Note - Wages? }

Transfer fee? You couldnt afford to buy Dempsey. What about Ken Aquero?

Liverpool need a miracle right now!

Who is Ken Aquero? Sounds like a snooker player

If you followed this site a couple of years ago, you will recall that Ken Aguero was the subject of a lot of speculation. The last I heard, he was available for two meat pies and a saveloy.

It is nice to know he is back on the radar of the big clubs.

Ken Aquero no wonder tom daley didn't win with this guy diving



21 Oct 2012 18:52:35
Dont expect any more signings at Bristol City.
The cupboard is now bare after the signing of Elekobi & McManus. Nothing doing til
January and only then if 1 or 2 move on.
The 2 Wilsons & Nyatanga look favourites.

I expect all three of them will be pleased to get away to play some games you make it sound like its a bad thing to be leaving you must remember Bristol is a small club punishing above its weight in the Championship

People love having a poke at city this only makes us stronger team

We will go down with no more additions to this poor defence.

I'm a City fan myself. Just saying there will be no additions until Jan , and only then after players leave.Heard Mark Wilson will not have his contract extended and James and Lewin can both leave.



21 Oct 2012 18:43:30
Elliot Benyon to go to Barnet on loan till January.

No thanks, we need goalscorers

The guy has never been given a chance at Southend. He needs games and games gives goals.

Not according to his previous record



21 Oct 2012 18:24:51
Southend will get rid of Elliot Benyon in January. Ryan Hall and Bilel will also leave permanently. Southend will than be able to extend the loan of talented starlet Britt Assombalonga until the end of the season. Neil Harris should be fit by the time Jonson Clarke Harris's loan is up so he will return to Peterboro' . They will also move for a midfielder on loan, rumoured to be Jason Taylor of Rotherham, this week.



21 Oct 2012 17:32:50
Mark McGhee is to become manager of struggling championship side bolton

McGhee is sruggling himself at Bristol Rovers in league two..



21 Oct 2012 15:48:22
Tottenham and Manchester United will battle it out for Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan.




21 Oct 2012 15:46:48
Bolton are set to make a move for Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman.


Thought you said warnock was going there?

Bolton are in so much debt that no manager currently in work will go there!

Sean Dyche to Palace



21 Oct 2012 15:33:48
Burnley will announce current Crewe manager Steven Davis as the new gaffer soon. Very good source.



21 Oct 2012 15:28:47
Now Dicanio will be gone from Swindon Town.As feared the Embargo is still in place and what th
the new chairman Dicanio will not be able to handle this situation
As for replacement Hoddle has been mentioned.
Yet Steve Cotrill appears to be in line for the job

Steve cotterill wll be next swindon manager before bonfire night.disbeleving?go to bookmakers and see what odds are available.

I think he might be going to burnley paolo dicanio also i think if swindon want to go up dicanio is the man to do it give him the money to do it we will regret him walking out

I think paolo could be off if he doesnt get the backing from the new chairman sir william who was at the game Saturday, i believe he has come in to tighten paolos purse strings, i know paolo did not do an interview with the press on saturday as he was locked in a board meeting with the new chairman after the game for two hours??

Steve Cotrill no thanks...Every were he has been he has left a mess...

Very wide of the mark PDC going my friend, he has stated he is staying after along meeting after the game on sat. So I hope this rumour is put to bed now

Ha ha, this rumour is total crap. So Paolo has left, has he?

Steve Cotterill did well with Cheltenham - don't forget that.

Paolo will stay for now, but he wants the West Ham job.



21 Oct 2012 15:26:53
Shock striker transfers that could happen in January. Sturridge-Arsenal, Hooper-Newcastle, Huntelaar-Athletico Madrid, Llorente-Juventus, Torres-Liverpool, Falcoa-Chelsea, Ba-Chelsea,

In the same way that kelly brook could ask me out I suppose



21 Oct 2012 14:59:51
Southampton looking at signing Polish international left back Sebastian Boenisch to help their defensive options.

We don't have any defensive options lol Our defence is an absolute farce. Adkins out! Too much of a yes man...Cortese needs someone to teach him about running a football TEAM! I would forgive Harry in a heartbeat but I think The Don has other ideas. Fingers crossed he has a plan B because Plan A is fraught with ineptitude and stubbornness. The Guly contract situation is suicide and its just oir luck that Richardson, Lee and Ramirez are injured. I'm not sure how much NA had to do with the signings but I bet it wasn't much and now we're suffering for it.

Can't understand your point. The signings we have made this summer are good, and Cortese has come up with the money.
Yes, the early games have exposed weaknesses that need to be covered, either with more new players, a change of tactics or serious coaching, but Saints have spent a lot of money on quality players this summer.
Not enough new defenders I hear supporters say, yet we have brought in two new GKs, one new RB and one new CB. We want to give 4 youngsters a chance and there is a 25 squad limit.

With Ramirez, Lee and Cork to come back into the reckoning soon, I still feel one extra quality defender could be all the club needs (remember Cork can play RB also.)

Don't know if one player is gonna be enough,I hope Adkins can turn things round because he comes over as a man with honour and honesty about him. Loyalty to players and manager is fine,but at the moment we're heading straight back down to the Championship,
make no mistake,if we're relegated we won't have players lile Adam,Rickie,etc staying to help us,I think Adkins needs a wise old head upstairs to help him,another half dozen games with scores
like Saturday's, it may be too late for anyone to do anything.Support to the end, yes,but not blind support,really worried about things now,just praying.

You need to buy a very large bus and park it in front of goal,maybe you can keep score down to 2 or 3 then

Ed,can you throw any light on the rumours,a couple in the papers that Adkins doesn't have the complete say on
team selection,and also what formation we play.

Yes, we are letting in a massive amount of goals & yes we are clearly showing a lack of concentration but the season is still young & the teams around us are hardly pulling in the points themselves. We have several quality players who are several weeks away from returning to the 1st team & this will be our turning point. Provided we stay within grasp of the teams around us - probably by virtue of them not picking up points rather than us winning games then we stand a very good chance of staying up.

Just read that we're in for Dawson of Spurs in January for around seven and a half million pounds.
Could be a good move I guess.

He'll be here if Harry is.

As good as Ramirez is - we should have spent that 12 mill on 2 decent CBs and another few mill on a decent LB. We didn't need to spend 22.5 mill (Ramirez 12, Rodriguez 7, Mayuka 3.5) improving our attacking options when we already had Lambert, Puncheon and Lallana. We need to strengthen our defence in January, otherwise we will go down.

Obviously a fellow Saints fan but I do disagree with the comments regarding our summer purchases. It is fairly well documented that we had several issues trying to bring defensive players in, not least down to the fact that we have a decent financial foundation & as such, certain clubs and/or agent inflated prices which we quite rightly walked away from. Signing Ramirez i a massive step for the club & the signing of Rodriguez was probably to cover ourselves against the ramirez deal following the others & falling through. So all thre of those attacking options including Mayuka give us a lot of options with pace especially with Lambert not being any spring chicken. I agree wwe obviously need to strengthen our back line up but once Lee & Cork are t full fitness the sheer pace of our midfield going forward will show the premiership that we are not going to go down. I would think that we already have several deals poised ready for the January window & wouldn't be surprised if we do a new club transfer record to bring in a top class defender.For me & many would say it is misguided belief but the lack of communication coming out of our chairman is probably due to sounding out defender options or putting deals together ready for January. For all those that think we are dead certs for relegation- just look at the other teams & we really aren't that out of touch despite the headlines of goals conceded.

Ed,can you please tell me,with the strikers we've got we are not looking to offload Rickie Lambert in January,these rumours won't seem to go away,please find out if possible and tell us it's just not true.
If it is,we must be mad,there's a whole lot of dead wood needs chopping before Rickie,relying on you for this one Ed.
Help. {Ed003's Note - been asking and as far as we are aware it's news to us}

Nigel Adkins kicked the Rickie Lambert rumour into touch at the press conference this week. He said under no circumstances is he for sale & we would not listen to any offers for him. I suspect that this rumour was generated by the tabloids noticing that we are currently using lambert as an impact sub rather than starting games like he is used to.So in essence they are putting 2 & 2 together & coming up with 5! The fact is, we have 5+new additions to the squad that need to gel into the current team & gel fast. By leaving RL on the bench we are making sure all our option of giving strikers like jay rod enough time to gel in so if RL gets injured then we have fairly instant cover. I would rather this "bedding in" period was done now while other teams are struggling than later when most teams are in full flow.Also, wirth regard to the other rumour of Nigel Adkins getting his marching orders, it is fairly obvious from his relaxed manner at the press conference that this man has been given full backing by the club to get on with the task at hand.

Quick point. The 25 man squad limit does not apply to under 21s as many of them as we like can be registered. I think the signings made in the summer are good. The defence is better than it was before the start of the season now with Clyne and Yoshida in it and 2 great new goal keepers. We just need another Centre back and a left back to fill the gap in our left back role and to really keep Yoshida and Fonte on their toes for the Centre back spot.



21 Oct 2012 09:49:39
Shrewsbury to sign leicester city striker jeffrey schlupp on a months loan

Hope so Pearson will let this happen i'm sure.

Can any of the eds tell me if this is true and if any players will be coming in on loan.

This will happen Pearson good mates with turner



21 Oct 2012 15:05:19
Tranmere have sign striker Jake Jervis, 21, on a month's loan from Birmigham




21 Oct 2012 08:43:14
billy davies to be the new ipswich town manger
should be in place wed or thu
blues fan

Billy davies is a good manager if he does join ipswich i think he would do well for you ...jimlcfc

Got to get rid of jewell the person first!!

Sorry Davies is not the man for town.Seems to cause trouble wherever he goes.

Too long out of management

You would be lucky to get him,sort you club out

Total and utter guess work.where did you get that from Marcus Evans.

Who ever comes in to take over the managers role should do everything to save the club from dropping out of the championship but according to different news ive herd evans is still backing jewell to get the club out of the sh?t

Alan curbishley i here is the man to replace jewell

I think if or should that be when Jewell goes he would be considered my front runner.

Paul Jewell will never be sacked as he is the best manager in our league so leave him alone.



21 Oct 2012 08:34:31
Rotherham set to sign Emile Sinclair on an emergency loan from Peterborough & Nicky Weaver from Sheffield Wednesday to cover the injured Scott Shearer! When Sinclair comes in it is likely Denton will leave on loan to Macclesfield.

Not true evan already said he wont try for sinclair

Would Sinclair really go from 1st choice striker in a Championship club to a conference club? I know he still has connections with Moss Rose, but it is a bit far fetched. Would Macclesfield be able to afford a substantial portion of his wages?

Think you need to read the story again mate!!

Nicky weaver is out till new year you are wrong



21 Oct 2012 03:12:43
Cameron Jerome is set to move from Stoke to Norwich City in the January transfer window as he is unsettled by his lack of matches

Birmingham fan, if Norwich buy jerome they will get relegated he is an awful player.

Who are stoke buying in the next transfer window?

They have done their deal.Owen.

Unless we get rid of Morrison and/or Jackson I don't see any strikers coming in. Kane will get games when he is fit again as little point in having him on season long loan and not playing him

Please not Jerome, never seen him have a good game, agree with Birmingham fan.

I think Kane will get sent back, as with de laet. he has to be out for a # of weeks/months before we can do so without paying a good deal of money to spurs. Kane just isn't ready for the prem, should go to a top champ team for the season.
as for Jerome, I'd say Holt and Morison are better, can not see Vaughan being loaned out and Jerome coming in, would prefer CMS



21 Oct 2012 01:05:26
Transfer news: Arsenal and Manchester City are set to battle it out for Derby County starlet Will Hughes. The bidding will start around 3m but I believe that the Rams won't consider anything under 5m.

Robin Shroot is being closely watched by Blackpool. Its unlikely that the Seasiders will make a move unless Phillips or Ince goes in January.

Not totally unexpected as the lad certainly has talent. Clough will show his true colours though if he lets him go this early. He's only 17 and could spend the next 2-3 years here at Derby playing first team before going to play in some Prem team reserves. And it would help Derby too. If he lets him go then it show he's only there to balance the books and not build a team to challeng for higher things. Cloughie the fans await your decision!

The fans await what decision exactly? Nothing has been confirmed, no offer has been officially made so there is no decision to actually make!!

The decision if an offer is made - der!



21 Oct 2012 00:59:32
Blackburn are set to make an improved offer for Tim Sherwood. If this new bid gets rejected then Rovers will look to either Karl Robinson or Keith Hill.

Just heard from a good source, tim sherwood nailed on for the Blackburn job!!!

You will get a nobody as a good manager wouldnt touch blackburn after the ritual slaughter of steve keen.joke owners and shebby singh are icing on the cake

It's Sherwood's job!



21 Oct 2012 00:58:27
Burnley have narrowed it down to Dougie Freedman and Mick McCarthy for their manager's position.

No way would Dougie leave Palace for Burnley.

Freedman is out of contract at the end of this season- so he may well leave you for somebody!!

Doubt it'll be Burnley though...

Doubt we'll get Dougie. I'd love big Mick :D Hope we don't get Appleton...

What about paolo dicanio



21 Oct 2012 00:57:25
Bolton are set to offer Billy Davies the vacant managerial job. My sources have lead me to believe that a 2 and a half year deal will be made.

And the 1st time he's told no when he wants to go on a spending spree he'll kick off.



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