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21 Mar 2013 23:06:20
Liam Bridcutt to sign for West Brom if Brighton don't get promoted.

Bride tut won't leave Brighton

He loves it down here



21 Mar 2013 22:19:47
Gillingham in's and out's this summer

Lewis montrose (released)
Steven gregory (released)
Jack payne (peterborough undisclosed fee)
Tommy forecast ( returning to southampton)
Adam birchall (released or sent out on loan for the season)

Cody mcdonald (coventry undisclosed)
Marlon pack (undisclosed)
Anton robinson (free)
Antonio german (brentford free)
Toni silva (barnsley undisclosed)
Yussuf Mersin (liverpool free agent)

Please don't send tommy forecast back lol

Not a chance of getting Silva from
Barnsley he, s one for the future
You may manage a loan

Ed, please tell me Tommy Forecast is not, I repeat not returning to Southampton. {Ed013's Note - He is not returning}

No chance of getting Silva, only on loan
highly rated player

22 Mar 2013 11:38:56
if you can read it says summer gillingham do not want forecast who is not good enough were get that boy from liverpool instead. Silva will join on loan for the season only making 1 apperance this season

Ed013, thankyou for confirming Tommy Forecast won't be coming back, a grateful Southampton through and througher. {Ed003's Note - I'm not sure 0013 confirmed anything,maybe he was just saying what you asked }

I don't think Toni Silva is going to leave Barnsley especially way he has been playing on the Reserves

Dear ed 99 per cent of this has nothing to do with barnsley red nobby {Ed003's Note - I don't understand why people don't register their name and everyone can have banter and know who they are talking to Nobby}

I think Forecast's contract with Southampton ends at the end of the season anyway so he will be released.

Ed003, please don't spread fear, we do not want the useless Forecast back.

Who cares about gillingham. This is a rumour page for ccfc.



21 Mar 2013 21:47:26
Rumors have it that palace have let easter go early off his contract and millwall have agreement for another year

So you have read the article in the Croydon Advertiser.



21 Mar 2013 21:36:44
Tom Ince is bound to join a Premier League club this summer after he has shown scintillating form so far this season with 18 goals in the npower Championship. He is likely to and deserves to win the Player of the Year award after all of his goals and assists from the wing. In a few years he will be a regular England starter and one of the best wingers in the Premier League and worth £20 million.

He is the next Shaun Wright Philips.

He will go to a mid table team like Fulham and it will be closer to £10m and I will be glad to see him come.

23 Mar 2013 13:17:13
Another left footed winger? Maybe to replace Duffer over 12/18 months, but I don't think it's likely



21 Mar 2013 20:45:06
Cody mcdonald and marlon pack and toni silva from barnsley are set to sign for gillingham within the summer going out of gillingham is lewis montrose who will be released from the club and jack payne who is set to sign for peterborough for 700k

Marlon pack has his eyes set higher, also can they afford the wages!

21 Mar 2013 22:07:37
Gillingham can afford marlon pack wages and he not good championship standard so he will join gillingham or swindon gillingham have loads of money left over.



21 Mar 2013 20:34:18
Huddersfield Town are looking at Blackpool defender Alex Baptiste

Sorry Huddersfield fans. his future was sorted out before Christmas.

Why would you even make up such rubbish. If baps leaves it will be to a prem team.

22 Mar 2013 10:36:56
Doesnt mean anything these contracts, We've been through it with Jordan Rhodes he signed a new 5 year deal before he left us

Bap has said that he is going to leave on a free at the end of the season so who knows where he'll go

Think you meant to say Judas Rhodes signed 5yr deal. {Ed034's Note - the amount of money you got for him, i am surprised you havn't erected a stature in his honour



21 Mar 2013 19:59:01
Ricky Lambert has signed a 2-year-contract extension with Southampton.


Absolutely brilliant, the news we've all been waiting and wanting to hear.
Onwards and upwards then.

Brilliant news :D



21 Mar 2013 19:06:16
Huddersfield Town are wanting Arsenal midfielder Nico Yennais on loan till end of season

Can't see us signing a 19 year old on loan to play in midfield, we have our key players back fit and midfield starting to work well, if we bring in anyone it's going to be an experienced player to support our strikers.



21 Mar 2013 19:40:12
Gillingham likely to move in for Cody MacDonald now Coventry have gone into administration and will have to cut their wage bill

We do not need to cut the wage bill as the owners can afford to pay are debt but are refusing as they think it is to high

21 Mar 2013 21:48:51
Coventry are back in the high court tomorrow because they haven't paid rent for a year and owe 1.3mill.

That is a different story all together as ccfc has two companies one which has nothing to do with the players in in admin the other is still being decided we will find out on Tuesday if the other goes



21 Mar 2013 18:23:26
There will be no more signings at Rotherham United this season due to a change in Management at the end of the season. Nick Barmby is due to be at Saturdays game, he is strongly linked with being the man who will replace Steve Evans.

Rotherham will never get players until the manager situation has been sorted, they have money, a great arena, but a big question mark over current manager, no question they should be playing at a higher level.



21 Mar 2013 17:30:38
Argyle to offer a trial to former Port Vale, Shrewsbury and New York Red Bulls Striker Luke Rodgers just released from his second stint at Shrewbury!

Why has rodgers gone

22 Mar 2013 14:36:54
You can't play for more than two clubs in a season can you?!?!

Yeah your right mate



21 Mar 2013 17:22:06
Yaya Toure not happy at City and will buy out his deal to move away, Chelsea or Real Madrid are the frontrunners although Anzhi could make a huge bid.
Vasco the Gama star Dede moving to Liverpool in the summer to link up with Coutinho.
Fernando Amorebieta wants a switch to Arsenal for £7 mil with Bilbao in a suprise relegation scrap.
Andreas Weimann is a shock target for Inter Milan after an impressive season at Villa Park.
Diego Capel Sporting Lisbon to Spurs for a cut-price £5 mil deal.
Alexis Sanchez' father says a move to Arsenal would be great for the struggling Barca winger, the Gunners would have to pay at least £25 mil for the Chilean though.
PSG's Marco Verratti could move to Man. United for £18m
Scott Sinclair wants to leave City and could go to either Swansea or Everton.
20 year old Mauro Icardi, who plays for Sampdoria looks set to join City this summer.
West Ham face competition from Fenerbahce to land Italian striker Fabio Quagliarella for £6m
Valencia defender Adil rami could join Arsenal or Anzhi this year for a cut price deal.

No chance for Scott Sinclair to return to Swanse. Burned all bridges. Besides not good enough as Swansea have excellent wirngers already. He has turned his back on Swansea. Can't see this happen. Sinclair has made his bed and now he can lay in it.

Doubt Sinclair would have a warm welcome back from us Jacks. He would REALLY REALLY need to step up his game which won't be easy as he's barely played in a year and NO WAY would he bully Routledge from his spot!

Diego Capel to Spurs is just lazy journalism because they were linked a few years back under Ramos. Besides £5 mill for him would hardly be cut price



21 Mar 2013 17:17:58
Reading to announce Gus Poyet Tomorrow at 11, press conference to be headed by Sir John Madjeski.

This I don't believe. Why would he leave an a team that could get promoted for a team that are certainties for relegation.

Proved to be a complete crock of pooo, turned them down, staying at brighton

Poyet never met Reading. Just agent and paper talk to get Poyet a new BHA contract.

22 Mar 2013 13:59:08
why would he leave bha for reading I'm neutral but as a club it would be a big step down

HE DID meet with reading but rejected us actually

If we are going to 'defo' go down you ain't 'defo' coming up you won't even make the p/o

22 Mar 2013 13:59:08
why would he leave bha for reading I'm neutral but as a club it would be a big step down in my eye! Both are pretty close in likeness when it comes to potential and growth and finances. Reading if anything just edge it with recent history and investment in facilities (stadium aside for Albion)

Brighton bigger club than reading fc don't make me laugh

23 Mar 2013 08:19:01
Reading support is a joke never been there not even championship size apart from qpr worst away support in prem on stats. Lufc jim

I'm pretty sure he didn't meet with Reading seeing as he is currently on holiday in Barbados.



21 Mar 2013 17:03:16
Jack Lester will not be offered a contract extension at his current club, Chesterfield. To finish off his career, Jack will link up with former manager John Sheridan again at Plymouth who are also looking for a proven goalscorer.

I thought this myself however for John Sheridan to be at Plymouth next season he will need to keep the club in League 2 and should he do that I would expect to see higher profile players come in towards a promotion push than a 38 Year old. TomP

When he signed for Chesterfield, he turned down more money to play elsewhere to sign, he stated that it was becasue it meant he didn't have to uproot his family from their home. I consider it unlikely that he would uproot them now! {Ed034's Note - he is a fantastic pro and will always get a good reception at my club (forest)

As a massive fan of the Club what are we doing! Sir Jack Lester should have been kept on and allowed to coach the young players.

Its a sad day for every supporter, he was a GOD to us and will have a place in the GREATS of the club forever.

From every fan of the CLUB good luck Jack and we thank you deeply for everything you have done.

22 Mar 2013 11:09:02
I reckon if there's anything truth in the fact he is set to leave Chesterfield, Mansfield Town who look Division Two bound should step in. He's ba good wise old head to have in their ranks as they return to higher league football.

22 Mar 2013 12:07:33
I have been told he could well be Mansfield bound. you can see it can't you Mansfield 3 Chesterfield 0 Lester hat trick.

Cook please don't stay at Chesterfield, you have no idea of what us fans want and think.

Cook is clueless Why can't people see it a conference manager well out of his depth

Grow up and take a look at yourselves, I support cfc not jack lester. players leave and new ones come in that's life, he has been a great player for us but cook out are you real.?

In reply to the point about up-rooting his family, he won't. He'll come down on his own as it will be his last year in football.

We will all be sorry to see Jack go he has been a good servant to the club and out of all his clubs I think we (CFC) have had the best out of him. I do think it is a strange decision to make though. He is still the clubs leading scorer albeit with only 9 goals and his work rate and enthusiasm is fantastic. I don't want to jump on the "Cook doesn't know what he is doing" bandwagon but I wonder how much involvement he has actually had in this decision and would question the involvement of Chris Turner and possibly others. Also who have they got in mind as his replacement? Surely if you get rid of a player you need to take a step up with the replacement otherwise its a pointless move, and to improve on Jack will be hard both on the field and in his obvious loyalty and commitment to the club. My worry is if others follow Jack out of the club we will be faced with another season of "players needing to gel" which we all know means mid table again! Good luck Jack and thanks for the memories! VENTRESS

Jack lester will join plymouth in the summer and rubean reid will sign permantly in which feeney will leave along with chadwick who will sign on a free for rivals torquay

24 Mar 2013 20:50:19
Jack has a few offers but it will be local or he will retire. FACT!

Regardless of jack leaving it doesn't alter the fact that Cook doesn't have the ability to do anything with Chesterfield he will build them into another Accrington Stanley. Richardson had more idea than Cook



21 Mar 2013 16:49:05
Norwich look to be close to agreeing a £8.5m deal to sign Ricky Van Wolfswinkel from Sporting Lisbon. Also expect to see Kei Kamara sign permanently at the end of the season for around £1.2m. Probably means that Jackson, Martin, etc likely to leave

Thesen two and Garrido on a perm would make my summer :) OTBC

Heard from reliable source wolfswinkle not yet signing has another prem club put in offer

Dont want garrido to slow slower then a slug

I heard that it's Fulham that put the other offer in

Wofie has signed what a 'coup' for NCFC, best signing since Mcdougall, Boyer, Peters & Hucks. Just hope CH doesn't play him as a lone striker not his role he is not a Holt he will need the correct service. I have seen many blogs from othe Prem club fans saying how jealous they are, well done city ambition at last. o. t. b. c.

Norwich have confirmed the signing on the official web page. And just a quick one for all those Celtic fans who were stupid enough to say Hooper was to big for Norwich. Well we've just signed a much better striker from a league ranked 20 places or so above the SPL.



21 Mar 2013 15:45:08
Doncaster are keeping a close eye on TNS hitman Greg Draper. The 23 year old kiwi has impressed in the Welsh league.



21 Mar 2013 15:40:02
reading are considering an approach for Mick McCarthy

He's a bit old but could probably still do a job in their defence

23 Mar 2013 08:21:04
At a bigger club already won't leave



21 Mar 2013 15:27:43
Derby have drawn up their to get list for the summer. Nigel and his staff have located the areas of improvement and have drawn up 2 targets for each with 1 obviously being the preferred. So far this is what my source has lead me to believe:

Chris Martin, ST, Norwich, free. No alternative at the moment.

Martyn Waghorn, ST, Leicester, free/Martin Paterson, ST, Burnely free

Craig Forsyth, LW, Watford, £250,000/Jacques Maghoma, LW, Burton, free

Greg Cunningham, LB, Bristol City £400,000/Stephen Crainey, LB, Blackpool, free

Craig Forsyth is nothing special

Cunningham is worth much more than that!

How would you get magohma on a free when he is in contract until next year

Please not Maghoma. He is a decent player at League 2 but we are looking for players to kick us on to the next level. Also we already have Ward and Jacobs to play on the left wing and he is not better than those two.

Norwich have a 1 year extension clause in Martin's contract which they will activate to get a fee for him so he won't be free, wouldn't cost that much though

How many more players does Clough have to sign before he gets it right.

Why would Norwich risk being stuck with a player they don't want - paying him a years wages - by activating the extension clause for the chance at a small fee?
The risk outwieghs the potential reward.

I am pretty sure Cunningham will be on his way out of Bristol City if we are relegated, he has proved himself to be a quality full back at this level two years on the spin.

I imagine The Mighty Reds will want a huge return on the investment though.



21 Mar 2013 15:08:29
Liverpool looking add extra height and strength and will actively pursue Vasco the Gama defender Dede and Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama, with one of Skrtel or Coates leaving



21 Mar 2013 14:27:05
Luke rodgers has contract terminated at shrewsbury and could sign for walsall on a deal until the end of the season as back up

Two reasons why this can't happen
1 he wasnt a free agent at the end of the last transfer window and
2 he has already played for two teams this season Portsmouth and Shrewsbury and under league rules no player can play for more than 2 teams in a season



21 Mar 2013 13:38:48
Dean Smith to sign pacey front man Casey Thomas in time for the Hartlepool game.



21 Mar 2013 13:36:34
Coventry to change thier saying "Play up sky blues" to "Pay up sky blues" in time for tomorrows hearing.



21 Mar 2013 11:35:31
Reading expected to appoint manager in the next 48 hours. Gus Poyet and Adkins were interviewed yesterday. Anton Z phoned Poyet yesterday as he is in Barbados.



21 Mar 2013 11:19:24
Norwich city have signed Ricky van Wolfswinkel. for £8.5 mill with 35% sell on {Ed034's Note - really good player. would be a great signing

But he doesn't play for Leeds? What's going on?

Awesome if true

Norwich don't buy players 5 months ahead of the next season he wouldent come if they went down.

I am sure if we dig deep enough there will be some faint connection, like he knew someone who played for Leeds, like his great Nan or something. So no-one need panic. :)

21 Mar 2013 21:58:44
There is a connection. you can change wolfsweinkle to maybe dogs **** and you have Warnock? What you think?

"Norwich don't buy players 5 months blah blah. " suck it



21 Mar 2013 11:03:05
Bad news the Russians set to recall the 6 million pounds investment. They found out the Chairman has ripped them off ref building projects, plus employing his family.
Also investigations of a Bung to Mitchell so wealthy Bournemouth apper to have serious problems. last week made several staff redundant, so called streamlining. However more serious if it is true that The Russians are going to recall the loan it could lead to administration and a 20 point deduction.
What has happened to Football. Pompey-Swindon/Coventry/bury plus many more in bother
Time for Mitchell to come clean

What has happened to football you ask? Most clubs pander to players and agents ego's and the press. The FA and the Football league are powerless to act, and indeed unwilling, often burying their head in the sand. The whole game has needed an overhaul for years but nothing. The game is run for the benefit of the few by the few, even the governing body is powerless to resist the big boys, who ran off to form their own organisation - the Premier League - and then still dictate to the FA.
Also clubs like Bournemouth that run at unsustainable levels and have to rely on rich persons chucking money at them to survive. Bournemouth nearly went bust once before and obviously didn't learn any lessons from it, if this rumour is to be believed. Fans want success at any price and only ask questions when the proverbial hits the fan.

Football has been broken for years and will only get worse.


max demin's only recently appointed two more of his men to the board and given eddie howe considerable funds to strengthen the squad - does that sound like the actions of a man who's about to walk away? potential promotion and completion of the stadium still very much on the agenda

and afc bournemouth fans have been asking questions for months and months, some expect the brown stuff to hit the fan just like it did before - but where does asking questions get you when you don't have supporter representation on the board and the mitchells can tell you what suits them? we can be suspicious and worry and doubt the owners' intentions and whether they'll eventually want their money back till the cows come home it won't get us anywhere

21 Mar 2013 15:12:56
Get you facts right Swindon are not in administration they have a transfer embargo. Pompey in administration and Coventry could be tomorrow by all accounts.
Bournemouth for all their fans bigging therselves up as though they are some massive club with gates of 5-6 k. The russian now knows what Mitchell is like which is a crook and they deserve everything they get.

And swindon are run by Jed the PIKEY dodgy geezer during the close season he will use the county ground as a travellers site to raise some more funds to try and keep the highly paid stars which their earnings are way above the 60% ceiling on your income he has'nt got a lot of money

I would get your facts right a lot of un truth in the post put up can't even get it right about the clubs mentioned ed I thought you would clump down on potential libel issues in this post {Ed034's Note - we didn't write it and this is a rumours forum, not a fact one

Why do people get so jealous of Bournemouths money? Cardiff and Leicester have money, go and pick on them

Their fans don't come on this site and be arrogant to other fans that's why

Football clubs go bust becasue they have no business plan and no plans for sustainability. Chucking money on players isn't the answer. Derby average 22k fans a match, have a wage bill comparative with some League 1 clubs and are still losing £8m a season. So how are clubs like Bournemouth managaing?

I think a Swindon supporter has a lot of time on his hands to make up a story like this.
Get a life dude!

Bournmouth swindon and most clubs are totally reliant on external investement to survive, its a false economy because the clubs themselves do not generate enough profit to be sustainable as a business and infact if they were treated as same as a business they would have been out of business years ago. Football itself is reliant on tv money, advertising and external investment, they days of the 50s and 60s of a working class game run by working class people are well gone. Football at lower league level is a necessity for english football but the dreams of big times in the prem are unsustainable without a major backer. fact of life in football today. if it was changed to reflect business law there would be no football clubs left, just the greedy bstds in the prem.

Mine isn't a dig at Bournemouth but at all clubs that spend what they haven't got and rely on benefactors to bail them out time and time again. Cardiff have recently reported a huge loss despite the Malaysians. It is unsustainable and before long the whole thing is going to go belly up. A lot of clubs lost millions when the ITV digital deal went bust and still some clubs didn't heed the lesson. The ones I have got least sympathy for are Pompey fans. It was "Ooh look we've signed Crouch, Defoe, Krankjaer etc" Not "how can we afford these players, can we sustain a £77m (5th highest in the premiership at the time) wage bill". Now its coming home to roost.

If the rumours about the Russian pulling out do turn out to be true then what, you go into administration. And whose fault will it be?

Its not the portsmouth fans fault they bought those players on high wages is it and when you sign good players your first reacton isn't can we afford them, your first reaction is yessssss they are good players.

The fans demanded big names, world class players and screw the consequences. As a fan of a club that is trying run sustainablly, I am not demanding the board to sign players that we can't afford.

I can't wait until it happens to Bompey they deserve nothing more. On the other hand I hope Pompey pull through.

Bompey fans can't deny that things don't look too great at the moment.

With Bompeys meager attendances they must be making a huge weekly loss its stands for reason that teams like Swindon, MK, Sheff Utd should get better players as they have more revenue, esp when swindon have anounced that they will hold gigs at the stadium.

The russian doesn't want the money back in whole we pay back a certain amount per month.
yes mitchell is fleecing the club after buying it for 1quid any1 can see thst. but like the russian said he's here for the future and sees the future of bmth run by himself

Haha it speaks volumes of the excitement in Swindon with their massive obsession with us and our money. We aren't even rivals, get off us you rashes #drylunches

It's not obsession but when your fans show the arrogance that they do that's why swindon and other fans get fed up. Like other posters have said, we are all waiting for the day the Russian pulls out of your club. I would of thought what your club has been through you would of shown a little bit of respect to other clubs and fans

Get over yourself, little old Bournemouth aren't even on Swindon's radar.

I think you will find the obsession is the other way.

Lets not forget Swindon fans we saved you're club when we bought Ritchie. If we hadn't the new investors wouldn't have bought in and you would be in administration, allowing us to buy whoever we wanted from you're squad in the summer. So instead of talking about other clubs finiances you should be worried about your own.

P. S. you bought your way out of League 2, and now you have problem (when the money's dried up) when another club starts spending big.

bunch of hypocrites.

Wow swindon fans get some rivalries closer to home, we don't care about your awful club. and the last game I went to there was 9k , which is almost sell out!

Get one thing right if Bournemouth reach the play off final at Wembley, we will take at least 20,000 supporters with us. Every service station on route on the M3 will be covered in Bournemouth supporters.
Would we fill a 13,000 AFCB stadium in the championship every week?
Oh Yes.
Swindon get over it and move on. The De Canio effect will start to wear off any day now and you will go into free fall

23 Mar 2013 21:52:25
Derby fan here we are losing money still due to the fact we didn't off load our high earners after we got relegated from premiership our wage bill is just about manageable now and because of that will be able to afford to compete with bigger clubs COME ON YOU RAMS!

Wow, we still have some deluded Bournemouth fans who continue to think Swindon are obsessed with Bournemouth.

Guess what, NO WE DON'T CARE about your club.

Now move on and concentrate on the football

I didn't think the play off was a t Wembly this year because of the Champions League final. The final got moved to Old Trafford 2 seasons ago because for the same reason.

20,000 that's alot. Swindon going into free fall. You maybe right let's wait until the end of the season, then again you maybe wrong. 13,000 in the championship I thought your ground held just under 10,000.

Afc Bournemouth have stated that a South Stand will be built if they go up. planning permission is already granted. The Stadium will increase to 13000.
When Eddie left the last time we were second in the league, one point off the leaders. The team continued to play his style of football for several matches til the Bradbury effect kicked in. Swindon are still in this mode playing De Canio football any match now the shine will wear off and then watch the freefall.

Nope not true all teams at the top are having a wobble at the moment, it won't be long before both Thompson brothers will be alleged to be going everywhere.



21 Mar 2013 10:06:00
Akos Buzsaky is set to start training with league two club Plymouth Argyle as he starts his recovery from injury and if he can prove his fitness by the end of the season, argyle will be looking to offer him a contract.

Eds, I also posted this rumour a couple day yet it didn't make the site? TomP {Ed010's Note - sorry



21 Mar 2013 10:05:12
Derby County have signed Norwich striker Chris Martin on loan until the end of the season.

Nigel will now begin negotiations of a permanent deal because Norwich will activate the one year extension and then derby will pay the nominal fee required to Norwich. It can't be much more than 100-200k.

Nigel will also begin pre contract negotiations with his other striker target Martyn Waghorn.

Finally Nigel will assess Craig Forsyth at left back in the coming weeks and see if he would be worth a punt on a permanent deal. If not dcfc will turn their attention to more expensive option Aiden White of Leeds united.

Heard from a friend that we are interested in signing Martin on a permanent deal but Norwich currently value him at 2M, but like you say surely they'll take under 500K for him seeing as he's out of favour and hasn't played steady football for a few seasons.

Martin is out of contract at the end of the season, and the option to sign another deal has to be agreed by him too. He will join Derby for free.

21 Mar 2013 12:12:41
i am pretty sure that the one year option has to be agreed by Martin as well as Norwich and Martin will not accept it even if Norwich do try and avtivate the option which is doubtful.

21 Mar 2013 13:00:03
Aiden White is not on Derby wanted list! He had his chance and spurned Derby for better wages elsewhere, we cannot offer him more now than we did last year and why go for the 'mercenary types' rather pay a player who wants to wear the shirt not feel just the cheque!

more likely Cloughie going back for Greg Cunningham from Bristol City or long term target tripper

21 Mar 2013 23:04:02
Greg Cunningham is the N01 left back target

22 Mar 2013 13:24:11
Martin isn't worth 200k let alone 2million, he was on loan at Swindon this season and couldn't score to save his life, strange in a team who was scoring for fun at the time. Eventually he was sent back as wasn't good enough for league 1, what is he doing in the championship!

You obviously haven't done your homework.

Martin was not playing as a striker at Swindon and his goalscoring record reflected that.

At Derby he has scored 1 goal in 4 games. However vs Cardiff he had a goal disallowed when it was on side. Check the footage if you wish.

So he should have 2 goals in 4 games. A good return. I have watched all the games and he is a good player.

You can disagree but let's just see how Martin does in the last 8 games of the season.

22 Mar 2013 16:44:08
Derby need to strengthen back line, obvious priority. get in defenders that can deal with crosses!

so. Gary Monk from Swansea part of deal seeing Brayford go to South Wales club,

Kyle Lafferty coming in from Burnley, and Cloughie going back to Burton for Nathan Stanton.

22 Mar 2013 19:41:22
Swindon we're scoring goals for fun but since they lost Matt Ritchie goals have been hard to come by, Martin is more of a target man great at holding up the ball and creats link up play Derby have missed that in this league, would be a decent signing thing clough is finally building on something here COME ON YOU RAMS!

Monk deal would not involve Brayford because angel rangel has signed a long term contract.



21 Mar 2013 09:33:29
Brighton will look at MK Dons manager Karl Robinson should Gus Poyet go to Reading.

Take him

Yes! Please! Take him! And our deluded chairman and red-card-addict players!

Good riddance the lot.

Seriously though, Adkins would be good if you do lose Poyet.

Gus is staying at Brighton, official tweet from Andy Naylor and a striker is coming in. YES!

Poyet confirmed to be staying.

Some of you dons fans are pathetic robbo is a great manager & is going nowhere COYD

"Some of you dons fans are pathetic robbo is a great manager"

Sure is! He is the best excuse maker I have ever seen! Should be in politics.

Sure is mid table with the best squad in league 1!

Were just going through a rough patch not robbos fault you would be sorry if he was gone things would only get worse

"Were just going through a rough patch not robbos fault you would be sorry if he was gone things would only get worse"

Yeah, you're right. The quality and range of excuses would really start to decline.

So who would you get to replace him then?!And for the love of all that is holy don't say Roberto Di Matteo. People don't seem to understand how good Robbo is and won't until he is gone



21 Mar 2013 09:32:30
Gus Poyet expected to turn down Reading job and concentrate on a play-off push with Brighton.
He has been working on a deal to sign Jess Whitmore on a free transfer and is excersing loan moves for Raheem Stirling and John Guidetti.

21 Mar 2013 10:05:40
Guidetti maybe (still a long shot), but Stirling is going no where on loan. Rodgers said that last Firday. Neither Stirling or Suso going out on loan.

Who is Jess Whitmore? Nothing on google re: a footballer called this name. Unless Poyet plans to sign a female athlete!



21 Mar 2013 09:05:49
Manchester United will sign 21 year old James Rodriquez in the summer as a straight swap deal for Luis Nani and Anderson who have lost their place in the United squad.



21 Mar 2013 08:23:45
Im a steward at rochdale and on tuesday I saw liam dickinson sat in the home stand with marcus holnless dnt no weathwr it means out could any body share any light on this thanka

Holness used to play for Rochdale but is currently contracted to Burton. Nothing wrong with a player not available for his current team going to watch ex-teammates.



21 Mar 2013 00:58:29
Numerous reports in Portugal claim that Norwich have agreed a €10 deal with Sporting Lisbon regarding Ricky Van Wolfswinkel!

This would be such a great signing! Come on McNally-make this happen and Crimbo will come very early for all City fans!

21 Mar 2013 11:23:16
�10 seems a bit cheap.

Next season Loic Remy then for a relegated club

Why all the negativity from Ipswich fans?
Apparently he Pope is after somewhere quiet for a sermon in Suffolk, best time he has been informed is 3 pm at portman road when town are at home.



20 Mar 2013 23:12:30
Everton are looking to contact Landon Donovan this summer to sign full-time and give him #9 as usual.

Chelsea are looking to release Frank Lampard this summer and to give Eden Hazard #8.

Surely they would retire the #8 Shirt {Ed039's Note - I wish we could go back to numbers 1-11)



20 Mar 2013 22:58:15
Andreas Cornelius, FC Copenhagen, 16 goals/25 apps and 3 caps is a target for Swansea but Arsenal are also interested.

I can see, he is playing for Denmark this weeken instead of Nicklas Bendtner (banned)

Please come to swansea where you'll have laudrup and weighorst and a great team to play with in europa league and prem!

Andreas Cornelius scored a superb away goal for Denmark tonight. This young guy is pure class.



20 Mar 2013 22:56:42
Watford willing to listen to offers for the following players this summer, Buaben, Garner, Yeates, Hogg and Murray with a view to reducing the current size of the squad with players not likely to make the grade should they get promoted or maintain a promotion push next season.

Murray although recently signed a long term contract has failed to live up to early promise and is expected to attract the most interest.

Garner was released in January and now plays for Preston.

Murray is just 18 he's 3 or 4 years away from being ready why would Watford ever sell him, he's worth maybe 3 million at best, he could be worth 10 million plus given time?

Garner has gone let the others go expect murray

21 Mar 2013 08:03:29
Dont forget Jenkins and Fortyth. They will be going to.

Going to be a lot of change this summer at Watford.

I thought Garner had already left

If Murray fails to impress pre- season he will be loaned out, not sold

21 Mar 2013 12:55:20
Dont forget Dickionson.

Players like Dickinson, Iwelumo, Jenkins, Mingoia etc. will leave on frees, what do we about Eustace?

Send Eustace back to Villa.



20 Mar 2013 22:51:46
Udinese and Italian striker Di Netale expected to join current Campionship high flyers Watford should they reach the Premier League this season. Di Netale has expressed a desire to play in the English top flight although would prefer to keep his Italian link with Udinese owners The Pozzo's.

I'd say nonsense. Udinese fans would have a fit. Di Natale has not expressed any desire to play in England.

21 Mar 2013 10:29:50
All on loan, no doubt.


This post may not be far off the truth, if Watford gain promotion to the PL then expect big players from the Pozzo family to come over to play in the biggest league in the world.

It's a joke

I have also heard this rumour from several sources close to the club that it has been discussed and very probable.

Have you actually followed this guy, he would never leave italy, he looking after that seria b players disabled sister, scoring 20 odd goals a season is seria A, the pozzo's may want us to do well but not atthe expense of Udinese



20 Mar 2013 22:13:39
Adam Le Fondre and Jordan Rhodes to sign for West Brom in a new look frontline next season.



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