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Reddy for the Truth here guys. Now that the Rafa deal is sorted and Hicks insisting he will be at Anfield for the next 5 years also, we can now add actual facts on here rather than listen to the delirous fans who claim Liverpool will sign everyone! Rafa will be given £45million altogether. This involves money from the owners and the £12million+ we obtained in Januray from Keane. Rafa wants to add British players to his squad after looking at the amount of home grown talent at United and incase the 6+5 rule comes in. The players he wants are Gareth Barry again, but for a knock down price of around £12million as he will be out of contract in Summer 2010. Stuart Downing could be another he looks at for the left flank, he does like Reira but he wants someone with pace who will take on players. Again, this could be around £12million. Glen Johnson from Portsmouth, he is unhappy that he signed a new deal with promises regarding the managerial position and those promises have been broken. He will leave for around £9million. The other will be Aaron Lennon, Liverpool have first option on him as part of the Keane transfer, and this will be between £8–10million. If not, Bentley could arrive on loan. There will be no Antonio Valencia or David Silva as stated in todays press.
The owners have also told Rafa that he will be able to spend some of the transfer fees obtained from departures. Most of this will be to add squad players. Rafa wants another striker, but doesn't want to play two upfront. He wants someone who will be happy to be rotated. Could be Michael Owen on a free if he is willing to rejoin and be used as a bit part player. Im unsure about the striker situation at the moment.
  To the person who wrote:

'Happy Harry is looking to 'balance' the squad and has the readies to do it. Spurs made a record £42.2million in SIX MONTHS to end Dec 08. Debt servicing cost only £3.8million and there's £22million in cash sitting in the bank, a situation that will improve by end of June 09.'

Do the names Jermaine Defoe, Pascal Chimbonda, Wilson Palacios & Robbie Keane mean anything to you? Theres your profit evapourated quicker than it took to type your silly statement.

Ps: don't embarass yourself suggesting most of the fees were owed to Spurs anyway as those fees ARE actually the profit you are bragging about.
  Liverpool will only buy 2 players from abroad and they will be Diogo for 13m and Silva for 19m. The rest will be from the premierleague. Gareth Barry will sign for 14m, Glen Johnson for 9m, Aaron Lennon for 15m and David Wheater for 10m

Rafa will be allowed to keep all the profits from the sales and he will also have the 12m from the Keane sale and another 30m from the owners.

Departures will be Andrea Dossena for 5m to Roma, Andriy Voronin is desperate to stay in Germany, but will not play for Hertha, Hamburg will sign him for 5m.Jermaine Pennant will stay south with Portsmouth,Lucas will leave for Valencia, (part of the Silva deal) Philipp Degen and Charles Itandje will depart for France to play for Toulouse for 6m
  This a response to the guy that claimed Arsenal will £7m for Phil Jagielka of Everton. Mate, Everton piad around £6m for Jagielka and since then he has proved to be an immense asset. So much so, he is currently being rewarded with a new contract. Additionally, Jagielka will be voted player of the season by the fans. It would take a bid of at least double that for David Moyes to even begin discussions on Jagielka leaving Everton.
A Massive clear out is on the cards for Man United with Ronaldo Tevez Nani and Rooney all are rumoured to be going out. .but United will replace them with Aguero Benzema Valencia and Ribery.

Ronaldo(£70 mil. REAL madrid)
Rooney (£30 mil. Barca or Real)
Tevez (no £. .Inter OR AC)
Nani (makeweight for Ribery)

Aguero(£40 mil)
Benzema(£40 mil)
Valencia (£10 mil)
Ribery (Nani + £15 mil.)
  Jamal campbell ryce to hull for 1.4 million
  Looks like Carlos Tevez will be put up for auction this summer, with a whole host of European giants set to bid. The asking price remains at £32m, a very high price for a player who sits on the United bench week after week, but nonetheless a world class player. United have enquired about the possibility of extending his loan deal at Old Trafford, however the new rules put in place last June would not allow this, and with United surely reluctant to pay £32m for a striker that will sit on the bench (not sure why Tevez, a hard working player who bangs in goal after goal and last season formed a tremendous strike duo with Rooney, sits on the the bench so that Berbatov, a lazy player who does not work and mostly scores tap–ins), Tevez could be on his way to a new club come next season. Clubs interested include Man City (supprise supprise), Real Madrid, Inter, AC Milan and possibly Barcelona. Expect all of these clubs to make a bid. The highest bid made will be accepted, meaning the race to sign the Argentine could go down to a one–on–one showdown between Real Mardid and Man City. I would expect that Tevez would favour a move to Real Madrid, as he would want to remain playing Champions League football.

Expect this transfer to be the biggest trasfer saga of the summer,
In Arsene We Trust
  Watch all scottish teams and most other teams cut their cloth in summer. there maybe troubles ahead

no money no spending, trouble times
sir david of moonbeams will hang onto his beloved
team as no buyer wil commit in this climate.
celtic will continue look after the money
signing only enough to stay ahead of rangers

fletcher hibs
mulgrew aberdeen
m ball man city

few out deals ending(usual who not been playin)
doumbe, naylor, brown, balde, jan, naka too(shame)
few young guys make step up too miller, ferry more of a part next season

rangers to promote youth only way forward plus few
players who fans will sign on for that reason,lee miller scott severin .

how times have changed again!

a realistic fan
  A certain friend of Benitez in the Spanish press and corresspondent to a large sports channel has revealed that Benitez will be looking to sign a second striker, right winger and right back. So any other positions can stop being touted as they will not happen unless something drastic happens.
As Benitez says, these are facts!
  I don't know who has been saying Rooney and Fergie have argued???. .they looked fine to me yesterday at carrington training ground(well on the news any way). Any Man UTD fans heard anything? or are these wishful rumours posted by the "Fools"?

as far as rumours. .I don't have any contacts, but I would like to see us signing either Benzema or Aguero (even if we do sign tevez. .we need 4 forwards, and as rooney/benzema could both play out wide or even in midfield I am sure there would be room in the team for one of them) other than those "big" names, I am sure we will sign one or two youth players such as Delph or some unknown Brazilian starlet.(bojan kirik looks like a talent, hope he doesn't go to liverpool) also we might sighn another keeper (my suggestions, Ochoa, Ustari, Akinfeev. .they are all class on Football manager ;–). .and young.

and If Ronaldo decides to go (again!) this year. .let him, in a swap deal with Real for Iker Casillas(sorry 4 spelling) AND sergio ramos and say 30–40 mil. .if they really want him. .they could certainly have him for that!. .or a straight swap for Messi :–D

I think Nani and Hargreeves may be sold this year (if sick note mark 2 ever recovers) and possibly kitkat will go. .can't think of any one else as the squad is pretty solid.

Please more postings from Man UTD fans, this site seems over run with Liverpool/Arsenal/Celtic rumors at the moment(not that I don't enjoy reading peoples "dream team" signings)

Hope we can keep it together for the run in. .good luck UTD!!!
  Expect Liverpool 2 be given a 30 million pound war–chest to fund the signings of:

Barry (14 million)
Johnson (10 million)
Lennon (8 million + Pennant)

They will probably lose Alonso to Juventus or Madrid as well as Lucas to Atletico, Degan to Schalke and Pennant 2 Spurs

Arsenal will battle it out with AC Milan 4 the new Marcell Desailly: Mamadou Sahko, otherwise they will move for Sebastian Bassong and a new DM lots of names being thrown about: Veloso (has recieved death threats in Portugal, keen 2 move), Melo (seen as the new Gilberto Silva) and Mohamadou Dabo from St Etiene (whose prefered position is RB, but can play LB and CDM). Wenger is highly unlikely to let anyone leave including Eboue and Bentdner, especially not Fabregas, Ade or RVP.

Chelsea will sell Deco (to Atletico),Drogba (to anyone who will stump up the cash), Alex (possibly to AC Milan) and Malouda (probably to Juventus), this will fund new players like:

Di Maria (10 million)
Lavazzi or possibly even Aguero (20/40million)

Man Utd will have minimal activity with Nicolas Bertolo coming in for around 5 million as well as Martin Caceras from Barcelona
  To the lad who reckons, a post predicting Man Utd's slide when SAF leaves, was presumtuous and wrong. . .
I think your a bit optimistic myself. I'll hold my hands up and say i h8 the mancs. BUT look whats happened to big clubs that have a great manager. Usually it takes a while to get the team up to standard, then you win lots, then your great manger retires. Then comes an inevitable slump, and it will happen. I know plenty of 'top' managers will go for the job, but they are big (whiskey filled. .) boots to fill. I guarantee a slump where although still top four they won't win anything, and it will take a manager of saf stature and at least 5 years to turn it around.
As for those writing about LFC. STOP IT you do not know when or even if it will be sold. I hope like youse that they sell, but Hicks stating in the papers that he'll be here as long as the gaffer is scary! I've got family playing in the academy and a couple of mates who are stewards/security. They know nothing of transfers or new owners. If they don't then neither do you! Post rumours, but don't stick that rubbish like "i am surgically attached to rafa's goatee and therefore know whats going on at the club. . .blah blah blah. . Only rumours i know are the same as posted on here for weeks, would love to see Aguero and Glen Johnson at LFC.
  Breaking News – Tevez was spotted in London having a meal with David Dein, This has been photographed and will be the big story in the Sunday Tabloids – remember you heard it here first. Rumour has it that Usamouv will launch a take over bid soon for the arsenal and Dein is doing the ground work to bring quality players to the arsenal – without wengers knowledge
  Bobby hassell will leave Barnsley in the summer for a move to Huddersfield Town, and Barnsley could look to sign Watford pair Tamas Priskin & Loydd Doley if Watford go down as the pair of a release clause in the contract.

Man City will also look to sign Barca man Bojan Krkvic for 23 million.

Sheffield United will add former Wednesday legend John Sheridan to there backroom after his sacking as Oldham manager.
  A deal has been agreed for Gareth Barry to transfer from Liverpool FC from Aston Villa FC only if Villa fail to qualify for Champions League if they do fail to qualify Barry will hold his medical and personal terms over a 14m deal on the 1st July
  Have just heard from a very reliable source from within the Manchester United camp that Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex are still to patch things up after the weekend. My source states that Rooney, who is normally quite lively around training, has been no more than civil to Sir Alex since the weekend and has even had a dig(verbal) at Mike Phelan, who he is normally close to. Apparently, rooney has not asked agent anything regarding a move but has made it very clear that, for the first time he is growing frustrated at not having the main striking role he craves. He has stated privately that although he likes Carlos Tevez, he feels that they are too similar and that Tevez should not have started against Liverpool.
  I hope Warnock takes West Ham to court and loses getting lumbered with both sides legal costs . The mans making a case out about morals when he as a manager told his players to foul and feign injury to get sent off or taken off to get the match posponed – morals my arse !!!!!!!
The truth!!

Yes Rooney had a massive fight with fergie (beckham style) but like when beckham van nistroy and jaam stam he has been told he can only go abroad so all the talk he will go to chelsea or liverpool is rubbish(2 weeks ago he said he hated liverpool)fergie won't sell to real as the (ronaldo sega) he will go to inter milan for 34 million. tevez will go to real for a fee of 25 million to (well no one can say really).

  Arsenal rumours:

Yaya Toure 14m Barcelona
Steven Defour 8m Standard Liege
Salomon Kalou 10m Chelsea
Micah Richards 12m Manchester City /
Sebastien Bassong 8m Newcastle
Victor Moses 4m Crystal Palace
Edin Dzeko 6m VfL Wolfsurg

Amaury Bischoff 1m Sporting Lisbon
Nicklas Bendtner 7m Spartak Moscow
Mikael Silvestre – PSG
Emmanuel Adebayor 24m AC Milan
  First of all i just wanna talk to the guy that was mentioning the iker casillas to man utd story, yes it seems a bit far fetched i must admit, but city never offered £150m for him in the summer that's a load of bull,(i think that maybe u read to many papers 'deals' and belive them), yes the player did say he wouldn't go to city when a rumour was doing the rounds about a 'possiable' move to man city, but as the people in the game know ( i myself am 1) that most of the big clubs in europe have a gentleman's agrement that they will NOT sell to man city unless an massive offer comes in belived to be to gd to turn down, and as for only one way down when fergie leaves, bit naive dnt u think? really come on! im sure there will b alot worldclass managers wanting his job, who can attract big name players and coaches with them, the big one man utd fans is the obvious one, Mouriniho. yes i know obvious, but he is the only one fergie and man utd can see that would be able to take the attention away from the diparture of ferie. I realise alot of peoples uncertainty about mouriniho, eg youth, exciting football etc, but the team he will be left with will be one of the best in world football, and he can play nice football, at porto he was very attacking and free flowing. but its far from being concrete who's in the frame but i do hear fergie knows when he's stepping down but when is being kept hush hush for now.
Right onto some deals im hearing and im not saying all of them will happen;
modric to juve
muntari to spurs
lennon to villa
martins to arsenal
adebouyor to ac milan
ribery to man utd
de rossi to man utd
anderson to inter
robiniho to chelsea
alex to man city
downing to liverpool
o'neill to fulham
thats all i have folks and thanks for reading :
The man in the know!
  Liverpool FC Transfer Activities:

Rafael Benitez has signed a new contract keeping him at Liverpool until 2014.
We maybe seeing new owners in the summer, not exactly sure when,who or how much they will be spending on transfers but the current owners maybe forced to sell if they can't refinance the way they wanted.
Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt won't be leaving Liverpool as some of you have suggested, main reason is that Gerrard will never leave Liverpool even after his retirement and Dirk Kuyt has a key importance if Liverpool are wanting to win the league anytime soon.
Gareth Barry will only join Liverpool if as he said last summer Aston Villa don't make the top four champions league position. Benitez will be monitoring the situation carefully hoping Arsenal will do enough before they play at Anfield to stop Villa getting the last space.
If Barry does come it will be for around £11 million, a £7 million cut from last year as Martin O'Neill has said if he does want to leave this summer he won't stop him like last summer.
Barry's arrival will unfortuanetly end the Liverpool career of Xabi Alonso, who will move to either Real Madrid or Juventus for around £16 million.
Players like Ryan Babel, Andrea Dossena, Daniel Agger and Lucas Leiva will all stay as Rafa still believes they have a long and bright future at Liverpool.
On the other hand Philipp Degen, Charles Itandje, Andriy Voronin, Jermaine Pennant will all move on, creating around £7 million.
Along with Gareth Barry joining so will former kop hero Michael Owen, Aaron Lennon of Tottenham Hotpsur and Portsmouth right–back Glen Johnson. The reason for the big spending on English players this summer is that Rafa is worried that the 6+5 rule or something to that extent will be enforced in the next few years and by buying them now they will be established at the club and the main reason is that he won't have to spend as much as he would when the rule is in place.
. .RED4EVER. .
  Plymouth Argyle are chasing Crystal Palace forward Alan Lee. Loan deal could be completed, however Norwich and Notts Forest are favourites.

Argyle also want to sign Jamie Lawrence of Harrow Borough.
  Now Rafa has signed his new contract expect to see some big changes. Pennant, Dossena, Degen, Ngog, Yossi and Voronin all to be tranfer listed. Money from these players will go towards David Silva from Valencia, Gonzalo Higuain from Real Ma–who and Rafinha from Schalke. Tevez will leave UTD for Real Ma–who and Berbatov is off to Man City. Arsenal will swap Gallas with Kompany from City. Villa will be forced to sell Ashley Young to Chelski if they don't qualify for Champs League.

You read it here first!

  Happy Harry is looking to 'balance' the squad and has the readies to do it. Spurs made a record £42.2million in SIX MONTHS to end Dec 08. Debt servicing cost only £3.8million and there's £22million in cash sitting in the bank, a situation that will improve by end of June 09.

Players are now called 'intangible assets'and get depreciated on the balance sheet at a % of their 'worth' over the contract period. (Lennon cost £2million but must be worth 6 times that)

We all know Downing is wanted,but who/what else?

Corluka can play CB and with Hutton coming back and Gunter, Tarrabt and Giovani getting 'experience' I wonder if it will be a case of only three strategic buys.

Left sided midfield; CB; and DMC.
  Portsmouth are crossing their fingers and hoping they stay up this season as Crouch, johnson, big Sol, Distan, James and krankjar have all said to the chairman that if they go down they want out, alerting alot of clubs

Crouch – Spurs – 10 mil
johnson – liverpool – 8 mil
Sol C – 2 mil – Valencia
Distan – 6 mil – Villa
James – 4 mil – Arsenal
Krankjar – 11 mil – Arsenal

These will only happen if pompey go down, but crouch and krankjar may still go, but for about 6 mil more than listed

Klose to liverpool for 7 mil and mandanda to Arsenal if pompey stay up for 14 mil. Tevez to Madrid for 28 mil and eto'o to Utd for 18 mil. Mancini for Chelsea and martins, simao, guti and RVN to Man City.

  To the guy that wrote this:

Big story that fergie and rooney have had a major bust up, with it being too much to repair the problem (Beckham, RVN style)
Rooney has told his agent to seek out a move to any of these three clubs: Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid.
Cost would prob either be £35mil or swap for players such as Joe Cole+10mil, Eto'o or Sneidier+15mil
Rooney would prefer chelsea as they are strong, have drogba and are in england, but has said he would like to try spain. Italy does not interest him after Inter Milans poor performance against United recently.

I challenge you to show us anywhere where it is quoted that Rooney said he would like to try Spain? You picked this up from dodgy rumours yesterday. At least make up something original. And I'm a Liverpool supporter by the way! Anyway the players coming into LFC will be Barry, Silva and one defender (not sure who)

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