Football Rumours Archive June 21 2013


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21 Jun 2013 22:50:27
Motherwell have been in touch with Sheff Wed about taking Chris Mcguire on loan for next season, Hibernian also interested.



21 Jun 2013 22:55:42
Just in: Liverpool have agreed a fee in excess of 11mil for Mingolet. Will be sad to see him go, hopefully PDC and Angeloni will find a good replacement

Another rubbish player



21 Jun 2013 19:55:45
ed any more news on possible southampton signings {Ed003's Note -Only to confirm you definately have an interest in Wanyama,nothing new sorry}

Wanayama has being bought already for 10M just has to sign contract celtic excepted the bid a hour ago

Great signing if this does happen. Wanyama and Schneiderlin - both class.

22 Jun 2013 08:51:13
Wanyama deal agreed just personal terms need to be decided now.

Not correct. He's on holiday and is yet to even be presented with the terms of the contract let alone agree to them. Clubs have however agreed the fee.

Deal has been agreed; wanyama has quoted to journalists

As Davey said. Wanayama has not seen anything about his potential terms only that the clubs have agreed a fee



21 Jun 2013 22:16:33
Sam Morsy will not join Chesterfield. he will join league 2 rivals Cheltenham who have agreed a compensation fee with Port Vale. ITK.

Why would Cheltenham need yet another defensive midfielder? They have Penn and Taylor, and lack creativity. Cannot see it.

He will be at chesterfield very soon

Your both welcome, the lads bad news

Roberts released by swindon

But then this is MY's former position when he was a player - he is fond of defensive mids.

Roberts signed for Chesterfield today

Nobody is going to say that we are going to get promotion? Are they? So that means they really think we are, as we are going to have a very strong squad and its a good time to follow Cfc. all I can say 2nd favorites for league and at times last season played some great football, we have best keeper in L2 best striker and we will be going up this season. bye bye all you silly haters :)

Best keeper and striker in L2? Next joke please.

Name a better keeper in L2 than tommy lee, also Marc Richards is quality for league 2 as well, I'm not a Cfc fan but they are first class for L2 admit it.

Who's a better keeper?

He is probably referring to most clean sheets last season, and most league goals last season by striker still in league two

Scott Brown CTFC. Most clean sheets in League

24 Jun 2013 12:48:56
Yes most league clean sheets, scott brown

Oh Marc Richards, what a year he had last season; 12 goals in 30 appearances!

As for better players;


Scott Brown (Cheltenham Town)
Phil Smith (Portsmouth)
Paul Smith (Southend)

Jamie Cureton (Cheltenham Town)
Patrick Agyemang (Portsmouth)
Rene Howe (Torquay)
Jack Redshaw (Morecambe)



21 Jun 2013 22:29:45
Ryan Lowe will sign a one year deal with Shrewsbury on Tuesday. Also what great news about a new defender from Millwall finally jones the donkey will be put back to pasture at Newport county

Ryan is to join Tranmere

Errmm, he's just signed for Tranmere

You have got a good one there former Millwall player of the season. Tam is a top player lost a bit of pace after a bad knee injury. Just not good enough for the championship. Good luck Tam

We will not sign jones have just signed worley from Oxford.



21 Jun 2013 22:26:40
Leyton Orient striker David Mooney has signed a new two year contract with the League One club.



21 Jun 2013 22:25:24
Scunthorpe United's Eddie Nolan and James Severn to sign there contracts before the end of the month. But Mike Grella is highly likely to be leaving the club.

Grella set to join Rotherham

Give Grella a chance, could feed off Iwelumo.

Grella made it clear he doesn't want to play for us anymore. that's why he went to america to try get a team :L

Rotherham, feel free to take Grella at no cost. Ill pay for the taxi myself if needs be. He is hopeless at league 1 level.

I'd pay for him to leave! He's useless.



21 Jun 2013 20:45:41
Bradford city set to sign Gary Roberts on a free transfer as he wants to move back up north

Could do well in the 1st. Still well thought of at Huddersfield.

I'd have him back at town

22 Jun 2013 09:27:02
looks like he's off to chesterfield but would like to see him join us if it's true

22 Jun 2013 11:37:08
Gary Roberts signing for Chesterfield on a three year deal.

Says on wiki that he now plays for chesterfield. {Ed029's Note - Now confirmed.

Official on tv aswell so doubt that



21 Jun 2013 20:45:21
Jamie White has agreed a one year deal with Bristol Rovers with both parties having a second year option based on game time and contribution.



21 Jun 2013 20:53:58
Wallsall's Will Grigg looks set to sign for Ipswich town. Reportedly a release clause of £400,000 has been recieved and town look set to offer terms for the talented striker.

I would think that a 21 year old full International who scored 20 goals in League one would fetch more than 400K. For that reason and your spellin, its a made up story, so your fired.

Why not just wait another 9 days until he's a free agent?

1) he's a free agent there would be compensation required as he is only 21, 2) don't you mean spelling! Looks like your fired too!

Grigg is yet to sign a new deal but if he left on a free Walsall would be due compensation.

It's you're not your!

Such a random post. Never heard anything that we want him, I'm sure a 21 year old who scores 20 goals is being looked at by clubs in better positions than us?

Villa were looking at him and probably still are if he doesn't sign a new deal. Lad needs a season or two in Championship first to develop *cough ITFC *cough



21 Jun 2013 20:43:38
After the rebuff from John Joe O'Toole Bristol Rovers are moving quickly to sign their other midfield target Alan Gow.

Rovers will buy out his contract from cash strapped Exeter City and will add on another two years.

Source from inside the Mem!

Colchester fan here
I heard he is going to Bristol City

22 Jun 2013 08:55:06
Gow will likely sign for Cheltenham can't see him going to Rovers.

JJOT won't go to city. He has a love for the gas and if he doesn't sign it'll be for a club at a higher level other than city



21 Jun 2013 19:44:47
The Wanyama to Southampton deal is on. Celtic have accepted a bid of £10 million. Now we just need to agree personal terms.

Have bids of £10m not previously been knocked back? Unless it includes a big sell-on clause.

Reported to be 12.5 million

22 Jun 2013 09:11:58
Wanyama is going to stoke so saints fans can stop getting excited.

Price was higher previously but as months go by valuation is reducing towards end if his Celtic contract. 12 months if contract left I believe.

He's coming to cardiff

Think Wanyama will move but only to a big team, don't think any of the teams reported to be interested would be a good move for the big man, he's used to winning trophies and playing in CL only thing he's likely to challenge for at one of those sides is relegation!

22 Jun 2013 12:46:36
so if he wants to win titles hell be going to man united o city

Does that mean winning Mickey Mouse trophies. if Celtic were in the Prem they would be fighting relegation!

He is used to winning worthless trophies in a tin pot league and dabbling on the fringes of the CL. A move to any of these clubs would be a step up, of course it would.

Saints won the JPT, that's about the same as the SPL isn't it?
Plus we have the FA cup, by the 3rd round the teams get about as competitive as the CL group stage.

A little clarity hear he ain't done siltch. 10 mill bit yer bum for that HE STILL HAS A LOT TO PROVE BUT GEE US THE MONEY 25 MILL! IF ANDY CARROLL IS WORTH 50 MILL. EPL LOL.

^^ back to league 2 you go! Southampton will be a top half team. Cardiff will comfortably avoid relegation too

Wanyama has 2 years left do a bit of research guys

Winning trophies in the spl is better than winning a sense of pride from finishing in the top 10 in the epl. And the last 16 isn't on the fringes of the champions league, it's being, arguably, one of the top 16 teams in Europe. English persons. If only we'd marched south of the border and wiped you all out.

Take off the epl glasses ppl, would Southampton done anything in the group that Celtic had in cl?No, not like Celtic where if they got a draw in barca they would have been the winners of the group, not to mention being the last 2 of British clubs in the round of 16. Don't campare fa cup to cl cause not even close and show you know nothing. Spl is not the best but Celtic is way better then the league and so is wanyama, he is going to be one of the best in the game and be with a top Europe club. 15mill would be a steal for that will be doubled or tripled next year with epl or Europe club.

Fringes of the champions league? Oh aye because the last 16 is the fringes ya fanny

Do you guys who support Celtic actually get anything out of beating the minnows 5/6-0, continuously?

You were all yelling for Rangers scalp not so long ago, got your way, and now have a desert in terms of opposition and finances in other Scottish clubs that are going down the pan.

Suggest you enjoy CL whilst you can, because it is becoming farcical that a club from Scotland is allowed to qualify considering the standard of football represented, and I don't think it will last that much longer.

Now I know this will create a surge of abuse, but just read your own sites posts about who would be a great signing for Celtic eg. Le Fondre!? Can you imagine that post on Man. Us site? That just about sums up the current level of the SPL and unless you are persons who enjoy watching other teams humiliated it is bad news for Celtic too. For instance, no club will pay silly money for Wanyama without the prior knowledge that he can put in a strong performance EVERY week, against STRONG teams. Not quite the same as one or two performances in European games. That makes you a £10m player, not a £25m one. So, there may be an "auction" for Wanyama, but I don't see it going very high! (Certainly will not make up for the money you lost out on not selling Hooper in January. )

SPL is like league 1 mate. Deal withbit

I just want to say the Southampton squad is FAR better than Celtic squad. So maybe we could of done okay as the under dog in the CL. We beat City, Chelsea and Liverpool at home and Sir Alex said we were the best team to come to OT last season. The only players that would get in our starting eleven are Wanyama and possibly Forster. Hooper wouldn't even start ahead of Lambert.

Bit deluded by some of my fellow saints fans on here. I don't remotely like it on here when it turns into mud slinging. I don't want us to be the fans who hold our heads above the parapets. I have nothing against Celtic. Or the Spl. At all. If we get him it's because he wants to come to us and because Celtic chose to sell him for a fantastic mark up. Fair play to them.
If he doesn't want to come to us for whatever reason then we will take our money elsewhere. I don't want anyone playing for us unless they buy into the vision of NC.

Nicely said

Aaaaaahhhh the mind of a scot a very strange thing

Celtic would finish mid table in the championship their squad is comparable to Burnley's. Austin and Hooper are on a par and player for player burnley are probably better. Delusional And personic Celtic fans

Look into history Celtic have always done well against English teams in European games, they would more than likely finish above us if in the premier league. Most of our players have come up from the championship, so as the guy said stop slagging of celtic

If a player doesn't want to come to st Mary's they are rubbish according to some of our fans. We have only just arrived back in the prem. We want players who want to be here not just for the money.



21 Jun 2013 20:00:59
according to the tv website, chris mccann and martin paterson are close to signing for wigan athletic under new manager - and ex burnley boss - owen coyle

There he goes again coyle and his love of burnley players who else will he come in for we shall see soon

Typical OC he will try and replicate his time at Burnley and pick up as many former players as possible, expect the usual suspects, Chris Eagles, Tyrone Mears, Kevin MacDonald and don't be surprised if he tries to prise Rhys Williams from Boro.

It could work BUT the only worry is that he only has one way of playing and if that doesn't work there's no Plan B ask St Johnstone, Burnley and Bolton fans.



21 Jun 2013 19:33:52
Ipswich Town are set to announce the signing of Marlon Pack on a 2-year deal. Sheffield Wednesday and Gillingham were also chasing the former Cheltenham Town midfielder, however Pack has opted to sign for the Suffolk Club.

Not a chance. Skuse, Hyam and Wordsworth already cover middle and Cheltenham would be due compensation.

Pack's agent talking to Crawley. Source local media.

Load of rubbish

22 Jun 2013 12:28:17
Is cody McDonald coming back to gills?

Skuse, Hyam, Wordsworth and even Tabb can fill those two central midfield spots, I doubt Pack will be signed.

Packs talking to 4 or 5 clubs at mo

Is cody coming to gills. yes he is but need to offload lee and birchall before we can afford him as he don't come cheap, a reported £5000 a week!

Gillingham are clueless, didn't go for Drury, potentially the best midfielder in Lge 1 next season. Can't believe they're looking for another midfielder, after the baffling signing of the injury prone Accrington player

What happened to the money we offered for Gayle then? We offered £300,000 last year, and as far as i'm aware didn`t buy anyone with it. Can we not use that for Cody? #Confused

Drury only wanted to go back to Crawley

Not true Martin Allen didn't want to sign him



21 Jun 2013 19:27:50
I heard today that Grant Holt is going to Celtic in a swap deal for Gary Hooper and we give them £3 Million.

That won't please too many Norwich fans as they seem to be dissing him as not perm quality since Reading have now a real interest in signing him. It's a funny old game!

Holts not good enough for Celtic

Please stop with the Holt nonsense he won't go anywhere

We don't want holt or anyone that age

Your league 2 is too good for celtic but the last 16 of the champions league isn't how does that work?

Haha r you joking your league 2 is good enough for celtic 2 out of your top 4 prem teams can't even get out the group stage in the champions league!
The world no who CELTIC r! Can't say the same for 75% or epl teams!



21 Jun 2013 19:18:23
sources telling me mcgregor, davies, elmo will be signed next week or even earlier, steve bruce is reportedly after mboyo from gent, hull have believed to have not given. up. on hooper either! and they are also after a midfielder personally I would like catterole or a winger like redmond



21 Jun 2013 18:47:42
notts county are interested in free agent striker mamady sidibe

21 Jun 2013 22:01:06
Could be going back to Gillingham

Sidibe does not fit Mick jones and Chris Kiwonya's policy, Jones stated today that he is not looking to get any journeymen looking for their last salary



21 Jun 2013 17:52:39
Bradford City are closing in on a deal for recently released, Congolese left midfielder Yven Moyo.



21 Jun 2013 17:48:31
Bradford looking to sign out of favour Bristol City striker Ryan Taylor

Ryan is a good lad do a good job, I reckon Bradford could be the suprise team next year.

Taylor isn't out of favour he has been injured!

Hope this is true

Out of favour for a reason

He's not out of favour in fact since SOD has been in charge he's played more. unless injured. he will be one of our main players next season. he is going no where for sure. DEFO!

Taylor has not be playing due to being injured NOT being out of Favour. SOD sees him as an important player for BCFC next season and unless a silly offer comes in he won't be leaving BS3

Injured no out of favour and we need him next season

Ha ha out of favour for a reason lol agreed

Ryan Taylor isn't out of favour in the squad but is most defiantly out of favour with the fans for obvious reasons. With 32 games for city and only 2 goals to his name. When he played at Rotherham he did a decent enough job but the jump from league 2 to the championship proved too much. I personally wouldn't boot him out till at least January to see if he's good enough in league 1.

RRyan Taylor will score goals in league1 for bristol city next season. wait and see.

One thing is for sure he appears to be one of the most brittel players we have ever had.

Has been in the squad when fit, look how many games he has played in 3 years and you will see why he is "out of favour".

Anyone who is injured more than they are fit will struggle to be flavour of the month.



21 Jun 2013 17:44:45
Sheffield united to sign danny Wilson as he can't sign for hearts



21 Jun 2013 17:34:16
Reading confirm Drenthe signing. he is set to replace Mcanuff on the left as he heads to Leeds. Pearce signs contract as he is offered to take over the captain role.

With the signings of Drenthe and Pearce on a new deal announced we are now after at least two strikers and a centre/defensive midfielder.

The deal with Spelmann appears dead in the water however. The deal with Hooper has hit a dead end as he decides what club to move to and though Reading are one of them he fancies a move to the premier league. I have been told at first hand that Pog and Kebe are most likely going off. Kebe to Fulham and Pog to Anzhi. But Le Fondre and Robson Kanu are staying

Sounds like the wishful thinking of a Reading fan who was no quite happy with Mcanuffs poor premier league season. there no leeds rumours to suggest this they think they have a chance of getting HRK.

Sounds like the wishful thinking of a Reading fan who was no quite happy with Mcanuffs poor premier league season. there no leeds rumours to suggest this they think they have a chance of getting HRK.

Ha yes Leeds can't get the aged winger that was Brian's favourite but they thinks they stand a chance with the highly rated youngster that's Adkins favourite HRK

Saying Mcanuff had a poor season is a bit rash. He got 7 assists in the PL. Not exactly setting the world on fire but is decent all the same for a team that finished 2nd from bottom. Also IMO he was held back by Mcdermotts style of play. I hope he stays at Reading

Reading have 3 defensive midfielders, we will be looking for a playmaker/goal scoring midfielder not another defensive one.

Were after sig hooper Austin

I think a lot of players were held back/damaged by McDermott's tactics. Watch for some great performances from unexpected players under Adkins

"Were after Sig, Hooper and Austin"

I wish other royals would forget Sig. We stand no chance ever of getting him back. 5-10 years of Prem football and a very healthy bank balance and he may return but until then forget him!



21 Jun 2013 17:33:22
Swansea are set to make a second bid for Standard liege striker Michy Batshuayi after the 2.5mil bid was rejected

I love all this talk! We will have a great squad! Imagine if Gomis and Batshuayi join! The link up with Michu would be amazing! Canas is a done deal and Pozuelo is a very high chance of coming! Then Jordi Amat! The link up with Chico aswell! I could see Williams going tbh! Hope all of this is true!

Haha you valley boys need to get off Championship Manager.

Great news, hope its true.

Will get him this time

Heard we are interested in Kenwyne Jones again!

No we are not



21 Jun 2013 17:11:53
Shrewsbury have placed a 70k bid for Rotherham striker Daniel Nardiello. Evans and Nardiello have never really got on and if Evans can line up a like for like replacement, he may be allowed to leave

A like for like striker with 70k, 18 goals last season should be easy to replace then.

Evans pushes Nardiello and that's why he got 20 to his name last season.
They do get along anyway and he's not up for sale. Never mind an insult of a fee of 70k.

70k for a 20 goal striker? What a insult to Nards. It wouldn't buy is left foot never mind the lad himself. There rumours and then there's jokes this is the funniest joke ever

Well, ultimately Nardiello's goals did come in league 2, will be interesting to see how he makes out at league 1!



21 Jun 2013 17:18:26
Shrewsbury will sign Davide Somma 100%

How do you know?



21 Jun 2013 17:16:16
Bradford to sign winger Gary Roberts who got released from Swindon next week

21 Jun 2013 19:43:17
Already signed for Chesterfield according to local reports



21 Jun 2013 17:15:51
Rotherham will sign Emile Sinclair in the next week or so. Evans went down south a few days ago, Sinclair is mulling over the offer as Bradford and Doncaster are also interested.

Dont think he will be at DRFC. didn't make an impact in lge 1 for us so can't see him in a higher division for us.

Rovers interested in sinclair. I don't think so. not saunders finest hour when he signed him on loan.

Doncaster are not interested he is awful

Dan Drfc

I don't really think we would (doncaster) be interested in him. He played for about 15 minutes and we had him for about half a season. No work rate, didn't seem interested at all, lack of ability, not to mention peterborough didn't even want him and they were struggling in the championship.

That being said, he'd be perfect for Rotherham ;-)

he was the worst player I have seen at the keepmoat last season, why would we want him back, utter rubbish



21 Jun 2013 16:53:33
Bailey wright, Paul Huntington, Lee Holmes and John welsh are all close to agreeing moves away from deep dale, with John welsh going back to tranmere and bailey wright going to Leicester. In return PNE will get Jamie vardy permanently on a 4 year contract

21 Jun 2013 17:53:46
Welsh will not be coming back to Tranmere, James Wallace will be fit for the start of the season and is a vastly better player, no room for both in the side so Welsh would be an unnecessary expense on the bench

21 Jun 2013 19:02:30
ha ha here we go no they are not why make up things, why would wright leave when he signed a new contract welsh would never leave preston to go back to tranmere and holmes loves it at pne

I laughed so much at this, a little bit of wee leaked into my underpants.

Jamie Vardy would rather go back to Fleetwood than PNE

No place for welsh at tranmere

21 Jun 2013 23:51:05
Hahahahaaaa people do make me laugh. All 4 of them mentioned will be starting players next year.
And to the comments. Tranmere wouldn't have Welsh back? haa oh dear. You'd take him back in a flash. Him, along with the whole team, tore you apart that last game we played. Good old Tranmere:')

There would be a place for welsh at tranmere, he is a decent grafting midfielder, which is what we need. would take him back no problems

When r you deluded pne fans going 2 realise you r spending another season in div 3?! bless. seasiders!

Welsh would not be welcome back at Tranmere by the fans it's that simple, plus the emergence of Max Power & the fact James Wallace is in his way back from injury means we don't need welsh u

Welsh back at Rovers? No thanks.

Plus welsh is hated at tranmere now after his celebrations at prenton park, club that gave him a chance, disgrace



21 Jun 2013 16:37:14
Marc Albrighton maybe going to Reading FC

You got it spot on. MAYBE

21 Jun 2013 19:56:02
Absolutely no chance.

Good player but no more wingers are needed

Decent signing if it goes through, saying that paul lambert has always been keen on playing younger players and the only reason he hasn't played this season was because of injury.

22 Jun 2013 09:35:36
hooper will come




21 Jun 2013 16:31:15
This osvaldo bid any sign of truth to it

Bid by who?

I cannot see us spending that much money on 1 player tbh. So I doubt it



21 Jun 2013 16:28:20
Norwich striker Vaughan set to sign for Blackburn. Has held talks with representatives this morning. Other clubs who were interested included Huddersfield, Derby, Leeds.

James Vaughan is in bora bora on his honeymoon atm so I think he will be doing something else than talking to blackburn

Only if the talks took please in Bora Bora.

Well Derby weren't as they had Russell

Must have been over the phone, he is still on his honeymoon.

Blackburn would surely be the last team he'd go to, unless it was part of a deal for Olsson to Norwich but even then he'd probably rather stay than go there

21 Jun 2013 20:46:43
Hope this is not true. But looking and sounding increasingly likely. Would be a desaster to loose out on our number one target. don't think we are exactly endearing ourselves to him by the lack of transfer activerty.

We will see

Can smell some proper strong rubbish

Thank god we need to move on is or isn't he going to sign wake up you lot dean Hoyle will not splash the cash to get the players we need to challenge for promotion he as realised it will cost to much and back tracked to saying he wants youth to bring the club forward and that's is his policy we will sign young unknown players and a couple of seasned middle aged middle of the table players but as a loyal town fan I will be there this and every season I am able to go

22 Jun 2013 01:27:40
Blackburn the best place for Vaughn to go eh when they only just escaped relegation and the Vekys in charge and gates of 13,000 don't think so.

We can't rely on the Vaughan signing and don't forget he's injury prone so we need seriously good back up anyway.

I agree that this rumour is becoming more and more plausible. Vaughan and Rhodes would provide Blackburn with a devastating strikeforce. If it goes ahead Rovers could take the Championship by storm!

22 Jun 2013 08:46:31
Don't worry hudd fans, as the Norwich fans said above he hasn't held talks with anyone yet as he's on his honeymoon! Also why are people panicking over transfer activity! Pre season hasn't even started yet!

To be fair we've no idea what's going on behind the scenes. There are plenty more James Vaughans out there if at the end of the day he doesn't sign for Town. Before he came to us he had injury problems and was going nowhere with his career. We got "him" back on his feet and in the shop window, and he kept "us" in the championship. Good piece of business for both parties, but its all in the past now. There are a lot of hungry young players out there at the moment either out of contract or available to go out on loan, that could do a job for us if we miss out on James. In addition, Mark Robins still has time to secure one or more of the overseas players he's been looking at too. Click a stella or 2 and chill.

First Blackburn will have to agree a fee with Norwich before they can open negotiations to sign him. He is not out of contract so all these claims that he is signing for Derby, Huddersfield, Blackburn etc is pie in the sky until Norwich accept a bid from someone.

Sick of hearing all this Vaughan talk, if he signs ok, if not move on there are plenty other good players out there which we can get, he ain`t that good remember folks, and injury prone with it, why put all our eggs in this one basket and then find 3 games in he`s out for 6 weeks?

Despite some rum words between our two clubs on our site I would prefer Vaughan to go to Huddersfield. Silly Blackburn.

Craig Short has left Derby to join Blackburn's coaching set up. Compensation agreed between the clubs. Good luck Craig.

Believe it or not, John Stead has been to the canalside, maybe for a look round (Huddersfield lad!), but is there another motive?.

Stead is definitely going to Barnsley, I spoke to him recently. Who do Huddersfield think they are having a go at Blackburn only having 13,000 gate? And you regularly have 20,000 do you? Blackburn have Utd and City as neighbours to compete with what's your excuse? 130,000 residents in your town by the way!

If the persistent rumours connecting us with Jon Stead wern't bad enough, now there's talk of us having an interest in Simon Church again. doesn't get much worse than this.

Hopefully he just wanted a swift beer and a game of snooker

So if Vaughan goes to B/burn do town go for Rochina?

Jon Stead, another motive? Kit man?

You townies are signing jon stead lol

How many more times do I need to tell you town fans your not signing vaughan you can afford his wages or the transfer fee dream on

Blackburn can't afford him with all their debt

The whole Vaughan thing is now terribly boring.

Ive also been to canalside, with an ice-cream from mcdonalds, to look round too, but i'm not signing and hopefully neither is stead.

If we don't get Vaughan, what about Simeon Jackson?

Jon stead another motive. Stunt double for Terry the Terrier.

22 Jun 2013 16:32:13
156,000 actually in HUDDS get your facts right mate.

Blackburn are the biggest joke of a club in the football league to be fair. How many managers will you go through next season? PS Thanks for the 8m for Rhodes

Vaughan and Rhodes up front won't happen. If b/burn are going to sign Vaughan then it will be as a replacement for Rhodes not as his strike partner. Rhodes looks determined to leave b/burn at all costs.

Take your petty little debates onto your own pages, instead of filling our with nonsence

Vaughan left bora bora for la today, (Sunday) so unless he's doing phone interviews on his honeymoon, he's signed for no one yet.

Derby ins and outs: ins: Paul Smith as a resserve goalie. Forsyth or spurr at lb. Kilgallon, el abd or broadfoot on ooan for 6 months at cb and maybe a right winger. Outs: Fielding, Legdzins, tyson, robinson, bailey, O'connor on small transfer fees. Also Ball and Naylor on loan for season



21 Jun 2013 16:27:55
Shrewsbury will sign recenty released swindon winger Gary Roberts. COYB

Signing for chesterfield

He has not been released, we are cutting our wage bill

22 Jun 2013 11:41:08
signed a three year deal at Chesterfield



21 Jun 2013 16:26:13
Tony Mowbray has stated Jaques Maghoma going for a look around Rockcliffe next week with his agent, a possible signing?
Also spoke to Dean Whitehead (but has many options).
source:evening gazette

If varga signs then Whitehead isn't needed. Same sort of player and looking for a lot more in wages. Maghoma is regarded as one for the future by Boro and not an immediate first team prospect. That may go against us.



21 Jun 2013 15:39:47
Tam Mkandiwire off to Shrewsbury



21 Jun 2013 16:21:24
Eds anymore news on Reading, after Bridge, Drenthe and Pearce new contract, who else is close to signing? {Ed029's Note - I'm only aware that we're in discussions with another at the moment, said to be progressing well. He's a full international, not been given a name mind. Sorry.

Is it Beric?



21 Jun 2013 16:10:44
Torquay to sign an English striker playing abroad next week. Tonge to sign on Monday and Chappell wants to join but Sheffield United want some wedge for him which complicates things greatly.



21 Jun 2013 16:07:11
Tom Adeyemi is very close to sealing a switch to Doncaster Rovers. Adeyemi is keen to play championship football and Dickov wants to be reunited with the player who he managed at Oldham.

Would be a solid signing for the midfield, consistent player, impressed at Brentford

Dickov had Adeyami on loan at Oldham for few months then he went Brentford.

So please don;t say Dickov managed him, lmao.

Dickov didn't manage him, he played him when out of form and in wrong positions. big difference

We had him for a full season, played about 44 games. Under Dickov. Facts right please

Well that's another out of the way, He's signed for Birmingham.



21 Jun 2013 16:04:06
Brentord are very close to agreeing a fee with Wigan Atheltic for the permenant transfer of Rob Kiernan. Kiernan spent time on loan at Brentford last year and Rosler is a huge fan of the young centre back who is also comfortable in midfield.




21 Jun 2013 16:01:48
Bury Rochdale and Bradford looking at 2 young Stockport players
19 year old Defender Jordan Fagbola and 20 year old midfielder Alex Kenyon are on all 3 teams radar



21 Jun 2013 15:49:20
will carlilse replaces terry skiverton and darren way as gary johnsons assistant.



21 Jun 2013 15:37:37
Having given up on getting Leigh Griffiths from Wolves on a permanent basis Hibs are now in talks to make Michael Higdon from Motherwell their highest paid player as a replacement.



21 Jun 2013 15:34:02
Free Agent Adam Rooney set to sign for Bradford City over the next couple of weeks.



21 Jun 2013 15:25:10
heard Blackwell was in London yesterday talking to troy Hewitt to sign for bury.

seems the issue is moving up north, could come down to Jepson{having worked with him at qpr}.
and wages,

ok player as a squad player

Shaun Batt



21 Jun 2013 15:46:01
Luke Steel favourite for Keeper Position at KMS

Did, nt Luke Steel say he would only leave Barnsley for a club that would be
assured to be among promotion favourites or a Premier League club, may
as well stay at Barnsley rather than
transfer to Doncaster



21 Jun 2013 15:45:06
Ryan Lowe has departed the club, due to family reasons, I Hope him the best as he was a great asset to us last season

Its a no brainer ryan lowe and bury go together like strawberrys & cream

According to a Radio Merseyside journo he will be a Tranmere player by Monday. If he's left MK for family reasons that would make sense, maybe he wants to move close to home. ?



21 Jun 2013 15:43:03
Harry Forrester has signed with palace on a four year deal.



21 Jun 2013 15:25:59
Crystal Palace are planning a double swoop on Bristol City for winger Albert Adomah and out of favour striker Sam Baldock.

I suppose I'd take adomah but baldock is an average championship player

Adomah is average and it showed when he wasn't in the games we played against Bristol city last season! Keep the money and put it towards a better player. #backwardssigning

We have no strikers at all at present, so might be worth a punt. Did nothing at Brizzle, but was injured and then playing in a relegation team

Aa will be going to the prem with crystal palace to join his mate yanik bolassie. or bollasie could be going to real madrid if they don't get bale

Hahah that post about Adomah being average and not being in the games we played against Palace is funny! Assume youve forgotten he set up 2 and scored 1 when we beat you 4-1 earlier in the season? He is inconsistent yes but he would be a perfect replacement for Zaha imo!

Adamoah is good enough to make a go of it with the big boys.

I can't quite believe Baldock would be touted as player for the CCC let alone the Prem.

Still if you're willing to pay we're willing to sell.

Its the new BCFC motto.



21 Jun 2013 15:20:35
crewe could be set to land midfielder Jason Kennedy who is out of contract at Rochdale.

Anybody can take jason kennedyand the Dale will be able to move in midfield instead of trundling on with Kennedy never agood player but did try at ties but will not be missed thinks he is good enough for league1
conferance maybe

Sorry did you watch the same team as the rest of the dale fans last season? Kennedy is the heart of our midfield a class player, deserves a go in league 1 again will be sadly missed at spotland



21 Jun 2013 15:19:52
Swansea signed Alex pozuelo from real betis £500,000

Welcome to Swansea Alejandro

He is free agent, the fee is roughly 400,000 as compensation

Hope they tie it up over the next couple of days otherwise liverpool will slip in for him. Good signing. Hopefully gomis, batshuayi, amat and Redmond to follow. If no one leaves great squad.

Please no. Emnes not good enough for Premier League -don't think he was in Boro team last season was he?

Hope not!



21 Jun 2013 15:18:32
Clayton Donaldson - its true as per Pippa



21 Jun 2013 15:17:19
Troy Brown confirmed as Cheltenham's second signing of the summer.

Brian Saah and Gavin Williams still expected to arrive along with at least 2 other players

Hope the Williams rumour is true

One of the other two players is Ashley Vincent

Ashley Vincent? Get real. MY knows a quality winger when he sees one. Fingers crossed on Saah and Williams but I don't believe Saah will be coming.

Vincent has been in talks with Cheltenham for a few weeks. A deal is thought to have been agreed and will be completed once he returns from holiday.

Stop talking rubbish. I thought the nonsense had stopped churning around the rumour mill.



21 Jun 2013 15:07:31
Reading are set to open transfer negotiations with Celtic over Gary Hooper. The frontman today signalled to Reading that he would be willing to drop to the Championship for a Premier League push.

Hooper recently recieved the blessing of Celtic to speak to other clubs and Hooper has been sold the vision of Reading by Adkins and Zingarevich. Although it means he will not be playing Champions League football the opportunity of playing more games at a higher level and in a stronger league appeals to Hooper, as well as Reading keeping the bulk of their squad together, retaining Pearce and signing Pearce/Drenthe/Bridge, with another 3/4 players expected to follow.

With Hull and Norwich both moving onto other targets and no clear intent from West Ham or Southampton the determination of Zingarevich to get his man has pushed this along and all going well it should be finalised as early as the first week of August.

As a Norwich fan, I hope you do get him. Not way good enough for the Prem. And on the off chance that is, then its championship football for him for the foreseeable.

21 Jun 2013 16:10:37
Should be finished by the first week of August? Hardly 'early' as you put it!

If Hooper can score in the champions league, he can score in the prem, he's to good for Reading

Hardly an early signing but Hooper looking more likely. A step up from SPL and one season away from playing Prem football. Nice one.

So you have just got wind of this plan, but it will take over a month to be put into action? Much planning when they could just place a bid if they're serious. And it's not really a higher level of football, playing Barcelona and the likes is a much higher grade than playing Bournemouth ect. Get a grip of yourself.

If reading sign him for 4. 5-5 million il be very unhappy with hull for yet again letting another slip away for some unknown reason we fall short every time and take far too much time to negotiate a deal. i'd get austin even if he fails in the prem its better than trying with a goal scorer than watch them succeed with another club while we suffer again. all these rumors end the same way, failed to sign.

Gary Hooper can do better than Reading. Why would he want to play in the championship?

How do you know he's not good enough for the prem you mystic meg

Don't be daft! He's better off staying in Scotland and joining Patrick thistle than jon on reading. you boys had your chance in PL and blew it. There's no reason for someone who wants England recognition to join reading.

I am a saints fan and I think this would be a class signing for reading. Think they will fly straight back up to the prem under adkins. Top bloke.

Can we please stop hooper posts coming on our site. From all saints fans we are board and not interested. Please go to reading, hull or elsewhere we don't care.

When the season fixtures come out I can never understand why saints play on the same Day as eastleiigh and totton it could help the lesser clubs if fixtures didn't clash {Ed003's Note - I know just think how many fans you could attract from Eastleigh and Totton ;) }

He's a good player I don't see how people can say he's rubbish and holt is good lol it's madness hooper would do well in the prem young enough to prove it

The teams other than Celtic in the SPL are worse than Reading, hell they are worse than Swindon.

Dont count hull out of the running just yet.

Makes me laugh Celtic fans on ere spl is league 1 standard everybody knows it

I see Leicesters 'TheGeofflane' is posting again. He even goes on the Hull papers website to spout his rubbish. You would be hard pushed to find a more bitter and twisted individual. He just cannot accept the fact that Hull got promoted and Leicester did not. A very sad case indeed.

There's nothing wrong with Swindon. Choose some other team for this comparison, e. g. Portsmouth.

Is this a joke? Honestly the most unbelievable rumour I have seen on this website

Is this a joke? Honestly the most unbelievable rumour I have seen on this website

This I find very hard to believe! Should be on here more often. You'll see some real corkers.

As for the comment about Reading having their shot in the prem an blowing it. Are you for real pal? They blew it in 07 but still come back. Just as the will again. It's called promotion!

I agree eastleigh and totton have saints fans who support the local clubs



21 Jun 2013 14:30:51
Jason Kennedy will sign for Bradford city next week

I hope so, but we thought he was coming to us in Jan.

Well he will have to get in the queue according to the last two weeks we have bought every player available

90% true.



21 Jun 2013 15:01:31
Cheltenham Town are set for talks with Keanu Marsh-Brown after the player was released by Barnet.

Not convinced but would fit the type of player MY typically goes for. You never know.



21 Jun 2013 14:48:15
Victor Wanyama's is in Southampton on the 21st of June with a fee reported around 12 million + add ons

Does this mean he's been spotted in the city? Or are you just guessing he will be part of the squad by the end of the day. (Another late friday for Cortese to wrap up a deal)

People saying he's too expensive for us, and possible a waste of money. But with him, + Stoch, and Verdu on a free that Still leaves just under 10Mill for stike force competition and an amazing squad. Schnido/Wan is a CL midfield.

How can you speak badly of artur boruc? He's a bloody good keeper in my opinion, had some slip ups in the first couple if games but quickly became a safe pair of hands inbetween the posts. I also believe next year we will finish in the top half of the table. Need another striker and another left back to compete with Shaw.

He's on holiday until 10th July in Kenya!

He's on holiday

As a saints supporter it's got to be said boruk is a shot stopper but rarely catches the ball he's going to let the team down big time one day. Plus he's a loose cannon as proved at previous clubs. The best keeper in Poland they say?

Scottish papers apparently saying that no deal has been done, he and hooper are happy and they hope to sort out new deals for them soon.

I don't think saints need to much tinkering with most important is to hope key players are kept injury free. We may as well grab out of contract players unless a big name is purchased.

He's due to arrive in The new forest sat or Sunday!

We already have a left back to compete with Shaw, Matt Targett.

Hey my ARTUR is a legend. I'll never forget being at norwich when he saved that penalty.

Well best in Poland? He is up against Fabianski, Szczesny, Kuszczak. some tough competition

Legend your right throwing a water bottle at his own supporters, will always be remembered.

Prefer Davies in goal or is it that he was out of favour.



21 Jun 2013 14:44:45
rickie lambert spotted in newcastle to be reunited with former manager

21 Jun 2013 15:49:28
take a look at him
because you will never see him in
a newcastle shirt
pardewwont be there much longer
with kinnear taking over

Why would he be in newcastle to see Adkins? That is who you mean right by former manager. ?

Pardew signed lambert when at Southampton

Kinnear, Gus poyet, the Dennis wise connection looks bad for pardew are they hoping he will walk. Hope he gets a good pay off.



21 Jun 2013 14:40:34
Hearing rumours that martin allen has been sacked

Why would we sack him.



21 Jun 2013 14:32:30
Mick has said that JET can go but he won't be going for free. Minimum £400k I reckon.



21 Jun 2013 14:04:10
Millwall want Peterborough Striker Tyrone Barnett for £1 million

Why 1million scored 1 goal about 250 me thinks.

If true Barnett for £1M? Or Jackson on a free from a PREM club? No contest for me Jackson every time! Or maybe BOTH?! WE SHALL SEE? COYL

£1m for a player who will be 28yrs old soon & hasn't exactly set the place on fire yet? Maybe their right! If TRUE?

21 Jun 2013 17:32:11
Barnett does suit posh style of play could do a decent job for millwall, we will be lucky to get a mill for him tho.

No it says in the paper he was once brought for eight million. Not we will pay thay. don't get exited and post any old rubbish

I'D rather sign Clayton Donaldson from Brentford IMO! The same age as Barnett& has played regular football all last season & hasen't fallen out with his manager?! Over to you SL?

According to Barry Fry he has had a couple of chats with people from Millwall about Barnett but no offer made yet.

Don't bother SL he's quite injury prone!

Barry fry said millwall have shown interest but no bid made

Lets just hope that SL is really 'SERIOUS' about trying to sign Simeon Jackson & its not just a smokescreen? Because that would be a let down! C'mon Stevie boy let's get some decent strikers 'PLEASE'! COYL

Barry Fry's an absolute legend if he gets a million for him

Barry fry has also been having talks to millwall about two other players that are very much still in the frame light runoured to be gayle and tomlin.

That sounds great but would also like mark little.

Please 'DONT' sign Barnett SL!

We are not going to pay £1m our record transfer fee for a player who has scored 2 goals in 40 odd games.

You wouldn't need to enquire to us about Litts as he's a free agent. Tomlin's asking price is 5m and Gayle's is 10m so can't see them going to Millwall tbh

Gayle and Tomlin to Millwall, more chance that Posh will sign Wayne Rooney!

Tomlin 5million? He is about 17stone. these league 1 clubs really think they will get big bucks. 5million gayle. I can understand that. But Tomlin. really. lee Tomlin?

It's a price tag not a valuation! We don't want to sell Tomlin, so we say a price no-one will realistically pay. Anyway that 17 stone player did alright last year with 13 goals and 13 assists



21 Jun 2013 14:03:13
hull need 2 strikers as we have no one bruce will not risk signing either austin or hooper and not having a back up for that reason I think we will get both if we cannot get both I think we will sign rhodes but only if there is no other viable option as he will cost twice as much as other 2 other than that mcgregor, bardsley, davies and I know all the shaun maloney rumours have disappeared but I would take him over all the others mentioned, he is class

Come again?

Hull will need more than two players to even have a chance of staying up why would Austin and hooper go to a team who will be in championship next season boring

21 Jun 2013 16:44:38
Hooper and Austin would go to Hull because if they do well there, then they are far more likely to get another move to a more established Premier League club, even if Hull came straight down (which isn't the foregone conclusion everyone else seems to think). It is unlikely that the likes of Fulham, Stoke, Everton, etc would give much of a chance to them if they came straight from the Championship/SPL.

21 Jun 2013 14:03:13
hull need 2 strikers as we have no one bruce will not risk signing either austin or hooper and not having a back up for that reason I think we will get both if we cannot get both I think we will sign rhodes but only if there is no other viable option as he will cost twice as much as other 2 other than that mcgregor, bardsley, davies and I know all the shaun maloney rumours have disappeared but I would take him over all the others mentioned, he is class
Help req'd!
Cannot find full stop button

Think he means on loan



21 Jun 2013 14:02:20
Notts County to sign Bradley Wright Phillips by the end of the week Chris Kiwomya is in London discussing terms with the players

Id love it to be true but I doubt it

He is in usa having a trial so that's your rumour useless



21 Jun 2013 13:55:57
Kieran Richardson looks set to leave Fulham after a Disasterous debut season, West Brom are a team linked for his signature

Just because he was on loan to The Baggies a few years ago does n, t automatically mean they are interested in him now. He was a Mufc player then, he has since been at Sunderland and Fulham and has n, t really set the prem on fire has he?

Why are the baggies being linked with players who either haven't made it at their club or in this case richardson who has done nothing last season. shouldn't we be aiming a bit higher quality wise

Richardson is a seriously underrated player. Struggled with injuries last season but when he did play (at LB) he was immense. If WBA do sign him, don't play him in midfield. Personally hope he stays at Fulham as when fit he's decent.

And that's the problem when and if fit. No good to anyone in the medical room!



21 Jun 2013 13:49:00
Wimbledon are reported to be signing two of the loanees which they had on loan last season.

Yeah, but which two?

Which two? Sullivan and Meades have signed for Portsmouth and Oxford respectively, can't see us signing dale Bennett, Jesse Darko was generally considered a disappointment (although he could argue he got little game time) and we've signed a keeper, so Neil Sullivan would a surprise. This leaves Francomb, Mambo, Dickenson and Reeves. Be impressed if we signed any of them tbh

And Alexander of course.

Mambo and francomb

21 Jun 2013 18:28:39
george francombe seen leaving ground thurs afternoon. hope he is one of the two.

Francomb is signing for Wimbledon. Already agreed.

Its francomb as oxford don't need a right back as they've signed david hunt and they were rumoured to be sniffing about and mambo is the other as shrewsbury who were interested in him have got wycombe centre back

And Toby Ajala. Keep the faith! He's on his way.

What about toby back on loan yes please

22 Jun 2013 13:46:43
would think francomb out of our reach wage wise but if we got him on a permanent it would show club is heading in the right direction.

Add Angus Macdonald to that list of loanees, and you've got 12 players from last season. bit depressing really that it took that many! Francomb has been talked about for a few weeks so he seems most likely. I'd expect Ajala to stay with Bristol C this season and get some game time in L1.

Jake reeves was on loan but we won't sign him, dale bennett signed on loan also, however that was in the Terry Brown era

Don't forget Haynes-Brown and Gregory from last year's loanees!

McCallum is another loanee from last season.



21 Jun 2013 13:32:55
Walsall are set to sign Manchester United goalkeeper Sam Johnstone on a season long loan once David Moyes has returned from holiday. The keeper spend time on loan with the saddlers last season.

22 Jun 2013 13:45:50
Definatly true dean smith has said himself



21 Jun 2013 13:32:42
6 Unnamed Football League Club's & 2 Scottish Premier League Club's are chasing after Rochdale Striker Bobby Grant for his signature after his transfer request were accepted by the Lancashire Club



21 Jun 2013 13:26:18
Kevin Davies to be given a crack at the premier league with Norwich

We are not signing pensioners this season

Like he's not had a crack at the Prem before? Bore off mate.



21 Jun 2013 13:21:15
Itfc to announce signing of kirk broadfoot tomorrow

Best Right back in the Championship. Honest! {Ed003's Note - lol}



21 Jun 2013 13:21:01
Craig Gordon to sign short term deal with Aberdeen



21 Jun 2013 13:20:34
Ricky Holmes to sign a two year deal at Portsmouth on Friday. Source Portsmouth News.

21 Jun 2013 15:07:08
Done deal already

How is this a rumour?!

23 Jun 2013 12:12:03
Shut up its a good thing

It was a rumour at the time it was posted because it hadn't been officially announced - Smart Alec!



21 Jun 2013 13:14:16
league new boys newport county looking to try and sign southend utd #1 paul smith, count are looking for a experienced keeper in a bid to help them establish themselves in league football and smith fits the bill southend are reluctant to let smith go for less than 50,000.

Why would we waste 50000 pound on a goalie when we have pidgely in goal! we r only looking 4 a back up.

Pidgeley is No. 1 and Smith won't displace him. County will look to pick up a cheap keeper from trials.

22 Jun 2013 14:51:50
Barry Town or Llanelli goalies are now unemployed use them do SUFC a favour

If smith is going perhaps southend should sign the barry keeper!



21 Jun 2013 13:10:17
Wigan Athletic have tabled a bid for Bristol City's Albert Adomah.

No they haven't.

Your right, they havent, however they are considering a bid of around 1 million.



21 Jun 2013 13:03:46
Tyrone Mears currently in discussions with Blackpool, although there is a hold up with regards to the length of contract on offer.

He can't be as good as baptiste

He probably wants more than a 12 months deal.

Wheres he play and what club

Baptiste has gone get over it!

Mears has far more PL experience than Baptiste and is a proven Championship player, can't understand why our fans live in the past and turn everything into a negative

Right back and bolton

Blackpool have had a bid accepted for gary mackenzie



21 Jun 2013 12:59:25
victor valdes will after find his self a club or settle for a place as a reserv next season at barcelona as they close in on pepe reina.

Pepe Reina ahead of him in Spain squad



21 Jun 2013 12:55:31
Borussia Dortmund are looking to sign Isco or Kevin De Bruyne as a replacement for Mario Gotze

Isco will sign for Manchester City



21 Jun 2013 12:53:42
Marlon Pack is considering a move to Peterborough altho a deal has also been offered by Crawley - now upto the player.

Yeovil have enquired about Gaby Zakuani but the fee maybe too much apparently and Tommy Rowe wants the move to Leeds but Leeds can't pay what Posh want so both parties are looking at player swaps or player + cash etc!

Other bit of odd Posh news coming out of the ground is Emile Sinclair who has been put on the list and has refused 2 approaches from clubs after Posh accepting fees for him has been told to go and get a new club or train with the youngsters and will not play for Posh again. Another player looking for money rather than playing again?

I think you'll find Leeds can afford but simply don't agree on the price quoted!

21 Jun 2013 17:36:38
Think you will find Leeds don't want to pay the asking price, not that they can't afford him. Posh would rather him help them win promotion and go for nothing next year than give him away now on the cheap! Promotion is worth more than the fee Leeds are offering! If someone meets the 1 mill asking price posh would sell but Leeds won't pay that!

21 Jun 2013 23:26:52
I find it odd that Bristol City isn't showing interest in him, fit in well with the regulations set by the board and isn't a bad player plus has bags of potencial!

Were rumoured to be in for him last year but some Scottish person spent all our money on strikers!

22 Jun 2013 08:36:37
Bristol city, haha do me a favour! 40m in debt a loss of 18m in 2012 with 16.5m of that on wages. They will prob lose more in 2013, 18 players out of contract this summer. Bristol city will be lucky to spend a quid this summer let alone a million.

Bristol have already spent 300k this summer, owned by someone very very rich so the debt don't really matter

He might be very, very rich, but rich men aren't known for writing off £40 million+ debts to football clubs very often. If they were there wouldn't be so many going into administration.



21 Jun 2013 12:54:46
dean whithead is close to agreeing a deal with m'boro.

Not if Varga signs.

Not close. If Varga signs first they will drop interest



21 Jun 2013 12:53:51
alex pearce is staying at reading after signing a new deal and reading want wolves defender roger johnson to partner him next season

Another load of tosh. don't need a player with off the field issues and who is not a patch on Marriapa.

Roger Johnson! Please i'm laughing so much I can't stop, terrible defender (would'nt get in my sunday league team). Marriapa is about 50 times better

Alex pearce has signed a new contact but were not getting johnson why would we

Dont be so negative you so called fans are always moaning and never satisfied. Atkins is building a team to get us back into the Prem If he fails then you can complain.

Ed please stop letting people who call Nigel Adkins "Atkins" post on this. It is embarrassing when a royal can't spell his teams managers name {Ed003's Note - only if people start using the registration that leaves a name so I know who I'm talking to, fair deal? }



21 Jun 2013 12:36:08
Brett Holman to sign a 2 year deal with UAE side AL Nasr in a shock transfer out of Aston Villa in pursuit of game time before Brazil 2014.

Good player. Always gives 100%. Shame not given more opportunities



21 Jun 2013 12:30:35
despite a lot of media reports west bromwich albion are 100% not interested in carlton cole or yossi benyoun! cole rumour is just lazy journalism based on the fact he is a free transfer (albion like frees) and that clarke worked with him at chelsea and west ham.

albion did enquire about a deal for yossi in january but it didn;t materialise and they are no longer interested

Yossi was injured in january



21 Jun 2013 12:26:09
Florent Malouda wil be re-united with coach Carlo Anchelotti as PSG will sign the french midfielder on a free this summer in hopes of retaining the league title and a successful champions league campaign

Malouda won't be reunited with Ancelotti. Unless he signs for Real Madrid, that is.

Ancelloti will be at Madrid next season, not PSG.



21 Jun 2013 12:21:43
Plymouth argyle close to signing former Wigan Athletic striker Filip Or�ula on a free. Or�ula was released at the end of last season without making a first team appearance for the latics.
you heard it hear first. gg

Where are you gettting this?



21 Jun 2013 12:20:31
With Luis Suarez set to make his move to Real Madrid by the end of next week, Liverpool are closing in on unwanted Barcelona star David Villa, Brendan Rodgers is hopeful he can fight off interest from Arsenal, Tottenham and now Napoli for the Spaniard.

Also on Rodgers' radar is former Tottenham and Real Madrid star, Rafael Van Der Vaart who could leave Hamburg for around 5 million.

On their way out of Anfield before the season starts, Jay Spearing who is headed to newly-promoted Cardiff for 2.5 million, Jose Enrique could leave for Napoli with Rafael Benitez reportedley taking some interest in the Spanish left back. Also Martin Skrtel as most of you have heard who could be headed to Napoli with Benitez or over to France with Lyon, no bids have been recieved over Skrtel as of yet but the centre half is much expected to leave the Reds before the new season starts.


Sounds like a stereotypical Liverpool fan to me, Deluded

Van der vaart left LONDON to go to hamburg to be close to his wife who live there, so there's no way after 1 season he's coming back to Liverpool to play. there's no gain there.

But Rafael Van Der Vaart wife has left him, after accusing him of domestic violence, thus he would be more likely to leave her in Germany and look for a new start elsewhere.

Better than Aspas or miknhitaryan

Cardiff City aren't after Spearing

Tom ince coming to cardiff today to hold talks with mm

U sure ince is coming 4 talks 2day?



21 Jun 2013 12:16:52
Manchester City will Re-sign Brazilian striker Jo, after an impressive season for Athletico Mineiro.

21 Jun 2013 14:10:28
no way.

Doing well in confederations cup



21 Jun 2013 12:15:33
Wayne Rooney will make a U-Turn and stay at United after he has said he doesn't want to relocate and will sign a new 4 year contract.

Maybe £250,000 a week might just of persuaded him not to relocate too.

Wishful thinking



21 Jun 2013 12:15:11
Bristol city to sign paddy madden for 300k plus Liam fountain and Neil Kilkenny

Paddy will cost you 3 times that and I'm a Brighton fan!

21 Jun 2013 14:19:18
Bit unlikely although City additions would be good.

He isn't that good!! BCFC

Er. we haven't got two more Killkenneys or Fontains, so how does THAT work?

I don't think he'll arrive at the gate any time soon. Yeovil have just got promoted and Paddy Madden is likely to be an important figure for them. And I'd say he's worth more than that considering he was league ones top scorer last season and he gained promotion with Yeovil.

Can't believe some fans are even considering this one! Madden is a championship striker now, we are a league one team! However much I'd love it this will NOT happen! Let's wake up city fans!



21 Jun 2013 12:09:42
Oldham Athletic will sign Hull City GK Mark Oxley within the next 48 hours.

Oxley has just put pen to paper on a new deal at hull so this post is bull

Season long loan as he has just signed a new long term deal.

It's a loan deal.

Not on loan then?

Possible loan i've heard

Its a loan move



21 Jun 2013 12:01:16
John Guidetti is going on loan to Wigan.

Injured till Jan I here.



21 Jun 2013 12:00:48
Yeovil are close to signing Arsenal's Carl Jenkison and Sebastian Squacilli on loan for their first ever season in the Championship!

Sebastien Squillaci is a free agent, he will be released from Arsenal on the 1st July, so he will probably be permanent transfer. If it goes ahead.

Squillaci has been released so how are you signing him on loan?

Pretty sure squillaci was released

Sebastian Squillaci is no longer an Arsenal player.

. Nice try though.

21 Jun 2013 14:21:30
Seems very unlikely!

Gj has said there will be No big name signings so these won't go ahead



21 Jun 2013 11:47:55
Watford have turned down a bid from Derby County for Craig Forsyth because the offer did not meet the club's valuation.

Utter rubbish, Derby haven't submitted a bid yet. DET

After 3 months of Derby fans flooding watford rumours with this?

Silly watford.

Derby’s chief executive Sam Rush said the bid was rejected because we cannot trade players. This "rumour" and the response from Watford FC is solely to refute that. The bid was rejected solely because the bid was not enough.

It isn't utter rubbish as they really have rejected a bid. They want more than 100k

"Utter rubbish, Derby haven't submitted a bid yet. DET"

Very true - they submitted a derisory offer instead. Personally I don't understand why Watford are prepared to sell him anyway - he's a very good squad player with the potential to improve - and is too good for Derby.

Too good for Derby! Natural fit for the Rams more like. Thanks to Clough for seeing something in him even though many fans didn't. Hopefully Mr Rush will tie up a deal.

"and is too good for derby"
. pa! Get out of it, he played well for us last quarter of the season at left back, but he's no great shakes further forward, just a steady player. Watford need to worry about their own team at the minute, could be a big fall

^Lol. You weren't saying that when you sent him out on loan to Bradford.

"Watford need to worry about their own team at the minute, could be a big fall"

No worries about our team - coming along quite nicely thank you. Derby should be worrying though - they've been after Forsyth for months and can't get him - must be something amiss up there. Oh yes - Clough.

^Good logic there mate. If anything, Clough would be a massive plus point for Forsyth coming to Derby. Not given the time of day by Zola, was on loan at a League 2 club and Clough comes along and somewhat revitalises his career.

At least Clough doesn't just borrow a whole other team. There's no skill in that.

Without the young loan players of last season, Watford have been floating around mid-table or flirting with relegation. I know, Derby have too, but the young players we're bringing through are at least our own!

"At least Clough doesn't just borrow a whole other team. There's no skill in that. "

There's no skill in believing trashy Sun-style headlines or pub talk either - try some proper research for yourself. Zola never borrowed a whole other team.

There's skill in getting them all to gel and play passing football that gets results, as opposed to the Derby team of last season that was distinctly average.

Extract from team talk "In an article on the Derby Telegraph website, Rams' CEO Sam Rush said: "At the end of the day, if Watford can't trade, we have to deal with that. " So to those of you that say it is not derby well there is your proof it is.

Oh, I'm sorry he rented a handful of players from 2 different clubs, putting them together to create a borrowed team.

And yes, we looked distinctly average when we dispatched your rag-tag rental team 5-1. My personal highlight was Conor Sammon (!) powering his way through the whole of your defence before lobbing the keeper. Good times!

Well done, you powered past a defence made of make-shift CBs like Carl Dickinson who's terrible at his preferred position LB anyway. One poor game on our part, with lots of defensive players out injured btw, is not the story of the season. In the end, we finished 3rd. Oh and to the guy who said we've been flirting with relegation, here are our finishes since our relegation from the Prem:
07/08 6th
08/09 13th
09/10 16th
10/11 14th
11/12 11th
As you can see, nowhere near except, perhaps 09/10, but even then it wasn't exactly a scrap.

Maybe you should have brought a few more CBs in from Granada and Udinese then? 1/2 of your squad was made up of loanees, a few more wouldn't have hurt.

By the end of last season, 71% of our players weren't loans.

Yes because you ended up permanently buying some of your loans. That doesn't stop them from being loans originally.

Actually, the amount of loans only differed by 2. The original amount was 12, but we sent one back, because he wasn't playing, and we signed Forestieri. So, at the start of the season, two thirds of our players weren't loans. Once again, not half.

Either way, a third is still a huge percentage of the squad.

Fair play for getting them in but if it were my team and we went up, I'd be feeling much less satisfied than if it was with our own players.



21 Jun 2013 11:34:21
Euan Holden set to resign for the shakers on a two-year deal

This would be a good signing. he only played the one game but made an impressive debut



21 Jun 2013 11:33:49
Paul cook is looking at Dean Morgan as a possible replacement if the Roberts deal does not come off, Cook wants a player to 'get people off their seats' and dean Morgan would definitely do that. However some chesterfield fans might not be happy to see their once star man back at the club.

Morgan was never "the star man" and if rumours are true he was the cause of the trouble in the dressing room for Sheridan. Looking at how Cook conducts business I would guess he has done his homework and this is in no way shape or form true! Ventress

Rubbish re Morgan he re signed for Wycombe thankfully. Poor attitude.
Roberts had until 5pm yesterday after a good offer from Chesterfield but the club has heard nothing today!

I'd have Dean back any time. MM

Doubt it he has signed a new one year deal with Wycombe

Id take Morgan back he's lazy at times but has got good control and skill and that's what we need

Just heard from club official that the Roberts deadline expired but we backed off and have given him more time.
Chesterfield and 2 others in the frame but he likes the CFC offer as its a longer contract. 100%

This is the daftest rumour yet more chance of getting Wayne Rooney

Told by a club official doesn't make it 100% its just a rumour that's why its posted here and not on official sites



21 Jun 2013 11:31:24
Shrewsbury are interested in David Somma (ex Leeds) and Danny Nardiello (Rotherham). They have also made enquiries about ex Town youngster Andre Gray.

Nardiello isn't for sale. He got 20 for us last season and won't move, he is currently our best striker and plays regular so is satisfied.



21 Jun 2013 11:26:04
Oxford united preparing an £80. 000 bid for Rochdale wantaway striker bobby grant

Have we got that sort of money. I don't think we have though the club have suggested we need a new striker. Loads of rumours about who, must happen in the next week or so I would have thought / hope

I hear that Oxford are hoping to sign both Grant and Burton striker Matt Paterson over the weekend. Grant though has another offer from Rotherham!

Wait and see

Both would be nice. Either one would be nice. But extremely unlikely!

Aload of rubbish wilder has not got aclue, the only oxford sighning palyers is oxford city. And with rugby returning to the poxy kastad we got no hope of any top six finish rugby and football do not match i'm afraid.

We ain't after Grant at all. We certainly wouldn't be paying a fee

I believe Grant is hoping for L1 football, although I don't believe he's good enough. Paterson could be a good call, had a great season with Burton and is looking to kick on.

The terms had been agreed subject to a medical, which he failed. Scunthorpe are keen to say it was terms because if the medical was the reason then he would be difficult to offload elsewhere.

Not good enough lol, like smalley, and that person we call a manager



21 Jun 2013 11:25:46
Estonian International Sergei Zenjov who plays for Karpaty in the Ukraine is interesting Watford. He plays up front and is very quick. He fits the bill for Watford as he is available on loan.

Would like to see watford play some English players!

21 Jun 2013 15:37:39
Only Middlesbrough fielded more home-grown players than Watford in the Championship last season. If you don't think we already field local players, you haven't been paying attention.

21 Jun 2013 15:58:00
Watford play English players?
You mean like Jonathan Bond (Welsh)
Lee Hodson, Adam Thompson, Connor Smith, Sean Murray and Tommi Hoban (Irish)
Doyley and Nosworthy (Jamaican)
Craig Forsyth (Scottish)

Just because all the names that have thrown around this site are not British players it doesn't mean that we won't be signing any.
Anyway we have the resources of one of the best scouting network in football at our disposal so why shouldn't we use it?

No need for xenophobia.

Jonathan Bond is English; not Welsh. Just qualifies for Wales, he's from Hemel-Hempstead. Think Tommie Hoban may be similar but with Ireland. Also Doyley is from Brixton. Please do research.

Apart from Connor Smith and Forsyth all of these players were born and raised in England.

All if those in that list apart from Smith and Forsyth are English born, but represent another nation because of s family member being from that country.

Doyley, Nosworthy, Bond, Murray, Thompson all English born.

All of the players you listed are born in England except from Smith, forsyth and Murray.

He did his research from Fifa haha

Hodson, Thompson & Murray also English born local to Watford but Irish qualified through parents.

Not forgetting Hogg of course who was a regular in the side last season. What about Deeney? To bd honest of our squad of 42 last year almost 30 were British so don't bite the bait fed by the morons



21 Jun 2013 11:23:24
Bobby Grant is an advanced contract talks with league 1 Shrewsbury. Apparently Shrews manager Graham Turner has been tracking the ex Dale striker for 6 months and did enquire about a player swap at the time Terry Gornell moved to the Dale.

A source told me that this deal were for Striker Ashley Grimes making this rumor invalid



21 Jun 2013 11:21:43
ALEX PEARCE has signed a new contract with Championship favourites Reading, after knocking back approaches from Cardiff City and Norwich.

ROYSTON DRENTHE has signed a 3-year deal with Reading.

Former academy product Charlie Austin and Celtic's Gary Hooper are also targets, as well as Norwich's Grant Holt.

21 Jun 2013 12:09:40
No chance in signing Holt. While he won't be first choice this season he is still likely to get game time and has said that when he leaves he wants to head back up North, closer to his family.

I believe both Austin and Hooper would only move to the Prem as they both have ambitions to play for their country which they will certainly not achieve in the Championship. Both would be good targets for the newly promoted clubs.

5m for Holty

Hooper is coming to Reading on Wednesday to sign the contact

21 Jun 2013 11:21:43
ALEX PEARCE has signed a new contract with Championship favourites Reading, after knocking back approaches from Cardiff City and Norwich.

ROYSTON DRENTHE has signed a 3-year deal with Reading.

Former academy product Charlie Austin and Celtic's Gary Hooper are also targets, as well as Norwich's Grant Holt.


That was all going so well until you put holt in there for no reason. Norwich aren't going to sell their talisman and lead scorer, he won't drop down a league and we are already pushing the boat out with hooper and Austin

21 Jun 2013 16:13:20
And how do you know Hooper is coming down on Wednesday to sign the contract? Has you mates, dog sitter seen Hooper's agent's mum in the hair dresser and she told him so?

Let's be honest. He may be in discussions, but I very much doubt you know anything more than the reported interest from Reading.

21 Jun 2013 16:17:08
Taken from the Reading Chronicle:

Speaking exclusively to the Chronicle, a spokeswoman for Hooper's own website, Gary Hooper88. com, said: "Gary is still on holiday at the moment (returned Wednesday) and I won't know more until he comes back.

"As far as I know, Reading haven't made an official bid for him but I believe HE HAS talked to them.

"Nothing is concrete at the moment so we will have to wait and see."

Hardly agreed to sign a contract on Wednesday has he. Stop talking out of your rear.

Holt won't leave Norwich for us. He's already at an excellent club i'd be happy wiith Sharp or Hooper

21 Jun 2013 22:49:20
Thats lies, the celtic squad (apart from those on international duty) reported bk for pre season training yesterday due to the early CL qualifyers

Austin was at Reading as a youth player. We was then told to find another club as his attitude was appalling, this lead to a massive fallout him and the staff at Reading. Austin will not be coming, believe me I work for the club. {Ed029's Note - I don't recall any problems with his attitude. Simon Church was favoured ahead of him and both wanted first team football. Austin was allowed to go. One decision Reading got very wrong!

Austin was at Reading as a youth player. We was then told to find another club as his attitude was appalling, this lead to a massive fallout him and the staff at Reading. Austin will not be coming, believe me I work for the club. {Ed029's Note - I don't recall any problems with his attitude. Simon Church was favoured ahead of him and both wanted first team football. Austin was allowed to go. One decision Reading got very wrong!

Was it not family relocation or was that wickham?



21 Jun 2013 11:08:51
Doncaster are in pole position to land Man City striker John Guidetti. City are interested in loaning him out in England, but are not interested in sending him to a Premier League rival.

This is true

This would be great, but it just seems really unlikely.



21 Jun 2013 11:02:58
Lee Miller said to be having second thoughts now in signing for Carlisle due to an offer of a 2 year contract at Partick Thistle. With Partick being based in Glasgow this is a big reason in him considering the move.

He's much higher standard than scottish second tier

Ha ha nice joke

Partick are in the Scottish premier league, but it could comes down to his emotions as the main reason he wants to move from carlisle is his family but he has a found memories of how carlisle helped him during his lowest moments in life.

If zoko comes back it will make my life



21 Jun 2013 11:00:30
Former Real Madrid winger Royston Drenthe (26) has signed for Reading on a 2 year deal with the option of a third year.

Biggest Football League signing to date. Hard to see anyone else winning the Championship next season the way Reading are bringing in decent players.

21 Jun 2013 11:19:21
bold statement stick some money on them but I think you will find wigan and Bolton will be above reading also boumouth will be there in the mix

Former real madrid player, but a player who failed fell from the top and was playing for russias bottom club last season

21 Jun 2013 12:23:21
And let's not forget the small clubs in this division Leeds, Nottingham Forest, QPR, Leicester. I think some people are counting their chickens a little too soon.

Don't forget Watford are still on course to signing all the loanees on permanent deals and bringing in new talent from the Pozzo scouting network and from the sister clubs.

21 Jun 2013 13:21:29
Awful attitude. Dropped by all teams he played for.



21 Jun 2013 10:58:09
swindon news, looks like its going to be MCADONALDS BABES! FOR NEXT SEASON
all the pro, s have left no real experaince left
ward & roberts will go, maybe coillins as well. navarro, caddis, benson, can, t see Caddis staying if he did that would be a great Bonus even Be4nson
would be good, roumers about simon chruch from reading coming to swindon? but the new sigings swindon make will only be long season loans & free transfers. I really can, t seem them in the top 10
& they will struggle if they don, t sign good pro, s but wages will be very low who ever signs I am afaird next season will be a quite one. its going to be very intresting to see if they can cope, with KIDS I love them to do well but the old Board & PDC have stripped the clubs finance.

Give KMAC 10 games and he will be sacked.

Hope so no pation no clue on formation, we are going to get bullied off the park with kids, I at least expected them to keep five old pros to guide and support them, ward was a potential captain! But if he goes, good in the air good leader very slow.

As a Swindon fan, I'm excited for next season. It will be nice to see younger players trying hard rather than high wage players not give a s***. COYR!



21 Jun 2013 10:51:32
Crystal palace have bid £400,000 for Australian international Joshua Kennedy who plays in Japan for Nagoya. Ian Holloway thinks he is the perfect replacement for Glen Murray

This looks to be true as he is best mates with Palace's captain Mile Jedinak.

Being a Blackpool fan this is just what Ollie did when he was our manager.

Getting players nobody had ever heard of, nobody had ever seen them play and they will never start a game and will spend all their time sitting in Nando's eating chicken and picking up a decent wage.

I bet 100% his wife saw a video of him and told Ollie to buy him.

Not looking good

The same could have been said about jedinak

To the Blackpool fan

90% of Palaces best players were virtually unknown or youth players when they joined us - vitually unknown has always worked better for us with players everyone knows with better reputations - the owners won't want to change that to much either

£400,000 for a 31 year old - are you having a giraffe

Just come back from serious injury. When in form, he could be a surprise package

I agree on Kennedy he would be a great addition.

Crystal palace are finding it tough this transfer period. It seems in order to try and stay up clubs are more interested in keeping other clubs down. I would not be supposed if Cardiff drops pulls out on the once bid, they are probably expecting Liverpool to trump them.

Australian players are exactly where palace needs to look:
Cb spiranovic (Liverpool took a look last year)
CDM/cd Milligan (tool over jedinaks spot on the aussie team while out injured, he is ready).
lw/rw/cam Oar is pure class, his speed and control on the ball is fantastic.
Gk Ryan young and offers better competition then Carson. Could really challenge speroni to show his best



21 Jun 2013 10:40:40
Millwall have hijacked Nicky Bailey's potential transfer to Bradford and look set to sign him. Murray Davidson is also going to Millwall this week.

He wasn't on his way to Bradford City, he was in talks with Southend.

I can see the reason why he would be going to Millwall as it means he stays in the Championship (even though us Bantams will be there as well soon) but why would he be talking to Southend? Although he used to play for them, he left under a bit of a cloud, and I can't see him dropping down as far as the 'Pop and Crisp' league.



21 Jun 2013 10:31:50
Brighton's Egypt international Adam El-Abd & his agent have met with Barnsley FC officials with a view to a 2 year deal.

Another MIDO?

Adam El-Abd can go. He's a boot it out player, not a passing player. Let him leave a nearly promoted club for a nearly relegated club.

Good lad but that's his level.

El Abd will wait it out to see who Brighton sign before making any decisions. He would only leave if he felt himself slipping down the pecking order.

Playing football is his first love Brighton is his second

Believed to be talking to Boro next week.

At this rate we're not going to sign anyone if this Poyet stuff goes on any longer

He has agree terms with Brighton first

Sometimes you have to put your foot through the ball, you can play too much football at the back

Hope he goes he's about as useful as a pair of sunglasses for a man with one ear, bring in upson

Past it, want someone big strong early twentys not an old man

Old man he's 28 yrs old Hardly past it, championship experience plus an international



21 Jun 2013 10:24:00
Chopra to sheffield Wednesday on loan till Jan with offer to buy in next window if Dave Jones happy with striker performances. Wednesday will pay 60% of players wages. fee already agreed for Jan if both party's happy.

josh Carson linked with return to York city on loan for season, also intrested in player are wycome and bristol rovers,

jet linked a lot with bristol city over the last few weeks but fee will be stumbling block,

Fon-Williams, grant, killgallon, bramble, woods will all be training with town on monday

On loan? he was released last month.

Huddersfield Adam Clayton to Hillsborough along with Jutcewicz from boro and Wood loan from lester

Unless he/she means trial?



21 Jun 2013 10:00:52
Crawley have finally agreed a deal with Bournemouth to buy Matt Tubbs back, contrary to popular believe Crawley only ever recieved £260,000 from the original sale and the remaining £400, 00 was supposed to be add ons for appearances and goals etc. Due to Tubbs lack of games at Bournemouth the adds on have not been paid, so Crawley have agreed a fee for around £200 K and he will sign in the next week.

Rumour has gone on too long. Crawley just need to get this done. Would certainly help with the sale of season tickets during preseason.

Tubbs is not joining crawley already confirmed tubbs should be joining oxford crawley have their eyes on a young striker from galatasaray

Crawley are a bigger club than swindon now

Wow that's a big statement ^^^

22 year old striker from galatasaray set to sign for crawley

Prefer Tubbs

Way we going akindi will be back

Tubbs rumoured to be signing this week



21 Jun 2013 10:19:32
Fulham are set to sign charlton striker Yann kermorgrant fee believed to be 3m

What the 31 year old lump that scored 12 goals in League 1?!

A! Great stuff, kiu.

Actually 12 goals in the championship. to bad he wouldn't move anyway

Kermorgrant is probably BPL League standard but he won't leave. He is too loved at charlton, anyway the addicks are going up this season :)

Fulham won't sign people like that we are looking for top class players.

What the 31 year old lump that scored 12 goals in League 1?!

A! Great stuff, kiu.
While I do believe that this rumour is false, your comment is HIGHLY ignorant. He also scored 12 goals this season along with a higher number of assists. Watch some of his goals on youtube from the last few years, then I'll I think you'll see how wrong the word 'lump' is to describe him. I think you're look for a word more like 'godly'.

Yann is known for he's assisting. Brilliant Striker. He'd be Fulham's best player if he left. He ain't going anywhere though.

And how many goals did fulham score last season. Berbatov got 15 but their next highest scorer only got 6. Charlton would not let him go not even for 3m as he is our only striker at the moment with any real goal threat about him.

Lol, our best player? Turn it in fella.

Not good enough for Fulham or Charlton that's all they can afford.

As a Charlton fan I love Kermorgant, but he is not Fulham standard

Kermo could easily do a job in the prem wins every head you put a nippy striker playing off him an goals will be scored without doubt

If they offer 3mil we'd be stupid to turn it down, and of course he'd go to Fulham given the chance he's 31 so unlikely to get premier league football, as although it hurts me to say Charlton aren't good enough to get promoted, just because we had a good finish charlton fans are get far to excited, much more chance of getting relegated than promoted

Fulham's best player you are having a laugh Berbatov is ten times better than him.

I typed in kermorgrant on youtube and there is a song about how bad he was for leicester

That song isn't about how bad he was, the song was about his penalty he missed, so what people miss penalties, if he was a bad player he wouldn't of taken another penalty, but he obviously isn't because he scored the winner against Bolton via a penalty and was our main man throughout the season and was Alain joint top scorer. Scored in both games against Leicester city last season and both games he shhhhhhhhhed the lesciester fans, what a lad!

People make me laugh just watch kermo play then judge him even the liecester fans said after the 2games what a player he was

Berbatov is also 50 times lazier than Kermo too, I'd rather the quantity and passion from a player that one appearance in every 6 games!

Hold on to the Big Frenchman, the money will not be worth the outcome. NO SALE, NO SALE!



21 Jun 2013 10:13:19
West Bromwich Albion have publicised their interest in Free Agent Yossi Benayoun. The club have made initial contact with the recently released Chelsea Midfielder but will have to go some way in meeting his wage demands.

No they haven't, interested in January but not now

Ive heard a lot of rumours linking us with coppices fine star kyle davies

Rugby ay we



21 Jun 2013 10:11:40
Celtic to bid £4m for James McArthur


Small scottish club? celtic are one of the most popular and famous clubs in the world never mind the u. k. however I don't see mcarthur coming to celtic



21 Jun 2013 10:09:56
Sunderland are trying to sign powerful American forward Jozy Altidore and Spurs Jermaine Defoe. BLACKCAT

Do not want Altidore but Defoe would be a great addition.

Why would Jozy Altidore want to go there?

What is wrong with altidore better than graham!

Defoe is waaaaaay too selfish. Already have Adam Johnson as our #1 ballhogger



21 Jun 2013 09:22:30
Bradford City are set to sign Gary Taylor Flecther

No chance

Would rather sign Barbara Taylor Fletcher anyway



21 Jun 2013 09:03:28
Clayton Donaldson seen on his phone outside Huish Park Yesterday, Looks like signing nearly done

21 Jun 2013 14:24:34
Right sort of player needed but. !



21 Jun 2013 08:45:02
Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe is a big admirer of Burnley left-back Joseph Mills who is unlikely to be in the Clarets plans this season so Mills could go to the Cherries on a season-long loan.

Very likely- he signed Mills on a season long loan for Burnley with a guaranteed purchase at the end.

The new manager doesn't want him and has already said he can find himself a new club so this would not be a surprise.

There's not going to be a fee involved as he didn't cost us one so I'd imagine that there will be either a 5-6 month loan (after which he will be bought in January) or a season long loan with a purchase at the end of that.

The contract was pre agreed as part of the season long loan. Set up by EH, not Sean Dyche, so not SD's signing. Given Mills hardly had a game under SD I could see this happening.

Wouldn't mind Bournemouth taking him on a season long loan and buy him after that. They should cover all his wages also since Eddie made the deal

Didnt burnley offer him a contract? i'm pretty sure they did and he's s full time claret now

Yes - Burnley did sign him full-time but the deal was done as part of the loan and was triggered end of season. Even if it wasn't already clear, the way Burnley grumpily and belatedly announced the signing made it obvious that Sean Dyche doesn't want him and was just lumbered with a signing made before his time (see also Dane Richards). Any way out of it that is acceptable to Mills will see him leave.



21 Jun 2013 08:25:41
Swansea are back in for Middlesbrough's Marvin Emnes in a £2.5 million swoop

Fingers crossed!


Swansea will get better players

Doubt it

£500,000 more than michu

If they didn't sign him after the 2011-12 season, I can't see them offering much after the performances he served up last season.

I'll drive him there myself

That is a lot of money for a sulking bench warmer

No one will offer 2.5m for Emnes!

21 Jun 2013 17:51:28
And I'll drive him back

Not premier league style! Could be a waste of money! We should Save up for Gomis!

22 Jun 2013 08:35:43
The rumour does have a degree of truth in it. Emnes was on his way to Swansea in January as part of the deal Jenkins accepted for Danny Graham. I can see this happening soon.

Lee cattermole leaving Sunderland as not wanted in plans



21 Jun 2013 07:36:39
Having looked at the constant rumours over the last few weeks its amazing how little people mention the academy. If you look at what BMD is doing and with Neil Redfearn and Richard Naylors new terms does it not show that we are going to use more academy players? Sod the rumours and sod the silly transfer fees let's get the younger hungrier boys in and be proud! we don't need other teams cast offs with big wage demands.
Come on get behind BMD and get back to what we are good at - excellent hungry youngsters who want to perform for LUFC! Nuff said!

You win bugger all wi kids

Its great having youngsters, just a pity that you have a Manager who will teach them the art of the long ball!



21 Jun 2013 07:36:29
With Martin Rice set to join Exeter from Torquay, Artur Kryziak will move to Bristol City in search of first team football

Artur already enjoys first team football!!

HA Most amusing

It would be great to see Ricey back at ECFC, don't believe it would happen though

By all means take Ricey back he's bloody awful



21 Jun 2013 04:52:16
Charlton Exit:

BWP - Released (Trail with New York)
Rouamba - Released (Agent has taken him to South Africa to find a club in their premier league).
Cedric Evina - Released (Declined Contract Offer wants more first team football).
Oliver Muldoon - Released (End of Youth Contract)
Harry Gerard - Released (End of Youth Contract)

Semi Ajayi (Signs new Pro Deal)
Dillion Phillips (Signs Pro Deal)
Harry Lennon (Signs Pro Deal)

Coming In:
1 Left Back (Alex Smith)
1 Left/Right Winger (Jacques Maghoma is the no1 choice)
2 Strikers (Simeon Jackson & Simon Church)

Forget Simeon Jackson he's signing for another club!

Harry Gerard won't be released.

21 Jun 2013 13:17:49
Ollie Muldoon and Harry Gerard both got pro deals.

The only youngster released was Tom Derry who's got himself a deal at Gillingham.

Maghoma is definitely talking to Boro next week.



21 Jun 2013 01:00:31
Swansea to hijack Napoli's bid for Belgian international Dries Mertens.

His agent has already said he's going to Napoli.

Top player hope this is true!

Yawn! He's already signed for Napoli!



21 Jun 2013 00:34:35
Really hope the victor Wanyama link is true give Celtic the 10million and get him signed top quality player

Think that youl find that Celtic are wanting closer to 12. 5 mate but he's worth every penny believe me?

You will need to give Celtic more than 10 million to get him. think closer to 15. also that is cheap. he is top quality and if he was at a English club just now he would be valued at around 30 million easily.



21 Jun 2013 00:11:56
Danny Stevens from Torquay to Wycombe or Oxford Utd. Wycombe offering 1 year and Oxford a 2 year deal.

Good player we should never have released him

We (OUFC) are not after him at all.
We are after 4 more players.
a left back, a centre back, centre midfielder and a proven goal scorer.
Stevens is none of them!

21 Jun 2013 22:52:13
We need more than 4 & wilder said 2 strikers and 2 left backs so that's 4 without midfie

ld and centre back

Wilder said 9 at start of the summer, we've signed 3 and a youngster for devel squad.
This week in both Ox Mail and on Yellow player Wilder has said, 1 left back, centre back, centre mid and 1 centre forward!
I agree we need couple more on top of that. But we're only looking at 4 more signings. Stevens is not 1 of them



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