Football Rumours Archive June 21 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 21 2012 

20 Jun 2012 23:39:51
Interesting article in the Financial Times a couple of days back, about the Spanish Government imposing heavy taxes on companies that fell into certain categories, and one such category was the Spanish football clubs who could end up having to fork out loads of dosh to help keep other areas of the economy going. It is reckoned the big clubs (barcelona and Real Madrid) could end up having to splash out about £30 - £50 million each, on the basis that they can afford to spend that much on players in these troubled times. Some of the smaller Spanish clubs believe this could see them wiped out of business, and even Barcelona and Real have said they may have to sell off some of their key players to finance the Governments legislation. So if this happens, what chances of Messi returning to Argentina or being snapped up for £100 million by Manchester City. We all know he is happy in Spain, but what if he is forced to move for monetary reasons? Very few clubs could afford him now. Manchester City, Chelsea (possibly), and Reading as well - but unlikely to choose them - who is left who can afford his wages?(7)(13)I saw the article too. Not just football clubs but other well off companies too. Part of Spanish cutting back measures I think. Don't know what effect it is going to have on Spanish football - probably drive them all over here. Surprised the Greeks have not thought of this - mind you, not many well known Greek footballers. Perhaps they should put a tax on Demis Roussos' mouth!Its possible, however the Spanish government always seems to find ways of extending Real Madrid's credit. I am not sure that the German government would be happy at indirectly bailing out Spanish football teams?If he were to leave I'm sure Anzhi or PSG would offer him ridiculous wages, money talks.We would never be able to afford Messi let alone his wages (Reading). Only 3 clubs in the prem that would be able to afford him. Man U, Chelsea and of course Man City. It's an interesting point though and could see a tidal wave of players that play in Spain chasing money over here. I doubt as a club we would get players in just because they will get more money here, they have to want to play for the club.There is a good chance there will be an "levelling out" of talent across leagues in the next couple of years, but more to do with the fact the Spanish government have scrapped the so-called "Beckham tax" whereby footballers paid less income tax than they should.
This (and the tanking of the pound against the Euro) are two of the main reasons for the exodus of talent from England to Spain over the last few years.

When the pound dropped from E1.50 ish to parity, someone like Xabi Alonso's euro bundle went from E150kweek to E100kweek overnight. Add in the 50% tax rate introduced (quite rightly) here and his income basically halved overnight compared to what he could get in Spain.

With Mascherano, Barcelona were able to pay him more than he got at Liverpool with a considerably lower outlay than Liverpool had (what with tax, NI etc.)

sadly Jessie J is bang wrong when she says it's not about the money.Reading fans are just getting better and better!! Reading can afford Messi! Brilliant!Must admit, very weird seeing the state of Spanish football discussed in the Financial Times lolI think what the person said about Reading being able to afford Messi has been misunderstood. They now have a very wealthy chairman and as a debtfree club, Reading are now in the top 10 of the wealthiest clubs, and as such, if they wanted to they probably could afford him, but would not do so as it would upset their wage structure, and Messi would not want to play for them anyway as Reading are too "small" - even though they are one of the few clubs that seems to be moving forwards, and as a Reading supporter this is a really exciting time to be a fan. So what if we re being associated with everyone from League 2 to Messi? We have been a sleeping giant for quite a few years and now that giant is starting to wake up. The motivation of Anton and Brian McDermott and the shrewd business sense of John Madejski, I really believe Europe is a possibility in a few years. We only missed out by one place last time and we are better equipped this time to make an impact.Unfortunately its not a matter of them choosing Reading, we are self-sustainable and the income we bring in is no where near high enough to fathom any signing of that calibre.

TrueLoyalRoyalI dont think I'm misunderstood at all, well maybe in life, but not on this! Readings new owner is nothing more than a playboy who has been given pocket change, albeit an awful lot of pocket change, by his daddy. His net worth is 600m. This puts Reading nowhere near the worlds wealthiest clubs. Sorry but thats a fact. It is also a fact that a an individual with a net worth of 600m is very very very unlikely to spend 100m, or 1/6 of their total wealth, on 1 player. Also, on a side note, why do you insist on writing using subjective terms ie 'they', when its clear that you are a fan? You go on and admit youre a fan of Reading, so using terms like 'they', which attempts to insinuate that you happen to be an impartial spectator that just so happens to recognise that Reading is one of about four clubs in the country with the necessary assets to purchase Messi, just sounds a bit daft.

Is this that MrRfc by any chance??...We used to be self-sustainable. Things have changed now. Get used to it. These guys are ambitious beyond anything we could have hoped for.His dad is apart of the ownership as well and hes worth a few billion. Anton is just the face mateMy only concern is that his wages would be too high and upset the rest of the team. Surely we can find someone else with lower wage expectations?Yes he is. He's the face. Or at least he's the owner of the face that is the face of the owner of Reading FC. If you meant that he's some kind of a front? No, he isnt. His father was put through the FA's 'fit and proper persons' test and rightfully so. If the potential purchaser of a football club has an incredibly wealthy blood relative, it is right that he be 'checked out' too. This doesnt make him the owner. In fact, given that he also met the criteria to pass the test, it makes it clear he isnt the owner. Any person able to pass the test that wanted to buy or invest heavily in a football club would do just that!


20 Jun 2012 23:32:14
Wolves rumoured to have submitted a bid of £3.5million for Vincent Aboubaker it is said solbakken is keen to bring him into the team to inject pace into the team the Cameroonian striker currently at Valenciennes FC is said to be keen on the move to molineax as the future looks bright at the club with him being a young player which can slowly develop into the first team. From a newspaper article(11)(5)Which newspaper?I heard this too hope it's true never seen him play though


20 Jun 2012 22:00:37
Norwich want Yakubu as a replacement for Grant Holt and are also rivalling Aston Villa for Kyle Nughton from Tottenham. Norwich are willing to bid £4.5million for the pacey right back.(9)(33)Naughton will join villa, he likes lambert and will be 1st choice wen huttons goneReplacement? last I checked he still wasn't for sale.We dont want yakubu we can get younger player same moneyNaughton has never said he likes Lambert. nor that he ever wanted to leave Spurs for good. infact it was just when Norwich played arsenal away that he said he wanted to do spurs a favour by beating arsenal.
players usually prefer Norwich as a whole compared to the current manager. the team seems to always gel well together and the crowd is great for them.
but odds are, he will stay with spurs. but as of right now he's not going anywhere due to lack of managers.Last i heard the Yak was off to ChinaWhy do you assume that Tottenham will sell him, and why assume he will join Villa, because he liked lambert , all is not as it seems with Lambert & his coach Culverhouse, looks like Culverhouse is staying with Norwich and there is every chance Naughton will elect to return to Norwich, they can certainly offer him a similar salary package as Villa.
Lambert has not been handed huge amounts of money at Villa, so will have to work carefully with what he has, why do you think Ireland is being encouraged to leave, his wages are too high for current management/owners.Naughton will probably stay at spurs because corluka is likely to be sold to a team in europeYak? not in a million years!
naughton will prob go to villa if he leaves at all, depends on spurs next manager. but i dont think we will spend the kind of money being quoted on one player unless Holt is sold. our failed attempt at christmas around 2/3mill is the end of the matter i suspect.


20 Jun 2012 21:33:55
Daniel Totu King Bisungu to join Notts County from Mansfield Town, Source: His own twitter.(4)(9) 

Great nameFrom Notts county supporter.Who is he?.


20 Jun 2012 21:11:05
This isn't transfer rumours but it is managerial rumours regarding the Gillingham vacancy.

Former Oldham, Barnsley and Huddersfield Town boss Andy Ritchie will be announced as the new boss on Friday morning(8)(11)Good luck gillingham. absolutely terrible manager.Not really... lee clark got job but stalling to see if he gets birmingham job...Top manager and top bloke, still gutted he got sack at barnsley..very highly thought of at oakwellNo manager announcement near. The chairman said on Radio Kent yesterday he still had candidates to speak toHope so. Brilliant leader!Lost his job for basically telling the truth regarding Barnsleys ambitions and capabilities. Good manager, been out of the job for too longLee clark wouldn't go gillingham, he is a better manager than league 2 levelLee Clark is about a league two level but Gills chairman aint gonna open the cehque book like Deano did for him at Town, so he would prob get them relegated!!
JDA (Terriers Fan - not a lee clark fan)Lee clark rubbish manager failed to get a club out of league 1 even tho he spent millions


20 Jun 2012 21:03:37
Bristol rovers set to sign newport county and former gashed David pipe
He is set to be welcomed by the rovers faithful(5)(20)He has signed a long term contract with Newport you got now chanceHe is not welcomed by the gasheads i know, awful player.Another pipe dream.


20 Jun 2012 21:00:28
Izale McLeod to be announced as a Yeovil Town player early next week(14)(31) 

Hope soHope so we need a proven goalscorer i thunk hes ready to move up a leagueVery likely mate!He was ment to have signed by last week. someone keeps running the same false story.A player Gary Johnson wanted at Bristol City I believe, and McLeod is likely to be swayed by the manager's persistence... would be a fantastic signing for us...Would be excellent for us!Sounds too far from his home in Milton Keynes so it'll surprise me.Its not exactly unheard of for players to leave their homes to join a new club... this is football... not many players have that bigger attachment to where they live to have to join a club there...Would be a great signing for us a proven goalscorer in the football league and the 2 strikers we have are not proven goalscorers i can see it cooming off as it is realistic and we could probably be able to pay his wages


20 Jun 2012 20:49:57
Saints to announce the signings of Stuart Holden, Rhys Williams and the major coup of Tom Huddlestone in the next 48 hours. This will be followed up in the next few weeks by Jack Butland after England get home.(16)(36)I'm a saints fan and Tom Huddlestone is shieAre u in another world all them players are to good for yaIf I was Jack Butland I would stay at blues and play regular first team football thereButland will be home on MondayRhys Williams has just signed s new deal. If he was going to the prem it would be to a bigger club than southampton.Pretty sure williams is happy at boroHuddlestone is not the major coup thats been talked about, we are not after Holden either and Im not aware of any interest in Williams. However Butland is one of our main targets and will hold further talks soon. Would be a good move for Butland as Davis nearing the end of his career Jack can become Saints No 1. Saints will have at least 2 new signings by the start of July and all the people instantly dismissing their chances are in my opinion being very foolish. You have no idea of the plans and targets Nicola Cortese has for the club and he has the finance to do it too.Is this for real!! You have got no chance of signing Stuart HoldenIs this as well as Shawcross :-)

Southampton fans get funnier every day.Apart from the fact Holden is the league belowSouthampton fans think Huddlestone is shte? Injury problems are the only thing stopping him from being an England regular. As good as Parker in my opinion, and youngerI'm a Sunderland fan but shawcross will go to a top 6 club which Southampton are not but they still alot bigger than stokeThere is not 1 Saints fan who really believes Saints can sign Shawcross, he is good enough for top 6. There was one post on here that mentioned Shawcross and Saints and it was obvious by the way it was written it wasnt from a Saints fan. People on here have to take every post with a pinch of salt as anyone can claim to be a fan of any team and write rubbish.Holden wouldn't leave the small club he's at for saints don't be a silly boyAs the person who posted the original message, I am not a Saints fan but a Man Utd employee. The deals are all but done. I now this because my cousin works at StaplewoodSaints could get these players there not at big clubs and saints is a big step up from where there atDont want reece to go , hes by far the best player in the championship and will become a top player, but money talks and a fee of 8 million would be hard for boro to turn down


20 Jun 2012 20:41:47
Burton Albion to sign Jon Macken, released by W
Walsall - you heard it here, first!

RRM the Saddler(20)(7)


20 Jun 2012 20:28:44
only a rumour, BUT, Chris Beardsley is apparently set to sign for Luton if Jon Shaw doesn't accept his contract offer. also, expect major movement in the next week or two for Luton as they look to clear some players that have failed to get them back into the football league.



20 Jun 2012 20:28:10
Spurs closing in on Stephane Sessegnon.(19)(26)How can spurs sign anyone with no manager? what if the new manager doesn't rate sessegnon?Why would sessegnon go to a team with no manager? what if the new manager doesn't rate sessegnon? what a load of rubbish this is, anyway he's on his way to psgI agree with above expect why would he resign for PSG when Pastore will always be above him in pecking order for the roleAm a sunderland fan and dont think he will go to english clubs his famly are home sick so going back to france and sess could get into psg squad anydaySess has already said he is staying and oneil doesnt want to sell. It wud take stupid money to buy him from sunderland.


20 Jun 2012 20:18:30
Scott Rendell has a signed a two year deal at Luton for an undisclosed fee(7)(7)


20 Jun 2012 20:15:55
Jordan Cook ex Sunderland poised to sign a two year deal at Div 1 Walsall(7)(6)Please tell me this is true, quality playerNa na we r going upAccording to his twitter - he's still in Cancun oh holiday so doubt he'll be in Walsall in the near futureHis agent is not in cancun !He's back from Cancun now.


20 Jun 2012 19:53:53
Gus Poyet will swoop for striker David Connolly after he was released by Southampton (good source)(5)(26)His swooping is more like a crawl-he was released weeks ago!No thanks we have money to buy someone goodWould be a good signing for Brighton if we could get him fit- he is the type of player who might well flourish under Poyet's playing style.What style is that live in hope??Going to palaceAh yes poyet's playing style. Do you mean teaching Brighton how to Dive, feign injury, roll around, card wave, waste time?


20 Jun 2012 19:52:54
Pavel Pogrebnyak to Reading is DONE, not sure of it will be announced tonight (20/06) or tomorrow
MrRfc(26)(23)If true, can imagine this will really please the rest of the squad. Russian owner and first major signing-a Russian- who is to be paid considerably more than others in the squad and way above what the wages ceiling was. May have to rename your club, Reading Disunited.This is true. photos leaked of him getting pic taken with his reading shirtRegarding pay im told it is not as significant as stated. he will be paid just above roberts but with considerable bonuses. i have faith in mcdermotts motivational skills to keep the group united
MrRfcWe are a squad and a solid TEAM, not a group of individuals.. a big signing will only be beneficial if he gels with the rest of the teamAlso for those moaning about us paying to much it is important to note it is a free transfer so thats give the club more finance for wages. if he stays for the 4yrs i make it similar to the transfer of jrod to saints
MrRfcNo there havent been leaked pics as our shirt isnt out (facepalm)"Little" Reading are not so little any more. All these people who say we are doomed will be eating their hats next May. Come on URzzzzAlso it's worth pointing out to fans that don't seem to know how the press work with transfers - Everything is talked up in the media and they will look to talk about the biggest price possible to sell more copies. He is no way on 65k a week. Great signing when it goes through however...MrRfc-you really don't have a clue! You talk as if a transfer cost and wages can be added together and this makes it OK, comparing it to Rodriguez.
That is just deluded-Saints were careful to sign Rodriguez maintaining the salary ceiling set by the club so that the rest of the squad (who had got Saints into the Premiership) would observe that treatment was fair and equal.
Reading may be able to pay a higher salary to a player they get on a free, and justify the economics-but it doesn't justify the selective treatment to the rest of the squad, and I believe these issues can become very destructive during an initial season in the Premiership when it will be obvious what salaries some other teams are also paying.
Your new owner may have some money, but if this is symptomatic of his business approach, I think you will see some problems by Christmas.Really? You sign Pogrebnyak and you believe your a big team? If he was that good there would have been other teams in for him, but it was just Fulham and if they really wanted him they would have offered him the wages to sign him. He is a good signing for Reading , but hes not a top player at all in my opinion. I still believe Reading will be battling relegation this season.A class player being paid more than other way ;) anyway he isn't being paid that much more. It's considered to be around 35K which isn't insanely high and not much more than players were earning last time we were in the prem.I sat next to him while he was undergoing his medical yesterday.....Me comparing it to jrod was to those who were saying we were splashing the cash like QPR, and btw im not saying you are as i think jrod was a good signing who will be worth more in the future. i have already said that pog will be on similar wages to roberts and that didnt do any harm. these are the wages we will be paying now and i trust mcdermott in keeping the team together
MrRfcSo you said it will be confirmed today, it hasn't been confirmed , good one


20 Jun 2012 19:37:41
Derby will not sign anyone till players are sold. FACT!(18)(8)if signing them requires a feeWe are not a selling club otherwise Will hughes and mason bennett would have been gone by now.If this is a derby fan stop putting a downer on everything.The owners had the club on secure terms now with 1 of the 5 investers putting in more money into the club source Derby telegraph.Nigel has a transfer budget of 1.5 million before why would we have to sell before all of the Steve davies situation happened.We were only
selling Miles addison and Lee croft and releasing some youth players.Nigel had already known the 7 players he wanted 4 of them being on Free transfer or a cut price.The only player that will cost more than million will be the Striker that replaces Steve davies with Major interest in either Jamie Murphy or Johnny Russell.

we are expecting if all players are sold to gain fees between 3m-5m.Not all of that will go into the transfer budget as nigel will only look to spend a maxium of 3.2 million with the 1.5 at the start before sales he will only need 1.7 of the sale money the rest will go towards facilties the academy.

Jason Shackell will not be sold I repeat Jason Shackell will not be sold.4 Million asking price.Burnley have lost interest as they put in an Embarassing 1.3 which is only 100k more than we payed for him.

Players in
Michael Jacobs
Daniel Powell
Fegor Ogude
Johnny Russell
Paul Dixon
Krystian Pearce

All players Bought will be under 25 and there will be no loans.If Alberto Bueno were to revisit it would be Pernament not loan.

Players out
Steve Davies-1.4 Million
Chris Maguire-675k
James Bailey-800k
Ben davies-200k
Lee croft-Undisclosed to Oldham
Paul Green-Free Transfer to Leeds
4+ Players Released

Above is their asking price with Clubs interested in all and some bids have been made for Maguire and Davies.

Get your Facts right

#IN Clough we Trust^The Guy above is correct.As we put in bids for michael jacobs that were rejected and we havent sold anyone yet
so.Get your facts rightHe's correct. We wont sign anyone until players are sold. And i find it quite funny how some guy posted something then posed again to act as another person to back himself up LOLIn all the local media both Clough and Glick have stated we aren't going to buy untill funds are raised by selling players. Your list of players we're interested in and imaginary transfer budgets are pure fiction. The only solid link to a signing is Jacobs and that seems to be held up with a lack of money on our part. This isn't putting a downer on things it is based on statments released by the club. so my facts are right! your just absoloutly deluded!! FACT!Just out of intrest who is this Krystian Pearce fella...all rumours say we are buying him...unless its the same person posting rumours on a daily basis...oh for the days of John Fashunu seen at estate agents in DerbyBut what if our bids for Jacobs had been accepted then.No-one has been sold.
The onlly time your theory works if no clubs comes in for Maguire,davies and bailey then we cant get replacements and keep them.Otherwise than that we need to get a Rw Lw Lb Cm and striker
these are all before anyone leaves thenThere is no proof of this in the local media show me the link?.You act as if we are portsmouth.we will well the playes transfer listed gain between 3-4 million and buy the players in question its simple.
whether we have money before or not the players are already heavily linked with other clubs.Derby are letting the jacobs deal go to tribunal after they were told its 575k not the 900k the chairman was expecting.Paul Dixon will be a free transfer.Krystian pearce is a centre back for Notts County only 22 very quick and big think samba.He is transfer listed at 150k derby are offering 130k plus Connor doyle on loan.Johnny Russell is the only striker target but due to his high profile now.I think we will have theo and callum as our first team strikers and have bennett thomas and richards all swap for cover.The only player that seems out of the norm that we have been linked with is the sone aluko and Fegor ogude.Aluko free transfer and ogude for 450k which apparently is a bargain only expect 5 players in more will only be young free transfers.NO loans or players over 25.


20 Jun 2012 19:35:32
yeovil town want york city forward Jason Walker(5)(11)No we don't We want izale McLeodHow about both we need atlest 4 strikers next season having all ready got 2^^ agreed, that would be 4 very good strikers... but we know he wants a target man and dont expect foley to play up front as much as midfield... i say 3 more strikers...


20 Jun 2012 19:33:54
Paul Green has joined Leeds, and will officially sign on the 1st of July.

Derby will sign Boltons James Caton on thr 1st of July. Michael Jacobs will also be confirmed as a Derby player on that same day.(3)(13)We are not getting James caton.We looked at him found out he was crap.Hes
a same type of player as Tom Carroll very weak.If you posting this because you think this is true show me the linkFunny, talks to Derby fans regularly on twitter, interacts with then, ive even had a game of fifa with the lad. He's very secretive about who he's joining but trust me its Derby. July 1st.Thats funny he dosent even have twitter.
we are getting Michael Jacobs then either
daniel Powell or Jon taylor.That 2 wingers
and we have Jamie ward and Tyson.who will more than likely be first team.Why in world would we have 5 wingers and caton will definately be 5th choice and if bolton dont want him after loosing alot of players we certianly dont seeing as he isnt quck very weak and average skill.

To the guy above stop bsing if you are telling the truth post a link."Played fifa with the guy".Shows how crap he his that could be true.Doesn't have twitter???


He might we rubbish but were signing himProof? Link? Why don't you post a link about Ogude then? Lier


20 Jun 2012 19:21:28
leeds utd have been taken over...paddy kenny,peter whittingham and dj campbell to sign on friday(4)(26)Whittingham NO CHANCELeeds have NOT BEEN taken over so will only be FREEBIES For Capt BirdseyeKenny,whittingham and campbell having a laughWhat a lovely world you live in, unfortunately I believe the takeover rumour was a smokescreen by Bates but we live in hope.Kenny and Campbell fair enough. Whitts
would cost a packet. Might as well hang on to Snodgrass


20 Jun 2012 19:32:00
walsall defender lee beevers is in talks with league one club doncaster rovers(7)(7)In his agents head only


20 Jun 2012 19:12:35
Bournemouth are set to bid for Aldershot LB Anthony Straker to challenge Charlie Daniels(6)(12)Straker on verge of signing for Cheltenham deal to be completed tomorrow.


20 Jun 2012 19:11:20
Cheltenham Town captain Alan Bennett is set to join Leyton Orient.(6)(8)Not really. still negoitating with cheltPossibly.A title challenging Cheltenham Town team for 12 13 season:

GK- Brown
DL-Bhasara/Straker ( plymouth/aldershot )
LM- Mohammed
CM- Pack
CM- Summerfield
RM- Mcglashan
ST- Duffy
ST- Spencer ( loan huddersfeild )
SUB- Folly ( Aberdeen)
SUB- Facey ( hereford )
SUB-Williamson ( hyde/port vale )
SUB-LoweBennett isn't even that good, League 2 standard at best imo. We still have Steve Elliott who is better in my view so won't be too disappointed if Benno leavesWilliamson has just signed a year extension at Vale, and why would Folly drop from Aberdeen to League2?
Also, we are yet to seal SummerfieldA good team maybe less new players. :-)But SPL aint that great at least he will be playing first team football every week if he was at chelt, if not loan him


20 Jun 2012 19:11:13
Paul Green signs 2 year contract at leeds united(4)(6)


20 Jun 2012 18:43:57
After receiving no firm offers with promise of 1st team football, Jacob Butterfield is to sign a new 1year contract with Barnsley on Monday next week. This has been influenced by the positive signings Keith Hill has made so far this summer.(11)(13)At oakwell 20/06 2012
will sign monday
do we still want him
sigh norwood instead


20 Jun 2012 18:42:26
swindon town looking to Bring Asa Hall to the club(3)(20)The same asa hall which joined shrewsbury like a month ago?When he has already signed for shrewsbury!!


20 Jun 2012 18:31:09
West Ham are closing in on a £5 million deal for Grant Holt. Holt is determined to leave Norwich. A £3 million deal has been rejected but £5 million should seal the move. West Ham will pay £4 million over 36 months, with a further £1 million in clauses(14)(24)NOT going to happen, going to sign a NEW 3 year deal to stay at Norwich early next week. Watch this space - it will happen trust me.So, they are going to pay £4m over 3 years, by which time the guy will be 34!

Pretty good deal-for Norwich.Why would he leave ncfc for the second smallest london club....It's 5.5 mil on BBC tele textHow do you know holt will sign a new deal?

NCFC till i diePlayer not for sale thats what mcnally said, he'll stay and score another 15 goals this yearHave West Ham been watching 'Brewster's Millions' and desperately trying to chuck money away?

Why change the habit of a lifetime I suppose?Id sell for 5.5 but how tight are westham, pay up in one go or get lostWell i am from carlisle and from harraby where holt is from i have spoken to him and he said his very keen on the move to west ham cos they are going places not saying its defo going to happen just what he told me when i was talking to him while we watched his brother playing for sunday league team harraby catholic club.... plus for a second smallest team in london get real you silly norwich fan and west ham arent throwing money around cos the club arent paying its coming out of david gold and david sullivans own money thank you that is all good bye


20 Jun 2012 18:28:59
Fulham have bid 2 million for Vitesse player Alexander Buttnėr(13)(2)


20 Jun 2012 18:14:51
Afc Bournemouth have clinched the sensational signing of dutch striker Frank Demouge from fc Utrecht in the Dutch top flight.(15)(10)Done deal does this mean no marlon harewoodThis is a great signing, been Watching his goals on you tube. Great big strong boy and a great header of the ball, creating goals himself and overhead kicks the lot!! To sign a player of this quality is class! Think he will be a real handful


20 Jun 2012 18:10:37
Scunny have signed Swindon's Callum Kennedy on 2-year contract(10)(5)


20 Jun 2012 17:50:32
Sheffield Wednesday looking at a player from denmark who currently plays for hobro. Danilo Arrieta.(4)(5)


20 Jun 2012 17:48:00
Morecambe are ready to offer Lee Nicholls a chance to move on loan, as they look for competition for Barry Roche. Nicholls spent time on loan at Accrington last season.(6)(0)


20 Jun 2012 17:39:17
Bristol City should announce two signings shortly, keeper Neil Alexander from Rangers (free) and Simon Church from Reading (£650,000). Both deals are close to being finalised.(13)(23)How do you know this?Reading want 2 million + for ChurchFrom a very reliable source, prefer not to mention any names.Church is highly rated by Brian McDermott. No way will he leave for less than £1.5m and with a sizeable sell on fee.Im a reading fan and will snap their hands off if they have offered near 700,000,whoever said we want 2 mill for him is not a reading fan who has seen him playAHAHA!!! Church is the best player, he's better than messi.RICKIE LAMBERT SOUTHAMPTON GOAL MACHINE


20 Jun 2012 17:38:15
Having missed out on Mark Ellis, who looks set to join Crewe, Burton are set to turn their attention to Hereford centre back Michael Townsend, who is keen to stay in league football.(7)(3)Ellis is in advanced talks with Cheltenham.


20 Jun 2012 17:32:32
Brighton and Hove Albion manager
Gus Poyet wants to sign David Healy.(3)(18)He's a good player but Brighton need a target man.I'm sure David Healy would like to think soNo cheersNot good enough anymore im sorry to say.I heard that we are more likely to sign Jean Alain-Fanchone from the French league. Young and exceptionally talented


20 Jun 2012 17:30:12
Alan Navarro, widely reported to be joining Swindon will undergone a more stringent medical than normal due to a historical knee injury which kept him out of the majority of the 2010/11 season and required serious surgery. Jay McEveley is also set for further talks with Swindon next week after returning from Liverpool's Charlie Adam's wedding.(16)(4)


20 Jun 2012 17:27:59
Bristol City have attempted to loan former forward Nicky Maynard from West Ham but have been rebuffed by the player.

The Hammers sanctioned the move but Maynard didn't enjoy the final stages of his time at the club and hopes to move to a different Championship club on a season's loan this summer.

Elsewhere and McInnes is struggling to attract his top targets to the club. Many players don't believe the ambition of the club matches their own and, of course, City are openly paying less on wages this summer. Aside from Morris around 4 players have rejected contract offers from the club but McInnes continues to talk to 3 other players.(6)(24)Thats why Paul Dixon Chose Derby.Ask him he moving into Lee crofts old home who going to OldhamYeah where bikey ex burnley defender and thought davidson was signing and black


20 Jun 2012 17:25:05
Torquay Utd are on the brink of signing Keeper Luke Daniels on a season long loan as a replacement for Bobby Olejnik who has recently joined P'boro.(0)(14)I'm a WBA fan and can confirm an offer has been made but Daniels is unsure if he wants to re-locate so far down south.


20 Jun 2012 17:24:55
Nicky Shorey has held talks with Bristol City, Leeds and Charlton(5)(9)Does Wiggins need an understudy?Yes, if Ceddy might get loaned out for 1st team experiance in L1. Also a great character with experience. Good for the squad!


20 Jun 2012 17:17:07
Former Bristol City and everton midfielder ray atteveld is poised to be appointed as mark mcghees 1st team coach at bristol rovers, also bristol rovers close to the capture of former newcastle frontman tresor lomana lua lua on a 1 year deal(2)(13)Lualua just gone back to turkeyHaha lua lua signed for a team aboard alreadyOnly for a holiday and to sell property. he is joining bristol rovers on 1st july along with former bristol rovers striker will hoskins who will return on a 1 yr loan deal. Mcghee sees them as perfect foil for target man Harrold. he is my girlfriends old man so i know what im talking about. {Ed003's Note - He signed for Karabukspor a few weeks back}Editor - keep up. that deal fell through and holloway recommended him to his fav club rovers. hence he is signing for McGhee {Ed003's Note - ok}Haha deluded gas he signed for a Turkish side google itHe turned down a new deal at Blackpool for a two year deal in turkey wake up! He past it now any way a Blackpool fan


20 Jun 2012 17:09:04

Time to clear a few things up:-

Pavel Pogrebnyak - The Free Agent has been at the Madejski Stadium today (20/06) for a medical and to hopefully wrap up a four year contract worth around 35k a week.

Gyfi Sigurdsson - Reading have had an offer accepted by Hoffenheim and have matched Swansea's terms for the player. He has been given 2 weeks leave to secure a move to England. It appears he has distanced himself from a return to Swansea and is waiting to see if any other offers come his way. It is expected that Brendan Rodgers will attempt to bring him to Liverpool.

Jordan Rhodes (BIG NEWS, JUST HAD IT CONFIRMED) - Reading are in advanced talks with Huddersfield. Fee of around 4.5M plus bonuses, involves Sean Morrison moving the other way.

Carlos Sanchez - A 3 year deal for the Free Agent had been agreed, work permit issues and an approach from Bolton has now complicated the situation. Now looking unlikely.

Adrian Mariappa - In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about this one! Reading had agreed a fee with Watford a while back, they couldn't discuss personal terms until Mariappa's return from International Duty. Another club (rumoured Southampton) then made an official enquiry causing Watford to raise the asking price. Currently talks are back on with Mariappa keen on a move to Reading. Deal may involve Simon Church and/or Joseph Mills moving the other way.

Chris Gunter - Reading made a £2m bid which Nottingham Forest rejected. The club are reluctant to improve the offer so currently it has been left.

Jacob Butterfield - Reading have offered a contract to the free agent. Newcastle and Barnsley also have contract offers pending. Other clubs may also be interested.

Matthew Connolly - Reading agreed a fee of just under 1M with QPR back in May. Talks with the player have not yet taken place. Not much info on this one as to why it's gone quiet and if Reading have now pulled out.

Reading have a number of other players they are looking at and are keeping tabs on Free Agents Nicky Shorey and Hayden Mullins. No discussions taken place, may be backup options if top targets fall through.

Despite interest for Roberts, Church & Mills the only bid for a Reading player so far has come from Sheffield Wednesday. 350k for Michael Antonio. It was rejected, asking price is 700k. Roberts has now agreed a new two year contract, Brynjar Gunnarsson is in discussions over a coaching role.

That's all folks, lots going on, more to come soon...

'THEROYALINSIDER'(14)(41)Can back up most of that, exciting times ahead for the royals. feels weird not being linked to league 2 players doesn't it?. also told Brighton have enquired about Church
MrRfcYay the pog will sign for reading.Rhodes £8m minimum. he is worth £4m but htfc dont need to sell so it would take a stupid offer to sign himRhodes won't go unless we get around 8million and town have already rejected 5million from fulham. You do the mathsSo, basically, you have signed one player on wages which will destabalise the rest of your squad, and your other "targets" are looking to go elsewhere with Reading only considered as a last option. And all this information out of a club that conducts its business behind closed doors. I can see problems ahead!This is a very good post, seems to have a lot of truth in it! Only thing I will say is that I don't think you'd get Sigurdsson, he's almost 90% definite to go to Liverpool, but apart from that, this is a good post!Reading wont get Pogrebnyak of 35k per week. I heard they are offering 65k to beat Fulham who are offering 60k.

A QPR fan so completely unbiased because I have no problems with Reading or Fulham.Reading would never offer 65K. It's 35K which over 4 years works out as 500K less then Southampton paid for Jay Rod and that was just the transfer fee. Think about the wages. This one got out because it's more high profile. We have many targets that you don't know about. We are in talks with another striker and a couple of defenders.Who cares about reading this is a southampton page {Ed025's Note - no its not!!Can see 1/4 of that being succesful thoughWill believe the Rhodes story when it is in black and white on the official Huddersfield town website! Will be sad to see him leave if he does go but he will also be seen as a great player to all town fans! Hopefully he will stay but time will tell! DB!QPR Mk IIGaruentee less than half will happenQPR MK II? Hmm just wondering who we've wasted money on like they did. Mccleary free. Pogrebnyak free....look at all dem monies!!Also in talks with Koren
MrRfcSo Reading are buying a brand new team!Good post...although newcastle have made no contact about butterfield as yet..and he's not a free agent yet eitherRhodes deal involves a decent defender going the other way. Rhodes wont be worth £4 million after his season in the championship though. I hope we don't sign him. If we have Pog, Roberts, Hunt and Le Fondre we should be alrightAll of this is completely true, but thats not to say they will all happen. Sigurdsson will not be coming to Reading as he has his heart set on following Rodgers to Liverpool. Reading will play the waiting game with Forest over Gunter, but will not go higher than £2million. Carlos Sanchez will most likely not happen due to the players attitude when in talks over contract terms. Have not heard anything concrete on the Jordan Rhodes deal, but people need to accept that no one will pay £8million for Rhodes because his age means there will be no massive climb in player ability and considering his only experience is in League 1, anything above £5-6million would be far too risky. Just be realistic guys and girls.

TrueLoyalRoyalAlfie is better than Rhodes, don't need him. If pog signs then that's him, Roberts, Hunt, Alfie, Church, Shepherd (albeit will never play a match) don't really need more strikers, a creative midfielder just behind the front 2 is what reading needMariappa deal was never agreed, just hopeful Reading fans assuming they can get whoever they want.We're not buying anything like a new team, looks to me as though we want more strength in depth through the spine of the squad. We simply need more players for a prem season. And yes, this is a good post.Yes Hudders don't have to sell Rhodes but he's interested in going. They may say 8mill but that doesn't mean that they will accept nothing less. it's sales tactics. Ask for more than you actually want. Also Reading don't have to sell Morrison but Hudders want him which would probably lower the asking price for Rhodes.No buying an old team too with Shorey and the SIg lolRhodes is worth what Huddersfield value him at.. They don't need to sell him & he is happy to stay so it will take a silly bid to get him, e.g, 8mil.. Understand??Rhodes Is worth more and we rejected more in january.The reason Rhodes has an £8m price on his head is because Huddersfield don't want or need to sell him. It is purely to put people off. I agree that he is only proven in League 1, and he needs a season in the championship with Huddersfield. It makes me laugh all these premier fans who say he is not worth the money. If he is not worth the money, why are you all so keen to sign him?
Rob 74Gylfi will prob sign for liverpool or swansea. Reading no chance.Michail Antonio is not worth anywhere near 700k, let alone 350k - 150k is more likely.No chance will a club like reading get any of theseThey won't get any of these for most of them it's a back stepLol if you think Gylfi would choose Swansea over Reading. {Ed029's Note - At the moment it's more likely he will be joining Liverpool.Would we rather have rhodes or morrison.. hmmmmm!Morrison is sick! He clearly Loved playing in blue and white last season, looks like a true Town player would love to c him back, can keep his solid partnership with Peter Clarke!Sigurdsson will go to reading because Liverpool are poor and can't afford him. I'm a Redditch Town supporter so I'm not biased.


20 Jun 2012 16:56:44
Bolton agree deal to sign Matt Mills from Leicester

LeicesterLad(6)(12)Good he was terrible, rubbish captain always getting sent off and carnt mark,


20 Jun 2012 16:54:50
Huddersfield to sign suso Santana from hearts(8)(7)


20 Jun 2012 16:54:02
Stephen McManus expected to join Bristol City for a undisclosed fee from Midddlesbro(15)(7)


20 Jun 2012 16:53:51
Leeds have agreed to release Billy Paynter from his contract with Swindon being favourite to sign him(12)(15)Was released ages agoHe is signing for Portsmouth! Was spotted with Michael Appleton about a month agoHe was transfer listed not released


20 Jun 2012 16:47:55
Paul Smith to sign for Leeds 1st July.
Big interest from Huddersfield but has
signed for LUFC(3)(9)Whos paul smithWHO, surely you mean Paul GreenWhos he play for and what position is he any goodAs in the goalkeeper that plays for forrest? {Ed003's Note - It's Paul Green }Midfield derby county


20 Jun 2012 16:37:09
according to numerous sources lds have signed huddersfield target paul green. oh well you win some you lose some, hopefully this spur grayson on to sign some quality YOUNG PL/CHAMPS midfielders for next season!

terrier85(7)(9)If grayson wanted him he would have got himYou're wrong of course, he did want him, but green has ambition and wanted to join the biggest club outside the prem, envy, dont you just loveHis career is on the down so he has joined a club on the down. I'm glad Huddersfield didn't get him. He's rubbish


20 Jun 2012 16:15:14
Any realistic Leicester rumours please ed?



20 Jun 2012 16:44:37
Graham Westley is getting ready to raid former club, Stevenage, for centre back pairing Mark Roberts and Jon Ashton and has heavily hinted that Chris Beardsley could soon be a PNE player after stating "He is a player I would love to manage again".

DD.(3)(8)Beardsley, possibly as he is out of contract. Would Preston really stump up what SteVenage want for Roberts and Ashton when they are announcing job cuts.No he is not we dnt need anymore centre halfs its strikers and a right back we need now,Hardly when Ashton and Westley had to be kept apart when he left the way he did, Ashton would never work under Westley again.
Preston wishful thinking againPne won't be signing another right back. they have keane as first coice with bailey wright to be used as backup.Why can't Preston fans realise that if they type PNE, instead of Preston, the thread does not get posted to the Preston rumours site!Stevenage fans should remember everyone is for sale in league 1 such is the plight of EVERY club in the division. Howver despite all the cuts at PNE our owner is a very rich man and if Ridsdale asks him for money he can have it. If we make an agreeable offer for Stevenage players we will sign them. PNE and Sheffield Utd are the richest clubs in league 1. Remember that.


20 Jun 2012 16:41:25
Bristol Rovers are set to announce the signing of two strikers in the next 24 hrs. This wil will will coincide with the announcement the Mustapha Carayol is signing a 3 year deal with Middlesborough.
Announcement also imminent that Cian Bolger and Tom Parkes have been loaned to Bristol Rovers in a season long deal.(15)(12)I have heard the same24 hours gone and what a shock it never happened!


20 Jun 2012 16:36:53
Derek McInness is in advanced stages
of negotiating a loan of former City
star Nicky Maynard until the January
transfer window. Maynard failed to
secure a first team place in the
Championship with West Ham and
Allardyce feels that the only way
Maynard will get regular matches is
to go on loan to a Championship team.
Source: whispers and reading between
the lines!(3)(16)Wont happen (hope not)After the comments he allegedly made when he left, Maynard would be given short shrift if he returned. Not going to happen. By the way if you read a book, and look between the lines, there's nothing there.


20 Jun 2012 16:29:24
Bolton confident of signing Carlos Sanchez, had looked like being on the verge of signing for Reading but gone quiet recently


20 Jun 2012 16:24:58
Derby's Miles Addison and Stevenage pair Michael Bostwick. & Luke Freeman will this week join Peterborough United(10)(11)Addison going to bournemouthPrepare to pay 7 figure fees for Freeman and Bostwick if Posh do get them. Stevenage do not need to sell.Bostwick and Freeman joining Peterborough. Where have I heard that before.THEY HAVE BE SPOTTED IN PETERBOROUGH WITH FURGUSONBeing linked for ages weather it true who knows but posh have money to spend but wont pay silly moneyCheck Luke freemans twitter and you will see that he has signed a contract with Stevenage for 2 more years, he will not leave in the summer but maybe in JanuaryBostwick and Jacobs are the 2 midfielders that Posh are after.


20 Jun 2012 16:09:24
Colchester are in discussion with out of contract Lua Lua to rresolve the striker crisis at trhe club.(1)(7)He signed for a club TurkeyNo we aren't, he isn't out of contract anyway, moved to a Turkish club few weeks ago


20 Jun 2012 16:02:36
Former Peterborough midfielder Grant McCann has turned down a move to Swindon Town.(16)(8)Would make some sense. I know the Swindon had talks. Wages was always going to be a problem.Oh well never mindNot a former 'boro player


20 jun 2012 16:01:10
paul green to leeds confirmed(24)(5)


20 Jun 2012 15:55:51
Andrew Surman signs three year
extension to stay at Norwich.
Well,that's one done and dusted.(16)(3)See Holt, if you dont go trying to jump the queue before people whose contract expires before yours it will be dealt with as Martins and Surmans have. you're not bigger than the club son!Glad he signed, as a Saints fan maybe fans will stop posting rumours about him returning to St Marys.Yes great lad Surman


20 Jun 2012 15:51:06
Cheltenham Town are thought to be closing in on Aldershot left-back Anthony Straker.(10)(3)Could be true, not really focussing on signing anyone until we tie up contractsShould cheltenham take a gamble on ben williamson?


20 Jun 2012 15:26:27
James Constable has confirmed he will not be leaving Oxford this summer.(7)(15)


20 Jun 2012 15:26:18
Stoke, Fulham and West Ham are interested
in crystal palaces Wilfied Zaha.(21)(11)I hope they are prepared to pay the asking price 8 million upwards if not forget it. bye byeNo chanceCant see at west ham would a hit at stoke but will probably choose fulhamHe isn't worth 8million. £4 or £5mil probably.Going to norwich for 6m plus chris martinWhy does everyone make up these rumpled abot Zaha he signed a five year contract in December so you will have to pay big and these teams will be put off by the asking priceNorwich boundWhy is it Premier League clubs believe they can just come knocking and players will jump at them. No chance, Zaha has 5 years to run on his contract. Our board has said he's not for say, our manager says the same with Zaha also expressing that he wants to stay.No chance of going to any of those clubs the boy is big time and will eventually play for a big time club not two bob also ransHe's got a big club release clause in his contract ...he's goneWe never put a release clause in his contract, chatting rubbish. We turned down 8 million from Bolton in January, to those of you saying he's not worth it- It's probably because you can't afford it. Just mediocre Premier League clubs trying to pretend they're big.Just take him and go to tribunal, Palace be lucky to get four.Not sure he's good enough to be honest. You can get Jarvis or an experienced Prem winger for that money so why blow it on an unproven Champ player? Oh and Palace fans........plucking ridiculous figures out of the air doesn't make him worth that.He's not out of contract, so you can't just take him - he's not a youth player. you have to agree a fee with the selling club and if Palace rejected £8 million in January they would not Zaha go to Wet Spam for minimal fee. Fat Sam dream on, Zaha wouldn't want to go anyway, he's under 6ft and wouldn't fit in10million will have to be the minimum if anyone wants a chance of getting him! 10mil plus Martin then there may be a deal but I doubt Norwich have the financial capabilities to pay that fee.I love the bitterness when a lower league player is mentioned on this site. Followed by "he would only go top four" and mention of a ludicrous price. Premier League Also Rans? Surely it is better to be at an also ran than at a lame horse who never made the race.Liverpool have been sniffing around Zaha for a while. As a Stoke fan I'm sorry to say that us, Fulham and West Ham will just have to wait in line until Liverpool decide to sign him or not. If any deal is done it will probably be on deadline day.Why would it go to a Tribunal, He is on a 5 year Contract.You can't take him in tribunal! He is over 18 and on a pro deal!Crystal Palace need to sell soon or else they would be back in finacial trouble. Rumours of Bolton bidding £8 million are not true. He has a £6 million release clause in his contract.He may not be worth 8 million but that is what the asking price is"Crystal Palace need to sell soon or else they would be back in finacial trouble. Rumours of Bolton bidding £8 million are not true. He has a £6 million release clause in his contract."

- This made me laugh, to start with, Palace are one of a few clubs in the Championship running at a profit.
- Secondly we turned down 8 million from Bolton in January (Check BBC Sport, Sky Sports, Owen Coyle quotes submitting the bid).
- Next, we've already dismissed West Ham's bid of 6 million, our chairman, quote, said it was "poo".
- Zaha has 5 years to run on his contract, we won't sell him unless a good offer comes in.
- If you claiming Zaha is "not worth" 8 million then how comes there is so much interest in him for a player not worth that money? If your really claiming it, then it's probably because you can't afford him.Palace fans need to get real and realise that zaha will be going that is a fact and from what i have heard its 7 mill plus baldock on loan and sears freeSears the Goal machine?.........Yes he will go but just not this season!Love him to come to stoke but i think if he had the choice hed pick west ham for the more chance to play regurallyZaha's going nowhereAs if anyone is going to pay anywhere near these ludicrous figures that Palace fans are plucking out of the air.


20 Jun 2012 15:20:31
Luton's out of contract left back Jake Howells looks set to join Preston as Graham Westley continues to build his new look team. MM.(0)(14)Not a chance as PNE have just signed 2 left backs in Laird and Buchanan.They have already signed two left backs this transfer windowThat guy is sick on fifaUntrue totally untrue. And also crap on fifa ^^^^Not a chance we are signing another left back already have potentially 3 , any news on potential strikers coming in ? please not agyemang he is garbageThis rumour is probably untrue, however this player can also play as Left winger


20 Jun 2012 14:30:50
Defender Robbie Williams has signed a new contract with Plymouth Argyle, keeping him at Home Park for another year. COYG(14)(2)He has signed a one year extension. Let him entertain us......"i'm rich......beyond my wildest dreams"Well that's the defence sorted but what we need is a couple of goal scorers and I don't mean Feeney or Chadwick


20 Jun 2012 14:26:07
Shrewsbury sign 21 year old Ryan Doble(21)(4)Poor you hes hopelessConfirmed on club webitse, any saints fans provide any information on ryan.Quality if played out wide.
poor if played as a strikerGT sees somethingPoor if played out wide, worse as a striker.Good for him to get a chance of playing hope hre does well

saints14Striker or midfielder....probably best in midfield really.Oh dear me. Why not sign cavani or somebody like that.Shrewsbury have almost signed dickinsonHe was on loan at bury last yr and he was hopeless


20 Jun 2012 14:22:58
Who,s next for barnsley fc? I kmow i,m stating the obvious but we need strengh at the back and cover for mido if he signs on thursday. My prediction for new season is mid table at worst play offs at best.(8)(15)I'd say avoiding relegation is good for Barnsley TBHThey said that the year we went up to the
prem ?never judge by size last years prem
champs have played in the third tierI'd agree with the first post! avoiding relegation would be a success. Last years champs may have played in the third tier but barnsley have been bottom half for a while so promotion is unrealisitcNeed more than just cover for mido, he is way past his bes, never going to score enough goals to get you in play-offs, Barnsley a team i like but survival should once again be the target (mellis a good signing btw)Signings and well known names do not guarantee survival in the championship, Donny found that out last season, any signings need to be complimented by a good hard working team. Barnsley need a defender or defenders just look at the goals against last season. Anybody any news on any defensive signings?Barnsleys defence only began conceding goals in the second half of last season when they lost the midfielders Vaz Te(to West Ham), Drinkwater(Leicester), Jacob Buttetfield(injury) and Jim o'brien (injury). All these were Barnsley best players and were creating and scoring goals, lost them all and had a dreadful second half to the season and narrowly avoided relegation. With goog improve midfield again Barnsley will be mid table and Hill has strengthened in this area already this summer with Ehutu and Mellis plus Jim O'Brien has signed a new contract.
Just need Buuterfield to reconsider and sign offer which is still open and there will be a good squad at Oakwell


20 Jun 2012 14:14:15
Reports in Italy suggest giants A.C Milan have tabled a bid for Andriy Yarmolenko. However Saints chairman Nicola Cortese is supposedly very keen on the winger and preparing a bid. Sounds like rubbish but it is on twitter to. Me being a Stoke fam hopes it isn't true. He was very capable yesterday for Ukraine!(15)(5)The single most one footed player I have seen play in a professional matchAC Milan or Southampton, tough choiceSaints have better training facilities and are in a better league, choice madeNo you don't.The Milan training facility is the bedrock of all Italian football, No doubt Southampton have produced some of our best players but every single Italian great has at one point been through the doors of the Milanello. We English (I'm half Italian) have this idea that everything we do is superior without even knowing about what else is out there. But training facilities aside, Milan is a far FAR more attractive proposition to any player than the Saints. Not to mention the wages Milan can offer.Milan are in the Champions League, the greatest league in the world."Saints have better training facilities and are in a better league, choice made" Oh dear....Another "Saints fan" saying something stupid and making us look bad...We do have top facilities and we do play in the best league in the world, but its AC Milan for god no just no. I apologise to everyone reading that, what a stupid statement.


20 Jun 2012 14:04:51
Oxford are interested in signing Leon Knight (29) from Glentoran(11)(5)Could be a good chance of this one, as Leon travels from London to Belfast every week to
play and his fitness levels havnt been great recently. The glens boss has given him an ultimatum to move to Belfast permanently or find a new club. A good source from within the club also told me that Leon and manager Eddie Patterson had to be held apart from attacking each other at end of season.
ravenrudeboyHe would be well suited to Oxford, Wider doesn't insist on players having a massive desire for fitness. It was well known last season that fitness was a big issue there. Compared to many of the teams in their division last year the Oxford players clearly lacked stamina resulting in a massive collapse at the end of the season (3 points from 21). Many Oxford fans worry that the same will happen this coming season.You really don't want him. He may be a talented footballer, but his attitude is the worst I have ever seen in a sportsman, he is a disgrace.


20 Jun 2012 13:59:35
Rumours coming in from Italy are that the Pozzo family have decided not to pursue their interest in Watford FC(18)(15)They have because it is in principleFortunately this is NOT the case!!In what way is this 'fortunate'? The guy could come in and ruin all of our progress.On the other hand - he could come in - pay off the £7.5m owed to the bond holders make bas go way lend us half a dozen premier quality players put some Granada and Udinese kids through Harefield and finance some other purchases - why on earth would we want that?Bassini is messing the Pozzo family around with his demands and that is why they are going to look elsewhereThey have been looking at watford for quite some time now.. they are not about to walk away.They are NOT walking away. Bassini wants to sell and quite possibly is being forced to sell. At the moment either the deal is being finalised, or the Pozzo's are trying to get a good deal.Watch this space!The sale to the Pozzo family will be completed by this weekend. From there on Dyche will remain the manager with Zola as Director of Football.


20 Jun 2012 13:50:39
Stevenage and Southend both chasing Freddy Eastwood after his release by Coventry.(19)(3)He is coming back to southend!This rumor is about a month oldUnless a championship side come in he will be back at Southend. Expect plenty of rumours though as he naturally wants the best deal he can get from his home town club.He has said he wants first team football, he won't get that in the championship...which is why he's close to signing a two year deal with us (Southend)..Stevenage can go away..stealing our players..first Freddy...He will get first team football at Stevenage, a striker is what we need, not sure on Freddy but if he bangs in the goals, I won't moan.First team football!! Don't make me laugh! I would'nt have Eastwood in my pub team. Totally lazy and inept as a finisher. Any club is welcome to him and the lower the better till he finds his level.


20 Jun 2012 13:26:37
Stale Solbakken keen to bring Kroen Delhi to Molineux. Wants to pair him with BBS. An attacking dream team to fire us to promotiopn at the first attempt.(9)(19)He will sign for swanseaLike he,s gonna sign for a mediocre championship outfit like wolves when there are premiership clubs and top c european clubs interested in him ? yeah right.What a joke, why would he sign for Wolves when bigger teams in the Premier League want him.So any good scandinavian player is now going to sign for wolves because solbakken is in charge? doubtful!


20 Jun 2012 13:15:52
Cheltenham will sign Billy Jones from Exeter if a deal for Straker from Aldershot cannot be concluded in the next 24 hrs.(8)(8)No they will not.


20 Jun 2012 13:04:59
West ham seal transfer of Mohamed DIame
and West Ham hoping for four more signings after wrapping up Diame deal. WHo are the
likely signings??

Grant Holt Heavily linked and to join
this weekend.
Luc Castagnios possibly, however Liverpool
are also now interested.
WIlfried Zaha apparently no deal on
the cards.
Jonas Olsson not leaving WBA?
Natahniel Clyne another possible as is
Mariappa(17)(16)U also forgot eljero elia from juventus which l think will be a superstar at west ham hammers foreverEljero Elia will not be signing for West Ham.


20 Jun 2012 13:04:23
Brighton have enquired after Reading's Simon Church who may be available for a cut price £500K as Reading expand their squad with big earners ready for their Premier League challenge. They are also challenging Hull for the signature of Emile Heskey but that looks far from likely because of his wage demands(9)(10)Heskey is going to Hull or Leicester, Reading pulled out over a month ago.He is not off to reading but he might not come to hullHeskey will more likely end up at Leicester as they can afford to pay better wages than Hull. Shame really since I have always liked Hull.

TrueLoyalRoyalHeskey will come hull beacuse he has worked with bruce before


20 Jun 2012 12:57:07
Southend are in talks with a goalkeeper, this we know. And after doing some digging I think it might be Phil Smith. He was at Swindon when Paul Sturrock was there, and Sturrock handed him the number 1 jersey and now he's out of contract and they've released him. Another option, albeit much less likely is that it's Scott Bevan, who was at Southampton when Paul Sturrock was there.

I think it's Phil Smith though.(11)(2)Would prefer bevan, but its smithGood shot stopper, needs first team football wasnt getting it at swindon, would not let you downDecent keeper for League Two level. First choice for Swindon when Sturrock was manager in L2 promotion season, so knows what it takes to get out of the basement league.Expect him to cost you at least 3 or 4 goals a season! Very average keeperYour a bit behind on the news that Smith is going to Southend it was on our sote last week. Wake up. Smith will join all the ex Swindon players at Southend including the manager.He will be a very good servant to any club. He will cost you a few goals every season and he will flap at crosses, but he will always give 100% and for league two he is a very good shot stopper. Get him to work on his kicking and you will have a good keeper on your hands. Thanks for everything Phil, wish you all the best for the future.


20 Jun 2012 12:56:07
Norwich City are planning a to take Bayern Munich forward Nils Petersen on loan for the upcoming 2012/13 premier league season(15)(7)


20 Jun 2012 12:52:56
Got him West Ham have just signed Muhammad Diame for 3years hammers forever(24)(7)Big wages for an average player in my opinion. From what I heard West Ham are doing a QPR and buying a whole new squad.


20 Jun 2012 10:57:24
Are ther Loic Remy rumours true ED? {Ed001's Note - sorry what Loic Remy rumours? I haven't heard anything about him in ages, is it still Spurs being linked with him or have people stopped rehashing that one?}(1)(8)


20 Jun 2012 12:47:51
When they can, Portsmouths first signings will be David Cotterill and Billy Paynter, both on a free(8)(22)Pompey have no money! They won't get Paynter for nothing either.Billy Painter won't be free however nominal the fee might beAt the moment, they're not going to be able to get that calibre of player, they're working for a League 1 sized wage budget (1k p/w for an average player)Cotterill played for Pompey on loan a few years back, personally thought he was pretty poor.When they can, Portsmouth should not still be in existence it's making a mockery of English football, how they keep getting saved at the last moment is a shambles.Come on get a grip! Appy will only be able to sign youngsters and old pro's who are past it! He will not be allowed to sign anyone on more than 1k per week and even that is at a push. Forget all these big names, never going to happen.When they can-these guys will be drawing a pension, so I suspect it will not be that important that Pompey won't pay them!Paynter will be a free... Warnock has already said he's willing to let him walk away...Pompey could feed the beast and get Jon Parkin.


20 Jun 2012 12:44:11
Watford defender Adrian Mariappa is eager to make the move to Reading. The Daily Mail says Mariappa is interested in joining Reading but the takeover at Watford may delay matters. Reading have already had a £2million bid rejected for the 25-year-old defender and may have to go up to £4m now to get their man. My personal opinion is the deal is already done.
"RoyalWorthing1966"(10)(14)Only last week you were winging that it was a done deal and it was Saints fault that there was a bidding war!
Now he can see the sort of money Reading will pay in wages to gain a player you will find it very difficult to reel him in.First fruit of the Watford takeover by Giampaolo Pozzo will take Adrian Mariappa to Italy.


20 Jun 2012 12:41:42
hulk just signed for chelsea, £$40m(18)(27)


20 Jun 2012 12:37:39
Steve Claridge ponders over move to set up and run a new reserve team at Bristol Rovers. TV commitments and playing part time for Gosport Brough may scupper the deal though.(4)(17)If he brings his boots, he'll get a game.. the gas are always looking to improve the team and claridge would defo improve the shambles they have on display


20 Jun 2012 12:34:06
leroy lita is to sign this week for bristol city as a replacement for maynard. Also murray davidson will sign for an estimated fee of 250k(18)(16)Leroy lita dont want him back after what he did when he scored for middlesbrough against us


20 Jun 2012 12:30:19
I heard a little rumour Tim Cahill to stoke supposed to be a done deal in july(8)(25)Your hearings gone then mate.Cahill would be an outstanding signing could slot in just behind crouch and hopefully defoe cant see it being true thoughThis was going around last year. Not going to happen this summer. He's nearly past it now anyway, we need somebody different to Cahill. Would loved to have seen Kranjcar but he's gone to Kiev now. IMO Marc Wilson should be moved in the middle with Palacios, get a left back in. I've heard Warnock and Cheick M'bengue from Toulouse are possible targets to fill the left back slot.From what i hear Cahill is considering a move to the middle east.He's old enough for Stoke. won't happen though - attacking and midfielder don't exist together in Tony Pulis' vocabulary.No chance won't go to a little clubStoke were interested in Cahill and a deal was close (despite the childish postings by some above who know nothing )on deadline day before Arsenal came in for Arteta at the 11th hour and they weren't willing to sell both. Have heard of no interest this time around though although Stoke are interested in an Everton midfielder.No doubt Stoke are a smaller club than Everton but in the present climate Everton are a sinking ship financially, the only thing that stops them sinking is the miracles that Moyes pull out of the bag season in season out.And Stoke have cash and Everton don't. Of course Everton are the bigger club and always will be but in the current climate Stoke can go shopping there IF Everton need to wheeler-deal elsewhere


20 Jun 2012 12:28:49
Cheltenham will shortly announce the £40,000 capture of Antony Straker from Aldershot. The Gloucestershire club had originally offered £25,000 but have finally agreed a suitable fee with the shots.(8)(5)This seems likely.


20 Jun 2012 12:16:55
Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has dismissed reports that West Ham United have made an approach for teenage winger Wilfried Zaha.(23)(10)


20 Jun 2012 12:05:06
Experianced left-back Paul Konchesky in talks with Huddersfield, dont shoot the messenger, heard from a club source. only in talks at the moment(9)(23)I heard that qpr want him, hope he dont go anywhere he was 1 of our best players last season.I don't think so he's on holiday with his family!!Also based on his Twitter profile he is abroad on holiday, talks unlikelyWhenever we said rhodes is on holiday talks unlikley every one sparked up that HE HAS AN AGENT !!I dont think thats true at the moment grayson isnt saying anything who is has approachedDoesn't he have a mobile phone or an agent. What has being on holiday got to do with anythingNot being funny, but I doubt Hoyle will match the wages he's on here and if Prem clubs are interested - as is rumoured - I doubt that he'll even consider Huddersfield.


20 Jun 2012 12:04:43
Warnock is looking to sign Paddy Kenny and Brian Jensen to rival Longergan.(7)(27)If kenny signs he will be number1 the others will be there to push himWarnock never had a keeper on the bench last season, why would he keep Lonergan and sign two more?


20 Jun 2012 12:02:59
Crystal Palace are in talks with Hearts over the purchase of Centre Back Zaluskas(12)(10)Marius Žaliūkas you mean?Yeah, that one


20 Jun 2012 12:02:41
after not being offered a new contract by Luton, Amari Morgan-Smith is set to join Mansfield.



20 Jun 2012 11:59:31
Celtic to sing Frazer Foster from Newcastle on a permanent Deal soon as he has confirmed that he is ready to sign(19)(12)What they going to sing?That is a long title for a song!Hes only signing cause there were no offers from premier league clubsSo thats great no epl club was interested, Celtic are getting a very promising player for only 2mill. i can see there being alot of intrest in him in a few years maybe even next year when they have a go at CL


20 Jun 2012 11:59:24
Swindon are trying to sign Grant McCann and Alan Navarro is set to sign for town subject to a medical being completed according to BBC Wiltshire(11)(11)


20 Jun 2012 11:50:37
With Huddersfields recently confirming a pre-season friendly with SPL side Hibs, rumour has it Town are looking to sign Hibs' top scorer Garry O'connor for a fee of around 500k.(14)(13)Gary oconner can sign for anyone on a bosmanTop player but he looks like a grandad how old is heThats NOT true as he is out of contract and leaving anywayGood player but cant outrun my gran


20 Jun 2012 11:43:33
To all the reading fans who think that their club has 'beaten' fulham to pogrebnyak's signature, you are wrong, fulham don't think he's at all worth his wage demands.

Fulham will sign Mario Mandzukic of croatia(12)(24)Your defiantly right about the first part. the second bit - fingers crossed.Pogrebnyak has proven he can play by scoring 6 in 8 for Fulham so reading will sign him because fulham offered 20k reading offered 28k. Plus Mandzukic has been heavily linked with Everton Source: BBC SportJealous much?You sound annoyed/bitter! Hey it's not just us, go yell at SkySports who say that we took Progreb from "under Martin Jol's nose" hmm

RNelsThey offered him a contract we offered him a contract. He chose us. Hence Fulhan fans consider yourself beaten.Hes an average player no where near as good as all these reading fans seem to think.i dont quite understand why they seem to think us fulham fans are gutted. yeah he scored a few but against who stoke qpr wigan and wolves hardly great teams. i was more disappointed when we lost johnson to qpr. i think you reading fans may be in for a nasty surprise next season. hes not very good.I don't think 'beaten' is at all the right word. I would agree with 'outbid', but beaten, no. You've 'outbid' us on a distinctly unproven forward who, despite his moments of class, has not shown how that extends to a whole campaign.He scord goals against other premier league teams. That's what you need to do. His record for Zenit is very impressive. Fulham fans are trying to convince themselves he's poor so that it softens the blow of him leaving.He chose reading because we offered him 20k and reading offered 30k. We didn't see him worth the investment.

Mandzukic won't happen, has already been the subject of bids from Juventus and Napoli.To be honest, the pog is a bit over rated, he started like a house on fire, but against any big teams he went missing, and can't hold up the ball, fulham could do betterThere's no jealousy about it, for me personally anyway. He had a superb start but after his 5 goals in 4 games, he began to look average, incapable of holding the ball up and doesn't use his size how he should. I wish him luck, his performance vs Wolves was one of the best I've seen at the Cottage but other than that, he was okay.He isnt that good to be honest, I know he scored some goals last season however I really dont believe he will do it for Reading next season. There is a reason why Fulham only offered him a certain amount of wages.To be fair everyone has a point on this thread but for me he is just someone we know can score goals in the Prem. To get a player that consitently scores over the whole season would be too expensive. Overall i'm over the moon with the signing and will hopefully give us a flying start. Also he will compliment the strikers we already have and he doesn't need to the forward that holds up the ball, we already have Jason Roberts for that.


20 Jun 2012 11:39:39
Huddersfield town set sign Oliver Norwood from Manchester united to be announced by the end of the week.(16)(24)Signed for Barnsley


20 Jun 2012 11:26:45
Luke Summerfield is set to perform an esxtrordinary u-turn and snub a two year deal at Shrewsbury after Cheltenham offered an improved conrac which the Shrews cannot compete with.(10)(10)Not true. He will sign in a couple of daysConfirmed by Cheltenham manager Summerfield may yet stay after being offered an improved contract.Luke's desperate to play in League One next season.


20 Jun 2012 11:21:07
Freeman is going nowhere, he has not even been with us a season, so pipe down all you deluded fans, and bostwick is likley to go to Peterborough.(11)(11)I think bostwick will join BrightonFreeman will move if the money offered is right^^ Maybe, he is too good for posh IMoFreeman will stay at Stevenage this yearMcCann is usually to be found giving the ball away just in front of the defence


20 Jun 2012 11:12:37
New Norwich Manager, Chris Hughton is to make a bid for Middlesbroughs Marvin Emnes. He see's Emnes as thge perfect striker to play off one of his other strikers. Its unknown whether Emnes is a replacment for Grant Holt. Even though Middlesbrough Manager, Tony Mowbray, doesnt need to sell his star players, a bid 0f around £6m is probably too good a deal to turn down.

Wigan Manager, Martinez is also believed to be a big fan of Emnes. If Moses is sold to Chelsea, he believes Emnes would easily fill his boots. He is also interested in both Middlesbroughs Nicky Bailey and Scott MacDonald. Depending on the proposed Moses transfer, all three could be joing wigan for a combined fee in the region of £12m.(16)(16)No one is paying £6m for Emnes

......Get Real.Um, what are you on?Tony Mowbray ready to listen to offers for Marvin Emnes, Middlesbrough have ready made replacement in Charlie Wyke.I just wish this rumours was true, but this is defo untrue. If it was (but it aint) Boro would defo sell all 3 for 12 million. We would miss Bailey but the other 2 wouldn't be a lossFfs its wednesday already and we still havent signed ledesma.. been sayed he will sign early this weekI've also heard the rumour about wigan being in for the three of them, but the fee was £9.5m. Emnes £4.5m, Bailey £3.5m and Mcdonald £1.5m. I heard it before it was on here from a very good source who works at Hurworth, Boro's training ground. The fee stated above of £12m was what Boro were askking, but they will only get between £8.5 & 9.5m.Who is emnes.Emnes 6 million ? Hes lazy !!That is why the site is called Rumours and not fact. Just relax and enjoy the show. Pre-season is most entertaining for rumours. Someones best friend knows Ronaldo and his dog is saying Billy Woof is coming out of retirementI remember Billy Woof. He was deadly from one yard out!If we sold all three for 12m, I think I would have a party. Emnes is a half decent striker although he gets pushed off the ball too much. Scott McDonald doesnt know the offside rule and can't score from a long distance and Bailey sometimes struggles to pass the ball to feet but he's probably the best out of the three. Wigan will need some very good coaches to teach Scott the offside rule.In the last two weeks boro have made approaches for:

Paul Anderson - Free Transfer
Emmanuel Ledesma - Free Transfer
Mustapha Carayol - £300,000
George Friend - £450,000
Jacob Butterfield - Free Transfer but decided by tribunal.
Paul Smith - Free Transfer
Francois Zoko - Free Transfer
Tony McMahon - resign on reduced terms

Marvin Emnes £3m offer from Swansea, Stephen dobbie offered as part of any potential deal.
Stephen McManus offer from Bristol cityAgreed. Scott is the ultimate ball watcher. Doubt he could pat his head and rub his belly at the same time.


20 Jun 2012 11:07:57
Franchone Jean-Alain the 24 year old left back from Udinese will be the first loan signing for Watford followed by midfielder Battocchio Cristian 20.(7)(5)Hmmm someone's been googling!! ;-)Franchone Jean-Alain iscurrently under contract until 2013 at Strasbourg and was ONLY on loan at Udinese last seasonWrong - he has signed a contract with Udinese..If the Pozzo's take us over then we're almost certain to get 2, 3, maybe more loanees. Udinese have a large amount of players on their books and have done similar thing with GranadaGoalkeeper, Left Back, left Winger and a forward will do


20 Jun 2012 10:54:23
QPR will announce the signing of Samba Diakite once he is given international clearance. Also in talks with Anzhi Makhachkala over the signing of Chris Samba. Hughes is mulling over a deal to bring Paul Konchesky to Loftus Road and is considering making an approach. Rangers are yet to contact Villa regarding Stephen Ireland and are waiting on the outcome of Joey Barton's court case before deciding on his future at Loftus Road. Watch out for one huge signing from overseas.(12)(12)Ronaldo to come out of retirement i hear he is pretty huge these daysBarton doesn't have a court case pending, its a internal investigation. Samba no chance staying in Russia.At least Ireland is not quite as bad an influence as BartonBarton is on bail pending court appearance ! If found guilty, he'll do time AGAIN!
Samba WILL rejoin forces with Mark Hughes as he is unhappy in China.
Danny Murphy will sign and not IrelandSamba plays in Russia mate


20 Jun 2012 10:40:57
chelsea manage to claw yaya toure
from manchester city for 30 million
pounds after the classy midfielder
claims he wants 'a new challenge'(5)(31)


20 Jun 2012 10:49:57
Nathan Ellington to Bristol Rovers is a done deal. He is really keen to move back to Bristol & wants to finish his career with the Gas.

He is willing to take the pay cut in order to repay them for all they have done for his career.

Also youngster Ian Bull set to sign a 2 year deal with the club.

Very reliable source, will be announced within the week.(7)(9)Gutted, this clown was at Watford for 2-3 years, what a waste of time and money.....................Ellington is talking to Exeter, Bury, Tranmere, and MorecambeThis is such a laugh glad i joined


20 Jun 2012 10:45:18
just had a text of my good friend who
works at manchester citys training
ground telling me that wesley
sneider will be arriving there tommorow
after manchester city and inter
milan have agreed a fee. sneider and
city are now dicussing perosnal
terms.(6)(30)Not really a good friend when they send you balant lies


20 Jun 2012 10:41:08
just drove past mansfields ground and there is press there again maybe more signings I hope after taking 2 of Lutons best players yesterday(5)(8)Not really two of their best players are they...

Pilkington - Yes very good player in first two seasons but was average at best last season. Miles behind Kovas in terms of quality and also 5yrs older than Kovacs.

Poku - Sometimes shows potential but will spend most of the season sat on sides through suspension.


20 Jun 2012 10:34:41
West Brom have had a 2.5M bid for Burnleys Charlie Austin turned down according to Twitter(6)(20)Must be true thenChris Wood joining Burnley has part of deal£2.5m you having a laugh try £5mCharlie Austin?! Are West Brom preparing for a future life in the Championship?Chris wood on loanShoot me now If we get him wer downWood joining Burnley on Loan


20 Jun 2012 10:32:34
Burnley are after Adam Clayton and
Brett Pittman! belived leeds want 500K
for clayton and Bristol 850K
Charlie Austin and Kieran Trippier are
staying on at burnley to(15)(19)Clayton is away on holiday to Mexico, don't think he will be moving within the next 2 weeks.He said on twitter "Leeds vs Wolves first game. Elland Road will be bouncing!!" doesn't sound like a player who's leaving to me.If clayton aint leaving why is he transfer listed ?


20 Jun 2012 10:23:37
Joseph Mills of Reading in talks to sign for Bournemouth on a season long loan.(12)(8)No offence but Mills is better than league one, he would be good on loan to a decent championship sideI don't disagree that this may be true but he should be looking to go on loan to a championship team, will do well for Bournemouth if true.May be a good back up for daniels, not sure how good he is and whether or not he's better then daniels thoughWould be good cover for left back or left midfield, direct replacement for moloneNo offence to Bournemouth fans, but Joseph Mills would walk into your team. Very versatile and dynamic, would be a good player to get on loan for your promotion push next season. All us Reading fans love him.

TrueLoyalRoyalWouldt walk in 2 a team wiv Charlie daniels m8.


20 Jun 2012 10:11:23
West brom are leading the chase for blackbool midfielder matt philips and are also chasing leicsters centre back matt mills for a combined fee of 5 mil(14)(15)Mills has signed for bolton !Your welcome to Mills, waste of space useless.Phillips could be true! we were interested in mills before he signed for the foxes but are no longer watching him


20 Jun 2012 10:09:39
Joe Skarz of Bury is one of several English lower league stars being lined up for a sensational move to MLS with Real Salt Lakes keen on the much admired and verstalie defender.

The Real management, swelled by a serious amount of sponsorship for the Champions league from TV revenue etc,

Sports capitol Partners have for the last year employed three British Scouts as they look to stregthen their mainly foreign squad with native English speakers.

One such scout, with his company based in the North West, and with Pklaying History at Millwall and Manchester United amongst others, has earmarked five left sided players for evaluation in the upcoming trials to be held at the Rio Tinto stadium.

These trials will include up to 100 other hopefuls.

Real salt Lakes have entered the CONCAF Champions league and need to be ready for quality games before the 31 July match with Costa Rican side Herediano.

MLS continues to look to poach the worlds up and coming stars as "soccer" begins to dominate the youth of the US of A.(4)(11)Said agent must be Tommy Baldwin, can't think of many who played for Man Utd and the mighty 'Wall.More likely Gordon Hill who played for the Lions before moving on to man utd and played for a long time in the States


20 Jun 2012 09:51:50
Having lost out to Brighton for Kuszack (sp) ITFC will be putting in a bid for Heerenveen's Under-23 Belgian keeper Kenny Steppe. COYB(0)(14)Gonna bring another banner to Brighton now about us being able to afford his wages hahaA small minority of town fans put that banner up. The vast majoirty of our fans our respectful supportorsPromising young keeper but a bit short to make it to the very top maybe?Hes 30...not exactly young, although getting to his prime as a goalkeeperShay given is shortYou can't afford anything mate ipswich has potenial and no new ideas . bring another banner and we're stuff you againBrighton have 230 season tickets left out of 247506'3 ain't that short reallySteppe is comparatively short at 5'11" to be a top class he's Belgian!Last season we had about 18'000 season ticket holders, another 7'000. get real !!I was ill when thatipswich town game was on, what did the banner say?


20 Jun 2012 09:49:42
Celtic want tranmere rovers right back Danny holmes(11)(5)If they want him they will have to pay Danny has just taken up a new 1 year deal with Tranmere.More bull created by his tool of an agent Jonathan Hope (He tried to stir up a story about Man City wanting Benzema off Real Madrid last week).
Would be sad to see Danny go but what ever happens he should be looking to get a better agent than Jonathan (no)HopeColin Clarke & John Clayton!!!
Lets wait and seeJoey barton in talks signing next week {Ed025's Note - good luck with that..


20 jun 2012 09:07:57
any bristol city transfer news in or out.(4)(8)Yes getting scott vernon from aberdeen on a free


20 Jun 2012 08:59:49
goal machine Matthew Barnes-Homer is currently in talks with former club Luton Town over a possible switch back to Kenilworth Road.

DD(4)(13)Would never be welcome back at the Kenny!

I would be extremely shocked if this happened!'Would never be welcome back at the Kenny!'

completely untrue.

Clown Brabin was a fool to get rid of him.


20 Jun 2012 08:32:37
Rochdale will today sign ex favourite Chris Dagnall from Scunthorpe!(4)(16)Same dagnell that plays for barnsley signed from Scunthorpe last season!!Plays for barnsley


20 Jun 2012 08:30:59
Charlton interested in signing Jonathan Forte from Southampton.(12)(6)Not premier league standard, but never been tried in the Championship.. Was effective in League 1 for us and hopefully he'll get 1st team action with Charlton..When was he effective for us,he's been a waste of space from the day he joined,
good riddance to him.Scored a Hat-trick against us last year against the best defense in the league. I can see SCP being impressed by that.Charlton are interested in signing Sone Aluko from Rangers for free.Charlton are preparing for life back in League One a bit soon aren't they?Get rid asap,not Saints standard at any level.One of Nigels Scunthorpe buddies expect more to join saintsHe was vital for Saints against MK Dons or didn't you see us in league 1. In fact, how many times have you seen him?He is good on FIFA 12 due to his pace but thats it


20 Jun 2012 07:31:09
New A-League club Western Sydney are hoping to lure Tim Cahill to the club in a deal that will be similar to Harry Kewell's at Melbourne Victory(5)(11)


20 Jun 2012 01:09:28
nathan ellington to sign 2 year deal at bristol rovers on 1st july(16)(14)I would absolutely love this to be true but just cant see it happening....Please be true!Never go back !!Poster 2 how bad are your strikers that you want him? woeful at TownMost people just remember the did he did for Rovers when he was there and presume he'd do the same thing again, ignoring everything that's changed since then.


20 Jun 2012 00:48:40
Swindon in talks to sign Peterborough's
Grant Mccann. Also on Alan Navarro's
twitter he has put he will be doing a
medical at his new club on thursday.
which is swindon as there the only
team to be linked with him(13)(21)McCann is 32 not DickinsonWhat position is McCann?Midfielder


20 Jun 2012 00:43:58
George Pilkington to join AFC Wimbledon is something I have heard from a reliable source. Anyone heard anything similar? Would be likely to be concluded in the next few days.(9)(11)I heard this but wasn't sure either, would be a gd signingHe went to mansfieldSigned for mansfield on there websiteAlready joined Mansfield


20 Jun 2012 00:42:12
George Pilkington has decided against a move to Mansfield due to family reasons and will sign a new three year deal at Luton which will also cover him becoming a coach at the club when he retires.(4)(21)


20 Jun 2012 00:35:58
Sheff wed to sign two players next week.. One of them is a season long loan for nile ranger.. Other 1 is unknown... Reliable source hus gt alot of stuff correct..(10)(10)


20 Jun 2012 00:16:29
millwall will get zoko from
carlisle by end of week(4)(15)You said that last weekIsnt he in the CIRCUS!I wish Zoko would move somewhere it seems he is mentioned every 5 postsYes but, he never said which week.Hes joining MiddlesbroughZoko is not in, or even of, the circus, he is the circus.

Zoko is coming and when he arrives unbelievers will tremble...But not next week


20 Jun 2012 00:07:31
Noel Kaseke is in talks with league one side Walsall

Manny Smith and Darryl Westlake have turned down their contract offers at Walsall
Smith is rumoured to be heading to Notts County and Westlake to AFC Telford or Hereford

Source Birmingham based football agent(5)(5)


19 Jun 2012 23:47:37
Swindon want Liam Dickinson(5)(20)He's a good player but at 32 I think PDC wouldn't be that interested.He's not a good player at allHe's 26


19 Jun 2012 21:59:23
Aberdeen, Walsall and Coventry are interested in taking Everton midfielder Araz Abdullayev on loan(8)(3)Walsall cannot afford his wagesOnly has a work permit for professional play in Azerbaijan. If he had a work permit he'd be on the Everton bench



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