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21 Jul 2013 22:28:13
Appaently Hooper has just been in talks with Norwich and is set for a medical tomorow

22 Jul 2013 01:58:19
Hope this is true as this has gone on for far too long. He is a proven goal scorer (even if it is only spl) but we are a team who give players like this who can score goals at 'lower levels' a chance. I think him and the wolf could work well together. Still think we'll need another striker if we bag hooper. Maybe Maxi Lopez looking likely.

Sorry don't believe it, its gone on far to long for him to sign, I also believe we have other targets in mind, so forget Hooper.

Who was he in talks with? McNally was in America with the team over the weekend.

Please be true

I don't think it's gone on too long personally. Celtic are just looking to get the best possible price for him. If we can reach an agreement with Celtic over a fee then I think he'll come.

Load of Toss Norwich in talks with Cisse fee of £9 agreed and Cisse is said to be very keen so watch this space

Cisse would be a great buy, but won't be able to afford the wages that anzhi can offer him. So can't see that happening. Hope you're right though

Where are you getting this Cisse info from? Only thing I can find on cisse is a reported offer of 18M euros from Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala, with a reported 50k a week wage on offer, if its true then we (Norwich) have no chance of signing him.

Cisse is going to west ham deal almost done up the hammers.

McNally did not travel with City team to America and is in Norwich.
Hooper meeting Lennon at Celtic today to discuss his transfer and has been quoted in one Scottish newspaper that he wants to join Norwich

Follow up to my last post Mcnally travelled for Saturdays game and is on his way back to Norwich

Hooper at ncfc I hope so, could be a surprise package, bring it on

Strong words that Hooper will sign by end off week.
Friends in Newcastle say word on the street is Cisse to have talks with Norwich City. 9-million

Don't need him as we are now going for Remy from qpr.

I would love it if we could get Remy from QPR but again wages i'm sure would be an issue for us.

I would rather have nikica jelavic than hooper who is available for 5. 5 m & looks set 2 leave Everton

McNally is not on his way back to Norwich till after the Portland game on thursday

Hooper has no desire to play for Norwich - if he did he would have made some statement to this effect and agitated for the move. He hasn't. As for Jelavic he scores 1:5 in the prem which is way too weak for us. This is why Everton have bought Kone (they are planning to bench Jelavic).

We may as well go for Austin or Rhodes if we can't get Maxi Lopez all have the numbers and the hunger that we need.

Norwich definantly have enough money to cover remys wage bill, rumours of us going for Maxi Lopez his wages will be no cheaper.

Remy was on £80k a week. I don't think we'll pay that.

Remy?Great idea let's buy a striker who did very little for QPR last year and he helped them on there way down, he's on stupid wages and is still unproven, complete waste of money!

The Hooper saga has gone on far to long but he's the type of young and hungry striker we (norwich) are looking for and will suit us!TEAM PLAYER, really can't see it happening any more has run to long, but then again why would hooper sign for QPR just to play in the championship? if he wants any small amount of chance to get in the england squad he will sign for a prem club, Celtic are the problem here because of the player over valuation,



21 Jul 2013 21:32:20
lua lua almost certain to leave brighton and hove albion with a fee of 1.5m being accepted by the club from at least two european clubs. this will give oscar garcia more funds to bring in some new faces. UTA

Certain you say then you don't even name the clubs

I wouldn't give £1.5m for him and his brother combined!

22 Jul 2013 09:57:17
arsenal have sign l. ulloa for 5.5 million and a 4 year deal
but brighton are not willing to let lualua go and ashley barnes is told that he don't want at brighton since sign from plymouth

22 Jul 2013 12:25:40
This chat ain't about uolla mate, join arsenal to win what exactly a cold!dream on,

Have arsenal really signed ulloa?

Neither of the 3 players mentioned, LuaLua, Ulloa OR Barnes are going anywhere! Why make up such rubbish??

22 Jul 2013 15:00:42
No mate they haven't signed ulloa he ain't leaving,

Would not imagine we would sell Ulloa--he's happy he's signed a four year deal and is scoring goals. Lua Lua and Barnes--a maybe. A lot going to be going on with ins and outs at Brighton in next week or two.

Why would Arsenal try to sign a strike from the championship when they have been trying to sign the striker from Real Madrid malicious rumour

22 Jul 2013 16:55:20
Maybe because no one wants to go to arsenal to win nothing in there career, why would anyone want to leave Madrid for arsenal, to be honest why would any one leave Brighton for arsenal, we've won silverware in last three years you ain't in eight seasons... {Ed029's Note - Wow! LOL

I can see barnes going but not the other two

22 Jul 2013 18:24:51
Thanx for the wow after my txt ed, glad it made you laugh, any news on any other players Brighton are after,

Where do people get these from. Ulloa isn't going anywhere, especially not to Arsenal. As for Lua Lua, he's an exciting prospect, but he's been rumoured to leave since he joined!



21 Jul 2013 20:20:35
Bradford want to sign nick proschwitz on a season long loan

PP has stated on a few ocasions he does not want to enter in the loan market

Actually if you had listened, he said he doesn't want short term loans, only season long loans.



21 Jul 2013 20:15:35
Lee Chung Yong in talks with WBA. Dorrans or Brunt will be shipped out to make way. Fee expected to be about 3m. WBA will take 3. 5 to 4 m for Dorrans or Brunt.

21 Jul 2013 23:49:08
We need at least 3 new signings before the season. I don't just wanna see loan signings. He'd be a good addition I think

£3.5m for Brunt or Dorrens, you'll be lucky.

We won't spend any money



21 Jul 2013 20:02:10
Brian Saah signed for Dagenham & Redbridge until 2015



21 Jul 2013 19:26:07
Reading are interested in a loan deal for John Guidetti

Wont drop to the championship

For a loan he might have to drop to the champ. {Ed003's Note - or abroad }



21 Jul 2013 18:53:02
hull city want m. utd young winger Januzaj on loan

24 Jul 2013 07:40:02
Only allowed 2 loan players in Premier League. Danny Graham already one of these and Bruce trying to get Wilson Palacios as the other.

Wrong, only allowed 2 over the age of 23.



21 Jul 2013 18:45:53
James Collins off to Hibs.
Bid of around £200k accepted according to SSN

Is this the same James collins that did not go to Newcastle as there £million bids where rejected. £200k now mmmmmm

There are two James Collins. Both used play for Villa. One is a defender for West Ham and the other is a young striker for Swindon he is on about the young striker not the defender

Hibs can't afford his wages + Collins wants to stay in England so it'll take some offer to convince him to take a wage cut as well as move somewhere he doesn't really want to when there's championship clubs looking at him



21 Jul 2013 18:44:28
westham are hoping to bring in scott parker from spurs if there is enough funds left once they bring in 1 more striker.



21 Jul 2013 18:22:53
Reading are currently in talks with free agent Rafik Djebbour. Although there area few other offers on the table, Reading hope to complete the deal before the weekend.

Yes like he would leave Olympiakos for Reading, fat chance of that happening!

Total rubbish. the only team in the championship he would go to is nottingham forest

21 Jul 2013 23:40:23
Is that the same Forest who changed the offer he had just before the medical causing him to walk out and refuse to take the tests?
He the tweeted he was considering other option, and his agent said Forest changed the offer. All this after three days billed up on East Midlands today and the Red Rag too.
Apparently his eye sight isn't great either!

Op- he is contracted till 2016 so he won't be free.
He failed to complete the last part of the medical because his agent had offers from perm clubs so he pulled out of finishing the medical.

He won't be free no. But have you seen the state of the Greek economy? Olympiakos would bite your hand off for anything above 3 cans of beans and some Lilt.



21 Jul 2013 18:19:02
Spoke directly to John ward today at the bristol rovers fun day and he said they are no longer actively chasing jj o'tool there is of course an offer on the table but Rovers expect him to stay at Colchester from the horses mouth!

JJOT was not at the colchester open day today

Contrary to what I was told

Good its about time we forgot about him

Maybe he's not staying at Colchester then but Rovers seem to have had enough of waiting for his decision heard a lot on here about Southend being his destination?

He'll be in Bristol by the end of the week, mark my words.

Colchesters transfer page has said O'Toole would join rovers by tuesday as he's not in Joe Dunne's plans, he turn't down a league 1 club last week, O'Toole will become a gas player, offer is on the table but the ball is in O'Toole's half



21 Jul 2013 18:09:50
fulham to get wakaso to fill in the gap lesf by danny murphy and bidding for papiss cisse who could go for cut price of 8 million

So we are going to sign a left winger to replace a ball playing CM?

Wakaso - Isn't he a left CM/winger? Is he really going to 'fill' the gap left by Danny Murphy'?
Seems to like scoring goals for Ghana, though!
Cisse won't play for us - our shirts are sponsored by a bookmaker!



21 Jul 2013 18:07:35
Reading will sign Bakary Sako this week.

Getting another winger isn't a priority for Reading, we have enough depth in that position

How much?

21 Jul 2013 23:25:03
I think there has been one Reading fan posting prolific rumours on here for a while. could someone remind him that Reading were relegated to the Championship.

This is a football rumours site if you don't like it don't come on here simples

You'd have thought the same of a rumour of Royston Drenthe signing for Reading, and look what happened.

22 Jul 2013 12:35:07
No chance to reading

Why would we need him we got loads of wingers



21 Jul 2013 17:37:17
Reports of Gaston Ramirez moving to Inter Milan. Things haven't quite work out as well as all saints fans would have wanted in the first season.

With him going frees up some space in the attacking midfield.

Is he actually going though? He has said he wants to stay and even extend his contract and has joined up with first team. If he does go it is because MP doesn't want him

Old story. Gaston is training with Saints in Spain right now, and has said he is not going anywhere, and MP has said he is not for sale as he is a big part of his plans. It is well documented that last season that he had a couple of injuries and had family problems to sort out in Uraguay

Total bs and agent wind-up. Gastòn has said he was happy to stay and MP is not selling him.

If this was true he wouldn't have bothered to fly out with the squad.

Ramirez is a class player, still young and I'm sure will stand out for saints next year even more! Cortese won't let him go after landing him only last year!

Is ramerez using saints as a stepping stone to a big club Italy don't think he will be as bad a miss as lambert. football clubs are like coronation street today a soap opera



21 Jul 2013 17:24:20
West Ham will sign Both Charlie Austin and Kieran Trippier from Burnley for combined total of 5M with WH youngster Jordan Spence going to Burnley has part of the deal

Trippier won't be part of any deal and if I was i'd imagine the £5m would be for Trippier alone

5 million plus Spence wouldn't be too bad a deal.

If only because it means we could 'fudge' the amount paid for Austin and screw over Swindon for their sell on fee! ;-)

Trips at most is worth 2 mil, 5 million seems about right as a combined fee!

Trips is worth like 3.5 mil because he as given best rb of the season and Austin is probably worth 5mil if he could pass a bloody medical ;)

Trippier and Austin are staying, Jones will sign on a free from wigan on the 1st August



21 Jul 2013 16:51:43
JJ o'toole was not at the Colchester fun day also he is not in there team photo for the 13/14 season



21 Jul 2013 16:12:59
West brom are going to get ba on loan and Moses both from Chelsea they will also bid for Sinclair

Im a wba fan, and I can tell you we will not be getting BA as he has refused to move on loan to any team outside of champions league, moses and Sinclair are both possibilities

God I hope this is true. Give us a lift please

Pretty sure you can only loan a player from a single club max 2 from 2 clubs

I would like it but I doubt it will happen

We can only loan ba or moses not both honestly some people haven't got a clue

21 Jul 2013 23:52:33
Too true, can't loan more than 1 player from a club.

Only exception is loan of a goalkeeper in exceptional circumstances ie. All a teams goalkeepers are injured!

I heard west brom will buy Moses for a discounted price and then get no compensation for izzy brown



21 Jul 2013 16:06:13
Billy Sharp due in Reading on Tuesday to discuss a move to Reading. Fee agreed with Saints.

Good club. Rather see him go there than somewhere where he won't be appreciated.

Prado rumours are rubbish though.


Sharp never got a chance at saints. Is ramerez on his way to inta, never had a full game with always injured let him go.

No disrespect but I think Reading should be aiming higher than sharp. he is no better than what we already have and want to see the club moving fowards. we have signed to quality midfielders let's get a quality striker to go with it.

{Ed029's Note - Have to disagree with that. Pogrebnyak will go, then all we have is Le Fondre. Blackman and Samuel are inexperienced, and Roberts may not play again with that hip. Sharp would be an excellent addition.

He has been due for talks every week for the last 2 months I really don't think we will get him

Sharp is too similar to Le Fondre. Need different options up front. What's the point in signing Sharp if we're looking to get promoted. He won't play in the premier league so better off loaning someone for a season like Guidetti

21 Jul 2013 22:36:13
i wouldn't mind sharp, although I don't think hell be banging in 20+ for the season, were definitely short in the forward area, if we can keep pog I think he'll terrorise defences next season, but if not then we do need some sort of quality coming in, as the ed said we've only got alfie, and 2 other inexperienced strikers

id love hooper, but I think that shots gone now. as good as austin is he might be a liabilty with his knee.

rafik djebbour who we've apparently just been linked with has a pretty good record, but I have no idea who he is and don't know if he's even champ quality

also feel like we need another left back, unsure who the youngsters are that we have, I know we had mills but he's gone to burnley

Sharp > ALF

22 Jul 2013 16:13:29
reading fc need a striker that tall an strong and converted cross with no problems (not like pog)



21 Jul 2013 15:52:13
adam birchill is looking like he is going from gillingham to dartford on loand till start of january to get first team football as his chances at gills are very limited



21 Jul 2013 15:48:26
Billy Sharp will hold formal talks with Reading this week. Previously Reading have spoken to his representatives, however Nick Hammond has returned from discussions with Juventus over the clubs new partnership and is keen to secure two final signings before the start of the new season.

Reading are also believed to have offered long-term target Zolton Gera a contract, but he is waiting for WBA to confirm if they will extend his deal or not.



21 Jul 2013 13:23:59
Leon Barnett has been told he can leave Norwich on a free.

Cardiff interested

Then a few championship clubs too, Derby County, Leeds, Nottingham Forest.

Bizarre . May or may not be premiership but quality Championship and I would have thought a fee would be payable and not a token one. Fine player .

He has been told to try and find another club, since he is not in CH's plans for this season, its not a free transfer though, still one year on his contract and Norwich will expect money for him.

I think you mean he's been told he is "free to leave Norwich" he is still under contract

21 Jul 2013 18:57:14
Decent player, and if true he's a free agent. then he will more than likely end up at Forest.

We got him on the cheap and he made a major contribution to our promotion. I wish him well and hope Cardif come in for him. Thanks Leon

If Cardiff do come in for him then think the fee will be minimum, a token gesture nothing more probably to the value of his wages for the last season of contract

Like Norwich City out of our league. I have a feeling we are starting with Keogh and Bucko.



21 Jul 2013 13:21:41
Ipswich are preparing a loan bid for Chelsea midfielder Josh McEachran. The player was out on loan at Middlesbrough last season and Mick McCarthy has become frustrated at his attempts to solve the Central Midfield position.

Can't see this somehow, good player all the same!

If mceachran was to go back to the championship, it wouldnt be back to BORO. he's likely to go to a prem team

McEachran, too much tippy tippy sideways and backwards. Not an incisive midfielder and didn't score a goal, I was pleased to see him go. Ipswich are welcome to him

He wasn't good enough for the boro so I doubt hell get a loan in the premier league.

The only good thing bout having J MC on loan is Sophie Webster attends the games lol



21 Jul 2013 13:01:48
MKDons Manager Karl Robinson is looking at signing Derby County Forward Theo Robinson on a free Transfer.

21 Jul 2013 15:21:05
He is not available on a free! He has 1 year left on his contract

Yes he is, clough told both him and tyson can go for nothing

21 Jul 2013 19:02:02
He is available on a free; you're wrong!

{Ed029's Note - No links to external websites please.

Here we go again. As I have pointed out before, "free to go" is not the same as "go for free"

Cough prepared to let him go on a free. Look in today's papers ;)

They are free to leave on a free.

He was told he can go for free so it is the same thing.



21 Jul 2013 12:54:29
Bristol city to offer contracts to Former cardiff goalkeeper Elliot Parish and striker Marlon Harewood this week. Albert Adomah looks set to leave the club this week with wigan reported to have offered 1million for the Ghanian winger.

Bristol city will also be looking to sign a cm in the next couple of weeks. They are reported to be interested in James dunne, dean parret formely of spurs and callum morris of Wigan

Only cm we will sign is pack! And that's if we offload Pearson and Kilkenny. Think we will see more outs then ins in the next couple of weeks.

Bristol have not accepted Wigan's offer for AA but the player is keen to join, leaving him in limbo.



21 Jul 2013 11:51:57
Aberdeen are interested in signing Stephen Pearson of Bristol City for a fee of around £25k
The deal has been held up by the ankle injury Pearson has sustained.

21 Jul 2013 15:32:46
Aberdeen have no money so wouldn't be bidding anything especially for another midfielder - we have an abundance! Full-backs? That's a different matter!

You can have him for free



21 Jul 2013 11:03:48
Southamptons Guly do Prado is on the verge of signing for Reading. Nigel Adkins hopes to wrap the deal up before Readings final preseason game on Saturday

Guly is in Pochettino's plans and said in an interview yesterday that he this is a big year for him and he wants to help Southampton.

Highly doubt it

Some saints fans may not agree, but a good hard working player. See him a couple of times last season when he came on he worked his socks off. Good signing for reading if this Is true

Rubbish he scored a 9 minute hatrick yesterday in saints 8 0 romp over palamos! he wouldn't want to work under Nige again anyway! fact!


That why he's flown to Austria with the saints squad

Guly played in our friendly in Spain last night. If he was on the verge of joining Reading don't you think he would be in the UK?

On the verge? He played last night in Spain for Saints and scored 3. He also said after the match he wants to do better this season with Saints. Would you like to rephrase 'on the verge'.


Go for it Nigel, please, just help us out one more time.

Wouldn't want him for RFC Anyway we have better

Suggest you look at the saints official web site. Guly going nowhere!

But Guly scores when he wants.

Why would we sell him?

Ha ha just scored a hatrick

Please let this be true!

No thanks! a poor player

I hope he does go, he's awful. Scores s hat trick against some ropey 3rd div spanish side and people making out he's decent, behave

21 Jul 2013 17:20:54
iv never heard of the guy lol

Complete donkey. Scored a hat trick in an 8-0 win against a some poor side. Get rid asap. Take guly get fox free!

^^^^ obviously another person who's never played the game. You all slag guly off did you watch him at st Mary's against man united one of our best ayers on the day. alleight the man don't track back can't tackle but can lallana? No but you don't slag him off do you. Sometimes think half our supporters are pretty deluded and pretty perfetic! Rant over coyrs

Scored plenty in English champ and league one

^^^ "Never heard of him lol"
Not a football fan then?!

That rant was amazing exactly what I was thinking. Guly haters never played the game probably. and he did start tracking back and working really hard last season. One of our best players against spurs away. Guly haters are clueless

Agree with the other post, just because he scored a hat trick doesn't make him any good, he's always been shocking and always will be!

He's a professional how many of you have achieved this? None of you its getting boring now

Agree with the post about Guly haters. Their experience of football probably doesn't go beyond kicking a plastic ball in a play park.

The saints fans who don't understand the game think guly is bad. Try understanding football please guys! Guly can be frustrating but he's been with us since league one times and is still capable of putting in a good shift at prem level. Definitely a handy squad player to have around

Because some Saints fans don't like or rate Guly they're slagged off and called pathetic by other Saints fans who do see something in the donkey.
Free speech entitles everyone a right to an opinion.
The pathetic ones are the name callers, like naughty, petulant, spoilt, schoolboys in the playground.
Adults, not yet, grow up, we do all love the same club and team.

Doesn't matter if football fans have kicked a ball before there entitled to there opinion

At times guly has been a real handful to opposition team, he is a fovourite with cortese but surely must have proved himself in training to be picked

Hear hear, about time the insults /name calling stopped.

Simon Church scored a hat trick for Reading in their preseason friendlies last year, but he still did not feature in Readings first team this season. in this day and age, travelling with the team for pre-season friendlies means nothing

Ive had people sit behind me at st marys who obviously haven't a clue trying to explain the game to there kids. one minute slagging them off then next there the greatest player on the team. all i'm saying is every football player has a bad spell look at torres bad first half of the season, does that make him a bad player. not really does it.

Guly is staying get over it!!

Guly bossed the tottenham away game, best player on the pitch by far. Took schniderlin's place and was actually better.

Most people who say guly is bad either never watch saints games or are just sheep.

Every one has the right to free speech, which is why I have to right to disregard the comments of Guly being a Donkey as clueless comments from fans who have not played the game to a high standard or at all, either that or they are just clueless. If anyone should be called a donkey at saints it should be Fox or Hooiveld who cost us so many points last season. But I will trust MP as he is the Manager and he sees the players perform everyday.

You call people 'clueless' for having an opinion other than yours? No one is saying he can't play football in literal terms; merely that he is far below standard's of most other players. Why would there be so many guly haters if he was great? In terms of saints he is a donkey; as that own goal to throw away the win at arsenal proved.

So if Gareth Bale scores an own goal that proves he is a donkey haha. Clueless

If bale rarely scored; constantly gave away stupid fouls and possession; generally provides nothing, then yes, bale would. Instead he scores goals for fun as well as has blistering pace with his fine technique and skill, unlike guly. Fail comparison.

Guly made a fool of himself personally last year with the drink driving episode. This season is probably his last chance to prove himself as he is also now one of saints older players. I think he realizes this it has tken a long time for the penny to drop I beliievePoch sees realizes this and I think we will all see a revitalized Guly this season. H has scored some vital goals for us over the past few seasons'ok it was not good last year but I think he did not always have his mind on the job due to his stupidityII do think he should have this last chance to show us what he can do if he does not produce the goods he will probably be on his way.



21 Jul 2013 10:28:26
Charlie Austin is a target of West Ham who are ready to meet the valuation set by Burnley of 4M

Hopefully this is true. the Austin saga needs to end quickly!

Austin's heart s no longer with Burnley- he wants Premier League football and is more than good enough for it.

A £2.5 million bid with add-ons will likely see him on his way; chicken feed for a PL club like West Ham.

Shhh. don't mention chicken feed, this is nothing to do with Blackburn

I would be happy to get £4m for a player that failed his medical, hopefully gets us enough money to buy some proper championship players



21 Jul 2013 10:16:54
Forest looking to test Mansfield resolve with a bid to buy recently new signing Sam clucas hope this gets rejected unless there's stupid money involved



21 Jul 2013 10:03:24
Crystal palace and Reading are leading the chase for Millwall defender Shane Lowry.

Chase all they won't shane ain't going nowhere

Palace and Reading can chase all they like. Shane is going nowhere (as per Steve Lomas).

Good. He's not the best.

People are so funny who write these things haha more like chasing flys

Reading have Gorkss, Pearce, Mariappa and Morrison already. We don't want an average championship defender thanks

I agree, I'm surprised anyone would be too bothered if Lowry went. Every time I see him play he looks like he's either going to get sent off or give a penalty away. He's got no finesse to his game, not a very good full back, and a pretty average centre back. I would have preferred we kept Tony Craig!

Reading have four average d championship defender's already you're in the championship not the premier league lol

I wouldn't mind Palace getting Pearce or Mariappa though! Will 4 million do for both of them?

'good he's not the best' have you seen his free kick v charlton!

Lowry an average centre back, on what grounds can you make that comment?

The grounds you can make for Lowry being an average CB, is watching him play CB for Millwall - on the rare occasion he's been selected - He's 4th choice behind Robinson, s***tu and Beavers, and probably on a par with Osborne. He's a wholehearted and committed player, there's no doubt, but he's far too reckless, and his decision making is poor for a professional footballer. I think if we sign Shorey or another specialist full back he'll be benched and used as a utility player.



21 Jul 2013 09:23:46
Middlesbrough fc to complete the deal for Albert adomah in the next 24 hours with a fee of 950k

He's joining Wigan when they get beack from the U. S.

There is 3'clubs who have made bids Wigan, palace and m/boro, Wigan and palace have had there bids rejected how ever seems boro bid hasn't.

Would be interesting to see/know how many players have actually turned down the Boro this summer! So tired of hearing all the players linked going else where! Quite disheartening really!

Won't come to the championship, he's got two other PREMIERSHIP chioces



21 Jul 2013 08:09:53
Leeds fans are already turning on new manager Brian McDermott.

In the main they're asking why is there a lack of signings, why have we go no width, why are we so direct and long ball (yes I know Reading fans warned us).

McDermott admits he has only one makeshift winger at the club and needs more. ("I had 5 at Reading") and also admitted he may have to sell to buy.

He sounded rattled when asked about tactics and players. I think if we start poor and have an iffy season he won't last until the new year. He was very 'safe' at Reading because of the financial constraints, until the rich new owners came in. Now he has those same constraints but impossible expectations.

Matt Mills is the defender he's trying to bring in, but the club is still "no closer".

McD us a good man and a good manager but only seems interested/comfortable with low key prospects. His downfall at Reading was his hesitation to step up and attract big name players. He has his limitations but is still relatively inexperienced and if given time he will deliver, albeit through his long ball, score more goals style.

Brian's lack of transfer activity with Reading and Leeds is a little odd when you consider his success as a scout

Give him a chance. Every club would like signings to wizz through but it just isn't that simple anymore.

Personally speaking I'd much prefer to see youth given a chance even at this early stage, just like we stumbled across Sam byram at this time last year. Other than poleon, dawson, I'd like to see Lewis Walters. I think this lad has exceptional pace along with great potential, I can definately see him creating opportunities from wide positions given the chance. CW

We haven't turned our back on him and like he said in that post game interview wingers are hard and expensive to get

Why rush signings and end up with s*** players

Brian's lack of transfer activity with Reading and Leeds is a little odd when you consider his success as a scout


You say that, but it probably fuels his desire to unearth gems. He did it all the time at Reading, with Kevin Doyle, Shane Long etc, and is always keen to bring in unrecognised talent for cheap prices, but obviously this doesn't always pay off, and sometimes it is just more effective to pay the millions for the established talent

Proper Leeds fans aren't turning on him, only personic people who know nowt, a bit like OP

O real leeds fans are turning on him and we are only n preseason why wold we turn on him. We all so know we have 1 winger so we wouldn't complain about but we wold about the number of wingers

Leeds fans aren't turning on mcdermot yet we haven't played any league games you can't put to much stock in pre season we been training hard played lots of games and travelled

It's right we still have same team and after watching them last year I way down action is needed they kee saying were prem team but don't do anything

Come on now give Brian a chance you were all singing his praises a few weeks ago! The season hasn't even started yet? MOT

Brian is a proper man who needs to be given a chance and given time and I am sure most genuine leeds fans know that. We all need to get behind him and think about the massive task he has.

Leeds fans are behind Brian Mc and this new chapter in our history. The tide will turn let's be patient and get back to supporting our man



21 Jul 2013 05:20:52
MKDons have tonight (Saturday) agreed terms to sign Watford defender Lee Hodson on a free transfer.

I would rather sign manton from walsall, we eyed him last season, definate quality.

Hodson is a great young RB got bags of potential and is definitely worthy of a starting place in a championship side, shame there was too much quality in the watford squad. The signing of Faraoni was what pretty much ended any hope of a starting place for him. The Dons have got themselves a good deal would have thought he might have commanded a fee.

I don't think dons fans realise what a great player they've signed. was brilliant a couple of years ago. great potential and it was free

Agree with last post MK have got a good RB surprised there was not a small fee.

Nothing to do with Faraoni's arrival.

Hodson is a competent full back in a 442 and can play left or right side.

The problem is Watford don't play 442 and haven't for a year. Hodson was replaced with wing backs Cassetti, Anya, Pudil last summer.

Surplus to requirements, good luck to the lad, will do a decent job for MK.

Hodson is a good player and MK Dons fans will see that soon. IMO as a Watford fan I believe he is capable of playing in the Championship

Lee is a very reliable RB and a real bargain as a free. Until Watford were lucky enough to be given multi million pound players like going out of fashion, he was one of my favourites.

Hodson is a fantastic player. Gone under the radar after injury then the loans etc. I'd say more championship level but teams won't really know what he is about so much now. MK dons have a real steal here. Good luck lee. NI international to boot too.

Don't think it was to do with the system change as Pudil was primarily a LB before he joined, so you would think Hodson would be able to make the conversion but apparently he took longer than the others and the arrival of Faraoni killed off any remaining chance he had of making the first team.

Was SUPERB on his debut and was probably the most anticipated youth prospect to ermerge since Ashley Young (albeit different position etc). Shame he didn't fit with Zola's style of play but with a fresh start and new expectations, he could explode

Watford officially sign Anya from Granada on a 3-year deal and Reece Brown on a free transfer on a 2-year deal. Also Watford are favourites to sign Matej Vydra!

Lee Hodson was not that good. He played a lot of games for us but he did not progress enough. Even before the Pozzos bought us you could see that he was not good enough for our team. Think he will do well at MK Dons and improve, works well for Hodson. good luck to him


A sensible post.

No idea why Watford fans rant and rave over Hodson. Decent enough mid championship player but nothing special.

Not raving about him just expressing how good a signing for MK dons it is. Should be a championship player still but good luck to him as he values playing time and progressing. KH

He was a mid Championship player, playing in a mid Championship side. Besides, he was played far too early and its affected his development. Ross Jenkins and Sean Murray are in the same boat. It isn't what young players need UNLESS they're exceptional talents i. e Zaha. we've handled Britt how all young players should be handled. Time away from a high level setting and with an oppertunity to learn the trade. It's not responsible to keep a player with a parent club as all they learn is how to play catch up with their team mates who, in Hodson's case, were Mariappa / Doyley et al. It's rather impressive he was able to maintain that level as it is, but then he's expected to develop beyond them and the truth is he can't because he doesn't know how. Britt will have the confidence and basic understanding of professional football to push for a place rather than earning it with a reputation from the acadamy which is schoolboy level. THAT'S the difference.

To make a long, blown out point - MK Dons have essentially signed a player a whole division ahead of where the team currently are, the same as Jordan Henderson coming down South and pulling on a Watford shirt. Two different calibres, but the impacts are the same.



21 Jul 2013 04:39:20
Peter Odemwingie is close to sealing a moving to Saudi Billionaire Club Al-Hilal, who will make the Nigerian International amongst the highest paid players in the world. West Brom enquired about bringing Al-Hilal's Thiago Neves back to Europe but the club and player declined the interest.

Highest paid in the world ha aha hhhah my ribs

I think you'll find the clue in Neves's reluctance to move in the phrase 'Saudi Billionaire'.

So odemwingie will bo on around 300 grand a week lol

Highest paid player never going to happen, Odemwingie highest paid player what a joke hahahha

Are the Baggies going to actually do any business this window. Peace said at the beginning of the window that West Brom had got a busy summer ahead. It looks like it. The Premiership campaign is getting closer and we seem pretty static

We never do our business early. Arrivals will start next week.

To the uneducated above, the key word in the statement alluding to Odemwingie's pay is 'amongst'. note *key word*. Learn to read and dissect information correctly. Sheesh.



21 Jul 2013 03:58:50
Adin mcgeedy talked to press and said he might come back to celtic. He also said he will be in glasgow speaking to lennon.

Please no not good enough wee James forest is much better winger he can defend too mcgreedy left us for cash wouldn't want him back. 1 trick pony.

He never left us for cash, mcgeady loves the hoops and I would take him back in a heartbeat he left because all the abuse he was getting for choosing ireland.

Will be in glasgow 4 days time

Aye I heard the same



21 Jul 2013 01:02:13
Crystal Palace set to bring in Croatian under 21 Mislav Orsic from Croatian club Inter Zapresic. After agreeing a fee with the club reported to be around 1 million, Orisic and his agent will under go personal terms in London later this week.

Quality player, a steal at £1 million if we get him. Strong and is rapid across the ground but a bit greedy tho.



20 Jul 2013 23:51:38
Jay Simpson, currently a free agent after being released by Hull City, is on Steve Evans' at radar at Rotherham as he is in desperate need of a young striker who is capable of proving himself at League One level

Evans needs to get something sorted and quick Hylton and Agard aren't good enough.

Can't see him dropping down the leagues, he was on loan at millwall the other year & was sent back to hull before his loan was up because he has an attitude problem. Refused to be a sub so former millwall manager Kenny Jackett sent him straight home from the ground before the game started. Don't know why he thought he should be playing his goal scoring record is crap

I think Hylton and Agard both need to be given a chance but we definitely need a back up as we only have 4 strikers excluding Odejayi, if 2 got injured then that would be it

Reason why he dint get contract renewed not a goal scorer but does work hard

21 Jul 2013 16:14:43
Should get himself a club at Championship level. works hard, holds the ball up very well, creates plenty of chances and may yet find a goalscoring touch

Would be a great signing if it were true though, could be a 15-20 per season
goalscorer at League 1 level

How has he got a crap attitude? he gave 110% every single game last year, you don't know anything.



20 Jul 2013 23:50:54
Bradford city to take look at a winger called Georgios Efrem

Would never happen I am a City fan and I can say never going to happen his wages would be to much and he would cost about 1million

Georgios Efram? You need to stay out of the sun!

Someone else with good inside info. PP won't be happy that this has leaked out. Deal expected this week but other clubs now alerted. Great prospect when at Arsenal and Rangers who has blossomed back home in Cyprus.



20 Jul 2013 23:23:21
Jack Doherty deal done. Only further possible Ipswich signing is Conor Henderson, released by Arsenal.

Otherwise Mick McCarthy is very happy with the squad he has assembled.



20 Jul 2013 23:02:53
French strikerChristian Nade should be a Shrewsbury Town player by the end of the week despite only signing for East Fife last month.

If this is true I'd be amazed

And disappointed



20 Jul 2013 22:53:57
Sunderland have tabled a bid of 6M for Napoli's italian international striker Lorenzo Insigne his agent has revealed

No way. Napoli will want more than that, probably around 12m

15m they said last time



20 Jul 2013 22:56:00
Northampton town set to sign robbie fowler after he has stated his interest to come out of retirement to play in the npower football league

A total waste of space in A-league. Only good for taking a penalty.

21 Jul 2013 11:58:46
They get worse

Sure its not Martin Fowler he has been out of work for a while

Think you'll find he's out in Aus with the Liverpool lads! Next rumour!



20 Jul 2013 22:38:17
mark Wilson to sign 6 month deal as cover for chris Clark, who has done his knee



20 Jul 2013 22:30:40
Shrewsbury were about to sign either a reject or another youngster from bolton but GT has confirmed it will not happen cause of injury

21 Jul 2013 15:50:02
Was go�ng 2b joe riley but apparent ligament damage

Tyrone Mears, Matt Mills, Tim Ream, Keith Andrews take your pick.



20 Jul 2013 22:30:22
Is there any truth in this Maxi Lopez rumour? Price sounds ok but is he worth a chance, sounds a bit of an underachiever? {Ed001's Note - this was posted on the Norwich page.}

Good player and yes there is truth to it. look on line its says we have made a 3.5 million bid

29 to old might aswell sign my nan up

How can he be too old at 29, its the same age as Robin Van Persie.

If 29 is to old I might as well go orded my coffin as i'm now 30

Trouble is, your nan is a red card waiting to happen and she makes Lee Cattermole seemed restrained. Good player, mind.

Yes, but maxi lopez in no RvP

29 too old? Bet you wanted to keep hold of 32 year old gran holt though!

The Maxi Lopez rumour looks ok. He scores 1:3 for a team whose main objective is staying in Serie A in what is a notoriously defensively minded league.

Translated to the Prem that would be at least 12 goals a season. For £3.5m. Not bad. He is a physically robust sort who has a bit of finesse. He might do well in the prem.



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