Football Rumours Archive July 21 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 21 2012 

20 Jul 2012 14:36:16
Hi Ed is it true that Sunderland are after David Goodwillie from Blackburn? hope not {Ed003's Note - I can't find anything to confirm it mate,sorry(6)(22)Kieran gibbs to sunderland on loan if arsenal get other left back possibly Richardson


20 Jul 2012 20:11:12
What i heard from a reliable source who
Works with Bristol City
Buzacky not to sign just a rumour
That has spiralled out of controle
Kilkeny - Watford , to be announced
Next Monday for a rumoured £200-
And a young premier league striker on
A season long loan to be announced
Before the team go to Scotland .(15)(21)What bout a CB and GK?Spoke to buszaky in hotel was honest and said bristol city a strong possibility and impressed by del boys plans but nothing yet finalized . seems down to earth guyClutching at straws ..... you're all just clutching at straws....Watford have a 1000 midfielders and no strikers already - so as good as he is - kilkenny is unlikely to move to WatfordWe're going to Ireland, not Scotland...Stick killkenny up front cuz he aint much of a midfielderYou might be going to ireland,bristol citys going to scotland,im going to dubai


20 Jul 2012 19:58:52
Albion were today facing a crucial few hours in their bid to sign Argentina International Claudio Yacob after Brazilian side Botafogo launched a fresh bid to hi-jack the move.(10)(10)Hes already signed a pre contract agreement with wbaWhich means either party can pull out of when they like !He has signed a pre contract but not sure how we stand legally, do you enforce it or let a player go who doesn't want to come? We could get money for a player who hasn't actually player for us. Hope he signs though he looks qualityBrazilian window has closed s he won't be going there, wba shouldn't want him as he clearly doesn't/didn't want to sign


20 Jul 2012 19:56:42
Steve Clarke has confirmed that Albion have turned down a bid for Peter Odemwingie

The press are reporting that Al-Gharafa's offer was £4million, which clearly is no where near enough for a serious question to be asked on whether Albion would benefit more by selling Odemwingie.(13)(5) 



20 Jul 2012 19:36:35
Aidy White agrees a new 3 year deal with Leeds United ending speculation of him moving to one of three or four clubs showing interest in him.(20)(4)This is now official news and he is playing for Leeds tonight.


20 Jul 2012 18:58:57
Kilmarnock are looking at ex Hamilton left back Brian Easton who was released from his contract at Burnley last month(7)(4)Havent u heard mate , scottish football will cease to exist in a season since the sevco got relegated to div 3 hahas



20 Jul 2012 18:56:11
Coventry are set to further their promotion push with free agent Tom Soares(17)(4) 



20 Jul 2012 18:40:45
Derby and Celtic target Aidy White has signed a new contract at Leeds.(25)(7)Signing hasnt signed yet tomorrow he has said he might.Ye he has they been on about it through the match and in leeds website


20 Jul 2012 18:41:05
johnathan forte set to join notts county on a 3 year deal(20)(3)Very good player ...incredible he might sign for Notts CountyI will believe this when it is official


20 Jul 2012 18:03:01
Bradford City have confirmed the signing of Swindon striker Alan Connell on a two-year contract.(18)(1)


20 Jul 2012 17:48:34
Alan Connell and Matt Hamshaw will play a half for Bradford against Tadcaster tommorow in a friendly.(13)(6)Tom Taiwo, Micheal Boateng and Antony Macnamee (ex watford ) turnng out for city at tadcaster today.


20 Jul 2012 17:48:12
Cheltenham Town will step up their search for a striker by making an approach for veteran Dele Adebola.(3)(4)Mark Yates knows better than to go for a striker who struggles to remain fit, demands huge wages and is consistently still picked for Championship clubs!


20 Jul 2012 17:28:55
Huddersfield Town striker Jimmy Spencer will not be returning to Cheltenham Town on loan next season.(15)(4)Yep thinks he can break into first teamJimmy is a good lad. All the best to him.


20 Jul 2012 16:54:30
Everton are interested in signing Preston North End youngster Danny Mayor. Moyes knows Mayor and his family and sees him as a great prospect for the future(12)(16)Does Moyes really know Danny Mayor. Mayor must have only been 10 or 11 years old when Moyes left Preston for EvertonCan't see why moyes wouldn't
no him. He still lives in Preston. And if Everton ain't playing he comes on north endMoyes still lives in Preston, not far from Deepdale, i would imagine he's fairly up to speed concerning PNE playersHa Ha no chance of making it in the Prem"If Everton ain't playing........ he comes on north end"...?


20 Jul 2012 16:52:42
Yeovil Town will sign Aaron Downes if he plays well against Plymouth and Dorchester.(2)(7)Yeovil vs plymouth but the game is at dorchesterBut there is also game v. DorchesterIt's only for fitness, I wouldn't expect him to be good enough...


20 Jul 2012 16:36:31
Crazy times at the toon next week,Carroll done deal,Debuchy sorted and Douglas as well,only top player we might lose is Ben Arfa,hopefully to Liverpool for 35 million(18)(49)Not bad since Carroll is still on holiday in the USA and hasn't been in talks with any1 and Liverpool yet confirmed they haven't even excepted a bid for Carroll yetLiverpool have been stupid in the past, but not any more. We won't be buying any players from you for stupid money again.Nice figure to pluck out the air there, no way ben arfa is worth that


20 Jul 2012 16:22:03
new target for newcastle, Carrol deal
is off as they wont pay the 20mil
quoted so they will turn there
attention to berbatov. a bid of around
6 mil but utd have looked at tiote so a
swap and monies from man u could be
on the cards(25)(28)News is that berba is keen but wages and tiote willingness to move to utd as he favours a switch to chelseaMine is the next post ,Carroll is done and dusted and will play up front with Cisse next season,not sure how Ba will fit in but he doesent want to leaveBerba is 31 and doesnt come near the NUFC blueprint that MA sticks to.


20 Jul 2012 16:18:18
Walsall are interested in signing winger Martin Devaney.(14)(5)Didnt he used to play for us b4I didn't rate him at all at tranmere spent most of his time in the treatment room and was a one trick pony no pace but a good passer of the ball I'd look elsewhere first!Id have have him back at walsall deffo great little winger hope theres summat in this rumour


20 Jul 2012 16:16:38
one of Cardiff City's targets is reported to be strong, tall in the prem and champ they were clues that were given for the type of player we are after i have no idea who it is, Marlon King is a target but i dont think he's moving anywhere away from Birmingham, does anyone have an idea who it is?(5)(7)Carlton cole maybe I know there has been talk of selling him because of the young quality strikers west ham are after ed any idea. I think he would be great for cardiffRicardo Fuller ?It could be Carlton Cole and he would be great for us but he could be going to a premiership team like stoke have been interested in him for some time nowIt maybe Harris Vuckic again, some fans didnt like him much because they said he was lazy i watched Vuckic play against Peterboro for a few mins just watching his work rate and he does some running i couldnt say, lazy he links up the midfield and forwards which cought my eye did it against P'Boro and as a sub against Bristol City


20 Jul 2012 16:16:20
one of Cardiff City's targets is reported to be strong, tall in the prem and champ they were clues that were given for the type of player we are after i have no idea who it is, Marlon King is a target but i dont think he's moving anywhere away from Birmingham, does anyone have an idea who it is?(1)(6)


20 Jul 2012 16:10:02
Coventry City have signed Reece Brown from Manchester United on a season long loan.(19)(3)


20 Jul 2012 16:08:33
Bradford are lining up a move for Swindon Town striker Alan Connell.

Connell joined Swindon from Grimsby last summer and helped them win promotion from League Two.

The 29-year-old scored 13 goals in all competitions as Swindon won the League Two title and reached the Johnstone's Paint Trophy final.

Robins boss Paolo Di Canio is thought to be willing to let Connell leave the County Ground having brought in James Collins and Andy Williams already this summer.

A number of clubs have shown an interest in Connell, but Bradford boss Phil Parkinson is hopeful of luring him(15)(4)


20 Jul 2012 16:06:56
Mathew Upson on way to Forest along with Higginbotham who will be captain.

Jom(17)(37)They both played last night for stoke city lol so I doubt that


20 Jul 2012 16:03:16
Huddersfield chasing Keith southern from Blackpool as Grayson looks for a holding midfielder(16)(9)Good signings so far, not sure about Southern, not sure AT ALL............He actually only has 1 year left on his contract plus an option for a further year which would make two ! {Ed003's Note - I think this should be on the Baptiste thread}He is a decent player and Grayson knows him well, the only worry is his injury and illness record but that aside he has the experience we need to glue the younger players together.Not a good signing??
miles better than johnson who he wanted to keep, with recent prem and especially championship experience and ideal for the new boys = perfect signing
hope it happens!Southern is past it and would not be missed.Great servant but legs have gone.Blackpool have completed Osborne signing who is a deep lying midfield.... Ideal younger replacement for southernIf you think Keith Southern's legs have gone then clearly you watch a different player to most pool fans.
To the guy who isn't sure about Keith Southern.......he's 1 of the best midfielders of his type in the Championship and far better than anything Huddersfield currently have, trust me.
His injury and illness record is pretty good, he had a few months out last year with testicular cancer but he's played over 350 games for Blackpool in 10 years so he's not injured that much.
Put it this way Go on any Blackpool message board and ask about him, 99% of ppl (me included) would be gutted if he went.
Can I see this happening? Unfortunately yes, he's down the pecking order a bit behind Barry Ferguson and Angel Martinez so after his testimonial (5th Aug) who knows.Keith has spent his whole career at Blackpool and is about to get his testimonial against Everton. I dont think he will be moving anywhere.This is his testimonial year. This is not happening...There's no way Olly would let southern go. Even if he doesn't play much this year he's too important behind the scenes.Southern is our best midfielder.he is a legend and he is our rock in midfield,he is a hard tackler-he's not gonna go


20 Jul 2012 15:46:20
Palace and Everton have agreed a fee of 2m for teenage striker Wilfried Zaha. Jose Baxter will switch to the Londoners as part of the deal.(13)(44)This is untrue as Baxter is a free agent and will not be part of a swap deal.Rubbish, we don't need to sell him so would take a lot more. Besides, Baxter rejected a new contract as is a free agent.£2m? you joker. He is worth 5x that! We turned down £5m in Jan so why accept £2m now? Plus why would Baxter be part of the deal when he is free?

Must be the school holidays....Yeah right what a load of bollox add another 8 million for Zaha and Palace may consider it.No way would you get Zaha for only £2m and Baxter is out of contract.

LLS83And Palace have already turned down an offer of £6m.
If you can't afford players because you are skint don't insult other clubs by suggesting you can buy their players for peanuts.Where do people get their crazy valuations from 10M? he's a good player but he is not close to be worth that kind of money when quality proven full internationals from Europe are available at that kind of money, thats exactly why Rhodes will not be sold if Huddersfield stick with their £8M valuation.Zaha is worth a lot of money because he's young, English, in demand and Palace don't need to sell him. If Henderson went for £20m and Carroll for £35m...
Norwich FanPalace will have to pay compensation fee cause hes under 24 and come through the academy so hes not freeI think Saints would of tied this deal up along time ago if 2 million was the price tag! Look at Rodriguez we had to fork out about 7 million for him! Young, Hungry, Talented & English... Would love to see Zaha in a Saints shirt but the realism is the price tag is gonna be in excess of 7 - 10 million and Palace don't want to sell and will only sell for the right price! Dream on Everton & be realistic with your rumours!

SAINT IN THE USA£8 mill rejected in January so why are they gonna go "oh, lets drop a possible£6 mill because of no reason"Here we go, our no mark Wilfred is worth £18m.Baxter was released and his contract offer from Everton didn't include a payrise, so no compensation is neededWhy should the fact that a player is English add to their fee. Palace fans dream on if u think you are getting 10 million for zahaIts' just an Everton fan being wishful.Thought he was worth £30 million. lol. no end product, fancy footwork but that's it.18 mill,lol, get real , 5 at a push


20 Jul 2012 15:41:48
Been rumoured on this site for a while but have now had it confirmed that Manset has finally joined Swiss side Sion(12)(4)


20 Jul 2012 15:33:09
Latest news is that Sam Vokes is coming up to
turf moor today to sign for burnley fee belived to be around
500,000(27)(8)Hope so he ll give us an extra dimension


20 Jul 2012 15:20:59
Some Palace news for you today:

Arsenal to sign Crystal Palace's Argentinian goalie Julian Speroni as a back-up keeper for £3.0m. As a clincher the North London club will loan Speroni back to Palace until the end of January transfer window. Palace will use the cash to sign Millwall's David Forde as a replacement.

The transfer of Ross McCormack is expected to finally be completed by Monday. McCormack will go straight into the squad for the friendly at Dulwich Hamlet.

Palace will take Ben Watson on loan until January.

Chelsea have offered Dougie Freedman's side Sam Hutchinson on a years loan

Gareth Southgate is to return to the club in a coaching role.

Oxford City Ladies' manager Harry Monk, is to also join the club in a coaching role.(4)(36)Apparently McCormack is joining Huddersfield in a £1.5 million deal but nothing to be finalised until after the Leeds change of ownership.Apparently you are both wrong , nothing doing with mccormack,he wont go anywhere for less than his release fee of 2.5,as leeds dont need to sell,and blackburn are favouritesSorry, but why would arsenal spend £3mil on a back up keeper that is 30+ and loan him out againMcCormack wont sign for Blackburn seeing as they are eyeing up 2/3 other strikers? Huddersfield and Palace are the only two clubs in for his signatureThe Sam Hutchinson thing is true, Sam is keen but Freedman wants to put him through a rigorous medical and trial before signing on anything after all his injury problems. Great talent though, everyone at Chelsea said the next JT till his knee injuryWhy would arsenal loan out their back up keeper, meaning they would need to find another? and no way would ben watson swap first team in the premiership just because its his boyhood club.5 clubs after mccormack so far person, blackburn already offered over 2 mill.hudds and palace bottom of the list


20 Jul 2012 15:15:04
Notts County striker Lee Hughes met with Cheltenham manager Mark Yates today to discuss a possible move to Whaddon Road.(3)(20)If this is true, then this could happen.Lee Hughes would definetly not go to a smaller club when he has the chance to play in the championship or at DoncasterLee Hughes is no longer good enough for the championship, the level he will fully prosper is League 2. He was a shadow of the man he was on the last half of last season with county, lacked pace and couldn't get up for headers. League 2 is the place for him to go (county fan)I agree, and Lee Hughes has been brilliant for county, But I can't see him getting us promoted this season. I'd go to league two if I was him and have a good season.Bollox, hughesy is the best finisher we have had for the last 20 years. he will still bag 20+ goals if he is playing regular with a mobile partner.They had a friendly today and how many of these new strikers scored against Buxton keep hughes well need him for 10 goals next season, I bet most of the rest will come from midfield and defence again


20 Jul 2012 15:03:29
Scunny Interested in Lee Barnard and Transfer Listed James Bailey(5)(15)


20 Jul 2012 14:51:33
Swindon outs later today:

Alan Connell to Bradford.
Lee Cox - Loan move to Oxford.
Johnathan Smith - return to York City.

Next week is likely to see Jon Bostock Join Swindon from Spurs now that the wages have been freed up.(13)(2)Alan Connell signed 2 yr deal today, source BFC website.And Cox did indeed join Oxford on loan,
Smiths move to York is taking slighty longer than expected but will be completed over the weekend!!
I'm guessing the Bostock shout will be right as well!!Spot on!! Smith has just signed for York!


20 Jul 2012 14:57:03
Expect several Oxford signings. Several trialists impressed and Chris Wilder confirmed some will be signed. Players like Sean McAllister of Shrewsbury are set to join. Expect around 2 or 3 of the 7/8 trialists to be signed up. Robbie Hall will not be returning aswell. Expect 2 midfielders and 2 defenders to sign very soon. A club source has also confirmed that the trialists will be told if they will be signed before the departure to America.

Oufc96(6)(3)Sean McAllister doesn't play for Shrewsbury.You got all that wrong Oufc96.
McAllister wasn't on a trial, his words. He was just training to keep his fitness up. He's no longer at the club. We are signing no more midfielders, Cox was the last. And our last signing will be one of the 2 centre backs on trial, on a 6-12 month contract.
Chapman, Whing and Cox are the right back covers now.


20 Jul 2012 14:41:58
Coventry have signed Reece brown from man utd on season long loan!(10)(6)


20 Jul 2012 14:38:48
Does anyone know if rotherham united are close to signing any more players?(1)(11)No,, their are no more blue square players available....No, Steve Evans has decided the squad is finished.Rotherham in the chase with Bradford for former Swindon striker Alan Connell.Also Rotherham set to sign Sam Hutchinson on a season long loan from Chelsea.Nearly all new signings -10-have come from higher leagues -your point is ?Whats he spent the money on then from grabban?Nobody else wanted them ,,we,ll see my friend,ALL signings have been free transfers.On evans past record he will have bought a new car ,house etc, etc,,


20 Jul 2012 14:23:36
Bradford are close to signing Alan Connell from Swindon
Source: BBC Wiltshire(12)(2)Alan Connell has signed for Bradford this afternoon


20 Jul 2012 14:11:36
Derby county to finish their
recruitment with

Aidy white
Krystian pearce
Daniel powell

Aidy white is prepared to take the
wage hes offered as long as he gets
a clause in his contract that raises
it to his prefered demands during

Daniel Powell is a tall winger that
clough believes can play as a striker
as he has good finishing.(2)(16)Nigel clough has said a move for aidy white is unlikely.^Yes because of his wage demands.
But he has dropped it down.Due to derby
offering him first team football and has a better future and chance of International call upBetter future n chance of international call up at derby? Funniest joke I've heard in a whileThat can't be his reason. Leeds gave him first-team football, and he got in Ireland's under-21 squad. The only reason White would lower his demands is to stay at his hometown club, as he has always stated. But he is probably waiting until we are taken over so he can squeeze more money out of the new owners. Same goes for McCormack.
wallySame aidy white whos just signed new contract at leeds ?No go I'm afraid. White is staying at Leeds. It's on their official website.Rumour mill has it that Aidan White has just signed a 3 year contract with Dirty LeedsHow about going for iain hume at pne, i hear he could be released on a free... very good striker that only ever gives 110%, worth a good shot


20 Jul 2012 14:10:05
west brom look to complete the signing of claudio yacob, but brazilian side botafogo are expressing interest in the argentinian midfielder and might offer him more money(8)(4)


20 Jul 2012 14:08:22
Bristol City have made a £800k bid for Warren Creavalle as he is in the last year of his contract.
Bristol City also have a bid for Aidan White ready to be launched at around £300k.
The final signing will be a loan move for young Arsenal starlet Ryo Miyaichi. Bristol City hope all three of these players will be able to join up with the squad after they return from Abroad.(1)(18)Miyachi will go on loan to prem club why city. More like everton or saintsAidy White for 300k, he's signing a
new contract with Leeds and is worth miles more than 300kHave you 'launched 'your bid yet,oh no, he's signed new contract at leeds,lolWarren creavalle has only just signed for houston dynamo highly doubt he will come to city


20 Jul 2012 14:05:33
Sone Aluko just completed his medical at Hull City and has agreed a two year deal. Abdoulaye Faye will also sign today.(9)(20)Faye announced on official website and very reliable sources on Aluko. 2 good signings, especially Aluko.Confirmed tonight by Steve Agnew after tonights friendly at Grimsby that Aluko has had medical today and expect finalising of deal early next week! Could be class signingSone had his medical at noon today, just awaiting the results then it will be confirmed.


20 Jul 2012 14:02:13
walsall are tracking ex leeds player ben parker.

Source - express and star newspaper.(10)(0)Would be a top signing for you if he can stay fit. Poor lad just needs some game time


20 Jul 2012 13:53:03
BBC Wiltshire is reporting that Alan Connell is set to join Bradford, Lee Cox on loan to Oxford and Jon Smith to York city(14)(4)Sky Sports report that Crawley also looking at Parker.Hope this works out he is a good goal poacher and did Swindon proud good luck and thanks


20 Jul 2012 13:44:21
David Clarkson is currently talking to Bristol rovers over a 2 year deal however Mcghee wants clarkson to prove he is worthy of rovers and will play tomorrows friendly at Western. In other Bristol Rovers news any rumours about muzzy to middlesbrough are not true and a deal isn't close at the moment and mcghee hopes we can keep onto him.(8)(4)Western? I think you mean Weston-super-Mare. Doh!


20 Jul 2012 13:34:10
robert koren seen at marriott hotel in
leicester today.(18)(21)Don't think so, isn't he in a friendly tonight at Grimsby, wishful thinking from a foxes fan perhaps


20 Jul 2012 13:23:22
Rvp will go now since hes not going
on footy tour..

A 27 year Old Striker Called Llorente
Will Join
Paulinginho will join for 10million

That Will Be Our Only Signings..(3)(20)And that will be our only signings, are you off your head - llorente, podolski. Paulinho, Giroud - potentially the best transfer window for any team - at least matching chelski. With the above added to what is already a great team - potential for having the best attack in Europe minus RSp, and if we get llorente expect mvila to follow, then we could potentially be looking at one of the best arsenal squads of the modern era and within a budget - god bless you arsene.Those 2 have already signed..

Arsen Will Not Pay 20 Mill For M'Villa
I didnt like what i saw in the euros from
him ;to pay million for him..


20 Jul 2012 13:22:15
Watford Ins
Alex Kacaniklic 1.5 mil (Fulham)
Conor Mcaleny 500k (Everton)
Vydra (Udinese) Loan
Pudil (Granada) Loan
Almen Abdi (Udinese) Loan

Loach 175k (Ipswich)
Mariappa 2.5 mil
Iwelumo 300k (Bournmouth)

Also watford changing whole new kit as happy egg company pulled out of sponsoship deal(8)(18)Fulham will not be selling kacaniklic he is a bright prospect for the future and fulham will keep him.Alex K for 1.5 m you got more chance of having a hot summer this year. This kid is pure class and with a bit more experience will be a top class player .You wont get kacaniklic, end of debate.INs)Would be gd for catchasnitchlitch to join but cant see it happening... unsure about Mcaleny but the rest are certain
OUTs)Loach and Marriappa comfirmed but Iwelumo unlikely IMONo way Kacanlikic will join watford, he will play a big part in the first team and he's worth alot more than£1.5m300k for iwelumo? more like 10 millionLoach was sold to Ipswich for £150,000 not £175,000.Not a chance does Fulham let go of KacaniklicWhy would Kacaniklic go to Watford when he he is just breaking into the Fulham first team?Firstly Kacaniklic will not leave fulham, we will not spend that much money on one player when udinese can offer us better young players. The happy egg company didn't pull out of the deal, the pozzos are negotiating to change their deal to remove their logo from the kit. The pozzo's beleive they can secure udinese kit sponsor on watford kit, as the car company are looking to introduce a new range of cars in england.Iwelumo wouldn't get £300k.

Kacaniklic is a really good player and will probably play some games for Fulham in the coming season. He would get more games at Watford but I think £1.5m isn't enough and he'll want to stay.I would accept £300k for Iwelumo, because i think it is a good deal, but i did like him, i hdon't think we will sign kacaniklic, even though that would be greatHappy egg lol!The Happy Egg company didn't pull out! Now the club have a lot more exposure bigger names (more money) are interested. The Happy Egg Company are an official partner! Try getting the sorry straight.


20 Jul 2012 13:19:49
Taarabt will join fulham replacing dempsey who will join liverpool with sterling going to fulham on loan . Lukaku will joon fulham on loan . Chadli n fer are also ffc targets.(6)(33)Taarabt would cost more than Dempsey so good one.Yes please to chaldi and fer. See chaldi as the replacement for dempsey. Don't need sterling but lukaku is a sound loan signingTaarabt loves his current club but i can see Dempsey going to LiverpoolIs that the same taarabt who recently signed a new 3 year deal at qpr?How would Taarabt cost more? He scored one goal in the prem last year and has never done it in the league. Dempsey has performed on a top stage in europe and 5 seasons in the prem.


20 Jul 2012 13:10:24
darryl westlake is set to join sheffield united monday(8)(6)He put pen to paper at 8pm tonight, he is now officially registered and under contract as a Sheffield United player.


20 Jul 2012 13:05:08
Buzsacky considering offers from Bristol City, Watford and Leeds. Will decide his future over the weekend.(10)(8)Hes off to watford m8,doesnt want to leave london areaFirst I've heard of any Watford interestHes watford boundNahh he's needed at Leeds OS teres no taarabt to keep him out the team


20 Jul 2012 13:02:08
Bradford to announce the signing of Ryan Lowe this aft!(1)(14)Doubt it, he's on tour in portugal with wednesdayDont think so going to be given a chance to prove himself at championship levelBradford have signed Alan Connell so cant see this happeningDoubt this he proboarley going to be given a chance at Wednesday and if he was to move he said he'd love to come back to bury


20 Jul 2012 12:33:27
Port Vale looking to strengthen their left back position by signing either of Stephen O'Halloran or Peter Gilbert on a free.(10)(3)


20 Jul 2012 12:24:58
Barnsley have apparently received "well over" £1m for the Butterfield move to Norwich and are thought to be close to landing a young Liverpool player on loan. No idea who it could be though?(13)(6)We are signing someone from liverpool but its not on loan its a permanent signing thought to be conor coadyI am glad the butterfield deal has gone through. God knows who the Liverpool player could be though, hopefully someone good! We're developing a challenging team.The player from Liverpool is a leftwinger andis not on loan,we badly need a centerhalfMaybe Toni Silva? You have No chance of Coady, he has a lot of potential..Hammil had a lot of potential n u sold him to us and we made his carrer n got him a prem moveIt's Raheem SterlingBarnsley fan been to Rotherham today what a load of rubbish,Rowing get rid of HILL now before he spends any more money buying rubbish like he has before.Every chance Conor Coady has left Liverpool. Had been seen as a top prospect but had a really poor season last year. Many felt his progress has completely stagnated. Interesting to see if he can kick on as he does have talent.


20 Jul 2012 12:16:01
wigan very strong favourites to sign michael owen,after
being the only interested club to guarantee him a regular starting place(20)(7)I have a feeling if it happens It will be near the end of the marketThe guy is still class sign him up wigan would love to see if he can still cut given the right amount of games


20 Jul 2012 12:15:19
Derby County are to renew interest in West Brom striker Chris Wood.(12)(6)I can see this happening, but only on loan as WBA want to hold on to many of there young players to try and build a good squad for the future.


20 Jul 2012 12:13:56
Yorkshire Post and EDP reporting new bid for snodgrass(10)(2)


20 Jul 2012 12:12:27
Sone Aluko from Rangers has signed a 3 year deal with the Tigers(5)(15)


20 Jul 2012 12:05:46
Free agent Juvhel Tsoumou is training with Bury however he has stated on twitter he is keen on a move back to German football(6)(1)He's on trial with Brentford not training with Bury.


20 Jul 2012 12:03:25
bolton wanderers in advanced talks with barcelona about a year long deal for one of barca's b team. the sides play in a friendly shortly at the reebok and both sides hopeful of a satisfactory outcome,barca impresses
with owen coyle's handling of young stars such as jack
wilshire and daniel sturridge

carlos sanchez due to arrive over the weekend for a medical at the reebok(14)(9)I do hope so on both rumours I would also sign Cisse on a free after his release from Bristol City, hearing a lot of good things about the lad.Bolton are still in need of some firepower upfront so Barcelona B striker Cristian Tello would be nice on loan... very nice.

Sanchez would be a great signing if it happens and would strengthen our centre mid position.I would love tello on loan he would be a great signing but I can't see it as he was just breaking through to the barca first team last year although I hope your right.Tello played 16 games for Barcelona's first team from January 2012 scoring 6 goals so i doubt he'll be going anywhere on loan! He scored 2 minutes into his first start! We need a striker though a pacy one to feed off SKD.


20 Jul 2012 11:59:33
MK Dons had a centre back having a medical yesterday. Unaware who this. Anyone know??(5)(2)Craig Morgan... your welcome to him, from a preston fan. PNE FC till I die :DPlease no - we had him before and he was average at best then! Keep him pal honestly! lolNo thanks we have higher standards than a pne player


20 Jul 2012 11:56:36
notts county are in talks with johnathan forte and damion stewart(13)(1)


20 Jul 2012 11:55:19
Zeki Freyers set to join wolves on loan in the next 24 hours(1)(17)Hes my cousin and no he isnt! firstly hes not contracted to a team so he's not going anywhere on loan. Secondly he has been training with a top 4 premier league team and has been offered a very good contract by them where he will be in and around the first teamHe's going to Tottenham. Expected to sign in the next few days

TWOLFI think he is on his way to Spurs.So why is he down in London completing his move from ManU to Spurs then?He is going to spurs but without a doubt he will be loaned out ASAP! To get experience!!!!

WolfAshHe means on loan from spurs to wolvesHe is going on loan from spurs to wolves is what the guy means


20 Jul 2012 11:55:18
Chris Mcgready linked with a move away from Morecambe, with Torquay, Bradford and Chesterfield all showing interest in the highly rated centre back(4)(7)Bradford to sign him in the next 72 hoursNo interest from Chesterfield in the slightest


20 Jul 2012 11:41:50
Blackburn Rovers expressed an interest in the Spanish full-back last summer, but were unable to reach an agreement.

Torres did, however, admit at the time to being a fan of the Premier League, describing English football as 'a paradise for any player'.

West Ham United have joined the chase in 2012, while Queens Park Rangers are also said to be closely monitoring the situation.

It is understood that Getafe would be willing to sanction a sale if a suitable bid is lodged.

Torres believes it is only a matter of time before terms are agreed, with the 26-year-old of the opinion that he will soon be turning out in the English top flight.

"I believe that my sporting future will
be in England," he is quoted as saying.COYI......................P9389(2)(13)


20 Jul 2012 11:53:34
Preston North End looking into the possibility of resigning Patrick Agyemang. The striker coud feature in a friendly tomorrow as a trialist in an attempt to earn a contract(10)(0)All well and good if paddy comes but please someone tell me where is Zoko at the momentWestley's Christmas list.


20 Jul 2012 11:46:54
notts county is in talks with johnathan forte on a permant deal and also in talks with damion stewart aswell.(8)(1)Stewart wont happen! Forte will want a big wage and we wont be able to afford unless we let hughes go which doubtful.


20 Jul 2012 11:33:55
Host of rumours re Bradford City. Loads of strikers being mentioned and no secret that I am looking for a striker as cover but the significant signings will be midfielders that we have been working on for several weeks now.(2)(2)


20 Jul 2012 11:26:27
Bradford City, Rochdale and Crawley talking to Ryan Lowe. Good chance of him returning to former club Crewe.(2)(7)


20 Jul 2012 11:22:48
Sean McConville, who has been transfer listed by Stockport has shown exceptional ability and commitment in training that the management hope he will stay and fight for a first team place with his new found enthusiasm. So far the only interest shown has come from lower non league clubs.(1)(3)


20 Jul 2012 11:19:21
After missing out on Sam Baldock, Charlton are now looking to sign Matty Fryatt from Hull.
They will also finalise the transfer of Doncaster's George Friend on Monday, when Chris Powell and his team returns from Spain.(1)(12)Not even a Hull fan and Fryatt would cost you around 3m. Your Charlton, give your head a wobble.Why have they missed out on Baldock? Is he staying at WHU or moving else where?Matthew fryatt will never go to chalton he likes hullNo chance at all fryatt going nowhere ur dreamingHope the rumours are not true about george friend, we need players like him at the club good captain and great with the younger players.I'm a leicester fan and I sed that he was never gonna leave us and he loved the club, and then a couple of weeks later he went for 1m!!!We haven't missed out on Baldock he's is either joining us on a 1.5m deal or stating at WHU and fighting for his placeGoodwillie is a quality player, if we we don't get Baldock he would be a fantastic signing. Whenever I saw him play for Dundee Utd he always looked decent, knows how to score and in the championship will be a beast next seasonBaldock is going to Ispwich.Not one paper in ipswich is reporting these rumours so it's not true, even most ipswich fans say he's not/haven't heard this rumourGeorge friend has met with middlesbrough today as the two clubs have agreed a fee, friend will let doncaster no his choice on Monday.


20 Jul 2012 11:14:57
Tamas Kadar will join Portsmouth when embargo is lifted(4)(10)For the last time, WE DONT HAVE AN EMBARGONo embargo, the FL has just stopped signing players until they decide you can.
So being pompey you find a loophole and employ "trialist" because you cannot sign players.
No embargo, just a ban on signing players.Not for the last time,WE DO HAVE A EMBARGO


20 Jul 2012 11:12:07
Man Utd will sign a left back and a foward in the next few weeks, i think it could be Baines and RVP(7)(7)If this turns out to be true what is Fergie doing, why buy RVp when you can have Lucas or ganso, I have a feeling rvp will flop next season, not exactly been prolific at arsenal except for last season and from what I saw at euro also tells me money has affected him.Wenger has said there is no chance of RVP joining united


20 Jul 2012 10:58:49
Crawley are interested in Torquays Martin Ling becoming their new manager.(7)(6)Crawley are apparently looking at ex-Lewes boss King (recently appointed at Macc) as well as ex-Torquay goalkeeper Mark Coombe to come out of retirement.Diche, Ling and Waddock of Wycome front runners for Crawley manager vacancy.
Don't rule out Cotterill or even Southgate.


20 Jul 2012 10:45:54
Barnsley to announce an as yet un named player from Liverpool on Monday, source Radio Sheffield(10)(4)Raheem Sterling thought to be the un named man


20 Jul 2012 10:42:19
Hornets to land Almunia & Hall Sky Sports 10:05
With these and other proposed signings I'm a bit worried that we could be entering another Vialli era(4)(2)


20 Jul 2012 10:32:38
Emile Heskey has been offered the chance to kick-start his career in the Championship with Ipswich Town.

Heskey, the former England international, has been approached by Paul Jewell and Ipswich are hopeful of completing his surprise signing this month.

The 33 year-old is a free agent after his release from Aston Villa in May and has been considering his options this summer, with Hull City and Leicester two of the clubs linked.

Source Daily Telegraph(8)(6)Heskey and Loach...haha..thats 6 points for my team this year then !!He's key will come to hull he likes Steve BruceHe's 34!He will go to Hull. Ipswich won't be able to match them on wages!Hull City have no interest in Heskey, they never did have, it was just the papers linking him with an old manager in a new job.


20 Jul 2012 10:30:38
There will be another signing at valley Parade today, and a permanent one, just finalising personal details
source: jake catborg on leeds.(6)(1)


20 Jul 2012 10:28:53
Vurnon Anita allegedly wants out of his current club AZ Alkmaar in favour of a move to Newcastle United. Would probably cost around 5-6 million pounds.(2)(13)As Vurnon Anita plays for Ajax not AZ just shows how much credibility you hold


20 Jul 2012 10:23:41
Sadly, Ipswich are in talks with target man Emile Heskey(15)(6)Unlucky!! hahaIt's not sad at all and I think on a one year contract he is worth a punt. So long as we don't break the bank. Plus he may adjust well to the more physical demands of the championship.Thank god; I thought he could be coming to HullYou don't bring in Heskey for goals - this was established about 10 years ago. He'll be worth a go for a year and would surely be a good partner for Chopra. He could create space for the likes Martin, Thomas and Drury to operate in.


20 Jul 2012 10:20:26
Bristol City are set to make a loan bid for Craig Dawson of WBA after missing out on Richard Keogh to Derby.
Akos Buzsaky also set to sign a 2 year deal.
Goalkeeper McInnes has set his sights on is Jamie MacDonald of Hearts, NOT Craig Gordon. City also to sign Harry Kane from Spurs.(8)(12)No chance dawson,kane isnt the best,keeper may be right


20 Jul 2012 10:14:38
Norwich City will make a double swoop on Norwegian Tippeligaen pair Serigne Kara and Davy Claude Angan
Reports suggest that they are very close to completing both deals very soon(10)(8)There is no way. Norwich do not have that sort of money. You can't even make a decent bid for Snodgrass, and I hear Arsenal were quoted £5million for Kara when they enquired.
wallyWe still have nearly £18 million to spend!


20 Jul 2012 09:56:30
Charlton have had a bid of 1.2 million bid accepted by Blackburn for David Goodwillie.(4)(23)Never, hes not a championship player and never worth £1.2mStop talking rubbish - we have not got money like that to throw about!Not a chance goodwillie will stay at roves


20 Jul 2012 09:55:00
Chris Samba to be the final pce in Mark Hughes Jigsaw at QPR, will be signed by the end of July.(12)(21)Would love it, he is exactly what we need. Think it might be a touch unrealistic but not heard anything about anyone else as far as CB's go and at QPR you never knowDo I sense some sour grapes here, what club do you support, West ham I suppose?Rekon its a deal that hughes really wants to do but its gonna be very difficult with a fee around £10 million and wages of around £100k reportedly.


20 Jul 2012 09:50:02
Steven Davies of Derby to join up with Charlton when they return from pre-season training in Spain. Charlton to meet Derby's £1m asking price. Found this out from my mate who is married to a ticket sales person at Derby.(5)(14)The "ticket sales person" wouldnt know about the ins and outs of transfers.Of course, all staff, including ticket sales staff, know the transfer news at their clubs....We'll never get a mill for Davies.....and players and management tell ticket sales people all about future transfer deals and fees, dont they?...dear oh dear it gets worse!!Can I have two tickets for the Ipswich game and er one Sam Baldock please.


20 Jul 2012 09:49:57
Gary Naismith to join Aberdeen on tour of Germany(9)(6)


20 Jul 2012 09:45:41
Craig Gorden deal has fell through as his
Wages are of high demand and would affect
The football league fair play regulations .(5)(4)


20 Jul 2012 09:32:54
Watford enquired about availability
of Neil Kilkenny Bristol City midfield playmaker(7)(8)RubbishThat's rubbish! I'll bet my life this doesn't happen!!!!Why would watford take him off our hands,when they got money and contacts in italy,kilkenny is off tho hopefully,hes just on stupid money down the gate so i doubt we will be able to get rid


20 Jul 2012 09:30:29
Shrewsbury are going to sign defender Eddie Nolan.(6)(0)They've agreed a dealLooks decent, would be a welcome addition as competition for places.Quite young, has talent, and would be a good partner for jones.Really hope this is true. Would be a good addition to our centre backsThey r looking at ofori-tumasi f accringtionPersonally id rather play Hazell as im a big fan of his,


20 Jul 2012 09:19:13
A strong rumour is that Colchester United are willing to a deal with Coventry City for there want away striker Cody McDonald..

Coventry City are interested in Colchester's Ian Henderson and looking at a straight swap plus cash for The U's wideman who has 12 months left on his current contract.

A front line of Sears, Morrison and McDonald will put the fear of god up a lot of League 1 defences.

A deal to be met once Colchester United return from there pre season jaunt to Holland...

Watch this space!(3)(10)Sorry but that front line will only scare their own team mates, who will be left reeling at the lack of goalsJust no he does not want to leave Coventry he didn't go on the tour due to an injuryMorrison, city reject, sears, city reject, couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo. mcdonald might be his level
at league 1 but doubt he will be striking fear into anyone playing colchester.So you are basically wanting a former CCFC front line? McDonald is going no where.We nned someone who will get more than 10 goals a season. Ian Henderson is not that player by any shape or form.


20 Jul 2012 09:11:25
Paulo Gazzaniga has signed for Southampton on a four year deal for an undisclosed fee. On official site.(16)(5)The players that got us promoted are still in the squad, we have released fringe players and are replacing with quality young, hungry players to see us through the premier league season. Hopefully a couple more additions will give us a strong enough squad to battle through and finish in a good position.Tommy forecast has gone on season loan to gillingham as part of deal, unprovenLucky lucky Gills.Gazzaniga is a very talented young keeper, he should be pushed well along side Kelvin Davis and should become a top keeper soon enough. He played well during his time at Gillingham is brilliant at dealing with crosses and has top notch distribution skills already so shouldn't take too much to make him one of the best in the world.


20 Jul 2012 09:02:42
Derby County and Coventry City chasing Cork's frontman Davin O'Neill(10)(4)


20 Jul 2012 08:57:25
Swansea INS this summer:
Jonathan de Guzman-Villareal(loan deal completed)
Michu-Rayo Vallenco(medical)
Mark Davies-Bolton
Kevin de Bruyne-Chelsea(loan deal)
Romelu Lukaku-Chelsea(loan deal)
Albert Adomah-Bristol City

12 players will also leave swansea!(3)(24)You can only loan one player from a premiership club...Lukaku no! de bruyne no! mark davies no! keep dreaming and stop making stories up in your head. guess what at one time bolton wanted ribery, thats about half what your trying to say okPrem clubs can only sign 1 player on loan per clubCan only have 1 player on loan from premier another league sideDon't be so bitter Bolton fan, Mark Davies is more than deserving of Premier league football and with Joe Allen in talks with two premier league clubs following 15 million bids, Mark Davies would fit in perfectlyI heard mark davies is on his way but not lukaku and de bryne aintAll probably except from lukaku!Yes I agree mark Davies is deserving of a prem place and he get one with bolton in 12 months after we win the championship. Not with Swansea... he may as well go to Wigan!!!. Coyle won't sell, he's got 2 yeas left on his current contract. Bolton have no need to cash in, having cleared out 15 dead wood players over the summer....Michu is now officially a Swan.Tell you what you sell Allen to Liverpool for £10 million plus and you can have Davies for the same amount. Sounds fare to me!!Incorrect you can sign 2 players from premier league.No I was being sarciastic, Allen isn't worth £10 million.No he's not worth 10, he's worth 15 millionNo he is worth 20 onlt 5mill less than van persieYou seriously think Bolton will win the championship? Like west ham did last year is it?? And to compare Swansea with Wigan muppets like you who don't have a clue should switch the golf open on today because football clearly ain't your sport! Bolton will most prob have a playoff chance but wont get promotion, say what you want about Swansea but don't be biggin up Bolton when your prob like the fifth or sixth rated team in the championship. BlacburnYou want to check your facts West Ham didn't win the league Reading did. Swamsea did well last season under Rodgers who has now gone with Laudrup coming in and buying unknown Spaniards. I believe yiu will struggle next year.

Allen is not worth £10 million or £15 million it's the silly season with over priced British players, prime example is Wigan's valuation of Moses £10 million your'e having a laugh£15 million for allen your'e having a laugh! not worth that in a million years. more fool the scousers ifvthey pay thatSwansea supporter getting all big headed after 1 season in the prem you will be going down next season without Brendan Rodgers! As for Mark Davies why on earth would he go to a small club like Swansea? Not a chance!


20 Jul 2012 08:16:14
Swansea have gone for Ruben Rochina of Blackburn a bid thought to be of 4.5 mil(2)(9)He should of played alot more last season maybe we would have stayed up quality playerId love him here him playing behind graham or something


20 Jul 2012 08:10:06
Southampton FC will sign Pablo gazzangia soon on a 4year deal , watch This space , they have also enquiries for niklas moisander(18)(5)Have Southampton now bought a complete new team and if so what has happened to the players who got them promoted.Not complete, still need a winger and a CB, plus, the majority of the team that got us promoted will be on the bench at least, and the ones that didn't do much last season (Barnard, forte, dickson etc) will be offloaded.We have merely bought 4 that with Leicester last season who bought a whole new squad!They've got 4 new players what are you on about? The team is strengthening and Davis will hold the goalkeeping spot he just now has some fair competition. Rodriguez is an additional striker to compete with Lambert, Sharp and Lee. Davis is a solid centre mid and Clyne is a good Right back the only major replacement as we were weak in that area. These are just tweaks that are strengthening the side for the Premiership and providing competition to increase the work rate. The team is still very much the side that got promoted just a few additions.Southampton have bought 4 new players, a team consists of 11 players and subs. The squad consists if 25 registered players (youth not included), therefore, buying 4 players is not a brand new team.What you going on about Hardly a full team 4 players so far :-SWhat are you talking about? "have southampton brought a complete new team" your answer is NO! Saints have only brought 4 new players!No , only 4 in . Gazza, Rodrigez, davis,clyne
and only Conolly who was released could be described as one of the players who got them there. COYR season ticket bought today"Have Southampton now bought a complete new team and if so what has happened to the players who got them promoted."

No, we've simply strengthened our squad. Something it would have been stupid not to do. The purchase of this keeper was essential as we released the current backup to Kelvin Davis (he didn't really "help" us get promoted btw).

Rest assured, many of the players who "got us promoted" will be in the fold, but a football team isn't simply about saying thank you to the players who get you to the premier league. It's about putting your team in the best position to succeed. If that means getting new players - so be it.Saints have signed 4 players, hardly a new team is it!

LLS83We've signed four players. The members of the squad that got us promoted all still play for Southampton. You're a strange type of person aren't you.When has 4 players made a team ??They've bought 4 players not a whole teamNo Southampton are adding and getting rid of players that weren't used or neededWe haven't brought in a whole new team. 4 players of completely different positions.
A keeper to replace one who left
A striker, probably to replace one leaving soon.
An experienced midfielder, giving us more depth.
A youthful right-back who can be used for our ageing right-backs.Only 4 players so far, and they were key areas that needed strengthening. Every signing so far has been an improvement on what we currently have and we all know that we need better players to stay in this league. Needs must.Southampton have actually only signed four players, all of which have been bought in to complement the existing squad, rather than replace the players which gained the club promotion. It's hardly a case of buying in a new team, which the last poster suggests!.We've only signed 4 blokes? so the players that got us in the premier league are still there just strengthened some weak positions.We've brought 4 players. We probably need another 3, so not quite a whole new team. Our 2nd choice goalkeeper Bialkowski left, we never replaced Oxlade-Chamberlain & Jaidi retired & Martin left to Palace on loan. We're stepping up to a higher level so of course we need to bring new players in & create more competition for places.In reply to "When has 4 players made a team ?".... i think pompey are going to answer that question this season^^ classic ^^


20 Jul 2012 08:54:25
Further to the Danny Simpson situation
and west ham interest, it appears that
Reading and Chelsea are also interested
and Simpson likely to be released
once Debuchy Is Signed? West Ham are on
the look out for defenders but appear as thought they may lose out on this one.

COYI.................P9389(2)(16)We (reading) are not interested having signed chris gunterReading recently signed chris gunter who is a RB so why would they need another one???Not going to Reading, We signed Gunter because Simpson was being a knobReading aren't interested anymore now we've signed Gunter


20 Jul 2012 08:50:17
The deal for Buttner seems to have crashed and burned! Mind you the attitude of the lad seems poor(5)(9)


20 jul 2012 08:43:14
any bristol city transfer news please,
any bristol city transfer news please,(3)(15)Bristol city to complete the signing of Akos buzsaky today or tommorow and have also offered a trail to craig gordon who is flying out to spain todayIf any of that is true then many City fans will be happy. Seeing its 1-30pm on friday though there is no announcement on any signings


20 Jul 2012 08:42:51
Ok you west ham fans, lets have a quick round up of whats know to be happening on the
transfer front.

It appears that G&S are flying out to Spain to try and tie up 2 deals this weekend. They
are due to have talks with Joselu and
Albert Botia. as boht players are in an
advanced stage of negotiations

West ham also currently bidding for FC
Twente defender Douglas. They are also
still targetting Danny Simpson and
Kieran Richardson, however, there is
lots of interest from other clubs on these two.

West ham are also reported to be interested
in Hamburg winger Gorkan Tore who is young
skillfull and extremely pacey.

Watch this space for more updates



20 Jul 2012 08:38:10
watford set to sign Angelo Ogbonna on a loan till january and try to get Marlon Pack from cheltenham for 400k(2)(12)Bit out of Watford's the moment!Marlon Pack is not leaving Cheltenham.


20 Jul 2012 08:31:20
Michael Owen is going to choose between everton and QPR to who he signs for next(8)(22)OPR would be a perfect club for owen . there team is full of overpaid players that are past it. They have no hunger what's so ever . At least it will guaranty 6 points for most prem teamsJealousy is an ugly thing mate. Qpr are a team who have ambition unlike most teams in this league and are paying whatever to get to the places they want to be at.Owen will not be signing for QPR he wants to stay up north. As for all the rubbishing of the players QPR are signing you can write what you want on hear but you know in your own mind that its jealousy and fear. Take a chill pill and just prey your club starts to show half the ambition they haveOur chairman is the best in the prem, we are attracting players of Hoilett and park's quality after just one year in prem, new stadium and new training ground in next three years and are becoming known on global scale. We are only getting better and people can't take it.Well said ^^^^^^^^^I second that ^^^^Great time to be a hoop hey fella's! great to hear other supporters throw their toys out of the pram in jealousyDont be so naive to think that Hoilett was attracted by the QPR's ambition. U seriously believe that he turned down champions league football with borussia munchengladbach, europa league with newcastle and europa league contenders in everton for a bit of ambition? The only reason he is joining QPR is because they are prepared to offer silly money in order to make themselves be seen to be a big club.Hoilets choice to stay in England may not have been so money motivated as it seems. Yes it seems QPR have made him a very rich man but with his work permit needing renewing if he stays in England in 2 years he is classed as a british citizen. I v'e been told if he went to germany he'd start the 5 year proccess of becoming a german citizen. As things stand in 2 years he'd be free to move anywhere in europe and able to play for england.It never said that they attracted Hoilett because of ambition. It says that they are attracting that sort of player.


20 Jul 2012 08:30:33
Cheltenham are ready to re-sign Jimmy Spencer on another season long loan...(5)(3)After missing out on Alan Connell.


20 Jul 2012 08:30:30
Stoke have agreed a fee with Blackburn for N'zonzi(16)(16)Where And When Did this happen?
Because This doesn't seem Real.God i hope so... he is really good and would complement Palacios in centre mid :DIts all lies.. the problem with stoke.. they are willing to pay fee for player but struggle to agree on wages causethey cap it at 40k a week.. and players are greedy and want more.. just goes to show how the sport is changing.. its all monry money theese days.. its sad to seeStoke are crafty and tend to offer very large signing fees to offset the wages, the signing fee most likely comes from Bet365.Im 90% sure stoke wage cap is 60k anyway, as crouch is on over 50k a week


20 Jul 2012 07:55:23
Cortese is discussing terms with Douglas - the twente centre-back. Bid expected to be around 4m so still cheaper than scott dann.. Also speaking with curtis davies. Expect 2 to arrive next week. Alsthough seabourne will be kept to battle for place.
redandwhitedee(9)(8)I cannot see Douglas coming to Saints, bigger clubs want him..However Curtis Davies is possible.

LLS83That's exactly what most posters were saying about Steven Davis and Clyne.



20 Jul 2012 07:08:29
just seen buszaky and gordon with someone in a cafe down my road, didnt recognize the guy with them but he looked like he had the city training jacket on.(6)(22)


20 Jul 2012 03:19:09
Barnsley bid for Sam Baldock...(13)(21)Hill admits that James bailey and Keith treacy are options but bids have not been made. The link to the young man city defender is rubbish. Hill got a text from his agent but will not act on it. All thus info is fact


20 Jul 2012 02:00:20
Matt Phillips is set to snub a move to Sunderland to sign for Everton.(13)(28)


20 Jul 2012 01:37:53
Craig Reid of Stevenage been linked with a move to Aldershot by the Aldershot News. Dean Holdsworth previously managed him at Newport.(3)(3)


20 Jul 2012 00:37:41
Brighton have missed out on signing Genoa's Uruguayan striker Sebastian Relas. Poyet used to play in the same team as Relas's father. (source the Argus)(6)(4)Or possibly Seb RIBAS who has, unsurprisingly, gone to Monaco on a tax free wageIt's a slight concern we keep missing out. Only signed three players and still need a striker and midfield player.Wow someone likes to pick holes, i think everyone knows who they meant get a lifeVery good player he is, lucky enough to see him for genoa when i was living out there, shame brighton missed out on him, he wouldve been brilliant for them.Not concerned at all. Poyet is shooting for the moon with most of his targets. He has hit it once already with Vicente. Possibly twice with bridge. It's not two bob players we are missing out on.


20 Jul 2012 00:10:57
Shrewsbury Town are looking to sign Tamika Mkandiwire on a season long loan(5)(14)Yes finally we might get a trustworthy defenderWe r trying to get Sanchez watt or Christian adorjian from liverpoolConsidering he was millwalls player of the year in 2011 i doubt we will loan him out to league 2Never mate he will be playing in millwalls first teamWould be decent, but not fantastic.It will be Eddie nolan.Thought he was free agent after leaving Millwall?We are league 1Shrewsbury are in League One.League 1. Shrewsbury went upThey've signed Eddie NolanHe was released on 30th June 2012 and is a free agent so its a possibilityWould be good. But, millwall would want to keep him.


20 Jul 2012 00:12:43
Barrow want to take Stockport's Sean McConville on trial.(2)(7)Heard he was on the transfer list and the only enquiries were from lower NL clubs


19 Jul 2012 22:45:21
Man utd to sign vidal from juventus
Arsenal to sign erikson from ajax and reus(7)(47)On 4 January 2012, Reus signed with his former club Borussia Dortmund, for a transfer fee of 17.5 million, on a five year deal that will keep him at the club until July 2017. Reus rejoined Dortmund on 1 July 201 so thats liesI can't believe they are thinking of signing Vidal Sasoon after rvpUtd to sign Vidal... obviously to sort out Rooney's hair once and for all!!More chance of eriksen going to united rather than vidal, sir Alex is an admirer of eriksen


19 Jul 2012 23:24:36
Akos buzsaky to sign for Bristol city on Friday on a two year deal with an optional 3rd year
Also Craig Gordon , mark Wilson on trail in Spain hence no press over there, there is rumored to be a third but don't know who a centre back I'm told
And a pacey proven championship striker will be signed before the Scotland tour
City are willing to listen to offers for Kilkenny
Adomah is goin no where until January at least
Very reliable source
Superciderken10(22)(24)He is not proven in england but i hope it goodwillie class act in the spl(Blackburn ruined him he should of city last year) i bet mcinnes likes him as a playerAny ideas on the striker mate?Ha goodwillie and class in the same sentence... gotta be a firstI hope all this is true they would be great signingsHope not goodwille, to much trouble off the field, Leigh griffiths I hopeCould be Mccormack or sinclairDundee stats 2010–11 43 apps 19 goalsBuzsaky all but a done deal until Forest jumped in with more wages & then Fulham expressed an interest so I think City have lost out.



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