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21 Feb 2013 19:59:10
swindon in negotations with both norwich city and torquay united. colin calderwood will be appointed swindon boss next week with shaun taylor coming in as assistant. fraser digby will become full time goalkeeping coach. paul bodin was not offrered caretakers job as calderwood wants him to remain with academy. this will all unfold next week as new board don't want high profile manager but want management team swindon supporters will adhere to hence have decided to go with a management team of swindons most succesful recent past, don't belevie? wait and see all will be reveiled

Can, t see this, Smell the coffee!
the new board have already got some one in mind & its a luton town ex manager/player they can do want they want. but I hope I am wrong

Paolo. will be back on monday

Rumours more like fantasy

Horrah calderwood going perhaps at norwich we can see some decent coaching staff

Paoilo di canio will be meeting with the new owners next week to discuss returning to Swindon, the board want him back but under new terms and with strict budgets

22 Feb 2013 18:16:39
All swindon fans need to boycott the game against preston if they want paolo back they say that he spent to much money
i can't see that 2 bad buys I can think of are magera and rooney a lot players he got in
in the 1 division were free transfers every manager spends money you got to that the only way you can be sucessfull especially if your youth team does not produce enough talent
any player that dicanio has got rid of is because they didn't want to work hard enough ie caddis oconnell rooney

22 Feb 2013 18:21:44
Sorry I meant 2 division not 1 division

I don, t think he be welcome now

I have to disagree with one of the previous comments. As much as I rated Di Canio and some of the signings he made i. e. Fodders, Collins, Alan Mac e. t. c he did at the same time make some awful signings to me Magera, Rooney X2, Karrouche, Esajas, Lee Cox, the list can go on. I thank Di Canio and his coaching staff for the job they did and I will always have the memories. But I think now everyone needs to get over themselves and move on. HE IS GONE. Now we have a league title to win. COYR

23 Feb 2013 03:15:25
You mention cox he paid 25 thousand for him I think he was hoping he could make him better I don't think they wasted much money there

23 Feb 2013 03:17:02
Wasnt kerouche a free signing

There is no such thing as a free signing as all bosman transfers charge a signing on fee plus you have to pay wages etc

Maybe they were free, but still had to pay the wages on under-par performances, Even though they are free the wages would have cost us, so still contributing the money Paolo spent.

23 Feb 2013 17:30:58
Yes that might be true but swindon have to buy players to be sucessfull I was does trying to make the point that he did not spend that much money A BLACK said the club was 13 million in debt I don't believe that I take what he said about dicanio with a pinch of salt he also said he wrote of the debt that was owed to him what rubish no one write of 13 million inthe time they acrue that debt they sold cox and austin for big money

It cost Andrew Black about £10m to pay off the debts of the previous owners when he bought the club and he funded operating losses over the last 5 years. He does not want, nor expected, any of it back, he has very deep pockets, so yes he did write it off.



21 Feb 2013 17:41:15
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will be sacked if the don't win at the weekend and the pressure will be on him until the end of the season.
The board are expected to have a meeting with assistant manager Steve Bould regarding the position if things don't go to plan.



21 Feb 2013 17:38:55
Notts County are in talks with Sligo Rovers manager Ian Baraclough in an attempt to bring the former Scunthorpe man to Meadow Lane as manager on a 18 month contract.

Scunthorpe have singed stoke city youngster james alabi on one month loan

Chris Kiwomya given permanent role until end of season



21 Feb 2013 17:36:54
Swindon Town are very close to appointing Colin Calderwood as their new manager. Calderwood is also thought to have told the Town board he wants to bring his own staff into the club and will start work on Monday.

21 Feb 2013 18:49:19
Colin calderwood good player but manager no I say get paolo back it time for the swindon fans to boycott the match against preston and to show the new owner we are not going to put up with lies and being a team that are middle of the table going nowhere even if we go up we will come straight back down without paolo there is no one there

to tell us the truth

Boycott the game? are you some sort of person? let's get behind the players, Paolo has been given loads of money by Black and always publically slagged the players off, Paolo is the one who walked out on the club with all he demands and left the players and club in the brown stuff, showed his true colours all this rubbish saying he loves Swindon Town? rubbish its all about him and only him, if he cared he wouldn't of walked out, he goes on about black and broken promises? he has just done the same thing? double standards, he has acted like a little baby, takeovers at any business let alone a football club normally take a minimum of 5 weeks, I know this as I have just done the same thing its a long drawn out process and it can't be rushed. also fact is paolo was told by nick watkins that they need to sell matt richie or they can't pay any players fact, paolo then stormed out in a huff and now is saying he did not know about it? total bull. as I said its not all about PAOLO its about Swindon Town Football Club and the supporters. {Ed003's Note - Pete we now have an option to register and log in which helps us know real posters and not fake ones,I'm only mentioning this because I have a hunch you might have imposters in the future,great post btw.}

Colin Calderwood would be an excellent choice, he is a top fella and a brilliant coach.

22 Feb 2013 01:45:08
I don't know about calderwood coaching but as a manager what has he done he had a lot more money at forest than he will ever get at swindon I like calderwood being a ex player but I think he will be a mistake paolo has left the new manager
with a good 1 division team but with the money they wanted to give paolo he new they will come straight back down that's why he resigned

22 Feb 2013 01:55:51
I am not an imposter I am truly a swindon supporter I go to every home game I watch swindon for 30 years in that time I have been lied to led up the garden path bought a season ticket a few times always pleading poverty they get more support than most teams but always go on about how much they spent forgeting that they sold austin cox I can't remeber the last player they bought for over

we do not want the likes of calderwood, defensive boring football he will not finish the job!
Holddle to the end of the season would be better



21 Feb 2013 17:30:49
Hull City sign George Boyd on loan from Peterborough.

21 Feb 2013 20:40:31
hull city sign boyd but could sign permently if he has a good spell at the tigers



21 Feb 2013 17:21:03
Luton Town will appoint their new manager in the next 48 hours.
It is expected to be named former Sheffield Wednesday and Charlton player Peter Shirtliff. The 51 year old has only managed one full time at a club and that was at Mansfield Town and could sign a 18 month deal at Kenilworth Road to show he can still manage at a professional level.

22 Feb 2013 02:34:08
Jon Obika in from Spurs Loan

22 Feb 2013 10:14:21
i will pay for a taxi for shirtliff from bury to luton

Good that'll be 153.75, please leave your credit card number with expiry date and security tag.



21 Feb 2013 17:18:43
Swindon Town are in talks with Blackpool coach Steve Thompson to become their new manager.
It's well known that Thompson is keen on getting a managerial position at a Football League club and will be given the chance at Town on a 18 month contract if the final parts of the contract can be agreed.

No chance

God luck to thommo desvers a managers job. Ince doesn't really need him as he's brought rae in. Rather see him leave for a team than be sacked/released.

Any rumours of a new striker coming in to ed003 {Ed003's Note - Not heard anything mate,sorry.}



21 Feb 2013 17:13:54
Huddersfield have missed out on Manchester United youngster Ryan Tunnicliffe. Manager Mark Robins is now set to turn his attentions to Chelsea youngster Ruben Loftus-Cheek. The 17 year old has impressed the Chelsea staff and has been told he can move out on loan to get some first team football under his belt.

21 Feb 2013 19:51:03
We are getting relegated full stop end of!

Now you've mentioned him he will probably end up at ipswich and score a hat-trick against us on saturday

It's our positive attitude as Town fans which makes us the envy of other teams - let's hope we can get him on loan Barca wanted him

22 Feb 2013 07:52:15
Y do we want young players, we want experienced players who will grind out results in the championship! Most of the young players are not playing as there should be and need replacing with experienced players who no whit there doing. so could we stop with the young players rumours please as we need players like: gtf, Nicky bailey ECT.

Its Men we need not boys!

22 Feb 2013 09:50:53
Please no to the Theo rumour, he couldn't hit a barn door when he was last here, not exactly done for Derby, if so why would they let him come back to HTFC, get the Two from Dundee United, on loan with view to perm deal in the summer, before its too late,

Be positive come on the terriers!

22 Feb 2013 13:14:44
I as a town am pleased we have Theo back. He had some good games and his paced caused major problems for many a defence during his time with us. I wonder if the town fans who are being so negative towards him remember Brighton when we won 7-1? Also if he saves us from relegation will you all still be complaining or celebrating? UTT

OK 2 choices. Theo is here. support him, encourage him and chances are his head will keep up and he will be happy in his work. when people are happy they work better. OR. you can moan at him and his head will drop and he will be unhappy in his work. Errrrrrm? Hopefully not too difficult for the most stubborn Town fan to work out how to respond to his arrival. Or is it? Maybe getting personal opinions aired on matchday are more important than the team playing as well as it can. It is up to us supporters to do our bit aswell!

Nice to have Theo back, well done town

What happened to faith

{Ed002's Note - Ruben Loftus-Cheek will not be going on loan for a while yet.}



21 Feb 2013 17:00:37
Harry Kane has gone to Leicester till the end of the season : (. Why did KJ get Hulse when we coud of had Kane :' (

Kane is in a bigger wage than Hulse I imagine



21 feb 2013 16:55:04
any tranfer movement i. e new forward defender to replace woody and can anyone explain why f muossa was not on the bench and why we playing kids again with no experance like the thorn day



21 Feb 2013 16:37:16
Just heard from a very reliable source that Alan Shearer is in negotiations with GFH about taking over the Leeds role in April.

Like the sound off it but he's toon through and through, he could have the number 9 shirt

Why would he take over in April? season ends in May then a change will happen. I think Warnock should be given the rest of the season. I went to the game against Blackpool and we looked better than I have seen for a while. The desire and commitment really showed and leeds deserved to win



21 Feb 2013 16:49:05
Leicester to sign Harry Kane on Loan till the end of the season, he has been promised first team football playing alongside other former Millwall Loanee Chris Wood

With Kane now also at Leicester with Wood adds insult to injury to all Millwall fans! We were expecting him to join us. Tyson is a sick note, Hulse on a meal ticket, N´Guessen looks totally unhappy, Keogh off form, Afobe out of position, and, sorry to say, Marquis not good enough, all means a downward path!

I agree kj has no future with lions if he can't attract a top striker

The last top striker Millwall signed was Paul Goddard. Stick with KJ.

Look how many goals Goddard scored?

Dont get down on the team we've never attracted good players remember the saying no one likes us! put up with it or go and support man u. i'll be at leeds next week 5am start beat warnock and his crappy northen money squad and make me the happiest bloke in london. remember we are potless but we have more than money can buy, spirit and fight.

There have been a lot of neg comms this week from millwall fans. yes i'm gutted kane went to leicester but hey ho wood missed a pen today silver linings! leicester will probably sign one or to millwall old boys in the next few weeks or months change their name to northern lions sign kj and pearson comes to us stranger things have happened ha! ha! nice win tonight hopefully turned the corner nice one boys block 28 tony

Load of rubbish from grizzling fans that don't go. get down the Den you miserable sods and support the team. Afobe was brilliant on Saturday and Marquis was ok something to build on.



21 Feb 2013 16:37:01
Bury FC are to go back into a status of transfer embargo after missing 2 payments in the last Month.

This will be announced at the AGM later.




21 Feb 2013 15:45:43
Dont be suprised to Di Canio back as STFC manager by friday morning!!

21 Feb 2013 17:27:21
Not a chance of him coming back the new bored will look for someone cheeper now pbc has gone



21 Feb 2013 15:03:54
Leicester City to sign Harry Kane from spurs on loan and nick Powell from Manchester United on loan.

These are the final pieces of the jigsaw needed to secure Leicesters rightful place in the premier league.

No one has a " right" to be on the premiership.

21 Feb 2013 19:39:33
So you think you have a "right" to be in the Premiership? Typical big headed Leicester fan statement, no wonder they are fast becoming the club everyone loves to hate.

22 Feb 2013 16:42:53
haa. 'rightful place'. Leeds United, Forest & Sheff Wed would be a lot more at home in the top flight. The big ginger cats are fine in the Championship! {Ed034's Note - I do find it amusing that a large amount of Leicester fans have this view. I would have thought after their recent financial problems (administration) and the fact they have still gone on to spend a lot of money, more than you bring in, that thy might just be a little concerned and maybe a little more dignified.

22 Feb 2013 19:23:27
The person that posted the first comment isn't a true Leicester Fan, when they come out with silly statements like this its not how things are
As for Ed the administration thing was along time ago now
We have had 4 different managers and 2 different owners since then its not our fault that the thai owners have money to burn now is it
i think its still sour grapes that we didn't get pinalised in the way they do nowadays for going into administration {Ed034's Note - I'm talking about the fans not your owners or manager, who have both been very reserved and come across well. I am on about the Leicester fans that have a short term memory and forget that they have twice been in severe difficulty. To then come out and say 'where we belong' is a bit sickening to fans that support clubs that play by the financial rules.
I think you summed it up a bit though with your opening comment

23 Feb 2013 08:40:10
'Your rightful place'

You are the third biggest team in the midlands, have no history and average support.
What on earth have Leicester actually got that gives them the 'rightful place' in the top flight?




21 Feb 2013 13:45:48
Mk dons are looking at several free agents including;salif diao, george brislen hall, keannu marsh-brown (after he impressed on a loan spell a cuple of years ago) and John Carew.

This is funny. You think Winkelman would pay the kind of wages they would want? Dream on! Anyway, they wouldn't waste their time with us. Joining us would be a bad move. Just look at the fiasco that is Alan "crocked or suspended" Smith. We really are becoming a joke thanks to Winkelman and his lack of investment in the squad.

Give it a rest won't ya?

"Give it a rest won't ya?"

Why? Because the truth hurts?



21 Feb 2013 13:40:32
Arsenal loans this month
Chuba Akpom - Charlton
Sanchez Watt - Millwall
Chuks Aneke - recalled

Loans. Loans. and yet maybe more loans? That is why the fans are staying away KJ & JB!Plus £26 0r more to watch them! League 1 beckons?



21 Feb 2013 12:39:29
Ross McCormack is wanted by Hull City.

What on loan now (most likely) or permanent in the summer?

Hull don't need no more strikers FACT!

Yes we do

Strikers are exactly what we need



21 Feb 2013 12:22:05
Nani to Porto, straight swap for James Rodriguez will happen in July.



21 Feb 2013 12:03:50
Mark robins has identified the problems with hudersfield towns faultering season. The lack of any real width and a midfielder with any bite has seen him look towards seasoned premier league players. I am led to believe simon Davies of fulham, on loan, is his leading target for the wide position and he is looking to the possibility of persuading Salif Diao, formally of stoke and liverpool into a short trial, with a view to a short term contract. A centre back, left back and striker are also on his hitlist, with leon clarke of coventry his favoured option, with a loan and a view to a permanent in the summer. Watch this space

Leon Clarke not happening he's tied to a three year deal and has hit out at Robbins for slatting him after a game before he left.

Robins is no where near the finished article. Bad mouthing players in public is a big no no. Leon Clarke has been fantastic, he's carried on where McGoldrick left off. I can't see him hooking up with Robins again.



21 Feb 2013 15:28:23
Swansea look to buy Jonathan De Guzman on a permanent deal around the price of £6 mil

Best news ever heard for a very long time. He is a real class player. Hope this is true.

Second that. he is class.



21 Feb 2013 11:14:13
Inverness boss Terry Butcher is believed to be interested in the Swindon town job.

Source Swindon Advertiser

21 Feb 2013 13:25:30
Lots of managers will throw there hats in the ring, lots did when Paolo got the job. It's whether they can demonstrate the skills to deliver the passing game we demand at Swindon.

Better managers than Butcher haven't been given that opportunity in the past. So I don't see it somehow. Unless of course the new owners want a riot on their hands.

Please GOD Noooooooo! He will bring Malpass with him, the second from worst manager ever in swindon history, step forward Paul Hart!



21 Feb 2013 03:13:18
David Oleary is believed to have applied for the Swindon town job.



21 Feb 2013 00:26:06
Ryan Tunnicliffe is to be announced as a Huddersfield town player either today or tomorrow, the 20 year old is looking for first team games in the chance of breaking into the united first team, according to my source he will be wearing the number 14 shirt

Hope he does sign, but please no more Clarke, Novak, please bring Dixon back into Left Back, but we also need a winger, striker ASAP, let Danns go central were he prefers to play.

Yes hope he signs too, or at least one or two do before weekend, but does the new boss have the guts to leave out clarke? Hope so, would show good management to the crowd, who can see where defence probs are, bring in dixon, move hunt forward, drop novak, hopefully another loan forward alongside vaughan

Jack Hunt is not a winger. can't play with his back to goal, simply not enough experience in that role to dig us out. Sadly neither is he a good enough defender. He is no good to us, should have sold him. Duane Holmes not under contract?! Come on Deano, wake up!

Heard that he has agreed a move to
Barnsley according to the tv website.

Just signed for Banzli

21 Feb 2013 15:41:25
Ryan Tunnicliffe is Barnsley bound. So, we go with what we have this weekend. The search for new blood goes on. Players need to take responsibility for the situation and pull together as they did for Mark Lillis.

Another false rumour, he signed for Barnsley this morning.

21 Feb 2013 15:48:47
If Tunnicliffe is wearing a number14 shirt it must be a red one
He's signed for Barnsley. What was your source HP or Heinz

21 Feb 2013 16:57:52
highly doubtful, has he has signed for Barnsley, apparantly, the chance of going to wembley with the reds, was the deciding factor

He's signed for Barnsley.

Shame he has signed for Barnsley for the rest of the season. Please post things that may come true

Looks like he's gone to Barnsley.

According to Mark Robins on Radio today, he stated that he was still considering the loan market, but it was unlikely anyone would arrive for Saturday, as it was difficult at this time of the season to bring in quality.
Why then can Barnsley bring in Ryan Tunnicliiffe on loan, and Hull bring in George Boyd on loan? I suspect our chairman has said NO to his "yes man", namely our manager!

You seriously saying we could have got boyd? think that's called dreaming

No i'm not saying we could have got boyd, far from it, but we could have signed players in the transfer window, oh but wait our manager was conveniently sacked, so we had no manager back then to sign anyone! And i'm also saying, as above, which was on radio yesterday, how other teams can GET players in on loan, despite who they are etc etc. As supporters we want just the truth, and I like most others know no loans will be coming in, so we will muddle through rest of season, as we have done up to now, relegation threatened and a chairman happy to see this unfold in front of him.



20 Feb 2013 22:57:00
Swansea are hoping to sign Real Sociedad striker Carlos Vela in the summer for around 6m. The former Arsenal man, has got 10 goals in La Liga this season and Swansea believe he can take their team yet another step forward in the Premier League.



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