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20 Feb 2012 22:49:07
Free agent stern John set to sign for Barnsley(7)(14)What good would he be he's 36 years old don't think he could keep up the paceWhen he was at forest he could barely keep up with the pace then. That was in 2000.


20 Feb 2012 21:57:13
walcott will sign for lfc in the summer. Only 1year left on contract, lost place too chamberlain plus lfc fan! lfc despretly lack pace!(23)(24)He was an Arsenal fan because of Henri.....that's why he went there from Southampton.No he was a henry fan thats why he went there plus liverpool never offered for himTheo has always been an Arsenal fan, loved Henry. That's why he left Saints to go there.Should get on well with Suarez then!He is rubbish, couldn't trap a bag of cement. As long as he doesn't play for England I'll be happy.Good swap him for suarez.


20 Feb 2012 20:18:20
Wolves to enquire over Molde manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær
Board impressed with OGS quick improvement with the Norwegian side.
Further persuaded by his links to Man Utd, the two M's are keen to explore further options after currently unhappy with those that have been interviewed(11)(29)He would never manage in england unless with man utd.Another silly wolves happy clapper i see get real


20 Feb 2012 19:34:37
Gus Poyet to be named Wolves manager in the next couple of days! Ray Wilkins to be named No2!! FANTASTIC NEWS!!(21)(28) 

Ed is there any truth in poyet and wilkins as wolves next management team ? {Ed003's Note - No idea,sorry}Wilkins is good enough to be your manager let alone your assistant its too small of a job for himThis would be what I asked for from the start, a young manager with something to prove and an old hand with a wealth of experience to help him. Almost a joint team. Maybe my tweet to Moxey worked!lol

ScaramangaIts not gonna happen! wolves think there some big club, your no bigger than brighton! Brighton's fans are better than yours as is their ground which is getting expanded as they fill it week in week out. Give it two years and brighton will be a prem team and wolves a championship teamHa ha ha how the hell are Brighton as big as Wolves funniest thing I've heard all day. Oh by the way where having our stadium expanded also but to a much bigger capacity than the poxy little Amex already twice as big and getting bigger.


20 Feb 2012 18:56:00
New managers in the next 4 months:

Arsenal: Tony Adams/Steven Bould
Spurs: Alan Pardew
Newcastle: Steve Bruce/Alan Shearer
Chelsea: Jose Mourinho
England: Harry Redknapp
SC Lisbon: AVP
Sochaux: Arsene Wenger
Wolves: Peter Reid(6)(84)Ye nice one !LOL i feel for Arsenal if this was true. No Europe next year

SkooterNewcastle Steve Bruce,youve been on the loopy juice i fearAlien vs predator interesting combo at LisbonWhatever you smoking mate; GET OFF IT!!


20 Feb 2012 18:23:30
our new manger and his son are leeds fans.... what have we done to deserve this !(11)(9)It's just Warnock currying favour. He was a lifelong Blade when he managed Sheffield Utd. Take it all with a pinch of salt.Aren't you talking about Grayson and Town?
If he doesn't get wins straight away he will get some stick. What we needed was to stop us leaking goals and drawing games when we were winning. Leeds conceded 4 against Birmingham, 5 against Blackpool, 4 against Barnsley, hope he does better for Town.


20 Feb 2012 17:50:27
Watford hope to sign Tom Eaves on loan to the end of the season from Bolton. Watford want the striker to replace Marvin Sordell who left for Bolton and for the poor form of Chris Iwelumo.(3)(3) 

Very very good player, has a lot of potential, seen him in youth matches. will be a good player for watford.An amazing talent Bolton would do well to keep hold of him !


20 Feb 2012 17:45:23
portsmouth fc 2012/2013 na premier league
ward,rocha,ben haim,belhadj
mokoena,mullins,bouba diop,mahoto

belhadj,bouba diop,mahoto and dindane all back pompey!

play up pompey!(3)(35)AdminisrationYou will soon be a saints fan ;)More like Pay Up Pompey Playing players still you cannot afford!!No pompey fan would ever support scum but they could do with some real fans for sure.Screw off. 14k attendance when in admin? yea real fans turn their backs and dont pay to help out. TOOL! jealous we'll be going prem, and actually deserve itThe real pompey fans have had enough you're quite right, had enough of the way the club has been run but the they still get 14,000 attendance, so not too shabby when you think about it. In your case probably dont try too hard!Scummers so full of yourselves, it was only 4 years ago we were winning Trophies, when did you last win something (promotion from 3rd Tier doesnt count, lol)! Newsflash, YOU AINT GOING UP, the teams that are hot on your heels will sharp overtake your amateur lot! PUPBelhadji should leave to Rennes


20 Feb 2012 17:18:18


20 Feb 2012 17:08:20
Simon Cox just might be striker to go on loan to Swindon until end of season ,has not played many games for WBA this season(6)(23)The Queue would be round the corner for Cox - Swindon, despite his history with the club would be near the back of itMaybe Championship clubs like Reading or Bristol who need strikersAs much as I would love Cox back this wont happen, he left us in league 1, why would he come back to us in league 2 especialy when there would be a fair few championship clubs willing to take him and pay his wages, with the wage cap we would struggle to fund the wages...


20 Feb 2012 16:26:07
Jack Butland has signed on-loan for Cheltenham Town FC.(5)(7)22 Feb 2012 10:07:04
Cheltenham have re-signed Jack Butland

Done deal. So stop pressing the Unbelievable button


20 Feb 2012 16:13:34
Jaidi announced his retirement from football and is going to leave at the end of the season(10)(1)He announced this at the start of the season, hardly breaking news!!To true to be true


20 Feb 2012 15:55:39
With Darius definitely being the cart and horse.(1)(5)


20 Feb 2012 14:24:01
Jason Scotland rumoured to be signing for Watford on loan for a month(8)(23)


20 Feb 2012 13:38:45
Looks Like Grayson will be named Huddersfield Manager. Supposedly it was between 2 candidates. (possibly Brown) Don't know when it will be confirmed yet.(17)(4)I wish simon all the best. MOT


20 Feb 2012 13:37:49
Grayson set for Huddersfield Job(20)(6)


20 Feb 2012 13:29:49
Maneger latest

Steve Bruce. Wolves
Simmon Grayson. Huddelsfeild
Neil Warnock. Leeds
Villas Boas Arsanel
Jose Mouriniho. Chelsea
Arsen Wenger. Totenham
Arry Rednap. England(5)(77)Lol, no way on earth Wenger would go to Spurs, hes Arsenal through and through.Arry would be absolutely mental to take this job on with england,Face the facts england are NO spain or brazil.It trully is a hiding to nothing and look at the history of the job? The saying HERO to ZERO in 2 years springs to mind.Harry has a job for life at Spurs.About as good as your spellingArsenal have just a two year extension to Wenger's contract!Who are you??? Only a complete p...k would even think of putting a list like this up for ridicule. On second thoughts have you got a crystal ball?? Dont think so!Loada old cobblers... joker


20 Feb 2012 13:18:00
reading fc 2012
Conorlly. Gorkks Pearce Bridge
Kebe. Karacan. Sigurdson Mcanuff
Owen. Roberts

Mackil smith

Connorlly 700K
Bridge loan
Sigurdson 1.5M
Owen loan
Mackel smith 3M
Cummings 600K
Kanu 2M
Le Fondre loan
Tabb loan
Antonio loan(7)(24)Would be greatI think the funniest thing about this is us getting 2m for church, made my dayAlso sig for 1.5m, considering we sold him for around 7m its unlikely hoff will let him go for that muchJust LOLLol, what have you been smoking?4 mil for rob kanu and church, r u sure? and sig for 1.5mil considering hes playing great for swansea on loan


20 Feb 2012 13:10:31
Simon grayson takes over huddersFAILED town manager but his first job is to sell rhodes to his boyhood club LEEDS. Ha ha ha. League1 for the next 2 seasons at least. MOT(14)(15)Leeds LolAnd where will this magic pot of money come from? £3m plus quoted in the transfer window, unless Snodgrass etc sold can't see that being available.Theres something about a Leeds fan that always leves a nasty taste in the mouth.Get ready for lots of clean sheets lol, defensive coaching at it's best.Utter tosh ! , Rhodes ain't going to Leeds because Bates will not spend money, wait for fireworks between Warnock and Bates, it won't last.............Simon grayson has come to a club run by a supporter who is also wealthy as apposed to a club run by a miserly garden money says grayson will be at huddersfield longer than headcase warnock will be at leeds.and he will take us up.......Totally agree with last comment, Grayson will get Huddersfield promoted possibly this season, because chairman will support him, Warnock will do his usual trick of complaining about referees of opposition players, whenever his team fails to win, totally disrespectful to other managers and teams, its never his fault, so expect him and Bates to lock horns unless its instant success this season.....My money says Warnock will fail and make Leeds even more unpopular than they already are.No point in Rhodes going to Leeds, he's a footballer and would never be able to compete for the long high ball. Where would Leeds get the money, Bates won't give it to Warnock? As I drive down the M621 I will be able to see the ball rising and falling above the stands. Mediocre, long ball football, but Leeds fans won't mind that. I love the fact that Bates extracts every penny he can out of Leeds fans pockets and they still keep coming back. Who owns the club, nobody knows, so much for marching on together, lemmings more like. Never mind Bates will be sunning himself in Monaco on the hard earned money of Leeds fans, he couldn't even be bothered to come back to interview Warnock, mind you Warnock maybe possibly jumped at the chance of a freebie.Warnock is a good motivator. If someone said to after the game we lost as the players are not good enough..... no motivation. Blame it on outside external influences is a good move as it increases motivation. Basic Psychology.Don't forget, Warnock has also taken teams down.Anybody who wants to see what warnock is about should go on you tube and watch warnock v the terriers his half time team talk is insane the chances of him and uncle fester hitting it off are nil.grayson had all his best players sold from under him by uncle fester.I for 1 am more than happy he is our new manager.


20 Feb 2012 13:09:53
theo walcott could be heading out of arsenal at the end of the season . He is not happy at this club and wants to play for a higher team .(12)(18)Yeah i want to slip angelina jolie one but thats not gonna happen either!! its kind of a pre-requisite that a winger needs to be able to cross a ball and until he can master this basic skill for a highly paid footballer he wont be going to any sort of decent team anytime soonHigher team he be lucky to get a game for my Sunday side to play for a top side u have to be a top player and sorry but he not no top playerI would have thought walcott was one of Arsenal's problems rather than a player worthy of a higher teamTheo Walcott is the most over rated player in the premier league hes' a one trick pony and all he can do is chase a ball 30 yards behind the full back. Arsenal would be better off letting him go. The guy hasnt improved in the last 3-4 years. When he does get into positions to put a good ball into the box to me he always looks confused on what he should do. I hope he doesnt get in the Engalnd squad he's an absolute waste of space.As a saints fan i watched a lot of Theo when he was a youth player and the potential he had was scary but i have to admit he is pretty average now, personally i blame Wenger everone goes on about Wenger and how he brings on the youth from within the club, lets get it right he buys youth once the selling club have done the hard work and takes the credit. Wallcott needs to get out as soon as he can, i personaly think he can still play at a high level, Arsenal just does not suit his style. I just hope wenger does not ruin Alex Oxlade Chamberlain career like he has done theo's.Think saint fan is very bitter!! How can you question wenger on pushing youth bitter bitter bitter!I agree wenger trys to promote a image of producing young talents when all he does is actually poach them from their comfort zone and try and mould them into arsenal players, loads of quality signings have deteriorated since joining arsenal...


20 Feb 2012 12:47:09
Eddie Howe lining up a loan with view to permanent deal for Swindon Town midfielder Matt Ritchie.(4)(15)Its all a load of bull, we will be in the same league as Burnley soon...Thats fine if he is willing to pay the money we value him at, if he isnt then Matt will be going nowhere.No way will he go at least until the end of the season and not sure he would go to Burnley anyway.

When are people going to get it in their heads on this forum you cant buy players now you can only loan as the window is shut.


20 Feb 2012 11:46:56
Swindon, are to bring in mystry striker
from Prem to help them cement their
challenge for 1st place in League 2.

Tomorrow night game against Shrewsbury Town is going to be bigger than fans expect as sources close to the club and striker have said he will be at the game and make a final decision on becoming a Town player on loan till the end of the season, on the strength of Swindons performance.

This is fact!(17)(5)Well back it up with something then!Is it Steve Evans from Crawley, the FA seem so scared of him that he will score every game by using his hands feet head and just pushing the keeper into the net... if He can stop eating pies long enough !!Keep your eye on the directors box tonight, Magera going out on loan to free up the wages of the premier league striker coming in on loan.... we are only paying 50% of their wage and that is 5kWow wow wow what prem striker are you going to afford who will be willing to step down to the bottom tier? Something in the water in Swindon??


20 Feb 2012 11:39:51
Neil Warnock wants Chris Samba on loan from Blackburn.(14)(26)Lol.....If samba wont play for a club currently in the prem why would he play for one that isnt?Who comes up with this nonsense, Bates will not pay that kind of money for Samba Loan - lolHa ha ha good one!It's probably true but I want Jessica Alba and thats not going to happen either


20 Feb 2012 10:57:18
Steve Bruce to be named new wolves manager soon.all toon fans praying its right.(14)(22)Not this fan,will do no better than mick,and he was treated badlyBruce has not exactly set the premier league alike, spent loads of money at Sunderland but it took O Neil to get them playing as a team. Big Risk to go with him. I believe Chairman should have stayed with Mick McCarthy, he probably had a better chance to keep them up.....


20 Feb 2012 10:01:33
Chelsea interested in a summer move for Brazilian star Neymar.(13)(24)


20 Feb 2012 09:58:36
Darius Vassell is linked with a big money move to league 1 leaders Charlton. They see the veteran striker as a ideal signing for the Championship as they anticipate promotion.(7)(17)Whilst Charlton will undoubtedly be promoted, think this is cart before the horse. Doubt if Chris Powell has thought beyond the next match.YOU WILL HAVE A JOB BECAUSE HE IS INJUREDConsidering he is 31, will be out of contract at the end of the season and is recovering for anterior cruciate ligament surgery I think the expectation of big money is a littel wide of the mark


20 Feb 2012 09:57:24
Steve Clark with george Graham type Guru
is also being considered(3)(11)Rubbish


20 Feb 2012 08:12:36
Alan curbishley and Steve Bruce turned wolves job down after only being offered a contact deal with wolves until the end of the season(31)(4)Keano pleaseGet mick backGus Poyet 2 b named as new wolves boss


20 Feb 2012 08:10:45
Middlesbrough lead the chase to sign arsenal right back gavin hoyte and striker park both on loan also barry robson has agreed to sign on loan every january from whitcaps so he can play for boro in the premier league or to help them get back there(14)(11)


20 Feb 2012 08:06:41
Time for ARSENE WENGER to go.(43)(23)Some say he's already gone.You're right mate,his magic is well gone.Arsenal would be nothing without him fickle fans.Arsenal will be winners without Wenger - they'll actually buy good players!

They won't be able to play the integrity card any more but they'll win thingsBang on they will buy good players not grow them and sell them when they become good players , u see that is problem we can all hold hands up and say yes he has had some players he made to be great but when he first took over he had the mix right old heads that where on top of there game and brought in players that he turned in to top players but then he went to much for kids and tried to build a side from there soon as the old heads big names gone the kids that was turning good wanted out 2 then he could not plug the gaps left and that why gunners are where they are now lost and bringing it second rate players rush job trying to sort it out to late ever he walks away or spends in summer on big names and players that are at there best now not in 2-3 years timeThey used to have the cups in the trophy cabinet, but now they are all in the Arsenal canteen. Wenger has to go.As a arsenal fan im a massive beliver in trust in wenger.. but i do a agree something is wrong i would rather see David Dein back upstair Wenger needs to be the Manager not the Manager/ Director/ Staduim manager/ Tranfer negoater. Take some off this jobs away from him and you will see arsenal fly high again...@


20 Feb 2012 06:40:30
Simon grayson new huddersfailed town manager. FACT. Watch ssn at 12 today. MOT(23)(8)Highly unlikely - chairman has only just returned from abroad to start the search so how can Grayson have been appointed?


19 Feb 2012 22:16:00
Bristol City to recall Christian Ribeiro from his loan spell at Scunthorpe due to their mounting injury crisis(9)(9)Mcginnis get the board to let you bringin the players you know who will keep city up before its to late the players city have are gutless and gready change it now


19 Feb 2012 21:35:01
I know were all bored with this one!
But leandro damiao has said in an interview,that spurs have made an official offer for his services when our season ends.Its on

ESSEX YOD(5)(15)


19 Feb 2012 21:27:37
Sven to return to Notts County to replace Martin Allen(2)(38)That wont end well....


19 Feb 2012 21:04:02
-Watford to sign a striker on loan this week. Sources suggest Nick Blackman from Blackburn.(6)(4)Other sources report it's Honor Blackman
and yeah, I know this ages me.


19 Feb 2012 18:40:26
dean hoyle on holiday with phil brown coming back tommorrow to announce appointment on sky(2)(15)Simon Grayson will be appointed the new Town manager either tomorrow or Tuesday. Dean Hoyle wants a young manager with a track record of taking teams up - Grayson fits the bill. His Leeds teams played attractive, attacking football, just what Town fans want to see and just what the squad is capable of delivering with the right leadership. Town for promotion either through 2nd place or the play offs. Phil Brown - no way.Cant disagree mate i would love to have grayson as new manager sadly i dont think it will happen.fingers crossed mindSounds like grayson in today.... considering hoyle bin in country since satday dont think ur telling truth unless he took him to filey!!!


19 Feb 2012 17:06:19
locazade are going to help to fund brentfordnew stadum(1)(18)Why can't people spell check such simple things? Locazade makes it sound so unreliable...


19 Feb 2012 16:48:13
Just heard this strange one. Doubt it's true but here goes.... Billy Davies interested in and supposedly on Notts County's managerial shortlist(3)(21)Billy thinks waaaaaaaaay too much of himself to drop to L1. I'd have though he was concentrating far more on the Wolves job.If jimmy krankie was to return to Nottingham I doubt he would go to County


19 Feb 2012 15:01:19
Reading want to bring Jermaine Defoe in on loan to boost their promotion bid.

Defoe has been frustrated by his lack of games this season, and in January Spurs brought in Saha, pushing Defoe further down the pecking order.

New billionaire owner Anton Zingarevich want's a signature summer signing to announce his reign at Reading, and it is believed he wants to bring in Michael Owen and Alex Hleb - Source: Various Sunday papers.(6)(64)Someone jokingly put this on a forum then suddenly it appears here, if your going to make up rumours about the club I support at least make them believable.A million to one againstWhich paper had the defoe rumour/rubbish in?Why do we need defoe we've got big Jason RobertsNever mind half term is over and you can go back to school next weekOwen maybe but Defoe for Reading is just sillyDefoe is from a solid source, but Spurs said no. West Ham also tried in January buy got knocked back and then went for the Bristol City chap.

Hleb and Owen were in one or two of the Sunday rags. Not from my source. May be paper talk. There will be many rumours with Anton and his backers looking to take Reading back to the Premiership.Sugar daddy on football manager??


19 Feb 2012 14:37:24
Watford are after a loan striker to replace Marvin Sordell and to get goals following the poor form of striker Chris Iwelumo. Watford are either after Marcello Trotta from Fulham or Nick Blackman from Blackburn.(13)(7)Have heskey mate ill pay his wages for ya and ill drive him from birmingham to watford for freeDear Villa supporter - it is a deal only if you take IwelumuNope, wrong. It's neither of those two but a striker will be signing on Wednesday. Massey will return to Colchester for a month but the club want him back in April to give him games before the end of the season.Honestly think one of these would happen, probably Nick Blackman. good player he has potential.Who do you think Watford will sign on Wednesday?Think Bolton....

And its not Sordell!


19 Feb 2012 13:53:01
Bohemians 20 year old winger Lee Dixon is linked with a move to League One side Walsall, he will sign on loan until end of season then sign for £80,000 in the summer.

Make his debut away at Scunthorpe this Tuesday!!!!(2)(12)


19 Feb 2012 11:39:12
Middlesbrough are keen on making a £1.5 million for Brighton winger Craig Noone. Tony Mowbray is in need of a winger and sees Noone as someone who could give them that extra bite on the side of midfielder, whatever division there in next season.(6)(17)


19 Feb 2012 11:36:05
Doncaster Rovers are set to pip Port Vale to sign midfielder Chris Birchall. The Trinidad & Tobago player has recently left LA Galaxy but will sign a deal with Rovers until the end of the season.(3)(12)


19 Feb 2012 11:34:06
Leicester City have made a £300,000 bid for Stevenage midfielder Michael Bostwick.(8)(12)Will that make a squad of 50 they appear
to be signing players whenever possible
BEWARE look at pompey


19 Feb 2012 11:32:21
Chelsea are set to sign Tunisian youngster Youssef Msakni. The midfielder has attracted a lot of interest from a number of Premier League sides but Andre Villas Boas is set to capture the 21 year old from Esperance Tunis.(1)(12)You need superstars to use straight away, and not youngsters with potential in the next few years. Your future is now why can't AVB see this. He us ruining you.Yeah like hes guna go chelsea, when arsenal, sampdoria, napoli and lille are watching him... i wouldnt wanna play for AvB


19 Feb 2012 11:25:50
Manchester City have made a bid to sign Lille attacker Eden Hazard.(6)(44)


19 Feb 2012 10:27:20
Peterborough are set to bring in Dave Kitson on a emergency loan. Pompey are looking to slash their wage bill, and Kitson has always wanted to play for Peterborough.(7)(42)"Kitson has always wanted to play for Peterborough." Since whenI also heard Messi has always wanted to play for Bristol cityNo body desires to play for Peterborough but beggars can't be choosersWell played peterbough at win over bristol city im a city fan and showed no fight hope next season we give you more a fight"Kitson has always wanted to play for Peterborough." Having started his career with the U's..... yeah right.Next season brissle will be in league one what you talkin about!You are kidding, right? Kitson is a long time Spurs fan. His second passion remains with Reading. His words, not mine. He shares no affiliation with P'boro.

Back to school tomorrow.How will this reduce your wage bill?


18 Feb 2012 23:37:40
Guly Do Prado is set for a summer move back to his native Brazil as he is now not considered a regular at Southampton with Chaplow, De Ridder and Puncheon all above him to play on the wing and Sharp, Lee, Connolly and Barnards considered better up front !(12)(15)He was just ill yesterdayIf you had any clue about saints you would know that Adkins rates guly highly and slots him into the team all the time. On the official site it states that he was ill. Probally a Pompey fan because you have nothing to talk about apart from "we are skint"Bullst. He was ill at the weekend, hence Chaplow filling in on the right, and Guly is younger and better than Connelly, and he is better than Barnard, so thats 2 strikers he better than, and he fills a right midfield slot that we have only one other natural player at, which is puncheon, so if anything, we would be keeping him and off loading one of the aforementioned players.


18 Feb 2012 23:19:24
Notts County are considering sounding out Paul Sturrock after they relieved Martin Allen of his duties.(10)(4)Bahha

next joke pleaseThe only joke is that your lot have sacked the best manager you have had in years.
At the start of the season when the biggest club in Nottingham knocked you out of the cup, he was the best thing since sliced bread. A few weeks later I heard notts fans calling him god. A few weeks later he gets sacked.........I hope you lot are proudIts no joke mate. Sturrock is one of the better manager's in the bottom two divisions and he's on a rolling deal at Southend. Notts Cou nty will look for a cheap appointment and Sturrock will be good value considering only being on that rolling deal.Yes that's the biggest club in Nottingham with the £75m debt is it?! The bigger they are the harder they fall - I don't know,one win against ANOTHER bottom three side and you sound like you've won the Champions League!!There's no argument that we are not the biggest club then, other than we are out of the bottom three and victor chandler will be buying us soon.
Now that's out of the way, what is clowntys opinion in his sacking.
The ohe friend I have that does support your lot is totally shocked and disgusted at the decision. What do the other three fans think??Oh and who mentioned anything about yesterday's result?? Win, lose or draw we are still the biggest team in NottinghamSturrock wont leave a promotion team with southend to manage a unstable club like notts county.

Such a strange club and embrassing club Notts County are.The second biggest team in notts beat the steelers last night. Fact.Here we go again the same person that posts sturrock is going for every job possible, you have a real boner for sturrock... do you love him....


18 Feb 2012 21:17:08
Bradford are looking at Nathan Eccleston to come in on a 2 month loan from Liverpool as a replacement for the injured Hanson. Eccleston can also play on the right hand side of midfield.


18 Feb 2012 21:15:33
phil brown has got the huddersfield job press conference on monday.comes from a neighbour of chairman dean hoyle(10)(22)If he has thats huddersfield stayin in league oneBrown has already failed at a another league one club, dean hoyle will not make the same mistake.Don't touch the man with a barge pole. A very average manager who talks out of his behind.Ye cos hoyle discusses his multi million pound business with his neighbours doesn't he. in fact fergie told me in sainsburys his starting eleven for next week....... its amazing just ask them and they'll tell you! muppet brown is an certain no for town job!Deanos neighbour collared brown as he got into his car and asked if he had got the job .phil winked and said watch sky on monday.make your own mind upDean Hoyle has been on holiday - back tomorrow so nobody apart from the board will know the latest newsFor the hudderfield town fans ,you,d better hope he dont sign ,brownies a buffoon ,idiot ,and many more things first of all he aint a manager {Ed013's Note - Simon Grayson is the new manager}


18 Feb 2012 21:08:20
chelsea fan want AVB to get sack and they want jose mourinho back(27)(11)What is the "fan" name ?Not being funny avb good manager seems a good bloke but end of day he not picking the side the players or anything at club same reason Jose went fact ! Proof being jan transfer sign a player and avb ask in a press cofrence what he thinks of him and avb says ( sorry I do not no this player I have not been watching him and do not wish to take him ) press says but genk say the transfer is done avb says news to me , that is a jokeAVB will be a managerial legend. Unfortunately for him (but hilariously for everyone else), Chelsea will never be a success again until Cole, Drogba, Lampard and Terry are gone.

Player power gone mad at the Bridge - no other manager has any hope coz all the players get semis on for Jose when he texts them


18 Feb 2012 20:27:48
sam magri on trial to liverpool according to the news(12)(7)Sam magri?? Who is he?? {Ed025's Note - 17 yr old portsmouth centre back


18 Feb 2012 20:11:58
Martin Allen for AFC Bournemouth manager. Would bring in some good players, plyes good football and nwould do well with some money to spend in the summer.(2)(13)Why where is lee bradbury going toGood football?? If you like cheating and skyball i supposeNo No No.Martin Allen is trouble. He let us down at Reading when he was Pardew's number two and he gets the sack everywhere he goes in less than 18 months.

I share no love for Bournemouth but wouldn't wish him on you.Absolute rubbish


18 Feb 2012 19:58:23
Jason scotland set to join bristol city on loan 4 rest of the season this coming week.(3)(23)


18 Feb 2012 17:17:31
cardiff lost pompey lost does nt
get much better on a saturday
afternoon(15)(10)Rangers lost so your rightRangers loseIt's a shame Saints never lost, still with their form of late it's been fun to watch! Another season in the championship looking likely.Undefeated in the last 5 games? Pulled off draws against top of the table teams and we have the easiest last 14 games out of the top 6 with only 4 teams to play in the top ten, don't worry mr Pompey fan i know you are just jelious and we don't blame you but won't be long intill you will get punished by some fantastic footballI think poopey should worry more about the penalties the FL will impose than what anyone else in doing. Cheats do not prosper although buying the F A Cup did. Even Steve Claridge slagged you right off for being cheats. You have such a painful future.....The future is looking bright and blue.Brilliant rumour, well done.Pompey may have done wrong and run a bad ship but come on people, is there any need, do you all really have such sad lives that you get off on other clubs punishments! We have faced up to our mistakes, took the punishment and will come out of it a better club, thats why were STILL the BIGGEST team in Hampshire and always will be! PUPThere are no easy games that is why everyone wants your lot to come unstuck.look at your results against donnie b/c millwall cup game .


18 Feb 2012 14:39:00
Kane Hemmings to join Burnley on Loan(0)(7)


18 Feb 2012 13:36:29
Neil warnock is leeds' new manager OFFICIAL(28)(3)God help youThis is a RUMOUR site not a FACT site


18 Feb 2012 11:42:41
portsmouth are searching for the canterbury again be the club's sporting goods, and jobsite will stay until 2025 according to sources close to the club.
Why jobsite remain until 2025 is because the sponsor has helped the club in the most proven difficult and now the reward(1)(20)Unbelievable? Unreadable!Yes thats because if we do go bust everyone will need help finding jobs!I was led to believe all p----y staff worked for freeJobsite is perfect for them, as half the players wont get picked up for other clubs...also, why do Pompey insist on feeling sorry for themselves? 3 subs? use youngsters, i swear no one has a brain at that club


18 Feb 2012 03:22:29
QPR are currently on a training course in Portugal, and so far the part of the squad that needs improving is Left Midfield. Although it appeared that after the arrival of Taiwo from Milan that Traore would make the switch to a winger it hasnt happened YET. A potential signing if QPR stay up could be Victor Moses from Wigan as his current club are in a worse position AND more of a relegation battle than the London based side.

Also IMO the GK needs addressing after some way below par performances of late.(3)(13)I think that with the GK situation they should look to sign Ranger's Allan McGregor because he's a good shot stopper and he'll be cheap with them in administration.Good reply don't think rangers could refuse a loan to perm deal


18 Feb 2012 00:46:18
Rangers administration: Craig Whyte sues BBC for defamation this wont come to anything because this man is pure liar he is just trying get sum good attenion for him self and the sfa should have gave whyte the proper an fit person check when he wanted to take over not now they are to late(10)(7)Why are you jumping on the bandwagon,nothing been proved yet,didnt see many people interested in buying your club.


18 Feb 2012 00:29:10
Looks like we've finally got Warnock (thank god)...exactly what we need at Elland Rd. He's been spotted and photographed in Monte Carlo with Captain Birdseye on Friday! See the Daily Mail if you need proof, YEP are also running the story tonight too! Great news for Leeds United.(9)(11)He has not taken the job yetGreat source,....

Its going to be ian holloway, terms have been agreed {Ed013's Note - I am not sure if Ken Bates would get away with poaching another Blackpool manager, especially when they are going so well. To the comment above, if Leeds get Warnock it would be very good business, but remember it was only a meeting and Warnock may not want the job}Its announced on the website - he's ours. First things first take Rachubka and Barndoor out back and ....



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