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2011 19:45:08
A deal for Nicky Maynard from a Premiership club has finally been agreed by the board of Bristol City
This to be revealed by the club after Maynards final game for the club at Coventry
For non belivers watch Maynards reaction when he leaves the pitch(22)(11)And I'm sure your an insider privy to this sort of information..Love these posts, im neutral and support another team, but its great when someone posts this tosh convinced they are right. And when the game comes against Coventry and he leaves normally, you'll be nowhere to be seen.


20 Dec 2011 18:45:10
Billy Davies has today turned down the Preston managers job after failing to reach agreement on his backroom staff.

Wages and transfer budget had both been agreed but the club would not sanction the big wages for all his backroom staff.(12)(19)No he as not he was not even asked so get ur facts right and stop posting carpThey should crawl over broken glass to get him. He may be bitter, but he is outstanding at what he does.It's common knowledge that PNE will not appoint a new manager untill the new year. It's almost 100% certain that it will NOT be Billy. Flitcroft from Chorley is leading the race with Mark Robbins also in the frame.Flitcroft or mickey mellon will take over in jan


20 Dec 2011 18:39:27
haha all these rumors are so funny i also find it funny that people say we will never sell him everyone has a price my friends if its ipswich leeds man united or even barcelona if man city wanted messi barc would accept but you would be talking 200m+ with 500k+ wages a week never going to happen
but back to norwich arsenal have offered frimpong to norwich on loan as long as they can secure a permament deal of one of the loans we have which i belive naughton is being looked into and for anything else paul will proberly look to the championship for players i do know personaly he will not buy players who are fighting relegation theres a reason there down there already there wont be much change in the club because of the great season they have had so far and also with 2-4 key players still out like james vaughan and ward and we also have back up with all the midfield we have i belive maynard might be looked at leeds might even budge on the snodgrass price norwich will still only be willing to offer 3.5m if theres a bid it will be for that much and no more so thats proberly a no there i also do know he has been in contact with jurgen klopp the head coach of boruissa dortmund he held a phone call for over 40mins last week so maybe some deal there well i wish everyone playing tonight good luck apart from wolves lol hell i wish iwan roberts was playing ledgend(5)(17)Reading your post i nearly broke the world record for holding my breath! Have the schools finished?Looking at his post, he needs to spend as much time at school!With regard to your ridiculous sayings you should learn that players' opinions and wills you really think messi would go to city even with 300 million and a million to wages?at this level of football for some players and teams football experience means more than money and earnings.players like messi and dani alves have already rejected super-offers like these in order to stay where they enjoy their fans and themeselves and most of all the team and style of football they love!,,,,,,,.......!!!!

Nice post but try using these occasionally or ask Santa for a new keyboard!


20 Dec 2011 18:38:20
Leeds will sign Harry Kane on a five month loan next month.(20)(14)


20 Dec 2011 18:37:30
news coming out of villa park is that darren bent will be joining liverpool, for 22 million pounds, also mark albrighton will be leaving villa to join glasgow rangers in a swap deal for steven davis other players coming to villa

the return of craig gardner 2.5 million
yannick djalo trial
danny guthrie newcastle
jean alain boumsong

and one that will shock most villa fans nikola zigic from birmingham city(13)(44)No decent shopping in Liverpool for Bent so.....No!I bloody hope we don't want Bent. We could get a much much better striker for that kind of money.Yeah like Andy Carroll.Actually bent would be good at liverpool, natural finisher, cant see it though, and albrighton, a good prospect, no chance of him leavingBent isn't leaving for the last time! Albrighton has ruled out leaving Villa & Big Eck backed him .. get over yourself!Funny coz craig gardner is staying with sunderland, but Bent will leave for whoever offers him more moneyWhy would villa want a donkey like zigic?These players aren't good enough


20 Dec 2011 18:32:48
Manchester United will look to sign Aston Villa midfielder Barry Bannan on a 4 year deal for 8 million!(25)(44)Wrong price actual price 300,000Brilliant stuff , even cheaper.At that price Wolves should go in for him lol.Bannan is worth more than 8m! & Villa ain't selling .. go get a life!This rumour has some legs. my mate used to be part of a house share with gary neville in crete and he believes that this could be Ferguson's big signing.


20 Dec 2011 18:27:11
Whats with all these Norwich fans saying they will get Kyle Naughton for 2m? For starters he aint for sale and if he was try at least 8-10m and rising. Stick to carrot crunching you backwards people.

spurs guvnor(17)(18)We dont grow carrots in norfolk you mockney wanna be^^ Ok thanks. You are big on Turkeys though.How on earth do you rate him 8-10m ,I have watched him quite a few times this year and although hes a good right back and done well at times hes not worth that sort of money.
I thought he was out of contract in the summer.8-10mill !?!?!?! and Andy Carroll is worth 35What is it with Spurs fans, always over rating their players, Naughtons not even proven & Walker will be the right back for many years to come so a move would be good for Naughton and 2m sounds a good price.Whats with the Norwich Carrot cruncher insults, and 8-10M for Naughton ? are you living on the same planet. whiles he a decent player 2M is about the right price even in today's market.Typical mockney response, perhaps he's been at Santa's sherry already

8-10M? FFSWithout over inflating the price how do you expect Redknapp to get a back hander?What the hell are you saying,8-10 million,sorry pal,2 at most and we teaching him how to play right back again,after a iffy start to the season,cannot wait to stuff you north london p---sDon't start on Norwich mate or the whole family gets involved all 30,000 of them!Yep easy 8 - 10 mill for naughton i have no axe to grind here im a leicester fan and last season he played heart out for us (thanx) should of signed him but was destined bigger than us(unbelievable i know!! ;-) ) will be england full back in few years watch this spaceAs a spurs fan, i wouldnt rate him at 8-10 mil! 5 mil at most! tho, id rather see him at the lane as back up for walker n sell corluka!Out of contract in the summer, doesnt stand a chance of becoming first choice at Spurs. Attacking wise hes decent, needs to work on defensive side of things. 2 mil on this basis is a decent price for him.


20 Dec 2011 17:44:13
Newcastle United right-back James Perch is attracting Championship clubs such as Ipswich, Burnley and Brighton, the 26-year-old is set to be made available for a loan deal once the January transfer window re-opens.(19)(4)Should be on his way to Ipswich who tried to buy him before he went to the Barcodes. Pity it didn't work out for him at St James', but it will hopefully be the Tractor Boys gain


20 Dec 2011 17:40:04
Liverpool are keen to signing Crystal Palace youngster Wilfred Zaha. The 19-year-old has impressed many big clubs including Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs.(25)(16)He's signing a new 5 year deal at PalaceHe has signed a 5 yr contract yesterdayYeah because we all know contracts mean so much to people these days..By signing a 5 year contract means palace will get a bigger fee....Sorry but no interest from tottenham


20 Dec 2011 17:36:59
Man Utd are in high interested of both Eriksen from Ajax and and they could be the new faces Sir Alex brings in in January. Both young aswell!(35)(8)And who???You said both pal, who else, give us an even bigger laugh.Hes signed for spurs last week, to join in summer


20 Dec 2011 17:33:03
This is from two reliable sources, we have heard Arsenal are going to make a move for Boltons centre back Gary Cahill as well as Manchester United are intrested in Dembele who plays on the left flank for Fulham F.C!(22)(13)I heard this as well too mate, hope it happens because i sometimes support manchester utd!Sometimes support manchester united? get a grip!!!Said like true manc only when we win like?win win citte one wk manu the next hahaTwo reliable sources....hmm Daily Fail and ?Your well wide of the Mark.. I posted on utd page last wk that cahill to utd was very close to been agreed , no one believed it but if anyone wants a few quid for January place a bet on in bookies
EspurArsene has said that he does not want Cahill naymore. He ws interested in august but Bolton were too 'greedy.'I can see Arsenal going in for Cahill, now his price has dropped. Just what they need, he'd be an improvement on Mertesacker who is as cp as we all thought he might be.Whats wrong with sometimes supporting Manchester?Mertesacker is crap in comparison to cahill. LOL! Anyways arsenal are not signing a cb and cahill better than mert, i m having a laugh


20 Dec 2011 17:27:41
Cliftonville have accepted an offer of around £100,000 from Swansea for Donnelly while the player has also been linked with Everton, who are now priced out of the running.(19)(17)Everton bid the same today for Donnolly.


20 Dec 2011 17:24:58
Crystal palace goalkeeper Wes Foderingham who is currently on loan at Swindon Town is being tracked by premier league clubs Swansea and Bolton. Foderingham is expected to sign for Swindon Town in January but his form since joining the club on loan has attracted interest from the premier league.(4)(10)Foderingham has been fantastic since coming in on loan and no doubt is going to attract alot of attention as his form has been outstanding and in particular pulled off two great saves on saturday. Ideally for him he should remain on loan with us until the end of the season to get more experience and game time and review his situation then when his contract expires. At the moment he is third in the pecking order at Palace and no doubt playing for us has increased his value. Good luck to the guy as he has been superb for us and hopefully if we get promoted he stays with us but its a matter of watch this space.Foderingham has already said that he would like to sign a new contract at palace and follow in the steps of jules. For now it will just be loans until the number one spot becomes available.Fodderingham is signing a new contract at the end of Dec and has asked to be loaned back to Swindon until the end of the season, Swindon fans want him signed on a permanent deal which will only happen for big money, Wes wants to help Swindon get promoted as they gave him his first ever league game, but he will sign a 3 year deal with Palace first and then join on loan until the end of the season, including the playoff dates.


20 Dec 2011 17:22:48
Man United looking at 2 of Gary Cahill, Richard Dunne, Phil Jagielka and Jonas Olsson to be their new centre midfield dynamos.

Welshdan {Ed025's Note - midfield dan??(7)(46)Why would SAF even consider Dunne, he is way to old and is ex-city, no chance he will be signing. The only "midfielder" remotely believable is Cahill, but even then he would be 4th chose at United.Is this a joke insinuating that Sir Alex ha gone senile?Oh no. Have I got that disease where you can only see the names of Centre Backs or do you not know football at all?


20 Dec 2011 17:22:18
Newcastle WILL bid 5.5m for Morgan schneiderlin of Southampton.(6)(36)300,ooo max worth no morePardew isn't stupid. He won't spend that much! If you halve it, and halve it again, and probably again, that will be much closer to how much he is worth.Hes not for sale and 5 mill wouldnt buy his right testicle...jog on toon


20 Dec 2011 17:18:17
Darcy Blake on Loan to Ipswich for remainder of season.

Welshdan(8)(14)We do need a right back is he any good?


20 Dec 2011 17:15:59
Earnshaw is being offered a life line back to the premier league by West Brom,(4)(29)


20 Dec 2011 17:12:21
Celtic are keen to sign Connor Sammon of Wigan as they are ready to accept a £6.5 million deal for Gary Hooper from Newcastle. Celtic manager is keen on linking Sammon with Stokes as well as adding Kris Boyd to the squad for the rest of the season. Lennon is also looking at a goalkeeper to replace Fraser Foster and is keen on signing Enkelmann of St.Johnstone.(10)(31)I'm not an expert, but in my opinion I'm not sure Sammon is ready to fill Hooper's boots yet!

WelshdanWhere to start? Celtic won't sell Hooper in January unless a ridiculous offer comes in. Also could've signed Sammon last year and didn't pursue so won't now after his performances. Enkelmann requires no comment - too silly6.5 million is looked upon as an acceptable fee for an untried,unproven,young player in the EPL coming from the backwater that is the SPL. Hooper is looking for the move and Celtic are receptive to offers around the figure quoted. Enkelmann has been spoken to by his agent about a move to Celtic.:) trust me this is rubbish I love looking at this need to stop sides are hurtingGary Hooper will travel to Newcastle on New Years Day for signing talks. Alan Pardew is also keen to sign Biram Kayal for a similar fee as Hooper,6.5 million.Aston Villa are also keen on signing Hooper and are in the process of contacting Celtic with a figure of 6.8 million.West Ham are also reputed to be showing an interest in Hooper.Kris boyd to celtic.... dont talk dribble! hes a rangers legend. why would he go to Celtic? especially with gers showing interestAlfie Conn was a Rangers legend,Mo Johnston was a Celtic legend,Kenny Miller played for both clubs and Rangers haven't shown any interest in Boyd as they are looking elsewhere for a striker and a midfielder.No chance Boyd to Celtic,trust me.He is a boyhood bluenose,Rangers in Scotland or English Championship,may be Cardiff to link with Kenny Miller.Watch this space.


20 Dec 2011 16:37:22
I know many people claim to be in the know and post crap on here as it is approaching the silly season after all, but I do actually know of one red hot signing at Norwich city with possibly two Naughton will sign for three years pity he can't sign before Jan the second one is Moses,(12)(14)Naughtons on a season-long loan, so what does it matter if you cant sign him permanently for that enormously long period of TWO WEEKS.


20 Dec 2011 16:31:58
Norwich City are close to signing Snodgrass from Leeds.(24)(39)


20 Dec 2011 16:24:18
Mancini has learnt from the CL exit and has already earmarked his trransfer targets.
Edin Hazard from Lille, Eriksen from Ajax.(11)(21)Yipp those two hugely experienced champions league players!It will not happen. Man City has already received a warning for their deficits. and therefore will not spend such large sums of money on multiple profiles and their mega-high salaries. for if this happens they will be stripped of participation in all European tournament next year. and this applies to all the teams. and mancini Ossetians have expressed that they have a team that can compete with the others. maybe get a new one, but not a huge expense. {Ed003's Note - No team will be stripped of participation in all European tournaments next year as FFP rules are worked out as an average over 3 years }Eriksen's agent has already said that he will not be leaving Ajax in the January window


20 Dec 2011 16:19:22
apparently talks between cliftonville and liverpool have broken down over the transfer of Rory Donnelly as cliftonville are unwilling to accept Andy Carroll as part of the deal(29)(14)... what a joke.Liverpool fan and i just laughed at that, good oneHaha!Excellent, and probably true

Maybe he'll take a cast-off donkey from some kids' Xmas play in exchange for Carroll...what a heapPure quality.! Funny enough he was offered to my pub team but they turned him dwn too, couldn`t afford his beer kitty.!


20 Dec 2011 16:13:32
AVB wants Gary Cahill and Jack Rodwell in January, both seen as long term replacements for JT and Lampard respectively.

Abramovich has given his full-backing to revamp and rebuild. Exits in this or the summer windows will be Ferreria, Alex, Malouda, Kalou, Mikel and Drogba.

Cavani from Napoli is AVB's number one target this summer along with Mountinho from Porto and Mario Gotze from Dortmund.

Edin Hazard is another target, but one they feel they will lose out to Man City.
Also long term target Neymar, but again Barca looks the likely destination.(27)(11)Dream on suckers , hazard no , cavani no gotze no , neymar no chance , keep dreaming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DavoI want what you're smoking pal!Mad if they let drogba go, he is still one of the best strikers around despite his age...Neymar is going to Madrid, Barce can't afford him with the massive debts they have.


20 Dec 2011 16:10:39
Swindon will try to sign Paul Benson 150k, James Constable 300k + Connell, Luke Rooney 200k, Wes Fotheringham 150k, Liam Rideghald rest of season loan, Ronan Murray rest of season loan. The people leaving will be Timlin, Clarke, Magera, Jervis, Cibocci and Esajas(11)(10)


20 Dec 2011 15:07:38
David moyes has said he has heard nothing form any clubs expressing interest in jack rodwell, and that the everton have already agreed a fee with Rory Donnelly and and is in talks, although so are 3 others.(14)(6)Any idea who the three are is Butterfield oneBut he will say things like that won't heWhy would Rory go to a tin pot club like Everton?


20 Dec 2011 14:48:08
Aristote Nsiala, Everton to Crewe on 6 month loan deal.(7)(5)


20 Dec 2011 14:42:24
Not quite sure what that bloke was going on about when mentioning the ability in the Championship. What he really should be concerned about is that Celtic - a top team in Scotland, are having players leave to play second string level football in England. Surely thats the real story here.(4)(9)No its not,if you think lower teams in england are better than celtic your dreaming,without sky money you have nothing,and big name players would be in spain and italy as they used to be.Because the "top" scottish league is the equivalent of the championship..Celtic and rangers are championship teams top half .. the rest are fit for league 1 and 2 in England .. and dont give me your Europe talk you only get in because someone has to do from every league ! scottish football = terrible.What celtic players are leaving to play second string league football apart from the duds that couldn't get a game or in the first team squad?Like who most of them were kids or surplusEnglish football over rated over hyped over payed over here fc basel top qualitySt Johnstone,St Mirren,St Johnstone,Motherwell.Are all playing great football just now.Gates are up at Motherwell and St Mirren.I would back any off those teams,to give any English league 1 or 2 team a good tanking.With there slick passing football.Our leagues not just about Rangers and Celtic.Motherwell proved that bye being in 2nd place,for most of the season.Till Celtic caught them a few weeks ago.And I say this as a Rangers fan.Ally50 million people live in england, 5 million people live in scotland. You should even compare these two countries when it comes to football. Its like comparing Italy & San Marino!!So are half of the epl you plonker eg blackburn wolves bolton sunderland qpr newcastle sunderland aston villa fulham the hoops would take them and this aint the best celtic side this decadeI'm a Rangers fan but Jelavic, McGregor, Naismith, Davis, Bocanegra, Goian, Hooper, Ki, Kayal, Izaguirre, Stokes, Ledley - All EPL quality. The rest of the Old Firm squad players are probably Championship quality if not League 1. But the potential both clubs have in terms of History, Stature, Worldwide Fan Base, Stadiums etc would see them as top half EPL clubs easily, and challenging for honours within 5 years due to the extra revenue (a la Man City). They have the potential to be bigger clubs than every team in England bar Man Utd & Liverpool. FACTScottish football is very very poor! the bottam 3 in the EPL would beat Rangers and Celtic with ease.Is this guy actually crazy?
celtic gave udinese a good run and we probably shouldve won,
but it was a 1-1 draw and that was in italy!
the old firm would finish top half in the epl!I think Celtic and Rangers have an inflated opinion of themselves. Granted the gates they have are very good but then they would be when there is no one to compete. They're pretty much guaranteed silverware each year one way or another. Football wise though, if you put them in league one, they would find it hard to compete against big teams like sheffield wednesday and sheffield united. You mention Joe Ledley as being premier quality. He has never played in the premier league so how can you tell. He is a good championship player.Kris boyd couldn't score in the championship either.Not crazy at all , you are very poor and you think you are better than you actually are.Rangers and Celtic would both be relegated from the EPL if they was ever allowed in it .As its never going to happen (thank god) we wont have to sit through the rubbish football that they produce with second rate players!Celtic arerangers poor at moment and im a rangers man c--p football at moment but all down too finances dont have money to compete with top championship teams never mind most premier league remember when slagging off scottish football its easy when youve got finances sky control everythingAt last a Scotsman who speaks the truth, for the record i was commenting on the state of Scottish football and am aware thats its all down to money , isan't everything when it comes to football? Sadly you boys will never be offered a sky deal like the EPL as people in China/Japan etc etc do not want to watch you guys.Kris Boyd scored 12 goals in the championship.How is that not being able to score there?And it was his first season there.The guy had to adjust himself to two new areas.And to a new league.How anybody can say that he failed there.Clearly does not watch a lot of football.He is a natural goal scorer.Nobody has ever said,he was a great footballer.Plenty of championship clubs will be after him.As they have nothing to lose.As he is a free transfer.As he is out of contract.McCormack never got a chance at Rangers.And he is scoring plenty down there.Cant think of any Rangers player,that we let move there.Who was still in our plans.Adam was not starting many games,when we sold him to Blackpool.Fact is we sell more players to the EPL.WILSON,Hutton,Arteta,Cueliar,Lovenkrands,to name but a few.As some1 who watched boyd play week in week out at boro all i can say is he is 1st touch fat lazy cant play with his back to goal and cant play facing goal...very poor player as are most of the players that come from scotland with the exception of maybe fletcher, adam, other than that there is a lot of mediocre players playin in epl like ferguson, dorrans, hutton, now im scratchin my headDo you want to stop taking posts from idiots please?This guy thinks Barry Ferguson still plays in the EPL.And there is two Fletchers that are Scottish.One has scored 15 times in 17 starts for a ordinary Wolves side.Just think what he could do,in a real team.AllyThe gentlemen above obviously hasn't got the proper facts in front of him.he would that arteta didn't get sold to epl,he was sold back to one of the Spanish clubs who then sold him to everton.lovenkrands on the other hand went to schalka before going to name just a few.Scottish football fans are bitter and disillusioned, i cannot blame them though as i would be if you had to watch that rubbish week in week out.Currently scottish team would not compete in epl, maybe in a one off game but over a season would struggle, thats obvious because they havent had time or money to build a squad, would be like a team coming up from the championship, survive year 1 and look to build from there, with sky money and the backing they have they would do well eventually, plus with their history and epl money they would become a stable side in the league with time. BUT as things stand, would not compete with an english sideThat last post just about sums it up, they dont have the money to compete, Gers and Cetlic have the fan base and the travelling support to sell out at away ground anywhere they play, but they haven't had the 50million a year for the last 10 years that EPL clubs have had, if they had that revenue they still wouldn't be as good as they are not facing class opposition week in week out.... But I will say their grounds would shock a lot of EPL teams, the noise they generate is amazing, I have had the pleasure of attending an old firm derby as a neutral and the atmosphere was incredible.... But at the moment I think teams like Leeds, west Ham, Southampton in the Championship would probably beat them.Just stay in scotland we dont want you here in our leagues we have enough crap as it isComing from a united fan celtic will well i championship deffo.

but the prem yh i think they would survive.Swansea and Norwich never spent a lot of cash on new players and they are competing.And Rangers and Celtic have better players than they do.Also as far as the championship V SPL debate goes.Rangers buy the best SPL players.And are playing for 4 in a row.Celtic buy out the championship,and are already 4 points behind this year in the league.Lafferty was teqnicly a EPL player when we bought him.As Burnley had went up.Healy played championship and cant get games for us.Cant think of any more,that have played there.Have a think about it.Before you start running down Scottish football.Ally


20 Dec 2011 14:41:31
There is no way G.Holt is leaving Norwich like some nutter above mentioned!! He has just bought a new house in Norfolk and is our captain get a bloody brain :'D(14)(14)If Holt got a brain he'd be lethal...oops, she's fallen over againHe will leave if a propper club comes in for himAnd scored another goal!


20 Dec 2011 14:39:16
Wouldn't want Bullard!! He is a moany hasbeen!! He said he wanted to join Norwich then went to Ipswich 'cos we didn't want him :'D(12)(4)Thanks for that Budgie. Even when your finally better than us you still have to lash out at Ipswich. You may be prem but you still have no class whatsoeverHas been? He's a ledgend! Funniest guy in the world.Not a legend....more like a loser, and a lazy one at that. Has the talent to play good Prem football but would prefer to be in the lower leagues ripping off clubs. I hope Hull City win the court case ..that'll shut him upIpswich are looking to get rid as well,causing unrest by being a tt by throwing his cant say 'hard earned' cash about!Ipswich are looking to get rid as well,causing unrest by being a tt by throwing his cant say 'hard earned' cash about!


20 Dec 2011 14:36:14
Norwich in's
Frimpong (loan)
Naughton (2M)
Nathan Delfouneso (loan)(11)(24)Havent Nowich already got two premier league players on loan?Delfouneso won't leave Villa on loan .. Villa need cash to replace & rebuild and have a small squad anyways.We wont sell Naughton


20 Dec 2011 14:33:40
defoe to stoke.hes not 6ft3(20)(18)


20 Dec 2011 14:31:17
does any body no if rochdale are going to bring in a nother manger or stick with chris breech ?(7)(3)


20 Dec 2011 14:26:22
Zeki Fryers, Man Utd and Denis Suarez, Man City to Blackpool on loan.(7)(7)


20 Dec 2011 14:01:57
Bristol City Rumours - Maynard to go to Rovers for a fee estimated to be about £6 million(5)(20)What rovers?


20 Dec 2011 13:35:44
Steve Kean will be handed his p45 after tonight's crunch relegation six-pointer between Blackburn and Bolton - whether he wins, draws, or loses.

Venky's have finally woken up to the fact that Kean will take Rovers down without so much as a scrap of a fight, and have made the decision to replace him now before it's too late.

Steve Bruce and Mark Hughes have already been considered for the role of replacing the outgoing Kean, with the possibility of a 'show us what you can do' contract being offered - that is, an initial short-term contract lasting to the end of the season, with a bonus and automatic extension offered should Rovers survive the drop under their new manager.

This comes from highly reliable sources from the media industry. Trust me, Ewood Park will be even busier than normal this evening as many journalists have been put on high alert.(19)(11)And big Sam is laughing his head off at them, and who could blame himVenkys have finally woken up,haha venkys are the problem just gave kean a new contract ?what two wks ago?
on an international break they fly team to india to play some friendlies 7+ hrs flying time,rumours of problems with the bank and whispers of the company being a tax write off in asia could be b/s . cannot reveal source s/k saying ssn they are making cutbacks salgado interview, who they would like to sell at 36 and they got on a free transfer///not looking good .i feel for the fans kean is like the captain of a ship that the owners have allowed to take them onto to the rocks they have watched what has happenedAll we need now is for West Spam and Blackburn to play each other in the cup and for Blackburn to lose (inevitably)...I actually feel sorry for the Blackburn fans

Well, not that sorry


20 Dec 2011 13:17:06
Simon cox to join up with Michael appleton at portsmouth after leaving west brom. He is keen to join up again with his old first team coach appleton(12)(21)When did Coxy leave West Brom?Why would he drop to pompey? When he could go to another prem team, or a decent championship team. Pompey cant afford him, and i doubt theyll be paying for anyone til this financial story is over. Free transfers with parent clubs paying wages mateyHe will come to Pompey! You watch....I will watch indeed, I will watch him go to a decent club that can afford to pay his wages....Very likely IF Pompey secure new owners within the next month or so. This is a tough target although there are quite a few parties who have opened discussion. If ownership transfer is close to conclusion during Jan, expect Appleton to attempt to loan Cox with agreement to a permanent deal in the close season. Why would Cox come to Pompey? Simple, he is very friendly with Appleton and he also knows he has no future at WBA who now have better options.


20 Dec 2011 13:10:22
Defoe to Stoke(14)(23)He plays football mate, not Rugby.You should be a comedian, if you don't like stoke then don't watch them, your probs a arsenal fan after-all


20 Dec 2011 13:00:41
Barnsley boss Keith Hill has targeted four new faces for the transfer window as he looks to bring in two defender and two strikers.
The two defender wanted by Hill is Ben Tozer of Northampton and Danny Collins from Stoke. Tozer only signed for the League 2 club in the summer from Premier League side Newcastle but has put a number of performances in this season good enough to reach Championship standard.
Collins is on loan at Ipswich and is wanted by Town but is keen to talk to Barnsley after Hill declared he wanted the Welsh international on loan until the summer, then to sign Collins on a free transfer.
The two strikers in question are Jon Daly and Andrew Cohen.
Daly is currently captain of Scottish side Dundee United and has lit up Scotland with a number of superb performances last season, with United getting into Europe.
Andrew Cohen is also a striker and plays for Maltese side Hibernians. Cohen has been training with the Oakwell club recently and has impressed Hill with a number of good striking performances, which included scoring two goals against Sheffield Wednesday in a behind closed doors friendly last weekend for the reserves.(10)(8)What is he going to do about midfield loss when Butterfield goes to Man Utd or Aston Vanilla??


20 Dec 2011 12:39:52
Maicon Pereira de Oliveira, Volyn Lutsk to Liverpool in january.(1)(17)Only for some xmas shoppingIs that Taxi for Maicon?


20 Dec 2011 12:34:26
Seydou Doumbia from CSKA Moscow and Artem Dzyuba from FC Spartak Moscow to Sunderland.(6)(19)God i hope so


20 Dec 2011 12:13:00
Nedum onoucha from man city to go on loan to west brom till the end of the season.
Simon cox from west brom to leave in january along with roman bednar.(11)(13)Simon Cox has already had talks with ITFC apparently. Paul Jewell is a long-time admirer. Watch this spaceThink you will see Coxy playing for Southampton !


20 Dec 2011 11:55:47
Lee Williamson and Chris Porter, Sheffield U to Birmingham in january.(8)(6)I'd drive Porter there myself!! There is no way this rumour is true.


20 Dec 2011 11:39:31
Any Northampton or Tottenham news?(1)(19)Tottenham are after everyone in the world, as per usual. Who cares. COYI.No they are not, they don't want Bas Savage!


20 Dec 2011 11:31:07
Marco Mathys,Biel and Berat Sadik,Helsinki to sign for Nottingham Forrest.(10)(5)Is this a soccer manager rumour or one you have seen and do you have a link if it's the latter?


20 Dec 2011 10:52:42
USA international winger Robbie Rodgers signed for Leeds(18)(16)More like roy rodgers


20 Dec 2011 10:36:43
Tiote is going to sign for Manchester United in the summer if Newcastle go for their 25 mil bid + Carrick. Manchester City, Chelsea and several Euro teams also looking at the mifielder who is attracting a lot of interest.(15)(29)No chanceBull shi carrick won't b coming to much wages and to old25+ Million for a workhorse. School hols already is it?This is proof that players that play in the premier league are over rated!Sorry to burst the bubble but he has a 10M clause in his contact that allows him to go to any club offering that ammount.If they had seen him last night there no chance


20 Dec 2011 10:23:37
Hi ed,any South African players that might make moves in/into the english leagues? {Ed002's Note - Not that I can think of right now.}(1)(4)Tshabalala to Norwich ??


20 Dec 2011 10:20:40
Cliftonville striker Rory Donnelly is expected to have talks with Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish on Tuesday about a possible move to the Anfield giants.

copy from bbc sport(16)(9)I hear Everton are out of the race its just Swansea and the reds however he may go to Swansea for more chance of first team football.


20 Dec 2011 10:20:24
Ed,do you know any team that is interested in Kagisho Dikgacoi of Crystal Palace? {Ed002's Note - Nope.}(5)(6)


20 Dec 2011 10:12:49
Chelsea to sign evertons jack rodwell in early january.negotiations have already started.(13)(7)EVERTON should not take 20m for Jack Rodwell from Chelsea. If Chelsea offer 20m + Player then Everton should think about it.


20 Dec 2011 10:04:37
Southampton ready to put in a 1.5million bid for Juthevick(22)(14)How can a Southampton boy have a name you can't spell? :-)Who does Juthevick play for then?? Ha ha obviously not related to a coventry city striker....


20 Dec 2011 10:03:42
Swansea have made enquiries about James Wilson at Bristol City to bolster there deffensive options and the chairman likes to bring in young welsh talent to the club this comes from a member of the coaching staff at the Liberty stadium(8)(14)


20 Dec 2011 09:35:17
Thierry Henry could be joining Arsenal on loan. The former French international and Barcelona forward could be eager to use his winter break in the MLS with a return to North London(26)(18)


20 Dec 2011 09:26:26
chelsea are keen to sign jack rodwell of everton(7)(14)


20 Dec 2011 09:21:58
Swindon deals that look like they are going to happen....

Matt Ritchie to Burnley 700k + Add ons and sell on clause
Caddis sheffield utd - 450k
Magera released, Chibbocci released, returning to Italy
Lanzano released returning to italy
Esejas loan to chesterfield
Commazi released return to Italy
Clarke Millwall - 100k
Timlin - southend 50k
Bodin - Torquay season loan
Kerouche to MK dons 100k
Connell to Burton in a swap for kee with town paying 300k
Benson 70k
Luke Rooney 200k
Wes Fodderingham - 150k
Murray - season loan
Jervis returning to Birmingham
Ridalgh - season loan
Constable - 200k
Sean Morrison - loan(10)(15)I can see bids coming in for Ritchie but cant see Caddis going if both these players go all our creativity will go from the side as these two players terrify opposing teams. I can see a few players being shipped out that havent worked out and PDC bringing some players in with quality.Yep me too, dont know how many of those are true but Kee and Rooney have been on PDC radar as he has publically praised what good players they are, I cant see Caddis being allowed to go and I think Ritchie will cost more than that.... Clarke to Millwall is interesting, the timlin deal is agreed and I have been told Wes will sign first week in JanSo Swindon are going to do more transfers than the other 91 league clubs put together in January are they!!
Ha ha if more than 2 of these happen I will be amazed! Why would PDC risk ripping apart a squad that is doing so well for him? Let alone afford the agents fees! Get back to playing FM12!Uhhhh you dont listen to Dicanio then, he wants five players in !


20 Dec 2011 09:17:21
Kris Boyd has been in contact with a return to Nottingham Forest, steve cotterill is rumored to be very intrested in the striker and would love to have him back at the city ground
JOSH(15)(9)Why not give him service he will score,others will be in for himRumour has it that when he was at boro he was on 28k pw. If that's the money he wants now, we will be about 23k pw away from that!Agree with the poster above. Forest couldn't afford his left boot!!


20 Dec 2011 09:16:31
fee agreed with benfica now, personal terms are being sorted out. gaitan is more than happy to join united. he was target for summer but injury problems and city's dominence in EPL til now has forced SAF to move now and kept his chances alive for the title. Shaqiry is next and we are done for winter


20 Dec 2011 09:02:54
huddersfield tranfers
jamie vardy
alex bruce
ian hume
rohdes- celtic

Mostly believable tbh, Celtic couldn't afford Rhodes tho and Smithies hasn't played for ages so doubt anyone would risk buying him after such a long injury layoff, at least until he's played a few weeks, I also hear Jon Stead is coming back, but that's been a constant rumour for at least a year :O)(3)(11)Hume is not join huddersfield he as said he is stayin at pneStead leaving Ashton Gate? Possible, Del boy has said he wants a new target manCeltic cant afford Rhodes????? he has a clause in his contract that allows non-english clubs to buy him for 2.5 millionClause in his contract - What a loads of rubbishWhy on earth would Rhodes want to drop down to Celtic's level he will dissapear into the wilderness if he went there to play for a pub team, No I do not support Huddersfield either, (Norwich)Sorry, what?
celtic cant afford rhodes?
thats a lie to be honest!Lol, Rangers fan here but I find it very funny how you think Huddersfield are better than celtic ... laughable


20 Dec 2011 07:45:33
Liverpool and man utd look set to land shaqiri 10m. Hope he comes to Liverpool.(20)(8)Not for that priceShaqiri is better than the whole of man u and a very good partner with suarez


20 Dec 2011 05:02:10
Rangers are prepared to sell Nikica Jelavic for the sum of £8.5 million to interested parties in order that Ally McCoist can have funds to shore up bids for three players; David Goodwillie for £2 million,Fraser Fyvie also for £2 million and a £2.5 million bid for Bradley Wright-Phillips.

McCoist feels that by selling Jelavic and buying these young players he will be adding quality and depth to the squad.(9)(20)Jelavic 8.5 m dont think so and any incoming money will be used to pay the wages for the coming monthsOn what planet would anybody pay 2.5million for BWP, maybe 500k but 2.5million, you are craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazyIf they sell jellyfish most of the cash will be spent on paying off some of there debt, badboaby knocked them back in the summer as he thinks he'll make it big in england (championship at very best if he's lucky) only signings if any will probably be loans until end of seasonI see the Septic accountants are at it again.Bwp,your aving a laugh8.5 million what a load of bullstRangers feel that accepting .5 million would push the deal through quickly enabling McCoist to concentrate on his targets. Charlton have informed McCoist and other interested parties that Bradley Wright-Phillips is a young player with good potential,is scoring goals and will play at a far higher level than League one. McCoist is willing to meet the valuation.Hes not worth 8.5 million 2 million maxOk, Jelavic is worth 2m ... utter rubbish. If so, anthony stokes is worth 2p and Gary Hopper is worth 4.57


20 Dec 2011 03:45:54
Kris Boyd is the latest name linked with a move to Celtic now that he is out of contract
from Eskisehirspor. Celtic manager Neil Lennon is seriously considering a short term move for Boyd as stories grow that Gary Hooper is being linked to a move to the Premiership with Newcastle being the strongest link.

Lennon is also linked with Connor Sammon of Wigan but sees Boyd as a viable target with no transfer fee involved and is keen on the fact that the ex-Rangers man is a proven goalscorer in the SPL.

The fact that Boyd is an ex-Ranger has came into the equation but Lennon feels that a short term signing would be worth any criticism if the player is a success.(5)(20)Boyd to celtic,no danger end of.The Boyd for Celtic story is gathering pace as Boyd is meeting Lennon for preliminary talks before the end of the week. Celtic are willing to offer Boyd a short term deal until the end of the season as they realise that Hooper is going to be the interest of Premiership clubs in January and Celtic fear that a 6 million deal or thereabouts will be hard to resist.


20 Dec 2011 02:52:01
lassana diarra to man utd done deal 6 million(18)(23)He is the midfield enforcer that united need BUT it won't be at 6 million!!He plays week in week out for Real Madrid... Why would he leave to go to United? No sense in this at all. {Ed002's Note - Lassano Diarra is playing fairly regular at Real Madrid but still may be moving in January or the summer. Anzhi have made a very significant offer but I understand Roma are very interested in the player and the player is open to a move to Rome.}And why not 6m?Hes in 1st eleven every week, yes hes the enforcer united need but spurs had a 15million bid turned down in summer, as it was said they wanted 20mil, and then he wasnt playing!Lass has started 10 out of 16 La liga games for Real this season, they top the league. Why would they be selling Lass in Jan never mind for 6 mill. They paid 20 mill euros for him they are hardly likely to accept 6 mill quid for a player they don't want to sellCouldn't buy a one legged dog from real for 6m


20 Dec 2011 02:48:24
Falkirk are ready for bids on there super kid Craig Sibbald.The Scotland under 17 forward.Has been scouted bye a host of English clubs,including Arsenal,Spurs,Man City,Bolton,Liverpool,Aston Villa,Wigan.Championship club Leicester want him to,and first division Huddersfield.(11)(6)


20 Dec 2011 02:10:46
Northampton Town Player Micheal Jacobs on his way to coventry in january with David Bell moving to sixfields in a swap deal. Bell would want this because his family our from Wellingborough(8)(4)Bell (not generally popular amongst Coventry fans) signed a new 4 year contract a few months back. I suspect this psses on your bonfire.


20 Dec 2011 00:43:30
Hartlepool united are set to interview Brian Laws, Mark McGhee, Neale Cooper, Graeme Jones and caretaker manager Micky Barron.(7)(3)


20 Dec 2011 00:42:51
Newcastle now working on a deal to bring Olivier Giroud to the club now that the Maiga deal is dead, the fee will be around 10 mil.(17)(12)An half fit maiga would be better than a fit shola when he plays we have ten men


20 Dec 2011 00:33:45
Keith Andrews to Leeds in January and also Andy Keogh to make his move permanent.(13)(18)Keith Andrews wont go to Leeds fact! he is either going lower prem team or Ipswich where he is on loan and who have revitalised his carear.Andrews got a better chance of promotion at Leeds than Ipswich and all that counts now with footballers is the club which offers throat money im a Leeds fan but I see him going to swanseaThere is no chance Andrews will end of at Leeds, Bates would never offer the type of money he is able to command from a premier league club


20 Dec 2011 00:23:46
Fulham to bid 10million plus Zamora for Ba(9)(37)Why would newcastle sell their top goalscorer for 10m + Zamora (who can't score!) .. makes no logical sense!Dream on daft ladH what a joke!


20 Dec 2011 00:12:12
millwall are in for
taundry of walsall in jan(7)(3)


20 Dec 2011 00:06:29
millwall are in for
deeney of watford in jan(9)(7)Will cost you 2m - have you got that much?I can't see Troy leaving Watford - I certainly can't see him leaving for Millwall.


20 Dec 2011 00:00:47
manchester city are in for
cahill of bolton(12)(28)


19 Dec 2011 23:51:16
millwall are in for porter
of orient in jan(5)(5)


19 Dec 2011 23:37:29
Russian midfeilder bilyaletdinov is going to wolfsburg in jan with kenwyne jones going into everton for around 4-7 million {Ed025's Note - sounds good..(23)(12)BILLY CAN GO FOR WHATEVER WE CAN RECOUP, BUT THANK BUT NO THANKS TO STOKES UNWANTED BEACH DONKEY.You cant reject kenwyne youve got no strikers and have had 1 shot on target in the last four games better than what youve gotYou aint got the money your going downYou will have to stop getting Ed025 over excited.Jones for 4-7m?!? don't think so mate, firstly we wouldn't sell him that cheap, secondly where would Everton get that sort of money from, they are in for Donnelly for around 100,000. Stoke wouldn't let Jones go for any less than they paid for him.Beach Donkey? Have a word.. He's scored more goals than any of your forwards, in fact Velios is the only recognised striker that has scored for you all season, Everton, not as big as you like to think.Yeah but still way bigger than you !Everton haven't got that sort of money


19 Dec 2011 22:33:39
Swap deal in january - Nathan Delfouneso for Lee Cattermole.(16)(23)Do your research - the only place that swaps ever happen is on a site like this - name the last time one actually happened in reality!


19 Dec 2011 22:21:17
Ian Walker HAS applied for the vacant Hartlepool manager's job. As has Brian Laws, Mark McGhee and Steve Cuggy.(6)(6)


19 Dec 2011 22:19:02
hereford united looking at former swansea city player dan sheehan(11)(3)Should never been released by swanseaVery good full back from what I have seen, defensively very sound and can also be a good attacking threatLast i heard he was at salisbury where is he playing now (pure white)Great attitude will go a long way if given the chanceHope they give him the chance he deservesRemember him captaining the swans reserves very strong playerThought he played centre halfJust searched for him and hes with Afan LidoGreat player, would have played in the 1st team if martinez would have stayed for Definate. He is playing far to low for his ability.Great attitude when he was with salisburyNo chanceThe type of player that I would want in my team, true professional, great attitude and he's a fantastic player. quick and strong can play on either side gained some experience now and is definately looking like a football league player.


19 Dec 2011 22:16:22
Sunderland want to buy Jires Ekoko from Rennes in january.(9)(13)


19 Dec 2011 22:05:48
Johnnie Jackson,Charlton and Olivier Occean, Greuther F?rth to sign for Nottingham Forest.(6)(10)I'm not saying your wrong buddy but where did u get this information from?Not heard of either of them but the wikpedia stats look good!Who ?In your dreams mate!


19 Dec 2011 21:58:24
Blackpool to buy Neil Mellor, PNE and Shaun Miller,Crewe in january.(4)(14)Blackpool to buy Neil Mellor.....for what, we have enough ball boys and the pie shops fully staffed?


19 Dec 2011 21:29:18
BRISTOL CITY RUMOURS - big clear out at City as Maynard to go to Fulham for £4 million, Clarkson to Hull City for £250k and Adomah to Bolton Wanderers for £3.5 million.(11)(23)A bit more for all of them please !Bolton aint got a bean


19 Dec 2011 21:24:51
newcastle to get taiwo from ac milan and chris samba and jermaine defoe if maiga deal is finished(7)(38)This must be mike ashley talkingHaha never heard so much rubbish ever, newcastle have no chance, samba will go to arsenal, taiwo would go to one of the big 6 and defoe probably go to Liverpool or Arsenal, geordies and their fantasies


19 Dec 2011 21:10:47
ipswich to sign billy sharp 3m plus grant leadbetter fact(7)(47)I'm a town fan and I can't believe this we should have upped our offer int he summer he wont join now!And where you going to get that sort of money from? the big Lucky bagNot a chance in hell fact


19 Dec 2011 21:09:14
Bristol city transfer targets

Fransico sandaza -st Johnstone
Matt Ritchie-Swindon
Darren Gibson-man united-loan
Jonathan parr-crystal palace

Nicky Maynard-fulham
Albert Adomah-Aston villa
James Wilson-Swansea
Nicky hunt-west ham
Brett pitman-Bournemouth-loan(12)(23)Might have given credit to that rumour until Nicky Hunt was linked with west hamI heard that City tried to jemp in for Ritchie on deadline day when they heard Bournemouth had bid 400k, expect a bid from them to test Swindon, early in Jan...We are NOT selling pitmanGibson would be nice but who would he replace????

Elliott or kilkennyNicky Hunt!! LOL no chance, they'd more likely recall Spence if they needed a RB with an attitude problem

As for Pitman going back - that's hardly likely seeing as he's lined up as Maynard's replacement??

Rest are all possible, howeverCity would have to bid 2 million for Ritchie which i doubt they would do so he stays if not.


19 Dec 2011 20:43:01
Hi Ed, I've been hearing lots of rumors about Higuain and Torres to LFC. What sources do you have about the probability of those two deals (only one of them happening of course.) What other deals are looking particularly likely? T {Ed025's Note - torres is a non-starter...and higuain doubtful..(6)(22)What strikers do you see King Kenny going for then? or will he just stick with Carroll? {Ed025's Note - i think he will go for someone like de jong of AZ... carroll may go to aldershot on loan..McInnes was on radio Scotland,saying that he has a eye on lots of SPL based players.He needs to shift a lot out,to get his main targets.He might swoop for some Hearts players.If he gets the funds.Templeton and Driver are quality.And Driver could be on loan,if nobody buys him.He has had a bust up with the boss.Davidson will be a stick on in midfield,who is at his old club.If he can get him,and no EPL team comes in.The same for Jamie Murphy at Motherwell.Who can play striker or winger.These are all decent young players.With sell on potential to earn them a lot off money.Sheridan finished his loan at St Johnstone in Jan to.And goes back to Bulgaria.So he could also become a target.Dream landWhen will people listen, torres going NOWHERE at all, he is trying to settle in chelsea and to be honest, the best players in the world have big dips in career, look at owen at Real Madrid, shocking for 2 years..... When anelka has left, kalou malouda and drogba leave, torres may be finnaly played in prefered role of lone striker with supporting midfielder.....MATA! I CANT SEE HIM LEAVING IN THE NEXT 2 YEARS....VILLAS BOAS IS HUGE FAN AND BELIVES IN HIM


19 Dec 2011 20:33:44
AC Milan arrange talks over Tevez

BBC Sport(20)(5)


19 Dec 2011 19:35:49
Sunderland enquiry about Billy Sharp. Too good to turn up at 3mil, a snip... except, it isnt. Think about it. As good a player as he is, he only seems to shine for lesser, more reliant clubs, and when the big paycheck comes, as it did when he returned to Sheffield United, who's to say he will shine. Of course, no disrespect to him, considering what he's been through, he's probably Championship Player of the Season in my opinion.
pLUS 1MILLION {Ed025's Note - really??...have a day offSunderland are a lesser club in the prem, and I thinks it's unfair to say that anyway he's played for 4 clubs and scored goals consistently at three of them he just didn't fit into Sheffield uniteds type of play , look at dj Campbell at leicster I'm a donny fan n I think he's easy worth 4.5 million miles better than Morison or CampbellDisappointed to hear about Sunderland enquiry tbh. I'd love to see him play alongside Lambert at Saints.If billy does well for lesser clubs then I suggest that Sunderland would be a perfect match!! Hardly a superpower!! Also, when he played for sheff u he had big injury issues and the weight of playing for the club he loves on His shoulders.hes prob best striker in championship look at rooney people think hes a class player if he dint av all them players gifting him chances all the time he wudnt hardly score any goals! i bet sharpie wud put most of them away...


19 Dec 2011 19:18:54
Swindon are rumoured to be selling, Richie, £300k - Celtic, Caddis, £300k - Reading, Ferry, £100k - Cardiff, Flint, £250k - Brighton to free up funds for a £700k combined bid for Constable and Leven in Jan. Oxford plan to build The Joey Beachamp stand (the forth stand) with the funds.(5)(18)Sick of idiots posting crap, swindon turned down a bid of 400k on deadline day labelling it as a joke, for Ritchie, Caddiss captain, not selling him, flint not going anywhere, Ferry 100k oh please and 700k for constable try 150k and thats still 100k too much. Swindon want kee and rooney, constable is a fall back option...Agree with the first guy :)Total rubbish about the fees you have quoted no way will any of these players go for the fees you have stated and no way will these players all leave they are part of the drive to get back to L1700 k for Constable are you having a laugh he is worth about 100k top whack and the prices quoted for Caddis etc are laughable they are more valuable than that. So Mr Oxford fan who put this rubbish on here go back and keep dreaming.


19 Dec 2011 18:53:50
Im sick of people saying norwich dont have any money for january , we have about 8 mil to spend on players not a lot is it , Possible Transfers
Naughton 2M
Maynard 3M
And a few more
Aaron Wilbrahamovic Loan
Chris Martin Transfer
Korey Smith Loan(10)(21)


19 Dec 2011 17:45:56
James Constable will be leaving Oxford United who have had a number of interested clubs asking about his availability and expect local rivals Swindon to be one of these clubs as well as a couple of L1 teams. Constable doesntt seem to be enjoying his time under Wilder this season and he is expected to move on.(9)(6)


19 Dec 2011 17:02:17
Norwich City have tabled bids for Kane Ferdinand and Sol Bamba(10)(23)Keep dreaming canary fan bamba is happy at leicesterYouve got no money


19 Dec 2011 16:45:52
Former Palermo manager Devis Mangia is set to be appointed as manager of Swiss side FC Lugano on a one and a half year deal.(6)(2)


19 Dec 2011 16:39:45
After his wonder goal against rovers, 10 year old jack phillips set to sign for tottenham hotspur(13)(14)Quality the new becksFrom the 1/2 way line!


19 Dec 2011 16:33:29
Coventry City boss Andy Thorn is keen on shuffling his backroom staff as his side hold up the Championship table. Thorn believes his squad are good enough but with better coaching with players needed, Thorn wanting them on the cheap, it is expected up to five changes could happen. His first change is thought to be the appointment of former Hull City and Oldham striker Frankie Bunn to be chief scout.(7)(6)


19 Dec 2011 16:26:51
Leeds want to sign Nicky Hunt!

YAY!!(7)(21)If that is rhyming slang, then surely they've already got one in the owner!!I want us to sign Messi don't mean it will happenHow is that rhyming slang nothing in that post rhymsI'll get my car keys and drive him there myself


19 Dec 2011 16:25:17
Sacked Rochdale manager Steve Eyre, is set to be appointed chief scout at League 1 side Oldham. Expectations were high at Spotland after Keith Hill left the role in the summer and with Eyre's team languishing in 22nd place, it was going to be difficult for the former Manchester City youth coach to keep his job. Eyre has been in talks with close friend, Oldham boss Paul Dickov. Dickov is keen to give Eyre some work and appoint him chief scout, also helping out scouting for throughout the youth system.(8)(3)


19 Dec 2011 16:23:09
west ham to swap Carlton Cole for Bristol City's Nicky Hunt when he recoveres from his ankle injurt(5)(42)


19 Dec 2011 16:17:55
Jemal Johnson is set to have his contract terminated at Southend. The former Wolves striker is keen on moving away from England and signing for Turkish outfit Karyiyaka after holding successful talks over the weekend.(16)(0)


19 Dec 2011 16:17:28
bristol city to sign dave kitson in swap deal for brett pitman(7)(29)


19 Dec 2011 16:08:44
Kris Boyd is set to stay in Turkey to join Sivasspor. The Scotland forward is keen on staying in the country after recently buying a new house. Boyd is wanted by club in Britain after recently being made a free agent.(12)(12)Aston Villa want him (McLeish)


19 Dec 2011 16:03:25
R Williams Boro; chambers forest, scannell palace, all to join norwich c . C Naughton to sign a 3year deal that will mean Lambert will beable to sign a left winger on loan to replace a pilkington who is off to Liverpool for 3.5m. K smith s lappin av for loan. C Martin will be told to fight for his place(6)(12)Pilkimgtons staying,he loves the club despite signing in the pre season and Lambert gives him the opportunity of playing regular pre football,the only concern for City is a hard centre half.


19 Dec 2011 15:43:56
Rumours here in Norway are suggesting that Hartlepool have made an approach to SK Brann for their manager Rune Skarsfjord. He is very highly thought of over here and has transformed SK Brann over the past year.(6)(4)


19 Dec 2011 15:13:56
Brian stock will go to burnley in jan just herd from a source at Donny also Adam Lockwood will leave as well as mark Wilson who will be assisting with coaching as well as playing at Northampton town also hearing that there is interest in Paul Keegan from mk dons and dean shiels will stay at Kilmarnock my source also says Donny will do business with man utd in the window as John Ryan and sir Alex are friends few loans I imagine(19)(3)


19 Dec 2011 14:28:49
Kris Boyd terminates his contract
in Turkkey to re-join Alex McLeish at
Aston Villa in the January window.

Villa will be looking to re-build frontline
when Darren Bent is sold to Liverpool.(22)(23)He cant score in the championship what chance has he got in the plBent isn't leaving!Boyd is going back to glasgow rangers his agent has already held talks with ally mcoist and gordon smithBoyd got 12 goals in his only season in the championship.I knew somebody would come up with that falsehood.Boyd is not the greatest footballer in the world.He is a natural goal scorer though.And you cant teach that,its instinctive.He is good enough to score goals in the EPL.If he is given the chance.Plenty of worse players than him are there.I have a feeling he will end up back at Rangers though.If we sell our Croatian for big bucks.Cant see him getting a chance in the EPL.As the EPL is all about work ate.And Boyd does not show enough off that,to be a top striker.If he did he would be a real talent.And would still be in the Scotland plans.Bent will not go to liverpoolBent will leave but Boyd wouldn't replace him


19 Dec 2011 14:26:10
brentford are looking at andy bishop of bury.and player from bognorregis town(0)(13)Bish just signed a new two year deal at Gigg Lane and is entirely settled. On top of this, his previous history of failing medicals means that any as part of a move would be touch-and-go. Bish is fit to play at the moment but medicals go much deeper than that. Bury accept that Bish could pick up an injury, be it fresh or linked to a previous one.

Bury have no great need to sell and are the best of the three promoted sides by a large margin.

He doesn't want to go and we don't need to sell.


19 Dec 2011 14:20:36
Championship clubs.burnley , Cardiff and Barnsley want to take David Goodwille on loan from Blackburn rovers,(14)(15)Burnley have too many strikers already so i doubt thet oneSince when did the rules change allowing a player to play for 3 different teams in 1 season?
Decent player up here but found wanting against the big boys. Shld have gone to old firm when had the chance. That said wldnt have had him anywhere near my team, we've morals unlike that mob at Ipox!The rules on how manty teams you can play for in one season are different for loan deals


19 Dec 2011 14:17:21
Man United have submitted a written transfer bid to Everton for Leighton Baines. A contract has already been drawn up should Everton grant permission to speak to the player.(18)(31)Not a chance in hell, unless the offer is a world for a defender. {Ed025's Note - and dont try to lumber us with your misfits in a swap deal....carrick, gibson, anderson, or the chuckle brothers!


19 Dec 2011 14:11:40
Adam Boyes from Barrow to Sheffield U in January(4)(9)


19 Dec 2011 13:57:34
Jacob Butterfield, Barnsley have signed for Sunderland.(6)(23)Cannot sign mate at least not until january
and then barnsley will sell to highest bidder
clubs interested everton /wolves/wba/a villa
stoke/southampton and of course
sunderland and maybe moreVilla will bid highest , they have the most money out of the "rest".Villa got to sell before they buyVilla are only a tiny club now the are not big anymore and sunderland aint got any money martin was told thatGather man utd want him for 2.5 million, reckon he's worth more than that


19 Dec 2011 13:55:56
Bolton to sign Peter Utaka from OB(11)(15)


19 Dec 2011 13:35:56
Norwich wouldint want lallana good player but over rated over priced. Luke chambers is a possible target but K ferdinand, a cresswell, are high on lamberts wanted list. N clyne far to expensive for norwich. with so much intrest in the young right back. Palace will sell to either newcastle or qpr.(6)(16)Over rated? Over priced? He is one of, if not the best midfielders in championshipCresswell would never leave Ipswich to our six fingered friendsYep course not, why would Cresswell want to swop a championship side on the slide with a premiership club on the up.....
makes no sense at all .....I'm a Pompey fan and still think he is a great player and could cut ig in the premiership ..To a point you may be right under Lambert you have done extremley well but if it continues we all know a better offer will come and he will be gone from the money side with Evans at the helm Ipswich prob can still pay more wages to playersthings can turn very fast in football as we all noLallana's not going anywhere whatever your opinionIpswich would not sell Cresswell to their biggest rivals!So you wouldn't want lallana or clyne but your happy with other three you are a joker my friend


19 Dec 2011 13:24:37
Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish is in talks with Paul Pogba after the French youngster rejected a new contract with Manchester United. Pogba is wanted by Arsenal, Inter Milan, Juventus and Manchester City but is keen to talk to Villa as they offer him a better chance of first team football. If Pogba does sign a new deal with United, Pogba could still seal a movwe away on loan to Villa Park until the end of the season.(11)(29)Good player for us reds..
Would do good for Villa though .. It is right though .. get him playing well & villa will get better!


19 Dec 2011 13:19:55
doncaster will sell adam lockwood to yeovil for 20k and mark wilson wo northampton for 25k in jan and are looking to extend the chimbonda and diouf deal till the end of the season also donny will bring in oliver norwood and mam diouf on loan from man utd in a bid to stay in the championship it also looks like billy sharp will stay till the end of the season then will be on his way to the premiership with bolton wolves and villa all looking to sign the goal machine(7)(10)Locky moved from yeovil because his partner prefered the area compared to somerset so i doubt this and yeovil dont pay for players!He needs games and will not get them at Donny Yeovil see him as a big signing and football is a short career and with few teams wanting him he can't be too selectiveWill Bolton, Wolves and even Villa still be in the Prem next season? {Ed025's Note - villa willI would say villa will be and probably wolves yes


19 Dec 2011 12:59:10
Jelavic from Rangers to QPR (Jan) £5M-£7M
McGregor from Rangers to New.C. (Jan) £5M
Diawara to Celtic (Jan) £2.5M(15)(31)Boyd back to gers,, jelavic to qpr/fulhamJelavic is to cost 10 millionHeard boyd already lined up to replace the departing jelavic. also heard villa want steven davis backRangers have made it clear that Boyd isn't in the clubs plans as a signing target.Rangers have made it known to interested clubs that the fee for Jelavic will be nothing less than 8.5 million which they will accept allowing McCoist to pursue his transfer targets.


19 Dec 2011 12:38:39
Of course millwall and ipswich aspire to beating watford. What is the point of going to football otherwise. Think it through watford fan or keep your nose out of our debate. We quite enjoy it.(3)(3)Shame neither of you manage to reach your aspirations!How long have Ipswich been aspiring? 11 WFC wins and 3 draws in 14 I make it? Millwall not much better... last 9, 7 WFC wins, 1 draw, 1 MFC win. Keep hoping, dreaming is good...


19 Dec 2011 12:38:18
millwall are looking at portor
from orient(3)(10)


19 Dec 2011 12:29:53
man cty are in for cahill
in jan from bolton(15)(27)


19 Dec 2011 12:20:47
Osbourne, Eger, Saunders & Woodman will not be leaving in January, that is a fact.

Brentford are interested in Jeffrey Schlupp and Rory Donnelly but will have to compete with Swansea, Peterborough, Sunderland and Everton to sign Donnelly from Cliftonville.(8)(6)Schlupp's going nowhere!!


19 Dec 2011 12:12:47
Gary Hooper is wanted by both Newcastle and Sunderland! Celtic want 8 million for the striker(21)(13)And the rest!!A striker unproven internationally 2-4 million at most. he'll struggle against close marking in the premiershipWhy any english team would bother with an SPL playeris beyond me, the best SPL striker in Boyd couldn't even make it in the Championship8mm in their dreamsKris Boyd the best striker dont make me laugh. And I think your forgetting the great many players that have came from the SPL in the past, the likes of Dalglish, Law, Bremner, Souness and many more. Even today there is a great number of SCOTTISH players in the top teams, with the likes of Bannan, Adam, D Fletcher, Hutton, Gordon, Dorrans, and one of the best strikers in the prem at the moment steven fletcher.As a Geordie, I hope he goes to Sunderland!This lad is a smashing player . Scoff if you will but a natural goalscorer , and unlike boyd great movement.Out scored Andy Girly Carol in the championship. And Hooper was playing for a poorer team. YOU Silly silly English people or should i say ignorant.To the post that mentioned Law and Bremner. They never played in Scotland for any club.Both went south at an early age,Sounees only played in Scotland when he became player/manager at Rangers. Strong word is that Hooper is Newcastle bound for 5.5 million as he feels Celtic and the SPL can't fulfil his England ambitions. Word is that Celtic will accept the 5.5 million and take Connor Sammon from Wigan for 2.5 million.Hardly ignorant, people have named 6 Scottish players who were successful in England in the past 25 years, hardly a great record, and Andy Carroll was scoring plenty for newcastle he just doesn't get a game at lfcI was comparing Carol and Hooper when they were in the championship. Hooper with Scunthorpe and Carol with Newcastle, and Hooper out scored him.The problem is the premierleague does not suit scottish players anymore, very few come through, was different 10 year ago when it was more physical


19 Dec 2011 11:59:21
Any everton rumours(4)(20)No there are no everton rumours, the everton rumour page was set up so we could all all trade stories and sing songs but to definitely not trade rumours!!

Rant over, sorry ed but it annoys the he'll outta me when people are so lazy as to not look at the individual rumour pages themselves!!

KurajanYe, they're too big a club to go down...surely!?Everton can't afford rumours this christmasWell not really, the everton rumour page is filled with everton fans, and liverpool fans trying to wind everton fans up. I just wanted to know if any other fans had heard anything seing as moyes said he is currently looking at four players.Neecd new owners quick or will go into admin by start of next season {Ed025's Note - thats not going to happen mate..we will finish top 8....and you can take that to the bank!You got no money your going down and you owe 60 million


19 Dec 2011 11:51:54
Burnley hope to agree a £100,000 deal to sign Cliftonville striker Rory Donnelly in January.
Premier League scouts have watched the 19-year-old but Burnley have moved quickly with an official approach(5)(11)No chance now the big boys are in for him!!!Kenny dogleash might have something to say bout thatSwansea talking to him today i saw him going into the liberty signed sealed


19 Dec 2011 11:51:37
Hull City to sign Ched Evans and Matthew Lowton in a double deal from Sheffield U.(12)(20)Ha ha dont think so, we will have chester and fryatt in exchangeChed evans and lowton are going to cost a lot more then 1 million. barmby has only been given 1 million in january so good luckWho said anything about 1 million, read the rumour first before posting rubbish.A 2m bid from Ipswich for Lowton was rejected at the start of the season, and his value will have only increased putting him out of Hull's price range.

And with Ched Evans court case looming I can't see him being the subject to any bids until it's cleared up.Who said hull have only been given 1 million think you will find its more around the 5 million mark, billy sharp at the KC watch this space


19 Dec 2011 11:50:25
Doncaster Striker Billy Sharp looks set to leave the Keepmoat in January. Southampton look the most likely to sign the £3 Million rated striker as they look for a new strike partner for top goalscorer Richie Lambert. Sharp had previously stated that he is happy at Doncaster but the prospect of promotion to the Premiership could be too good to refuse for the striker who has scored 9 goals in 15 league appearances this season.(25)(11)Southampton or premier league easy decision for billyHe get it every day on here! he know you saints fans want to sign him so stop banging on about it until he signs!! it was the same with maynard all summer and that worked out didnt it?


19 Dec 2011 11:42:32
Gotze and neymar to chelsea 35 MILLION for the german AND 45 MILLION for the brazilian also chelsea look at luring in gonzalo higuin from real madrid. Man u signing Javi garcia and Gituin. Arsenal in for podolski and menez finally spurs look to bag sow and hazard from lille city also look keen on snider and rvp(13)(38)Were you in a hurry typing this ?The drugs must be good in chelski this yearOh look, he's playing Football Manager 2011.So not real as hazard wants to play for a big club with chance of winning some silverware


19 Dec 2011 11:37:23
Bids havebeen made for Mat Ritchie in fact Bournemouth made bid, also Burnley/Southampton Swindon will see several new faces but why waste money on Oxfords Constable????? Also Flint may go, however both players will cost quite a bit In Jan Swindon will have several players leave or go on loan, but you will also see 5 incoming players as the Board have backed the manager.
As to financial problems and not paying wages mmmmm rumours as our gates are way up and well within Div 4 requirements on wages scale
So again Oxford Fans go back to never never land as Swindon are doing just fine take a look at the gate average.(5)(10)Yep Oxford fans setting rumours cant see Flint going as its his first full season in professional football but i would expect clubs to make bids for Ritchie which will count Bournemouth out as they wont be able to afford him and why would he go to a club smaller than us.

Di Canio i believe will offload some of his summer signings and replace them with some quality players.Oxford fans spreading rumours as they dont like us being above them in the table and as they always do start well and die off so nothing new for us to see this so they are making upo stories about STFC but some players will be shipped out as Di Canio wants to strenghten with some quality and knows who he wants. Expect Magera-Risser-Timlin (done deal) Clarke (never coming back after his little tantrum) Ciobocci-Comazzi-Lanzano to go and maybe a couple more in addition but replacements will follow.


19 Dec 2011 11:33:18
Well suprise suprise Jordon Rhodes is now the subject on everybodies lips. Latest suiters appear to be Aston Villa - with Nathan Delfonso being mentioned as a part of any deal!
Jamie Vardy is also likely to arrive in January and there is a possible Alan Lee / Matt Tubbs deal in the offing. At the back Lee Clark has been impressed with the attitude and commitment shown by Alex Bruce - a permenant move looks likely. Nat Clarke and Robbie Simpson are to stay at Oldham on free deals. Antony Kay and Danny Cadamatri may go out on loan to Tranmere and Port Vale. One final thought is that Joey Gudjohnson may be paid off and sign back in Iceland. Who knows on that one but we will see what January brings!(6)(8)Make the offers if you like but Lee Clark re-iterated on Saturday that the Chairman is happier to keep his money invested in Jordon Rhodes than in the bank, so the offers will be turned down.Delfonso is crap..if villa want Rhodes it will cost alot more money than they have gotI reckon he stay hudds r a very gud side


19 Dec 2011 11:31:07
Southampton have reported spoken with Man City representatives about the possible signing of Onuaha in a bid to secure their bid for the Premiership in the second half of the season. Also rumoured to be looking at Billy Sharp of Doncaster and Liam Lawrence of Porsmouth.(21)(18)Lawrence is rumored to be returning to Nottinghamshire where he was born.Thank godAll of the players mentioned are being chased by premier league clubs so will they come to the second best championship or will they go to play the big boys in the prem???????Hmmm, 3 of you big boys will be in the second best championship in 6 months timeLmao, nice little dig "second best", try best. And Southampton probably wouldnt even touch lawrence. Dont need him, and fans would hate him.


19 Dec 2011 11:29:31
Blackpool looking for a loan deal for Michaek Owen talks in advanced stages it just depends on the injury situation(10)(13)Why would owen go to blackpool any money your a blackpool fan and just want a bit of joy in your lifeUtter lods!He's going DoncasterOwen is 100% going to Doncaster .....and to York, Catterick and Chester races as well....Funny, but with 70m in the bank, Blackpool could afford a better striker than Owen.Don't have 70 m in the bank, it's parachute paymentso ver 5 years, they spent stloads on infrastructure when they went up, they're probably just about even {Ed003's Note - Blackpool's 'infracture' cost was 5m on the new east stand and new medical facilities,the other new stand was up and running before they got promotion and paid for by a hotel built by the club,I dont think they are just about even }


19 Dec 2011 11:19:14
Onouha and Bridge to Bolton as Cahill goes to Tottenham(18)(16)


19 Dec 2011 10:45:22
NOTTINGHAM FOREST can say goodbye to Lewis Mcgugan he has had talks with two clubs QPR and FULHAM also LEICESTER CITY may offer out of favour LLoyd Dyer for the player reliable source
JOSH(19)(10)Dyer isn't out of favour, he is starting every game.He is out of favour now after Saturday's performance against Doncaster


19 Dec 2011 10:42:39
West Bromwich Albion players will not be leaving as stated , relations with Roy have soured but he will be leaving for the England job after the 2012 European Championship.Some first team players will be leaving in the January transfer period Odemewinge & Ollson.(5)(15)You dingles are constantly on about west brom.... Smacks of jealousy to me !I am a West Brom fan , Roy's contract talks have stalled.Ollson is leaving.Time will tell.No wrong again pal

Hodgson starts talks in the new year and has stated he has no interest in the england hob unless he has the full backing of the media and public (which he doesnt)

Ollson doesnt mind staying at west brom and is still contracted to the club for the next two years he just wants to give himself the option of moving to a bigger club which wont happen becuse he is 29 and not good enough.

get your facts right pal before you try and WUM theres a good lad


19 Dec 2011 09:20:13
After a poor few games it has been made clear that Saints need to bring in a couple of players to improve a thin squad. They have made it clear that a striker and a wide midfielder are top priorities. Bristol City striker Nicky Maynard, Wilfried Zaha Crystal Palace, Billy Sharp Doncaster & Marvin Sordell Watford are top targets.

Zaha is reported to be signing a new long term contract with Palace so that may be a long shot however the others seem like good business at the right price. Maynard has been linked with premiership clubs as well after his contract run out in the summer however Saints believe that they can persuade him to join there push for the Premiership themselves.(16)(20)Hope you're right,Guly has had his moments but yesterday did nothing in attack and was lacking any real committment when their goal was scored.
Had Barney or Conns been fit to play I think we would have won,Chaplow is a big loss,hope we make a couple of good signings in January,we need better than Guly for promotion.Come back quickly Barney,Conns,and Chappers,onwards and upwards to the Prem and Happy Christmas to all Saints fans.My cousing is best friends with Maynard and he told me at the weekend maynard is 95% confirmed he will be. Saints player come January.My dads a manager at Renault and he worked with Thierry Henry when he was doing those adverts and has stayed close friends with him since. He has said he will be joining Porstsmouth on loan during the MLS close season Fact.


19 Dec 2011 08:48:26
Fraser Forster has signed a pre contract deal with Dundee United in the summer after the Newcastle goalkeeper told his current club Celtic he isn't keen on staying in Glasgow.(3)(28)Strange one that when he's not out of contract at newcastle and celtic have a 2m fee agreed with newcastle if they want too sign him and dundee united could not afford his wages so stop talkin crapWhat a load of Bull....Heres hoping that he permanently signs for them, another dodgy keeper for them


19 Dec 2011 08:44:55
Brentford are set to for a massive overhaul in January to raise funds and free players wages for new faces to come in, as manager Uwe Rosler wants promotion.
League 2 side Bristol Rovers are keen on bringing in winger Myles Weston on a permanent basis.
Michael Spillane, currently on loan at Dag & Red, is set for talks with League 2 highflyers Gillingham after the Kent side had a fee accepted over the weekend.
Midfielder Sam Wood, currently on loan at Rotherham, is set for talks with League 1 strugglers Yeovil. Terry Skiverton is keen on bringing some new faces in and sees Wood as the ideal candidate to replace some outgoing faces.
Former Bristol City and Wycombe defender Craig Woodman has handed a transfer request in after being told by Rosler that he will be transfer listed. Woodman is being chased by League 2 outfit Aldershot and could sign a one and a half year deal if a fee or loan can bea agreed.
Young defender Ryan Blake, who is highly though of at Griffin Park, will also sign for Aldershot but only on loan until the end of the season.
24 year old attacker Kirk Hudson, who has been on loan at League 2 side Wimbledon recently, is in talks with Crystal Palace. The Championship side are surprise contenders for the former Celtic youngster after watching him recently in a reserve game and have already had a £50,000 bid accepted.
American Mike Grella, who hasn't had much recent opportunities with Rosler, is wanted by a host of Championship and League 1 clubs after impressing at a loan spell at Carlisle last year. The frontrunners for the former Leeds striker is Spanish side Murcia. The second division outfit are keen on bringing Grella to Spain and could see a bid of around £75,000 accepted.
A surprise departure could be Sam Saunders. Rosler is keen on keeping Saunders after a recent run of good displays but Colchester United are keen on signing the midfielder.
Defnder Karleigh Osborne is wanted by Havant & Waterlooville and could sign a loan deal utnil the end of the season.
Finally Marcel Eger, who only signed for the club in the summer from St Pauli in Germany, is set for a trial with German giants Schalke.(8)(10)You have too much time on your handsWhat rubbish


19 dec 2011 08:39:28
any bristol city transfer news please,(5)(8)


19 Dec 2011 08:34:13
Sunderland to sign Hugo Rodallega, Bobby Zamora and Cameron Stewart in January.(16)(29)All a waste of money except for bobby


19 Dec 2011 08:33:20
AZ Alkmaar's Brett Holman to Borussia Dortmund 8million.(5)(15)


19 Dec 2011 08:23:39
Newcastle attacker Peter Lovenkrands is in talks with West Ham after the Championship side had a £1 million bid accepted from the out of favour Danish forward.(24)(17)


19 Dec 2011 08:05:11
to all those that said we wouldn'd be - Saints are still on top at Crimbo.....merry Christmas to you all.....COYRs(13)(9)Merry Christmas to you too. Just remind me how many points you've taken from the last four games!?Enough to keep us top my friend!...well I just have and this is the order of the top five peforming teams over the last four games - Burnely, Reading, Brighton, Hull and Barnsley; out of those only the Tigers are in the play off group....COYRsMake the most of it .You do not win this league at Christmas.No, your right we dont, but 5 of the last 6 top at xmas have all gone to the premier league. See you on the other sideSaints fan here, we are top but the season is far from over, still a long way to go and most of the true Saints fans are aware of this. We are on a bit of a dodgy run but fact is we are still top, with January approaching we will only streghten our side so it is looking promising, look fact is how ever bad people say we are playing and the fact people keep saying our bubble will burst, i would rarther be a Saints fan then any other Championship club. the fact people keeps putting us down tells you that we are doing all right.

Happy Christmas to all and and thank you Ed for the site and the wonderful year of bantering.Realistic Saints Fan, If West Ham dont win the league this year then it will be their own doing.

Saints remain top despite a dodgy run, and WH have had their chances. Saints now have back to back home fixtures and the Jan Transfer window to get more on the bus.

Its going to be a bumpy ride but a reckon second is realisticI think you need to all look over your shoulder at Middlesbrough....they are slowly and quietly knocking on the door for a place in the top certainly isn't over yetIt certainly isn't and this Saints fan was very pleased to see Middlesbrough end Cardiff's great run - the one team in the top six we haven't beaten. It's a great league and i'm sure will be exciting to the end.


19 Dec 2011 07:35:00
West Bromwich Albion to sign Crewe Alexandria's Defender David Artell. The experienced defender is seen as a perfect replacement to Jonas Olsson.(6)(16)


19 Dec 2011 06:49:59
Oxford Utd, are rumoured to be building the forth and final part of their Kaasam Stadium.....

The finance for the construction work is rumoured to be coming from the sale of their in form striker "Constable" to local rivals Swindon Town who look more likely to be promoted this season.

Also, money is being stumpped up by Oxford Utd's new sponsor "Bejams"; the eighties frozen food franchise has been resurected to fund the struggling Club back into the big time, of League 1.

You heard it here first!(8)(5)


19 Dec 2011 06:35:13
fulham set to sign nicky maynard shame but at least its not leicester yawn yawn source sky sports news up the city(12)(9)It will not be fester who sign maynard, now that spend erikson has gone.Pearson doesn't rate him


19 Dec 2011 04:00:27
Newcastle United to sign Gioud,Ryo Myachi(loan) and yanga-mbiwa in Jan. Lovenkrands to leave(11)(15)


19 Dec 2011 02:51:09
vorm to united end season 7.5 million and nathan dyer to liverpool in january £6 mill..(8)(28)Kuszczak and 5 million will be offered to The swans for the Shot stopper.


19 Dec 2011 02:14:35
Fernando Torres in Shock Transfer to Valencia for 30 Million in January(24)(26)If he does go, i don't think it will be a shock to anyone. He has struggled to settle in he EPL!Quite rubbish with valencia having no moneyValencia are skint they would never pay that money, even if they sold say Soldado for a big feeMistake made i think they mean 30pValenica can't afford half of that transfer fee! I know I follow them.Nobody will pay 30 million for him


19 Dec 2011 02:09:24
Wolves to Sign Southampton Striker Rickie Lambert for 3.5 Million in January(27)(25)We'll be passing you at season end - so dream on.....COYRs3.5Million? What a load of tosh.
Though it probably won't happen no matter what fee you pay!It definitely won't happen but nice to see people have woken up to his ability. Wonder what price they will be putting on him by end of season


19 Dec 2011 01:20:12
darren bent to arsenal as stand in for rvp heard it here first(16)(34)Bent isn't for sale!I don't think so mate! Av paid 24 million for him. Arsene will not consider paying more than 15 for him!Why waste money on bent when you could get zamora,johnson,odemwingie and ba insteadProb as bent is a proven goalscorer over several seasons whereas the ones you mention are not! check your stats


19 Dec 2011 00:55:21
millwall are in for
bisop of bury(12)(10)Did,nt know they had a bishop in bury
never seen a cathederal there before


19 Dec 2011 00:25:24
norwich in for lallana
of southampton in jan(19)(23)In exchange for the entire Norwich squad I presume??....COYRsLambert? Lallana? Yep, Saints are gonna destroy their promotion hopes by selling their 2 best players for peanuts just like Chamberlain for 12M+. Dream on.Err no. Lallana's put on his twitter account he want to be a Saint for lifeHaha lallana for whole norwich squad. anyone would think he's better than messi the way ur talking.No, he's obviously not better than Messi but the dismissively sarcastic quote about the whole Norwich squad is a damn sight more realistic than the original one. If a top six Prem side expressed interest then it might be conceivable. He's our new Le Tiss and he ain't going anywhere.Would like to add, all credit to Norwich, your doing well, but get real. Do you really think you'll avoid a relegation scrap? Lallana wont leave in Jan to a club that possibly may be involved in that. He would go to a secure club.Norwich seem to think there bigger than they are will alwAys be a little club


19 Dec 2011 00:18:17
millwall are looking at james constable


19 Dec 2011 00:01:16
Wigan Athletic Manager Roberto Martinez is set to be handed a large transfer kitty by Owner Dave Whelan. Martinez is interested in signing a striker, a centre back and a winger and names strongly linked with the club are Liam Ridgewell, Bobby Zamora and Junior Hoilett. Liam Ridgewell was linked with a summer move away from St.Andrews but a deal could not be completed and now Wigan look keen to sign him for a deal worth £3.5 Million. Bobby Zamora has reportedly been having problems with Fulham Manager Martin Jol and looks set to leave in January for a fee in the region of £6 Million. Wigan have been linked strongly with a winger since the departure of Charles N'Zogbia and one man linked is Junior Hoilett who The Latics hope can replace N'Zogbia. But he will not leave Ewood Park on the cheap as Blackburn want a fee in the region of £15 Million for the Canandian International(9)(24)Junior hoilett is not a canadian internationalYes he is, look it up.Hoilett you can get for free in the summer. So, 5m max!Are you joking how are wigan going to get 22 mil to spendSimple, Wigan are debt free so can afford to splash out a bit. Rodallega will be sold in Jan for 6-7 Mill so it is only around 10 mill to spend.


18 Dec 2011 23:51:39
manutd going to make a move for Real Madrid Sami Khedira(25)(25)


18 Dec 2011 22:47:43
Phil Brown has been strongly linked with the vacant job at Victoria Park, after the sacking of Nick Wadsworth. The former Hull City and Preston North End boss has acknowledged the challenge and that Hartlepool have shown interest, and now wishes to bring his experience to the club.(17)(2)That hartlepool goin down then


18 Dec 2011 20:14:43
Re: Swindon Town - Swindon have spent too much on players under Paolo Di Canio, and financial controllers Andrew Black and Martyn Arbib have said they will not put more money in until 'the books are balanced.' This comment led to Paolo saying that he would 'consider his future' if he cannot have his way on new players in January.

Swindon will have to take offers for Ritchie seriously, as it is rumoured that they are struggling to pay players wages and that 10 players are leaving in the transfer window - one of whom will be Magera who will be released following a shocking performance against Morecambe.(13)(10)I'm sure Sir Martyn Arbib would be flattered by your description of 'financial controller'Hearing the same.

Bad times for swindon it seems.Swindon have a large squad, there are a number of decent players there that will attract bids in January, the team is taking shape now and de canio knows who he wants rid of and where he needs to strengthen, can see at least 5 going on free's and maybe if a real good bid comes in for ritchie then they would be fools not to sell. Basically if they added a 20 goal striker its promotion for the town, they are maybe one or 2 players short at the moment.Leon Clarke will leave freeing up 5k+ per week. Timlin also leaving frees up 2k per week. A number of other players will also leave as Paolo trims the squad. Expect to see more quality than quantity. Top performing players will only leave IF VERY good bids are received.


18 Dec 2011 20:10:17
Aston Villa will sign Doncaster striker Billy Sharp for 6 million in january(10)(44)Why would they pay 6 million , when a clause in his contract says he can leave for1.75 million.He has a buy out clause of 1.75 million....................... so stop talking complete bull.No he doesnt go on sky sports news he has a 3 million release clause stated by Doncaster Rovers chairman6 million whatHis buy out is 3m. post 2 is an person if that was the chase he would already be an Ipswich town player as we offered 2.3m for him in the summer.


18 Dec 2011 20:08:12
After missing out on Jamie Vardy at the start of the season, Doncaster Rovers will move for the Fleetwood striker once again(12)(16)


18 Dec 2011 19:14:53
Bilel moshni could be out of roots hall in as little as two days as Coventry Blackpool and Birmingham city all look at the player to help boost their chances at both ends of the table. Moshni favours a move to ian holloways side as a deal last jan for 200k fell through as club said few was too low but now could go for half that as Paul sturrock trying to get him out of the club for disciplinary problems(4)(11)Rubbish. I have spoken to Southend Utd Chief Executive Tara Brady on saturday and no decision will be made on Bilel's future in the immediate future. Bilel is back in France as we speak for around a week in a bid to collect himself. Then on his return he will be provided with a hearing similar to that of his team-mate Jemal Johnson. Then a decision will be made . To sum up, no decision is imminent, he's out of the counry for approx a week meaning this rumour about a tranfer being agreed some time this week is ruled out.Tara Brady 'cage fighter' lol. Mohsni, JJ and Ryan Hall will all be out the club by January.


18 Dec 2011 18:26:37
There are rumours that there is to be a fire sale at the City Ground with Wes Morgan and Luke Chambers leaving in January for fresh pastures. The Nottingham Forest cheque books are looking jaded, and they may have to relinquish their monopoly over the defensive pair for a petty sum. Coventry City have looked to Morgan with Chambers alerting Barnsley, who could snap up the players for less than £1 million each. There have however, been reports that such players' wage demands are going to put off the likes of Barnsley and Coventry, who can hardly cough up the funds themselves.

Lewis McGugan is most likely to jump ship, with many clubs interested, although without him, Forest can kiss their season goodbye. He has the potential to be the best in the Championship, but has lost his spark over the years, as less expectations were made. He is among many such as Greening, Miller and Derbyshire that have calibre to make a good team, but simply have wage demands that even the top Championship sides would scoff at.(7)(18)Excellent wum.......congrats you dirtby/lesta fan, very imaginativeYour goin down with the forest !!An aweful lot of people on here keep suggesting that Chambers will go for a large amount of money. Considering he's out of contract in the summer thats fairly optimistic, even for a Forest fan. If anyone buys him in Jan expect them to pay not much more than 300,000. He's good but i'm afraid he's not 'that' good.If chambers and morgan go, which is doubtful seeing as they are 2 of the best players, added with the fact we have no more fit central defenders, they certainly wont be going to coventry and barnsleyKiss our season goodbye if McGugan goes? He's barely played and when he has he's been terrible.


18 Dec 2011 18:15:07
Nikola Zigic to sign for Aston Vanilla(18)(34)Unlikely.


18 Dec 2011 18:14:51
RVP to Man City. Heard it here first.(32)(28)Yh cause your the first person ever to suggest this...Yes, RVP was very impressed with his new club today.RVP has too much class for that shower of ste.

A GOONER^^ Too good for Woolwich Wanderers also.Funny cos it was posted on this site about a week ago so that not first sorryIt's an open secret amongst agents that RVP's agent is in talks with Manchester City.

It's only a matter of when in January, not if.Doubt it rvp a true gooner 4 life unlike nasri and the rest^^^^Money talks my friend!Yeah, RVP is so much so a true gooner that he is refusing to sign a new contractArsenal want 50 million for the dutchman who is only good when he plays regularly which city cannot offer he will stay at the emiratesHands up who hate moan cityIf you get this correct I wont ever watch football. You dont know a st about transfers and claims everyone knows his agent is in talks with manc. Beat me and taunt me to death if rvp moves during jan. And yeah i know more than you, u dont even come close mate....And as far as rvp not signing contract is concerned, well it suggests how much u know. He wont sign a contract until arsene brings in some players. Same with song/sagna/walcott. I am not syaing arsene will but u can bet with me, rvp wont move until summer.. U r on drugs


18 Dec 2011 17:39:54
Struggling side's in search of clinical finishers such as bolton, sunderland, villa, and qpr will need to invest in strikers.

Bolton will need to use their loan powers again to get a quality young proven goal scorer in. the likes of oxlade- chamberlain, lukaku or a sneeky loan deal for liverpools andy carroll who definetly needs more games to boost his scoring record.

Sunderland also need a striker or center forward due to them selling bent and loaning out asamoah gyan. Their only options atm are wickham: who's young and very good and bentner :/. O'neil is in need of a fox in the box and a possible approach should be made for unsettled proven strikers in odemwingie at wba or rodellega of wigan. Either one of these players would hold a price tag of about 10 mil.

Villa are a struggling side despite inspiration performaces from star man gabby ablongahor have struggled getting goals. Bent doesent seem to be getting goals this season so a striker is needed. They should be looking at jelavic of rangers, or a possible investment in championship striker maynard of bristol (city or rovers) or an investment in mama biam diof of man utd.

qpr are under new ownership and have money to splash. Their striking force is poor this year so a striker is also needed. A move for fulham wantaway bobby zamora or andy johnson or possibly both which will be a great boost to their striker but will mean the need to sell their current strikers.(9)(22)City or rovers?? you need to update your knowledge of the game!He probably knows its city but cant be accurate so he put both... and y u guna point out the littlest fault when u dont no any knowledge of football urself...No , Villa need a winger (e.g Downing back!)Na villa are fine in the wing department cause they have albrighton who's a good prospect and nzogbia who on a good day can turn a game around. i have herd rumours from others about zigic :/. i defo think that is a wrong way to go! Maybe rickie lambert or billy sharp could be a good inforcement in the side


18 Dec 2011 16:34:32
Wolves set to offer £500,000 plus Andy Keogh to Leeds for Ross McCormack.
Liam.(18)(16)And Leeds set to tell Wolves to
"Dream on"
lolI'm a Leeds fan.
And you've got yourself a deal there, Liam.
wallyA done deal


18 Dec 2011 16:27:09
Albert Adomah & Nicky Maynard going to sunderland in Jan 100%...7.5million.(18)(29)Heard that also today by city contact! All going through in jan..No chance :)That is for 1 of them!


18 Dec 2011 16:20:38
Arsenal to offer 11m and Tomas Rosicky for Koln forward Lukas Podolski(26)(16)Yes its believable please wenger sign podolskiThis is the first believable thing anyone has said about the Gooners!There is no chance that Wenger will sign Podolski hes a trouble maker and Arsenal dont sign them sort of players. hes a very good player and would love to see him in the prem but it wont b with ARSENAL


18 Dec 2011 16:18:37
Blackburn Rovers are looking at Watford duo Ross Jenkins and Marvin Sordell for 2.5m(17)(13)Ha Ha Ha Ha

Try offering double that and you might get in the door to start negotiationsWhy would anybody go to Blackburn, they will be in the championship next seasonAnd league 1 the year after!!FYI - Ross Jenkins isn't anywhere close to his level of a ability in FM2012

Although he still is a good prospect for us.


18 Dec 2011 16:16:55
Scunthorpe to try sign Luke Moore of AFC Wimbledon, Alex Revell of Rotherham and Goran Lovre to kick start their season(11)(3)


18 Dec 2011 16:14:17
Coventry city to sign Roman Bednar, Bilel Mohsni and Jamie Ness in a bid to stave off relegation(2)(24)Jamie Ness is not for sale.And is to good for the championship.If he does go it will be to the EPL.And he is injured just now a anyway.


18 Dec 2011 16:09:15
Doncaster striker Billy Sharp has caught the eye of Leicester boss Nigel Pearson, and looks to rescue him from Doncasters nightmare start to the season with a £2.5 million bid for the man in January. Aging striker Darius Vassell seems set to go the other way should this deal go through, following the trend of highly paid footballers joining the Keepmoat side

Doncaster nightmare?, He loves the club and he loves playing for it. He has a special relationship with the fans. So i assure you, its no Nightmare(17)(15)If you look, it says 'Doncasters Nightmare' not 'Billy Sharps Nightmare'So Doncaster are going to get a player who is out for the rest of the seasonOk then, same applies. How is it a nightmare for Doncaster?, he's been there top scorer for past 3 seasonsWell said mate :)Sharp has publicly thanked Donny for their support during a traumatic time for his family and he wants to stay and repay them. Even if he didn't want to stay, 2.5m wouldn't be enough to get him(and I'm no Donny fan).They are 23rdHe has a 1.75 million clause in his contract, so yes, he can leave for even less than 2.5 mil. Just be quietAs a Saints fan I would love to see BS in the red and white, but Donny and their supporters have backed him through some difficult times of late and he may well want to repay that....think he'll defo go at season end though......COYRsHe might move if the right offer comes but its very unlikely as proved in the postThe clause is none existent he and John Ryan have an agreement that if an offer ove 3 yes 3 million pounds comes in he leaves it up to Billy just be quietFair play to BS loyalty and commitment to a club, wouldnt u want that from all your players ( think tevez ) top man and fair play to him and i am not donny! he will go but when times right for him and donny and i would love to see him at the KP but prob better than that,,,,,, top goals on sat against us , no complaints tis football and thank god coz supporting mcfc would be a bore chore eh?


18 Dec 2011 16:07:02
Billy Sharp is to be offered a new contract at Doncaster on monday(21)(18)


18 Dec 2011 15:56:30
Sheffield United striker Richard Cresswell is looking set to join Championship strugllers Nottingham Forest in January. PNE and Stoke City legend Cresswell is excited by the prospect of a Championship berth, with wantaway striker Marcus Tudgay being used as bait for the The Blades. Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cotterill will also look to raid United for legend Ched Evans in attempt to rescue their smoldering season. Cotterill will however have to break the bank to land the pair, but Tudgay will ease the burden of this deal. Blades gaffer Danny Wilson has said nothing about the deal, but is hopeful that the duo stay at the Bramall Lane club. The deal will end a two year stint for Cresswell and a three year stint for Evans. Steve Simonsen has commented on the offer stating it as "ludicrous" and a "waste of time", although he is seeking a baptism of fire with a return to the Championship.(14)(10)I can confirm this is 100% incorrect.No way will this happen, we deffo dont want that ex pig TudGAY aswell, Ched is wanted by Swansea and cresswell is going nowhereTudgay is the only striker to play every game since SC took over. that plus the face Forest are skint means this comment is utter sh!teWhat a load of rubbish, Creswell couldn't hit a barn-door


18 Dec 2011 14:49:54
Hull City striker Matty Fryatt is a key target for Southampton as boss Nigel Adkins looks to find a strike partner for Rickie Lambert. He has been on target for Hull so far this season and it could involve Burnley and West Bromich Albion legend Richard Chaplow going the other way. Robert Koren is set on leaving the KC side, and so Playmaker Chaplow is top of the list. Southampton may have to cough up a fee of £1 million as well as the veteran to secure the services of Fryatt. Hull boss Nick Barmby has been cagey on the matter, and has hinted that negotiations could happen with The Saints. This will end a year long stay with The Tigers and a combined two and a half year stay with Southampton for Chaplow.(13)(23)Robert Koren signed a contract last week linking him with the Tigers until 2013Cagey? When the hell has he been cagey? Simple truth is your making it up, Koren is at City for another year and scoring for fun at the minute.
Fryatt is relishing being a central figure in the team.

The gap is closing on you big time now!What? No chance of Chaplow leaving. And little hance of us going for Fryatt. What complete tosh...City are playing quality with both koren and fryatt playing good as well, koren's screamers are winning games and fryatt is more confident and also scoring, come the start of 2012 saints will slip down the tableA strange post if by a Saints fan. The gap has closed since Chapper's injury and a 26 year old is hardly a 'veteran'. I suppose if you predict a slip down the table every bloody week the chances are you might be right one day. A Koren header doesn't win you games though, does it?Complete nonsense, Koren and Fryatt are going nowhere and even if they were leaving, it certainly wouldn't be for a measly 1m.No way would we get rid of chaplow, he's been one of our best players this year, absolute nonsenseThis is a stupid post, and i assume not from a saints fan. There is no way in hell we would get rid of chaplow, he's been by far one of the most outstanding players we have this season, and since his injury we have been hit with poor results.


18 Dec 2011 14:42:49
bolton will try to sign onouha, ridgewell, bridge,kranjccar and pavlyuchenko(15)(31)Chaplow wont leave he has been one of best midfeilders , he wont go , we will just pay u 3million or soKranjcar came out and said he didn't want to leaveNo chance,all established prem players,cant really see any wanting to drop a divisionYour skintThat should cost them about 25 million. be realisticWhat with buttons


18 Dec 2011 14:10:47
Blackburn, Wigan and a third team have shown some interest in Cardiff defender Darcy Bake, expect a move for him late January.



18 Dec 2011 14:07:21
Doncaster manager Saunders is looking at taking a gamble on Freddie Eastwood in the January Window, not sure if loan or fee.

Welshdan(12)(14)Eastwood to Sheffield united if ched Evens leaves


18 Dec 2011 13:38:21
Marvin Emnes' great form for Middlesbrough has caught the attention of Norwich boss Paul Lambert, as the gaffer looks to see out the season with a bolstered squad. This will be the signing Lambert needs, as his squad are going to find difficulty keeping fitness for the rest of the season. This will end a 4 year stay at the Riverside, with the deal estimated to be worth around £2.5 pounds.(8)(17)Million


18 Dec 2011 13:17:21
Gary Harkins of Kilmarnock will be moving to Birmingham once a fee is agreed...(7)(12)Where d'ya hear this or is it pure ste?


18 Dec 2011 12:59:04
Wigan striker Hugo Rodallega is set to leave the DW in January after the prospect of Championship football is almost inevitable. Sunderland are top of the pecking order after Asamoah Gyan declined a return to the Stadium of Light before the end of the season. This looks to be Martin O'Neills' first signing of the window, with the striker only carrying a £8million price tag.(21)(15)Gyan didn't decline to come back its just that Sunderland don't have the oprtion to recall the player as its a priced loan, approx 4m I think. Glad to see someone else has a realistic view on Rodallega are people suggesting he will go to Villa or Liverpool? The guys is turnip and Martinez can get 6/7m for him i'd take it. Anymore than that and he'll be laughing.Were you get the money from your skintHes form this season has been woeful


18 Dec 2011 12:49:15
Doncaster striker Billy Sharp has caught the eye of Leicester boss Nigel Pearson, and looks to rescue him from Doncasters nightmare start to the season with a £2.5 million bid for the man in January. Aging striker Darius Vassell seems set to go the other way should this deal go through, following the trend of highly paid footballers joining the Keepmoat side.(17)(17)Behave yourself - Doncaester might be struggling - but relative to expectations - the divisions biggest strugglers are leicester. Am no Donny fan - but if he goes it will be more that leicester can afford and to a higher divisionBilly Sharp has already said he won't be going to Leicester after they said he wasn't good enough last year. He was good enough to put two goals past them on Saturday


18 Dec 2011 12:15:57
Apparently partick thistle defender paul Paton will sign for either dunfermline or Inverness ct on a pre contract. His agent said 4 sfl1 teams are chasing him. Wouldn't mind him at hibs!(5)(8)


18 dec 2011 11:57:38
man utd have signed nicolas gaitan from benfica for £ 29 . 3 million and have also signed javi garcia from benfica for £ 10 million(24)(41)


18 Dec 2011 11:54:28
I posted last night and have another lead.

Sunderland had offered free agent Zlatan Muslimovic a contract until the end of the season but a deal is dead due to a huge gap in the wanted salary.



18 Dec 2011 11:19:46
norwich are in for 2/3 of these players!

howson(18)(21)You mean the same names every other team at the bottom end of prem/top of champ are after.
You have any links to proof of this or are you just making this up, just so you can see your post appear on here??They could not afford snodgrassOf course they can afford snodgrass - 3m is well within a premier league budget and he is not going to go for more than that - because frankly - he ain't that goodWe want 9 million for Snodgrass howson injured couldent pass medical and Huddersfield already accepted 3.5 million bid for Rhodes from sunderland3.5 for rhodes wake up you tit 1 he not going anywhere in january fact and you wouldnt buy his socks for that amount factWhat does it matter if every other team at the bottom of the prem/top of the championship are after them dont mean norwich anit after them! btw anywayz norwich anit one of the teams at the bottom of the premCome on Guys! I mean who would really want to go to Norwich anyway ?Whats with all the attitude towards Norwich, they are in premier in 9th position on merit, and deserve the plaudits of all the smaller fan base clubs for actually competing at this level. Perhaps all the comments are from supporters of the so called big clubs that are not enjoying the best of seasonsAll together this will cost the canaries about 15-20 million and how are they gonna afford 60k a week wagesLook at his Wikipedia and websites he has had a 3.5 mil bid accepted wait till Jan transfer window he will go Huddersfield can't keep him for much longer he's better then league 1


18 Dec 2011 11:12:17
Hi ed, do you know if there is any truth in rumours of craig gardner going back on loan to birmingham city?? {Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware there is no truth in it, MON supposedly highly rates him.}(3)(13)Can are play biriminghamHe's going to wolves!MON dont rate him he sold him last time {Ed001's Note - that's what I thought as well, but I am told he didn't want to sell him last time. Only time will tell I guess.}


18 Dec 2011 10:51:19
Norwich are supposedly intrested in Doncaster striker Billy Sharp, aswell as Nottingham Forest keeper Lee Camp.(9)(19)


18 Dec 2011 10:44:34
Doncaster Rovers will shock the football world and sign Micheal Owen(8)(39)Good idea what about wages thoughHe is always injured, though!


18 Dec 2011 09:58:14
man utd,,celtic and 6 other prem clubs looking 2 make offers for jordan rhodes(18)(27)So they guy scores four goals and now man u want him...... really?!?!No its because the guy is only 21 and has scored 13 goals in 14 gamesMan u been looking for months paul scholes been watching him for a while for them but he going nowhere in january factIf utd go in for him he 'll be there quicker than the speed of lightHes gonna go to norwichName the 6 prem clubs that are after him?I'm no Udders fan, but I do know for certain that Scholes has been to watch him at least twice. It doesn't mean they'll actually bid for him, but there's certainly a lot of interest, possibly as much as there is for any player in any league at the moment.


18 Dec 2011 09:51:11
January Transfer Speculation For Brentford:-


Myles Weston
Michael Spillane
Sam Wood
Craig Woodman
Ryan Blake
Kirk Hudson
Mike Grella
Sam Saunders
Karleigh Osborne
Marcel Eger


Rory Donnelly (Loan)
Harlee Dean
Jeffrey Schlupp (Loan)(1)(16)Dont be silly osborne ,saunders,weston no going any were only thing i hv heard about saunders westham r lking


18 Dec 2011 09:20:13
Sunderland are going to offer WBA five million pounds for want away forward Peter Odemwingie.(11)(17)You aint got 5 million your skintWe ain't got 5 million pounds? Our owner is a billionaire and has said o'neil has money to spend !WBA are skint & need to sell before they can buy.Fact.Not sure where some people get their information from!

WBA are certainly not skint, they simply operate a good business plan, now that's fact.Want away? Peter? Why?


18 Dec 2011 08:54:08
Millwall looking at ipswich trio bullard, andrews and chopra.(3)(27)Here we go again - Ipswich and Millwall fans getting hot and bothered - concentrate on the things you have in common
- you are in a relegation fight
- you both aspire to being able to beat Watford one dayMillwalll can barley afford to eat o hot meal don't think they can afford there's players plus Andrews only in loanHaha lol. that is hilarious. why would they go to a smaller team that are overachieving, rather than stay at a bigger team that are under achieving? i think ipswich will lose players, but andrews is on loan and wanted by prem clubs, bullard is happy getting paid 25k a week which millwall cant afford and chopra has a 250k loan with the club as we have just paid off his gambling debts. dont reckon he'll be going soon! if any of them leave it will be to promotion candidates or lower prem teams


18 Dec 2011 02:19:20
Manchester City January Signings:

Wesley Sneijder- 43 Million- Inter Milan
Robin van Persie- 41.5 Million- Arsenal

Manchester City January Outs-

Carlos Tevez- AC Milan- 20 Million
Wayne Bridge- Southampton- 2 Million
Nigel de Jong- Stoke City- Loan
Nedum Onuoha- West Brom- 3.5 Million(20)(44)RVPs not going no whereIf RVP goes anywhere it will be Barca with Villa out!I would be happy if Bridge left for free never mind 2 mill!! Can't understand why Mancini insists on playing Barry but leaves De Jong on the bench. Don't think he will be loaned out cos of Yaya goin to African CupWhy would RVP stay at Arsenal? another blinkered gooner!De jongs not leavingSouthampton don't need Bridge, he's fairly popular down here after his previous spell, but we've already got 3 left-backs, all of whom are younger.You are a person Wesley wants to sign for united only dammitOnuoha deal already done he has chosen wolves over west bromwichYour having a laugh RVP has already stated he will remain at Arsenal untill at least the summer and see what his options are, it all depends on what Arsenal can achieve and who is comming in in Jan and the summer... also RVP is loyal to Arsenal like Cesc was he will only go abroad he would not go to another prem clubIf RVP gets offered the right amount of money he will leave, no player would resist.Onuoha says he will get more game time in the championship ,so will sign for dingles as Baggies will stay in the Prem for sure..But rvp wont leave in jan, stop using that drug kid


18 Dec 2011 01:14:17
millwalls jordon stewart
is going to
plymouyh arggle(11)(10)


18 Dec 2011 01:06:34
millwall are in for
anthorny wordrsworth of
colchester in jan(8)(6)


18 Dec 2011 00:52:34
Celtic manager Neil Lennon is preparing a Wigan striker Connor Sammon next month. Lennon sees Sammon as a player that can fill the role of Hooper when the English player leaves for pastures new,possibly Newcastle.(11)(24)Is this the same gary hooper tht has stated tht he is happy at celtic n wants a contract extension? away n post ur gash oan the rankers rumour page n stop spoutin a load crap on here.

martin1888Strong story is that Hooper wants to play in the EPL to further his England ambitions as he feels playing in the backwater that is Scottish football will cost him any chance of playing in the Euros. Sammon is well aware of the Celtic interest,hasn't really settled in England and is open to discussion.


18 Dec 2011 00:19:45
Peter whittingham to norwich mid january(19)(11)Here we go,its silly seasonHe's just signed an improved extended contract plus has openly stated he is happy at Cardiff and has one desire to play in the Prem for the team he loves, which is not Norwich, get a life he aint going anywhere added to this his missus is a local girl who does not want to move, how do I know, he lives next door.You must have some cash if you live next door to whitts.Indeed I do, just another snippet he has just got planning permission for an extention, work starting in the new year, strange thing to do if your moving.What a big fat story teller you are. Whitts lives in a flat you nugget.Your correct he does have a flat, however thats not where he lives, Rudi Gestade is living there, stick with me sonny


18 Dec 2011 00:06:03
Marvin Sordell is a high flying target for Premier League strugglers QPR, as they eye to bring in a youthful striker to replace Heidar Helguson and Jay Bothroyd, with the latter travelling the other way in a January swap deal potentially worth £3million pounds.(14)(10)


17 Dec 2011 23:36:23
Tottenham in:

Tim krul-Newcastle
Jan Vertonghen-Ajax
Eden Hazard-Lille
Lukas Podolski-FC K??ln

Tottenham out:

Heurelio Gomes-QPR-Loan
Sebastian Bassong-QPR
Jermain Defoe-QPR
Roman Pavlyuchenko-Spartak Moscow(11)(45)I would love to see this happen but I dont think we could afford to bring in Podolski and HazardHow delusional are youDream on.How bad do you want to support Arsenal?QPR are the new Stoke with the Tottenham rejects!While these are undoubtedly all targets, clubs just don't buy like that all in one window. Also defoe is going nowhereAnd how will u be funding this 80 million spending spree? U person grow up and stop playing champ man u twit

MpcA good run of form a spuds fans think there Barcelona!! Note how these were all arsenal targets !At least 80 mil on player. No chance... spurs will not buy anyone.On the first day of christmas the board bought for Harry... a keeper from the georgdies...on the second day of christmas the board bought for Harry 2 belgium players and a keeper from the geordies...(if you can bring in a third then welldone)I can see us possibly getting Podolski OR Hazard but very much doubt both of them.

Also Defoe is going nowhere, they way he been coming off the bench and scoring nearly everytime i doubt Harry would let him leaveIn reply to the xmas song, if harry was at pompey, could of added, 3rd day of xmas the board bought for 'Arry 3 africans, 2 belgians and a keeper from the geordies


17 Dec 2011 23:01:51
Everton boss David Moyes is very close to sealing a deal for defender Mamadou Wague from French side Le Mans after a bid of £350,000 was accepted earlier this week.(5)(15)You got no moneyMoyes has just signed three players on a long term deal,barkley,coleman,felliani,and landon donovan on loan in january,big reports on merseyside are saying everton are going to be the main players in this window with upto 4 players being signed on permanant deals by the club.also the club is in its final days of due dilligence,with new owners,wanting deals done before a take over is announced.Believe it wen i c it.... kev c


17 Dec 2011 23:00:36
Jamie Vardy has deleted a tweet that has given the game away after Fleetwoods 2-0 victory over Yeovil it said......"Gonna miss these lads after next week chance of a lifetime to join the terriers"

So there you have it he is joining Huddersfield Town in January(10)(15)I know Jamie and Huddersfield may have made contact but they are not signing him. He's had numerous scouts down from League 1 & The Championship to watch him and half a dozen have made advances to sign him. PNE wanted a loan move a few months ago but they were unable to match his 2,500 a week wages at Fleetwood. His ideal destination is just down the road at Blackpool and wants the derby clash in Jan to cement his possible move in the summer.Stop talking crap pne.s highest paid player is on 8k a week as if they cant afford to pay vardy 2,500 you plum.Mellor (8k), Hume (6k), Coutts (3k) & Barton (2.5k) are the well reported weekly wages of PNE's highest earners....and with the club losing 750k a month (well reported)....and as all 4 are leaving PNE in Jan (well reported) I could see 2,500 a week for a player in non-league a bit high for any club.....especially one thats losing that sort of money every month.Mellor is on 13k a week and possibly on his way to Glasgow Rangers



17 Dec 2011 22:55:44
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is keen on signing attacker Jeremy Menez from PSG. The French side have recently revealed that Arsenal are in a bid to sign the former Roma player and a bid of around £12 million has been accepted. Menez is keen to join Arsenal on a two and half year deal.(14)(14)Bullshep


17 Dec 2011 22:53:31
Manchester City are very close to signing striker Wesley Sneijder from Inter Milan. Robero Mancini is keen on signing an attacker who can play in the attacking hole. The Dutch international will sign for around £42 million and will sign a three and a half year deal in January.(16)(31)So Inter and Arsenal are going to sell their best players while they are still in the CL? Another City person no doubt!!He isnt a striker


17 Dec 2011 22:38:44
Victor Moses 10m Liverpool.
Eden Hazard 26m Tottenham.
Both of these will happen.(16)(42)Um noWhy oh why are people so delusional hazard is wanted by Madrid ,barca , arsenal,united,Ect so why would he go to tot and for only 26 mAlthough i would like it to be so but somehow, i don't think its trueMadrid, barca, arsenal united???? madrid, barca and united yes, arsenal, shut up you mug. dont you realise, spurs are bigger club than goons?? go back to football manager and dating websitesAnd yes spuds are so big that even their own players admit that arsenal is the big team in london. And yes u can lure hazard, i mean maybe his son...


17 Dec 2011 22:18:45
I work in Spanish Football and have a few things you may like:

Athletic Bilbao have just lost Llorente to injury and realise that relying on Toquero might be hard. Therefore, the club have lined up moves for Valencia's out of favour striker Aritz Aduriz and Osasuna's Kike Sola. Could also move for Betis' central midfielder Benat.

Atletico will move Reyes out, most likely to Sevilla. They had agreed to sign Xherdan Shaqiri from Basel, but the Swiss club could annul that deal after their progress to the next round of the Champions League. Manzano could go in the near future but little word on a replacement yet - they would want Rafa Benitez or appoint B team boss Milinko Pantic.

Barcelona are unlikely to make many moves despite Villa's injury. Botia will move in the summer, whilst Maxwell will probably return to Italy with Milan as a replacement for Taiwo. Alba is a target but he could sign a new deal with Valencia. Azpilicueta is unlikely as Montoya has signed a new contract. Will look to promote from B team instead of spending big money.

Espanyol have clearly earmarked a striker as their No. 1 target for the transfer window, shortlisting Marouane Chamakh, Teofilo Gutierrez, Mounir El Hamdaoui, Mevlut Erding, Aduriz, Felipe Caicedo and Lucas Barrios. Alvaro may go to Sevilla whilst Kameni is a target for Olympiakos and Fulham. Datolo will probably head back to Argentina, possibly in swap for Gutierrez.

Malaga will look to secure the Champions League spot they so crave by splashing the cash in January. Schalke's Peruvian forward Jefferson Farfan is a key target, whilst they could move Kameni from Espanyol and Borja Valero from Villarreal.

Real Madrid will try to strengthen their defence with a move for Gremio's Mario Fernandes. One bid has already been rejected.

Sevilla will make Reyes and Alvaro their key targets, as well as Gio dos Santos from Tottenham. Not much else likely right now.

Valencia have new funding and can now build their new stadium, and have almost agreed to sign Gregory van der Wiel from Ajax, but in the summer. Diego Mauricio is a target from Flamengo, as well as Guardado from Deportivo.(16)(11)Appreciate ur info mate. Someone is finally talking sense on this site with some knowledge. I second most of ur infos, the remnants i havent heard about them therefore will place the faith in you, since u have got most of them right


17 Dec 2011 21:39:04
Swindon's Matt Ritchie will go to Burnley in J
in Jan and Flint Possibly Southampton or Reading
Both wiuill go for considerable fees
As to Swindon being in Finacial difficulties dream on
dream on.
Yes certain players will leave the CG
in Jan only to be replaced(6)(8)First, check your grammar in future before posting.

Second, it is well known that Swindon have already breached the salary cap limit and are spending too much on wages - therefore something has to give.

Paolo already wants to bring eight more players in, and will not take no for an answer which could well lead to team and boardroom trouble.

Contrary to reports, he does not have the respect of players and it is an unhappy dressing room at The County Ground.

My source for this is my nephew who is in the youth ranks at Swindon Town.


17 Dec 2011 20:41:33
huddersfield are in for
oldhams taylor in jan(7)(4)


17 Dec 2011 20:35:34
Lucas Podolski on his way to the Emirates in January(25)(23)To watch a match over the german winter breakNice jokeIts believable wow nice move for gunnersNo its still not confirmed yet. I can tell you for sure that yes there is a propoal in place but arsene is still reluctant. So no, nothing finalised there yet


17 Dec 2011 20:16:56
First time posting and have just searched for a website to submit info. My brother has recently been appointed to a position in the administrative end of player recruitment at Sunderland. This morning they submitted an official £3.5m with installments offer for Wigan pair Figueroa and Diame.

Kevin (I hope the admin can keep a record of my name for future posts!).(7)(20)NUFC fan, if that's true i'm envious. Diame is a beastThat would be awesome, he's scored some great goals against us! But wigan are starting pick points up now so we'll have to improve a lotYour brother's employment will be short lived if you post this type of info.


17 Dec 2011 20:14:35
Dawson is set to sign a new contract alongside dean cox and George Porter


17 Dec 2011 20:08:10
AVB will lose his job if he fails to win next two league matches, abramovich has been reported to be losing patience folowing a string of inconsistent performances(11)(28)


17 Dec 2011 20:04:57
harry redknapp is believed to be apping up moussa sow and eden hazard as we speak(9)(27)Yip keep on uttering nonsense


17 Dec 2011 20:00:04
Darren Bent to Liverpool, to be announced mid january, deal being worked out(20)(30)Probably if its more wongaNot sure Liverpool would be willing to pay 25mil for him cause that's roughly how much Villa would be expecting for him!He isn't for Sale , for the last time!I wish people would stop making crap up bent is not leaving villa not a chance.Don't be so naive and think bent is a loyal footballer. The club which can pay him the most will sign him !Can you please tell me what club will pay 20million for a player who is well out of form villa will not sell him for any less.Dont u know the answer

hint : you will never walk alone


17 Dec 2011 19:52:14
Ed,any rangers transfer rumors? {Ed001's Note - the only thing I have heard new is that the club are looking for buyers for Jelavic, but only, and I do mean only, if they can get their asking price. Which is high enough to have put off the likes of Bolton, who were showing interest.}(7)(11)


17 Dec 2011 19:31:26
Leeds United have enquired about taking Harry Kane on loan from next month. Tottenham want assurances over first team football and it subject to the failure to further Andrew Keogh's current loan at Leeds United.(7)(9)


17 Dec 2011 18:43:33
Sad to say as a Norwich fan but it looks like Andrew Crofts will move to Wolves in January for a fee of around 2m

Din)(13)(8)Oh boo hoo.Don'y cry, i'm sure whoever you support will win a game one day.Unlike Naarwich today.Well we're doing better than hald the premiership, so that'something. Winning isn't everything when you're 9th!


17 Dec 2011 17:54:10
Jermain Pennant is in talks with West Ham over a loan deal for January. Tony Pulis told the winger he has to work his way back into the team of which Pennant didn't agree. The former Arsenal player is keen on a move back to London and SAam Allardyce looks set to come in for a loan deal and a permanent deal if United go up from the Championship.(8)(19)This will never happen you shockerBullst


17 Dec 2011 17:43:59
Workington are set to sack manager Darren Edmondson after an argument with chairman, Humphrey Dobie. Dobie was keen on using youth players instead of recruting in January but Edmondson disagreed. The Cumbrian club could appoint Steve Cruggy, who recently left Corby.(1)(9)


17 Dec 2011 17:41:19
Bristol City striker Nicky Maynard is in talks with Dutch side Feyenord. Maynard has impressed a number of sides in the Premier League but the Dutch giants could join sign the striker for around £4.5 million.(2)(18)4.5 million for a player that is out of contract in the summer, they will be lucky to get 2 million. No matter how desprate a team might be they will wait another 6 months knowing they will get for nothing.To be honest I think he would rather stay in England rather than move country to play in a league with similar skill level as the championship bar 1 or 2 big clubs


17 Dec 2011 17:40:17
Former Liverpool youngster James Ellison, is in talks with League 2 side Port Vale over a six month deal. The forward was recently released by Burton Albion but is keen on staying in the area and could see a deal struck with Vale in the next few days.(6)(5)


17 Dec 2011 17:38:11
Jo Kuffour is set to leave Bristol Robers, but not to join league 2 rivals Gillingham. Ghanian forward Kuffour is wanted by a number of League 1 clubs and even some Championship sides have enquired but the forward is in talks with Premier League side Fulham. Kuffour is on loan at Gillingham but Fulham boss Martin Jol is keen to tie down the former Brentford striker on a three year deal for around £200,000.(3)(18)


17 Dec 2011 17:34:36
Chesterfield player Jamie Lowry, currently on loan at Crewe, is very close to siging a two and a half year deal with Macclesfield. Lowry is keen on staying up North and will join the League 2 side for a nominal fee.(0)(4)


17 Dec 2011 17:32:50
MK Dons are set to lose to loanee's as they look to leave their parent clubs. Mark Beevers and Anelgo Balanta are keen on deals elsewhere after being told by Sheffield Wednesday and QPR respectively, that they will lsiten to offers.
Beevers has impressed at MK Dons but Wednesday boss isn't willing to let him stay at any league rivals towards the end of the campaign. It is strongly rumoured to be in talks with Scottish giants Rangers. Ally McCoist is keen to sign the defender and a deal could be agreed soon.
QPR striker Balanta is in talks with Dons regarding a loan deal but is also said to be in talks with Yeovil Town. Balanta is rumoured to have been impressed with Town boss Terry Skiverton, and could join until the end of the season.(3)(7)


17 Dec 2011 17:13:37
A host of premier league clubs including Aston Villa and Wolves are intrested in taking Doncaster Rovers goal machine Billy Sharp in January(15)(14)


17 Dec 2011 17:12:50
Irish striker Eoin Doyle to sign in January window. {Ed025's Note - for who?(3)(9)


17 Dec 2011 17:10:33
Recent signing Richie Ryan from Sligo Rovers to be joined by former club mate Eoin Doyle (striker) next week.(2)(8)Flying from ireland to scotland as i write this..


17 Dec 2011 15:25:25
Ed any news on latest pne manager.... Any Pne fans for paolo Di Canio ? {Ed001's Note - it does look like Flitcroft is the front runner.}(4)(7)We need a proven having the dwarf back or di canioFlitcroft is the current front runner with Neil Crowe from Bamber Bridge as his assistant. Should be announced by the 2nd week in Jan once the Xmas fixtures are over.


17 Dec 2011 14:12:16
With the sale of Peter Odemwingie WBA will be buying AEK Athens defender Nikos Karabelas , Karabelas will be available for around 4 million Euros.(7)(14)Apparently a lot of players are psed of with Roy Hodgson.


17 Dec 2011 13:54:35

boyata onhua knight robinson

eagles frimpong m.davies chamberlain

k. davies



cahil-7mil(5)(33)I was talking to Kevin Davies & Chris Eagles on Thursday (the Bolton team were in Dublin ) and they are really nice blokes.Good on ya Bolton , from a Wolves fan.Youll never get zamora you shockerI think everyone agrees cahill is on his way

i reckon onhua can get a better club, than relegation certs (sorry but its lookin that way to me)

chamberlain aint gunna go anywhere, arsenal need there squad, even if his games are limited same goes for frimpong

dunno about zamora, not sure how his appearances and goals are this seasonWenger has already said chamberlain will take gervinios place when he goes off to the african nations :)Bolton aint been relegated yet! Theres only a 9 point gap between 10th place and 20th ..and still 22 games to go ...anything can happen ...Frimpong ain't going nowhere. I doubt AOC too.


17 Dec 2011 13:31:27
Brian Laws is set to be the next manager at Hartlepool United as Ken Hodcroft wants a manager to come in and tuffen up the squad.

Craig D(4)(5)Hartlepool could do a lot worse than Brian Laws think it would be good for the clubTuffen?


17 Dec 2011 11:28:40
Robert Snodgrass, unanimously voted on the Npower Championship Banter Page as the best player in the Championship, is linked with a move to two Premier League clubs this January. However, whatever bids are received will be rejected by the club, due to the injury to Jonny Howson, which may see Snodgrass occupy a more central attacking role behind the striker. The in-form winger's circumstances may change if he is sufficiently unsettled as to hand in a transfer request, as Leeds' policy is to let go anyone who does so, but as the clubs mooted were Wolves and Wigan, this is unlikely.
Source: a well-informed season-ticket holder(4)(21)He IS off to Wolves with Keogh being used for cash & swap deal.If doyle goes arsenal or newcastle then snoddy will be going wolves.Snodgrass will not join Wolves in the transfer window my family are from Glasgow and there are rumours from north of the border he is Celtic boundSnodgrass ain't going anywhere this season. Both Grayson AND Bates have insisted that they will not let him nor Howson go. Especially to Wolves? There struggling to stay up, he wants to play at an higher level. Wolves will be getting relegated this season.Snoddy's not going in January, but he will go in the summer if we don't go up.Doyler is not being sold , Lee Griffith's is though.A lot of interest from the Scottish clubs.Snodgrass wont be coming this transfer window.Mick wants a DMF & CB roles filled.We have enough quality wingers.Snodgrass will not sign for Celtic.When he has so many EPL clubs after him.Celtic would be lucky to afford him,even with a year left on his contract


17 Dec 2011 10:12:32
Kane Ferdindand is not playing well at the moment.

Please take that 500k bid please from West Ham please to rebuilt the team.(3)(11)Rebuild it should say..What a strange place to post a request of that nature... just saying manNot only is it strange, he is not for sale.


17 Dec 2011 09:53:50
Nikola Zigic to sign for Swansea.(11)(31)I hope so,i really hope so


17 Dec 2011 09:51:48
Darren Bent will leave Villa in January.(29)(25)This will not happen he.s very happy and he told a mate of mine that he was fed up of moving clubs.Bent isn't leaving , he said it .. McLeish said it , Lerner said it.. come up with something believable!Yes and he said the same when he was at sunderland and then look what happensNo if aston villa get into form he will stayHe will go where the money isIn that case he is definitely going ha ha.If Liverpool offer him 100k a week bnt will leave, and villa fans are stupid if they think otherwiseRumors say Liverpool... they do need a goal scorer, Caroll is the biggest waste ive ever seen. suarez is good but not scoring, belamy links play more than scores goal, so a goal hanger(not in a bad way) like bent fits the bill.

if this has any truth i expect it to be 15mWhy would Villa accept 15 mil when we paid 24mil! Stupid scousers!Proper scouser thing to do. buy carroll for 35 mil and think they'll get bent for 15.


17 Dec 2011 09:51:10
James Ha will sign for Birmingham City on the 1st January.(12)(9)


17 Dec 2011 09:30:19
Foxes boss Pearson may boost firepower.(8)(5)He's signing a couple of pyromaniacs!!


17 Dec 2011 06:48:45
Tim Cahill spotted in Stoke hotel on Friday lunchtime(12)(34)If TC was moving away from EVERTON, it
would most likely be to SunderlandThis aint going to happen unless he wants to leave. everton are a better team all round when he is on form.

and he is better than stoke and Sunderland in my opinionTake him or leave him to be honest, he has been an excellent player and on his day unplayable, trouble is, 'his day' hasn't been all season so far. Think we do better, maybe a cheeky punt at De Jong from Man Citeh on loan?Don't be daft. chelsea would take cahill. not his biggest fan, although i am a blue. he has the knack in the box... i would take 7 million plus for him... onlt to a bette team tho.


17 Dec 2011 03:08:23
Expect Jermaine Pennant to leave Stoke in January, despite reports saying their is no rift between Jermaine and Tony Pullis, it couldn't be more from the truth, hes being left out of the last 2 premier league games and wont be in the starting XI for tomorrows game at wolves(20)(13)Pennant is a known whingerl.. in facts thats his new position now i said it, he's a w(h)inger


17 Dec 2011 01:47:36
January Transfers

Carlos Tevez - AC Milan
Maxi Lopez - AC Milan
Yann M'Villa - Barcelona
Raul Albiol - Juventus
Jose Antonio Reyes - Sevilla
Fernando Reges - Liverpool
Cheikh Tiote - Man United
Marco Rues - Bayern Munich

Summer 2012

David Villa - Chelsea
Sami Khedira - Chelsea
Danielle De Rossi - Manchester City
Gonzalo Higuain - Manchester City
Neymar - Real Madrid
Edinson Cavani - Real Madrid
Robin Van Persie - Barcelona
Wesley Sneijder - Man United
Lukas Podolski - Arsenal
Dimitar Berbatov - Liverpool
Didier Drogba - Anzhi
Antonio Valencia - CSKA
Kolo Toure - Sevilla
Gregory Van der Weil - Valencia(18)(50)Liverpool to sign berbatov will never happen wrong side of 30 out of form and goes against fsg transfer policy....
I cant see man city getting more major names seriously? When they are winning as they are by the margins they are.....they will only buy to replaceNeymar won't go Madrid and Madrid won't get cavani berbatov wil go PSG and RVP will go city this janHigauin to City? --- NO he is playing really well for Real recently, even though he has to share appearances with benzema i imagine he is very happen, and him and benzema will be at Real for the foreseeable future, and despite what City fans may think, Real and Barca can easily compete when it comes to wages and bonuses

Neymar to real ---- One day? more than likely, summer 2012? nope, he has singed a new contract making him one of the worlds best earners, and he has said many times he wont leave until after 2012, as i believe its santos' centenary season and he wishes to be pay them back and stay there

Berbatov to Liverpool --- Not a chance SAF has said berb aint leaving, and if he does he will not be sold to Liverpool, on the chance he does leave it will be to PSG

Podolski to Arsenal --- Categorically denied by wenger, i know this means little in football, but i believe him this time (they could do worse though in my opinion)

Drogba to Anzhil --- Chelsea wont be that stupid, he has started showing good form, and is there best striker while Torres aint scoring like he can

Valencia to CSKA --- 100% NEVER going to happen, Utd may be going through a bad spell of form including valencia, but when Valencia cam back from injury last season he breathed new life into the team and showned how valuble he can be, and plus first team players DONT leave OT in the winter unless there has been a major fallout, and SAF is probably the king of not making knee jerk reactions along with wenger

Sneijder to Man United --- Possible, Sneijder has supposed said to insiders in Holland he still dreams of playing for united and for SAF, weather United want to cough up for someone of his age is another story, there are rumors of a January move, with Sneijder not fussed about missing out on CL

Toure --- Very possible as he is out of favor at city, i don't know why though, he is twice the player of Lescot, the weak link in the city team.

Lopez to Milan --- I really don't know, i dint realise he was thought of in such regard around Europe to be honest, if he left it would be a mistake in my opinion if no replacement is bough straight away

Tevez to Milan --- City wont loan, and AC wont bid cash, who knows though, my bet is that this will drag to last hour of the last day in January

De Rossi to City ---- Ballotelli, Aguaro and Dzeko all in fine form, do they need another expensive striker even if tevez leaves which he surly will, even if he dosent he wont play anyway, only way i see city buying a striker is if Manchine loses paitence with balotellis Ego and Antics, i think they will be more likel;y to start picking up the best of European youngsters to fit in ar2ound the edges of a very powerful squad

RVP to Barca --- I can see the big clubs being interested, but i honestly think he is going to stick it out at the gunners.

Villa to Chelsea --- Wont happen, end of story in my view, if it does it will be a shocking transfer. but a great one for the blues, unless there striker curse strikes again, Shevchenko and Torres both went there4 and died, can they do the same Villa?De rossi is a midfielder....


16 Dec 2011 22:04:17
Ed Post this please

West Ham are being linked with a move for Barcelona 'B' striker Jonathan Soriano.

The 26-year-old striker - whose sole appearance for Barca's first team came in 2009 - scored 32 goals in Spain's second flight last season as he fired Barca's B team into the play-off zone.

And according to Mundo Deportivo the Hammers are just one of up to ten clubs to express their interest in signing the player, a list that includes Germany's Borussia Moenchengladbach and Portugal's Benfica.

With Sam Allardyce looking to reinforce his attacking options for the second half of the season, Soriano - whose existing contract expires next June - would represent a fairly risk-free investment.(8)(24)


16 Dec 2011 21:59:27
barnsley will sell danny butterfeild to nottingham forest and andy reid will be part of deal(12)(30)Its jacob butterfieldUnless barnsley are accepting milk tokens this will never happen. Unfortunatly.


16 Dec 2011 21:08:55
Eden Hazard is close to joining Spurs after Tottenham agree a fee of 24m with Lille.(23)(38)Would be a class signing but cant see itPull the other one champ.24m is very cheap and I believe there are a few teams after him so expect the price to riseThink you need to take the middle two L's out of his current clubs name to find out what this story really is.I hope he goes spurs, im loving spurs' fight in the PL this season a breath of fresh air to the rest on how to build a squad and compete with the mega-rich.

spurs for the league!

and i support one of the top clubs, id still like to see spurs take it home, although they probably wont because while there first XI is great, they lack depthWe aint got 24 million you fools


16 Dec 2011 21:08:09
Fulham are already in talks to sign £6m Ivory Coast striker Lacina Traore from Russian club Kuban Krasnodar.(17)(13)Have u seen him
a giant 6ft 8" beastJust wanted to add to that, they are not the only club. Also It's a lot more than 6m. Birmingham City have asked for a short term loan. Leicester have expressed an interest. Norwich, QPR, Blackburn, Everton.... He's being linked with almost everyone atm-as is everyone.


16 Dec 2011 21:00:43
Leon cort if released is being looked at by both Southend united and Crawley town. The player is desperate to play a part this season as limited opportunities at current club. Southend are looking to offer him a deal until the end of the season if bilel moshni departs(3)(11)


16 Dec 2011 18:57:38
Plymouth are expected to make the permanent signing of young wolves striker Hemmings providing tey beat the drop after he has settled in well at the south coast club.(6)(11)


16 Dec 2011 18:50:56
Peter Odemwingie and West Brom could part ways in january. Its been reported that his relationship with the club has become frosty since his disagreement with hodgson earlier on in the season. Sunderland have been reported to be line up a 9 mill bid for the nigerian international.(22)(20)As a Baggies fan , this is true9m for a 30 year old? 4m maybe2 million max


16 Dec 2011 18:50:24
colchester to sign luke hyam from ipswich in january(3)(3)


16 Dec 2011 18:46:07
Everton will sign james Wilson from Bristol City in January moyes has been a long time admirer of Wilson AND now feels he could make the grade in the EPL and should be a bargain(9)(14)Wilson has got stacks of potential,City have not always exploited it, though he did have a lot of time ot last year through injury-Moyes has follwed him for some time, its trueI have also heard this one from a reliable source at Bristol City 500k with a 25% sell on clauseJust signed a new deal at Bristol so would cost more than 500k


16 Dec 2011 18:29:12
West Ham are being linked with a move for Barcelona 'B' striker Jonathan Soriano.

The 26-year-old striker - whose sole appearance for Barca's first team came in 2009 - scored 32 goals in Spain's second flight last season as he fired Barca's B team into the play-off zone.

And according to Mundo Deportivo the Hammers are just one of up to ten clubs to express their interest in signing the player, a list that includes Germany's Borussia Moenchengladbach and Portugal's Benfica.

With Sam Allardyce looking to reinforce his attacking options for the second half of the season, Soriano - whose existing contract expires next June - would represent a fairly risk-free investment.(9)(13)


16 Dec 2011 18:10:34
Antonio Valencia is very close to signing a three and a half year deal with Russian side CSKA Moscow. Valencia isn't happy at the amount of first team football he has been told to be expected and now will move to the continent. The Ecuador winger will join for around £13 million.(16)(24)United wont take a 3 million loss on a player that has only gotten better with 4 years left on his contractNot a chance..Even if he did want to go, SAF wouldnt sell a much improved player at a loss.United don't sell in January. unless surplus to requirements which Valencia isn't.


16 Dec 2011 18:06:20
Uruguay and Napoli striker Edinson Cavani is set to hold talks with Real Madrid after the Naples club accepted a £40 million. Jose Mourinho has been chasing Cavani for over a year now but sees Cavani as the ideal striker Madrid have been looking for since the former Chelsea boss took over.(26)(17)Where would he fit in, ahead of ronaldo 17 this season, higuain 12 goals, benzema 8 goals. Didn't think mouriho will be spending 40 million when he doesn't have or need to.Rumours are that Higuain is not happy playing second fiddle to Benzema, it would be interesting to see if Higuain moves on this Jan if real can secure the signing of Cavani.


16 Dec 2011 17:29:54
any leeds united rumours?:) {Ed002's Note - Try the Leeds page.}(0)(17)


16 Dec 2011 17:05:23
lets buy cavani {Ed025's Note - for who?(6)(18)


16 Dec 2011 17:08:26
emile heskey is linked with bournemouth for £500,00(37)(22)Bournemouth haven't got 5,000 let alone 500,000!!Bournemouth got a take over not to long ago so could be a decent league 1 team by some russian man i heard in on the football league now and said they have a good future


16 Dec 2011 17:03:21
marc pugh is now strongly linked to watford. burnley will now fight out with watford for the bournemouth winger(6)(10)Pugh was born in the borough's of Burnley and is a life long claret .. He was released from the club as a kid .. Burnley or Watford? only one place he'd be heading mateWatford of course, who wants to live in Burnley it's a dump?...


16 Dec 2011 16:28:32
Akseli Pelvas,HJK Helsinki and Anthony Di Lallo,Roeselare is wanted by Barnsley.(5)(6)


16 Dec 2011 16:28:12
Swindon have approached Crystal Palace about the possibility of signing keeper' Wes Foderingham on a permanent deal. He is expected to cost them around 200K.
Also, Swindon are set to sign Left Back Liam Ridehalgh on loan for the rest of the season.
Paolo Di Canio has a also expressed a desire to trim the squad in recents weeks, with many of his foreign summer signings on their way out. Comazzi, Gabilondo, Kerrouche, Esajas, Lanzano and Magera have all been told they can find new clubs. Along with the likes of Clarke, Timlin and Evans.

Di Canio is eyeing up around 5 other players to help replace these. Amongst his wish list are; Luke Rooney (Gillingham) James Constable (Oxford) Paul Benson (Charlton) Kane Hemmings (Rangers - Loan) and Harry Pell (Hereford)

Source: The Usual Guy

My source has now informed me that a permanent deal for Wes Foderingham has been agreed and he will become an STFC player in early january after the end of his loan period.

Source: The Usual Guy(3)(9)Not true, he wants to stay at palace and he wants to be number one in a few seasons. for now he will join swindon until the end of the season and then will see what happens next season


16 Dec 2011 16:09:21
ed, is there any rumours about manchester united? {Ed001's Note - they are watching the Marseille right back.}(2)(13)Rod fanni or azpilicueta.Yeh your going to sign villa with a broken leg


16 Dec 2011 13:27:06
Ed,do you have any transfer news about Doncaster.thanks please reply Ed. {Ed001's Note - nothing new, just the usual about Sharp not being interested in leaving, despite the clubs circling.}(1)(9)


16 Dec 2011 15:19:22
Norwixh looking at Hugo rodellaga in jan as he will be out of contract in the summer(18)(14)Can't see Lambert taking him as he tends to take players from a lower league that have a point to prove.Wont go to naaarrichWhos naaarich poor fan


16 Dec 2011 15:19:14
Man Utd expected to make enquiry about a possible £12-14m move for Newcastle's Cheick Tiote following Darren Fletcher's indefinite break from football.(20)(24)He just signed a 6-and-a-half-year contract at newcastle !Yeah Right! They paid aroudn 16 for phil jones, decent player but no currently at the same level as Tiote. Even Fat Mike would laugh at this! Tiote will not leave for anything less than 20 MIL.If carrols worth 35 million , then tiote has to be worth 70million ?Mike is wanting 25 mil min.hope he stays still.Lol clown, 30 mil. tiote has 6 and a half years left on his contract... lol manu and yesterdays news, manc are the only likely team to buy him.


16 Dec 2011 13:55:58
Swindon Town Football club news!

- Aden flint to join Reading.

- Simon Ferry to join Charlton

- Matthew Ritchie to join bristol city

- Comazzi To joing Wrexham!

Heard it all here first! Very reliable source! if these dont happen then its a miracle!

Peter Huggins(7)(11)I played with flinty and still talk to him never said anything about a moveNo chance 3 of the outstanding players will leave. Sure your name is not Muggins?Total nonsense rumours Paulo is strengthening in january and these three players are key to our promotion push. Wont happen.


16 Dec 2011 13:53:35
Didier Drogba going to russian club apparently for a salary of 10 million a year(19)(28)


16 Dec 2011 13:13:49
Sunderland (Ha'way the Lads)


Nicolas Lombaerts, Zenit, 7.5m
Maarten Martens, Az, 4m
Emile Heskey, AVFC, 1m
Robert Mirosavic, Helsingborg IL, trail
Nafiu Idrissu, Asante Kotoko, trail
Greg Cunningham, trail


Marcos Angeleri-All Boys, 0.5m
Elmohamedy-Al Sadd, 4.5m
Lee Cattermole-Un-named club 5.5m
Nicklaus Bendtner-released

In:£12.5m Out:£10.5(4)(29)Doubt some of those mate may get martens
as i believe he wants to try prem but my
mates sister works at club and we have
watched one of barnsleys players namely
Jacob ButterfieldAmazing considering Martin O'Neill was told there would be no money available to him in January.Think they would give o,niell money if he
thought a particular player may improve us,
dont think it would be massive amounts
So players like Butterfield may fit in.Think he
is valued at2.5 to3.5 millionHe wasnt told anything regarding transfer fundsMON will not sign any of those, his contacts in the game are limited, he will sign mediocre players who do a job, he will also sign quick players, for counter attacking football, do not expect any flair players to stay or be in your team. Also next season expect the team to come unstuck around Jan-February. He will also leave your club in a worse state than he found it in 4 years time, after a number of top 6 finishesAmazing how they can release bendtner when he is ON LOAN from arsenal. Get your facts right before posting on hereBendtner on loan, cannot be released, idiot!!


16 Dec 2011 13:19:07
Sheffield United are set to cash in on one of their big earners Stephen Quinn. The club confirmed before the summer window closed that an offer from Blackpool was received for the irish midfielder but that the fee was laughable.
However it's thought that Blackpool are set to bait united making young forward Billy Clarke part of the deal. The striker had a successful loan stint at Brammall lane and United boss Danny Wilson has made no secrets about his admiration for Clarke.(4)(4)No need to post this twice!


16 Dec 2011 12:24:22
Marko Devic from Metalist to sign for Aston Villa(6)(8)28 year old striker/winger .. 3m?


16 Dec 2011 12:08:13
Celtic face challenge in January in every department bar goalkeeper. Hooper a target for newcastle/sunderland. Kayal/Ki both target from variety of english clubs including aston villa, sunderland, newcastle(to replace the certain loss of tiote) In defence celtic may face a challenge on holding onto adam matthews who has been one of celtics most consistent players this season with the like of Newcastle, Liverpool & Aston Villa looking to strenghten in this area(8)(16)Heard Matthews is joining Villa (4.5m) to compete with Hutton when we sell Cuellar off.Cuellar is a free so you won't be selling him to anyone , can tell to clubs from jan , pre contract with rangers or back to Spain


16 Dec 2011 11:47:39
Sheffield United are set to cash in on one of their big earners Stephen Quinn. The club confirmed before the summer window closed that an offer from Blackpool was received for the irish midfielder but that the fee was laughable.
However it's thought that Blackpool are set to bait united making young forward Billy Clarke part of the deal. The striker had a successful loan stint at Brammall lane and United boss Danny Wilson has made no secrets about his admiration for Clarke.(3)(8)Heard this too, a small fee going to Blackpool too with sell ons either way


16 Dec 2011 10:27:17
Ed,do you have any transfer news about west ham.Thanks please reply {Ed001's Note - I don't sorry, haven't heard anything new at all.}(1)(9)


16 Dec 2011 11:26:37
Sensational stuff from my mate who works for the groundkeeping staff. Fergie on phone to Tevez this morning!(7)(35)1) Tevez wants to leave england
2) Man city would never sell to their biggest rivals
3) Alex Ferg would never take him backProbable he was telling him he would,nt have
him back at old trafford if he played for nowt
Just a load of trouble get him out of country
soon as poss.Good on city for not letting
have his own way after dummy spitting outLol yes probably say merry XmasAgree with 1st guy


16 Dec 2011 11:26:03
Suddenly Scottish Strikers are in Demand!

Jordan Rohodes - Everton, Newcastle, Wolves, Celtic, Aston Villa, Man U and many more interested.
Steven Fletcher - Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal all Linked to Fletch.
Robert Snodgrass - Wolves, Everton, Newcastle.
Ross McCormack - Wolves, Everton, Fulham, Newcastle.
mackail smith - Celtic, Hercules, Wigan, Aston Villa.

Striking options slowly getting better for the Scots.(6)(29)That's because most of them are better than the English st we call a striker (except Daniel sturridge)Strange , only one is proven premier league player.All of a sudden the future aint so bright,just like your post.The words were slowly getting better! Read and understand before passing comment eh!Can i just point out Snodgrass isn't a striker,

Everton, Fulham, Norwich, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Stoke and Wigan are all interested in signing him, Leeds are facing a battle to keep him in JanuaryStriking options slowly getting better. All you've gotta do now is find another 9 players who are better than the average 13yr old and you might win a game.Haha yeah cool so Adam, Fletcher, Bannan, Dorrans, Brown, McFadden, Morrison and Naismith for our midfield, Two or three cracking Keepers Shagger, Gordon and Gilks and to be fair a very poor defence but Still reckon we are on the up! Good point about Snodgrass - my apologies, shall we just include him in the midfield bracket then :)... Some awsome emerging talent coming through too in Forrest (Celtic), Feruz (Chelsae) and Harper (Real Madrid) but to mention a fewSnoddy and Ross are not going anywhere!!

MOTSnodgrass can play forward,but he normally plays as a attacking midfielderMackail Smith would be good for Villa, Rohodes i don't think would fit in thoughJamie Murphy at Motherwell is another striker.Who is being watched bye a host of EPL clubs.Spurs,Stoke,QPR,WBA,Wigan amongst themSome decent Scottish talent for the first time in my lifetime! Just a shame ur league is awful!EVERTON lol they cant afford to buy snoddys boots lol motThe league is awful as you describe not because their is no talent but because their is no money to keep the talent once we have it and they invevitibly end up down south


16 Dec 2011 11:05:44
Phil Brown in talks with Hartlepool officials today, finalising a deal for him to take over after Saturdays game(7)(7)


16 Dec 2011 10:56:54
From a very good source; Carlos Tevez and David Beckham are set to return to Manchester United, David Beckham will be a 2 month Loan and Carlos Tevez is a £24 Million Move(16)(46)Tevez wont stay in England, Fergie will not take him backGood call cos tevez don't want to stay in Manchester so he keeps saying but being tevez u never know what going thought his head lol and , becks is interesting he comes out saying he will never manage or coach yet if he went back to man u would be more to help the younger players coming thought so that would be like a coaching role !When ever a rumour starts from a good source you know its made up nonsenseWho is this very good source? would be brilliant for Becks to come backFergie isnt stupid enough to take on a player of his temprement even if he was good last time round fergie is better than thatHasn't beck's contract finished at galaxy now?He does not like living in manchester, isnt that one of the reasons he wants to leave cityFergie wouldent take tevez back, who'se the source the daily star?lolLOL, prem sides only allowed to loan between windows, thats 6months minimum.


16 Dec 2011 10:49:45
Brighton & Hove Albion expected to make a move for Keith Andrews when the transfer window opens in January.(11)(7)Glad to see he has found his level.No chance, he's going lower prem team Swansea and Wigan expressed interested. If he did stay in championship it would be with Ipswich who is on loan with


16 Dec 2011 10:44:16
QPR will sign Cata Diaz and Miku from Getafe.(4)(10)


16 Dec 2011 10:43:26
David Nugent To Sign for PNE by Next Friday

Source: Daily Mail(10)(12)What a load rubbishSure it,s not Emily NugentBwaaa! someone using the Daily Fail to justify posting a garbage rumour, funny stuff.HahaahahAm a pne fan and know it wont happen stop posting crapYou belive the tory comic?


16 Dec 2011 10:04:14
reports that Kevin Doyle is the subject of interest from Newcastle, and they are ready to bid 11m for the Wolves striker.(23)(9)Unfortunately Doyle is a great striker but he wouldn't move to Newcastle because he wants 1St team action and he is committed to wolves1st team action!!! and why on earth wouldnt he get in toons team SNB!Doyle is happy at Wolves. he wouldnt leave unless they were relegated or a top 6 club went in for him and since neither will happen I guess he is staying with the molineux men. ( from a stoke fan).Not getting Doyle - because your old carthorse wants to come back home from poolNewcastle havnt got 11m to spend.
Ashley wont part with that sort of money.It's pretty much a definate that wolves will get relegated this season, so we'll take fletcher and O'Hara off their hands pretty cheaply during the summer.


16 Dec 2011 09:55:35
Sol Campbell is about to make a return to Newcastle United to solve there defensive crisis. This could then lead to a coaching role at the end of the season, when he finally retires.(8)(23)I was starting to wonder where all the Sol Campbell rumours were. Good old Sol, can't hit a cows arse with a banjo but apparently the SOLution to every teams defensive problems.


16 Dec 2011 09:53:20
Stoke are planning a shock move for sulley muntari, this is due to Gleen Whelans planned move to swansea. :((15)(4)Glen Whelan is wanted by a host of clubs like Swansea, Wolves, Wigan, WBA, Norwich and Bolton and muntari isnt that good plus hes injury prone


16 Dec 2011 09:06:48
Coloccini has told the Newcastle board if Tiote is sold then he and another (not known) will hand transfer requests in and leave the Sports Direct Arena. Mike Ashley is ower the moon more money for his clothing empire.(20)(11)In all honesty if he sells him fair do's, i'm getting to the stage where i quite like Mike now as it seems he really has the club at heart financially and that represents a significant profit.If it is true, Newcastle will come down the table faster than they have gone up.I thought tiote was on loan?


16 Dec 2011 08:31:30
Steven Fletcher to Man UTD with Macheda being offered to Wolves on loan. MM has been spotted at UTD reserves apparently scouting Macheda and Gibson.(7)(27)Ahh this gave me something to laugh about not going to happen keep dreaming united supportersWill he be replacing rooney then?


16 Dec 2011 07:34:06
Sunderland wants to sign Jacob Butterfield from Barnsley and Albert Adomah from Bristol City. Lee Cattermole on his way to LFC(8)(18)I am a Barnsley fan and it is in the local paper, interview with butterfield, he is in no rush to leave and is also very out of form, he has had a bad 5 or 6 games in a row, tries to do too much in bad places..... if we get a big offer he can leave for me to be honest, concentrate on keeping steele, vaz te and davies and perkins. Use butterfield funds (at least 1.5m) to buy a good centre mid who can command the team.Adomah is worthy of a Prem team, but wouldnt wish to lose him. He has been the subject of much interest and BCFC would do well to hang on to him. He did sign a new 3 year deal in the summer, so would need to get a good price-Why would liverpool come in for lee cattermole there is so much better out there than him but if it is true lets up they pay way over the odds for him like they did carrol!How can that happen when you are skint


16 Dec 2011 07:23:30
Neal Bishop set to have talks with Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cotterril(6)(11)That be a good signing for us


16 Dec 2011 05:57:52
Ebanks Blake to Blackpool 750K or loan depending on Wolves ins and outs(12)(14)Admittedly SEB isnt quite a first teamer for Wolves so certainly a loan switch to blackpool might be a good career move to get back in amongst the goals however not on a permanent basis. Also he is worth at least 3 mil which I doubt Blackpool could afford as well as his 15k a week wages.You doubt they could afford 3mil ? you must be joking.
He isnt worth that amount anyway, coming to the end of his career, holloway has bought and sold him twice already so easy to tempt backEnd of career hes 25??


16 Dec 2011 01:37:37
Burnley Rumour Latest.

Sam Vokes (Extended Loan) from Wolves
Darron Gibson (Loan) from Manchester United
Matt Richie from Swindon
Marc Pugh from Bournemouth
Shwan Jalal from Bournemouth
Adnan Haidar from Free Agent


Brian Jensen to (Released)
Clark Carlisle to (Released)
Leon Cort (Released)
Richard Eckersley to Toronto(9)(12)Sam Vokes not staying at Burnley, Paul Lambert wants him at NorwichYou post everyday that Burnley want Matt Ritchie, not gonna happen son, you dont have enough cash, you blew your wad on Austin, so posting it everyday wont make it true...Hmmm, Championship or league 2? Not sure why Burnley want Ritchie unless Rodrigues is going for about 10x the price.Shwan Jalal just signed a new contract so wont go,

Marc Pugh in currently considering a new contract from Bournemouth to be league 1's most paid player,

cant see them going


16 Dec 2011 01:25:04
Burnley looking to take Darron Gibson on loan(13)(10)Man Utd have a massive injury list, especially midfield and Gibson is a fringe player Fergie does call upon


16 Dec 2011 00:25:55
millwall are in for simpson in jan(9)(6)Homer ??More like marge


16 Dec 2011 00:14:03
millwall take michael
stewart on trial(2)(8)Good luck to them. I hope his attitude and discipline is better than it was at Hearts !


15 Dec 2011 23:59:02
millwall are be in for leyton
orient dawston(3)(8)


15 Dec 2011 22:54:12
Gary flitcroft to be the next pne manager Come from an enployee of trevor hemmings(3)(11)From a eMployee of Sir Trevor Tight Ass


15 Dec 2011 22:47:56
Sunderland will but offers in for:

Emile Heskey-Striker, 1 million Aston Villa

Nicolas Lombaerts-Left Back, 12 million Zenit

Maarten Martens-Left Winger, 8 million AZ

Ola Toivonen-Striker, 9 Millions PSV

Jan Vertonghen-Midfielfer, 11 Million Ajax

Nafiu Idrissu-Striker, 3 Month Loan Deal Asante Kotoko

David Ofei-Striker, 2 week Trailist Asante Kotoko

Robert Mirosavic-Striker, 2 week Trailist Helsingborg(5)(32)Complete rubbish Jans Vertonghen is a Centre half not a midfielder and Sunderland AFC do not have that sort of money to spendSunderland don't have 41m to spend! heskey is the only believable part.I hope you get what you wish for and Oneal is backed by your club, he has a habit of packing his bagsI heard the same from an in sider but they have allready been knocked back by vertonghen (Ajax)12 mill on a left back? Never gonna happen!I understand Sunderland but an offer in for Vertonghen, but was turn down also.

Other players apart from Heskey, Mirosavic never heard these names circling around. Left back and Winger we need never heard of these two players.Keep dreamingWe don't need to dream anymore - we now have Martin Oneill steering the majic carpet.Emile heskey!! get real"we don't dream anymore" - erm, one lucky win and you're celebrating, nice one. Bet you a tenner St Martin has a get out of jail free card for when you go down.St Martin will leave , giving you a huge debt & a massive wage bill .. oh he's fantastic!


15 Dec 2011 20:17:14
Scouts from Liverpool, Fulham and Everton at St. Andrews tonight to watch Nathan Redmond.(12)(19)It was the scouts xmas jamboreeI'm not a scout, but I'd recommend him to any team, he tore their left back apart at times tonight, especially first half.Scout all they like,He's on his way to NorwichHe is quality like cant see him being at birmingham for much longerHow good would he look if he played against anyone decent? he,ll end up playing league 1 or league 2 football in a couple of years time.


15 Dec 2011 19:55:16
Doncasters next target stephane Daimat also heared Billy sharpe going no where as he'll not pass a medicial(9)(8)Your right about dalmat but the billy sharp lmao. cause he'll pass a medical he's having a little problem with his groin however iut doesnt stop him from playing.


15 Dec 2011 19:39:24
Swindon have approached Crystal Palace about the possibility of signing keeper' Wes Foderingham on a permanent deal. He is expected to cost them around 200K.
Also, Swindon are set to sign Left Back Liam Ridehalgh on loan for the rest of the season.
Paolo Di Canio has a also expressed a desire to trim the squad in recents weeks, with many of his foreign summer signings on their way out. Comazzi, Gabilondo, Kerrouche, Esajas, Lanzano and Magera have all been told they can find new clubs. Along with the likes of Clarke, Timlin and Evans.

Di Canio is eyeing up around 5 other players to help replace these. Amongst his wish list are; Luke Rooney (Gillingham) James Constable (Oxford) Paul Benson (Charlton) Kane Hemmings (Rangers - Loan) and Harry Pell (Hereford)

Source: The Usual Guy(9)(8)There is a bit of truth to some of this, Foderingham will stay till end of the season or, we will buy him if palace will consider selling, Ridehalgh, will be loaned till end of the season. Magera, Comazzi, esejas and Cibboci will be on their way with Lanzano being released in Jan, common knowledge Clarke wont be here neither will Timlin, however Wycombe want to send Benyon back early as he is flopping for them... Also Murray will be extended and Benson will sign first week of Jan, PDC is very Keen on Kee and has started talks with Burton on the possibility of a Connell + Cash deal... Luke Rooney could also sign an agreement as he is out of contract in the summer.Oh and Ritchie is on his way to BurnleyI?ǨѢm a Charlton supporter and know little of the players being mentioned. It seems to me that Swindon are going to get an awful lot of rumours as they rebuild. You might loose some good players and get some better in. Dont be down because people are looking jealously at your players take it as a complement and a stepping stone back up. I'm sure PDC will do a good job for you if given the time and patience he needs.


15 Dec 2011 19:28:53
Milner set to join Chelsea this January(11)(44)Forgive me if I'm wronge but hasn't he played for 2 teams already this season


15 Dec 2011 18:12:45
My sensational signing guess in the next few weeks is David beckham back to man u on a very short term contract to deal with the massive midfield shortage {Ed002's Note - Beckham will be playing for PSG after signing on January 1 or 2.}(15)(24)Would be awesome to see him back at the theatre!!


15 Dec 2011 17:54:29
Dundee United winger Scott Allan 20.Will sign for WBA in Jan for £400 000.The Daily Record(27)(11)


15 Dec 2011 17:17:18
i have heard a rumour that we will be making a move for fraser forster in jan i have seen a lot of him at celtic in europe and he looks awesome(4)(14)And your club is?Only thing he has done is save one penalty, other than that he is rotten. Please get him out of Celtic ASAPSeason long loan nuff saidHe is linked to norwichAwesome more like awfulHe is no Boruc,that is for sure.Done well tonight but not consistent enough. doesn't come for crosses and very prone to mistakes. kicking is also poorWhen he was with us at Norwich we were in league 1, he was Awesome, but that was league 1, no disrespect to him or Celtic he is just not good enough for any club hire than Lg1, take a look at the SPL none of them clubs are any where near the Championship level, sorry but Scottish football is just not good enoughtStop getting on to the big man hes only as good as our defence and there rotten as much as alove boruc he made mistakes as well a think your all forgetting that. and a would like to see who you would prefer in goal then since we have no money to spendWhy do people post things and not even mention a team? Stupid!Ok then ... Rangers and celtic, two of the biggest clubs in britain, aren't as good as coventry or doncaster ... yet another English fool who overrates themselvesRangers and celtic, two of the biggest clubs in britain, aren't as good as coventry or doncaster ... yet another English fool who overrates themselves

well said thats how all the english clubs want scottish basd players it cant be that bad


15 Dec 2011 15:50:24
Back to the story on the boys from Chelsea. It has been confirmed from a source close to Barcelona that they are interested in the two boys Monjack and Colkett. Could turn into a very interesting story over the next few months.(13)(7)


15 Dec 2011 15:41:57
Bristol City looking to take Darron Gibson on loan(11)(17)Please God be true because he is not EPL quality at all.Player coming in will be murray davidson st johnstone,and sandozaWorth a look, still need that Midfield sparkMan utd midfield shortage?


15 Dec 2011 15:29:40
Charlton striker Bradley Wright-Phillips
has been strongly linked with a move to Rangers in the January transfer window.
Rangers were linked with the player in the summer but he was committed to sign for
However a great scoring run for Charlton
has came to the notice of Rangers manager Ally McCoist who is keen to
renew his interest in the player.(14)(19)Another Lg1 player linked to Scotland, spl, level par lg1 or even lg2This will never happen, he is contracted to Charlton and will cost them 3m+!OK, Rangers are League 2 quality ... find me a league 2 team with a 10m + player and a 51k capacity stadium. Perhaps one that drew with man utd in the champions league.

Rangers FC - Third biggest club in britain ( after man utd and liverpool )Would be a great move for wright-philips and his dad is keen for him to make the move up to the big stage all the charlton knockers (prob plastic cockneys) should remember champions league and trophy's {Ed003's Note - I thought Rangers were after Neil Mellor ? }The player is nearing the end of what was a short initial deal, if we dont see a new contract then he could very well leave. Having said that where would Rangers get the money? They are almost as skint as Pompy, third biggest or not. No money no player!


15 Dec 2011 15:12:32
leyton orient want to sign frankie raymond on loan from reading fc(1)(12)


15 Dec 2011 14:53:44
Wolves Michael Kightly is interested in extending his loan move at Watford, discussions are in place with both teams to make this a season long loan and Sean Dyche is keen as he has seen the impact Knightly is having and has McGinn out injured and needs to ensure he keeps the teams current good results.(21)(6)


15 Dec 2011 14:21:56
Fulham to sign Izunna Uzochukwu from FC Midtjylland and Jonathas from Brescia.(5)(3)


15 Dec 2011 14:16:40
Manchester United are readying a bid for Roma contract rebel Daniele de Rossi. 6 months left on his contract. Would be a great addition for Utd.
Also Man Utd will make a £20m January bid for Everton midfielder Jack Rodwell(34)(31)That could be true because Man Utd need to strengthen that midfieldNo chance due to di Rossi's wage demands.Rodwell an di rossi will sign in january rodwell for 15 million and di rossi for 20 to hold the team up for the time being giving some breathin space while we cleanup the injury list {Ed025's Note - rodders will cost more than 15m..Why would we go for Rodwell, he isnt even that good, i wouldent pay 6mil for him let alone 20.Rodwell is a good prospect and better than Gibson, Park, Fletcher and Anderson. I would get him but pay no more than 20m for himRodwell is a big future prospect but looking at Evertons form and squad they will be reluctant to let him leave. 20M is realistic due to circumstances. No chance De Rossi, Fergie wont take crap"Roma contract rebel Daniele de Rossi"


sure i have heard that in Football ManagerThis might come as a shock but man utd was not struggling to win with Anderson in side fact good play fact but out now cleverly the buggers miss for Manu fact , but rossie and Rodwell fergie has said his self he a big big fan of both players , and as for saying rodwell not worth more than 6 mil sort it out 15 will get him tho


15 Dec 2011 14:11:55
Ed are there any Norwich transfer targets ? {Ed002's Note - I really don't have anything on Norwich right now.}(7)(8)Fraser forster up for sale in jauary if tim krul dosnt go to spurs he has been in excelent form lambert has been spoted at celtic. He would be a great addition and would be able to get him on the cheap.


15 Dec 2011 13:55:39
Who are liverpool interested in?(23)(24)Make someone up , the rest of your fans seem to on here!Torres to sell pies at half time!Adam matthews and beram kayal from celtic and nikica jelavic from rangersSome extra securityAlan Hanson, Ian Rush KK. They cant look forward, they live in the past. 19 ;)Who ever is worth 2 million that they can buy for 20 million !


15 Dec 2011 13:24:22
Miles Palmer reckons the Poldolski deal is almost done,no source though.(7)(10)Fair enough but to where?


15 Dec 2011 13:23:27
Just seen Alan Irvine on Hope Street in Liverpool next door to my work going into a building with someone who looked very much like Peter Ridsdale...

I know all you PNE fans want Davies to return, but looks like it could be another of your Ex managers becoming your next manager.(4)(14)Nope it wont be as it was hemmings who sacked irvine


15 Dec 2011 13:16:00
Sunderland to sign Jose Leonardo Ulloa - Almeria, Ola John - Twente and Kamel Ghilas from Reims.(8)(13)Ola John looks a prospectKamel Ghilas is only on loan at Reims, he's a Hull City player.Highly unlikely to be in for kamel ghilas. hes there on loan from hull city coz cant cut it in championship. that and his premier wages. but never got a look in here even with the st we had infront of him.


15 Dec 2011 12:50:42
Billy Davies in talks with PNE NOW!!(12)(6)No he is not stop making things up we wont get him ,we have no mmoney


15 Dec 2011 12:48:51
jelly defo gone in jan ally wants cash 7.5mill
sunderland,edu subjet to 2.5 mill qpr.
whiits subject to 3mill bid by fulham.
driver from hearts,templton hearts both 1.5mill
davidson st johnstone 1.5mill,looks good business
to me jelly is the onlyone of the trio who can improve
by the quality they are playing with(4)(13)Rubbish. So Rangers sell their striker and dont replace him garbage. Jelavic will go if someone offers the 10mm Rangers have already stated as their valuation.Utter garbage, no source no truth, end ofNobody in there right mind will pay 10 million for jelly baby


15 Dec 2011 12:48:40
southampton football club set to make an for the young M?ɬ?nchengladbach and german goalkeeper who last year won young goalkeeper of the year the 19 year old is expected to sign a 5 year deal for fee of arounf £3 million(17)(16)I suspect this is a wind up as the keeper in question made a Bart style gaff in the U23 game this week - Janis Blaswich I think his name is.


15 Dec 2011 12:46:10
middlesbrough will listen to offers for matthew bates in january with swansea interested, boro want £1.5m for their captain. however boro will gamble on tony mcmahon, barry robson, justin hoyte whose contracts are all up at the end of the season as they look to get back into the premier league. tony mowbrays top priority is to bring a striker in with jutkiewicz, becchio, arnaud and havenaar all mentioned. boro face competition from southampton for jutkiewicz, becchio's price tag will be too high for boro's budget , arnaud and havenaar will be available for no more than £500,000 so they are boro's more realistic targets(8)(8)


15 Dec 2011 12:18:41
is there any truth about
time cahill or leighton baines coming stoke?(9)(25)No, Stoke only sign Spurs rejects!Cahill is a possibility but Baines not so muchYeah...... sat 14th april 2012 3pm kick off they'll be the ones wearing blueCahill was subject of 8m bid from Stoke in august, which was only rebuked because arteta went to arsenal. There is a growing rumour in Stoke that a undisclosed fee has been agreed with everton 4 baines and it now down to the player. Baines would b the left back we have been crying out 4 {Ed025's Note - keep the crying going...hes going nowhere!A bold statement Ed025, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this one. Everton have financial pressures and if they want to compete in the transfer Market then they will have to sell 1st. Baines huth shawcross wilkinson what a Stoke rear guard that would be {Ed025's Note - it would be good mate..but baines would cost 25m, and i cant see you paying that..Lets put this one to bed nop there is no realistic truth whatsoeverIf Baines was going to leave (which I doubt) it would be for a better team than Stoke.

He's CL standardSame applies for cahill he is way better than stoke city


15 Dec 2011 11:32:37
Four players are set to leave Wolves in the January transfer window as Mick McCarthy looks to make space and funds for new signings.
Sam Vokes, who is currently on loan at Burnley, will sign a loan deal with Cardiff. The Championship side are keen to recruit in the attacking positions after losing so many to other clubs in the last few years. Vokes could sign permanently if the Welsh side manage to get into the top flight.
Michael Kightly, who is also on loan elsewhere at Watford, will sign a loan deal with Sheffield United. United are keen to tie down the winger to help regain his fitness for nest season. Kightly will sign a new deal before he leaves so he knows where is future is at.
Andy Keogh could make a surprise move to the USA. The Republic of Ireland striker is on loan at Leeds at the moment but is keen on a different challenge and could join MLS side San Jose Earthquakes.
Serbian international Nenad Milijas could be surprise departure. The midfielder will join German side Stuttgart. The former Red Star Belgrade player is keen on starting fresh in another country and is set to sign a three year deal.(0)(23)Keogh told Yorkshire radio he wanted to join us permanentlyLikely to be out for 6 months, which would still be more productive than Torres.This is utter crap keogh has said publicly he wants to join leeds on a permanent deal and why would vokes and kightley want to change their loan club whgen they are settling in nicely AL


15 Dec 2011 11:17:40
Barcelona are apparently closing in on two Chelsea youngsters in Sam Monjack and Charlie Colkett. The two are said too be very technically gifted, and would suit the Spanish game.(11)(16)


15 Dec 2011 10:40:54
Next month will be the key to harrys plan a few in's and out's.


KaKa Loan till end of seasson
Berbatov 12 milion


Pav 8 million
Huddlestone 7 million
dos santos 6 million
gomez 5 million

Fingers crossed this is true(25)(26)Sorry mate but berbatov, no mater how good he was at the lane, will not be welcomed back!Huddlestone will not be leaving, he is still out injuredPav we will only get about 6for i would take it huddlestone needs to prove fitness . i would have berbatov back he was happy playing here and playing at his best5million for Gomez?!7 million for huddlestone?? The guys crockedYou cant pay the wages for your other loan sighning so why would kaka come to you of all clubs he would go to chelseaOracle, are you at it again!!I think you missed a figure in front of Huddlestone's price but either way he's not going anywhere, one because Harry loves him and two he won't be fit until FebI'd love Berba back and so would many Spurs fans, I don't know why you assume he wouldn't be welcome back, some might not but loads would love to see him backTrying to win the league with loan signings whose wages they can't afford to pay?! Where would Kaka play in Spurs team anyway with Modric and Van Der Vaart?Kaka is not coming thats like saying barca want van persi and are trading messi for him


15 Dec 2011 09:50:19
David Templeton and Andrew Driver to Rangers in Jan.(9)(20)Cant see much being done until the tax case is finalised.Getting these players for nothing In Jan would in turn generate a selling on Value of around 2 million pounds each a year down the Line! This denotes good business and therefore Mr Whyte may allow the transfers. Carlos Cuellar also on cards to come back to Ibrox!Might happen cos of the crisis at hearts. wood be good for free but would nae pay 1.5 mil for them.. especially driverNo chance of david templeton signing for the rankers as he is celtic madHardly celtic mad his middle name is "Cooper"His dad Is rangers mad and named him after davie cooper but his mums a celtic fan ... but common sense would prevail and he would join the team that wins things


15 Dec 2011 09:20:48
Manchester United have no choice but to reinforce in jan due to the unfortunate extended break that Fletch has to take and the obvious Striker crisis going on at the club. With that in mind Sir Alex has 4 players on his transfer list of which he will sign two.

Midfielders: Kaka and wesley sneijder
Strikers: Steven Fletcher and Lukas Padolski

FYI The Man U man!(14)(37)I think spurs get first option on madrid cast off's due to madrid having first refusal on bale, so kaka could, COULD, go to spurs on loan?Fletcher is not gd enough for united lets be realBe real - what Is Berba, Hernandez and Rooney performing better? Only Striker better at the moment in the EPL than Fletcher is RVP - FACT!Lol!!!!! Steven fletcher?? And why would united buy kaka?? And wes? Both attack minded? Get off football managerAbove post awesome Fletcher is better than Rooney ha haSaid performing better - not a better player! Ok so Who have Man U signed Who is of Wes/Kaka Class recently? Fletch is a 20 goal a season Striker when In a team Like UTD. Man U fans need to face reality - your not the Daddy's of the EPL anymore!Utd do need a new creative player. Berba is class but not consistent enough and I think too much is expected of Rooney and Hernadez. Yes they are on big bucks and fans should expect performances but the imagination and creativity has gone. Most importantly, get rid off Johhny LIABILITY Evans


15 Dec 2011 08:04:37
Lots of rumours starting to spread around Molinuex. Expect no major leavers in the window. Wolves are preparing themselves for bids for Fletcher but will fend them off. Fletcher is in the same boat as all other first team squad members who have been told that there situations will be reviewed IF Wolves were to be relegated. Therer are plans in place to spend during this window ans sources say around £10m is available to MM if he wants it. Diame of Wigan is a definate target, as is McCormack at Leeds. Wolves are also hoping to use the loan market with a move for a foreign striker currently playing with a La Liga side in Spain already set up. But no name as yet. MM has also been seen at numerous reserve fixtures involving the Top 4 clubs. Moves for fringe players at both Arsenal and Man Utd are possible, with Frimpong and Macheda thought to be the 2 possible players in question. It will be a busy month no doubt. Hope that we can bring in some quality. We will need it in depth for the long winter ahead.(5)(12)I hope we get Diame & the Spanish league striker & a defender.COYW


15 Dec 2011 08:02:16
Swindon Town are set for a massive overhaul after manager Paolo Di Canio declared the club could go bankrupt if certain players don't leave in the transfer window.
Goalkeeper Phil Smith is subject of a undisclosed bid from Championship side Brighton. Gus Poyet is keen on some more compeition in the goalkeeping spot and could see a bid of around £120,000 accepted by the cash strapped League 2 side.
Former Celtic youngster Simon Ferry, is currently in talks with League 1 highflyers Charlton. Ferry is keen on testing himself in the Championship and sees promotuion with Athletic as vital for the seond half of the season.
Club captain Paul Caddis, who also joined from Celtic, is subject of a undisclosed offer from Hibernian. Caddis is rumoured to be wanting a move back to Scotland to play back in the SPL and sees a deal to 'Hibs' as something he wouldn't be able to turn down.
22 year old defender Callum Kennedy, who has rumoured to be in talks over the last few weeks with a number of League 1 and Championship sides, is in talks with Bury. Bury boss Richie Barker is keen on bringing the defender to the North West and could see a deal signed even before the 1st of January on a pre contract.
18 year old forward Jordan Pavett, who was known for signing a contract with Town after a sucessful trial in January this year, is in talks with League 2 riuvals Aldershot. Dean Holdsworth is keen on signing the former Ipswich youngster after Pavett was told he can leave Swindon for free during the transfer window.
Will Evans, who is currently on loan at Hereford, is subject of a loan bid from rivals Bristol Rovers.
Another player set to leave the club, who is currently out on loan is Billy Bodin. Bodin is on loan at Torquay and is interesting a number of clubs, including Championship side Peterborough. Manager Darren Ferguson is interested in the potential of the Wales under 21 striker and could see a deal of around £200,000 accepted.
The last player set to leavel Town is Italian defender Alessandro Cibocchi. The former Torino player is expected to join Serie B side Ancona.(7)(12)Total rubbish Oxford fans trying a wind up. Dont believe any of the rubbish written here.Utter crap!!!! we will not sell any of our best players
Poxford best watch out second time around we will batter you on and off the pitch
your looking pretty sitting in 10th by the wayObviously dont know the team well enough to make up a decent rumour do you my little yellow friend, Ferry loves it at town FACT, Caddis Captain, loves it at Town FACT, Kennedy not going anywhere you should have made up more about our financial situation, only last week Wray came out and said he will release funds for PDC to buy up to 5 players in Jan...... some players will be leaving, but only players who aren't wanted !What a load of rubbish swindon have one of the richest boards in englandWell the comment about swindon having one of the richest boards is rubbish they arent rich but by all means arent poor!Don't know why people are saying Swindon are in money troubles? Utter bullocks if you ask me. League 1 for the Town!Do your homework my Yellow friends if you look at the owners of STFC you will see theur wealth.

Hard luck try another ficticious story.First part of this rumour is laughable, Smith , ferry Caddis and Kennedy going nowhere....Pavett , evans , Cibocchi yes , Bodin probably notLeague 1? Can't see you making the play offs personally


15 Dec 2011 07:42:57
Jimmy Bullard is set to leave Ipswich Town in January after an argument with manager Paul Jewell. Bullard had a disagreement after a number of players slagged the former Fulham player off about his wages to Jewell and his boss seemed to agree with them. Cardiff City boss Malky Mackay seems to be in the race for Bullard for a loan deal with a possible permanent deal until the end of the season.(16)(6)Jimmy Bullard to join Cardiff City on loan until July 2012 with a permanent deal in mind.This is because whittenham is to be sold in the jan windowWould,nt touch him with a bargepole ,my mate an ipswich fan tells me he causes
dressing room unrest as very high opinion of
himself,my opinion vasly overated and deffo
overpaidHe did score two crackers against you last year didnt he?If as some of you are suggesting Bullard has a big ego and causes problems ,i don't think MM would sign him as he seems to want everyone together.He does not cause problems at all he's the most popular player in the dressing room

itfc fan


15 Dec 2011 07:39:50
Keisuke Honda of CSKA Moscow is in talks with Bayer Leverkusen in Germany. The Japan international is keen on a move away from the Russian side after delcaring he wants a proper shot of getting into the quarter finals of the Champions League. Honda is expected to cost the German side around £15 million.(6)(4)


15 Dec 2011 07:20:29
Heard from a good source that Ross McCormack will be sold to Wolves in January, with Billy Sharp coming in.(15)(19)Villa & Wolves are both going for Sharp with Wolves leading the pack with Ikeme already on loan with Doncaster.Leeds will never pay the 3m required to get Sharp.Hull city are lining up a cheeky bid for billy sharp in jan, unless promotion push derailed by then.Rumour rd keepmoat sharpe going no where as he'll not pass a medicial


15 Dec 2011 07:07:39
David villa will be sold in January to make room for neymar. Liverpool and Chelsea interested(20)(27)And man utdDavid Villa won't leave BarcaThat a fake rumour neymar has already agreed to sign for real madrid at the january when the brazilian season ends that wasagreed in july {Ed002's Note - There is no such agreement.}He aint moving anywhere with his broken leg


15 Dec 2011 05:14:41
Liverpool to bid for van persie 28m(15)(48)Seeing as you paid 30 odd million for Carol the donkey what makes you think you'll get RVP for 28? what makes you think he'll leave Le Arse for a toilet team like Liverpool? you sir are a clown, a massive clown. Next.Haha toilet team? started winning a few games this season have we? arsenal arn/t exactly barcelona! sorry but arsenal do not have the quality to win anything at the moment! its only a matter of time until RVP leaves for bigger and better things, just like fabregas did, if it wern't for RVP you would be in the bottom half with your squad which on the whole is pants!People in glass houses, where would liverpool be without suarez, oops we are about to find out.Who makes this stuff up no chanceGuess it's better than a drunk with a pony tail, cheaper too.R-V-P to Liverpool? I can smell bullshepI agree with some comments I think rvp will go and maybe Liverpool stranger things have happened but 28m come on if you going to make st up at least make it sound realistic


15 Dec 2011 05:13:42
Liverpool could make a bid for tevez as spurs show interest(19)(36)Teves does not want to play in England , he wants to play for Boca JnrsYes he will move to a bigger club either man city or big italian club but liverpool how liverpool fans make me laff lol more chance of him coming to spursCorrect me if I'm wrong but he plays for Man City already?Thats why he wants to Liverpool are a much bigger club than spurs...not a Liverpool fan but come on?!?!?! CCFC!!


15 Dec 2011 02:06:07
Japanese attacking midfielder/FK taker Keisuke Honda to move to a bigger european club after he finishes the russian season with CSKA Moscow in the summer? {Ed002's Note - Russian season finishes in late November/early December.}(8)(9)I meant winter, oopps :)


15 Dec 2011 02:06:07
Japanese attacking midfielder/FK taker Keisuke Honda to move to a bigger european club after he finishes the russian season with CSKA Moscow in the summer?(7)(8)



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