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21 Aug 2013 23:28:35
Middlesbrough are planning a final bid for Ross McCormack which totals £1.8m and an agreement to loan Marvin Emnes to Leeds until January to cover for their loss.

Sources also tell me that wantaway Rhys Williams could potentially be signed by Celtic before the end of the window.

Come on TM starting to smell of desperation time to find someone else. But then again we always pay over the odds for forwards who in the end forget how to put the ball in the back of the net the net, Davenport, Alves are just 2 that spring to mind. There must be a plan B or C as the Gazette keep reporting?

22 Aug 2013 07:38:17
Get diouf in he will be our main man

Celtic couldn't afford Rhys Williams and no disrespect I don't see him dropping into the Scottish league and also looks like there out of the champions league, as for the Celtic striker we are linked with he can't even get into the Celtic squad let alone first team, tony Mowbray wouldn't know a good player if Leo messi walked in his changing room hense his treatment of Luke Williams, Adam reach and Curtis main 3 very talented kids who don't get a look in

Williams doesn't want to leave he signed a five year contract last year

Iv heard rumour boro trying to sign becchio from norwich

According to tv middlesbrbrough are planning a 1.8m bid for our of favour becchio and if that fails he will set his sights on vaz te after being told by Gibson to buy now.


The bid is actually a £2m package and remains on the table. Emnes is not part of the deal and never would be. Please reseearch begore posting.

Boro have just had a bid accepted by Norwich for 6 foot 3 Norwich defender Daniel Ayala, 22.

Bechio may follow for £1.8 million in the next few days

The only desperation I can smell is fans posting their own impatience and desparation. Calm down boys and girls TM has a Plan B & C but why should he show his hand to Joe Public and alert the competition.

TM has said many times, keep calm and judge the team from 2nd September! PS can I play poker with you?

Few points, 1/If emnes goes the other way then we are no better off with regard to competition for places which is what we need. 2/if this lad is on loan from Celtic and can't make their team then he really can't be very good. 3/still suspect we will take this up to deadline day, fail then say we tried. 4/ if Williams goes we need 2 centre halves and as with the forwards we can't seem to sign one let alone 2!

Haha diouf he's a joke. We boo him every time he's at the riverside for spitting at a kid! N also he's hardly a 20goal a season striker. Reports elsewhere is that we're in for becchio 1.8m. 100 times better than McCormack or diouf!

This is a load of rubbish its 2m and no loan

If diouf signs i'll start following badminton

If boro do get Ayala and Becchio andd possibly Mccormack we will definitely get promoted. UTB

Ross isn't going anywhere the sooner you boro fans realise that the better for your sake



21 Aug 2013 22:29:51
Peterborough United want to sign Livingstone's Stefan Scougall

Fits the criteria for POSH signings but personally I had not heard of him before. :-)



21 Aug 2013 20:59:44
Liverpool will be busy over the next 5 days bringing in 3 players.

Yarmelenko 15m
Papadopoulos 12m
Hughes 7.8m

also there possibility of a loan bid for Scott Sinclair to add more depth.


21 Aug 2013 21:28:52
Yarmelemko no. Papadopolos too good for bench. Hughes yes

22 Aug 2013 13:05:32
Hughes won't leave for under 12 million



21 Aug 2013 20:21:17
Stoke have bid £6 million for Chelsea winger Victor Moses

21 Aug 2013 22:21:18
No chance for 6mill

Take him on loan for the season, he's got no chance of playing any games for chelsea this year



21 Aug 2013 18:49:58
Barnsley have signed Marcus Pedersen on a one year loan from Vitesse Arnhem

Could mean that the other options haven't gone well?

Looks a good player likes to attack the ball and like to get into box, might be a good signing, fingers crossed :)

22 Aug 2013 17:28:13
Paddy mccourt signed a one year deal today



21 Aug 2013 18:41:11
wba are looking to sign stokes matty etherington

I hope not we still need him

I say Only if they take Jones too for a combined fee of £5m



21 Aug 2013 17:26:30
Barnsley are interested in vitesse striker Marcus Pedersen.



21 Aug 2013 17:34:12
yeovil Town are set to sign Yeovil Old boy Andy Williams from Swindon on a free transfer.

This rumour isn't true as there isn't enough evidence to prove its going to it was brought up on the radio once and then was never heard again

Good they can have him been very poor player for us

Really?championship player is he oh ok

Yeovil are not interested in signing him, he is not good enough for championship level he is struggling to score league one

Don't make me laugh, why would they want him? He can't even score in league 1 let alone the championship he has been very disappointing for months now highly over rated. I will pay his train fair if you want him.

I like Williams when I've seen him play but his finishing doesn't match his build up play.

Yes I can see this happning good move for williams, then swindon can bring in a finsher who knows where the goal is, williams is a great guy
& has great pace.

Decent bloke who puts his hands up to not performing. He has the ability but not the confidence at thr moment. I am sure he will get going soon.

Sorry Swindon and Yeovil fans but this is true, it will come to pass next week, Swindon already have his replacement lined up who can play wide or through the middle and is a proper championship player, Swindon need Williams, Caddis and Benson off the payrole, Caddis is involved in a swap for the new player, it will happen next Tues/Weds, whilst Benson will go to Luton on Friday

Please take him, I will drive him myself. Worst striker we have had since Eric Sabin!.

Club have already confirmed they are not interested and have no idea how this rumour came about.

Let him go couldn't hit a barn door

He is on his way there Monday for talks

22 Aug 2013 13:16:43
Please take him he's crap couldn't finish a bag of crips

Swindon manager this morning has confirmed intrest from yeovil

Rubbish, it has been confirmed by Swindon paper that yeovil have made a tentative enquiry to take AW back to Yeovil

Williams is not a natural goal scorer but he is one of our most skillful players so hopefully we will keep hold of him. I've got a feeling the finishing will come and when it does he'll easily be one of the best players in league one.

If this does happen then any normal yeovil fan will be very unhappy with this move as he 'left for a bigger club' to fulfil his 'ambitions' so I personally as a lifelong yeovil fan would be very unhappy to see this turn into something concrete.

No any 'normal' fan wouldn't be bitter and twisted like that at all, all he did was leave after serving us very well now support him to serve us well again

Lol it happened



21 Aug 2013 17:33:40
Middlesbrough rumoured to have had a 1.2 million pound bid accepted for Celtic toward Mohamed bangura

I suspect he would be glad to get away from his Swedish nightmare and Celtic fans don't like him either interesting rumour though

I've seen two rumours today on ssn and the deals have been concluded today, why I ask does it take boro so long to get deals done, I really think that person don't get done get Dom negotiates for us!!

Who the hell is he, can't score many in Scotland no one ever mentions him. poor

Although there may be some truth to this rumour, I very much doubt anything has been agreed. Is deal smells of desperation. Vaz Te or Sharp please. JM

That's because he plays on loan from celtic to a club in sweden

22 Aug 2013 10:15:33
rubbish. he's on season long loan at elfsborg and they gave celtic 1 million. wouldn't be till swedish league ends
. bhoywonder



21 Aug 2013 17:15:57
Reading are close to confirming the signing of Sunderland Midfielder David Vaughan for £1m.

With Pavel Pogrebnyk looking to exit before the transfer window closes, the Royals are looking to bring in two new striking options:

Stoke are already considering a £3m bid for striker Cameron Jerome.

Meanwhile Nigerian international striker Joseph Akpala is on trial with the Royals ahead of a potential deal to join from Werder Bremen.

How about Rickie Lambert. reports coming in saying that Reading are interested in sign the 31 year-old
Hope it true

Nigel Adkins: "We were never ever in conversation with Rickie Lambert. He's a legend at Southampton, to even suggest he would be leaving there would be foolhardy. "

Domehow I think that means your reports are wrong

More chance of us signing Bale, Lambert will stay at Sot'on or go to another prem club, especially with the world cup coming and an international goal under his belt.

A possible return for Stephen Hunt has been rumoured. Apparantly inside info from his brother Noel Hunt who is now at Leeds

Stephen hunt is not coming back, and we certainly don't want or need him.



21 Aug 2013 16:54:47
Burnley are interested in bringing Frederico macheda on loan to turf moor after a move on an unnamed player was rejected

I'm a Burnley fan. He would get better offers, we can't contribute much to his assumed decent wages also.

Laughable. Burnley were interested in him during their spell in the Premier League and couldn't secure him. Why now?

Zero goals in 31 appearances over 3 years! Very poor player, Manchester United might see burnley as a team that could get something out of him!

We need a winger now never mind a forward who's going to replace wallace?

We need both!!



21 Aug 2013 16:12:45
Stoke City have offered £4 million for Valencia's Argentine forward Pablo Piatti

I hope this is true.

I really do hope this is true. He's an incredible player and is still relatively young.

Hey guys its not true



21 Aug 2013 16:11:55
Cardiff, Crystal Palace, Hull city and West Brom are all battling it out for £3 million rated Stoke Striker Jon Walters. He is deemed surplus to requirements, and Stoke are listening to offers for the hard working Irish forward

West brom don't need strikers

Fed up of all these rumours about this player and that player. If you don't want to spend your money Mr. Peace then get the coach/manager to play the players he has already at his disposal. Odemwingie may not be the fans choice at the moment but he works hard can score goals and cause havoc in the oppositions defense - USE HIM and let's try and get some points - If not then stop sitting on your wallet - Baggies forever

Stoke still need him. He may miss a penalty or two here and there but he's the one who gets us all our goals. Some people will disagree, but until we get one or two GOOD forward players, we still need him

Fed up with all the rumours? So why come onto a rumours website? I love rumours, makes football life so much more interesting!

But we do need signings peace please spend

No truth in this. It was posted before Palace not interested.

Would rather Peace sit on his wallet for this one!

We need belief, the baggies are not a championship club and never have been. jp needs to Make this clear and we might start winning again! From Southampton Baggie

I've seen this rumor about 20 times this year, it's not true, why would sell our best striker, which unfortunately he is, for a measly £3million, when Jones is apparently worth £4million.

One time baggie target french midfielder chantom has joined tolouse on season loan

We need some pace and some width, everyone knows that. What about someone like, errm, say, errm, someone like Peter Odemwingie - He'd cost £0, wouldn't add to the wage bill, he's fast, can play out wide and has a fantastic goals to games ratio in the prem
Just an Idea

"hard working" - yes. "forward" - no. he's the square root of useless. none of these teams wants to sign him, as he's USELESS.

Only problem is he doesn't like playing there that's the problem. To add to the shame Anelka has walked out! Kul



21 Aug 2013 16:10:11
Crystal palace are chasing Stoke City central midfielder Glenn Whelan and have offered £2.5 million for the Irish international



21 Aug 2013 16:06:56
Millwall linked with Stephen Hunt.



21 Aug 2013 16:03:22
albion to sign akpan from reading

What Albion burton, west brom, Brighton

Lol what Albion? can't see it being West Brom. And we wouldn't sell Akpan to Brighton

Seems likely he will get offloaded as new manager does not favour him, he is a talent and it would be a shame to lose him

22 Aug 2013 05:03:30
Send him back to Crawley

Agree with above, go back to crawley, waste of time

Not sure who i'd rather have out of Akpan or Leigertwood, if he does go the things ill always remember THAT shot at St. James Park that went backwards and turned into an assist for Le Fondre

If you are unsure as to who youd rather out of Akpan and Leigertwood then you need your head testing! Akpan looked comfortable on the ball with a lot of energy and a good passing ability (adkins style). Leigertwood however, wouldn't look out of place on Blackpool beach. how the guy ever became a footballer is beyond me.

Akpan is very very good, but I think we are forgetting the Leig is a very good player and really fell in the premier league! In the championship he was one of our best players!



21 Aug 2013 16:02:07
Middlesbrough now perusing Vaz Te. Trying to push a deal through quickly as to spare time in the Transfer Window.

Hp so he's far better and fits the bill for me like vaz te good for me any one else?

Vaz Te would add vital pace and direction in attack. He knows the league. However, for me Billy Sharp is more of a natural goalscorer. Getting both would be wishful thinking. JM

Not me
Vaz te has a very poor goals to game's ratio.
Can no one else see that?

Vas te has a poor goals to games ratio in the premier league, in his last season in the championship he got 12 in 18, which is 2 goals in 3 games. Anything but poor



21 Aug 2013 14:29:15
Stephen hunt coming to Millwall

Lets hope so

We need to ship some dead wood out first woolford, malone osbourne
Marquis out on loan to start with.

Woolford scored 2 free kicks in the U21's against Palace the other day, one being touted as one of the best free kicks people have seen, he's also scored one of only 2 goals scored this season, why should he be on the off list? If anything Lomas should give him a chance!

I agree - considering the few games he has had & irregular first team football his strike rate is better than Henry who can't seem to hit the target at the moment - Henry can be a really good player - don't know why he should be struggling. Come on JH & the others let's get some goals - they are due. Like to see Robinson back in team as I think big Danny needs a rest for a couple of games to reflect on stuff. then come back stronger. I count 26 first team players which is not really excessive although I can see if one of strikers wants to leave for lack of games - all others will get used during season - just if SL thinks they are good enough to stay or wants to replace with new signings. number wise surely risky to cut too many out.



21 Aug 2013 13:58:36
Stoke are set to bid £4 million for Valencia Attacker Pablo Piatti

Etherington is also set to leave Stoke for Milwall

Hope so



21 Aug 2013 13:55:18
Everton's george green to sign on loan for huddersfield town in the near future, details to be ironed out. Fact as I was there when his agent phoned him. He is keen for this to go through as limited game time for everton but is highly regarged amongst the goodison park halls.

This lad is class, but is he physically ready yet to play champ football? or to add something straight away for our first team. not arguing that this lad is a class act tho.

Doubt it, we have enough midfielders and because of his age wouldn't this have to be a youth loan with strict conditions on senior game time.

21 Aug 2013 23:48:08
Think you will find when signed from bradford they asked for first refusal if Everton decided to loan him out



21 Aug 2013 13:48:10
Steve Jennings and gary mcsheffrey to have trails at shrewsbury this week to a view of two year deals for both players

McSheffrey is too old and has too big a mouth for Turner to consider him; Town don't need another central midfielder. Very unlikely there is any substance to this.

Town don't need anymore Central midfielders, summerfield and wildig haven't done nothing wrong! We need a striker

Wildig, Summerfield, McAllister and Woods have done nothing wrong - central midfield is covered.

Apparently Paul Benson is considering a move to us but Bradford and Luton are also interested

Jennings can play in defence mainly at right back and he is a free transfer as coventry are letting players go

Strikers required, has been so for months now, still in the same position as pre season, only one fit striker on the books?



21 Aug 2013 13:13:10
Andy Williams to sign for Yeovil next week fee agreed.

Yeovil FC are also looking at Watford FC goalkeeper Callum Brazier

We don't want andy williams swindon fans your just mad we made u pay high wages for an average player

No it is true. Weve made an enquiry nothing for definite through. As a yeovil fan I don't want anything more to happen. To leave us then come back becausewl we got promoted.

Club have already confirmed this isn't true. Also, in reply to the first post (which is completely unrelated I might add), we already have 5 keepers on our books at the moment. Why on earth would we want another?

I am working at the club, and I can confirm there has been talks but nothing will happen. They couldn't come to a mutual agreement as wiliams wanted more than Yeovil were offering. END OFF.

So much for you working at the club or I guess they don't discuss transfers with the carpark attendant



21 Aug 2013 12:52:33
McNally said to the swedish papers that 2 players could be joining before the window closes. Could be Steven Defour and Mitchell Dijks.

Defour to which club?



21 Aug 2013 12:23:29
Southampton and Newcastle Chase Slovenian Midfielder Goran Cvijanovic, scouts from both clubs were spotted at yesterdays match



21 Aug 2013 11:53:07
Matt fryatt signing for barnsley today, having medical this afternoon. Fee been agreed

Marcus Pederson signed

Marcus pedersen signed on loan for a year too



21 Aug 2013 10:09:41
stoke could potentially tie up a loan deal for Jermaine defoe before there game with crystal palace on saturday

I hope so at least we will have someone who can score from the penalty spot. potter kev.

Stoke are one of my teams to go down mh proved at qpr he is clueless and will not attract any decent players he can't offer silly money for players now

I still don't see this happening unless tottenham are seriously considering picking up another striker before the end of the transfer period. They don't have much cover in the striking department especially since adebayor is I injury prone.

Why is Mark Hughes clueless? explain how you have come up with this decision. He took over a poor QPR side and kept them up in his first year. They actually went down with Redknapp in charge and he spent money on players who they are now trying to offload as they cannot afford to keep them. He was doing a decent job at Man City with some good signings and it only came to an end when new owners wanted a more "sexy manager"

Mark Hughes spent absolute millions and ended up with a lower PPG than Warnock. Stoke got the wrong QPR reject.



21 Aug 2013 08:04:31
Gillingham are close to signing talented young prospect Harry Lee from Leyton Orient after he has grown frustrated with a lack of first team action. Bradley Dack could be heading the opposite way as part of the deal.

Allen rates Dack very highly, so I doubt we would sell Dack or get rid on the cheap.

Harry lee signed his pro deal in May for Orient and the season finished, so he would hardly have had first team opportunities. So I doubt very much this would be true, especially as Dack is being held in such high regard by the management at Gills atm.

21 Aug 2013 14:49:28
Bradley Dack is the next Frank Lampard (!) - I would doubt he would be going to Orient unless it was for a loan.

Never heard of Dack, but I will take Their supporters word, that he is the best thing since sliced bread.
In that case I'm sure it would only be a good thing for the player and Gillingham, if the O's had Dack on Loan for six months or so, with Lee going the other way.



21 Aug 2013 09:32:29
Willian transfer to Spurs isn't quite done and dusted It's because Liverpool want an answer from Arda Turan before they decide whether to match Spurs offer.

I think you will find that Willian has already completed his medical at spurs



21 Aug 2013 09:03:52
Matty phillips will be reunited with Ian Holloway as long as he can prove his fitness before the transfer window closes in a deal to be worth around 4.5 million

Puncheon, Matty P, Grandin, Dobby & Kev P.

It's like Ollie is trying to recreate Blackpool down at Crystal Palace.

Just 1 player missing. Gary taylor Fletcher. !



21 Aug 2013 08:58:39
Haris Vuckic to sign 6 month loan deal for the Bantams from Newcastle

Vuckic is training at Rawdon with the squad today but from a conversation PP was having with a journo, it has not yet been agreed that he will be joining Bradford. More discussions are planned but it is premature to say he has joined on loan as yet. Other clubs are interested in him.

Reported on Telegraph and Argus website that he is training and has played in a 'behind closed doors' games vs Accrington, also I believe he scored in the game.

Almost there. Will be a season long loan. PP

Loan deal agreed starting on Saturday vs Sheffield United

Starting Saturday wow so whos he replacing the captain of the side or the most consistent player this season?

Gone back to NUFC and will play against Morecambe on Wednesday. PP will review the situation next week after the game

No it hasn't. He's gone back to Newcastle until after the Morecambe League Cup game. Something may happen afterwards.

Not coming this week and will play for Newcastle against Morecambe midweek

I doubt that a loan deal has already been finalised. PP is planning to watch Vuckic play for Newcastle's reserves next week against Morecambe

Wrong. Has gone back to NUFC for the morecambe tie. PP said may re visit next week.

May miss out if he plays well midweek then I'd expect a few lower Championship clubs to be looking at him now its common knowledge he's available for a loan.



21 Aug 2013 08:51:07
Barnsley make 800 000 bid for mattey fyratt

In hull local paper say he want's to stay and fight for his place at hull.

No we haven't! speculation is that Hull may want 800k!

South African, Ex -Leeds United, David Somma also on the radar!
Anyone know much about him?


Very good player just injury prone, if he came and we got him fit leeds my regret letting him go.



21 Aug 2013 07:38:32
Barnsley FC put in a £800k for Matty Fryatt. Money from Stones sale

Sincerely hope this is true. I said weeks ago he is exactly what we need lethal around box

Lets hope we get him



21 Aug 2013 06:48:03
West brom look to push billy Jones to a midfielder role and look to disenchanted rb bardsley for a sum around 2m

21 Aug 2013 10:19:28
doubtful, bardsley broke his foot recently and will be out for some time

I think we should pull out of Sinclair deal he's not worth it we will get somebody good eventually

Despite the fact that Beardsley is awful

Are you serious or mr peace or a relative that's worried about their inheritance because obviously you don't watch wba because we were shocking in the first half (outplayed by a good Southampton team, no disrespect intended )but a game in which we thought wouldve been 3pts. so to say to leave this deal because we will get someone better, eventually. 1 when, we have wasted time. forget it

Yes I agree west brom won't push through Sinclair deal so let's stop messing around and go for some one that wants to come to west brom we should not even go for Moses because he won't won't to come to west brom ever

Beardsley was actually ok in his day. Bardsley is awful.

My point exactly get players who won't to come to us Sinclair knows he will get a better offer the longer he waits its so long since he played I ain't got a clue if he's still any good

Sinclair does want to come to west brom it's got nothin to do with that its about man city wanting to get back the 6 million they payed for him

Sinclair has made it clear that we are his first choice? A quality player, i'd take him anyday



21 Aug 2013 02:12:51
Derby county striker Nathan Tyson (31) is to be loaned out to league one side Walsall until January

Tyson is transfer listed by the rams and does not have a squad number

Another one of those players that looks decent is a strong side but as soon as they move to a side that are struggling their performances dip.

Think Derby ruined him a bit. Would be a good move to get his confidence back in League One.

Derby didn't ruin him. he's just rubbish.

Sorry but it looks like Swindon have bought him!



21 Aug 2013 01:38:28
Scouts from several Premier League clubs including Man United have been checking on the progress of highly-rated' Doncaster left back, James Husband.

Another great performance by the lads would have won if wellens hadn't had to go off early second half with injury hope its not serious couldn't help but to be impressed with husband surely destined for the big time

United won't be following up the Baines offer then?

James Husband is the best young left back outside The Premier League. Manchester Utd would probably see him as "one for the future"

There is no way that Rovers will be able to hang on to young james longterm.
He has a very bright future in the game.

He's worth at least a couple of million. To be so young and versatile is rare. We won't hang on to him and he'll leave within the next 18 months but let's hope we get some compensation for the loss of such a promising player.



21 Aug 2013 01:14:07
Haris zuckic signing on 6 month loan from newcastle. 20 year old highly rated striker.

Signing for who?

It's Vuckic

21 Aug 2013 13:48:59



20 Aug 2013 23:35:49
Haris vukic played in a behind closed doors match at vp today, with a view to a loan signing. The Newcastle youngster is returning from injury.



20 Aug 2013 23:28:27
Jordan Gele put another quality performance and scored against Accrington Stanley on Tuesday, Bradford City are currently under going negotiations with the French men, expected to have a deal sorted by the end of the week.

I thought it was the mystery trialist who scored, the one that looked very much like haris vuckic of Newcastle united. Jele did play but he has been with us for 2 weeks now and isn't a mystery trialist.

He didn't score, it was vucksic from newcastle who scored the goal and was on trial with a view to be loaned out for 6 months

Actually it was 2-0 and connell got both.

Actually - It was 3-0.

It was 3-0! connell got 2 and a mystery trialist.

Actually it was 3-0 and Donnell scored two and Vuckic scored one!

Actually donnell didn't score any it was connell



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