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21 Aug 2012 23:21:09
Everton to step in with a loan bid of their own for Spur's Huddlestone as to strengthen the central midfield after the selling on of Rodwell

We don't need Huddlestone, we have enough midfield players e.g Fellaini, Gibson and Junior.

We do not have enough midfielders. Fella is clearly going to play further up the pitch meaning that we only really have Gibson and (the unproven) Junior. I can't see us loaning Huddlestone (why would Spurs loan him to us when they can apparently sell him to Stoke?) but the lack of common sense from some of my fellow blues is beginning to annoy me.

He's signed for stoke source Ssn and he's had a medical this morning

Hes signed for Stoke so unlucky!!



21 Aug 2012 22:10:53
Bizarrely the on / off Constable move may be back on.

JC left out tonight as Wilder insists he is no longer first choice at the club.

Bristol Rovers now to decide if they still want to do business...

Where did you see or read or hear that Wilder said Constable is no longer first choice. He did not play last night, apparently said Radio Oxford, due to a slight groin twinge. The Chairman has publicly said he does not expect any comings or goings at the Kastad. That its a squad game and anticipating a number of long term injured players back as soon as....So there has not been any further contact about Beano, thats not to say that if a good offer came in for Beano or anyone else come to talk of it, it would not be considered

This will not happen as he had his chance to move and did not take it plus dont rate him

Dont want him

McGhee has already said he is looking to Eliot Richards to step-up now. He's done with Constable.

Don't want him don't need him



21 Aug 2012 21:57:32
Looks like QPR are trying to hijack the Ki Seung Yung transfer. Have reportedly bid £7m!



21 Aug 2012 20:50:37
carlisle will sign a young striker from
middlesbrough (curtis main)

Dont talk sh.. fuller has gone to charlton instead of the boro what a joke or well bring on wickham would ov loved fuller i must say

Not with Boro having a lack of strikers at the moment. We need all we can get. If we were ok in that department then a loan would do him no harm.

Please send me some of what you are on at the moment!

I dont think curtis will be headin out on loan is middlesbrough only fit striker .

Boro may loan Main out on a short loan deal so he can gain first team football experience.

We'd only loan him out if we get another guy in (miller?)

Boro wouldnt loan him out n whoever posted this knows nothing about main or boro... In moggas words: He has an important part to play with boro this season along with reach, williams and Halliday so this post is laughable

Footballs always changing mate, if we have a new striker in, the juke fit, marvelous and ledesma...then main would be down the pecking order and in need of games. i agree the rumour is bull though

Yes mate u maybe right in that case but also we need cover in striking positions n main is not only a prospect he's good cover n the way it looks lately is that McDonald won't be here long niether n were only talking of getting 1 more striker in n it is looking pretty bare up front as it is but anyway I'm glad some1 else can see this rumour is bs

Just to add to this if some of you had any idea about the development of a young promising player ie Main in this case then a loan to a good L1 side would be good for him. Why do Premiership clubs loan out young players to championship sides. Experience!

We all know bout development n experience pal. But main is at the stage now where he would be developing the Carlisle squad! He's past the stage where L1 experience is gonna be of much use to him because he is already good enough to play at champo level!



21 Aug 2012 20:26:09
Just confirmed baldock has signed 3 year deal with bcfc. Listen to radio bristol city v palace deal done

What! Thought we didnt have the money! Lol at the people who dont have a clue! COYR!

Haha all them people who said city have no money and don't have the stadium to attract big players proved them wrong yet again, all we need now is dj campbell and a centre back maybe another midfeilder

BCFC dont have money... Baldock and Davies signed on condition 2 strikers leave.. expect Pitman 1st then Stead , Stead may stay if Adomah is sold) Bolassise (is getting sold as well, prfofit will out weigh the outgoing cash, it has to for the FFP rules

Pitman leaving yes stead no

Oh dear , still got so sados who just cant accept we have money ,would love to know who you support if i was a guesser i would say that team we feed all our rejects too...

If that the case then fair play , you get two yes two quality strikers, and still make a profit , there is a good buisness model,

Pitman and bolassise won't make us profit the most were get for both of them is under a mill so wheres the other 1.5 million going to come from then?

Maynard money was owed to city around 800,000 so that was taken off baldock transfer we paid around 500,000 and Davies cost 750,000 so total of 1,250,000 and pitman,bolaise being sold will get is city only paying 250,000 and do not need to sell stead.we have done good buisness

I think though if we look at the fact we have jamo off the wage bill, along with all the other dead weight we shifted at the end of last season shows DM knows how to handle the finances and shows he has the knowledge in dealing with signings etc. a top top manager we have here!



21 Aug 2012 20:24:31
confirmed Sam Baldock HAS signed for Bristol City , come on ED get it on here quick so we can give it to all those who doubt we have money COYR {Ed003's Note - Done mate,sorry for the delay I was at a match }

I can see us finishing 8th 9th or 10th this year,but who knows now with our new attack! GOALS GALORE



21 Aug 2012 18:36:50
Hi eds, any walcott to liverpool rumours, thanks? {Ed003's Note - Nope}



21 Aug 2012 19:40:28
Blackburn rover are wanting kenwyne jones on season loan.

You can have the lazy person!!



21 Aug 2012 19:33:23
Sam Baldock on the brink of signing for Bristol City. Two days after Steve Davies signs for the Robins and a real boost for the Championship side who now stand a great chance of a promotion push. It is believed that DJ Campbell could still sign for the Ashton Gate side giving Derek McInnes a real chance of mounting an unexpected fight for Championship Success! Andre Amogou is also still in talks along with Buzacky. Watch this space as it will be an exciting run-in for the Robins!

More like a survival push. Decent signings , but nowhere near enough to make them promotion contenders.

So beating Palace 4-1 at home without Davies and Baldock isn't strong enough?

We played amazing without the two new strikers we now have a strong team with players who can gain us goals, hope del boy can get us into the play offs or even automatic promotion COYR

Surivial? yeah thats the main aim but i think if u saw us against palace AND cardiff it shows we definitely have goals in us! 8 in 2 home games isnt too shabby now is it? we have 5 very good strikers, who are all capable of scoring. so i think people should start taking us seriously as cardiff will verify, we are very very strong now!



21 Aug 2012 19:21:26
Stoke to sign Tom Huddlestone From Tottenham on a season long loan



21 Aug 2012 19:54:15
The Sam Baldock rumour has now hit the local paper , apparently he was in negotiations with Chairman who flew in from Gurnsey prior to the PAlace game



21 Aug 2012 19:48:33
Bristol City (in's)

DJ Campbell

Bristol City (Out)



We aint signing DJ it was smoke screen never was!

We are signing dj he's just got to agree a contract mate fact he will sign by the end of the week before we play bbbardiff,come on you reds!

Dj cambell talks failed

They haven't failed he's still in talks over wages and waiting to see what other options he has



21 Aug 2012 19:41:52
Sam Baldock set to sign for Bristol City
tonight or tomorrow all going on at Ashton Gate
I am ITK



21 Aug 2012 18:50:17
Plymouth Argyle to sign Hameur Bouazza. Heard it here first...

No chance

Hope so, how do you know

Would be a quality signing but wages?

Do yourselves a BIG favor & give him a very wide berth!!!!? {Ed003's Note - He is definately not one for harmony in the dressing room}

Don't think either would help us, by the sound of it. One can't score goals, the other sows discontent in the dressing room, apparently. Not a good recipe for salvation

David healy has signed a 1 year deal at bury

Bouazza lol ok then, why he would come here i dont know!!?? i would sign him on a one yr deal thats it. Jamie



21 Aug 2012 18:46:08
Fuller signs for Charlton - done deal

Good signing, natual ability and goalscorer. Any Stoke fans got an opinion? {Ed044's Note - Very good signing if he stays fit to play 90 mins a wk

Guirane N'Daw next in at charlton on Loan

Fuller, journeyman striker whose star is waning signs for Charlton whilst Rodri from Barca B signs for Sheffield Wednesday. Hmm I wonder who's getting the best deal?

Fuller, journeyman striker whose star is waning signs for Charlton whilst Rodri from Barca B signs for Sheffield Wednesday. Hmm I wonder who's getting the best deal?
God you lot just can't get enough of yourselves can you?

Erm Fulller every day proven goalscorer in english football . whats your spanish guy gonna do on a snowny tuesday night in Barnsley ;)

Fuller has been over here for 14 years and played for 4 clubs, last six seasons at Stoke, not sure 'journeyman' is a very accurate description. He's been Stoke's best player for the last 3, only a fall out with Pulis made him want to leave and 'come home' - it was Charlton who brought him over as an 18 year old. Scored plentry of goals in the prem, knocking in a few in the championship shouldn't be too hard for him - when he plays.

Considering rodri doesn't get into the squad of a second tier Spanish team and fuller is prem quality and has proved himself, you've got the better PROSPECT, we have got the better PLAYER

Who's getting the better deal? Someone who has played regularly in the Premier League or someone who can't get into Barceona reserves. I know who sounds like the better deal to me?

I love the MASSIVE fans.

was a top quality quote there

Let us see how many games he plays?

Good Signing if he plays, time will tell.. Keep the squad we ahve, were as good as anyone in that league...



21 Aug 2012 18:37:20
Swansea City have agreed fee for Ki Seung yueng fee believed be around 5 million, Pablo Hernandez will sign by saturday fee around 5 mill also and as sinclair is going swans are looking at Adomah of Bristol and Ince of Blackpool

Tom Ince( and more importantly his father) has made it perfectly clear h will not be moving from Blackpool this year

You can look all you like ince ain't going anywhere

How is it more important

It's more important as it is Tom's father who is controlling every move he makes.

Its more important because he listens to his dad, which he should as he wants the best for his son.

Ki deal. 6.3 million, 1.5 milloin in add ons depending on apperances and 15% sell on. Is the deal agreed

Just posted about the deal above although i am hearing the rumour out of Celtic today is that they are stalling on pushing the deal from Swansea through as QPR have came back in and celtic hoping to push the fee up. Looks like it is between these two clubs for Daves (Ki) signature. Great player but wasted in Scotland will see him do a good job in the EPL.


He Has already said he likes the swans style and the deal is done

End of the day if Celtic have agreed a price and Ki has agreed terms, they can't go back on a deal and QPR can do naff all... Fact!!



21 Aug 2012 18:09:18
Fuller has signed for Charlton...on ssn.

Good luck Ric - Stoke City LEGEND



21 Aug 2012 18:01:25
QPR looking at ricardo carvalho from real

Well done mate, good rumour. {Ed044's Note - well, he was right



21 Aug 2012 18:00:12
Talk in Glasgow that QPR are hi-jacking the Ki bid from your club.(celtic fan here) £8million up front + add ons and 20% sell on clause, joe67

After saturday QPR's priorities have changed a strong defensive mid and a top class cb will be in before the weekend. Shame its taken that defensive dispay to make Hughes realise how poor our CB' are.

The transfer fee is irelavaent now, Celtic have accepted swanseas bid so any other team only has to match it,,,, it will then come down to wages and/or signing on fee

Celtic can stop Ki from talking to Swansea if they receive a better offer. That's why a bidding war takes place.


If qpr put in 7 million cfc can stop ki from talking to swansea unless the match it



21 Aug 2012 17:16:19
Blackburn and Everton are battling to sign Kilmarnock winger Matt Kennedy. Both clubs have contacted Kilmarnock in the last week, with Kilmarnock seemingly looking for £100,000. Davie Weir at Everton has made Moyes aware of him.

I know for a fact from a kilmarnock first team player everton have bid!

How much have they bid? I would say Kilmarnock should get at least 200k plus add ons. He has a big future this lad.



21 Aug 2012 17:10:25
birmingham's curtis davies is likely stay
with them seen as norwich have signed
bassong and qpr making bid for dawson
if davies does leave peter clarke
number 1 target is blackpools baptiste

He's off to QPR

He will hopefully sign for Norwich ....

The only way Peter Clarke will sign Baptiste is if he buy Fifa 13.

Don't be silly fifa 13 really more like football manager 13

Why would Baptiste leave top of the league Blackpool for a club who are already 5 points behind them and only 2 games have been played.

You've hit the nail on the head there, only 2 games have been played. The table means nothing. Its all about money and with all due respect to Blackpool you arent all that flush. But then neither are Brum. Could happen if they find some cash from somewhere.

Peter Clarke? The Birmingham manager is Lee Clarke...

These games are a sign of things to come.

If you want to be pedantic its lee CLARK

There's some things written on here but 'Blackpool aren't all that flush' is right up there.

Presumably that's why we've turned down 5million for Matty Philips is it?
Given the money that's come in in recent years and the prudent/tight fisted (delete as applicable) way Karl Oyston runs things meaning there's no debt, we're 1 of the most cash rich clubs outside the Premier League
I suggest you look at the accounts and come back. {Ed003's Note - Well said}

Blackpool are 1 of only 4 teams in the top two divisions who have no debt at all.



21 Aug 2012 16:49:34
still big rumours about defoe leaving spurs QPR, sunderland and villa all interest. sources i know say its between villa and QPR but can see him ending up at QPR as he may not want to leave london how ever him and darren bent are every good friends so that coud swing him to villa park

Hope spurs bring in two strikers and sell us defoe. Him and Bent rotating between games would be sick

Or Bent could follow him to loftus rd



21 Aug 2012 16:29:19
Groves has stated that Bournemouth are expected to sign a winger in the next couple of days.

It's the worst kept secret ever that it's Matt Ritchie of Swindon, just wish it would hurry up because it's been dragging on for months now.. Pugh will then move to burnley

Scored against Crawley tonight?

Don't tell me, let me guess? ritchie arriving and pugh leaving for burnley! Heard that one so many times it has gone past 'rumour' status. Just watched bournemouth v mkdons and the crosses were awful making goal scoring difficult.
Maybe someone that can put pinpoint crosses into the box will be the final piece of the jigsaw.

Hopefully it is matt ritchie he is class and if we get anton robinson as well AFCB squad will be amazing

Yeah, its Ritchie.
Only trouble is, his match winning performance against Crawley, which has put the fee up to 30m. Still, thats small change to a big club like Muff.

I was told last night a club director that they bid for Rtchie a month or so ago and it was turned down so he won't be coming. I think we should concentrate on a new manager I heard we put in a bid for DiCanio and he will be here by Christmas! (only kidding Swindon Fans!)

Bournemouth squad is already amazing

You never know it may be Eccleston on loan?

Yes, but the manager groves is not amazing! just been on other afcb sites and it seems pretty clear that most fans don't rate him. Maybe saturday game against preston ne will be his last as the players don't seem to be playing as a team or at least for him. Does not matter how much russian millions and large ego mitchell spends on players, they need to be made into a team!

I agree with above post, groves hasn't got the minerals as a boss, we need someone with proper managerial experience, I'd like to see Harry given the reigns but as everyone knows, Harry wont come cheap but cross uncle Harrys palm with lots of silver and a release clause in his contract then I'm sure he would say yes

Wont be his last after only 3 games as permenant manager, he'll be given more time

Two days nearly up and no sign of new winger at bournemouth? NOw about groves, watched 11 competetive games since he was promoted from youth team manager, not one game have they been that good during his management spell. Three games in this season after spending millions and not getting any wins, this looks a long hard season with groves at the helm but feel urgent change in fortunes on saturday or his position will be in question.

The attitude of the players after the game against mk dons stinks they were moaning saying they will be punished for not wrapping up the game they were due in on there day off

That is probabally correct about afcb players, they seem to think they have a god given right to victory. Tomorrows game against preston should give indication of players character if they fight back to get the winner, or are they just groves' bunch of stinkers?

Groves needs to go, nice bloke but is not the right choice, I've warmed to Eddie Mitchell and now believe he has the best intentions of the club at heart but he can't seem to get the managers right. We were lucky with Eddie but that was a one off, we need an experienced leader, I don't look at the table and see us unbeaten I look at the table and see 4 points lost, we should of beaten Pompey and should of beaten a 10 man mk at home! This is supposed to be our season and we are already adrift

It will be Matt Ritchie

Another poor result today, we need a ruthless streak, we need a new manager now or season will be lost, we are the highest spending team in this division for the second transfer window running but still find ourselves in the bottom half. Don't give me all this "it's still early and nothing is won in august" tripe because we need to win our home games, we should be on 7 points atleast! The playing squad we have is immense



21 Aug 2012 15:38:45
Southampton are close to completing an £18m double deal for 21-year-old Uruguay winger Gaston Ramirez from Bologna and Blackpool's wantaway Matt Phillips, 21.
Source: Daily Mirror

Smoke and mirrors!!!

Again and I will type this s l o w l y. M a t t. P h I l l I p s. I s. n o t. G o i n g. A n y w h e r e. a s h e I s. o n. a. T h r e e y e a r c o n t r a c t a n d a s. h o l l o w a y s a I d I n. t h e s a m e. p a p e r. W e. d o n t n e e d. T h e. m o n e y so he will not be moving ps saw the same story.

I heard from Metro one hour ago the deal with Saints will collapse cause Bologna want around 3 million euro more

Believed that Liverpool are about to offer asking price of 18,000,000

Cant see matt phillips deal going through, he has just come on and scored for blackpool. surely if this was that close to being done he wouldnt of been in the squad tonight

Hope so

Love that they all use the words close to and deal nearly done. I have no fingernails left waiting to hear about this........

Hollaway in his latest interview did not deny he was leaving he said
'They're a fantastic club, they can do what they like, they played brilliantly the other night.'

'Until interest turns into an opportunity which is the club accepting any sort of a bid

Phillips likely, Ramirez getting too complicated.

Liverpool dont have 18m to spend so that wont be happening

Holloway has no control whether phillips leaves or not. He's a manager. The lowest in the stack at a club. If the board see the money as too good to turn down (as come on, it's a business), they will sell. Holloway will just have to stand there and accept it.

I'm sorry to say but Blackpool proved with Charlie Adam before that if they (and especially the Chairman) don't want to sell, they won't.

As for Ramirez, I have a suspicion his agent made it public to make other teams bid for him, and Saints are so fastidious with their transfer negotiations that the stage is set for somebody to come in and sign him at the 11th hour - my suspicion is either Tottenham or more likely Liverpool will do this.

Why bother with Phillips if money is the issue? Just pay full whack for Ramirez. We would still have Ramirez, Guly, Lee, Lallana, De Ridder, Puncheon all able to occupy the two slots supporting the lone striker. Then any cash left can be spent on a centre back.

Ramirez deal looks close from being Done

Hope these deals happen,getting very worried that any deal we're involved in seems to flounder.
Bet Buttner can't quite believe his luck,if
United can sign him, why couldn't we,he must have an awful lot about him to be given a five year deal at United.Think this is a real miss for Saints.Frustrated.

The Ramierez deal will be done as soon as the 2 clubs reach agreement on how the fee will be paid.
Source: Southern Daily Echo

Philips handed in a transfer request so he obviously wants to move, plus he should have the chance to extend his career as he is a young talent

His agent didn't make it public, Ramirez himself did. It is nervy and I hope it comes through. Each hour that goes by the chances of a bigger club trumping us increases. Hope we stand firm and wrap it up quick.
As for Buttner, I guess we may never know whether the hitch in the deal was genuine or whether it was engineered to buy time to allow a big club to nip in ahead of us. I pray this is not lightening striking twice!

Deals off! Gutted, agents just came out and said so, it's also unlikely he will be heading to any English club this summer.

No to the " he odviously wants to move "two things number 1 he played last night and scored so that shows he loves the club number two his agent put through that transfer request to try to get a move to get more money for his selfish self to be honest when he doesn't move he wont care a bit and will bang in 30 goals and help us stay in that number 1 spot for the rest of the season

Source the Daily Mirror lol says it all, they print nothing but gossip last year they came dead last in national papers who reported correct transfer deals out off 375 reported moves that appeared in there back pages they got 35 right



21 Aug 2012 15:21:05
Former Barnsley fc trainee and Ireland u19 international is close to agreeing a deal to sign with Mansfield town



21 Aug 2012 16:23:02
According to a relative, Leon Barnett is in sheffield today, this may mean a move to either of the sheffield clubs, seems likely as he isnt going to get any first team football this season at Norwich, not sure about wages or transfer fees but he is there.

Sheff wed i here on a free or loan deal..

Seems strange that he was in sheffield when i saw him at the squad photo today!

Again, another post from the pink'un where people say "it would be good for so and so to go here, or there."

He was at Carrow Rd today having the team photo done so dont know where you heard that!!

Lets hope so, i would have even given him a lift



21 Aug 2012 16:18:29
Swansea have relcutantly accepted bid of 5m+ add ons for Scott Sinclair.

The want away winger has expressed his desire to play at eastlands.

He won't be doing much playing

All down to miss Flanagan I fear. Shame, waste of a career. Ask Adam Johnson

Live close to the pair miss g. flanagan is off as soon as she know scott sorted everything does not want to leave house is scared of swans fans such a shame cause she would have less hassile in neath than she ever would in manchester tra scott i will enjoy seeing you play championship football again next year (on loan) adam j is far a better player

Sinclair did nothing at Chelsea, only when he came to us was he noticed. Did well in our promotion season but was very quite last season. 5 million, thanks very much, we'll use that to get a prem players.



21 Aug 2012 16:16:02
Tom Huddlestone will have the choice between Stoke and Aston Villa in the next few days in view to a season long loan.

Why villa? we ent been linked with huddlestone this summer possibly the first summer when we ent been linked with him but the only team he has been linked with is stoke not the villa

If he wants to play first team football and play good football he'll join Villa. Hopefully Bent, Jenas and Walker have told him how gd a place villa park is.

Villa play good football? That's a good rumour

Playing good football, you only just avoided relegation... and don't say it was because of your manager

He sould go stoke

Ha ha ha Villa play good football ? Yam yam dreamer!

We almost got relegated because we were playing a bunch of kids when our 24m striker was injured.
We DON'T want Huddlestone!

At least were not bankrupt like most of top 5 teams

Huddleston is useless not good enought for villa can go to stoke and hoof it btw yam yams arent from birmingham u person hope u go down then go bust

Done deal..... medical at Stoke. Good luck Villa

Huddlestone is quite tall, he'll fit in playing the long ball game at stoke. Would much rather see Charlie Adam or Mark Davies down the villa anyways, even a return for NRC

You saying huddlestone is a bad player bad player my arse stoke are also much better than villa

Don't blame the manager for almost being relegated? A manager with a great reputation was in charge, martin o'neil, we were a dangerous team fighting for 4th spot, after one or two caretakers we the had a manager who has tasted relegation 2 times in 3 seasons by using awful tactics then took charge, and we almost got relegated. There is a clear pattern there my son. No team has ever had 'major' success without a great manager behind them which is why Jose morinino took a rubbish team like Porto and won the champions league completing the treble that year.
It's all about the manager

Its not ALL about the manager but you took the bait there my friend. He's saying Villa are just a rubbish team, which they were but I agree, the manager didn't exactly help with that. His tactics and team selections were never going to help any team win games. Villa lacked confidence as much as quality last season. People like to ignore all that when putting Villa down. Apparently they've upset people somewhere along the line...who knows.



21 Aug 2012 16:15:21
Bristol rovers looking at quick youth team striker from stoke city.

Karim Rossi, Marcel Barrington, Jack Nardielo, Adam Thomas?

Karim rossi im told shoud be getting him on 1 tear loan deal.

Have also heard this might be in time for weekend is well thought of at stoke.



21 Aug 2012 16:12:33
Spurs very keen on Brazilian striker Leandro Damiao, expected to make a bid in the next week. They are also monitoring the transfer status of Edin Dzeko, Edinson Cavani, Gonzalo Higuain and Falcao.

Y would any ov them forwards wanna go there

Apart from Dzeko, I can only see the rest of them leaving for a club playing in the Champions League.



21 Aug 2012 16:09:57
Rumours for crystal palace
Yanick bolasie bristol city 250k
James bailey derby 500k

Scott allan wba
Sam baldock west ham

glenn murray brighton
jermain easter unknown

Bolasie to another London club like the last one we sold to west ham great news never any good the pair of them

Don't we need these signings! If only half of it was true...

Wont get either of those in. Baldocks going to bristol city so hes obviously not going to palace

Murray isn't going to Brighton.
Such a bad rumour

Baldocks signed for bristol city

Sorry , BAldock just signed for Bristol City , thats the team with no money but have just spent nearly 2.25 Million on two strikers!!

Bailey is 700k

Baldock was at the Palace game tonight, but to be introduced as a Bristol City player

Your more than welcome to have bolasie! And obviously you didn't go to the game, Baldock is now a Bristol city player. :) 4-1

Bristol city have signed Sam baldock on a three year deal. Great signing for the club COYR

Good luck with baldock as hes signed for Bristol city! CTID

Sam baldock signed for Bristol city at half time when they beat palace 4-1

From a CP supporter, congrats to Bristol City both on the result last night, and on the Baldock signing. It shows CP how much we have to do. But you know what? We will do it!

The guy we need is jay bothroyd

4-1 to the city boys, 4-1 to the city boys! bring on bbardiff on saturday come on you reds!



21 Aug 2012 16:03:06
Dj cambell not happening, baldock not happening, a big possibility that adomah wil be going swansea with lita coming back to us if sinclair goes to man city. Bikey is likely to be the cb we sign

Hope this is true because Leroy Lita is a complete waste of space!! Best thing for the swans is to get rid of him...

Bristol City will not have Lita back I sure of that.

Baldock has signed 3 year deal

Baldock not happening... Yet signed.



21 Aug 2012 16:02:34
Bayern Munich submitted an enquiry two days ago about the availabilty of Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini but were asked that a bid of 25m+ would be accepted, any lower would be rejected, they are since reviewing the offer. Real Madrid interested also but no formal approach has been made.



21 Aug 2012 15:46:30
Michael Appleton needs three more players to complete his 20 man "Competitive" Squad a defender, a midfielder and a striker latest rumours are Josh Thompson (Celtic) Shaun Derry (ex Palace) and Chris Woods (WBA) Derry would be a Free and the other two loans.

Derry's at QPR catch up m8

Thompson - yes , midfielder would probably be Soares (already training with the club) and striker would be either Rob Hulse or Caleb Folan.

Rumours that thorne is coming back from WBA, which would be the mid, but i doubt it

Yeah and whats he doing at qpr? Bench warming by the looks of it.



21 Aug 2012 15:45:26
Ricardo Fuller joins Charlton on a free transfer



21 Aug 2012 14:44:22
QPR In For Kurt Zouma Of Saint Eitenne & Michael Dawson Of Tottenham.
PLAYERS IN: (Rumours)
Ki Seung Yung (looks to be on way to swansea)

PLAYERS OUT: (Rumours)
Connolly (Cardiff) - set to complete move
Smith (Cardiff) - reports say deal has stalled
Campbell (Bristol City) - talks ongoing

Both GD signings for cardiff

Players in , what are you smoking mate ? I'm rangers through and through but that's never going to happen

Im a cardiff city fan i know berbatov has gone on loan to a russian prem team have a look at his profile it will tell you, qpr fans any good reports on Smith and Connolly good signings or not {Ed044's Note - no he's not fiorentina looking likey to sign him

Smith is a good solid pro but conners im affraid is just another 1 of those players that get ahead because of where he started. Hope im wrong but in 4 years he never filled me with any confidence. In my opinion you got 2 good uns and a dud and as the song goes 2 outa 3 ain't bad



21 Aug 2012 14:35:42
Derby county want to sign Albert adomah from Bristol city

Have you got 3 million

They also probably want to sign Half of the championship, but doesn't mean they're going to?

Don't be daft man!!

Yeah i bet they want to sign him most championship clubs do, however it aint gonna happen for less than 4M You could have Yannick Bolasie instead tho for 500k

If I was going to sign someone from Bristol City,it would be Brett Pitman.
Thought we'd get him in the deal that took Steve Davis to you.



21 Aug 2012 14:34:58
Douglas close to joining Fulham!!

Will be joined by Omar El Kadourri , Jordan Rhodes n Sydney Sam

I just read that Dutch reporters have stated that the bid for Douglas was excepted by Twente. Douglas is supposed to be in London on Thursday for physical.

If fulham get douglas, could mean that hangeland could be sold.

If Fulham get douglas it could mean Hughes is sold

If Fulham get Douglas, could mean Senderos is

If Fulham get Douglas, could be Senderos is sold.

Fulham haven't even bid for Douglas yet! FC Twente chairman said in an offical statement that they have received no bids from Fulham and Newcastle's bid is below their valuation for the player.



21 Aug 2012 14:29:44
what is the latest on pablo hernandez to swansea?

Awaiting deal for Sinclair to go to Man City before he signs, but expect either him or Albert Adomah to fill the void in next few days!

Thanks :) would much prefer hernandez

Believe the bid finally accepted (acc to ) and should b done this week along with Ki deal from Celtic. Pundit on Celtic v helsinborg game stating he's been 'sold'

Should get Tom ince instead of henandez he's more of prospect and well be able to sell him on for a profits probs

Ince will cost alot and hernandez will bring key experience upfront along with a big name for us fans to cheer about



21 Aug 2012 14:11:07
Robert Pervan offered a permanent deal after trial - source Peterborough telegraph and Darren Ferguson



21 Aug 2012 14:14:52
Whats the latest with Fuller/Castellan?



21 Aug 2012 13:24:21
Derby county's Richard Keogh has
told Ex team mate Sammy Clingan
to come down to Moor Farm and
speak to Nigel clough.Its seems
Nigel wants more experience to bring
on and was Recommend especially
that hes on a free.

Plus Trialist Roope Riski has signed
and Derby County are currently in
talks with Livingston for Striker
Marc Mcnulty who has been allowed
by his club to have a trial in the last
two weeks.



21 Aug 2012 13:18:13
Dawson and Huddlestone to Stoke

Don't think you can loan two players from one team under FA rules so if this rumour is true you must be buying Dawson as the talk is Hudd will only go out on loan.

I've read that Dawson would be a permanent deal and Huddlestone would be the season-long loan.
Can't see Dawson coming to Stoke for some reason though

Dawson wouldn't get in front of Huth and Shawcross, same with Upson last season

Do we need another center back, just take huddlestone very good player

Dawson to QPR, Huddlestone to stoke on loan



21 Aug 2012 13:15:11
Derby County to finish off

Sammy Clingan-Free Transfer

James Bailey-Crystal Palace

Derby have put a Clause when Steve
davies signed that they could
buy Albert adomah for a fixed price
should bristol city be relegated.

Development squad.
Numerous of Trialists turn up weekly
So far
Marc Mcnulty,Roope Riski,Luke Adams
Tom Reily,Drake Afonso,justin Toutin
and Connor Boyd all are still on
trial with all expected to be offered
1/2 year deals with option of more
should they impress in the u21 league.

So city go down derby survive by 1 point albert gets a offer from ie liverpool but goes to derby instead any chance of having some of the stuff your smoking

Please derby fans come on, what planet u living in, 1) DM would NEVER agree to that 2) premier league clubs are after Albert, not small clubs like you and 3) you cant even do that! Come on mate do ur research first

We aint goin nowhere

Putting in a clause to buy AA if City are relegated is like putting in a clause to buy Tom Finney when somebody finds the fountin of youth.

I hope everyone wants to sell us players for Monopoly money.

Derby are a bigger club then bristol city mate

Are you sure dont think so city are big club remember when city beat derby 6.2 we are now building a team to challenge so beware

Can someone tell me? how do you measure how big a club is? seriously im struggling? is it the amount of money they have? the crowds they have? the history of the club (trophies etc) or where they are nowadays? because i dont believe when a team is in the same league as the other you cannot say on team is bigger than the other! i would say sheffield wednesday are a bigger club than wigan! but thats not true is it? I will admit, Derby have a bigger history than us, and fairplay to you for that, a european cup semi final or whatever but cant we forget bout the past and just let the players on the pitch do the talking from now on?! and re albert, however good he has been, i wouldnt be too disappointed if he left, good player yes but we have enough strength and depth in our squad for it not to matter too much. I think the transfer market is horrible and needs to go away before the season starts anyway so we get none of this nonsense! can anyone remember the last time we didnt abuse eachother and just got on with enjoying the football season!?! jesus christ! you support your team and worry about where you will finish and we will worry about our team. If it turns out we get relegated, then we obviously werent good enough over the 46 games, and vise versa! so lets just enjoy our football yeah? anyway rant over



21 Aug 2012 13:14:53
west ham will put a bid for clint
dempsey as west ham asked fulham
what the price region would be

also west ham still in talks with konte
and the deal could be done in the next
week at a push

west ham have given up on the southend
player moshni as the fee between west ham
and southend was not agrred and big sam
has put his attention elswhere

royston drenthe could happen but seems
unlikely as personal terms will be hard to

ahmed elmohamady and kieran richardsen
coming to west ham is no longer going to happen
as again the west ham boss has turned
his head else where

loic remy will not happen eventhough
he wants to come to the premier league
and west ham are intrested as his wages are
too high for west ham to give also remy
wants to play in the champions league

adrien silver is now a dead deal as personal
terms could not be agreed and silver said
he doesnt think that he could settle in

matt jarvis looks like it is not going to happen
any more as the deal is stuck and the
board is thinking about if the have the money now to meet wolves wanting fee as Sheffield utd
have gone public and has stated that west
ham still owe them around 10 million

yannick sagbo looks like it will not happen
as west ham have put a bid in for sagbo
but had it declined and west ham have
not gone for a second bid yet and the clubs havent spoke during the last week so the deal
looks like it wont happen unless something
very soon happens

kenwyne jones is now a dead deal for west ham
as a fee was agreed between west ham
and stoke but personal terms again could
not be agreed

andy carrol is another deal that is dead
as a fee was agreed between liverpool
and west ham but he personal terms could
not be reached as the only club he wants
to go on loan with is newcastle

just like to add the rumours about adam
johnson , tom huddlestone , joe cole ,
charlie adam , yossi benayoun going to west ham are
not going to happen even though west
ham have asked the other clubs about
the players

Was going on Sam Baldock?????

You are the most negative west ham fan I've ever met

3 pts and clean sheet!

You've spent ages scouring all available websites for this lot. FYI, in future don't bother. Doc. COYI.

Actually West Ham went public not Sheffield United, I'd suggest getting your facts right 1st

You're a cheery soul aren't you!

Dempsey to West Ham? What are you on about mate...



21 Aug 2012 13:11:05
Scouts from 2 lower prem teams watching Hooper tonight against Helsingborgs..he is not first choice on transfer list but is being watched if first targets are not obtained.

Saints cont to monitor player .. If successful may allow a home sick Billy Sharp to move on for 3-4m

Lower Prem teams? ! If you can stump up 20m you're welcome to him. Get real!

Load of rubbish about Sharp

"Lower Prem teams? ! If you can stump up 20m you're welcome to him. Get real!"

Liverpool ?

Watched him at Scunthorpe for two seasons, could tell back then he was on for a premier league team, but he has the talent to be in a top 10 team in england

Why would saints want him, reasonably slow, much like sharp and even lambert, we dont need to invest in strikers anymore, we need centre backs and wingers

Saint Number 34



21 Aug 2012 12:50:05
york city interested in wrexham double swoop as there are trying to bring in striker danny wright and midfielder Adrian Cieslewicz as gary mills feels both would be good for york city



21 Aug 2012 12:44:18
David Healy having medical at Brunton Park today



21 Aug 2012 12:42:06
Derby County look set to offer midfielder Sammy Clingan a contract after his release from Coventry City.

Richard keogh recommend him to Nigel saying he will be the Experience derby need to Keep the score line.He will sign
on a 2 year contract on wednesday

Clingan will fit right in at Derby County.

Clingan is an over-rated player. He did not " shine" for Coventry despite their lack of quality players but he was a decent corner and free-kick taker IF that is what Derrby are looking for.

I would not recommend any team to sign ''sideways'' Sammy clingan

"Sideways" is better than giving it to the opposition like now!

Clingan played for forest = relegated, norwich= relegated coventry = relegated, god help who ever takes this overated player

Why dont derby keep bailey he is far better than clingan who is overated

Not as bad as people are suggesting, made a scapegoat by us Coventry fans when we went down. However he is only an average championship player, won't set the world alight

Doubt he'd make starting 11. Probably for the subs bench to bring on in last 15 minutes to see out a game.



21 Aug 2012 12:28:23
Saido Berahino is set to sign for Crewe on loan after rejecting a deal at Shrewsbury. (Mr T)

Well we'd better get another man in soon.

Good luck...........chip on his shoulder or what

I don't think this is true as Crewe have just signed Harry Bunn on loan from Manchester City.

Not true, I am the real Mr T could you delete this please Ed (Mr T) {Ed003's Note - The problem I have Mr T is that this ip doesn't match the one I have for you,this happened the other week,could you start leaving a tag or password in the email field when posting please}

According to the paper we are in for a very good young strikermcalledmcody mcdonald

Signing for Coventry on a 6 month loan.

Which paper???

No chance of signing a decent forward, certainly not someone like Cody!

The same Cody McDonald who is coventrys first choice striker. Rubbish

Like Coventry are going to get rid of Cody McDonald



21 Aug 2012 12:03:01
Coventry city are set to take Nottingham forest striker David mcgoldrick on loan till jan with a option to buy .

IF this happens and there is no recent history of joint-co-operation between Forest and Coventry it would be a very good move for Coventry but more especially for the player himself who would gain much needed confidence if his scoring ability re-appears.

Would bang the goals in in League One. Sign him up!



21 Aug 2012 12:00:38
Roberto Martinez thought to be finalising a deal to bring young Honduran RB, Andy Najar Rodriguez to the DW stadium, following some good displays at the Olympics and under recommendations from Maynor Figueroa. Talks with his current club DC United at advanced stage. {Ed003's Note - Work permit ?? }

Hes not a RB hes a RM who can play CAM. Honduras probably had him track back cuz of his speed.



21 Aug 2012 11:53:50
Coventry still after a striker from the premier league according to Andy Thorn, but have also now made an enquiry for nott forests David McGoldrick

Would be a great signing for you, i remember when he was with us at southampton in the championship he used to score nearly every match, good player when he gets a good run of first team football, will be great in league 1

Saint Number 34

Not heard much of this guy but from what i have read he sounds like an good player and especially in League 1. Coventry need a striker. They have a good squad of players but no prolific poacher to bag 15-20 goals a season.



21 Aug 2012 11:51:27
coventry want nottingham forest striker david mcgoldrick on loan

McGoldrick is absolutely brilliant. Coventry should take him on loan, with a view to a permanent transfer.

Take him please, please,please

I haven't heard anything about the answer from coventry's offer for mcoldrick in a long time, i think its a no :(



21 Aug 2012 11:50:57
Expect talks to take place between West Brom and Sunderland for Keiran Richardson with the next week.

Jordan Rhodes will move to Fulham and Huddersfield will use the money to sign Chris Wood (West Brom) and Craig Mackail-Smith (Brighton)

CMS (Brighton) going nowhere. Just played really well in a much better balanced Albion side than last year against Hull.

Could be wrong here but doesnt richardson want a move to the south (I.e London), to be close to family. Last time i checked WBA wasnt anywhere near london.

Ha ha rubbish!

If Jordan Rhodes did leave Wood and CMS would be excellent replacements, not sure CMS would leave Brighton though, they look well equipped and could well challenge for promotion. Doesn't matter though as Rhodes is NOT leaving.

Tou think cms would leave a starting xi place in a side challenging for promotion to go to a mid-table team?

Fair enough but Birmingham is closer to London than Sunderland and he wouldn't be sacrificing any quality of football moving from Sunderland to West Bromwich.

Nottingham Forest coming to Huddersfield to get 3 points.

For those interested Rhodes is STARTING for huddersfield tonight

Yeah course you are at least you got a point though eh!!

^^^^^ didn't get them though did ya?? Proper decent outfit forest but by god time wasting to rival the Italians

Seems obvious Rhodes will leave Huddusfield in January with enhanced value if he delivers and ever decreasing value if he does not. This reduces the gamble element of a summer transfer. {Ed044's Note - Rhodes kept quiet all night by forest ystday, But still took his chance, n Forest fans were good for banter and noisy through out, Huddersfield will have to play beter than that if we want to be in top half come may!

Will have to play a lot better, just to stay in this league, nevermind top half. Sad to say it, but Nova isn't good enough and not sure about Dixon either. But its early days. UTT!

Ed044 - are you a town fan?? 'if we want to be in top half come may'?? {Ed044's Note - yeah!!!!,thing is with novak he may stretch the play up top,but scannell can do that so need another goal scorer grayson will know this and can see him bringing someone in by end of window.

Rhodes needs service to score, hes the kind of striker who is only as good as the team around him. no service no goals , good service and he'll bang them in all day long.

Why would grayson sell rhodes and take the risk that he might not get them players and then we would be doomed to relegation? if rhodes was to go we would buy a replacment before. plus we really need to be looking for a striker to partner rhodes.

Huddersfield fans are bored of all of the Rhodes transfer talk. None of this comes from the club. It is just made up by the press in the abscence of real news. Who cares if you think Rhodes is worth the money or not? He isn't for sale. He has scored 42 goals in his last 50 games (20% of the games have been either International U21s or full International) so this tells you that he can score. Who else has a similar record? And, what is their valuation? And, Rhodes is still a young lad who will continue to improve. Rhodes is someone that Huddersfield could never replace. It isn't about how much you think he is worth, it is how much Huddersfield value him (e.g. cost of staying in Championship vs relegation) and how much it would cost to replace him. All of the names I have seen mentionned recently in the same breath as "Rhodes isn't worth the same amount" would also not be seen by Huddersfield as adequate replacement for Jordan. So, he isn't for sale and this transfer talk is boring and poorly thought out.

Novak and Lee are League 1 standard and also poor! Grayson needs 2 goal scorers in or certain relegation!

All sour grapes this. Fulham want Rhodes but can only afford 2 million quid. I guess this smarts a bit but it is unfair to take it out on Rhodes. It's like trash talking a five-star hotel that you can't afford, even though you've never even stayed there.

I wouldn't be surprised to see an exchange deal set up between WBA & Sunderland involving Odemwingie & Richardson.

Dont think jr will go to fulham since fulham want A striker to replace clint d and they want eduardo

Agree about Lee , Novak may struggle at this level but calling him poor is a bit much, he was our sceond highest scorer last season with 17 and led the team in assists with 12. those are very good numbers for a second striker. he also works twice as hard as anyone else on the field

24 Aug 2012 13:00:59
At the end of the day, Huddersfield have a valuation in place which I think will be around 8 million. They won't sell him for less, or even sell him at all. He won't want to leave. This is showed by when he played for Scotland. He got his dad to drive him to Huddersfield so he could travel down to Cardiff with the other players. Novak works hard, and will probably be okay as an impact player to come on as a substitute, Lee is nowhere near good enough. He commits too many fouls and leaves stray elbows when he goes for the ball in an aerial challenge. He had a clause in his contract which was if the club got promoted his wages got
doubled for another year which leaves him on 16,000 a week! James Vaughan is apparently joining on loan for the season, one of his mates said on twitter. Johnny Russell and Gary Mackay-Steven I'd love. Two very exciting players, and if they fit into the team I can see a low mid table finish.

'I wouldn't be surprised to see an exchange deal set up between WBA & Sunderland involving Odemwingie & Richardson.'

yeah right! For one Clarke and Ashworth have already said Odemwingie isn't going anywhere (we turned down a near 5 million bid not long ago) and two Richardson would only provide cover at LB and we're in talks with Blackburn over Olsson for that position

Olsongoing to sunderland sorry



21 Aug 2012 11:50:23
Lewandowski medical at spurs today. £25-30million deal.

Not a chance as levy won't pay ova 15 mil for a player 25mil no way lol



21 Aug 2012 11:50:12
Following the lack of movement by Chelsea to finalise the deal for Victor Moses, Liverpool look set to step in and offer a player plus cash deal.
Thought to be £5m plus Joe Cole

Wigan dont want a player swap deal. The Chairman announced that plus Joe cole injured



21 Aug 2012 11:49:34
Stuart Beavon is close to signing for Brentford F.C on season long loan with a view to a Permenant switch end of the season!

Why would wycombe let there biggest saleable asset go out on loan when he is in the last year of his contract.

Nonsense ! - why would Wycombe loan out their star player and main goal threat on a season long deal when he only has 1 year of his contract left. He will most likely sign on a permanent deal for a bigger L1 or Championship club - maybe still PNE if they offer 400k+

You can keep beavon he is overpriced & over rated!!

Beavon ain't going Brentford! I'm a bees fan!

Brentford are a big league one club with money to burn!



21 Aug 2012 11:40:53
Sebastian Bassong on his way to Norwich

Heard that curtiss davies handed in transfer request is there any norwich city interest

We need him. Good signing.

5.5 mill they are saying we ave paid for him ......

It would be great to get Curtis Davies too.

5.5m I hardly think so, more likely to be around 2.5m

And 40000 a week


40 pound a week we are norwich not money bags man city



21 Aug 2012 11:12:23
Derby are looking to dip into the loan market to sign midfielder Michael Tonge, who is out of favour at Stoke and striker Billy Sharp, who is homesick after moving to Southampton last season.

No chance of sharp. If he was going to go anywhere in the midlands, it's more likely to forest as there manager used to manage him at Doncaster

Tonge deal could be possible!and there was talk of sharp coming derby before he joined Southampton so it might happen

Billy Sharp to Derby? That would be ace signing.

Sharp isn't first choice but has just had an outstanding pre season for a premiership club. Can't see him leaving at all.

Wont happen

! Got to be the funniest thing ive heard so far. Sharp is an integral part of the SFC squad this season and wont be going anywhere.

Steve Davies used to be managed by Paul Jewell, but he went to Bristol City yesterday and not Ipswich. So wether SOD managed him before at Doncaster or not is irrelevant.

If he's homesick moving to the midlands wouldn't do him much good, being from Sheffield.

And, unfortunately, a bigger wage.

Billy aint homesick hes loving it at saints and has always wanted a crack at the prem wich he now has so why on earth would he move?

Billy is in top form and relishing his chance to play in the big league and loves it at Saints, one or two injuries and he will be in, he will be used as a sub regardless if Ramirez signs or not

I just want to see it happen. Buzzing for this season.

Buzz off then,you aint got a hope in hell of getting our Billy,buzz,buzz,buzz.



21 Aug 2012 11:10:28
Daniel Lagueoneavic and Brian Howard to train with Barnsley FC next week

Source; Radio Sheff

Howard's signed a one month deal at pompey

Howards a portsmouth player

It has not been on radio Sheffield
what do you get out of posting utter lies?

Don't you mean Daniel Bogdanovic don't think he well be coming back moved on to better things when he left Barnsley and Howard a portsmouth player.

Yeah get your facts straight. He's on a rolling monthly contract at Portsmouth and is captain. Barnsley though Pmsl

Cant see it, theyve found their level now !!



21 Aug 2012 11:07:07
peter poloskei not offered a contract by coventry city with andy thorn setting his sights on a young prem striker alex nimely

Nimely is apparently being loaned to a lower Premiership club.

Nimely is being loaned to a lower Prem team. This was confirmed by Andy Thorn at the Fans Forum. So i think your telling porkies matey boy ;)

Nimeley is too good for league 1



21 Aug 2012 11:05:46
Mansfield town look set to add left sided Nathan miller to squad before Saturdays game
Source: bobby hassel



21 Aug 2012 11:00:54
notts county are in talks with a striker
he will be at meadow lane tonight fans
believe it to be emile sinclair or
Dany N'Guessan some forest fans belive
that it will be robbie findley on loan

No Chance on Robbie Finley TBH!

Robbie findley? keep dreamingg .. N'guessan is more realistic

Why dont forest want findlay? for me he's one of forests best players. id love him at county but hes a championship player or above

Id like danny nguessan hes good

I was at the game last night tbh with ya he was small so michael owen



21 Aug 2012 10:59:58
Former Barnsley trainee is to sign a 12 month contract at Mansfield town today


Which former Barnsley trainee is that then ???

Scott Hogan, played a game with us and trained after impressing at Stocksbridge P.S.



21 Aug 2012 10:55:58
Crystal Palace are hoping to bring in more defensive midfielders as playing with two at home to Watford, plus having another two on the bench wasn't enough for Dougie Freedman.

Darcy Blake Cardiff i hear

Maybe swap for Wilfried !




21 Aug 2012 10:54:35
Dj Campbell will be announced a Bristol city player today, bikey is training with the club , there still hopeful over buzsacky if not will use the loan market wen the 25 man squads for the prem are announced , yannik will never play for bcfc again

Lansdown has flown into Bristol today to speak to DJ Campbell & he + Bikey/Amougou will be City players in time for Baaaadiff game Saturday I am told.

If you could play those along with the eleven that started against Palace, you might sneak a draw on Saturday.



21 Aug 2012 10:29:06
Doncaster rovers to sign sheffield Wednesday reserve keeper Nicky weaver

Give some of the younger keepers a chance



21 Aug 2012 10:16:26
Peter Whittingham to WBA and Jerome Thomas to Cardiff... Heard from source within Cardiff

Whitts said he is committed to the club... Jerome Thomas NO CHANCE

He's a top quality player, much too good for the championship. West brom aren't looking at midfield, we have more than enough quality in that area. Priority is defensive cover, Thomas will struggle for games now Gera is fit so he may move on

Whitts will not move from here ive said like a million times to committed and malky doesnt want him to leave



21 Aug 2012 09:19:53
Huddersfield town to sign johnny russell from Dundee united for £1.5m to £3mand Nathan Tyson on a season long loan from derby. Anton Robinson to join Bournemouth for £250,000.

Russell is class hope it's true not worth 3m tho

Huddersfield don't seem to want Robinson & Afcb fans do want him. Hope this deal gets done real soon.

Would love Russell ... Did anybody see his screamer!!

Nathan Tyson ain't going to Huddersfield on loan FACT.

Russell if anywhere would go Celtic.
Tyson has just scored 3 in 3 for Derby
and wouldnt move especially on loan
at his age.
Robinson isnt wanted by Huddlesfield
but Bournmouth want only to pay 150k

Johnny russell going to celtic for 2.2m plus add ons

Johnny russell will end up at celtic if he moves imo

Johnny Russell would be a quality signing! Hopefully keep Rhodes and bag Johnny we'll have an immense team haha UTT!

How can anybody say Rhodes is not premiership standard he has scored at every standard he has played at so far so if somebody wants to take a chance on him let him have it, who is anybody to say he would not be able to cut it, if he goes I say good look to him and I am a town fan. Nobody knows till he had ago so judge him in 15 years time not before he has even had a chance to prove himself. John

Russell would certainly cost more than 1.5 - his deal goes to 2014.
While HTFC could pay better wages, it would be a drop down for him and not really show much ambition if he went there.

150,000 for anton robinson that's daft, infact it was daft for huddersfield to pay money for him last year. He is quiet and un-assuming player that people don't notice, there might be a reason for that?

I think that moving to a Championship club shows more ambition than staying in the SPL, given what it's become. Dundee Utd (his club) are almost nailed-on second place, with not much hope of catching Celtic.

Wrong again it finished 1-1.
ohh to be a terrier
hudersfield town fan

Yes it was daft of Lee Clark to spend money on Ribinson, along with a number of others in his last season at Town.

Was that the reason he was shown the door at huddersfield? {Ed044's Note - Clark was fired, as dean hoyle (chairman) didnt have any faith in him getting them promoted should they fall into the play-offs again, I heard a another key factor in his dismissal but can't guarantee it to be 100% true so wouldnt like to post it on here.



21 Aug 2012 09:07:53
paul hayes to brentford



21 Aug 2012 09:05:50
Carroll back to Newcastle is back on,in fact it was never off Liverpool hate the fact the toon are stickin at 15 million,but he wont go anywhere else

Then at that price he will stay

They don't ned sell him that's the whole point so they can stick out for what they think he's worth do u think Liverpool care about a few million if they wanted rid they would of let him go the fact there holding out is because they can afford to

U mean 12 million



21 Aug 2012 08:53:57
Tom Huddleston (Spurs) to Stoke on season long loan

Get him signed before another team snaps him up



21 Aug 2012 02:01:28
kaka has arrived at carrington earlier
today for a medical after agreeing terms
with united on a four year deal

Its only a season long loan deal

This move is going to be an expensive flop. there is a reason he hasnt played for real for about 2 years... He isn't any good anymore

Reason he has not played much in last 2 years is down to hime having had 3 operations in 2 years. You don't go from world player of the year to crap overnight my son! Deal will only be a 1 year loan deal - not a perm contract. {Ed001's Note - the issue is that he used to rely on his incredible acceleration to create space for himself, his operations and injuries have robbed him of that. I very much doubt Kaka will ever be even close to the player he was without that.}

21 Aug 2012 15:50:04
its a loan deal being discussed but cannot agree on wage contribution. with Real holding out for around 80% contribution.



21 Aug 2012 01:23:37
Scott Sinclair almost certain to join Manchester City after his girlfriend Helen Flanaghan confirmed she is going back into Coronation Street.

Looking rosie for Scott, then



21 Aug 2012 01:18:57
Anything on fuller?

Nothing yet that Fuller fancys, 1 x first div club and 2 x average Champ clubs have made an approach, but he wants better - May move at the death of the TFW



21 Aug 2012 00:53:20
Stevenage are hoping they can win the signature of Stuart Beavon to bolster their attack with only 3 strikers currently at the club



21 Aug 2012 00:35:20
Stoke look likely to sign huddlestone on loan from Tottenham. He's out of favour with avbsixe his failed attempts to join the mls. High stamina defensive player with great long passes - could easily be the new whelan!

The new whelan ... i hope not..
when is crap there



21 Aug 2012 00:29:33
I've heard it on good authority that Fuller will be going to Leeds as they are offering more money and boro have now turned their sights onto Hesky

He's gone to Charlton.



21 Aug 2012 00:10:50
millwall are in
for judge of
notts county

I am afraid that our manager Kenny Jacket has stated that he 'WILL NOT' be buying any more players in this transfer window?!

Please tell me where he has said that? all i see in the press is him saying that there are no signing immenent.

Jackett wants another striker, i dont know who the person is who says jackett says he wont be signing anymore players is, id like to see the link however

Millwall should make a bid for paul caddis no longer wanted by swindon

We should be looking at Strikers on season loans ie Simeon Jackson if available?



21 Aug 2012 00:01:08
Any huddersfield town rumours?

Yer your going to lose against Forst Tonight.


As much I am keen on the transfer market I am fed up of hearing about the speculation of Jordan (god) Rhodes, Larry has said enough times that the offers that have come in for him are no where near his valuation. So to all interested parties, put up or shut up. He not going anywhere till a proper bid comes in (6m+) and then we might start listening. Although we do need another striker as the back up we have is not good enough and need some exp up there, pretty happy wi squad tho. HTTID



20 Aug 2012 23:58:19
any millwall news

There won't be any news because we are not buying anyone! End OF!

Yes, N'Guesson wants out, he wants to join Charlton but we wont match your valuation. Sheffield Wednesday will but he doesn't want to go there, too far oop north.

Not sure where it will go from here, a bit of brinkmanship going on. As I understand it he was told he could leave at the end of the season when we got him on loan, I dont know if that part is true or not but, that's what we were told.

I really do hope that Keogh or Henderson do not get injured & stay 'Fit' otherwise if we are not going to sign anymore strikers we will be in 'TROUBLE'!

We probably won't see anything til nearer the end of the window - if at all. Most premier clubs won't let players go out on loan til they know their own options (our next signing will probably be on loan). It's all a big merry go round - if Spurs sign any more strikers,who knows we might get Harry Kane back, same with all the clubs. IN KENNY WE TRUST - Great result and great performance last night. Wise back indeed!!! You're 'aving a Turkish!!

If that is the case then it would be 'GREAT' to have Harry Kane back at the New Den! But in all honesty I cannot see him ever coming back to the 'WALL'? Shame, he was a real 'GEM'! Still who knows?

Im afraid that us millwall fans have seen the last of Harry Kane! He will be breaking into the Spurs 1st team sometime this season for sure! Just glad that we did get to see him play at the New Den! Class act & Future 1st England team & maybe even captain!



20 Aug 2012 23:43:30
Albert Adomah off to Derby County in the next couple of weeks.

Are you for real? where are derby gonna get 3 million for a start and why would he wanna go to a club like Derby? mid championship club at best, one of the worst defence in this league, they leaks goals for fun

Derby won't have 4million to spend on him also he's not up for sale

Where you finding the 3 and a half mill for that then

Bristol city and Everyone except Bristol city fans value him at 600k.Wheres 4 million coming from.You bought him for cheap from a lower league team.You narrowly escaped releagtion and are now favourites to be relegated this season.
Steve davies deal was full of clauses.
One reported by local paper that derby have a fix price to buy him at.

We finished higher then bristol so how you can talk down to us is ludacris... We don't want him anyway so where this is coming from I don't know

Mid championship team would still be a step up. Valuation of 3m to 4m is massively overinflated anyway.



20 Aug 2012 23:31:27
Jose Baxter Signed a 2-Year-Deal at Carlisle United today after passing a medical at the club, he will be in the squad to face his former club Tranmere tomorrow

Funny that still not signed please no false rumours thank u

Thats because he failed his medical, thisbpost is not a lie, im a good friend of Jose's Agent... Peter Adams, he said he was 95% sure a deal could be done

Even though he failed the medical?

Hes off to Sheff Wed.

23 Aug 2012 10:36:08
No the deal fell through because he failed the medical, Jose himself informed me today, and if you look at his twitter page about a massive decision to be made he has been offered a deal with an american 2nd tier club

You say the deal fell through cos he failed a medical after you stating that he HAS signed a 2 year contract after PASSING a medical, you bored on your summer holidays?



20 Aug 2012 22:24:19
Doncaster are set to sign, Fabien Robert (loan)< Amari Morgan-Smith (Free Agent), Eddie Nolan (trailist) and also Karl Hawley (Trialist)

We spent the last bit of the budget on harder, it will take a player to leave before anyone comes in even then that player will probably be nicky weaver

Funny because Saunders said he spent the money for harper so he couldnt give Harley a contract

If we sell Coppinger I can see a number of these happening. Main priority for Doncaster at the moment is a Right back. Can Nolan play there?

Iain hume, there... Enough said...



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