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20 Apr 2012 22:34:09
Bilel moshni to sign for blackpool or Newcastle utd in the summer as Both clubs interested in signing the Frenchman for around 500k. Both clubs have watched him at roots hall over the last two years and are said to offer him a chance to play at a higher level with Southend prepared to do business with a player who has caused uproar over te last 6 months(4)(14)


20 Apr 2012 21:32:23
Walsall will sign sam mantom on a permanant deal at the end of the season for about £150k(5)(12)Hes going to leicester for 350kActually ,he,s staying at west brom,but may go out on loan to a championship club next season.


20 Apr 2012 21:10:46
Weymouth are in talks with Southend defender Pal Baldwin.(7)(7)Muff couldnt afford his boots


20 Apr 2012 21:09:37
Blackpool are set to make the surprise signing of Leyton Orient forward Jamie Cureton on a free transfer.(8)(22) 



20 Apr 2012 21:08:07
French club Grenoble are in talks with Leicester midfielder Franck Moussa after City accepted a season long loan bid for the Belgian.(2)(6)


20 Apr 2012 21:06:54
Rochdale have a bid accepted for Huddersfield defender Liam Ridehalgh after John Coleman declared he would like to overhaul his squad fully once they're relegated to League 2.(3)(11)


20 Apr 2012 21:05:26
Notts County boss Keith Curle has made an undisclosed bid for Peterborough striker Nicky Ajose.(7)(9) 

Please, help yourself.


20 Apr 2012 21:04:28
Rochdale boss John Coleman would like to sign Celtic defender Josh Thompson in the summer on a season long loan.(3)(5)


20 Apr 2012 20:14:59
Derby, Leeds and Millwall are all weighing up bids for Southend's Bilel Moshni.
Source: Southend Echo(5)(13)Looked in Fridays southend Echo. Sorry but nothing about Bilel Mohsni in there. Where is this story then?


20 Apr 2012 19:38:07
Emmanuel Ledesma is interesting numerous clubs two favourites are: Brentford and Carlisle(5)(8)There's a sniff that Notts County are interested too.David Groff - ex-Notts & Walsall goalie - still has some Hungarian friends here in Nottm and has passed on glowing reports to Notts' set- up. He looks too good for League One struggles and could link up with Keith Curle once again.


20 Apr 2012 19:37:27
Stockport county to sign adam rundle , sean canham, richard taundry and leighton mcgivern in order to steer them to league 2(3)(6)


20 Apr 2012 18:19:13
Pompey fan here, strong rumours that if we stay up in the Championship then there is a buyer very interested in buying us, probable why our proformances have improved recently. PUP PPU(4)(46)You won't stay up,you're doomed I tell ye,
doomed.PUP = pay up Pompey.But - you are down - it would need a set of freak results - so if this buyer will only buy if you stay up - then forget it. It is over - you have cheated enough.Bye bye pompey , pompey bye byeI understand the potential buyer pulled out, stating there was only scrap at Fratton Park-but I could have misheard the first part of that!Pay up Pompey!One team usually pulls themselves out of trouble and one team drops into the mire to take their place.Unfortunately u won't be staying up !! Can't keep buying players when you've got no money. Who in their right mind would want to buy them anyway. Only get average 13,000 fans at home games still have players on 30k a week the maths means only one thing that any money invested by a said new owner will be evaporated extremely quickly.
Other clubs worth investing in are:
notts county

all have similar crowds without players on ridiculous wages.

Hope you have a great time in league 1 next season pompey because you'll be in league 2 the year after bye byeI know the guy that started the rumour....he's from Gosport, a life long Pompy fan and has just won the Lottery....he said he was going to buy the club......I told him to spend his £10 on something more usefull like a McDonalds.Pompey will complete the greatest of all escapes, you watch, shut all you scummers up. Pompey are and always will be the greatest team in the South PUPPompey probably will not stay up but expect them back in the Championship within one or two seasons. Good luck for the future Pompey!Staying up ur having a laugh no chancePompey are down
Yours sincerely


20 Apr 2012 17:54:19
Jason Pearce will be the first signing in may. source : Who?Who you on aboat say the team dipstickIts to leedsI am original poster. Yes, Leeds united.Can see Pearce doing very well at leeds and becoming a fan's favourite. Although Pompey are struggling, expect he will still cost around £1.25m though. Anything less is a real bargain.He's a Local Lad and wont want to move that far away, i think Brighton might be a bit more practical, well see now pompey are relegated to Div 1, i think there will be a mass exodus out of pompey now, plus they still might get liquidated, come June 2nd we will see


20 Apr 2012 15:56:21
Bristol City to sign Murray Davidson from St Johnstone(12)(3)


20 Apr 2012 15:48:40
paul green leaving Dreby on a free(28)(6)


20 Apr 2012 15:36:24
portsmouth fc concentrating on keeping some of their best players such as : joel ward, aaron mokoena,tal ben haim,hayden mulins(returning from loan)ricardo rocha
and jamie ashdown
portsmouth fc also want to sign players from the academy, so spend less money and there will be a reasonable team, mixing experience and youth(7)(24)Hhahahha clutching at straws or what "we are keeping are best players" it doesn't even look like your be a club next season get real you will be selling everyone you can to pay off as much as you can at a minimumPompey need to release Ben Haim, Mokoena, and Mulluns as due to a lack of Forsight by Peter Storrie, they are on premiership wages which are unsustainable if Pompey are to continue as a going concernEven if a miracle happens and PFC stay in the Championship and in business, why would they want to keep players on huge wages (Ben Haim £36000pw, Mokoena £15000pw, Mullins £13000pw)? Stupid post with no foundations.As a leeds fan really feel for you ground a proper club with proper fans!Does nobody in Portsmouth understand simple maths?
You have spent money you did not have, you have spent other peoples money you will never pay back and you still think that you can still spend stupid amounts for players salaries? If they are really able to justify those sort of salaries do you think they will stay for League 1 football and continuing doubts about if and when they will get paid?If you wriggle out againthis
you ll be in the same position in
two years time still owing millions
bye bye pompey tick tock
down tomorrow yeeeeeessssssGood luck Pompy!TBH and mokoena will most def be off, along with the likes of Varney, Mullins, Lawrence, etc, etc. Frtunately Pompey do have some excellent academy players. If they could keep Ward, Pearce and Futacs to add to those, would expect a promotion challenge year 1 if, as likely, we are relegated. However, could take longer as I fear ward and Pearce will be sold too.There all gone

no 1 will hang aroundMost if not all of those will go. Last thing we need is players on high salaries. Rebuild with our academy & lower league players who want to play for the shirt not for the final pay day. Ben Haim & Mokoena prove that we have been spending beyond our means & stupid wages (and they are woeful). Anyway bring on relegation, new teams to play & we can rebuild our club sensibly.


20 Apr 2012 15:26:01
Tom Ince is interesting Fulham and Stoke(15)(15)


20 Apr 2012 15:09:07
Readings in ans outs

Andy Johnson-Free(out of contract)-Fulham
Keiran Richardson-2M-Sunderland
Kevin Doyle-4M

Antonio-600K-Shefield Wednesday(22)(13)Are you on drugs? richardson from sunderland 2m? try at least 6-7m, reading promoted and think they can get better players for cheap no chancePoor Reading fans , John Madejski himself said he would not be buying marque or or adding much to the current squad.Google it for yourself if you think I am lying.And you think a player who cant touch the field for sunderland and an aging andy johnson are considerd marquee?! what world do you live on! its been in the papers, its not like hes making it up... foolsYou wouldn't get richardson for less than 5milRichardson has been injured, he played left back last game and has played left back most this season so 6-7m would be right, arsenal put in a cheeky loan bid in for him in jan but we told them money only, andy johnson doesnt get a game for fulham but he won't go to a newly promoted team, doyle won't go back to reading he will go to someone like fulham, sunderland, everton ect...Sheffield wednesday dont have £600, let alone £600.000.I hope we sign Doyle


20 Apr 2012 14:36:56
Notts County are set to offer Portsmouth striker Benjani a 1 year deal. The powerful frontman is out of contract at Fratton park in the summer and is looking to stay in England.(9)(13)Benjani is no longer fit enough to be a threat.Injuries have taken their toll I am afraid.How can they offer a new contract? from what i hear they still have no money! I think that they will rely on loaning players and using their youth/reserves. That is if they don't go into liquidation and start as a new club in the conference south league!! pmsl


20 Apr 2012 12:50:54
Reading are set to make Fulham foward Andy Johnson their first signing,he is out of contract in the summer and Reading will need to fight QPR for his signature.Reading are also after Keiran Richarson who is also likely to join.Shane Long and Gyfil Sidurdson could be on their way back.And Phillips should also join.(24)(22)


20 Apr 2012 12:04:57
to the people guessing the manager that ex Bournemouth and west ham your saying harry redknaapp think closer to home = carl fletcher(5)(8)Carl has all but kept Argyle up, he is going no where when he has a club that at least has the base to be a consistant championship club.


20 Apr 2012 11:19:03
Chris Powell is eager to bolster his strikeforce for the Addicks first season back in the Championship, so Jeff Schlupp will join Charlton on loan from Leicester for the season in July. Pearson rates the youngster, but with Waghorn coming back from injury and the possible signing of Jamie Vardy, there won't be much playing time for Schlupp next season. Pearson would prefer him to go on loan to a Championship club to aid his development and he sees his former assistant Chris Powell as the ideal manager to bring Schlupp on.(6)(7)If Schlupp goes to Charlton I doubt it will be on loan, not in the smmer anyways. A host of clubs are looking at James Vardy so don't count your chickens there, he will be expensive and an unknown qantity at Championship level.Doubt very much schlupp will be going anywhere! He is very much a 1st team player now.



20 Apr 2012 11:10:25
From current rumours my hopeful (but realistic) wish list for Saints 'if' they get into the prem:

- Jay Rod or Jordan Rhodes (Burnley/Hudders)

- Victor Moses (Wigan - if relegated)

- Matty Phillips (Blackpool)

- Roger Johnson (Wolves - relegated)

- Scott Dann (B'burn - if relegated)

-Nat Clyne (Palace)

- Lampard/Ji-Sung Park (Chelsea/M Utd looking to release apparently, but wages will be too big for Saints probably)

- Ali Al-Habsi [sp] (Wigan- if relegated)
- or Robbin Ruiter (FC Volendam)

Would be more than happy with half these signings for some experience and a bit more of a solid spine. Not expecting any to happen though, like I said - these are my 'realistic' but hopeful signings.(8)(48)Lampard? Paahaaaahha.

Saints think they're the big things in football now it looks like they're going up.No we don't. Reasonable post except : (Blackpool - if not promoted) and Lampard's wages defo too big. Unfortunately, i'm old enough to remember Saints stunning the world of football by signing Keegan.And who says Saints fans are arrogantRealistic?Between all the Reading and Southampton fans on here...any player with 2 feet and an agent will be mentioned as a "dead cert" to join. Face it's going to be straight up....straight down, no major signings because your wage bill cant take it. Enjoy the experience, live within your means (Southampton fans take note) and take the £50m and invest for the future....must admit though.....Lampard & ji Sung Park....LMFOAs a Wolves fan you DO NOT WANT Johnson , he has been rubbish all season.This is a wish list nothing more, you read the sun and belivr everything in there will come true. Face facts we ain't even up yet an no saints fan will know who we are signing intill it's on the OS.

But worse even still is the stupidness of some people to tar all saints fans as arrogant when you get one person with a keyboard post his wish list. Grow a brain people no realistic saints fans bellive this ste it's just a kid playing FIFA 12

MoronsLooks like the silly season is now openJay rod or rhodes possible
moses is wanted by liverpool so would never go to southampton
matt phillips wont b sold for a ridiculous fee but could happen but more likely to go somewhere like stoke/ established prem team
johnson and dann are possible but badly underperformed this year
clyne most realistic there as palace are going nowhere atm but could b wrong as dougie seems a good manager
lampard and ji sung park realistic?! in wat sense? they could both play in europe still and i doubt would ever play for any other prem league club, let alone a team who hav a lot to prove, hav mainly championship quality players, not enough pedigree or talent and dont hav european football or the wages.
al habsi probs gonna go west brom if they get relegated as they need a keeperI am a Saints fan and even I am laughing at some of those names! Theres a couple that are realistic, but my god Lampard?! I can see why some people say Saints fans are arrogant, majority are not but there are a few that make us look bad. However we do have money and we could make some big signings which Im sure is a possibility. This is for previous poster, we do live within our means..We have a wage cap and will not break it. We have every chance of staying in the do Reading. There have been plenty of teams that have achieved this over the years.For fooks sake lads come on! I'm a Saints fan but you're just making us look silly now! Lampard really? Your giving us all a reputation so come on, be realistic. Apologies to everyone else who now thinks we are living in dream land!I don't think saints will sign lampard but being realistic if Chelsea are trying to shift him, which is strongly rumoured, where would he end up? He would definitely go to a prem team who are challenging for top half, not impossible for Saints to sign him.

The person who made this list did say it was "hopeful" and that they would be more than happy with on a couple of these signings. People are getting way too keen to slag people off and act all modest, when the original poster never stated he was expecting any of these players to come, and underlined any doubts that the above commenters have made. People getting worked up and trying to have a say for no reason IMO, if this person has a wish list and states it is hopeful but based on current rumours what else do you want? This is a rumours site and the poster isn't making assumptions.Frank Lampard?!

LOL!Lampard f off!!!


20 Apr 2012 10:33:02
Leicester with another bid of around 1m for Vardy(13)(11)


20 Apr 2012 08:44:45
hey ed do you know any leicester ins or outs? {Ed001's Note - nothing new, still the only thing I have heard of is interest in bringing Hobbs back. Still not convinced it is not just an assumption made because Pearson likes him though.}(5)(3)Thanks


20 Apr 2012 10:00:11
blackpool, milwall and burnely have expressed there interest in run away derby striker chris maguire and impressing in his loan spell at pompey(9)(7)


20 Apr 2012 09:56:41
Gary Doherty is set to retire from professional football in the next few week as the Charlton defender wants a career in football coaching. He could continue his football in the non league part time with Wealdstone.(6)(2)


20 Apr 2012 09:54:20
Dagenham & Redbridge have made an offer for Millwall midfielder Chris Hackett in the summer which could take the former Oxford player to Victoria Road on a three year deal.(4)(3)


20 Apr 2012 09:52:42
MK Dons are in talks with Swansea midfielder Scott Donnelly after the Welsh side told the Irish player he can leave the club on a free in the summer.(6)(4)


20 Apr 2012 09:51:34
Uwe Rosler, who is currently manager of Brentford, has made an undisclosed summer bid for Arsenal midfielder Craig Eastmond.(7)(5)


20 Apr 2012 09:50:18
Brentford boss Uwe Rosler is wanting to sign Sunderland defender Louis Laing in the summer on loan.(10)(2)


20 Apr 2012 09:48:01
Sheffield Wednesday boss Dave Jones has been told he will have money to spend in the summer as he looks to bring a number of new player into the club.
Jones is keen on going across Sheffield to sign young defender Terry Kennedy from United. The 18 year old is wanted by a number of Premier League clubs but if Wednesday manage promotion to the Championship and United don't, the deal could happen.
If Wolves do get relegated from the Premier League, Jones may go back to his former club and make an offer for Irish midfielder Stephen Hunt. Hunt is keen on playing in the Premier League but Wednesday feel an ambitious bid will make them contenders to sign other players. The deal will only be made if Wednesday manage promotion.
A player definately coming to Hillsborough is Colchester youngster Jordan Sanderson. The young midfielder agreed contract terms late last night after Wednesday had a undisclosed bid accepted from Colchester.
Finally, Jones is also wanting to sign another player from a Yorkshire rival in Jordan Clark. The 18 year old was wanted by Manchester City last summer and the Barnsley attacker could seal a season long loan switch across South Yorkshire once the campaign ends.(4)(6)Someones been busy writing a load of rubbish about the top 3 in league 1,I love the one about united spending loads of money (get real their millions in debt)
Me thinks someones got to much spare time on their hands.Sad Wednesday fan in dream worldMore like sad blunt making up rubbish to make themselves feel better after todays great result


20 Apr 2012 09:39:08
Sheffield United boss Danny Wilson is set to spend 'a huge' amount of money if the Blades secure promotion back to the Championship and could still spend 'a lot' if they don't.
Wilson is wanting to sign Bristol Rovers forward Matt Harrold. The former Wycome and Southend striker has impressed this season and is ready to make the jump up a level or two.
The defender Wilson is keen on bringing in is Crystal Palace left sided player Jonathan Parr. The Norway international has played 37 times at Selhurst Park this season but could be tempted with a move to Bramall Lane after reportedly being disappointed with how Palace have fallen this season.
Another forward set to link up with United is young Chelsea striker Islam Feruz. Feruz is only 16 but the London club feel he is more than good enough to compete at any level outside the Premier League.
Finally, Huddersfield winger come striker Kallum Higginbotham is subject of an undisclosed bid from their Yorkshire rivals after Town boss Simon Grayson stated the 22 year old will not feature in his plans next season.(1)(17)Sounds like HUGE AMOUNTS all loans or freebies already 30+ millions in debt could end up like Pompey IF start spending daft money?


20 Apr 2012 09:30:39
Charlton manager Chris Powell is set to be given around £3 million in the summer to spend on possibly targeting another promotion push, but this time in the Championship. Three deals are very close to being struck in the next week as Powell looks to keep most of his squad.
Leyton Orient midfielder Dean Cox is subject of a bid from Powell as the former Brighton winger looks for football in the Championship. Cox has attracted a lot of sides in the last few months with some very good performances and could cost around £350,000.
Norwich youngster Tom Adeyemi has been told he can leave Carrow Road if someone offers around £250,000 for the 20 year old and Powell feels he would make a good signing after being impressed with Adeyemi whilst on loan at Oldham this season.
Finally, Powell is set to make an ambitious bid for Leicester player Ben Marshall. The 21 year old only joined City in January from Stoke but Athletic feel if they set out enough ambition this year, Powell could bring in a number of players who 'wouldn't usually come'.(0)(18)Ben Marshall? Are you having a laugh? We have only just got him, he is very much part of the plans and has started very well for us.Not a chance on earth your getting marshallWith the club still 35 million in debt and repayments on loans due to resume once the Championship is reached it is difficult to see where 3 million will come from. Or is it, looking into the mystery world of who owns Charlton one could be forgiven for thinking that there is an awful lot of Middle Eastern money behind them!What after having new owners which the deal was to clear that debt do that's sorted and if reports are correct and kevin cash is the behind the scenes owner then we have plenty of money to spend exspecially with the directors having trust in Powell after bringing in 24 players and jelling them together to win league one.Mugged if you pay 350k for Cox. Released by Brighton, can be great on his day but gets muscled out far too easily and will never make it in the Championship.I doubt Tom Adeyemi will be sold by Norwich in the summer, at least not until he has joined in pre-season training folr Lambert to assess his ability to complete in next years squad, a young talent that if and when sold will fetch a lot more than £250K


20 Apr 2012 09:23:37
Preston boss Graham Westley is wanting to make former Liverpool midfielder Damien Plessis his first signing of the summer on a free transfer from Greek side Panathinaikos.(4)(9)The Guy couldnt even get in the Doncaster team thats just been relegated and has scored just 1 goal in 3 years......Perfect player for PNE


20 Apr 2012 09:21:37
Greek club Panetolikos are set to sign Fabien Robert from French club Lorient as the 23 year old looks to turn down Doncaster Rovers.(4)(10)


20 Apr 2012 09:20:23
Greek club Panetolikos are very close to agreeing a fee with West Ham for striker Frederic Piquionne.(7)(6)Frederic reported as saying,"it's all Greek to me,I know nothing".


20 Apr 2012 09:18:52
Stockport boss Jim Gannon is wanting to make Manchester City youngster Alex Nimely his first signing of the summer as County look for promotion to the Football League.(3)(22)


20 Apr 2012 09:17:28
Norwich boss Paul Lambert has made an offer for Manchester United youngster Oliver Norwood on loan for next season with a view to a £2 million permanent deal.(7)(17)


20 Apr 2012 09:15:25
If Bournemouth caretaker Paul Groves gets the full time job in summer, he is keen on bringing Dutch defender Karim Rekik from Manchester City on loan for the season as his first signing.(3)(9)


20 Apr 2012 09:13:47
Blackpool boss Ian Holloway is keen on bringing Derby forward Chris Maguire to Bloomfield Road after being impressed with the former Aberdeen striker whilst on loan at Portsmouth.(12)(12)


20 Apr 2012 09:12:23
West Brom have recieved a bid from Ipswich Town for young midfielder Scott Allan for a season long loan bid next season. Paul Jewell feels the Scotland under 21 player will benefit their promotion push for next year.(6)(10)Ipswich are not rearly interested in loan signings, as this disrupts the team if the player gets recalled, as proved with the two keepers we had on loan, so PJ is only interested in signing plaers not loanees"player will benefit their promotion push for next year." He'd better go somewhere else then!Well said above poster, ipswich nowhere near good enough to go up . They will have to battle to stay were they are


20 Apr 2012 09:10:40
West Ham boss Sam Allardyce is close to signing five players in the summer and will still try and pursue the deals no matter the division their in.
Allardyce is keen on signing Leeds midfielder Danny Pugh. The former Stoke and Preston left sided player only joined United in January but feels he has more chance of playing in the top flight again in London. Leeds boss Neil Warnock is expected to listen to offers for Pugh as he plans a massive overhaul at Elland Road.
Allardyce is also keen on bringing a goalkeeper into The Boleyn Ground to provide more competition with England stopper Rob Green. It is thought that former Colchester keeper Dean Gerken is already in talks with United over a possible one year deal from Bristol City.
The 57 year old has made a bid for England under 21 international winger Cameron Stewart from league rivals Hull City. The East Yorkshire club are not willing on selling the 21 year old but could be tempted if West Ham bid around £5 million.
The fourth deal could be Irish defender Damien Delaney. The former Hull and QPR player is keen on a move away from Portman Road and Allardyce sees it as a possibly good deal due to his experience of winning promotions.
Finally, 18 year old forward Miguel Medina is thought to be the last possible deal after he trained with the club from Italian outfit Udinese. The Serie A club are willing to let the Paraguayan out on loan for the season.(4)(14)And what about Henderson who Sam signed from Pompey, how many keepers does he want, and as for Delaney moving away from Ipswich, i cant see that happening unless Ipswich get at least another two centre backs in the summerI doubt West Ham will be looking at any players until they know what league they will be in.Thats right keep racking up the debt.Wtf, Damien Delaney has never been promoted in his professional playing careerIf West Ham don't got up, they're in serious financial trouble, and I am told that there will be departures rather than arrivals should this transpire.Cameron Stewart no chance; he is under 6ft for a startThat's if he's not sackedI am assuming that you do not think West Ham will go up to the premeir league either via play offs or automatic promotion. All these players are championship players if that. Rob Green's contract runs out in June so if the Hammers arent promoted than expect him to leave anyway.I agree with those possible signings but there is also Jermaine Beckford and Jermaine Johnson who would be excellent signings for the club


20 Apr 2012 08:57:33
Southampton boss Nigel Adkins has made an enquiry for Juventus striker Alessandro Matri, but will only piursue the deal if they manage promotion. Matri has scored 19 ghoals for the possible Serie A champions and could cost up to £12 million.(7)(27)Isn't saints record signing Rory delay for like 4million I really don't see us spending 12 million on a player if we do manage to clinch promotion?An italian international forward........really?!?!?!
southampton paying out £12m on one player, when they won't spend that as a combined transfer all summer.......really?!?!?!"Up to £12 million" If a good deal can be worked it could be significantly less. I could see us going up to £8million for the right player.

But i don't think this will happen, need strength more urgently in other areas, we are fine up top for now.Think we need cover/competition for Lambert but someone is dreamingAs if he wud join southampton anyway live in dreamland some of you saints fans12m dream on


20 Apr 2012 08:47:59
Non League News:

Combined Counties Division 1 will have the following new teams next season:

AFC Croydon Athletic, Southall, Old Farnboroughians, Epsom Athletic and AFC Bedfont Town.

Means that Didcot Town will switch to Southern League D1 Central as Merthyr Town are definitely in Southern League D1 West next season regardless of Westfields winning the Midland Alliance (they too will go into the Southern League D1 West).

Bookham are going to the Surrey Elite League, thereby reprieving Sheerwater.(4)(4)


20 Apr 2012 07:51:20
Derby County have offered non league goalkeeper Jacob Anthony a professional contract.(7)(4)


20 Apr 2012 07:27:18
Summer of change at Swindon regardless of the fact they will be in league one many of this seasons promotion winning squad will leave, and many new players bought in as Paolo di Canio plans for another promotion push. players out : Mattia Lanzano, Etienne Esajas, Lee Cox, Alan Connell, Mark Scott, Abdul Said, Lander Gabilondo, Raffaele De Vita, Alessandro Cibocchi, Lukas Magera, Billy Bodin, Ronan Murray and Mehdi Kerrouche.Expected to sign Jay McEveley and Lee Holmes and hand pro deals to Leigh Bedwell, Miles Storey and Harry Grant, which would leave the squad looking like this:
GK Wes Foderingham, Phil Smith, Leigh Bedwell, DEF Jay McEveley (LB) Callum Kennedy (LB) Aden Flint, Alan McCormack, Joe Devera, Oliver Risser (CB) Paul Caddis, NAthan Thompson, Chris Smith (RB) MID Matt Ritchie, Lee Holmes, Luke Rooney (Wingers) Simon Ferry, Oliver Risser, Jonathan Smith, Harry Grant (CM) Paul Benson, Miles Storey(STR)
That is a squad of just 20 players including three 1st year pros. Expect around 7 new signings in summer, 4 strikers, a winger, 2 midfielders(3)(7)Ronan Murray is only there on loan from ITFC anyway so not really an 'out' is he?Why would they get rid of Connell when he has been scoring fairly regularly? Luka Magera is a quality player as well.Also no mention of Alan Connell and where he will be next season??Swindon dont have the fan base to go much further, look at the poor gate last saturday!


20 Apr 2012 06:07:54
Liverpool face a fight with a number of European clubs to sign Bayern Munich's central midfielder Toni Kroos.
Liverpool hope to secure a deal of around 35mil after scouts have watched him on a number of occasions(7)(20)Why would he leave a top european club like bayern for hasbeen club like liverpoolAnother carroll eyPenelope Cruz more like


20 Apr 2012 00:32:49
Norwich City are believed to be top contenders to sign Hannovers Ivory Coast International Striker Didier Ya Konan the player is estimated to be valued at €6 Million (£4.9 Million) by the bundesliga club(6)(24)


20 Apr 2012 00:05:40
Walsall have striker Nicolas Celeste and midfielder Nizar Khalfan on trial with a view to signing them in the summer

Celeste played for the reserves against Burton and Khalfan is currently training with the league one side

On loan midfielder Sam Mantom is also set to join the Saddlers permanently in the summer from West Brom(9)(10)


19 Apr 2012 22:14:32
Newcastle will look to sign a left back a centreback a holding midfeild and a back up striker in the summer;
LB; either peiters from psv who would cost around 5 million or aly cissokho from lyon for around 7.5 million others names have been mentioned eg mbengue, anita or Maybe figueroa
Cb; vertonghen has Been mentioned but at around 15 million hes unlikely to join, either mbiwa or douglas seem the most likely at 6 million or 4 million but there are a number of defenders out there available at a good value
Cm; newcastle have been linked lots central midfeilders cognet, l.bender, diarra, amalfitano, m.sissoko, are just some of the them but id expect newcastle to find another young french player Or maybe another one from holland rather pay 6-10 million for the likes of diarra
St; mayuka, rodallega, obasi, rondon, gignac, maiga, erdinc and fletcher have all been linked with newcastle over the last season but as with most newcastle signinfs expect someone to come from nowhere(7)(23)


19 Apr 2012 20:51:01
Napoli are preparing a £4m bid for Dirk Kuyt. Lille are willing to pay £5m to make Joe Cole's loan switch permanent. Charlie Adam is a £7m target for Aston Villa. Alberto Aquilani is set to complete a permanent £6.3m transfer to AC Milan. Dani Pacheco,Doni,Maxi Rodriguez and Fabio Aurelio are also set to leave merseyside along with a number of youth players that are unlikely to make the grade at Anfield. Liverpool wish to sign David Hoilett and Craig Gordon who are both free agents this summer. Manchester City winger Adam Johnson will be made available this summer for £15m and Liverpool are favourite's to land him. Liverpool will complete their summer changes by signing Dutch duo Kevin Strootman and Ricky Van Wolfswinkel.(23)(23)Dani Pacheco to NorwichCan't see Liverpool offloading ALL of their dead wood, if you will. Even if Adam does leave, I don't think they'll get anywhere near £7M for him or £7M for Kuyt either.Adam wont be leaving us,anyway where are villa getting that kind of money


19 Apr 2012 20:40:04
Newly promoted Reading are looking at quickly confirming:
Benik Afobe - Arsenal (season loan)
Matt Connolly - QPR
Hayden Mullins – Portsmouth

Craig Mackail-Smith – Brighton – The People
Kevin Doyle – Wolves – Daily Star / Daily Mirror
Stephen Dobbie – Swansea – Daily Mirror
Stuart Beavon – Wycombe – Daily Star
Matt Phillips – Blackpool – Daily Mirror / Daily Mail (Holloway hasn't ruled out Phillips leaving but disputed the £1m fee quoted in the media)
Kieran Richardson – Sunderland – Daily Mail
Andrew Johnson – Fulham – Sky
Gylfi Sigurdsson – Hoffenheim – talkSPORT,, Daily Mirror
Bjφrn Sigurdarson – Lillestrom –
Jacob Butterfield – Barnsley – Rob Station (local journalist)

Other people being looked at include:
Shane Long – West Bromwich Albion
Matt Mills – Leicester (if available at sensible cost)
Aaron Cresswell – Ipswich
Vicente – Brighton (available on a free, contract expired)

Ian Harte will be offered a one year contract extension.

Outgoing are likely to include the following who will not be offered new contracts: Tomasz Cywka, Andy Griffin, Cedric Baseya, Nicholas Bignall, Jacob Walcott, Brett Williams, Michael Hector, Ethan Gage and Brynjar Gunnarsson who is leaving to go to KR Reykjavνk.(9)(30)Being a Wolves fan the only rumour I'm interested in is Kevin Doyle going back to Reading and I hope to god it's true, if we can get £5m for him great but I'd settle for £4m.You want all your old players!!I remember when Pompey supporters were posting similar lists after their East European owner arrived on the scene!
The enthusiasm is understandable but maybe should be tempered with a little caution, especially with the deal still to be finalised.I seriously hope we do not move for Doyle, 1 coz he has moved on so have Reading and 2 IMO he look 9/10 out off depth in prem.RIGHT....

-Afobe - probably true
-Connolly - not prem standard
-Hayden Mullins - not prem standard

-Mackail-Smith - not prem standard
-Doyle - av 10 goals a season and relegated twice.. better out there.
-Stephen Dobbie - Possible but not prem standard IMO
-Stuart Beavon - not prem standard
-Matt phillips - possible
-Richardson - possible
-Andrew Johnson - bigger teams interested in him
-Gylfi Sigurdsson - no chance
-Bjorn Sigurdarson - who?
-Jacob Butterfield - possible, but unproven

-Shane Long - No, he's happy at west brom, won't go back and forth like a yoyo
-Matt Mills - Leicester don't need to sell and he is vital for their prem push, so no.
-Aaron Cresswell- no where near good enough
Vicente - decent for free

I make that 6 possible and the rest highly unlikely. Good luck though.Interesting considering the Reading chairman announced there will be no big signings.Afobe-Not prem quality
Conolly- Likely
Mullins-Ok fr back up

CMS-Not even Championship quality
Dobbie-Not prem quality
Beavon-Will be ok with a bit of time
Phillips-Very Likely
Johnson-Great singing
Gyfil Sigurdson-Great signing
Bjorn Sigurdson-Who?
Long-Possible loan
Mills-No Way

Harte for 1 more year
Same for Cywka
And Walcott on a new contractTake a look at where these rumours are coming from.

daily star, daily mail, daily mirror ,talksport.

You could say not the most reliable of sources. (a slight under statement)To however said no big signings.Your wrong, but he did say they will not go mad on signings but they will make some big ones.


19 Apr 2012 20:34:57
Southampton have been put on alert after wigan winger victor moses didnt want to extend his contract(18)(7)Linked with every player lolNorwich boundYeah because if Moses was available he'd go to Norwich :-)"Linked with every player"

Good one mate, really funny. Obviously not thinking we are signing every player. Choose a time to make comments like this, this is a realistic signing.He's off to Spurs or LiverpoolWhy would Victor Moses sign for a team that May struggle in the premeier league - he has already been there, done that with Wigan. Expect him to sign for like of liverpool, Spurs and maybe Everton - teams who have experience of the premier league.


19 Apr 2012 20:20:19
Burnley born player, Marc Pugh of Bournemouth will join his home team Burnley in the summer. The midfielder rejected a 3 year deal from Derby in January(7)(10)


19 Apr 2012 19:57:25
Doncaster will sign Chris Taylor from Oldham(11)(16)


19 Apr 2012 19:46:58
Craig Gordon will join Southampton on a free as back up to Kelvin Davis(9)(36)Why would he join as back-up for Davies when he's better than him - doesn't make sense.Gordon is a far better keeper than Davies, he will be off to Celtic


19 Apr 2012 18:55:39
Craig Gardner and Craig Gordon are interesting Stoke with Kenwyne Jones returning to the SOL

Jarvis looks a certainty to join the Potters

Sorensen, Fuller (asking way too much), Upson and Woodgate expected to leave.

Pennant keen to sign a 1 year extension but Huth still up in the air (a bit like his opponents) :-)(15)(18)No chance of Gardener leaving, he's playing every week now and likes playing for Mon.No chance of jones returning hes bone idleInteresting you say 'no chance' to both when in fact you have no idea. Firstly yes Jones is lazy but O'Neill tried to sign him twice at Villa and if you look at his previous teams he is very much the kind of striker he likes to play in a front two. Secondly have you never heard of a first team player leaving a club? 'He likes playing for MOn' ......:-) When did he tell you that? Do you expect him to say he hates playing for him? He factually said he was homesick but don't let that cloud your judgement of reality.Yeh it's interesting how Gardener came out in the local paper saying, that he is "NOT HOMESICK", he wasnt getting a game under Bruce and was on a downer, now he's playing every game so expect him to stay where he is.


19 Apr 2012 18:48:10
Hi ed keep hearing rumours that wolves are after Chris houghton from blues as they are in a financial mess and wolves will have a very gud chance of going back up with good money to spend(16)(9)They are not rumours they are just wishes, Chris Houghton will not be joining local rivals Wolves because as of next season Wolves will be in a financial straights themselves, a £25M drop in income tends to do that to a club. The sleeping giants will slumber once more. {Ed001's Note - Wolves can easily cope with the loss of revenue, they are in profit and have no financial issues.}


19 Apr 2012 18:31:10
Virgil van Dijk – FC Groningen’s young 19 year-old Dutch defender
Romain Amalfitano – Stade Reims 22 year-old attacking midfielder
Douglas Franco Teixeira – known as Douglas – 24 – FC Twente
James Tomkins 23 – West Ham
Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa – captain of French club Montpelier – 22
Jan Vertonghen – 23 – played for Belgium 35 times and he stands 6’3? tall
Benjamin Corgnet – French attacking midfielder – 24 – Dijon – £4.5M?
Cheikh M’Bengue – Toulouse and Senegal left back
Erik Pieters PSV – Dutch left back
Jacob Butterfield – 21 year-old Barnsley central midfielder
Adam Maher – 18-year-old AZ Alkmaar midfielder
John Guidetti – 19-year-old Man City striker – on loan to Feyenoord
Mathieu Debuchy – Lille 26 year-old right back
Juan Pablo Pino – 25 – Columbian winger/striker – Galatasaray
Gylfi Sigurdsson – Hoffenhein attacking midfielder – loan at Swansea
Anthony Knockaert – Guingamp 20 year-old midfielder

these are all from th nufc blog(5)(16)And I thought it was greek


19 Apr 2012 18:08:40
Middlesborough are set to sign walsall fcs Emmanuel Ledesma and manny smith . Ledesma will be free while manny will cost around £200-£300k in compensation.(5)(10)


19 Apr 2012 17:47:40
have a slight feeling Derby County will be mint in the championship next season


Brayford Pearce Shackell Roberts

Diouf Bryson Hendrick Ward

S.Davies Evans

Bench: Robinson, Tyson, Green, Buxton, Legzdins(5)(34)Really? Is that honestly your idea of a 'mint' team?? Honestly?? Serious??

Oh right I get it. How dumb am I!?! Your waiter a forest fan, or a leicester fan taking the mick. For a split second I thought this was a genuine post lolDerby will not be signing Diouf or Evans. Clough builds a team around players who work hard and with a good attitude to develop as players. Pearce could be a possibility. As for the post above, that's a stronger team than has been played this year, and the majority would get in most Championship sides. Premiership interest in Fielding, Brayford, Bryson, Hendrick, Ward, Robinson and Steve Davies says it all really.Derby won't want diouf I'm a donny fan and I can say he wasn't very good anymoreThat is a horrific team. Will be lucky to avoid relegation with those mugs!Shackell is leavin factBut is it a fact? What if he breaks his leg, will he be leaving then? Idiot.Ched Evans to middlesbroughTrying to get rid of Shackell because he,s top earner IF you don,t get rid of him 2 less to come inShackell signed last season, Derby are still under the same financial constraints as before, so that's unlikely. Green will leave, as well as Croft, Addison, and possibly Tyson and Maguire, probably taking £35k per week off the wage billChed evans is going to jail i think you ll find...


19 Apr 2012 17:45:05
Strong rumours that Joe Ledley is heading back to the Welsh capital, but the fee may be a problem for Malky as he has other targets that he wants,
Pennant (Stoke)
Spurr (Doncaster)
Ritchie (Swindon)
Ashdown (Portsmouth)
Kiss (Bratislava) ,to get full transfer.(1)(20)Pennant to Cardiff.........classic :-)Even though ledley said he would be happy to see out the rest of his career with celtic?I do believe the Kiss deal is already done.


19 Apr 2012 17:34:07
oldham are after chris dagnall on a loan deal in the summer an also micheal symes who scored a hat trick against them for rochdale(7)(2)


19 Apr 2012 17:33:00
liverpool re sign milan baros, riera and aquilani to replace suarez, gerrard and maxi(13)(48)Rubbish end ofCOYB :)


19 Apr 2012 17:30:34
oldham athletic in talks to sign lee croft to replace doncaster bound chris taylor also will keane has agreed a loan deal to go oldham(9)(5)


19 Apr 2012 17:24:04
ive heard hull city are taking an interest in man utds will keane for a possible loan deal next season.looks a good prospect dont think hes been out on loan anywhere during his carear but is a regular goal scorer for utds reserves(7)(3)


19 Apr 2012 16:49:41
Hi Ed,any news on Sheffield Wednesday yet,cheers {Ed025's Note - nothing yet mate..(0)(5)There staying in league one, how is that for news.Very predictable reply,it was that or yeah your MASSIVE,got to be one of those very intelligent blades fans.


19 Apr 2012 17:04:25
Barnsley midfielder jacob butterfield set to snub a move to newcastle and sign for newly promoted reading(6)(17)


19 Apr 2012 17:02:22
wigan intresed in Stoke striker Ricardo Fuller.(11)(4)Looks like Fuller will leave and Sunderland are interested apparently but asking for ridiculous wages


19 Apr 2012 16:40:15
Ian Harte out of contract in the summer and is set to sign a one year deal with Middlesbrough(3)(22)Ian Harte to Leeds!!In wish he was moving to middlesbroughNo way. He'll stay at Reading. He said in an interview how he couldnt wait to be playing prem football again.Im a leicester fan and what reading have dne this season is brilliant, congratulations, im sorry but i dont care how old harte is he was made for the premier league why would he leave now? he is quality, id have him in my squad anyday


19 Apr 2012 15:46:31
After being promoted earlier this week, the new owners of Reading are looking at potential transfer targets including Robert Green, who is available on a free transfer at the end of the season, and a £4million move for former Royals' striker Kevin Doyle, of Wolves, who look doomed for relegation.(13)(5)Dont want any west ham players, no matter how cheapFree for Robert Green seems a bit over-priced to me.Why would Green want to come and sit on our bench behind Federici who is a much better keeper


19 Apr 2012 15:28:25
MK Dons have rejected an offer in the region of 1.5 million for winger Daniel Powell from Derby County(2)(10)Derby do not have that sort of money, so try and refrain from making rubbish stores upThey do, there owner is a very shrewd man though. i think there one of the biggest in terms of fan base in the championship


19 Apr 2012 15:16:30
Derby County have made an official approach to Crew over star midfielder Nick Powell.(7)(10)


19 Apr 2012 14:49:21
Rumours gathering pace that Millwall winger James Henry is the target of several big Championship clubs this summer. With 1 year left on his current deal at the South London club it's felt that he could be prised away this summer.(5)(1)Im sure Henry only signed a new three year deal at the begginning of this season.


19 Apr 2012 14:48:23
any news coming out of west brom(1)(7)Any news coming out of west brom?

Yes they're rubbish :)Premiership rubbish though.Shane Long is off to Reading


19 Apr 2012 14:38:37
does anyone know who is likley to become the next bournemouth boss(1)(1)


19 Apr 2012 14:10:07
There's no way Ipswich will pay 2m for Murphy from Celtic(11)(2)Not when his out of contract in the summerHave Ipswich got £2million lolHave Norwich ?Marcus Evens has more money than Norwich could dream of


19 Apr 2012 14:09:37
Barnsley FC to sign

Bristol Rovers-Mustapha Carayol-100k
plus-Alastair Taylor

Oldham-Chris taylor-free

Doncaster's-James coppinger-150k

Man city-Alex nimely-free

Coventry city-Richard Keogh-100k(1)(16)No they will notRichard Keogh for £100k your joking.Muzzy Carayol for £100k plus an untested youth player? Not a chance!

He's a superb player on his way up, either with us next year or for good money in the summer. We signed him for between £30-50k last summer, we're not selling him for double!Not gonna get Muzzy for less than a million.We're definatly relegated next season then!!Coppinger will not go to Barnsley fc 2 reasons 1. Why would he go to a local rival and 2. He has stated that he loves Doncaster rovers fc


19 Apr 2012 13:46:21
Matt Richie definitely on his way to Ipswich Town FACT. He wants to progress his career and make the Premiership as soon as he can. Sorry Swindon fans that just isn't going to happen with Swindon who just don't have that aspiration. I'm not an Ipswich fan but they are backed by one of the richest chairman in the football league, for god sake!

The rumour is that it will be a cash plus player deal, probably Ronan Murray plus £300k should do the deal, but STFC may hold out for £500k with the sell on clause hit.

Conr62(5)(12)What a load of bull if Richie ends up leave then it will be to a bigger club than Ipswich. And Murray is not worth £200k more like £50kMake the premiership? Lol no chance!If he wants to play premier league football, why go to Ipswich better off staying with Swindon.The only premier ipswich will make is blue square premier theyve had rich owner for five years and they havent finished in the top half yetI did find post about ipswich in blue square prem funny.many ture word spoken in jest. It could happen happen they are carpLol what a trio of jokers. My sides are splitting! COMMENT ON YOUR OWN TEAM budgies...its hilarious you think about us so much. Very flattering. I couldn't care less about your team so stop caring so much about mine! Oh and pride comes before a fall...remember that!Murray is not worth a fiver, one of the worst strikers weve had for a long time, you can have him back on his new contractAs for Murray being a crap signing, are you saying Dicanio is a crap manager, as he's the one that wanted Murray back on loan, also the tractor boys will be pushing for promotion next season, like most things its all down to getting the breaks of no injuries and keeping a strong squad together, similar to what you budgies have achieved this season, now as for Richie's possible move to Ipswich, well he's certainly young enough to be in PJ future squad building plans, whether it happens who knows, but Ipswich will make early signings and not be dragged into a start of season transfer debacle, the squad will be in place ready for the start.


19 Apr 2012 13:32:25
Reading want Jacob Butterfield from Barnsley.(12)(7)So do Newcastle. Good luck..


19 Apr 2012 13:25:50
Leeds have already been linked with summer moves for Sol Bamba, Paul Green, Max Gradel, Jamie Bulmann, Paddy Kenny and a number of youth players from feeder club St. Pauls.

Warnock has enquired about Bamba, Green and Kenny. Gradel has spoken of his desire to return to Leeds, although this is unconfirmed. Bulmann, of Oxford United, is an existing target shortlisted by Leeds scouts a while back.
wally(8)(16)Bulman left Oxford two years ago and has been at Crawley ever since!Becoming leicester rejects fc again then?Why would he enquire over Green, he's out of contract at the end of the seasonNo.. thats Dannie Bulmann, Crawley's skipper. Check before you post. Enquiries made to Green's agent, not his club.


19 Apr 2012 13:19:42
Newcastle outs:-
Tim Krull-Chelsea
Demba Ba-Arsenal/Man City
Tiotte -Chelsea/Man U/Man City

Heskey-A Villa
Hennassey-Wolves(19)(40)LOL what utter BS - LOL Heskey?? LOL Krull to chelsea 20 - 25 mil
Demba Ba - PSG 7.5 mil
Tiote - Chelsea 25 -30 mil

Tiote - Newcastle already turned down 20 mil from chelsea, since then he has signed a new deal - hence 25 - 30.
Krull one of the best keepers in the prem - just signed a new deal - 20 -25 milDemba Ba is interesting Man U but his injury is worrying a few clubs apparentlyHennesey out for 6 months so going nowhereHeskey lol,a donkey no way will he be at newcastle,his best option championshipThe ins are wrong, but the outs could!! definatley happen. why would they not want to leave for better teams.Would they have left already? And why sit on a bench?Another mackem obsessed with our club. Mind the gap. Heskey is going to Sunderland. SMBI don't think Krul will leave this season and as a Wolves fan I can't see anyone buying Hennessey until January even if it happens as he's out until 2013.Wouldn't get of best players bar cabaye and cisse and replace with a goalkeeper who is injured for 6 months and Heskey who couldn't finish his diinner. I'm a Utd fan and this is most probably a Sunderland fan. Ridicolous


19 Apr 2012 12:44:35
I am an apprentice football coach at Elland road and I have just seen Neil Warnock walk in the main doors with 3 other men in suits and a black guy in a track suit looking like leon best,
now theres a car in the car park (Audi RS4)
Registration plate L8est 20

MOT!(10)(26)NO SUCH NUMBER PLATE so g0 to Spec Savers or go have another look in car park with correct no platesGo and get a MOT ON YOUR EYES no such no plates lolNo such number plate could have been Best but if eyes as good as reading DEF NOTApprentice muppet me thinksYeah.....and I was walking through the car park at Eastlands and saw a number plate ME551.
I've seen a mini-bus at Elland Road they use for taking them to training, which had the number plate TO55ERS.Don't think so. Best would cost around 2mil and with Sir Ken Bates in charge we'll be lucky to spend 200k.Iam sure your employers will be delighted with you for breachig data protection....silly boy


19 Apr 2012 12:26:10
Burnley are interested in the signing of Gary Madine. They will use the money front the sale of Jay Rodriguez whose move to a premier league team is looking imminent.(14)(5)


19 Apr 2012 12:24:53
Scunthorpe,Chesterfield and Walsall are all looking at Dag and Red forward Danny Hylton(4)(1)Erm... Hylton plays for Aldershot.


19 Apr 2012 11:16:52
hi ed have you heard of anyone whos likely to be the next afc bournemouth boss and is it likely to happen anytime soon. {Ed025's Note - no mate..(1)(3)


19 Apr 2012 12:57:06
If the takeover at coventry goes through the following players will be joining and leaving

jack midson wimbledon 750k
sanchez watt arsenal (loan)
francois zoko carlisle 800k
jonathan forte southamton 1mill
norwood man u loan (already said he'd love to stay)


o'donovan hibernian 400k
eastwood southend 600k
martin cranie burnley 800k
richard wood back to sheff weds if they go up 900k {Ed007's Note - Hibernian do not have £400k to spend on a player, no chance.}(3)(23)Its going to be a BIG IF after Satday
YOU,LL BE STARTING ON - 10(minus)Jack Midson- £750,000.....absolutely no way. He was released from his former club on a free and though has scored 17 goals this seaso, nowhere near 1st division potentialYou could get the entire Hibs first team for less than £400000!

JamboCrainies out of contract so can leave for freeSouthend simply don't have £600.000 to spend on a player even if it is Eastwood. He has a niggling knee injury which might blight from time to time the rest of his career. Also he won't Sign for Southend if they remain in League 2 for next season.I don't think Forte is good enough for League 1-he wasn't for Saints! But if you want to pay £1m for him, good luck.Cranie is not out of contract because he said when/if we go down he will be leaving, jack midson seems a good player so why not hibs first team for 400k yeah ok gary o'connor is worth 1mill at least and leigh griffiths is worth about 500k-1mill and forte hasn't done too badly for notts in league 1Forte? £1million? Yes please! That's what we paid for Lambert! Forte is hacking terrible! Fast but nothing else. Pretty sure we only paid a couple hundred thousand for him, and all he has done since then is played a couple dozen league games on loan.You forgot to add Mcsheffrey to the outs, he wont want div 1 footieWhy would we pay 600k for Eastwood when he is out of contract in the summer and has been told to find a new club?Mcsheffrey is cov born and fan so why would he, and eastwood got told to find a new club because he's to fat not because of contracts


19 Apr 2012 12:32:18
Fleetwood hotshot Jamie Vardy remains a target for Blackpool if the proposed deal for Stephen Dobbie falls through. Vardy may be on his way to Wigan if they stay up.(6)(8)


19 Apr 2012 12:28:08
Roberto Martinez has been watching Adrain Colunga with the view of making an offer in the summer.

The news that Victor Moses has rejected a contrsct extenion has also been rejected as it is untrue.

Physio.(3)(11)Moses agent confirms he will be leaving Wigan.


19 Apr 2012 12:27:30
Both Sheffield clubs along with Huddersfield and Notts County are looking at Falkirk's 16 goal striker Farid El Alagui.(8)(5)


19 Apr 2012 11:39:47
As a Reading fan iv heard loads of transfer rumours allready and the only one with any truth is the Glyfi rumour. I hav been told that we hav a list of 5 players that Brian wants and they are
Jay Rodriguez
Chedwy Evens
Gary Hooper
Matt Phillips
Kyle Naughton
Nathayal Clyne
Glyfi Sigurdsson
steven Davies
Curtis Davies(10)(28)List of 5 players when 9 named?Firstly, that's more than 5. Secondly, you won't have a spending spree, that's confirmed. Glyfi has interest from bigger clubs, regardless of whether you have history with him, he will go where he will play better football, and possibly in europe. The wages would be extremely high as well as the transfer cost. This is similar reasoning for Hooper, who is good, but Celtic want way too much for him. Not a good financial move, especially a club that doesnt have guaranteed funds yet, the takeover is not complete. Phillips would be a good signing, but would take a fair bit of money to capture, and will defo not happen if Pool make the prem through play offs.If that is the level of mathmatical competence at Reading, you will soon be in the same position as Pompey!The same Sigurdsson that all the top prem clubs want ok then mateI,ve just counted 9 on your list of 5 ?Erm - that adds up to 9 players!GLYFI same as rest he,ll go where ever agent finds best deal for him & HIMSELFReading wont get naughton, he will sign for norwich on ist july.Whose Chedwy Evens?Jay Rodriguez/Gary Hooper/Gylfi Sigurdsson/Nat Clyne are being chased by bigger and better teams than reading and have been for a while, so can't see Reading winning the battle to sign them.Potentially the worst post I've ever read on here.

It fails mathematically, the spelling is bad (not that I care about spelling, but "Chedwy Evens"...come on) and most importantly most of the listed names are bs. It's like the you've just thrown in all the random names that have been mentioned by other clubs into this post and said Reading are keen for them.I dowt u will be gettin ched evans been senteced for 5 years in prison for 5 yearsPretty sure ched evans has just been banged up for 5 years, u really know ur stuff palChed Evans I think you mean, the famous INSIDE forward!


19 Apr 2012 11:30:38
Jacob butterfield of barnsley fc is in secret talks with Newcastle united,fee to be agreed by tribunal,you heard it here first folks.(20)(13)They can't be secret talks if you know about them can they??Not really here first...been reported for ages..Not that secret then!!So secret you knew about themThe in Barnsley is that Butterfield was due in Newcastle earlier today for a medical and that the contract is for five years. Barnsley expect to receive around 300k - 500k from the tribunal.


19 Apr 2012 11:12:39
Hi Ed, any idea where Jamie Vardy is likely to end up? {Ed001's Note - I am not sure he is going anywhere in the summer.}(2)(4)Rumour around the Fylde is Vardy will join Blackpool with cash and 2 fringe players joining Fleetwood. Tom Barkhuizen (On loan @Hereford with 11 goals in 37games and only 18) being the main carrot being dangled in front of Andy Pilley.


19 Apr 2012 10:52:17
mohammed camara free transfer to burnley(1)(14)


19 Apr 2012 10:23:10
Mass Exodus from the SPL. This comes after the most embarrassing year in the SPL history. Players have now realized they must play in the Premiership in England to fulfill potential. Transfers that will happen are:

Gary Hooper - Southampton £4m
James Forrest - Spurs £6m
Steve Davis - Aston Villa £2.5m
Kyle Lafferty - Wigan £1m
Steven Naismith - WBA £3m
Lee Wallace - Sunderland £250,000
Joe Ledley - Cardiff £3m
Mackay-Steven - Bolton £1.5m
Jonny Russell - Bolton - £1.5m

Any decent talent looking for oppertunity to leave.....and to be honest why not!(22)(18)You say they realise they must play in the Premiership - Why would Joe Ledley go to Cardiff. They're going to bottle it again.I think the Hooper one could happen, but not for £4m. If the deal is with Saints they will not disclose the amount anyway, but then if you take the January window as an example Celtic would probably bleat every detail to the press-and then some!Made up rumour but thanks for the light entertainmentNO they know CHAMPIONSHIP better than Mickey Mouse SPLLmao n im sure naismith will be at villa cuz mcleish will want him. N hes an ex rangers bossHa...lafferty a 'decent talent' ha thats made my week


19 Apr 2012 09:53:27
Watford hope to sign Rory Donnelly from Swansea on loan at the start of next season until Christmas(13)(2)


19 Apr 2012 09:53:23
Jarvis to Stoke for 6m
Fletcher to Sunderland for 3.5m
Hennessey was going to go to Spurs but is now injured.
Karl Henry to Sunderland for 1.5m(16)(13)Jarvis and Henry yes, but Wolves wont let Fletcher go for 3.5M, it would need to be more like 6-8M3.5 mill for norman stanley fletcher,a wee bit steep?Doyle and Kightley to West Brom in exchange for Cox and Thomas plus cash.Fletcher 3.5,wake up diviI would give £1.50 for Henry. Awful for Wolves and couldn't get in the Stoke team in Div 3Jarvis around £5m but Fletcher for £3.5m how does that work, we paid £6.5m and he's improved so you're looking £8m minimum unless he has a clause, Hennessey I'm not bothered about, being a keeper myself I know he's useless. I can't see Henry wanting to go that far north either personally, plus Henry and Cattermole in midfield, wow Sunderland will be chalking up the cards if that happens.Fletcher for 3.5 million after scoring double figures in the prem for 3 consecutive seasons!!!
Triple the price and still let half a dozen clubs form a queue. Forget Stoke for Jarvis.


19 Apr 2012 08:53:30
Derby will look to offload striker Nathan Tyson this summer and will offer him as part of a deal for Sheffield Wednesday forward Gary Madine if the owls aren't promoted to the Championship this season. This decision comes after Nigel Clough said that Derby County need a goal scorer.(9)(5)We'll have him at cov if your that desperate


19 Apr 2012 08:48:15
Burnley scouts have watched Derby midfielder Ben Davies and are preparing a summer bid of 750k+(8)(10)


19 Apr 2012 07:18:45
Promoted team Reading will be looking at Zaha and Dempsey(7)(29)Read the news mate please, reading already said they d be sensible and seeing as dempsey is probably going to go to a top 6 side i think you re a bit offDempsey?! arsenal been linked with him, either way surely staying at a stable fulham is better than coming hereHes arsenal boundZaha i could see happening if 7million was offerd, but Reading hav also said they wont be paying over the odds for players. Dempsey no chance iv been told that Juventus are intrested aswellThe only way Reading will look at these players is from the other end of the pitch.That is a good point


19 Apr 2012 01:07:08
Watford close to agreeing a contract with Jonathan Hayes of Inverness Caley Thistle whose deal runs out at the end of the season.(17)(5)Has he not already signed a pre contract with hibernianNope.


19 Apr 2012 00:33:26
hi ed, have you heard any transfer news regarding tranmere? cheers {Ed003's Note - Just asked around mate,nothing at the moment}(1)(8)


19 Apr 2012 00:07:29
Barnsley midfielder jim o'brien is set for a summer move to sheff utd st mirren also interested(2)(24)Says who ? what,s your source of information?We dont need him


19 Apr 2012 00:01:33
Tomasz Kuszczak has agreed to sign for Watford from Man Utd permanently after his loan spell with the Hornets expires.(14)(23)Do you have a source?Yes....Tomasz Kuszczak himself.He's more likely to go to Ipswich than Watford, to resurrect his international chances, much bigger club, but its up to Thomasz he'll do what's right for his progress, and at 30 he aint got long to prove it, you pillock. Ipswich are no bigger than Watford. Also He has another 5 years left at least. Goalies play until early 40s sometimes.How can you say ipswich are a much bigger club when they ve got huge debts, and finished below watford in the league for wat looks like 2 years on the bounce now? hes mre likely to go abroad to europe than stay in england. i would love him at watford but he could def get a club in the premier league at the way hes playing. he may even rejoin west brom as fosters loan comes to an endWatch this space fellers, he wont sign for the Hornets, that was a stop gap.

Oh and have Watford ever won the European cup, and is their ground over 30'000 capacity, Nah Ipswich are the bigger club regardless of results between the Hornets & Tractor Boys COYBYeah with an average attendance of about 18,000. That's a lot of empty seats. I don't think he will sign for Watford, but he also wont sign for Ipswich. Stop living on past glories and accept you're a very average team with a large wage bill.The classic 'we have a big stadium so we're a big club' argument. Love it!


18 Apr 2012 20:35:33
Walsall have Argetine Striker Nicolas Celeste on trial. Played 45 minutes in the reserves game against Burton.(13)(3)


18 Apr 2012 20:28:51
My wife works in an estate agents in a country town about 12 miles from Wolverhampton. She has today taken a phone call to view a house in the town from a Mr and Mrs A Curbishley. This is a fact! As I know the source! My Mrs!!!(6)(40)~that's Arthir Curbishly, my butcher...Good one.My Mrs works for the Mr Sizzle just outside Molineux and sold Mr A Curbishley a 1/4 pounder with cheese he said" Sorry love I did not ask for onions on mine" apparently he is a nice bloke.Considering that his initial isn't actually A :-) It's LTold yo: it's our butcher Arthur. L of a butcher though!You can tell this is made up....why?....if you had more than £500 to spend on a wouldnt live in Wolverhampton.Yes its the guy just let out of stafford after his dream of ruleing the world would love the wolves jobLOL What a doughnut, "Alan" Curbishley is not his real name. He is actually called Llewellyn Curbishley so when you get a call from Mr & Mrs L. Curbishley let us know. And another thing, I wonder how many clubs are within driving distance of this "country town"? Birmingham, Walsall, WBA, L Villa, cmon try harder to stoke up some news.Is his Mrs nice looking though? The poster not Curbs'Lord lucan is odds on at the moment


18 Apr 2012 18:20:23
Simon Grayson has handed his list of summer transfer targets to Huddersfield owner Dean Hoyle as he makes plans for life in either league 1 orthe championship, He plans to raid old club ledds united for upto 5 of his former players
Ben Parker - free
Ramon Nunez - loan
Alex Bruce - free
Robbie Rogers - loan
Davide somma - substanial fee
Top his wish list, with :-
Sean Morrison - Reading
James Constable - oxford
Harry Button - spurs
Reuben Noble-lazarus - Barnsley
James Berret - Carlisle
Completing his wish list, as he looks to overhaul his current playing staff, with 14 players out of contract, and yet to confirmed transfer request from 3 of his 1st team squad ; Anthony Kay, Jamie mccome and Alex Smithies(4)(34)Noble-lazarus youve got no chance keith hill as already said hes in his plans for next season.Why has he got another club lined up? hopefully he wont be at huddersfieldI can't find any spurs player called Harry Button- all i can find is Harry Kane and David Button so which one is it?Not 100% sure, im guessin david button, as he's on loan with barnsley, and if Noble-lazerus has been watched ... 2+2? BTW im not a huddersfield fan, so i have no idea if these are true, my uncle is a childhood friend of one of the coaching staff over your way. Im a Rotherham fan, if u do sign Constable you'll be signing a very good player, i'd take him at the millers without a shadow of a doubt! Always a hand full whenever we play oxford.Grayson can have them 5 and I can get 7 more in the mini-bus! Utter crap them(Apart from Somma, a natural finisher but had a real bad injury)
Grayson and backroom staff are clueless(Town fans, are you just starting to notice??)But he'll do one thing right, keep them in division 1!! MOTI cant imagine Alex Bruce wanting to play for Grayson againBruce hates Grayson, it's not the best kept secret round Leeds, you might get Nunez on loan and Parker on a free but nothing much else! Parker isn't up to scratch anymore after all his injuries, poor fella."Simon Grayson has handed his list of summer transfer targets to Huddersfield owner Dean Hoyle" ----- More likely you've just made up a list of players you would like, yawn!Only way noble lazarus would be going to huddersfield would be part of deal with jordan rhodes coming home !Constable has struggled in Div 2 this season - not sure he would do much in the Div 1. Though there are rumours he will be leaving his club this season...."More likely you've just made up a list of players you would like, yawn!"
The fact im a rotherham fan, dispels that theory! The only thing im hoping for that comes in or out of huddersfield this summer is the mighty Alan Lee comes back home to the Millers


18 Apr 2012 17:55:47
summer transfer targets

arsenal - podolski
aston villa - upson
blackburn - emnes
bolton - ambrose
chelsea - hulk
everton - drenthe (permanent)
fulham - lambert
liverpool - bent
man city - van persie
man utd - sneijder
newcastle - etherington
norwich - also got for lambert
QPR - foster
stoke - roadallega
sunderland - warnock
swansea - sigurdsson (permanent)
tottenham - neuer
west brom - gordon
wigan - husskelepp
wolves - danns (and steve bruce as new manager)(9)(57)If Bruce was going to end up as wolves manager why didn't they appoint him earlier....Lambert isnt going anywhere especially not norwichLambert to Norwich is rubbish rumour, they would not be interested in him, they will be looking for a player with much more pace up front, Holt & Morrison have already scored 23 prem goals between them and are of similar stature to Lambert.Why would Newcastle want Etherington? They want Sigurdsson as well as Swansea doI suppose you didn't have any rumours for Everton so you just guessed? I would have gone with Pienaar above Drenthe if I was guessing...

Good luck in your future endeavours.It seems that the general consensus is that this post is rubbish. To add to that, Everton will not be offering Drenthe
a permanent deal - as the wise old proverb puts it "Don't sht where you eat".


18 Apr 2012 17:52:03
ollie palmer and james vardy to charlton for 1.025m(8)(24)Sorry, Ollie Palmer to Cafc for 25,000 James Vardy could go either CAFC or Bristol City!


18 Apr 2012 17:05:40
Graham Dorrans set to go to Middlesbrough, Blackpool or Celtic on loan next season due to limited starting opportunities at WBA.(0)(33)Rubbish,why would he go on loan anywhere


18 Apr 2012 17:01:57
Celtic outs
Cha Du-Ri Hannover Loan
Efrain Juarez Atl. Madrid 3m
Morten Rasmussen Hamburg 2m
Darren O'Dea Leeds 1.4m
Daryl Murphy Ipswich 2m
Sol Bamba Leicester 5m
Zakaria Labyad PSV 2.5m
Aitor Ocio Bilbao 3m(6)(33)The celtic players are not worth half that money,get realCha & 0 dea are both out of contract in the summer we wont pay 5m for bamba as they days are long gone and no team in there right mind would pay 2m for rasmussen & 3m for juarez so if you are gonna spout total pis try and make it a slightly believableWhy would Leeds pay 1.4 mil for a player out of contractLadyad is wanted by Newcastle and Arsenal£5million for Sol Bamba?
I'd drive him to Parkhead myself for thatI know us (Ipswich) love throwing money away on players but D Murphy is out of contract in the summer so if he does sign it will be for free. Nice source you have there!Not a bad return as 3 of those players are out of contract in the summer you moron!2 mi for rasmussen lol you cant give him away,3m for juarez lol,2m for murphy lol,odea 1.4m lollol.Deluded celtic fan,you will be lucky to get these diddys off the wage bill never mind rake in 8.4 million pounds


18 Apr 2012 16:58:31
Wycombe boss Gary Waddock is wanting to sign Melbourne Heart defender Curtis Good in the summer. The 19 year old is keen on a move to England and could sign a two year deal at Adams Park.(1)(9)He is currently trialling with Newcastle Utd


18 Apr 2012 16:54:37
Schalke, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Manchester United are all chasing young Bayer Leverkusen goalkeeper Fabian Giefer. The 21 year old has made six league appearances for the German side and has impressed scouts. It is thought either side could bag him for around £5 million.(8)(8)Munich and United spent big on young keepers last summer they dont need to buy again


18 Apr 2012 16:47:22
Granada defender Guilherme Siqueira is set for a return to Brazil after the Spanish club accepted a bid from Fluminense.(0)(3)


18 Apr 2012 16:42:30
Ipswich are rumoured to be looking to sign the following players at a very early stage after the season ends, via TWTD as follows.
Thamasz Kuszczak GK Man U
Simon Cox WBA
James Coppinger Doncaster
Ricardo Fuller Stoke
Josh Wright Millwall

There are lots more on PJ's radar but will only be disclosed in May, he wants all his signings secured long before next season starts(14)(17)Rumours are all they are. New financial rules will be in place for next season.Who cares? Its only Ipsts TowniesIf you don't care why comment? Flattering you feel the need to really! Are you obsessed with us? What a saddo.Ipswich to sign no one new financial rules mean they are baggered as they have been giving jimmy bullard 25k a week to not play this season shrewd one jewl


18 Apr 2012 16:16:06
Burnley will sign talented wide man David Worrall from league one side Bury for £250,000 in the close season.(11)(4)


18 Apr 2012 16:24:11
PL youths Hallam Hope, Apostolos vellios, Nico Yennaris, David Amoo, Conor Clifford and orlando Sa securing loans to championship sides.(10)(4)


18 Apr 2012 16:21:59
two of arsenal rejects discussing moves away from the Emirates. Sebastien Squillaci is intersted in move to italian side Lazio and Carlos vela to 1.FK Kaiserslautern.(12)(7)


18 Apr 2012 16:19:11
Arsenal FC
Sells- vela, Chamakh, Squillacci, Denilson and arshavin.
Buys - Podolski, MVila, Vertonghen(21)(8)


18 Apr 2012 16:15:54
Southampton and Burnely leading chase for Luton Town defender Alex Lacey who is 17(20)(2)


18 Apr 2012 16:13:27
Coventy City to use Roy O'Donovan as makeweight to fund bid for Kilmarnock winger Liam Kelly.(7)(6)Will he move to a leauge one club then ?Strange one that especially as kelly is a holding/central midfielder and not a wingerRoy O'Donovan goals per game ratio for a striker is poor, he is not good enough for League 1 and should be released on a Free Transfer once is loan is over at Hibernian. His wages could be used on a much better player.


18 Apr 2012 16:10:25
Got informed at last nights game there strong talk of Craig mackail smith coming back to peterborough in the summer! His pace and Tyrone Barnett height what a strike partnership! U heard it here first! Franksy(10)(31)It would make good sense for the seagulls if CMS moved on - Championship is too higher level for him and he is expossed as a good lower league journeyman....


18 Apr 2012 16:09:16
Blackburn rovers will put together deals for Tomas Hajnal, Emile Heskey, Kyle Hutton and Frederic Duplus. These will only happen if they stay up.(10)(4)If they stay up,heskey wow thats ambition,tee hee"These will only happen if they stay up" no chance of that!!


18 Apr 2012 16:04:12
Scunthorpe United is targeting Bradford forward Nahki Wells and Aldershot midfielder Alex Rodman(12)(1)


18 Apr 2012 15:47:52
Where did you hear About Faulkner lossing his job and do you think Mcleish will leave? Also what people in the media are saying about vilal owner is due to travel to england?!(5)(2)I am looking for the post that this is in response to


18 Apr 2012 15:32:58
matt mills of leicester linked with move back to reading in summer as clear out begins at king power stadium after fall out with pearson also expect bamba to leave for celtic(14)(12)Dunno wether this will happen as M. Mill's has stated he wants to fight for his place at Leicester seeing as he was born & bred their

LeicesterLadSol bamba to celtic lol that would almost certainly be a step backwards, cut it in the spl but would look like chump change in the champions leagueHe's not welcome back at readingHaha! What a joke. I know he must of been pretty daft to leave us for the 'mighty' leicester but he's not a complete person to return to us. Think I would rather have Manset back from china! ChristWhy is he daft to leave for Leicester? There a big club with ambition & his hometown. Dnt be so arrogant



18 Apr 2012 15:06:36
RVP to go to barcelona after being seen with pep at the Hotel Barcelona are currently staying at in england(21)(20)Doubt this is true, but if it is there could hundreds of other reasons why he was there, like visiting cesc fabregas, his old mate.RVP need decent players around him which he aint got so thats a definite


18 Apr 2012 14:00:22
Reading manager Brian McDermott is set complete three signings this week after winning promotion to the Premier League. The former Exeter and Yeovil player is expected to have around £20 million to spend in the summer.
McDermott is thought to be wanting to make an ambitious bid for Cameroon midfielder Alex Song from Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is wanting to keep Song but the Frenchman is wanting to bring a whole new midfield in of which could hamper the 24 year old's first team chances.
Another player McDermott is wanting is West Ham midfielder Jack Collison. The Welsh international can play anywhere acorss the middle line and could cost up to £6 million.
Finally, Tottenham youngster Harry Kane has impressed McDermott in recent week on loan at Millwall and could join for around £3 million.(11)(39)Ugh, no chance of song coming. dont want any west ham players and i doubt spurs will want to sell. would also be very surprised if Brian was given as much a 20mA) He won't sign anyone this week - transfer window not open till end of season
B) Reading will follow other recent promoted sides and will not overspend, remember they haven't spent a fortune in the Championship so unlikely to changeI think you will find the new ownership deal is not complete as yet, so how can there be any agreement on funds available? Patience!Excellent season to all the supporters at Reading. Really pleased that you have made it back to the Premier League. Excellent Manager and team, thoroughly deserved. Good luck for next season (From at Oxford supporter)U are joking mate with alex song, he is arsenal first teem


18 Apr 2012 13:53:01
Hull City manager Nicky Barmby has been told by chairman Assem Allam he can sign players in the summer with 'high' funds set to be given out.
Shamrock Rovers attacker Aaron Greene is set to fly to Humberside this week in a bid to hold talks over a three year deal. The Republic of Ireland under 21 international is wanted by a number of Championship clubs but is keen on a move to City after registering his happiness with the Irish connection at The KC.
City are also set to bring in Belgian international forward Igor de Camargo after the 28 year old was told by his club Borussia Monchengladbach that he will be available for a transfer if somebody can bid around £1.2 million.
Finally, a search for a goalkeeper on a long term deal looks set to be over. Inter Milan youngster Francesco Bardi, currently on loan at Livorno, will sign a four year deal next week after the Serie A club accepted a bid of around £900,000. Hull have had a long term relationship with City in previous years and Bardi feels a move to England will give him a better chance of playing Champions League football in the near future.(7)(16)That's quite possibly the biggest load of nonsense I've ever read. Nick hasn't even spoken to the Allam's yet, they're sulking over the 'ambition' comments he made in the press last week.Hull will have to cut back like all other Championship clubsDe Camargo is as prolific as Billy Barndoor Paynter. When Igors on the pitch it's like playing with 10 men.What a load of cods wallop ,we aint got a penny to scratch our asses on ,so if sign ant-one it,ll be a freebies UTT


18 Apr 2012 13:44:40
Barnsley boss Keith Hill is set to secure six signings in the next week after his club secured Championship safety against Hull City.
Norwich midfielder Korey Smith has been told by boss Paul Lambert he will be available to leave in the summer and Hill could tie the current Oakwell loanee on a three year deal.
Preston midfielder George Miller is subject of an undislcosed bid from Barnsley and was waiting to see if they stayed in the Championship. The 20 year old has only made seven league appearances for PNE and is keen on making the step up sooner rather then later.
Gillingham striker Adam Birchall has been training with the club in the last week and could sign a pre contractual agreement at Oakwell before Friday.
Another player training with the club is young Wolves defender Michael Ihiekwe. The academy scholar has recently signed a long term deal at Molineux and will sign a season long loan contract with 'The Reds' before the end of the week.
The fifth deal is thought to be a goalkeeper to compete with first choice Luke Steele after second choice David Preece was told he will be released in pre season. Doncaster youngster Jonathan Maxted is subject of a bid from Hill and could sign a five year deal. Maxted has been superb in the reserves at Rovers and is wanting to stay and compete in the Championship instead of League 1.
Finally, 25 year old striker David Weatherston is set to train with the club with a view to a one year contract. The Falkirk attacker can either play on the wing or up top and is wanted by a number of English sides.(6)(18)He,s signed far too much rubbish & nobody in there right mind would let him bring anybody else in personally think he,ll be lucky not to be on GARDENING LEAVE after next weekendWHERE do you get all this RUBBISH?Why would barnsley bid for him when they can get him for free at the end of the season?How many have these played for ROCHDALE?David Weatherston has signed a new 1-year deal with Falkirk. And he's never played for Rochdale, so no chance of a move to Barnsley.Why don't you lot have a reality check and realise hill as done a great job considering we have the smallest wage budget in the league and 8 league 1 teams have a higher wage budget than usGood luck with malted as he halogens a pro contract with them a couple of days ago if he knew of interest why would he signHIS BUDGET be even SMALLERwhen no season tickets sales nobody through turnstiles &Don Rowing wanting £30 a game to watch home supporters will be less than 7000You have no chance signing smith becuse he is not leaving norwich. He is a young player with a furture at norwichMaxted in brilliant form for doncaster reserves yeah? doncaster dont have a reserves team so you need to get your facts right before putting that rubbish on here


18 Apr 2012 13:06:07
Wigan to sign Darren Pratley from Bolton if Bolton are relegated and Wigan survive because Martinez knows him from his time at Swansea.(6)(12)I thought you'd never ask.


18 Apr 2012 12:53:46
Heard a scout say that Dover Athletic Goalkeeper Mikhael Jaimez-Ruiz is being watched by several league clubs- Millwall, AFC Wimbledon, Scunthorpe, Brighton. Ruiz is a Venezuelan international.(3)(7)Have seen him play a couple of times. He's decent.Probably land up at Gillingham


18 Apr 2012 12:43:57
Will Smith stay at MK Dons?(6)(6)Is he not filming a new men in black 3?Will Smith at MK Dons ?!Yeah I heard he was off to Bel air...LOL HA HA HA very funny you knew what I meant... will Alan Smith stay at MK plastics then folks? Particularly if they get promoted?Is he playing well?He's been given good reviews and the press & fans up at MK Dons appear to hold him high regard but of course being on a free there may be a couple of championship clubs who may be tempted into a pay as you play.. if MK Dons get promoted I guess he will stay as it had been said he'd take a serious wage cut to stay.


18 Apr 2012 12:33:29
Media in the West Midlands are suggesting Aston Villa owner and Chairman is due to travel to England. Upon arrival he will travel to Birmingham to speak with Alex McLeish concerning the clubs poor showings this season. It is reported that Mr Lerner will ask McLeish to leave on his own accord at the end of the season. Another person who will loose their job is a certain Paul Faulkner the person who headhunted McLeish.(10)(3)Please Please Please this be trueGoing down with the wolves ha ha boing boing where you belongMcLeish to Wolves,Martinez to Villa,Bruce to Wigan.


18 Apr 2012 10:55:14
Town look set to sign 7 players this summer.

Brad Guzan
Joel Ward
Matt Kilgallon
Jason Pearce
Francisco Sandaza
Tomasz Kupisz
Maurice Edu(11)(11)Yeah, they'll do ok at Grimsby.I wish people would say the name of the team Town which bloody Town Ipswich swindon shrewsbury northampton WHICH TOWN were not looking though crystal balls to guess - GET IT name the TEAMNantwich Town ?He means Ipswich and this is nt very accurate. Are targets include R.Fuller and Coppinger.Corby TownFuller looks to have burned his bridges at Stoke. Got his place back for one game and was red carded. Been a great servant but time to move on.Got it right 1st time GRIMSBY TOWNI think Ward & Pearce have blown their chances of joining the Tractor Boys, we dont need them, much better players out there, they will go down with pompey or get liquidated ShameThey would be good players for huddersfieldIf Francisco Sandaza leaves ST.JOHNTSTONE he will go to Bristol City, Rangers or Wigan. He wants 2 rejoin former manager Derek McInnes but admits Wigan are a good club.


18 Apr 2012 10:16:17
Mansfield pair Louis Briscoe and Matthew Green are attracting interest from football league clubs. Briscoe is wanted by a host of league two clubs including Aldershot, Burton and Bradford City aswell as Fleetwood who are coming up. Green is also wanted by Fleetwood aswell as Bournemouth and Bury(6)(5)Burton fan here i cant see us being interested in anyone at the moment was we do not have a managerSame for AFC Bournemouth


18 Apr 2012 10:11:28
Wimbledon Striker Jack Midson is attracting interest from a couple league one clubs after scoring 18 goals this season. Brentford and Preston are the two reported to be looking at him(6)(7)


18 Apr 2012 09:20:07
Some news from Stoke

The Potters are keen to sign Jorge Molina Vidal from Real Betis. Stoke have had the player watched several times and is available for the right price.

Matt Jarvis will be Stoke's first signing in June

Ricardo Fuller has priced himself out of a new deal and along with Kenwyne Jones looks set to depart in the Summer.

Matthew Upson will leave the Britannia but still no decision on Woodgate.

Matty Etherington is interesting newly promoted Reading and QPR(15)(6)Why would ethrtington go to readingor qpr when they could well bee scrapping relegation next season, where as stoke are a well established premier league team, plus matty is well settled in the potteriesProbably because Stoke are looking at a replacement in Jarvis and Etherington has been poor this season. Remind us where Stoke were when he joined them


18 Apr 2012 09:17:27
No players at Burton Albion will sign new contracts unti they know who the manager will be next season and it is also believed that there will
a lot of out of contract players leave
who ever the manager is .(4)(4)


18 Apr 2012 08:55:15
Southend Under-18 defender Anthony Furlonge has signed a pro-contract at Stevenage(8)(2)Furlonge signed for stevenage they must be desperate.Great signing what a playerWhat a lose to southendYes yes great newsWhere was this announced



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