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20 Sep 2012 21:53:20
carlsile united have signed huddersfield town forward kallum higginotham on a 3 month loan deal that would keep him at carlsile united until December 22 nd.

A great signing - no idea why Hudds haven't given him a look-in this season. Speedy, talented and well capable of playing in the Championship. Good look to him and Carlisle.

Good !!!!!!!

Several reasoon why Higginbotham hasnt got a look in this season at the terriers, namely Ward, Hammill, Clayton and Scannell

Also a bit of a pattern developing, Clark signed him and only played him once, went on loan to Barnsley and only had a few games, now it appears Grayson doesn't rate him. That said he impressed in the one game under Lee Clark. Good luck to the lad.

Scannel injured for the last few weeks, Ward barely setting the world on fire. Higginbotham's looked more composed than the latter and fitter than the former?! Clearly though Larry doesn't rate him?

Ward has been brilliant the past few games, he looks a different player to last year.

I take it all back, Ward was THE man against Blackpool!



20 Sep 2012 21:09:30
Wednesdays O grady linked with Barnsley fc

Been linked with them for the last year but
no movement doubt it will happen

There's more chance of them signing paul o'grady

Ive been expecting this for a while - i dont think Jones fancies him even tho hes been brilliant this year and Hill is a big fan.... could see this being a loan until Jan then Perm !

Pauls most likely a better bet

Depends what sort of cash he's on at Wednesday, someone like him would be a welcome addition though as Davies can't do it all on his own. I doubt Wednesday would loan him to Barnsley though as both teams are likely to be very close to each other in the table all season.

Ogrady may ask for a move rather than warm the bench, week in and week out,

Ogrady will move as he doesn't want to be back in league one next season

Hill has denied it but in the same interview suggested that O'Grady is going to run through a brick wall for him and described him as an "ex-sheffield wednesday player", weird



20 Sep 2012 20:57:11
Tony Adams linked to arsenal reserve team managers job could possibly mean a return to afc Wimbledon for Terry Burton, just my theory?

Adams is barking mad, no chance of a return to Arsenal



20 Sep 2012 21:05:04
york city likely to sign blair sturrock as scott dobie is still not fit enough to play



20 Sep 2012 17:44:11
Sallum higginbotham to come back to barnsley on loan till jan

Heard that he,s going to Carlisle on loan till
end of season

He's off to Carlisle for 3 months on an emergency loan

Ah well hopefully silves and Obrein back soon anyway

A nice young man but sallum never quite lived up to expectations at oakwell



20 Sep 2012 17:10:41
New player at Barnsley. tom Kennedy full back. ex rochdale what can i say. we need strikers not just defenders. come on barnsley buy a striker even if it is emile heskey or durius vassel.

Emile Heskey has gone to the newcastle jets in australia

Thank god for that



20 Sep 2012 16:48:18
Sky Sports we're (Plymouth) are bringing in Watford's Ross Jenkins on a loan deal. Anyone, particularly Watford fans, know anything about this lad?

Yes - we really thought he was going to be the business - not quite matured or made it but is a tough tackling and creative player (poor mans scott parker style) - should eat L2 - good player

Yes, he's a quality youngster (21). He will be quite good for the future.

Holding midfielder, plays like a crab. Could do with some confidence.

Broke through at 17 looked really good under Rodgers. Played plenty of games but now when playing doesn't seem to cut it. It almost seems hes become worse. I think he needs a few games and regain his sharpness after a number of niggiling injuries but i thought he should be better than league 2

Yes....he came through the academy but has been around for ages. Not really Championship standard, but is still a good battling midfielder that can spot a pass. He'll be an excellent player in League Two and would easily cut it in the league above.

Don't get too excited !

Ok i will tell you the truth.....he is useless...cant tackle....only goes backwards and sidewards ..... worst player in our squad please take him and keep him to wash your kit

He'll do a job for you. Hasn't played this season however, so may take him a game or two to get up to speed

Cheers for that lads, we'll have to wait and see if he improves our creativity in the middle of the park. And excuse my grammatical mistakes in the original post haha

Scored on debut good signing

Looked class against morecame. Played more attacking, scored a cracking goal. Great start



20 Sep 2012 16:40:11
Northern correspondent update,

Ruben Warmer is on his way to Palace from Northwood HQ



20 Sep 2012 16:25:14
Anthony Elding has signed for pne on loan for the remainder of the season, Graham Cummins is set to join Bury on loan.

Not for the rest of the season, if at all. You are only allowed a maximum 93 days in the emergency loan window!



20 Sep 2012 14:02:56
Brighton looking to tie up a loan move for Carlton Cole.

Not going to happen to loyal to west ham plust dont need him anyway doing well as it is.

Brighton are still in the Market for a good target man but will wait until they can identify one who would fit into their style of play. Poet confirmed to local Sussex paper he was still looking for such a player just after the transfer winnow closed (see 3 September edition).
Unlikely that they would sign Cole now when they could potentially have done so while the window was open.



20 Sep 2012 12:14:52
Number of top Championship clubs interested in Jay Tabb Including Cardiff, Charlton, & Ipswich. His contract runs out this summer

P J out now!

A new manager now that can at least keep us in the championship forget promotion i think that would be something

Since when we're Charlton and Ipswich 'top Championship clubs'? (and I'm not a Cardiff fan, but their finishing position over the last couple of years at least gets them near the top)

I remember when he got knocked out at burnley.. lee grant goal kick :D anyway forget them lot come to burnley he played brilliantly in both our games against reading!

We're desperate for a centre back so try and sign another midfielder yeah that sums up Paul Jewell quiet well.

I think we (Ipswich) are considered a top championship club as we have been in the league for so long treading water. But sadly we having been steadily moving backwards for a number of seasons.

Chopras been slagging us ipswich fans off because off a small section of fans getting on the players backs against Wolves the other night .All ican say is start scoring and do what your payed to do starting tommorw

Harry Redknapp would not even go to Ipwich for a day out with his Mrs.

What a load of rubbish!

Harry would love this club and the fans

No he wouldnt want to go to any championship club the only reason he is on advisery for Bournemouth in League 1 cos it is his home town club, ipswich havent got a chance in hell even if he would like you fans



20 Sep 2012 11:07:03
Bolton keen to take Stephen Warnock on loan from Aston Villa for a season.

Is there any truth in this rumour about warnock.

Coyle says he would be looking to do something dependent on what news he gets regarding the injuries to Spearing etc.

Yes there is :)
good luck Stephen , hope you regain your old form which made you an england player!



20 Sep 2012 10:52:39
Aston Villa are looking at young Walsall midfielder James Baxendale.

A million in a brown bag will do the trick. Marked "FAO JWB c/o Cyprus"

Doubt it villa av got plenty of youngsters as good as baxendale plus hes under 23 years old so they would have to pay compensation plus whatever the transfer fee wud be

You can have him hes crap



20 Sep 2012 09:38:02
Sheffield wednesday to sign out of favour Aston Villa sat Alan Hutton on loan, Villa paying 90% of his wages.


Sure as long as he gets some games.

Worst type of thug defender, Wednesday are a better club than to sign him



20 Sep 2012 09:09:51
Palace are to sign Manchester United young Irish winger Robbie Brady on loan.

More good news coming from palace Ruben Warner is the next in on loan from northwood if he can get out of his WSM contract

He's all step-overs and no end product, he's great to watch for the first few games, then you start praying he won't get on.



20 Sep 2012 08:53:25
Bristol Rovers will reattempt to sign Bristol City striker Brett Pitman on a short term loan. Pitman was close to signing a deal Monday but could not meet Pitmans wage demands. It appears that City will now part pay Pitmans wages which will pave the way for a one month loan deal.

Pitman to rovers will not happen



20 Sep 2012 08:44:52
Swindon Town are looking for a deal with Lazio to loan players, the stubling block seems to be that Swindon are in league1, Lazio would rather have ties with a prem or championship club.

Hopefully we can pick up on this offer next season.



20 Sep 2012 00:39:13
P J will be sacked as ipswich bodd if they fail to beat charlton on saturday.

Lined up for the job will be former player Matt Holland with Harry Rednapp as director of football.

Clegg will move positions in marcus evans away from the football club.

Please sack pj.
Itfc need a manager who can attract players to town. Pj clearly can not do that.
Simple equation..... he stays and town are down

Think he should be sacked before Charlton game even a victory on Saturday is that enough for the shambles of the last 18 months
1 result doesn't save a job

Sorry but as matt holland ever managed a football club ?.When Jewell goes an older manager should be put in place with experince to get us out of this mess

Harry Redknapp knows Marcus Evans could happen cant see it happening Redknapp will only go back to the Premier League. I would maybe look at someone like i know ipswich fans don't like him but i think Mick McCarthy could be a good choice him and his assistant Terry Connor with him would be good

"When Jewell goes an older manager should be put in place with experince to get us out of this mess"

Isn't that what they tried when Keane was sacked?

Lets get a manager that cares about this great club. P J has got to go the team is shocking! we use to be a prem side or at least a side in the playoffs now we are the championships whipping boys.

Can guarantee that aidy boothroyd has already has contact with clegg and evans about taking reins at ipswich

Answer to previous Text .your right a manager needed with passion to get Town where they should be .In the premier league .

Can see this one happening... Don't forget HR came to Pompey in the championship as a DoF before taking the managers role.

Ipswich shouldn't be in prem poor home and away support lots of bigger clubs in championship. Lufc

Rubbish we will bever get 'arry. Holland whilst a club legend has no coaching experience let alone management.

Can we have a new chief exec first please

I'm town though and through but there is no way 'arry would stick his reuptation coming here with no money to spend, a useless ceo and on less money than he would earn at a top premiership club. the extent to his link with town is being golfing buddys with Marcus Evans and let's not forget he suggested we sign jewell!

Enough get This clown jewell out now .If anyone says give him more time your NO ipswich supporter


Dont Wait to be sacked Jewell get out now get back on Sky sports where you were a midweek pundit second thoughts you were crap at that aswell



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