Football Rumours Archive May 20 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 20 2012 

19 May 2012 23:40:27
Swansea City set to permanantly sign Gylfi Sigurdsson next week, the transfer fee is set to be £7 million with add-ons up to £8.5 million.(7)(25)Alll the people who have clicked the unbelievable button havent seen the evening post ;)I dont understand how he hasn't gained any value since reading sold him to hoffenheim. he went for 7.5 rising then so i cant believe that they will want to sell for the same amount seeing as reading have a sell on clause too.... delusionalLove it how all other fans are jelous that a player like gilfy actually will pick the swans over bigger teams anwser swansea is a grat club to play for best fans grat manager and might i add we have got the best pitch in all four divisions that helps.Swans have signed him, will be announced next week.


19 May 2012 23:40:26
Doncaster are to sign Damien Reeves (Altrincham), Ramon Nunez (free agent), Brian Howard (free agent), Stuart Beavon (Wycombe), Fabien Robert (loan) and Paul Huntington (Yeovil) £250,000!(9)(8)Huntington out of contract and not worth that but w will happily take it :)
DevonGreenFor the fiftieth and last time. Ramon. Nunez. Is. Not. A. Free. Agent. Now stump up or shut up.Nunez is not a free agent {Ed013's Note - He isn't, but due to his big contract at Leeds they may be forced to let him leave for free}Huntington is never signing for doncaster, they will be relegated this year and will be back to the conference before too long.We've got more chance of winning the champions league than getting relegated to the conference and a true fact is that was the first time Doncaster got relegated in 12seasons so shut it!Rovers fan here, this could happen but thing is his workrate is dreadful


19 May 2012 23:38:30
Reading can afford the bigger wages now. As a result of promotion Jason Roberts will be on £35,000 a week as of the new football year on July 1st.

Also Adam Le Fondre is going no where.
Takeover will be done 'imminently' according to the PL.

They will also sign Marriappa.(5)(27)You know nothing about reading, just because we have more money (or will have soon) doesn't mean we will be paying stupid wages, that's not how we do things.Rubbish apart from le fondre thingReading aren't signing MarriapaAs a Reading fan I'd take CMS, he's not had the best season but he's quick and can finish, would be a great signing along side Jason Roberts. He works his socks off every game!As a Norwich fan I am so pleased we did not complete the transfer of CMS, I stated months ago when Norwich were rumoured to be going back for him that he has a very poor first touch and he may be able to finish but you have to control the ball first, it was no surprise to me that he did not do well in championship, and I suspect if you sign him for premier league football he will barely get a game, because despite his 110% energy he just does not appear to have the technical ability to compete at the highest level.35 k is chicken feed he will more likely be on 50 k at least with the rest of the first teamTBH CMS is essentially a Hunt type of player with a lot more pace, he hasn't really had a strong frontman to hold up the ball for him to do his thing at Brighton, depends how much we'd be paying for him, if its not too much due to this years record worth a punt, if not then leave it not really worth the risk for a faster version of a player we currently have.


19 May 2012 23:32:41
Nathan Redmond to Norwich!(6)(22) 

Reference this post and the one about Hooper-I think you are a little deluded to think such players would consider joining a club when their manager and star player are looking as if they are about to leave.
You will need to sort out those aspects before you can move forward again.No way...where are you getting these "Facts" from ?!?!?


19 May 2012 23:18:38
Swindon town are to sign Lee McCormick. He is due to be released from prison next month.(3)(7)Who?
you thinking of LUKE mccormick, ex-plymouth keeper?


19 May 2012 23:11:29
Wolves look set to sell 3 strikers this summer.

Sam Vokes, Bournemouth, Tranmere, Crawley £500,000
Leigh Griffiths. Barnsley, Hibernian, St Mirren, £500,000
Steven Fletcher, Sunderland, Stoke £7m(9)(21)I believe Sunderland or Stoke will be the destination of Fletcher however I think Wolves will push them more towards the £12million markFletcher is maybe worth 12 million rupeses at a push. There is no way he is worth £12m. Stoke already have 5 strikers, are looking at bigger names (as are Sunderland) and not likely to break their transfer record on the likes of Fletcher, average at best, £5m - £6m is a more likely figure.Wolves got Griffiths for around £100k and he's never played. Can't see anyone forking out £500K then.Wolves want ten million for Fletcher , the reason is not that he is worth ten million it is just to put clubs off buying him.Griffiths - 500K
Fletcher - 12 Mill (auction just about to start)If fletcher is average why does everyone seem to want to sign him? And why would wolves sell him for a loss?Fletcher 5-6million, whats wrong with you? We bought him for 7million in the first place and look how much he has improved. The board have said he wont leave for under 10million and he is definitely worth at least 11million.Can't see Wolves selling Fletcher for less than they paid. Therefore bids will need to be north of £8m.Tranmere cannot afford vokes Nevermind bfh eitherWould stoke pay 12m for Fletcher when they paid 10m for crouch? doubt itWhere do you think St Mirren or Hibs have 500k? £500 maybe10clubs looking at him 8 in England 1in Russia n 1 in GermanyGriffiths 500,000 not a chance anyone would pay that let alone barnsleyFletcher has scored 12 goals and they say a million a goal for the average striker. Being a wolves fan I think he's worth 12millFletcher scored 12 goals in a team that finished bottom of the league so therefore for a mid table team like stoke or sunderland where more chances are likely to be created he will score plenty more and therefore would be worth the investment by anyone. Also Wolves wont take a loss on him so a bid of at least 8 million will be needed but once an auction starts that figure will most likely rise to around the 10-12 million pound mark


19 May 2012 23:09:08
Chris Taylor on his way to Burnley according to one of his relatives.(4)(3) 



19 May 2012 23:08:22
To the Reading fan that said no thanks to Mckail Smith, you obviously have no faith in your manager. The deal will be finalised on Tuesday. Yes we did pay too much for him but he is signing as a squad player who will work his nuts off even if it is coming on for twenty mins! Brighton fans love him even though it wasn't his best season, for his work rate and endless running. Good luck in your one season in the prem. when u finish bottom the last laugh will be on you. Ps to your mate Aaron McLean plays in the championship for Hull! Sleep well!(1)(10)Blimey. this is a rumors site! if you want to moan, start writing a blog or something. Fair play there is always the possibility Reading will go down again next season BUT at least they made it to the PL, Brighton didn't even make the play offs!CMS couldn't hit a barn door if he was sitting on the handle. No thanks. We won't be signing him.GarbageYou paid £2m too much - no one in prem or realistically top half of championship needs him and £1m is top side of his real worth - you got hustled seagulls - welcome tho the big boys league!Mystic megs are out in force, nobody even knows what team we will put out yet let alone where we will finish.

Look up the word envious in the dictionary, you will find your names in the descriptionTbf cms to reading is plausible and brian mcdermott has been after him for around 2 seasons. We wanted him last season but were priced out by others and went back for him in January when TSI came in.See this is just jealousy down to the core. We will stay up and you will look like a fool for letting the green-eyed monster get to you.

Plus im not even against signing CMS, however if you think we will overpay like you did then you are sorely mistaken.To that brighton fan enjoy playing league 1 football again after you finish bottom with 5 pointsAs a Brighton fan I would be stunned If cms went to reading. I wouldnt call him a flop, as he still scored 11, but he is not prem standard. He just got way over hyped last summer. I for one am glad to see reading go up as they are a decent team with a good manager, and don't have the awful bug club syndrome of west sham or brum. I wish you lot the best of luck and hope that when we do play each other next, it'll be in the prem!I saw both the brighton-reading games and can only say he is woeful and not worth the petrol money...Bottom with five points!? I really hope you are not a reading fan as that pathetic and idiotic statement will make me loose respect for a club which I rather liked. However you are probably a palace fan as only they could be so deluded. By the way palace, the bookies think you are going to get relegated!I sent the post regarding CMS pending transfer from Reading to Brighton. Just for the record I'm not jealous of anything Reading have fact well done to them. If anybody was at both games this season then they will tell u that We (Brighton) were outclassed at Reading and then we battered Reading but never got the result at the Amex. Our time will come but maybe not for a few seasons! You will sign CMS this week and hopefully he will do u a good service. Unfortunately no man is bigger than the team and it was clear to see his way is not suited to Poyets style of play. All that said thanks for all the effort Craig and good luck. Reading...back your manager and stop slating genuine players with a good work ethic!@comment 3 above ^^ cheers man, gotta say as a royal who's lived close to brighton for over 10 years its a shame you didn't hit playoffs, carry on like you did the latter half of the season (excusing the wet sham game) then you are looking strong for promotion, for that reason too, hope we dont snatch CMS up hopefully he'll find his shooting boots next season, potentials there, and then we'll snatch up Sigurdarson or someone like that hopefully, but yeah same as you guys said back at ya, seagulls, remind me of us a decade ago, coming into a golden age, new stadium team on the up, great manager, some great players, a few finishing touches and you'll be a force to be reckoned with!


19 May 2012 22:54:54
celtic to buy yakubu from blackburn as neil lennon wants to strengthen up for the champions league(8)(18)Must admit it would be good having him and hooper up front


19 May 2012 22:54:45
Norwich look to have agreed a 6 million deal with Celtic for Gary hooper, personal terms sorted out Tuesday night(13)(36)He's off to saints for 7m+2m in add ons been reported by sky sports announcement to be made monday along with the free transfer of a goalkeeper.Never in a million yearsCeltic rejected 7mil from Southampton 6 month ago Celtic may sell but will be nearer 10 mil before Celtic would consider it that's a factOh how I hope Hooper's coming to NorwichHooper isnt going to Norwich.Hooper's staying at celtic...contract talks in the next few weeksBe closer to 10 mil for Celtic to even think about itHes stayin at celtic tae get champions league football


19 May 2012 22:53:24
Why do we want so many new strikers? What about "Barry corr" "Barry corr" Barry Barry corr" back next season injury depending(5)(3)


19 May 2012 22:52:13
Is Ryan hall leaving?(7)(4)


19 May 2012 22:27:04
Charlton are rumoured to be looking at free agent alessandro del peiro recently released from juventus on a free transfer.(6)(34)When will Charlton fans stop putting daft,stupid and barmy rumours on here,so far in may there supposed to have signed 100 players by now - calm downNo they aren't.Oh please. Enough!!Why do charlton fans do this when they know that is never gonna happen.Chris Powell is looking at him - he got out his 2002 world cup Panini sticker album only last week i hearTHIS IS NOT A CAFC FAN SO STOP COMPLAINING! Any cafc fan with half a brain would realise that a football legend like del piero would go to the prem and not to a championship club even though we are amazing !Perhaps it's not Charlton fans, most of these posts seem to know little about Charlton.Charlton couldnt attract a tin can with a six foot magnet lol. Why would a legend play for a tinpot side like charlton. hes just as likely to sign for the mighty chairboysIt's a joke, keep your knickers on lads!I know who started this rumour and he is a tubby city fan trying to make charlton fans look bad. We all know we won't get him"Charlton couldnt attract a tin can with a six foot magnet lol" Yeah and Jorge Costa never played there, Charlton made it up.


19 May 2012 22:22:22
John Carew is going to Molde on a free(31)(4)John Carew ,Carew, he's bigger than me or you , he's going to score one or two John Carew John Carew.


19 May 2012 22:21:26
Gary Brabin is to take over at York as if they lose, their gaffa will move to the Gills.(2)(8)


19 May 2012 22:20:40
Palace likely to sign Hume from PNE. Ipswich also interested.(7)(14)Hume had a bust up with the PNE manager a few months back and I can see him wanting to leave. But he's very injury prone and has spent most of this season on the physio bench.....not worth the effort and wouldnt make the step up as he's league 1 at very best.Hume is settled in preston no chanceWhat step up ipswich r league 1 team they cant keep fighting it come on downWhy do some fans keep saying that Ipswich will be in league 1 soon when we haven't been in that division in 50 odd years and we are the most consistent team in the championship? Some fans need to start worrying more about their own clubs.


19 May 2012 21:46:04
I've been told that Jay Rodriguez of Burnley will be signing for Everton, for a fee believed to be around 7-8 million, apparently it is almost a certain and done deal! :)(13)(28)I hope its true as i reckon jay rod would flourish under moyes . also him and jelavic would make a great strike force .jay rodriguez will always be a claret thoughCannot afford himHe is going to Everton but the fee is 6MDon't think so pal not for 6mill anyway ! I work with his cousin and his dad kiko and if we don't get a gud enough offer for him then jay will stay as he's claret n blue thru n thru . FACT . We rejected 5-6 mill from Southampton so he will deffo NOT go for anything less than 8 million so stop chatting out your rear ends !!Everton and Stoke are both skint mate!


19 May 2012 21:31:54
QPR are set to lure over a swedish youngster, Daniel Moberg. A goalkeeper from Dalsjöfors GoIF.(8)(7)


19 May 2012 21:15:03
Junior Stanislas to leave Burnley and return to London with Charlton Ath for 750,000(12)(17)No he isn't...Good. He's st anywayHeard that rumour that he is going to Charlton has wellWhy would he do that? This is just a lie.Hes homesick


19 May 2012 21:10:45
George porter has been offered a contract from Leyton orient, the club hasnt recived any offers for him so far, although several clubs are watching the situation.(8)(3)


19 May 2012 20:57:53
mark davies going to newcastle for 3.5 million(14)(12)My friend is the ex girlfriend of Mark Davies and he says he doesn't want to leave


19 May 2012 20:57:08
Manuel Fernandes (Besiktas) is now a free agent. Performed well against Stoke so may (just may) be on TPs radar.(8)(6)Why Stoke he likes the ball at his feetWas Besiktas's best player during the two europa games against Stoke


19 May 2012 20:56:58
A.V.B set to be new liverpool manager(35)(26)


19 May 2012 20:38:56
Leeds are inquiring about a possible swap + cash deal to motherwell for tom hateley. Believed to be 500kish + Nunez(7)(11)


19 May 2012 20:33:21
Watford to sell Marriapa to Newcastle for 5.9m!(7)(24)Alan Pardrew said in January when he didn't get him that he will be looking elsewhere for targetsC'mon over-inflated fee!!Mapps is happy to stay at Watford & will only leave if he likes the club who bid for him. I doubt that the land of the Whining Geordies is high on his list of preferred places.Not gonna happen, watford accepted a 2.5 million pound bid in january , marriappas got 1 year left on his contract i can not seeing him going for more than 3 million, especially as there is reports that reading have agreed a 1.5 million pound fee! hopefully we can have adam le fondre!Not for that much more like 3-4 million to Newcastle


19 May 2012 20:18:39
Reading planning a move for out-of-favou Jermaie jenas(18)(16)Well we do have a treatment table spare, no point in seeing it go to waste.


19 May 2012 20:15:23
Notts County to sign Bartosz bialkowski, Zak Whitbread, John Mousinho and Ounmare tounkara are frees.(10)(19)Whitbread in talks with SWFC so county not likelyJohn Mousinho is a done deal


19 May 2012 20:13:08
Jordan cook released from sfc may sign for cufc(10)(0)Theres only 1 cufc and colchester aint interested in himCambridgeCarlisle


19 May 2012 20:13:02
hazard - man city
kagawa - man united
hummels - man united
hooper - southampton
owen - sheffield united
bale - barcelona(17)(37)Owen to sheff utd !? U know nothing about football if u think that ! Owen in a hoof ball team don't make me laugh {Ed013's Note - I think it was banter mate!}Owen is sufc editor, owen the bank, owen the creditors, owen the fans for years of dross lolBarcelona are not stupid, and won't pay Tottenham stupid valuation.


19 May 2012 20:10:07
Gareth Bale going to real madrid if chelsea win tonight(11)(24)


19 May 2012 20:03:55
QPR looking to sign steven fletcher from wolves, although he doesn't want a move there... also city nearly agreed a deal with hazard, dzeko will be moving on(9)(19)Give us £10,000,000 and he is yours.Fletcher turned sunderland down supposibly so why would he go to qpr who have only scrapped staying up?


19 May 2012 19:30:53
To the person that said no thanks to Mckail Smith, yes we did pay too much for him. You obviously don't have faith in your manager...the deal will be announced Tuesday. He is being signed as a squad player that will run his nuts off even if it is for twenty mins. Brighton fans love him and yes it wasn't his greatest season but we applaud his hardworking ethics. Ps we don't know yet how much you are paying and yes we will probably lose on the deal but enjoy your season in the prem and when u finish bottom we will be waiting for u!(4)(7)But uh, He can't even cut it in the Championship, never mind the PL!
Face it, he is officially a flop.We may well finish bottom, but it will still be way above you!


19 May 2012 19:23:55
gary hooper to southampton monday, hints everywhere look at sky sports were in for him again and on our website were unveiling something monday good signing if my logic works out lol(29)(15)we are announcing jaidi is taking a coaching role otherwise a bigger deal would of been made about it.

Well we are in for hooper again will it come of this time? Who knows would be great signing but I just don't see it happening yetYou're buying a player that looks good in the SPL but my own opinion is that he's not good enough for the Premier.
Believe me, I've seen him play both in England and ScotlandUh Monday is a press conference about Jaidi retiring....?I would love it if this was true but i belive that the press confrence on monday is about radi jaihdi becoming a coach at the club not a signingJaidi retiring and the coaching role will have been organised months ago so can't see that on its own this requires a press conference. Hooper is certain looking for a move, even the Celtic supporters are thinking it will happen and Sky do seem to be indicating something is happening. Don't normally trust Sky but Celtic do leak information.Celtic leak information? southampton are a small time club,with small time ambitions ie. yoyo club!!!!!Yes, Celtic do leak information and Southampton are ambitious enough to bid for Celtic's top scoring striker. Yoyo club? Based on what?Surely a "yoyo" club would be a term used to describe a club that repeatedly oscillates between leagues? We had one bad patch of 5 years after one of the longest runs in top division football. Now we are back on the ascendency and in a better position than we have ever been. We have more ambition than Celtic, who will only every be champions of a sh1t league for their entire future as they never will have the finances to challenge europe. If Southampton get their plans in place they could easily be a top european team if things go their way and their academy gets going (which it will, it's one of the best in the world)He can't sign before the transfer window opens - doh!Why would he move to a team who is going to struggle next season when he'll be playing in the chamions league next year? silly little people!He's going to leeds hahah sorry i joke, it's just funny they think they can sign everyone!If the press conference on monday is a signing its more likely to be jay rod, now the playoffs have finished we can sign players from the championship"Celtic leak information? southampton are a small time club,with small time ambitions ie. yoyo club!!!"........ oh thats funny...No clue at all mateYes celtic do leak information, lennon talking to the press bout the hooper bid in last transfer window? actually saints have been been approved to increase capacity to 55k weve just spent 15mil on our training facilitys and our academy is now one of the best in the world, small time ambitions? lolIm pretty sure the transfer window is open?? {Ed025's Note - not yet..Hoopers got ambitions of playing for england and if he hasnt got near the squad yet he never will playing in scotlandWhen does the window open?? {Ed025's Note - 1st julyThe international transfer window opens on 1st july but ur able to sign from english clubs once play-offs have finishedIt's Monday and no announcements. Is someone's crystal ball playing up!


19 May 2012 19:16:09
Sightings of Michael Owen in Sheffield, both competing for his signature(4)(32)Why would owen go to 1 0f the Sheffield clubs. As already said won't drop down out of Premier league, I forget Sheffield are both "Big" clubs thoughDnt think so he has already said he wont be leaving the premSince Owen has said that he is not playing in Championship, Sheffield W is out of the question! - Sheffiel U still got a possibility to sign him :)Owls last home attendance was 38,082 with 469 away fans included (all full price tickets). Whats not big about that?What was the average attendance most of that 38k dint crawl from under their stones until the last game.MASSIVE...........I thought both of the massive clubs were battling it out for ronaldo and messi


19 May 2012 19:11:48
Any news on leeds united? {Ed025's Note - not yet mate..(0)(7)Ed someone told me that Joel ward and Paul Green should sign by tuesday? {Ed013's Note - Rumour, wait and see mate}Yeah wigan want snoddy but leeds want moses in exchange {Ed013's Note - Moses will not go to the Championship. He wants to play in Europa league or Champions league}


19 May 2012 18:57:22
Ian Holloway to be unveiled as Wolves new Director of Football this week. Deal signed and sealed last week. Was only dependant on today's result. And that fell into place nicely.(4)(38)RubbishHahhhI'm a wolves fan this is nonsense why would he want to be DOFI reckon holloways annoyed with oystons desire and ambition, he quoted this in skys play off final intervew. i still dont think he wil walk away from the best thing that ever happened to himStop posting utter garbage - Holloway is a football manager - end of.


19 May 2012 18:44:54
Who is the silly little boy with the green envy in his eyes, spitting out his dummy at the thoiught that Saints can't possibly be a big team? Not big on fan size - as that doesn't count - says he! Not big on playing good football? Back to back promotions would suggest we are not doing too bad. Maybe it's because we haven't played against the top flight in 7 years. Now I get you. What is your specialist subject? Stating the bleeding obvious or not accepting change? The Saints train is rolling and get used to it!(18)(15)Just watch it get derailedYou lot are completely delusional you do not have a large fan base.
You would be lucky to scrape into the premier league base on fan base alone.Derailed? Not a chance!6000 away to palace, 48000 went to wembley, higher average than a third of premiership sides whilst in championship. Sound like a poor fan base to you? Look it up.Our fan base has been struggling recently due to our downward plight but since our ascension to the premiership we have been nearing full capacity.

Premiership will bring full capacity, and you only have to look at rival neighbouring clubs and you will see that for premiership (and high quality football) Southampton have the largest catchment area for fans, we could essentially be the driving force for a quarter of the country as we are the main team in the South of England outside London.

Our championship attendance was higher than a large number of prem clubs, next year will be higher and will only be limited by the capacity of our stadium. With success it will only grow, and like I said most of the South of England outside London will see Southampton as their closest 'big' club if we can just get a few good seasons in the prem.Don't worry about replying Saints fans......we all know that they're just peeved that their little Clubs are going no-where and we've shown every fan and media member that thought we would struggle, heart, passion and a willingness to win!

From the top of the Club to the bottom its a great place to be.......BLISS!


19 May 2012 18:34:52
southampton are back in for hooper skysports(29)(5)


19 May 2012 18:28:03
Chelsea to sign James Milner this summer(12)(27)


19 May 2012 18:26:33
Dry your eyes MAX, theres plenty more donkeys by the sea,, your days are over lmao



19 May 2012 18:19:18
Heskey To leeds deal done(11)(30)I hear this rumour every transfer market get a gripI seriously hope notDon't make up bull- why go to Leeds
bad club bad fansBad club? Bad fans? Even if that was the case it wouldnt be any different to Villa or LeicesterBates has said that you need to sell to clear wages before you buy


19 May 2012 18:16:08
Saints looking to make a new offer for Gary hooper. £7m sky sports suggests(27)(7)


19 May 2012 18:13:26
Burnley are in talks with Giles Barnes after ending his time with Doncaster.(17)(3)Bore off


19 May 2012 18:09:49
Norwich are looking at Dani Pacheco, Henri Lansbury and possibly Shane Long if Holt leaves(13)(8)Holt not leaving according to clubWhat makes you think Albion would sell LongTBH there is no way in a million years WBA would sell Long to usThey dont need those players plus long wont go


19 May 2012 18:01:28
Southampton realistic signings Joe Lewis Free, Nathan Clyne 3.5m, Nigle Reo-Cocker Free, Matty Phillips 3m, Matt Jarvis 4m, Micheal Owen Free and Tom Huddlestone 3.5m(23)(29)I don't think so. Maybe one out of this lot.Dont you read the papers, Lewis has signed for CardiffI'd be surprised if the saints get Clyne, got half of the prem chasing him.Jarvis £4 mill. Really? Another £2 mill and you might get Messi. #dreamerWolves have publicly stated they want 10 million for jarvis. That might be a little optimistic but we aint letting him go for 4.Nathan clyne 2 toon!!!Think you should look at the number of wingers available who are better than Jarvis. You will be lucky to get £5m.Wake upOwen is app keen on a move to stoke . we have crouch an he knows him well looks set to be a done deal ... prefer him go to southampton tho .. no form or fitness anymoreHaha if these are your realistic targets? what the hell are your unrealistic targets? lol


19 May 2012 17:59:09
Sunderland squad play Ahmed Elmohamady will sign for promoted West ham.G Mccartney will sign permanantly also.BLACKCAT(20)(2)


19 May 2012 17:56:46
been away for a few days.any news on thewos the new west brom manager is {Ed025's Note - no mate..(1)(3)


19 May 2012 17:50:13
Ivan Klasnis is heading back to the Bundesliga where has a couple of options. He won't sign for Wolves maybe Wolfsburg but not Wolves(9)(4)


19 May 2012 17:49:28
Leicester City are keeping an eye on Swindon town youngster, Louis Thompson. The youngster mafe his debut for Swindon at the Walkers Stadium when the two clubs met in the FACUP this season. The Leicester board have stated Louis as one for the future after his brief apperance in the cuprunning this season.(8)(2)


19 May 2012 17:47:37
Kevin Davies has just signed a one year contract extension and staying loyal to Bolton V(16)(3)Or maybe no other club would want him at his ageActully he hasnt at allHe has


19 May 2012 17:43:51
Swindon Town will be in the next few
days sign two of their loan stars from
the 2011-12 campaign

Winger Lee Holmes has just been set
free from premier league inbound Southampton
and Swindon are most likely to sign the
25 year old, with other interest coming
coming from Bradford City, And Bristol
Former Barnsley Left back Jay Mc-
ceverly will be Paolo Di Canios second
summer signing after impressing on a
breif loan spell with the Robins. Jay has
just been set free from Championship
side Barnsley as he now lays out of
favour for them.(15)(2)Gutted we let Holmes go fantastic player he will be great at Swindon hope he stays fit!Good luck Di Canio, you're about to sign one of the worst defenders the Football League has ever seen! (Jay McEverely of course)Jay mac is not good enough for league football as 1 good day to 10 bad onesAgree McEverly was not that good last season, but Di Canio rates him so let him if he can do anything with himGood luck jay in your new adventure, im just glad its not with us!!


19 May 2012 17:42:09
Derby are very close to signing Martin Paterson, Michael Jacobs and James Caton.(9)(18)


19 May 2012 17:40:46
Falcao says he isnt leaving Mardrid(18)(3)


19 May 2012 17:39:56
Connelly won't be joining Watford as he is in talks with Swindon. Sam Baldock is interesting The Hornets(7)(5)He's on holiday so he isn't talking to anyone, you whiny little Swindon fan.Baldock will go to Ipswich on loan, now the spammers are in the premierWhy would David Connelly sign for a league 1 club when he could go to a championship side?That's a relief then - Swindon are welcome to the greedy little git.Sam baldock is very keen on playing for watford as it is very close to hsi hometown aylesburyBaldock is suplus to requirements at West Ham now and WHU will be looking tooan him for the season. Could interest Ipswich, Watford and MK Dons


19 May 2012 17:38:13
Swindon town set to sign Andrew Williams
on a 3 year contract(9)(5)Overrated and very greedy. BRFC FanI agree with tht he is very greedy even thou he scored 17 goals for us this season i wont miss him to much alot better strikers out there yeovil fan


19 May 2012 17:37:56
Leyton Orient have completed the signing of midfielder Anthony Griffith from Port Vale.

Source: Orient official site.(11)(4)


19 May 2012 17:36:13
Stevenage will complete the Transfer of Kane Ferdinand from Southend after their failure to(5)(7)Kane will aim higher than Stevenage


19 May 2012 17:34:53
possible southampton ins

jay rod 7.5mil
ince 3m
michu 5m
antonio 1.5m
redman 6.5m
hooper 8m(16)(21)Where did all that money come from£90million from promotion.

Capacity sell outs in stadium next year.

Sale of Oxlade-Chamberlin.

That gets you up over £110million mark alone...

But I do share your scepticism that Saints will be prepared to spend that much, although I do like those signings we would need more defensive ones. Add in the 2 - 3 defensive signings we need and we are signing 9 players on that list... which isn't happening!Who on earth thinks Antonio could cut it in the Prem,if that's the sort of signing some think we should go for we might as well roll over and give it up now.He wasn't good enough when he was on loan before,put it to bed,the boy'd be pants against Premier teams.He's a League one player.You wont sign redmond hes top 6 team bpund, hooper? champions league next chance! ince woud be a good signing but he'll stay at blackpool for another season,Oh and make you dont get 90 million upfront its 40 when promoted and 12 million a year for 4 year.Haha no way will Southampton spend £30m plus this summer , not a chanceAntonio was quality for us thats why we tried to get him back, and the saints fans sung we want antonio in the friendly against reading!It says possible ins im sure other teams are after some of these players aswell, weve been linked with all the above but i dout wil get all of them, antonio wil be playing in the championship or the prem next year, saints obviously rate him both pardew and adkins have tried to bring him backAntonio was not good enough.Jay Rod going to saints! Defo.. Burley replacing him with Pugh from afc Bournemouth!!"you don't get £90million upfront"

Absolutely irrelevant mate unless you are planning on doing transfers with cash in hand! It's the credit that is coming in that gives us increased capital and thus increased funds to spend in the transfer market, through loans and other financial instruments etc.Ince - no chance when he leaves it will not be to a more established Prem disrespect but you may not survive next year... {Ed015's Note - So there's a chance then?}


19 May 2012 17:33:02
Baldock to either Charlton or Ipswich on loan.
Steven Fletcher to Arsenal(9)(20)Fletcher would be good signing,the guy is old fashioned striker and i mean that in a good way.Whoever gets fletcher will land a diamond22 goals in 40 starts in a poor wolves team who have struggle to score goals. Whoever signs him will be suprised just how good he is.It wont be a loan charlton ARE looking to sign him for about 1m (might not happen but i KNOW we are interested)I would hope Fletcher does sign for a club like Arsenal instead of being linked to poison like QPR or Stoke.Baldock to leeds or brightonWell he isn't going to Leeds and Brighton so sh! They have no moneyHe is suposed to go watford aswell though and that seems o be more likelyRumour that Baldock to Blackpool on season long loan...


19 May 2012 17:32:38
Cheltenham Town are set to snap up
free agent goalkeeper, Philip Smith.
The Former Swindon town man has been
out of favour at Swindon and has been
left with no further intentions for a new
The Robins showed interest in Philip in
august also, with the former Swindon
man being seen at a cheltenham pre season
game it looked likely for him to sign there
and then, but a year on, the deal is on
the cards(5)(3)


19 May 2012 17:31:45
Lloyd Sam, Billy paynter, Daniel bogdanovic, Stuart beavon and Alex Bruce are all expected to sign permanent deals at notts county in the near future. You heard it here first!(10)(14)Let's hope soI would love it to happen but i doubt it because there is 3 strikers thereQuite likely as we have no strikers apart from Hughes. Hawley and Burgess are likely to stay at Cheltenham and Crawley.


19 May 2012 17:26:56
Fleetwood are set to snap up Former
Swindon Town Spaniard 'Lander Gabilondo'
After the Spanish man has recently
been released by the Wiltshire club.(12)(1)


19 May 2012 17:20:37
Bristol City are looking into bringing young Lithuanian defender Vytautas Andriuökevičius to the club. He currently holds one cap for his country and has one year remaining on his current contract with Lechia Gdańsk.(1)(10)Where did this come fromNot heard this one but have heard that signing a fast winger knowi dhribalotsi from ukraine club Chornomorets Odessa


19 May 2012 17:24:24
Who are Southend going to sign this summer?(1)(15)


19 May 2012 17:19:55
My brothers best mate is Junior Stanislas and he said he will be joining Charlton along with Jay Rodriguez in a deal worth £5m to Burnley.(2)(43)Yeah because Burnley will sell them both for that, Also Rodriguez will go to a much bigger and better club than Charlton(No Offence) but he'll be playing in the prem next seasonHA Wind your necks in Charlton fans! Absolute rubbish!Keep dreaming, JRod will only be sold to a PL team not league one teamYou Charlton guys are making your club look stupid.
Why would Rodriguez move to another Championship club?
You really are idiotic if you think that.What a load of kak

We turned down a 5 million bid from Fulham

Also I bet Charlton havent even got 5 Mill to spend.We have no idea on budget at charlton JRod will go prem imoIm a charlton fan and 1) this will most likely NOT have come from a charlton fan 2) we are a more attractive club than burnley (more ambition, money and in london) 3) one of our 3 owners is kevin cash (look him up) he has 100's of millions for us and we have more money than you, i no we wont be signing these players but think before you post something like 'Charlton dont have 5 million'!!!!!!!!!How much do they have 8 million?Just because he's called Kevin cash doesn't mean he has all the money in the world and can buy every player , as for charlton being a better team than burnley Pah they'd y u wer league 1 last year , u will see when we take 6 points off u st cunjys next season . UTCOmg your charlton mate, no offence but your nothing special, you wont sign players of that calibre.Nobody knows who the money behind Charlton is, that's why they have companies in tax havens owning the shares and front men running it.

Anyone can see this deal will not happen apart from the 12 year old that wrote it. Most of these posts are not from Charlton fans, this is obvious from the little knowledge they have of the club.


19 May 2012 17:08:54
Celtic fc have entered the race to sign Jordan Rhodes they have stated that they will put a maximum bid of upto 5million to secure him(17)(15)Looks like on his way to Fulham depending on next saturdays resultNo they have notWith Hooper off to Southampton it makes senseHooper is going no where


19 May 2012 17:03:10
Dicanio warned the Swindon Board,now wait and see he will return to West Ham next week.
Swindon fans miss out yet again.
Where is this mega Rich Board???
Funds are not in place and with the Budget West Ham will give Dicanio he is bound to accept the job.
Who will Swindon appoint???? is so sad for the Fans(1)(20)Don't believe that for a minute. How stupid would Gold&Sullivan be to sack Allardyce now after winning the playoff final and giving the job to DiCanio.
DiCanio could become West Ham manager one day, but let's see what he can do with a League One or Championship club first.
Allardyce will continue to work towards making West Ham a team that'll be hard to beat, looking forward to it...Seeing West Ham have just won promotion, Allardyce won't be going anywhere soon.Same sad oxford fan writing all this bull about PDC. You can't even spell his name correctly.What an absolute load of bull, this is such a useless joke of a post and I'm a Leeds. FanPoor sad little boy


19 May 2012 17:01:30
Charlton to sign Sam Baldock now that West ham are promoted.(13)(10)


19 May 2012 16:59:17
cheers vaz te a little more in our kitty
up the reds(13)(6)Yes it is a little 50k that 400k on previous post was a load of rubbishIts £500,000 that west ham have to pay us for going up get it right ffs


19 May 2012 16:57:29
Reading to go for Scott Dobie now Blackpool are staying in the championship(5)(17)Scott dobie is a striker who was last seen playing for bradford city on loan in 2011... i think you mean stephen dobbieBristol City will also be in for him again I'm sure.They may even go for Steven DobbieAlso, Stephen Dobbie is on loan from SwanseaDobbie on loan from swanseaSteven dobbie you clown! but yeah good luck could hack the prem at all hes a championship players at best1This fool wrote this 2mins after final whistle lol his souces must be supermanDobbie isn't good enough for the premSigurdsson won't go to reading, he'll either go to swansea or he will go to a bigger side in the perm


19 May 2012 16:56:34
Edin hazzard has agreed to join man city on 4 year deal. Also tthey have almost agreed the signing of lorente (excuse the spelling). By the way I'm a bristol city fan who enjoys watching prem football, hopefully one day my team will get there lol(10)(24)U never willC'mon bristol city!


19 May 2012 16:42:29
jason puncheon going to bristol city.(7)(16)


19 May 2012 16:40:27
craig gordon going to ipswich
paul robinson going to southampton(7)(20)Craig gordon will be on to higher wages


19 May 2012 16:40:05
Shrewsbury have come to an agreement with Sheffield United over Dave McAllister.

If Sheffield United get promoted McAllister can join on a season long loan. If they fail in their bid for promotion he will remain at the club.(3)(4)McAllister spotted at Greenhous Meadow earlier on today.


19 May 2012 16:26:15
Michael Owen says he is not ready to retire yet. I thought he had retired 7 years ago!(18)(4)


19 May 2012 16:23:38
Grant Holt is going to sign for Sunderland.Sky Sports already have him at 1/1 favourites for Sunderland to sign him.Adam Johnston has confimed he also wants to leave Man City,with Sunderland the likely destination.BLACKCAT(21)(22)He has just signed a new contract (johnson)


19 May 2012 16:22:39
man united set to sign kagawa and hummels from dortmund, also going to sign hazard(24)(21)Hope your right 3 great signings if we get them can only realisticley see kagawa

UNITEDFORLIFE75Its gonna ahppen


19 May 2012 16:21:40
heard david james will sign for swindon after being released by bristol city.(11)(15)I believe he is retiringWish he did that 2 years ago


19 May 2012 16:20:05
southampton to sign goalkeeper paul robinson from relegated blackburn(17)(8)


19 May 2012 16:15:31
Exeter City are preparing a audacious bid for David James on a 1 year player/coach deal.

Also Exeter will look to sign former player Ryan Harley on a season long loan deal for next season

And Pat Baldwin will sign a 2 year deal next Week.(8)(8)Baldwins awful! Got us relegated two years agoPlease take Harley...


19 May 2012 16:14:33
If TP wants to sign any player he has got to get a few off the books. Stoke are willing to listen to offers for Jones, Collins, Soares & Tonge.(10)(2)


19 May 2012 16:12:08
Ipswich boss Paul Jewell has been in contact with Craig Gordan about a posible move to ipswich town, the talks are believed to be going well and Paul Jewell would love to make him an ipswich town goal keeper!(10)(6)Not the only place where ive herd this!Ipswich are apparently signing every player in the world if you listen to their deluded fansI knew it wouldn't take long for an Ipswich fan to write this rubbish.

TeejLUFCOnly because you at Leeds can't sign anybody cause your skint and a small clubHow are they going to afford his wagesIts a fact Leeds are struggling to find £450'000 for Ward, Ipswich have got a sizeable cash fund from ME, to strengthen this summerThere is no sixeable amount ,clegg already said ipswich over 100% on wages to income slashing budget expect ipswich to be challenging for league 1 again


19 May 2012 16:06:33
Free Agent David Connolly has caused interest from Bradford city, Rotherham united and Dagenham & Redbridge. The 34 year old doesn't plan on retiring any day soon.(10)(5)He also doesn't plan to drop a division...Don't know about dropping a division. At his age he will go where suits him best rather than aiming for a specific division. I can see him playing for a decent League 1 side, but yes generally I would imagine him to go for a middle-lower championship side.


19 May 2012 16:01:11
emile heskey is at huish park on a trial to see whether he fits into gary johnson's plans, the striker was released by Aston Villa and has said he has no interest in earning masses of money however would like to play at the highest possible level(6)(14)And his highest possible level is Yeovil?? Stop moking whetever you are onNorwich want heskey!


19 May 2012 15:57:58
Southampton looking to bring in two strikers to create a premiership class attack force. Can expect to hear the names AKINFENWA and HESKY in a saints shirt next season.
On another note, i haven't heard many rumours that have been realistic so i thought i would post a couple i think could be possible or would be nice to see happen.
Chung Yong Lee - Bolton - 3/4Million
Dirk Marcellis - AZ Alkmaar - 1.5 Million
Marten Martaens - AZ Alkmaar - 5 Million
Tranquillo Barnetta - Bayer Leverkusen - Free(i believe)
Mavuba - Lille - 6 Million [ would love to see this happen, great player would be perfect alongside cork or schneiderlin](3)(20)Most of these are a load of rubbish.

Think something might be announced on Monday.All of it is rubbish!I enjoy FIFA as much as the next man but the glitch in the program that makes some players much much better than they are in real life, beast some would say, is just that, a glitch. With that I hope that neither hesky or that northampton player arrive and I sincerely doubt they will.A premier league class attack force involving Akinfenwa I'll have a pint of what you're having! Sounds like you've just read down the page and bundled all the rumours into one massive load of rubbish!Chung-Yong Lee will have better offers than Southampton.Akinfewa and Hesky were obviously jokes you muppets.

The others are just names you've heard elsewhere then tried to quantify a tranfer fee for, nothing new or groundbreaking here.Chung Yong Lee won't leave until January, the big clubs need to be sure that he can get back to full fitness again.Chungy isn't going anywhere. especially for 4 million and especially to Southampton


19 May 2012 15:52:09
Man utd ins
Hazzard 46 mil
Kagawa 13 mil
clyne 7 mil
mcclean 8.5 mil

anderson 6 mil
bebe 3 mil
gavin barry barlow
berbatov 7 mil(16)(28)MU fans wake up u have no money over 500 mill in debt the owners wont put anymore money into the club your surviving on champions league moneyMcclean going nowhere not even united£46million for a player who is allowed to leave for at most around 35? Yeah okay and Clyne is also on a free transfer.. and McClean wont leave the mackems just yetMaclean 8.5, think you missed a digit 18.5 at least.


19 May 2012 15:48:16
Huddesfield RB Jack Hunt is set to join Southampton for a fee around £1.5m(7)(14)Hes coming to ipswich if ward fails to sign!


19 May 2012 15:40:19
Robbie Fowler to link up with old pa Dean Saunders at Doncasster Rovers.(13)(6)


19 May 2012 15:38:48
we could do with bale and walcott again with there pace be aint got no one with pace we will struggle and go down :((3)(3)Pompey fanNot a pompey fan, possibly a small child though? One who doesn't quite understand the basic finances and management of football clubs.


19 May 2012 15:35:16
Supposedly West Brom are looking at 22 year old gavin barry who is playing for cork city in ireland great player {Ed025's Note - cheers gavin..(5)(2)Ed have you seen him play? {Ed025's Note - no mate...have you?Ya he comes from the same club as kevin doyle. good playe but i dont know if he could make it in the premIts all over the irish newspapersIf he like the other barry he can stay in ireland


19 May 2012 15:28:34
LUKE VARNEY WILL BE LEICESTER CITYS NEXT SIGNING AS HE IS FROM LEICSTER(6)(23)Your quick is was all over the news yesterday you plum!!!I think you'll find it was Jamie Vardy in the news yesterday, this bloke is on about Luke Varny, plum!!He comes from SheffieldNo is isn't he is from qournOH MY GOD!! Read the post your moron!!

LUKE VARNEY, is not Jamie VARDY, they are different people. VARDY, who is a Sheffield lad has signed, VARNEY who is a Leicester lad, has not. That is the rumour, that he is next to sign!!

It's not Rocket Science is it!?


19 May 2012 15:21:19
Ben Amos has signed for Peterborough Utd on a 4 year deal after bring tempted by first team football.(9)(10)


19 May 2012 15:21:14
18 May 2012 23:52:11
Warren Cummings, recently released at Bournemouth set to join Tony Pulis at Stoke

this is believable(1)(11)Thank you, that gave me a good laugh


19 May 2012 15:13:58
Ex Shrewsbury Town player Lionel Ainsworth has turned down a contact offer from Rotherham and has opted to sign for Walsall instead.(8)(7)He wont come to us having a laugh


19 May 2012 15:13:42
Colchester and Swindon are interested in Southampton's recently released left winger Lee Holmes.(10)(2)


19 May 2012 15:12:37
Nigel Reo Coker looks destined to join stoke after he left Bolton.(19)(4)Reo coker to newcastle - on a free he used to be pardews captain and he knows what hell get from him, low wages and ideal to replace guthrie at a profit - even thoufh our policy is to buy young with a high sell on we will take older players on a free - we did it with kuqi and loverkrandsNigel back to west ham!As a Bolton fan, I reckon NRC will head back down South.I think hes not good anougth for either of them clubsStoke tried to sign him years ago but to be honest I wouldn't particularly want him.Apparently newcastke are going to swoop for him and Mark Davies for roughly 4 million


19 May 2012 14:58:11
North End to sign strikers Marc Richards in the next week and Collins for a fee from Shrewsbury.

Kieran Lee to Sign from Oldham,(2)(4)Firstly you can't afford to pay transfer fees, so won't sign Collins. Secondly Collins has been linked with Champ teams, so why would he sign for Preston. Thirdly Kieran Lee is very close to signing for Sheffield Wednesday.And fourthly, he has signed for WednesdayFifthly you can't afford the wages he will be on now at Sheff Wed. Bit behind with whats actually happened to some players.Collins contract is up , hes on compensation!!!


19 May 2012 14:54:40
Michael Owen will NOT be joining any Championship team as stated by himself. More than likely he will stay up north.(17)(4)He is going to Stoke, he wants to stay in Cheshire & Sir Peter Coates has already admitted interest in him, wouldn't be a bad signing on a Pay as you play deal.Watch him sign for Yeovil then !!


19 May 2012 14:54:34
Stephen Ireland set to be re united with Mark Hughes at QPR as his disastrous career at Villa Park comes to an end(13)(4)He's just won player of the season


19 May 2012 14:52:02
Preston North End looking into the possibility of signing Kyle Mcfadzean and Dean Howell from Crawley Town(1)(10)


19 May 2012 14:49:44
After impressing for WBA, Sir Alex Ferguson is lining up a £4.8 million bid for young English right back Billy Jones to provide cover for Rafael next season(5)(20)Man Utd can have jones in a swap,we,ll have vidic and hernandez .


19 May 2012 14:47:27
hang on to your hats people Celtic are going to buy all the world class players.........................................and end up with no one except third rate players from english league 1(12)(5)How long did it take you too think that one up ya numptyHaha good one ya clown considering celtic have never bought someone from league 1


19 May 2012 14:42:45
Jermain Defoe set to hold discussions over a summer transfer to Newcastle(14)(17)Rubbish - newcastle policy is to buy young players with high sellon value not expensive 30 year olds doesnt matter how well he has done - + why would he leave spurs to sit on a bench at newcastle - he can stay there to do thatWould love this to be true, make our strikeforce class. But not our policy and he would not London/SouthCan only see this happening if Ba or Cisse leaves as Defoe wants first team football


19 May 2012 14:41:19
Carlton Cole will hold talks over a transfer to QPR regardless of the play off final result. Also, Preston North End have been linked with a move for striker Josh King, who spent time on loan as Preston 2 years ago(2)(15)I for one was very impressed with Josh King, when he was on loan with us from Man Utd, and would be delighted if it happens.


19 May 2012 14:36:56
Celtic are already looking for the next Gary Hooper - a striker capable of scoring 30 goals a year north of the border. Expect Emil Heskey to sign soon.(11)(10)Heskeys to good for CelticMickey mouse could score
30 goals in the north of the
border leagueYeah...Jelavic could score 30 too and is tearing up the EPLHeskeys to good for celtic ? Shut up


19 May 2012 14:36:45
Burnley winger Martin Paterson to join Derby for 500,000 next week on a 2 year deal(7)(13)No he isn't , y would we sell him for that stty amount of money when we rejected 2.5 mil bid not so long back ! Stop posting utter ste ! UTCNo chanceWe didn't sign him for 2.5m at all, it was 1.2m and OP he's not a wingerI didn't say we signed him for 2.5 mill read the post correctly I said we rejected a bid of 2.5 million not so long ago !! Learn to read b4 u jump ahead ov yourself


19 May 2012 14:32:07
Liverpool's owners will this week launch a new reality show, "Who Wants To Manage Liverpool?". Simon Cowell, Craig Revel Horwood, Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Dein will be judges. Auditions start Monday.(17)(4)Surley it should be who wants to be a millionier, sacked afder six mounths, but with a nice big pay off from those nice people at fsg.Any bets on when we get the first yanks out march. MY MONEY IS ON NOVEMBERMaybe it should be ' Nobody Wants To Manage Liverpool ' brenden rodgers said no


19 May 2012 14:31:29
Any reading fc rumours about ex-players eg. Sigurdsson, Long and Shorey are complete rubbish.(7)(5)The Sig rumour is true


19 May 2012 14:31:14
Man City Owners are getting bored and want to take all the money theyve put into the club back.(25)(23)Man utd supporter awwww bless yerBREAKING NEWS
Man Utd owners are getting bored and want to put all the money they've taken out of the club back .


19 May 2012 14:29:32
Arsenal targtting Pape Diouf, Papa Bouba Diop and Papa Smurf. They want to be the daddies again next season(11)(8)


19 May 2012 14:19:03
Martin O'Neil wants Grant Holt to replace Bendtner at the stadium of Light {Ed025's Note - he could get a scarecrow to do that!..(15)(6)


19 May 2012 14:17:35
I am a Brighton fan and I'm sick of all the ipswitch fans saying how theyare going to sign every player under the sun. It is frankly ridiculous as at the moment, you are not all that attractive. You struggled to a bottom half finish and your support have been cpromised by the success of norwich. Wake up and get real! Oh, and Norwich are a bigger, better club than you and they are not a sinking ship (if they are then ipswitch must be totally sunk!).(14)(5)Well I am not an Ipswich fan Mr Brighton but you don't half look stupid with your inability to spell.Also last year - it was Brighton this and Brighton that - biggest deal deal you did was Craig Mickail SuperflopBut we still finished way above ipsh1t...What do you have in common with door.... and a .... of butter?Tbf ipswich say it every year, makes it all the better that the only class they attract is nathan ellington!1. you can't spell
2. How do you know its Ipswich fans posting these rumours, could easily be the scmmers spreading rumourFlop is jimmy old man bullard 18 grand to sit on the bench hes proper had u lot over


19 May 2012 14:14:59
Everton are set to state an interest in either Craig gordon or Allan McGregor from Rangers, other targets are Villareal midfeildet Borja V & Fulhams Clint Dempsey. Moyes could sell Jack Rodwell to Celtic in order to gather in some funds {Ed025's Note - celtic can not afford rodwell, he would be at least 15m..(2)(9)I hope Dempsey stays, but if he does move I think it'll be to a CL club. He's said he would like to play CL, otherwise very happy where he is. If he moves I think either Manchester Utd or ArsenalValero wont hack the prem,he was a fish out of water when he was at the Baggies.Why on earth would Rodwell ever go to Celtic?
1) They cant afford him
2) He wants to play for England
3) He's a premier league class player
4) Premier League teams who can afford him will buy him if he's availableRodwell is worth 25 million mate u lot r in dream land u win the league by default and u are the best since sliced breed you lot r clowns just like ur managerWinning the league by default? but 20-10=10? We were 2 points clear in December, way before Rangers sold Jelavic or were in administrationI think youll find the only team to win tainted titles is rankers over last twenty year as youll find out when they get stripped off yous this is the first title thats not been tainted in the last twenty year


19 May 2012 14:08:16
Antonio to Sheffield Wednesday is very close to being a done deal. Reading have put a sell on clause and first refusal clause into the deal.(7)(6)


19 May 2012 14:06:58
Scott Laird is in preston today ready to sign(2)(8)Hope he signs - god knws how u know this u must be a stalkerNo saw him at deepdale


19 May 2012 14:06:35
Colchester goalkeeper Ben Williams to sign a new 2 year deal. Meanwhile Pentley will either have 6months to prove himself or leave on a free agent(2)(0)Never gonna happen williams has packed his bagsWillaims will stay


19 May 2012 14:06:01
Yeovil Town are expected to sign Chris Weale next week. They also want to sign Adam Lockwood who sued to play for the Glovers and Freddy Eastwood who has just been shown the door by Coventry(5)(4)Won't be able to pay freddys wages 10k a week!Sued to play for the Glovers? He was certainly eager to play for them.Why leave doncaster to join yeovileEastwood can't expect to keep his wage at 10k. He's just been released by coventry!Used to play for


19 May 2012 14:03:14
Sheff weds will try to sign barnsley's luke steele iff they fail to sign tom heaton(0)(15)Luke Steele not going to Sheff Weds staying at barnsleyfor next season at least.Steele would only leave for a prem team


19 May 2012 14:01:02
Michael Owen released from Manchester United possibly joining Cardiff City(4)(22)He has already said he wont drop down to the championship prob be off to usaHes off to stokeIm a cardiff fan and if this happens il walk round swansea in my city top whilst pissing over a jacks top at the same time BOTH not going to happen

ps who needs owen weve got the white heskey
Jon THE BEAST Parkin .........:'(


19 May 2012 13:47:12
Im a season ticket holder at the Amex and I know that does not qualify me as the Brighton oracle but I have it on VERY good authority that Mckail Smith is off to Reading, very much a done deal. McClean is coming to the Amex.(2)(15)Thats a much better deal for Brighton!Massive NO THANK YOU and an even bigger LOL at you for paying what you did for him!Why would mcclean drop down a divisionYour dreaming if you think we are going to buy mckail smith from you.I think me meant Aaron McClean who plays for Hull


19 May 2012 13:35:46
Ben Foster to QPR(4)(14)


19 May 2012 13:28:52
Port Vale midfielder Antony Griffith due to sign for Leyton Orient on Monday.(10)(6)


19 May 2012 13:25:21
Robert Green (GK) to join Tottenham regardless of West Ham's result today
Paul Robinson (GK) to West Ham
Craig Gordon (GK) to Ipswich
Paddy Kenny (GK) to Leeds(9)(19)


19 May 2012 13:23:18
Gary Brabin new assistant at Wolves.(3)(7)


19 May 2012 13:08:15
Celtic are to enter the race to sign Shrewsbury Town's James Collins.(6)(12)Absolute RUBBISH CELTIC WONT BE AFTER HIM , HE AINT THAT GOOD :P


19 May 2012 13:07:22
Nigel Clough is going for quality not quantity fot next season. He wants 20 solid 1st teamers.which will involve some of the younger players in Will Hughes and Mason Bennet. He will sell fringe players like Miles Addison and Lee croft to amke way for new players like Fegor Ogude, Krystian Pearce, Michael Jacobs, James Caton and a possible emergance of now free agent James Mcfadden.(9)(2)Please not McFadden


19 May 2012 13:04:51
Neil warnock to raid qpr for the signature of experienced defender clint hill on a free transfer?(18)(3)When he won players player and fans player of the year andd hughs has hinted at a new contract for him?Clint hill has signed a new contract at QPR


19 May 2012 13:02:57
Joel ward to leeds for 450k watch this space! Mot(10)(11)I think now its Ward and Halford, for combined fee of 1mil+add-ons. Thats what I've been hearing. Portsmouth get more money, and its swung the deal.
wallyGoing to burnleyLeeds are struggling to sign Ward, so this is crap info,


19 May 2012 13:01:48
Leeds to sign former west brom full back joe mattock(13)(9)Hope warnock fails


19 May 2012 12:53:41
Sunderland to bring in Weimann from Aston Villa to bolster their attacking options with Kevin Davies from relegated Bolton another option. Nicklas Bentner's loan deal will not be renewed. Connar Wickham will be allowed to go out on loan to gain much needed first team experience.

Sunderland really should be looking to bring in a big name to the SOL to excite the fans. Something they haven't seen since Kevin Phillips.

With Gordon being released another Goalkeeper will need to be brought in. Rumour has it that they couldn't agree a new contract due to the players wage demands, with Sunderland being reluctant to pay high wages to a player who has spend a large portion of his Sunderland career on the long term injury list.

They will face a very tough challenge to hang on to Stephan Sessegnon who has been attracting attention from former club PSG. The player could hand in a written transfer request, should such an offer come in for him.

One thing the Sunderland fans do not want to see is O'Neill bringing in a load of Villa rejects.

A long summer ahead at the Stadium of Light.....(2)(14)K.Davies has signed a new contract at BoltonKevin Davies has just signed a contract with Bolton.You just guessingLoad of bcks. Gordon released because Westwood and Mignolet are better and he is too injury prone.
Sess staying unless someone bids 20 mill and no one will!
Cuellar to Sign on free.
Jonson from City
Gyan to come back ;-(
Yakubu from Blackburn/Holt from Norwich


19 May 2012 12:49:02
Elliott Chamberlain has been invited for a trial at Middlesbrough's Rockcliffe Park.(2)(3)


19 May 2012 12:33:54
Paul Jewell has turned to Marcus Evans in an effort to release funds following the release of Graig Gordan as he sees him as an outstanding keeper at this level and fills ipswich's goalkeeper problems for the long term.(3)(9)Get in there my son and get him down to Portman road, where he can rejuvinate his career


19 May 2012 12:15:08
Dicanio to be appointed WBA manager next week(13)(21)Get real


19 May 2012 12:12:44
Dicanio to join West Ham, reason Money has not been made available to bring new players in.
Seems he warned the club that they had to decide,hence reason all is quiet.
Also Mat Ritchie/Aden Flint/Billy Bodin to leave.
Candidate for Swindon Job is martin Ling(6)(15)Same old same old...getting boring nowLOL totally untrue. More money at Swindon than West Ham even though they got promoted, and Big Sam won't leave because they got promoted. Bodin is also signing a new contract.


19 May 2012 12:01:28
Aston Villa's search for a new manager continues.

Martinez had talks with Randy Lerner (AVFC owner) on Thursday which is why no talks with Liverpool have gone underway.
Lambert is pleading with the Norwich board to allow him access to contact with Aston Villa.
solskjaer had possible talks with Villa on Friday & Lerner has gone back to the USA for a few days to manage some family issues.

Lerner is apparently looking to find a Director of Football at Villa Park first, Gerard Houllier could apparently be set for a shock Villa return in that job capacity.
Gus Poyet has apparently been ruled out having got no top side experience.(2)(13)So if Poyet is ruled out for having no top side experience how are:
Martinez/Solskjaer/Lambert all in the frame? none have managed a top sideTop side - A EPL team not Championship/League 1Lambert pleading to go to Villa? Lambert pleading the board not to give him permission sounds more realistic...Carroll is on 80 actually {Ed025's Note - i think he deserves the full pound..


19 May 2012 11:54:37
Dani pacheco will sign for Norwich in the summer 90% certain(18)(3)Deffo


19 May 2012 11:34:39
Barnsley have held talks with former captain Brian Howard after his release from Reading, however wages are likely to be a problem.

They are also interested in Bradford Citys David Syers who is stalling over a new contract with the Bantams(10)(6)Wages no longer a problem it is a take it or leave it response nowadays so with abit of luck Howard will be leaving itAlso been in talks with Doncaster. Wages would NOT be a problem. He's struggling for interest but desperately wants to stay in the FLC. Should drop a league!Dont want him back he has done nothing since he left the big time chalie caused unrest in the dressing room to get his move the first time let him rot at donny or lower


19 May 2012 11:32:11
southampton striker lee barnard set to leave to free up space in first team squad with charlton, sheffield wednesday and doncaster all interested(12)(6)Barnard on his way back to SouthendBarnard on his way to Winchester prison...The matter came to trial at Salisbury Crown Court in April 2012 where Lee Barnard was cleared of all charges after the jury took less than an hour to find him not guilty of any crimeRichard naylor is the worst football player i have ever seen


19 May 2012 11:30:07
David Connolly is to sign for Watford on 1st July after being released by Southampton.

Why would Watford want to sign a player who when ever he has come back to the Vic is lucky that the fans cannot get to him, otherwise he would have been badly hurt.(2)(7)Watford fans hate Connolly, there's no chance it'll happen.


19 May 2012 11:24:19
Any BORO news ?(0)(8)Who? ;)


19 May 2012 10:35:11
French Bristol City starlet, Yannick Bolasie is currently being scouted by French GIANTS Paris Saint Germain!

Ed Is This True? {Ed015's Note - Doubt it, stranger things happen}.(6)(13)Given that he will not be playing any games until July, I wonder exactly HOW he is being scouted?


19 May 2012 11:40:19
If Crewe win play off final then Powell will stay for next season, so will leitch-smith(2)(10)Powell is leaving.Leitch smith is as good as a Watford player alreadyPowell not good enough for championsip or premier league yet, needs another season


19 May 2012 11:38:23
Doubt Gary Doherty will come, wage will be too much(1)(3)


19 May 2012 11:08:38
Brighton are interested in recently
released goalkeeper Craig Gordon
of Sunderland (Cost 9m 5 years ago)(6)(16)Wages?!You are picking these up from North Stand Chat aren't you. Not true in the slightest.He'll go to IpswichHe won't go to ipswich.He'll go to QPR


19 May 2012 11:04:39
Ipwich are after millwall midfielder James henry, they wanted him in january but did not bid, source from within the club(6)(4)You got no chance of that happening after the way millwall finished the season they will be looking to push on so selling there best players won't be an option unless they receive bids of silly amountsHes going to leeds or brighton both bigger than ipswich but then who isntHe's too good for Ipswitch. Why would he want to go there/Millwall are under NO pressure to sell players this summer. James Henry will not be going to another Championship club (except for a telephone number fee).He was out of favour in midseason, played brilliantly towards the end will not happen


19 May 2012 10:58:14
David connolly will not be signing for Watford. Watford dont want the greedy git back at the vic(5)(5)


19 May 2012 10:54:29
Charlton hope to complete the signing of Owen later this evening.(5)(23)Owen doesnt want to drop down a division.


19 May 2012 10:51:26
Preston are interested in Walsall LB Mat Sadler and midfielder Emmanuel Ledesma, who's current contracts ends this summer and they are yet to sign new deals with the midlands side

North End are also interested in Yeovil CB Paul Huntington who is also out of contract this summer and is yet to sign a new deal(10)(5)To late they just signed new dealsWhy would they want a left back if theyre signing laird...As cover??............not exactly blessed are we?!


19 May 2012 10:51:20
Jack Hunt Huddersfield Town defender to Palace, region 400k(7)(13)Not even close wi 400k, he's valued near 2millJack Hunt actually going to Blackpool,
fact, Holloway is thought to be interested and would offer 700k of 2nd year of their parachute payments.
Oyston to put hand in his pocket more from now on.


19 May 2012 10:49:45
sheff wed keen on signing ex cardiff keeper tom heaton on a free transfer(11)(3)


19 May 2012 10:49:05
Spurs looking at Ivorian striker arouna kone on a free(11)(4)Spurs always keep searching as many players they can get on a free transferBetter than wasting money on shte like arsenal/liverpool


19 May 2012 10:46:28
leeds have pulled out the race to sign joel ward he will be coming to ipswich in the near future!(7)(22)Whar Load of rubbish. He has already said he will make his mind up over the weekend why go to little ipswich when he can go to prem wi Blackpool if they make it or go to a big club like Wednesday or Leeds?Nah mate, apparently its agreed. We're paying more money and getting Halford too at the same time, although that won't be revealed until June 1st. Pompey need the cash so they're accepting.Nah Leeds are skint, struggling to find cash, and pompey need cash up front,Wot a load of rubbish, no way leeds are skint...


19 May 2012 10:46:15
Bradford's striker Nahki Wells is set to join Burnley or Peterbourgh United in search of playing football in higher leagues(4)(10)We dont need himNahki wells has just said he is at city next season


19 May 2012 10:38:57
Aston villa monitoring grant holt situation.(11)(9)Really depends who next manager of Villa is. If Lambert became manager, i'd say this is highly likely.Everton looking at bringing in holtMust br a tap up for him from someone


19 May 2012 10:34:53
QPR to bring in free agent Craig Gordon, Kenny to Leeds for £1m(16)(14)Kenny is available on a FREE and even Colin wouldn't pay a million for someone who will cost nothing


19 May 2012 10:22:50
Ant Griffith port vale en route to orient to sign contract(7)(7)


19 May 2012 10:22:01
cammy bell qpr and west ham looking at him(7)(5)


19 May 2012 10:21:35
Millwall are looking to balance the shape of the squad. Going out will be a striker or two (maybe on loan). Also possible departures are Mildenhall and Bouazza. KJ is looking for players with the same mental attitude as those who played in the last 7 games, but giving the team a 10% betterability level.(3)(1)


19 May 2012 10:19:39
andy williams set to sign for shrewsbury town next week, this will be seen as a replacement for james collins who looks destined to move on and Graham Turner doesn't want to miss out on players whilst waiting for a response(3)(6)This is true, i saw him outside the club shop but didn't know it was him at the time, it was only when the lady in the club shop said to the man in the ticket office ''look its the player from yeovil'' that i put two and two togetherThought Hereford and Shrewsbury are rivals and with him being former Hereford player doubt he would sign for youWilliams was a player there when turner was managerDoesn't matter who their rivals are, Williams has no loyalty. Goes from Hereford to Bristol Rovers then to Yeovil. All Rivals of each other. Offer him the money and he'll be there in a shot


19 May 2012 10:18:40
Ex shrewsbury town keeper Ben Smith to Port Vale next week(7)(0)


19 May 2012 10:15:16
shrewsbury town have two medicals next week at the greenhous as they are set to sign two new players, these will be seen as replacements for ian sharps and shane cansdell-sherriff(7)(3)Where's Ian Sharps going?The club is un-named but i would be assuming tranmere rovers


19 May 2012 10:08:52
stoke city are in talks with micheal owen who was close to joining stoke city b4 man united stepped in ..owen is keen to talk to stoke as it keeps his commitments to the north west..and with peter coats comments in the local paper stoke are now favorites to sign owen with his company (read into that what u may) and stoke have been told by wolves 20m will secure jarvis and fletcher ..fletcher wanting to stay in the middlands aware of stokes intrested refused to talk to sunderland untill talks with stoke have been completed either way ..(19)(9)Perfect fit Stoke do tend sign players who arrive with their own treatment tableNot sure which players Stoke have signed that have spent time on this imaginary treatment table. They even got Woodgate playing regularly.

Owen is looking more and more likely to join Stoke


19 May 2012 10:07:19
Colchester could make a swoop for former player Craig Fagan after he was released from Bradford City. Other players on Colchestets radar are Asward Thomas & Jai Reason both Braintree, former Crawley defender Mills (who is good friends with Colchester defender Tom Eastman)(5)(2)Wont sign Fagan he left bradford to move back to the midlandsWont sign mills got 3 centre backs already


19 May 2012 10:04:57
Demba ba 7million to arsenal(26)(29)Ba has a 10 million contract clause, so ncfc will accept no less than thatNo his buy out clause is only 7 million, but it should be at least 10Only 7mill buy out which is ridiculousqAnd receives half of the moneyTruth is nobody knows the exact details of this buyout clause apart from the player himself, his agent plus pardew, ashley etc. my opinion is ba will hold out for a move to psg, probably for more than 7milYeah PSG his preferred optionBuy out clause is7m and ba recieves half he will go to highest wage offer


19 May 2012 10:00:21
Brighton could be a possible destination for unhappy Leeds striker Ross McCormack. The seagulls are keen to add a proven championship scorer to their ranks and McCormack could fit the bill.(12)(13)Wages wages wages, plenty of clubs who'd be more than happy to take him that could pay much more than we can.I'd happily take McCormack but im sure there are bigger clubs chasing his talents than us


19 May 2012 09:58:26
Posh given first refusaln Harry Kane from Spurs for next season. Also looking at a number of younger lads released by Spurs, Arsenal and Fulham(5)(7)Why would they get first refusal? surley if a club of a higher division offerd him better quality of football to develope him..they would sooner him go there?Why would Peterborough get first refusal, he was on loan at Millwall and they are very interested in signing him.Leicester City have also enquired about Harry Kane according to their local paper (and Radio Leicester sport)Millwall are interested in bringing Kane back to the den but spurs rate him highly and dnt want to sell him yet so a years loan would suit both parties Kane did stat that he would love to come back if spurs were to loan him out again, but if a higher placed club come in for him and spurs feel it's better for his development he will probably go there


19 May 2012 09:47:26
Craig Gordon set for talks with ipswich following his release from sunderland.(14)(16)Don't be so ridiculous.Utter Bocks!


19 May 2012 09:42:59
John Oster to Cardiff City on free transfer.(7)(15)


19 May 2012 09:41:59
Freddy probably moving to league one club!
So bring on akinfenwa!(4)(7)


19 May 2012 09:39:33
Saints released list: David Connolly, Bartosz Bialkowski, Lee Holmes, Ryan Doble, Harlee Dean and Aarran Racine will not be offered new deals and are now free to look for new clubs.(13)(2)


19 May 2012 09:38:27
Huddersfield Town's Lee Novak to Cardiff City (1mil)
Coventry City's James McPake to Cardiff(undisclosed fee)
Whittingham is leaving for (6mil) to West Brom, West Ham or Fulham.(7)(12)Novak would never leave us.Novak might leave if he is offered more money and has the ambition to play at a higher levelOur best player by a far this season even though Jordan has bagged 40 goalsLies, 6 mil for whittingham more like 3m


19 May 2012 09:34:49
David Connolly is to sign for Watford on 1st July after being released by Southampton.(8)(13)


19 May 2012 09:28:20
Saints announce wholesale changes but to fringe players. Connolly, Bart, Harlee dean, Holmes, Racine released.

Jaidi retires but coaching role will be announced at press conference on Monday.

Expect press conf to be media smokescreen to hide announcement of cracking signing. Word is its Johnson from city after he fell out with City's board.

4 players promoted to 1st team from academy.
As Saints fans have said for a year, Luke Shaw going nowhere as he's in 1st team squad along with Mugabe, ward-prowse, stephens.

Source: SSN and saints website.(17)(2)Chambers has also been promoted to the first team I might addJohnson? He will go top six, not to a side who will struggle next season. Get reaLOL.And Mugabe was given a contract, not 1st team.


19 May 2012 09:24:40
Mark Hughes planning to buy kasper schmeichel for 5m. Paddy kenny to leeds for 1m {Ed013's Note - Isn't kenny on a free after his contract is near an end}(10)(15)Kasper going nowhere keep to your craig gordon rumors


19 May 2012 09:23:44
Charlton are looking at the scottish keeper Craig Gordon after he was released from Sunderland. The out of favour keeper only started one league game for the black cats after finding it tough to get a chance in between the sticks due to stiff compotion from belgiam number one Simon Mingolet. The deal should be done in a rapid manner due to other teams also expressing intrest.(4)(18)He'll Go to IpswichNo he wont! hurry up or you'll be late for schoolIt's Saturday!


19 May 2012 09:17:25
Qpr to bid for Paul Robinson next week in the hope they can lure the Blackburn keeper avoiding him playing in the championship(17)(7)


19 May 2012 09:01:25
West Ham want Charlton right back Chris Solly, the 21 year old is also being targeted by Tottenham & Man Utd.(8)(4)He's had a fantastic season and a lot of teams were looking at him last year. It is too early for him to move however, having only had one full season in the first team. Look at how the move to Chelsea held back Scott Parker. Having said that a playerws progress is rarely on top of the agenda when it comes to money.


19 May 2012 08:32:06
Brian Woodall from Dagenham & Redbridge is to join Peterborough(4)(2)


19 May 2012 08:30:44
Peterborough are the only club to match Northampton Town's valuation for out of contract star Michael Jacobs. The compensation is expected to be worth over £500k(4)(4)valuation of 800-900k not 500!


19 May 2012 08:27:37
Tom Kennedy will leave Leicester this week and sign for Peterborough(13)(2)Lol 3rd choice united goalkeeper wont sign for peterborough u say! i think u better be watching TV this week


19 May 2012 08:26:27
Manchester United keeper Ben Amos has agreed a 4 year deal at Peterborough United for a fee of £400k(14)(11)Who writes this rubbish?! hes 3rd choice at man utd so wouldn't be sold. hes a future england goalkeeper so the only way hes leaving is on loan providing lindergaard is back to fitness by pre season, if not he ll be their backup goalkeeper!


19 May 2012 08:24:00
Peterborough have agreed a fee to sign Mansfield right back Luke O'Neill.(7)(2)


19 May 2012 08:22:27
Cheltenham pair Marlon Pack & Kaid Mohammed to sign for Peterborough(5)(11)


19 May 2012 08:21:08
Liam Hearn has his sights set on leaving Grimsby this summer and he is wanted by Peterborough.(3)(5)


19 May 2012 08:19:05
Lewis Grabban will leave Rotherham and join championship side Peterborough United with Mark Little used as bait.(8)(8)


19 May 2012 07:56:53
being reported this morning that former Lewes and Northwich boss Steve King will take the Macclesfield job(4)(2)


19 May 2012 07:37:53
Big Rumours From Cardiff Craig Bellamy Has Said That He Would Love To Play For Caridff This Coming Season, His Main Reason For Joining Liverpool Was Daglish Without Him There He Would Prefer A Move Back To His Hometown.(12)(20)Bellamy will look for one more big signing on payday rumour has it he will be joining anelka's teamHis main reason for joining liverpool was the 80k he was picking up nothing to do with kenny

daviebhoy08 {Ed001's Note - you couldn't be more wrong! He bought out his contract and took a pay cut to play under Dalglish actually. He was offered more by Cardiff, without the need to buy out his contract either, but took the Liverpool offer to play for his hero. It was nothing to do with money, you have no idea. I don't even know where you got this 80k nonsense from, dreaming I think, not one new player, that has arrived since FSG took over, earns over 70k a week and only one player gets that much, Suarez.}


19 May 2012 07:16:41
Andy Johnson and David Murphy to join Bobby Zamora at QPR(8)(7)If you are referring to both of them as being Fulham players then I believe you mean Danny Murphy mateAJ will leave this summer - quite possibly to QPR.

Danny Murphy will play one more season at Fulham before taking on a coaching role. He's far too good to need to drop down to QPR


19 May 2012 07:02:43
Millwall and Norwich are both trailing Ipswich defender Aaron Cresswell.(9)(15)Why would norwich buy any one from ipswich?


19 May 2012 07:01:28
ipswich will be signing free agent richard naylor from doncaster and will be the main striker next season source twtd(8)(18)How can they sign richard naylor from doncaster when he left doncaster in january to join rotherham? and rotherham have since released him. get facts right before postingAs much as we loved Naylor when he was here, he's past it now, oh he was mainly a CB only a striker in his early days


19 May 2012 06:56:29
colchester will replace odejayi with akinfenwa as john ward loves a big target man and has close relations with boothroyd also dont be surprised to see jamie cureton return on a free from orient(11)(3)


19 May 2012 03:22:38
Ian Harte is thought to be considering his options after being told by Brian Mcdermott he will only be used as cover next season. The main interested club are believed to be his former club Leeds who he would welcome the chance to go back where he would be more wanted. Reason: Yet to sign a contract which he was offered almost a month ago(9)(14)Nonsense. He's been offered a new one year deal and is currently on holiday. He knows he could be a bit part player but he has been quoted as saying he wants to be part of one final Premiership campaign before he hangs his boots up next summer.

Chances of him turning that down for a Championship club 2/10.


19 May 2012 02:07:57
Following his fairly consistent season, including his prolific form towards the end of the SPL season for Celtic, it is thought that Gary Hooper could be making a move back over the border into England, with a large number of teams interested in acquiring his highly sought after signature.

From a source very close to the club, I can add fuel to the ever growing fire that Gary Hooper could infact be on his way to Carrow Road subject to the future of Grant Holt following his recent transfer request. I believe that if Norwich do infact keep hold of Holt over the Summer, a number of teams are waiting and monitoring the situation very closeley, with the front-runners being West Brom who are interested in swapping Marc Antoine Fortune with the English forward.

Watch this space.(5)(16)Norwich after Hooper to replace HoltThink you are right that Hooper will move south-but it will be a good deal further south than Norwich!
You are about to lose your manager,and your top player-why would he join an unstable club?Hooper probably if moves he will go to saints
Norwich look to miss out on Rhodes and go to Fulham and holt to everton or Newcastle due to demba ba 7mil arsenal deal!Celtic bhoy here, hoops has been fantastic this year and would like to add,
I hope he stays and at least gives the champs league a go.
Don't know what money would be involved but would like to think 7m +Hi Celtic bhoy-I think you will find Hoopers 5 goals were a swan song, and he will be away.
He stalled on his new contract negotiations for a reason, and whilst he may want to play Champions League I suspect he also rates his chances at international honours, and with due respect he will not get that showing each week that he can score against rubbish defenders.Can i just remind u lot gary hooper plays in the SPL a league that isnt better than the blue square league, and you lot think he is good enough for the EPL get a grip.It isnt better than the Blue Square? One word - the above poster I would like to remind you that Jelavic came to the EPL from the SPL and he seems to be scoring for fun. Hooper will score goals wherever he plays - end of. EPL is miles better than the SPL and no-one will dispute that - but it is full of foreign imports hence why the england team is not great at the minute.How is the spl not better than the blue square prem? Typical english always biast. IM not backing up the spl or anything cos il admit its not the best league in the world but if the splk is so st then why do all you english prem teams buy all the best players from scotland. Heres a list

Adam rooney - birmingham
Ricardo Vaz te - west ham
James Mcarthy - wigan
James Mcarthur - wigan
gary caldwell - wigan
Connor sammon - wigan
David goodwillie - blacburn
Shaun maloney - wigan
Jos hooiveld not good enough for celtic - southampton
Darren odea not good enough for celtic - leeds
John fleck not good enough for rangers - blackpool
And many more
All these players have only left a season or 2 ago so shove you blue square premier up your assO ye but the spl is full of scottish talent hence why the national team is doing brilliantly. In fact i forgot they qualified for a major international tournament. What a pathetic thing to say. The reason why the england team is rubbish atm is because it lacks cohesion and is holding on too what brooking called the "golden generation"All of the players are in the 2 second division or bottom of the 1st I rest my caseEngland national team is an utter joke in the next 5 years they will be a laughing stock of the giants in football and when uefa bring in the domestic caps on transfer fees and wages watch all the big players leave and your league go down the pan typical thick football fanWho would swap fortune for holt, fortune been immense this season


19 May 2012 02:03:30
I've been standing outside the Molineux today and I noticed Ivan Klasnic who recently got released by Bolton Wanderers and he will be making a move to Wolves over the upcoming days...

You heard it here first Lads..(7)(19)He's confirmed he's going back to the Bundesliga.A Croatian team have also expressed interest in him


19 May 2012 01:59:36
Stoke are looking to sign Matt Jarvis on the cheap from relegated Wolverhampton.(8)(13)Not cheap at 10m


19 May 2012 01:38:42
Crawley Town want Akinfenwa from Northampton(10)(7)Could be on his way to Southend, but Crawley will offer huge wage so could clinch him


19 May 2012 01:37:01
sheffield wednesday set to sign joel ward and also chopra is having words with dave jones over a possible move to hillsbrough.(5)(26)Joel ward part is true tho!!How can he be signing when he is due to talk to Wednesday till this weekend!


19 May 2012 00:34:47
Eden Hazard to Manchester City - CONFIRMED.(36)(28)Confirmed where exactly?Why will he go to man city he wants to go to a club that get trophies which is obvs unitedWow, someone cancelled the 2011-2012 season out of their mind quick. MCFC CHAMPIONS OF THE PREMIER LEAGUECity will get him as they can pay him 200kp/w if they wish but the deal is far from completed.Apart from the league this season and the fa cup this previous season when was the last time city won anything? 1968 a long time ago plus man utd have a far better manager and mancini we have won more than city also we didnt have to buy our trophies


19 May 2012 00:33:15
Wycombe are intrested in former West Ham player Calum Davenport who is thinking about returning to league football this summer from non league Wotton Blue Cross(11)(4)


19 May 2012 00:24:28
Thomas Hitzlsperger will rejoin West Ham in the summer if they manage promotion to the Premier League.(11)(14)Love this player


19 May 2012 00:22:19
Leyton Orient are close to signing Crystal Palace striker Calvin Andrew on a two year deal. The former Luton player is set to turn down Championship clubs up North to stay in the London area.(6)(12)He is awful, he'll be lucky to find a Ryman League South club who will sign himHes been released on a free they won't have to sign him


19 May 2012 00:19:54
Northampton are in talks with 30 year old goalkeeper Chris Weale over the potential of signing a two year deal from Leicester.(7)(2)Chris Weale is a good keeper, Not great but solid and dependable, sorry to see him leave Leicester but he deserves regular football and he's not gonna shift Kasper easily!..he wont let you down!


19 May 2012 00:19:00
Aleksandar Tunchev will sign for Crystal Palace on a free transfer from Leicester.(15)(2)Tunchev and Ward, annonucement Wednesday at the PalaceI can't believe we've let Aleksander Tunchev go, he has just got injury free and we were looking forward to him coming back into the side, a very very good quality defender indeed if he can stay free from injuries, very much liked by the fans here and well rated, hope he does well for you!


19 May 2012 00:17:54
Matt Oakley will sign a one year deal with relegated League 1 side Exeter in the coming weeks.(7)(3)Thanks for everything you've done in steadying the ship for us in the last few seasons Matt, good luck and cheers!


19 May 2012 00:17:18
Ispwich Town are in talks with released Leicester striker Steve Howard over a one year deal.(3)(16)Stevie Howard, adored by the city faithful and we wish you all the best mate for wherever you end up, solid, reliable and gives his all! can't ask for anymore than that!..thanks for everything big man!


19 May 2012 00:30:52
Jamie Cureton will sign a three year deal with former club Exeter over the weekend.(5)(11)Think youll find a one year deal at colchester is more likelyI think he'll stay with Exeter, more chance of a first team football


19 May 2012 00:27:52
Former Bayern Munich and Hamburg winger Hasan Salihamidzic will sign for fifth division German club Eintracht Norderstedt on a one year deal.(2)(6)


19 May 2012 00:07:31
Cardiff City will announce the signing of Joe Lewis on a free transfer Monday while announcing that David Marshall has signed a new 4 year contract(15)(5)


18 May 2012 23:58:55
Brian Easton will resign for Hamilton on a two year deal after being released by Burnley to start his thid spell at the Scottish First Division outfit.(7)(1)


18 May 2012 23:57:51
Clarke Carlisle is expected to carry on his footballing career by signing a one year deal with Hull City, but will only move to East Yorkshire if Kevin Blackwell gets the job at The KC Stadium after holding talks with the Championship club.(1)(6)


18 May 2012 23:52:11
Warren Cummings, recently released at Bournemouth set to join Tony Pulis at Stoke(2)(20)


18 May 2012 23:52:08
Blackburn are set to make their first summer signing by bagging Scottish attacker James McFadden on a free transfer from Everton.(12)(11)Hoilett wont be free because of his age and will command a fee through tribunal


18 May 2012 23:50:55
Wolves are expected to re-sign American goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann on a free transfer after his release from Everton.(12)(14)


18 May 2012 23:47:40
The wires close to Shrewsbury are showing their colours.

Latest is Luke Daniels is set to return to Shrews on a full time basis.

Some mainstay players are seriously looking out after the departures of Shane Cansdell-Sherriff and Nicky Wroe.

David McAllistair (Sheffield United), Romaine Sawyers (West Bromwich Albion), Taiwo Atieno (Torquay United), Jermaine McGlashan and Marlon Pack (Cheltenham Town) are being looked at and will be offered deals within the next couple of weeks.(2)(9)McGlashan only signed in January so won't be on the move and Marlon will rather stay with CTFC if they get promoted or head for higher heights if he does leave


18 May 2012 23:45:09
Crawley are set to pip Yeovil Town to the signing of former Leicester City goalkeeper Chris Weale.(3)(8)


18 May 2012 23:34:18
Laird from Stevenage has been offered terms by Preston but is keeping his options open as Blackpool will offer a contract if not promoted to premier league.(6)(5)He has been seen at Blackpool, he has put pen to papet on a 3 year deal


18 May 2012 23:33:58
Barnsley to sign Daniel walker, young academy player from Sheffield Wednesday(8)(2)We've got enough young academy players at Oakwell who aren't getting enough chances. Stop bringing in other academy players and use our own, they're probably dying to play on the pitch for Barnsley!


18 May 2012 23:22:58
As a reporter for a north east paper

Sunderland have put a firm offer in for Steven Fletcher. Interest in Rodallega also.

Middlesbrough have offered a contract to to Somen Tchoyi but seems to be plenty of interest from UK and abroad(13)(3)Fletcher has turned sunderland downFletcher has stated he is not intrested in the north east and with stokes offer on the table hes cut all talks with sunderland untill talks at stoke have been resovledFletcher turned you downOnly stated an offer had been made, MON has a way of winning people round I wouldnt be so sure just yet.Would love somen tchoyi at boro i think hes quality!


18 May 2012 23:18:56
Ed know who the 3 or 4 big signings will be? {Ed003's Note - If I knew what team you were on about I might have half a chance of giving you an answer}(1)(1)


18 May 2012 23:11:51
nicky wroe to preston, and shane candsell sherriff to preston also shrewsbury will sign lee mansell for torquay and marlon pack if cheltenham dosnt get promoted(1)(6)This would be so good if it was true...Wroe and sherriff av already signed so ur a bit lateThere's rumours now going around that Wroe and SCS haven't signed and people at the club jumped the gun by announcing it....


18 May 2012 22:50:03
holt hands in transfer request(27)(3)C U Next Tuesday Holt.Wanted by everton!It was rejected


18 May 2012 22:36:20
Good source at Oldham has informed me that three players definitely on there way out. Kieran lee has agreed to go sheff wed or Preston, chris Taylor to mill wall or Doncaster, and felipe morais to Stevenage or Barnsley.(1)(5)Lee went to sheff wed the other day and that was known last weekend. probably best you spoke to Dickov to ask about the rest as you seem to know more than he does. taylors going anyway and thats been known all season so your wrong again with your rumours.


18 May 2012 22:03:57
oldham athletic set to pounce for sheff united left back andy taylor and free agent nicky hunt(2)(1)


18 May 2012 21:59:47
rangers winger sone aluko is wanted
by west brom fulham and everton(12)(2)


18 May 2012 21:48:21
Any news on Leeds united yet(11)(17)


18 May 2012 21:30:53
Out of contract Stevenage defender Scott Laird is in talks with Nottingham Forest(13)(7)But he is not he is join westley at pne along with byrom and roberts^^^^
In EnglishIf i had the choice between chmpionship football at forest or league 1 football at preston. id know where id rather go.

plus stevenage chairman phil wallae has said that the club wont sell unless its life changing amounts of money, and thats something preston havent got. mark roberts wont go to preston.


18 May 2012 21:06:54
rotherham united to sign lee bowyer on
tuesday(6)(16)We will wait and see.Well not 100% but evans has said theyve got leeds united connections and its a big name signing so that who i could think ofHow about llyod sam?This is happening. From a good source at Rotherham, i can confirm this is the big name signing for Tuesday. And what a signing.


18 May 2012 21:05:06
Wolverhampton Wanderer's Carl Ikeme is set to sign on a season long loan at Shrewsbury Town.(5)(7)Is their anyone who shrewsbury are not signingLinked to so many like most clubsI thought seff wed saints charlton reading was bad but your the same n no he wont be joing you not with henno out


18 May 2012 21:20:00
Seagulls swoop for Swanson

Brighton are in talks with out-of-contract Dundee United player Danny Swanson's representatives over a move to the Championship. Hibs and Aberdeen are also interested in the 25-year-old winger but he would prefer a move south. (Express)(5)(9)Gus stated this weekend - why does he need a 5ft 6 scottish player when he has the best attacking midfielders in the world outside of the Premier & La Liga when Vicente re-signs.The Argus (the Sussex local paper) quotes Poyet as saying that the club have watched Swanson but have not made any approach for him.


18 May 2012 21:09:21
Newly promoted reading are looking to sign Nicky Shorey on a two year deal, they face stiff competition from Sunderland and Middlesbrough.(1)(17)God no. Won't have him back. He soured his relationship with Reading when he left.He burned his bridges with his greedy half @rsed displays when we were relegated from the PL a few years ago. He wanted out the summer before, wasn't sold and then didn't try.

NO THANK YOU!!Why would Sunderland want Shorey?


18 May 2012 21:07:18
Ali Slowe is in talks with Leeds, the ex Yeovil winger is seen as a potential crowd pleaser.(3)(9)Very unlikely, I've heard he's going to either Barcelona or Real Madrid.No - Slowe has stated his desire to remain in the English professional game.Hes rubbish not sure why there are so many rumours about himNot true Slowe is going to man city to replace tevez


18 May 2012 20:17:00
Any done deals for charlton? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(0)(6)


18 May 2012 20:11:13
The unnamed captain Doncaster are interested in is believed to be Port Vale striker Marc Richards(7)(2)


18 May 2012 20:08:37
Cardiff City ins and outs!
Joe Lewis-Free
Adam LeFondre-800,000
Robert Snodgrass(If he doesn't go to West Ham)-4.5 Million
Liam Lawrence-1 Million
Haris Vuckic- Season Long Loan
Ant Gerrard-1 Million(Hull)
Tom Heaton-Free
Paul Quinn-Free
Lee Naylor-Free
Peter Whittingham-6 Million(West Ham if they go up)(4)(26)Reading are not selling Le Fondre.Le Fondre is not leaving reading u have nooooo chance!!Snodgrass wouldnt go to cardiff either, why move sideways?Vuckic will be needed at Newcastle for Europa leagueWat rubbish! why would reading let their top goal scorer leave? and cardiff dont hav tht much money to spend. the owners said they were looking to cut costs so why would they spend more money and increase the wage bill? whittingham will leave for about 3/4m cos hes gonna be in the last year of his contract isn't he?To be fair Le Fondre isn't prem quality. Would be ok bench warmer though.Cardiff would not be a sideways move for Snodgrass, it would be a backward step"To be fair Le Fondre isn't prem quality. Would be ok bench warmer though."

Lets wait and see shall we.

800k, try at least 2 milSnodgrass won't come to us, if he goes anywhere it will be the prem. Le Fondre will be a benchwarmer next season and If Whitts goes it won't be for any less than 5 mill as thats his release claus in his new 3 year contract which he signed at the start of last season. Also we have started cutting the wage bill by releasing players which then frees up money to bring new players in...What if he [Snodgrass] doesnt move at all?


18 May 2012 20:08:07
Rotherham set to re-sign midfielder Chris Sedgwick following his release from Sheffield Wednesday earlier this week(2)(7)Steve evans has already said he will not be signing any ex playersHe had his time with Rotherham.


18 May 2012 20:01:30
West broms new manager Paul Lambert 100% true(6)(26)


18 May 2012 19:54:52
through my job im at st marys every week and in the last transfer window staff there said micheal owen had been in but i heard the same thing that relocating his horses was the main problem, so see what happens there.. adam johnson would be a good signing but it would probaly be a loan deal, with wages etc.. personaly i like us to get antonio back, ok hes unproven at prem level yet but hes been destroying teams lately, the guys got bags of pace and power which the current team lacks i think, he was the star of the show at wembley infront of 50k southampton fans but mayb reading wouldnt sell him now(10)(9)I would deffo have antonio back in a flashLeague one player at best. you'd have michail antonio, over ADAM JOHNSON?Being realistic... yes I would have antonio over Johnson.

Johnson is potentially a massive ego and a huge wage we don't need unbalancing the squad. I wouldn't want to risk ti for johnson, whereas Antonio is worth the risk, he's being tearing teams apart in League 1 during the run in, if we can get him for under £1million it's a risk worth taking as he will resell back to the championship if the prem doesnt work out.Antonio had a good season last year against average players ,itsa whole new ball game in the premier league johnson would be great but i cant see it wages will be a big stumbling blockHow can somebody be potential massive ego. They either have a massive ego or they don't.^having an ego is totally circumstantial.

It's the whole "big fish, little pond" scenario.
Coming from City to Saints, he could think he is above himself rather than any equal part of the team... hence there is a potentially ego problem there.

Now pipe down and stop being pedantic. Everyone knows exactly what is meant by the above post (regardless of use of the word 'ego'), concentrate on the football rumours not semantic details.


18 May 2012 20:43:23
Aston Villa are set to appoint Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as their new manager and the former Norway international has a number of deals lined up already.
FC Copenhagen winger Pape Diouf is set to hold talks with Villa after impressing Solskjaer. The 26 year old is wanting a move to England and could move for around £4 million.
The Senegalese winger is expected to be the only player joining the Villa Park club but the Manchester United legend is keen on bringing some of his own staff in but no names have been revealed as of yet.(11)(16)


18 May 2012 19:51:52
any rotherham news ed?? {Ed003's Note - Nope](0)(3)


18 May 2012 19:48:14
Reports in today's Daily Blar and Daily Fail about Reading wanting to sign Joe Cole are accurate, but not on a permanent deal.

Reading have been in talks with Liverpool over a season long loan deal, offering 50% of his wages.(7)(9)He's on £80 grand we can't afford half that.He'll go to a bigger club, but credit for aiming high!How do you know what Reading can afford? That will never be made public!Because the takeover hasn't been completed yet so funds are still limited till that point. Plus our top earner is probably Jimmy Kebe after he signed his new contract and he's on at best 20K a week do you really reckon we would upset all our players by giving a loanee double that?

Don't be silly


18 May 2012 19:43:58
Chris Weale is set to sign for Yeovil after being released from leicester at the end of his contract on the 30th of June.(11)(5)


18 May 2012 19:26:06
After being see at the Southend Training ground today Jack Midson is set for a 190k + move to Southend.....(7)(18)League 2 dream on he wants a bigger club than youNot worth 190k any wayNot worth that kind of moneyNo money at safend because they would have painted the flaking wood around the lovely groundAwful when was on loan at roots hall last seasonWhy would he leave wombles. Southend are awful. Bad club. Bad fansMuch more ambition than Wombles, they are a bigger and better club and they have much much much better fans than Wombles fans!


18 May 2012 18:39:58
harry kane to join millwall on july 1st for season long loan(13)(14)I hope so!I heard he is signing for southampton?We'll see!Tottenham might use him next at the beggining of next year due to his rapid improvement at millwall and the inevitable loss of key playersAs much as i hate to say im certain harry kane wont be back at millwall next season unless on a permenant deal with a buy back clause. i see him going to one of the premier league new boys on loan. maybe even norwich after grant holts tranfer request


18 May 2012 18:20:57
Crawley are chasing Walsall's Hungarian keeper David Grof who's current contract at the midlands side expires this summer, the red devils will offer him a 2 year deal

Grof has been recommended to O'Driscoll by Richard O'Kelly who earlier in the season was a coach at the league one side before becoming the manager of Hereford(7)(6)Could be true , Walsall have only offered him 1 year deal ...


18 May 2012 17:50:08
When hull appoint Greg Abbott they will raid the blue for Livesey, Collin and Miller(2)(4)


18 May 2012 17:48:37
Carlisle to sign Jacques Maghoma from burton(5)(3)


18 May 2012 17:46:45
Afc wimbledon released list:
James mulley
Kieran djalli
Lee minshull
Ricky Wellard (Cambridge)
Max porter
Jamie Stuart
Brett Johnson
Chris bush
Gareth gwillim
Sam hatton
Reece jones
Fraser franks
Jack turner
Ryan Jackson

Brendan Kieran also has put in a transfer request(8)(4)Very true, how Wellard got a club I will never no hahaNone of them are good enough for League 2, good luck to them anyway, Wellard did well at Cambridge, should do well.Wellard was good at Cambridge- shame about bush


18 May 2012 17:44:33
Bulgarian international Ivan†Georgiev†Bandalovski has been spotted at charlton's trianing ground. The 6 foot right back plays for CSKA Sofia. The 25 year old handed in a transfer request and would like to play in England.(4)(8)If he's only getting 12 appearances a season then we wont want him.


18 May 2012 17:42:27
Birmingham may have their transfer embargo lifted in July as Carson yeung is having some of his assets unfrozen(2)(12)I thought the transfer embargo was for late filing of accounts.They cant have it lifted .untill his court case about his dodgy dealings and hes cleared of all charges and that case dont start till november and could last 6 months
and if he looses the club could be come the property of his govermentIs the correct answer. They last said the accounts would be filed before the play off final, not that it matters very much to them anymore. Expect an ADMIN annoucenement in the coming weeks.The football league can lift the embargo 4 days after the accounts are published


18 May 2012 17:39:43
Rotherham have had a 125k bid for jack midson, but they won't make another offer after manager Evans said they were priced out of a deal(9)(3)Was the bid with or without tax....sorry it is Evans after allNow now jealousy gets you nowhere.


18 May 2012 17:32:10
Ipswich targets:

Joe Lewis - Free
Joel Ward - £500k
Sam Baldock - season loan
David Norris - Free
Paul Gallagher - £750k
Richard Keogh - £500k
James Coppinger - £200k

Doubt that most of these will happen though(7)(11)Be surprised if any of them happen!!These are just paper rumours lewis has signed for cardiff THANK GODJoel Ward and Gallagher to LeedsLooks like your trying to buy success from other championship teams. Scouting in different countries is the way foward.All of them to Leeds, wouldnt be suprisedUnfortunately keogh won't leave Coventry as he is settled where he is but unless a significant bid comes in (not 500k) he won't be going anywhere


18 May 2012 17:26:57
Mikel Alonso to sign for AFC Wimbledon(7)(10)


18 May 2012 18:13:10
Charlton are looking at activating the release clause of nigel reo-coker following the Manchester clubs relegation from the premier league last weekend.(3)(17)Does nigel reo-coker not play for boltonAnd the fact he is using his release clause to play for a PREMIERSHIP team?On the plus side...

Government is re-assessing its new education plan around the Charlton area, focussing more resources toward basic geography lessons and the fundamental principles of economics.

Charlton too poor.
Bolton isn't in Manchester. {Ed003's Note - I think he meant Greater Manchester }Wigan, Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Oldham, Tameside, Stockport, Manchester, Telford and Salford = Greater Manchester. Ooooh now there's a surprise!

Perhaps it's not the schools in Charlton that require more work as it seems Geography lessons are better than those elsewhere in the country. Let's turn to economics shall we? I wonder if you know who the new owners of Charlton are and how much money they have? No? Oh dear, another surprise.Wow im 13 and i know where bolton is its as close to manchester as bury which i dont expect u 2 know anyway u think reo coker will come to us anyway he didnt keep bolton up i gess bellamy is rite he has no skillOk same guy i know the owners tony jiminez may not be worth billions but he does have contacts no one knows michael slater and kevin cash if he dus own part of us he is minted hes worth bout 5-600m charlton skools dont need work its probs just dumb retards clogging the website o yer any1 been to manchester or surrounding towns didnt think so


18 May 2012 18:04:03
Tope Obadeyi is being linked with a move to league one side Walsall after his release from Bolton, Obadeyi was on loan at Chesterfield (played 5, scored 0) and Rochdale (played 6, scored 1) last season

Robbie Blake is being linked with Hartlepool and Tranmere(3)(4)


18 May 2012 17:26:06
Nikki Bull is signing for Rotherham(9)(10)Don,t think thats gunna happen... But Lee Bower is set to sign Tuesday morning after medical..Thought whoever the signing is it was going to be tues afternoon


18 May 2012 17:25:32
Peter Leven leaving U's for O's and replaced by John Spicer(7)(4)The O's - Leyton Orient? If so, if you can get him fit and a bit of weight loss, will be excellent


18 May 2012 17:22:51
Grant Holt set to sign for southampton after handing in a transfer request. Norwich turned down the inital offer prompting Holt to hand in the request. Saints set to sign the norwich striker for 2million.-

ESPN news(19)(38)In your dreamsDon't want him at st Mary's.Piffle. It says no such thing on ESPN. Do have to wonder where he's going though?! Spurs to replace adebayor? Who knows?!What complete and utter toshYou're saying he will go for only 2 million pounds when in January Norwich rejected 9 million pounds for him from rangers {Ed003's Note - Nobody offered £9m for him least of all Rangers }9 million pounds ?? Are you on medication ? Cisse at Newcastle cost that, and he's a lot, lot better than Holt.I think its his agent doing his job, good luck to him if he can double his money for nx 2 years. He is not getting any younger so we have had his best years. thanks for good times grant. one thing is certain he is not leaving us for southampton, dream on saints.ncfc matt9million haha dont be silly...why make this crap up as ed has pointed out..?Can't see Saints would be interested in Holt. I believe they are still intending to bring in Hooper-his last game for Celtic looked very much like a "thanks but goodbye" performance to me, after a period where he looked rather disinterested. His salary negotiations were delayed until the end of the season and I believe this was so he would be able to compare what he had been earning, was offered by Celtic going forward in comparison to what might be on offer from EPL.
The ongoing exclusion of English players playing in Scotland from English international consideration will also be a factor.
Positive he is on the way south, and if Adkins could mix him into his current forward options then, with due respect to Holt, I don't think he would be required. (But I could see him moving with the Norwich manager to another team in the Premiership.)Holt isnt going to saints. Hes 31 years old, why would we want him when lambert is just as good as him and the same age.He wouldn't go to saints simply because he wouldn't get that much of an increase on his wages. Holt, you are greedy if it is a money issue. If you leave for more money, I hope the the team you sign for gets relegated. That's what you will get for being greedy! Nothing.


18 May 2012 17:22:00
Watford to sign Shrewsbury Town striker James Collins on a free transfer. The hornets are in talks with the ex-Villa striker and are hoping to sign Collins on a 4 year deal.(10)(6)It won't be free. He's under 24, so Watford need to pay a fee.Watford have no moneyShrews will want at least £400k for CollinsWe don't have "no money". We've been selling players, we're likely to spend some money. Shrewsbury will not get £400k by tribunal, doesn't matter if they want it or not.People who keep saying we hav no money can you just please know wat you re talking about! we hav enough to sign lower league players but not millions. but we still hav some! so stop bringing up rubbish. im not sure if collins will come mainly cos of shrewsburys promotion. depends how loyal he is to tthem. he may sign a contract with a release clause if they re relegatedCollin's compensation is £150k! where is this £400k coming from? stop making stuff up!


18 May 2012 17:19:28
Oxford Utd interested in permantly signing Scott Rendell and selling Damian Batt. Replacement for Batt could be Tom Newey(6)(6)Thats interesting if so. Rendell did ok for us and Batt - not heard this rumour, so wil have to wait and see.Not heard this before. Source?Doubt both of these are true! We need someone who can score goals, no thanks to Rendell then.


18 May 2012 17:13:56
AFC Bournemouth

Ins- Chris Iwelumo (Watford) or
Sam Vokes (Wolves)
James Hayter-Free
Miles Addison (Derby)
A dominating centre midfielder, do not know a name

Outs (Apart From Released Players)
Partington- Season long loan
Barrett- Crawley Town
Stockley- Accrington Stanley(6)(10)Nice dream but not going to happen where has this link with iwelumo come from anywayIwelumo will not go to Bournemouth as he would want first team football! Can you see him getting ahead of thomas and Tubbs? Get realI don't care for O'Hara but Jarvis loves the Wolves not sure for fletchGroves has stated that Partington is now free from injury and is set to be the midfield general that AFCB have been crying out for. Going nowhere.


18 May 2012 17:06:07
Calvin Andrew to sign a two year contract at Leyton Orient after a successful loan spell last season.

He will be the highest paid player at the club on 4k per week.(8)(7)Seriously, 2k a week for a donley that hasn't scored for more than a year. Get real, he should pay anyone he signs for. AWFUL AWFUL PLAYER, sorry Calv, you gave it your best at palace and whilst we remember Hillsborough, you were ste the rest of the time.I'd like to see the definition of a "successful loan spell".....he didn't score any goals!


18 May 2012 17:04:19
Southampton set to snap up Grant Holt now he has handed in a transfer request(17)(19)Just what Southampton need, after all they are short on Strikers aren't they!!!2million is apprantly the price saints want to payThey also rejected itWe have 4 strikers, with one possibly going out on loan or yeah we do need another striker!Why would you want holt anyway, has no technical ability, just dives, spends more time on the floor than playing!Can't see it. As I have just posted elsewhere I think Hooper is still Saints target.Why would we still be in for hooper? He'd be behind lambert, sharp and tad in the pecking order. If we sign another striker it'll be a younger one who wont mind acting as back-up. This is the only thing I see as preventing us going for J-rod, who's cheaper but prob wouldnt (or shouldnt) want to risk bench-warming. The money would be far better spent on Johnson.


18 May 2012 17:02:37
Crystal Palace are in talks with West Ham's Sam Baldock and Reading's Simon Church(14)(14)You can have Church for free and id even drive him to Selhurst Park myselfChurch recently got selected for the Welsh side along side Robson Kanu. Kanu fair play but have no idea what Churchy is doing there but hopefu;lly pump his value up when/if we sell him


18 May 2012 17:01:15
heard we were thinking of putting in a bid of between 4 to 5 mil in for rhodes if his team dont win promotion any truth ed? {Ed005's Note - I'm sure he'd wait for an established team to enter the race for him, what league to WE play in?}(4)(3)


18 May 2012 16:59:47
Bolton are set to swoop for out of favour Sunderland centre back Matt Kilgallon with David Wheater out for 9 months and Zat Knight is stalling over a new contract.(19)(6)


18 May 2012 16:54:51
Watford is ready to take back 36 year old Chris Day from Stevenage! Deal almost done fee to be around 150,000 to 200,000.(0)(24)


18 May 2012 16:50:59
Grant Holt hands in transfer request

Source: Sky Sports News(30)(9)I heard he's on his way to SaintsHe has, but they have refused it!!According to bbc radio solent, saints got him to put in a transfer request so he can join them...2million is the price....welcome to st marys holt!Yep He's on his way to Ipswich, a far better club lol, he'll have to have a good scrub and steam clean before he's allowed to don the wonderful Blue shirt, and its all because he knows Lamberts moving to a bigger clubSt Marys Holt
sounds like a railway station lol


18 May 2012 16:50:31
Norwich to sign:
and a few more defenders a winger and maybe another striker(19)(13)Sorry and Naughton


18 May 2012 16:47:57
Grant Holt puts in a transfer request at Norwich City FC(13)(4)Joining southamptonNo he's not joining Southampton!!


18 May 2012 16:46:02
GRANT HOLT has handed in a transfer request st Norwich.

Anyone thing this'll mean he'll go to a 'bigger' club and have a terrible season next year?(18)(7)Joining southamptonNorwich have rejected his request, but Lambert will now look to sell him to the highest bidder, clearly his agent has been hawking him about, and there are better wages on offer elsewhere. my guess is Leicester, West Ham,Southampton, West Brom.
So no doubt an offer or two will now be made to the club from interested parties, hold out until near start of season and find out how bad the other club want him.
My guess is that he will not enjoy the same success next season in Premier league, so at 31 it would make financial sense for Norwich to cash in on him.He wont join the Saints, they have Lambert, who's not so dramatic in and around the box showing his diving skills


18 May 2012 16:42:46
BREAKING NEWS! Grant Holt hands in transfer request!

Gilly55(14)(4)Set to sign for southampton according to bbc radio solent


18 May 2012 16:42:28
Grant Holt has handed in a transfer request at Norwich City. BREAKING NEWS.(13)(4)


18 May 2012 16:40:53
Any leeds news ed? {Ed005's Note - Nothing at the moment mate, sorry.}(1)(7)


18 May 2012 16:37:15
Andreas Weimann will come back to Watford on loan again next season plus Midfielder Chris Herd. Watch this!(2)(13)Chris Herd? Are you dizzy lol!Both will be in the First team next season dream on mate


18 May 2012 16:16:59
Charlton to do a southampton and norwich next season(12)(26)Good luck with that, but I will be very surprised if you get automatic promotion next season, and may find it very difficult to make the play off spots.
Expect Leicester, Bolton & Wolves to be right up there, Blackburn (if they change the manager)might also go close, and for an outside bet Middlesborough, Birmingham & ForestNot a chance!!No chance
the mighty owls though will go straight upOooh mightyNo way in hell


18 May 2012 16:08:26
As a Forest fan here I'd like to prepare you not to get too excited about Gareth Mc'cleary.He's had 3 good months with us out of the last 3 seasons.He's average and the wide men you already have are much better.I think he'll be a back up player for you.I suppose he didn't cost you anything so he's worth a gamble.Anyway good luck in the prem.(6)(3)Ignore him, he's just bitter he's left, or is trying to be positive for forest.
As a forest fan, he is a raw talent and is capable of winning a match for you. He is strong, fast and can run at defenders. He can shoot with both feet, head and tackle.
The reason he has only had a good half season, is he has only played regularly for us for the last half season.
I hope he does well for you as he is a likeable bloke.

Hoppers u1Not bitter then?


18 May 2012 16:04:25
Southampton are closing in on the signings of Giovani Dos Santos, Tranquilo Barnetta and the loan signing of Adam Johnson from Manchester City.(12)(24)Ive heard this tooWow, if this happens i will literally eat my own toe. From a saints fan!
Tbh if one of these happens it would be amazing! don't rate Santos that highly, but you never know, he could shine at a smaller team!Dos Santos to Spanish Club
Barnetta to stay in Germany
Johnson to Newcastle!!!!!Yeah would do well at a smaller club like saintsOnly a fool would think Saints are a small club.Only a fool would think Southampton are a big team... Your have beens, there are many teams that are considered bigger than you know if you put fan base to one side. Fulham,Norwich,Aston Villa,WBA,Stoke,Sunderland and Newcastle are miles ahead of you in football terms!Were not to big were not to small were just um um um!!!


18 May 2012 16:02:10
Out of contract Jamaican forward Errol Stevens could be handed a trial by Burton Albion.

Another out of contract striker Honduran Carlo Costly is set to sign a 1 year deal with Preston.(4)(2)


18 May 2012 15:49:36
Stevenage manager Gary Smith looking to raid his former club Colorado Rapids by bringing in Scottish midfielder Jamie Smith and USA forward Conor Casey.

MK dons are preparing to offer Canadian international striker Ali Gerba a 2 year deal. As well as making a loan move for Spurs midfielder Tom Carroll. Also on Karl Robinsons radar is Derby County winger Lee Croft.(2)(3)Ali Gerba is an ex-player. He is not comingMK Dons will not sign Ali Gerba again, we had him a few years ago and he was shocking... Never again. Robbo has more sense than that :L


18 May 2012 15:47:41
MK Dons interested in Ryan Lowe of Sheffield Wednesday(12)(0)It will not happen


18 May 2012 15:46:59
Alan Smith has agreed pre-contract terms with MK Dons(13)(5)Best news for ages if its true,espeially for Leeds fans.HALLALUJAH


18 May 2012 15:45:30
Michael Appleton will be named the new West Brom manager over the weekend. His first signing will be to appoint Micheal Owen as a player coach.
reliable source(5)(13)No experience, chairman Peace will not take a chance on an inexperienced manager after mowbray and RDM, He knows that for the Baggies to continue to move forward he needs an experienced head in the mould of Roy Hodgson in charge.Doubt it to be honest


18 May 2012 15:44:22
Gary Doherty is going to hold talks with Southend, former team mate Rohan Ricketts is also rumored with a move there but because of the club failing to gain promotion its going to take a decent wage offer for him to join. Southend are also interested in Jack Midson (AFC Wimbledon) and Adebayo Akinfenwa (Northampton Town) as to improve their Strike force as Freddy Eastwood is set to join a League 1 team.(4)(6)


18 May 2012 15:42:13
people saying barnsley have no money
to spend are wrong.
they still have the 500k from vaz te +
another 400k if they get promoted.
about 500k from the shackell deal
and will recieve around 1.5mill
for butterfield.
all this is available to keith hill for
transfers as he has already cut the
wage budget.
and keith wants at least 4 players with championshi
championship experience and around 4
coming in will be
martin paterson 750k
zak whitbread free
james coppinger 350k
luke varney 600k

oliver norwood 400k
scott brown 100k
danny swanson free(5)(10)Hmm...I think that's a bit of a wish list...
Paterson - no chance
Varney - no chance (leeds, middlesborough)
Swanson - no chance (going to Brighton)
Coppinger - doubt it

Whitbread, brown and even Norwood are possible though (assuming you get a decent fee for butterfield...)Barnsley have got no chance of getting promoted, they were nearly relagated last season!On the players [othher than Vaz Te] he,s fetched to the Club I wouldn,t give him a Fiver so 2 million out of questionHe means if west ham get promotedI think the poster was referring to WEST HAM getting promoted (if they are barnsley get more money for vaz te). There is absolutely no chance of Barnsley getting promoted!Luke Varney 600k reallyDingle fantasies. Need to be looking at lower leagues ready for your forthcoming relegationGood luck with Varney....80% of the clubs he has played for have got relegated!!


18 May 2012 15:38:46
James constable will sign for stevenage within the next month(2)(13)Id be very suprised if he did. Only had a ok season I think and playing in Div 1 might be a tall order? I think he will leave OUFC thoughAlways raTed him can he do the kob in league 1 we may or may not find out.


18 May 2012 15:37:22
Swansea were only down 9 million after year 1 in the prem. This was mainly made up of the 3.5 million for Danny and other signings. They were given 47 million for where they finished through placing and television rights. Swansea are one of the only clubs in the top flight that can actually say they have money in the bank - and alot of it! And they have some BIG money sponsership deals on the table now everyone has bought into the fact that we are a good footballing club. We will never make ridiculous bids for players, but if they are worth it and the price is right and within budget, they will.
Also - I know it means nothing now, but we finished top of the fair play league which is excellent for a team coming up who usually have to fight hammer and tong and give away alot of yellow/red cards. It just shows the manner in which we did it.

Transfers - Siggy is heating up, Huw has been in Germany for a few days now and its looking positive that we will get him. Acting early to ensure we get him. Looking at around 7.75 million. Gunter is also heating up at around 2 million.

I would like to see some more spanish hidden gems come out though. I think any real star signings will comefrom that direction due to style of play. Perhaps Senna will come this year. Think we need an experienced head to rub off on the lads. We also definately need another striker. A 20 goal plus striker.(7)(6)You did not pay the players all season then, only £9m. I suspect this to be incorrect.I think it does not matter who you sign cos you will need to spend big to stay in the premier league, just not going to be good enoughWolves wba n maybe stoke im not sure are 3 clubs in the prem who were in the black when finacial reports came out not sure if theres any more ED can you help out here {Ed025's Note - i cant mate...sorry..Stoke only club in black - Swansea will be too but had to pay end of year bonuses to their squad before premiership pa9d out. They will make profits of over £22m this financial year.


18 May 2012 15:36:21
As a Saints fan I can honestly say Adam Johnson is far too good for us (But bloody hell Lallana on the left him on the right...TASTY!) The most ever spent on a player was 4 million on Rory Delap I cannot see us breaking our record on our return to the premiership(7)(7)You need to recognise this is not Lowe Down City, but a totally different Saints management structure. If Celtic are to be believed we have already offered £6m for Hooper in the January window, so if Adam Johnson was available I think there is every chance Saints would look at him.I can see us breaking our record but not on this playerI agree we wont sign Johnson more established prem clubs will be after him.
As for spending more then 4 million, we will. We offered more then that for Rodriguez and Hooper whilst we were in the Championship. IMO i reackon we should sign 2 central defender 1 ball winning midfield player 1 striker and most important we need pace in wide areas so Johnson fits the bill but i think its wishful thinking. or
Maybe just a Skate posting the rumour, they seem to post most of our rumours, they need a club to talk about, there not doing too good.I bet we will break our transfer record. Not saying on Adam Johnson, but I believe we will.Are you kidding me saints will break that embarrassing record for sure, look at some f the bids placed rumoured 5-7 million on Kay Rodrigues aswell as Hooper

I highly doubt we will sign adam Johnson but you can't rule it out Southampton are very ambitios and the facility's are fantastic we wouldn't compete with the top 5 due to wages but we have ambition already trying to get some big names if they come off is a different matterI think we will beat that. But only on 1 marque style signing.At last a sensible Saints fan,one who know,s the clubs limitations and that premiership survival is a marathon and not a sprint.Well, we got a highly sought after chelsea player without being in the top flight!, who incidentally is coming on leaps and bounds being played week in week out! Plus the Johnson thing really seems to be gathering pace. No smoke without fire. I'm certainly not ruling it out. Besides, be honest now, if we could get either Johnson or Hooper, given that we're now pretty solid in attack (dont get angry celtic fans! its just we have 3 very good strikers now), who would you have? If the moneys the same for the transfer. The papers say hes on 50k a week at MFC, our cap was 35k last season, allegedly rising to 45k this season. The figures arent thaaat away!

In Nige and Nic we trust!I think we will sign good players soon we do need to


18 May 2012 15:24:58
Lewington is not going to millwall he is staying at mk dons.(6)(6)If True that is his BIG LOSS!COYLStay in LEAGUE ONE then!NO AMBITION!No one likes a franchise team- true Wimbledon are afc WimbledonMK Dons are going up next year anyway so there is not a lack of ambition there. He is just loyal to a club he has been at for the majority of his career.


18 May 2012 15:21:20
Tottenahm are set to offer Brazilian defender Bruno Uvini a contract after a successful trial at the club.(10)(6)


18 May 2012 15:18:03
Steven fletcher has turned down the chance to join sunderland for a fee around 13m.

source: dailymail, express and star and twitter(10)(17)He could do better,would score for a big club with good service,13m? get realNot worth anywhere near that! Anyway, Sunderland dont want him. Agent talk mate-agent talk!


18 May 2012 15:13:57
Ryan Hall on the verge of a move to shrewsbury(3)(12)


18 May 2012 15:12:39
Doncaster have bid for 2 mystery players, we understand 1 is the current captain of his club. Wonder who it could be?(5)(6)John Terry!One of them is gary monk from swansea mate! and the other one is nathan eccleston from liverpool.Paul huntington from Yeovil free transfer good source within Yeovil town


18 May 2012 15:06:53
Woooeeee, its hotting up now for the signature of Joel Ward, Blackpool, Sheff Wed, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Little ol Leeds, and Ipswich, have all thrown the hat in the ring, But Ward will not be rushed into making his decision, on who he wants to join, he's talking with Blackpool & Sheffield Wednesday this weekend, so sometime next week he could be signing, BUT FOR WHO.

Join us next week for the continuing story of who will he sign for.

Here's the odds, 5/1 Blackpool & Burnley, 4/1 Palace 3/1 Leeds, 9/4 Wednesday evens Ipswich so place your bets.(7)(5)As he lives in Emsworth nr Portsmouth and his family do not want to move I can see Palace being the favourites as it's only an hour and a bit drive up the M3I'm think leeds should go for either jordan rhodes or beckford this summer... as i think we really need a top striker next season which can promise us atleast a goal in every match or two!


18 May 2012 15:06:14
Alan smith set to commence talks with shrewsbury town manager graham turner(2)(13)Wont happen unfortunatley


18 May 2012 14:59:32
18 May 2012 09:25:34
Bryan Murphy, Tommy Smith and Heidar Helguson from QPR are coming to Watford. Talks are going on.Watford will pay 550,00 for all 3 players plus letti ng them have Mariappa and Deeney

And there goes anothe pig overhead!

OINK!(1)(7)QPR would be more likely to sell these three for 550,000 without requiring other players. Neither outcome will happen.When hieder finished top goalscorer for qpr?


18 May 2012 14:59:10
Watford are in talks withe James Collins of Shrewsbury and are hoping to agree a deal by the start of next week. Is he any good?(6)(6)Young player, with bags of potential, got a good header, strong on ball, never gives up, Knows where the net is.

Future star in my opinionAbout to sign new deal at shrews next weekIf he wanted to stay at Shrewsbury he would have signed a new deal by now surely.No, Shrewsbury are talking to him next week. His agent says he's happy to stay if the money is good. ^I saw this in the paper, it never mentioned money tho, it said he just wants to play football, never mentioned wages!


18 May 2012 14:55:51
Burnley will complete the signing of Adam Clayton from leeds United next week(9)(16)No we won't,he has asked for £15k per week at leeds,that is more than we payed our top players in prem.NO THEY WON'T!!!Clayton will be part of a new look boro midfield next season including grant leadbitter and jacob butterfield


18 May 2012 14:52:26
18 May 2012 10:41:52
Sean O'Driscoll to take two ex Bournemouth yuoth strikers in Sam Vokes and Matt Paterson to Crawley Town. Vokes will cost 100K, Paterson is a free agent.

cant see vokes being sold for as little as 100k, also doubt he would go to league 1(7)(8)Voles can not even score gls at L1 level so over pricedI've heard this to. Both were very highly regarded by SOD neither have set the world alight since - could be very good signings for Crawley.Paterson couldn't get a conference team to take him never mind a league one team.


18 May 2012 14:49:31
Kaka's on his way to Chelsea(5)(19)Fernando Torres is already there :PWhy when everyone is in munich


18 May 2012 14:48:11
Palace set to announce former Dutch International Phillip Cocu in a coaching role. It is believe the he has been recommended to the club by former Palace player Edgar Davids.

Palace also set to sign Abel Tamata(4)(8)


18 May 2012 14:39:04
James Collins to discuss his Future with Graham Turner next week. Though Watford and Coventry have been mentioned the striker and his agent have concerns about stepping up too fast.(7)(4)Yep. 100% true.Is a move to Cov considered stepping up still?It is a step up if you play for the shrewsCoventry born player still lives with his parents in the city


18 May 2012 14:37:22
Luke Rodgers on the verge of a return to Shrewsbury Town(4)(4)Would like to see it but wont happen :P


18 May 2012 14:35:35
Preston chairman Peter Risdale to make "3 or 4" big name signings from a higher division, breaking the transfer record. To fund this he will use future income providing the club reach the premier league by 2019/20(6)(13)Should read " Preston Chairman Peter Ridsdale to make 3 or 4 signings to break the transfer recored and subsequently plunge Preston into financial meltdown as he did at Leeds and Cardiff". Best of luck having him as your Chairman,Shades of Rangers!Paahhha whats this for fifa 12?Is that blue square premier by any chanceRisdales a liability mate, look at his record


18 May 2012 14:33:09
Crawley Town on verge of financial colapse(22)(13)Seems unlikely since I would imagine that Sean O'Driscoll would have done financial due diligence on Crawley before becoming their Manager this week.Where has that come from.....I hope not but they have spent a fortune and with small crowds they must have had huge backers. Have they pulled the plugThe original backer passed away and now his family want their money back one of the reasons why your top goalscorers went before the end of the season and even evans going he spent all your cash and now he is going to spend all of Rotherhams money with this time there being no returns for what he has spentIt's been coming for a long time... Not surprised!


18 May 2012 14:33:07
On the news that leicester have signed vardy for a million pound i think that although he has the potential to be a great player a million pound for someone who's uoproven at championship level could be a bad decision.(7)(3)That's what they said about Ricky Lambert.Remember alan smith all those years ago look what he went on and doneMatt elliott, neil lennon ring a bellVardy is class


18 May 2012 14:32:07
Ryan Lowe close to a return to Shrewsbury(5)(7)Funny as I saw him at Owls club shop today and he's thrilled about getting a chance to play in the championship with SWFC. Prob his only chanceAnd if he was to leave he would be on his way back to bury!


18 May 2012 14:26:23
Norwich looking at signing

Rhodes - ST
Curtis Davies - CB
Thomkins - CB
Jack Butler - GK
Pacheco - ST
Snodgrass - LM

Not saying all these will come but heard that they're all targets

OTBC(12)(15)As a Norwich Fan, i can't see us signing all these, i don't think Pacheco is on Lambert list if he was i think he would have signed him last season. Rhodes is Fulham bound i hear.Wot no full backs, unbelievable.Jack Butland a player you obviously hadn't heard of until wednesday when the squad was announced...


18 May 2012 14:26:15
Michael Owen in talks with Graham Turner about a player coach role at Shrewsbury Town(8)(28)He's taliking to Di Canio at Swindon about a player / Coach role....providing he can replace PDC in a year when PDC moves on!! Swindon certainly a place that ex players cut their managerial teeth.Both of you are chatting rubbish he's currently away thinking about what to do. he hasn't spoken to anyone yet! I know this is a rumours page but some of them are terrible. Plus he only has the sufficient badges to coach in league two, so as Shrewsbury are in league one he wont be able to join as a player coach until he fulfils the sufficient coaching badgesNo chance of this happening. Said in an interview, he will not drop down a division to the Championship (so no chance of Lge 1) as he thinks he can still play at the highest level


18 May 2012 14:22:12
Carlisle's francois zoko to Nottingham forest on a free.

David McGoldrick going the other way for a nominal fee. Carlisle are in advanced talks with Forest now.(5)(8)


18 May 2012 14:17:29
I'd just like to pop on here and say that swap deals DO NOT happen in England.

I will happily state that no Premier League clubs will swap players with each other, whether it's a straight swap or a part-exchange. They don't happen.

So don't come on here saying so-and-so plus 5million for so-and-so - it won't happen.

Thank you.

Nikolay Bollukov(2)(6)Ok, so Stephen Ireland and £24 million didnt come to villa as part of the Milner to City deal then?-Ashley Cole - William Gallas (+£5M)
-Berbatov- £30M + F Campbell (loan)

Although Unlikely, stranger things have happened such as the famous deals listed.Funny, cause as a Villa fan I seem to remember us getting Ireland as part of a swap deal with Milner, and Carew as part of a swap deal with Milan Baros. Must be my imagination.Theres a first time for everything so shut up coz u dont know if swap deals will happenAlso didnt stephen ireland and james milner get put in a swap plus cash deal


18 May 2012 14:14:51
Zat Knight a possible move to Cardiff City. Though these are just whispers I've heard over the last few days on messageboards and social network sites.(5)(10)


18 May 2012 14:13:46
Brentford are looking to sign Bjorne helge risse from fulham! Go on hounslow chronicle if u don't believe me(6)(4)Wage demands are too high unfortunatelyWage to big should go for ben pringle from swindon should get another striker youth loan deal from chelsea, marko mitrovic , also go for Llera or A lockwood


18 May 2012 14:13:35
Former Tottenham players Gary Doherty and Rohan Ricketts Set to join Southend United.(9)(9)


18 May 2012 14:06:05
An annoucment to be made at Portsmouth today or tommorow regards ne ownership of the club. Pre season friendly have all ready been arrange for next season. Season ticket pricess are to be announced and Appleton has stated he has a list of players he wants for next season. He cant do any thing until the Transfer embargo has been lifted. PUP PPU(2)(8)There is no announcement due today or tomorrow, your still in the same situation.Wake up and smell the coffee my friend there is no Fairy Godmother coming to help youThere is an announcement, but its Chainrai proposing a new CVA and taking the club on so they are not liquidated. However this is not a done deal by far, it has to be approved by the creditors and the Football League have to approve Chainrai. If all that goes ahead its still not all roses as all hes interested in is getting his money back.Not best news but just been announced that Balram Chanrai has put a bid to take club back over. Looks like the original poster was correct. The coffee smells OK by the wayWell he's no Fairy Godmother (and I really wish it was someone else) But I'm pretty sure it was an announcement so I'll drink the coffee, if I can't enjoy it.We will see Scummer, youare going to hate it when we are back in the Prem and you will be in the Championship maybe even lower.
Enjoy it whilst it last because it wont last long.Read Pompey's The News Balram Chainrai has submited a bid to regain control, not ideal but what else is on the table.You are a very long way off from even considering being in the Premier League! Im a Saints fan and I will be honest I know quite a few good pompey fans who "get" the situation they are in, then theres pompey fans like the previous poster who seem to have no clue at all..You l never ever get back
to the premiership
start living in the real worldWasn't Chanrai partly to blame for all this in the first place? Ive no sympathy for Portsmouth fans, you didnt worry about the wage bll and obviously impending debt when you won the FA cup and now its come home to roost you want sympathy. CVA = cheats charter!!Chanrai won't be there for very long - bet you he'll be gone by the end of November.

Portsmouth will be ok in the long run, but do not expect promotion back to the Championship until the middle of the decade.Cant wait until teams like southampton,man city chelsea and teams like that loose their owners.There are teams out there that dont even know they got debt then one day bang its announced there owner has left (abrahmovic) and they are in admin and dipping down the leaguesI agree chanrai will be gone before november but i feel we will be OKPompey will nevver die, I don't like chanrai but he needs to keep the club alive, so he doesn't loose his money


18 May 2012 14:04:13
keep him the fella is a donkey(3)(3)


18 May 2012 13:55:35
Saints are in the midst of completing a season long loan move for Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea are keen for him to gain some premier league experience and my source at St. Marys suggests he will be arriving next Monday to go through a medical. Loan fee for the season in the region of £1.5 million.(16)(9)OMG Romelu Lukaku would be amazing IMO but cant see it happening, i can see him going somewere on loan just not to us. I would imagine there will be a host of Prem clubs after him, teams like Sunderland, Stoke, Everton established Prem clubs. I would love it to happen just dont think it will.


18 May 2012 13:53:21
Never going to happen unless Liverpool agree to a loan deal with reading paying less than 20% of his weekly salary. I'm a Reading FC fan but cannot see us spending more than 20k a week on any player! keep dreaming. Like wise Michael Owen wont happen as too injury prone.(4)(1)NO it wont happen, I agree.


18 May 2012 13:44:21
graham westley has expressed an interest in out of contract oldham midfielder james weselowski. Westley believes the aussie midfielder will fit perfectly into his hard working style of play , however oldham manager paul dickov is desperate to secure his services for a further season.(4)(2)Pretty boring i suppose.


18 May 2012 13:40:56
I take it that this year is the last year of parachute payments from PL??(3)(4)


18 May 2012 13:36:10
aint signed any of em dont come.. on here and tell pork pies(1)(0)


18 May 2012 13:30:52
Rosicky is a possible target for Valenenca after impresing in recent games for arsenal(2)(10)Who? Valencia?


18 May 2012 13:24:51
Lee Bowyer has been shown around the new Rotherham stadium this week(11)(11)What ground?He will be buying the club with a weeks wages


18 May 2012 13:22:16
Arsenal targets
Vertonghen 10 million
Mvilla 17 million
Eriksen 18 million
Hazard 35 million(no chance)
Ba 9 million(10)(21)Hazard has confirmed hes off to manchester and newcastle are offering Ba a new contract with his contact clause of 10 million taken out


18 May 2012 13:19:27
Southend are in terrible debt and are going into liquidation, 100% True! Paul Sturrock has said that he will try to make some money to help keep the Shrimpers alive by doing cake sales and running in marathons. Good luck to them.(13)(9)


18 May 2012 13:12:25
Michael Owen will sign for Stoke on a pay as you play deal(20)(14)


18 May 2012 13:11:00
There seems to be a lot of speculation linking Michael Owen to Portsmouth , whilst Owen stated he does not want to play for a championship side he still could possibly sign for the Fratton park outfit due to the fact they will be playing in league one.(3)(20)They've got no money they'd struggle to field un under 16 sideHave the Schools finished for the day already!!. This must have been posted by a kid - no chance.Fiddlesticks boy ! Hes going to BRIGHTON. Confirmed.We got more chance of signing Dr David Owen. Still this story made me chuckle


18 May 2012 13:10:31
Adam Johnson keen to discuss his City future. Disappointed to have been left out of England squad and keeping options open.(16)(2)I here he's off to southampton. Good luck to him.On this to way to liverpoolHe'd do well at villa if our new manager likes his jib


18 May 2012 13:07:48
Barnsley boss Keith Hill is very close to bringing in two players over the weekend.
The first is midfielder David Bell from Coventry. City, who have been relegated to League 1, accepted a transfer request for the former Rushden and Luton player and could cost around £250,000.
The second deal will be Swindon defender Aden Flint. The 22 year old has impressed Hill in the last year with the League 2 champions and could cost the Oakwell side around £350,000.(6)(10)That will buy you a 3rd of Aden flint if your lucky!Please take David Bell he is awful, officially one of the worst players I have ever seen at Coventry, can't beat his man, can't cross and injury prone.Ill drive bell there myself , but this is a lie no one would want him if they ever watched himBell has got as much talent as michael mcindoh


18 May 2012 13:07:04
Filip Kiss close to joining Notts County on a Season Loan(5)(7)


18 May 2012 13:05:40
Notts Forest set to sign Burnley striker Martin Paterson for 600,000 with Full Back Kieron Freeman joining Burnley has part of deal

Also Forest are keen on Huddersfields Lee Novak(3)(19)I know freeman and he laughed when I text him this.
I have heard forest are after the Huddersfield player thoughForest £600k stop having a laugh! They don't have £60 to spend on players!
Freeman is heading to Notts County next season.Notts county fans you best hope forest don't sell guntet


18 May 2012 12:54:11
oldham manager paul dickov looks set to sign striker oumare tounkare after he was told he had no future at sunderland. dickov is also waiting to hear back from felipe morais who is in talk with numerous league one clubs.(5)(1)


18 May 2012 12:45:08
Nigel Adkins has had 2 bids rejected for Crystal Palace's youngster Nathaniel Clyne. They are now considering a player plus money deal which would send Danny Butterfield back to the club where he spent a large amount of his career.(12)(7)Lol who thinks this stuff upWhat do you mean "Who thinks this stuff up"...This is actually one rumour thats realistic for Saints.The fact that Clyne is out of contract makes it laughableNo chanceWhy do people keep saying Clyne is out of contract so any payment is laughable? He is under 24 so a fee has to be paid and if a fee can't be agreed then it is set by tribunal. Clubs can still offer Fee's, and or players, like a normal transfer. Get your facts right before dissing other people.


18 May 2012 12:43:47
Been told today that Michael Laudrup will be the new West Brom head coach.(11)(11)


18 May 2012 12:43:09
Charlton set to sign Ricardo Gardner following release from Bolton(7)(7)No just noNot happening


18 May 2012 12:37:15
AFC Bournemouth's Lyle Taylor in talks to join Aberdeen.(4)(7)He probably is but he isnt a Bournemouth player anymoreThis rumour is false. An AFC Bournemouth forum has a thread revealing this rumour as an intentional wind up. This will come as a relief to most Aberdeen fc supporters


18 May 2012 12:36:20
BREAKING NEWS! Jan Vertonghen has been seen at Stansted Airport this morning! Source: Jamie Colbert (The Mirror)

Tottenham or Arsenal would seem to be the only two likely destinations now. Unless Barry Hearn has lodged a cheeky bid to take him to Leyton Orient.(12)(8)


18 May 2012 12:35:02
Enric VallŤs is in contract negotiations with Shrewsbury Town following his release from Birmingham City.

Cian Hughton is also being monitored by Graham Turner.(8)(4)Both to sign next week


18 May 2012 12:30:01
Shrewsbury are looking to sign Ryan Hall after he expressed he wants to leave Southend for a bigger club.(11)(8)He wants to join the shrewsAnd when has he said that, load of ..So why would he go to Shrewsbury if he said that which he didn't!


18 May 2012 12:25:43
With some sources suggesting that Liverpool are approaching up to 12 candidates for the vacant managerial job at the club it raises the question of who these men could be. The obvious candidates are Roberto Martinez, Andre Villas-Boas, Rafael Benitez, Fabio Capello, Pep Guardiola, Brendan Rodgers, Paul Lambert, Louis van Gaal and J√ľrgen Klopp. But the question that remains, who are the other 3 candidates? Rumour has it that Jose Mourinho could be in line after winning the La Liga with Real Madrid and possibly looking for a new challenge. The other two managers are unclear and various different sources continue to speculate. Some believe that either Steven Gerrard or Jamie Carragher, veterans of the club, could be asked to make the step up to player-manager but this is unlikely as the Liverpool officials want a bright young manager. FSG's main target is Pep Guardiola but would he cut short his break from football? And would he be able to repeat his success from Barcelona at Liverpool? All of this remains to be seen but at the present moment, Roberto Martinez and Andre Villas-Boas remain the bookies favourites.(9)(8)Who gives a monkeys?
Even Brendan Rodgers will not speak to them.Ye as if liverpool r gunna win anything again 4 next 10 years at least.Liverpool won the Carling Cup and got to the FA Cup Final with an average squad, it can only get betterYeah, winning the Carling cup...spending £100m just to beat a Championship team on penalties.Just going to ignore the fact they beat City & Chelsea to get there are you?


18 May 2012 12:22:55
Reading want Carlos Sanchez from Valenciennes on a Free as his contract is up this summer! Colombian international midfielder(13)(5)


18 May 2012 12:14:09
New Crawley boss SOD will raid former club Doncaster and bring in Jimmy O Connor, Sam Hird and James Baxendale

O'Connor and Hird are both attracting interest from the championship and Baxendale is 1 for the future, so that will only be a loan(3)(7)Facts!! James baxendale and Sam Hird released!!!!!!


18 May 2012 12:12:02
swansea have a transfer budget of around £25 million.....

why do people keep saying we can't afford anyone?(9)(15)How do you know how much they have to spend, we can all make up imaginary sums but most of us choose not to be so deluded.Make up sums? bck page of the local newspaper on wednesday that we have made 46 million from tv appearances, plus 12 million from promotion last year and about 25 million from the 40 million upfront fee we got from promotion plus tickets sales, merchandise sales, and other income! we have more than enough money !You cant afford anyone!Divide by 10Clearly guess work, Brendan Rogers is like Paul Lambert and with a club of similar size and financial clout.
Both have a healthy budget after a very successful season in premier. Both clubs are financially sound and get maximum revenue from season ticket sales, basically selling out, they both have good sponsor backing
However both are very astute managers and will spend sensibly targeting up and coming younger players, both enjoy great team spirit which has played a huge part in their success and will not want to disrupt that by going after big established stars that also come with big ego's.
Example Stoke city spent serious money last season and where did they finish, I suspect they will struggle next year because rumour has it that the owners have told Pulis to sell to generate any funds for new players. £8M for Crouch ? (10 goals) and both Holt - (15 goals ) Morrison & Graham all out scored him, and what did they pay for Kenwyne Jones(1 goal) and Cameron Jerome(4 goals)
So its not all about the price you pay for a player, more the right players for your squad and the right coaching.You, doubters write well, however, all of the sums add up! Considering the fact the swans already had a decent amount of money and weren't constrained financially before promotion and haven't spent too much this season, with revenues, ticket sales, promotion money, more money coming from staying in the league and money for finishing where we and bonuses for the fair play league, we have more than enough to compete financially!


18 May 2012 12:11:03
Rumours circulating that Redknapp could be able to completely transform his current Tottenham squad. Departures could include Cudicini, Gomez, Assou-Ekotto, Luka Modric (a possible target for Manchester United and City) and Gareth Bale (Barca bound) to fund his new signings. These signings could include Eden Hazard, Fernando Torres, Emilio Izaguirre and Yohan Cabaye.(6)(22)Cudicini and Gomez is out of contract, so they are free to go. Bale is not even close to going to Barcelona! Its a stupid rumours from a "reporter" in a tabloid.Emilio will not leave celticIn your dreamsPretty much all of this is nonsense


18 May 2012 12:08:39
Footballers most loved player, Joey Barton is looking to move to a different league with Inter Milan being his most preferred choice. {Ed025's Note - a move to rugby league would be more apt..(7)(19)He wouldn't make Milan's reservesI think he should try wweInter? Honestly? Why on earth would Inter even know who Joey Barton is? Supposing they do know who he is - why on earth would they want him?!

He is as good as his footballing record suggests - lower mid-table at best...Load of rubbish...he is on the Chisora / Hay undercard....he hasn't realised yet that a boxing ref will stand back and allow his opponent to smack him back!! I think he will pull out though when he discovers that there will be no one to jump in to protect him....his opponent is little Jimmy Krankie and the smart money is on Barton getting knocked out in the first round.


18 May 2012 11:58:52
Ipswich town are looking to strengthen their squad with the possibility of Colchester United keeper Ben Williams joining for a fee at around £500k. Whilst upfront Connor Wickham could be a possible loan signing for the tractor boys and there has been an enquiry from Ipswich town to Manchester United regarding Dimitar Berbatov.(4)(10)Berbatov to Ipswich! - Absolute Classic!Are the kids on half term in Ipswich or something - lots of bogus Ipswich rumours doing the rounds this week.Williams may well be as he said he is settled in east anglia so it will be u's ipst or naaaaaaaaaaaaarich but he is a free transfer


18 May 2012 11:55:30
Colchester United are supposedly chasing Northampton Town hitman Akinfenwa for a supposed £100k. They are also chasing reading sensation Adam le Fondre due to their strong links with Reading. This fee is believed to be close to £2 million.(2)(16)We won't be selling Alf.Akinfenwa is out of contract!Why do people insist on posting rumors about le fond, hes loved by the Reading fans and will definitely feature in the first team next season. Hes not going anywhere. period.Yeah good one that considering robbie cowling put 4 million into training complex and stated it will be bosmans onlyLe fondre will not be going to colchester, keep dreaming, he is well above that standard.Why would ALF drop down to League One. He showed last year that he could do it in the Championship. He would definately get on the bench in the prem and your saying he'd prefer to drop two divisionsBayo's not 'out of contract'100k? they turned down 170k from crawley in march....


18 May 2012 11:53:15
Michael Owen seems to be attracting a lot of interest from numerous Premier League and Championship sides. Clubs that are considered to be racing for his signature are Everton (however unlikely due to his Liverpool roots), Reading, Southampton, Leeds and Charlton.(9)(12)Nobody will give him a normal contract - its only "pay for play". Has Owen played 10 games in a row since he left Liverpool(Real Madrid, Newcastle, Manchester U) ??Leeds cant even keep mcormac so how can they pay owens medical billsDon't think Owen will be fussed about his Liverpool "roots" - I think he just spent 3 years at Man United...

And he has already said he isn't interested in the ChampionshipChampionship clubs are out of luck as he doesnt want to drop down a league.You know this is nonsense because you have included Leeds. You cant even afford to keep your best players (McCormack and Snoddy) so how could you afford Owen! MuppetsNot a chance that he will go to Leeds, Charlton or especially Southampton.
His stables are in Cheshire, cant see him moving too far from that area - maybe that leaves Everton as the likely destination.He will not be interesting Charlton thats for sure, we have a transfer policy and he would not fall into it. Not saying dont want him far from it but, lets face it's not going to happen for Charlton is it?I can tell all of the people starting the owen rumours he is def not going to southampton or anywhere in England as he will sign a pay as you play with basic salary for Celtic. Once this is complete Celtic will evaluate their strike force for a possible depature (I am a saints fan but not looking to open up the silly Hooper rumours).

Further more Martinez will be the manager bar any last minute hic ups and DW has already spoken to steve Bruce about a possible return to Wigan.

Southampton are looking to load out younger brother of Swansea striker Sinclair to either Bournmouth or Donny.As far as i am aware owen is/was an everton fan, saying he won't go there because of his liverpool roots is ridiculous considering he joined man utd!Owen is an evertonian ..i am a liverpool fan but it is true he is a blueOwen's roots are Blue, he just played for Liverpool that's all.

Steve EFC


18 May 2012 11:46:44
Preston are looking at a move for Portsmouth player Danny webber for a free transfer(4)(4)Danny Webber most recently played for LeedsDanny Webber is without a club at the moment after he was not offered a renewed contract at Leeds (not Portsmouth). At least do your homework first before making up these rumoursLeft Pompey 2 years ago. Been at QPR and Leeds since...keep up


18 May 2012 11:42:57
With Yaya Toure's agent claiming that he could leave Machester City to find a 'new challenge' Man City will struggle to replace him as he proved priceless throughout the season and was thoroughly missed when he left for the African Cup of Nations. Possible replacements include Modric (not as strong as Toure and not as good defensively but is always a threat going forward) or could a player already in the Manchester City squad fill Toure's boots? Maybe James Milner who deserves a first team run out especially after his England call up or Nigel de Jong who is great defensively and strong but does he posses the playmaking abilities? His goal against Liverpool in the Carling Cup semi-final at Anfield suggests he does.(8)(4)


18 May 2012 11:37:07
defoe will sign for stoke city after the euros, he is not a first team player at spurs and would love to link up with crouch again! watch this space(12)(18)No he won't, simple as that!Looks quite likely as he was set to join on loan in Jan but Harry pulled the plug after the Remy deal fell through. Seems that Spurs will sign Demba Ba and Defoe will be a Stoke player sooner rather than later.Hes to small to be a harlam globe trotterYou mean Harlem Globe Potter!


18 May 2012 11:36:14
Michael Owen is expected to be on the radar of numerous Premier League and Championship sides including Everton (unlikely due to his Liverpool roots), Reading, Wigan and Charlton.(6)(7)His Liverpool roots mean nothing. He been a Man Utd bench and physio table warmer for last 3 years.Very strong rumour i've heard suggests Tony Pulis will take a gamble and offer a pay as you play deal!Same as above he is NOT going to Charlton!Everton manager is smarter that that, so are most other premier league managers, he's way past his best, constantly injured and more interested in Horse racing these days, maybe its his agent posting this rubbish on this site trying to drum up some offers.


18 May 2012 11:32:39
West Ham manager Sam Allardyce plans on making an audacious bid to lure Joe Cole back to Upton Park should the Hammers get promoted.(11)(8)


18 May 2012 11:23:08
After being on loan at Preston throughout the previous season they are looking to sign Ricardo Gardner as he is a free transfer as well as this they are looking to also sign robbie Blake as he has been released by bolto(8)(2)


18 May 2012 11:21:23
Aberdeen FC are reportedly interested in Lyle Taylor who has recently been released by AFc Bournemouth. The striker is looking for a new opportunity to kickstart his career and Aberdeen are extremely interested.(4)(2)I have heard this too on local radio. Good luck to Lyle.


18 May 2012 11:21:21
Danny Swanson of Dundee is being linked to Brighton(7)(1)A report in the Scotsman says Brighton in discussions with Swanson who for the record was playing for Dundee United not Dundee.


18 May 2012 11:19:04
Heard rumours of a Beckford/McCormack swap deal that could be in the offing. If true in any degree, could be the reason for McCormack rejecting his new deal.

Personally, I approve. McCormack, while impressive, has been inconsistent, something that Beckford, for all his flaws, never was when he wore a White shirt. He was consistently lazy, its true, but he consistently got in those areas and funnily enough it was always his name on the scoresheet. Warnock looking at rekindling the Beckford/Becchio combination. Again, I reiterate, only whisperings, and often these are spontaneously invented. I'll look into it.
wally(11)(4)As an LCFC fan - I approve this swapI think Beckford's wages will prevent this one happening. Cuddly Ken is a tightwad and I think he had a dig at Beckford when he left last time - no love lost there.


18 May 2012 11:11:43
Rochdale forward Ashley Grimes is a target for Ipswich Town. Paul Jewell has a keen interest in the forward and is willing to pay £400,000 to lure the league 2 striker to portman road.(7)(8)Hope this is true, fantastic player which will suit a fantastic club.What a load of boulderdash.Rochdale have said he can go to raise funds
lots of teams watching him shrewsbury being one


18 May 2012 11:02:24
Khedira to Newcastle £14m(6)(25)You Mags are priceless!!!Love how you think its actually a toon fan who posts stuff like this ...mostly likely a 5under1and fan wishing he was one of us


18 May 2012 10:53:05
Bolton news

Chung-yong and Holden will not be sold.
Whilst Mark Davies will be for 6.5 mill to either Sunderland and Newcastle.
Klasnic, robinson, steinson, knight
Gardner, petrov amongst other will all leave for free.
2012/2013 team
Jaaskelainen, Riley Ricketts Ream Wheater
Muamba Holden Pratley Lee Wylde Davies(8)(4)I can't see Klasnic leaving for free he's a good player.You ever seen wylde play? he's not very good. Bit of pace, but poor delivery, and doesn't have a trick to get past a defender.As O'neill bid less than a million for Davies in January and he's now been relegated and is 35 years old, I somehow doubt Sunderland would spend 6.5mil on him...As much as I want him to, I can't see Muamba being back for next seasonMark Davies not Kevin DaviesThere is no way Lee or Holden will stay at Bolton as saints have already agreed fees for themNo chance of Holden leaving if he was i will be to a club a lot bigger than SouthamptonChungy is not leaving and I've spoken to Stuart myself, he's definitely staying.
Also Jussi wont be starting ahead of Bogdan next seaosn


18 May 2012 10:43:56
Ryan Jarvis set to sign 1 year contract with Walsall after impressing while on Loan at Torquay(4)(10)Ryan Jarvis will not sign a new 1 year contract, he is rubbish and Dean Smith will not waste the money on him! fact!Walsall have given him a free transfer according to their official site.


18 May 2012 10:41:52
Sean O'Driscoll to take two ex Bournemouth yuoth strikers in Sam Vokes and Matt Paterson to Crawley Town. Vokes will cost 100K, Paterson is a free agent.(2)(13)Lol 100k yeah right


18 May 2012 10:31:33
something i've heard is we want Carlos Sanchez on a free transfer, know nothing of him, just that he is a colombian international!(0)(11)Which team wants him? stop being cryptic and tell us who you support.He's nick named The Rock that's all you need to know.Who is we?Reading i'm guessing, lots of rumours about him going there.


18 May 2012 09:54:00
Bradford looking at Crawley Player Sergio torress(3)(8)


18 May 2012 09:53:01
a exclusive portsmouth are poised to loan jordan bridle and dylan selway from celtic academy(4)(6)Why would you loan in players when in 11 days time you might not exist? Maybe you should focus more on an owner then who your going to sign


18 May 2012 09:51:54
Shrewsbury Town linked with FC Ingolstadt
forward Karl-Heinz Lappe, the out of favour
forward only made 4 appearances in Germany's
second tier last season(7)(6)


18 May 2012 09:43:21
Apparently Arsenal are linked with Welsh youngster Jamie Nicholas, a talented keeper from Duffryn!(12)(3)


18 May 2012 09:39:01
Man Utd to sign Hazard, Hummels, kagawa and baines(22)(33)Hazard has already said he is going to City!!Every player has their price, but under 35 m, baines is going nowhere.When ? his actual words were I'm goin to a club in Manchester , Fergie and Mancini have both seen him play in FranceHehe, 35 million for a left back...

If Everton get an offer of 15 million the bank will make them accept.


18 May 2012 09:35:14
Cardiff boss Malky Mackay wants to make a triple-swoop for Watford youngsters Sean Murray, Gavin Massey and Britt Assombalonga.(12)(12)Fat chance. Murray, when he goes, will move to the top of the prem, not sideways.All the money in Malaysia couldn't make us part with all 3.Don't worry - Cardiff haven't got £10m - this is a Manky windupFunny how bitter Watford fans are haha


18 May 2012 09:30:26
New Crawley boss SOD will raid former club Doncaster and bring in Jimmy O Connor, Sam Hird and James Baxendale(5)(9)


18 May 2012 09:01:52
Everton's top 7 transfer targets

1.Steven Pienaar - 4m - Spurs
2.Steven Naismith - 2m - Rangers
3.Mohamed Diame - Free - Wigan
4.Martin Olsson - 3m - Blackburn
5.Junior Hoillett - Free - Blackburn
6.Balazs Megyeri - 800,000 - Olympiakos
7.Matt Phillps - 2.5m - Blackpool
8.Michael Owen - Free - Man Utd
9.Jonas Olsson - 1m - WBA
10.Romelu Lukaku - Loan - Chelsea(23)(19)Can you count?Good luck getting Olson for £1mTop 7 then you go and list 10? Maths is not your strong point.You'll have to pay Blackburn compensation for Junior Hoillett as his under 24.Would Everton have to sell first before they buy?Olsson is out of contract so your comment 'good luck on getting olson for £1m' i say good luck on getting £1m for himHoilet expected to go for 6million at tribunal and 5/6 bigger clubs after him, the olsons valuations are insultingOlsson has a year left. We'd be better off getting nothing next year and getting another season out of himA bit funny comming from a Everton fan :) - but if you get Pienaar and Naismith for 6 mill and have money to pay for them - you should be happy!Olson isn't out of contract get your facts straightSo which of Everton's players is being sold to fund all this? Baines? Fellaini? {Ed025's Note - none of them....he is saying they are targets, not that they will all sign..Jonas Olsson does indeed have one year left on his current deal and Albion would never sell him for a million! As one other posted said, it would be better to run down his contract than let him go for next to nothing. I think it would take a bid of 5m for Albion to part company with him now. Some people really need to get their facts right before posting.But that is 10! 2+2 = 5


18 May 2012 08:46:27
Sheffield Wednesday have joined the race to sign Kaiserslautern's Florian Dick. Charlton are also interested in the unfortunately named defender.(4)(10)I bet they dont, its just you wanting to get the word dick on the websiteGet Treacey to play along side of him.


18 May 2012 08:44:54
Shinji Kagawa to Liverpool.(8)(39)I hope so. He is awsome


18 May 2012 08:44:03
Crawley Town interested in Enoch
Showunmi after being released by
Tranmere. After Crawley losing their
two tallys men Tubbs and Barnett, they
could do with an experienced striker that
can score goals.(10)(6)Why would you sign Enoch then? He does not score goals and has been a shadow of his former self since breaking his leg. Tranmere released him simply because he does not score.As a tranmere fan myself he is capable of scoring 10-13 goals a season he just didnt have the right players around him at tranmere and was injured most of this seasonShame he cant score goals though isnt it!He got a few last season


18 May 2012 08:38:50
Rumours are going around saying that Paul Ince is going to be the new Gillingham manager.(13)(7)Cant see it happening scallys to cheap we will end up with stimson from thurrock


18 May 2012 08:21:43
Ole Gunnar Solskaer has signed for Aston Villa, he is flying back in Randys jet today to sign and press conference on Monday, ........(22)(17)He hasnt signed but will do very soon.Interesting appointment - as long as he's given 2/3 years to establish them as HIS team, I think this could be long term very successful for Villa.


18 May 2012 08:13:50
Walsall are set to sign Clayton Donaldson today.(7)(16)I doubt this will happen.he will not quit promotion chasing brentford for relegation threatened walsallAny ideas about akinfenwa yet? it would be great to see him with the saddlers


18 May 2012 09:27:42
okay i heard from a reliable source this morning that swansea are set to complete the signing of chris gunter from nottingham forest, for 2m plus jazz richards on loan and they will also complete the signing of marvin emnes for 2.5m plus lita and matt jarvis for 4m plus moore. all to be completed by next weekend. HEARD IT HERE FIRST!(5)(20)Jarvis for 4 million + moore,
where did you get what your smoking and i will go and get me some.Gunter

Ex bluebird ! are you madI've heard the Gunter to Swansea quite recently too! I know for a fact Hodgson was very interested in signing him for next season for West Brom but of course that'll change now!Not smoking anything mate im just stating what ive heard. problem? and yeah ex bluebird youth? so was curtis march who now plays for us, warren feenwy ex bluebird and played for us, whats stopping gunter? prem football we'll see!Lol moores worth what 1mil n jarvis is worth 8 mill so we will just have the 8 mil thanks thats if he even wants to goJarvis isnt worth 8 mill what you playing at he plays for wolves i wouldnt sign him when we have sinclair and dyerYeah mate but routledge is going and so is sinclair so we need at least one more winger!Sinclair won't leave, he loves Swansea and only signed a new contract in January, we would be stupid to let him go


18 May 2012 09:25:34
Bryan Murphy, Tommy Smith and Heidar Helguson from QPR are coming to Watford. Talks are going on.Watford will pay 550,00 for all 3 players plus letti ng them have Mariappa and Deeney

And there goes anothe pig overhead!(3)(17)


18 May 2012 09:24:42
stevenage chairman phila wallace
has said that the club have recived
offers for contracted players at the
club but stevenage are not in a
financial position to sell unless its
a real head turning offer, and if the
personal terms are life changing
then they wont open talks.

source stevenage site(6)(1)If your in such a good financial state as you claim you better start increasing your crowds otherwise you wont be able to afford players remember wage cap 65% of all income players wages so unless you ;ot increase you entrance fee nd cram as many away support in your away stand yes from personal expriance of being there 2 - 3 to a seat you wont surviveHope you go bust! and go back to your natural level The isthmian league north.Your both bitter people.
stevenage are a league team and wont be in the non league for a long timeIncrease crowd size? We wasn't even the smallest average crowd in League 1... I assume you want those with less like Bury & Rochdale to go bust and leave the upper tiers as well... or what about the 12 teams that are 'smaller' than us in League 2!! Oh, sorry did we also forget to say that we have no debt whatsoever... so unfortunately for those who really hate us (for whatever reason) we can't go bust.


18 May 2012 09:23:27
Ross McCormack to reject new contract from Leeds and leave this summer this has come from Warnock.(15)(10)No loyalty anymore, its a shamePlayers only want to play for BIG clubs these days!


18 May 2012 09:23:19
bournemouth have announced on the bournemouth daily echo that they have made contact with watford about brining chris iwelumo to the south coast(4)(5)Where in The Echo? I can't find itWon't find anything on Bournemouth in the echo. Big fall out, all reporters from the echo are banned from the ground so the echo will not run any stories until ban is liftedThat's because it never happened.Echo are no longer banned, reporters regularly conduct interviews with all club personnel


18 May 2012 09:21:24
Scunthorpe and Yeovil are favourites to sign Jon Parkin, Joe anyinsah could also sign for the glovers but is a maybe at the moment(5)(3)Parkin to PNEParkin to Scunny. Done dealNo he wants to go to Scunny


18 May 2012 09:18:21
stevenage have released 7 players.
they released : stacy long, ben may,
darren murphy, peter winn,
myrie williams,phil edwards, and
ronnie henry.

scott laird and john mosinho will also
leave the club after not agreeing new


18 May 2012 09:16:44
Southampton planning swoop for Adam Johnson somewhere in the region of £8m. Adkins sees him as giving perfect balance on the right for Lallana.(18)(21)OH MY GOD.!!
Please let this be true.
Source.?It would all depend on his wages..if this rumour is true of course.Now this is one Saints rumour which seems believable!In my opinion Adam Johnson is one of the most underrated premier league players, City could and should easily be able to get £20+ million if they decide to sell him. And for his sake I hope he would go to a bigger club than Southampton.. It's a joke how he's not in the England squad reallyI am a saints fan but a lot of relations from manchester and they say there is some weight in this story and there is strong rumours coming out of the etihad but talking 6.5 million coyrWhy would Adam go to southhampton for a relegation battle? He's got the ability to be at a top club playing week in week out.I'm a saints fan, would love to see him at saints but can't see it happening, too good for us really and wages might be a problemDowning £20m v Johnson £6.5 - 8m ? it's a crazy world !


18 May 2012 09:04:17
fletcher his staying at wolves .fletcher turns down a move to sunderland ,i hope jarvis and ohara stays ,other than that the rest of wolves players can leave iff i was stale i would build ,a team around those 3 players(3)(16)Very doubtful..I fully expect Fletcher and Jarvis to leave along with others.Flecher turned down the move to sunderland, but don't get your hoprs up, everton's aproach my get a very differant answer !All the prem quality players will be jumping ship, well all 2 of them Jarvis and Fletcher.Doubt Everton can afford Fletcher! they hardly have 10p to spend let alone 8-10 million {Ed025's Note - your valuation is well out...we would not pay more than he would only be a squad player for us..


18 May 2012 08:08:38
Tranmere appear to be interested in Northampton striker akinwafa and lee holmes(8)(4)Akinfenwa is still under contract, Tranmere are renowned for not buying players. Not happening


18 May 2012 07:50:49
Leyton Orient are rumoured to be interested in Brian Howard and Peter Leven.(9)(4)


18 May 2012 07:44:31
Plymouth would not go for Blair Sturrock as he did nothing the first time he was here. He is only a footballer because his dad signs him at every club he managers.(11)(5)Hes awful carl flechter said he would rather buy peter reid than him!


18 May 2012 07:00:37
Bryan Murphy, Tommy Smith and Heidar Helguson from QPR are coming to Watford. Talks are going on.Watford will pay 550,00 for all 3 players plus letting them have Mariappa and Deeney.(1)(15)Tommy smith has just signed a new contract at qpr


18 May 2012 06:53:42
Striker Sam Vokes is not wanted by Wolves and Watford are expected to make a 250,00 offer for him. Dorus De Vries (Goal Keeper) will be on a 9 month loan to Watford for next season.(5)(11)Would question the validity of this when our 1st choice keeper is out injured until October. So why would we loan out ou 2nd choice.You may get Vokes but will possibly cost more than that, don't reckon you will get De Vries due to Hennesseys injury though.Absolute rubbish.....considering henners is out until christmasVokes has signed for brighton on a permanent basis...and wolves no1 hennesey is vries is going nowhere...utter rubbish


18 May 2012 06:49:20
Watford Manager Sean Dyche is the top candidate for the Blackburn Managerial post.(3)(15)What vaccancy?Steve Kean is staying as Blackburn manager and taking you to non-league football


18 May 2012 06:47:50
David James to Watford and Scott Loach to Bristol City. With a fee of 350,00 going to the Hornets.(2)(25)David James has been released by Bristol City a few weeks agoDavid James has been Released and is available on a free .. scott loach is worth more than 350k


18 May 2012 06:45:35
Good luck to minimouse and the Tangerines - hope you burst fat sams bubble tomorrowÖChealski have had their final against Barc, but good luck to them anywayÖ.COYRs(15)(8)


18 May 2012 06:45:15
Swansea are targeting Watford Striker Troy Deeney and Captain Adrian Marriappa with a combined fee of 6.5M pounds plus letting us loan Leroy Lita and Luke Moore for the whole of next season. Tempting.(6)(9)I think they would rather have your keeper and mariappa, we can get bettter striker than that, no offene, oh and please take them!Mariappa maybe but don't see the rest of it happening.Dobbie will not leave for 1mil. Swansea have already said last summer that if they want to sign him they will have to pay up more than 1mil. Some people on here chat st


18 May 2012 06:34:27
Nathaniel Clyne set to join Newcastle to replace Simpson. Tribunal to decide fee. (source : daily mirror) any news from you ed?(15)(10)Would be a very good signing for Newcastle if true. Have a soft spot for them hope they do well next season.Simpson will leave as he wont sign a new deal but he will be replaced by matt debuchy from lille for 6 million set to join before the euros as frances no1 rb his value might go up


18 May 2012 04:59:39
Norwich have completed the signings of Curtis Davies and Dani Pacheco
But are still waiting to finish the signings Aidan White, Jordan Rhodes and Liam Bridcutt(18)(22)


18 May 2012 04:50:45
Dani Pacheco will sign for Norwich City in the coming weeks
He is currently scheduled to play in Adam Drurys testimonial match(21)(6)It will be down to who ever is the new Liverpool manager is.


18 May 2012 03:51:02
Celtic are seriously about to make Scot, Grahame Dorrians a target for the left wing slot. The only consideration was that he was a Rangers fan as a kid but Lennon fancies Scots, Irish and Welsh, English accents in the dressing room in order to create a team work ethic which will carry his young champions squad into the Champions League. Lennon requires a left winger for more penetration and Ross Wallace is the back up option. This has come from a Celtic player today and is the truth.(3)(4)Can't see why any player would leave the premier league to join Celtic.Maybe they would get sick of losing all the time or they would want to play in the clWhy would he want to stay with a team who would class finishing tenth as a great season or got to celtic and have a chance of three trophies even if the standard of football is not as good


18 May 2012 03:38:17
Reading fc. Tracking joe cole. Lille. Has not featured much in the second half of the season. Wants another go in the prem. Reading will offer him the chance. 80% depends on wages ect.(13)(18)


18 May 2012 01:09:31
Filipe morais of Oldham athletic seen at Stevenage stadium today talking with Gary smith and football director Leon hunter(6)(2)


17 May 2012 23:36:51
Swindon try end of season move Ludogorets Razgrad midfield Mladen Kaöćelan. Montenegro international who is finish contract in January share agent with Swindon menedzer Paolo Di Canio and Bulgarian press say move will go ahead. The money is no decided.(4)(1) we go again.
STATEMENT ISSUED YESTERDAY: The playing budget is noy yet decided. Paolo Di Canio will be buying ENGLISH players and intends to target Players from the first division and the championship.
Although theyu have said this I still think a move for O'Kane will now progress after last nights result and if Cheltenham fail at Wembley then a move for Pack is on the cards.Di canio has said 80% british, so that still allows for a couple of foreign signings which I think will do the squad good overall. (a couple of good unknown quantities if he can get them right)


18 May 2012 00:20:52
Middlesbrough will make a loan move for ex player Leory Lita, depending on if they can free up wages by the sale of Scott McDonald who recently turned down a 100k a week offer.(3)(33)100k a week rubbish, boro couldnt afford that on a player100k a week for a player as lame as him pigs might flyMcDonald was offered a 100k a week contract from a Saudi club!The 100k a week was offered from the middle east not Boro


17 May 2012 23:40:17
Ed, any further news about Chris Gunter moving?

~Luton Canary-OTBC~(1)(5)Hes going to swansea for 2m and you get jazz richards on loan for a seasonWhat makes you think he would sign for u over norwich? Just like bennett did dream on.


17 May 2012 22:28:54
Any Ipswich town rumours ed?(2)(10)Just have a look at Leeds rumours because Jewell seems to only go after our targets!

JordLUFCWhy would we go for your targets we have ambition not a selling club to Norwich like you are. As for your targets think you would find if you could read that we asked about ward in jan will we get him who knowsIpswich also had contact with Green in January. Said on here that Warnock didn't disclose his targets, so how would we know, that's it somebody posts them on rumours sites!


17 May 2012 22:20:22
A move from Ipswich for Huddersfeild's right back Jack Hunt hangs in the balance on whether Jewell get no1 target Ward.

And anyone who still beleives Ipswich are skint and have no money, we have a multi millionaire injecting money into the club and likely windfalls from the sell on clauses we have on people like trotter and rhodes.

We are likely to be able to pay a considerable amount more on wages than clubs like leeds (particularly with bates still there!)(4)(12)Joel Ward will be coming to Leeds dont worry about that :) Ipswich are a sunday league club compared to us and we can pay the wages, we just wont pay excessive wages and fees as we currently operate at a profit!

JordLUFCWell, we could match your wages, but as you say, Bates. You have to remember the appeal lies in the fans, stadium and his chum Pearce too. We are still in the front seat for the signing too, and he could sign tomorrow (Friday).
wallyYour multi-millionaire owner can only pump £6m in under the new laws.Jack Hunt is going to NorwichIpswich were had over £60m of debt and spent around 100% of turnover on wages in the last published accounts. The new FFP rules means they have to reduce costs not increase them and as a post above says there is limit of input of £6m this season for investors and £4m on lossesYou may have money, but will never eclipse a club as big as the mighty LEEDSLeeds not a big club. {Ed0y25's Note - {Ed025's Note - yes they are..This thread makes me smile. Our feeder club (Leeds) and our impoverished neighbours (Ipsch) squabbling over sub standard players and who has more money to spend on wages.

Marcus Evans is using Ipswich as nothing more than a marketing tool for his business empire, while Bates is using Leeds to line his pockets. Neither will be blowing big cash on anything this summer.

Meanwhile, Norwich, still with Lambert at the helm will be building our squad to take us to the next level and a top half finish next season.

Have fun scrapping it out in mid table anonymity once more.Here pops up the canary, lambert wants to leave your lot asap as you will get found out next year as nothing but over achieverscwith league 1 standard players!Why does he hide is he the elephant man and he has wasted 60 million on ipswich down so no more funds and u r over 100% on fair play so bye bye bulllard


17 May 2012 21:44:44
Notts County to sign Marlon Pack for 200,000(8)(24)Apparently rotherham are already in talks with him thats what evans was doing at the cheltenham v torquay game on sunday to look at him and eunan okaneAs cheltenham could potentially get promoted next week i dont think hed stay in league two with a mid table team like rotherham!Too much money for 'lil' notts countyIf they go up he will stay with least until Christmas!! If they fail at Wembley he will join his best Mate Matt Ritchie at Swindon Town.Lil Notts County comes from a fan of which club? Not one Notts are after either. One good game on Sky, no one else has else heard of him!


17 May 2012 21:23:19
Any Cardiff News ED? {Ed003's Note - Glenn Loovens has been linked however Sheff Wed have an interest in him aswell}(9)(4)


17 May 2012 20:27:05
walsall to sign delroy facey from hereford as richard o kelly put a good word in
other additions are

darren carter
sam togwell
lee holmes
joel grant(10)(10)Darren carter is not signing for walsall i have spoken to him and he is said it is just not his type of clubDelroy facey ? hes awful !!


17 May 2012 20:26:25
Any boro news ?(5)(6)Luke varney


17 May 2012 20:18:23
charlton will beat millwall to the
signing of seb lewis.(14)(2)Lets see where charlton finish next season! coyl!IF he wants to play for Charlton thats his problem!Lets see what you do in the championship!We'll let Millwall win that one, more room there to breakdance!


17 May 2012 20:10:36
Appleton at Pompey is keen on free transfer Owen. Owen will lower his wage demands, he wants to play first team football and is garenteed to do that with us.
Also new buyer to be announced tomorrow, exciting times again for us. PUP PPU(3)(60)No chance. Owen said he wont play in the championship. If he is forced outside the prem he will look abroad for a club, not go down divisions here. On BBC interview today. Sorry pompey. No Owen, no owner, no future.

COYRNo. Just no.Even though he said championship aint an option? oh right.Ye coz a player who can still play in prem would drop down 2 leagues n wat would u pay him with penuts pompy have no moneyDo pompey ever learn? No wonder these problems contiune-there own faultI dont know what less likely, pompey getting owen or announcing a buyer tomorrow...Pompey wont even be around long enough to see him playBiggest joke i heard all dayPay up Pompey, Pompey pay upIts not our fault. The football league fappt is rubbish. They let us have all the owners. We are being picked on because we have the best fans in all the leaguesWhat a dog nut he wont even go to championship team he said so in an interview on SSN as for being bought thought that was suppose to happen weeks ago cant have many weeks left now and youll be shut down for good hahaDont listen to that lot up the road no passionOwen said he does not want to play in the championship , Portsmouth play in league one now so it still could happen.Pay Up Pompey.Hook,line and sinkerThis is clearly a scummer posting this too make Pompey look stupid. Every pompey fan knows this we cant afford Owens big toe.I rally hope you do find a new owner who really does have some money, our rivalry is the best , you could not call Saints v Brighton a real Derby (even though they think it is!) Let us hope you have some good news soon. COYRI dunno if this is a Saints fan or not, to be honest there are actually pompey fans that are this delusional!Something is going to happen at Pompey, read the Pompey news MA is making plans for for next season. PUPNothing is going to happen at Pompey, he has to have a plan regardless.


17 May 2012 20:07:25
Any Crawley rumours Ed? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(2)(12)


17 May 2012 20:09:14
A clearout is expected at QPR this summer. It will see 2 if not all 3 of their goalkeepers leaving with Paddy Kenny hinting on Twitter that he is joining leeds. Striker Rob Hulse is also wanted by a number of championship clubs and it looks like Patrick Agyemang will join Stevenage on a full time basis.

Players expected to leave:
Paddy Kenny
Radek Cerny
Brian Murphy
Danny Shittu
Hogan Ephraim
Patrick Agyemang
Tommy Smith
Fitz Hall
Peter Ramage

Players Expected To Join:
Paul Robinson and/or Ben Foster
Taye Taiwo permanently
Samba Diakite permanently
Michael Owen and/or Alessandro Del Piero(18)(28)


17 May 2012 20:07:53
Reading are looking to get Michael Owen on a free transfer(24)(34)Will this be Readings 10th striker? 90+ Signings so far and its not even June!


17 May 2012 20:05:52
felleni from everton to united carrick going to everton ?(13)(44)If you av got 50m going spare ok, other than that, do one.Over-rated is Marouane...

What does he do exactly? {Ed025's Note - one of. if not THE best, holding midfielder in the prem..


17 May 2012 19:48:16
Andy Griffin has joined Charlton for 2years(21)(8)No he hasn't


17 May 2012 19:42:49
Jason Scotland set for Middlesbrough move(6)(24)


17 May 2012 20:03:44
Amr Zaki to QPR(25)(16)


17 May 2012 20:03:03
charlton will offer a contract to free
transfer Dave Lockwood(2)(6)Dave Lockwood is the PA announcer!


17 May 2012 19:35:30
Newcastle are busy lining up replacements for Demba Ba and have FC Twente striker Luuk de Jong at the top of their shopping list.
Ba, who signed on a free transfer from West Ham last summer, has a £7m release clause in his contract and could quit St James' Park in the summer with both Chelsea and Arsenal interested in the striker.
Tottenham are also thought to be interested, although he will wait to see whether Harry Redknapp’s side qualify for next season’s Champions League before making any firm decisions.
Should Chelsea win the Champions League final against Bayern Munich on Saturday, Spurs will drop into the Europa League, the same competition Newcastle will line up in August.

Others will also be tempted by the Senegal international, who scored 16 goals last season and was instrumental to Newcastle’s success and top five finish.
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has not given up hope of persuading Ba to stay, but he is not convinced the 26-year-old’s is as happy as he was on Tyneside.

The Magpies have scouted de Jong several times over the last two years and believe they will be able to get him for the £7m Ba‚Äôs departure would bring.
The 21-year-old, who already has seven Dutch caps, scored 25 goals for Twente last season and manager Steve McClaren has admitted it will be hard for them to keep him.

(source Daily mail)(3)(13)De jong would cost a lot more than 7m


17 May 2012 19:26:09
Possible Stoke City signings
Olsson - blackburn - stoke - 4m
Defoe - spurs - stoke - 8-10m
Jarvis and Fletcher - wolves - stoke - 11m

Kenwyne Jones
Ricardo fuller - free
Tom Soares - free
Danny Higginbotham
Danny Collins
Salif Diao - free(6)(18)£11m for Fletcher AND Jarvis ? In your dreams!I am a massive Wolves fan, and am conceded to the fact that at least 1 of those 2 will be leaving, but not for as little as that price, 11 mil probably wouldnt buy fletcher alone...Fletcher is turning sunderland down so hell be staying at wolves but you may get jarvis but he also loves the club
aaron m daviesI love it when someone says 'he loves the club' on here :-) How many times do we read it ? Jarvis will be away as soon as a decent offer lands his way.Wolves have said to stoke that 20mill is needed to sign bothStoke- peter crouch 10mil, kenwyne jones 9mil' stoke wont pay anywhere near 11mil' if they did fletcher would then b stokes record signing and i cant see that happening , stoke could buy a better player for alot lessBetter player for less? fletcher has scored more then Jones and Crouch. Those that think he isn't a better player either know nothing about football or are just biased as he plays for another midlands club


17 May 2012 19:24:48
Saints 2 sign every1 because they hav loads of money and will there4 win the prem league by default as other teams won't have players to make a team. This counts to every team in the world! Because we are so awesome.(17)(25)WOW...Seriously people are obsessed with taking the mick out of Saints! Seems like Pompey fans dont have much else to do.Get a life.Made me laugh. They do think they are better than they actually areNo they dont, they are just excited about the prospect of prem football, give them a breakAs a Canaries Supporter congrats to the Saints for achieving a second straight promotion to Premier League to repeat what we achieved last season.
A good lesson for all promoted clubs is what Swansea and Norwich achieved this season using the same squad with 4/5 good quality young players added to squad, keeping the togetherness and team spirit that got both clubs promoted.
The alternative was QPR, splashing big cash on fee's and wages and in some cases players toward the end of their careers with massive inflated ego's about how good they actually are Barton, Zamora, Bothroyd, Wright Phillips etc , and they barely survived.Obviously written by a skate or a 12 year old who only goes to watch once a year!!If saints are so good why didnt they storm the championship? lucky to finish 2nd see you next season see if you can handle it with the big boys.Thank you canaries supporter.

It's easy to misconstrue immature over-exuberance on a football forum for arrogance. No one here is arrogant, most people just excited to be back in the prem, and Norwich and Swansea have allowed some to dream big, no need to get all worked up and cry about it, it's just a rumour website.


17 May 2012 19:23:55
Preston set to sign Jon-paul Mcgovern of Carlisle and Jason Scotland, who has been told he is no longer wanted at Iswich(6)(15)Give us 250 thousand for us and then we can sing some one who moves more than 5 yards each way of the half way line


17 May 2012 19:16:42
Leyton orient are looking to bring in...
Anthony Griffith
Luke summerfield

Orient are revealing the players that are getting released tomorrow.(7)(4)There also looking at Marcus bean, sam wood and paul-jose M'poku!


17 May 2012 19:12:37
Hi ed any plymouth news(0)(4)We released like daley and d.johnson and apparently were getting hemmings and tsoumou released by preston and wolves and there's rumours that were getting Blair sturrock


17 May 2012 19:12:33
Rob Green from West Ham to Malaga on a free transfer.(21)(18)Very believable its been rumoured around Malaga and Malaga fan sites for a while so could have some substance and the owners know they have a big British fan base so would be quite a savvy move by Pelligrini and co


17 May 2012 18:32:42
Ed's, is there any page on here with only confirmed transfers? {Ed015's Note - Will put the idea forward.}(7)(3)


17 May 2012 19:06:48
charlton are set to offer 500k for
cardiff striker Rudy Gestede.(4)(15)His knees have goneSurely it should be Cardiff giving Charlton the 500k here!


17 May 2012 18:59:20
as kagowa and his agent have already confirmed talks with united for 0-7mil, united's cdm will be a surprising move for maruane fellaini at £25mill(9)(17)


17 May 2012 18:50:52
Fed up with the Michael Jacobs talk. He is resigning for ntfc(2)(17)


17 May 2012 18:48:33
Richie De Leat who signed for Leicester turned down a move to Charlton in order to move to Man City of the Championship(17)(15)Was not impressed with him while on loan at Norwich, hes quick but prone to mistakes and injuries.Man city of the championship? lol lol lol lol...your tinpot, tinpot i tell youHow can you be the man city of the championship - they spent a fortune and won something - you spent a fortune and came 9th.It took man city 3 years, so get your facts rightJudging by Leicester's showing this season it's gunna take a helluva lot longer then 3 years for them to win something. Didn't Matt Mills join you for premiership football?...LOLThere are lots of similarities with the blue half of Manchester for Leicester. Long established club, play in blue, backed by lots of foreign money with no long term interest in our game, a new stadium and of course obnoxious up their own dirt box supporters.


17 May 2012 18:45:25
Cardiff are understood to be interested in Shrewsbury striker James Collins. Malky Mackay will first need to check with Watford manager Sean Dyce to make sure he is one of Watford's top transfer targets before making an offer.(14)(6)So true....can we stop the rumours on here in case he has a look. Note to Malky: WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN ANYONE!You Watford fans still bitter!? Move on you had a decent season so just look forward to next season. Just move on!


17 May 2012 18:38:41
Kilmarnock may move for St Mirren's out of contract striker Nigel Hasselbaink.(6)(1)


17 May 2012 18:35:14
Watford signings this window:
Paul Taylor peterbourough
James Collins shrewsbury
Tomaz kuczczak Man u
Hesky villa
Owen man u
Michael Jacobs Northampton
Tommy smith qpr
Aaron cresswell ipswitch

A(3)(28)Owen & Heskey, how are Watford going to pay their wages - with smarties. I think it is past your bedtime - night night.Taylor - Doubtful
Collins - Possible
Kuszczak - Doubtful
Heskey - No
Owen - Said he won't go to Championship.
Jacobs - Possible
Smith - Doubtful
Cresswell - NoHaha Aaron Cresswell to Watford!


17 May 2012 18:32:32
just seen frimpong outside the liberty stadium looks like he could be on his way be brilliant signing for us swans.(4)(20)Isn't Ping Pong is injured?

He needs rehabiltaion before he would pass a medical!Im a swans fan but he posted a pic on twitter like an hour ago outside his house in london :/Hmm when's he's out till September n he's got unfinished business at wolves so you'll find when he does get fit he wil be on his way back to us


17 May 2012 18:30:52
Joel Ward is still expected to complete his move to Ipswich Town by next week. Although 2 other lubs have registered their interest, he still wants to come to ITFC.(17)(18)Will be wearing the whites of LeedsReally? then these reports from today must be wrong
"Phil Hay ‚ÄŹ@PhilHayYEP
I'm told that two more clubs are in for Joel Ward. Likely to have talks with them over the weekend unless #lufc wrap up a deal tomorrow"
“Leeds are the main interest" in Joel Ward, says manager Michael Appleton


17 May 2012 18:30:14
Jennison Myrie-Williams and Lionel Ainsworth have been offered 1 year contracts at Colchester United with the option of a 2nd year.(4)(4)


17 May 2012 18:25:36
now leicester have completed deals for jacob blyth,matty james, ritchie de leat and jamie vardy they look set to make offers for

craig gordon
aron wilbraham
nick powell
adam clayton
emile heskey
david norris
jack hunt
zak whitbread
jay bothroyd(8)(18)No wonder leicester never get promoted! they sign like 12 players every transfer window! they need time to gel as a team!


17 May 2012 18:24:22
I have it on good authority from a friend who works at the etihad that Southampton have enquired about Adam Johnson and are currently the front runners. It is understood that Johnson is keen to leave MFC in the midst of him being overlooked for the Euros.(17)(18)You're welcome to Johnson. Been relegated 2 seasons running with different teams haha so u will probably get relegated too!Yeah right, you can pay the sort of wages he is currently getting at Man City and he ain't going to drop his salary level, this rumour is in your imagination I thinkI don't think we'll get ADAM Johnson realistically but this person above me seems to be talking about ROGER Johnson who is not called adam and adam has not been relegated twiceNah, I've heard he wants to leave us too. Not sure he'd go to saints but from what I hear they would be able to pay him. He hasnt done much for us this season, let him go!Could get him cheap and if he was guaranteed first team football I could see him being prepared to take a wage drop. It would still push Saints wage budget however, so it will be interesting to see if either party are prepared to give in.

Personally I'd like him at Saints. I know he hasn't done much for City but he is a quality player and would be solid in the prem. We're not looking for world beaters, just solid players to keep us moving forward. :)Few premiership teams could match his arab wages - certainly not southamptonHe will be coming home to sunderlandAdam Johnson is signing for Sunderland. He still has house at Easington from when he played for Boro. However...this deal depends on the asking price in comparison to Aiden Mcgeady at Spartak. O'Neill values them both at similar levels- He worked with Mgeady at Celtic but Johnson is younger.As a saints fan this rumour is ridiculous ! 1. We won't pay his wages 2. He's just won the premier league with city 3. Why would he come to a club who's just got promoted when he will be playing champions league football AGAIN , 4. People saying he doesn't play any games for city , he's played 38 games goals 9 assist 7 I think that's enough to say you'veade a contribution to the team . So in my opinion is saints fans have got to be more realistic as much as I would love him I can't see it happening


17 May 2012 18:23:10
Brighton are close to agreeing a cut price deal for Norwich City's Andrew Crofts(14)(5)Is Bridcutt part of the deal?Will not be cut price.He will cost u 750.000 + always plays 4 walesNot cut pricedCrofts would be great signing with bridcutt part of the deal as crofts is far the complete player than bridcutt, as for cost of him he wont be too much as he is now falling down the pecking order at norwich and he is keen to get 1st team football, hopefully at the amex :)


17 May 2012 18:20:43
Wigan will turn to Gus Poyet to be next manager when Martinez goes to Liverpool.(23)(7)If he goes....The grass isn't always greener. Liverpool fans aren't patient enough and he needs time.


17 May 2012 18:17:19
Wigan give Liverpool permission to talk to Roberto Martinez about the vacant managers position
Source: Wigan chairman speaking live on Sky Sports News(20)(3)What a disaster that would be,kick and rush,liverpool fans dont want that,is that the yanks ambition god help usBy looks of things you dont watch wigan very often we dont play kick and rush we played big teams off the park in last few games oh yeah didnt we beat liverpool 2-1 at anfield so come back with better info you deluded muppetKick and Rush ? That would be Stoke not Wigan, Wigan play some of the best football in the league and a lot better than Liverpool.


17 May 2012 18:14:05
Michael Owen to Stoke?(21)(18)Far too short to play for StokeAnother has been !!!Would be a good signing for a club like stoke but aren't they already very very saturated with forwards?

Off the top of my head...
K Jones

I'm not an expert on stokes transfers but surely they would have to shift a few of these before they started bringing in more forwards, particularly ones on Owen's wages?
FullerFuller, Jones and Jerome are all possibly going. Fuller out of contract, Jones and Jerome out of favour.Actually there is truth in this. Pulis a huge Owen fan

Fuller and Jones are nailed on to leave


17 May 2012 18:14:04
Both Aaron Wilbraham and Zak Whitbread are set to be offered a contract by Milwall. In saying this both players are attracting interest from numerous championship clubs and will probably wait to see what sorts them best.(7)(10)Rumour is that Zak has been offered a deal from Sunderland and Wilby could go to Watford.Whitbread does have a few premiership teams after him tooThey have not been released by Norwich yet, and Whitbread said he would love to stay at Norwich , so hang on a minute. {Ed013's Note - Check SSN, it says it on there that they are released}Zak is signing for southamptonMy mistake I should have read NCFC homesite first, quite surprised Whitbread has been released, althoiugh injury prone he's a half decent defender, so Lambert must have another centre half on his radar...


17 May 2012 18:13:50
Wigan have given permission for Liverpool to talk with Martinez - Skysports............My only question what sort of personnel would he attract(12)(3)


17 May 2012 18:04:33
Reading have agreed a fee for Watford defender Adrian Mariappa.

Watford will loan Reading goal keeper Mikkel Andersen on a season long loan in return.(20)(8)Rubbish!


17 May 2012 18:02:48
Stevenage to sign Dean Howell after his release from crawley(7)(5)Would make sense as ronnie henry on his way to oxford possibly


17 May 2012 18:01:31
Gillingham are set to ask Dover F.C permission to speak to Nicky Forster over the vacant managerial position at the club.(7)(1)We arent a conference team so why get unkown managers we need experience. SCALLY BEING CHEAP


17 May 2012 18:01:11
Newcastle ready to bid for £6m for Lille for Mathieu Debuchy (french player), picked for Euro's, they want to get the deal over and done with!!

I AM A LOYAL GEORDIE, UP THE TOON!!!(14)(5)Hehe, loyal Geordie... Classic!


17 May 2012 17:59:02
Stevenage FC are ringing the changes

Scott Laird and John Mousinho have rejected new contracts at the club and both linked with moves to be reunited with former manager Graham Westley at Preston.

Ronnie Henry
Stacy Long
Peter Winn
Phil Edwards
Ben May
Darren Murphy
Alan Juilan
Jennison Myrie-Williams

Contract offers pending:
Chris Beardsley
Joel Byrom

(Source - Club Website)(8)(1)


17 May 2012 17:53:35
Watford Head of Transfers Ross Wilson was seen at stevanage tie against sheffield united watching Luke Freeman and bid to be around 450k for the winger and also seen at the league 2 play off tie between Crewe and Southend and was scouting Ajay Leitch-smith bid to be around 350k for the striker WATCH THIS SPACE !!!!(9)(3)Forget leitch smith. Why buy him when u can get max clayton for 200k and Powell for 350k {Ed003's Note - Your prices may be a tad on the low side}


17 May 2012 17:45:15
Barnsley have had bids rejected for Oliver Norwood and Gordon Greer [chronicle](13)(3)Greer isn't leaving


17 May 2012 17:44:55
barnsley had 400,000 bid rejected for greer and a 300,00 bid rejected for oliver norwood man u want 500,000 barnsley will also sign jason koumas on a 6 month contract(12)(1)400k for greer believe u will find out it was less than 100k


17 May 2012 17:44:39
As a huge Spurs fan it kills me to say it but we haven't got the money to buy Hunterlaar, Hulk ect ect.. WAKE UP! Nothing more than paper talk. We will do what we always do and that's buy young talent from the ages 18 to 24 priced around 15 million max on one player (because we dont have 30 million to spend on one player) and make them into first
classy established premier league players.(8)(7)And then sell them ;)Well saidAnd forever be in Arsenal's shadow.


17 May 2012 17:39:17
Cheltenham are talking to Garry Warren and Sam Foley from Newport County.(2)(5)


17 May 2012 17:38:26
owen will sign for a club around the cheshire area due to his interest in horses etc, and doesnt want to move. so i would expect him to sign for stoke maybe, or another club around the midlands maybe villa.(13)(3)If you think owen can walk into any club you are deluded,he will get a pay as you play deal of some mug.I think at this stage Owen will take any offer at a prem club. He has high wages, injury doubts and is on the old side. His horse interests can be adopted all round the country so it won't be a problem. But getting an interested prem club might be the barrier.Owen is set to retire after only making 52 appearances in three seasons at united and will not sign for anyone unless they r challenging for major honours in the league or Europe, and out of these teams who would be willing to sign him??
No oneI have it from a reliable source from stoke who states that owen will be wearing red and white of stoke next season on pay as you play deal, pulis is a huge owen fan and would have signed for stoke if utd hadnt have give him a contract now he wants to stay in the area of cheshire, so stoke is an ideal club for him at this the very near end of his career.


17 May 2012 17:38:05
Burnley to sign Marc Pugh, Adam Clayton and Joel Ward!(3)(17)Ward is on his way to Leeds mate.No he is not, mate“Leeds are the main interest" in Joel Ward, says manager Michael Appleton


17 May 2012 17:37:28
Hazard to man city
hulk to Chelsea
cardozo to Chelsea ( depending whether drogba signs a new contract)
AVB in boston having talk with fenway sports(13)(11)AVB won't sign for liverpool after the season in the EPL he has just had!

Will more likely be someone proven e.g. MartinezI reckon all these will go through!


17 May 2012 17:36:22
Southends In's and outs:
Bilel Mohsni - Monaco, Boulogne or Westham
Ryan Hall - Millwall
Clohassy - Layton Orient
Blair Sturrock - Plymouth, Fleetwood or Hereford
Mark Phillips - Swindon or Sheffield United
Peter Gilbert - AFC Wimbledon
Pat Baldwin - Mansfield
Rohan Ricketts
Cameron Belford
Darren Moore Player/Coach.(3)(11)


17 May 2012 17:33:17
Charlton have made alonse, sullivan and leon clarke transfer listed and evina loan listed(0)(3)Alonso has been releasedAny more dreams?Oh dear, please keep up!


17 May 2012 17:21:59
Adam Clayton is on his way to Burnley, closely followed by Joel Ward.(3)(16)Closely followed by Bono, the Edge and Larry.Clayton more than likely join BoltonWard is joining palace


17 May 2012 17:14:03
Jaaskelainen set to join Ipswich on a free transfer from Bolton. Seeking 1st team football after losing No1 spot to Bogdan last season.(10)(16)Not a chance, last time I looked Ipswich were a lower Championship team, would you want to go there if you were Premiership standard?


17 May 2012 17:07:18
Ipswich's hopes of landing Jack Hunt lye on whether Huddersfield get promoted or not.

Joel Ward to complete his move to Portman Road early next week.(10)(12)


17 May 2012 17:02:23
reading want dobbie from swansea who is currently on loan to blackpool and they are planning a 1million bid(17)(16)Reading want a proven striker at the top level, not one that didn't cut it and is alright in the Championship.Dobbie isn't really a striker mate. Reading aren't going to buy him instead of a striker. I'm a Saints fan so have followed you relatively closely this season and you need an out and out goalscorer. If Reading are interested in Dobbie it will be as an attacking, creative player not a goalscorer.

Can see them signing Dobbie and a goalscorer since their defence is relatively solid and they just need a few creative and attacking players.Reading will get chamakh


17 May 2012 16:54:25
Walsall FC Summer signings

Matt Sadler, Manny Smith, David Grof,
Emmanual Ledesma will all sign new 2
year contracts

Alex Nicholls, Lee Beevers, Jake Jones
Richard Taundry, Daryl Westlake and
Jimmy Walker will sign new 1 year deals.

New Signings

Pablo Mills - (Free agent) - Crawley Town
Lionel Ainsworth - (Free agent) - Shrewsbury
Sam Mantom - (released) -WBA
Florent Cuvelier - (season loan) - Stoke
Jamal Campbell-Ryce - (free agent) - Bristol City(8)(10)


17 May 2012 16:51:49
Spurs closing in on deals for Ganso and Hulk.(8)(39)Where r they going to find 83 million for hulk and 35 million for ganso they cant even afford to pay adebayors wages they will need to sell bale modric and van der vaart firstWay out of Spurs range. Nice try tho!Although I doubt this rumour, Hulk could be got for around half the release clause. 30 odd million would get himHA HAHA


17 May 2012 16:50:00
Looks like Serb Dragan Stojkovic could be an outside bet for the vacant Liverpool Manager's job. He is currently the manager of Nagoya Grampus in Japan, a club which can boast Arsene Wenger as a previous manager.(4)(14)Does that make him as good as arsene then?


17 May 2012 16:44:24
Paul Robinson is moving on from Blackburn Rovers, and is strongly considering a move abroad.(16)(12)Huge LOL @ B'burn if this happens. It's the story that just keeps giving.


17 May 2012 16:42:56
Watford may well sign Aaron Wilbraham. He was monitored by the Hornets before his release from Norwich and had a loan move rejected in January.(11)(8)


17 May 2012 16:40:08
Millwall are close to signing Mk Dons left back Dean Lewington, who they have been watching for some time.(11)(10)If TRUE,this WOULD be a VERY GOOD Signing!COYL!No just no


17 May 2012 16:37:40
Shrewsbury looking into Southends Ryan Hall after play off semi final defeat. Some old faces may accompany Asa Hall at the club.(8)(9)


17 May 2012 16:35:05
Mark Hughes interested in signing Craig Gordon.
Paddy Kenny on his way to Leeds(22)(9)Source?He is free would be a good signing but others will be after him.


17 May 2012 16:34:49
Leadbitter's agent has confirmed that talks are being held with Middlesbrough. Source: Sky Sports News.(16)(4)


17 May 2012 16:27:53
Reading are hoping to improve there substitute bench by putting a 1.5 million bid in for Blackburn number 1 keeper Paul Robinson(11)(21)Signed a new contract today, not gonna happen.Plus we already have 3 great keepers.Reading already have 2 good enough keepers in federici and McCarthy, no need to sign RobinsonRubbish. Reading are flush with top keepers. Federici is the clear number one. McCarthy is Eng U21 and tipped to play for the full national side in the future, and then they have Mikkel Anderson who is also highly rated and looking for a season loan in the Championship next season.Subs bench, yeah he will go for that I think not !!!Federici is to good for a sub keeperFederici is better than Paul Robinson


17 May 2012 16:24:08
Elliott Mellish has turned down Manchester United to continue his development with Yeovil Town.

His father is believed to want him to stay in the area for at least another year to allow him a chance to break into the first team picture before moving on.(4)(11)


17 May 2012 16:23:13
Just heard that Chelsea are planning a 20million bid + Frank Lampard for Mancherster United winger Nani(11)(46)Fat frank wont be at utd.good badge kisser though.


17 May 2012 16:22:07
Derby close to signing of Bolton starlet James Calon(14)(8)


17 May 2012 16:19:02
Chris Martin is now not wanted at
Norwich city, he was on loan at Palace
And he doesn't want to leave East Anglia
What do you think of having him at Portman road(7)(12)He will go to palace permanently with Wilfried Zaha and money going the other way


17 May 2012 16:12:22
southamton to get micheal owen after he was released from manchester united(11)(19)Done be silly ^^Hes Brighton bound mateA lot of clubs will looking at him wages will be the real issue because other stars will want improved wagesTypical Brighton fans, one he stated he wont go to the championship so your bum out of luck, two he doesn't fit saints and would e a gamble taking into account his wages and his injury record of late I don't think he's worth that gamble just like united didntHes not Brighton bound, hes said he wont play in the Championship. I would think he would like to stay up north.He has already said he won't go to the Championship so Brighton won't happen. Don't think it will be Saints either though.


17 May 2012 16:11:30
Ole Gunner Solskaer is now most bookies favourites for the Villa job.(24)(14)Hope this is true i know it would be a gamble but he has all the ingredients to be a top manager.Hasnt done a thing in management huge gambleSolskaer has been a manager for Molde Fotball Club in Norway for 1,5 years now. Molde won the league in his 1. season as a manager! Molde are no 2 after 9 rounds this season - 1 point behind the leader.
Its not mutch as a manager, but its a good start ...Dont think its such a gamble i think he won the league in his first year in charge of molde lol


17 May 2012 16:10:36
jeroen tesselar on dundee uniteds radar as a replacement for out going paul dixon(6)(2)


17 May 2012 16:04:22
Matt jarvis is on his way to swansea 4 half mill routleage going other way(10)(30)Come on now. You don't have the money for that AND Sigurdsson. Get your feet back on the Valley's.Can you afford 10 mill?


17 May 2012 15:48:14
jamie vardy in leicester medical

sky sports transfer center !(25)(15)


17 May 2012 15:44:12
Norwich have released Zak Whitbread, Aaron Wilbrahamovic, Josh Dawkin, Richard Brindley and Matthew Ball.(15)(7)Zat Whitbread is joining saints on a free according to our local rag....any truth ed? {Ed013's Note - I haven't heard that. I will ask around}Good signing if he could stay fit thats why he has been released. I wish him well, ncfc matt


17 May 2012 15:42:42
Whitbread and Wilbraham being released :( source:official club website
Fox - new contract
Wrad - new contract(9)(1)


17 May 2012 15:41:06
daniel devine released by preston, stoke and fleetwood town showing interest in the irish central defender.(5)(6)


17 May 2012 15:36:35
17 May 2012 11:34:54
Fulham look placed to sign Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield for a sum of around £3.5m


After we turned down 6m in Jan? Don't be daft, he's going to Newcastle United IF we stay in league One for 6m plus Nile Ranger, he'll stay to try lead us to the Prem otherwise(10)(21)6m stop living in dreamland if you got 3.5m for him that is an amazing price for someone who is unproven at prem level, he will leave if you dont get promoted and i guarantee it will be for much less than 6mSo £6m plus Nile Ranger values him at about £8.5m. Just under what Arsenal paid for Podolski, the German international and regular scorer in the Bundesliga. As a fan of a club who puts over the top valuations on players, dont ever moan again about how poor the national side is because we have no young players coming through. Stupid prices for a 3rd Division player is what forces clubs to go overseas for their players.I am a newcastle fan from Scotland and watch him a lot and i would say that he is worth that! he is quick, strong and knows where the goal is!Didn't arsenal pay £10 million for chamberlin an unproven at a higher level, league 1 Southampton player last year. Wonder how he's doing.Noone bidded for him in january, only west ham enquired in which you said 4m+ but your valuation has risen now but you stil over rate him, he is only another version of beckford, great for leeds in league 1 scoring like 35 goals then rubbish in the prem for everton and average in champ for leicester, and beckford is better thsn rhodes so dont get your hopes up! 3m max! {Ed013's Note - Beckford didn't do too bad for Everton with a return of 10 goals when he was a sub most of the time}Hes going for 3.5 so stop thinking hes worth more than he actually isWouldn't pay more than 3.5m for unproven 3rd tier player. Toonlad9There are a few clubs trying to get him including Norwich, but stop talking nonsense about £6M, you quote you turned down 6M in January what evidence are are you using - Newspapers? - the reality is that he's likely to go for around £3+ add on's, and even that amount is a major gamble for any premier club because there is always a doubt that he will not be able make the step up to that level.Walcott 13m
the ox 12m
both these players were unproven in lower league so by my reckoning rhodes who has scored 40 goals plus 6 at under 21 level should command a fee of over 6m easy
jorden henderson 20m
torres 50m
a player is only worth what another club is willing to pay and being proven doesnt gaantee said player will be a sucscess.And rhodes is a much better player than beckford ever was


17 May 2012 15:34:15
Newly promoted Reading are after Palace duo John Parr and Mile Jedinak after some impressive performances for the Eagles last season(4)(20)As a Reading fan i can safely say that Parr will not want to come to Reading after the treatment he got off the crowd for getting Roberts sent off last month!Parr really impressed McDermott, so wouldn't rubbish that one yet.£10 million and Parish might consider it, otherwise jog on


17 May 2012 15:32:23
Ronnie Moore has enquirer about Ryan Lowe from sheff we'd and also nicky Adams and Gary jones from Rochdale. All are said to be interested in signing. Also the tranmere manager is trying to push through a deal for Marc Richards of port vale before he is snapped up.(11)(2)


17 May 2012 15:17:29
Sheff utd youngster Ben Burkinshaw to be offered contract as back up keeper for next season(5)(3)


17 May 2012 15:15:58
Former AC Milan manager Leonardo rivals AVB, Martinez and Klopp as the favourites to succeed dalglish.(10)(11)Leonardo is the director of football at PSG.Klopp are you serious he wil not leave dortmund the german champions for an average premiership team.Leonardo - gonna win Ligue 1 next season with PSG; Klopp just won Bundesliga. Why would either of them take a step down to Liverpool?

Martinez? possibility, but poison chalice for him - ridiculous expectations from Liverpool fans which cannot be delivered.


17 May 2012 15:04:42
Barnsley are set to steal Brighton captain Gordon Greer for £700,000.(11)(24)No they aren't Barnsley had a bid reject as there is no reason we would sell our captain to a club like Barnsley, and there is no reason Greer would want to take a backwards step to a club who will be in a relegation battleBrighton is the wrong club as they have no quality players or no money theres only one back step and thats brightonWhy make comments about something you know nothing about? you're clearly clueless. Vicente? Buckley? Lua Lua? Bridcutt? Calderon? the list goes on they're all quality. As for the money, we have a rich chairman who loves the club. If you're a Barnsley fan then that statement is hilarious!Why would Greer want to join a relegation dodging team when he could play for a team that's going to fighting for a top 6 finish next season...Oh dear, I presume you support palace, as only a palace fan could be so deluded. No money? That's why we have a £93 million stadium that has just been named the best new venue in the world. We have plenty of money. And ambition. And fans (we can actually fill our ground). And good players.Barnsley bid £100k - what a crock of rubbish


17 May 2012 15:02:24
I'm hearing strong rumours that new Crawley Town manager Sean O'Driscoll has enquired about Ex-Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler as a Player Coach.(11)(15)You must know one of the two to be saying that.


17 May 2012 15:02:21
Watford will definitely sign Shrewsbury Town striker James Collins. The 'Orns hope to sign the out of contract striker in July, Watford hopes Collins forms a goalscoring partnership with Troy Deeney.(13)(4)Unfortunately it's true. Salop 4eva


17 May 2012 15:01:58
Brighton & Hove Albion have rejected a surprise bid for Gordon Greer from Barnsley.
The Tykes have confirmed they made an offer for the Scottish defender.
Source - The Argus(14)(3)


17 May 2012 15:01:21
Mustapha Dumbuya to Crystal Palace is a done deal and will be announced next month.

Palace have had a bid for Nick Powell rejected by Crewe, it is though that they value him at around £750,000, way more than Palace offered.

Another done deal for Palace is the season long loan signing of a Manchester United youngster. It is unknown who but if reports are to be believed then it will be Will Keane.

After having a bid of £500,000 for Crawley Town's Kyle McFadzean rejected last week it is believed that Palace will now up their offer to £700,000 to see whether new manager Sean O'Driscoll will be tempted to sell.(4)(10)Nick powel will go for way more than 750,000 more like 3 million3 million lol! you live in a dream worldNick Powell is one of the hottest properties and is destined for better things. Crewe have sold a lot worse players for a lot more money than £750k. Can't see this happenning when scouts from the Prem are watchinhg his every move.Palace are after Clayton not PowellAll seem pretty believable but we dont need more defenders


17 May 2012 14:58:03
Charlton will look to bolster their squad and challenge Bradley Wright-Phillips for his starting place with the addition of Sam Baldock, providing West Ham get promoted.

The youngster, who arrived for an undisclosed fee last summer (thought to be around 1.5m) has failed to adapt to the Iron's current system and has found himself rooted to the bench most games.

With Chris Powell and the Addicks team recently coming back from their holiday in Vegas, the manager sees now as a perfect time to recruit Baldock, who sees The Valley as the perfect place for first team football and no need to a huge relocation.(9)(7)We may loan him out if we get promoted dont think he would be soldThis would be against Charlton's transfer policy and simply will not happen unless he is sold to Charlton. Charlton dont have pots of money to throw at up and coming players esp when we have our own forwards coming through.


17 May 2012 14:56:52
Michael Owen is a target for at least 10 clubs. Its believed that 2 sides from the MLS have been in touch, as well as 1 from the Australian A league. My sources also tell me that a far eastern club have contacted Owen's agent. The rest of the teams in for the experienced striker are English.

Stoke City are also preparing to bid £7m for the Derby duo John Brayford and Jeff Hendrick. But with both players being first teamers the Rams could hold out for £9m.(12)(9)7 mil? Our best players but i'd snap your fingers off!


17 May 2012 14:53:37
Michael Jacobs looks set to snub Derby County and sign for Watford for £400,000. The Rams will now discuss whether to make a bid for Burnley striker/winger Martin Paterson. The Rams would be prepared to bid £350,000 for the injury prone player.(6)(16)Paterson would not leave Burnley for 350,000.Nope. He's in talks with Derby. Its close between Bristol City and Derby. Watford no where near.Nope. Jacobs close to joining Derby, Clough can confirmIm not a derby fan but why would anyone snub a team for watford LOLOLOLJacobs close to joining ramsBurnley turned down 2.5m in the summer .. 350,000 ....... good one.We finished higher in the table, why wouldn't he want to come to an up and coming team where he'd play? Who are Derby anyway?Also ex watford manager aidy boothroyd is northampton manager so may put in a good word for us. also watford hav a track record of giving young players a chance. he d b guaranteed first team football aswelMate you finished above us on goals scored... A word in? What you rather have? A "word in" or more money? Play infront of 14000 people a week in a falling apart stadium or 28000 in a big stadium. Who are Derby? Who are Watford? Remind how many times tiny Watford have won the first division? And its not exactly like you can out wage us can you xD. I know people and his move will completed very soon (to derby).He would be guarenteed first team football at Derby. Cloughs said we need a rw and he'd slot in perfectly. Cloughs also hinted the deal is very close. Who are watford, st ground, no fans, no history, and arguably take the worst away followings in the divison XDDDDDerby fans were absolutly awful when we went there, not getting behnd their team once during the whole game. and seeing as you were in the top half of the table at the beggining of the season and we were in the bottom 3 it makes it all tht more impressive that you got beaten by 'tiny' watford! stop living in the past derby fans. at least watford don't hav the lowest points total for a premier league side ever! real players choose a side for enjoying to play rather than more money. he wouldn't still be at northampton if he cared much about money. if your just gonna throw money at everything i hope you lot go the way of portsmouth. he might well go to derby but 'tiny' watford still have a chance.What are you on about? We have a bottom 6 club wage budget yet we're not. You say lowest points total but then say stop talking about the past? Wow contradicting yourself much. I can guarentee we'll finish higher. We've got no debt at all so how can we go the way of Pompey. Face it, Jacobs is coming to us and you're just jealous. FACT. Look on ssnWatford are small tiny has been club. Never do anything. Definite relegation candedates next term.Beaten? What about on the second game when we beat you? You beat us and it was deserved. Jacobs will go to Derby im afraid. I like Watford in all fairnessMate we've got no chance with jacobs. Northampton offered him 2k a week and we cant afford that. Bad times for Watford im afriad. Can see us selling some big players this summer as well. Derby fans are so annoying thoughWatford dont need to sell so i dont get where you re getting that infomation from. any sales will be for the best interests of the club and are too good to turn down. if we needed money we would have sold marriappa last january. we re always tipped as relegation candidates, making it all the better when we continuously beat teams like derby. have you even thought tht sky sports news could be wrong? they do report a lot of rumours as dead certs. it is most likely that he will go to derby, but nothing has been signed yet so no need to get so smug. if watford are a 'never do anything' club, wat does tht make derby then? both teams aren't going to win anything soon but i don't get why derby fans are acting all high and mightyBtw just to mention the past. i believe wattford came second in the top division and were close to winning it and played in Europe and impressed everyone in it. plus our club legends are national heroes like john Barnes. and we are very much on the up as our owner bassini is planning to expand our stadium capacity by rebuilding the stand that's not there. plus watford have a better squad and youth players than derby so we are clearly going to progress more than u. oh and the fact that derby are terrible and have no future plans and are an unambitious club


17 May 2012 14:50:43
Blackpool have put all their eggs in the promotion basket as they pulled out of signing Fleetwoods Jamie Vardy. The striker will now join Leicester for £1m. The Seasiders have pointed out Victor Anichebe as a target if they get promoted.(2)(12)


17 May 2012 14:45:50
I have just heard that patrick cryne is leaving barnsley due to ill health and gordon shepard is coming back. You heard it here first.(3)(6)


17 May 2012 14:14:16
blackburn keeper robinson moving to everton(9)(16)Even though everton have tim howard though aye? sit doon and shut up with your garbage rumours mate


17 May 2012 13:42:51
Chelsea looking to spend 35million on 'the other neymar', Lucas moura. Potentially joining the Brazilian wonder kid at Stamford bridge will be moussa dembele, who will only cost 10m because he only has a year left on his contract.(14)(7)


17 May 2012 14:40:49
Michael Owen to join either Celtic or Liverpool.

Would mean Gary Hooper moving to Swansea if he went to Celtic.(10)(30)Brighton 4/1 favs to sign him.No it wouldnt lol hooper has already said he plans on staying and lennon has already said wee r looking for another striker .

get facts right

daviebhoy08Neither would want him,was a decent player maybe ten years ago.Owen has said he doesnt want to play in the Championship, so he wont be going to Brighton


17 May 2012 14:39:53
Talks that Fulham are favourites to sign Nicky Bailey from Middlesbrough, Southampton and Swansea also keen.(3)(13)Boro need to cash in on one of their assets, Emnes, Williams, Bailey, McDonald seem most likely.


17 May 2012 14:05:42
Luton and York will not only be battling to win promotion on Sunday. The winner will sign Delroy Facey.(3)(8)


17 May 2012 14:05:39
Lee Chung Yong, winger of Bolton to Everton, out nearly all season following horrific leg break in pre season. Previous seasons showed class and bolton struggled without. Happy to stay but keen to carry on in prem if offers. Moyes big fan(19)(3)Everton don't have the kind of cash Bolton will want for Lee.Bolton dont need to sell there best players and Holden and Lee said they're staying , although Bolton said they wont consider anything less than 10m each for them.


17 May 2012 13:59:29
Newcastle United info.
Looking at Adam Clayton (Leeds) replacement for Danny Guthrie if leaves in summer good young centre mid, excellent squaddie/backup
Aidy White also at Leeds potential move, looks like losing Danny Simpson, allowing santon back to right back and Aidy white to left. lots of pace, should suit prem league. But Wigan also keen. ( suit there wing back style)
Jacob Butterfield another move
And finally looking for another winger to provide for Cisse and Demba with pace (Jonas losing his pace), potentially Jarvis in.(11)(9)White not as good as people thinkWarning from a Leeds fan. White has got potential and bags of pace as mentioned BUT his final ball can be poor and decision making can be frustrating. Hope we can thrash out a deal with him but if he decides to leave, I hope he joins Newcastle. Great fans and a good manager.This is a bit of the mark, simpson will leave as newcastle wont risk losing players for nothing if he doesnt agree a deal hell be sold however santon will stay at left back because guttierrez is better at protecting a defence than ben arfa also newcastle will sign matt debuchy from lille for 6 million before the euros start with sagna injured he is frances number 1 rb; source; just ask ed1 more thing newcastle wont sign a winger they have marveaux, obertan, guttierez, ben arfa, ferguson, sammy ambeobi, and they currently operate a 4-3-3 formation with ba or cisse playing on left


17 May 2012 13:57:07 there any news about Jon Stead and Albert Adomah leaving Bristol City?(6)(7)I got news about this it's not gonna happen


17 May 2012 13:53:08
It's very knowlegeable of you to be able to speak on behalf of Southampton FC by knowing they don't want him. You are right though, he showed no loyalty to The Saints, when most players always do......oh, hang on, nobody does - so the next player we do sign is only coming because we are his best current offer - and he is not showing loyalty to the club he is leaving.(1)(4)


17 May 2012 13:40:12
Jamie Vardy looks set for a £1M move to Leicester City from newly promoted Fleetwood.

Source: SSN(14)(7)


17 May 2012 13:39:55
As a big tottenham fan Id like to see levy being in jan vertonghen,klass-huntelaar,sniedjer,adebayor on loan again??,i see luka modric is causing a upset again let's sell him now and get the 40 plus mil for him. Now ship out Saha,nelson, and sell Bentley 7mil, dos santos 6mil,bassong 6mil,Defoe 10mil???,I see nani wants out of united maybe spurs and united may do a deal between nani and modric plus united give us cash lol coyyyssssssss(8)(17)£7m for Bentley, are you sure? He has failed to hold down a spot anywhere and the only way to move him on is on a free.Bentley 7m are you insane?I'm sure you would like to see this, but it won't happen. Your valuations are way off (£7 million for Bentley?!) and although Spurs are undoubtedly a big club Sneijder effectively has his choice of clubs. He won't come to you. Also, with financial fair play rules on the horizon Adebayor will be sold, not loaned out.7mil bentley, dos santos and bassong 6mil . what are you smoking ?Bentley £7m....seriously.If Nani leaves United, it won't be for Tottenham.Sorry I meant to put 4 mil for Bentley lol {Ed013's Note - Spurs will let him go on a free to get rid of his wage}Most will go for hardly anything as you got no money and want the wage structure down. Sneider wants champions league football every year not once in a blue moon....I also think these prices are unrealistic, because the transfer market is in a major slump that is being disguised by a just handful of 'money no object' clubs. If they are not in the hunt for a player then the price he can command is likely to be much less than most fans think he is worth.

From that perspective it is not only Bentley that might be overpriced, but all these players.

Spurs sold Defoe for £6m when he was 4 years younger than he is now, so I don't see anyone paying more than that for someone that will be 30 in October.

Giovani has disappeared off everybody's radar and it is hugely unlikely that he will attract more than a nominal fee and certainly no more than the £4m he cost.

Bassong is a much better player than most Spurs fans recognise, but he is not absolutely top class and in the current market £6m is probably more than anyone that might want him could afford to pay.

That leaves Modric. £40m may be what Levy wants for him, but will anyone pay it? It is all down to whether Chelsea still want him. United are obviously keen too, but I see no signs that the cash-strapped Glazers can pay anything like that money unless it includes a player exchange in which the United player is similarly over-priced.

By the way, a wish or a dream is not a rumour.
KM7 million for bentley, really.Defoe is on a free transfer! And most likely to join new boys readingMay want to review your values for a start...Spurs would not pay Sjneiders wages never mind the fee he would command...Adebayor is still a struggle for them at the minuteIm a big tottenham fan and your and embarrassment.


17 May 2012 13:36:09
Blair Sturrock set for a move to either
Plymouth, AFC Wimbledon or Fleewood.(5)(5)


17 May 2012 12:24:04
Alright Ed.

Want to disprove/prove some Fulham rumors i have heard over the last couple of days.

Firstly, i have heard that Dembele is in talks with spurs and that a part exchange deal is being thrashed out? Any confirmation?

I have also heard that we are leading the pack to sign Rhodes from Huddersfield, how close actually are we?

We were also interested in Narsingh, Assaidi and Chadli, the talk of this seems to have gone quiet, any news?

Also, Dempseys future has been in the balance a while, but recently talk has completely died down, is this due to no interest, or are clubs in negotiation?

Cheers.(2)(6)About half of the clubs in the Premiership are linked with Jordan Rhodes at the moment. Nothing is going to happen there until after their playoff final


17 May 2012 13:30:34
Liverpool interested in Swansea
manager Brendan Rodgers'
after an impressive first season
with the jack's in the Prem!(14)(13)


17 May 2012 13:27:04
RVP seen heading towards Manchester. Heading up the 602 in a Black Bentley - Reg A10 RVP.(8)(24)If that were the case I dont think he would be driving himselfYeah i saw him just doing some shopping at trafford centreShame he headed yesterday evening to the provisional dutch squad...RVP is NOT in the country at the moment...Surely he's at Shepherds Bush signing for a big club.


17 May 2012 13:26:11
Eddie Johnson from Portland will complete a transfer to stevenage within the week on a 2 year contract(3)(8)According to Wikipedia, he's retired


17 May 2012 13:17:57
Doncaster are interested in Freddy Eastwood. They turned Billy Sharp into 1 of the most in demand strikers in the football league after not scoring often and they believe they can do same with Eastwood(10)(13)Sharp was already a proven goalscorer before he went back to Sheffield United.
Eastwood was also a proven goalscorer before he left Southend.
He'd be a good signingExcept Sharp was good at Scunny before that, as far as I can remember Eastwood scored a free kick vs Man U. That was it!Sharp was the 'forgotten man' after leaving Scunny and him and Eastwood came joint top scorers in League 1 at some stageWell he couldnt hit a barn yard door when he played for wolvesSOD turned Billy into a good player....Saunders can't turn a corner!


17 May 2012 13:14:00
Brentford are due to sign ex reading winger tomasz cywka who didnt feature much in their promotion pushing season and is tempted by the thought of constant first team football(9)(4)Watford and Blackburn head the que for him. He wont drop a level.He'll be playing in the championship or back in Poland im afraid. he was about to sign for a polish team before reading signed him


17 May 2012 13:03:25
Im hearing Liverpool are in talks with Sean Dyche.(11)(27)


17 May 2012 12:49:09
Today sees Craig Gordon released by Sunderland.
it is thought that Burnley are looking into a possible signing for the Sunderland reject after a poor season from Lee Grant this is one of their specified areas for improvement.(7)(11)Oh is realy going to sign for you,get real he will be in premier


17 May 2012 12:47:20
Gary madine aka goal machine could be on his way to sheff utd with porter goin the other way(4)(20)Dont know why these blunts make up these rumours. Most unlikely scenario ever. Porter = pap. Madine = goals. Madine likes big crowds and champ football not some toytown outfit with no fansOn his way to NorwichWouldn't exactly say he was a goal machine. Only 18 in league. There are others who have scored plenty more!


17 May 2012 12:47:09
Martin Allen is current favourite to be Gillingham Manager.(8)(5)


17 May 2012 12:43:39
Southampton's Jason Puncheon has held talks with both South London clubs Crystal Palace and Charlton Athletic over a possible move.

He favours Crystal Palace according to my source.(16)(8)So he'd rather play for a team with less money than charlton, worse players and manager and facilities, a worse fanbase and stadium and palace will be fighting for survival and charlton will be pushing for playoffs because i know potential signings which look promising!And people say southamptons fans are arrogant. charlton just got promoted from league one i wouldnt assume that they are going to dominate if i were youI'll assume that we'll finish above Palace, if you want to call that arrogant it's up to you.He is in a word, TROUBLE. so no thanks, he might want to come to Palace but we want player who share the dream and not wannabee big time charliesPipe down charlton, beating league 1 fodder for the last few seasons means nothing


17 May 2012 12:40:25

George Baldock to palace on loan even if West Ham fail to go up

Charlton to sign Sammy Clingan

Portsmouth to sell Dave Kitson to Leeds

Joel Ward has SIGNED for Palace

Vardy of Fleetwood to leicester

Nile Ranger to complete move to Sheffield Wendesday

QPR have a strong interest in Wayne Bridge(11)(18)Talking rubbish. george baldock is at MK DONS.Leeds would never sign Kitson and Ward is still deciding where to goThe only relible sauce you have comes in a bottleDo you mean SAM Baldock. Who signed for West Ham and is not still at MK Dons.Your posts are definitely relible. They are certainly not reliable.George Baldock plays for Milton Keynes. His brother Sam plays for Wet Spam. As for the rest, rubbish


17 May 2012 12:37:21
James Collins has signed a contract extension with Shrewsbury Town.(8)(10)Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay:)
Pleeeeez tell me this is trueNot true!


17 May 2012 12:36:25
news coming from swansea is that they are preparing a 2.5m plus lita or moore for marvin emnes and they are also said to be interested in wolves duo jarvis and fletcher but fletcher seems to be priced abit to high for the swans so only jarvis could sign. also interested in 3 defenders ( 2 cb and 1 lb) 2 midfilders ( sigurdsson or goossens, and someone with muscle and height) and 2 strikers ( lacina traore, owen , simon cox, sturridge) all names been throw around at the liberty stadium ! WATCH THIS SPACE!(8)(14)Have Swansea got ten million budget ? because that is what Wolves want for Jarvis and priced Flectcher the same.Jarvis to Swansea-now that is funny.Swansea can't afford The Sig.


17 May 2012 12:36:11
Southampton FC have been linked with a shock move for out of favour Liverpool winger Dirk Kuyt. With the Dutchman said to be able to leave for as little £1,000,000.(13)(23)LOL @ this!

You Saints fans are in for a real shock when you get a few decent Champ players only.To the post above...You have no idea mate. Absolute clueless


17 May 2012 12:35:52
Crystal Palace will announce 5 signings by mid june they are:

Joel Ward
Mustapha Dumbuya
Aleksandar Tunchev
Will Keane-Loan
Jamie Proctor

They also looking at:

Simon Church
Nick Powell
Alex Clayton
Lee Barnard
George Boyd
Luke Freeman
George Baldock
Henri Lansbury(3)(22)Either Alex Clayton has slipped under my radar, or you are mistaking 'Adam' or 'Max' Clayton of Leeds and Crewe respectively, and I doubt you'll sign either of them.
wallyAdam Clayton is off to BurnleyAdam Clayton ?? what the U2 guitarist? Do you mean Max Clayton and surely you mean Sam Baldock of West Ham and not his brother George. Christ i hope your homework is better than your rumours.Actually sam baldock's younger brother george is still at MK dons and is a decent prospect. not my post btw!


17 May 2012 12:26:43
Some interesting news from Stoke this morning

The Defoe/Huth deal is fairly common knowledge within football circles at the moment so hardly breaking news but looks very likely.

Fuller has not been offered the 3 year deal he wanted and will leave the club in June. Sunderland and Wigan have shown an interest.

Another player to interest Sunderland is Kenwyne Jones a previous long term target of O'Neill at Villa. QPR also keen on the Trinidad striker who looks certain to leave.

Stoke are rumoured strongly to be one of several clubs monitoring Michael Owen - they did make an approach when he joined Man U

Joey Barton is another player that Stoke are keeping tabs on. Pulis again tried to sign him previously.

Matt Jarvis as reported in several media sources looks certain to be Stoke's first signing.

Expect a lot of fringe players to leave the Britannia in the coming weeks.

Martin Olsson as reported previously is interesting the Potters as is Blackburn's Jake Kean as Thomas Sorensen could be set to leave.(6)(7)Spurs have tied up Vertonghen so they won't be going after Huth. Whether Defoe would move to Stoke is another issue, I think he is looking to moveStoke are skint... no chance unless they sell before they buy...I have heard the Kenwyne Jones back to Sunderland rumour is pretty strong. His kids are still at a private school in Durham and he thinks he has unfinished business there. He never wanted to leave!Stoke are skint........:-) Stoke are one of the few solvent clubs in the Prem you fool with millions behind them. Coates has said the club need to shift out the dead wood before new players come in which only makes sense. Defoe agreed a loan move to Stoke in Jan btw


17 May 2012 12:26:13
with the news of Owen not being given a new contract with man united, swansea city have shown intrest if the player takes a wage cut. It seems the Owen would be intrested to joining a lower level premiership club.(4)(10)I like the team they have done very well and for all the fans sakes i hope this doesn't happen. owen will cause a buzz at first but he's just not got it and more and will milk the life out of the club with his wages just like at newcastle"It seems the Owen would be intrested to joining a lower level premiership club."............... - as long as he isn't expected to play any football


17 May 2012 12:22:37
Stuart Beavon wants to stay at Wycombe Wanderers and see out his contract. At the awards dinner - within his speech he stated "He is happy at Wycombe and sees no reason to leave".(3)(5)Yes. because at the clubs awards dinner he is not going to stand up and say "im unhappy here and can't wait to leave" is he?


17 May 2012 12:07:32
Southampton looking to complete moves for Ipswich midfielder Liam Trotter and Barnsley midfielder Jacob Butterfield to continue their policy of signing young English players performing well in the Championship.(10)(10)Errrrrr, do ya research, Trotter is at Millwall and has been for some time!!Liam trotter is a millwall player not ipswichPretty sure trotter plays for millwall?For a start, Trotter plays for MillwallBy all means pay us money for Trotter but we sold him to Millwall a few seasons back. Nice finger on the pulse you have!ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!Still playing last seasons championship manager ?


17 May 2012 12:06:27
naismith to everton 2 million(10)(6)


17 May 2012 12:05:44
owen set to join everton on a free(15)(18)


17 May 2012 12:05:42
Heard through friend of agent for
Moritz Volz that he and Brighton are in
talks for a 2 year deal.(12)(1)If true, will be good for both parties. Volzy is a wonderful character, great for the dressing room and still very capable at championship level. I'd be a little surprised at him leaving St Pauli though.


17 May 2012 12:04:44
barnsley to sign dave kitson(3)(22)


17 May 2012 11:56:07
Young Toby Biggs has completed his signing to Norwich City Football Club after a successful trail last week, the new deal will see the 17 year old atC Carrow Road until june 2015.(1)(3)


17 May 2012 11:55:25
Gattuso to join leeds on a one year deal(9)(27)He is looking to go back to Rangers!No he has said he would look into the rangers situation to see if it was a viable option to return to rangers!
i dont see it true about him coming to leeds either but i would take him on a year option i think it would be an awesome signing for leeds

tommo mot


17 May 2012 11:49:58
Kenny Dagleish has been sacked
by liverpool and the rumour is their
next manager will be Wigans manager
Roberto Martinez or even Liverpool
skipper Sami Hyppia(8)(11)Even though Hyppia has been appointed Leverkusen manager on a permanent deal?Hyppia is a manager now, wow where have i been haha


17 May 2012 11:47:53
Paul Sturrock will be sacked as Southend Manager after failing to get promotion. Exodus will now take place:

Michael Timlin to Shrewsbury Town
Anthony Grant to Brentford or Col U
Ryan Hall to Ipswich
Kane Ferdinand to West H or Ipswich
Blair Sturrock to Gretna
Bilel Moshni to Crawley Town
Elliott Benyon to Non League
Matt Paterson to AFCB or Stockport County
Harry Crawford to Dag and Red
Chris Barker to Plymouth
Luke Prosser to Luton Town
Sean Clohessy to Bradford or Port Vale
Graeme Coughlan will also depart as assistant manager/first team coach position.(11)(5)I thought Gretna went bust and folded!!Exactly an extinct club is about all Blair is good for!Crazy !


17 May 2012 11:47:26
Barcelona are rumoured to buy
Didier Drogba

Manchester City rumoures to sign
Robin Van Persie and Theo Walcott

Barcelona rumoured to buy Wayne

Dimitr Berbatov rumoured to move to
Bayern Munich or Liverpool(3)(27)Rooney not good enough
for barcaDrogba is out of contract (free) and Berbatov to Liverpool?? Where have you been the last 25 years ?


17 May 2012 11:45:41
Norwich set to sign Davies from Brum.(15)(4)Saw Davies at costa coffee in solihull yesterday and asked if he was staying. His reply I really hope so I love this club.


17 May 2012 11:39:01


Chris Weale - Free - Leicster City
Sam Walker - Loan - Chelsea
Freddie Eastwood - Free - Coventry City
Joe Edwards - Free - Bristol City
Michael West - Ebbsfleet - Free
Jonathan Obika - Tottenham Hotspur - Free


Andrew Williams - Swindon Town - Free
Paul Huntington - Carlisle/Preston North End - Free
Bondz N'Gala - Bristol Rovers - Free
Dominic Blizzard - Hereford United - Free
Nathan Jones - Retired
Jonathan Grounds - Hartlepool - Free
Jonathan Franks - Hartlepool - Free
Kelly Youga - Released
Michael Woods - Released
Kieron Agard - Released
Antony Edgar - Released

New Contracts

Luke Ayling - 2 Years
Edward Upson - 2 Years
Gavin Williams - 1 Year
Paul Huntington - 2 Years(1)(8)Make ur mind up about paul huntington really hope he stays he is qualityJoe Edwards has been offered a new deal at Ashton Gate?Bondz B'Gala and Antony Edgar have both still got another year to run on there current deals. And Michael Woods has been invited back for Pre-Season to earn a contract, Which he should do because he is absoult qualityN'gala has another year to run but Edgar has been told to find a new club. Also Blizzard has now signed a one year dealHuntington will never sign for Carlisle he is hated by the fans.Huntington might be hated by some of the fans at Carlisle, but not all of them. I for one would love to see him play for his home club.


17 May 2012 11:37:22
Reading FC are set to make an 'audacious' bid for Jermain Defoe. Source - Reading Chronicle
IMO it's not that audacious. With his desire for 1st team football, wages not being a problem with the new takeover, also the love he has for London, the short distance from Reading makes the bid a lot more plausible.(12)(10)It is audacious .. very. Reading have 0% chance of signing him. he cost a few bob and is on 50kAll depends on wages. Reading have spoken to Jnr Hoilett's agent about his free transfer BUT wages are a problem.

I would expect the same with Defoe.

Credit to Reading tho, they're prepared to spend but on the right type of player. I think they'll do OK next season.Ok, why is it that saints fans are told to get real when saying ridiculous things but it is credit to reading?? they are being linked with as many players and as stupid signings!


17 May 2012 11:35:27
millwall are going to make a double bid for ryan hall and also bilel moshni of southend £500,000 is what they want to pay for the 2, southend holding out for more though. also dont be surprised if millwall sign loick pires from welling joe gallen been 2 watch him couple times now and will be very keen on going to the den for next to nothing(5)(2)Hall = 800k mohsni = 1mill. try againYou don't quite understand how buying players from lower divisions work, the lower the division, the lower the fee as they haven't proven themselves at a higher level, plus the smaller clubs cannot afford to turn it down, half a mill at that level for those two sounds about right, they would have to be spectaculor PL quality to get 1.8 million!I think you are deluded if you think you can get Mohsni and Hall for 500k think again!!


17 May 2012 11:34:54
Fulham look placed to sign Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield for a sum of around £3.5m(5)(20)So thats why they reportedly turned down offers of £6 million in the last transfer window, so fulham cud buy him for £3.5mill. think that smog's gone to ya headJordan Rhodes is worth much more than 3.5 milions


17 May 2012 11:31:12
David Buchanen has today signed a 2 year contract extension with Tranmere. Rovers player of the season had attracted interest from a number of other clubs however has decided to pledge his future to the Wirral club. This means only 1 player who was out of contract at the club has failed to resign meaning Tranmeres defence, one of the meanest in L1 last campaign, will be unchanged next season.(3)(2)


17 May 2012 11:30:41
Both Liverpool and Man U are interested in Daniel Alfei Swansea's U21 international defender. Was on loan at Wrexham where he impressed with his performances. Good one for the future.(4)(3)


17 May 2012 11:25:09
Clayton And Ward to burnley(8)(7)


17 May 2012 11:19:31
Burnley have made a bid for transfer listed Leeds midfielder Adam Clayton

Source: Radio Aire, Yorkshire Evening post, Burnley Express.

The Clarets are also in for Joel Ward although he may favour a move to Leeds.(9)(2)


17 May 2012 11:21:14
Niel Warnock refused to comment on Michael Owen joining Leeds next season. Interesting. Leeds fans do we want Owen?(8)(22)Owen on ssn as i type saying he will not drop down to championshipNo he wont be joining Leeds, he is quoted as saying "the championship will not be an option" look practically anywhere on the internet and this is what he has said. Plus you all keep forgetting that you're not a big club anymore...Haha as if you had the money to pay him for being constantly injuredHe possibly refused to comment becasue he didnt think it was worth denying such nonsense. So after nearly going bust and dropping down to League 1, because of paying silly wages, Leeds would go down the same route again would they?No chance.Can't see it. We can't afford 50k a week and it wouldnt be worth it anyway.


17 May 2012 11:06:01
Hazard to man city(18)(10)


17 May 2012 11:05:33
"Liverpool want Watford manager Sean Dyche to take over at Anfield."

They could do worse - he's certainly a better bet than that plonker Andre Villas-Boas who is apparently favourite.(4)(18)That plonker won the quadruple in portugal, and was on the way to transforming an ageing Chelsea team. Who do Liverpool think they are? Let's get pep or Jose why on earth would they go to Liverpool, stop living in the past


17 May 2012 11:02:04
Lee Clark to be appointed Hull City manager next week.(10)(7)Good luck Lee, whever you go


17 May 2012 10:56:50
with Owen now a free agent anyone with decent stables nearby will be trying to sign him , would like to see him at saints to add a bit of premier quality to the squad(3)(14)Owen will be joining Bristol CityStop it. seriously, no. not what we need at all. from a southampton SEASON TICKET HOLDER.I agree with the above, as another saints season ticket holder i really dont want Owen.
Wages too high, injured too often.
There are much better options available.As a squad member if pay as you play deal would be good signing still only 32 an better than barny or connolly


17 May 2012 10:55:08
Peterborough united will try and sign Stephen Gleeson on a free if he rejects MK Dons' new improved offer. He is thought to want to move to play championship football.(7)(1)He will if he stays for another season COYD


17 May 2012 10:48:07
Steve Bruce lined up to replace Paul Lambert at Norwich, second choice Lee Clarke(11)(13)Shocker of a manager. I hope he goes there!Clarky deserves a crack at the premSorry to break the news to you, but Lambert aint leaving. Solksjaer to Villa and sounds like Capello or Martinez to Liverpool. West Brom and Wigan not big enough to tempt Lambert.


17 May 2012 10:47:20
Leyton Orient, Shrewsbury Town, Northampton Town and Bradford City are chasing Port Vale's holding midfielder Antony Griffith, who has been offered a new deal by the League Two club.(8)(2)


17 May 2012 10:44:18
Michael Owen confirms that he has not been offered a contract at Man Utd. Will see the possibility of him joining Brighton to once again flood the rumour mill(11)(19)Southampton have already sounded Owen
about joining them in the Prem. Can't see him wanting to join Brighton in League 1.Micheal owen has had possibly 1 of the most progressive careers in footballerAgree,so he won't be interested in joining
Brighton then,no need for him to take any backward steps now.Good luck to him anyway.How clueless are you? Brighton are in the Championship you moron!


17 May 2012 10:39:43
Bunrley have targeted Adam Clayton and Marc Pugh as there first 2 signings

Burnley have bid 500,000 for Clayton which was turned down and have bid 250,000 for Pugh(9)(8)


17 May 2012 10:37:45
QPR not a bigger club than Saints in any way shape or form. {Ed025's Note - oh yes they are..(19)(19)Bloody hell what does it matter whos bigger than who? (Insert your own jokes here)...What matters is how they perform next season in the Premier League!Oh no they're not.
Sorry Ed,just had to.Ed i am not a Southampton fan, what are your reason for thinking QPR are a bigger club then Southampton {Ed001's Note - I think he means in terms of money to spend, certainly can't see any other measure they could be considered bigger. Southampton have a bigger fanbase for sure.}No, i agree, they arent... saint have bigger stadium much better facilities and a larger fanbase. qpr a smaller team in london. wish people would stop putting saints down, just because they got relegated... so are west ham, leicester, leeds nottingham forest, newcastle (2 yrs ago) and the like all small clubs now? i cannot condone all of theses southampton fans who are saying we will sign every player, but it is to do with the excitement. lets face it two seasons ago we were playing hartlepool and dagenam and redbridge. this season we are playing arsenal, city and united!! Stop putting saints down and saints fans if you want to be arrogant do it on a saints forumFrom a neutral Southampton are bigger than qpr, there stadium is bigger and bigger fan base, been in prem more times and have a great youth system with the likes of Walcott,bale,chamberlain.
(Sunderland Fan)CorrectSoton have much bigger fan base, better stadium, buckets of cash, brand new state of art training facility, one of best youth set-up's around, play better football and don't have idiots like Barton playing for them. No contest.Southampton do have the bigger stadium (and newer), the more fans (although the majority on here appear to be dolts) and the greater history and tradition. QPR, however, have the wealthier owners, in particular Mittal, and whatever Saints fans may think, a far superior squad and manager. Tough one that, actually.I am a Saints fan, does it really matter who is the bigger club its about how the team is proforming at the current time isnt it. The way i see it if you are in the Premiere league getting the rewards the Premiereship brings then you got to be considered a big club. The likes of Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday in my opinion are big clubs but all the time they are not in the Prem they will not be considered a bigger club then any team that is in the prem. LOL i am confusing my self i will shut up.Saints bigger club FACT. Ed you are clueless! {Ed001's Note - he is an Everton fan!}Saints fan here - No doubt QPR have more money, that Mittal guy is seriously loaded! Saints owners are around £3Bn +...however that doesnt mean all that money will be used on the football club. I agree with the guy above, if your in the Premier League your a big club..both QPR and Saints are big clubs and both teams have different reasons why.Apart from having rich owners, QPR are probably the smallest club in the Prem along with Wigan.


17 May 2012 10:32:44
Eddie How taking an interest in Joel Ward and Adam Clayton. Eddie Howe is looking to get his summer business done early this year as the Clarets have already placed a bid for Mansfield RB O'Neil. Source- Burnley Express and Yorkshire Evening Post(8)(6)


17 May 2012 10:27:55
Nick Powell from Crewe Alexandra could
be on his way to Manchester United after
his form in league 2 this season after all
Fergie and David Moyes were at the play
off semi final home leg between crewe and
southend(7)(1)How many times are Crewe fans going to link players with Man U and how many times do they ever go there? Powell is a talent but nowhere near good enough for the Prem.Powells gone to united for 4mill, over the 4 times weve played crewe this season powell has done very little to merit a 250k transfer however


17 May 2012 10:17:05
Southampton are interested on signing veteran Neil Harris for a fee of 1 million pounds. The classy finisher said this would be a excellent signing because he would be able to prove himself at the highest-level. He is believed to be the highest paid player if he was to join Southampton, with a wage of £60,000 per week.(13)(25)From Southend of League 2 at his age, really likely if he wasnt good enough for MillwallAre you demented Neil Harris is too old and at the end of his career and no way will Saints pay 60k to anyone and im not a Saints fan. You must have had a weird dream last night to come out with that rubbish.If this is true,it would be a great finale for a great pro!good luck neil!always a lion!coyl!Good luck to him if true!Would be an excellent signing - if we were still in 1998Excellent player, you could do a lot worse, but even as a fan which i am i think this may be a step to far, but if any one deserves a go in the top flight it would be harris. ST-2


17 May 2012 10:16:20
PAUL LAMBERT NOW FIRST CHOICE MANAGER FOR LIVERPOOL(13)(28)Oh no he is notI think Lambert would be good choise for Reds. He's young, talented, ambitious manager and certainly he can be successful in Liverpool.


17 May 2012 10:10:14
Adebayo Akinfenwa is no where near worth £500,000.

David James will either retire in the interim or go into goalkeeping coaching.

The Emile Heskey rumour I've heard too. Heard he wants to come in ideally as a player/coach.(7)(4)Wht do people keep going on about Akinfenwa the guy is overweight.slow is a L2 player at best and only moves in a 5 yard radius. No way would he be worth 500k you are having a laugh 100k maximum.Can you imagine Heskey as a coach? There'd be a generation of strikers who can't score and like trying to hit the corner flag!Turner wouldn't never sign calamity James & Akinfenwa isn't even worth £50 never mind £500,000! Shrewsbury couldn't afford Heskey's wages either.


17 May 2012 09:56:41
A.V.B to take over at Liverpool, he will be given in the region of £100 million to spend and allowed to keep the majority of any transfer fees recouped. Fenway Group will insist on a successfull season becuase they will not bank role another season with as much money otherwise.(4)(13)I think this would be a great move by Liverpool. We need a young but proven manager to be given a chance unlike the players at Chelsea who made his time a nightmare, we have a squad who will listen and learn from him. Would also attract Porto or ex-Porto players to the club, Pereira, Falcao, Rolando or Hulk would be great signings.


17 May 2012 10:01:13
Released Watford midfielder Michael Bryan is wanted by a number of clubs including Wycombe, Rotherham and Walsall(10)(2)


17 May 2012 09:59:45
Huddersfield closing in on Joe Lewis and George Boyd from Peterborough- Ian Bennett is to become goal keeping coach at the club - alex smithes is to move to Bolton - talk also off Steve Harper arriving too. {Ed015's Note - Joe Lewis has signed for Cardiff}.(3)(20)Why drop down to league one,coz they never get through the play off final!Bolton will not get smithies theyve already got 4 goalkeepers ( Jussi, Bogdan, Lainton and Lynch)We dont need Alex Smithies


17 May 2012 08:54:31
Ed. Is it true that butterfield is on the verge of going to liecester for 1.5 million and hassle to sheff wed?(2)(23) it isntNo this is not true


17 May 2012 09:52:04
Major rumour coming out of Leicester involving Huddersfield young fullback Jack Hunt and a move back to the league one play off club for Lee Peltier. Huddersfield also making noises to the availability off Jermain Beckford should playoff final prove successful. This suggests that Rhodes will definately be leaving regardless of the Wembley result.(4)(10)


17 May 2012 09:48:06
Watford will not sign Tomasz Kuszazck. Neither will we sell Deeney to Millwall. The only people we are likely to sign are Championship/Lower Premier League players who are prepared to take a wage cut in order to get first-team football. Let's face it.(3)(3)Are there retards on this websites {Ed025's Note - yes...some of the english language is dreadful..


17 May 2012 09:44:08
Emile Heskey to sign for shrewsbury on a free transfer along with Adebayo Akinfenwa for £500,000 , also Ben Amos will sign on a loan for the season along with Ben Davies being brought back to lead the shrews to the championship and the final one is David James on a free after he was released(3)(28)


17 May 2012 09:37:53
rumour has it portsmouth will sign moneyfields star striker. sorry dont know his name(3)(7)


17 May 2012 09:37:44
Burnley have had a 700,000 bid for Adam Clayton turned down(7)(8)


17 May 2012 09:28:26
Newly promoted sheffield wednesday have been in talks with troubled spl side glasgow rangers over there scotland international midfielder Lee Wallace. Dave jones and owner Milan mandaric are confident of the signing as they set sights on double promotion.(3)(6)On the 1st July Rangers are due to pay Hearts the £700/£800 K they still owe them for the transfer of Wallace. I wonder how that will be sorted ?Hes a left back


17 May 2012 09:26:23
Shrewsbury are to bolster their playing staff by raiding Huddersfield's fringe players Nathan Clarke and Jamie McCombe to former the new central defensive partnership. Clarke would be on a free but McCombe would attract a 50k fee.(12)(2)


17 May 2012 09:19:49
yakubu back to Middlesbrough and possible move for Justin hoyte to millwall or palace on a free(4)(17)Yakubu is one of the best strikers in the prem why would he join a championship side


17 May 2012 09:16:47
wolves r planning a move 4 arsenal's frimpong back on a season long loan. the fans want to see what he is like 4 a whole season(5)(6)Isnt he injured till xmas time?Frimpong will go out on loan to a premiership club, Arsene Wenger has always stated that with his better players.He's out till September n he wants another go at wolves as he's already stated this


17 May 2012 09:16:18
Chesterfield to sign Grant McCann from p'boro and make him captain of the team.
Also on radar are Nathan Doyle and David Cotterill both released by Barnsley(1)(11)Trotman is and will remain our captainHope we get mccann


17 May 2012 09:11:17
MFC Team next Year

McMahon Williams Mcmanus Bennet
Haroun Bailey Leadbitter Emnes
Jutkiwicks Main/Ogbeche/Mcdonald(2)(5)Only one signing but ogbeche is going be realeased and we need get rid of mc donald and mc manus to free thev wage bill for new players to be brought


17 May 2012 09:05:14
Several bits of Palace gossip today:

Crystal Palace, Leeds and Ipswich target Joel Ward is expected to sign for the Eagles by the weekend.

Palace are also set to sign an unnamed Manchester United youngster on a year's loan with a view to a permanent move.

Palace have also agreed a deal for DarŪo Cvitanich. It is expected he will complete a permanent switch in June

Lewis Price is to join MK Dons on a season long loan.

Palace have also made a bid of £100,000 for Kaizer Chief's Siphiwe Tshabalala. Palace could have got him for free in January as his contract was due to expire. But after all the delays he eventually signed a new 3 year deal with KC.

Julian Speroni will sign a new "long-term" deal in order to finish his career at Palace. It is expected he will move into a coaching role at the club after finishing his playing career.

Dumbuya has agreed a deal to join the club. Transfer will announced on 1/6/12.

Bolton have offered to several Championship clubs Chris Eagles on a years loan. One of them is believed to be Palace, along with Charlton, Leicester, Middlesborough and Forest(6)(18)More rubbish. Ward will sign for ipswitch and eagles is far too good for you (you couldnt afford his wages anyway)Palace have enquired about Joel Ward but so have about 5 other clubs enquired,would love him at palace but doubt it.pppffftt ipswich all them star players and you only finnished 2 places above us pony comes to mind.Why would Bolton loan Eagles when he was part of their starting line up for most of last season.Lewis price will not join the mk donsEagles is going nowhere


17 May 2012 08:55:46
Stoke have signed kevin Davies on a free from Bolton confirmed(3)(15)How come he's signed a new contract last week then??We already have a kit man at StokeSKD has signed a new contract. Getting bored of saying it now


17 May 2012 08:54:11
managerless liverpool/ fenway group have just tabled 4.5 mil bid for jordan rhodes.(8)(13)


17 May 2012 08:53:28
Some Cardiff City FC News:

Despite the fans dislike to the proposed changes that the Malaysian owners wanted to make, there will still be a lot of changes to the squad in the summer.
Kenny Miller - Everton £500k
Peter Whittingham - West Ham - £4.7m (regardless of whether they are promoted on Saturday or not.
Rob Earnshaw - Vancouver White Caps - £700k
Filip Kiss - Notts County - Season Long Loan
Anthony Gerrard - Hull City - £1.1m
Mark Huson - Crystal Palace - undisclosed
Jon Parkin - Yeovil - Free

Will Keane - Man Utd - Season Long Loan
Yakubu - Blackburn - £2.5m
Roget Johnson - Wolves - £3m
Frederic Veseli - Man Utd - Season Long Loan
Peter Lovenkrands - Newcastle - Loan
Alan Smith - Newcastle Utd - Free
Joe Lewis - Peterborough - Free

Expect Cardiff to have a decent start but their usual poor finish to next seasons campaign.
9th Placed Finish(11)(19)If West Ham don't go up there is no way they can spend £4.7m on a player as there will have to reduce their wage bill and playing staff.
Likewise Cardiff won't be able to afford £2.5 & £3m fees (granted part of your assessment is based on getting £4.7m for Whittingham) if funding is withdrawn as has been intimatedGerrard is out of contract, he's available on a free.Lol welsh people need to keep in the no!! lovenkrands is free so no loan..., yakubu to cardiff who never go anywhere hmmmm 2.5 when blackburn want 10 !! johnson never go back to cardiff he has no relegation clause in his contract so stays on his 40k per week which i doubt you could afford a tenth of this..., keep dreaming and up swansea!!Carling Cup Final and Playoff Semi final , thats going somewhere bit harsh to say nowhere??

Ah bless was that a dig at Cardiff 'up Swansea'??? really mortified at that...ha ha ha

I think you'll find that Wolves will probably want rid of anybody on £40k per week as they will now be joining us in the Championship!! Im sure we could afford £4k a week for him as you state and thanks for being an expert on our finances , we'll pass you on our way up!! ttfnThe above is make believe !! Shock horror!!


17 May 2012 08:48:51
Man Utd in triple bid for Eden Hazzard,Grant Holt and Stewart Downing as sir Alex starts rebuilding squad.(9)(33)None of these players will go to United.Stewart downing would make their squad worse..,They wouldnt pay £1.50 for downingLMFAO.downing,ye can take him for freeHazard is extremely possible, either them or city. But downing and holy are you kidding meFergie needs to improve his squad- Downing would do that how exacly?


17 May 2012 08:45:54
Rafael Benitez to return to Liverpool
after the sacking of Kenny Dalglish.
He will hopefully bring in Gaston Ramirez,
Luuk de jong and Rasmus elm.(13)(10)That is all that Liverpool needs, another manager who believes in their own legend and thinks that they can spend silly money on players that are mediocre at best. What Liverpool need is a manager who will make the best of the players that they have and can work with a now limited amount of money as the owner have already indicated that players will need to be sold before they can buy.

I expect Liverpool to go for either Capello, Klinsman, Loew or Rijkaard.Capello too expensive; the other three too successful


17 May 2012 08:41:41
lee clark ex huddersfield manager is having interview with fenway group re next liverpool manager.
would be a great young manager for a mediocre mid table prem side like liverpool(14)(13)


17 May 2012 08:33:51
Paul Huntingdon signing for PNE from Yeovil on a free transfer(4)(7)


17 May 2012 08:08:25
I have heard that several English top teams,MU and New Castle are looking to pick 6.2 ft left footed central defender of French Fc Sochaux,and Montenegrin youth captain,Danilo Sarkic. New Vidic to be, this London born teenager,who also has a British citizenship, could be a target in the summer transfer window for several English top flyers.(3)(6)Sarkic is 17 years old and has onother year with FC Sochaux Montbeliard. He would cost 1million GBP, which is not bad for his age and experience. Last year it was Bristol,Everton, and Spurs who wanted him.


17 May 2012 08:08:02
Experienced 32 Year old right back Carl Regan is nogotiating a deal to return to Bristol Rovers for a final time.(5)(7)No chance ...


17 May 2012 08:04:32
Fabio already announced he wants to move away from Manchester but he will miss his brother Sunderland rumoured to be favourites(9)(7)I believe it has been agreed he will go to Lisbon.Lisbon +1


17 May 2012 07:55:55
Curtis Davies has fully signed for Norwich City behind closed doors it will be announced publicly in the coming days(15)(11)


17 May 2012 07:46:05
guadeola loan
camp (new 2 year deal)
jordan rhodes if huddersfield dont go up 1.5 million(1)(19)Jordan Rhodes 1.5m. Are you for real.


17 May 2012 07:43:23
According to the local paper in sheffield - Wednesday have won the race to sign Keiran Lee from Oldham(15)(1)


17 May 2012 07:37:33
Southampton are interested in signing Crystal Palace captain Paddy Mccarthy for £1.5m(8)(10)Are you mental? He is maybe after Zaha the first we would not want to leaveThats the 100th player you will sign


17 May 2012 07:23:49
Liverpool want Watford manager Sean Dyche to take over at Anfield. They are looking a young fresh blood and The Watford boss has done extremely well for the Hornets this season with limited resources. Wolves are also interested.(6)(31)They MUST have a VERY GOOD sense of HUMOUR!Wolves have their new manager alreadyImagine the look on the scousers facesThey also want the Acrington Stanley boss to.......................Wolves already have a new managerCome on don't be silly..... Dyche has done very well, but does not have the pedigree, experience or any real achievements that would put him in contention. Great season with Watford, yes, with the resources it was arguably as good as Adkins/McDermott ....but that's not enough. He will stay another year at least...then maybe if we do well next year another team might try and lure him away.


17 May 2012 07:22:38
Neil Warnock was said to be furious last night as Leeds have missed out on not one, not two, but three signings this week.

Joel Ward - wages, will join Ipswich
Paul Green - wages - not joking, is also now likely to join Ipswich
Clint Hill - set to sign a new deal at QPR

Warnock goes in holiday in Saturday so that will be Leeds's last activity for at least a fortnight.(17)(10)Why would anyone be surprised by this rumour, Bates is still trying to run Leeds on the cheap wages wise, and they will struggle to keep any of their best players as their contracts run down unless Bates starts to recognise that salary levels have risen in the championship.Ward is joining Crystal Palace

Warnock doesn't go way until the 26th, he has said this more then once, he also said he expecting 2/3 signing before he goes and that the players haven't been linked yetWard will sign for Palace not IpswichWarnock not away until 25th.
You don't miss out on a player who signs a new contract with his current club and they are in the Premiership.
It's Ipswich fans that started the rumour about wages. Given that Ward was one of the lowest earners at Pompey, like Pearce, it's doubtful it's wages. The logical reason is that he wants to stay down south as has been muted.
Green could be wages, that's one of the reasons he didn't sign a new contract at Derby because he wanted too much.
At the end of the day there is no point guessing or listening to other rumours. If it happens it happens and if they don't sign they don't want to play for us. Think of it this way £15k/week is nearly £800k/year for playing football - how much do you earn a year?What any of us earns per year is irrelevant. The material sums the players earn are irrelevant as well - what is important is that you ensure you are paying competitively for the League in order to secure your targets. It doesn't matter if you're paying £1k/week or £500k/week. The important thing is, you're paying competitively when compared to other teams in the same division. Players won't settle for less than average. {Ed013's Note - There is probably a bidding war going on and Leeds will not go past what they offered. Teams like Ipswich will be getting frustrated of losing their targets and therefore up their offer in wages and instead of signing 3-4 players with their budget, they will take the hit and sign 2-3 instead so their budget adds up. It is early days, so I wouldn't worry too much}What does it matter if Warnock is on holiday or not...he wont be doing the negotiations. He will give Bates his list of targets and then its up to Bates to negotiate terms with the players.
Its NOT about competitive salaries its about having a wage bill that is LESS in incomings otherwise you accumulate debt.All decent players left leeds last summer and jan. Anybody with a brain would not join leeds. Plenty loans in there team come augI don't think Ward is coming to us Ipswich


17 May 2012 07:18:45
Jonathan grounds and franks rejected contracts at Yeovil and are on way to Hartlepool(2)(6)


17 May 2012 05:30:04
Yakubu, Paddy Kenny and Luke Chambers to Leeds(5)(28)RubbishDoubt that very much....Bates would not pay 50k a week for yaks wages.obviously a
leeds dreamerYep and Bates has also told Warnock to target Rooney next! get serious with your rumours if you actually want people to believe them.Yakubu!? Dream on mate!


17 May 2012 04:45:54
PNE to sign a young strker from Everton on a season long loan. {Ed025's Note - and who is ths exactly?..(5)(1)Can't quite remember his name but his nickname is 'longy'


17 May 2012 00:25:58
Ed. Heard anything about Sheffield Wednesday transfers?(1)(6)Signed kirien lee and almost michail antonio


17 May 2012 00:19:01
Southampton interested in re-signing Kenwyne Jones from Stoke, Stoke are willing to sell to reduce the clubs wage bill.(12)(15)I would say its more because he is like 5th choice striker! Not the wage bill... However I can see bigger clubs approach him like QPRWe don't want him. He's always injured and showed no loyalty last time he was with us.Jones only looks after Jones - he does not fit the profile of the new and improved Southampton....COYRs....Another player saints want lolSaints dont want Jones and Saints dont want the majority of the players mentioned on here. This is a rumour site which around 90% of is probably made up! It annoys me when I read people commenting "Another player Saints wants lol " or " How deluded are Saints wanting all these players " etc...It amazes me how so many people take all these rumours seriously and take it as fact. Saints will buy players and people will know who they are when they are signed. Rant over..No another player Pompey skates claim Saints want.
Look lets make it clear, no one will no any of Southampton transfers this season until they are made public by ethier Adkins or Cortese FACT.
So you Skates keep posting away, i personally love the fact you would rarther talk about our club then your own, tells you all you need to know.No Saints fan would want him back at all, after the way he left us.Saints have come out and said the want a home grown squad so why would they spend money on him?It's a rumour site ffsI doubt Jones would want to go near Soton and they couldn't afford him anyway.

Sunderland looks his likely destination as MON a huge admirer. Malaga have also shown interest


17 May 2012 00:03:28
Ed. Is it true that barnsley are on the verge of signing varney and matt green? {Ed003's Note - I've not heard that,to be honest the Varney one would surprise me}(9)(4)



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