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19 Mar 2012 20:55:15
Sheffield United will sign Greg Halford on loan from Portsmouth for the remainder of the season.(19)(19)


19 Mar 2012 18:27:12
Jupp Heynckes is set to hold talks with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy. The Bayern Munich boss is keen on managing in England before his coaching career ends and could replace Harry Redknapp in the summer if the former Portsmouth boss decided to take up the England managers' role.(1)(20)


19 Mar 2012 19:50:04
Daren cater to sign for Walsall end of the season(10)(5)


19 Mar 2012 17:32:03
Manchester city scouts are looking at Adam maher and zakaria laybad who both play in Dutch eredevisie and are also scouting Italian centre back simone benedetti and central midfielder giampaolo Crolla.(9)(7) 



19 Mar 2012 17:17:10
Burnley forward Danny Ings to sign For Portsmouth On Loan until end of season with Jason Pearce going the other way

Ings will also spend some of next season at Pompey while Pearce will sign for 500,000 at end of season(7)(22)Even their rumours are rubbish!
I can see no player, or club making an agreement with Pompey for next season when there is no certainty of the club existing next season. Why would any player commit himself to a club that could fold?
Some of the Pompey supporters still do not grasp the position their club is in.Soon be able to call surnley
bourneley if antmore ex cherries players
go there but none of them have
bettered themselves they just followed howe abd for tke moneyThink Ipswich are the front runner for Pearce


19 Mar 2012 16:46:12
Southend United's Bilel Mohsni to sign on loan for the rest of the season with promtion rivals Crawley Town. This will go through on Thursday.

To appease the fans Freddy Eastwood will be coming in on loan from Coventry to the end of the season.(11)(12)Moshini is an person and the biggest diver and cry baby in L2 and he will deserve to be with Evans at Crawley. It seems like Evans is collecting all the person players having just got Leon Clarke as well so they will all be well suited to each other.Mohsni to Crawley is a done deal - Sturrock is a fool. Ferdinand, Harris, Paterson, Grant and Barker are all desperate to get away from Southend but all will now wait till the summer. Gutted about Mohsni, our best player and yet he's being booted out.


19 Mar 2012 16:19:58
Lee Cook has joined Charlton on loan from QPR.(14)(6) 

Lee cook is a free agent


19 Mar 2012 15:45:23
bury to sack barker after tomorrows game v Scunthorpe

and Peter Reid to take over uts(10)(10)


19 Mar 2012 15:15:57
Liverpool will join the chase for Birmingham City teenager Jack Butland in the summer and hope a £3million plus choice of young talent will tempt the blues into doing a deal.(5)(22)Wishful thinking by the scousers, add another 10 million to it and Blues might consider it.Hes not actually doing that well at Cheltenham IMHO


19 Mar 2012 15:12:00
Rohan Ricketts is to decided between Exeter City and Cheltenham Town who have both offered the player a return to English football until the end of the season.(7)(6)


19 Mar 2012 14:53:50
portsmouth fc squad on the next season:

5-matt ritchie
18-vanden borre
26-ben haim

all back to portsmouth fc(6)(51)How you gunna pay that team in non league?And how are you going to pay the wages for all these players? or have you found someone with pots of cash and severe mental problems that is willing to invest in a club with a history of financial mismanagement?Wishful thinkingNudge,nudge,you can wake up now......
Deluded Skaterboy,Ha HaWhat part of broke are you not getting!

After the league support runs out what will stop liquidation - administration only works when a broadly viable business is lost in a mess of debt - Portsmouth are totally dead in the water - big debts / no assets. The only positive is the quantity of support - but that will be tested when next years season tickets have to be sold but you don't know for certain which league or at which groundIts paying wages for the likes of Piquionne, Van Den Borre etc that has put Pompey in the position they find themselves. Next season it will more likely be a squad of youngstersGood luck when you wont even exist as a team at the end of the season.Get real at number 9The ONLY reason the FA gave that early money was to get you to the end of the season, and save the embarrassment of adjusting the championship.GET REAL Next season is non league if you are lucky {Ed025's Note - you seem to delight in the misfortune of a club in trouble! really are a piece of work!!Pompey really are an embarrassment to English football. Buy Promotion, Buy the FA cup, Get liquidated twice in three years. Put "football" Debts before paying Charities and Schools then win "family club of the year" and "community club of the year". I'm not delighted by any stretch of the imagination, i'm embarrassed to be a football fan {Ed003's Note - You are that embarrased to be a football fan yet you still continue with your digs! ? }Was this posted at the start of the 2009/10 season?!!Liquidated twice you say? Don't you mean administration twice? Get your facts correct before posting please.Are the Eds Pompey fans ? Bye Bye Pompey ;0) {Ed003's Note - Nope}Dont you mean get real 1- 11?Nobody should want to see other clubs fold. Just hope it doesnt happen to your club in this financial climate!! CCFC


19 Mar 2012 14:53:48
Information coming from inside the club are not good morale wise! Saunders has realisied he made a mistake dropping Hird for Martis, & not rotating a number of players from the Reading game for the "unexpected" hard working Derby side. Saunders view is other teams will stop Rovers playing by using their own tactics against them & he doesn't have an alternative way of playing.
The loan players & those from the original squad don't see eye to eye with Beye already moving next year to Paris St Germain, & Diouf likely to go to West Ham now Big Sam has proved his point to the West Ham chairman about the player. The "old guard" previously under SOD don't want to play in league one & several are waiting for SOD to take the reins at Nottingham Forest at the end of the season. The likely exits to Forest could be O'Connor, Coppinger, Hayter (although Bournemouth would be interested) & Stock.
If Rovers go down (& the feeling is that this is now likely after last Saturday) the club will have to rebuild totally, as there is little money to make an immediate return, & possibily could also lead to the loss of Husband as well from the youth team.
In short not good times ahead!(5)(8)You know its bad when the majority of your team are living in The Crown Hotel Bawtry instead of buying houses/renting flats etc. Always going to be a flawed strategy and has proved such.Saunders made some strange decisions as wrexham manager. Hoof ball merchant that when he went we all said he would take donny down. Poor manager!!


19 Mar 2012 14:49:39
why would saints buy from
championship if were promoted defently not
rejects that could not cut it last year and
got relegated buy the way sothampton
are the best playing side in the league
said bye a number of pundits this year,
and has grant hoult been found out
in prem coz hes a lump,and if some one scores
like lambo he wont have a problem(8)(3)Despite your exceptionally poor grammar making it incredibly difficult to read your post, I'd like to point out that Swansea seem to be doing okay with people they bought from the Chanpionship. Danny Graham is in double figured I believe.Southampton dropped six points to Leicester this season and they are awful. Reading are the best footballing side in the Championship this season not Saints. If it wasn't for Lambert you would be nowhere.Leicester are nowhere despite having 'the most potent strike force in the championship' ha!Lambert is not fit to lace holts boots. Saints have good players will do ok nx season


19 Mar 2012 14:48:52
on the next season stephen henderson, luke varney, david norris, liam lawrence, dave kitson all exit portsmouth fc(20)(2)Exit what? Portsmouth wont exist next seasonIm a bristol city fan i wish portsmouth its not nice to hear about any team going out of the league goodluck portsmouthThanks to the Bristol City fan for you support. not much of a rumour this one considering Henderson and Lawrence have already left on loan with views to permanent moves. As for Kitson I'll pay his taxi fare myself to leave.Bit obvious this one. Could add a few more names to the list. Hardly Mystic Meg!Henderson should go to newcastle


19 Mar 2012 13:44:18
Barnsley will be releasing at least five players in the summer .,among those to go could be gray, foster,taylor ,preece and possibly one that could upset
fans bobby hassell .This would get rid of some of the
high earners at the club to free up money for new
players that will take the club forward(4)(8)More likely to take club BACKWARDS has repla cements be from League 2 where WE ARE HeadingCryne has t go asap aswell pleaseYou lot live in cuckoo land we would not have a club to support if it wasn't for Patrick cryne n we are trying to make a profit as a club that's why we are getting rid of the high earners. Get a reality checkAfter saturdays effort get rid of (paul cardbd cutout hart) sorry k hill keep flicroft let him b manager hes the only one putting any effort on the touchline anyway.relegation next season nailed on ..Typical Barnsley fan 17th in league lost there 3 best players n now wants manager sacked. Get a gripI have got a grip its u wot wants to wake up theres only one way way were going trust me!!!


19 Mar 2012 11:50:52
Millwall take Sheff Utd's Nick Montgomery on loan for rest of season. Millwall def need a bit of a bite in midfield, Trotter out for next few games with the others clearly not stepping up to the mark. KJ needs to shore up the defence though(9)(4)


19 Mar 2012 11:04:16
Nick Montgomery on loan at Millwall tel the end of the season?(7)(7)


19 Mar 2012 10:43:19
Charlton will sign Danny N'Gussean from Millwall on a loan foremergency cover aswell as Euell coming back(8)(8)


19 Mar 2012 09:41:30
Ronnie Moore has confirmed in todays press that Dyke Buttigieg is set to sign a 3 year contract. Moore added that Buttigieg is the striker Tranmere need right now and will certainly do a good job in their remaining games.(7)(8)


19 Mar 2012 09:24:41
Tottenham to make a bid for Britt Assombalonga.(7)(27)In your dreams


19 Mar 2012 08:30:45
Mark Robins to be named burton albion manager(13)(10)He's still on Gardening leave at Barnsley .


19 Mar 2012 06:33:32
Gylfi has always kept in touch. With Brian mac. All I will say is watch this space! As for Ryan. A deal is already on the cards !(8)(14)He was down at the training ground before he signed on loan for Swansea, we still don't have a chance of signing him!Brian Mac may keep in touch with him, but didn't he play at reading under Brendan Rogers whose team he is on loan at now? Id say that's more than "keeping in touch" that Brian Mac is apparently doing..... clutching at straws reading fans


18 Mar 2012 21:57:21
If Reading FC get promoted to the premier league, they will look to buy ryan bertrand and gylfi siggurdson who have already played for reading in their career!(17)(16)As much as i love Gylfi, we haven't a hope in hell of re-signing him, hes far too good for us. bigger and better things for him from now on im afraid!You wont get promoted


18 Mar 2012 21:18:35
Charlton are going to sign Jeffery Schlupp on loan from Leicester as Leon Clarke has gone to Crawley on loan which leaves Charlton with only 2 fit forwards as Danny Haynes is injured.(4)(23)No there not he gets first team football.


18 Mar 2012 20:12:10
Southampton will make an audacious bid to sign West Ham trio Carlton Cole , Mark Noble and Kevin Nolan in the summer transfer window if they win promotion to the EPL . The three hammers stars are growing in frustrated with Sam Allardyce and the brand of football they play under him at Upton Park . They see Southampton as team that can match their ambition and play a style of football reminiscent of Swansea in the EPL . These moves will fabricate if the Hammers fail to gain promotion in the championship which is looking increasing likely with the two South coast clubs ( Southampton & Reading ) battling out for the automatic promotion slots. {Ed003's Note - No they wont,and when was Reading moved onto the South coast? }(5)(38)Swansea don't play pass to Lambert and he'll score?Southampton fans really are getting too big for their boots. Arrogant manager, arrogant fans. Let's see how you do next season when the lump up front is found out by Premiership defenders!'Arrogant manager,''lump up front' - absolute rubbish as is the original post. Also, this Saints fan wishes he was as certain of Saints playing Prem football next season as you obviously are!When will some Saints "fans" start to realise that all transfer speculation is based on pure guess work?
I am a Saints fan who realises that the current management will not conduct their dealings in public and so such rumours as posted above are total speculation.

And as for the nonsense posted about their style of play- why bother to post a remark when you have obviously not watched them play this season? Do you seriously believe if their style of play was as you suggest they would have remained in the top two from the start of the season?
I can understand why our neighbours should be upset at the moment but their lack of any football knowledge does show why their club can keep repeating the past problems. How many players will they still have on 30k+ per week after this week?Swansea don't pass! Do you actually watch football?I dont know, it looks to me like southampton could be on a wobble, if it hadnt been for the two penalties Millwall would have beaten you, youve been sussed out by the championship teams, yuou only need to lose a few more games and it could be messy pants time, I still think Reading will win the championship, and the remaining six clubs below will fight it out for second place, so saints dont count your chickens just yet there's still 10 games to goWent and watched Leeds Vs Southampton and that style of play you were adopting couldn't of been any different to Swansea if it tried. If your lot are playing proper football then the rest of the football league don't want to. Southampton will bottle it...Seen Southampton a few times this season and sorry boys, you hoof it as much as any other team in this division. No shame in that, every team resorts to long balls sometimes. Your style of play is definitely no better than anyone else's and if you didn't have the pie lover up front you'd be in real trouble!To describe Lambert, one of the fittest strikers in the Championship, as a pie lover means you must have watched the 3 games he was injured of which we won 2. 'Soton will bottle it', 'on a wobble' - that's the same wishful garbage you've been wrongly spouting all season. Reading may win the championship but its a 3 horse race. Fact.No I'm afraid I've seen him quite a few times this season and previous seasons at Bristol Rovers, I think any team would be top if they had the Michelin Man up front! Oh and putting 'fact' after you've stated your opinion doesn't make it right.You have defo not seen, this season, the new,lean, Championship player of the year that 'would be found out in the championship' ha! Oh and if it's not a 3 horse race (Saints, Reading and West ham) 'for second place', who, amongst the relatively inconsistent 'remaining six clubs' will make up the 13/14 point gap on Saints? I'm pretty certain that none of those teams are playing Pompey every week for the next 10 games!Where does it say the person that posted this is a Saints fan? To call all Saints fans arrogant based on a rumour not necessarily made by a Saints fan isn't very intelligent is it. No way would Southampton go for Nolan, look at Saints buying record recently, all young players. Doubt Cole would be signed, and we don't need another CM.
In terms of Southampton having a wobble, we're unbeaten in 10, winning 6 of those. Not a bad wobble. Our bad patch was December time, but no team took advantage of that.
Lambert is in great shape at the moment, and his goal scoring record speaks for itself. His whole game has improved, look at the number of assists he gets as well.
Whether we'll bottle it or not, I don't think so, we've been here before last season, having to win every game to stay ahead of Huddersfield and we managed it. Most true Saints fans would have been happy with mid-table at the start of the year, the real pressure is on West Ham, who could be in trouble financially if they don't go up.


18 Mar 2012 19:48:16
Has anyone heard that celtic could play in league one plus is their any charlton ins or outs rumours


18 Mar 2012 19:45:12
Gary Megson to become Wolves manager at the end of the season, regardless of whether Terry Connor keeps them in the Premier League or not.(8)(28)Back to albion as woy becomes england bossChampionship nailed on for u.....Megson will a, alienate the first team squad b, alienate the fan base, c, sign big but limited players, and d, fail. Apart from that he's ok.Id hate to be a Wolves fan then


18 Mar 2012 16:53:32
Gannon's team.

With Gannon taking a battering again you have to ask yourself how many of this team is now his?

Ormson he signed as a kid
Halls he signed as a kid
Rowe he signed as a kid
Rose just signed
O'conner he signed
Mainwaring he signed
Turnbull he signed
Rowe he signed
Hattersley he signed
Cole he signed(6)(4)Whos gannnon


18 Mar 2012 16:52:14
Man Utd know they have to continue re-building in the summer they will off load Kuszack, de-leat, anderson, carrick, bebe, owen & berbatov, targets are Bale & modric from spurs, clyne from palace and & sturridge(18)(11)Bale has already declared he will stay and when he moves it will be abroad!!United are no longer in a position to afford one of Modric or Bale never mind both, but Levy won't sell either anyway


18 Mar 2012 16:48:48
Roy Hodgson to be offered England managers job...odds down to 7/2 with Redknapp drifting...FA see Hodgson as a man with his own ways but won't rock the boat...he can also spell his own name even if he can't say it lol!(19)(18)Roy Hodson declined it as he promised his wife a holiday!!!!

Source: BBC Gossip columHodgson can't handle the big time - showed that with Liverpool.Liverpool were big time not any more.stop living in the past


18 Mar 2012 10:49:21
Chelsea are keen on appointing experienced manager Jupp Heynckes as their new boss in the summer. The Bayern Munich manager has been targeted by the London club and the 66 year old is open to talks once the campaign ends.(8)(17)


18 Mar 2012 10:45:50
Hull City will offer dave kitson a way out of pompey to help there wage bill and our strike(13)(17)We don't want him he's garbage, give him to LeedsPlease, please PLEASE take him!!Hull City aren't signing anyone.


18 Mar 2012 10:19:57
Just in Boro will not be signing anyone, because they are totally skint(13)(13)You cant tell me tm cant get some loan players in to help out,he seems to sit back and wait for another defeat,come on tony smell the coffee....Who gave you this info,boro are dragging there heels as usual nothing to do with money im afraid...Is that the technical phrase for it "totally skint"


18 Mar 2012 09:06:18
charlton hoping to sign gary hooper from celtic when his contract runs out at the end of the season {Ed025's Note - i think there will be bigger teams in for him disrespect(9)(39)Dont talk pis he's still got another 2 years on his contract and is in talks about extending it and there will be far bigger and better teams in for him than some tin pot team thats going nowhereLike Accrington Stanley ed? {Ed025's Note - i like accrington...but i was thinking maybe bigger....lolNot a chance in hell.To be fair, Charlton will be going somewhere. Not a charlton fan, but think that statement is a bit wrong lol...considering with Rangers not being a contender anymore, SPL will go further in decline. It itself is a tin pot league that no one cares about...His agent has had calls from premiership clubs wanting to sign him in the summer and also expect Southampton to come in big again if they get promoted #nochance ... celtic want 8m for himAnd Celtic would be laughed at. 8mil was too much then, how about now when you cant even beat Killie? Good luck keeping the SPL alive next season, no one likes a one horse race. Saying that, no one likes the SPL either!


18 Mar 2012 08:22:27
Liverpool have no chance of landing the likes of Hazard, Erikksen, Soldado or any of the other dream signings some people post on this site, it is purely people posting their wishlists.
Realistically though, Dalglish will be given another 2 seasons to turn things around unless next season goes disastrously wrong, and he will get 60M to spend this summer plus any profit made on sales (profit meaning more than we bought the player for). His realistic targets are Adam Johnson for the right wing and potentially a move for Dzeko, depending on what FSG decide to do with Carroll, who is surplus to requirements. They believe Dzeko could be bought for 20- 22M and believe hes a better option than Carroll.
The other piece of definite business is a new right back, as G.Johnson will be allowed to leave as his wages are 115k per week and FSG dont believe he warrants that level of wage.
My neighbour is a reporter with the Liverpool Echo and these names have all been mentioned to me by him. He is a good guy, and I believe he will get at least a couple of these right.(11)(19)Get at least a couple right?!? You only gave 2 targets :S


18 Mar 2012 00:21:18
Who will be the next burton manager ?(6)(12)I thought it was just topshop now,lolA chap named Jim Simpson, he sold 18 suits in the last week, and his sock sales went thru the roof.Martin AllenNo oneWho really caresMick McCarthy maybe or that ex huddersfield blokeI have heard Jimmy Quinn currently at Nantwich......


17 Mar 2012 22:28:16
Real madrid have officially ended interest in Neymar and are pursuing lucas moura from sao paolo as a long term replacement for xabi alonso(9)(11)Stop playing fifa mate and actually watch football


17 Mar 2012 14:11:38
Barnsley Boss Keith Hill will be sacked if they lose to Reading(12)(37)So what your saying is he's sacked at around 5pmLOL cya keithLets hope so get macarthy in before its to late to get himIts 6-45pm lost 4-0 has he gone yet, Nah thought so lolThere is no shame in losing to reading, they have been a class apart for the last two months.Please paddy get rid of him we are awful its just lucky there are a few teams worse than us at the mo cos i cannot c us getting another point all season.Ct agree more than last post & agree with previous 1 get Macca in PROBLEM not Hill its Big Bad DON ROWING Wombwell Red


17 Mar 2012 13:54:33
Man Utd out: Anderson to Porto
Dmitar Berbatov will go to Germany

Wolves: out Nenad Millijas(23)(10)


17 Mar 2012 13:36:58
wba looking into the possibility of bringing in swansea on loan midfielder gylfi siggurdson from hoffenhaim in the summmer(8)(35)Why would swansea want their best player going out on loan?.Sorry, hes mufc'sWhy would swansea want their best player going out on loan?.

He is on loan to swanseaHe will go to be better club than WBA or Swansea, and it will take around 8m+.

Reading get 20% of any fee as well.Why 8M+ when he's been offered to Swansea for 6MWell, hoffenheim are going to want to sell for as much as possible, so they will be offering him to as many clubs as possible, if he keeps playing like he is then no doubt there will be alot of interest, i was surprised there wasn't much premier league interest when we sold him originally anywayBalls he will be sold to swansea if they finish in top 10He will be coming to swansea city


17 Mar 2012 13:36:00
all the talk of hazard to spurs is just talk........................and only talk.despite spurs growing in stature hazard will end up at wanna europes elite teams.fact!!(14)(21)The only hazard going to spurs this summer will b the one on dvd with boss hogg.Bitter arsenal fans talkin hash!
im no spud but out of all the london clubs i do see him goin to spurs (dependin on chelsea who decide to be manager). but i think he will go northern man utd or liverpool is my guess



17 Mar 2012 13:33:44
man utd are looking to sign sunderlands mclean in the summer along with evertons jack rodwell(15)(31)Hope not!Mclean is probably the best pound for pound striking prospect I have seen since a 17 year old Rooney.I can see why Man U want him as they looked worringly short of technical and natural ability against Bilbao.Mclean has everything the British game requires and , on current value , should go for 25 - 35m.He is a breath of fresh air compared to some so called stars.Up the Irish!!U can hav rodwell,no probs


17 Mar 2012 13:32:06
arsenal are looking to strike a early deal for rennes midfielder yann mvilla.the french outfit are willing to allow the player to leave if the right offer for both parties comes along and arsenal are looking to steal a march on other rivall milan and chelsea have both shown an interest whilst madrid have had the player on quite a regular basis(13)(10)


17 Mar 2012 13:28:23
swansea have started negotiating with spurs over the potential permanent signing of styeven caulker(14)(13)No they won't Spurs want him back as they consider Caulker one for the future. They might manage another half season loan because at this stage it's better he plays regularly than sits on the bench but he Spurs won't sell


17 Mar 2012 13:27:33
bolton have signed former rangers youngster greg wylde on a free transfer after his releas from the scottish giants.(8)(8)Confirmed



17 Mar 2012 13:26:20
micheal essien could be off to madrid in the summer if jose mourinho isnt offered the blues job.both parties are very keen!(6)(12)After watching him the other night, I would have thought Roman would fly him there himself in one of his Jumbos! He struggled to get past walking pace.



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