Football Rumours Archive June 20 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 20 2012 

19 Jun 2012 23:19:14
Leeds have missed out on their target of Clint Hill who has opted to sign a new 1 year deal at QPR

Whilst Leeds are set to let midfielder Adam Clayton sign for Huddersfield Town for a fee of 700K

Sheffield Wednesday are close to signing midfielder Oliver Norwood after his release from Manchester United with Burnley also keen.

Burnley are expected to announce the signing of Derby County striker Steven Davies at the start of next week for a fee of around 500K plus striker Martin Paterson.

The deal for James Bailey is expected to be concluded at around the same time for around 1 million.

The bid for Jason Shackell is now dead in the water with Burnley now targeting a possible loan bid for Matt Mills of Leicester City.(11)(25)Norwood hasnt been releasedMills is signing for boltonPaterson is a croc Derby want 1.2 million for Davies not £500,00 and someone who can only manage 12 games a season who is out of contract in 12 months!Mills has gone to Bolton hard luckPatterson is valued at 500k due to his forever injuries + 500k = 1 million. Steve davies is transfer listed at 1.4 which bolton are prepared to pay.Davies and Bailey for £2.3mNorwood had been released turned down a contract from man utd. Think before you type!Davies will be 1M minimumMills has already signed for Bolton on loan! Get your facts right before posting eh!?He hasn't been offered a new contractMILLS HAS GONE TO bOLTONMills has signed for boltonMatt mills wont be going to you hes going bolton, derby to sign james caton whos on a free after being released by boltonNot sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but Matt Mills has gone to Bolton.Must of missed something here but where has mills gone!! ;-)...and Bolton have gone from the premier league^^^ UTC


19 Jun 2012 23:07:57
rumours surfacing of grant mcann to be the next swindon signing.....(5)(13)


19 Jun 2012 22:42:24
Oxford are intrested in former Southend striker Liam Dickinson after missing out on Gateshead striker Jon Shaw who will join either Stevenage or Luton.(6)(8)How u know he joining stevenage or us mateWe wont be signing any more forwards, even if Constable does leave....unless Dean Smalley is shipped out. But we have enough forwards. Added to the fact that we do not have that much to spend on new players. Anyone that may come in will be in midfield.....If as you say jon shaw is choosing either stevenage or luton as he has turned down oufc no brainer stevenage league 1 side luton are a conferance club and will be for a few more years yetJon Shaws off to York, signing to be announced when Gary mills is back off holiday.


19 Jun 2012 21:58:23
Bolton set to bid £1.5m for Coventry defender Richard Keogh(13)(20) 



19 Jun 2012 21:55:47
Brighton have signed Thomasz Kuszczak on a free from Manchester United on a two year deal following his release from the Manchester club.(22)(7)Great signing gus1 down 4 more signing to go


19 Jun 2012 21:34:39
tomasz kuszczak signs for brighton free transfer not 2.1 millon(21)(10)Good signing, just what we needed.


19 Jun 2012 21:09:01
brighton fc have signed Tomasz Kuszczak
2.1 million! {Ed003's Note - you mean on a free ?}(10)(23) 



19 Jun 2012 20:26:22
the unnamed european striker going to afc bournemouth is reportedly Aleksandr Minchenkov of lokomotiv moscow. he is a 6ft 1in striker who was sent out on loan last season and may have his contract cut short so he can move to dean court for free(10)(19)To be honest i dont think there is a mystery striker and this rumour is just another plucked from thin air no offenceAgree, has been loaned out last two seasons and his goal scoring record is not that good. I am afraid Alekasandr M would not be good signing. last week mitchell said this mystery striker will be announced in three days, that deadline has gone and the guessing game will continue.The mystery player is reportedly Franck Demouge of FC UtrechtHow would he get a visa if he is Russian?There is no mystery player anymore, it's Franck DemougeFrom what I have seen on all the video clips he is the perfect targetman and very pleased he is joining afcb, perfect partner for tubbs, grabben and mc quoid.
Certainly will see steve fletcher down the pecking order and as predicted will join plymouth on loan for season. Thomas could also break into team if he gets some confidence back into his play but could attract other clubs which could offer regular football. sherrringham remains injured and a unknown prospect who will also find it difficult to get games, same with stockley as he has not improved enough and has not shown his rich potential yet.


19 Jun 2012 20:12:38
Reading will complete the signing of Pavel Pogrebnyak on a 4-year deal shortly - various media, local media.

Reading are also in talks with Huddersfield striker Jordan Rhodes. He will sign for £3.5m with central defender Sean Morrison moving the other way as part of the deal.

Reading have also offered free transfer and former Reading and England left back Nicky Shorey a 2-year contract.(17)(38)Rhodes isnt going anywhere for £3.5m. try doubling it and some.No he isnt in talks at all. He is still on holiday with his family. Fact. We have already turned down £6m so why would we sell him for 3.5m and Morrison. Are you saying Morrison is worth well over 2.5m?. Dont think so. Hope we get Morrison though i really like him. 1m would be fair price for him i thinkYou guys are in for a wee shock then. Let's see how the next week or two pan out then. I assure you, he's in talks with Reading.Behave with the jordan rhodes thing, i'm still not 100% sure he'll stay but 3.5m is WAY off. and how can above comment guarantee it? CAN'T thats howHe is not in talks with Reading!If he does go it will be for at least 8 million. Think Reading fans need to chill a littleNo, can't guarantee anything. Look this one up in a couple of weeks!

Talks are at an advanced stage.

It's £3.5 upfront, with Morrison (£1m) going the other way, plus add-ons.Have you ever heard of an agent, just because Rhodes is on holiday doesnt mean talks cant happen
MrRfcYou would put your name to it I'd you were so sure he was going to reading along with source then again website is only romours at end of day. {Ed003's Note - If everyone could leave a name or nickname at the end of the posts it would make the convo's/debates a lot more enjoyable,it's not hard to sign off a post guys and girls}No offense but Rhodes will not go for more than £6million. Prices are only inflated that much for teenage talent. Both Wickham and Oxlade-Chamberlain were teenagers when they went for stupid amounts. No doubt Rhodes is a good player, but dont expect to get that much for him when there are better players out there for less money.

TrueLoyalRoyal (my post nickname Ed)Firstly, with Rhodes there is no way he is worth 8m. If you look at a proven Premier League scorer like Defoe, if he is valued at 8m, Rhodes will be less than 5m. Also if Morrison goes as part of the deal, 3.5m is a realistic price for someone who has only scored in League 1 and prior to last season averaged 1 goal in 3!

Every club values their own players higher however Huddersfield will not get 8m for himIf they don't get at least £6-7m he will not be going anywhere fact.I read that we are not the only people in for Pogrenyak at the moment, hope we get him though. Source was his agent.20 goals a season at 19/20
20 goals+ a season at 20/21
48 goals last season
defoe's worth around about 8m because he's he's only got 1 contract left(no sell on value) and high wage demand!
Rhodes career just taking off and scores goals for fun,tied down to current contract so that would up the value plus age, lower wages then allows clubs to up the transfer fee,more than 1 team shown interest(raising the value again) and then massive sell on potential due to age and ability. thats why huddersfield value him at this price (plus we want him to stay to score the goals next season in championship) bookies price him at just 5/4 to score 20 championship goals with town next season, so they obviously able to do the business!

terrier858m minimum. If Whickham was 13 Rhodes is 8m minimum. If we don't get 8m then he dont leave basically!! Simples!!Diffrent Reading fan here. I no for sure he is in talks with us. The 3.5million i agree is to low but as in any business you always start with a low offer. I personally think we will get him probably in the 4-5 million mark with the normal add ons which agents seem to insist there clients have these days. As for the guy that said he is on Hoilday still, he might well be. When someone says we are in talks with him does not necessarily mean him directly which is why players have agenst. All i am saying i no for a FACT yes FACT that Reading Fc are in talks Jordan Rhodes representatives.Dont know whether this is the same poster who valued Hunt at 3 million but that makes Rhodes about 20 million3.5 Mill 40 goals in a season and Huddersfield said they won't all him for anything less than 7 million!!All you huddersfield fans think 8m for an untested championship player haha when people who scored 25 goals in the championship go for 6m someone who is a few years younger with experience in league 1 at the highest who had a good season but isnt tested in the top 2 tiers will go for 8m your mental 4-5m TOPSWhat everyone seems to be forgetting about Rhodes (I agree with previous valuations) why would we sell a asset that's worth "3.5m" that could be worth 6-8m if they keep him one more season in the Championship? HUDDERSFIELD DON'T NEED THE MONEY!Rhodes agent is his Dad Andy, he registered as an agent last Xmas so any fees will stay in the family FACTJordan Rhodes is waiting for his dad to become an agent !Huddersfield may not need the money but Rhodes may want the prem move and could end up pretty annoyed at Huddersfield for not accepting bids.I like how people think if they put FACT then all of a sudden where going to start believing them, even though it's not remotely true.
Jordan rhodes' dad is NOT his agent, (yet) he's the goalkeeping coach at SW FACT!!!
If you had the ability to back up your claims then you would, so i can tell you now Reading not in contact with Jordan rhodes at all. FAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCTTT!
If he was then they would have to ask huddersfield for permission FACT as he's not a free agent FACT! and deano would say to them if your not going match the asking price don't bother.
anyone who knows jordan rhodes would know he's honest and down to earth and would know that he's doesn't like/have to sneak around behind huuds back and would probaly go with huddersfields blessing if he asked to leave for the premier league, but not with reading maybe with norwich/newcastle
oh ye forgot..................FACT

terrier85Think we will bid roughly £5-6mill for him + Morrison and probably add ons. If that isnt accepted then he is FAR to overpriced and we should look elsewhereHuddersfield rejected an offer of around £6 million from west ham in january, doubt he'll leave for £3.5 million...


19 Jun 2012 20:09:01
Reading in talks with Rhodes, others interested as well ....
MrRfc(20)(26)PossibilityAh MrRfc, has Mariappa not signed yet? Back from international duty, the fee was agreed weeks ago was it not? What seems to be the hold up?Transfer window opens on the 1st July. Not saying the deal will happen though, I have no information on whats going on.

TrueLoyalRoyalRegarding Mariappa, we had agreed a fee but saints came in and watford upped the price. Reading were furious and told watford they could forget signing mills and church (who they enquired for) if we didnt sign him. in my view he will still sign. a fee had been agreed
MrRfcWatford refused the deal in the hope to spark a bidding war between Reading and Southampton. I can't see that happening though, one club will decide against it and the other will swoop in. Essentially it will be a waiting game so neither club has to pay an inflated price.

TrueLoyalRoyalThe domestic transfer window opened on the 9th of June.


19 Jun 2012 20:01:34
Neil Alexander - Rangers to Bristol City - imminent.(16)(10)No thanksAll but done deal waiting on Mcinnes to return from hoildayWouldn't be too upset with that TBH. Deano is a decent keeper as is Alexander. Where will Del spend the money he has??Need a striker to play with Stead


19 Jun 2012 19:49:24
Bristol City hoping to agree the signing of Murray Davidson by the weekend from St Johnstone(16)(9)HopefullyCity are going to have to get better than SPL players if they want to get anywhere....Hopefully? u must never have seen him playHe sounds like a very good SPL player TBH and young too. This is a rumour that has been doing the rounds since Del left St J's and not really a position we are in dire need of but we will wait and see.I'm a st johnstone supporter, you are getting a very talented young player, I would not be surprised if he is not playing premier football in the next few years, Jody Morris is also a very good signing he has matured and shall not let your team downIvan Sproule is one of the best players in the SPL ;)Cheers to st johnstone fan we bristol city look forward to our friendly


19 Jun 2012 19:25:29
Real Madrid are closing in on deals for Ramires and Luiz of Chelsea.(18)(25)Pull the other one, ramirez was Chelsea's best player last year and Luiz showed how good he can be towards the end of the season. I don't think so


19 Jun 2012 19:18:51
Bradford are pursuing Paddy McLaughlin from York after David Syers departure. Parkinson's has been after McLaughlin for a while(7)(7)Thought hed pledged to stay with yorkGary jones to sign from Rochdale - 1 year dealHe is one of PP targets but would he leave YorkSomething fishy going on a vp are they waiting for a takeover to go through, before signing players???No its just Bradford city they are like a turtle out of the starting blocks proberbly be the last to sign a squad again.... no little as 13 players still needed..Of course he would leave york for a bigger club who will be in league 1 next year


19 Jun 2012 18:59:09
Stoke, Newcastle and Southampton have been looking at Francois Clerc from Nice, Nice have stated that the full back is available for £2million(15)(5)Worth a punt for £2m.Fair enough, we need some good players to be bale to compete in the premHe is 28 and very slow


19 Jun 2012 18:49:17
Diame to West Ham - Offical.(28)(9)


19 Jun 2012 18:47:54
Patrick agyemang to barnsley on two year deal(6)(22)


19 Jun 2012 18:43:36
Swansea manager Michael Laudrup is set to bring in a Danish trio of Nicklas Bendtner, Michael Krohn-Dehli and Simon Poulson.(13)(32)Would love that great players!Won't happen. People are linking anyone that's even HEARD of Denmark lately. Silly season is upon is once again.Poulson is going to be at VillaWake up your dreaming mate


19 Jun 2012 18:43:19
ed any tranfer news for hull city please?(3)(16)Yes chester to leicesterKoren to Reading for £1.1mHeskey to Hull
Elmohamedy to Hull
Wickham to Hull
Boaz Myhill back to HullHeskey is not going to Hull, thats raising funds again

Chester is leaving, but not to LeicesterWe will never get wickhamWhy is Chester leaving and why is Heskey noot coming then?


19 Jun 2012 18:27:07
colchester will be signing jamie cureton to replace steven gillespie(10)(7)Col u legend dont think u's fans would mind gettin him back i reckon he could score more than 4 that odejayi got last yearWhile he record speaks for itself, I will not be crying with joy if this happened. He will score goals but at almost 37, is he just passed his best now? I think he probably is. But, it's a striker and we need plenty of 'em!Popular move yes but way past his best I'm afraidCould certainly still do a job, I would offer short tem deal, perhaps til Christmas and see where that goes. Long as all hopes are not pinned on Jim, I would still see him hitting double figuresThis is rubbish, Ward had the chance to sign him last year and didn't considot it why should he do it now? He's to old.....A Col U legand but confind to history I hope...Ward didnt sign him because he said he was to similar to gilly now no gilly so maybe


19 Jun 2012 18:22:04
Carlisle United want to sign Johann Smith on a 1-year deal as the winger is a free agent. Smith has already been on loan to united in 2007 scoring 1 goal in 14 games.(0)(7)Is he any good?Hope we do not


19 Jun 2012 18:04:41
Reading may break their wage structure to get 28 year old Russia striker, Pavel Pogrebnyak. The Royals have offered him a £13 mil deal.(22)(20)That should really give you a happy squad!May? £65.5K a week. Yeah I'd say they're breaking their wage structureIts a four year contract though so it isnt that much more than the average for our teamPaper talk. We've offered 35k a week.13 million? isnt that about 250k a week, i dont think so. and if thats the transfer you can forget it cus hes old and his contract has run outRubbish - he could get 35k at Fulham.........but not 65kNope, maybe 35k a week and 13 mill? hes on a free..! for that to be true we'd have to offer him over 5 times what we are ACTUALLY going to pay himThe deal is supposedly worth £13m and that's the contract, not a transfer fee. If you do the maths he's be on 62.5k per week which for Reading is just not manageable. likely to concede on his wages


19 Jun 2012 17:57:49
Antonio from reading and becchio from leeds are joing ipswich this week. leeds will sign paddy kenny. reading willl sign snodgrass, m phillips and bates from boro.(4)(45)How can they sign bates when he is out for most of the seasonAntonio is going to WednesdayReading have agreed terms with Sheffield Wednesday for Antonio. Owls now to sort terms with AntonioReal shame to see Antonio go if he does, I think he could be great one dayLeeds have just signed paul green from derby


19 Jun 2012 17:57:10
Swindon Town - a club with a dodgy financial past must be paying top dollar once again ...Andy Williams signed for one reason ... money ! who can blame him of course :-) YTFC rescued this guy from being a no one TO some one . Ahh the gratitude :-)(10)(7)And not any more,was there a transfer fee involved? No I didn't think soWe can afford him loose change. He has signed for a club with ambition.

COYRHe signed to be part of a promotion push and to work with PDC; as well as money. Get over it.He signed because swindon are matching his ambition plus the di canio effect get over itYeovil average attendance in league 1 3990, Swinon average attendance in league 2 8400...pretty much sums up why we can pay him more don't you think?!I can understand, not agree with, but understand people moaning at footballers moving for money when they move from one bumper contract to a slightly more bumper contract, but football is a short career and if you play in the lower leagues you have to consider your future when the chance of a good pay day comes along. Any of us would do it - get over yourselves init!
dotlFrom the player himself, he had several offers all offering the same financial package as Swindon, he chose Swindon because of their ambition and because it suits his family set up because it is fairly local to him. Money is not the issue, whats he meant to do, would you turn down a pay rise ?You are correct when you say "PAST".....the old boards have moved a little research, Swindon Town's new board are extremley cash rich. Yes they are in it to make money, but like most clever business men they know that for that to happen they need to get their acquisition into a good position, they are backing Paolo Di Canio fully, the debt that Swindon Town built up has been swallowed up by the board members. The plan was Championship football in three years from when Paolo arrived last season, with a bit of luck we may achieve it a year early...but anyone who thinks that this will be easy are talking out of their rear ends, it's going to be tough, we have just signed 3 very good signings which shows our intent, it is believed another very good player will sign this week. Several players will be leaving which includes a few strikers. You come across as simply bitter, I believe you finished 17th last season, Williams hit 17 goals for you....that means he was very instrumental in you staying instead of saying "he has gone to Swindon for just one reason...MONEY"...can't you say.."Thanks, and good luck". Yeovil continue to do extremely well with a very small fanbase and very little income, you should be proud of your team, and you should realise that the players moving on from you have done their bit to ensure you are still in League 1.


19 Jun 2012 17:47:26
QPR manager Mark Hughes is considering replacing bad-boy midfielder Joey Barton, 29, with Stephen Ireland, 25.(27)(11)Maybe 20% improvement in attitude :)Very different players


19 Jun 2012 17:46:37
Malaga are interested in signing Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov, 31, after it was revealed he would be leaving the club this summer.(32)(6)Berbatov is a free agent


19 Jun 2012 17:46:16
Manchester United are set to reward Rafael da Silva, 21, with a new contract in a bid to fend off interest from Premier League rivals Chelsea.(20)(6)Oh come on Man.u dont be so mean let us have him.As if chelsea would be interested, he's not good enough


19 Jun 2012 17:44:58
Derby will complete the signing of Michael Jacobs from Northampton by the end of the month. The fee is believed to be around £675'000 with Josh Lelan heading the other way on loan(13)(16)No where near it. Compensation is expected to be in the region of £175k.Already turned down 500,000 so compensation of 175,000 -prattYour having a laugh 175k no way after 11 yrs service min 600kIts going to go to tribunal so who knows what the figure will be!!Compensation is 575k.Go to


19 Jun 2012 17:27:35
Any crawley town or crystal palace


19 Jun 2012 17:21:52
Heard a rumour league one side Walsall are after Newcastle released duo Ryan Donaldson and Tamas Kadar

Newcastle have had a £4 million bid rejected by Lille for France international right-back Mathieu Debuchy

Wigan and Sunderland are interested in Greece Forward Dimitris Salpigidis(16)(8)We'll get debuchy


19 Jun 2012 17:21:36
David worrall and Kyle Bennett to MBoro as reported in tomorrows star.(7)(12)


19 Jun 2012 17:19:12
Clyne to Man Utd for tribunal unknown with him being loaned back to Eagles for a year and possibly 2 depending on his role at Utd at the time.(8)(26)He is not that good maybe A Villa Norwich or sunderland some other prem teams were he may have a role at some point in his career rther than warming the bench^Rafael as right back whilst Clyne is on the bench? No wayIt is highly unlikely that the clubs would be able to agree a loan back deal if the can't even agree a fee - that implies that they are at loggerheads and therefore - this is all wishful thinkingWhen he signs for Man U which he will, he will not be coming back on loan to palace.


19 Jun 2012 17:17:37
OFFICIAL JACOB MELLIS SIGNS FOR BARNSLEY ON A 2 YEAR DEAL(18)(8)He had a trial at Burnley and was worse then st, if you can make a decent player out of him you deserve promotion to the PLWas impressive on loan with us before....Burnley dont play his style thoughCalm down hes averageGot to play better than he did on loan previously. Hopefully a pre season and not being loaned out to a new team will help the lad. Come on Keith work your magic


19 Jun 2012 17:17:17
Bury, Scunthorpe and Rochdale will fight it out for Ryan Cresswell of Rotherham.
Scunthorpe made a cash offer in March whilst Cresswell was out injured so expect them to be favourites.(4)(3)Cresswell will sign for TranmereCresswell left Bury because of Knill so this is clearly wrongCresswell left Bury because he had a better offer from Rotherham and he had been sharing a car with Knill for six months.
Communication broke down after Ryan began to listen to other offers.
Knill is suggested to have lost the dressing room around the same time as Cresswell and others decided to leave.


19 Jun 2012 17:09:29
hi ed any leicester city transfer news(3)(12)


19 Jun 2012 16:42:45
Stoke have had a bid accepted from bolton for one of their midfielders, either Chung yung lee, Eagles, Holden or Mark Davies(18)(7)Stoke were after Davies last SummerI'd prefer Eagles yet we need a creative central midfielder.If it's Lee Chung-Yong I'll be proper happy!Lee holden davies eagles heres hoping holdenIts definately lee 100 percent.You can.have eagles hes terrible
your not getting holden but may have a chance with lee and davies.
But seriously holden miles better than lee,eagles and daviesYou can have eagles or pratley but petrov and holden recently signed new deals, coyle said mark davies is going nowhere and i doubt chungy is going anywhereSorry, got Naismith and Lafferty mixed up on the "tall" front. Ooops. Either way I reckon he'd be alright for Stoke.Lee or Holden please!Double figures 10mil at leastHolden would be a good signingLees contract is too complicated for any Prem club (other than the big boys) to buy him.


19 Jun 2012 16:58:09
Ron Vlaar is most likely to sign for Norwich City as a fee of £3.5m has been agreed to between Feynoord and Norwich with the player set to fly out to England to discuss personal terms with the club in the next few days after returning from his Euro 2012 campaign with Holland(16)(12)He signed a 3 year deal last year, load of rubbish^last year is a while ago now, not saying i know this rumour is true or not but your reply is invalidHow does him signing a new contract last year mean he won't leave this year are you actually aware of how many times players sign a new contract and then move on anyway in the next transfer window it does happen quite alotContracts don't mean anything any moreStill wont happen,contracts dont mean a thing your completely right there think they should bring in a play and get paid ruleWould be a good deal, better than Davies :)


19 Jun 2012 16:24:52
West Brom transfer rumours
West Brom's Dan Ashworth has claimed Ben Foster as Albion's number one target this summer, and links between Jonas Ollson are becoming more frequent and consistent although I don't personally believe them(9)(4)


19 Jun 2012 16:11:12
Former England international Owen Hargreaves linked with Wigan Athletic on a free transfer(20)(7)Hardly an International never started a gameEngland's best player at World Cup in 2006 so obviously can be called an England international!

I can 100% say that Wigan have no interest in HargreavesIf they got him fit he would be a good signing.


19 Jun 2012 16:09:35
Blackburn looking to sign Bolo Zenden on a free Arouna Dindane for undisclosed and Paul Pogba on loan from Man Utd(7)(31)Hasn't Pogba signed for Juventus !!!Is that Paul Pogba who has signed for Juventus? after turning down new contract at utdPogba has not joined juve


19 Jun 2012 16:00:17
Adam Drury will sign a 2 year contract with Leeds United after being released by Norwich City, has been a good 11 years

Source: Official Norwich City Website ( but thank you Drury for an amazing 11 yearsAs a Leeds fan, what are the Norwich fans opinion of Drury? Be interested to know what kind of standard you reckon him to be etc.

TeejLUFCA very high standard. Goodbye and goodluck.A very true profesional. The most consistant player i have ever seen, easily good enough for prem. Never a standout but will always perform consistantly so don't expect him to drop your jaws but he is the most reliable defender i've seenYou are lucky to get him, top, top,pro and will never let your team down.Sorry to see Ads go. He has been brilliant for us for 11 years. Was excelent last season. All the best Ads and thank youNorwich fan here, if Adam stays fit then you have a very good player - he won't let you down that's for sure.

Gutted he's left us, but thank you Adam for 11 great years.Great player and a great signing for leedsNorwich fan here. Congratulations Leeds you now have the best lb in the championship by far. I wish him well. Thanks Adam. otbcHe's a legend, great positional sense. Not blessed with pace but rarely gets beaten by a winger.Very good signing im very sorry to see him leave.Great timing in the tackle. Hard working. Good passing vision. A Role model professional. Can go forward if required. His game has never been based on pace so age should not play too much of a part. All the best to him at Leeds. A truly great servant to NCFC. I really hope Warnock plays him and Leeds fans will see he's a great signing.Hard luck Barry Fry, no percentage of transfer fee. 20% of nothing is nothingInjury prone,cant see him lasting 2 years at leeds wasted money,for norwich he's been a legend! 11years 400 games wot more can i say


19 Jun 2012 15:52:52
Ed any news on any coventry comings or goings hopefully sisu will be in the goings(0)(11)Keogh to bristol cityThere can't be any comings as they still have a transfer embargo hanging over them. One of the overspending clubs who have yet to publish last years accounts and pay the last 3 months rental on the stadium!Embargo lifted see club website statement for details.


19 Jun 2012 15:44:09
mandzukic to everton

will link up with jelavic



19 Jun 2012 15:39:52
Bristol Rover youngster Shequile Hunter turns down premier league to sign first pro 2 year contract to stay at bristol rovers which will start when he turns 17. He says he wants to further progress under Mark Mcghee.(5)(6)Well the good news is it wont take long to learn all that Mr Magoo has to offer.. should only take 10 mins.


19 Jun 2012 15:33:45
Charlton Fan Here. I have been told
by someone with close connections
to Charlton we are trying to SIGN
Louis Saha. Not for stuppid £30,000 a
week but money we can pay him each
week but a high signing on fee. He
loves London and does not want to
move out of area. Will have to wait and
see. No thanks do Daryl Russel too, not
championship level.(3)(40)No, you aren't trying to sign Saha. Please refrain from posting rubbish as it is frankly embarrassing.SORRY MATE BUT YOU SIMPLY COUDN'T AFFORD HIM!Not a cafc fan, next!..... Any living being wouod realise that saha would NEVER go below the premiership, if he was to stay in England you'll get teams like reading, west ham, Stoke, QPR etc offering him a deal"SORRY MATE BUT YOU SIMPLY COUDN'T AFFORD HIM!"

How would you know what we can and cant afford when the owner is a mystery even to us?Your clearly not a Charlton fan. Louis Saha will never come to Charlton. How can we pay him something we can afford and he doesn't want? Answer: we can't, stop making such rubbish up.You are trying to sign Hogan EphriamThere's a difference between trying and succeeding. Of course we can try to sign him, but it doesn't mean we will.I'm a charlton fan there is no chance of us signing saha his wages would be to much and he wouldn't want to drop to the championship."You are trying to sign Hogan Ephriam"

I'm not sure his ego will allow it.I'm a Charlton fan, and mate you're seriously deluded. What do you mean, the owner's a mystery? You clearly don't read the correct articles (check out New York Addick). We're not trying to sign Saha.He is off to Sunderland ... On the BBC site today!"I'm a Charlton fan, and mate you're seriously deluded. What do you mean, the owner's a mystery? " He dont know and niether do you so until yo do keep quiet. BTW I never said we were signing him.NY addick says ..... "To be clear, what this means is that if you did formal due diligence on CAFCH, or if you were the FA asking questions about the Club’s ownership, you’d be no wiser than the Club’s fans are today based on what has already been publicly disclosed." so yeah like I say you dont know.Charlton Fan ... Not the one that came up with this silly post ^^! Saha is close to signing for Sunderland! Get your facts straight nothing will happen till July the 1st! You have just made yourself look silly!


19 Jun 2012 15:31:29
Heard that a bid was made by Southampton for Fedorico Peluso for around 5 million which is 7 million Euros, this was told to me by a friend and its known that its not a London club and it might not be man city as said in an interview Where we learnt this "Is the English team from London? No, not London. Are they Roberto Mancini's City? You are quick to make conclusions" So this could be be a good buy for Saints because we need proven defenders, if the rumour is true. We can only hope the talk is true(8)(16)Not true the article says top english club, I am a saints fan but I will concede that we dont qualify as a top english club.It also says on SSN a leading English team, were are not a leading team? As we just have been promoted


19 Jun 2012 15:11:28
Preston have completed the signing of Agyemang (free) and Zoko (undisclosed) in the Westley revolution. With Agyemang having been at north end before and knowing the expectations of the club. They will be announced next week as a joint signing. Zoko will be the only player this summer who will cost the club money, which, amid rumours, the club actually possess. It will bring the total transfers up to a total of 14, with Boss Westley looking to complete another 2 before the start of preseason. The young Star William Hayhurst who featured in PNE's last two games of the season is also set to retain a place in the squad amid speculation he was set to go out on loan. Both signings will see preston move up the ladder to being 3rd favourites to win the league, behind sheffield united and MK Dons. (Close Contact Source of the club)(7)(26)Why would PNE pay money for a free agent?OK...2 small errors.....Zoko is joining a "Championship" team and most PNE fans may not have noticed, but they are NOT a Championship club......AND ZOKO IS AVAILABLE ON A FREE....Please do some research before you make things up....What are they teaching you in School now!!Yes they are set to sign, i ahem seen both players at north end within the last week. zoko will be a great signing for oneMy apologies, i meant to say that zoko would cost due to a high wage at present north end, he is a free.Were you not third favourites last year also... that worked out well didn't itZoko to huddersfield townRight zoko is a free and wants to join a championship be honest im a pne fan and I dont really wnat him here. Plus this is a revolution getting new players not a time to get old players( agyemang) that we flogged of to qpr(I wouldnt mind Nugent though)Complete is when they playPNE are a club in transition. Despite all your jibes, we're still bigger than you'll ever be!Why's all made up anyway.....Zoko is an average League 1 player who most Championship sides may take a gamble on if he's available on a free.

Would any player looking to further his career really go to PNE at this moment....dont think so......most of them are looking to get out

Sorry to see whats happening at that club I would see them signing only Bosmans rather than paying for players.You've done well getting Zoko. He was on our shopping list and was one we (Dons) were rumoured to have made on a offer to.

Carlisle fans said he has one great game in five but has a habit of going missing for three or four games at a time. Always looked a class act against us though.Was a simple typo error, calm down. who cares whether he says he wanst to lay in the championship. every player in league 1 wants to play in the championship, it doesn't mean it will happen! he hasn't been able to come to terms with any championship club as of yet due to them not thinking he is worth the risk on a high wage. Therefore his best bet would be to sign for north end, who , realistically, should be in the championship. exactly, agyemang, what a good point! he was offloaded to QPR yes. A PREMIERSHIP CLUB and he started several games in the PREMIERSHIP. PNE aren't going to say no to a player who had several games in the PREMIERSHIP last year. and yes players would look to PNE hence why most teams players of the year from their respected teams in the last campaign have joined preston, hence why several captains have joined. Players haven't wished to leave apart from 2, they have been kicked out for bad morals and putting in a lack of effort. regardless of what anyone says against preston north end, they are the biggest club in league one without a doubt.Can the person who wrote the above (rather long) post, please leave your name next time. I would love to know who to laugh at when these 2 signings fail to happen.......You have to love PNE fans, if they honestly think players left the club because of poor "Morals" laugh this week.^AGREED^Preston is one of the biggest clubs in league one unlike teams like carlise,stevenage,bury ,swindon i know people will say that most clubs i av stated finshed above pne ,but the club was in a terrible way but now they are moving in the right way ,top 6 finsh for pne next season {Ed025's Note - they have a good history.."...3rd favourites to win the league, behind sheffield united and MK Dons..."

HA HA! MK Dons second favourites for
League 1 behind Sheff. Utd.?? They have to be kidding! And I'm an MK Dons fan!ED 025, how do PNE have a good history? They have won eff all in over 70 years (1938 FA cup) and only won the league when there was 12 games to play, UTMP! {Ed025's Note - founder members of the football league mate, which they if thats not history..i dont know what is!Where do you usually check for favourites to go up? the term favourites should tell you all betting companies. check them, they all say MK dons second. and i refuse to listen to any petulant supporter who says preston aren't a big club for league one, especially from rowdy mk dons fans as well as those from luton and carlisle. regardless of what they have won. they are a big club.


19 Jun 2012 15:11:01
I think we will be seeing owen hargreaves playing for London or greater London club this coming season. I've seen him twice in my local town berkhamsted in recent weeks.

My money is on Watford!(3)(22)Thats was me mate..people say i look like him i live in berkhamstedMy money is on Cray Wanderers.. heard theyve been after a marquee signing.Hopefully it doesn't come to that. Dyche is a much better manager that has the respect of the players and doesn't speak in staggered, unclear English that Zola does. He flopped at West Ham and I don't rate him at all.His wages will be too much for watford


19 Jun 2012 15:08:27
any Middlesbrough fc news?(2)(14)Mustapha Carayol on his way.Where to ?Middlesbrough this week


19 Jun 2012 15:06:20
I've been told if Zola does become the new manager of Watford, he will be selecting his own backroom staff.

Ed de Goey and Tore André Flo to name a few.(7)(13)That's only two


19 Jun 2012 14:49:30
Walsall centre-back Manny Smith has rejected a new contract at Walsall amid interest from Swindon. His agent is in talks with Swindon chairman Jeremy Wray about a potential contract, which would be a large improvement on the deal he rejected at Walsall.(2)(5)Source?


19 Jun 2012 14:48:08
eunan o'kane has signed for crawley, announcement will be made at around 5pm.(13)(4)


19 Jun 2012 14:41:16
Kenneth Zohore to re join stale solbakken at wolves as he looks to remake the wolves attack force with ebanks blake , vokes and fletcher leaving(11)(3)Hasn't he joined fiorentina? :SYea he has last year but he doesnt like it in italy and is being left out of gamesMaybe on loan for the season.Wolves rumoured to have submitted a bid of £3.5million for Vincent Aboubaker it is said solbakken is keen to bring him into the team to inject pace into the team the Cameroonian striker currently at Valenciennes FC is said to be keen on the move to molineax as the future looks bright at the club with him being a young player which can slowly develop into the first team. From a newspaper articleDoubt this will happen, more than likely would be on loan if it is true, as he's still only young and could do with the experience


19 Jun 2012 14:39:16
French side AS Nancy apparently in for Reading striker Mathieu Manset. No idea on the fee, but doesn't look to have a future at Reading after being loaned out last season. I quite liked Manset and if he can improve his fitness could be a decent player always looked alright coming off the bench but terrible when starting(5)(3)He didnt have the right mentality or behaviour for Reading, but the potential is there and it would be nice to see him grow into a decent player.



19 Jun 2012 14:34:10
Fulham will bid for Defoe after loosing out on Pogrebnyak. FACT.(29)(21)Must be true. He put FACT after the post :-) Always convinces me.

I think Defoe is going elsewhere actually. FACTAccording to david stockdale hes on his way to fulham.Also heard this from club staff - (not players)Fulham couldn't afford to other the star Russian 30 k a week so how they would afford giving Defoe anything near the 70k a week he is on at spurs is beyond me!!I imagine it was more a case of fulham didnt think the russian was worth 30k a week. im sure they would break there wage structure to get defoe in, besides they dont actually have a striker as johnson has left. and dembele and dempsey have been playing more as midfielders or support strikers.It's not that fulham couldn't afford it, they weren't willing to give such a mediocre player 30k a weekDefoe would be a great signing for Fulham, although I think we might need more then 1 striker in the squad. Still need to get another target man if Pog the greedy won't sign.Hope soWe COULD afford Pogrebnyak's wages, as Mark Schwarzer is on £45k a week, we just don't think we should be paying £30k a week for a bench striker.


19 Jun 2012 14:13:03
as of july 1st jean-louis akpa akpro will be joining tranmere on a 2yr deal! source: tranmere website(9)(3)What a signing....not! 184 games 25 goals. Him and Big Ben up front what a joke. Our so far signings are League 2 at best!Give the lads a chanceNegative Tranmere fans again, writing lads off before you have even seen them put the white shirt on, no wonder they struggleAdnan Ahmed signing tomorrowWonderful


19 Jun 2012 14:10:06
Reading FC also interested in signing Feyenoord captain & centre back Ron Vlaar. Sources in Holland.(16)(20)


19 Jun 2012 14:07:32
Can now confirm Alex Ciask will most likely no be leaving Oldham this year. Peterborough have confirmed the signing of Bobby Olejnik from Torquay!
Source : Sky Sports(6)(6)Ellis is going to CrewePossible that Posh are in the market for two keepers.You should have asked Dickov and he would have said he wasn;;t going anywhere.Posh are in the Market for 2 keepers but it wont be Alex Ciask, Ciask said he would only leave if he was Guarenteed first team football


19 Jun 2012 14:01:53
West Brom could make a Move for Burnley striker Charlie Austin with a 3M plus offer likely(5)(26)Listen charlie austin isnt leaving..... hes going to be are key striker this year now jay rod gone


19 Jun 2012 14:22:12
barnsley are to make a bid for ormarod(2)(23)Not a chanceMellis has signed. It is on the clubs official web page x good signing for meHope not, hes pants


19 Jun 2012 13:49:28
tranmere today have signed akpa akpro on a two year deal. source- tranmere rovers website(9)(1)


19 Jun 2012 13:37:44
Ipswich to look at Jordens Peters (CB) & Ronnie Reniers (FW) when they play FC Den Bosch in pre season after players were recommened to club.(5)(9)Nobody can really argue with this because no Ipswich fans have ever heard of these players before.


19 Jun 2012 13:37:04
Calvin Andrew will be unveiled as Leyton Orients flagship summer signing in the next couple of days.

Russell Slade turned to Andrew after failing to agree personal terms with Jeff Goulding.(8)(6)He'd basically signed a month agoThis is getting beyond a joke now. We are NOT signing Andrew. I know we aren't the best team (understatement of the millenium I know), but even we can do better than him. Sorry Calvin....Chris Beardsley is believed to have agreed a two year deal at the os and will become the clubs third signing of the season when his unveiled on thursday.


19 Jun 2012 13:33:05
Richard Brodie will be released from his contract at Crawley contract and sign for Morecambe as he seeks to relocate back to the North.(9)(8)Having spent over £250,000 to buy Brodie from York 2 years ago one would hope that Crawley would seek to get some level of fee for him especially as there is a year left on his contract.
Not to seek some recompense sets a bad precedent ie if you can't settle down here we'll let you return home for nothing !But he wasn't worth that fee in the first place. So it's unlikely that anybody will even go close with any offer. Better for Crawley to cut their losses and let him go and save themselves a seasons wage for nothing. Fleetwood are still paying his wages at the moment anyhow.Heard he may be on his way to oxford in a deal for constable to go the other way,


19 Jun 2012 12:59:39
Wrexham join chase for Gateshead's Jon Shaw who is wanted by player manager Andy Morrell(9)(10)


19 Jun 2012 12:44:30
Any real sheff utd rumours?(3)(19)I've heard a rumour that you are now after Charlie Austin from burnley in swap deal for maguire + 300Klowton to cardiff for 500k {Ed003's Note -


19 Jun 2012 12:14:59
Norwich City have stepped up their interest in Hoffenheim midfielder Sebastian Rudy and will place an undisclosed bid early next week for the young midfielder(24)(10)Rudd, Ruddy AND Rudy.

Behave!And budy ;)


19 Jun 2012 12:03:30
rangers striker kyle lafferty a surprise target for west brom for a cut price deal around 100k according to steve clark(10)(28)We can now get Steven Naismith and maybe Allan McGregor (if we don't get Foster) now that all Rangers players are going for cheap!Rangers players are not good enough, mcgregor a god keeper wil give you that but naismith, really? {Ed025's Note - naismith is quality obviously dont know much about football..


19 Jun 2012 12:00:48
gary o neill of west ham is apparently on his way to watford for a deal around 250 k(9)(29)I hope not we dont need him


19 Jun 2012 11:59:34
eunan o'kane holding talks with crawley town today, and if succesful, I'm sure an announcement will be made later on today.(7)(10)


19 Jun 2012 11:54:44
Stoke are monitoring the 'The Rangers' / Rangers situation closely as they may be able to raid the former giant of Scottish football.
Players of interest include fullbacks; Kirk Broadfoot & Steven Whittaker, centre forward; Steven Naismith and USA midfielder Alejandro Bedoya.(9)(19)I reckon all these could do a job at Stoke. Broadfoot and Whittaker are getting on a bit though but that's nothing new for Stoke. Naismith seems purpose built for Stoke (tall) and I'd love a creative attacking midfielder sush a Bedoya (and I'm sure the Stoke fans could make good use of his christian name). None will probably happen though, but as a fan I can but dream.Naismith tall?the rest are worth a tenner tops.Naismith is going to everton to link up with jelavicBroadfoot is the worst player in the spl Whittaker is not much better


19 Jun 2012 11:52:36
Reading FC to sign Russian striker Pavel Pogrebnyak on a four year deal.

Sources: Sky Sports News(31)(23)Fulham's loanee ‘Set for Reading’, Theodor Gebre Selassie next for our 'Small Club' please Anton!


19 Jun 2012 11:47:11
Reading are to bid 3m for huddersfields attacking fullback jack hunt.(20)(30)Jack Hunt signed contract extension after play off final win
NextQuality player, he can easily do a job in the premiership. hope it isn't true though and he's staying at town.What i dont understand is why is Huddersfield have all these premier league quality players they aren't in the prem themselves?I seriosly doubt that considering he just signed a contract extensionSigned a contract extention untill a better offer comes in.
Next !Seriously he has signed a new contract get ur facts rite mateTo the person who asked why town aren't in the premiership, you can't jump 2 leagues in 1 go! Hunt came through the town academy and only broke into the 1st team in January last year and despite what others thought of Lee Clark, his poor management skills ensured that promotion wasn't achieveable last season!Jack Hunt is staying! Signed a new contract not so long ago!According to news now Leeds are close to signing led peltier. Anybody else heard anything, was hoping he would come back to huddersfield so they could move hunt to right midfield, think pelts is the better defender but hunt better going forward. Anybody else agree. JohnHunt signed a contract before play off final and said it did not matter what league they were in as I wanted to stay no matter what. And yes not in premier league yet as like someone else said u can't jump 2 leagues in 1 season can u. JohnWhen did a new contract keep a player? It just means the club get a bigger feePelts was better in midfield. Less danger to us and more to them. Can't see him returning to be honest, but we can hopeThis is jordan rhodes jack hunt ist leaving town so leave grayson alone


19 Jun 2012 11:46:33
pogerbnyak is joining reading on a 4 year deal on a free great buisness for the reading.(22)(15)For £63k a week? I wouldn't call that great business.Hardly free going to cost you £13mYeah fantastic if and when we get him...Looks quite solid from what I'm hearing....BM will get the best out of him too. Get in!To right. A quality player. Quick and knows where the net is medical at Reading fc tommorow. Great business£25-30 k per week. not 65Where did you get 63k a week. It's 28k. And it's more than fulham offered. Gonna be a great signing. Er. Please anton. Can we have a attacking right back nxt.Overated at fulham surprised he went to a small club like reading though65k a week is what the papers are saying. Actual figure will be considerably lowerIt's not 63k a week, the fee is estimated to be £13million, but will included sell on fees, clauses etc. doubt we pay him more than 30k a week tbhIt's 35k a week, plus bonus' and a big sign on."the fee is estimated to be £13million, but will included sell on fees, clauses etc." where is the £13 million going? the pog is a free agent


19 Jun 2012 11:45:19
Huddersfield town close to signing George Boyd from Peterborough united for a nominal fee.(15)(23)Why are people linking all the POSH with Huddersfield. Will not happenNominal?! he still has a year left on his contract. expect a fee of 500k or more. never seen him play so dont know how peterbourgh value him. i know this and i dont support either of these teams!Nominal fee? with a year left on his contract? really.

You believe - We achievePosh will want over £1m for BoydI'm sure posh wouldn't allow him to go for a nominal fee if no decent offers came in he would keep him until the end of the season which would be more beneficial than a few quid in the bankI'd be happy if that happensReally ?Looking at £1.5 to £2.5 Mill for Boyd, great player and would be our best signing by far but I doubt Boyd would come to us as he probably wants to progress and this seems like a side ways step for him


18 Jun 2012 07:39:01
Hi Ed No 11. Great to see a true Gold and Black boy on here. Is there any truth in the rumours im hearing around town the Ruud Gullitt was shown around Compton Park last Friday? Have heard it from a couple of areas now and was wondering if you knew anything? {Ed011's Note - Cheers! I had heard he was linked with a Director of Football at the club but its just rumours at the moment to be honest and probably a tad ridiculous at the moment.(5)(3)


19 Jun 2012 10:59:22
Jay Bothroyd rumored to be on his way back to Cardiff City.(22)(22)Why would we want him, he's rubbish? He's nothing more than a bog standard Championship/div 1 forward. He lacks abiltiy and obviously struggled at a higher level. Move on Cardiff!!To be honest i'd rather have my gran upfront!!!!!. He psends too much time on the floorWhen he gets his head right he's class!! Malky could get the best out of him!!Palace boundPlease god. I'll even pay his cab fareKind of makes you laugh that a year or so ago people wanted him in an england shirt... he is utter garbageCardiff or palacePersonally I'd love to see him wearing the red of Cardiff next season lol.. I think if we played him upfront we would see the best of miller.. Sign him up malky


19 Jun 2012 10:51:53
Brighton chasing season long loans for Sammy Ameobi from Newcastle and Miquel from Arsenal(8)(11)Sammy would be a great signing for us, although he was involved in the first team a lot last year so cant see it happeningMiguel looks really good from what I've seenNot a chance Sammy will play all of our cup and Europe games, will also be used as a impact sub,


19 Jun 2012 10:10:07
Mokoena to Leave Pompey and return
to play in S.Africa.
Kanu ready to settle his contract via
a compromise agreement.
David Norriss moving to Crystal Palace
for £200k.
Luke Varney will move with Leeds,
Blackpool and Forest interested.(16)(12)I do so hope all this is true! Need to get all the high earners out the club so Appy can get started on putting together a bunch of kids and old pro's to try and survive next season!Oi oi about time :) just need tbh to go that be massive getting him off the booksWho will be available for next season ?I really hope that Blackpool do not sign Varney. His form ended after a while with us and he is only getting older.I agree. Once teams worked out Varney he became too predictable. he scored one spectacular goal with Prince William watching but went down hill after that.We can do better! {Ed003's Note - How about Kate and Pippa :-) }Think Kate and Pippa would want more than 15 grand a yearHe gave us all a good memory scoring that goal with the future King watching. That was a brilliant strike.


19 Jun 2012 09:51:59
Hi Ed,

Any realistic millwall targets? {Ed003's Note - Nothing yet today}(7)(8)Cheers mate, Heard alot on this site, anythink to report back with witch you may think will happen? and hargreeves? surely not! lol Think that guy thought it was hes birthday with that rumour lol {Ed003's Note - Nope,sorry.Reading between the lines from Hargreave's interview on tv the other day he will only play at a good level,what level that is is anyones guess,he claims to be fit now but it's a big gamble for someone to take imo}"but it's a big gamble for someone to take imo"

Depends on the contract. {Ed003's Note - Yep}The only target millwall have got is to stay in the championship!!Ok mate,as ive already said we will be no where near relegation next season! start looking at the other end of the championship table!


19 Jun 2012 09:35:43
Alex ferguson hoping to land german international mats hummels as a long term replacement for rio.
No bid has yet been made but they have launched official enquiries.
Source : Lucas Barrios(21)(16)He dosent want to leave germany so that will fail.Rio is going west ham.Man u getting DedeI can confirm that the enquiry is trueHe only signed a new deal like a month ago


19 Jun 2012 09:43:13
Wigan reject undisclosed bid from Chelsea for Victor Moses. #SSN(23)(15)


19 Jun 2012 09:28:51
Lille have confirmed that Newcastle have made a bid for their France international full-back Mathieu Debuchy(23)(4)


19 Jun 2012 07:48:51
Matt lowton has two options , 1st one is norwich but aston villa have also come in , aston villa is the better option has its closer to home(4)(16)


19 Jun 2012 07:36:28
Lillestorm have confirmed they have agreed a fee with Wolves for Bjorn Bergman Sigurdason and have insured he stays injury free it is on the Lillestorm website and the details will be on the express and star this afternoon.(18)(5)


19 Jun 2012 01:15:37
Any west ham news ed(3)(11)How can a question be marked unbelievable? Muppets!Matt taylor to join bolton on loan and mark davies to go the other way plus 1 million


19 Jun 2012 00:23:01
Any realistic Burnley rumours, Ed? {Ed003's Note - Just that there was interest in Shackell}(7)(10)


19 Jun 2012 01:21:25
Newcastle have made a 8 million bid for fc twente striker luuk de jong, there still a long way to go but mclaren has always been positive about playing the the pl and advised tiote to join.
Newcastle are still favourites to sign matt debuchy despite interest from inter and chelsea, no deal will be done until after the euros but ben arfa and cabaye will be working to persuade him to join newcastle this summer

Newcastle are still searching for a centre back this summer although there was interest in douglas his representatives have made a deal difficult and making the interest known has put the deal on hold.
Newcastle have also looked at jan vertonghen and mapou yanga mbiwa although both look set to move elseware newcastle are prepared to move if either deal breaks down.
Newcastle have also been linked with a host of other defenders like; benedikt howedes, simon kjaer, toby alderwirald, chedjou, tasci, sakho and m'bia although no approach has been made

Here are all other players linked with newcastle this summer;
Kalou, wanyama, bigrimana, de jong, cognet, mulumbu, diame, honda, mandzukic, bender, vargas, gourcuff, johnson, lukaku, mayuka, kvist, nzonzi and herrera(8)(13)Good luck with all the foreign signings. Dont moan when we dont do well at international level for another 30 years because there are no young players being brought through by the Premiership clubs.Sorry - Gourcuff? Seriously?
Personally think he's a bit out of Newcastles price-range...


19 Jun 2012 00:35:36
owen hargreaves talking to millwall as he is desperate to play anywhere he can get games(5)(55)He was considering retirement!On loan I take it? {Ed003's Note - He is a free agent}He'll go anywhere that he can earn the most you mean!Cant see that happening at all !!Well you said it...... millwall.....desperateI wonder who's richer? hargreaves or millwall?.................Even millwall arent that desperate mate! we will surprise a few people next season! coylAbsolute tosh, where do you get this rubbish from? Millwall have the most resticted wage structure in the entire championship, there is no way he would take that big a pay cut, no way! (a millwall fan)Not nice to say but the man is finneshed and wont play major football again


19 Jun 2012 00:15:41
Brighton and Bournemouth are leading the chas for £500,000 rated Cheltenham youngster Marlon Pack.(16)(16)Portsmouth let him go because they thought only £20K a week ex EPL has beens were fit to wear their shirt. Absolute steal for Cheltenham and could be ready to step up. Worth a punt at that price for either club. If he gets the choice Brighton must be his best betThis is very untrue.
Leeds were interested but do not want to pay the price, which will be in excess of £500k.
Marlon has come out and said publicly that he wants to be at Cheltenham for the next season.No chance. Would take more than this for us to sell him.Pack takes a good free kick but looks like he's running through soup he's so slow.Bournemouth woudn't buy this player for that price. We've sold better players fo alot less & there have been no links.


19 Jun 2012 00:08:45
Bristol Rovers still chasing Oxford striker James Constable despite a deal being branded 'dead' 10 days ago. The player is keen on the move and that could force Oxford's hand.

If Rovers fail to land their man then Rotherham forward Alex Revell is also on their shortlist of strikers. Izale McLeod has had discussions with the club too but he has not yet made a decision on where he wants to play his football next season.

Ross Draper is also thought to be in talks with Mark McGhee but the talented midfielder does have admirers elsewhere in League Two and even League One.(10)(6)Oxford have touted Constable about before and he hasn't wanted to leave. So if he now wants to go, he doesn't need to force Oxford's handNot force their hand in that sense. I mean the fact they rejected Rovers' bid of £170k(ish) and he now wants to leave may mean they have to take that fee as opposed to try for more.


19 Jun 2012 00:05:42
Clarence seedorf in talks with Brighton as a player coach!(9)(48)where did you hear that?Now that wood be a good position for both Brighton and the player. Would be nice for Brighton to start signing players.AbsurdAs a coach, his experience would be a great thing to pass on, but as a player can he really still do the job? He's hardly old but I can't imagine he's got the stamina to be any more than a utility player.Great player hopefully moves down however already have liamCannot see that happening, but if it did, WOWThat's Clarence Seedorf who has signed for Botofago? Or is there another one?


19 Jun 2012 00:04:50
Any REAL Sheffield Wednesday News People :s...(2)(17)Were after Ranger, Maguire, Norris, Antonio & TreacyLuke Freeman - bid has been made.

Also i hear Jones has his eye on someone in a Euro squad, only one of the frindge players tho were not signing Van der Vaart !Not one of those will sign . We will struggle to get players. We're not that good!!We couldnt even convince roberts to come,think were gonna struggle tbhWe didnt want roberts, dj has said in interview were looking at fringe players in euros so good shopping dj hope you find a gemApparently Owen hargreaves in talks with the owls


19 Jun 2012 00:04:22
West ham will sign jonas olson with the money west brom will make a move for Blackburn defender scot dann and are also planning a double raid on qpr for bobby zamora and joey Barton(13)(31)So untrue I see you love believing everything the newspaper says.West ham will not be signing jonas olsson,if olsson left it would be to a bigger club,also dan ashworth has said there has been no contact from west ham or anyone else reguarding this matterThat's not true at all. Dan ashworth came out and said there's no truth in it and no offers have been made for Olsson.

Baggies are in talks with Ben Foster - Express & Star sourceNo chance of Olsson going to west Ham, if he leaves it will be to Spurs or a team in La Liga.

There's also absolutely no way we'll go for Barton and QPR wouldn't sell Zamora so soon after buying him.Pls take zamora and barton. theyre eating our wage bill like my mum with cakeZamora has played really well since we signed him. I was skeptical at first but my opinion has changed. I hope we dont sell him!We are talking about 'Bobby' Zamora here, right?Yes we are. Although Zamora doesnt score much, he has played really well when we were in the 4-5-1 as a lone strike by holding up the ball and allowing other players to push forward and when we were playing 4-4-2 and he was partnering Cisse he was happy to set him up as he is the goalscorer of the pair.


19 Jun 2012 00:00:36
Ed. Is it true mellis and mido will sign for barnsley this week? Also any news on other players. {Ed001's Note - I am sorry, but I have absolutely no idea.}(6)(6)Mellis to sign 2 year deal today, Mido in for talks on Thursday after initial talks were positive. Jim O'Brien also to sign new deal on Wednesday.Sheffield Star say they are both trueThat info about these 2 players was confirmed in a Radio Sheffield interview with a Barnsley director.Jim O'Brien has already extended his contract?Only time will tell if mido signs. but ranger could not score to save is life. so sheff wed you can have himO'brien deffo signed a new contract at Barnsley. Either weds are too late or Barnsley are sensible getting him on a contract before he went lol


18 Jun 2012 16:34:13
wolves have accepted a bid of 8.5m for winger Matt Jarvis from an unnamed clubs-any ideas who ED? {Ed001's Note - I would assume Stoke, they have shown the greatest interest and they have the money to afford that.}(17)(25)Not worth 8.5 probably worth 5.5Surely if this was the case Skysports or others would be all over it. {Ed001's Note - why? That would suggest they know anything about it, if it has happened. They don't know anything, half of what they do report is nonsense to stir up a betting market.}The same Sky Sports that reported that Crouch had chosen Sunderland over Stoke? Stoke are renowned for keeping transfers close to their chests and do insist that all offers are kept under wraps. Stoke pulled out of a deal for Scot Carson after Liverpool made their bid public (Thank God they did)8.5 million good value for a player who will surely get more assists from his crosses with the likes of crouch looking to get on the end of them! Jarvis also has a goal in him from the left hand side and you guarantee he will work just hard defensively as he does going forwardStoke will only pay a maximum of £6 million for Jarvis.


18 Jun 2012 20:39:53
Have you heard any GENUINE Norwich rumours ed?

I don't mean the rubbish that has been posted on here. {Ed001's Note - nothing new mate.}(3)(4)Matthew mills is on his wayRubbish, no one post rubbish - just rumours, its why it a rumour site - funny that isn't it!


18 Jun 2012 19:52:09
Hey Ed, who do you reckon will get Debuchy, Chelsea or Newcastle? {Ed001's Note - not sure it is that simple.}(3)(6)NewcastleYep newcastle



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