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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 20 2012 

19 Jul 2012 23:23:03
IPSWICH Town have enquired about the possibility of taking West Ham striker Sam Baldock on a season-long loan, with a view to a permanent deal next year.(18)(15)Baldock is not worth taking on loanBaldock is only a small hit man .Jewell wants a big man up front who can throw his weight around,so don't expect baldock to arrive.there will be a strong midfielder arriving at the traing ground within the next few days with a possible signing,also another very good CD.Let's hope this 'first dibs' we supposedly have on him due to Jewells relationship with Allardyce is true and we can land him before Charlton or any other clubs stick their ore in.Just seen on TWTD that PJ has enquired about Heskey?? If this is true is he big enough??Let's hope we have first dibs on him as was earlier reported and rivals such as Charlton don't stick their oar in. I imagine the fee for a permanent transfer would be in excess of 1 million however.


19 Jul 2012 22:25:33
Newcastle are preparing a second bid for Carroll - Ba + 15 million(15)(49)I think that should be Carroll + 15m for Ba. Don't do it Newcastle it be suicide.


19 Jul 2012 22:40:16
Hulk, oscar canvani to sign for chelsea
Neymar,ganso, villa gomez to sign for arsenal(10)(68)Neymar signed a four year deal mid season last year for his current club. He wont be going anywhereI dont think chelsea will canvani neymar for arsenal nev er no way i heard he has got a pre contract with barc ganso not til after the Olympics but a very big possibly with the falling out at his club but would arsenal pay 25 mil very unlikelySo Arsenal are going to sign 3 strikers on top of Podolski and Giroud...and if he was going to go anywhere, why in one crazy hell would he go to Arsenal? any serious answers would be nice hahaIs this an arsenal fan living in a dream world where wenger spends over 15m?


19 Jul 2012 22:37:09
Harry Kewell to decide between Swindon and Watford in the next week. Both have put offers on the table and now up to the Australian to decide(16)(24) 

Swindons Intrim chairman has already stated in local and national papers that there's no truth linking Swindon Town with Harry stop placing rubbish rumours on here!!Our chairman at Swindon has stated that any talks with Kewell are nonsense so it must be Watford.Utter rubbish, the chairman of Swindon confirmed this week that we aren't interested and it was only a press rumourHe doubt he'll go to eitherNot italian, we are only interested in world cup and champions league winners! over the ager of 35!Where u find tht from??I wrote this last weekTown chairman has stated in the press that we was never interested in him and the first he heard about it was in the papersDont think so watford certainly dont want himTo watford ? laughable suggestion !Rubbish. Swindon chairman today reiterated that this rumour is just that, a rumour. Nothing to it. He wont be coming to SwindonYes and Oxford are going to sign Cavani, Hulk and Messi before August!!
Swindon have no interest in Kewell what so ever. Never have had, never will do.Good point about him not being Italian, apparently Kenny Jacket is coming out of retirement because he once spent a weekend in Italy with his wife ....


19 Jul 2012 22:36:04
Bradford City want to sign Ryan Lowe and Cameron Belford.
Expect both deals to be completed next week.(6)(14)I would like cameron belford. he looked good when he played usLowe would be a good signing. Similar to Dagnall in that he has been fantastic at one club, indifferent at another. Either worth a punt if on a free.

Re keeper can only see that happening if duke going and no evidence of that.


19 Jul 2012 22:35:08
I'm not sure if this is true or not but fulham are looking to replace dempsey with adel taarabt(12)(31)Jol really likes him from when at hotspurs, and Hughs doesn't care for him but doesn't want to sell himIs that the same Adel Taarabt who signed a new 3 year deal at Loftus Road recently?Taarabt won't leave has he just signed a long term contract with QPR!He just signed a new contract at QPRHow would we get taarabt from qpr with our sour relationship.Also he is not that good anyway....Why replace a 23 goal man with a 1 goal man? I for one fulham fan don't want himExactly just signed a contract what a load of tosh !Hope not we can do much better.Again what a load of nonsense. One we wouldnt want him. 2. this is clearly a wind up 3. we couldnt afford him.


19 Jul 2012 22:31:04
Owen wont be going to stoke,Rhodes could be an option.(11)(31) 

Rhodes on hıs way to Forest!!

turkısh rob.Im not being funny but if stoke were to have a bid accepted for rhodes along with forest im pretty sure he wouldnt go forest.i no stoke arnt exactly a top prem team but they are a prem team and everyone wants to be in the prem.Hope this is true


19 Jul 2012 22:26:18
Stock,Oster to become Sods first singings at Forest.(5)(27)All the players that are good at doncaster are getting old no thanks we got the pounds so spend them.


19 Jul 2012 22:09:01
Heard sunderland are after David Goodwillie from Blackburn for 1million and zigic will be signed on loan till jan with a perm Jan if it works out plus Santa Cruz will be joining for twomillion plus add ons
safcforever(11)(32)Why would they need 3 strikers? I can see goodwillie happening, zigic will stay at birmingham and santa cruz is past it, that became apparent during his second season at blackburnWould take Santa cruz think he could do well as a target man but would forget the rest we need a finisher and don't think they are any better than what we already have. Would be over the moon if we got wolfswinkle think he's a great player.Can see none of these coming off as they are simply not good enough.


19 Jul 2012 22:01:46
New Forest manager SOD looks set to make Buzsaky his 1st signing. Bristol City had been poised to confirm the signing tomorrow but have lost out at the last moment.(14)(24)I live in the New Forest,never heard of this club,ha ha.What a shocker a Big Name to manage the ex mighty forest. Bet the other championship clubs are worried now NOT. Oh and Buzsaky is not going to you.Hes gone to a lesser club so that deals gone...shame!This has to be rubbish his agent was just trying to start something. we been linked with the guy since monday so why would sod want him?Hes gone to a lesser club so that deals gone

where is that?


19 Jul 2012 21:37:31
Coventry hoping to sign ian henderson from colchester and Eunan o'kane from torquay. To boost the squad(9)(10)Eunan wants first team football.Ian Henderson is not going to Coventry as he got 2 more years on contract. Hopefully U's sign one more unknown striker by end of July and 2 loans from Premiership before the season start to boost the squad.


19 Jul 2012 21:36:48
Can anyone update me on the Inzaghi situation, people keep posting saying he has agreed a contract but there seems to be no coverage on it, so are we actually any closer to signing him than we were 2 weeks ago(4)(14)


19 Jul 2012 21:32:58
Oxford will snap up defender Pablo Mills. Harry Worley looks like he will be loan out to gain experience.(10)(6)


19 Jul 2012 21:25:26
My brother is on holiday in Cyprus and
heard from the agent of one of Man
Utd's star players that RVP to United is
a done deal...

I cannot reveal which player the agent
represents, but let's just say he's a
talented, balding scouser and leave it at that!

I still feel that RVP may end up at Man
City, but thought I would share as I enjoy the site and all the associated banter.

First time poster,



19 Jul 2012 21:24:52
carlisle to sign nigel hasselbaink from
st johnstone carlisle will also sign
alessio bugno(4)(13)Nigel Hasselbaink has joined St. JohnstoneHasselbaink has only just signed for St Johnstone, Nicky Ajose was at Brunton Park earlier this week along with 2 man city youngsters due to sign on loan Devante Cole and Reece WabaraHeard this hasselbaink rumour various times now? however nothing official has linked him with a move to carlisle..


19 Jul 2012 21:46:22
Luke Varney is set to complete his move to Leeds, paving the way for Ross McCormack to leave. Celtic look to make a final hour approach to snatch him from under Crystal Palace's nose(10)(13)


19 Jul 2012 21:44:48
With Sean O'Driscoll set to spectacularly ditch Crawley Town for Nottingham Forest without presiding over a competitive game, The Red Devils are set to make an appraoch to Crystal Palace enquiring about making Lennie Lawrence their new manager.(14)(14)


19 Jul 2012 21:15:25
Bristol City are having discussions with free qgent Marlon Harewood ahead of a possible move to Ashton Gate.(4)(16)Doubt it, he's in Portugal with Sheffield Wednesday on trial.


19 Jul 2012 21:13:21
Got anything on Santa cruz to Middlesbrough?(5)(22)I read about it the other day but i havent heard a thing since... would he really play for a championship side? especially with our wage restrictions? Lets wait and see, After all Woodgate came from out of the Blue!Wat a load ov rubbish boro shuld be trying to get someone like jordan rhodes to the club we need sum1 fast down the wings aswellI know I heard it on the radio the other day n heard nothing since n we wouldn't be able to afford the wage but that's what parent clubs do when they don't want someone at the club n also why wouldn't he play in the champo??? He's been out on loan to a worse league.If Jordan Rhodes goes anyhwere, it'll be to a lower level Prem team, not championship.

Man City paid most of Adebayors' wages when he was at Spurs last year, maybe they'll be generous again with Roque. Say he'll end up at QPR though. Aul' Sparky seems to like him.


19 Jul 2012 21:11:00
Sean Hessey on trial with conference side Barrow(2)(3)


Ed022's Note - Hi all. I just wanted to notify you all that there has been a pretty hefty update to the Player Profiles website. This update now allows you, the fans, to upload your own profiles on any player, in any league, in any position. This means that if you're a fan of a club in the lower leagues, that you can profile a player from your club to give people more information on him, as well as put across your own opinions and get the credit for it etc. Also, rather than seeing just my own opinion on a player, you can now see other fans' opinions also on those players, as well as dropping a comment and giving your own/uploading your own views. This update has taken a fair bit of time and I'm hoping that you'll all use it to the full etc, and just to come over to the site and have a look. - thanks all.}(5)(11)


19 jul 2012 21:01:22
sean o driscoll is the new manager at notts forest. press anncenment tommorow friday trust me rtb.(18)(7)You're right. Not an "iconic" appointment perhaps, but far and away the best that Forest could make.This story is on the official Crawley Town website.
Since O'Driscoll has only just (2 months ago) joined Crawley I imagine they are somewhat gutted at his timing just when preseason training and recruitment of new players is in full swing.
At least Crawley still haveteve Coppell as Director of Football to move things forward.It's 'nottingham' forest! Not notts, county are notts! It's like saying, nottingham county! It's just not right lol! Rant over, you may carry on;-)
Good appointee in sod knows the club well, look forward to seeing some new signings now;-)


19 Jul 2012 20:51:08
Walsall will sign febian brandy on a yr deal tmoz along side an unkown spainish player and will sign sam mantom on a season long loan from wba(11)(4)


19 Jul 2012 20:32:23
Exeter City are set to sign Jamie Cureton & Matt Oakley who have both impressed manager Paul Tisdale

Also David James is training with Exeter!(9)(5)David james lol dont think he will ever retire at this rate lol


19 Jul 2012 20:11:38
Rumours on Merseyside that Newcastle have offered 9 million pounds + Demba Ba for Andy Carroll going the other way. Brendon Rogers said to be giving the offer serious consideration given he would be getting a striking replacement plus money to spend on other targets.(6)(29)Make it 12 m + ba (as remember ba can be signed for 7m before july 31st) {Ed003's Note - for a champions league team if I remember right}Also, ba doesn't fit rodgers style of play either.
wish scousers would stop trying to make out there's value in the carroll transfer for them. get used to accepting defeat on a long list of pitiful signings with no value left, downing, henderson, aquilani... rubbish


19 Jul 2012 19:43:01
Former walsall, dundee and paeek fc left back netan sansara has signed for fc vestsjaelland in denmark(4)(3)


19 Jul 2012 20:04:10
Stoke to table a 20m bid for fletcher and jarvis(13)(36)Not a chance stoke will do that, and no way are they worth it, 2 good players but not 10mil each, 12-15 for the both at the very mostIf we were to get both then i would hope for a valuation of about 17m 10 fletcher (due to age) and 7 Jarvis...


19 Jul 2012 19:57:36
Blackburn's Junior Hoillett has agreed to join QPR. Source:SSN.(23)(7)


19 Jul 2012 19:51:46
Huddersfield town to sign Ross McCormack for 1.8 mil... Lee Peltier to chose between Huddersfield and Leeds fee off £650,000...(21)(14)McCormack down at the Pharm yesterday, shaking hands with ClibbensToo much,hes not worth that.....and if we can seal Gerrard it will complete an excellent pre-season transfer period for Grayson & HoyleYou're not signing mccormackHTFC are not interested in LP. He is not required.
1.8 million is a lot of money for RM, cant see anyone paying thatPeltier has already chosen, the only reason Huddersfield are involved is that Grayson came in with a spiteful bid to up the ante. But he wants the move to Leeds.Report in local press is that the terriers have lessened their interest in peltier. McCormack would be a good signing thoughDoubt itAlso in the local press is that interest in Gerrard is wide if the mark but Keith Southern is a definite target. Town fanThink McCormack is just what town need him plus a goal scoring midfielder and we are laughing. I predict a positive season for town not Saying they will go up but comfortable in mid table. Blackburn will win league in my opinion. JohnCouldn't have put if better myself JohnMccormack is way too inconsistant. 11 goals in 12 games then 7 in the remainding 32 or whatever it is. he decides when he wants to perform id be glad for him to leave . wherever it is he goesHow come when a player leaves a club all of a sudden he is no good and people want rid of them, if Rhodes leaves town I won't go round telling anybody who will listen that he is rubbis cause I would be lying. John


19 Jul 2012 19:41:29
ac milan are to replace zlatan ibrahimovic with brzilian striker damaio(14)(7)


19 Jul 2012 19:44:28
swansea city are close to completing the signing of spaniard michu and have moved for bolton midfielder mark davies(16)(3)Mark davies is seen as the replacement for joe allen who liverpool are after. i dont see this happening because swansea want 10 for joe allen and liverpool wont pay that.Not going to happen. Swansea can't afford the fee Bolton will expect .... 6/7 million. Swansea will struggle next seasonSwansea have said a minimum bid of 15 million pounds is needed for Joe AllenBoth clubs in advanced talks for 15m move. As a Jack I am absolutely gutted.Well actually (sky sports) have said swans want 15m and Brendan rogers is prepared to pay that. Get your facts right son!Swansea can't afford it? Have a word, we're not in debt, we had 7 million for Rodgers going, we've got a 15 million transfer budget and it looks like we will be getting another 15 million plus for Joe Sllen and 5 million for Sinclair...Hate when other fans say we cant afford players we make reasonable profits each year we just dont waste away or money on risky transfers instead we by quality for cheap and laugh at other clubs over paying e.g. henderson we also dont owe investors/banks multi millions like most clubs do


19 Jul 2012 19:43:25
borrusia dortmund are hoping to sign dimi berbatov(18)(4)


19 Jul 2012 19:42:16
blackpool defender baptiste is closing in on a return to the premier league with wigan(14)(7)OK, Wigan can have him....we want McManaman & Dicko in part exchange and 500k.......No doubt as Blackpool look to get back in the Prem, Wigan will have yet another season where they just about survive on the last day by the skin of their teeth....or will they now all the good(ish) players have jumped ship.......Bad move for Baps......but a nice 3 year contract at decent wages......he should do it!!Blackpool have told Wigan he's not for sale at any price. He has 2 years left on his contract and is committed to Pool. BFC do NOT need to sell anyone, and indeed will not sell anyone. There will be no first 11 players leaving this window.Blackpool officials have shrugged off speculation linking Alex Baptiste with a move to Wigan.
Sources within the club have told The Gazette that 26 year old Baptiste is NOT FOR SALE.Would be a good signing for wigan. Not sure if he'll be in the first team straight away but if he's not he will add good competitionI'm a wigan fan and the thought of signing such a garbage player sickens meHe actually only has 1 year left on his contract but he says he is extremely happy at BlackpoolNot sure if he'll be in the first team straight away.......the way it's going at Wigan, there wont be a first team left by the start of the season.Wigan haven't lost any first team players yet have they? Rodallega and Diame barely played majority of last season.Baptiste top player going nowhere.Will play in Premiership again with Blackpool


19 Jul 2012 19:37:27
newcastle,fulham and westham are in a 3 way battle for brazilian defender douglas(13)(5)He would be a good signing for the Whites!


19 Jul 2012 19:27:35
Lee Chung-Yong s subject to a 3m bid from Levski Sofia(7)(10)


19 Jul 2012 19:45:29
Derby are currently in talks with Leeds defender Aidan White.
Derby are also to make attempts to bring in strikers Daniel Powell from MK Dons permanently, and Nicky Maynard from West Ham on a season long loan.(13)(7)Daniel Powell is a winger, not a striker. And he's going nowhere I'm afraid.I think Nicky Maynard is going more of a looking because they are listening to offer for carlton cole fulham bound i think for 4 mil and big sam say he want to play with pacey st so i think maynard will stay at least till January and with vaz te future in the balance after rejecting a new contractPersonally, i think Powell's style of play would make him more suited to a central role. Just my opinion though.I dont know where you got the daniel powell rumour from because it doesnt sound true at allHe didnt refuse to sign a new contract , david gold confirmed on twitterDaniel powell can play winger or striker and because of his height can be more effective in middle.Daniel powell and aidy white will sign and a loan striker told it is josh king from man uIts been said that maynard was seen at moor farm last week, but to me if he was gonna sign, hed have done it by nowRumour about Derby has been around for awhile, I dont think Karl will let him go anywhere. Would be nice though if the small minority in the cowshed that shout "donkey" at him all the time would stop and support a young lad who is learning and doing well.


19 Jul 2012 19:43:22
Derby have signed Keogh and Callum Ball has moved to the Sky Blues in a separate deal. Source CCFC website!(16)(0)Great deal for the rams, balls is only a season long loan, not permanent


19 Jul 2012 19:36:38
stoke city have agreed a fee with the mls for defender geoff cameron(18)(2)Happy days! he is actually a good player!


19 Jul 2012 19:35:49
hull city have completed the signing of striker proschwitz for 2.6 million from sc paderborg(12)(4)Great signing 20 plus goals this season for Nick , Bruce already has a good team with hull so theses signing's are just gunna make us stronger .... Watch this space HULL to get promoted2.5million not 2.6We need the kid from rangers as well inthen we will be good


19 Jul 2012 19:28:57
chelsea are set to sign young brazillian midfielder Oscar for £25m(15)(4)


19 Jul 2012 19:24:04
Arsenal and Liverpool are both monitoring Barcelona forward Ibrahim Afellay after the Dutchman, 26, was told he would only have a peripheral role under new manager Tito Vilanova.(14)(5)


19 Jul 2012 19:22:48
Hoilett has agrees to join QPR source sly spurts news
Superhoop1(13)(6)Sorry I meant to say sky sports news

Superhoop1 {Ed001's Note - there's a difference?}


19 Jul 2012 19:11:01
Zdenek grygera who broke his leg in only his fifth match is set to return to italy with Parma(6)(3)


19 Jul 2012 18:50:25
Arnaud Mendy is set to reunite with Miles Addison at Afc Bournemouth for an undisclosed fee.(10)(3)Certainly arnaud mendy would be useful signing however chairman mitchell has today stated that afcb will have a few extra signings before the start of season, but will be un-likely done prior to friday departure for spainHe's still a good age & is fairly cheap so maybe this is true despite not being a left back.


19 Jul 2012 18:50:17
Blackburn will attempt to sign swedish legend Freddie Ljungberg but face competition from Al-Hilal, Al-Ain and Vancouver Whitecaps.(4)(8)


19 Jul 2012 15:35:02
David Moyes met with Peter Crouch in Glasgow,thats what the Everton fans reckon what have you heard Ed? {Ed013's Note - I heard the same on the Celtic page so unsure who he was meeting}(5)(12)Crouch played in pre season friendly in switzerland. Impossible to be in two places.Yes, because it takes 3 weeks to get from Switzerland to Glasgow! Unless you are Peter Crouch of course... then you just take one massive stride!He's in switzland pics of him all over stokes local papers training


19 Jul 2012 18:56:13
After failing to buy Curtis Davies, Mariappa and Clyne, Hughton has now preparing a bid for Blackpool defender Alex Baptiste. The defender wants to be back in the premier league after 1 year there with Blackpool, and wants to leave after the club failed in there play off final with West Ham.(3)(12)If he goes anywhere it will be Wigan as it means not having to move.Don't be daft baptiste love Blackpool and will stay because he is one of the main men at Blackpool.Why do people post this bs!?!

If you can find a quote from Alex Baptiste saying he wants to leave then maybe your post might have some credibility.......but I can 100% guarantee you won't.

Because he has never said it!Stop it with your shirt rumours Blackpool are not going to let any of their players goBaps doesn't want to leave, he said that he was 100% focused on gaining automatic promotion with Blackpool in the Blackpool Gazette recently.Wrong he will stay.If he goes anywhere it will not be WiganIts nice to see that so many fans of other teams are so jealous of our players. Even then somehow they still say that their team is better.Not saying he will stay but when has he ever said he wants to leave the only disappointment all season he has show was when he said on the day we were unlucky west ham took there chances so show me the words on tapeCurtis Davis deal certainly isnt off cause it hasnt even started! no bid has even been made. Never in for Mariappa or clyne either so not sure where you got Baptiste from. not as good as what we already have!


19 Jul 2012 18:43:17
Peterborough are to make a bid for Coventry's Cody Mcdonald.

Jon Bostock will finally get his desired move to Swindon Finalised by the end of next week.

Leicester will try to sign Raheem Sterling on loan, however other teams will try to scupper this deal, the foxes will also try to grab Anthony Gerrard.(5)(10)Why on earth would Posh want McDonald, a player who cannot perform in the Championship? 48 games with Norwich and Coventry and scored only 8 goals. His only success came with Gillingham in League 2 (So far a one season wonder)Alan connell is to have a medical on monday at bristol rovers (terms have all been agreed)Posh were linked to Cody before his last move but will all depend on whether Taylor goes or notAlan Connell will go to Bradford.I'd be surprised if we were to sign any more strikers, our current list

Tyrone Barnett (ST) - Star man
Emile Sinclair (AMR/ST)
Lee Tomlin (AM/ST)
Mendez-Laing (AMR/ST) - New signing
Dave Hibbert (ST) - Injured for 2 seasons
Gordon-Hutton (ST) - Pro Youth
Paul Taylor (AMR/ST) - Listed - star man

Nicky Ajose (ST) - Listed unwanted
David Ball (ST) - Listed unwantedAdd Clarke-Harris to the list of players who can play as striker already for Posh (allegedly)Yes Posh were linked to Cody, but nothing was followed up and he clearly has not improved since then. Not good enough for the Championship, ok for league 1 at best.


19 Jul 2012 17:36:11
Cardiff City have just turned down a
bid for Anthony Gerrard possibly
from Huddersfield or Bristol City.
Ideally would like him to stay but
at least we wont be giving him away

Redbird(14)(2)Our biggest problem of last 2 seasons. No true attacking midfielder. This would be a great signing. BS3 BuZsaky!!But Gerrsrd is a central defender, maybe you are mixing him up with his cousin?


19 Jul 2012 17:14:14
Scott Loach, 24, has signed a three year deal for Ipswich from Watford worth £150,000.(20)(3)Thats 1.05 million (but will go as undisclosed)You mean he was sold for 150,000; not that his contract's worth 150,000 as this reads. I'm sure he's on far more than just under 1,000 a week.Four year!!I can't believe we rejected 2m + clauses not that long ago.... what a let off! Good luck with Loach Ipswich fans... you're going to need it.It's a shame. He wasnt a bad keeper by any means, hopefully get in an older keeper to guide bond cause he is meant to be highly ratedIpswich would never pay 1.5 million!! Just a grumpy Watford fan moaning cos u let a good player go cheaply!


{Ed003's Note - We seem to be having problems with the rumour threads turning into banter,If you find the need to reply with a joke or similar,just post it without using the reply button and it can continue on banter,leave a note saying banter by all means but for the benefit of all posters/readers this would help a lot. Thanks 003}(0)(9)


19 Jul 2012 18:03:07
Israeli defender Dekel Keinan has verbally agreed a move to Ferencvarosi in Hungary(9)(3)


19 Jul 2012 17:55:03
Chelsea winger Kevin de Bruyne will join Swansea on a season long loan to gain expierience after Scott Sinclair joins Fulham.(8)(22)Nope i dont think he will sinclair dyer wayne routledge admoah looks like he is going there


19 Jul 2012 17:52:54
Coventry to use Richard Keogh money to fund a move for Lee Barnard.

Callum Ball also joining on six-month loan.(8)(7)


19 Jul 2012 17:41:46
keogh has signed with callum ball going the other way for a season(13)(2)


19 Jul 2012 17:25:29
Oxford have turned down a bid for midfielder Simon Heslop. Rumour has it both Luton and Shrewsbury were looking at the player(5)(5)Shrewsbury have Richards, Summerfeild, Hall, Purdie, Wildig and Woods. Dont need himWon't have been Shrewsbury. Turner doesn't want another midfielder.It's not Town or Luton its ebbsfleet unitedUnlikely - doubt he could make the step up! Though he is better than Asa Hall and they took him so you never know!Turner doesn't want another midfielder.


19 Jul 2012 17:21:19
Richard Keogh has signed for Derby, with Callum Ball going to Coventry on a season-long loan as part of the deal.

Source: DCFC Official Site, BBC Radio Derby {Ed003's Note - Thank the lord for that ;) }(12)(4)Callum Ball loan isn't a part of the Keogh deal.

Source: CCFC website. {Ed003's Note - Arrrrh,there's more!!!!}I'm with you on this one Ed. Glad the whole thing is over!


19 Jul 2012 17:19:09
Europa League champions Atletico Madrid are making a shock move for Dimitar Berbatov and Martin Petrov who used to play for them.

Newcastle are planning and £18 million pound bid to bring back Andy Carroll.

David Goodwillie is interested in a move back to the SPL.

Real Madrid midfielder Kaka has told the club that he wants to leave with PSG, Man United, AC Milan and Manchester City favourites. Tottenham, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are also interested in the midfielder.

Ibrahim Afellay is interested in a move to the Premiership with Arsenal and Liverpool interested. in him(8)(17)Kaka will probably go to PSG or man city united won't get him they will get RVP and one more midfield


19 Jul 2012 17:06:21
reading young shotstopper mikkel andersen to join the pompey revolution when embargo lifted source everywhere(6)(10)I really hope he comes we need anyone at the moment but keep the faith lads (PUP)I wouldn't be surprised if Reading will try to get Anderson a Championship club, as last year they said that all three of their keepers would be good Championship players.Jermain Defoe set to sign for Reading in the next couple of days, deal to be tied up by Anton Zagarevicz over the weekend. I have it on good authority that this will be a done deal by Monday fee to be in the region of 7m and clubs have already agreed terms with him putting him on the same as the Pog. Defoe always said he wants to stay in or close to London and has turned Sunderland down over the last couple of days.Hope this is true, thought we didn't stand a chance on getting Defoe due to a massive gap in wage expectations? However he would be the perfect player to play with one of our big lads i.e. Pog or Roberts with Defoe running off the last defender...He would get goals that's for sure.Would LOVE it if defo signed but i just cant see it happening, BMac is all about the group dynamic and someone who has apparently demanded wages much higher than what we are prepared to pay to me doesnt really scream team player, big time charlie comes to mind


19 Jul 2012 17:03:09
Southampton are interested in a loan deal for Arsenal's swiss Center Back Johan Djourou(6)(18)Good back up for arsenal with their bad injuries problems over the last couple of season this wont happenI really dont think he is good enough - which may sound arrogant, but Arsenal are a top team, who by nature dont have to defend much and he still seems to struggle to me. Saints are going to have to defend more than Arsenal and I'm far from convinced he would bring stability...No way his poorHe's a donkey, hope we stay well clear of him


19 Jul 2012 16:52:17
West Brom target Tongo Doumbia could be persuaded to resurrect his move from French club Rennes, which broke down over personal terms.(11)(8)I understand there was a get out clause wanted by the player which albion would not agree to.He is due to re-consider and re-open discussions with WBA as Yacob deal is in doubt due to Botafogo joining the race for his signature.


19 Jul 2012 16:47:32
Bristol city leading the race to sign buzasky from QPR and are also rumoured to be offering a trail to mark Wilson, signing of buzasky to be announced tommorow or on Saturday(16)(15)


19 Jul 2012 16:33:38
Scott Loach has completed his move to Ipswich - Official.(20)(11)


19 Jul 2012 16:32:00
Tony Pulis is contemplating double bid for Bruno Ecuele-Manga, 23 and Mathias Autret, 21 who play for FC Lorient(11)(11)


19 Jul 2012 16:30:26
After missing out on Dulwich Hamlet young striker Omarr Lawson to Cardiff, Blackpool look set to sign his strike partner Xavier Videl(8)(4)


19 Jul 2012 16:27:16
Arsenal are set to increase bid to 8.5m for M'Baye Niang.(15)(9)


19 Jul 2012 16:11:27
Leicester have had a bid for Cardiff Centre half Anthony Gerrard rejected(13)(13)I was expecting a bid from Leicester for
Gerrard before now as I knew that Pearson rates him. So do I and hope we don't sell not just to the foxes but to huddersfield as well.


19 Jul 2012 15:46:39
Wigan Athletic have had a £2m bid accepted by championship club Peterborough United for striker Paul Taylor.(13)(15)


19 Jul 2012 15:59:59
Richard Keogh to join Derby tomorrow from Coventry for an undisclosed fee after Cardiff pulled out.

Aidy White is weighing up an offer to join the Rams, who are now favorites to sign him, but Leeds will make a last ditch offer to keep the highly rated defender.(11)(6)White to sign for derby by saturday, he said he wants to join the rams, source: his parentsNo he didn't he has said publicly that he wants to stay at leedsWe dotn want him nothing but pace and very overated 500k is about right for him if that


19 Jul 2012 15:53:22
Further to the below

Reports in Holland suggest that West Ham's bid for Luc Castaignos has stumped FC Twente's, so he is likely to be coming to us. Not sure where this leaves us with Joselu, who David Gold and David Sullivan are flying to Spain to speak too this weekend, but with 3 strikers potentially coming in it appears that Carlton Cole and Freddie Piquionne will be allowed to leave. 6 strikers is usually a decent amount for a Premier League Squad - Maiga, Castaignos, Joselu, Vaz Te, Baldock and Maynard.

Appears G&S have just about agreed deal with
Joselu and Castaignos is also due for medical
this weekend. Cole is leaving as is Maynard
in a totally revamped front line.

Sam also in talks and hopes to progress
moves for Kieran Richardson and
Gorkan Tore(3)(16)I can only hope this is true,it would be awesome.Maynard wont leave because the problems with vaz te he wont leave at least til jan to prove him self in the prem and cole bound to fulham 4 mil


19 Jul 2012 15:42:41
Peterborough have made an offer believed to be in the region of £250k for Coventry forward Cody McDonald.(6)(12)Hah! as if! if they have u have no chance, why wud the put a bid in for a striker that made less than 50% appearances last season....u wont get him, he will do well in league oneRubbish. We don't need him and anyway Fergie Jnr has said in the Peterborough newspaper that no more incoming transfers are on the go, only outs at the moments.


19 Jul 2012 15:43:11
The unknown player involved in Derby's deal of Coventry's defender Richard Keogh is believed to be James Bailey. It is said the deal will be around 800k plus a player on a seasons long loan (James Bailey) from various sources.(7)(10)Why would we let Bailey go on loan? He's only got a year left on his contract, so Derby will be selling him this transfer window instead of having to let him go on a free in the next.Keogh is a derby player ball has gone on loan to Coventry factNope it was Callum BallDeal is already confirmed - player going tother way is Callum Ball! He is officially a Derby playerCallum BallCalum ball mate


19 Jul 2012 15:19:49
Walsall will complete the signing of Ben Purkiss tomorrow morning (Friday)(9)(4)


19 Jul 2012 14:59:37
Patrick Agyemang could complete a sensational return to Preston North End if personal terms are agreed. The striker is currently on holiday but talks are expected to be completed when he returns on Monday(11)(10)Used as an impact player ,last 20 mins of the game he would be okHope so please be trueClearly not PNE fans if you think this would be a good thing!Compared to cummins and holroyd then yes i do. And am a pne fan for last 20 odd yearsAgyemang is crap we dont want him back
we need quality as a striker 20 a season merchant , or a skilful striker i know ian humeVery mutch so, when patrick played for us last time , his biggest threat was off the bench by the number of assists and goals he scored , but when he started a game he was not that effective .Agyemang could definitely do a job as a sub, but with Trundle set to sign today do we really need another striker who can only do a job as a sub? I think we need to be looking to sign someone younger and quicker, or even better do something about keeping Hume.Wow so excited ... Just got our 1st Stella signing , lee trundle 35yr playin non league footy ...ribsdale & co ... You certainly deliver wiv wat u say ..., lolPaddy is always going to make more than he scores


19 Jul 2012 14:57:07
Louis Saha set to join Stoke City. If this happens, Jon Walters will move to Wigan for £4 million(7)(30)It would be to saha there but not walters leave for wiganGood business i would say, but wont happenHope this is true...saha would be a good signing for us


19 Jul 2012 14:53:59
after failing to agree terms with Sam Baldock, Charlton boss Chris Powell is turning his attention to Steven Doris of Arbroath, who scored 21 goals last season for the Scottish 2nd division side.(10)(6)Is that the Steve Doris who signed a 12 month contract extension in June. The Steve Doris who plays in a league that is roughly equivalent to the Blue Square prem/English League 2?So that means he will score 5 in the championship.

not good anough for us.

I would try get adam le fondre from reading as he will get many games in the prem.

i would not of thought he would be on loads of money too.

we was meant to of been interested in him before he moved to reading.Someone who makes sense, Le Fondre would be a great signing even if only on loan. Better than BWP as he works for chances and the team.


19 Jul 2012 14:47:18
latest rumour coming out from turf moor is that
there in personal talks with brian stock!
Keith Tracey is also expected to stay too!(9)(8)Keith treacy to sign for barnsley tomorrow according to radio sheffield.Its not a rumour, its been confirmed by thr Doncaster press.


19 Jul 2012 13:53:47
Michu having a medical.(14)(8)


19 Jul 2012 13:51:05
Derby to sign Richard Keogh for £800,000 + Conor Doyle going the other way on loan.(9)(11)A good deal for both sides i think. Derby get a class centre-back, and the Sky Blues get a young striker with plenty of potentialNope, it was Callum Ball


19 Jul 2012 13:48:15
Walsall to sign a Lefback within 24 hours thought to be Lee Naylor or Franck Quederue(4)(9)What a load of rubbish! Can't afford either!


19 Jul 2012 13:42:43
Fulham are definitley in for Carlton Cole.
A deal looks likely to be agreed over the
next few days if players demands can
be met. West Ham may also be letting
Sam Baldock leave for Charlton Ath.
Fred Pic has deserted and joined foreign
legion (I hope).
This is leaving the happy hammers desperatley
short on out and out strikers.
Sam Allardyce and Gullivans trying to
line up a few moves which may Include
Mackie, Owen and Kenwynne Jones(0)(27)Fulham won't sign Carlton cole, if he can't score in the championship how is he gonna do it in the prem


19 Jul 2012 13:39:25
Southampton interested in Jermaine Lens from PSV
NA has lens on his list of top targets would add pace down the wings and creativity
Huw.(25)(8)Just seen his 18 goals on youtube looks a good player so lets get this deal done :)Nice rumour, but psv declined. it was on the dutch newsPSV are likely to say they want to keep him - he is a good player and Dutch international. That does not mean they will not sell him. Money talks... The news is that this deal is likely.Declined first approach or declined full stop.Sky Sport have confirmed that PSV have turned down the initial offer from Saints.Declined first approach. Just need to up our offer.


19 Jul 2012 14:03:41
Watford are to complete the signing of fillippo inzaghi within the coming days after reaching an agreement with the out of contract itallian(17)(19)Source? This seems too good to be true.This is true and not the only big name signing either.False! Zola recently said he won't be signing himExamples of these other big-name signings?Zola was interested, but he will be staying in Italy. Del Piero will not be joining either


19 Jul 2012 13:29:50
Leicester ins;
Raheem sterling - liverpool - loan deal
Ryan mcgivern - man city - 1 million
Andros Townsend - spurs - loan deal
Jermaine jenas - spurs - 3 mill (wants first team football)

All players will be great additions to Nigel Pearsons squad.

Leicester outs;
Beckford - anywhere - club heirachy want him out at any cost
Wellens - doncaster - in jan when fit again(4)(28)Ryan McGivern, not the best defender but can put a hell of a cross in (bristol city fan)Hopefully Sterling would come, Can't see jenas coming.Sterling can not go on loan till christmas because of his age.If Jenas goes I would've thought it'd be to Forest - doubt he would go to rivals of the club he supports. Sterling can't go on loan until January as well, apart from those two then yeah..Agger is not worth 25m he is worth more one of the best defenders around.Ryan mcgivern not worth 1 mil when greg cunningham move for less than thatAnd how can drfc afford wellens ?Cant see drfc signing wellens great player last time but caused arguments in dressing room


19 Jul 2012 13:17:28
Oxfords Tom Craddock is to sign for gillingham on loan until January.(7)(13)No he isn't. He's in OUFC's plans this season!
Why would we let a first team player go out on loan, when we paid 70k for him?
Wilder always raves about him, and says we lost 15+ goals last season with him being injured!Why till january and why would we sign a player from oxford on loan if he was a better player he wouldn't be put on loan untill jan this i cant see ever happinin sorry


19 Jul 2012 13:14:47
Reading outs:

Michail Antonio - Sheffield Wednesday for 700k
Simon Church - Bolton on loan
Karl Sheppard - Crawley on loan
Michael Hector - Crawley on loan
Alex McCarthy - Portsmouth on loan(15)(13)It's actually Mikkell Anderson whose been touted as going to Portsmouth. If Alex goes on loan he will go to a championship team.McCarthy won't go to L1 only champ because he went on loan to Ipswich last season so why would he go down.Why would Sheppard go to Crawley when, there were apparently a number of championship clubs after him. Also I wouldn't be surprised if Reading will try to get Anderson a Championship club, as last year they said that all three of their keepers would be good Championship players.^thats what the guy above is trying to say mate he mean't to put mikkel andersen


19 Jul 2012 13:01:44
Veteran goalkeeper Tony Warner will sign for Preston North End as back up to Thorsten Stuckmann. Graham Westley is still hopeful of bringing in Francois Zoko to bolster his attacking options(12)(7)How many more signings do Preston want to make!?A cenre half and three strikers will do us and where on our way come on u whites^^^^ dreamingWhy do Preston need another centre half. We currently have at least 5 on the booksHes not dreaming, the managers said thats what he wants, and we have players leaving to make room for em (y)


19 Jul 2012 13:00:46
Leyton Orient defender Ben Chorley could be a target for league 1 rivals Walsall if Orient allow the centre back to leave, re-uniting him with ex Orient assistant Dean Smith.(15)(2)With Orient signing Nathan Clarke, rumour does have it that Chorley could be on his way. Walsall are also looking to sign a centre back.


19 Jul 2012 12:59:51
Izale McLeod has stated to Portsmouth local news, that he's looking to sign for Pompey, and that they are a 'massive club' and 'from day one, when I knew Pompey were interested, it was the place to be'

Source : Portsmouth's 'The News'(18)(18)Should shut-up the doubters.Yep i tried to mention this earlier but other fans weren't taking none of itI think somebody needs to make an appointment with his Doctor...poor deluded man...! Okay so i am a Southampton Fan, but really....! I wish Portsmouth well, they have been shafted with the blunt end of a trumpet ever since Harry turned up, i will miss the Derby matches and hope that in 2/3 years they will be stable.Cheers mate....would love another one in the premier league


19 Jul 2012 12:48:09
Gary Smith wants to sign 2-3 more strikers and hopes to conclude deals for Lucas Akins of Tranmere and Nicky Ajose after becoming a free agent.(6)(3)Akins won't come tranmere rejected the bid best focus on the other options.


19 Jul 2012 12:42:15
Gozie Ugwu signs 6-month loan deal with Yeovil... Somewhat an unknown quality but has a good reputation(13)(3)


19 Jul 2012 12:41:43
Darby offer 1million to cov for keogh job done get him out money in!!
sly spurts(7)(18)800k was already accepted that includes
money over 24 months and callum ball on loanIts 800k and only 500k and 300k in clauses with ball going on loan.No media has stated this figure.


19 Jul 2012 12:20:34
Fulham confirm they have bid £4m for Carlton Cole and West ham are likely to accept
and use this money for Joselu or Rhodes(7)(27)Last season he took a wage cut of half his money and rejected all offers..Even if true I doubt he'll leave now they're back in the premWhen did they confirm that?


19 Jul 2012 12:17:05
southend united in advanced discussions with yves ma-kalambay and Curtis Weston.(12)(7)


19 Jul 2012 12:15:19
saints looking at psv winger jermaine lens and gk gazziniga from gills fc.(27)(8)


19 Jul 2012 11:50:18
Southampton FC interested in the signature of versatile PSV and Dutch international Jermaine Lens. The striker who can also play out wide has been on Adkins radar for some time now and with PSV signing what looks like his replacement. Expect to see some offers made.

Source: skysports(35)(11)If NA & NC can pull this one off, would be another great signing for the mighty Saints. Just a CB & GK to go!

COYR's!This is more like it! He is exactly the type of player we need. Is 'reported' on a few sites that this may be happening..Not gonna happen. All you Saints fans think you can sign anyone and realistic! You've got Clyne who in my biased eagle eyes will be fantastic, Davis as Rangers are demolished & Jay Rodriguez, yet you think potential stars and performers want to join you. PSV > SouthamptonThe doubters are still rambling on about how we can't attract this sort of player, give it a rest. What brought clyne, Davis and Rodriguez to the club? Ambition! So there's no reason why we couldn't get this deal done aswell. We're still on the up. COYR
ps. You just keep selling us your best players :)PSV have signed someone to play the position as a replacement already. This guy is interested in Southampton and PSV are willing to sell as he doesn't particularly want to stay. He may go to St Mary's he's talented he wants PL football and he's right for the club. Southampton can't sign everyone and anyone I'll be one of many to admit that but he's a realistic target.As a club in there respective countries maybe , but dutch football has been on the wane since ajaz last won the champions league. The premier league has a large allure and he would probably see a wage increase with the a greater chance of that increasing again over the next few years. Cortese is also renowned for his negotiating so if he can get him to staplewoods , theres a good chance to sign anyoneWhy wouldnt it happen?

We've made an approach and we have the attraction of premier league football. plus we're a good club with ambition who is moving forward.

Im sick of all these negative jealous people who are just bitter because they're club are not showing the same ambition

This is a rumour site & this story is from sly spurts... the person who posted it had every right tooEagles fan, you make me laugh. The reason we are in for these players is because we are now in the PREMIER league. Why wouldn't he join us, been reported on many different sites. We'll see what NA and NC can do, you concentrate on your own team.PSV have just purchased someone who will take Lens' place. He's not the type of player who will sit on the bench. He's ours. COYR's!!Saints fan here, but indeed its not going to happen. on the dutch news they said that psv declined the offer because they want to keep him.


19 Jul 2012 11:55:25
Watford manager Gianfranco Zola is keen to bolster his goalkeeping options with Scott Loach poised to leave the club for Ipswich and he has targeted a move for the 35-year-old.

Almunia is thought to have agreed a deal in principle to move to Vicarage Road and the club are hoping to finalise the move in the next 24 hours.(20)(6)If Almunia dont go watford will put a bid in for cudiciniWatford should have put Cudicini above Almunia


19 Jul 2012 11:59:18
Burton trialists Dean Lyness, Lee Bell, Devarn Patterson and Robbie Neilson are to be offered contracts after impressing in pre season.
Burton are also continuing with their efforts to get Ross Atkins on another season long loan.(9)(5)


19 Jul 2012 11:58:46
Etherington to QPR, or Fulham, heard this was possible last transfer window. Could be possible as Bet 365 wont give any betting odds on it(10)(19)No more speculation...Hoilett has agreed terms with Q.P.R.......


19 Jul 2012 11:42:25
Anthony McNamee is attracting interest from league one clubs yeovil,Portsmouth and Notts County(10)(12)Doubt that as yeovil already have 5 or 6 wingers, i know yeovil are expected to sign another loan youngster who plays centre back though possibly james clarke or aaran racineNever understood why Norwich bought McNmaee from us (Swindon) as he hardly ever played for Norwich it must have been the money from his point of view. With McNamee when he's in the mood he is a very good player but unfortunatley those games are few and far between and he's not a 90 minute player as he suffers from asthma. Cant see him going to Pompey as they may cease to exist yet.Racine has already gone - see C!derspace!Racine is a Goner... James Clarke is injured so he would do well to get an offer from us... I'd expect another Spurs youngster to come in to cover the back line... They've always been in close contact with us


19 Jul 2012 11:36:27
edison cavani on his way to chelsea,around 35 mil...while liverpool want afellay and 10 mil in exchnge for utd leading in races to sign arsenal cptain,RVp...(19)(24)10 million and Afellay for Agger. Haha. Make it 25m and Afellay and Tello and Liverpool might think about it.Ha, Liverpool fans overvaluing their player. Agger isn't worth 25m, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Affelay is young and probably going to a team with CL football which ain't Liverpool. Shame.To the person who wrote the comment above, Agger is world class! thats why everyone wants him Afellay is ok but only worth 8 mill at the most!!Agger IS worth 25m... And Affelay is 26 (Not as young as people think)


19 Jul 2012 10:54:09
charlton set to sign docaster's centre back george friend for 100k

salim kerkar also set to sign for a bosman after snubbing a newco rangers

sam baldock also set to sign if charlton can meet west ham's 1.5m asking price

jacobo sanz ovejero also going to sign on for free as john sullivan is going out on loan

jacko(7)(17)Who are you kidding - Charlton have barely got 1.5m pennies let alone poundsFriend isnt a centre back......left back/midfieldCharlton have declared an interest in Friend but have yet sent an offer for him.

Baldock is trying to agree terms with the club after west ham accepted a deal.

As for Kerkar and Jacobo its all about how they do this week to determine if SCP thinks their good enough to sign.With the Baldock thing West Ham wont be putting him into the prem squad that much is certain because they have stated he is for sale. However the players choice of clubs will always out in these situations nowadays . Charlton's lower bid will only delay things as managers play brinkmanship, assuming Charlton is his choice, which we are led to believe it is.

As for not having any money we shall see but it seems the boardroom shenanigans of the past weeks will have settled cash flow issues and it’s business as usualWe had him at the den on loan,but soon sent him back.Sure he will do a good job for youCharlton have already met West Ham's asking price for Baldock. They just need to agree personal terms and Baldock has to decide if he wants to come.


19 Jul 2012 10:26:44
Orlando Sa to Birmingham City.. watch this space(14)(15)


19 Jul 2012 10:15:37
West Bromwich Albion have almost completed the signing of Claudio Yacob after the player passed a medical at the Albion training ground yesterday.(18)(8)He sounds like a good player, was linked with a move to arsenal and man utd a few seasons ago and was the captain of racing club, would be a good signingBotafogo are trying to snatch him in a last ditch deal. He has been offered more money and also the the British Tax has put him off coming to England, which WBA are confused about. However they are pressing on with a deal for the talented midfielder.Looks like it's broke down now. Maybe we'll go back in for Doumbia?


19 Jul 2012 10:12:58
Charlton close to signing George Friend from Doncaster Rovers.(15)(11)


19 Jul 2012 09:49:22
With the arrival of hazard and Marin Chelsea will allow Kevin de bruyne the chance to go on loan until January to gain premier league experience. Norwich and Swansea are the two interested parties.(11)(20)Very good if true but we dont need a midfielder!! we need defenders, i hope Hughton realises this!!!I'm getting tired of people saying we don't need midfielders. Of course our attacking midfielders like Hoolahan, Pilkington and Bennet need competition. Games are usually won in the midfield at the top level so you need back up there.We need another coulple of defenders ie lb to cover marc teirny and another cbAgree. We need top quality CB x1 as Ayala is our only quality option currently. Martin and Ward not Prem quality. Ryan Bennet not convinced at Prem level yet either and we've lost Whitbread.Pure nonsense!! Premier league clubs loaning players to other Premier league clubs can only loan them out for a full season unless the loan happens in the January transfer window.How can you say Russell martin is not prem standard? He was one of our best players last season^^ well that's wrong - Kyle Naughton was with us for a whole season and we signed him last summer. PLease check your facts on something so basic.Why on earth don't you think Martin is Prem quality? He was one of our most consistent defenders last year.We have five cb including Martin, we don't need anymore.Russell Martin not Prem quality? Really? He played well at RB and was arguably our best CB when he played there. Can't disagree about Ward though.Some people on this website do not know what they're on about. Martin is probably our best defenderMartin is not a prem quality CB becasue despite his tackling and passing ability, his all round work rate and his general good guy status the man likes a wander. Combine this with his lack of pace plus the speed of the prem and you have a big hole just when and where you least want one.
CBs that you can run through or past are not Prem quality CBs and CBs who stand in the wrong place are in the wrong job altogether.I thought that Martin was our best CB last season... I think that Bennett will have a good season because he can only get better. Ayala looks a fantastic player and will be brilliant if he stays fit. We just need an experienced player to keep control, we can't play 2 young centre backs like Bennett and AyalaMartin in a class defender end of...


19 Jul 2012 09:36:01
Doncaster still favourite to tie up Damien Reeves, but his agent informs me that Gainsborough Trinity and Gillingham have made wonderful offers to secure Damien's services next season. He said careerwise the next step should be for Damien to step up to league football, but the offer from GT is exceptional that he would be a fool not to consider it.(6)(9)Donny won't be signing him until they get all the strikers they want, Saunders wants big powerfull strikers he will only sign him as extraSky think Gillingham are favourites now.Reeves will be at Gills next mark my word.Hes close to signing for rotherham, my good mate knows rotherham manager and he said hes almost signed him!He is playing for Gillingham against Dartford on Saturday. Source: Altrincham Website.


19 Jul 2012 08:38:36
Fulham are interested in West Ham United striker Carlton Cole, who is in the final
year of his contract, and hope £4million will be enough to seal a deal.(9)(21)4 million? For Carlton Cole? Do be serious, he was mediocre at best in the Championship last season..West Ham would accept the offer but Carlton may not go. He could have gone to Stoke last year.Thankfully he said no to Stoke. Fulham are welcome


19 Jul 2012 07:33:42
Nathaniel clyne will sign for Southampton today , after he's met and had his interview with the media and hads his pictures taken so around between 12 pm-7pm(20)(8)Hes already signed he signed yesterday and flew out to france. its on OSVery good signing and thats another potential signing we werent going to getApparently Saints had no chance of signing Davis, Rodriguez and Clynne. Clynne has signed as the club are looking to achieve European Football in the future! You could say its very exciting to be a Saints Fan at the moment. Apart from Man City is there a more exciting team to support at the moment?As a Saints fan, I'd say it is going to be interesting but it feels rather experimental to me.. We have pretty much an entire squad of talent, but have not played in the prem before - we start Man City, Man U and Ars as 3 of our first 4 games.. The start is a massive challenge for team who individually let alone collectively have not played against this type of oppo before..

Lets get someone like Lens or Miyiachi on the wing and then a couple of solid prem centre backs and a prem keeper and I'll start to feel a lot better..

For the record - I think Reading have bought well..


19 Jul 2012 01:01:14
Andrew Dorman has signed for Sheffield United for 120k.(11)(19)I hope not have u seen his record 28 apps 2 goals 1 asist last season


19 Jul 2012 01:01:58
Top of D.Freedman's list is J.Puncheon and G.Boyd. He is also still searching for a Centre Back potentially Zak Whitebread(23)(11)More nonsense. None of these players are on our list of targets. Baxter is here as i said weeks ago, McCormack will be completed by the weekend and Ramage who's training will probably be given a years deal. Other than that Dougie is in talks about a premiership loan for a midfielder, but that will be it.Puncheon is a premiership player who could go on loan!!


19 Jul 2012 01:00:53
Current Palace trialists include Baxter and Kirk (Dunfirmline).(21)(7)


19 Jul 2012 01:00:27
Palace, Leeds and Huddersfield are all in the hunt for Simon Church(22)(13)Oh no they're NOT!!

Leeds are certainly not interested so stop speculating, we can't even pay for the targets we ARE chasing - yet!Palace aren't interested. With Baxter and McCormack lined up, that is dougie striker shopping overCan't see why town would want him, not an improvement on our current partners to JR.


19 Jul 2012 01:00:17
wolves have placed 6 players up for sale and they are:

LEIGH GRIFFITHS(25)(17)Would be great if true...The manager sees the weaknesses that most of us have for seasons!I personally think hunt and zubar will prove to be valuable players this seasonZubar would only need replacing again in the premiership. Id much prefer someone to come in and make that position their own...Hunt 'may' do sumat but he hasnt for a while now, although he would be easier to replace from within current squadWolves really need to have a better centre-back partnership, we need someone to patner Berra, I think Zubar will fit the bill


19 Jul 2012 01:00:10
Palace are looking to sign Puncheon, Butterfield and Fonte all from Southampton.(17)(30)Probably and all would fit - but if Saints let Fonte go, they would need 3 centre backs between now and the start of the seaon.. They have already let Martin go out on loan and Jaidi has retired.. I cant see Fonte leaving without players coming in..Very unlikely. Possibly Butterfield. Fonte is an integral part of the squad and highly rated by Adkins, so forget that one. We are also quite obviously short in this position currently so we are hardly about to sell what we have are we? Puncheon had looked impressive in pre season so far, will be given a crack until Jan to see what he can do I'd say.Could be true, but I think you were meaning Forte, because Fonte will not be leaving.

Saint MartinForte or fonte? Because fonte will not be going back to palace.No chance. Not unless Southampton do some serious buying first, they're not in a position to lose that many player. Though Fonte might be a possibllityThere welcome to them except fonte, or do u mean forte? Saints are apparently in talks with birmingham about a move for curtis daviesJose Fonte is not for sale. Butterfield might be a possibility and Puncheon is 50/50 as hes been looking good in pre season.

LLS83Great that we have signed Clyne plus others we need a clear out of dead woodWe will not sell fonte. end ofPuncheon possibly (if he's part of a move for Zaha but I have doubts saints will let him go unless that's the case). If it's Forte then yes, if it's Fonte then no as palace have taken a Centre back on loan from saints who can't really afford to let Fonte go. As for Butterfield, Palace need a new Right back and saints just gained a Right back so would not be surprised.Why would fonte go anyway his a key playerStupid post- Jose Fonte just got turned into a 20 foot mosaic painting on the new training ground walls- hardly the "next move" for the club!


19 Jul 2012 00:56:10
Ben Watson to Leeds
Mackail Smith or Daryl Murphy to Leeds
MacCormack to Palace(21)(27)White to derby
bruce to hull
snodgrass to norwichIf smith goes to leeds then mccormack will go to brighton, if not he will either stay at leeds or go to wolves or blackburn, snodgrass staying at leeds


19 Jul 2012 00:22:51
Buszaky flying out to spain on friday with Mcinness after agreeing terms with bristol city(12)(21)Del boy is already back in Spain mate old newsClose to signing according to Sly spurts


19 Jul 2012 00:13:55
Pablo Mills is talking to Torquay about a possible move, but Mills wage demands may be a stumbling block. Ling hoping to offload 1 player in the next few days before making an improved offer to Mills. Was told by a Player on trial at Woking who played against Crawley the other day.(1)(5)


18 Jul 2012 23:58:43
Stevenage will complete the signing of Nicky Ajose after his trail(13)(5)How homesick can he really be

he moves down south, cannot settle, then moves to another southern club


18 Jul 2012 23:56:00
Me And my friend just saw hoilett in heathrow airport could be going to Germany or Joining QPR in malaysia ( bet QPR to get him)(6)(25)


18 Jul 2012 23:44:36
Febian Brandy is on trial at the moment with Walsall.(11)(3)This seems kind of believableFits the profile....lost his way, once had potential.....come waifs and stays you have a home at Walsall FC :-)According to a forum this is true but after reading his profile he is just what walsall always look to get (someone to release at the end of the season)


18 Jul 2012 23:37:16
Watford have put in concrete offers for both Del Piero and Inzaghi. It is more likely for Inzaghi to sign rather than Del Piero. Should either fall through, Zola is very keen on signing Eidur Gudjohnsen from AEK Athens. Other players that will sign are Abdi, Pudil, Vydra, Chalobah, Smith, Hall and Almunia.(15)(9)Abdi, Pudil, Vydra and Hall are 99% certain. Almunia is likely, Chalobah maybe, Smith unlikely. Del Piero no chance at all he will get better offers. Inzaghi is 50/50.What is the latest on Iaquinta?!Why is Smith unlikely?1st comment on this post has hit the nail on the head.
Also, a move for Gudjohnsen would be on a par with Del Piero in terms of likelihood.Watford ain't after Alumina it's Vito Mannone wrong arsenal keeperSmith is unlikely as there is no substance in the rumours, it's just "he used to play for us so he will come back". Iaquinta is getting better offers like Del Piero.^They definitely are after AlmuniaInzaghi / Del Piero - one 37 years old and the other 38, does anyone else think this seems very reminisent of the last big named Italian that came in to Manage Watford, got rid of all the talent and brought in all his old has been mates.

Talk about De ja vu.

Perhaps Vialli will come and play up front for us too.Alumina hasn't got a clubIaquinta has talk himself out of a move to Fulham cos he wants to match his 60k a week deal, so likely he wont join, if a concrete premier league club cant afford him, unlikely we will


18 Jul 2012 23:12:15
York City striker Liam Henderson is likely to end his Bootham Crescent nightmare by moving to League of Ireland team Cork City. {Ed003's Note - Seems to be a bit of a row about that? }(3)(0)



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