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19 Jan 2012 23:51:32
Newcastle to sign lassana diarra from real madrid on an intial 6 month loan deal with a view 6 million move in the summer(13)(34)Real Madrid value him at around the 20 million they paid for him.He didn't have a bad game against Barca midweek. No way would they let him go on loan, only permanent for like the guy said about decent moneyYou skunks are startin to get a bit carried away methinksShake ur head u fool and stop listerning to rubbish down your local pubAlways liked Diarra - he's the kind of player you need in CMF alongside Tiote. If the club has any ambitions on gatecrashing European positions these are the players to get you there. Don't know how long he has left on his current deal - that might affect the price downwards if he hasn't too long leftMourinho said no Real Madrid player will leave and also no one will be signed in this window, plus we wouldnt stand a chance he wouldnt move to the north east unfortunatlyPlus we would have no chance of matching his wage demands he;s the kind of player that would ask for 70-90k a week, we aint goin to pay him that, thankfullyGet back to playing champ manager m8


19 Jan 2012 23:45:15
brighton have signed ben dickinson from dorchester fc on club website for undisclosed fee(9)(3)


19 Jan 2012 23:45:12
I ain't got any rumours to speak of,but this site...i love it. Would like to know whats happening down molineux with the steve bull site being held off. As for big mick he needs to stay.(11)(4)Ur right there MM needs to stay and given the stadium funds to bring in a few top faces.At last somebody on here that talks sense let's get behind Mick , sick of all the sack Mick msgs ....Sack the pratt nowIm no mick fan but who would we get to get us safe
wolves4evaThere's no point in saying sack the prat even if we did who is going to come in and buy players before end of jan be realistic if ur sacking anyone it should be the bloke that stands next to him every game with his crayons and colouring book TC up the wolves lets get behind them come super mick get something going also to that it's the players that step on to that pitch and it's bout time the likes of hunt, k Henry and few others wearing the shirt we pride like foley, Hennessy, fletcher


19 Jan 2012 23:42:07
Both Magpies and Black Cats to make 8m bid fir Steve Morison- the figure known to activate his release clause.(4)(25) 

Total rubbish.....Why would he go to smaller club ?Smaller club?!?...give yer head a wobble, one good half of a season and suddenly Norwich are the biggest club in the country!Sunderland and newcastle are miles bigger clubs than norwich, smaller club?? ha what a deluded pathetic little man you areHow many years is it sence newcastle won anything? You havr owner that would sellop your club at drop of a hat if he could find one. Owe 2-1 4-2 keep on dreaming north east planks. We are taking leeds players as when we want them, much bigger than than newc & sun. Morison is going nowere


19 Jan 2012 23:36:07
Scunthorpe to bolster their attack by adding free agents Danny Webber and Tomasz Cywka to the squad.(5)(8)


19 Jan 2012 23:31:54
Former birmingham city striker Marcus bent is having a trial at Coventry(10)(5)Ha ha really will be going down with that useless t..t up front!


19 Jan 2012 23:10:48
Scunthorpe united to sign Jacques Maghoma of Burton , Billy Knott of Sunderland and Jamie Vardy of Fleetwood Town. £2m spent(1)(26) 

Stop talk ste vardy to scunny lol never goin to happen u got no cash and he wants to play for a big team which ur notAnd furthermore Billy Knott has just gone out on loan somewhereAnd furthermore if any are over 24 that ginger tool you have in charge wouldnt do it!


19 Jan 2012 23:09:41


daviebhoy08Neither club would get promoted at first attempt, maybe not even second or third. They are very poor teams and the likes of Southampton, West Ham, Leicester, Birmingham etc would wipe the floor with them. In the Championship there are no easy games, in Scotland every game they play, apart from each other is like playing a conference team here. I hope they do join so the reality of how bad they are comes to light

The ShadowSo celtic and rangers will happily play in the english championship but the SFA refuse to allow scottish players in team GB....u need to stop smokin whatever it is your on mateThe Real Deal is winding you up..........Hillarious!!

As much as I would love to see it happen, it never will. Would be far too embarrassing for them. Also would place a massive strain on their finances, and any player there joining for glory would soon be out of the door.

Great post though.U cant get out much cause u talk one load of s### ,what do u know about Celtic or for that matter Rangers,only thing is we dont get 20 or 30 million handed to us every year,and nobody is saying the spl is a great league but youve got to play whats put in front of you.League one al crack the jokes,r u just ignorant or r u just taking the p##s u dont have a clue how big we r and how much bigger we would get given the same revenue,were surviving on little or no money coming our way and thats purely because of the size of us worldwide,id like to see 3 quarters of epl try and make do a dont think so,so give yourself a break along with everybody else that havent a clue about our famous club. Mag7 {Ed001's Note - are Celtic and Rangers involved in the European Super League? Because I would say that is the test of a club's standing in Europe, the big clubs have been involved in the talks.}Stop shouting anyway it wont happen so stop dreamingThe reason the scottish fa joke lol have said they dont want any scottish players joke in the GB team as they arent good enough and would be token players on the bench- lets be honest out of the three nations they are by far the worstI live in scotland pal and the stadard of football is crap including the OF you can harp on about money till the cows come home it wont make you any better you are on a road to nothingness and when your co effeciant gets battered again when you go out at the third qualifying round dont come greeting to usthere are undoubtably bigger leagues but not many bigger clubs and that includes those in the epl ask the scottish managers in the epl if you want a truthful answer.I would love to see SAF answer on this page. {Ed001's Note - bigger in what way? Number of European trophies? Rangers and Celtic are big clubs with a big fanbase of people who have one or the other as their second team. But they are no longer big clubs in terms of Europe, they are no longer considered as amongst the top rank of clubs. Asking the Scots if something about Scotland is important is a bit stupid to be honest. Of course they will think it is, they are biased, just like yourself. Scotland needs to sort out its league quickly, before even Celtic and Rangers lose their status completely.}How many good players do England have you lot are the BIGGEST under achievers in world football given the size of your nation.!!Scottish players have already been asked to play in tesm GB please keep up.Some have said yes,and some have said no.AllyScotlands shame the bigot brothers ,
English football ,same crap different week ,month ,year , decade nobody wants them why would you .Population has nothing to do with it....The best Rugby nation in the world is New Zealand with a population of 4.3 million Scotland has 5.2 million explain that one, you are the best in the world at tossing the Caber with your limited population and that stupid game where people sweep the iceAs it should be!If I were the FA I wouldnt allow those two clubs into any League in England, if those two clubs are allowed then why not aberdeen, dundee, Hibs, Hearts....Scottish football is where it is becasue the old firm preferred foreign stars 10 to 15 years ago instead of spending that money introducing and developing scottish born youngsters.dont get me wrong i enjoyed watching the likes of larsson numan etc play but what chgance had these young scots have to develop or even get a sniff onf the first team.murrays millions when advocaat was in charge at rangers and the biscuit tim a=t celtic park at this time has put scottish football at leat 10 years behind the like of spain,germany and not an olf frim fan but i so support hibernian who have developed some talent over the last 5/10 years steven fletcher at wolves being the most high profile and its a shame that the old fim and other scottish clubs are only ythinking about this now that they cant afford to bring in these exports now.i reckon it will be at least 10 years beofre you see a scottisg side one again being looked on as serious opposition in for moving down south i think it may happen but i dont think that clubs in the conference/2nd division down souht would be too pleased if the old fim went straight to the 1st division when they are all struggling from week to week trying to get there.Don't want these second rate teams in our League!Haha, how are we the biggest underachievers if you are going on size of nation, that would mean the likes of America, Canada, Russia, China, India, etc so be whiping the floor with absolutely everyone!Drugs are badGet them in! would be funny to actually see how they do in our leagues! but could be an upset too, nobody knows until it happens! for all we know they could get back to back promotions and end up as a mid table prem team..Hang on!! your all forgetting the main point....does scotland actully have a football team?You guys are clueless. Rangers and Celtiv are 10x the clubs any in the championship are. They have about 20x the support of each and Rangers have beaten Liverpool at ibrox and drawn with Man U at old Traff in the Champs League. How many Diddy teams in the championship or premiership can boast that? especially teams who are only given 3 million a year to spend. Get a grip, both halves of the OF would be good enough to stay in the prem, add 40Mill to that per year and they would challenge for honours. they are in the top 10 most supported clubs in the world. The inconvenient truth about the championship is, that no1 cares about it. We know that about the SPL so its time you accept it. At least we have Europe each year. You have nothing.If we r not noticed in europe anymore why is it that we have one of the best home records in any european competition with some of the best teams out there including some of your big epl teams,our away record isnt that good ill give you that,we can compete with any of them without your dosh,so get your head out the toilet and reply back when u come in from school lolDont bloody want them in englandTrolling. Wumming. Call it what you want, this is a great example of it. Wind 'em up and watch 'em go.Well the SNP have set 2014 for a referendum on independence so if they succeed in thier quest, this will never be in question again so let's just kill this topic all together I say.Will never happen ...i do love the arrogant english people commenting thinking they are the best at everything and scotland are s truth of the matter is rangers and celtic are 2 of the biggest clubs in british football much bigger than most EPL clubs. only reason EPL is a great league is down to SKY and the money (but the bubble will burst soon enough) if the old firm had the same money same level playing field they could attract world class players pay them big money and improve ...and as for guy saying no scots players are good enough for team GB ...STEVEN FLETCHER,,,JORDAN RHODES,,ROBERT SNODGRASS ,to name 3 who are highly sought after by top clubs and are banging in goals ....bigtBest and most honest post of the year! i have to agree the championship sides would be rubbing there hands at the thought of this,12 easy points for everyone in that league when these 2 join! they will never make it out that league but don't worry they still have a lot of support.The bubble wont burst mate you just hope it will but by then youll be in the icelandic leagueU must be on your lunchbreak son away and play with your pals and leave the big stuff for the adults.I concur that drugs are bad, mkay.Eds note,s001 are you trying to tell me that you know better than the Scottish managers in the epl ,unbelieveable English arrogance at its best,you're obviously very biased due to the fact you are English!! {Ed001's Note - or perhaps you are just too arrogant to bother to read what I said? I said I wouldn't listen to their opinion due to the fact they would naturally be biased. I would rather get the opinion of those who aren't biased, such as coaches from abroad. But you carry on with your childish little rants about others being arrogant, purely because you fail to read what is said properly. Big clubs get invited to the talks about the future of European football, did Celtic and Rangers? Because if they did, then all these arguments about how big a club they are can be dismissed, because they would clearly be amongst Europe's elite. If not, then you will have to accept they are no longer considered amongst the biggest clubs in Europe. I honestly can't remember whether either were.}Get a grip the lot of yous if the scottish game is tht bad how come every season epl teams come to scotland to take our players and good few scottish managers in epl tooJust a thought if the epl is that great and the spl is that poor how come Charlie Adam was never a star in our league but a revelation in yours ???As long as you are looking at independance
you can forget joining any English League.Your league is that good that your top two team who have spent millions arent even in the champ league last 16 and the likes of basel and napoli put them out...just proves its no as good as you all think....your no where near the spanish league and ur national team are no where near the spanish and never will be end ofWhy do some believe they will automatically go up and stay in the Prem? Maybe mid table championship at best. All this nonsense that they will get better ever year yawn yawn yawnOutside man utd biggest teams in the uk not talking about money


19 Jan 2012 22:55:04
Snodgrass of leeds is set to join Leicester City after a fee was agreed between the 2 sides today.(15)(18)He is a prem player & will move 2 Norwich on a freeAnother totally rubbish rumour.On a FREE !?!?! His contract doesn't run out until the end of next season (2013). YOU OBVIOULY DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT !! LOL!Actually some very knowledgable people on twitter have been talking about this. Apparently 4.5 million. Leeds won't turn that down and Leicester have the finances to pay him well. I would say "watch this space"4.5 million you can have him help you fight relegation, leicester are rubbish!!Some very knowledgable people on twitter have said this rumour is rubbish. If Snoddy goes, and unlikely until summer then it will be to PL.I wish I could rate this rumour, oh wait I can
Possibility.. 2/10


19 Jan 2012 22:51:48

SOURCE- SQUEAKYBUMTIME.COM(18)(1)Would love this to happen, wages will be an issue though! Not sure why he'd pay the 5k himself though, surely just ask QPR to stop paying him and then Watford give him 5k a week.


19 Jan 2012 22:43:24
Tyrone Barnett at Crawley intrested in coming back to north west previousley at Macclesfield, Ollie needs tall 6ft plus striker his agent in talks with blackpool this evening reliable source squires gate training ground.(10)(4)


19 Jan 2012 22:36:20
Isnt that Sow going to Galatasary?(9)(6)


19 Jan 2012 22:30:54
Hi guys! Just a couple of things to get of my chest! First to the Barnsley idiotic fans who booed Billy Sharp just days after his son died: HAVE A HEART! How would you like it if your son died and people took the p out of u?! I understand he goads fans when he scores, BUT that is the way he is! I for 1 will applaud him IF he scores against us on Saturday. That guy deserves a bravery medal. Now to the rumours! Mark McGhee to Bristol Rovers? BAD MOVE I think. They should have appointed Keith Curle. Ed do you know what is happening with Matthew Briggs? I heard that DEL-BOY has signed him on loan? COME ON U REDS!! {Ed001's Note - the lad from Fulham? All I know regarding him is that Fulham were looking for a loan move for him in the Championship, but they wanted guaranteed football for him. I have not heard of anyone actually getting him though.}(8)(3)About the Sharp thing....IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! I was there and check the recent press coverage that appologised you clown!!I feel i need to reply to this idiotic fan - it has not been confirmed that anyone booed Sharp directly aimed at him losing his son 1 The boos were aimed at him being from Sheffield. Also it was weeks after his loss and I like many fans did and still do feel sorry for his loss. Please get your facts right before posting such trash. {Ed013's Note - I have it on good authority that there was 1 fan that tried singing about Billy's son and was rightly "sorted out by other Barnsley fans" around him and then the stewards chucked him out. Disgusting, some fans need to realise its a game, not a chance to bring someone down by slagging off their families}I am not a Barnsley fan, but lets get one thing straight, the alleged chanting did not happen and I dont see why Barnsley should be tainted with it. the facts are, one person attempted to sing but was quickly put in his place by Barnsley fans...ED..Ia m surprised you allowed this post to be sanctioned {Ed001's Note - why? He never claimed it to be all the Barnsley fans and you have had the chance to clear up the story.}


19 Jan 2012 22:25:16
Sunderland after Bojan Krkic on loan from AS Roma(8)(21)Ive got a good one aswell, What do you call a women with a piece of slate on here head?......Ruth.Barca have to agree to any deal as have buy back optionHe has score 8 goals in 14 games already in the league his season,so why would they loan him out.can`t see it happening.


19 Jan 2012 21:52:07
Defoe nzonzi cahill and baines all to stoke before 31st jan(14)(39)Haha baines? Your going to need to pay at least 30 mill for him by far the best left back in the premProb cost 50m+ stoke havnt got that moneyMaybe the best but everton are skint so bid of 8,10 mil and thats a fact get over it plus the fact that stoke got a billionaire who actually love the club he owns its a fact {Ed001's Note - I really can't see why you think Baines will be allowed to move for that little. He is as close to irreplaceable a player as Everton have. No way they will let him go for that.}Baines to stoke .....nuts !!Not a chanceOd dear me Stoke fans again living in cloud cuckoo land, nearly as bad as the Newcastle supportersSeriously, I know that this is not a place to swap personal details but "8,10 mil and thats a fact"? I think we should get in touch and wager a LARGE amount of money on this. I'd also be happy to throw in a beginner's lesson in punctuation if you want?Typical deluded Potters fans ha ha haThink you should look up the meaning of the word fact before you use it again in the future.


19 Jan 2012 21:44:28
Have heard from a very reliable source that one of the reasons Frimpong is at Wolves is that its part of a deal to take Hennessey to Arsenal. The deal is all but sealed for end of the season with Frimmy carrying on at Wolves next year (plus obv some cash from Arsenal)(12)(35)


19 Jan 2012 21:40:11
Pacy winger Jermaine McGlashan will join Cheltenham Town from Aldershot for £50,000+, on a deal until the summer of 2014. The deal is set to be completed in time for McGlashan to be available to face Bristol Rovers this weekend.(8)(7)


19 Jan 2012 21:39:53
former league 1 winner oli johnson turns number of clubs down to sign for promotion chasing oxford(10)(8)Oli Johnson is a quality league one player with real talent and skill, he should be playing for a ambitious league one club.

from a norwich fanSee Carlisle United website Greg Abbott has said he will sign for them in the morning after training with the club for the last 2 weeks. Stop making stuff up.He wasn't making it up. Rumour confirmed as true. Oxford United have just signed Oli Johnson.


19 Jan 2012 21:34:44
Sunderland to swoop for moussa sow - scouts have been sent to watch him at the african cup of nations, sunderland also keeping a close eye on melvut erdnic as they look to bolster their attacking options(9)(18)Mackem having to steal our targetSow at Sunderland, jog on mateSow has signed for fenerbache2 players Toon rejected, Sow no chance, big clubs after himHaha, not a chance.Liverpool bound as part of Joe Cole deal, or at least a Champions League side


19 Jan 2012 21:32:47
Gary Taylor-Flecher and Bruma will be loaned to preston from arch rivals Blackpool. Both are excellent players, however both need need to improve their fitness with longer training sessions. Holloway sees Westley as the man to do this.(1)(15) pne dnt want any dirty lashersNot a chance would he send GTF out on loan but he would send bruna out on loan but not to Preston.


19 Jan 2012 21:29:06
Madrid has elections next year, so it means big movements in market, they need midfielders and right back(+ van persie that already signed).
-Silva, Bernabeu fans (owners) regret that mourinho prefers Coentrao to him. He wants to stay but is also very homesick. They´ll offer near 60 million
-Walker from tottenham
-hazard, already said yes, it depends if silva is coming
Bale is not going to barcelona, too expensive, probably they will sign jordi alba , cheaper and already in national team
-Florentino Perez refused 25 m from kaka (Paris SG), but definitely he is leaving.(8)(28)Didnt know van persie had singed for madrid haha clueless fool, make something believable next time!Khedira, Ozel, Kaka, Granero, Sahin, Alonso, Di Maria, Diarra, Callejon, Canales, Drenthe, Gago, Leon all play midfield as can Altimtop, Pepe & Ramos. Why, exactly, do Real Madrid need more idfielders?


19 Jan 2012 21:01:40
David Bird to join Bristol Rovers or Oxford United. The player has spoken to both clubs in the last few days.(9)(4)


19 Jan 2012 21:00:27
Cheltenham Town to smash there transfer record and sign Aldershot's McGlashen. A fee of £80-£100k possible switch of Cheltenham's Danny Andrew or Brian Smikle as part of the deal(5)(3)


19 Jan 2012 20:39:01
Davis of Rangers to sign for Everton, Davidson of St.johnstone will replace him.(21)(24)EVERTON HAVE NO MONEY....and he's not good enoughHe'd walk in to everton's team


19 Jan 2012 20:32:02
Yeovil to sign Jonathan Routledge tomorrow on a permanent deal and a trial to Darren Byfield from Walsall(8)(7)


19 Jan 2012 20:12:46
Shane Lowry will be allowed to leave Aston Villa as McLeish has said he does not figure in his plans, Millwall are to discuss permanent move(10)(4)Doubt it, villa are short on players


19 Jan 2012 20:10:28
Tony Craig is to sign permanent deal with Leyton Orient before window closes(8)(4)


19 Jan 2012 20:07:02
Swindon have signed Ipswich striker Ronan Murray on loan until the end of the season. He has signed a 1 year deal at Ipswich aswell.(13)(4)


19 Jan 2012 19:41:32
Agent Mark Wright Snr, father to the ex-TPWiE star, is keen to move Striker Steve Morison onto Newcastle or Sunderland, in order to curry favour from Millwall boss Kenny Jackett. If a deal goes through, the sell on cause received may persuade KJ to extend the contract of Mark Wrights Snrs son Josh who is coming towards the end of his contract atbthe South London club.(1)(22)Please stop posting total rubbish, Morrison signed with Norwich on a 3 year deal last summer, and he is not going anywhere......


19 Jan 2012 19:44:58
ricardo vaz te at ipswich today discussing personal terms after £1.5m fee was agreed with barnsley.(14)(29)By he,s good can be in 2 places at once was at Oakwell @ 2/3o must have flown to Ipswich in Dr Who,s phone boxNeed defenders to be honest but still hope this is true!Load of balls


19 Jan 2012 19:42:22
Arshavin seen at Newcastle Airport today, word is he is going to the Stadium of Light for £7.5m.(18)(25)Going to russiaHe is going to lazioTwo stop to RussiaGoing to russia - dynamo moskvaWas he standing behind elvis and micheal jackson in the check out lounge>?


19 Jan 2012 19:32:12
Constable has gone to Swindon and Puncheon will go to Palace.(4)(28)Constable refuses to speak to Swindon. Who can blame him.Constable rejected the move to swindon after the fee was agreedConstable will never sign for the robinsPalace don't have the money for Puncheon.


19 Jan 2012 19:27:50
Qpr argee deal to sign taye taiwo from ac Milan subject to medical and work permit source sky sports(26)(13)Monster transfer...Hes a terrible player with no pace


19 Jan 2012 19:16:07
Jordan Rhodes will sign for Sunderland for a fee which could rise to 8m including add on's(18)(10)Southampton will secure his signing in the next weekThis Saints fan hopes he stays with Huddersfield and you 2 remind me of vultures.Sunderland won't take another chance at signing another big money youngster as Connor Wickham has failed to step up and Huddersfield have put a 7 million pound price tag on Rhodes so i very much doubt he will be going to the stadium of light!Conner Wickham has been injured. The games he has played have been great. I can see SAFC being in the market for younger playersHuddersfield haven't put a 7 million price tag on his head they have catagorically said that he isn't for sale at any price. Not so difficult to understand is it?Why would he select southampton over sunderland? sunderland are a far bigger club than the championship sideSoutampton fans said they would sign Maynard they didnt then Sharp again didnt so I would just ignore all the rumours they post.Jordan Rhodes is the hottest striker outside the prem, why would he want to go to Sunderland? and the Terriers chairman has categorically stated he is not for sale!Jordan rhodes would play in any premier league team that offered him. he would do good up in sunderland. haters


19 Jan 2012 19:04:47
Blackburn's Chris Samba spotted in W12 (West London) possibly discussing terms with QPR!
Henrique is expected to begin training midway through next week; work permit allowing, Beckham has signed a new 2 year contract at LA Galaxy and is NOT looking to get a loan to a European club during the MLS off-season.(21)(16)With all the defenders Hughes looking at Samba may not get a gameIm afraid samba will definatly start every game. 'all the defenders Hughes looking at' samba is far better than ounaha, alex, a.ferdinand or hall.If Samba has any ambition he will not jump one sinking ship to another!? Tony Fernandes is a joke, not a football man, will just chuck money at the 'big names' Expect to see Samba in London @ either Spurs or ArsenalAs much as I'd love this to be true, it's not. If we manage to get Samba, it'll be on deadline day, hence we're in for Onouha and Alex. A back line of Taiwo, Alex, Samba and Onouha, with Anton as backup would be a beast of a defence. If Carling made QPR squads, eh?


19 Jan 2012 19:03:13
Bernabeu stadium is fed up with mourinho ans his tactics. He won´t be next year. Names: Rafa Benitez or Joachim Low(18)(25)Mourinho is the world's 3rd best manager , doubt it


19 Jan 2012 19:02:34
22 year old Blackburn striker Nick Blackman is about to make a move to Chesterfield to try and help rescue the club from relegation. It is believed he is going on a season long loan and it will be made perminant if the mighty blues stay up!(11)(3)Wont happen he is set to join pne till end of the seasonWhat bull. why would nick blackman, a player of premier league standard move to league 1. let alone bottom of the table.


19 Jan 2012 19:01:31
Heard a few rumours that we may be offloading jason roberts permanent hope so free up some wages
anybody any info on this(14)(4)2 scottish clubs interested...asI believe he will be a blackburn player still at least this season but i cant see him going anywhere this window even tho they dnt play him he can still score for us in my opinion if i did play i know he's getting older but he is still a clever player


19 Jan 2012 18:37:31
BREAKING NEWS...SFC have now joined NCFC in the race to sign the pompey keeper Hendersson......Other teams are now alerted to the fact that the pompey players are avaliable on the cheap.....(11)(15)All there players are cheap !If Castle are in for another keeper, then looks like Krul will be off in the Summer.


19 Jan 2012 18:16:51
heard a bit of noise that Roy Keane could come in to replace MM for the rest of the season and will keep the job if we stay up. Probably scare the players into performing each week(19)(19)If he does, then plan for Championship football - he's cackDon,t want that man anywhere near the club i have supported forty years give mm
the money and we will stay up
p.s think we will anywayWhy replace MM with Roy Keane?
No sense in that as MM is a better manager.Anyone listening to him commentating last night could just be looking too far into the fact that he said he'd watched the first match at St Andrews twice. Mentioned he was doing some homework.You,ll definately be championship fodder if this turns out to be true,Paul ince would be a better choiceThick mick is not a better manager he is the worst manager wolves have ever hadThe worst manager wolves av had ???? Graham turner,Graham Taylor,mark McGee,Colin lee,glen hoddle,there's a few who couldn't achieve wat micks done fair enough he might not be able to take us to the next level but give credit where credits due ..... Well done mickRoy Keane...excellent player, terrible manager, only did anything with Sunderland because he had millions to spend. Mick is a proper manager who will keep Wolves up and gradually make them better, I'd be careful what you wish for, remember the Charlton fans slagging off Curbishley on Talksport..?Roy Keane will be lucky to get another job after he almost took us down with loads of money to spend.He was the best manager ipswich ever had lol otbc


19 Jan 2012 18:13:09
celtic are to counter-act blackburns and qpr's bids for fulham striker andrew johnson, this is a result of hooper looking to finalise a deal with southampton.

QPR are not looking to sign AJ as he's pony. He'll score a hat-ful in that league though as all Premiership flops do.

Hooper will not finalise a move to southampton because they havent had an offer accepted

QPR would know about premiership flops, they have a team full of them. Just look at their league position!

That you know of

I agree, but they'd probably still piss that league.

Hooper will not be going to Southampton
He is NOT FOR SALE, how many times has the Celtic board said this, only silly money will be able to buy him, and he wont go to a substandard crap football club that wont give him european football, or win anything

that's what we said about chamberlin :)(15)(23)Hooper not for sale you say, except if we offer the right money,work that out!!!!!True mate hooper will not go to saints,you have nothing to give the guy ,im a villa fan ,celtic or saints no comparison end of.Wake up ur cornflakes are getting soggyWhat would a villa fan know??Why on earth would Gary Hooper want to join Southampton ? ok they might get promoted to the premiership for a season , but he will never win anything , he is at one of the biggest clubs in Europe , he plays in Europe every season , is in with a chance of winning trophies every season , and plays in front of huge crowds every 2nd week , more than 90% of premiership clubs .Write off QPR at your peril. Man Utd, City and the Arse scraped wins against them. The only team to resoundingly beat them were Spurs and even the second half of that was far from a walkover. Only someone who watches highlights on MOTD would make those kind of comments. Frankly, the Prem is crap this year apart from City and Spurs. The relegation zone is far from assured... as is the top end of things. Look at the points difference and be chastened fools!Good Idea for Celtic - he's better than Championship fodder like QPR and Blackburn - having said that it'll be a couple of million.Celtic definately ARENT one of the biggest clubs in europe... you are barely the biggest club in scotlandSaints fan here who doesnt believe Hooper will sign for us - even though id love him to come here.
However, no way are Celtic one of the biggest clubs in europe - Scotland maybe but not europe.
And Before anyone says anything i DONT believe Saints are a big club either.This is coming from a celtic fan if southampton want him so bad let them have him there gona have to pay alot more than waht we did and that means we can get better! it would be a shame to lose such a player but were celtic were not a 1 man team!!Celtic, a big club... Come on. Big support but with little else to offer in such a weak league, who else is there to support. The Championship is a far tougher league and the Prem is the best league in the world. Southampton are one of the richest clubs in the world with massive ambition..Southampton one of the richest clubs in the world????

what planet are you guys on? really...i've never heard so much p;sh being spouted in all my life since this transfer window openedSaints owners are the 6th richest in football but that dose'nt mean the club is rich!!!Celtic really are one of the biggest SUPPORTED teams in in the world. Compared to Man U, Barca, Milan, Bayern Munich ect they are the equivilent of Dunfirmlin. Now I've nothing against the Pars but Quality they ain't. At least Southampton, West Ham or Whoever gets promoted from the Championship have a chance of attaining some credibility. Southampton may have been in L1 last season but they were in the top flight for nearly 30 years so don't bother making yourselves look like a bunch of NEDs {Ed003's Note - Can we agree to disagree,it's doing my head in now ! }Ok Ed we'll stop when you give us your opinion on the argument!

Southampton were top flight yes but never world beaters. {Ed003's Note - I think you are both very lovely teams }Oh thats right the clowns want 35 million for pooper lolCeltic are indeed one of the biggest teams in europe! they have one of the biggest support in the world! and to everyone that keeps saying celtic need money look at the list of 100 richest people in football, 3 of them are shareholders in celtic! so no, we dont need money! ed what do you think the chances of hooper moving is? {Ed001's Note - from what I can gather, Hooper is not looking for a move and will not force one. Celtic are not looking to sell and would prefer to keep hold of him, they see him as integral to their title hopes. But, if Southampton match their valuation they will sell him and he would join Southampton to work with Adkins again. My personal opinion is that Southampton will not be willing to meet the asking price and he will stay. But I wouldn't bet my mortgage on it either way, because I don't know just how badly Adkins wants to sign him or how much the club will allow him to spend.}Is their any glue left in southampton. Stop sniffing it all southampton fans, your teams needs you to turn up to your wee shed and support the promotion push."Write off QPR at your peril. Man Utd, City and the Arse scraped wins against them. The only team to resoundingly beat them were Spurs ".....................................................errr no! Fulham whoopped them 6-0


19 Jan 2012 18:06:37
Sol Campbell is going to sign for Derby county on a short term deal but will be coaching more than playing(14)(13)


19 Jan 2012 18:03:14
Puncheon will not be going to Millwall as he wants too much money - according to a friend who is also represented by Tony Finegan (his agent) - Kenny Jackett has a strict wage structure that he won't go above, same reason why Danny Haynes signed for Charlton and not Millwall

Danny haynes went to charlton because millwall only wanted him on loan which barnsley didnt want. only reason.(8)(6)All clubs have a wage structure its not news!

Haynes was out of favour at his club and rather than wait for a bid that might come at end of season from Millwall they went for the money on the table. Haynes could have said no to Charlton which would then have forced his clubs hand, he would have gone to Millwall to get him off the wage bill. He chose Charlton, no one forced him!

The statement above is just too simplistic, players have much more power to dictate where they go.That and the fact it looks like Millwall and charlton will both be swapping leagues in May!


19 Jan 2012 17:58:21
Colchester united are interested in Stevenage winger Jennison Myrie-Williams, Ward has managed the 23 year old twice before and is keen to work with him again.

Ward also added Watford youngster Gavin Massey on a youth loan to add some pace to the team.(7)(5)


19 Jan 2012 17:54:21
Sir Alex Ferguson is preparing to make a significant offer for Everton midfielder Jack Rodwell as the Old Trafford boss looks to bring in fresh youthful additions to his Man United squad. The Scot is said to be willing to offer around £22m for the young England international this month and will hope that having sold Irish international Darron Gibson to the Toffees that the Merseyside club may feel that they have an effective replacement for the talented midfielder.

Everton's financial constraints have left Moyes unable to bring in the strength in depth the club need in order to mount a challenge for a European qualificiation spot, therefore a good offer for Rodwell may well be considered as the funds could well help bring in three or four new additions.

Ferguson has adopted a policy of bringing in top young talent from around the world to help construct a new generation of talent and having signed the likes of Javier Hernandez, Chris Smalling, David de Gea and Phil Jones over the past two years the Man United manager has set his sights on clinching a deal to sign long term target Rodwell.

There is an increased need for Man United to bring in midfield reinforcements due to injury concerns over Darren Fletcher and Tom Cleverley. Indeed Brazilian Anderson is also just returning from time out with a knee injury and Ferguson is looking to any new additions to conform to his long term transfer policy but also have the ability to make an impact immediately.

David Moyes will be loathed to lose Rodwell but may have little choice in the matter if Everton chairman Bill Kenwright opts to cash in on one of the club's prized assets to help balance the books.(29)(18)Top young talent fromm around the world. David De Gea! those words should not be spoken in same breath lmfaoYeah, phill jones is also top young talent?
Got made to look like a mupet the other daySo ones has an amazing start to the season but one bad game makes him no longer a talent?


19 Jan 2012 17:53:28
Everton have boosted the American contingent at Goodison Park by taking USA international striker Edson Buddle on trial.

Buddle is the third from his country to be on the books at the Toffees, joining Tim Howard and Landon Donovan, who is currently on loan from LA Galaxy.

The other connection the trio share is that they all share the same agent.

"For those asking, my client Edson Buddle will be on trial this week at Everton FC," confirmed Richard Motzkin, managing executive of Wasserman Media Group Global Football Group.

Buddle has been playing his football for FC Ingolstadt in the 2. Bundesliga, but their winter break means he can commit to Everton for the trial.

The striker has 6 goals in 19 league appearances this season, as well as 2 in 7 international caps.

Rem you heard it 1st!!(11)(4)No mate, I heard it on the everton rumours site, 1 week ago.And its already been on sky sports news and the liverpool echoAnd to be fair..... I READ it 1st, about a week ago.You would think that someone who 'heard it first', would know everton already have three American's at the club making Buddle the forth. or does Marcus Hanemann not count? what a muppet.


19 Jan 2012 17:45:13
swindon have bid accepted for constable, poor oxford lol(11)(5)Wait until you see the replacement! swindon have gone for the wrong man


19 Jan 2012 17:45:11
Steven Gillespie is going in this transfer window 100% most probably to brentford but slight chance championship club want him to make impact off there bench.....seen it here first!!(5)(7)I watched Colchester v Scunthorpe not far from opposition directors on sat who were raving about Gillespie a former transfer target of there's apparently offering 300k to Cheltenham for his services in 08 but getting out bid by us....anyway I over heard that they would love to replace dagnall with GillespieI spoke with the man himself not an hour ago and when i asked him about this his reply was "That he knows nothing about any transfer" and that in his words january is a funny month.


19 Jan 2012 17:40:32
Some of the Norwich rumours on here are aload of crap. One rumour there is some truth behind is Jay Rodriguez as Lambert has been an admirer of him and strike partner Charlie Austin for quite a while.(10)(19)


19 Jan 2012 17:36:49
Sunderland reject birminghams loan bid they want to sell him not loan him out. Pity I would have liked him back at blues. KRO(8)(10)Not a chance


19 Jan 2012 17:08:57
any truth in the rumour that steve morgan [wolves] has been offered a place at liverpool board?(11)(8)How would he??Morgan is an person and all wolves fans wished he would bugger offY make this crap up ??


19 Jan 2012 17:07:55
Stoke City are looking to sign Matt Phillips from Championshipside Blackpool.

The former Wycombe player has been a revelation at Bloomfield Road since his £700,000 transfer in 2010 and has attracted interest from a host of Premiership sides, including Stoke.

The Potters are looking to sign a young winger to provide cover for Matthew Etherington and Jermaine Pennant and manager Tony Pulis is willing to splash the cash on Phillips.(17)(9)Phillips is better than both them so why would he want to be cover at Stoke LOLPlease Stoke fans......At least do some research before you make up stories.....700,000 transfer in 2010 ......It was 350k in 2009....and why would he want to join a team who's normal tactics are at best.... hump it forward, throw it in from the half way line and route one football.

The guy has 4 or 5 prem teams chasing him......cant see him leaving the bright lights of the North West for the cultural wasteland thats Stoke.


19 Jan 2012 17:05:47
Stoke City have recieved an enquiry from Championship side Blackpool over a possible deal for versatile defender Danny Higginbotham. However, the Potters may only be willing to send Higginbotham out on loan with a recall option due to their commitments in the Europa League and FA Cup in addition to the Premier League.(13)(5)


19 Jan 2012 16:46:35
rangers sign mervin celik on 3 yr deal(12)(21)Who would click unbelievable here ?? its a FACT ffsIts not a fact yet,he has not signed anything.He has agreed to join us though.And should put pen to paper,in a 3 and a half year deal the morra.AllyHis first name is mona! How many supporters will get his name on the rag?? Lol celik #1Good signing!All wrong going to westhamThree and a half year deal - they won't last until the end of the season.


19 Jan 2012 16:45:30
Puncheon will not be going to Millwall as he wants too much money - according to a friend who is also represented by Tony Finegan (his agent) - Kenny Jackett has a strict wage structure that he won't go above, same reason why Danny Haynes signed for Charlton and not Millwall(6)(1)Guess we will be saying hello to league 1...berlyson needs to give him 5 mill and bout 40k wage limit and sign good bloody players...puncheon was the perfect player...whats worse is that a league 1 side has pushed us aside to sign a player! millwall's always been st at signing players becuase of their wage cap!To be fair you are punching above your weight in the Championship, unlike your supporters that will not continue for long. League 1 again next year chaps, another up hill struggle for lil old Nillwall.


19 Jan 2012 16:41:40
southampton going for jordan rhodes the striker from league 1 side huddersfield for around 6m(17)(31)Is there anyone you lot ar n,t gonna buy ?Nope!Going 2 Celtic in summer


19 Jan 2012 16:37:22
Yeovil giving a trial to Kelly Youga formerly of Charlton Athletic(8)(3)


19 Jan 2012 16:34:10
Saints should spend the money on other payers like sordell rather than all that for one player..unlike the saints! Hooper would be a great signing but there are cheaper options(7)(14)Sordell isn't as good as hooper, if they can get hooper for 7-8m then that would be a great deal. Hooper could easily score loads in the prem, so would be cheap for a player than can score in the PL.Sordell will not be that much cheaper


19 Jan 2012 16:33:06
Kwesi aphiah has rejected a move to blackpool because its too far away from margate!(6)(11)Deal is doneThank god it is !!


19 Jan 2012 16:24:15
Nick powell, Jason Pearce and Joel ward to sign for Ipswich by Monday(11)(18)I believe the bids have failed.....Such thing as a second bid..?!?..All the 1st bids have been turned down. Appleton has stated that Ward and Pearce are not for sale, as they will form the back bone of his new Pompey side and he under no pressure to sell any of his players. In other words...jog on!Its sort thing ipswich town know for. Kicking a club when they are down. Trying to pick of best players portsmouth have. Ipswich owe suffolk county council 750.000 in back rent. Maybe they should settle they debt before they try to take advantage of portsmouth olightLol..what we are known for? What are you talking about. That's tapped up our captain last year and stole him for nothing. stop talking absolute nonsense.


19 Jan 2012 16:18:56
Oxford Utd have accepted Swindon Towns bid for James Constable and have given him permission to talk to Swindon, talks will take place tonight. Read it and weap oxford fans.(18)(4)


19 Jan 2012 16:18:49
Paul Sturrock signs a new rolling contract at Roots Hall.

Wide player Ryan Leonard also to be offered a new deal.(8)(3)


19 Jan 2012 16:12:48
John Barnes is living on the wirral mate(5)(8)Please don't remind Tranmere fans of this fact mate, we're trying to forget!I no that for sureWaiting for the next managerial disaster


19 Jan 2012 15:53:19
Walsall's unplayable striker Alex Nicholls is set for a big Money (£25,000) move to Shrewsbury(7)(10)


19 Jan 2012 15:50:44
QPR to go for Man City's Adam Johnson on loan till end of season...(7)(41)No chanceNot a hope in hell, there's only one club he would be interested in moving to on loan, and that's Sunderland.. Mancini won't let him go anyway, he's apart of his plans, and anyway Johnson is enjoying his football there, even if he is a bit part player.Totally agree if he's to move anywhere it'll be SAFC {Ed001's Note - Stirling Albion? That I would love to see!}Sunderland don't need him as McClean has made the step up and is quality


19 Jan 2012 15:35:11
Tommy Smith is going back to Watford on loan until the end of the season, with a view to a permanent signing.(17)(7)Deal has been done


19 Jan 2012 15:29:07
blackburn are set to sign striker anthony modeste from bordeaux on loan for the rest of the season(20)(3)


19 Jan 2012 15:09:23
Part time footballer Wayne Bridge to sign for QPR before the day is done 100% truth source: Wayne Bridge

Big John(19)(21)No, not going to happen now..QPR linked to everyone. Too much smoke but no fire. All fans have dreams but QPR fans cant wake up.Waiting to move to a part time club then?Told you so , Taiwo left back from AC Milan


19 Jan 2012 14:59:49
As I mentioned above, I was told after the Gillingham game about the 2 Everton players that Stoke are interested in, didn't say that they would definitely sign, if they did, it may be in the Summer, but the information that I have received it from a VERY good source. Stoke have inquired about AO-C but Arsenal, are yet to make a decision whether to allow him to go on loan.

Stoke are also interested in a good, up and coming winger from a rival midlands club, trust me Stoke will have a very strong squad come the Summer.

It took a lot of words for you to not say anything!


Ok I'll make it simple.. as that seems to be the only way people understand on here.

1. Stoke will attempt to sign Tim Cahill and Leighton Baines. Might be in the Summer.

2. Stoke have enquired about taking Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain on loan. No decision made by Arsenal yet.

3. Stoke are looking Redmond from Birmingham. Pulis was watching him last night against Wolves. FACT(12)(28)Stoke are a rugby team!Surely if you put your mind to it you could make up a better rumour than this - Baines is EFC through, Tim will return to Oz after a fantastic career with the team he loves - Sorry Stoke fans some one pulling your plums.They won't sign bainsey and tim :DAny team can try to sign players. The trouble is no one of any quality wants to go to Stoke.All these players mentioned are footballers, so why would they go to Stoke?No way will Arsenal let AOC go to StokeBaines is a footballer,why would he sign for stoke?Baines is the best left back in the prem mate and this is from a liverpool fan, if kolarovs worth 17 mill baines will cost at least doubleRedmond is not going to stoke been with him all day he could not stop laughingIF, everton would sell, baines, he could have his pick of the top four, 25-30 mill. Tim may go to the US in an an exchange for donovon. knowone, with any class is ever going to go to stoke, plus the place is a st hole.Everton wouldnt get rid of leyton bainesNot tall enoughFirstly, Enrique is the best left back in the prem, Next, Redmond isn't good enough for the prem yet and If Baines can play for Everton he can play for Stoke, has anybody seen the league table lately, Stoke will finish in the top 8 again this season, will reach the semis of the FA Cup at least and qualify for european football again, STOKE AND PROUDSo much to pick up on from that last comment...."If Baines can play for Everton he can play for Stoke"...... that makes no sense, he plays for everton beacase we bought him five years ago from wigan and hes matured into a great player, he wont decide to leave to play for stoke where wide players bearly see the ball.
Secondly, "has anybody seen the league table lately" yep, i have, every team has played 21 games with 17 to go, dont get too excited when your on 1 little run.
Finally, "Stoke will finish in the top 8 again this season", when you say "again" you must mean youve finished there before? well it shows how much of a fan you are because, well, you havent even finished in the top half.For those fans bleating that Everton will not get rid of players, they are unfortunately delusional. Everton are historically a good team and should always finish in the top 8. They are currently a failrly good team with an excellant manager. Unfortunately Everton need to sell players to survive and unfortunately they will sell their best players if a decent price is offered. I agree that Baines is good and could possibly play for a better club then Stoke, however I do not believe that a top 4 club has offered decent money for the lad otherwise he would have been off, because unlike some of the other clubs in the prem, Everton DO need to sell. I feel sorry for Everton fans because they do deserve better than they are getting at the moment. Thank your lucky stars you have a decent manager because if he goes you will struggle.Thank your lucky stars you have a decent manager because if he goes you will struggle.

same with stoke.Thank your lucky stars you have a decent manager because if he goes you will struggle.

same with stoke.

You think I am a Stoke fan - Wrong!!


19 Jan 2012 14:46:49
Bradford City sign Oxford striker Deane
Smalley on loan until the end of the season
Also Tevez to be a PSG player by Feb(15)(5)


19 Jan 2012 14:25:51
Jordan Mutch will sign for Watford on loan from Birmingham for the remainder of the season as he makes his way back from a broken ankle.(4)(29)Why would Birmingham let him go when he is getting in the first team, he is one of their best players!Wishful thinking!Funny consdiering he was a regular before his ankle injury and im sure he'll be a regular when hes back to full fitness.What a knob that watfoed fan is! as if we would let one of our best players go to a team of inferior quality !^ OK BIG BOY. But yeah...he was good for us but he won't be coming back


19 Jan 2012 14:18:35
The Brighton club website has confirmation that David Gonzales, the Colombian Goalkeeper who was with Manchester City, has been signed on a short term deal.(15)(6)Possible but think his work permit might be be valid due to lack of football


19 Jan 2012 13:57:47
Oxford United are sending Deane Smalley out on loan to Bradford City, and will be for the remainder of the season!. Apparently they are looking to bring in a replacement "on loan" Clayton Donaldson from Brentford has been mentioned.(9)(5)


19 Jan 2012 13:50:18
It has now been confirmed that the second Trialist is Kelly Youga, formally of charlton. He played alongside routledge in a behind closed doors friendly with Bristol City reserves where he was impressive. Only Downside for Gary Johnson is a knee injury which has kept him out of the game for a couple of seasons. Sam Wlaker has been confirmed as signing a loan deal with the glovers until the end of the season from chelsea.(10)(5)Kelly Youga has not been a Charlton player for sometime, his contract expired almost a year ago however because he was injurred he stayed with us for rehabilitation. Very good full back, likes to play football not hoofball. Many would like to see him back (at Charlton) but his wage demands are said to be high.


19 Jan 2012 13:41:25
craig gardener on way back to birmingham,he is homesick for the midlands,liam ridgewell going to west brom for 3m,(16)(24)Homesick for the midlands,get real,
Oh i forgot hes at Sunderland,now it makes sense.Ridgewell is going to stoke. FACTO'neill is keeping him, homesick?? making 40,000 a week some of these footballers want to wake up and stop twistingYou aint got 3 millionIf he leaves sunderland it will be to west brom or possibly villaI know the family and if the missus gets her way its 100% back to the midlandsHmm didnt wba just have a 3. something bid rejected by blues for ridgwell and as for the other on surely gardner wants premier league actionIt was only 1 million west brom offered.


19 Jan 2012 14:17:21
Leicester have completed the signing of Man Utds Danny Drinkwater on a 3 n half year deal

also there lining up a bid for Forests Wes Morgan(17)(12)Poor signing. Was nicknamed Danny Ditchwater when on loan to Watford last season.Dream onThat was last season np will make him into a great playerHes bein doin well this season NP ent sighned him 4 last years performance....and wot u mean 'DREAM ON'? deals gone thru


19 Jan 2012 14:07:22
Hope this talk of Lucas Barrios to sunderland is true he's a pure finisher. Give him the ball in the box and 9 times out of 10 it goes in the net awesome poacher. Bit of info on him he has a goal rate of 1 in 2 games nick named the panther and is 26 years old. Currently plays in Germany and has a price tag of 6-8 mil. So I think this maby our best bet of a striker coming in and not braking the bank either, probs use the gyan loan money to buy him.(19)(12)Apparently hes just a poor mans papa cisseGet Hooper from Celtic instead!


19 Jan 2012 14:13:29
Bolton giving Sebastian Le Toux a week trial..voted best striker in Mls..tim ream deal nearly done just waiting on a work permit(6)(7)


19 Jan 2012 13:53:40
John Fleck has signed for Blackpool on loan until the end of the season. Even check the Blackpool FC website if you dont believe me.(24)(17)Lol at you unbelievers..Yeh am a believerI'm a Spurs fan but have followed Dortmund for years now. I can honestly say this'll be a VERY good deal if they land Lucas. He's a class striker, he's injury prone though.


19 Jan 2012 13:15:37
Portsmouth to make a double signing of Joan Angel Roman and Abdul Razak from Manchester City on a season long loan.(9)(18)They will also Lose Ward and Pearce to Ipswich Town in the Coming days.There they go again...Just about to go bankrupt and still spending money when they cant afford the players theve got...Its fun though everyday reading the most guillible fans in the league still living in cookoo land.........Haha cant even sign the cheque book let alone professional footballers.....sillyWon't be signing Razak or Roman. Have just signed Etuhu on a free and will get Mattock back in from WBA before window shuts. Ward and Pearce won't be going anywhere. Appleton is under no pressure to sell anyone and his said he plans to build a team around Pearce and Ward for next season. Rest of you, wind in your necks! PUP.Razak yes , Roman is on way to Villareal


19 Jan 2012 13:01:34
Scunthorpe looking into the loan market for a centre back as shane duffy is back at everton and a striker because conner jennings the new signing has had a training ground injury(9)(6)


19 Jan 2012 13:00:04
sir alex ferguson has made it clear that there will be no new faces at the club in january but will be looking for a central midfielder in summer, midfielders he may bid for include, real madrid's gago(14)(10)Gagos at roma so thats bullHe's on loan from RealPoster says in summer


19 Jan 2012 12:57:05
real madrid ready to make a offer for shaquiri as man city have made a big money bid for di maria(15)(20)And then that talent is gone as a benchwarmer ... lost talent in madrid...


19 Jan 2012 12:55:42
celtic are to counter-act blackburns and qpr's bids for fulham striker andrew johnson, this is a result of hooper looking to finalise a deal with southampton.(22)(19)QPR are not looking to sign AJ as he's pony. He'll score a hat-ful in that league though as all Premiership flops do.Hooper will not finalise a move to southampton because they havent had an offer acceptedQPR would know about premiership flops, they have a team full of them. Just look at their league position!That you know ofI agree, but they'd probably still piss that league.Hooper will not be going to Southampton
He is NOT FOR SALE, how many times has the Celtic board said this, only silly money will be able to buy him, and he wont go to a substandard crap football club that wont give him european football, or win anything


19 Jan 2012 12:54:05
newcastle ready to make an offer for scott dann if samba is to leave the club(19)(22)


19 Jan 2012 12:48:48
Birmingham could trade Liam ridgewell for Leon best(13)(29)What a load of crap we (NUFC) have only got best and ameobi currently able to play why oh why would we get rid of best for a 2nd rate defender only for cover? Best is perfect backup on rotation for ba and cisse, if you have nothing intelligent to say then dont say anything at all!!Seems to have a lot of credibility to me, what with the impending exit of Coloccini to Spain and Taylor's injury woes, Cisse and Ba first choice with Lovenkrands and the 2 Ameobi's as squad players, looks a great bit of business for a second rate forward.This could be true, as Newcastle have ba and cisse plus a lot of other strikers and are in need of a defenderColo aint going to Spain. already said he will wait until the end of the season before signing a new deal. Next rumour.


19 Jan 2012 12:41:22
Craig Gardner could return to Birmingham on loan(15)(28)Stop wishful thinking you have no chance, if birmingham want him they would have to folk out at least 7m and O'neill has said Gardner is going nowhere


19 Jan 2012 12:38:41
Harry redkanapp is interst in Samba but have made no bid(26)(7)Harry Redknapp is always interested in unsettling teams players. Funny how Spurs never seem to make a bid. F.A. need to get a grip of this Tax dodger.Thats harsh i do sort of see where you coming from with making players on his wish list public thoughI think its funny. good old harry houdini redknapp. welcome to spurs samba


19 Jan 2012 12:47:52
According to Sky Sports, QPR have had bid accepted for Nedum Onouha(3)(12)


19 Jan 2012 12:36:38
Arsenal looking to sell :

Arshavin, Squillaci, Chamakh,

Looking to buy :

Samba, Mertens, Gotze, Taiwo.

Gotze my be too expensive but Arsenal are desperatly trying to tie up that deal.(24)(26)Arsenal arent going to bring in anyone this windowI getting sick of people gotze is going no where in window and be hard to get him in summer he said that him self as have taiwo samba no chance firstly u not pay 15 mil for centre back when u just brought one in who like I said has turned out to be crap , gunners no longer a big side with big swing for players need to look at players u be lucky to hold on to !!!!!!!!!!!!!Arsenal will sign no-one during the transfer window


19 jan 2012 12:33:52
morgan leaving forest for leicester ssn(10)(13)You can have the clumsy git.hes injuredAwful Player, why would leicester want him. Pur Donkey!This will Free up Seam St Ledger to go to Ipswich TownHow can he be awful if he got in championship side of the season last season plus since hes been injured forest have missed him dearly


19 Jan 2012 12:32:25
Newcastle are set to bid 2m for highly regarded Portsmouth irish goalkeeper Steven Henderson .

This is a sign that spurs are to step up their bid for tim kruel with a 8m bid(10)(12)Take more than 8 mill to get krulNo its not Muppet. Krul is no 1 and will be for sometime to come. We have a young keeper out of contract and do you think Harper wants to see his last days out on the bench.Why would hendo want to leave pompey when playing first team football in the championship to play second team in the prem? he aint going anywhere PUP


19 Jan 2012 12:29:43
Damien Le Tallec of Borrusia Dortmund on way to Norwich City on short term loan deal, as Simeon Jackson goes out on loan to St. Marys.(20)(17)No way


19 Jan 2012 12:18:32
Oldham Athletic are looking at bringing in SCOTT BODEN of chesterfield, after his latest performance last night thogion of 100k(4)(15)


19 Jan 2012 12:13:47
Walsall to offer six month contracts to Marc Bridge Wilkinson, Micheal Mcindoe, Alan O'Brian and an on trial striker.(12)(6)


19 Jan 2012 12:10:41
Derby want andrew driver from hearts for just under 1 mill.(10)(13)


19 Jan 2012 12:10:01
Aly Cissokho on his way to Arsenal. Initial loan deal with possible transfer in the summer.(11)(26)


19 Jan 2012 12:08:19

The petition is at 96,180 only 4000 people to sign. Come on, we can and must do this.(10)(3)


19 Jan 2012 12:07:53
The Hooper to Southampton deal is very much ON ! 7 million plus Jason Puncheon, who I believe is a winger, is thought to be enough to satisfy the Celtic board. And 1 more thing
As a Newcastle fan, I find it really annoying and irritating that Celtic fans keep referring to a "£35m price tag" on Gary Hooper purely because he outscored Carroll in the 1 season they were both in the championship ! The fact of the matter is that Carroll was sold for £35million because he scored 11 PREMIER LEAGUE GOALS in 19 games before the transfer to Liverpool in January, and yet not 1 manager saw Hooper worth taking into the premier league at that time funny that ! I don't think 20 managers can be wrong ! So Carroll showed he was capable of scoring against the best Hooper has shown he is capable of scoring against Inverness.
And one more thing for the ongoing debate, no way are Celtic a good enough team to be top of the championship which is where Southampton find themselves now, so Celtic are the bigger team understandably, due to the fact that a whole country is divided between 2 teams in a tin-pot league, where as English people are divided between dozens ! but Southampton are certainly the better team.

End of saga ... lets move on !(26)(30)Reply to above.
Go buy a brain,Carrol has been a total flop ,Hooper has scored against good European teams,so go and pull your head out your aEr, shut up.. hooper is a class striker you muppet, he is quite clearly better than carroll considering carroll has done jack all at liverpool, hence why they want to sell him, hooper would walk into premier league teams, and celtic are easily good enough to be at level southampton are, if not higher!What a clown!I dont think ur a Newcastle fan hooper is a better player than carrol no doubt to score 40 odd goals in 2 seasons in the championship is gd carrol is a donkey and Celtic would win the championship by at least 15 points that's the endFinally someone talking sense ...End of saga moved i am just starting here.
southampton better than celtic your're having a laugh not a chance in earth is that statement anywhere near true. and btw obviously managers can be wrong...liverpool were wrong to touch carroll...fact.
neil lennon made a joke about him being worth 35mil get over it.
although if hooper went to prem right now...he would score more in half a season than carroll has scored in the last calender year.

and btw...I am a rangers supporter bite on thatWell said mateNo way are you a rangers fan, you wouldnt let this irritate you if you were. Poor old celtic fan. Still hasnt accepted that SPL is the joke of european leagues. People have more interest in most other european leagues than they do the SPL, why? Because its full of sht teams, and only has 2 worthy enough to call themselves championship level. If anything, stop whining and consider yourself lucky they let crp like you into the European competitionsHi i'm a saints fan and find it highly amusing how fans from all over the country bicker like a bunch of school kids about how bigger and better their club is , and how their best player is to good for any other team. Does it really matter who slags off who about how better they are and how much bigger they are at the end of the day if a club wants a player and they offer enough money they are going to get that player,So if your going to slag anyone off slag your own board off for letting it happen in the first place.I would have taken this post a bit more serious if it had come from any of the BIG teams in Engalnd, but Newcastle?? come on.
This is the same bunch of fans that were lookingbthier owner and manager out not too long ago..... Newcastle are also rans, always have been always WILL be!!
Andy Carroll is rubish a plain and simple fact, the ONLY reason Liverpool paid 35m is the money generated form TV revenue and the sale of Torres... Newcastle are a smaller club than Celtic. FACT.Saints fan here: No way will Southampton spend that much on one player. Hooper is no doubt a good player, but we won't buy him at that price. We won't smash our record transfer fee not while we are still in the Championship. If we go up and Hooper is available, this figure might be more realisticIf celtic or rangers got half the money yous lot get from tv money we would run a mock in england your pathetic association can see that and thats why they are refusing us entry because they dont want a scottish team winning the english premier. We both have a far bigger fan base than almost every team in england and also have well bigger stadiums so dont come on here and say about tin pot league when its your fa whos scared to let us in your pishy leagueI think hes spot on celtic would even finish in the play offs and as for andy carroll liverpool dont play the right system to get the best out of caroll hooper is a pretty good player but not prem class unfortunatlyFinally some1 knows what their talking boutThe Championship has become a much more competitive league than the SPL simply down to the tv money involved. Celtic are undoubtedly the bigger club in terms of history and support but that counts for nothing nowadays- its is all about the money and he will move if the money is right for celticAw definitely mate, I mean Carroll's scored.......... aw wait.... Well, still, there's his brilliant hold up play which......... aw wait.... Ah who cares, Dalglish must value him with all the games he's starting.......... aw wait........... Carroll is a dud. He's moved onto the next level above Newcastle, to a team which themselves are struggle to compete for even a European place.
That 35m fee has yielded 4 league goals, thats 8.75m per goal.
Hooper's fee of 2m has yielded 32 league goals, that's 60,000 a goal. Do the math mate.Pishy league grow up pal you sound like a desperate man if its that pishy why harp on about joining it the spl is a joke wake up and smell the coffee you will never join and will continue to flounder in a go nowhere League which will result in a co efficent for europe thats apar with finlandThe main reason the Old Firm won't be allowed into the English Premier League is the fact they're Scottish. If they wanted to play in England they'd have to work there way up, same as Swansea have, and Cardiff, to a lesser extent.Personally I think hooper is a very average player, plying his trade in a poor league. I'm a Norwich fan but have lived in Edinburgh for 4 years and have seen slot of Scottish "football" and I have to say the competition to Celtic and rangers is dismall!I honestly dont think Southampton are a better team than Celtic. If you look at every position I think Celtic are better. Yer, the Scottish league isnt that standard than down south. But 2 wrap it up Celtic are a better team, a far bigger club in a week league. Or a weaker league than other.We will never get him. We have like 4 million let alone 7. Just because you supports the club doesnt mean you have to make up rubbish to get yourself excited.Celtic and Rangers would be mid-table championship teams, Fact! Look at Birmingham, a championship side outdoing Celtic in the Europa League by 4 points!35m for Carroll, that is a true crime!No matter how big and huge Septic are they play in a stty little league against nobodies. Thats a fact and it aint going to change any time soon so get used to it.Think you should have a wee look at our record against your so called "best league in the world "before you make any comparisonsIs the english premiership not a tin pot league it is dominated by man united take away skye money and the league would collapseCarrol not playing in the right system lol Heard it all now!!....his aim is too score goals and unless someone is moving them goal post lol....just admit it he is a donkey and could not hit a cow in the arse with a banjo,
Hooper is a finisher and got far more presence in a penalty box than Carrol will ever have.The fact that this is more believeable than unbelieveable to the majority of the public shows how deluded you Celtic fans are about your club ... greater numbers doesn't mean greater footballers!Oh it was a joke by neil lennon was it?! cus the rest of Celtic seems to take it for gospel and literally believe that he is GENUINELY worth "35 million"!!!Give carroll a chance hes been over shone by his stupid strike partner suarez and he hasnt had the right ball in to him also it shows that he had intrest in him to be bought for 35 million that should be a good thing THJERE WAS INTREST IN HIM LOOK HOW MUCH HES COME ON GIVE HIM A CHANCEDont rise to muppets like this bhoys, if the Celtic team is so poor how come newcastle want to buy half of them?

Celtics and Rangers records in Europe over the last decade speaks for itself. There is no defending the standard of the SPL but if you were to speak to the coaching staff of Udinese, Athletico Madrid or Rennes they would tell you that Hooper is a class act.

Who were in Birmingham's group by the way? We had top teams from Italy, Spain and France in ours and still were pretty damn close to qualifying.

Lennon was clearly joking when he said 35 million for Hooper, if you listened to the interview rather than the quotes in the tabloids you would know that.

I feel sorry for Carrol, he is not suited to a team like Liverpool. If he played for the likes of Stoke he would be immense.

MacOne of Southamptons best players (Hooiveld) was a total outcast at Celtic because he was absolute garbage yet in the Championship he looks a player. The Championship is well and truly overhyped ...... Put simply your laugue is nowhere near as good as you thinkTypical england based mentality....just bcoz someones daft enough to pay 35m for a dumplin does not mean he's worth 35million......celtic are in the top 5 biggest teams on the planet. your over hyped league is bankrolled by mr murdoch and if he spits the dummy and goes home with his ball your in real danger of becoming a,,,, how did you put it a tin pot league. your old boy carroll looks a real player eh! numptys like you give retrospective football fans a bad name.....stick to cicket and morris dancin son and leave the football to real fans ...hail hailThe reason newcastle are trying to buy celtic players is theyre cheap and are only good enough in emergencys ie injurys scott brown would only warm the bench and then MAYBEIt might be a poor league but celtic and rangers have got to a european final in the last 10 years many teams down south can say that and they get 60 mil a year off sky old firm are lucky 5 mil pull out and your league will be just as poor as oursTo the poster above he is now playing in a better team. Garbage breeds garbageHooper has also scored against Udinese and Rennes this season. FC Braga last season.

12 members of the Celtic squad are attracting real interest from Premiership teams, how many championship teams can say that?All i can say is LOL! Any scots that seriously think they would win the PL...if u were in our league u would get into uefa cup let alone PL title or Champions enjoy ur 'PISHY' SPL worst leauge in europeKnew it wouldnt be long before we got to a european final etc etc you havent mentioned 60 and 50 k crowds yet well remember your history cos it wont happen again for a very very long time in fact if you get through 3rd qualifying round ill be surprisedThe SPL is of poor quality as they dont have millions pumped into the league by Sky unlike the EPL and Championship. the reason for this as there is 5m population in scotland and 50m in engerland, a larger audience breeds higher returns! if hooper goes for even 6 million celtic have trebled their investment in a year how many people can say that in the recent financial climate? Hooper has scored goals and played well against good european teams in the tin pot europa league also!The premiership like La Liga , the Bundisliga , Serie A , Eredivisie , SPL and most of the world's leagues are dominated by 2 or 3 big clubs , i'm afraid Newcastle and Southampton don't rate in this department , Celtic are bigger than EVERY team in the Championship and 99% of Premiership Clubs and would prove it if given the chance , we held our own in the Europa League against Athletico Madrid , Udinese and Rennes who are vastly superior to Championship clubs , so i think its time you lot got over yourselves , you are not all that !Both players are crap
carrol is out of his depth in a big club like liverpool
and hooper and celtic are crap even in such a bad league
GLASGOW RANGERS CHAMPIONSNewcastle fan ..... nice one well said and up the mega rich saintsYou still fail to mention the little clubs that put u out of europe or is that a touchy subject the OF are very poor and the sooner u realise that maybe u can address the problem so stop gobbing off about your attendences etc and prove us wrong


19 Jan 2012 11:56:37
man u looking a at 17 year old right
back javier manquillo from athletico
madrid's academy(13)(17)


19 Jan 2012 11:56:00
Plymouth reject Rory Fallon is set to join League 2 giants and World Beaters, Dagenham and Rebridge! You heard it here 1st! Matt Cordy x(13)(5)He'll have a job,getting paid for doing something he enjoys,what are you doing apart from making stty comments?From Aberdeen ?He's at Aberdeen u turkey


19 Jan 2012 11:50:27
Gavin Massey has joined Colchester from Watford on loan till end of season(12)(4)


19 Jan 2012 11:47:33
Wolves look set to get rid of Mick McCarthy after growing doubts about his ability to move Wolves forward.

The Wolves Board acknowledge that there are limited funds for any manager to spend but believe that MM has not spent wisely, nor can he motivate the players.

Peter Reid as be touted as an interim replacement, if Wolves sack MM now. Reid will be asked to takeover until the end of the season.

Either way, a summer replacement is likely, with Warnock, O'Leary and Bruce the shortlist contenders(23)(25)Hmm, this is either a Baggies wind up or a Wolves fan who knows little about Peter Reid's prowess as manager. Sack McCarthy and employ Reid should bring you a step closer to the drop.Is that wishfull thinking on your part or fact?
why sack him now with no time left to find a new manager/players?Welcome to the championshipPeter reid has a bad record as a manager what has he won. when liverpool won the double he was the only everton player not to attent the homecoming.Warnock/o'leary stop smoking stuff pal.
not spent wisely..please expand on steven fletcher thank youWind up sack him yes but peter reid taking the pThis person knows diddly squat bout football Peter Reid ??? Neil warnock ?? U might as well still mark McGee , glen hoddle , Graham Taylor in there to all who failed to achieve wat micks done .... Wolves fans have short memories ...Sack the useless pratt nowU can,t afford 2 sack him,u have n,t got enough money to finish your stand and morgan is being courted by the liverpool board,lean lean lean lean times ahead !


19 Jan 2012 11:45:33
Swindon town looking to bring back Billy Painter on a 6 month loan deal.(15)(10)I would have Billy back here tomorrow, but very unlikely....Give me the address of where to deliver him and I'll drive him there myself....As a leeds fan that's probably the best move he could do, he was amazing for you guys but it just hasn't worked out for him with us.Nah you can keep Barndoor Billy thanks ;-)Barcelona interested in two young Brantham AFC youth players in Oli Hammond (CB) and Jourdan Kiwomya (RW).I hope he does di canio will get the best out of himThat would be a good move for both partys, I know Billy still has a house in oakhusrt swindon,he would do well at this level and it would be good for his confidence.


19 Jan 2012 11:44:38
QPR hav had a bid accepted for Chris Samba!!!!!!(10)(9)Player wants to go to PSGIf Samba goes to QPR its purely for the money nothing more. He should stay and help Rovers. Not leave for another relegation side and money. Go in the summer if he is that unhappy.No, to psg yes QPRRubbish, Sky Sports quote Blackburn Manager saying he has been told he is not for sale and must honour his contract.
And why would he join QPR because they are still going to struggle to get out of bottom three by season end.
If he is made available no doubt more established clubs will be in for him....No they havent accepted no bids for samba steve kean sat down with samba and had a talk with him and said he's not for saleBlackburn will not sell Samba to a relegation rival, why should they?
If he goes he will go to Arsenal or Spurs..


19 Jan 2012 11:39:38
Leeds have accepted a £2million bid from Norwich for Jonny Howson

Howson has been unhappy at Leeds for some time, especially after Leeds rejected a bid for him last summer.

The bid is a £250,000 down payment followed with a further £1.5 million in installments over 6-9 months and the rest in clauses.

Unclear how much will be reinvested in the squad(7)(6)2mil my back side...not when his contract is up in 6monthsI suspect that it is way less than 2M, this is just Newspaper talk, and yes it would not surprise me if Norwich have offered a staggered payment based on his appearances especially since he will likely not be ready to play for at least another 6 to 8 weeks.
Leeds know he is not going to resign in June so effectively if they do not accept an offer now then I think because he came through their academy they would still be entitled to compensation assessed by independent FA board assuming he is under 24 when his contract expires.
So he would still command a decent fee, the Injury will have reduced his value, since many clubs would not jump in until he had fully recovered, clearly Lambert is planning for next season.I don't understand your comment. 'Howson has been unhappy at Leeds for some time.' He is playing for and captaining the club that he grew up with and supports. And also this nonsense about Leeds not offering him enough money is just that; Howson agreed to a proposed pay rise two months ago, and simply waited until January to sign in case the club plummetted down the table and his ambitions were not met. Which is exactly what happened.

I think the matter runs deeper. The team has been chopped and changed for years, and for any captain, let alone one who is 23 years of age, that can't be easy to put up with. He's clearly had it with the way players are coming in and leaving the first team in continual succession. And I for one agree with him. The reason Leeds can't hit a barn-door at the moment is because there is no cohesion; not between the board and the fans, not between the board and the players and not between the new players and, for lack of a better word, the old. Now is the time for the existing lads to stand up and be counted, to show how badly they want to wear that white shirt, and win the fans over. They're going to need all the help they can get. So I'm not exactly sure how boycotting matches will help this. But that's just me.
wallyNcfc loves jonny howson, we get your best players oh we love leeds. snodgrass to come next week. also lucciano becchio


19 Jan 2012 11:36:13
Darren Mackie NOT to be offered New Contract from Aberdeen(13)(4)


19 Jan 2012 11:20:38
Sky Sports understands Southampton are readying a new bid for Celtic striker Gary Hooper.

Southampton have made Hooper their top target in this month's transfer window as they look to bring in a new striker.

Saints boss Nigel Adkins is a huge admirer of the forward having worked with him at Scunthorpe and is keen to be reunited at St Mary's.

Celtic have already rejected a couple of offers from Saints for Hooper, who has scored 16 goals this season, as Neil Lennon looks to keep hold of the 23-year-old.

Lennon is reluctant to lose his star striker as they fight for the SPL title and has claimed it would take silly money to make him part with Hooper.

Southampton are thought to have had offers £4million and £6million rejected by Celtic, but they are now ready to come back with an improved bid to try and persuade the Bhoys to do business.

Off of SSN, looks like its going to happen sooner rather than later.(12)(18)Bids of 6-7m wont even get the time of day at Celtic.

Player under contract, no need to sell, no desire to sell, player not interested!

As Neil Lennon said it would have to be silly money to tempt the club to sell.

At some point Gary Hooper will move on, thats the nature of football however it wont be in this transfer window and it wont be for the prices being mentioned.

Nigel Adkins obviously knows Hooper is a top striker and is trying to get in there early, and you cant blame him for trying.

Simple fact however is there is no chance!Why would this suggest it's GOING TO HAPPEN?

because they've made 2 insulting bids so far, doesnt mean that celtic will finally say, 'oh, we better just sell him, cos they keep bidding for him' does it?

the truth is, southamptons offer is derisory and has been laughed out the door. he will not be going anywhere until an offer is made that matches celtic's valuation of him, regardless of how many times they keep coming in for him.

it's like bidding 5m for messi, then 6m, then think barca would just be so fed up cos a team keeps bidding for him that they say, yeh ok, have him

clown!Leave it alone now fellow saints fans please it's getting boring. There is nothing on ssn. We will have to do the best we can with the players we have don't forget we have chaplow, Dickson & Ricky to come back from injury & suspension yet. COYR


19 Jan 2012 11:18:44
only two trialist left at yeovil. one of them is routledge from stockport. the other is expected to be a goalkeeper(3)(6)Other is kelly youga, not a gk


19 Jan 2012 11:03:03
arsenal to sign wayne bridge on loan or eric abidal on a 2 year deal. then they will
get top 4 because they'll have sagna
at right back and a decent left back
instead of silly centre backs at full
back. thanks(9)(32)Is that so?abidal signed a new 2 year contract at barca only a matter of days ago.check your facts before you spout cp.Abidal agent said he would never sign for Arsenal and has just singed another deal with barca..zzzzzzThat the same Eric Abidal that's just signed a new contract at Barcalona in the last week.!Abidal wont leave a classy barca team, to a team that wins nothing.Definitely neither of them. Arsenal have a deal agreed in principle to sign Aly Cissokho on loan, with a view to a permanent summer move.Wayne Bridge is a very poor defender, a decent left-sided midfielder. Look elsewhere for a solid defender.Lol arsenal are no competing with the likes of bolton and blackburn for player lmfaoAbidal just signed new deal with barca


19 Jan 2012 10:58:25
Scottish league club Queen of the South are linked with North Walsham youngster Michael Seago after inviting the 17 year old to train with them.(7)(6)


19 Jan 2012 10:57:23
So Wolves are apparently going to make an offer for St Mirren's Kenny McLean. Exactly how many midfielders does the genius otherwise known as McCarthy want in his squad I wonder. We're already overloaded with underperforming midfielders and deperatley need strengthening in both attack and defence yet he still sems obsessed by midfield, having already signed two more during this transfer window. However good McLean may be, we can all rest assured that MM and clipboard will coach all his talent out of him within 12 months maximum so Kenny do yourself a favour and don't join Wolves although it seems MM is planning a tactical revolution by playing a 0-10-0 formation in future.(14)(5)Wolves fans are so up their own arses. I hope you do sack him, spend loads of money to reach midtable and still get relegated. Then panic and start selling players and end up in league one with the Sheffield's Charlton and Huddersfield. The man got you promoted and kept you up stop whining!Anonymous poster - which club do you 'support'? - You've not sat through about 15 good games & 60 ste games & paid a considerable amount of money for the privilege. You comment on your own club & leave wolves fans to comment on our 'magician of a manager'Its called looking o the future with mcleanInteresting - is this the general view of Wolves fans I wonder? I've always felt that what MM has achieved there is undeniably good, but then I've always felt that he is undeniably a clown at the same time! Wolves fans - if you knew you could get a decent replacement, would you change him?Best post I've read all week. Dracula is a terrible manager ha haMy God, one season in the prem and they think they're Brazil. Wolves are a kick n rush side always have been, Graham Taylor, Steve Bully Bull and Kevin Musket are all testimony to that! GO on sack him then you can go back to playing the "sleepin Ji-ant ya now."Mm could sign Barcelona fc,you,ll still go down, where you belong,championship.McLean can play off the forward,or on the left side off the midfield.Has lots off creativity and is a goal threat.So that is why he is looking at him.He has a sweet left peg,but uses both feet.The kids going to the top,and is as good as any kid at my team Rangers.With maybe the exeption off Jamie Ness.Would be happy if we signed him.I could see him going down south though.Even if it never really worked out for Leigh Gritthis,who they are trying to sell in the summer.Who is on loan at Hibs,and doing OK in his first SPL season.Dont think he was around when Livy,were there last time.Ally


19 Jan 2012 11:35:54
Yeovil have former Coventry goalkeeper Michael Quirke on trial

Former Glovers player Alan O'Brien rumoured to be in talks with league one rivals Walsall following his surprising release in January(8)(2)


19 Jan 2012 11:21:42
Blackburn hav just signed Anthony Modeste on loan till end of season from french side Bordeaux(13)(14)


19 Jan 2012 10:41:29
Geovanni is looking for a move back to England and would love to join his old club Hull City(15)(15)


19 Jan 2012 10:24:44
Celtic have NOT bid for Yann Kermorgant of Charlton. They actually want Paul Hayes as he played successfully alongside Gary Hooper at Scunthorpe.(1)(17)


19 Jan 2012 10:03:36
just met nikica jelavic in the garage in milngavie and when i asked him who he was signing for he said 'i'm not going, we win title'(10)(19)Obviously talking about last seasonLol, you bring the mince, we'll bring the tatties numpty.

Firesale coming. Jela gone for 5m when the panic sets in, then McShagger, Davis and Wallace all off to low level EPL clubs for buttons. GAME OVER PEEPHOLES.

ShaunybhoyWallace is awful simple i will drive him to another club


19 Jan 2012 10:00:18
PSG looking to bring in Lampard and Joe Cole to help with the revolution as the French team try to dominate Europe....rather than just giving up like usual.(10)(19)Wasn't ancelotti the one who got rid of joe Cole when at Chelsea. Lampard will finish his career at Chelsea


19 Jan 2012 09:57:37
Ayr United are set to sign Israeli centre back Yezar Pash in preparation for the forthcoming semi final and relegation battle.(1)(5)


19 Jan 2012 09:54:10
The original Ronaldo is in paris as I type, tying up the loose ends on a 1 year deal at PSG(2)(29)Have you seen him recently!! What will he be doing for them! Chief pie taster!! Ha ha you joker!I live in France and it is true Ronaldo is at PSG ,i saw this on the french 24hr news channel BFM!
i didn't understand what role he will have but he wont be playing staff !He's just on the french leg of his pie eating world tour.


19 Jan 2012 09:53:16
Moussa Dembele being linked with malaga(5)(17)


19 Jan 2012 09:51:05
Joseph Cala's takeover at portsmouth is imminent. Likely to sell star players to free up the wage bill for the mega signing of Gabriel Milito, using his contacts at Inter Milan.(3)(21)Think you mean Diego Milito... try again though.I have just been reading about this man Cala and i have to say if were a pompey fan i would be very worried. He has been trying to find funds for the last decade to build his dream underwater glass bottom Hotels and Casino's.
I mean he has already owned a club in italy called Salerno Calcio, he was there for 11 days lol, he failed to pay the debts owed by the club which he promised he would, hasnt he promised to pay the 14 million owed to the principal creditor.
I read one artical which had the following paragraph and i quote
"Cala said on Tuesday night that he has provided proof of funds worth “more than 20 million” to Andronikou and promised to pay off in full the 14 million owed to principal creditor and former owner Balram Chainrai."

I mean does not exactly fill you with confidence does it. I think Pompey fans need to understand that no proper sane buisness man is going to invest into your club, it has now been proven over and over again that your club is non profitable, your biggest downfall being Fratton park, its just not big enough, not to mention you have no training facilities of your own. If this man does take over your only hope is that the other members of his consortium have funds because from what i am reading he certainly has not.

Sorry to go on i just find this man hilarious, another interview he said the following, once again i quote,

“I am 90 per cent certain [about the deal] but I do have some reservations, mainly about the player contracts. It is my desire to close the deal as soon as possible.

“Portsmouth have eight players who earn 1.1 million a month between them. That is in a league with an average budget of 8 million a year,” he said. “Without these eight players the club is healthy, in fact it would be profitable.

“I will not come in and spend money just to prove I have it. I say to the fans, trust me, I will spend what we earn.”

This man is a joke, hope he does buy Pompey. Good luckHaHa, Milito of Inter, ...pmsl!! And i'm a Pompey fan. This Cala guy is a clown, even without dumb rumours like that!


19 Jan 2012 09:48:16
Mick McCarthy is in the last chance saloon. Steve Morgan is said to have given MM a last chance to get a win on the board against Villa on Saturday. It is believed that anything other than 3 points on Saturday and MM will be sacked on Sunday. A club insider has stated that Steve Morgans very strong links with his hometown club Liverpool (the club he tried to buy prior to purchasing Wolves) has seen him ear mark Rafael Benitez as the man he wants to carry Wolves on to the next level. It is understood that Benitez would be reluctant to take the job, but Morgan believes he can swing a deal his way by offering a massive transfer budget for the summer if Wolves stay in the Premier League.(23)(17)After last nite i would have lord lucanThere is no chance of McCarthy getting the sack-unfortunately we are going to have to put up with this dross all the way to the ChampionshipNonsense ....Morgans pulled out of building the new steve bull stand now so no way give money for playersNo chance of Rafa Benitez going to Wolves. You might be able to tempt Neil Warnock though. He`ll be good in the ChampionshipIf only this were true


19 Jan 2012 09:41:48
Boyd to SHEFFIELD....... what a joke!(9)(21)


19 Jan 2012 09:38:29
vaz te from barnsley to blackpool

fleck from rangers to blackpool

source:sheffield star(10)(18)Blackpool not been in touch Vaz Te going no where contracted to Barnsley while end of season Drinkwater going to leicester fee agreed with Man U Hill looking for replacement on LOAN Doyle back in squad source reds net Wombwell Red


19 Jan 2012 09:37:17
This tranfer window is going to be one of the slowest with no surprises. A complete stalemate as clubs look to bring the squads down to 25.(21)(3)


19 Jan 2012 09:34:29
Any news on liverpool? {Ed025's Note - go to the liverpool rumours page..(8)(5)


19 Jan 2012 09:26:51
Geroge boyd. To sheffield. what a load of bullst(7)(9)United or WendyDoes'nt matter really, it won't be either.Wont happen,no one can leave celtic ,its the lawI think the rumour was supposed to be Boyd from Peterborough, to Wednesday wasn't it?


19 Jan 2012 09:23:19
18 Jan 2012 10:52:02
After the Gillingham game my source was informed that Stoke have enquired about 2 players from Everton, (one will probably go to the Euros this summer) and both deals 'could happen'. A deal involving Fuller and Pennant (I'm not happy about the latter being involved FWIW) I'm not saying it will happen, but I have been told that Stoke have enquired and neither player is yet to turn down the offers and are set to have talks, Not sure if a deal could happen during this transfer window. As people are aware Everton are financial not in a good position, Moyes doesn't want to sell, however the board do. Stoke will not be signing Holiett, my source claims that Pulis and Holiett's representatives barely got talking, he wants too much money, poor attitude not the right 'DNA' that Pulis looks for. Expect a bid to go in for a Wigan player (Diame) very soon. Forget players like Zaha, Defoe (too short) and others that are linked in the press, Stoke and Pulis always do their business through the clubs, not the media. There will be definitely be a surprise or two for Stoke fans come the end of the window.

Right "DNA" you mean he can't jump 25 feet in the air and actually has skill and can football

Can football? ...shouldn't really blame you, must be hard trying to type with 6 fingers on each hand. (banjo plays ala deliverance)

Stoke dont need to sign any1..there safe in the prem and dontr need to invest untill the start of the next transfer window..spend 20m on players this transfer window and push on for a europa spot? ir save it to invest next season to strengthen the squad and secure prem football again ..

The surprise or two will be keeping the ball on the floor for 5 minutes.


As I mentioned above, I was told after the Gillingham game about the 2 Everton players that Stoke are interested in, didn't say that they would definitely sign, if they did, it may be in the Summer, but the information that I have received it from a VERY good source. Stoke have inquired about AO-C but Arsenal, are yet to make a decision whether to allow him to go on loan.

Stoke are also interested in a good, up and coming winger from a rival midlands club, trust me Stoke will have a very strong squad come the Summer.(7)(6)It took a lot of words for you to not say anything!


19 Jan 2012 09:14:01
Manchester United are planning a swoop for Brazilian Playmaker Ganso for around £9 million. They have also got an eye on Swansea City's Goalkeeper Vorm.(15)(23)9 mil? Have a word.Bargin seeing he was valued at 50+ in the summer ha haNot a chance minimum 25 million


19 Jan 2012 09:07:54
18 Jan 2012 13:44:19
West bromwich albion to make 2 more signings during the window, liam ridgewell will be the first as roy believes competition for left back spot is key and is losing faith in shorey.

next they will attemp to sign christain rodriguez from porto, wba want initial loan with view to permanent. his wages could cause some problem.

possible outs include,

cox (although roy doesn't want to sell so unlikely)

mattock loan if ridgwell comes in

bednar if anyone will take him (looking unlikely)

fortune loan,

thorne youth loan depending on other comings ang goings.


Christain rodriguez haha porto turned down a 20m bid from real Madrid.

Shows what you know mate, WBA have been in discussions with Porto for 2 weeks and his contracts up at the end of the season!(7)(10)Rodriguez has fallen out of favour at porto and as previous poster says his contract is up, porto have already stated he is available for loan!


19 Jan 2012 09:07:15
charlton striker Yann Kermogant being linked with Celtic this morning. Daily Mail claiming he is available for £1million.(9)(11)I dont know where the 1m comes from, maybe his agent is talking but TBH I doubt it because he seems to be enjoying his football at Charlton. He came to prove a point after being hounded out of Leicester because of that penalty er…..thingy. I saw him play for ten minutes and was sure he would change our season and he has. His all-round game is fantastic, in the air, hold up, distribution and he has scored some too. His energy is good, a real box to box player, his onfield leadership and his technical ability make him arguably our most influential players.

Unless there is a get out clause in his contract and he wants to leave then I don’t see is. He left France to play in the most exciting leagues (I know tier 3 and that good by the way but we hope not to be hear long) why would he leave that to go to the quiet back water that is the SPL? What is more, to play for Neil Lemon? I know exactly what the Septic supporters will say, it is a massive club but cmon, would he really go there to play St Mirren, Kilmarnock, Dunfermline and Inverness CT? Massive games, absolutely unmissable.He aint worth 50p let alone 1 million he cost leicester a play off final wiv his fairy chipYour loss is our gain. If you cant see that he's a good player then fair enough, we can!Good player? ...maybe in league one , but Championship he's rubbish.Lets see if he finishes above Leicester next season. Becuase Leicester are storming the Championship aren't they!


19 Jan 2012 09:03:40
All Football Fans – support Anne Williams search for Justice, this is all about a mother’s son and not football rivalry
Sign the petition.


19 Jan 2012 08:34:14
Norwich to sign Nathan Delfouneso on loan as the out of favour youngster looks to get more games under his belt, lambert has always been keen on him and the extra loan space will be used to give us something different for the second half of the season(17)(7)Believable we love villa too
sim sims is da best


19 Jan 2012 08:34:05
Ipswich are set to offer £1.5 rising to £2 mill and captain grant leadbitter to portsmouth for Jason Pearce and joel ward!

Portsmouth will accepted this offer Unfortunatly(9)(18)Why do they have to accept this offer? Leadbitter is a clogger like Mullins and in Pearce and Ward, Pompey have to very good, young players who love the club (both local boys who came through the ranks). I realise that may count for nothing, but the manager has been told he doesn't have to sell and has said he won't sell players (those 2) that he can build a team round. PUP.


19 Jan 2012 03:14:10
Chelsea to sign the following players in January : dyer - swansea £10mil, Vorm £9mil. Lucas - Sao Paulo £30mil, Krasic -juventus £7mil. Cahill- Bolton 7mil. Zaha + clyne- crystal palace (10mil + loan back + reserves)(7)(15)Was this rumour constructed by the swansea and palace chairmen!Palace chairman No. We want 10 mill for zaha alone y would we make a rumor that clyne is in there for free?
Swans maybe, 10mil dyer ur having a giraffe


19 Jan 2012 02:49:29
Walsall are close to signing midfield duo Darren Carter and Alan O'Brien (both free agents)

The Saddlers are also very close to securing the signing of Southampton striker Jonathan Forte

The League one side also have Bradford player Nialle Rodney on trial(12)(8)


19 Jan 2012 04:27:00
Any Pompey news? {Ed015's Note - Looking to sign Kelvin Etuhu}.(3)(16)Yeah you have Sold Hermann to Coventry


19 Jan 2012 06:12:32
By Paul Camillin
Albion have completed the signing of Colombian international keeper David Gonzalez, on a short-term deal - with the challenge from Gus Poyet to prove himself worthy of a longer contract.
The 29-year-old former Manchester City stopper spent the first half of the season on loan at Aberdeen, playing 14 games for the SPL club.
He left the Ethihad Stadium earlier this month by mutual consent and has joined Albion until the end of the season.
Poyet told, "David is an international with an excellent pedigree, playing over 300 senior games at the top level in South America, Turkey and Scotland. He has won the league in Colombia and has been capped by the national team.
"The idea is for David to compete with Peter [Brezovan] and Casper [Ankergren] to be first choice. Peter has come in recently and done very well, and is currently number one, but it's now up to both David and Casper to put pressure on him to be first choice."
Born in Medelln, Gonzlez began his career at his hometown club Independiente Medelln. In 2006 he moved to Deportivo Cali, before moving to Turkish club aykur Rizespor, where he spent two seasons. He had a short spell with Argentinian outfit Club Atltico Huracn before signing for Manchester City in January 2010.
He spent the second half of last season on loan at Leeds United - as cover - without making a senior appearance, and spent the first half of this season north of the border.(8)(6)Would like to know how this could be unbelievable as he has signed its on sky sports and the brighton website


19 Jan 2012 03:42:51
yeovil town to sign connor clifford at the end of the season(3)(13)


19 Jan 2012 02:30:47
Yeovil Town have taken 6 players on trial as Gary Johnson tries to steer the Glovers away from safety

4 of these are
Cardiff City midfielder Solomon Taiwo
Former Bristol City midfielder Michael McIndoe
Former Bristol City and Walsall striker Darren Byfield
Former Bristol City and Doncaster striker Steve Brooker

Yeovil have released 5 players this month(11)(6)Dont you mean danger? Mind you, looking at that list, maybe not!


19 Jan 2012 01:14:26
Samba wants to go to Paris st German or Qpr to link back up Mark Hughes I think PSG r more likey(23)(20)Whatever happened to Tottenham's interest?


19 Jan 2012 00:40:56
glasgow rangers wont be buying anyone this transfer window- words from ally mccoists mouth- wee wise rab wwr(20)(9)We wouldn't be sending john fleck out on loan if we weren't signing anyone. and the words from mccoists mouth was that he hoped to sign cellik in the next 48 hours

wrong againThats because he is getting freebies. From McCoists mouth. Watch the TVDo your homework before spouting rubbish:

Swedish winger Mervan Celik to complete switch to Rangers in next week
Jan 19 2012 Exclusive Scott McDermott

MERVAN CELIK looks certain to be a Rangers player by next week.

The Swedish winger last night revealed he could jet into Glasgow within the next few days to tie up a 7000-a-week deal with the SPL champions and become Ally McCoist’s first signing of the transfer window.

As Record Sport exclusively revealed last week, the 21-year-old has been on the Ibrox gaffer’s wanted list since leaving Swedish club GAIS as a free agent.

Just one or two details remain to be finalised and Celik said: “I’ll be in Scotland soon, hopefully this week, to sign for Rangers.”Gers may have to pay between 100,000 and 350,000 in compensation for Celik but, for a player valued at 1.5 million, it could prove to be shrewd business.

Celik is a Sweden Under-21 international and on the fringe of the full national side.

McCoist confirmed last week he’d put together a package for the wide man and, despite lucrative offers from Italy and Turkey, Gers look to have landed him.MERVAN CELIK looks certain to be a Rangers player by next week.

looks certain is not signed though is it?


19 Jan 2012 00:22:42
millwall are still looking
at james constable
frome oxford(7)(9)


18 Jan 2012 23:53:47
Portsmouth have signed Kelvin Etuhu on a free agent after his release from Manchester City. great deal!(16)(14)Your in for a big shock, he is so poorGreat deal? Really???Saw him play for cardiff, he was StNot signed yet. Is training with the club. Looking at Razak or Juan Angel Roman on loan from Man City.


18 Jan 2012 22:25:08
Pompey players have been told they will only receive half their wages at the end of this month, adding to the turmoil at the south coast club(25)(7)And how do you know this?



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