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To all the people that are saying that Liverpool WILL NOT sign Keirrison as he has signed for Palmeiras well they are wrong as Keirrison is only at Palmeiras on loan and so is not owned by the club but is owned by Coritiba and Traffic Sports Marketing meaning that Liverpool can sign him in April when his contract runs out
  Guys guys guys! In the words of 4 non blondes 'What's going on'!? In Arsene we trust, I myself am an Arsenal fan and appreciate the majority of your posts but this last one I'm afraid I'd have to disagree with. And I hate to admit, most comments from Arsenal fans of late! Everyone bangin on about needing a defensive midfielder a center back etc etc, it's rubbish! I can see your point of our squad should be looked at once we have all players fit. But consider the following: You say we have 5 top class strikers, I say we have 2 maybe 3 at a push. For me Adebayor (for whatever reason) isn't half the player he has been for us in the past. This season he has been so lazy. I've heard it elsewhere and I agree fully, he's not as hungry to prove himself as he was once Henry left. His finishing has never been up there with the best but he made up for that in endeavour (similar to Kuyt for Liverpool he'll chase and chase and chase all day and never give up – however, no longer the case) If we receive an offer of around £20m for him from AC Milan or others rumoured to be interested I'd gladly sell him! He has a long way to go to change my opinion of him this season. There's no doubt RVP is world class, the only question mark is that he's still not gone a whole season without injury, so you could agrue you need an extra world class striker/forward as cover! Eduardo is world class no question, but again (and i seriously hope it is the case) is he 100% fixed? Bendtner is good but not top class, I'd even go as far as to say that Vela warrants a starting place more than he does (definately warrants a place more than eboue, see later comments). Walcott was bought as a future striker and we are yet to see him play this role. There is no way he can play as a support/second striker are you mad? The Forward striker of 2, to run on to through balls or balls over the top maybe but never a second striker. It's rumoured that he will play as a striker as of next season, once again leaving us short on wingers. Arshavin can play the second striker or the sorely missed 'Bergkamp' role, but would you put him in front of RVP? I'd think (or hope) he'll be used as a winger that's where we struggle! Eboue has never shown anything close to his early form and promise and should be sold at the earliest opportunity. Surely you can see that he has no penatrative power, his final ball seems to be getting worse and his shooting is dire (not the making of a good winger!) And as for playing him in the center well where do i start. . We are never going to win anything playing Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey on the wing full stop. Eboue is no more than a bench warmer,his performances and attitude more importantly is not what is expected of an Arsenal 1st teamer! And as for the rest tehy are CM players. Diaby and Ramsey being the most versatile,(Diaby can play the support striker or AM if needed but nowhere near as good as Hleb was in that role. Ramsey has pretty much played everywhere for Cardiff but whether he is good enough to do that for us is another question) but my point being, neither are wingers. Wilshere is not capable of playing back to back games all season at the moment and I don't think it's fair on the kid for us to expect too much from him (in terms of first team action) for a while yet. Vela on the left works for me (and should have been done months ago in my opinion) with Nasri on the right, as proved in the FA Cup vs Cardiff. I could be here all day so I'll get to the point, defence is not the problem, we don't need a CD or a CM/DM we can keep clean sheets (as we have proven over the last 10 games or so) we just arent scoring enough! Teams no longer fear us as we lack penetrative power on the wings and up front. The simple fact of the matter is, if you score more than your opposition (no matter how many goals that is) you get the points! Simple. Spending our (allegedly limited) resources on a defender and defensive midfielder is a waste of money. I agree with your comments on Pato, that would be a great signing, he has all the qualities Arsene looks for, mobility, good first touch, close control, can pick a pass and can finish. Surely some of you can see where I'm coming from? And anyway it would be a sad day when Arsenal swap entertaining free–flowing football for boring 1–0 wins defending for 90 mins and nicking goals here and there. Joneshavin23
  Sammy Clingan off to premiership team in the summer regardless of Norwich's championship finish. Fulham had a 3 million pound bid rejected and Gunny has said that he will have no choice but to except a bid of that value in the summer.
  Will everyone stop linking jesus navas to other clubs, he will not leave seville any time soon as he suffers from chronic homesickness, anxiety attacks and seizures. he is having therapy in an attemt to cure this but at the moment he can't even play for spain as he gets too homesick, he was only in their last squad as the match was played in seville.
  Really liverpool fans you are too optimistic you are saying in every paragraph.'rafa to sign aguero,villa,silva,tevez but your owners don't flash the cash.Also 'sheik muhammed or some arabian group of billionaires is going to buy us' get real no–one wants to buy liverpool the americans are very stingy and will be making alot of money from you they will not sell.newcastle to sign : arda, warnock, luis garcia and 3 more unlisted.
  Been reading a lot of rumours recently around Liverpool & them signing both David Villa and Aguero. STOP BEEN RIDICULOUS. Liverpool will never sign both as a.) they don't have the funds and b.) Benetiz would then have three ambitious world class strikers all expecting to start every game when Benetiz normally only starts 1 striker up front – at best 2!

However, speaking again to my contact you used to work with the Liverpool Acedemy, The sale of Keane was done so Rafa would have funds for a striker in the Summer – undeniable fact! Both Valencia and A.Madrid are looking at Zaki as a potential replacement for Villa or Aguero when and if they leave in the summer – reported in the Mail and Sn today – so strong possibility!

These points coupled with the exisiting relationship that both these strikers have with Torres INDICATES that if they were to join any Prem club Liverpool would probably be the strongest bet!
  "To the person who said:

I just want to say to all the people that keep saying that players playing in the Spanish La Liga can not be bought because they have buy out clauses in excess of 60 Million.
It is well known that most Spanish La Liga players have large buy out clauses, but that does nt mean anything. Two Examples;

Riera Buy out clause close to 20 Million, sold for 9 million

Torres sold for 20 Million, Surely his clause was large.

Stop the Bull, if a serious of offer in excess of at least 20 million came in for these players, there clubs would strongly consider selling.

So in reality, it is extremely possible that Ageuro could be signed for between 20–30 million.

Yes, its true that a 60 million buyout clause can b negotiated to a lower price, and Fernando Torres' was around 42 million euros, Previously it had been around 50, after the 2006 world cup, but because of finacial difficulties Atletico reduced after turning down a 25 million pound bid from a club that was believed 2 be Man United in 2006 and Torres was bought by Liverpool in 2007 for around 27 million pounds. In 2007, Aguero's clause was 50, now it is 60 due to his excellent performances, Atletico are not in the same situation now as they were when they sold Torres and the fact that they increased his buyout clause means they want more money, so,yes they would take maybe a 30 million pound bid seriously but they could wait and let a bidding war erupt between all the clubs that want him (Inter, Madrid, Barca and Liverpool). And as for Riera, Espanyol are in a perilous financial situation, and accepted that he would leave so they took the offer with open arms."

You are getting your figures wrong with Torres, it was reported by sky to be 27 million but Rafa stated Torres first press conference that it was 20 million.

Secondly, no club is going to pay 60 million for Ageuro (Unless its Man City or some team like that).

Thirdly, lets not forget what the players want, a player wanting away will reduce the transfer fee.
  Rangers transfer news


graham smith
  Sunderland transfer targets this summer include:

Darren Bent
Nathan Tyson
Chris Eagles
Richard Cresswell
Danny Shittu
  Can somebody tell me why everyone is criticizing someone who posts some unbelievable rumours. This site is known as football rumours not football facts. Onto rumours: Aguero is almost sure to come to Anfield. You can say anything but Kun is coming and u know it. Rafa needs to find a good right wing, Navas, Kuba, Srna are all possibilities. Johnson is also very close to coming cuz he knows that Pompey is a bad team and with certain departure of Kranjcar at the and of the season he will go too. Both G. Barry and G. Bale could come, maybe one but two isn't likely to happen. Agger, Masch and Reina stories are not true. They don't want to leave so Reina and Masch are staying 100%. Agger and Rafa contract situations are complicated but are going to be resolved soon. If Rafa leaves you can expect Unai Emery at his place at Anfield. Shock, isn't it? LIVERPOOL4LIFE YNWA
  Arsenal look set to have a rather busy summer. Almost certain to be arriving at the Emirates are PSG's 18 year old defender Mamadou Sakho for £4m, along with Portugese side Nacional's 25 year old Brazilian striker Nene for around £7m (this guy sounds very promising, as he has scored 14 goals from 17 apperances for his club). Providing nobody leaves, these would be the only new signings in the summer (no doubt with a couple of 16–17 year olds for the reserves). However clubs like Barcelona and AC Milan could give us a hard time. Both of these clubs are interested in landing £20m Adebayor from the Emirates. AC Milan are also looking at Gael Clichy, who would be worth around £15m. Barcelona are also hopeful of signing van Persie (if they can't get Adebayor) and Cesc Fabregas for at least £40m. Wenger would have no interest in selling any of these, as they are all vital to our side, however he may listen to offers for Adebayor if they reach £30m, as he has failed to re–gain his form from last season. If Wenger can get the right price, he may be tempted to let Adebayor go, and look to sign out of favour Real Madrid striker Klaas Jan Huntelaar, who is unhappy at the Bernebeau after being left out of their Champions League squad. However Wenger will try to hold on to all of our players and would not consider selling anyone.

In Arsene We Trust
  To the guy talking about Transfer caps coming in to play in the EPL, yes i can see that happening but do you really think the money will go out of football, the answer is no. Why.
When a manager, chairman or owner wants a certain player they will do whatever it takes to get it. if the transfer cap comes in to effect do you not think they would use bonuses or any other means to win the player over. Maybe salary caps will come in to effect but money will still run the game, which i admit is ashame but its what brings the best players in the world to England. so i for one am not in favour of it!!

Jose Mouriniho to take over when Sir Alex Ferguson Retires!
  Man City will try and rade europes elite clubs for their star players. Hughes will be sacked and Big Phil Scolari will be broght in to try and attract some big name players like Kaka. These are the players that will be bidded for:

Sergio Ramos: £30 million
Mertsacker: £17m
Pepe: £20m
Lahm: £15m
Gerrard and Torres: £130m
Ribery: £25m
Kaka: £100m
Silva: £25m
Villa: £50m
Benzema: £25

I am not saying all of these stars will come, but these are the players that will be bidded for. Wathc this space!!!

  I like reading this site and have never wrote on it before but some people talk tripe and i thought that these two pieces of information can straighten a few things out. I don't know much about Kerrison, altough he is potentially a quality player currently Kerrison's contract is owned by two parties. Coritiba own twenty percent of the player with Traffic Sports Marketing owning the other eighty percent. Keirrison, whose contract with Coritiba runs out in April 2009, joined Palmeiras on loan in January 2009 until then,to play in the liberdatores, then its rumoured it has been agreed that he will join Liverpool. Also Pepe Riena has quelched rumours of his summer departure, his father stated he would like his son to play for Athletico Madrid like he did. But Reina says its a fathers dream, I am happy at Liverpool and hope to stay for a long time, yet if I where to leave, Madrid would be a big draw.
YNWA bruffio
  I really wish the Liverpool fans on here would stop linking their team with all these players – your team is BROKE. . you might get some players between 10–15m depending on who you sell, but who do you think you're fooling linking your club to the likes of Aguero and Villa? Give it a rest!

The only team that can even approach those players realistically is Man City, and they will be purchasing the following players in the Summer:

Kaka 105m – He wanted to stay till the end of the season, during the summer, he knows City will be able to strengthen considerably.

Villa 50m – He will replace Bellamy, who is only a temporary signing once City realized they weren't going to be able to attract any legit goal scoring threats.

Alex 15m – He isn't getting the chances he wants at Chelsea, and Chelsea need the money right now. The Brazillian connection will assist in attracting him.

Veloso 20m – With Kompany moving permanently to CB, they will need another combative midfielder to play alongside de Jong.

Torres 60m OR Santa Cruz 20m – This will depend on whether Hughes stays – which I hope he doesn't. Torres has shown he is capable of playing upfront on his own, and City will look to play 4231 so he is exactly what they need. Hughes thinks Santa Cruz is just as good though. . ugh

This will result in the following lineup:

GK – Given
LB – Bridge
CB – Kompany
CB – Alex
RB – Zabaleta
CDM – de Jong
CDM – Veloso
LAM – Robinho
CAM – Kaka
RAM – Villa
ST – Torres (or Santa Cruz)

I think most would agree this team would certainly be challenging for honours next year.

Outgoing will be the likes of Richards, Ireland, Johnson and Hart – much to the dismay of many City fans, but the Academy has proven they won't get the team far by their performances this year. None will get much playing time if the Arabs get their way, so the only fair thing to do is to move them to teams where they will play.
  First of all Keirrisson hasn't signed for palmeiras, 80% of his conract was already owned by them with the other 20% owned by an affiliate of current club coritiba. If liverpool have paid his buy out clause which is believed to be in the region of £12million, he's theirs. Secondly Aguero to Liverpool, he's no doubt been linked with that move, and i wouldn't be surprised if he does move for a fee of 20–30m, regardless of his supposed 60m buy–out clause. Finally David Villa, as the story goes he was Benitez's number one target last season for and Valencia asked for a fee of around 25–30m, which benitez was willing to pay. In comes Rick Parry trying to knock a couple of million off the price tag, and Euro 2008 happens, suddenly he's worth 35–40m and Liverpool settle for Keane. If liverpool want to sign Villa they have to fight Barcelona for him, and pay at least £30m. Most likely of the three has to be Aguero, but it is just a rumour.
  Just a few RUMOURS I picked up around the field

Tottenham Ins

Stewart Downing (Middlesbrough)
Darko Lazovic (FK Borac Cacak)
Wagner Love (CSKA Moscow)

Tottenham Outs

Roman Pavlyuchenko (Spartak Moscow)
Darren Bent (Sunderland)
  To the deluded fool who said Leicester would sign Nathan Tyson, dream on fella he has just signed a new contract and is settled at the club. Develop your own players!

Forest still trying to sign McSheffrey on loan and may still make a move for Dominic Matteo. Dan the Man
  Forest are interested in taking John Eustace from Watford and possibly also John Harley.
  ((( AFC Bulletin )))

Its been known AW is keeping tabs on Real Madrid starlet Klass Huntelaar , its been denied by his agent how ever rumours suggest he's unhappy and may leave Real Madrid in the summer . AW is also interested in Brazilian Nene after scoring 14 times in 17 games for Portuguese side Nacional . Theo Walcott will noot be leaving AFC as he's likely 2 sign a new 4 year deal with the Gunners .
  Everotn Outs;
A.VAn Der Meyde – 2.5m – Feyenoord
L.Saha– West Ham – 3m
C.Nash – Bury – 250k
S.Castillo–2m(Cover as Rodwell will play CDM next year)
N.Kranjcar – 8m
J.Moutinho – 16m
JO – 7m
  West Ham are very happy with their squad.
They have got rid of most of the dead wood and want to make room for the youngsters to come through.
A lot depends on the progress of the three long term injuries.Ashton, Dyer and Gabbidon.
Summer newcomers will be limited to top young prospects and Nani hopes to unearth another Illunga or Behrami.
Long term plans to replace Zola and Clarke should Chelsea poach them include a move for di Canio.
  LFC have an agreement for Keirrison de Souza Carneiro the latest Brazillian 'wonderkid' would already be at Anfield were it not for complications over his contract (Tevez, Mascherano stylie. The deal is now done and he will join in the Summer.

So bitter! FACT.
  I heard it from one of my sources. . wenger id goin to swap eboue for athletico madrid's U17 star as a deal. .then arsena will rise. .
in wenger we trust. .
  Firstly to all this Rangers take over nonsence. The truth is that David Murray had a good offer for the club earlier in the season and didn't accept it as the new would be owners wanted to sell off the Murray Park training complex. David Murray refused and so we are where we are which in truth is no closer to a new buyer. He has always said that the training facilities are a legacy he wants to stay. On the transfer front there is only one 1st team player they want rid of and it is Barry Ferguson because of all the same issues as last time when Le Guen was in charge. He thinks he runs the place so expect to see him leave come the summer. There was two bids from the premiership Newcastle & Sunderland) in the window but they were both loan moves and the Gers wanted the cash and rid of him for good.
  When Leicester get promoted they will sign the following players:

David Martin On permanent Basis

David Connolly

Nathan Tyson

Adam le fondre

And Finally Simon Cox
  To the 3 rumour makers of these:

Well nice to see others agree with me regarding Mascherano, a good player but theres no goals in him, sadly he'll be on his way in the summer as will Reina. I agree with the joe Hart rumour. Aguero and Villa look certain to join Liverpool, he was almost hugging Alonso in the pre match national anthem and he's type cast for Torres.

El Torro

Sergio Aguero will sign for Liverpool for 7m and Pepe Reina this deal will go through a couple of days after the transfer window opens

AC Milan are trying to tie up a few deals that will go through this summer as they are sick of being second fiddle to Inter Milan.
Chiellini 22m Juventus
Lahm 14m Bayern Munich
Sergio Ramos 26m Real Madrid
Robinho 26m Man City
Diego 18m Werder Bremen
Adebayor 25m Arsenal
De Rossi 17m Roma
Beckham 10m LA Galaxy
Petr Cech 16m Chelsea

Do you have any idea what your talking about? Liverpool signing Villa and Aguero, Valencia have put a 90 million euro price tag on his head and Aguero has a 60 million buyout clause, and u assume that because Villa hugged Alonso that means he's on his way 2 Liverpool? Then I suppose Franck Ribery is on his way 2 St Etiene after hugging Gomis.

And why would Atletico accept 7 million pounds + Reina for Aguero, Reina is good but not 53 million euros good, so please keep dreaming!

Can you really imagine 9 of the world's best players being recruited by AC Milan for just 174 million, Sergio Ramos alone has a buyout clause of 150 million euros and why would Man City sell Robinho 4 less than they bought him.

Oh!, and finally to the Newcastle men who said they would sign Valencia, Diaby, Vela and Gibbs, that's definetly not happening.
  Newcastle United Rumours;;;


Achille Emana (Real Betis)
Stephane M'bia (Stade Rennais)
Michael Johnson (Manchester City)
Joe Harte (Manchester City)
Pablo Aimar (Benfica)
Abou Diaby (Arsenal)
Antonio Valencia (Wigan Athletic)

OUT (Summer)

Joey Barton (Bolton)
Mark Viduka (Queensland)
Michael Owen (Everton)
Claudio Cacapa (Santos)
Andy Carroll (Birmingham City)
  I read this site everyday religiously and I've got to
admit there are some seriously good rumours here but
this is to the person who says liverpool will buy 4 or
5 of the following. . Then lists a huge array of
players, whom might I say match the values strangley
as what you can buy them for on football manager 2009.
I know this as I play the game quite a lot and I
baught most of the players you list for the same or
some very similar prices, so please don't list
outrageous things like that again because it is a
waste of time reading it. . People more newcastle
rumours please

Many thanks
  Well nice to see others agree with me regarding Mascherano, a good player but theres no goals in him, sadly he'll be on his way in the summer as will Reina. I agree with the joe Hart rumour. Aguero and Villa look certain to join Liverpool, he was almost hugging Alonso in the pre match national anthem and he's type cast for Torres.

El Torro
  To "Iain The Know", I am someone high up in the structure at Ibrox, and also an ex player. I happen to know for a fact that craig levein will be going nowhere near the rangers job, as he feels he can split the old firm within the next two years at Dundee Utd. Also, about Ferguson, everyone here knows he is a merchant banker and is disrupting the team, but Walter seems to like him, so he's going nowhere. Another thing disrupting the harmony at the moment is the exclusion of the spanish youngster Aarón Niguez. The coaching staff can all see that he is one of the most skillful players at murray park but Walter's "No youth" policy is hampering his progress, and he wants to go back to Spain. JG WATP
  To the fool that's gone on about rafa's facts you need to go back to school and sit a spelling test for eight year olds FACT! by the way aguero definitely coming to liverpool in the summer already said he wants to play for the most sucessful team in britain FACT! and finally old purple nose to retire at the end of the season he's relised he can't top liverpool so he's off to guide santa's sleigh FACT! Y.N.W.A
  Re: arsenal team. The defence is a problem gallas and toure are getting old and dislike eachother. Both are good but its obvious they lack the aerial ability needed in the prem and gallas' mentality has seriously cost them. Full backs are pretty good. Their midfield is very weak compared to previous years and i mean weak literally they need a more physical presence in centre mid, diaby and song arent good enough yet. the wings are also a problem with 'sick note' rosicky and a useless eboue doing nothing for them and neither wilshere or ramsey are any where near first teamers, how many prem minutes have they got this season? Strikers are excellent but let down by the rest of the side. If wenger continues with his current policy arsenal will continue to slide down the table.
  Liverpool are scouting Alberto Buena, an attacking mid from Real Madrids reserves. Does anyone think LFC would have had Saviola on loan had we not drawn Madrid in the cup?
  David Moyes will have 25m to spend in the summer plus money from the sale of:
A Van Der Meyde 2m –Red Bull Slazburg
L.Saha– 4m
So will have– 31m and will try to sign:

S.Mbai– 5m – Rennes
J.Moutinho 16m – Sporting Lisbon
Jo– 7m
D.Bentley–(Loan for year)–1m option to buy(12m)
S.Castillo – 2m
Ivan Helguera– Free

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