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20 Aug 2013 23:48:03
Jason Puncheon set to join Palace on a season-long loan deal with Scott Sinclair being his replacement. Saints expected to buy him from City for a fee of around £5,000,000.

Yep heard this too as wba have stalled and scotts brother jake is here already would miss punch though!

Cannot see oswaldo replacing lambert he's overrated, in fact if they sell lambert I will cut my season ticket up

We have so many players that we are trying to unload that it does seem strange that we would get rid of someone who can hack it in the first team.

West Brom want to loan for a season, with city wanting a commitment to buy at the end. Saints will get in cheap if they take him now.

Looks like the club are going to be a mutual. Admiration society everyone liking everybody, hope it works sometimes loose cannons are the best players.

'Oswaldo' is not overrated and he's not replacing Lambert. they will partner each other upfront

Surely luke shaw isn't thinking of moving to united, can't see cortese letting him go unless it's silly money but often its down to the player.

Jason is moving back to be closer to his family. I believe it was his idea.

He wants the move to be closer to his family. can't really argue with that, wish him all the best

Osvaldo was not bought to replace Lambert! In Rome he and Lamela played on either side on Totti (who played the false number 9 role.

Really hope Punch doesn't go. He's sorted himself out and was key for us last season. For me if we play 442 he should start on the right. We need him!

I honestly have no idea why some people are crying over Lambert leaving, he won't go. Also, what relevance is this to Puncheon and Sinclair? Cry somewhere else.

Puncheon heading to palace on loan due to personal/family reasons. Will he much closer to home (Croydon). Wish all the best to him and hope we haven't seen the last of him in a saints shirt.

Someone has been reading the papers! Would be suprised if sinclair went to southampton. surely he is looking to go to a top 10 prem league team?!

Shaw isn't going anywhere, saints are still odds on in the betting for sinclair and banega!

What do a lot of these comments have to do with Jason? Rickie and Luke being mentioned?

Let's hope puncheon going to palace doesn't haunt us, saints being relegated and palace staying up.

Exactly why he would go to saints. we will be a top 10 prem league team this season. hopefully

Saints are the 3rd highest spenders in the premier league. That shows ambition and intent. That's why Sinclair would want to come to The south coast. Oh and the fact that his little brother plays for our academy might sway him.

"Let's hope puncheon going to palace doesn't haunt us, saints being relegated and palace staying up. " Whoever commented this obviously has no idea what they are in about. Southampton will not be relegated, look at our squad, there is no way we will be going down. How on earth could Puncheon haunt us. He's a brilliant player yes and probably now one of Palace's best players if you comparing the two squads Saints have a lot more class and depth.

Are people for real saying Punch wants to go to palace to be closer to his family?! Southampton to Croydon! That's no distance!

That's what Blackburn said with their squad they'd nevever go down blimey just look into history or perhaps you haven't followed football for long, nothing is guaranteed that why man city went to div 3 .

"Family problems"

Not to be with his family. He's only just signed a contract so it must be a fairly good reason. He was also really settled with the players.

It's a shame but its just one of those things.

WBA want him on loan and Man City wants a commitment to buy, which they won't give. We are happy to purchase straight away. No reason for him not to come here, 3rd highest spenders, guaranteed game time, brother in academy, other english talent. let's wrap it up and get on to the next player.

The person who said letting puncheon go to palace could haunt us is a long life season ticket holder by the way. Would spurs sell bale to arsenal think about it.

The talk is that City made out Saints were interested just to get wba moving on the deal. That we didn't make a serious enquiry and that our targets are abroad.

The long life season ticket holder is living in the past. Punch always struggled to make the first 11 and the Bale comparison is ridiculous. It's brilliant going into a new season and not expecting a relegation battle. Hope you live long enough to get used to it.

Who scored the goal against qpr I think the guys right you don't let players go to the opposition a last minute penalty at west brom means we are safe ( wake up )

Who knows what's round the corner for saints or any other club just hope we are injury free and we play the top team prior to their European games

I don't think puncheon struggled in saints sides in fact he turned games round when coming on as as substitute, perhaps he wasn't a favorite, manages do have them

Saints wouldn't be daft enough to let puncheo play against us in his contract

It's great to see everyone sticking up for their team the set up at saints but the three signing may prove no better than what we have. Don't get carried away.

Don't think saints gazza must have been drinking puncheon was a good player for saints that's why he got a 3 year contract.

We played some of our best football under Harry rednapp, although his hands were tied but still went down.

The odds on for Sinclair going to saints didn't work out, any more predictions.



20 Aug 2013 23:19:08
leeds have turned down boro's third bid for Ross McCormack

When are Boro going to understand that they just won't get him?! Focus on Wells or some other overrated player, and leave Rossy alone!

Ross McCormack is not good enough, we should get beccio on loan

Ross not good enough for boro ha ha I've heard it all now try telling your manager that

No, ross isn't good enough actually. Becchio is though. We have had a bod accepted

Ross is better than becchio lol, becchio can only score headers and tap ins that's all he does has nothing else to his game



20 Aug 2013 22:14:57
Kevin Doyle for Stoke maybe now.

Hope not, that seems like change for change's sake, not sure he'd really provide anything we don't already have.

No Thanks, we need someone who can score goals!



20 Aug 2013 23:13:41
20 Aug 2013 23:11:50
Reading have made a £1million offer for Sunderland midfielder David Vaughan. (Source: The Maily Dail)

Good signing if true.

Says Palace and Hull also keen but can't match our wages.

I know people will say we have enough midfielder blah blah, but they might not be good enough for Adkins' passing game!

Not good enough midfielders?
karacan scored 2 last game and guthrie has also scored already and we just bought in another centre midfield in williams

*Agreed. In my opinion Cameron Jerome and David Vaughan would complete the team for this season, unless Pogrebnyak leaves, in which case another forward would be required, maybe Akpala though I don't know much of him

There's more to been a good midfield player than scoring goals look at Carrick, wilshere, xavi alonso, tabb etc

Adkins wants two players for each position so we could end up needing 6 CM's so let's look at who we have.
Guthrie - Good
Karacan - Good
Williams - Good
Akpan - Ok
Leigertwood - No thanks
Then you're on to youth players.

This would be a great signing.

Yes but Leigertwood dosn't fit into Adkins style and will move on once he's recovered from his op.

I think the link with Hull is simply down to Bruce managing him before, I don't think there's anything in it. We also just signed Huddlestone and Livermore, which means we don't need another central midfielder and makes the point about us not being able to match the wages nonsense.

David Vaughan is a lovely little footballer who Reading FC fans will find very pleasing to the eye if he signs.
The problem is at Sunderland he has had a very stop start career due to injury however I am sure he would go with our blessing if he could be snapped up by a decent club like Reading. He will never be forgotten by Sunderland fans for THAT goal at Newcastle last April however the other two goals he scored for us were both thunderbolts from outside the area. GOOD LUCK FOR THE SEASON

"There's more to been a good midfield player than scoring goals look at Carrick, wilshere, xavi alonso, tabb etc"

im applauding this chap, definitely the first time tabb has been in the same sentance as the other 3, you couldve said scholes, but agreed tabb was a good player



20 Aug 2013 19:24:57
Trialist Jordan Adekunle has joined the Blues on a one-year contract. The 18-year-old, who first impressed manager Mick McCarthy while facing Town for Crawley in pre-season, scored in last week's U21 friendly against an Irish development side and also played in last night's U21 game against Cardiff City.



20 Aug 2013 20:47:25
Brentford set to sign birigmana of Newcastle on a six month loan deal.

Is he any good what position

Complete and utter rubbish. As much as I would like it to be true, Uwe has already said there will be no more new signings as his squad is complete.

Would be very very surprised if we signed him



20 Aug 2013 19:13:05
Barnet are going to announce the signing of Robert Pires later this week. Apparently he wants one last season and he's willing to play for a nominal fee.



20 Aug 2013 18:43:16
Nick Shorey training at Aston gate with city.

Bad attitude and living off a reputation earned at Reading first time around when he was capped by England. Greed and fame took over and he's been half-ar*ed ever since.

Decent player when he can be bothered. He won't be bothered in L1.



20 Aug 2013 18:20:15
Jason puncheon has sign on loan for palace



20 Aug 2013 17:58:16
Bradford City are in contract talks with Aaron McLean.

That means wells out the door

No it doesn't. It means we are looking for another quality striker.

We need another target man so cannot see this happening.



20 Aug 2013 17:56:56
Albion are after Morgan amalfitano and marko arnautovic

Another day gone and still even after saturdays horrendous first half (and yes I was their in the 80s) still no signing.

How many possible targets are we being linked with,

It takes me back to the days of Playschool and Jackanory-i'm going to tell you a story says Richard-who's behind the round window today says Jeremy?The whole situation is becoming laughable, embarrassing and totally absurd!

Who the hell are these two. It looks likely that Southampton are going to hijack our move for Sinclair because of our faffing about as usual. Peace you need to come out and tell us what the hell is going on. Do you really give a monkeys about our club

21 Aug 2013 10:30:11
ive had enough of jeremy taking the peace out of us fans where's the money gone?

What happened to all the talk of getting new recruits in before start of season so that they can get fit or use to our style of play, we have wasted 3wks on sinclair for what 3m (2m signing on fee already agreed. , apparently) peace, garlick, we all appreciate that there's a lot of hard work goes into signing of players but come on transfer windows are always the same dates, if we are to believe what we read all targets are already checked out,. so

JP is the majority shareholder unless someone buys him out we are stuck with him. He knows that, he reminds me of trev the shed! We should have kept Thompson as chairman. instead of listening to megson. that new bloke we have in Richard Garlick! ain't got a clue must be JPs puppy. If we struggle will he sack him as he is head of recruitment or will it be Clarke! Kul

Well said that charmain I awful he is scrounging over a 4 million deal for Sinclair next year that's what we need width.

21 Aug 2013 18:45:48
peace has done a good job at the club without question. but this is now becoming realy worrying. we won't go down but I fear we will struggle without new additions and we need to spend to improve. new right back, winger and midfielder needed. ridgwell not good enough either time to get popov in.



20 Aug 2013 17:31:21
Ashley Harris looks set to leave Portsmouth on loan. He has been mooted to join either Gosport Borough or Havant and Waterlooville until Christmas.

Harris has requested some game time so Guy Whittingham wants to send him out on loan as he's currently not even making the bench.

Likely to be at conference premier level possibly at Aldershot with Webster

Ashley Harris is currently out with a calf injury, so Jack Maloney is now likely join Aldershot for a month



20 Aug 2013 17:30:15
Maroune Fellaini submits transfer request

No he hasn't



20 Aug 2013 17:24:55
Stoke looking to sign Jella Vossen from Genk.

He is a good clinical finisher so it is good for us :D

Would be very keen on Barry, but can't imagine we can afford his wages. Hoilett and Sinclair be great signings but can't see us getting both.

A player I would be keen on us getting is Sessagnon from Sunderland with them apparently wanting to sell him to be able to purchase a playmaker. can't imagine Defoe would want to come to Stoke. Praying Hughes gets at least 3 more signings before the window shuts.

Hope this is true

Wish this was true 78 goals in 146 games would be perfect for us! alson heard Yohan Mollo is meant to be signing for stoke too!

Don't think they'd be letting him go on the cheap, he has been crucial for them and comes from the same place Benteke did, so even more reason to up the price-tag.



20 Aug 2013 17:15:49
Portsmouth will be signing Shaun Cooper, Maik Taylor, and Paul Connolly to strengthen their squad.

Taylor would be a good signing although I would prefer Ashdown

Cooper is training with Pompey Squad today (Thursday 22nd)

Ashdown would be a good signing although I would prefer Mikkel Andersen or Stephen Henderson

Better for Guy to save the money he wants to spend on Cooper and buy a goalkeeper instead! Any of those suggested would be good.



20 Aug 2013 17:05:14
Readings lawson D'ath set to be released failed to kick on last season and club have better prospects coming through in tanner tischbola and Taylor and feel he can leave to try and kick start career some where else

Won't be released, maybe sold or loaned. Just signed a new contract anyhow

Nonsense. Highly rated by the club. Had a good pre-season. Adkins keen to see his he does in the U21 Prem League.

Might go on loan but is not about to be released.

Are you having a laugh? D'ath is one of our best reserve/u21 players and it highly rated! He may go out on loan to gain experience, but there's not way he's leaving on a permanent basis.

Haha so untrue didn't kick on? Set Yeovil alight never had the chance at reading



20 Aug 2013 17:05:23
Stoke are on the verge of signing Werder Bremen winger Aaron Hunt for £7.2m

Would rather sinclair on a loan deal tbh

If we do get this player we need a good paced and finisher winger scores goal



20 Aug 2013 16:33:00
Watford will wrap up the loan signing of Emmanuel Badu from Udinese in the next few days.

Not heard about this. Doesn't seem likely.

Times says he's going to Stoke



20 Aug 2013 16:02:59
Shrewsbury Town are set to name three signings this week. Right back McSweeney who impressive in the reserves, John McGinn from St Mirren (Brother played last season, and has recommended the club) and striker James Keatings for a fee believe to be around £75k, the money coming from the lack of major wages that were being paid last season which has freed up a lot of money.

McGinn is only 1 year into a 3 year deal and happy; Keatings has only just signed for Hamilton. Likely, I think not.

I know its a rumour site but at least be realistic! The only possible is Mcsweeney



20 Aug 2013 16:00:37
Mark Cooper is to be formally named as the full time manager of Swindon tomorrow at a press conference, the club are hoping to unveil the signing of a new striker at the same time, believed to be Nguesson

Didn't happen only managerial appointment

Cooper will take us to L2. Crap manager



20 Aug 2013 14:20:35
I have heard that on Darren Bent's recommendation, Fulham are set to make a loan move for Stephen Ireland. Any one know anything about this?

Haven't heard anything about it but I hope it's true. He hasn't featured in recent times but I always thought he looked good when he was at Man City and in the early Aston Villa days. Where did you hear this?

I didn't think that a premier league club could loan more than 1 player from another premier league team?

We can only but hope

Why are we taken suggestions from a loanee, surely that's the managers job?



20 Aug 2013 14:13:12
Middlesbrough's 2. 3 Million bid for Mcormack has been accepted and the player is due a medical at rockliffe park Thursday.

Loan offer had been declined by west ham regarding Ricardo vaz tae as middlesbrough only offered to pay 40% of the players wages.

Its all lies middlesbrough haven't offers any more than 2 million. Look at the boro gazztte. We have offered 1. 5 M

I'm a Leeds fan and rate Ross but I would take 2 million (just my opinion though) the trouble is though you havent bid 2 million u have bid 1. 5 with add on s and its well known, leeds will not sell at any less than 2.5 million. Wich is more than he's worth. I can't see anybody going that high unless a Newley promoted team panic ie Palace or Celtic go in for Ross that would turn his head as he is a fan.

Complete fabrication this story has been a joke all month boro do not have that kind of money and the player is not wanting a move

For Vaz ta do 50% wage and recall at any time

Scott Wooton has signed for leeds for 1 million so I would guess they don't need the money for McCormack to finance deals

Tbh nobody outside the boardroom
really know what they are talking about. There must be something to this story or leeds would have told boro to do one after the first bid. So let's wait and see and stop speculating.

Deal turns out to be dust! 3rd bid rejected, move on boro please starting to get annoying now. The lad doesn't want to be here anyway he's got leeds running through his vains

Bring back phil stamp and whealen my god these lads could play

According to the yorkshire paper leeds have rejected our third bid for Mccormack, let's just give up and sign someone that's worth the money were offering them.

The fact Leeds have signed Wooton for £1m is evidence that McCormack is on his way to the Boro. Good choice son.

Very good post, about the boardroom etc. Very true
But let's be honest, if we were all prepared to wait and didn't like speculation, then why would we come on to this site, lol.

Where did the story about Leeds accepting 2.3million come from, because its seems at odds with what the press are saying (still reporting 1.5million).

Personally I think his true value is somewhere in between.
2.3millionis a little too much

Nobody knows other than board room, but if they do need money then now that deal for woot on is done you will see movement in their squad. hopefully the McCormack saga is getting boring now either sign him or put the money into a Vaz te deal.

Haha Glen Whealen. He was probably the worst player I have ever seen in my life. And Stampy always gave his all (When he wasnt on community service)

I'd guess its £2.3m after appearance fees etc - or the ole Footy Manager approach of £500,000 after promotion to the Premiership or payments over 2 years etc. who knows really. Seems lies good business for everyone if it goes through. Although I'd pose the question of could Middlesbrough get a more effective goalscorer for £2.3m? I'd say yes they probably could unless they see some Premiership Potential in the lad and this is more part of a bigger picture. No doubt someone else will come in on loan with a view to a perm

Scott Wotten signed for around 250k no were near a million and as for Ross he's signing a new improved deal

For those who are interested, Leeds haven't rejected the bid outright. They have merely told us to come back with improved offer. Talks still ongoing. Gibson and Mowbray will have one last throw of the dice with this one. JM

Move on boro get some one in there must be a few options?

21 Aug 2013 16:06:31
nhaki wells vaz te a defender sounds ok McCormack Leeds very greedy he is not worth the bother get players in soon than later marvin looks to be going to fund this dragging on poor results effecting supports and the team sort it out

Mccormack would never come to the boro its all bull coming out of riverside to keep us fans on our toes when we get beat off wigan mowbray will panic and probably sign 3 carthorses

Mogga has given the fans hope with these bids. I just think if no one comes in next week I can see the fans turning on him!



20 Aug 2013 14:02:16
Neil arnock set to join Millwall in a coaching capacity to work with Lomas to get the Lions saeson staerted.

If the arnock is meant to have a W in front of it. Neil Warnock, then it's more likely to be relegation for Millwall. I wouldn't trust him with my Reliant Robin ala Delboy.


If it's true he's going to end up with a bigger coaching squad than playing squad.

Warnock has always been first and foremost a manager! So I could definitely NOT see him doing any form of second fiddle coaching! If TRUE who would leave?

Warnock is a good championship manager, But I don't think he is liked down the den. But things can't get any worse than what they already are. Can they???

21 Aug 2013 14:20:52
i can defiantly see him as are manager if steve lomas is not going to do good

No one can be sure if someone like Warnock was offered the managers job how well he would do? You have to give SL at least another 4-6 games as he has all his players there now! If still the same then I'm afraid goodbye SL!

Warnock is not coming to millwall, rubbish rumour. as for can it get any worse? only if billy bonds comes back with trevor brooking and we change our name to west millwall ham

And share the olympic stadium.



20 Aug 2013 13:09:58
Oxford United set to sign AFC Bournemouth winger Donal McDermott on a 3 month loan deal to cover for the injury of Sean Rigg

Weird Cause I was down AFCB earlier, and saw a Oxford United Staff member. had his initials on a polo?

There was a reserve game against them, which Bournemouth won 3-1.

^^^^^thats because the development squad played Bournemouth development squad

20 Aug 2013 23:18:03
Could just be a coincidence as AFCB Development squad were playing Oxford Utd today in a friendly

Oh yeah, my bad.



20 Aug 2013 13:06:21
I have a friend who is close to some old pros at Spurs and according to him the Gareth Bale deal to Real Madrid is done but it is being kept quiet to help Spurs attract their transfer targets and to stop the price being driven up by their current clubs.



20 Aug 2013 12:17:42
Qpr going back in for Ross McCormack of Leeds, also will sign Paul Konchesky from Leicester city

Funny that since the only bids so far have come from Blackpool and Middlesbro

Qpr were linked early in the window and with Redknapp struggling to get Defoe this will probably happen. As for Konchesky seems Brighton may be his destination with Qpr chosing to give Baird a contract instead. They already have 3 players who can play LB so unless there's movement on that front I can't see any point in signing Konchesky

Read in the Mirror that McCormack want's to sign a longer contract, can't see him leaving and definately not to QPR

You really believe Harry would see McCormack a good alternative to Defoe? Get real!

Defoe will not drop down a division so maybe Harry's plans have changed.



20 Aug 2013 12:12:57
If Stoke are unable to get Barry, Mohamed Sissoko from PSG is on the cards, as PSG have said to him that he can leave. He is 28 years old and can play in CM or CDM, great tackler of the ball, powerful and quite aggressive. In a way, a lot like N'zonzi

He is a yaya toure type player, just with less quality, but still a decent player

I see a lot of red cards coming our way

He looks like a decent player hope he comes to stokecity

Momo won't go stoke, he won silverware at liverpool, juventus, PSG, what's he going to get at stoke? Relagation battle?



20 Aug 2013 11:13:49
Sean Dyche watched Manchester United under 21's last night and is hoping manager and former claret Warren Joyce will do favour and loan Nicky Powell.



20 Aug 2013 10:58:55
Bristol City are set to buy Real Madrid Castilla Gaol keeper Rubén Yáñez who is a young Spanish Goalkeeper.

20 Aug 2013 20:47:18
nicky shorey and james o'connor both training with bristol city.



20 Aug 2013 10:39:49
Leon McSweeney (ex Orient) played in the reserves last night and is signing for Shrewsbury later today - to be announced tomorrow. IW



20 Aug 2013 11:09:13
Brighton set to sign Luciano Becchio on a season long loan from Norwich City.

This is a possibility as it has been widely reported that city are after Elmander and Collacciolo. Are the latter 2 really better than Luciano who has not been given a chance? If city do sign these 2 then Luciano will see this as a rebuff and will go, sad really for him.

Could be true if we signed 2 more strikers. We have 3 on the books now so doesn't make sense to offload one without buying at least 1

With Hooper not ready to play against Hull that would leave RVW as our only striker. Ridiculous rumour!

I bloody hope not, at least till we got replacements 100% sorted.

I hope so

This rumour has surfaced so many times, one day it will come true. But not today I fear.

You mite as well will never play in the first team at norwich under hughton

I could see this happening but only if Norwich sign 2 strikers before the window closes. Seems Elmander is virtually done according to some sources.

'Will never play in the first team at Norwich under Hughton' - apart from the five or six games he featured in last season, obviously.

Becchio couldn't get in ahead of Kamara and he was said to be surplus to requirements. Becchio will rot at Norwich and If we get 1 striker in he will leave on loan probably with a view to getting our money back in January

You have to feel sorry for Becchio, we took him from the championship where he was scoring plenty of goals and stuck him on the bench without a hope of getting a game. He needs to leave before Hughton further damages his career.

Becchio only played 169 minutes last year in a team that was struggling to score goals, that should tell you that the coaching staff don't believe he's good enough.
I will accept that he had a good record at Leeds but plenty of players do well in the championship and then find they can't step up to the prem. If we get 1 or 2 more strikers in then the man's got to go for his own good.

£20 and a packet of peanuts and get him off the wage bill!

Agreed. He did well for Leeds and I always thought that he would do well for us if we signed him; we did, but it doesn't look like he will get many games, if any, which is a great shame. A couple of nice touches to set up Howson's West Brom goal isn't much to show for his time with us. Pity.

21 Aug 2013 07:55:12
Dry roasted or salted peanuts, I'll tell you what were give you both, but no twenty pound, seriously I feel for the lad, not been given a chance to show what he could achieve at Norwich, be a good addition for us if he came for the season,

Please stop with the £20 and a packet peanuts line.

It wasn't funny the first time and gets less and less funny every time you repeat it.

It's insulting to the player and boring for the rest of us. Enough.

In my opinion luciano's as good as holt and would be delighted if he came to the albion

The reason we signed Becchio from Leeds was to get rid of Morisson in a player/cash swap. Leeds have now shifted him out on loan to Millwall and from reports in the press he is still a lazy lump. Can only assume that Becchio does not impress in training or else he would have been given more game time. Looked a good player whenever I saw him for Leeds but he is just going to be a benchwarmer and not even first choice as sub when an extra striker needed. Only given 2 starts, both in away games as the unsupported lone striker which is horrible position to play with our lack of ambition and defensive formations away from Carrow Road.

21 Aug 2013 12:06:42
You need to get a sense off humour it's only a bit off banter, some people can't take a joke,

I have got a sense of humour, which is why the same joke, again and again and again, is so painful. Why not see if you can make a new one? Even if it is at Becchio's expense at least it won't be one we have seen several times before.

And some can't make one.

Are we talking those good quality bear nuts, and what about packet size, these are all questions his agent and the buying club will want answered. This ain't no joke. Peanuts is a serious business

Calm down ladies, becchios time at city may not be up, maybe hughton wants the 4 strikers for his squad, think we just want a cb and we are done until jan if necessary, the lad is right tho, new joke please or we will sell your banter for a pint and some peanuts!

Norwich signs Johan Elmander on a season loan, paving the way for Becchio move to Brighton

Are bear nuts anything like beer nuts, or are they the nuts of bears?

tv sports news is reporting this could happen soon as well now would be extremely happy to see him playing for us especially against millwall (my first game of the season )!

What is everyone's problem with him coming to Brighton? He will be a brilliant signing!

I understand Norwich paid £30. 00 and a large packet of Kettle Crisps for Elmander worth more then Becciho!

It will be nuts. if we get him. Does he score a lot of goals with his nut or mainly shots

Unlikely to happen. CMS is still injured and is on Premier League wages. They would need to get CMS out to make this happen as they can't afford to have them both. Shame, it'd be a good move for both, but don't expect until January and that assumes CMS comes back well and starts scoring. And if he does that why would they sell him anyway?

Cms is not on premier league wages none of our players are paid more than £13,000 a week it is a wage cap at Brighton to help stick to financial fair play rules and to stay out of debt!

Remember though that Elmander is on loan for 1 season, so if he does go back do we get the Kettle crisps back?. If so brilliant business sense Mr McNally!

No you won't get the kettle crisps back. You have to be realistic, that's what swayed the deal.



20 Aug 2013 10:33:50
All of you will be pleased to know that Mark Hughes is no longer interested in Mevlut Erdinic. After flying to France to watch him play, he was underwhelmed and unimpressed, so he has decided to let him stay at Rennes. He may turn his attention to Guadalajara forward Marco Fabian instead now



20 Aug 2013 10:19:48
Rumour has it that Robert Pires has offered his services as a coach/pay-as-you-play role for Barnet.

I home this is true. Then Barnet could be premier league quality with their players. If they were all ten years younger.

Never going to happen



20 Aug 2013 10:09:39
Nathaniel Chalobah will be returning to Watford on a season long loan according to sources close to the club

It would all depend on what he wants won't get a game at Chelsea and WFC's style closer to Chelsea than palace and hull

No chance - wouldn't fit back in at Watford now

Wont happen.

He would fit in perfectly and provide real competition in midfield, what's changed since last season, sign him if we can

He would easily fit back. but regardless this won't happen

Would love it the boy is pure class

Ridiculous to say he wouldn't fit in at Watford now. He would be welcomed back with open arms.

Wouldn't fit in!? We're Watford not Man Utd. I would have him back in an instant

He would fit in BUT there would be a lot more competition for his position. As we all know he is a class act, I'd welcome him back if it would aid his development.

Wouldn't mind him back too much, but would be worried about his consistency. Last season, when he played well, he could win us games, but when he was having an off-day, his laziness in defence and complacency in front of the back four hurt us badly. Class player but wouldn't want him to be played in the Iriney position, as he does not have enough bite in his tackle.



20 Aug 2013 09:54:49
West brom will offer 8m for Robert snodgrass and wes hoolahan together.

And Les Dennis will win an Oscar. Come on, do better.

Isn't Snodgrass a first team regular for Norwich? Can't see that happening if I'm honest

West Brom and 8 million? That ain't going to happen.

Would need a bid closer to 12m i'm afraid

Behave! We don't want or need either of these two, Moses n Sinclair more like!

Really can not see this happening seeing as we have not spent a penny so far

Not sure if the bid is true but we are certainly interested in both snodgrass for the width would be top draw. can't see why he would leave norwich for us but we do want him bid to be made shortly

Its According to Birmingham mail so.

20 Aug 2013 15:36:47
keep dreaming! you would need more than 8m for just Snodgrass, and he is a true canary so no chance.

Les Dennis. isn't that French for "the fire engines?"

Just because you've spent some money. where have you got the figure of 12 million from mate on what basis? kul

West Brom don't buy players - they pull rabbits from hats. Yours, a disillusioned season ticket holder

I'll give you 8 mill to take wes, he's not a prem league player and Norwich need to thank him and send him on his way.

Any signings would be great getting sick and tired of seeing we're after every player under the sun is Sinclair coming too west brom I hear Moses too come on give us fans something too cheer on.

8 million, what blades of grass, not peace no chance



20 Aug 2013 09:33:01
Ross McCormack looks set to join Boro after Tony Mowbray has made a 2 million bid. He previously stated that it's up to the 'suits' to decide where he goes and it looks as if they are about to cash in on the striker

What a signing! Gunna be exiting time at the riverside this season.

I thought it was only a 1.5 million bid. And it won't take too much longer before one is accepted

We've offered 1.5mil n in my opinion leeds will NOT let him go for that or any less than 2mil! He's showed his quality in his 1st few games n how important he is to them so I very much doubt they're going to accept just 200k more than they rejected last week. We're just wasting our time!

No point getting excited until its all done and dusted, not convinced at all that it will happen

It has been obvious for some time that talks have been gearing up. Leeds want to sell, but are holding it out until latter stages to get the best price from us.
Ricardo Vaz Te will also join on loan.

I agree I would say 2 mil +! i'm frustrated with the Ross speculation dragging on and on, just put a end to It with a 3rd bid take it or leave it or move on, problem is though Leeds are lying there need to sell because there eating into there resources and need cut wages costs to meet legislation as well as strengthen that's why boro keep bidding. ( so your manager is lying Leeds fans ) boro won't be bid otherwise just to waste time.

I'm pretty sure it was only a 1. 5M bid and I think we will get him because 'M said they need to sell before they depend because their wage budgets been cut

In a way I'd prefer vaz te, cheaper and more eager to play. Then again someone who can hit the target would be good

We have two weeks to determine our season. If RMc is saying he is not bothered about coming then we really don't want him. Boyd, thomson, Robson and McManus got in the Sotland team!

Vaz ta forget McCormack



20 Aug 2013 07:06:32
Leon McSweeney signing for Shrewsbury today

He played in the reserves last night and did OK - expect this to be true

Good signing for you - not sure why we let him go

Not signing yet on trial

Would be stupid not to sign him up - right sided defender and midfielder

Not much better than the makeshift RB, Goldson, better to wait for a better option?



20 Aug 2013 02:18:31
Stuart Pearce to be announced as the new manager of Swindon town this week. Mark Cooper to remain as one of his assistants.

Thought cooper had already got the managers job

Stuart Pearce won't be manager, Russell Osman won't be coach, Les Ferdinand won't be manager. My prediction is that Mark Cooper will be manager and Nile Ranger will go on to be a star for us, hope we can help him become a better person. I'd like Stuart Pearce but it won't happen.

Cooper is the manager, that was confirmed the moment they bought in two first team coached to work with him (three weeks ago) the pretence of the board looking for a manager was to delay the decision because of a fan back lash, but the fans are now moving to get behind cooper, wrongly IMO we will be relegated this year, but we will play some nice football in the process

Funny as mark cooper has been named manager on a 2 year contract.

Mark cooper is the new STFC Manager

Cooper is now manager.

I suppose your rumour was just a rumour then.

Didn't see that coming did you Mark Cooper IS confirmed as manager, I wish people would stick to rumours with substance.

Cooper got the job mid table here we come.

Mid table we will be lucky to stay up. Jed & his consortium what a great team they make. Yes they saved the club but why oh why did they try & convince us loyal supporters that they had so many people to interview for the managers job, when all along they were going to appoint cooper. I would of rather had gone into administration again & let the football league sort out our punishment. Whatever league we would of been in I would have been there. Jed & his consortium said when they took over the playing budget would be similar to last season what is it now just over 2 mil. I know the club could not sustain that, but why lie to the fans just be truthful. To be honest I been going to the county ground for over 35 years, if I didn't have my season ticket I wouldn't bother I just had enough of jed & his consortium

Mid table. that will do for me this year

I agree with the previous post the board had no intentions appointing anybody with half a brain, basically lee power picks the side and cooper is the puppet on a string why lie and drag it out, the board could of put out a statement to the rest of the league and fans appointing a good manager, with this appointment it proves we have no ambition and I am not listening to the bull that comes out of there mouths, jed was saying he thinks cooper will get us promotion? You having a laugh, heard from a good source Saturday coopers team talk was about 3 mins long and consisted of Shrewsbury are rubbish we won't have a problem, after the game lee power came in and spoke to the players for 10 minutes f this and f that so it proves power is basically the manager what a joke, lead by example who is cooper going to lead and what advise and experience could he pass down to the young lads, jed keeps saying we are plSying nice football? I would agree however we have won 1 game in 3 and we have no plan B it's going to go down here and that appointment is going to be the straw that broke the camels back.

All jed is thinking about is money. Cooper is cheap as chips that's why jed like him. The problem is that what is jed going to do when we are down the bottom trying to stay up after he said we will be going up. Will it be down to cooper, no but he will get the blame it will be down to jed and power. Cooper is a nice bloke but was in the right place at the right time to get the job. I just think dark days are a head for us.



20 Aug 2013 01:42:20
Any Rumours At Charlton?

Mark Albrigton In on Loan

Nope we are as skint as a biscuit.

Obika is coming back

We want another 3 players before the window closes, but there may be 1 or 2 leaving.
Lot will depend if the takeover is completed sooner rather then later but all indications look like it will be completed before Jan transfer window

Stephens swapped for Dawson of barnsley

Gary Taylor Fletcher in on A Free

Chris Powell has enquired about Aston Villa's Marc Albrighton for a season long loan. Also Evian's central midfielder Ti Bie is currently on trial.

Charlton are to be taken over? who buy? not seen anything in the news

Hope it is a Russian Billionaire

I hope it isn't! We need an injection of cash but not at the expense of bringing youngsters along. Solly and Harriott have come through and done really well and the signs so far are good with Jordan Cousins.

What what takeover is this? Heard a rumour about Russians but there's hasn't been any news about it?

Eric tie bi

What what takeover is this? Heard a rumour about Russians but there's hasn't been any news about it?
That would be because the Russian's pulled out when the current board asked for to much cash. It was so near yet so far.



20 Aug 2013 00:04:08
Posh Are Prepared To Pay 2 Million For Max Clayton From Crewe. And Are Bidding For Luton Town Duo Jake Howells And Andre Gray For 500k

Max Clayton is a player to get excited about but just can't see the Posh spending £2m on a player.

Why would he want to move to Peterborough when there are championship clubs interested?

Yes Max Clayton is the kind of player we go for but the fee won't be £2 million, because he scored 9 goals last season hardly a proven player also Posh would probably look to offload a striker first as we currently have 7 strikers at the club

Why would he sign for Posh? Mmmm, let me think, an 8 month stint in League One playing for the potential Champions, followed by promotion to the Championship. Add to that the recent emergence of young players moving on for Big Fees from Posh and our record for improving players and I think you may find the answer to your question!

Well he could choose Posh over moving to a championship side's bench (like Jamie Vardy did last year instead of Posh), knowing Posh have a proven record for moving strikers onto bigger things after a couple of year when they're ready. Having said that it seems he thinks he can move straight to the prem, so not getting my hopes up on this one



19 Aug 2013 23:57:07
hull tigers looking to offload matty fryatt to bring in some other premier league quality striker
odemwingie looking favorite to come in to hull tigers

Load of rubbish, firstly it's Hull City, and secondly Bruce seems happy with the striker situation and is likely to bring someone in not let anyone go

If anything, we need a creative midfielder, not a rubbish striker - fryatt's better then odemwingie anyway

NOT HULL TIGERS! Premier league ignorned the change due to owners not following procedures we are still hull city afc.

I love the name hull tigers

70-80% don't like the name change according to a poll in daily mail, fans have already handed season tickets back



20 Aug 2013 00:37:01
Posh looking to sign Fleck from Coventry as the long term replacement for Grant McCann

Dont need him we've got jack payne

Think he has a connection with Pressley so doubt it would happen.

Could be a good deal if the price is right.

Under contract will cost upwards of 1m.



19 Aug 2013 23:30:56
Reading are set for an interesting remainder of the transfer window.

Adkins is after three to four players

Ex Barca-B Wing back Cristain Lobato is very close to move to the Royals

Thomas Hitzlsperger is also in negotiations with the club

Joseph Akpala will also sign assuming his trial goes well.

Another striker is being targeted but only if an offer for Pavel Pogrebynak comes in. If Pog leaves the money will be re-invested into the team and Ross McCormack and Mike Van Duinen are on the list of targets to replace him.

Only one that is true is akpala. If he comes through the trial.
By the way. Why do we need a wing back? Holding midfielder. Would have had more credit to your story.

Basically a summary of all the not-true rumours of the past few weeks.

It is clear a wing back is required. We have one left back at our club & need cover for the long season ahead.

Akpala will sign on Friday afternoon once all paperwork has been finalised.

The Thomas Hitzlsperger story is nothing more than a rumour.



19 Aug 2013 23:22:22
Rumours coming out of Nottingham Forrest that veteran midfielder Jonathan Greening (34) is close to agreeing a loan move to league one side Walsall until january

Greening signed a player/coaching role in the summer at the City ground but has been told it is very unlikely he will be used in first team matches this season by manager Billy Davies

Greening insisted his playing days are far from over, earlier in the summer and still wants to carry on playing "I still feel like I've got a lot to offer. I feel really fit at the moment, I'm getting a good pre-season under my belt, I feel strong. "



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