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20 Aug 2012 22:49:49
Rumours around that Ricardo fuller had medical at charlton over weekend. Has been a decent player in the past but not sure he is a good replacement for Hayes who left today. Baldock looking increasingly unlikely with other clubs with more money showing interest

Fuller will be a great player in the championship as long as he stays fit

Fuller has been seen at The Valley today, apprently he is going to be announced as a player tonight infront of the fans

Sky report fuller has joined charlton according to his representatives



20 Aug 2012 22:44:31
Notts County in talks to sign a striker,believed to be Nahki Wells of Bradford who knows the chief scout well

Nahki wells has turned down citys offer to stay and although they offered to treble his wages he has shown no loyalty just like they do when a team gives them a break in professional football...... if he has his heart on leaving then get rid as we dont want any bad vibes coming out of valley parade or anyone causing unrest.

Nah Nahki's coming to Preston to form the Nicky Nahki Amoo partnership...

Hes had 4 good games in his entire career & everyone jumps on the bandwagon - remember Graeme Tomlinson?

Shame this hant happened. Over-rated so sell him now rather than him go on a free next summer. Money can be used to sign Taiwo.



20 Aug 2012 22:23:03
Huddersfield's Jordan Rhodes have agreed terms with Fulham and if the deal goes through Huddersfield will turn their attention to Burnley's talisman Charlie Austin

Not this again...Austin will not leave Burnley for at least this season.

Why would Austin sign for Huddersfield? sideways step at best

With ings injured burnley will be extremely reluctant to let any of their strikers leave

Rubbish hes not going anywhere

Hes not going anywhere staying at town

Hes not going anywhere

If that is true Dempsey will be at west ham by end of the week

They have made an offer for eduardo so why would they want rhodes.

Austin won't leave Burnley

No they haven't. Made up stuff again!

As Charlie had a successful season as this level last year and has already scored in the league this season against one of the relegated teams then I'd suggest that you'd need to pay ALL of the monies you get for Rhodes and a bit more besides....

And who's to say if the new chairmen will want to sell him or indeed if Charlie will want to move...

In short...jog on!

Are u joking, wake up! Why would Charlie go to Huddersfield? Rhodes is def not a prem player, Austin much better

For a player to agree terms first the clubs need to agree a fee.. That hasn't happened so this rumour is make believe!

Exactly, neither Rhodes nor Austin want leave their clubs and won't be sold by their clubs at this stage of the transfer window

Will be good to have Charlie Austin in the team

Funny that there isnt anything about this in the real press

This is not true, any news on jordan going anywhere but to the top of the top scorers list is wrong

Charlie ain't going anywhere

Dont support any of these teams, but would i do know is that Charlie Austin is more proven player than JR right now. so this makes me laugh a lot.
neither of these will happen.

Rhodes played rubbish tonite and was lucky to get a goal from a penalty as he only managed about 2 shots all game !

^^^^^ the sign of a quality striker, has an off night and still has the nerve to tuck the penalty in the corner in the last minute, plus he was probably still shaking off the injury.

Just because he had an off night and scored a penalty doesnt mean hes a quality striker !

Just because he had an off day doesn't mean he's a bad striker either.. Played two games & scored two goals.. His stats prove you wrong pal.. 86 goals for Hudds in three seasons.. 8 in 8 for Scotland u21's.. 1 in 1 start & a sub appearance for Scotland 1st team.. quickest ever headed hattrick.. Most goals in a season for Hudds.. most u21 goals.. Brentford youngest hattrick scorer.. League 2 player of the year.. League 1 player of the year.. Need I go on?

Adam.. Huddersfield.

Im not saying he isnt a good striker because he has been quality in the lower leagues but it is a big step up into the championship , all i was trying to say was that from what i saw the other day he didnt play very well , but you cant judge yet we will have to wait until the end of the season and im sure he will score goals but just not as many as in L1

But 40 goals does mean hes a quality striker, all the attention he has on him at the moment, to score a penalty in the last minute , the lad is quality !



20 Aug 2012 21:41:38
Italian Source reporting Ramirez to Southampton is Imminent.

Until he's signed that Southampton headed paper, imminent might as well mean not happening......

Hope so fingers crossed sfc 4 life

The story doing the rounds is a deal for him has been reached but he is going to train at Enfield not Marchwood.

Hope so yes please ! Get him in before Wigan

The Mirror is reporting Ramirez and Phillips both about to sign for Soton for a total of 18 million pounds

I´m not going to belive anything untill i see him on the pitch



20 Aug 2012 21:18:09
Stoke look set to launch a 2m bid for Senegal hotshot Moussa Konate, Konate has recently stated he wants a move to England, Swansea, Norwich and West Brom also interested

There ain't no way it'll be on loan as each premier league side is only allowed to have two loan signings per season, and the Baggies already have Yassine El Ghanassy and Romelu Lukaku on season long loans, so whoever they get in they will have to buy.

Stoke set to sighn tom huddlestone on a seasoson long loan as avb doesent want him

A club can have more than 2 loan signings. Clubs are only allowed 2 loans from other British clubs. When a "loan" comes from abroad, it isn't really a loan. It's the one year transferral of a player where the player must be returned and can't be sold on. A club can have as many loans as they like if they're from abroad.

It is actually 3 loan signings...

If we were interested in Konate we wont be now. Why would we want another striker I think Gera,Odemwingie,Fortune,Long,Rosenberg and Lukaku will do.The only area we are looking to strengthen is the defence and cover for Ridgewell.



20 Aug 2012 20:10:23
Crystal Palace to sign;
Scott Allan - WBA - 6 month Loan
Ryan McGivern - Man City - Season Loan
Rob Hulse - QPR - Free

Why do palace need another LB for!?

These would be Brilliant signings. Just Hope Parish can release some funds.

Don't need anymore left backs, we couldn't afford Hulse and he is no better than what we have at selhurst

Scott allan-WBA-Loan
Yannick Bolasie-Bristol city-300k
sam baldock-west ham-loan



20 Aug 2012 19:48:02
David Healy is set to join Plymouth Argyle after failing to agree a deal at Preston.


Well I am a life long PNE supporter/fan ,as is my son, we are VERY pleased with Graham Westley. He's got rid of the overpaid lazy big-heads Just one left to go.

Plymouth will not sign healy, plymouth wont be able to afford wages

Westley had upset the fans last season with inept displays, but now 90% of the crowed are on his side, due to the fact that the team has improved since the exit of the overpaid can be arsed players we had, now we have a team of 100% die for the cause players, the atmosphere has also improved , signing healey would split the crowed and create the same atmoshere as last season.

A lot of argyle players arnt on good wages atall because a lot are sqaud is full of young players so there will be money for Healy's wages

Healey is exactly wat the argyle fans need and what the team needs. Him and another striker, but i cant see it happening. Wages for one. Jamie

Just a few malcontents seem to oppose Wesley. The vast majority of supporters are pleased with the style of football and effort being put in by the team.

Westley = God to me. I love Graham Westley...until we lose of course.

Healy's wages aren't an issue, we have a young squad, we've not spent money this transfer window and our other players aren't on high wages at all. Healy's wages will be well within out budget.

Jimmy bullard is to have a medical on friday and should be confirmed as a plymouth player by the end of friday

90% of the fans are behing westley what utter rubbish , most are sceptical about him with a healthy figure against him , where are these stella signings , after all he has stated this would happen plus he has stated that we will be promoted

H omg ppl talk so much bubbles its worse than fairy liquid! Jimmy Bullard, at Argyle. what a load of waffle! he was on 15,000 a week at hull that wqas how long ago? he would have to drop down to 1500 a week lol never going to happen



20 Aug 2012 19:43:52
Any crawley town or crystal palace



20 Aug 2012 19:27:27
Walcott to Liverpool ,Johnson to Spurs
Both to be confirmed tomorrow

I think that's a good move if Walcott join liverpool

I believe Johnson to spurs but not Walcott



20 Aug 2012 19:40:24
19 year-old Chelsea Midfielder Josh McEacheran has officially signed for Championship side Middlesbrough on a season long loan.

Hopefully we never see a
rca and zemmanna again terrible Saturday

Good signing but zemmama isnt a bad player so he will be on the bench but arca i totally agree.

**** off arca zemmana played well u did not goto the game

I was at game obviously you were not zemmanna rubbish so you winding me up or no nothing about football 4000 will agree and obviously you approve of players refusing travel cause not in starting line up goin back to last game of season

Wouldn't say he played well on Saturday but he will be a good squd player for us this season but arca is past it shouldn't of gave him a new contract

''I was at game obviously you were not zemmanna rubbish so you winding me up or no nothing about football 4000 will agree and obviously you approve of players refusing travel cause not in starting line up goin back to last game of season''.
Yes i was at the game, i was at york aswell and ive had a season ticket since 2009/10 season. They were all terrible but zemmama isnt a bad player, decent squad player and is attacking minded. I couldnt care less if he refused to travel. It could of been paper talk or mowbray may of accepted an apology from him. Arca on the other hand has been poor for years and never should of been offered a new contract. He cant defend and cant score or get assists so is useless.

Zemamma n arca wer dog**** on Saturday n arca was always centre of the problem getting the ball took off him or passing to Barnsley n leaving us open!

Arca was awful totally agree but to put him in same catergory as zemmanna is ridiculous arca played 10 years prem can't remember zemmanna half decent game not gonna argue about them if want get promoted need our best 11 out Mowbray needs get act together as well reach prob our best player pre season but won't start the lad can't he remember class of 86 young lads gelling together cause I can



20 Aug 2012 19:26:46
Walcott to Liverpool ,Johnson to Spurs
Both to be confirmed tommorow

Adebyor- gone
johnson- on his way out.
sinclair and walcott in.

Adebayor has only just propelry signed for tottenham



20 Aug 2012 19:20:22
Southampton linked with RSC Anderlecht defensive midfielder Lucas Biglia. Not sure why we need him but there you go.

Agree that we don't really need him, not a major priority anyway. Also, he is quoted saying he wants a team that are playing in europe which may put him off us for the time being. Lets concentrate on ramirez and some defenders.

A central midfielder? doubt it

If he's better than what we've got then we DO need him. We didn't get pomoted to just 'survive'! Short sighted muppets...WAKE UP!

Hear hear- we need to maintain the ambition - aim high not just for survival

How is it short sighted to want to solidify what we have rather than just a keegan-esque chaaarge!
We have achieved ahell of a lot. Why would someone as apparently sensible as cortese just want to sign lots of people?
Makes far more sense that we are looking at getting two to three more in with Ramirez being our marquee signing.



20 Aug 2012 19:17:56
Hull City to sign El Mohammedy, Meyler (loan), Coppinger before the weekend.

McKenna to Donny wasn't complete rubbish but won't happen, player doesn't want to leave and Bruce isn't desperate to get rid, proven by the fact he started against Brighton.

He's still in the market for players with height and may exploit the now famous link with Man Utd to solve this

Hope so !!

Brighton seem to be buying striker Stuart Market from Bury Town, to replace CMS

It's going to be hard to replace CMS as he's not going anywhere. We love him. He loves Brighton. End of...



20 Aug 2012 19:15:26
After the signing of Ki Sung-Yueng from Celtic for 6m, Swansea will go in for Stoke City striker Kenwyne Jones!

What? As 4th choice striker.

How does it feel to mug CFC with your deriously offer for KI?

Latest up here is that qpr are putting in 8 million for ki

Celtic have already accepted Swanseas offer it's all down to personal agreements now who will pay more wages



20 Aug 2012 18:57:39
Guingamp have joined West Ham United in the race for Southend United's Bilel Mohsni, who has returned to France in his attempt to force a move away from the club.



20 Aug 2012 18:49:14
Translation from other site:
19th August 2012, BA.

Gus Poyet is believed to be interested in a move to his former club and Argentinian giants River Plate. Rumours begin to speculate about the team from Argentina as they want a new manager to help them secure a place in the top flight.

This news comes to a suprise to many Seagulls fans, as Gus has led them on to big things during his time in Brighton. Gustvano Poyet started his career in the Buenos Aires area with River Plate, and he has always wondered about a return to Argentina.

This news also comes as interesting news to Mauricio Tarrico, Poyet's assistant at the Swooping Seagulls. Tarrico will be able to follow Gus, and appeared originally home sick but now seems to have settled in England, but a return to Argentina would possibly be considered.

Many of the Millionares fans have mixed emotions about this possible swich, but President Daniel Passarella seems to have offered to nelogate with Brighton's man at the helm. It is also rumoured that as part of the deal, River Plate would be willing to loan out two of there key men, whom one of those current manager
Matas Almeyda once described as a 'shining gem'.

It seems unlikely that a deal would go through, but apparently the offer is there on the table if Poyet were to be interested.

Poyet played for River Plate, Uruguay NOT River Plate, Argentina. Is the rest of the article fiction as well?



20 Aug 2012 18:47:24
Albert Adomah to follow his mate Yannick Bolasie in handing in a transfer request. Likely destination is Derby County.

Derby won't be stumping up the 2.5m+ it will take to get Albert out of Ashton Gate & I'd be surprised if he was let go to another Championship team.

Ha nice one pal i dont think so

Ha ha ha deluded if you think Albert to Derby

Steve Gibson should pull his finger out and lure him to the riverside.

Derby fan here that's not gonna happen

Would love this to happen but unless it was part of the davies deal doubt it

Sammon was part of the Davies deal so this definately wont happen.



20 Aug 2012 18:46:23
Bret Pitman to Burnley

How many times have we heard this ? who is leaving then ? wont be pato ,austin or vokes so who ?



20 Aug 2012 18:45:43
Fulhams Clin Dempsey will join Spurs with Tom Huddlestone going the other way.

Unlikely but better idea than Liverpool



20 Aug 2012 18:45:19
Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thaniwas the man sat next to Ken Bates at Elland Road on Saturday, during the game between Leeds United vs Wolves


Looks too young compared to the guy pictured on the internet.

That was the clubs Asian pr consultant who sat with him for a short spell during the game

It was Salem Patel of GFH Capital, and one of the other guys was David Haigh, of the same group.




20 Aug 2012 18:44:44
Anything on Ricardo Fuller?



20 Aug 2012 18:43:05
Bristol city have signed Steven davies from derby and will sign dj camball as well. Yannick bolasie is heading to charlton tomorrow and city are also looking at a new cb and are interested in Craig Dawson on loan

Dj will not be signing trust me

Why? On sky sports news today it said we are still in talks over a contract?

Look and take this in DJ not signing and Dawson not coming on loan

Yannick bolasie is not going to Charlton, we have three players for that position it would make no sense.

D J Cambell has already agreed in princable to join city just finer details of contract being talked over tonight.
Trust Me i picked DJ up from the airport 40 mins ago.

DJ Campbell will meet Bristol City Manager and Chairman tomorrow to discuss personal terms on possible move to Ashton Gate. He will have a medical if discussions go well. Mcinnes also hopes to have a right sided centre half in before they host Cardiff on Saturday... You heard it hear first!

Why would DJ Campbell be flying to Bristol? It's less than two hours from London by road!

Dj Campbell deal Is OFF as we have opted for the cheaper, younger Sam baldock. And yes he is cheaper as we only paid about a 1/3 of the fee as west ham owed us 1 million from the Maynard transfer



20 Aug 2012 18:25:14
Any villa rumours ? Heard there is money to spend ?

Heard wrong!!!

There is no money, it is sell to sell. Sell the deadwood off before chairman sells the club. Switch the lights of before you go Randy :-(

Money is available Randy has just sold 70% of his stake of Clevland Browns for $700 million.

Yeah there is money but he is using the money to clear the villa debts then get rid of deadwood down



20 Aug 2012 18:21:57
League 1 newcomers Crewe are looking to take a chance on 20 goal winger Matty Blair from York - York will use the cash made to try and secure Adrian Cieslewicz from Wrexham as York manager Gary Mills looks to boost his goal scoring options



20 Aug 2012 18:16:21
Adam Campbell of NUFC is heading south (slightly!) to York for a 3 day trial with view to a 6 month loan with the League 2 newcomers

No chance, featured in pre season for us and is beginning to make the cut. Will be needed this year with so many games.



20 Aug 2012 18:15:55
Unbelievable but true

Brazilian starlet Neuton - recently acquired by the Pozzo family for Udinese to be sent to Watford for a year.

Neuton only 19 and previously with Gremio is a left sided defender and seen in Brazil alongside Neymar and Oscar as world class stars of the future

Can't stop pinching myself - just amazing - have a look at him on youtube - the yellow shirts of Watford really are just like watching Brazil. He will arrive late this week and won't be match ready till after the international break

Might be a good one for the future. But for now ....Work permit will be a problem.

Sorted - or he could not play for Udinese

Nueton is 22 - work permit shouldn't be a problem - exceptional talent ruling

Neuton only made 4 serie A appearances last season and was linked to Watford as soon as the pozzo family took over. Was seen as a good place to develope him. But that was July 3rd and no arrival so.....

Watford need to offload someone first!!

May find it difficult to adapt to our game, but wouldn't mind him in our squad

If true where would that leave Pudil who has also just joined from Udinese as a left back?

Dont think so.

Neuton plays LB, CB, CDM
Pudil plays LB,LM,LW

Isn't it great to have options

Dickenson needs to find a new club!

Pudil is capable of playing in Midfield, so may take up a left sided position

Dickinson is garbage so wouldn't be surprised

He can apparently play more centrally too, so could play as a third choice cd behind Taylor and hall/ nosworthy

Sign Tommy smith

We Did. Thanks.




20 Aug 2012 18:14:52
Fulham have finally agreed a fee of 5.5m rising to 7.5 with htfc for Jordan Rhodes , deal will be completed by fri .
This is not a wind up , my brother works in ffc's finance department so please htfc fans no abuse .
From what I saw in your match fri u will be fine this season .

Ffc have not agreed a fee with liverpool for dempsey n adam is nit moving to fulham , but rhodes is likely to be joined at fulham by Omar El Keddouri of brescia , fee agreed n just personal terms n medical to complete.
Huddlestone could join fulham on loan from spurs n benayoun from chelsea also.

I cant give my name as ffc n my bro would go ape , just very exvited by this news.

Can't be difficult to tag your bro bet there are only a handful in FFC finance. Anyway if this isn't total BS I guess the fee mentioned would sway Town and Jordan but hope we have at least two class replacements lined up.

Rhodes great, keddouri great, benayoun great and if we can swap dempsey for huddlestone Happy days. Nearly forgot, great adams wants to stay at Liverpool.

Swapping Dempsey for Huddlestone would be happy days for Spurs but daylight robbery for Fulham. Huddlestone would struggle with the medical anyway.



20 Aug 2012 17:50:51
Papa Boupa Diop was at the Amex today, the free agent looks set to agree terms on a 1 year deal with Gus Poyet's Brighton

Not a brighton fan but even i would not wish this footballing mercenary on the seagulls, surely you can do better then that?

Unlikely as we dont need thatsort of player

Saw him at the Amex last season, turns like an oil tanker - the worst player on the pitch. Doesn't fit with our style of play. No thanks.

Dont need another midfielder



20 Aug 2012 17:47:14

Yes dj campbell not happening



West ham can poke that sideways! Double that and fulham would talk, but CD wants CL footie, which west ham wouldn't provide anytime soon.

Better off giving the 5 million to Sheffield utd as they still owe them money!

Haha you should be a comedian

Take soon out of the first sentance



20 Aug 2012 17:15:46
southampton have pursued lucas biglia of anderlecht for over 4 weeks now one to watch

No more central midfielders needed at all!

He wouldn't be a terrible player to get. But I think if it's happening it'll be a January thing after some players leave. I imagine Hammond may well depart for search of first team football as may Dickson and other players and then this sort of signing may happen.

Is he better than we currenly have? If yes then we NEED him!!



20 Aug 2012 17:04:58
m/boro sign Josh McEachran on season long loan . maybe close to richardo fuller deal too . still think we need a right winger albert adomah or taylor would fit the bill .



20 Aug 2012 16:56:31
It's not quite Zamora but another QPR front man in Jay Boothroyd is set to join Brighton as he has failed to make an impact in the QPR side since his move to the Premier League. Due for a medical tomorrow.

Its got to the point where I don't care who we get, I just want it to be done and dusted

Sounds plausible

Not a bad signing, although id prefere zamora just like the other 20k fans

Need another goal scorer asap

Would you want to pay Bobby his 60k a week wages?

I also would prefer Bobby but Brighton are in dire need of some goal power up front. Especially since Hoskins is injured

21 Aug 2012 13:03:37
Not gunna happen! Sauce? The man himself! Check his twitter!

Will happen!

Could believe this and bothroyd isnt actually that much worse than zamora



20 Aug 2012 16:40:17
Alex Song Conpletes move to Barcelona from Arsenal.



20 Aug 2012 16:34:48
Anything on Ricardo Fuller?

Yeah he's crap

Considering a offer from leeds apparently would be a great signing in my opinion

He's considering an offer from a number of championship teams

Going to Leeds(: mot



20 Aug 2012 16:28:05
Any Dons Transfer rumours?



20 Aug 2012 16:27:17
Despite signing Steve Davies from Derby, Bristol City are still in talks with DJ Campbell

Campbell has been undergoing medical this afternoon. Will sign later tonight - probably tomorrow.



20 Aug 2012 16:26:45
Stoke Looking Likely to launch a big for Liverpool Midfielder Charlie Adam for £5M, Juventus Left Back Reto Ziegler on a season long loan and Millwall's Midfielder Liam Trotter.

Would love to see adam at stoke, doubt TP will go for ziegler as we are still trying to capture popov despite the work permit problem, but the other two seem legit

Sell him and buy a striker

How many midfielders do Stoke need. We've already got Palacios, Geoff Cameron, Jamie Ness, Whelan, Whitehead, Delap. 6 CMs for a team that doesn't use them, I think we don't really need any more.

Daily Mail rumour. When are they ever right? Almost as bad as The Metro.

Like to see Charlie Adams. Someone to play the ball. But no point if we don't get someone who will support Crouch.
Also Why did Palacios after a pre season only manage 10 mins. To many people being carried in the midfield. Bring on the adams.......charlie and Adam Johnson

Please dont sign charlie adam. he will get more yellow cards than i,ve had sunday dinners.

4of them midfielders mentioned above are not good anougth for the prem ..delap / Whelen / whitehead / and after 2years with spurs and stoke palacios isn't making the grade so it's midfielders we need unles u want see the likes of reading control the midfield every time we play

Charlie Adam yellow cards lol have u not seen dean whiteheads record he gets booked every time he plays

Millwall should hang on to Trotter for as long as they can,unless they get an 'OFFER' of 3-3& half MIL,then that is up to the club! It would be a shame to see him GO! He is either 'Very Very good! or you have to try & find him on the pitch! He 'DRIFTS/LAZY IMO !?



20 Aug 2012 16:25:40
Zaha to move to Villa this week - Palace will use some of the funds to finance a £500k bid for Yannick Bolasie

And what will they do the 9.5 million that left over.

I want Bolasie at Selhurst, but if we sold Zaha, taking into account we would get at least 10 million I'd expect someone better.



20 Aug 2012 16:00:16
Watch for a bid from Celtic for Jordan Rhodes!

Celtic are selling Ki to Swansea for £6m and im hearing they are going to use the money for Rhodes!

I believe he grew up in Scotland a Celtic supporter and wether you like it or not that carries a lot of weight with players! Champions league football will be a big draw as well!

Im sure he will be on the move - its just where!

Would love Rhodes to come to Celtic but unfortunately I can't see Huddersfield letting him go for any price THIS season.

I see this being true, however Celtic may wait to see if they get cl and use that money instead of ki, which might be used to wipe out all our debt. However Rhodes is a Celtic fan and Celtic do want him not only for his services but I think it would be more for the fans because we have not had a "big signing, given all the hype around him" for years and I think the board would do this to get/keep the fans coming in because I'm sure if he was with Celtic fans will come out in even stronger numbers given all his hype.

Also think Celtic is the best way for him to develop cause he would get lots of play and Europe football as well win trophies. It he went to epl club then he would not get much time and he seems down to earth and wants playing time. So I think Celtic are leading the way to get him if Celtic can make it happen.

If he goes anywhere we can't lose 8 million will buy 4 quality strikers. Ps he was born in Oldham, spent a few years at school in Scotland, and speaks with gods own Yorkshire accent. Plus would he want to play in a now one team lge. doubt it. If he leaves it will be Fulham to a good manager Mr Jol

Hes on his way if clubs can agree fee might be a player in the deal going the other way.

The only thing Celtic will be doing is reducing their debt before they end up following Rangers down the Scottish Leagues!!

Going to Celtic wouldn't better his career, I can't see him getting ahead of Hooper or any Celtic fan knows that Lennon idolizes Samaras, so he could be fourth in the pecking order. Celtic would be better off using the likes of Tony Watt to make their very own Jordan Rhodes.

Whoever pays hudd the money they want,thats where he will go,but the guy is a good prospect a winner.

Why go to the mickey mouse league he wont benefit there

Jordan Rhodes has just agreed personal terms with Fulham

If Celtic get to CL group stages Rhodes will be signing for them, otherwise he is willing to stay with Huddersfield until the right EPL club come in for him.

Celtic only use Samaras as a striker in emergencies as he plays in a winger type of role now. Hooper and Stokes need someone to challenge them and if Jordan Rhodes is bought it would offer great cover knowing you have another good striker to come off the bench weather it be Hooper, Stokes or Rhodes.

They are selling ki to clear debt
Sky sports news

He grew up in chadderton, oldham his grandparents are scottish thats all

Week after this post and I'm still waiting for the bid

Apparently Celtic are using the money they get from us for Ki, to cancel their debt...

His dad also spent a number of years playing as a keeper in Scotalnd for a couple of teams. Although born in Oldham, he went to school in Scotland and his dad took him to the Celtic matches {Ed044's Note - qualifies to play for men in skirts due to 5 yr schooling rule!!

They are ysung the Ki money to clear debt but some the champions league group stage money will be re-invested.

Rhodes has not agreed terms with Fulham. He has stated it would be a boyhood dream come true to play for Celtic. His family have also said that they believe a few years at Celtic then a move down south would be the best thing for him in terms of his development. Additionally, I don't see Stokes keeping him out the side if he does sign. The only thing blocking this is the price that Huddersfield are now asking for. And they are quite right as Rhodes is set to be a major star in the not too distant future. I agree with the poster who thinks Celtic should do whatever they can to get Rhodes. Not only would we be securing the services of a top class striker, but a 'big name' signing would inject some much needed confidence into the side before going into European competition.



20 Aug 2012 15:58:20
Conor Sammon has signed for Derby County believed to be around 1 million. Steve Davies has departed Derby for Bristol City after Ipswich could not meet the valuation. around 750k. Both confirmed.

It wasn't that we couldn't meet the valuation, we wouldn't! PJ thought he was overvalued!

He isn't worth more than 600k that is why Ipswich chose not to bid more. As for the price paid, it is originally 750k, but apparently could even double with numerous add-on clauses.

Paul jewell said we have no more than 500k to afford for him.Sky sports news last month

Then why did Jewell chase him for 5 months.? I'm glad we missed out as he is very injury prone.I doubt if we will get EDU as well,another one to slip through the net.THE BIG QUESTION IS WHY CAN WE NOT SIGN PLAYERS.? Is it the manager or will the owner not cough up as he does not trust Jewell !

Its because we are to isolated as a place to attract any real young talent, although i do think it is a sad state of affairs if a player wont move to a club because of its lack of night life and celeb appeal but that is just the modern game. unfortunately we cannot compete with big cities at offering not only a great football club but a vibrant social scene. we can only sign family men !

Getting frustrated with the tight lipped approach from jewell, clegg & evans over transfers. it gives us no idea how well they are acheiving against there targets, most jobs are target based, this should be no different, if targets were identified and hit then it would give a real boost to the fans knowing that we have a manager that can bring the players he wants to the club.

You can't sign players because jewell is in charge! Look what he did for us ! 4 points in 6 months in the prem

Get off Jewell's back. He made mistakes in the past and sure he was bad at Derby but give the man a chance now because we finally seem to be putting a good, young, cohesive squad together and for the first time in several years the club looks fairly stable.

At least PJ has taken a team to the Premiership and has managed in that division, more than can be said for most managers in this division. The simple fact is that whilst our first team isn't bad, we really lack depth. The sort of player we want to sign will all wait until near the end of the transfer window to see if they get an offer from a premier league club.

I don't think it's the area that players don't like,if it was why do so many players return to the area at a later stage.Jewell does not give out anything to justify a player coming here.He will not have his contract renewed at the end of the season ,with luck, so why should anybody good sign for the club when they no he won't be here for long.We will just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope we don't get any injuries and the young lads can keep going strong.

Tunnell vision comes to mind my friend,he will never be any good.

But everyone hates Paul Jewell, don't they?

No they don't.



20 Aug 2012 15:44:02
Scottish press is reporting that Celtic have accepted Swanseas offer of £6m plus addons for Midfielder Ki Seung Yung. Its now up to the player!

Ki Sung Yeung has agreed personal terms with Swansea.



20 Aug 2012 14:51:47
Brentford have signed Charlton's Paul Hayes on a free transfer with a 3 year contract.



20 Aug 2012 14:43:07
Adam Johnson would be worth a punt, would be good competition for Gutierrez as as he's not is approaching 30, if city want rid they won't be looking for a massive fee he's young too. I think he'd be a hit at St James' Park.



20 Aug 2012 14:37:06
Barnsley sign Martin Cranie on 1 year deal

Keith Hill will not be at Barnsley FC come September - writing on the wall.

Whys that then?

Why is that then???

Where will he be like!

I agree, think he'll walk!

Listen to his recent interviews, his actual words were "if the club sells players (Stones) then the club will be changing Manager"

In a different interview he said, the work he has started should continue "even if I'm not the manager"

At some point in the not too distant future, David Flitcroft will want to manage himself.
Hill is from over the Pennines & with bigger clubs like Bolton (his home town), Blackburn (one of his previous clubs) & Burnley now in the Championship, don't think it takes too much imagination! If one of these clubs has a slow start to the season, their boards will move quickly to change personnel.

It will be a shame if he did go but I wouldn't name him. I've never known a Barnsley manager who has such a split in the fan base you either love him or hate him. I hope he stays, he tells it like it is and is probably those that don't rate him don't like hearing the truth. Flickers has been linked to bury already what chance we lose both of them in the near future if not backed by the board and fans?

I think Hill still has a lot to prove before a bigger club like the ones mentioned take a punt on him.
Although I rate him highly and think he's doing a great job at Barnsley given the resources, on paper we narrowly avoided relegation last season and I think Barnsley need to have a season or more of success at this level before the big clubs come calling.

Keith's interviews have always been a puzzle but highly entertaining and truthfully most of the time, you can read what you want into most of the interviews especially when edited by radio Sheffield. Keep the fath, up the reds, keep up the good work Keith



20 Aug 2012 14:32:00
martin cranie pens one year deal at oakwell



20 Aug 2012 14:19:41
DJ Cambell having medical at bristol city

We want to sign him ready for tomorrows match

How do you know this?

Won't sign due to short sighted chairman

Not happening mate



20 Aug 2012 14:19:24
Adam Johnson has agreed to join Everton on loan, this is according to source inside Finch Farm

City will not loan him theyre selling him

Yer this happened didn't it



20 Aug 2012 14:12:51
Celtic to sell ki and bring in henrikson and a c.b.



20 Aug 2012 13:29:40
any news on jordan rhodes to blackburn?

Yes, he's not going to Blackburn. {Ed044's Note - haha TRUE

I will laugh my head off at all the people who say he wont sign for rovers and act like hes some kind off god! Rovers can offer 35k/week, hud prob less than 15k/week. Over the years we've pulled off much higher profile signings. Give all the talk a rest and wait and see what happens.

Your all boring bore off, spell rubbish right for a starter and you probs dont know out about football to top it off ahah

"over the years"..........those days are long gone for Rovers, time to face the truth, you are NOW a potless Champ club, you have fans with no loyalty to the team, a clueless manager & shambolic owners. RIP Jack Walker.

To be confirmed later today.

I would like to see were huddersfield finish compared to blackburn to be fair. huddersfield 15th at their best blackburn will be right up their regardless of manager or owners because we have premier leaugue quality.



20 Aug 2012 12:32:08
Any more Paul Caddis rumours? It doesn't look good, as after Paolo went to the press to tell them how under par and unprofessional Paul Caddis had been this season; Paul Caddis went to the press to defend himself. IMHO I believe this should never have come to our knowlege, does anyone see a future for Caddis at STFC, I'm starting to think not.

My brother works at Town and he told me that Caddis stormed away from the training ground after another blazing row in front of the team, he has told people in the club he is trying to leave as he doesn't like the public criticism of him and the fact that he has given his all for PDC.

What's does he do at the club then? Come on tells us. If he stormed away from training then he must be (a- a player b- from the coaching staff c- the groundsman or d- the tea lady) your answer would be welcome

Who cares if he goes, one player don,t make a team and to be honest he,s only had one good season. He knew the rules and broke them!!



20 Aug 2012 11:57:57
Connor sammon is in talks with an unnamed championship club over a pernament move away from Wigan this was confirmed by roberto Martinez after the Chelsea game the club is rumoured to be derby

Maybe Huddersfield, they nearly signed him before he went to Wigan.

He's signed for Derby

Derby county have signed him

He's already signed for Derby.

Deluded uddersfield fans thinking there going to sign every player that gets metioned



20 Aug 2012 11:47:00
Not a Chelsea fan but wouldn't be surprised if they try and take llorente an link him up with international team mate Torres? Heard he wants out at athletico? You heard any on this ed? {Ed001's Note - only that he is likely to go and there is plenty of interest in him. Juventus are interested, there is interest from a number of English, Spanish and Italian clubs. Not sure where he is likely to go, Bilbao have made a complete mess of things of late, losing Bielsa was a complete disaster and has alienated the players.}

Biesla is still over bilbao {Ed001's Note - he did leave and I was referring to the incident and reasons for him walking out. I should have made that clearer. The club is in a complete mess, none of it the fault of the players or managerial team. When Bielsa initially walked out, that destroyed everything he had worked so hard to build and players decided to leave. Now the place is in a shambles, even though Bielsa has been persuaded to return. Sorry, I was trying to give a quick answer, because a full answer would take ages, the place is a complete mess right now, unfortunately as I have a soft spot for Bilbao. We have a time limit on the edit page, to stop people locking it up for hours, and a full answer would take longer than the limit would allow to type out!}

Thanks then for clearing it up! :)



20 Aug 2012 11:20:13
Liverpool to sign Gaston Ramirez and Clint Dempsey for a combined price of £25 million , Ramirez = £15 million Dempsey = £10 million with Charlie Adam heading to Fulham plus 2 million add ons

Ramirez is off to Southampton.

Adam doesn't want to leave Liverpool

I am a neutral but i am sure if he has a choice between Liverpool and Southampton he would go Liverpool, more chance of European football

What planet you on?
European football pretty sure this thursday
Might only be Europa League, still last time I checked that counted

To the poster who said liiverpool won't be in eurpe soon they are in the europa this year so that blowss that out of the water

Ramirez is staying in itlay appernently as a deal fell through with southampton



20 Aug 2012 11:15:03
matt connerly will join cardiff ether today or over the next few days

Is Connolly any good, though?

He was in QPR's side that won promotion last year.

Readings team that won promotion, QPR were on the epl last season. he played 6 times for reading, good addition i believe

He's a lucky omen since every championship team he has played for has gone up as champions. Reading and QPR. Hopefully he can do the same for us

Any QPR fan will tell you mattys a top lad but needs work and with malky having played CB i think he could develope well at cardiff. What malky must do is forget about playing him at fullback 90% of the problems he had at QPR were due in no small part to how his confidence suffered when at lb. IMO given a run of games alongside a strong cb he'll develope we'll his best games for us were with gorrks next to him. I also see you want tommy smith good player wasting his time sitting in the stiffs at QPR. Oh and what do you guys think of heider im backing him for between 10 to 15 goals this season if he stays fit but he'll miss 2 sitters for every one he scores. His penalties frighten me to just rolls em in so casualy mind u i only see him miss 1 out of around 15 for us. Anyway good luck 4 the season and like most QPR i'll be interested to see how the guys get on with you



20 Aug 2012 11:12:17
Villa to sign zaha this week

Hope so we need new blood and fast saturday was a disgrace in the final third.



20 Aug 2012 09:45:36
Watford could sign Ahmed Barusso for free

They won't as he is no better than what they have already

Gabriele Angela's transfer to Watford is almost complete, and he will join the squad this week



20 Aug 2012 09:12:48
Hulk agrees personal terms with Chelsea



20 Aug 2012 09:07:49
Scott Sinclair to Manchester City in the next 48 hours.

What for, to sit on the bench?

Hopefully when he leaves them in two years time having made ten substitute appearances he can rebuild his career. He could be a top player if he avoids City like the plague!



20 Aug 2012 08:08:53
HI eds, any European interest in Miroslav Stefanovic, the right winger who in my opinion was the best player on the pitch in the Wales vs Bosnia-Herzegovina game. I was at the match so i have witnessed this player's class
ChelseaL {Ed001's Note - I don't know mate sorry, I do know who he is though, sad to admit I have looked out for him since I noticed we share the same birthday. He does look a good player, good enough to play in one of the top leagues.}



20 Aug 2012 00:24:06
Reading are likely to make their last transfer move for free agent goalkeeper Stuart Taylor as he had been training with them earlyer in July. I saw him at the Madjeski Stadium at the Skoke City game yesterday. He will join this week

Joined last Friday.
Made official today on club website.

He's signed and Anderson is off on loan.

True but not necessarily the last.

Brian wants to make more additions though

Any reason why Stuart Taylor was in Reading Town Centre today wearing a Brock Lesnar t-shirt?! {Ed003's Note - Don't know,maybe his Fireman Sam t shirt was in the wash.....}



19 Aug 2012 23:47:48
Hulk close to Chelsea switch

Chealsea have cooled there intrest in him.



19 Aug 2012 23:47:29
Cheik Tiote interests Bayern Munich and AC Milan



19 Aug 2012 23:46:48
Arsenal interested in Dempsey as Song's replacement.

I take it wenger has decided against defending this season!!! absolute nonsense.

Deampsey is a really good player but he is'nt good inuff to play for arsenal. plus hes a striker and song is a midfielder.

2 very different players

Why would Wenger replace a DM with Dempsey, who's a striker, winger or attacking midfielder... Load of rubbishr

Why would he replaced a definsive midfielder with a winger / forward?

I can only see mvila or biglia coming as well as sahin

You might mean Dembele who is a midfielder not Dempsey who is a striker.

He doesn't feel we need a defensive mid. fringpong arteta diaby coqu and sahin. relax son



19 Aug 2012 23:46:19
Peter Crouch is off yet again, this time to QPR !!

Seriously doubt this, he is one of Pulis's blue eyed boys. Are QPR going to pay over the top for him (in excess of 10million) like Stoke did? I don't think so but if they did we could by Fletcher who is a better long term prospect.

Ha great joke!

Go pull the other one mate. Stoke will not be selling their prize possession!

Maybe Hughes wants to play him at Centre Back because we need one !



19 Aug 2012 23:45:48
Arsenal see Thiago Alcantara as a possible loan signing this window.



19 Aug 2012 23:07:57
Manchester United are set to sign Kaka possibly on loan



19 Aug 2012 22:41:59
Ricardo Fuller having medical at CAFC on Monday.

Fuller is signing for middlesbrough



19 Aug 2012 21:25:54
Eds: any news on David Bentley joing MK Dons on a short term loan? {Ed001's Note - nope.}

He could be joining



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