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90% of the things i read here really annoy me! some people have interesting, clever theories so i do continue to read, but some people are blinded by false hope for their clubs! especially man utd. i am a fan, but united had a plan, to get torres and owen hargreaves (you can tell because they were the only people anybody linked with united quoted) and of course carrick (sooo overpriced, probably will lose 1st team spot over the next few games) but anyway, their plan failed. torres was priced out the market and we all know the bayern story. so now all italian scandal options are gone as juve sold too many stars and will sell no more and everybody has found a new club! every big club has signed a great striker so at the moment the market is wiped out of strikers. lennon to replace giggs i doubt, will have a great season and tottenham will want some stupid amount of money like 20 mill. so united will go low in january and sign a couple of djembe djembes and maybe a kleberson for 40mill and sell for roughly a combined 10mill next jan and wait until we get out next 30million in summer and hopefully some young talent is injected into the market. shouldve signed lennon, torres and hargreaves pre world cup (all had amazing world cups and will have tripled in worth since that) and won the prem! sorry for pesimism. TOP OF THE PREM WOOOO!Just wanna say well done to alan pardew 4 transfer coup of the decade. Tevez an Mascherano as a liverpool fan i find it hilarious that he beat man u an arsenal to the punch hahahahahahaha1. Kenny Miller won't leave Celtic after just being signed - Sorry. 2. Kris Boyd is not worth £9m, get a grip! 3. Can't see either Brown or Thompson leaving Hibs just yet 4. We (Hearts) will not sign Gary O'Connor but have been linked with a Togo midfielder, who is also attracting top French team.A big spanish football fan and shareholder of deportivo was keen to get into fooball. Now you may be wondoring where bol

ton got their money from to purchase Nicholas Anelka. You might be wondoring why Anelka was daft enough to say he would leave if the club dont acheive Champions League. Well, this spanish football fan (a rich one aswell) is slowly trying to make bolton a driving force ready for his takeover when they get into the champions league. In a ideal world he wants to make his takeover public in one year, but if bolton fail to make the champions league he will put it bck a year. This is completly true. (im not a bolton fan either)Attention all confused Celtic Fans: The only reason that guys like Hartley are at your ground is because Scotland are training there ahead of the international game in 2 days! Hearts will not sell our best player to our closeset rivals for honours this season.West Ham transfer explained - Tevez and Mascherano's contract is owned by Media Sports Investment(MSI). They have been running and investing in Corinthians football club in Brazil. Both players had effectively burnt their bridges with Corinthians finding it difficult being Argentinian and playing in Brazil. Abramovich (allegedly) is a 15% shareholder in MSI, as a result these players will not be signing for any clubs that could rival Chelsea for domestic or European honours. At this time Chelsea do not need either of these players hence they were loaned to West Ham (who are not seen as a serious rival). They will remain on loan at West Ham which will settle them both in London before moving to Chelsea next year to replace the ageing Makelele and most probably Drogba. Lets hope for the sake of football that a Tevez/Mascherano inspired West Ham take 6 points off Chelsea to cost them the Premiership however do not be surprised if they are "injured or suspended" for these games.Rangers News

Kris Boyd will not sign for Man Utd or anyone as he is a 100% blue noise and wants to be a Gers legend.

PLG has been given a list of possible Scottish targets by Murray/Bain. Between now and January he will watch these players and decide which to move for, as he attempts to keep the clubs scottish identity. The players on this list are as follows:

Craig Gordan (long term replacement for Klos)

Scott Brown

Steven Naismith

Garry O'Conner

Lee Miller

Kevin Thomas

Andy Webster

Also expect the long awaited return of Rino Gattuso.HAHA! Hopefully all u mancs and gooners will shut up now that tevez and mascherano are at upton park. I'm a liverpool fan and all I can say is thank god we have played west ham already. I, like most 'pool fans, have a lot of respect for west ham and really like their style of play. I think they can challenge Arsenal and even Man ure( who are being tipped to win the prem even though they only beat fulham,charlton and watford(only just). Good luck to west ham this year and I predict 4th place for the hammers plus the uefa cup. I hope the great relationship between liverpudlians and hammers continue.For all you lads running your mouths about Tevez and Maschereno joining europes elite. guess u were shocked. they joined the hammers in cut price deal because MSI (the company who are heavily involved in Corinthians) are planning to takeover West Ham within the year. So at the end of the day they'll have their start players back, only under a different club in their control!

also! FERGIE WONT BUY ANY STRIKERS AND THE ONLY LIKELY TRANSFER HE WAS GOING TO DO (HARGREAVES) HAS COLLAPSED BUT LOOK OUT IN JANUARY FOR REO-COKER!The Media group that helped Tevez and Mascherano move to West Ham, have sweetened a takeover by helping Pardew secure the 2 big names for a reasonable fee, despite interest from Top European clubs. Expect West Ham to be the subject of takeover very soon, although Pardew has been told his job is safe but has been told anything less than a top 10 finish would be unacceptable and that he should atleast be aiming for the Top 6.


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