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Rumors for ManU.

Daniel Del Rossi





Shuan Wright-Philips

Momst Pedersen

Lennon Arron

(right defended)

(replace for Giggs)

(repplace for Scholes)

(left wing)

(right forward)

The most possible transfer is Heagreaves(90%) and Torres(80%)ManU don't need scott parker. they are now on the hunt of A,Pirlo and Vicente. Torres only come after this season. and stop linking him with Arsenal or Liverpool unless arsenal sell their shares and liverpool sell 5 of their string players.David Villa has signed a £19.5m deal(Pre-contract) with Newcastle. This happened over the summer.WATCH THIS SPACE. . Arsenal News. . . .

I have been informed by a close associate of Arsenal Football Club that the club has completed four blockbuster deals to shepherd in the New Year. After the clubs imperative Champions League tie with Porto, Wenger was keen to add Anderson to his plethora of young stars. He authoritatively launched a £12million bid which was accepted. Also Wenger will convey Franck Ribery for a pre agreement fee of £18.5million fee. Wenger will also add the exceptionally talented Oscar Ustari in order to augment his goalkeeping options. Beyond that Wenger will look to divest Adebayor, Hamburg have shown a stern interest however it looks certain that he will now swap clubs with Parker of Newcastle. Arsenal will have to pay a further £4million as well Denilson in on loan for the rest of the season. The silhouette of the club looks first-class; hopefully us Birmingham fans will continue to feed of their young prodigies.Will all u Newcastle fans please stop living in the dream world that rossis joining u permanently, if u look at all newcastles european games he hasn't played so he is no cup tied in europe for his return in january, although i don't claim to know anyone who works at man utd i do know that man utd will not let one of their best young players go, especially for a fee of just £3.5 million. SAF won't buy Scott Parker either he prefers Owen hargreaves (Excuse the spelling). SAF will also buy a striker but no-one except him really knows. all this talk on Portos Anderson joining a prem club is nosense in january anyway as he only joined them in january last year. Please people think before you place your rumours on here, many of them are simply laughable as people haven't done their homeworkI was talking to a Newcastle scout and in Jam newcastle will sign the followin players:

Klose 11mil

Rossi 9mil

Zebina 3.5mil

+ 2 other defenders not yet known

Scott Parker will not be leaving and that is a fact because Newcastle turned down a bid for him after Parker told them he didnt want to leave Newcastle.Why do people just blatantly lie!? Scott Parker is obviously going nowhere,he is captain of the toon, and yes GR will try to make Rossi's loan move permanent either in Jan or the summer. He will also be after a big strong striker such as Andy Johnson, if he can get him that is! Also Glenn is after a quality centre back because admitedly the defence is a shambles and we need someone fresh in their with presence! The only way is up! Chris!I donot see possibility of Torres coming but arrival of Owen Hergreaves seems inevitable. He has not been so succesful with south american players so people who think he will buy Kaka are idots. So the only other possibility would be Pedersen from Blackburn but if man utd want to be marketing powerhouse, it has to make some big name signings. If SAF continues like this the club will suffer. The quality of midfield of Man utd seems paper thin. I donot think Fletcher has the quality and Scholes and Giggs are not getting any younger.

So SAF start thinking or dooms day is not so far.I don't think I've ever seen a rumour gather such pace than the Franck Ribery link over the past couple of days. Apparently he's signed a pre-contract at Arsenal worth £18m, but I doubt it. If that was the case then it would've been made public by either Arsenal, Marseille or Ribery himself. I would love to see him at the Emirates, but how will he get in? Arsenal's midfield currently contains Ljungberg, Diaby, Rosicky, Fabregas, Walcott, Gilberto, Hleb, Baptista and Song, and I don't realistically see any of them leaving. Arsene Wenger knows he doesn't necessarily need another midfielder, and £18m is a lot of money on a potential bench warmer. As a Gooner myself, I'd much rather see the money we seem to have on a striker to foil Thierry Henry. Despite his brace against Charlton, Robin van Persie isn't going to guarentee you 15-20 goals a season, and that's also the case with Emmanuel Adebayor. Julio Baptista and Theo Walcott also operate as forwards, but will be used in midfield a lot which would rule them out of scoring bundles of goals. I'd love to see Fernando Torres plying his trade in the red half of North London, but whether that'll happen or not I don't know. I'd also like to see a proven, young goalkeeper come in. Jens Lehmann is nearing 37, and Mart Poom and Manuel Almunia aren't spring chickens either. I've not really heard much on this Ustari guy, but he sounds promising, plus I have complete faith in Arsene!Kilmarnock forward Steven Naismith will be in the Premiership in January, but he won't be at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger took the 19 year old on trial before the transfer window, but opted not to make a bid. However, that trial alerted other clubs to his potential and Everton manager David Moyes is interested. I hear that the Toffees will be making a £4m bid in the new year, which will all but abandon any plans to go after Preston striker David Nugent and Swansea striker Le

e Trundle.Teddy sheringham to leave west ham in january as he has been pushed down to 6th in the strinking pecking order. teams that have come to the attention are Sheffield united, qpr, wolves and the most surprising of them all boston united. this will happen trust me. the war horse wants to play.Some jan signings:

Arsenal:Leighton Baines 3m pounds and Baptista

Bolton:Ferydoon Zandi 1.5m pounds

Blackburn:Stephen Appiah 3m pounds

Liverpool:Alves 8m and Vicente 4m pounds

Man U:David Suazo 6m and Hargreaves 8m

Watch this is going to happen!

The top 4 at end of the season

1:Man U



4:Aston Villa/PortsmoutLiverpool to sign alves and Vicente in Jan

Man U 2 sign Hargreaves for 20 mil and

Reading to sign adu

Chelsea 2 get dos santos and krkic from BarcaShaun Maloney to choose between Celtic, Aston Villa, Arsenal and Tottenham in January.Arsene Wengers french connection carries on again. It seems that PSGs Viktor Dhorasoo has fallen out with his manager and therefore Wenger will scoop for the international at a cut price, in january. GainesyA friend at skool hus dad has a small stake in leeds utd, says that C.Raneiri will sign a pre contract in the next few days, so that he'll be manager in january. GainesyDavid moyes will bring in david nugent in january, with victor anichebe or james vaughan going to preston on loan. in the summer everton will sign phil jagielka, ashley young and steve sidwell. there will also be a new left back which might be wayne bridge.

S!D!S!!!!!!!!!!If arsenal sign both robinho and ribery there well and truly destroyed. two VERY rubbish average at best players going to a team that is struggling. also Rossi is certainly not top class, he couldnt even get a place on the bench for us and hes ur best striker. and torres will not sign for us as hes agreed a move to liverpool so hell be there at the end of season. we will sign Hargreaves if he recovers in time, and will sign a new striker.Manchested United to sign Fred and Scotty Parker.

Also who is Mathew Connolly people are saying is going to choose between us and Arsenal ?

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