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01 Mar 2013 21:13:16
Expecting Swindon to sign few young players from PL clubs in next few weeks, MacDonald has good contacts with various clubs and chairman Jed McRory has said the board will back KMac in the transfer market, looking good STFC fans!

I doubt it. Because you have a new owners, it is not a question of ' let's bring new players in '. There is not an open cheque book - you have been there at least three times and twice you fell into administration. So they won't make the same mistakes. In any event Swindon Town have some very decent players - that's why you are in contention for back to back promotions. Stability is what you will get, a planned future and I think a very bright future. Championship football next season? I think so. And this is from an Oxford supporter.

02 Mar 2013 14:29:23
I agree they have got some good players but need a out and out goalscorer now and need some central midfielders otherwise can't see us going up we will fall away

Thanks for a sensible response from an Oxford fan, but the new owners have said that they will support Kevin MacDonald in the transfer market.

Lets have a look at our previous owners, Andrew Black just wanted to stop pumping money into the club because PDC overspent last season and Jeremy Wray was a 'yes man' with PDC. Its the same as if Abramovic wants to stop pumping money into Chelsea, he was that desperate that he would call in administrators, its a very real threat to many clubs, if we get promotion this season then this will help with getting us on an even keel.

02 Mar 2013 16:33:36
I wonder who will be the next player to be sold

02 Mar 2013 17:09:48
I have said in a previous text that he might prove to be a good manager got the subitution right need to back him with some loan signings an out and out goalscorer maybe after today we don't need central midfielders but defitnely we need a out and. out goalscorer with pace

Next player to be sold? As you must be on the board please enlighten us loyal fans who took (3,000) to Coventry today? COYR'S

You can't be Swindon supporters? All the negativity it's shocking, the post only said about getting in some loan players to strengthen, you start talking about getting your cheque book out and administration, get real, the fact that paolo has gone with his circus and his wages alone was costing the club £450,000 a year then you had all his back room staff? So the wage bill has gone down massively, the squad is a small squad, so two or three loan signings will not break the bank. ok mr negative.

Goalkeeper is going to Sunderland in the summer. Westwood is going to Brighton and foderingham is moving to stadium of light. Owners has to set up deals ready for the summer to balance books of takeover, there are one or two others moving on but this is the only one I know the full details of

03 Mar 2013 11:51:25
Could be true they agreed with the other board to let mat richie go for peanuts only time will tell but they took over and said they got the same budget as the other board if that is true can't understand why they could not work somethink out with the other board to keep ritchie I would tell other swindon fans not to get carried away we won 1 game we need to strengthen are squad

Carried away? The last 4-5 weeks fans have had a gut wrenching feel about the administration looming. All we care about is the Club survives and we can keep watching week in, week out home & away what ever league we are in COYR'S

03 Mar 2013 17:13:41
sounds like jealous Oxford fans making up rumours again about players leaving.

03 Mar 2013 20:37:22
The board have agreed to let Kevin Macdonald bring in 3 loan signing before the deadline so expect a Centre Forward, Central Midfielder and Right Winger over the next couple of weeks. There is certainly not an open cheque book that Di Canio had but with no debt Swindon don't need to sell any of the squad unless they don't go up.



01 Mar 2013 21:05:03
Millwall will make an official bid for wolves player Jamie o'hara in the summer. The wolves midfielder is unhappy with life at the midlands club and wants to move back south a move to the club he supports is likely as he enjoyed his loan spell there a few years ago

I don't think it will happen but I hope so, good player

I would like to see this happen as he did have a very good loan spell with us a few years ago! I presume that KJ does know that his wages are reported to be around £40000 p/w? If true?

Hopefully we stay up & he might be interested? 40K pw tho?

Hope we get some of the wages back in transfer fees as he has been injured most of the time! Two relegations on his CV now.

So what if he has got two relegations on his CV, are Wolves a one man team then mate?

He can go, he's lost any pace he had, way too pedestrian and a weak link overall. Sure he can pick a pass but he's about as good as tackling as Paul Scholes without the goals or assists ratio. Wolves need 2 new men in central MF.



01 Mar 2013 21:01:26
Nile Ranger to train with Middlesbrough.

Best place for him he is a complete waste of space and he will never be a good footballer as long as he has a hole on his bum

Hope this ones utter rubbish, mogga's surly got better sense then to let that waste of space anywhere near our club!

If he's on loan will he become loan ranger

Ner boro would not go for ranger



01 Mar 2013 16:54:28
Honestly worried to hear this and will be gutted if it's true but a reliable source (I hope he's not so reliable this time, though!) has told me Plymouth youngster Tyler Harvey is being offloaded to one of the clubs interested in him, a high-placed Championship club.

Wouldent suprise me

We always sell our talent. No ambitiom

We sell our best talent because were bottom of league 2 its not that we don't have ambition but these young players don't want to stay at a club trying to sttay in the football eague when they no they could move to the championship.

We have always sold our young talent cheap. Even when we were in the championship. Never had any ambition.

None of you understand the buisness side of football

Agreed, We are not the type of club who can now expect to hold on to players with potential. Tyler Harvey is a good player with potential but should a club come in with an offer of £100,000, You can't expect a club of Argyle's current stature to turn it down when he could yet turn out to be a very average player. If it means selling some raw talent to get a couple more players in with experience until the end of the season to help us secure safety then fair play! Having said that the perfect situation would be to retain our football league status this year and push on next year with TH staying for a year or two and selling when he demands a higher fee than right now. TomP

Well recent boards at Argyle certainly didn't understand the business side.



01 Mar 2013 15:29:01
Brentford's highly rated youngster Alan Bird set to sign professional contract despite offers from Spurs, QPR and Fulham.



01 Mar 2013 10:11:16
Derby county Interest for summer.

2 strikers
Will grigg-Nom fee- (Due to age)
Martin Waghorn-Nom fee- (Due to age)

Left back
Aidy White-Wages will be concern

Jon Taylor-Nome fee- (Due to age)
Christopher Forrester- (Development squad)

A couple of trialist from Prem/foreign youth teams/reserves who have been released.

Alot of the Current u18s will be offered proffesional terms and either hopefully loaned out or step up to the u21s and occasional first team appearence.

In terms of chris martin. I can tell you he was a 3rd choice of a striker that Nigel clough wanted to bring in on loan with Waghorn his number one target. The loan is only for a month as after a Month you will be able to tell whether derby have gone to far away from the play offs or still within shout.

Robinson will be brought back but loaned again unless he rapidly changes his attitude and brings back his original work rate. Tyson will definately move with a number of league 1 clubs interested.

Ill give an update on the out goings today. I Must confirm these above are only interest at this stage.

Will Grigg is a very promising 21 year old striker and I would be amazed if he were sold for a nominal fee.

Waghorn is happy at leicester, why would he move to a team that's got no chance of getting promoted this season, from a team that actually has a chance of getting promoted. Derby are rubbish.

Waghorn for a nominal fee because of his age? He's 23 and Leicester paid up to £3m for him, he's hardly going to be leaving for a nominal fee.

I can't see Aidy White moving to Derby County from Leeds United. He is Leeds United's main left back, they have Adam Drury but he is getting on at 34 and White is still a young man. Besides Newcastle United were interested in White recently, if White does move from Leeds United, it will be to a Premier League club.

01 Mar 2013 16:57:38
In response.

Nom fee can be anything £1-£1m+. If the information is correct players u24 that have a month left on their contracts require a payment to their current club much like the recent Spurs-lewis Holtby and
Newcastle-Moussa Sissoko their previous clubs would have gotten less than the bargains spurs and newcastle picked them up for and sometimes it can be nothing. In terms of waghorn if they like him why let his contract run down nothing in the paper to suggest he's agreeing a new deal so they deserve next to nothing because they clearly don't want him enough.

Aidy white is a more diifcult case as he was someone who was as you said scouted by prem clubs but has never really sustained a starting role in leeds side with him offering a mixture of both left back and left midfield. He came to moor farm in the summer to look around the place then his agent was negociating with other clubs at the time and a club offered him higher wages a week than derby could afford so when it came to talking to him he already set his minium a lot higher than we were expecting.
Then the so called club interested found an alternative option instead and pulled out leaving him option less and returning to leeds. It must be annoying for leeds fans as I don't even have to mention the club that approached him as you can probably guess.

All the players apart from Christopher Forrester are out of contract in the summer and can go where ever they want and because of having such a low fee to get these players we can offer better wages and bonus for them to attract.

Also just been told today that we are currently accessing shaun barker and seeing whether he's up to half-full season next campaign and if he feels right. If not then Nigel will go ahead and try and sign a centre back from Motherwell as we were present there during their game with celtic and looking at one of their players. Hutchison or Cummins are the most likely

Is Waghorn really happy here at Leicester? In all honesty he doesn't play and hasn't signed a new contract, as a Leicester fan I can see him going to Derby for first team football, If we get promoted we won't need him anyway.

The same theo Robinson out of contract in the summer?

Option of a 1 year deal on Theo that Derby will trigger to demand a fee :)



01 Mar 2013 01:12:43
Walsall ready to name former Liverpool & England Striker Robbie Fowler As Their New Assisant Manager.



28 Feb 2013 23:59:25
Everton will make official bids for Leroy Fer and Scott Sinclair in the summer with Fellaini on his way to Real Madrid.

Man city said this transfer window scott sinclaire is a play they want for the future so I can't see them selling him 5 months later so can't see this happening

I believe Sinclair is suffering an injury, possibly Deep Vein Thrombosis, which has been caused by sitting in the same position for too long!



28 Feb 2013 23:24:38
Bournemouth rumoured to be looking at 6ft striker Simon Church on loan until the end of the season from Reading. We need a target man and it seems Church is on Howe's radar. Also after Jason Pearce who is on the bench at Leeds on loan due to injuries to Elphick and Daniels. This would allow Seabourne to move to left back and Ritchie to his favoured position on the right.

No chance. Church turned down Millwall earlier in the season due to wage demands. Why would he drop a league for less money?

FEDS can go, the only player along with Le Fondre who has kept us from total humiliation you can't be a real fan, if someone should go its got to be Leigertwood, a fish out of water in the Premier League. We have to start playing Le Fondre and Pearce if we are to stand any chance of staying up.

Rumours are wolves are interested in loan signing of church. any truth?

Because Bournemouth CAN afford his wages

Plus Millwall wanted to sign him permenantly where as Bournmouth just want him on loan which means Reading would cover some of his wages.

Just wish Bournemouth good luck with the run in. Seems hard right now but sure you will pick up, I´m a swindon supporter whowas stationed at Poole many moons ago so have feelings for your club as well. I thank the poster the other week who also said decent things about my Team. Just think back to the bad old days few seasons ago no heres hoping you will start to pick up points as Div 1 any of the top 10 can go up

Good luck to swindon also, we feel your pain and hope you have now covered your debts. if not for the few fans from either team getting too wound up about the ritchie rumours there wouldn't be such a rivalry on sites like this.



28 Feb 2013 23:19:03
watford a have today sealed the deal for matthew briggs to come on loan from fulham and are trying to get him until the end of the seanson if possiable, the reason being because of the injuries. Watford were intrested in him before the injuries and zola has stated that it would be for more of a middle position rather than his natural position. And it was also announced that he won't be available for the wolves game tomorrow. (100% true)

I can see him staying until the end of the season and eventually replacing Pudil as left wing back, despite what Zola has stated. Just my opinion!

As long as Villa don't want him and Hogg back we're good to go.

What have Villa got to do with this? And why would they want Hogg back - he's not here on loan, we bought him.

Hogg has already gone back to Villa, FML

Hogg is to be recalled after Saturday as he is needed.

After tonight hogg should go back to villa anyway



28 Feb 2013 22:06:49
Simon Corney has said that Jordan Obita will remain at Boundary Park for a further month



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