Football Rumours Archive July 01 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 01 2012 

30 Jun 2012 23:50:26
Reading have re entered talks with Jermaine Defoe or "representetives" on behalf of Jermaine regarding wage and bonus's, fee has been agreed with Daniel Levy.(21)(28)Pogrebneyak, Rhodes and Defoe, i wonder who will be next, at this rate you will be playing the new 1 1 8 formationCan see Defoe moving on if AVB takes over at WHL but reckon wage demands too high for most teams. Everton would be a great fit for him.
Q90We're not West Ham we don't need 74 strikers.Defoe at reading just isn't right he's much better than thatNope your mistaken^Come on guys... i seriously doubt spurs will be selling defoe just yet, hes currently the only first team striker at spurs and they have yet to appoint a managerNo decent players will sign why would they go to readingIf he leaves spurs which is looking likely he will probably go to fulham, heard Liverpool was interested but can't see him playing for anyone outside of London and west and stoke have also shown an interestNONSENSE.

Pog is done, club confirmed.
Rhodes is close but not done yet, BUT we wont go for Defoe AS WELL.I doubt Fulham can afford his wages given the repayment of 180 million debtReading is 30 mins from London I'm sure Defore would consider the move and wages could be sorted simular to pavel pobgrenyak but with add ons and bonus's to beef up the offreIt's true, reading have admitted losing out to Rhodes so they've gone after Defoe, that's an improvement if you ask me.


30 Jun 2012 23:46:09
Barnsley in talks to sign goalkeeper Jamie Ashdown, midfielder Adam Hammill and striker Benjani.(12)(39)


30 Jun 2012 23:43:57
Internacional have accepted an 11m bid for Oscar from Tottenham.(21)(32)


30 Jun 2012 23:39:09
Manchester United are tracking Southampton's Jake Sinclair, brother of Scott. Sinclair was top scorer for the Saints' academy side last season with 18 goals.(13)(44) 

Can beleive this is true alltho he is good he is not Man U good, he would struggle to get in the Saints first 11 so no chance of ever breaking into there 11In Man U want they will have to pay big as we have money and no reason to sell , Sinclaire is part of our new genetration of playersHe would be a fool to go to Man Utd and be stuck in their reserves behind the millionaire "megastars"Of course they are - because the big clubs dont seem to develop talent any more, they just buy it. Utd should look at why they became successful in the current era - they actually developed their own youth prospects and put the myth to bed that 'you dont win anything with kids'. Saints have recently had their youth prospects prized away at too young an age which has not been great for anyone (e.g. Theo Walcott). Now Saints are in the prem - I think we are in a better position to hold onto prospects such as Sinclair and I hope he gets some first team game time this season.Another product of our youth system!It wouldn't surprise me if Man U were tracking him, I know that many clubs are, but I doubt if they will take up their interest.
I also don't understand why people are saying this isn't true. It doesn't say that Man u are going to buy him! or do Man U not have a scouting network.... please...

It is also clear that any players that Saints want to retain, will not be going anywhere on the cheap thanks to Mr Cortese.We wouldn't sell him, plus we have many better youngsters than himNo he's classCortese should tell man utd
to get lost
we should keep our young
players and help them
not sell them onWe won't be selling our youngsters anymore unless its for a ridiculous amount of money!We will still sell if the player has no intention of playing for us and would rather have it that way. Mr C will make sure he gets all he can for the club for sure, unlike the Lowe times we had :). Well run and in a good place nowadays. Hope the rumour of Buttner is true but if not NC and NA we trust.


30 Jun 2012 22:52:30
It appears Bristol City hold a strong interest in signing ex-Norwich and Millwall defender, Zak Whitbread. The 28 year old was recently released by Norwich City and Derek McInnes is said to be interested after the pair were together at Millwall during the 2006-07 season. Whitbread is said to be attracting other clubs but is very much interested in rejoining McInnes and help bolstering the Robins' backline.(8)(16)Cannot believe bristol city are building on there team wheres all these players like davidson,amougou,etcThiscwould seem a backwards move wouldn't it. Why wouldn't Whitbread have worked through a deal with NCFC. To go from having a respectable first season in the premiership to go backwards into the Champiunship for no real reason doesn't make any sense to me sorry.Doubt it, during the winter window he was connected with the likes of spurs, newcastle, and everton. He will not be joining a non top-tier club.You won't get Whitbread. He is easily prem standard, just injury proneWhitbread has a much higher standard than bristol city, he is easily a prem playerNot a chance he was connected with those sides. He was released from Norwich for a reason - he's a good Championship defender but nothing special in the EPL. Fairly believable if you ask me.He has a history of injury problems, he needs to show he is fit, before any prem teams will be interested.If he is a prem player why hasn't any prem club picked him up as he left norwich a month ago. Would be a good player for us to pick up.He left Norwich as we wouldnt meet his wage demands. He was a little unrealistic and it backfired. He is plenty good enough for the prem and was out best CB this season IMO. Will probably sign for someone like Wigan who have the backing of a wealthy owner to pay wages and offer prem football. We have younger players coming through such as Bennet and Ayala, so Whitbread while good is not essential for us to keep.

Realistic wage demands and hed still be here.


30 Jun 2012 22:16:08
Middlesbrough left back Adam Reach will join League 1 side Sheffield United on a season long loan in their promotion bid. Reach, who has attracted interest from Sunderland and West Brom is said to be the 'next Adam Johnson' and the 'next best product' from Middlesbrough's highly acclaimed academy.(10)(17)Be a backward step. He could be a useful squad player given increase in subs again this season. Potential to be a game changer.He's a quality young lad as he probably wont be a first team regular a loan move would do him wonders to get playing time regularly.We already have too many left backs at Bramall Lane, why would we want another one?Sheffield united really don't need another left back, good player mindGood move in my opinion. Quality player who didn't get enough playing time in the past two seasons. Plus, Sheffield United will be challenging for the title next season and they should play some attractive football; just what this kid needs.Left back and the next 'adam johnson' doesn't really fit does it?He's a left sided midfielder, he plays left wing/midfield as well.May I remind you that Reach can play anywhere on the left wing, not just left back...Next Adam Johnson when he's a defender and Johnson's a winger!Sheffield united promotion push dont make me laugh not a chance


30 Jun 2012 22:18:56
Reading have been in talks with hoilett, but more chance of him joining Newcastle

Tbh I can't see Junior coming our way but it's good to be linked to some decent players even if it is just agent/twitter & paper take.Would be pretty awesome! Fingers crossedEven though he signed for Borussia Mönchengladbach like last month?He didn't sign for them. They couldn't agree terms.MrRfc-another case of you not understanding what is happening in the football world-I think you must have been confused about the possibility that Reading would get Junior Toilets in the stadium!His move to borussia fell through..... nice one mateeJunior hoilett's move to BM never completed
MrRfcNo he didnt sign for them, it fell throughWho signed for them? hoilletHe didn't join monchengladbach talks fell through and he's still looking for a clubIt fell through at the last minute. Google is just a second away..I bet these players linked to reading would have a good laugh when they see these posts sorry reading fans but it's the least tempting club in the prem. Dave bIt is funny, that guy saying that MrRfc has no idea what is going on and yet, HE has no idea what is going on. I bet he still thinks England are in the Euros aswell.



30 Jun 2012 20:56:58
joe ledley will sign for cardiff city next week(6)(62)Joe like many others starts back pre season on the 3rd before going to germany on the 8thLol u r funny! Where Cardiff getting that sort of money brianCardiff don't have £3-£6mil for 1 player? Good luck tho.....!

BigbadjohnThey got 100 million from the rebranding {Ed003's Note - They have not}Not a question of money person as you may have heard but the question is would we want him back, i certainly dontLeave him where he is we dont need or want himCeltic would accept £8m, dont think cardiff have that for one player until they get to th premier leagueWe were willing to pay up to 6 mil for Jay Rodriguez so sshhhh, doesnt matter if Jay was a striker young with a terrific finish he is still young and to pay 6 mil for a youngster who still has to prove himself is a lot, so dont go on that we wouldnt pay 3-6 mil for one player cos we would it depends if we would really want him and in Ledley's case thats a no i dont want Joe Ledley back.Cardiff are owned by the next bunch of chancers trying to make a fast buck,you couldnt afford ledley,and you wont spend a lot on one player.Why would we want joe back?all he does is pass backwards and sideways hes steNot a 100 million for transfers its spead out for stadium expansion, paying of debt, new training ground which we don't need and transfers.
Joe Ledly is not worth £8 million no spl player is cardiff can spend there money far better to be honestIts been rumoured that cardiff have around £25 million to spend on transfersA lot of chancers looking to earn fast buck vt and tg haven't earned a penny since taking over


30 Jun 2012 20:56:58
Bayern Munich are renewing their interest in Eden Dzeko.(35)(18)


30 Jun 2012 20:16:02
Burak Yilmaz has agreed a four-year contract at Fulham and the deal is expected to be completed later this week.(21)(19)Is he any good?I hope so cause now we only have one striker


30 Jun 2012 20:01:35
Kyle Lafferty has signed for Swiss club F.C Sion(56)(14)


30 Jun 2012 18:45:27
daniel pranjic from bayern munich close to Everton move should be agreed soon!



30 Jun 2012 18:36:39
just been informed pienaar to Everton is a done deal.



30 Jun 2012 18:35:40
unconfirmed rumour from a member of coaching staff at West Ham that a bid for Gary Hooper may be made nextweek to test Celtic's resolve amidst Scottish football current crisis. At 24 years old they do not see a 6 million bid as too much of a risk as he has scored 20+ in league 1 , Championship and 2 seasons in in the box West ham need ?
LB(11)(32)How many strikers are West Ham signing?!.....Celtic turned down £6m from Saints for Hooper so it will be the same with you. He wont leave Celtic....yet anyway.He's a great wee player. h will leave us but not yet. And I think it will be to a team going for european football so cant see it being west hamAlready knocked back 6mill,so raise your game, cockney reject................timmy tim.Going no where! Possible Champs league football next season!
And already knocked back 6mWill leave.... Probs nxt season tho! Already knocked back £6mil, a wee bit more and you never know?!If Celtic turned down £6million for Ki do you really think they'll look at anything near that for hooper?Did you not notice he test there resolve at 6millHooper for £6million? heard that somewhere before? .... oh yeh thats right.. When Celtic rejected a bid for him ages ago. There are rumours and then there is just making stuff up.Again i state ''test Celtic's resolve '' to the less intelligent out there on this site .... secondly key words '' Scottish football crisis '' which means a possible change in stance to Celtics asset players valuations.....In january Celyic dismissed Southampton as they still had the league to get sewn up and were still in 2 cups.
Now with the league won for next 2-3 years atleast I expect some big players to go ( Hooper and Ki )
Obviously dependant on bids coming in but my sources indicate 2-3 will be received this summer for Hooper one of which from another champions league side from abroad .


30 Jun 2012 18:33:52
ottenham are weighing up a £3 million move for Crystal Palace starlet Reise Allassani. With arsenal ,chelsea and newcastle all keen on another hot prospect coming out of the selhurst club accademy.(9)(32)They would need to bid 10m to have a chance. Hes World class!From what I've heard, he's amazing, though I doubt any club would pay that kind of money for someone so young and unproven.They want to maximise his potential and get him used to working with superior players just like they did with Bostock.


30 Jun 2012 18:24:36
Grant Holt is heading to Aston Villa for £6m and Nathan Delfouneso heading the other way.(23)(45)More like £3m + FonzHa ha more like £1mil plus the player! Holt good but 30 or 31 and not long left on contract!1mill. Ha good one, if he goes it will have to be more than 5mill up front or club won't even listen, with 2 yrs left on contract.Sorry how many goals did Delf score last year? And what division was he playing in again? HmmFonz is faster than Agbonlahor!
Give the lad credit - a runner with no skill at all but a semi-decent finish is not what we have needed! he is alike with Agbonlahor.Two years left on Holt's contract. Hope the doors at Villa Park are big enough for his ego!6 million plus a rubbish player who will expect high wages just because he's been at a Premiership club for a long time with no talent for our player of the season 3 years running top goalscorer 3 years running, and captain. I would rather 6 million without the player.Fonz has potential and as been amazing when up for a game!.
His make or break season coming up at Villa now I do believe!


30 Jun 2012 18:24:33
Liverpool outs- Jay Spearing +4M for Victor Moses , Stewart Dowing-QPR £6M , Charlie Adam-£6M , Martin Skrtel-£22M , Brad Jones-£3M, Pepe Reina-Juventus or Ac Milan £22.(11)(43)What are you on about? Reina has just signed a new contract. Charlie adam and downing have been told by rodgers that they are both part of his plans! spearing maybe and jones maybeBerbatov to psgOh wow mate, downing won't leave neither will Adam, spearing on the other hand, I don't really care where he goesI would of thought reina was worth more thn £22. about £25 million would be a better price but he wouldnt go!Liverpool will never get there money back for buying downing . liverpool should sell him now before he is worth nothing.Liverpool are stuck with downing .no top teams would want him and others cant afford him unless liverpool sell really cheap.maybe qprLucas leiva in time will better than pirloWho is going to pay 3mil for Brad Jones? Liverpool bought him for 2mil and he has barely played in the last 2 years.You can keep Downing only England player to live up to expectations in the Euros with no goals and no assists!!Until ye put 22m for reina thought ye post was believable you wouldnt get anywhere near that mateI think your bloody right Lucas Leiva will B as good or even better than pirlo!As for Adam an downing I think they are useless an have contributed nothing to the mighty reds Nor has CarrollLucas Leiva played twice as attacking midfielder, looked world class in that position. Lucas in Gerrard out.4 M and Spearing for Moses? Are u having a laugh , try 10M and u can keep Spearing as he's dreadful and wouldn't get in our team.


30 Jun 2012 18:19:09
charlton have had a quiet solid summer
jackson signed a another yr on his contract
pritchard pens new 2 yr deal
this all but pours cold water on us signing 2 midfielders we will sign george boyd
sone aluko free
hogan ephraim 250k
george boyd 550k
magnus okunghae free
danny ngeussan 350k(3)(28)


30 Jun 2012 18:13:02
Millwall are set to sign marvin elliott from bristol city and steve davies from derby in next couple of days. From agent in the know!(14)(27)Hope youre right about this! who's the agent 'mystic meg? coylLets hope they have 3.5 million to spend thenElliot wont go back to millwall, he's happy at city anyway plus how is he going to sign in the next few days? millwall have made no bid for him.... and he is under contractI'd love Elliott back, but would probably suggest Trotter was on his way...Its only a rumour mate nothing else! anyway how do you know what he wants to do? ru his agent?Davies we dont really need but we could do with getting him and Marvin is a 50/50 becasue he looks loyal to Bristol City but he did love life at the Wall and grew up there with the likes of Dunne, Craig, Ward and RobinsonI personally think that this is just another RUMOUR& nothing ELSE IM AFRAID! Although it would BE GOOD to have ELLIOT back,we should have never of let him GO?!He went because we went down... Product of the youth system etc.. If Trotter were to go, I WOULD LOVE ELLIOTT BACK.


30 Jun 2012 18:05:55
Hush! Keep it quiet but Ross McCormack and Adam Clayton both already signed for Huddersfield Town. The deal cant be announced yet though - but will be announced when the Leeds United takeover is complete.(19)(45)AND for how MUCH did you get McCormack for .......brain of Britain ....and has LARRY let you lot?? As macca and him was to have had a very large fall out when at Leeds or is that part of your fairy tale that does come true !!!McCormack will be annonuced as a Palace player tomorrow so dream onVery much doubt this but if so hurrayWould be great but i will beleive it when i see itWell u know nothing! Adam would go to a better team than huddersfield. Regardless o money. Plus I doubt town could even Compare to the clubs interested in him. Don't know about McCormack still think he'd go to somewhere else if he does goI hope so! Would love them 2 to sign for usI think they'll be tears in Huddersfield tomorrow.

#BILLYCALENDARSource? Legit? And who shall I keep this hush hush info from? Everyone else who reads this forum?Hope soIf we can sign young norwood from the worlds biggest club pretty sure we can lure 2 players from a minnow like yourselves,who lets not forget are managed by a former sacked town managerOdds on Clayton and McCann to Huddersfield. McCormack thinking over between Palace and Town..........I seriously doubt that Town win sign McCormack but neither will Palace, seeing as their fans think Leeds are going to sell him for £750-800k. Dream on. Plus why would he move now Leeds will have the money to up his contract offer. No idea about Clayton, might stay with them as well.
(from a HTFC fan)Claytons on holidayAgent isn't though!Who cares, hopefully by the time the buy-out is complete Leeds will have the money to get who they need. MOT.Don't even want McCormack seems farily lazyLove it how every man and his dog on here seems to know all the ins and outs of there clubs .his much players are going for what salary there on here deluded springs to mind know all.
Mccormack is prostitution himself to any club that will listen and he will go to which even club stumps up the wages he wants Clayton pretu much the same there's only one fact neither will be playing at bellend rd next season and hopefully denies are wanting a second club to be feeder for the mighty blackburn
Jonny huddsStill on holiday!!!!
he's been there for a month now is he ever coming back!
where is he then if you know so much about the lad? why don't you ring tell him to come back, cos not many ppl on the transfer market just disappear for 4 wks


30 Jun 2012 17:50:57
Jacob butterfield to sign new deal before end of weekend got this from a insider at oakwell(12)(29)No he will leave next week, from someone who works within the club


30 Jun 2012 17:44:29
Watford have signed tom heaton on a free transfer from cardiff despite cardiff offering a late contract offer for him to stay.(10)(14)They have just signed Tomasz Kuszczak! they wouldn't go for another top keeperHe left cardiff for first team football we take your best players not the other way round lolKuszczak was on loan {Ed003's Note - He signed for Brighton last week.}No, tomasz signed for Brighton, Heaton set to join Watford but nothing official yetT.K signed for BrightonKuszack signed for Brighton and heaton deal will be announced soonCardiff haven't offered him a late contract, he was released


30 Jun 2012 17:42:50
burton are to announce the signing of a new goalkeeper and right-back before thursday, when the squad starts pre-season training(10)(6)


30 Jun 2012 17:38:59
former chairman and vice-chairman of Derby County, Peter Gadsby, is going to make a bid to take over the club in the not too distant future(10)(12)Is this the old story, or do you have new informationJust what i've could, could be true or could be just a lot of derby fans that i know are eager for changeDerby fan-as fans we like the set up alot with a change from buying old to producing young.We just need more financial backing.So should a big fee come for one of our starlets we wouldnt be forced to sell.Majority of fans are really excited about next season to see how this young side will deal with big preassure if we do well we will do really well but if it dosent work out we could face relegation.But we are happy to take the gamble far too long being mid tableWe are doing ok for now,just wait there will be more signings...we don't our former charman back remember the last time he was here.
Kev W


30 Jun 2012 17:37:33
West Ham's kevin nolan could follow robert green down to west london and sign for qpr.(21)(35)Why he said west ham is the place he wants to stay till he retiers


30 Jun 2012 17:35:22
Tommy Smith looks set to leave QPR, because Mark Hughes has made it clear that he will not be in plans next season(32)(4)


30 Jun 2012 17:33:49
QPR's max ehmer being lined up by yeovil on loan again(18)(4)Really gary johnson would sign a player who's loan he canceled on his first day?He left as soon as GJ returned as manger so think its unlikly and the fact that the manger has said he doesnt was as many loansGary Johnson didn't find a place for him last season so that's unlikelyHope so hes classHe ended his loan because mark hughes had just been made manager of qpr so he let him show mark hughes his talent he didnt end it because he didnt have a place for himWe're in need of more CB so it would make sense. As long as he's fit he'd be class. Wasn't even half the player that he was in the first loan spell at Yeo. However I think Gary is only using loans as a last resortNo way he didn't show that much potential last seasonThis would be a good signing if its the first Max Ehmer we signed. Not the unfit lacklustre Max Ehmer we finished with more interested in tattoos and nandosHe got fat to create a bigger surface area to cover with tattoos ;)... Good player with bags of potential but lost his hunger for the game as he lost his drive to impress...


30 Jun 2012 17:32:56
QPR's rob hulse could make a shock return to derby county because it is very unlikely he is going to be involved in mark hughes's plans next year(17)(17)Why would Clough get rid of him because he was too old and injury prone and then bring him back two years later when he's even older, hardly played and only scored 2 goals since. Clough wants a 15-20 goal a season striker. Hulse is not it!!Clough has admitted that the policy of the club has changed.They want to produce rather than buy and any player that enters the club will definately not be above 24.He has scouted the Spl and Lower divisions for young gems that havent been targeted.But the only player to be mentioned thatfits this policy is a return of Bueno as he has a 1.1 release clause and he said to fans on twitter that he would love a chance to meet the people again.If so Hope he has bulked up or at least got use to cold weather.


30 Jun 2012 17:30:46
QPR's matt connolly is get intrested from several championship clubs, including burnley, bolton, millwall and bristol city.(14)(11)Connolly is wanted by Reading. I believe we have a clause in the loan agreement from last season and we will be making a bid for him.Clause expired 30th June! - hence the speculation - looks like squeaky Hammond got it wrong again- when is this liability going to be shown the door and where is the russian / PL money?" looks like squeaky Hammond got it wrong again- when is this liability going to be shown the door"

please tell me your not talking about the same Hammond that got around 5mil for Matt Mills. he is a great asset.


30 Jun 2012 17:21:46
Izak Reid from morecombe to Scunthorpe depending on sell on fee been agreed(2)(5)


30 Jun 2012 17:21:17
Luka Modric is off to Real Madrid for £30m. Spurs looking to replace him with Yoann Gourcuff for £25m(13)(35)Sorry but he has been told he is not good enough for Real Madrid so he's obviously not going to be going to them :L
Spoon ;)


30 Jun 2012 17:19:27
So monday, yeovil will be anouncing more signings, the players i expect them to sign between monday and the end of the transfer window, are: Chris Weale, he has been seen around yeovil a few times, Michael woods, marek stech and izale mcleod(5)(18)I can see woods hapening as he has been invited back for pre seaon, but it will be either Stech or Weale dont think the budget will allow us to have 2 perminat GK, Really hope we land McLeod as he will round off our attacking optionsOnly reason that chris weale has been seen around yeovil a few times, is because he has his family 2 miles outside of town. hes a yeovil lad, has friends here. dont mean hes in talks. any yeovil fan will tell u hes been around the area for yearsThis izale mcleod rumor is getting old and boring. people have been saying every day for about 3 weeks now that he will be signing by end of day/week. and so far nothing. all bull if im honestCant see us getting chris weale and stech as they will want regular first team football i think stech mcleod woods and ehmer and maybe sam walkerWoods is on TRIAL, we've known this for weeks... he will not be one of the signings tomorrow seeing as his trial does not start until pre-season!Why would we get ehmer when GJ cancelled his loanIf we signed chris weale he'd either have to take a msaaive wage cut or go on a pay as you play deal, and Gary johnson only cancelled ehmers contract, because mark hughes just came in at qpr, so ehmer wanted to go back and prove himself, tbh, i would love it if ehmer came back.Gary said there would be more young exciting players signing on so o doubt wealy will sign but marek stech would be awesome


30 Jun 2012 17:01:46
Barnsley are enquiring about Mitrvic
and Afobe for possible loan moves(12)(6)


30 Jun 2012 16:55:43
Michael Appleton has drawn up a short list of players he would like to sign as soon as the ownership issue at Portsmouth is sorted, and players have moved on. David Connolly is on the list, and he also would like to bring Michail Antonio in from Reading on a season long loan.(6)(17)Priceless, the skate fans really are....Why would any player want to Play for you?? Those two payers you mentioned are destined for much greater things than playing for nothing every week,play your youth like every other team in your position has had too.Ok Antonio will not drop back to L1. He is either going to the champ with Sheffield Wednesday or staying to try to get an occasional prem start. Made up rubbishWhy would either of those want to play L.1?
Dream on.No chance of Michail going back to League One.Okay, now i have stopped laughing... DC might go for a pay when play contract.. he would easily get a game with portsmouth just a problem about getting paid. Antonio is off to Wednesday if the rumour sites are to be believed.Appy has said time & again that he's looking to build a squad based on experienced but young players. Connolly doesn't fit this profile, so that ones a no-no. As for you Sthampton fans, you've been where we are now, & it may happen again, so enjoy where you are in your new Aberdeen kit this season, coz we'll be back like Arnie! PUP.Love it how are red and white friends up the road jump straight on a pompey post, WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN TEAM your in the prem , only for a season tho lol


30 Jun 2012 16:50:37
Dutch wing-back Alexander Buttner will be a Southampton player next week. Paving the way for Dan Harding's move to Sheffield Wednesday, and Adam Lallana will move into a free role in the team.(9)(18)Doubt Wednesday need another LB tbh, we have Mattock, Reda, Llera and Gardner who can play that role, some more likely than others.Dan Harding is not going anywhere, he has a new house and made plans for his children next SouthamptonWednesday have just signed a specialist left back and are not interested in Harding. You might try BrightonHopefully he will beBrilliant he looks amazing future starSo danny fox won't be playing or he will?Fox and Buttner could play at LB and LM, Lallana in a central role. Behind the striker.-"Fox and Buttner could play at LB and LM, Lallana in a central role. Behind the striker."-
Is it just me or does that sound amazing.?I have a feeling we may start the season 4-3-1-2. Ricky and J Rod up front with Lallana just behind. Cork, Schneiderlin and a new signing along the middle ( prob Steven Davis). Defence is more of a puzzle though Davis, Butterfield, Hooiveld, new signing, Buttner (if we get his signature)What about fonte?Butterfield can deliver a ball bloody well at times, but defensively him and richardson are the weaknesses, no was will they handle nani, moses, mata etc. no way they should start in the prem.


30 Jun 2012 16:40:35
Reading are said to be interested in polish international left back Sebastien Boenisch along ith everton and Newcastle.(17)(12)He won't go to a club reading size Dave b^^^ no guess he wouldn't consider joining a club with very little debt and ambition. Funny how most agents linking the world and his brother to this little club called Reading, after all why would a player want to join us? ^^^Reading have the potential to become a big club. We have no debts, no local rivals, good financial backing and a long term plan of Premiership stability. Reading town is on the up economically. We are a well run family club that focuses on a good team spirit and friendly enviroment for everyone involved in the club. The only reason for him not to join is if he gets more money from another club.

LoyalRoyal94"He won't go to a club reading size" - Didn't the same thing get said about Pogrebnyak and Guthrie.... Oops!The SIZE of Reading? LOL

Er, Pogrebnyak turned down Fulham and Villa for Reading! Waayhaay!

Guthrie knocked back Saints and Sunderland for Reading.

WAAYHAAY!!Pog and Guthrie had two choices.....promoted team or championship/russian league


30 Jun 2012 16:29:44
charlton are on the verge of signing simeon jackson from norwich for 250k(9)(35)Thats made my weekend! Only 250K for simeon Jackson??You charlton so called fans are definately ON ANOTHER PLANET! HA HA HA HA!This is nonsense. Charlton are currently seeking new investment. They are also looking to offload Chris Solly and Rhoys Wiggins to free up some cash. Investment is being sought in Dubai but with little joy so far.I presume that this is a joke/wind up? april fools has long gone!Absolute rubbish . Great squad player for Norwich & 250k more like 3 mWorth much more than that. he's got the potential to be a solid premiership performer. But 1-1.5m could get him if Hughton wants better.250k? Seriously!? What's wrong with you? 2-3 million more like.Are you having a laugh .if norwich were going to sell him it would cost charlton about 1 millionNot when other clubs are offering 3 million he's notHilarious! Stick another zero on the end and then maybe!Get real. He signed an extension on his contract and wants to show what he can do in the PL. stop posting rubbishHah that is ridiculous 250k and thinking he would drop down a league haha. He is still progressing in his career not backtracking.What a joke
250k for jackson, not less than 1m2 ends of the spectrum here! - £250k is as wrong as £2m - if they sell - about £800k - £1mThats stupid wed have to buy him for so much more and whoever said were looking to offload solly and wiggins definitely isnt a charlton fan. why would we sell those players when theyre young and arguably our two best players of last season?Solly has just signed a contract extension at Charlton hes not going anywhereNo one has offered 3 millionThis clearly wasn't posted by a CAFC fan. As the Norwich fans have pointed out Jackson is class and PREM standard meaning we obviously can't afford him has he could go for anything from 1.5 million upwards.I have just returned from the pub having consumed about 12 pints, but even in this state I cant belive anyone would offer dare to offer as little as250k for Jackson, {Ed003's Note - lmao}I agree with the comment above about solly and wiggins and Jackson is class, but we could afford 1.5mill if we bided 1m for shackell of derby and we got money from winning the league, granted not a lot but it would still be a few million at leastAn outstanding piece of fishing by the OP. How such a ridiculous rumour got so many bites I do not know."and Jackson is class, but we could afford 1.5mill" we could have while he was at Gillingham! :(


30 Jun 2012 16:23:54
Stoke city f.c
Are to put a 9m bid in forClint Dempsey
of Fulham.
Also are trying to tempt Ricardo
Quaresma for around 13m from Beşiktaş

Up the potters, going to be great season.(10)(44)The chairman says Stoke are cutting back. Quaresma is not worth £13m for a startDempsey has stated he wants Champions League football, he'd only leave for a CL club. Sorry but Dempsey wouldn't swap Fulham For Stoke.Go on then i'll play along.
A) With what money?
B) Why would players of that quality want to join SCRC. Stoke do play rugby right? Wait, what? They're in the EPL..?Quaresma was their best player when we played them but I can't see Coates allowing Pulis to break the transfer record when he wants to limit spending this season. Which would also make a £9m move for Demosey look unlikely.In there dreams dempsey said he would only leave FFC for champions league football so why would he go to stoke deluded stoke fan i guessHe would only leave for champions league football nothing elseDempsey will not sign for us, he wants champions league football which Stoke cant offer unfortunately, and as for Quaresma, he certainly isn't worth 13m,he want all that when we played Besiktas in the europa league, id personally would like see Matt Phillips playing down the Brit, he was excellent for Blackpool last season and would do well in the prem.

Birches Head PotterLIES. Plain and simple.Really mate 9mil for a player of his quality? Why would he want to go to stoke anyway, he said he wants champions league footballI'm a Stoke fan, this is not going to happen. But to the hilarious guy who said we are a rugby club (because nobody has ever called us that before, congratulations) we do have money, we are a very well run club. Some of our fans are deluded.Not only will Dempsey only leave for CL football the bid woulld need to be about double thhe 9mil mentioned FFC1987Damn , I hope they come but I'm extremely fond of Mirallas , Witsel , Jarvis , Cardozo , Maiga , Samba , Owen , Saha , Lukaku , Clerc , N'Zonzi and Ollson if they all come I would be jumping for joy too! :DYes whicheva stoke fan posted this rediculous rumour is deluded or jus puttin the bait out for the fulham muppets to latch onto. But to say dempsey is worth double 9mill? that is hilarious! yes he had a very good season last season, but he is approaching 30 and wont repeat last seasons heroics again. you wud do well to get 9millI agree........someone had woken up the Fulham crowd who are in danger of making Reading and Soton fans look normal on here. Nonsensical rumours and doubt any Stoke fans believe them.If Dempsey wants CL football then why all the Liverpool rumours?Anything less then £16m is insulting for a consistantly great midfielder and the 4sth highest sscorer in the league last yearTo our 'rugby club' friend: Peter Coates has more money than sense, he just doesn't choose to spend it on football players, and that's right we are a FOOTBALL club, well done for noticing :)


30 Jun 2012 16:21:51
looks like mighty whites have got peltier , leicester mercury(13)(11)You can have him likes to attack but cant defend, look forward to another 6 points from youYou`ll also have a mighty big hole at rb when he goes on nose bleed runs forward.He will do well for you, shame was only here for 1 seasonExpected nothing less from jealous fans, all we heard before was he wont go to leeds, he's not leaving, so up yours mr green,didnt get 6 off us last season and won't thisYeah and we will have Clayton and McCormack happy days all round.Lol, thats everyones answer these days, you want em you can have em, cough up 4 mill they're yours4 mill bates could probly invest that into the west stand seeing as this takeover is taking ages


30 Jun 2012 16:18:35
bolton in prelimanary talks with paul
scharner,as owen coyle looks to bolster
his midfield following mark davies's
imminent departure to sunderland or
liverpool,and chung yong lee also reported
to be leaving the reebok for a premier
league club(16)(14)Bolton to sign downing for 9mThe guy who was bought for almost double thatLiverpool are interrested in tello of barcalona worth 10mMore than doubleWhat a load of crap.... Scharner a replacement for Davies! Davies imminent departure to Liverpool! Davise is going nowhere....


30 Jun 2012 16:08:50
Liverpool have had a £20.6m accepted by Bologna for Gaston Ramirez after Bologna revealing that they will NOT sell him to any other italian teams and he said he'd feel comfortable playing alongside fellow Uruguayans Sebastian Coates and Luis Suarez! Martin Skrtel will turn down any offers from Man City and we are also close to signing Lacina Traore from Kuban Krasnodar for £6.4M and Salomon Rondon £20M . LIAM(16)(34)Traore signed for Anzhi.

Check before post please.Would be lovely if true :)Not about lacina traore but Gaston Ramirez seems likely enuf, fingers crossed !Ive heard that liverpool are interested in schurrle. he playd well for germany at euro 12 he is a skillful wingerLiverpool are NOT signing Salomon Rondon, has Champions League football at Malaga. If Rondon is to come to the Premier League it will be to Manchester United, not Liverpool.Lacina Traore just joined Anzhi


30 Jun 2012 15:47:41
Everton are looking to buy Peter Whittingham of Cardiff City for £1.5 million.(23)(39)He will cost more than that. We don't need money desperately anymore so we are able to hold out for more. Personally I don't think he will leave, doesn't have the personality to push forward a moveWorth much more and hes not going nowhere1.5 million, in ur dreamsHe'll compliment Kieron Richardson down the left. A team to be feared next season!More like £1.5 million for Whitts's leg. West ham offered £3 million and that was rejectedWorth at least 7 million in my opinion1.5 ha ha ha don't make me lol voted best player outside prem in fourfourtwo mag if rhodes is worth 8mill then whitts will be worth at least 6millAnd the restIm a Cardiff City fan and the Whitts deal isnt happenin especially at this point he doesnt want to move because his misses is a Barry girl and doesnt want to move from the area and 1.5 mil having a laugh this post is and i dont think he'd be worth 7 mil, 6 mil yes4 mill at most ,and he will go to prem before season starts7 million is my opinion dont matter what u think 7 mil is only 1mil from 6 milI dunno whittingham would not get near everton bench to be honest what do you think of this ed? {Ed001's Note - decent player, very cultured, great left peg, but a shy, quiet lad who is happy and settled where he is. I am not so sure he will go anywhere.}


30 Jun 2012 15:43:39
Oxford United to sign Ross Draper on a free, after being released from Macclesfield, the deal will go through Monday Lunchtime.(11)(20)He is still under contract so a transfer fee is payable.Havnt heard of him! looks like wilders buying the players no one else wants again!Wont be free, as Macclesfield have offered him a deal matching his old one. And he's 23. So compensation will be due.
Can we (Oxford) afford that, as everyone seems to wanna make out we've financially had it!!Well he is a good player who is wanted by a few clubs. so if we do sign him wilder has done well...againRoss Draper is out of contract at Macclesfield but as they have offered a new contract and he is U23 then a compensation fee would have to be paid. Was macclesfield's best player last seasonWell sought after by many L2 clubs - ridiculous to have a dig at Wilder for that


30 Jun 2012 15:31:13
Arsenal and Santos are putting the i's and t's on a move for Neymar.

30 mln for Neymar, which Arsenal will fund by selling RVP. Santos will also receive Wellington Silva and Pedro Botelho, plus a one-year loan of Denilson, as part of this deal.(8)(58)I'm pretty sure Barcelona have agreed first option on Neymar, so I don't now how they could do thisWould be nice, but Neymar won't join Arsenal.Don't you mean dotting the i's and crossing the t's?It would take more than 30m to get Neymar atm. He's much more likely to end up at Barca, Madrid, Chelsea or Citeh because they can pay higher wages.Barca already have a pre agreement for next summerPart of the Fabregas deal was that Barca would agree to get out of the way if Arsenal came in for Neymar. Yes, 30m is not enough for Neymar which is why Arse is sending Wellington and Botelho and Denilson to Santos as well.Ha dreamland, this lad is only intrested in Barca and Madrid, Barca have 1st refusel on him. theres no scret about all clubs wanting him, and money is not an object, but he would rather play in spain


30 Jun 2012 15:29:54
james mcpake leaves coventry for hibs on a free(25)(3)


30 Jun 2012 15:28:57
Barnsley and huddersfield are set to battle it out again to sign wolves winger adam hammill(14)(31)I wish he was coming to us i could see him choosing us over Barnsley. He would be awsomeCan't see Barnsley after Hammill again, he'll want big wages probably in excess of £10k a week which we'll not be able to afford.We dont want him back at Oakwell, wages too him and only be looking to move again


30 Jun 2012 15:21:46
more west ham news. Sam allardyce giving up on Holt transfer and has turned his attentions to Maiga and Sagbo. Both powerful, pacey strikers who have both stated they would be interested in a move to east london. Also on the wire is a possible move for Alessandro del piero who has stated in Italian press
he would welcome a concrete offer from west ham......Watch this space(18)(17)


30 Jun 2012 15:19:15
Steve Tilson new manager of Gillingham. Press Conference 2pm on Monday(16)(7)Hope not... micky adams would of been the better choice..


30 Jun 2012 15:02:45
gary johnson has said that the club should be unveiling some more players on monday anyone know who these are(1)(13)My moneys on, izale mcleod chris weale/ marek stechJoe Edwards and James Wilson from Bristol CityMcLeod and a GK either Weale or Stech. looking at twitter more likely to be Stech as he put a pic of his time at Yeovil saying 'good times'


30 Jun 2012 14:55:38
Heard steven naismith is having a medical at Everton today and it will be announced within the next 48hours

@teamcahill17(34)(18)Is that before or after he has signed for
West Brom ?Everton player by Tuesday! Still going through medical now. Expect big things from him in an everton shirt, the fans will love him!Westbrom or everton hard choice ha ha ha, absolute no brainer, if he passes the medical ,he will be jellies "new" partner.He is not going to west brom you person he's coming to everton jelavic has told him to join will be announced really soonWill be very sad at losing naismith great player for rangers when he was'nt injured 98 games 28 goalsEverton have less money than Rangers. They will have to sell Baines and Rodwell to have any chance of buying anyone.


30 Jun 2012 14:41:47
Derby County are interested in Watford's Jason Steele.(3)(21)Jason Steele? Good luck getting him from Watford, didn't think one club can sell smothers playerJason Steele plays for Middlesbrough and it was only this morning Nigel Clough said he don't want any more goalkeepersJason Steele plays for boro Scott Loach play WatfordFor this to happen, I think Watford would have to be interested in Barnsley's Jason Steele first...He doesn't play for Watford?Interesting! when did watford sign jason steelWhy? We already have the best GK in the championship (Fielding) and quality back-up in Legzdins?What are you on about Jason Steele doesnt even play for WATFORD !!!!!Erm Jason Steele doesn't play for Watford! Isn't he the Barnsley keeper?Fielding is obviously the best goalkeeper in the championship...........Jason Steele - Middlesborough
Luke Steele - Barnsley


30 Jun 2012 14:39:36
Leicester City have made an enquiry for Tottenham's Gio dos Santos.(8)(32)Hopefully true good signing if true


30 Jun 2012 14:28:26
Liverpool to make a £6.5 million bid for Raul Garcia from Atletico Madrid.(12)(28)Is he any better than Jonjo? Who I see becoming a Kaka of the future.


30 Jun 2012 14:20:02
Possible Wigan ins :Peter odemwingie
Dimitris salphangidis
Victor aniechebe
Craig Gordon
Lukaku loan
Aluko free(11)(31)Odemwingie laughed at Wigan last season, and would do the same again, if he's gonna leave it won't be to Wigan...That's why he put possible because they bid for him last season and woy was the one what laughed at the bidHe did not laugh at Wigan at all... West Brom will go down now that they have lost RoyHope this is true but odemwingie is to old he may only get on the benchRoy did us a huge favour by laughing at us, Odemwingie was injured for most of last season and nowhere near as good as in his first season. Cheers Agent Roy.


30 Jun 2012 14:18:09
Byron Anthony has finalised terms with Torquay and will sign a 2 year deal this coming week.(10)(8)If he isnt good enough for bristol rovers he certainly isnt for us then


30 Jun 2012 14:00:54
Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling will join Middlesbrough on a season long loan in search of first team experience. The highly acclaimed England youth international, who joined Liverpool from QPR in February 2010 has impressed for the reserves and in three first team appearances, but Liverpool manager Brendan Roger's believes a season long loan will 'do him good'. 

Tony Mowbray will also aim to bring in Gonzalo Jara, a versatile defender who has represented Chile on 51 occasions. Jara spent a lot of last season on loan to Brighton  & Hove Albion, who will be competition for Middlesbrough in their pursuit of his signature. (16)(13)I could see us going for Jara, but would be surprised at sterling, i believe he's only 17 and we have enough quality youngsters of our own at the club. Bringing him in would hamper their progressBrighton won't be in for Jara as they have just signed Bruno Saltor from Spain.Good move in my opinion for Sterling, just the sort of creative player we need who can supply the Juke and Emnes.I wouldn't have sterling to young and we have lots of good youngsters. mogga signed jara when he was at west brom so could see this happening if the useless hoyte leaves.I think sterling will stay at Liverpool, he is already more effective than Downing, so why should Liverpool send him out on loan.Fingers crossed that Hoyte leaves. One of the worst players I have seen in a Boro shirt in the modern era and I've witnessed Phil Stamp & Jamie Pollock!


30 Jun 2012 13:48:58
Middlesbrough are raring up a contract to former Polish under 21 international Tomasz Cywka. Cywka, who is a free agent following his release from Reading, is believed to be a fantastic replacement for Barry Robson who departed the club for Vancouver Whitecaps.  (20)(6)Could see this coming off as Mogga is trying to sign a lot of free transfers. Is he any good?Cywka is a winger not midfielder.What is happening with Zemamma. Last I heard Mogga looking to kick him out as refused to travel. Have they kissed and made up?A lot of promise, needs consistency, mentoring and playing time. Unfortunately reading couldn't give him that at the time.

I'm sure if we stayed down we woulda have kept him for back up winger.I'm a reading fan and with playing time he will be good looked lively for us but only played around 100 minutes but he can easily become lazyWinger and midfielder are same thing, aren't they?Get rid of zemmamaA winger is a forward not a midfielder learn the positions. {Ed003's Note - That all depends on systems really,but shall we settle on wide attacking midfielders.}Cywka would be a good player, he is clearly talented and very dynamic. He needs consistent football to improve and if he gets that he will be a good signing for you.

LoyalRoyal94A winger is an attacking midfielder right or left.No the difference is the role that they play. Wingers play further forward than attacking midfielders and generally stick to the flanks. Attacking midfielders have more freedom and are not required to play down the flanks. Also, wingers are forwards as they play in the same line as the striker.



30 Jun 2012 13:46:38
Norwich are to follow up the signing of Whittaker with the signing of Naismith. The both of them being free agents mean that Hughton's kitty of £18m - £20m will be untouched. He will use £6m of that to prize Naughton away from Spurs and a further £5m to lure Burke and C.Davies away from old club Birmingham. Being unsure over Holt's future at the club, Hughton will yet again link up with old players and sign Simpson and Best from old club Newcastle for again about £5m. The remaining £4m will be spent in January if necessary.(20)(26)Might want to set some of that kitty aside for legal fees. Ranges aka "newco" are looking to sue both departing players and the clubs that sign them. Interesting situation.

BMNorwich have 26 registed players over 25 already will have to unload a few before they can buy anymoreWe don't have over the limit... McNally said on twitter that there is enough space for new signings. I also expect some of our signings to be under the age limit.Who is the person saying we cannot buy more players? of course we can we just can't register all of them come august 30thWe beat lambert to the signing of whittakerNaismith going to everton, bigger club and chance of european football next season


30 Jun 2012 13:40:44
Norwich have officially signed their first player during the summer transfer window, ex Rangers and Scottish international player Steven Wittacker... the first of many quality signings we hope. :) OTBC(24)(3)Good signing,strong reliable player.hope we can add more.Lets hope soQuality signing hmmmmm. most frustrating player i have seen at rangers. these words will be regularly used at carrow road "ah. for f sake whittaker".
BALLYBOYIm never convinced when spl players join the premier league. the jury is out until he plays. Spl is championship standard.Good, experienced head to add to our defence. Even if he isn't a regular starter (which he probabaly wont be) he will help our young defenders.True, apart from celtic ofcourse, they would do well in prem league ... with lots of players attracting big clubs e.g. wanyama, ki, hooper, james forrest and a few more :DI think its a good signing, but there is noway he could be as bad as that smith full back u worked into us. He was worse than dean coney.

Ncfc mattI think if Martin is a regular for Norwich then there is no reason why Whittaker won't be either. After all, he is ahead of him in the pecking order for the Scotland right back place


30 Jun 2012 13:39:21
Antonio and ranger due to sign at hillsborough monday(19)(18)


30 Jun 2012 13:39:05
Nottingham Forest defender Luke Chambers will join Championship rivals Middlesbrough following the expiry of his contract. The 26 year old was a stand out player during an unsuccessful season at the club and he believes joining Middlesbrough will complete his dream of playing in the Premiership. Chambers, who was appointed club captain by Steve McLaren at the beginning of the season, would be a useful and experienced addition to Tony Mowbray's side in their pursuit of the Premier League. 

Meanwhile, Stephen McManus is set to depart Middlesbrough for Scottish Premier League side Hearts after talks with Bristol City broke down. Hearts, who have expressed interest in McManus whilst he was at Celtic, are believed to be able to afford his wages and will pay Middlesbrough £400,000 for the ¬†experienced defender's services.(6)(20)400,000 that will be right.hearts couldnt even afford to pay theyre players on time at numerous occasions last week. they were offering theyre best players awway on the there it no chance hearts will sign himLuke chambers did stand out last season but for all the wrong reasons. He has a really high opinion of himself, but is in fact, an average championship defender at best.

Agent 279Luke chambers was terrible last season and 99% of forest fans want him gone.
He has been with us for around our seasons and has only had one good one.
The op clearly has nt got a clue about the player and I hope host if you do get him, you've got a decent back upLuke Chambers was fantastic for us last season.If the deal does go through I imagine he would be the back up for Hines and Williams, and then Bates when he comes back from injury.I think Chambers is a quality player and maybe the forest fans are calling him because he wants out of your club. Come to Boro Luke, trust your feelings!Chambers is poor at best. Wishful thinking if you think he'll be a great signing.Bates on a pay as you play deal? his contract is expiring - can't imagine another club taking the risk?Happily have him here with mcgugan and anderson.Great news for us Forest supporters if you take ALL 3 of the mentioned above.


30 Jun 2012 13:34:59
Liverpool to sign Joe Allen, Gaston Ramirez and Jackson Martinez by the end of next week.(14)(31)Thought BR wasn't allowed to raid Swansea for a year?No they won't, as they aren't allowed to sign any Swansea players for 12 months - JamoRodgers can't sign Joe Allen as he is contractually prevented from going back for Swansea players this yearLiverpool cant sign any Swansea player for a year , Martinez has already agreed to join Porto as possible replacement for Hulk , Although Gaston is being tracked by Liverpool ,Juventus and other Champions League teams are also said to be interested in him , so dont expect him to sign for Liverpool , but still it could happenJoe Allen wouldn't go there anyway liverpool are not the best passing team and he is the younger version of Xavi.Clint dempsey plays like rvp not as well but still it would be good for liverpool to sign himDidn't you do your homework? Liverpool cannot sign any of Swansea's players for a year due to clause in Rogers contract when he signed for Liverpool.If Allen wants to go, then he'll go. Not going be handcuffed to the Liberty.Swansea and liverpool made a deal that liverpool couldnt sighn any swansea players for at least a year in the brendon rodgers deal. sorry but joe allan just what we need ### LFC4ME


30 Jun 2012 13:33:28
Latest transfer news from Shrewsbury Town

Manager Graham Turner will have at least 4 more new faces in his squad ready for the start of pre season training on the 5th July.

A face missing will be goalkeeper Chris Neale who will turn down a new contract offer. Negotiations have broken down as the club is not prepared to increase the offer on the table.

As to the new faces, a premier league goalkeeper will be joining on a season's length loan and will be the number 1 choice. The signing of a back up goalkeeper will depend on the Neale situation.

Of the new faces, expect a couple of surprise arrivals who so far have not been on the rumours radar, including, wait for it a player who has previously had international experience.

Contrary to strong rumours, Luke Summerfield will not be joining; instead he looks set to move to Gigg Lane on a 2 year deal. Graham Turner will instead turn to defensive midfielder Sam Togwell.

Mike C(2)(10)Summerfield will be joining and a premier league goalkeeper is definitely joining on loan. It will either be liverpools Hansen or arsenal's martinezYes, Bury seem 95% sure that Luke will be with them next season and why not?

Bury did well last season in league 1 and are a better option than newly promoted ShrewsMarcus Hahnemann is the player with international experience :)It'll be down to location and wages in the end - not how the club did last season.Neal is a good goalie he kept us in games last season I no he made mistakes but he will learn turner should keep the contract open for him SALOPI can also tell you that terry gornell is wanted by Colchester and stevenage and if it's Stevenage, could do a swap deal with former arsenal striker Luke freeman.I cant see Turner letting Gornell go. He sees great potentialSeveral goalkeepers are in talks. One is Stephen bywaterAnother goalkeeper that's in talks is Scott shearer, and could return to town.Shearer has already signed for RotherhamThe same Scott Shearer that has recently signed for Rotherham? (Mr T)Neal has been keeping the gaffer waiting too long in a hope of a better offer elsewhere. so if he has rejected the offer then i would say goodbye u had ur chance and find another goalieThe same Scott Shearer that has already signed for Rotherham...


30 Jun 2012 13:29:09
Middlesbrough set to sign Colchester United midfielder Lloyd James. The former Wales U21 International, who can also operate at fullback, will join the Championship club when his contract expires in order to bolster Tony Mowbray's Premier League aim. Tony Mowbray has also offered a two year contract to Sheffield United midfielder Kevin McDonald. If the deal goes through, Kevin Thomson will leave Middlesbrough and join newly promoted Championship side Huddersfield for £525,000 plus add ons.¬†(6)(8)As a Saints fan i wish LJ all the best. He has the skills to play at a higher level, his confidence was shot by being thrown in at the deep end when he was not mentally ready. TM plays good football and could be a really good fit for you.Dont know anything about this guy, is he any good/Need thomson off the books, he would be a class act if he didnt get sent off or injured every other week. He's also a traget for the Boro boo boys so i would be surprised to see him play for us againKevin Thomson £525,000 plus add ons?? i would carry him to Duddersfield on my back for that money!Thomson is a good player, he is worth £500,000 at least! He was unlucky with injury last season, next season he will be a vital player for us. Hope he stays!As a Colchester United season ticket holder i watched him all last season and he was a vital player for us. hate to see him leave but it looks inevitable now.From a colu fan good luck with james , he's decent but never really made the first tea!Hope the thomson rumour is true he's a waste of space and money. get him off the bokks. as for lloyd james i havn't really seen much of him anyone know what he's like sounds a decent player.As a colchester fan I can tell you that James does show a lot of fight and is very determined but is not championship classJames will be ineffective in the champ, will not be given enough space to operate.James nicknamed Hollywood by Colchester fans as always tries spectacular passes when easy options available, tends ti lose the ball 90% of the time and goes missing in midfield. Wasn't a regular at league 1 level.Duddersfield, i see what you've done there, its clever that!
did you work that out by yourself??



30 Jun 2012 13:20:55
Ipswich to sign Luke chambers from Nottingham forest and Steven Davies from derby county by Thursday. Also Scott loach from Watford is set to join Ipswich the following week. Ipswich also look set to offer an undisclosed fee for charlton's Bradley wright Phillips.(10)(17)I'm an Ipswich fan and I don't think Charlton will be letting him go.
I'm sure their fans will be responding with comments saying 'he's not for sale' or 'he's too good for Ipswich' or 'you can't afford him'.Why would derby sell davies to ipswich when he wants to get closer to liverpoolIpswich can't afford himI think you will find davies want to be near london mate not liverpoolFact stated by davies is he wants to move closer to london not liverpool,actually tweeted by him so get your facts rightHe doesn't want to go to Liverpool if his family is from London he just said he wanted to go down south and Ipswich is south east.He wants to be closer to London, not Liverpool.Davies wants to move down South because his family live in London so why would he want to go closer to Liverpool.^its not Liverpool it's london that he wants to be closer too but not in London, south of londonHe said his family lives in London so Ipswich is an option........not LIVERPOOL!!No Davis wants to move down south not get closer to LiverpoolDavies wants to move closer to London!

Although Ipswich is still a fair way from London, so i'm not convinced "he wants to move south" = Ipswich?


30 Jun 2012 13:20:42
Stuart parnaby in talks with middlesbrough,player has bin training with BORO since he left birmingham.a return to his former club looks likely as hoyte and mcmahons contracts expire midnight tonight tho McMahon is and wants to stay at BORO.ladesma,carayol and butter field remain targets and the latter exspected to sign for BORO before Thursday.binnreported mogga has 5 million to spend,but has to get McDonald and McManus of books before biddin can begin.(9)(2)


30 Jun 2012 13:17:21
Young chesterfield striker Scott Boden to finalise a switch over to south Yorkshire with Sheffield United.. Expect the deal to be announced within the next 7 days(3)(5)Blades cannot sign anyone until their budget is announcedComedy post re Boden. Impact player at CFC and not good enough for league 1. Won't happenHe just signed a year deal with chesterfield i dont think he will be going anywhereDoubt itMarek stech to sign for chesterfield after being released from west ham to replace Sheff utd bound tommy leeTommy Lee is not going to SheffUtd confirmed by Tommy Lee and Danny Wilson and Sheff Utd cant afford him anyway


30 Jun 2012 13:14:24
Tony Mowbray is lining up a move for former Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan. As Middlesbrough have been reduced to only two goalkeepers, the United States international will be an ideal replacement for Danny Coyne. Tony McMahon set to leave whilst Stuart Parnaby will rejoin the club on a three year deal after leaving them five years ago. Franck Moussa also set to join, deal will be confirmed Monday.(8)(3)Great signing if it comes off, a classy keeper that would provide good competion for SteeleI Heard this a while ago, i believe he will sign once players contracts expire this coming weekGuzan is a top class keeper.
He was fantastic standing in for Given.. hope the rumours of him returning to Villa are true though.


30 Jun 2012 13:09:13
Liverpool wll offer Fulham £3 million plus Jay Spearing for Clint Dempsey. Deal expected to be finalised next week.(6)(33)So that dempsey could play in which european competition with liverpool?-this doesn't add up against malaga(and why would king Jol want Spearing who imo is unreliable at the best of times compared to say jonjo shelvey?)That would make out dempsey is only worth about 5mil? nowhere near his valuationDempsey would be a mug to go to Liverpool at the moment great club but going thru a dodgy patch and clint not getting any younger and he states he wants champions league football.


30 Jun 2012 13:08:16
Michael Laudrup wants Real Madrid youngster Alvaro Morata to bolster is attacking options.(16)(9)


30 Jun 2012 12:58:21
Rochdale to sign

Phil Edwards
sean miller
tom kennedy
chris dagnell

all on 1 year deal on july 1st(1)(11)I don't understand why these players would drop into the basement division and play in front of home crowds of less than 2,500?Some gd players if they sign dale goin upPhil Edwards top signing best centre half in lge 2 next yrThe reason why they would drop to the 'basement' would be because edwards played his best football under john coleman also miller hasn't done very good in league 2 so he prob won't do good in league 1 also Kennedy and dagnall played their best football at rochdale and since they have left they hae don't nothing UP THE DALE


30 Jun 2012 12:56:56
Southampton are set to bid £1m for Manchester City youngster Reece Wabara.(9)(15)Isn't a million pounds still a lot of money for a 20 year old that's only made 1 appearance for City?Bargain if hes goodNot if Saints are wanting to add further quality to their development squad. There are two or three other players they are rumoured to be interested in, in the same age group, where I believe their intentions are the same.Ask Man city?


30 Jun 2012 12:55:00
Peterborough paper reporting that Lawrie Wilson has decided on Posh over a move to Charlton, Bostwick and Freeman look like staying put at Stevenage(8)(4)Heard he was seen at Shirecliff sufcs training ground friday morningHe never rejected Charlton he'd prefer to sign for them but Posh offered more money.Omg for the last time, wilson wants to go to charlton and when boro get ticked off as he doesn't want to go they will pull out and go to cafcCharlton withdrew their offer to Wilson a few days ago. There are some real money problems at The Valley after the 'mystery man' who's funded the club for the last 18 months walked out last week. Gutting but true.

- CP's Red and White Army.Seen as a training ground? He's on holiday has been for 3weeks now so no one has seen him at other clubs grow up, RumoursHe was still on holiday yesterday alledgedlyPeter varney put together the consortium that bought charlton. we are not having money problems he has just left a year ealier because there is very little for him to do now that we are promoted. Things will take care of themselves.Posh offered more money, are you sane? Our wage structure is the smallest in the Championship and why a few players go elsewhere, for wages not footballing reasonsPosh have offered more money to stevenage in terms of a transfer fee obviously we are not told about wages but he wouod prefer a move to CharltonPosh have offered more money on wages, just because its the smallest wage budget doesnt mean that they always offer the least available, the biggest earners are leaving Posh which leaves a bigger amount than normal for them to offer


30 Jun 2012 12:54:12
Norwich have signed Steven Whittaker subject to international clearance - source canaries website(22)(4)Good luck to him.But when it comes to defending he i very poor.hes ok going forward on good on the ball.but gets caught out time after time in the imagine when he faces some of the great talent in the epl he has no chance


30 Jun 2012 12:52:06
Shaun Miller has now accepted terms with Rochdale who are also interested in Chris Dagnill(1)(12)Why would he drop back into league 2 after just leaving it.


30 Jun 2012 12:50:03
Rochdale manager John Coleman has move or former favourite Chris Dagnall from Keith Hills Barnsley(5)(9)Please take him


30 Jun 2012 12:44:07
Norwich have apparently had a bid turned down for a Birmingham player, at this point in time the player in question has not been named. Although we can assume it to be one of the familiar names thrown about the rumour mill...(10)(5)Really want Redmond...Redmond please


30 Jun 2012 12:30:54
Sebastian Boenisch could be a target for Norwich. He is available on a free transfer but we will have to compete with other Premier league clubs to sign him. The Polish left back impressed during Euro 2012 and plays in a position we need.(5)(6)


30 Jun 2012 12:16:04
Mathew Connolly is wanted by Watford now the take over is complete , his permanent move to reading will not happen and Watford are keen to bring in the Center back.(8)(3)Well actually he is going to reading and hes not a CB-awkwardActually he is a center back that also plays at full back...Good he wasn't that good anyway.Why would he go to watford, when he's prem quality at a prem club and wanted by prem clubs?Connolly isn't wanted by us now but too good for WatfordPersonally i dont think he's good enough for the prem, hence QPR loaned him to us


30 Jun 2012 12:04:10
Harry kewell is currently at oakwell fact!!
My son just got his autograph and shook my hand
I asked him if he was signing On the dotted line he just smiled
Harry kewell to sign for barnsley in next 24 hours officialy!!(14)(26)What a load of rubbishI really hope not! Watched him for victory, he was uselessWell it is well known that he is back in England for family reasons and that the family is in that general area. I would not be surprised if he signed up. He would be a free transfer so could be worth a risk. just need to remember that his mind might not be on the job all the time so the prem clubs will not want to sign him.How many games did you watch? He ended up with 8 goals for the season and high up on the Player of the Year voting. Not one injury either. Hasn't been injured since before the 2010 WC. Barnsley and English fans will be surprisedNo we wont ! the mans a judas! end of and does not deserve to be playing in england!!.......leeds4everYeh so what scored a few goals for a pub team,he is well past sell by date,we could do better.The a-league is like watching league 2 games at best. Harry is a has been, if any scouting has been done most clubs will stay away from signing him. 8 goals in the a-league is not amazing!Maybe old bit cud b a shrewed signing on a free he's got no legs but great vision cud b useful for tarn sat In middle of park And mayb put a few bums on seatA-league is championship level. Stop being so biased towards england. He will do a good job and on the cheap as well {Ed001's Note - it is so not! It is much much slower and easier to play in. Probably due to the hotter climate, but players have much more time on the ball. There are players good enough for the Championship, but Kewell hasn't been at that level in years.}Saw every game last year at victory ,and let me tell ,your not on a winner with him ,he,ll milk it for all he can get ,greedy comes to mind ,and well passed his sell buy date ,get ridPassed it , but would be ok for barnsley, lge 1 standardSigned for Blackburn on Wednesday


30 Jun 2012 12:03:32
I have just heard reports that Alexander Buttner hs just arrived in Southampton for talks with the Saints(6)(9)Not sure if it is true, but a left sided player who could play wing or full back sounds like a replacement for Dan Harding?He's CAM -.- or am i imagining things :L
Spoon ;)And cover for lallanaHe did go for talksI hope this is true he would be a great addition.Youre imagining things spoon, hes a left sided utility player


30 Jun 2012 12:02:14
Burnley are after young midfielder Kane Ferdinand for 100k from Southend as he's is a promising young player(7)(9)Could be true as ive heard burnley been keeping an eye on young bournemouth player josh carmichael as eddie is trying to build a young squad.Ferdinand and Pugh to sign next weekFerdinand and pugh to sign next week . Come on it never comes round next week at burnley does it . Utc


30 Jun 2012 11:59:45
EVERTON are closing in on Danijel Pranjic Everton and Fulham are leading the chase for freed Besiktas defender Tomas Sivok, 28. Everton also look likely to sign naismith as they lead the chase for his signature. Theres a couple of clubs monitoring Victor Anichebe's situation if Everton are to sign naismith vic will be moving on. Landon donovan looks like joining Everton earlier than expected as LA Galaxy look like missing the play offs meaning Donovan could join up with Everton as early as november.(21)(4)


30 Jun 2012 11:57:54
Southampton to sign Alexander Buttner will be confirmed on Monday 2M also Saints to sign a Goalkeeper next week Rumoured to be Buttland(13)(8)Would be good sounds ok, few prem sides were in for himCOYR Great singing if we get him.Is he a midfielder?Yeah i'm sure he is CAM, at least that's what i think i heard :L Ed is he a CAM?
Spoon ;) {Ed001's Note - never seen him play, sorry.}New kit is a disappointment, any news on the Nathan clyne situation? Are reading going to get mariappa? Think he would be a great signing for saints.Can play in either midfield or in defenseI think there's better cb's around than mariappa he's a decent championship player at bestLeft Sided player can play wing or full back, good signing if true.Hope he doesLeft back... Close to getting in the Dutch team.Most saying QPR won this race already. Signature just a formality at this stage. Nothing confirmed of course.
Q90Look on some of the QPR forums they reckon they lost him to us!


30 Jun 2012 11:52:08
Stuart parnaby set to resign for Middlesbrough next week,expect to see him joined by Emmanuel ledesma,grant lead bitter and mustapha carayol as tony mowbrays squad rebuilding takes shape(10)(5)I liked him. Not the most gifted, but very honest trier. May work out but bit of a gambleThis Ledesma. Been reading 'Boro closing in on him' for ages. How close do we need to get without being accused of stalking him.Leadbitter signed for BORO a month ago on a three year dealI'm a walsall fan he always goes home to Argentina for a while and his wife was expecting a little one due two weeks after the season finished so that's whyI think mogga will get ledesma, carayol and butterfield. I would like to see Parnaby back at the club, a good honest pro and a local lad too!I have a good feelling about next season


30 Jun 2012 11:42:45
CARDIFF CITY have had a bid accepted for nahki wells from bradford.due for medical this week(13)(16)Otsemober at Aberdeen signed in MayComplete rubbishI suspect that this would need to be a sizable offer for Bradford to consider selling.Pure fantasyNah Nakhi's coming to Preston. That's for you Andy!Nahki wells has signed a contrack until the end of the 2013 season. he would not go to cardiff after he signed a contract.IN


30 Jun 2012 11:40:07
Luke Young's move to West Ham will be finalized next week.(9)(13)


30 Jun 2012 11:35:19
Watford targets tommy smith and heidar helguson on watfords radar both are open to moves as not required anymore and mark Hughes is keen on moving players on. As Sean dyche is remaining watfords manager for now it is possible he will make a move for both.(12)(2)


30 Jun 2012 11:33:29
Plymouth set to complete deal of Paris Cowan-Hall tomorrow and sign James Spray who is currently a free agent(7)(7)Plymouth have already signed paris cowan hallThey completed the deal today


30 Jun 2012 11:16:32
Charlton to make a suprise bid for Gillingham stopper 'Paulo Gazzaniga'.(6)(2)


30 Jun 2012 11:12:57
Burnley INS:

Mat Ryan
Bret Pitman
Luke O'Neill
Adam Clayton
Jason Shackell

Burnley OUTS:

Jay Rodriguez (SOTON £7m)(13)(18)Not a chance in us signing at least 3 of those players!!! Wake up fellow claretsI cant see burnley spending a lot ov money on players tbh i think they will go for the lower league players rather than proven talent because we had to sell jay rod just to balance the books , so what will happen next season ? Will we have to sell a key player yet again just to balance the books ? I think they will save the money from the jay sale to help next season . I hope im wrong but if your a burnley fan you just know what their like , especially with having eddie howe incharge , all he seems interested in is lower league players especially if there playing for bournemouth . I havent seen one rumour linking us with a prem or championship player were just trying to sign a load ov rejects or. Eh matesSo where?? Is Shackell and Clayton plying there trade in L1&L2. No Derby and Leeds are in the Championship!!!!!! GET A GRIPDefo right there mate hes tryna turn the burnley squad into the bournemouth youth team...sort it out eddie u person !You dont very hard then pal , Shackell , Clayton ?Apart from shackell and clayton i was supposed to write !Think every burnley fan knows that shackell is not cominh to turf, sick of reading his name when theres no chance of the clubs agreeing a deal. dead in the water.


30 Jun 2012 11:09:08
whos got any news on luton town for me ? cheers(4)(10)


30 Jun 2012 11:08:23
Stoke weighing up bid for Jermaine Beckford. West Ham now unlikely to follow up their initial interest in Beckford unless Leicester are prepared to take Nicky Maynard in exchange.(5)(27)Just made up rubbish, neither shown any interestWere after maynard last season so lets swap players i reckon we would get the better deal ...jim lcfcBeckford hasn't done anything since his awesome FA Cup form for Leeds. No doubt he's good but he needs to play his absolute A+ game to compete in the Prem and that can't be expected of any player. Avoid!Stoke have NO interest in Beckford


30 Jun 2012 10:56:20
Torquay united have around 750k to spend this summer and these are players that may come to plainmoor:

Billy bodin- 60k
Kane Ferdinand- 60k
Tom bender- 90k
Luke Summerfield- 85k
Josh Wright (loan)
Tommy Forecast (loan with buy option)
And......Danny Ings 200k

And the last 250k will go to the upgrade of the away stand(6)(24)DANNY INGS 200K !! Ings cost in excess of 1 million and is rated very highly, so you would have to pay over and above what is paid. But i guess you've been playing too much Championship managerDanny ings are you serious he's in the starting eleven at burnley and only 19 he will cost at least a figure in the millions for it to be even considered.Where is this money coming from?
if you think olejnik,ellis,o'kane that is going on new training facilities nr newton abbot and i know the investors personally
DevonGreenSouthampton will probably pay Torquay to take Tommy Forecast......tends to let in at least 3 goals every game.Please take tommy forecast. he's not known as 'four past' for nothingHaha deluded torquay fans 200k for danny ings ! 200k wouldn't even buy one of his toenails !!£750 k

300k of that will be needed to but Bodin


30 Jun 2012 10:50:25
Colchester have said they want to sign izale mcleod
He would be a free transfer because he turned down a new contract at barnet(9)(8)


30 Jun 2012 10:49:36
Swansea resigned to losing Vorm and have enquired about Begovic from Stoke.
Stoke very interested in Belgian Axel Witsel, unlikely but would be a brilliant singing for them.
Rhodes has signed for Reading, and Simon Church is likely to go to Bolton.(6)(31)If Rhodes had signed then it would have been announced already. Simon Church has also said he wants to stay at Reading and fight for his place.

LoyalRoyal94What a joke hes a top class keeper if he leaves stoke it would be to a top 4 sideBegovic will not come. I would say its possible if you said S√łrensen instead!Asmir Begovic will not be going to Swansea except for the league game he has to play there.Axel Witsel would cost a bloody fortune.Stoke would only sell Begovic for silly money which Swansea ain't got!Why would we want begovic when vorm is the best keeper outside the top 4 and he is not going anywhere!Vorm best keeper outside the top 4? Methinks this is just your opinion, Swansea fan by any chance?
Begovic is an awesome, young keeper and is widely tipped (not just by Stoke fans) as being a future world class keeper. He's also being watched like a hawk by Chelsea who see him as a succeeder for Petr Cech.Vorm is not leaving Swansea.Outside top 4 AHAHA!! Mate Tim krul is better and I'm a Redditch Town supporter. Championship football for Swansea I think next season.Stick to Reddich town, passing judgement on the swans being championship next year is way above your footballing standard. vorm was the on form goalkeeper last season aparrt from hartSwans fans give it a rest. the outstanding goalkeeper last season was no doubt tim krul, although vorm was impressive for the majority considerin he was virtually unknown and very cheapIm a cardiff fan and i agree that vorm is the best keeper outside of the top four and the most consistant in the league other than hart.And btw vorm is the dutch number 2 keeper and krul is number 3


30 Jun 2012 10:46:42
Wigan to sign Albert Adomah from
Bristol city for 2.4 million pound and
Dimitris Sapingidis also Wigan will look
at Solomon Kalou after he got released
by Chelsea. Adomah and Salpingidis still
in contract so will have to put a fee in
with the money they get from the victor
Moses sale to Chelsea.(3)(24)I'm a Wigan fan and the thought of getting Kalou is pie in the sky. jsylaticSalphangidis mentioned consistently with Wigan lets hope it's true great winger and attacking forwardKalous wages are way too high for wigan


30 Jun 2012 10:35:17
Dean Lewinton MK Dons to Bristol City. Deal almost done, likely in next few days.(12)(18)No chance. He's staying put.Not going to happen...Was always surprised that DL has stayed with the Don's for so long as whenever I've seen him come to the Gate in the past I always rated him but seeing as everything I have ever read on here ever unfolds I won't hold my breath loFl.A very good player,who definately should BE player in the Championship! Sadly HE seems to have NO AMBITION?No way, not trueNot true... All Dons players signed contracts for at least the next 2 seasons, nobody is being sold. Lewi is the soul of the club and will not be sold!NO AMBITION!? you mad? he's one of the most loyal players in the country playing for one of the most ambitious


30 Jun 2012 10:23:24
Derby want to buy a striker for 1.5-2m or a player on loan of that value. Clough stated this in thisisderbyshire this morning. He says the striker will be better than we've got

Rumours suggest it is Nicky Maynard on loan or Simon Cox(4)(19)Not bothered about the quality then, just what his value isSo you reckon neither of them are quality then?!?! Get a grip lad. Both of them can do a job in the Championship.I've said for a long time, that Simon Cox is the player we need, although thats cos i didn't think we'd get Maynard, one would be amazing, both one on loan, would be beyond dreams, but we won't loan if possibleMaynard to move to Forest through Kuwait takeover.


30 Jun 2012 10:16:07
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates is weighing up a move for former Yeovil player Kieran Agard.(7)(6)That would either be a great signing or a poor signing he has the pace and the odd bit of class but he is inconsistentNever got a real chance with us (yeovil) I am the Twitter member that recommended him to the club to complete the first 'twansfer'... He scored vital goals for us at times and showed he could cause enormous uncertainty for opponents... He just never got the chance to find his feet... like all players he needs games; give him that at League Two level you have a 15+ goal strikerIt wasnt just one person who recommended him on twitter was alot of people coz i dont think skivo would of listened to just one personCan score goals. But chelt need a big striker...I agree someone like burgessSkivo didn't 'listen' to tweeters at all, he had already targetted Agard and some of them guessed correctly. As for his ability, I think he will come good now he has got a season behind him and think he should have been given another year at YTFC.A player that definitely wasn't given much of a look in at Yeovil, and certainly divides opinion.

A trial would be interesting. That's how Cheltenham found the true gem that is Luke Summerfield, after all.Ironically Summerfield should have been a YTFC target last year without a trial, IMO


30 Jun 2012 10:12:34
Out of contract midfielder Sean McAllister is thought to be on Cheltenham manager Mark Yates' radar.(5)(5)Or kevin mcleod from braintree


30 Jun 2012 10:10:36
Cheltenham manager Mark Yates is looking to sign out of contract midfielder Sam Togwell as a replacement for Luke Summerfield.(5)(6)Could happen togwell is ok, better to keep summers.


30 Jun 2012 10:10:20
Chris Samba to return to the Premier league with Stoke City, some time in the coming weeks.(12)(33)Doubt he's like to play second fiddle to Shawcross and Huth.He would suit stoke to a tee somebody to get his head on all the high balls...Nope. wont happen, why would he choose to sit on our bench?"He would suit stoke to a tee somebody to get his head on all the high balls..."

Sorry mate but which high balls, Samba is a centre back.. Stoke may well play long ball now and again but not backwards! Think about what you are saying before making cheap shot comments.So he wouldnt go up for corners and free kicks and throw ins then,you need to think before you speakHe means samba scores alot of goals from set piecesSamba is over rated anyway. wudnt want him and certainly not in need of centre backs. stay in russia where the money is please


30 Jun 2012 10:06:46
Chesterfield will sign Sam Togwell on Monday, two year deal.(8)(4)


30 Jun 2012 09:59:35
Bolton have offered Reading £2m for striker Simon Church.

Brighton have also enquired, as have Watford, but Watford have been told to forget it after upping what they wanted for Mariappa after agreeing a fee with Reading.

Sheffield United want to take striker Manset off Reading's hands for £200k.(16)(6)Reading been told to forget us taking Church off your hands because you won't pay what we asked for MariappaYou must in a fantasy world if you think Church is worth that sort of money, if as you say an agreement was made for Mariappa that was with the old owner, the new owners know the true value of the player also he may go and play Champions league football with UdineseOh silly Watford fan. Your club reneged on an agreed upon deal. It's ok you can keep him we've moved on.

BiscuitManset will not go for 200k we want to make a profit, try £300-400k.Ffs reading - get over Mariappa - you wanted to nick him for half of what he is worth and got caught out. Now we don't have to sell - we will get real money for him and probably more than you have.
Enjoy your season in the premier league - I hear William hills are offering evens on under 20 points for you!Reading fans are just recycling the rubbish they here on here. Some muppet made up that a deal was verbally agreed and all other Reading fans jump on the bandwagon. You have no idea if a verbal deal was agreed or that we went back on a deal, so stop going on about itThe Watford fan is rattled. Your club agreed the fee and reneged on the deal. You're club has bad business practices. It's ok just accept it. Enjoy your season in the championship oh and the season after that and that and that...etc etc and losing your money if you place that bet.

Biscuit.Didn't realise William Hill had the final say in where a team finishes in the table. So many of you guys are just so painfully bitter.Love how the Watford fans are giving us stick about where we will finish next season when it was them who finished bottom of the prem with 28points in 07 and we finished 8th! Jealousy again Watford fans thinking they are some kind of world class team.Church isn't worth 2m but it's our value like mariappa isn't worth 3m got a year left on his contractStraight swap church and mills 4 mariappa it's a no brainnerPlayers are not cards, its not as simple as just swapping players. There are contract terms and compensation. Plus the players all need to be willing to make the moves which neither Church or Mills are willing to do.


30 Jun 2012 09:52:22
Exeter City have tabled a bid for Tonbridge Angels striker Francis Collins and are expecting to seal the deal next week.

Exeter have also signed Northampton Town Midfielder Aaron Davies who joins on a free transfer.(6)(3)


30 Jun 2012 09:48:35
Stevenage manager Graham Smith is after Barnet striker Steve Kabber with Craig Ried moving the other way.(2)(10)Try GARY smith


30 Jun 2012 09:42:06
Andy Gray signing to be announced on Monday along with 3 other signings(7)(10)He's a bit old now isn't he?
plus he does his radio show week days..Meredith
Andy Gray
and Gary Jones officially unveiled Monday?


30 Jun 2012 09:33:19
Any news on the following players to tranmere- dagnall, Campbell ryce, Andy Taylor or any new playrrs?(5)(1)Camble ryce has joined plymouth!


30 jun 2012 09:31:36
any bristol city transfer news,
any bristol city transfer news.(2)(17)


30 Jun 2012 09:14:27
Coventry City are looking to secure several free transfer and nominal fee signings over the next few days as Andy Thorn tries to rebuild after relegation... These include:

Gary Thompson the ex-Scunthorpe winger
Brian Howard the ex-Reading central midfielder
John Fleck the Rangers attacking midfielder

Coventry are also after a couple of strikers:

Jose Baxter - season loan signing from Everton
Stuart Beavon from Wycombe - nominal fee
Lewis Coult from Cowdenbeath - nominal fee

Whilst the SkyBlues are also still hopeful of re-signing
Martin Cranie and Richard Keogh on longer term contracts at the Ricoh Arena

The possible outs include:

James McPake - Hibernian for £150k
Roy O'Donovan - Released from his contract
Gael Bigirimana - Newcastle for £500k rising to £1million(5)(18)Don't Coventry have a transfer ban like Brum and rangersJOSE BAXTER IS COMING TO TRANMERE of loan after an excellent loan spell for 3 months last seasonNo nominal fee for Beavon 600K& for him mate! He wont go to coventry anyway!The Brian Howard deal could happen but my source (his cousin) has told me that he's is likely to move to Cyprus and play there.Baxter is going nowhere as he is in Everton's first team preparationsNo coventrys ban was lifted last wednesdayTransfer embargo good luck signing any1 have fun in L2 next season.The transfer embargo was lifted nearly 2 weeks ago.Coventrys and Birminghams transfer embargos have both been lifted.As a Reading fan I am always amused how money has gone to some of our fans heads. We must remembers its Anton's father who pulls the purse strings as he own wealth is not that much in comparison. However I would love to see Rhodes at the mad stad (and wipe the faces of all the none believers). This isn't rumour site not sky sports news hence the elaborate posts. Dare I suggest Messi or Ronaldo?I've only just got into football and I support reading, but who is this Messi player you speak of? {Ed003's Note - bog off,lol }Oh he is always dribbling but never wears a bib.

LoyalRoyal94Heard beavon's off to prestonI'm an Evertonian and to the guy who said Baxter's in the first team picture for this're not serious. Vellios, Barkley, Gueye, Junior and soon Naismith - never getting a look in with those attacking players aroundThompson is set to sign for the Bantams


30 Jun 2012 08:39:28
Afc Wimbledon are still waiting to hear from two centre backs, most probably Ryan cresswell and Gary Doherty. With the arrival of warren cummings it is unlikely the club will sign Sam wood.


30 Jun 2012 08:37:31
Swindon town has canceled the contract of Mattia Lanzano by mutal constent.(9)(3)


30 Jun 2012 08:27:32
port vale take over waiting for FA and League approval. True source, from club website, fans website, local paper also. If you disagree then fine, but this is true. :D Happy times ahead!(9)(6)Today's local paper says there is going to be a further delay - as I posted a coouple of weeks back. Radio Stoke say it's all settled for next week, but I would advise caution. The fat lady is no where near the stage yet!


30 Jun 2012 08:24:13
west ham have at the moment accepted defeat in bid to sign wilfred zaha, however expect them to return with another bid later in window. they have been given the green light by the palace chairman to sign nathaniel clyne this deal could possibly include jordan spence going in the opposite direction. reports of mangane are miles wide of the mark, is seen as a liability, it is still more likely if a defender does sign from france it will be souprayen(9)(13)Wet Spam have never bid for Zaha, the rumour was made up by a 14 yo. This was confirmed by Steve Parish Palace's chairman.No one has spoke to Palace about signing Clyne. Nat has set his heart on going to Man Utd and a deal should be announced once he's officially out of contract, fergie is going to then take a chance of a tribunal setting the feeHow can the Palace chairman give WHU the green light to sign Clyne-he is a free agent!


30 Jun 2012 08:49:02
Championship side Millwall will sign striker Izale Mcleod next week.(4)(15)Will have tough competition from the likes off Leeds and derby for the free agentOpe not. Not that I don't like him. It's just that he looked lazy when he was on loan and drifted in and out of games.Sorry Izale Mcleod is holding out for Pompey to be sorted, which will be in the next week.Good, he'll fit in well at Millwall as he's ste as wellNo chance. KJ has already kicked him out of the den once, terrible attitude. League 1 player at the very best !!


30 Jun 2012 08:42:54
Have just seen Sammy Ameobi outside of the Amex with his agent and Kazenga LuaLua(11)(11)


30 Jun 2012 08:39:32
O kane set to join swindon town after he had talks with the yesterday and has aggred personal terms and expected to announce that he signed for them on Monday to Friday(5)(9)He has confirmed to South Devon News he is staying with Torquay, nearly joined Crawley but has no other offers and wants to stay with TorquayWith the exception of those who are trying to find new clubs Swindon have just about finished their business, PDC is taking the entire squad off to Italy tomorrow for a two week fitness camp. There may be some loan movement on their return (Bostock?) but that is likely to be all.Your wrong, we will make two more signings and a possible loan move, bostock thats if spurs allow it.With the exception of maybe a goal keeper coming in Swindon have indeed just about finished their transfer work. The squad is now in Italy, PDC as repeated time and again the importance of spending the entire pre-season together for both fitness and team gelling reasons. There may be a loan move for Bostock, any other transfer 'IN's' this season will wait until January...dependant on how the team is doing at that stage. PDC got his work done early for a reason.


30 Jun 2012 07:57:21
Swindon Town reject £40,000 Torquay bid for Billy Bodin

By Brent Pilnick BBC Sport

Torquay United has a bid in the region of £40,000 for Swindon Town's 20-year-old midfielder Billy Bodin rejected.

The Wales Under-21 international spent a successful spell on loan at Plainmoor during the first half of last season, making 19 appearances.

But Swindon chairman Jeremy Wray says it is likely that out-of-contract Bodin will leave the Robins.

"I think it's appropriate that he does find another club at this stage," he told BBC Radio Wiltshire.

"The date's been set for when players have got to sign and I think it's no secret that on the basis that he hasn't signed, Billy is looking for other opportunities.

"He will have seen the forwards that we have brought in and he will be realistic as to where Paolo will see him in that pecking order."

Gulls boss Martin Ling has made no secret of his desire to bring Bodin back to the club.

He scored five goals in his 19 appearances for Torquay between August and January last season and had a spell on loan at Crewe earlier this year, who are also keen to sign him.

Torquay have already brought in around £400,000 in transfer fees from the sales of goalkeeper Bobby Olejnik and centre-back Mark Ellis.

"I'm sure that he will find a club in the not too distant future and we'll sort something out with them.

"Nothing's resolved at the moment but I think it's fair to say that Paolo has not got him in his plans for next season," Wray said.(6)(7)What's the link to the interview where he actually say's this?


30 Jun 2012 06:08:53
I was informed yesterday by a contact within the club that Colchester will sign two possibly three strikers next week. He didn't however make any reference to who they are .....(10)(10)With all due respect then, this isnt much of a rumourVassell, sears and McLeod


30 Jun 2012 01:23:59
{Ed003's Note - Thanks to all the posters who have started leaving a name/tag at the end of their posts,it has helped a lot, if more could do it we would really appreciate it,just makes sense that folk can debate with a recognised poster,this way we can hopefully get rid of silly childish snide replies,thanks again 003}(6)(8)I feel it's better if people do sign their posts with a name/tag as it will cut out a lot of rubbish Seasider91


30 Jun 2012 00:44:19
Bristol Rovers have failed in a bid to entice Aldershot defender Ben Herd to the Memorial Stadium. The 27 year old felt it would be a sideways move and he is very happy playing under up and coming manager Dean Holdsworth.(8)(9)


30 Jun 2012 00:49:09
Chelsea look set to beat Real Madrid's offer for Luka Modric, 26, as they prepare a £36m bid for the midfielder.(18)(19)Levy won't sell to them an less it's 50million.Guess hell have to take real madrids 20 mil offer then hey good luck with that



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