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01 Aug 2013 22:12:47
Stevenage are showing interest in former West Ham and AFC Wimbledon defender Callum McNaughton after seeing him impress while watching George Allen on loan at Bishops Stortford

Poor player

Shocking player

He's as good at stopping goals as Drewe Broughton is scoring them. Absolute cack!



01 Aug 2013 22:09:12
Middlesbrough look set to complete the signing of albert adomah tomorrow.
Frazer Richardson will also sign before Saturday.
The cb's Mowbray is trying to bring in on loan include Michael keane, boyata from man city or Nathan ake.
The strikers he is trying to bring in on loan are luke Moore and vaz te or a permanent deal for billy sharp.

Nathan ake is a centre mid good player though played well against us in the cup game

Dont know much about Adomah. any good? need a creative Cent Mid and a good strong center half.

Adomah is having a medical on Friday after talks have been successful on Thursday. He will sign a three year deal for a fee of just over 1 million. Just been talking to Rhys Williams.

Sharp probably won't sign. As for the rest, Adomah comin' to Boro, hopefully Nathan Ake will sign, and both Moore and Vaz Te would be a good addition to the squad.

That will happen

Nathan Ake is actually a CB, but can play in CM, similar to David Luiz.

Ricardo vaz te is a good championship striker, i'm not sure we need any more midfielders but nathan ake looks to be a good young proffesional.

He isn't just a Centre mid though mate, For chelsea at the end of last season he played at CB for them on their US tour. He's one of those players who can play anywhere in defense/midfield. The commentators and such said during the game he's comforable playing virtually anywhere.

Richardson and adomah are defeinates and ake looks likely however the striker is Ricky Fuller

Sounds good for boro and himself. he had a good game against us and looks very syeady for a young player.

Adomah won't come. Bristol playing hard to get now

Fuller is not good enough, scored 5 goals last season. We need someone like Vaz te.

Adomah isn't definate as we've seen from previous deals that have went tots up

Middlesbrough transfer news: £1m Adomah snub

What is this confusion regarding the fee, apparently according to this article, our initial bid has been rejected. I thought he was supposed to be having a medical

Rhys williams is blagging your head mate as adomah is not coming to boro cause bristol city aren't interested in recieving payments in stages and they couldn't agree a fee! (predictable really) lol

02 Aug 2013 16:55:07
albert adomah, ross mccormack and frazer richardson all to sign for middlesbrough over the next week or so

Has Adomah Signed?

The bid for Adomah has been accepted, however Middlesbrough and Bristol City cannot agree on the installments of the fee at the moment. (Boro don't want to pay in full straight away) I wouldn't worry too much about it Boro fans, I'm sure they'll resolve the issue.

Adomah has had medical and agreed terms. Problem is Bristol City want half the money up front, whereas we want to pay in instalments. To be concluded soon. UTB

Heard that a fee has been agreed, but Bristol want to adjust over some instalments to the transfer. For a team that want this over quickly, they are picky.

RB Frazer Richardson
CB Nathan Ake
RM Albert Adomah
CF Will Keane

The deal for adomah has fallen through after complications with the fees. Bristol city want the money up front to ensure that signings can be made dinner rather than later. really gutted about this one, yet another decent prospect we have now lost out on

Adomah did not have a medical n agree terms as he was training with Bristol city all day yday.

If boro really want the guy then borrow the money from mr gibson

Posted a few days back about missed targets and failure to tie up deals, one response took me to task a bit which I understand but surely if this tfr for Adomah doesn't go through it once again proves the point

Adomah was not in bristol squad on sat so could be a good sign we desperatly need someone in



01 Aug 2013 22:07:25
Gylfi Sigurdsson will be signing for Bundesliga side SC Freiburg on loan, with an option to buy for a fee of around £9m (which Freiburg are unlikely to meet). Sigurdsson is surplus to requirements at White Hart Lane. There is interest in Sigurdsson from several Premier League clubs as well as Reading, but Daniel Levy does not want to sell such a good player to an English club.

What? Tottenham won't sell Sigurdsson he's just broken into the first team.

Reading got relegated. But they did bid around 10m in January but it got rejected

Rubbish Sigurdsson is very much in Tottenhams plans. And he hardly set the Bundesliga alight at Hoffenheim

Reading got relegated. But they did bid around 10m in January but it got rejected

It wasn't rejected. It was dependent on spurs signing the Brazilian fella which never came off

I thought Sig won player of the year at Hoffenheim before a change of coach saw him crudely axed from the side.

Fans player of the year. He was very well respected in Germany and loved by the fans. Had a cracking few seasons there considering his age. Has the ability to play week in week out for a top top club



01 Aug 2013 21:38:35
Is Norwich going to buy Uwa Elderson tomorrow?

Why do we need another left back we have already signed two permanently

We have already got two left backs we don't need another

I didn't realise a left back had to play on the left! use your noggin and imagine further then your nose! how many players do you know play exclusively onLy on the left, or the right? NONE! this may amaze you but every fb/ defender must be prepared to swap sides!!

Sorry, but that is utter nonsense. Many left back / right backs are largely clueless when played on the opposite side to their specialist position. How often has Ashley Cole - or Adam Drury, come to that - been played on the right? Almost never. And there's a reason for that.

Whats different between the left and the right? nothing! its not "specialist" its natural defensiveness! in every match AS AN EXAMPLE wingers are switched, or don't you watch football? the same goes for defenders to counter such moves, it stops wingers either "getting to the line"
and crossing or " cutting in" depending on the side and also of course the left/right foot! take adriano, a NATURAL LEFTIE, yet he cuts in from the right and scores most goals with his left. is that allowed that he is on the right? should he be banned? nuff said, now let's debate something interesting please. ty

You obviously have not played football if you think it doesn't matter what side a left back plays on!

"sighs" ok its a specialist position! and so is the waterboys! it don't mean a right footed player can't play on the left, as proved earlier. that was my point so eloquently made. NEXT!
why am I not allowed to say you're going in the river? that chant is as old as the nest.

In the lower leagues, natural left backs and right backs swap sides but in the Premiership they are rarely played where they don't feel comfortable because, as Ed says, it IS a specialist position. Wingers are switched more frequently and most can cope with it although even then most have a clearly favoured side. Yes, let's move on to something else more interesting and perhaps less excitable.

Depends what foot they favour. Wingers tend to switch more than full backs because it offers different approaches. A right footer on right wing is more set for crossing into the box, on left wing it's more about cutting in and shooting. For defenders, it's mostly about making a clearance.

Seriously, so Ashley Cole plays right back often? And evra? Kyle walker moves over to left back? I can't be bothered to list every decent full back but they ALL stick to their sides. I've a UEFA B coaching licence, have played football for years and can honestly say that this person does not know anything about football if they think full backs aren't specialists. The only level that happens at is pub football.

Does this guy even know the offside rule?

Winders it matters less as they can cut in onto their stronger foot. Full backs mostly play on they're stronger side. Have you ever seen Russell Martin play left back? Ever seen Garrido right back? No.

If they weren't a specialist why aren't they just called full backs instead of left / right back

Lol they can play left or right come on you make out footballs really har a hard job they can play both sides it's the same job

Kyle naughton played left back for spurs last year despite being right sided
Whittaker can play all across the back.
So it can be done at the highest level and is

Oh I just have to join in as this is fun. Glen Johnson is a right back and often plays at left back. But sir you are so wrong! It so is a specialist position and unless the team is desperate than the left back stays on the left and the right on the right. They are there to defend and not confuse matters. Wingers. That's different.

I did cede that its a specialist position. ed (god) agreed the reason why a defender would swap sides as well. I am confused tho, so help me out here! why do strikers have to track back to help in defence when we (or any other club come to that) have a specialist lb? isn't a strikers position a "specialist" one as well? just a thought! no other forum has this sort of discussion, so well done us! lool now then, you're goiing in the riverr!

Yes full backs can play either side if need be of course, the same as rooney can play centre midfield or cesc fabregas can play upfront. but it is not there best positions and if played out of position its normally because the club is short on that position and need someone to fill in. Yes full backs are a specialists position but they can swap sides if the team needs them to but you wouldn't just change them for the sake of it.

Kyle naughton is an exception. not the rule. General rule of thumb is that they play on their own sides. I personally believe this to be a wind up, I can't believe that ANYONE could not have noticed that full backs are specialists to their given side. Whittaker can play all along the back as "cover", he's a right back though.

If Glen Johnson is your left back then I expect the Liverpool strikers track back as they know he has no pace, gets beaten in one on one situations and his positional sense is non existant.

Whos Uwa Elderson? is he a left back or is he a specialist left back but he can cover as a right back? or is he a UTILITY PLAYER? so he can play left wing and right wing as well? If ashley cole is soo "specialist" how come he use to be a striker or "forward" at youth? when did he become special? every single player is completely different and can play in at least 1 postion some in more than one, AMAZING HEY. debate over I win you lose

I think that the majority of posts above prove that you lost a long, long time ago - but you have probably had your fingers stuck in your ears, shouting, "La la la! I can't hear you!"

Why has this turned into such a debate? The simple fact is the rumour is a load of rubbish. Norwich have plenty of full backs and wingers so won't be signing this guy.



01 Aug 2013 21:16:13
According to Finnish print media Stoke have made an offer on HJKs young striker Joel Pohjanpalo

Well idk too much about the lad as he is only 18 but we really need a proven goalscorer for this year i. e. Defoe, Emenike, Bent or Diouf.

That was good news if it's true! Joel is a big big talent.



01 Aug 2013 21:06:01
Darren Bent cert to join Fulham in next few days. Done deal c. £6m

Jol will need to change his game plan if he plays both Bent and Berbatov. Two holding midfielders will leave a massive gap between midfield and attack. Ruiz could be the linking player but needs a decent defensive player in midfield alongside him.

Bent is a proven goal scorer and a line breaker - something needed if playing with Berbatov.

A shame the Osvaldo deal appears to have fallen through, although reports suggest the deal could happen if Fulham pay £12m and big wages.

Taarabt being considered as cover for Ruiz.

Odemwinge also being considered as cover in attacking positions.

Wih 73 games played for Sunderland in all competitions, Cattermole was booked 32 times and received four red cards. Is this really what we're looking for?

The news about Cattermole arriving or even being discussed for Fulham is so concerning but predictable because of Jol's game plan. Cattermole is a poor man's Sidwell and he is steady at best.

At the moment we have a poorer squad than last season and that says everything about how poor things have been in the close season. If Fulham don't do some decent business at best will finish in the bottom half of the table. I think Jol will be a good bet for the first manager to be sacked next season - I say this for various reasons but partly because the new owner will want their choice as manager.



01 Aug 2013 21:40:18
sheffield wednesday's owner Mandaric, is not signing any new players. He is desperately trying to do a deal with a Chinese consortium who have put certain conditions regarding personnel.
They intend a massive clearout from top to bottom. Source. hong kong times

Well that's strange because we have just signed Kamil Zayatte.



01 Aug 2013 20:17:12
West brom considering a bid for Pape Abdou Camara in the region of 1. 5-2 million as back up for yacob and mulumbu

02 Aug 2013 08:53:37
We do need cover for Mulumbu and Yacob and he might not be a bad option but, £2 million was the fee banded about for Craig Gardner who has Premiership experience and can (if needed) play in other positions too.

Personally at that price I'd opt for Gardner.



01 Aug 2013 20:02:55
Billy sharp having a medical at oakwell tomorrow! It's the talk of the town! Nick Powell also rumoured to be joining on loan despite Watfords interest!

Keep dreaming he will not be coming to Oakwell and neither will Powell. I would be delighted to be proven wrong - but I won't be.

Well it looks like Watford aren't getting Powell now so maybe for you

Powell will not be joining Watford according to close sources at the club



01 Aug 2013 20:00:53
Liverpool and Arsenal looking at signing Gokhan Inler from Napoli



01 Aug 2013 19:41:38
wba want lyon wideman michel bastos

He went 2 shalke in germany ages ago

On loan at Schalke, he's heading to Al-Ain though

That was only on loan but reports say he's already joined Al Ain



01 Aug 2013 19:31:53
Bristol City will sign Pack tommorow for a compensation fee of around £50,000-£100,000. -CH

Pack and Harewood sound like they will both be in in time for tomorrow.

Pair of Marlons.



01 Aug 2013 19:39:07
fulham are closing in on former sunderland skipper lee cattermole

This is true I delivered concrete to a sunderland youth coachs house yesterday ( robbie stockdale) and was told this when I quizzed him about cattermole as there was a rumor he was going on loan to boro



01 Aug 2013 19:25:34
Marseille's Ghana ace Andre Ayew is keen to hold talks with Liverpool.



01 Aug 2013 18:38:59
Fulham set to sign Darren Bent for £5m. They will then look to sign Walter Gargano on loan as well as another central midfielder.



01 Aug 2013 18:26:09
Burnley will look to sign either Gary Madine or Sam Baldock to replace CA both will cost no more than 500,000

Burnley to go for sharp who is guaranteed starting place at burnley and will be at the burnley Bolton game saturday

02 Aug 2013 10:04:58
5 million for Madine? i'm a Wednesday fan and whoever put that comment is a MUG!

02 Aug 2013 10:04:58
5 million for Madine? i'm a Wednesday fan and whoever put that comment is a MUG!

02 Aug 2013 14:04:06
im at wednesday fan but I can read that says 500 grand not 5 million

02 Aug 2013 20:38:24
Not spending ANY CA money.



01 Aug 2013 19:10:32
Charlie Lee is in talks with Swindon Town after agreeing a settlement with Gillingham. Leyton Orient ant Afc Wimbledon are also interested.

02 Aug 2013 06:18:23
Charlie Lee has moved a bit closer to joining Southend, according to Martin Allen, and the manager has also said there will be NO more signings for at least 2 weeks.

Wimbledon will not be signing any more players with the exception of trialist Rhys Weston.

We (wimbledon) won't sign him, we have completed our squad with the signing of Michael Smith

Ardley wil add one more if needed and that will be a midfield player on loan won't be any permernt signing plus we can't afford he's wages

Anything other than Charlie Lee?

After yesterdays excellent performance Swindon wouldn't need Lee they already have Harley who plays similar roles.

If Charlie Lee is that good, he will definitely be on Orients radar.
Orient Manager and legend Russ Slade is already laying the foundations for championship football next season.
There is still one or two quality players that Slade is interested in, and hopes to bring them to Brisbane Road soon.



01 Aug 2013 19:00:42
Matty fryatt to sign for Bradford city by the end of next week on loan

After signing Matt Taylor yesterday. BC will only be signing a goalkeeper.



01 Aug 2013 18:57:15
Steve De Ridder spotted going north up the m6 in Lancashire, most likely teams he will be visiting are either Bolton, Wigan or Blackpool

Probably not Blackpool (no offense)

How could anyone spot de ridder on a motorway? Surely your eyes should be on the road

01 Aug 2013 23:56:23
i went to blackpool today and went to the ground. I saw Tom ince in the training kit, I also saw a taller man close up in the same training kit. it had 17, or 77 on it. looked JUST like neal bishop. So WILL NEAL BISHOP BE ANOUNCED TODAY?

02 Aug 2013 09:12:50
de ridder has signed for ultrect in holland - saints fan

Chris basham is number 17 and 77 seems a strange number to give to a player

Neal bishop has played 4 pre season freindlies and is training with the squad anyway

Neal Bishop has signed a short term 5 month contract.

Di rider probably going shopping.



01 Aug 2013 18:06:25
Celtic slap 5 mill valuation on K Wilson and have turned down a 1. 75 mill bid from Forest as totally unacceptable
Blackburn and Wigan also watching developments as he would like to move closer to his family

Rubbish. Spoke to kelvin himself Sunday. He has told Lennon and Celtic he wants to move back home. Home being nottingham. This deal will happen its only a matter of time. Strelly the rosé!

That's a good price for him as Wilson was huge in the cl last season, as he has talent and could be a great cb, and he is being talked about for England cap

Greedy gits they got him off us for nothing. and he int worth more than 2m.
apart from a few games in champions league. rest of season in spl mickey mouse league.

01 Aug 2013 22:26:57
Total rubbish, £5 million for Wilson, nobody is going to pay that for Wilson.
Deal already done for Wilson, going to Forest. .

Wigan and Blackburn might be closer to his family - but not much!

Ha ha. good luck with that, he ain't going for that money. We will take him next year for 500,000 cheers

Kelvin wilson was average at forest when he played. nothing special. %million for him is ridiculous! why don't we offer leicster 5mil for big wes instead?! if kelvin wilson gets a cap for england our national football is in dire trouble!

02 Aug 2013 07:19:30
Wilson is better than Morgan by a long shot, wheorgan was with us last time he cost us many games, to many free kicks and penalty given away cheaply by Morgan plus he's to slow, gets caught out ball watching.

Yep, we took him for nothing and you want him back for 2 mill! You can have him! Totally over-rated, has speed but that's all.

You's are all wrong, think of a player that scored recently in pre season

02 Aug 2013 14:26:38
I am a Celtic fan if we got 2million for Wilson we would be robbing forest worse center half I've ever seen

Wilson is definately not better than wes morgan. Big wes is an absolute rock at the heart of any defence. Its no suprise he became leicster captain and got they're player of the season. he's probably in the top 5 centre backs in the championship. Kelvin wilson is just average at everything and made a lot of mistakes at forest 1st time. You never heard the fans sing " you'll never beat kelvin wilson" like they did with big Wes.

Wilson is absolute pants. league 1 standard at best. Forest are fools to pay that for him!

I would agree with comment. wilson, morgan are overrated. iam sure there better centrehalfs arond, if not here, in europe

Wilson might not be the greatest defender but he sure is a lot better than Ambrose and Mulgrew too slow at times (running and reaction) We won't let Wilson go until we get another replacement

Wilson 5 mill defo, if all the over rated english prems are going fr 10/ 20 mill, milner, defoe, lescott, etc etc etc,,,,,,, al geri the real deal.

Does anybody think bale is worth 100 mill? its all in relation, i have watched the greatest club on earth for 45 years, hooper ain't in the top 20 strikers i have seen at my club. alas you want to give us 5 mill. cheers. al geri.



01 Aug 2013 17:29:17
Leyton Orient have signed Wolves' winger Johnny Gorman and Burnley midfielder Marvin Bartley.

Gorman has signed a one year deal after a successful trial period and Bartley has joined on a 28 day loan.

02 Aug 2013 01:11:30
please let's go for sharp. this guy ain't a goal scorer

Slade had a gut feeling about Gorman ( excuse the expression ) but its a gamble worth taking. He's an international player, and still very young. Its a bit of a mystery why he has not progressed.
Mabey Russ can get the best out of him. very shrewd signing ME THINKS.

Yep, Sharp would be a very good addition, but remember that this is a low budget football club with gates of 4000!
Bazza will never break the bank while we are in this position. Let us be greatful we still have a club, and that we can still dream of better times ahead.



01 Aug 2013 17:17:23
Sam Baldock of Bristol City to join Burnley to replace Charlie Austin

Not a chance. We would only have 1 striker

Don't think so

Sams been made captain so no chance

It looks like City are keepeing Baldock at least for the season.



01 Aug 2013 17:38:05
tv news says mboro are in talks with Albert adomah I hope this signing comes off its the signing the fans want.



01 Aug 2013 16:21:45
Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway hopes to conclude a £3 million deal for Michael Mancienne within the next 24 hours.

Are you sure on this one?

03 Aug 2013 22:13:30
Not signed yet



01 Aug 2013 16:16:34
Jenas deal very close {Ed003's Note - submitted on the Hull page}



01 Aug 2013 16:15:27
David Bentley to sign for palace for an initial 1 year deal

It does not look like he's in demand! overated, overpaid!

. but his hair is fantastic!



01 Aug 2013 16:12:41
Charlton are in talks with Tottenham over a potential permanent deal for Jon Obika

Could do with this extra signing to finalise our attacking options. Maybe fuller incase kermo gets injured also on a pay as you play!

04 Aug 2013 12:11:36
What is the point in stalling the bale deal let him go and move on. Expect the chairman is haggling for a cash deal not on installments



01 Aug 2013 14:01:08
(ED):: the McClean story about joining barnsley has gone quiet any news {Ed024's Note Maclean very unlikley to join Barnsley, Celtic and Cardiff most likely destination.}

He Wont be joining Celtic we've just signed a dutch left winger from Ajax

Ed celtic just signed winger from Ajax, McClean not good enough for Celtic anyway

You sure ed aaron McLean. Not Sunderlands?

01 Aug 2013 18:38:59
ED: I think he means Aaron McLean, not James McLean!



01 Aug 2013 15:56:21
Gunners striker Marouane Chamakh is in talks with Crystal Palace for a season-long loan.

This cannot be true as Holloway does not agree with loans

Wasn't the player who scored the goal to send you up on loan same as Zaha?

Like he has a choice. Can't afford players in this market.

Holloway doesn't agree with loans apart from the 4 players he had on loan last session?

Holloway didn't agree with having 14 players on loan, 10 being from the same club. The Player who scored (Zaha) was from the clubs academy and only sold on the basis he would remain at the club for the rest on the season. A little bitter are we?



01 Aug 2013 15:46:10
Michael Nelson leaving Bradford for Hibs. Not sure if on a full transfer or loan
Matty Fryatt arriving in to BCFC on a season loan from Hull

And being replaced by Matt Taylor from Charlton. Good luck back up in Scotland, Michael



01 Aug 2013 15:42:57
Odemwingie has signed for Cardiff! Bluuuuebird!

If he has I wouldn't be cheering about it. The man is an embarrassment and a fool.

No he hasn't they are only peaking interest in him

We haven't signed him, we are interested according to a lot of sources but we haven't signed him, I wouldn't mind Odemwingie but I would think we'd go after someone bigger than that like Defoe would be better tbh but i'm not bothered by why he did in january because in my opinion it very much sounded like his agent said something about a potential move to qpr



01 Aug 2013 15:29:27
Bristol city looking to sign one of jay Simpson or Billy sharp to help there promotion push. Also O'Driscoll is in talks with De ridders agent trying to sort a one year deal with an option of another if promotion is achieved.

01 Aug 2013 23:05:41
No he's not - Steve De Ridder has joined fc utrecht



01 Aug 2013 15:23:29
Yeovil are close to sending James Hayter out to an unnamed club and replacing him with a striker from NForest by early next week

Doubt It!

This cannot be true surely his partnership with Paddy Madden is great can't see this happening

Matt Derbyshire to Yeovil?



01 Aug 2013 15:14:28
Charlie Austin now gone to QPR, expect Burnley to make an offer for Sam Baldock.

Expect said offer to be duly rejected!

Not being funny but I f*****g hope not! he's useless

Burnley won't be signing baldock, they are looking at 3 strikers as a potential replacement for austin and they are believed to be billy sharp, sylvan ebanks blake and kevin doyle, my bet would be on ebanks blake as he's available on a free but my choice would be billy sharp. UTC

Sorry but I feel burnley will use the loan market. after all our ex chairman is on record, saying a club like ours is punching above our weight in the championship. that to me means ambition is div 1



01 Aug 2013 15:06:53
Danny Mayor of Sheffield Wednesday (winger) & Brian Jensen free agent released by Burnley (goalkeeper) set to join the revolution at Gigg lane sometime today.

01 Aug 2013 18:19:04
Mayor might go out on loan but he's currently out injured

Good luck to the beast, you'll love him. UTC

Mayor is not injured he's been doing pr season with U21



01 Aug 2013 14:57:02
Danny Hollands having Medical next week as he looks to join Swindon on a Undisclosed fee
Jonathan Obika close to Joining on a Season Long Loan From Spurs

Obika can't join we've used our max amount of loans.

Swindon have added a full quota of loanies and can not add anymore

01 Aug 2013 18:07:37
We already have a maximum of four loans from one club (Spurs) so Obika would have to be a permanent addition.

Obika can't join us as we are now at the limit for loans from one club.

Actually we are entitled to add 1 more loan player providing it's a youth loan but hopefully it won't be obika as he is rubbish.

We desperately need a good striker or two to replace james collins preferably before the difficult opener. I sincerely hope we have irons in the fire in this area otherwise I could see missed chances being a problem this season.



01 Aug 2013 14:41:29
Plymouth manager John Sheridan has shown great interest in Kidderminster Harriers striker Anthony Malbon. The striker is thought to be moving to the south west club for a fee of around £80,000.

We don't have money for transfers



01 Aug 2013 14:13:28
Adam McGurk is going to sign for Bradford City.



01 Aug 2013 13:51:49
Burnley have opened talks with Sheff Wed about signing Gary Madine

They are also keen on Tranmere midfielder Max Power

Opened talks when he's been at Hillsborough for the new kit launch and has just tweeted he's sat in Nando's?

30 Jul 2013 17:58:49
Burnley will hope to sign Billy Sharp for around 1M after they agreed a fee with Southampton for him

Southampton prob still owe us some money on rodregious deal so this is def a possibility, hope so sharp is a very good championship striker

Burnley do not want madine they want sharp (850k) and baldock (500k) and will make a cheeky offer of 500k for Stevenage winger freeman



01 Aug 2013 13:47:45
Albert Adomah of Bristol City is set to join Middlesbrough for £1, 050,000.

City are now looking to bring in Marlon Pack and Marlon Harewood within the next few days. The club is also nearing the capture of Billy Sharp, a deal supplemented by the money received for Adomah.

Now then all you doom merchants, whitehead, Varga, hopefully adomah and one more plus a loanee when the prem squads are announced I think good business has been done and an exiting season looms! UTB!

I agree. We have great balance to the squad once Adomah is signed. Be prepared for a good attacking middlesbrough this season and a playoff final victory. UTB!

Billy Sharp will be going to the Championship not League 1

Haven't signed him yet lads

I hope City can get the £1m plus a loan for Albert.

I figured we were going to get stuck with him and end up selling him in Jan for a nominal fee.

Come on boro! if we can sign albert our whole season will change. let's hopr he is in the squad for saturday.

Adomah not signing lol Told ya lads (its all just publicity so it looks wer willing to spend) just like us trying to sign danny graham last season (knowng) he wouldn't come. mfc jus trying to hide how skint we really are n a stunt so they could say to the fans we've tried to buy quality players. all bs

To comment Above. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Your comment goes to prove just how little you know about running a football club. Leave it to the pros.



01 Aug 2013 13:42:12
Just had a phone call from my colleague who has confirmed a deal with Villa for Barry Bannon has been agreed and a possible for Defouneso which may be a loan deal, details a bit sketchy, apparently Bannan in for a medical today! {Ed001's Note - I assume you mean for Blackpool?}

Banan is true I think but not sure over delfoun

I do so hope this is true 2 wgaes saved at AVFC

Yes Ed I meant for Blackpool

If blackburn won't pay the agent then blackpool 100% definitely won't pay agents.

If blackburn would not pay the Bannons agent of then there would no chance what so ever of blackpool paying na agent.



01 Aug 2013 13:32:46
Adamoah to middlesbrough I think so.

Yes its true a bid of over 1 million is offered to Bristol city for Albert Adamoah as is told on tv today

Rubbish where is the 1.5 million coming from anyway nobody wants to come to boro



01 Aug 2013 13:32:12
Strong rumours here in North London that Bristol City will sign Harry Kane from Spurs.

Would be a fantastic addition if true

Hope not, one of the very worst players I've ever seen play! Just a big clumsy lump

I would be suprised, he is Championship or lower end of the Prem quality.

I would imagine we had more chance with Sharp than Kane.



01 Aug 2013 13:27:13
Burnley will sign Gary Madine from Sheffield Wednesday for 800,000 to replace Charlie Austin who joined QPR

Burnley manager Dyche has just announced that they will not be buying any one to replace Austin. The money will be used to plug the annual deficit at Burnley of £4m per season. The club will be using resources within the club to fill the player gap. Joint chairman Mr Garlick has announced that the club has no debts, owns the stadium and the academy without mortgage and has a positive cash balance, so the supporters should be glad of that.



01 Aug 2013 13:13:25
Rumours of Southampton battling Newcastle to the signing of Niang of AC Milan who has been told he doesn't have a future at the club.

Funny that when he signed a new contract in Dec 2012 until 2017. no future yeah whatever lol



01 Aug 2013 13:02:21
Hearing a few rumblings about Craig fagan use to play for hull and available on a free transfer going to bristol city on a 12 month contract.

The same Craig Fagan we had B4

Fagen had a fantastic few seasons for Hull before he had his leg broken in a horrer tackle.

He would be a reasonable signing.

We had him on loan from Birmingham as a teenager about a decade ago.



01 Aug 2013 13:02:11
Plymouth Argyle have offered trialist Jordan Gele a 2 year deal

No we havnt

Sheridans arranging a few reserve games so he play in those and then Sheridan will make his mind up on him



01 Aug 2013 12:41:40
Rotherham looking to sign a centre back on loan with Danny Batth of Wolves and Curtis Good of Newcastle both possibilities

Danny Batth is first choice CB. Absolutely no chance.

Wolves won't allow Batth out on loan.

No where not we are basically skint we spent our money on Micheal Tidser and we don't need a cb we have rob milsom he can play cb/cm like arnason and he's expected to sign a 2 year deal in january as he's is on trial because he has an injury.

Don't be silly Batth will go nowhere this season.

What? I've never heard anything so ridiculous. Batth is a nailed on starter for Wolves this season and future captain if we can keep him. Did you get that from a random rumour generator?

What is the RUFC fan on? We are skint? We payed 50k for Tisder that's it! We now need a cb as we have just sold Johnny M so need cover n a young lad would be good. I don't know who the two young lads are but both teams have good youth set ups so would be happy to take Ny of them

Basically skint how? Evans has said he wants a centre back in for more compitition. Snd milsom play centre back don't talk silly he is a left midfielder or left back. don't be suprised to see mcfazdean at new york soon

How are we basically skint obviously your not a Rotherham fan we still have the le fondre and grabban money



01 Aug 2013 12:37:18
Rotherham have taken free agent Lescinel Jean Francois on trial who was previously at Swindon and Sheffield United

In france having two operations



01 Aug 2013 12:28:18
Bristol city will sign both Malon pack and harewoood before kick off Saturday they are both going through contract negotiations today as posted on the city website



01 Aug 2013 12:16:57
Jason steele to Everton - Deal for January

They already signed a keeper to compete with howard



01 Aug 2013 12:02:55
Burnley potentially interested in signing Clayton Donaldson from Brentford, should Charlie Austin's proposed move to QPR go through.

01 Aug 2013 14:59:15
Austin has signed for £2. 75 million plus add-ons.

RUBBISH, Claton has stated he's going nowhere. Read up on these things before you make up these rumours!

It seems this one may not be made up, like the above poster is suggesting. Can see him going to a club like Burnley as I suspect he would love a crack at the Championship.



01 Aug 2013 11:56:12
On holiday in me orca and got talking to a couple from Newcastle and the wife told me cabaye, s daughter went to the same school as her daughter but they weren't registering her for next term due to cabaye moving. Honest and true story, spoilt my holiday a bit but let's wait and see



01 Aug 2013 11:49:54
Billy Sharp rumoured to heading to Barnsley as Doncasters investment is delayed

Rumoured to be at Bournemouth too

Well according to several posts all on here, Billy Sharp is signing for Reading, Barnsley and Bournemouth

01 Aug 2013 15:00:55
Burnley now in the race for Billy Sharp after selling Austin to QPR. The Clarets can pay a fee to Saints which they prefer to a loan deal.

01 Aug 2013 15:12:36
Completely untrue

01 Aug 2013 16:37:15
weve enquired, that's all.

01 Aug 2013 16:35:30
Burnley boss Sean Dyche ready to put in a £1.2 million bid for Saints striker Billy Sharp. This is possible with funds raised by Charlie Austin sale to QPR. Will be good signing for the Clarets.

Would be a cracking signing but he is a known blade and so doubt he will join us

I've heard this to be true

02 Aug 2013 08:54:54
Sharp wants to come back to South Yorkshire, so Reading & Bournemouth are a no no. He was at Oakwell yesterday with his agent but not sure if anything was done. He'll most likely end up back at Donny but if not Barnsley would be his second choice.

Barnsley have confirmed they aren't looking at bringing Sharp in on a loan basis. buy only



01 Aug 2013 11:31:45
Spurs player Tom Carroll very close to reaching a loan agreement for 3 months to ambitious Millwall.

If this is true, that would be a great signing

That would be amazing he's proper good get him there now!!



01 Aug 2013 11:19:44
Southampton striker Billy Sharp set to sign for AFC Bournemouth for an undisclosed fee set to be around £1.5 million - Subject to Medical

01 Aug 2013 13:01:38
Undisclosed fee set to be around £1.5 million uh

If you got this off a fans messageboard, written by a poster who had a tweet from a mate, then it's just as likely to be false - jackson was 'set to sign' too and look what happened there

Looks a little more than we seem to be prepared to spend at the moment, though I'd like to see him here. The kind of striker we need, attacks the ball, proven in this league. Adding relevant experience to the squad, like all the other signings so far this summer

FFP would not allow Bournemouth to spend that much on one player.

No we will not spend 1 million pounds due to fianancial fair play rule

If true great news for Bournemouth top player will score a load of goals for the cherries

Where did you hear this?

01 Aug 2013 17:02:46
Heard he's going back to sheff utd

Take no notice it's a load of rubbish

We offered 1. 2 for Ings, this isn't a lot more, but it's a lot more player. I still think the number is wrong or there are add ons, but it's not beyond realms of possibility

Saw him in Bournemouth town centre earlier with his family.


How do you know that was his family

Wage demands far too high

I saw James Beattie in Ferndown on Thursday morning.
2+2 makes 564.



01 Aug 2013 11:10:20
Oldham have signed Adam Rooney and are hoping to also bring a CB win on loan before Saturday, the prime candidate being Lascalles from Forest

Rooney has signed a 2yr deal with an option for a third and there is a CB but nobody knows who it is. Liverpool player has also been mentioned as well as the Forest player.

Rumour is its Stephen Sama from Liverpool



01 Aug 2013 11:08:50
Apparently Watford are close to signing Manchester United CM Nick Powell on a season long loan.

Could definitely happen. man united loanees have traditionally turned out well for us (Cleverley, Foster, Kuszczak) and we need a replacement for Hogg.



01 Aug 2013 10:47:16
Heard that Tom Parkes has been seen at the Brentford training ground this morning possibly talking to Uwe about contracts etc

Dont think so as he has been made captin of rovers and unless brentford are willing to pay 500k for him he ain't going nowhere

Ha ha not a chance mate

Well you heard wrong. Staying at Rovers confirmed as captain for the season and Brentford rumours are false so jog on.

We signed Nugent from Cardiff, keep up! We are not looking at bringing anyone else in now.



01 Aug 2013 10:45:32
I spoke to Adkins at the Reading fans forum on tuesday and he said we are trying to sign Sharp as soon as possible. He also said we are considering a loan at another striker but also said he was quite satisfied with the forward we have and feels they are good enough to get us promoted. He may be hinting that the player from Cardiff we are linked with could sign on loan. He did not mention that Pogrebnyak is leaving however which is interesting

He just said we are in no hurry to sign anyone

Thats what he told me.

Adkins hasn't named any names, and said in the post match interview after Ipswich on the first day of the season that he doesn't intend to reveal any targets until a deal is done.

. So of course he told a random fan at a fan who he's trying to sign.



01 Aug 2013 10:22:14
tyrone mears to sign FOR millwall on loan within the next couple of days,

He is staying up north

Millwall denied any interest in Tyrone Mears on Wednesday afternoon, and again today. "Not even on the radar and unsure where that talk is coming from".

Daily Mail getting way ahead of themselves with a 1+1=5 situation (Alex Baptiste transfer and Millwall looking for a RB)

And west ham haha



01 Aug 2013 10:14:27
Marvin Sordell has chosen to move to Charlton Athletic on loan instead of Bournemouth as he favours a move closer to London.

Good signing



01 Aug 2013 10:13:47
Millwall looking at Tyrone mears of Bolton. Season long loan being discussed. Tyrone mears is a right back who use to play for west ham.

No he didn't he played for derby marseille and burnley!

I think you will find he also played for west ham and currently Bolton.



01 Aug 2013 10:01:08
Watford are closing in on the loan signing of Man Utd's Nick Powell.

Powell was expected to be joining Barnsley on loan but Watford have shown interest in the last few days and this is now progressing at pace.

Barnsley to sign Billy Sharp on season long loan
Doncaster inquired but wages were a problem

I don't think he ever would have come to oakwell but cracking little player will do very well in the championship.

Due to sign Friday and will join his new team mates for training



01 Aug 2013 09:24:09
Kalou still mulling over a move to West Brom. West Ham cannot commit to Kalou's demands on his playing position. The interest from Valencia is 'mild' as they are looking at Torres (according to Spanish press). Options therefore appear to more limited for Kalou so expect a signature next week. Lugano will sign on Thursday. Albion have agreed terms with Sinclair and Man City but City want and can talk to Everton. Enzo Maresca has tweeted that he looks forward to seeing the Albion fans very soon (I am not convinced about that one). Berahino to be loaned out on a monthly basis because Clarke keen to see him play some Prem football if our position is good by January. Rosenberg is staying as Anelka enjoys the link up play he has shared with R'berg during pre season.

We can't keep signing all these old players its going to be dads army soon

01 Aug 2013 15:54:51
not convinced of Lugano`s credentials, where is cover for full backs which is our achilles heel. Like to see Kalou and Sinclair at Baggies

01 Aug 2013 16:46:15
If Kalou signs he's 27, hardly dad's army!

Lugano is 32 but look at players like Ferdinand + age generally improves central defenders.

Equally we have to be realistic, if we want to push on as a club then we're going to have to pick up some players of quality who may be getting towards the end of their careers.

Players who will push for European football are, more often than not, expensive to sign and expensive on wages, Albion couldn't afford Anelka's 50k a week if their was a transfer fee of 20 million, it makes logical sense to bring in experience and ability even if they'll not going to last as long as some players would, I'd rather have quality over longevity.

He has caped his country 85 times isn't that enough.

The point is its not usually albions policy to sign older players, can't see it paying off and having to regret it!

Its like supporting the darby and joan football club, but not an english name in the new signings, depressed and frustrated,



01 Aug 2013 08:57:32
John White is to sign a 3 year deal with the Us, after JD admitted he "got it wrong" over the release of the player. To be signed back from Southend for a nominal £100,000 fee.

I heard it was going to be a £800,000 fee.

No chance now he is captain

Yeah, we are going to sell our new captain without a replacement for saturday

Anything on us getting Charlie lee or is that deal dead



01 Aug 2013 09:35:33
Millwall have completed the signing of boltons right back Tyrone meres on a season long loan

No millwall have not completed the loan signing of mears he rejected them to stay up north get your facts right



01 Aug 2013 09:27:57
According to the Italian media Matej Vydra who spent last year on loan at Watford is on the verge f joining West Ham after personal terms were agreed should be in the region of 10-14m euros

No chance, he has just been added to udineses europa league squad, he's been scoring for fun in preseason for them and the pozzos rejected £14m in january

Wrong! Guidolin has been insistent on keeping Vydra in the squad, and the Pozzos are listening to him. Vydra will be playing for Udinese next season.

Vydra was in the Udinese squad for their European game last night so looks like he may stay there.

As a watford I think west ham would be a good move, playing as a second striker to Carol he did deeney with his pace I think he could score a lot of goals for them. However I can see why west ham wouldn't want to spend that much on an unproven player but I think it would be a very good signing for them.

As a watford I think west ham would be a good move, playing as a second striker to Carol he did deeney with his pace I think he could score a lot of goals for them. However I can see why west ham wouldn't want to spend that much on an unproven player but I think it would be a very good signing for them.



01 Aug 2013 08:26:08
Charlton Athletic's Dale Stephens on the move to Doncaster

Do we need any more midfielders?

I know we are trying to reduce the average age of the side but not he average height!

01 Aug 2013 13:20:23
Probably true as it has Oldham written on his r�sum�. Did he even get a game at Charlton last season

Wants to play with that 1 direction guy who also signed for them

He's played good few games for Charlton, 60 odd I think, scoring a few goals. Seemingly he is not so short ( varies with web site, 5'7" to 6'1") he be ok as a lesser mans RW.

Our best CM on his day. When he turns up and his head is in it!



01 Aug 2013 07:51:40
Rumours that Marvin Sordell is heading to AFCB are followed by press reports that he is heading to Charlton on loan.

Sordell is from Harrow and is said to be "unsettled" in the North West, Charlton are understood to have made an offer, although the length of the offer has not been disclosed.

Lenny Lawrence, Charlton's former manger is now number two at Bolton.



01 Aug 2013 07:17:42
Marvin sordell in on loan supposedly to charlton!



01 Aug 2013 03:12:47
Middlesbrough could possibly sign Theo Robinson, Frazer Richardson and Albert Adomah within the next week. BH

Where have you heard this

Boro to make a signing today. Looks like things have drifted back.

All 3 players would fit into our team nicely. we really want adomah but this speculation has been going on for weeks. let's hope we these players this time next week. UTB

Club player. BH

Adomah is on tv

Sky sports reports boro talking to Bristol about Adomah. hope its true but I've a feeling someone else probably Wigan will swoop in at last minute and whip him away, I think Boro have probably tried getting players in on the cheap/free but have seen that we are going to have to spend some money to get people in!

Any word on who might be signing today?

Yup, Frazier Richardson. Small of Adomah but Theo Robinson would sign because we're getting Ricky Fuller

Albert adomah to middlesbrough in the next 24/48 hours :-)

Adomah deal looks to be wrapped up and he will possibly be in the team for saturday. Frazer Richardson is also about to sign a contract. Theo Robinson isn't to sure about being back up to Emnes so not sure at the moment with that one. Possibly a centre back as well but not sure as to who that is and that will be a loan. BH

Adomah is the one we have admired for some time. If we can strike a deal that's within the clubs means I'd be delighted with that.
Need a striker or two and a centre back. After that there's areas which could be improved but we have adequate cover, couple of loans would do nicely.

Middlesbrough will not sign Ricardo Fuller. BH

Can Richardson play centre back

He can play anywer across the back line



01 Aug 2013 02:51:40
Reading fans; I can confirm that you have had two bids for Mikele Leigrtwood from two different Championship clubs. One is thought to be Birmingham the other is likely to be Leeds.

QPR fans; Lots to come over the next few weeks for you. Jermaine Jenas, Adel Taarabt, Loic Remy and Julio Cesar are the most likely to be going out of the door before the end of August. There will be other possible departures, too. With David Hoilett and Stephane M'bia being show interest in.

Birmingham can not bid for anyone, they are potless.

You can't use the words "bid" and "Birmingham" in the same sentence. We have NO money; not a bean.

01 Aug 2013 18:00:36
unless it was nothing us Birmingham can't bid for anyone just loans and frees so doubt that and Lee is going for young players he might have finished buying

Surely Birmingham have got funds available from the sale of Nathan Redmond to Norwich?

Owners have said that half of the Nathan Redmond money is to be used on re constructing the squad.

Jenas is staying at QPR

Please say someone is going to take Leigertwood of our hands, he is a nightmare on the playing field



01 Aug 2013 01:08:01
Chelsea's Josh McEachran (who was previously on loan at Middlesbrough last season) is set to decide between continuing his football education with Watford and former Chelsea star Gianfranco Zola in the Championship or a move to La Liga side Real Sociedad. It is unclear whether the player would be comfortable abroad but it is understood that both clubs style of play would aid the young midfielder's development.

Wouldn't get anywhere near the first team of Sociedad. Watford is a more likely destination but I'm still not thrilled by him.

Watford can have him I can't believe he is still at chelsea below average player

I really hope he doesn't come to watford

He was boro's worst player last season

He wasn't boro's worst player last season. That honour goes to Ishmael miller

Nar emnes was when he played mate



01 Aug 2013 02:43:10
Spoke to my friend at Reading FC earlier today but as I was working late, I didn't get a chance to post until now. He says that there are two more signings coming in before September 1st. One of them is going to be Billy Sharp for sure, that could be done by the Watford game at home. The second signing is more than likely to be either Jake Livermore on loan until January. Or Liam Bridcutt for a cut price of £2 Million as Brighton are in financial difficulty. The £2 Million would help them out. Alot.

Your 'Friend' knows nothing. Only 5 or 6 people in a club knows what signing the club is looking to make and how much they will spend. I doubt your 'Friend' is one of them.

Brighton have in the past turned down bids of 3M from Bridcutt. Not happening for 2M. Brighton are not in financial trouble. We lost money last season because we are building a big training complex.

Utter rubbish about Bridcutt, with Brighton in so much difficulty they are building. £36m new training facility, dream on

Haha brighton aren't in financial difficulty that's a rumour that has got out of hand

Brighton are not in financial difficulty and bridcutt would not be sold that cheap

Brighton are not in financial difficulty, where the he'll have you got that rubbish from! And bridcutt will not be leaving, especially not for a pathetic £2mil! Please stop making things up, it is embarrassing.

2m for Liam Bridcutt, Brighton in financial difficulty. Ohh nurse, its time for this guys meds!

There are no financial difficulties at Brighton the only debt is to the Chairman - where does this rubbish stem from?
As for Liam Bridcutt he will command a fee in the region of £5m. his ambition is to play in the Premiership so won't be going to another Championship team.

Ha Ha dream on no chance you will get Bridcutt on the cheap. Brighton are not in financial difficulty. Make up better rumours

Brighton may have lost £8m last season, but that doesn't mean that we are going to sell one of our star players when he's worth double the amount.

Brighton are NOT in financial difficulty at all! Bridcutt will cost at least £5 million

Cos brighton are really in financial difficulty with a multi-billionaire owner under their reign

01 Aug 2013 11:17:50
Brighton have a similar sized budget that they have had for the last two seasons from tony bloom interview

So. Brighton are in financial difficulty so they'd sell a £5 million player for 2 million. How exactly does this help the "financial difficulty" (which, by the way, they are not in!

You need to get back on your medication pal!

Hehe what's your next joke?

Don't need another defensive midfielder, we have got Williams, Karacan and Guthrie

I can assure you that bridcutt is staying for at least another season

Brighton are not in financial difficulty. Your friend is talking rubbish.

Yawn. Your post is absolute rubbish. Brighton are NOT in financial difficulty, and have a VERY rich owner bankrolling them up to the financial fair play loss maximum.

I think Brighton would sell Bridcutt although it would take more than 2mil and Tony Bloom is not a multi-billionaire chairman as stated above. Please do some research on your own chairman before declaring him along side other chairman that are geniune billionaires.

01 Aug 2013 13:58:02
Hmm financial difficulties. £30 million on new training ground with £3 million a year to run it, yep sounds like we are in a whole load of trouble. Must try harder

^ Palace trolls, people who started these rumours about Brightons "financial difficulty". Absolute rubbish. Jealous much?

Reading have, guthrie, williams, akpan, leigertwood, karacan

01 Aug 2013 19:03:02
5 year season ticket deals? Where did you get that rubbish from? The only people with long term deals are those in the 1901 club (the corporate box people), the other 22,000 have to renew each year.

What 5 year deals are these? Everyone has to renew each season. Get your facts right, mate.

Brighton weren't even paying Bridge 17k a week they were paying him 10k with MCFC making up the rest. No way were Brighton going to sign him this season and spend a large chunk of their budget on a 33 year old LB's inflated wages.

People keep referring to Brighton's 8 million pound loss as something negative. What people don't understand is that they would happily have spent and lost more last season. The reason they didn't is because Paul Barber, their CE wanted to adhere to the financial fair play rules in preparation for this season. Brighton are a club who are spending the maximum amount they can in an attempt to reach the Premier League, and anyone who says they are in financial difficulty are deluded.

How can we be in so much financial difficulty when we are building the training ground and new complex. Guess that must be really cheap to do if we have no money

Brighton will be one of the clubs within the FFP debt levels this season, a good few others will not be, QPR will be massively outside of the permitted debt levels.
Purchase of Ulloa was £2M, normally this figure would be accounted for over the length of his contract, but why not stick it all in last years accounts when the permitted debt was £8M, to help you get under the £5M cap this year? Why not do that with as many payments as possible, pay bigger sign on fees last season to pay less wages this season etc.
No one needs to worry about Brightons finances, we will be picking the pockets of the less prudent December 2014.

How ill QPR fall foul of FFP rules?

They will have parachute payements to prop up there income so they won't have a problem for a seaon or three should they fail to go back up.

Brighton are not in 'fanancial difficulty' except in the minds of deluded palace fools. They are spending up to the maximum FFP permitted loss, and would spend more if allowed.

No, OPR Parachute payment doesn't even cover half their wage bill. They can't run at more than 8 mill loss and the last I looked it was at about 65 mill.

Why would Reading need another Defensive Midfielder but Brighton fans he is not that good your seriously over rating him

Oh we are nor overrating him, maybe you should actually watch him play for a prolonged period of time before making a judgement hmm?

Liam bridcutt is the best player in the championship that right I said it

Liam birdcutt is as good as the Brighton fans say. After all there the best judges as they watch him every week

Best player in the championship? lol



01 Aug 2013 00:38:18
Brighton keepers Casper Ankergren and Peter Brezovan have been told to give up smoking or face being put on the new manager Oscar Garcia's transfer list. Swindon have already asked Brighton about the availability of Brezovan.

No they haven't!

Casper Ankergren and Peter Brezovan don't smoke. If they did they woudn't be able to compete at Championship level. {Ed001's Note - Berbatov and Rooney both smoke and compete at International level, so that makes no sense.}

No chance! Signed Tyrell Belford previously of liverpool yesterday, we now have 3 'keepers in our squad

Err. It is well known that Casper smokes! No idea about Brezovan.

Ankergren Definately Smokes, I had a cigarette with him

01 Aug 2013 14:18:35
About time they went anyway not good enough at this level, liabilities in goal, good excuse to show them the door, we need a quality number two goalie, before people whinge I was at Birmingham don't think I need to say anymore,

Haha that's hilarious, they are both poor goalkeepers not for their smoking!

Brezovan smoked when he was at Swindon.

Ankergren likes a marlboro or 2.

p. s. Other well know tobacco brands are also available.

Aankergren does smoke he had a fag after his blunder against forest in a 2-2.

Swindon don't need or want Brez, he lost it when he broke his shoulder.



01 Aug 2013 00:24:13
Bolton to loan Sordell to Charlton and bring in Moritz from Palace.



01 Aug 2013 00:02:41
Shef. wednesday have tabled an offer for leeds player danny pugh, which means mcdermott will be able to sign the player he's been after for ages

If we wanted him, we would have had him by now.



31 Jul 2013 23:36:56
Darren Ambrose loan deal to Bristol City from Birmingham to be completed this week.
Leroy Lita is also being considered for a loan move, should other permanent signings not come to fruition.

These would have been amazing signings in 2008.

Baring in mind we are counting up the pennies to decide if we can sign Pack and Harewood we just won't have th dough for these two.

01 Aug 2013 13:46:56
Anyone know why Darren Ambrose is being loaned out?



31 Jul 2013 23:27:11
Charlton athletic manger Chris Powell has said he has signed two strikers today. One is Marvin Sordell of Bolton and the other is either Ricardo Fuller or Simon Church.

01 Aug 2013 10:40:04
The other could be anyone but is probably Simon Church or Ricardo Fuller

Sordell coming in is some much needed good news. I'd prefer Fuller over Church. Fuller on his day can bully defenders and if we can get a good 7 or 8 performances (when filling in for injuries) from him over the season then it's worth it. Church just hasn't got enough about him and don't really see him as a good option to fill in as a Striker when injuries come about.

01 Aug 2013 15:04:11
It's Church and Sordell



31 Jul 2013 23:25:55
Crawley have signed a young turkish striker and also Mike Grella, deals to be announced by Saturday.

01 Aug 2013 11:07:19
Who is this Turkish striker?

I've heard about this striker he plays for turkey under 21s



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